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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 24, 1913

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(' .f^t.'v,.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Contract Was Let Tuesday
for a $11,000 Biick
Must Be Completed in Seventy-Fire Days-A Local
The contract foi the erection of
the building ol tbe Orand Forka
Canning company was let last Tim-
day to Angus McDougail, his tender being tiie lowest—111,000. Mr.
McDougail was also awarded the
contract for jemoving the old laun-
diy building from tbe site of the
new factory.
The main building of the factory
will have a frontage ol 125 feet on
Main street, with a depth 50 feet on
Third street. It will be constructed
of brick, two storeys high, with a
50x50 concrete basement, and the
foundation and walls will be of
' sufficiently substatial nature so that
another storey can be added when
required. It must be completed
within seventy-five from the day
the contract was let.
The location ot the factory,
alongside the Kettle Valley line
track, will make it convenient {or
receiving fruit from all parts of tbe
valley and for shipping tbe manufactured produota.
A full equipment of modern machinery will be ordered to arrive
bere by tbe time tbe building ie
finished Tbis will be installed in
ample time to bave the factory in
readin-ss for operation wben tbe
berry crop is marketed nest June.
Tbe Grand Forks Canning company is a local enterprise, all tbe
stock being held by residents of tbe
city and valley. The officers of tbe
company are: President and managing director, D. A. McKinnon;
viae-President, H. E. Woodland;
secretary-treasurer, J. A. McCallum;
auditor, F. R. 8. Barlee; directors;
D. A. McDinnon, H. E. Woodland,
II. C. Kerman, James Rooke, L. O,
FowlerJ D McCallum and J. H.
Wilson. There is an abundance of
fruils and vegetables grown in the
district, and the undertaking should
prove a financial success, as well as
furnish tbe ranchers and fruit growers wilh a profitable market for
their surplus products.
Scores at Turkey Shoot
The following are the scores made
by tbe members of the Kettle River
Valley Hide association at tbe turkey
shoot on tbe range on Thanksgiving
200 Yardi—Eight Turkeys:
J. Hutton   32
8.Q. Kirk   32
R. Lamond  81
H: Talbot  81
Stanley Hull   81
Leo Mader  30
F. Hutton *.  29
500 Yards—Money Prizes:
8. G. Kitk 82
F. Hutton :  32
J. Hutton  32
'Leo Mader  31
•   600 Yardi—Money Prizes:
J.'Hutton   32
8. Kirk  31
I*o Mader  80
F. Hutton  29
Aggregate—Four Turkeys:
200 500 600
J. Hutton 32 .33
6. G. Kirk  32   32
L. Mader  30   31.
F. Hutton  32   30
R. Lamond  31   27
W.Dinsmore  27    30
N. McCallum  29   28
T A. Mclntyre..... 29   26
W. Liddicoat  29
S.T.Hull  31 23
E. Coy  29 27
J. D. Honsberger.. 23 30
R. Rowell  26 2U
H. Talbot  31 25
W. Farmer  25 24
K Harrison  24 23
and become bleached by   tbe  inert.
Line Will Be Extended From
Lynch Creek to That
Instructions were received by the
government agent in this city this
week from Victoria to bave tbe
telephone line, wbicb is now being
constructed from Grand Forks to
Lynch creek, extended to F i.klip
camp. The line «ill be used in
connection witb tbe forestry service,
and for the convenience of the
gorth Fork settlers. It will be fin
isbed as far as Lynch cieek by tomorrow night.
C. P. R. Starts Work on the
New Structure in
This City
The masons commenced work on
tbe concrete piers for tbe new C.P,
R. steel bridge across the Kgttle
river at tbe south end of the yards
in this city last Monday. A sidetrack bas been constructed for the
accommodation of maternal. It will
probably require all winter to complete tbe piers, and it is not likely
tbat the steel superstructure will be
placed in position until nest spring.
Charles Wekell, master mechanic
of the Granby smelter, and Miss
Amy K. Matheson, hoth of Grand
Forks, were quietly united in marriage in Republio on Wednesday.
Tbey returned to this city yesterday, and have taken up their permanent residence here, lloth Mr.
and Mrs. Wekell are very popular,
and tbey are now receiving the
hearty congratulations ol tbeir host
of friends.
Proper Ventilation An Important Factor While
in Transit
The  British   Columbia  Copper
company bas made the third  pay-;
ment on the Eureka,   group  near
Judge Howey today passed sentence ou more than two score Nanaimo rioters. Tbe maxim um sentence was two yeara. Many union
officers,will spend the next year in
Two hundred and fifty are dead
as the result of tbe mine disaster at
Dawson, New Mexico.
Lloyd George believes tbat woman
suffrage in England will soon become law.
As fruit raising is limited to a few
regions enjoying favorable climatic
Conditions, the widespread consumption of tbis perishable product is
regulated by the efficiency of transportation and storage facilities- If
fruit can be put on a distant market
in the best condition, its excellence
creates a large dema > . If it can
be stored for any ength of time
without det r nratio , the season is
lengthened to just that extent.
While recent progress in the art of
cold storage has lieen tbe biggest
factor in the upbuilding of Iar e
centralized fruit industries, the frequency of carload lots spoiled in
transportation indicates hat there
is still room for improvement in the
present methods of packing, loading
and car refrigeration.
Recent scientific investigation on
tbe subject em basize more than
ever the necessity ot ventilation at
all times for mature fruit in transportation or in storage. Carloads of
peaches leaving the point of - shipment in first-class condition, well
packed. vith individual wrappers
and loaded on board witb air space
around each box, have been known
to Buffer seriously in comparatively
few hours in an iced car of 45 degrees. Wben fruit deteriorates
rapidly in refrigerator cars the damage is usually most marked in the
top tiers, especially in tbe centre of
tbe car.
A study of tbe physiological
changes that occur in ripe fruit will
aid in realizing the importance of
ventilation. All plant and animal
life breathes, tak ing in air or oxygen
and giving off carbon dioxide, an
inert gas. Tbis process of respiration
is carried on by ripe and ripening
fruits as well as by tbe leaves, with
this difference: matured fruit "ill
continue to give off carbon dioxide
long after it has ceased to absorb
oxygen. The practical application
of tbis scientific truth is thit in ii
sealed refrigerator car the fruit will
soon use tip the pure air nnd fill
the closed up space with excreted
gas. In a few hours when all the
oxygen in the car is used up, so unnatural physioliiitical action called
anaer-iliic respiration (breathing
without air) begins. This results
in several important tissue changes.
In any kind of breathing oxygen
is required. If this is not supplied
by tbe outside air, the fruit lakes it
up from its own body cells, feeding
on itself, as it were. This brings
about changes that result in a general breakdown in texture, so thst
when the fruit reaches the grocery
store and becomes wanned to the
street temperature a rapid softening
occurs. In the case of peaches, the
fruit may appear first-class but is
brown in flesh and underneath Ihe
normal skin tasteless and mushy,
Among dealers fruit of this kind is
said to be affected by ice-scald.
Cherries and bananas are also species
that suffer considerably from anaerobic respiration. Some fruits, like
apples, lose tbeir beautiful red color
Besides tbe destruction of texture,
anaerobic respiration frequently produces alcoholic fermentation within
the fruit. Of all the fruit experimented wfth, thiB is most noticeable
in the case of cherries. When fruit
is allowed to ripen in pure air, any
alcohol that may be formed is converted into volatile oils These oils
are the source of the distinctive flavor and aroma associated witb tbe
fruits, and are not produced when
the ripening is checked by tbe accumulation of carbon dioxide.
Hence poorly ventilated fruit may
bave tbe snappy sharp taste of alcohol or be bitter and repugnant because of otber chemical changea s*t
The scientific researches which
pointed ou* the %t*s> in tenure, flavor and aroma of ripe fruit from
anaerobic respiration, also reveals
tbe fact that green peaches under
the same conditions may be kept
considerably longer than ftp air. In
all the green fruit tberer is still a
gummy constituent called pect i.e.
whicb makes tbe cells turgid and
the fruit hard. In tbe sunlight.aud
air, this iB changed into thin, jelly
soluble in the cell sap. Green fruit
does not respire readily without
oxygen, and hence anaerobic respiration checks ell tbe processe-vot life,
including the transformation of pec-
tone. When put in* fresh air again
respiration slowly., comes back to
normal and ripening takes place, lf
some gas may be lound whicb will
retard tbese life processes and still
not destroy thejlavor the fruit may
be picked 'greener, transported, and
tben ripened.
Tbe practical upshot of the scientific investigation is that all refrigerator cars sbould contain provision
for allowing carbon dioxide to escape and for tbe admission of a lot
of fresb air. Certain companies, appreciating thiB need of plant tissue
fur air, bave conducted experiments
with car ventilators. Tbe results
bave been so satisfactory tbat one
large company is putting on a special ventilator, wbicb can be opened
or closed as tbe shipper prefers, over
the doors of its refrigerator cars.
The question of wrappers for fruit
is worthy of an extended investigation. The good points in favor of
separate wrappers' for peaches, apples mul pears are numerous, but
such wrappers only allow a very
small air space around each Iruii.
This limited supply of oxygen is
used up io a lew hours aud air circulation is practically impossible,
Some kind ot perforated or porous
wrapper bas been suggeBted us a
possible means ol combining the
desirable features ol wrappers wilh
the belter vemilutioii of ibe Iruit.
A Pioneer Missionary Gives
An Interesting Lecture
to Local Audience
Says Conditions Are Improving Under  Western
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on I1.. K. Laws' ranch:
mix.    Mux.
Oct. 17—Friday  27 45
18—Saturday  .... 35 43
l'J—Sundiy,  39 42
20—Monday  39 41
21—Tuesday  40 54
22—Wednesday .. 32 54
23 -Thursday  37 48
Rainfall  0.04
More machinery is being installed
at the Lone Star mine near Danville.
A very interesting - picture travel
talk on India was delivered to a
good-sized audience which assembled at tbe Baptist church and followed, as guide, Rev. A. A. Mc
Leod, pioneer tjiissionary among the
strange Telugu people of that great
empire. Mr. McLeod presented on
the screen some forty or fifty fine
lantern views from his own camera
while in charge of his field work,
In these some striking contrasts
were noted—the extreme wealth and
poverty of the natives; the dreadful
suffering of the lower classes and
stolid indifference of the higb caste
people; tbe cruel child marriage and
widow customs; the corrupt influence of tbe heathen temple dancing
girls, devoted to a life of shame from
childhood, and the consequent
moral and physical disease, with
the rapid development in more recent years of a public sentiment
against these evils as tbe result of
tbe persistent agitation of the mis
sionsries with tbe government authorities and the people. Some of
the photographs strikingly illustrated the transforming influence ofthe
gospel npon tbe habits and very
features of the native converts from
the beclouded and vicious look to
the happy and intelligent lace, from
nakedness and filth to tbe cleanness and respectability of tbe European. One nf Mr. McLeod's con
verts, Pentian, of the Maliga or
carrion eating cast, rose to a remunerative and responsible position,
later becoming a devoted teacher in
one of the missions. Tbere are 400.-
000 lepers in India for whom a
rapidly growing mission work hss
been established. Tae Canadian
Baptist hoard hits recently secured a
perpectunl lease of 100 aews for
one of these medical and industrial
laxeretloes. Tbere arc 26,000,1)00
widows, 400,000 of whom are under fifteen years; and Ihe majority
of whom, as high cast people, would
inevitably bave been burned alive on
the suttee of their dead husbands
were il not forthe presence of the
missionary and his influence in thnt
sad land. A strong movement is
now under way towards saner marriage laws nnd customs in wbicb
every section of Indian society is
being reached, hopefully. The Baptist boards of Canada, Great Britain
and tho United States have a native
membership ot over 160,000 and
some of tbe best hospitals snd educational institutions  in  the  land.
Not a few questions were put to
tbe speaker by these present, both
during and after tbe meeting.
Tbe Boston Opera oompany, a
Seattle organization, did not draw
a large audience at ita second performance in tbe opera houae last
You will find relief in Zam Bilk!
It eases the burning, stinging
pain, stops bleeding and brings
ea.».'. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, Aearis cure. Why not prove
(Ml 7.  Ml Dntgaisl, and Store*.—
am buk
Practical Education
Said a professional man the other
day. Why do not our city schools
teach the pupils how to write an ordinary business letter? Why do they
not give tham an education that will
be sufficiently practical that they c:.n
be relied upon to copy a document
with at least a redlmentary Idea of
what It is aboui? He went on to
tell how he had to bave his typist make
several copies of a documeent before
she could get a correct one, because
she Insisted ln writing words that
sounded like those lit the original, but
had no sense at all In the connection
In which she used them. He says
that there Is much ground for many
such complaints.
Our personal experience does Lot
enable us to express any opinion on
this point, but a similar complaint has
frequently been made to us. We
hardly know what remedy to suggest
but It is certainly beyond all questions
that a pupil who has graduated from
the high School ought to know how
to write a letter, and know that precedent and president are different
words. In view of the complaints referred to, we suggest to the school
authorities that the matter may be
worth a little inquiry, and that If a
real evil exists, means "should be taken to remedy It.
lt Is much more important that a
clerk in an ofllc: or a counting room
should be able to write a business
letter or add up a column of figures
correctly than to be able tc tell how
often Henry VIII. was married or how
far lt Is to tbe moon. It Is much
more Important to be able to copy a
document with some intelligent comprehension of what the language
means than to be able to analyze a
sentence according to the latest tomfool notions as to the construction of
sentences. We had occasion to look'
over a modern grammar the other day
and undertake to' say tba: Shakespeare, Milton, Addison or Macaulay
could not have scored 3 out of a possible 100 If they were Bet to answer an
examination paper on It. Possibly a
little more ot pract.cal instruction in
English and a little less theor;- might
not. be amiss.
A young housewife was showing a
new and Inexperienced servant about
the house, explaining tho various duties that would be hers. In an upper
'hall they came suddenly to the head
ot the back stairs, and the lady said:
Nancy, you will go down this way,
always! and with that the mistress
slipped and tumbled, going all the way
down with many lurches and bumps.
The new maid was aghast.
Lor, missus, I'm afraid I won't suit
you at all. That way of goln' downstairs Is a bit too dangerous tor me.
I ain't no ordinary tramp, ma'am, I
am a man with a history.
No, thanks. We want no-book canvassers here!
Rife, Reoober and
Pistol Cartridges
-MM HANK RIO. IS U. ,. PAT. Off.
Except the powder, everything
that goes into Winchester cartridges la made In our own plant
under our careful eupervlalon.
Thia system enables ue to produce
ammunition which ia superior to
all other makes. To get tt anywhere 'tie but necessary to aak
for Winchester make and look for
for tbe Red W on the package.
WiNOHssria RipSATiNaAnuaOo.
Naw havin, Conn.
When the Biggest City Had a Famine
3o much milk ls sent up to London
ai '. the price is so high that poor people in country districts have simply
to go without lt, was the startling
statement made by Lady Meyer at the
conference of the National Food Reform Association the other day.
But It Is .iot so surprising after all
when we remember what a mighty
volume of milk the people of the metropolis consume every year -about
112,000,000 gallons for which they pay
annually about five million pounds.
There ls no city of magnitude ln the
world that cnn compete against London with its milk supply.
About fifty yeara ago the milk that
was consumed in London mostly came
from dlstrl-ts within the metropolitan
area. But toot and mouth disease
broke out among the cows, and lt was
then that London experienced a real
milk famine. It was at this time that
a far-seeing man—Sir George Barham
—thought of getting milk trom the
healthy rows in Wilts and Hants.
London's greatest supply ot milk
comes from Wilts, but large quantities come also from Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Milk
has como to London even from Wales,
Ireland and Penzance, and In a tew
Instances from Scotland. The following figures represent approximately
the number of churns which are
brought by different railways to London every year (each churn contains
about 14 gallons of milk): Great
Western Railway, 1,200,000 churns;
Great Northern Railway, 400,000
churns; Midland Railway, 341,000
churns; London and Brighton Railway
255,000 churns.
All these railways took to the enterprise trom the beginning and wbat
then proved an ill-paying item Is now
one of the most flourishing, and keen
competition exists In counties which
are traversed by more than one railway company: Special trains led to
the building ot special milk vans and
the movement towards sanitary Insulation led to Improvements which
were not dreamt of at an earlier day.
Every line has Its refrigerating vans
with special accessories tar excluding
dust and all kinds of germs. The latest pattern of milk van belongs to the
London and Southwestern Railway.
They are fitted like modern Pullmans,
with Westinghouse and vacuum brakes
and oil gas lamps, and the Inner ventilation ls ever, better than that of the
best passenger coach.
The farmer, or his assistant, rises
early tn the morning, not solely out of
consideration for the crowing of the
cock or rising sun; tt Is the exigency
of railway traffic which sets the alarm.
The patient kine await In tbe sheds
the milkmaid, or mai., or boy, or automatic milking machine.
Patent strainers and coolers prepare the milk for transport. The
cooler has taken the place of an old
practice of surreptitiously dusting
boraclc add Into the churns.
In the sumirei, for an Imperial gallon, the farmer receives ?d. and 8d.,
and In winter 9d. and 10d., delivered
at the London terminus, and the transportation costs him one penny per
Playing the Game
A pompous director of a large railway company once landed at a small
station and requested the porter to
carry his bag. The stationmaster waa
quick to notice the Importance of the
arrival, and as the porter passed htm
struggling with the heavy Gladstone,
managed to whisper: Bc careful, Bill!
That's Lord Blank, one of thc directors.
eThe porter's chance of a tip vanished with this Information, but subsequently upon relinquishing tbe bag, '.e
was astonished to find himself the recipient of a shilling.
Momentarily surprised, he stared at
the coin in his palm, and the director
thinking his behaviour savored of dissatisfaction, remarked: Under the
company's regulations you are not sun-
posed to accept gratuities.
Yes, sir — no, sir, stammered the
porter, and then, recovering fi self-
control and closing his left eyelid, he
said: But ona employe never splits on
An Obliging Horse
A doctor and a clergyman were exercising their horses one morning in a
country lane, when an argument arose
between them as to wbich of the animals roBsessed the sweeter disposition.
I'll wager that lt their respective
tempers could be tried, said the doctor,
mine would be far away the better.
That's all nonsense, retorted the
clergyman. My mare baa the best
temper of any hors. In the neighborhood.
Well, here's a stiff hedge, let us
try their leaping capabilities, suggest,
ed the doctor.
Right you are, agreed his friend.
The doctor's hunter quietly refused
the Jump, although put at it again
and again. The clergyman's little
mare also refused, but at the same
time threw back her ears and exhibited considerable Ill-temper. When
repeatedly urged to jump she Anally
accomplished a cleve: buck-Jumping
feat, which threw her master straight
over the hedge. Strange to relate,
the reverend gentleman was quite unhurt, and scrambling to hiB feet commenced to scrape the mud from his
broadcloth, whilst the doctor laughingly remarked:
Perhaps you are convinced now that
my animal has a better disposition
than yours.
Not at all! replied tho clergyman.
My mare ls such an unselfish little
brute that.' although unable to take
the fence herself, she had no desire to
keep me from going over. In fact,
she facilitated the mode ot my transit
whilst your horse displayed a dog-ln-
the-manger temperament by not going
himself and not allowing you to go
D.r.fne.i Cannot be Cured
by local applications, aa they cannot
reach tho diseased portion ol the ear.
There Is only one way to cure deafness
and that la by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the Euc-
tachlan Tube. When this tubs Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect hearlnc, ond when It la entirely closed, Deafness Is the result, and unless the Inflammation can bo taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing lflll be destroyed forever;
nine cases out ot ten are caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing but an Inflamed
condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any Case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall'a
Catarrh Cure,   fiend for circulars free,
P. J. CHE. EY A CO.. Toledo, Ohio
Bold by Druggists. 76c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Handicapped by Fashion
The tlmo has pas.ied, said the orator haughtily, when any man can hide
himself behind a woman's petticoats.
You bet, commented the cynic in
a back seat. Those X-.ay skirts have
stopped that
Where the Danger Was
The train was undoubtedly a record-
breaker tor speed. It held the slow-
traveling championship of the'States.
The passenger who had been fidgeting
ln his seat for several hour got up at
last and'strolled along the corridor tb
the front of the -aln, where he came
upon the guard playing marbles with
the engine-driver.
Hallow, there! he called. I suppose
you don't mind a bit of good advice
lf It's given in a friendly spirit?
The conductor pocketed two marbles
and said he t"ln't.
Then why, aaid the pale passenger,
don't you have tbe cow-catcher taken
off the front and put on the back.'
The conductor stared hard and suspiciously.
Why Bhould we? he asked at length.
Why, responded the pale pa_«enger,
for. fear a cow might come along tbe
track and bite somebody.
Warts will rendt.- the prettiest
hands unsightly. Clear tbe excrescences away by using Holloway's Corn
Cure, which acts thoroughly and painlessly.
Oil the Future Fuel of Navies
There can be no doul-t that the naval future lies with oil as against coal.
A given tonnage ot oil as against an
equal tonnage of coal will enable the
same ship .to steam much faster, to get
up speed quicker and to travel 4) per
cent, farther; moreover, the supply
can be replenished In a small fraction
of the time, and on tbe high eea ln
nearly any weather Instead of In port.
When you add that per knot steamed the cost ls about the came, and
that the world's visible supply seems
as Infinite for any near future as the
coal supply, the case seems conclusive. The objection that coal ts a
home product while oil la Imported,
of no relevance from a naval or
strategical point of view, because lf
we were prevented from Importing oil
we could not Import any alter necessity of national existence.
This and other objections will no
doubt continue to ba urged, slncfe the
withdrawal of the British navy's consumption, followed as lt must be by
that of foreign navies, will *c. a serious thing for the steam-coal producers ln our midst. Theirs are powerful interests, but not Interests in
whose favor the admiralty could properly forego the highest naval efBcien-
cy.^London Chronicle.
iv.lnard'j Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Now, Johnny, said his mother, we
sliall have company to dinner today,
and I don't want you to say a word
while they are here, then no one need
find out that you are so silly.
The guests came. After some desultory remarks, a gentleman, who Is
passionately fond of children, turned
to Johnny, whose mother, being busily engaged ln another part ot the
room, did not hear the conversation
that ensued.
Well, my son, said the gentleman,
pleasantly, how old ar* you?
Johnny, obeying orders, sat like .-.
Can't yott tell me your age? said
another,'thinking the boy a little diffident.
Still Johnny spake not.
I can make him talk, said a bright
young lady. You like the girls better
than you do those horrid men, don't
you, Johnny?* Now, come over here
beside me and tell mo how old you
are.        •
Silent aa the grave.
Why, I believe the boy ls an Idiot!
said the gentleman who bar first addressed blm. In a bantering way.
There, ma. said he.    'Taln't no use!
hain't opened my moutb, and they
all know lt already!
W. II. U. »67
No Air for Hln
The bartender grasped tbe mau next
the stove by the shoulder and shook
blm until he waa awake.
Here, Zept, he told him,; ou'd better
go out and get some fresh air. .It'll
do you good.
Zept merely gristed drunkenly and
huddled back In his chair. Tho bar
tender tried I. again, with like result.
You won't get out, won't you? he
roared angrily. Seising the unfortunate Zeph by the collar and the seat of
the trqitsers, he escorted him forcibly
to tbe alley. Get out there lu the air
and brace up! waa the parting advice.
You kin put me out .f ye like, but—
Zeph straightened up with drunken
dignity—ye can't make me take no
air, dern ye!
There ls a young lawyer in a town
which shall be nameless. He has little or no practice, and ls at present
feeling discouraged. On leaving his
oflice the other day he placed a card
on the door on which he had neatly
Will return ln an hour.
When he c.-.me back he found written the words: What for?
Ought to Work
I'm afraid theae boiled eggs ain't
very fresh.
Write the name Genevieve on one
of them, suggested the head waiter.
Mr. Wopsey Is romaitlc and that will
distract his attention lf the eggs are
not so good.
Food Worth Its Weight In Gold
Father, why can a man run fastt:
than a boy? Because he's bigger. Is
that so? Then why don't the hind
wheels of t. wagon run faster than tha
front ones?     I give I   up,'
We usually .xpect the doctor to put
us on some kind of penance and give
u. bitter medicines.
An Eastern* doctor brought a patient something entirely different and
tbe results are truly Interesting.
"Two years ago," writes tbls patient, "I was a frequent victim ot acute
Indigestion and biliousness, being allowed to eat very tew things. Une
day our family doctor brought me a
email package, saylag he bad found
something for me to eat.
"He aaid lt was a food called Grape-
Nuts and even te Its golden color
might suggest It was woith Ita weight
ln gold. I was sick and tired, trying
one thing after another to no avail,
but .consented to try this new food.
"Weill It surpassci! my doctor's
fondest anticipation and every day
since then I have blessed the good doctor and the Inventor of Grape-Nuts.
"I noticed Improvement at once and
In a month's time my tor-Der spells of
Indigestion had disappeared, ln two
months I felt like a new man. My
mind was mucb clearer and keener,
my body took ol the vitality of youth,
and this condition has continued."
"There's a Reason." Namt given
by Canadian Postum Co., Windsor, Ont.
ReaC "The Road to. Wellvllle," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letterf A naw
one appeara frgm time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Mlnrrd's Liniment Cures Burns, ete
A Budding Financier
Outsld-j It was snowing hard and the
teacher conaldered lt her duty to warn
ber charges.
Boys and girls should be very careful colds at this time, she sold, solemnly. I had a darl.ng llttlu brother
only seven years old. One day he
went out ln tbe sno v with his new
sled and caught cold. Pneumonia set
ln and ln three days,- e was dead.
A hush fell upon the schoolroom;
then a youngster ln tbe bad: row stood
up and asked:
Where's his sled?
Thia Should Hold Him Awhile
Two lssourl editors -who havo
waged a word battle for some tlu_e
seemed to have about exhausted themselves. One of tbem hurls this bludgeon as a climax to the feud:
He now lies burled ln hts own mud.
Not even a Turkey buzzard remains
above the liorlzon cf ooze to mark hie
burli-l spot. A turkey jiizzard has
got ome sense. It knows ..hen .t
has got enough. Nobody would have
gall enough to ask a buzzard to put a
clamp on Its note and make a meal at
pure mud. We feel It a high bonor
to be attacked by him ln any way.
If we had not been denounced by
him and his sort we would feel that
we had been derelect In our duty anl
had fallen short ot life's Ideals.
Are Pure Jam improved by
the  addition  of   Pure
Apple Jelly
Try It. All Grocer*
L.ght and Airy
Clotbe woman w!t.t tbe ballot!   exclaims Senator Sheppary   of   Texas.
Wouldn't you like to  see  a   woman
wearing a ballot?
Richest Spot IntCansdn
In Toronto, Canada, there are two
blocks on King Street, between Yonga
and Bay streets, and Including the
corners of there two cross ri-reets,
which composes the rlcheBt strip ot
property In Canada. The land alon*
in these two blocks ls worth on-aa
approximate estln-ate, 116,000,009,
while the buildings are worth «9.600r
000. New structures to cost $6,500.-
000 have been started, or will be under construction this year. Thus,
including the natural ajvai . j tn lent
values tbat r..ay be exp'cted, this
1,600 feet of frontage in the heart ot
tbe city of Toronto will have, by thai
end ot the year, a value closely approaching $35,000,000.
All Nlg-it with Asthma. Everyone
knows how attacks of ast.imr. oftea
keep their victim awake the whole
night long. Morning finds him wholly
unfitted for a da: of business, and yet.,
business must still be carried through.
All this night '.uttering and lack <f
rest can be avoided by tbe prompt
ure ot Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy, which positively does drive
away the attacks.
Pat and Jim were trudging along tho
dusty road when a big touring car
passed them with a whiz like a roar
ot a gigantic .ocket, and disappeared
in a cloud of duat.
Gorry! exclaimed Pat, thim chug,
waggons must cost a hapu a. cash.
The rich In tbl* country Is fairly burning money.
Indade, thin, replied Jim, be tho
smell av It, lt must be that tainted
n-oney we do bo hearing 10 muck
The Stomach
Is the Target
Aim to make that strong-sad digestion good—and yoa
will keep well I No chain is stronger thsn its weakest
link. No man is stronger than his stomach. With
stomach disordered a train of diseases follow.
teggfl Golden Medical Discovery
iTuid form *t 11.00 nr bottle fer ov«- 40 non, sM*t ***»*! wtfilaelka.
If m prefer tablets aa masts** hr St. ▼. Mono. M. 0.. Mmm aaa a*
ham at ■waietoe dealer* sr trial txma*vmaa*mr»t,ut*tfsae*a, THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Whether your arm ia a Remington or any
other standard make, whatever ita calibre and
the load you need, you want Remington-UMC
metallics—not because they are necessarily
stamped with the same name as your firearm,
,,„„,„„„„_.,   -,   but because they give more accurate results.
illlliili_-_i_i___._ii_£m.,______-.        This company has been making ammunition for fifty
B u.M lli' *«"•■ We •"0<luc■, me,«'U*'!-» foreverysundord moke o(
IWWliq^gj. ;,m-and every Remington-UMC cartridge U tested in
.,,.j|; .. - •'■/|l|'|8]fc^^"  *e *m* 'oc •aetata it ia made.
''*" IJ   'l1'l*.-„. Mw wewndyou « bootl-t upliinini timplr snxny ol thn
iljiiiiiiiW-     X±^^^<Sn,^^2a™M™"d
Remington Ami-Union Metallie Cartridge Co.,   Windsor, Ontario
Life is Uncertain
—the   life   of  a  wooden   tub
or  pail.
Save time- -temper—dollarg—by using
utensils that seem to never wear out.
Made of
ub J
Eddy's Fibreware
Ask Your Dealer
Juat a) good ae
Eddy's Matches
Had Her Own Way
It was a sunny day, and the florist's
window, full of gaily-decked flowers,
looked unusually seductive.
Soon there entered a lady of attractive appearance, but with a certain
firmness of expression, indicative of a
disposition to have her own way.
She selected a ' brilliant-looking
plant, ln a Japanese flower-pot, and
having ascertained the price, and announced that she would take It, inquired lt lt would do well in the sun.
Certainly, miss, said the florist's assistant.
Don't say It will If It wo.'t. she remarked, sharply. Now, lf lt grows
well ln the sun, will the shade hurt
Not ln the least, mum, 'responded
the asslslan*.
Ah, she said, with a tightening of
the lips; here Is a plant that ls declared to do equally well In shade or
sun, which to say the lfcast, ls neither natural nor probable.
Precisely, madam. You see, It's an
artificial pi. nt.
And then the lady, having paid for
her purchase, went out, with a flushed
face, and shut the door with a slam
that nearly broke the glass panels.
ARE     OFTEN      IN    THE    EARLY
Services from Montreal, Boston, New Yor"
Tlie, Cunard Line has Ions been famous for the comfort rnu luxury of Itl
passenger accommodation, and In this, as In other respects, the steamers
of the, Canadian Service which cany one class cabin (ll) and third class
only and sail for London, calling at -Plymouth, maintain the high reputation
of the Company.
■ ■ For particulars and reservations on the company's vartoua services (Montreal, N.Y,, Boston), Including the World's fastest steamships, Maurelanla-
Lusltanla, apply to local agents everywhere, or
804 Main Street,
pull  flavored  and
perfectly cooked
make  delicious
rtoice. *
*. CLARK. M'l'r., MmIthI I
Very True
Lodger—But you advertised that one
tould eee for miles from this room!
Landlady—Well, so you can. Yon
tan eee the moon through the skylight, and ain't that miles away.
James, said the efficiency expert,
annoyed- by the cheerful habit which
Us chauffeur had ot whistling while
el work, you should remember that
tke greatest fortunes nowadays are
aude from the by-products ot waste.
Hereafter when you whistle, whistle
m the Hires and save me the expense
st a pump.
A Safe PHI for Suiter-ore.—There are
Jills that violently purge and fill the
rtomach and Inlestl es with pain. Par-
anlee'a Vege.abl. Pills are mild and
effective. Th y are purely vegetable,
ae-mineral purgative entering Into
their composition and Iheir effect ls
nothing and beneficial. Try them and
be convinced. Thousands can attest
iheir great curative qualities because
thousands owe their healthy and
itrengtb to timely use ot this most ex*
jellent medicine.
Jake—Ah—er—kia—kin I marry
your daaghter, Mr. Burg?
Mr. Burg—Wall, young feler, have
yo' got any references from your for-
■er fathers-in-law?
of the bowels Is an absolute necessity for good health. Unless the
watte matter from the food which
tolled* there is got rid of at least
once a day, it decays aad poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion; and tick headaches. Salts
snd otlier harsh mineral purgatives
irritate, the delicate lining oi the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills—.entirely vegetable—regulate
the bowels effectively without weakening,' sickening or griping.   Use
'-   Dr. Morae'a   M
Indian Root Pills
W. N. U. M7
A New Department
That new manager ls a wonder, declared the department sore head.
As to how?
Has a bargain sale every day, and
sells nearly every woman ar. r.ccident
policy before the rush begins.
Wanted a Tip
Perhaps Lord Haliiane may give us
a few tips on the British methods of
hastening and cheapening litigation-
divorce .-.ctlons excepted—sr.d help us
relieve our system of Its galling delays and prohibitive cost.
Dear teacher, wrote Johnny's mother; please excuse John's absence yesterday a* he fell In the mud. By doing the same you will greatly oblige
bis mpther.
Prsvee Or. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills
Beet Treatment   for   Kidney   and
8tomaeh Troubles.
The trained nurse has even greater
opportunities than the doctor himself
to watch the action of medicine ln
specific cases.
For years- the writer of this letter
has been recommending the use of
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills among
her patients, and Is firmly convinced
that nn treatment Is so prompt and
This Is the most valuable evidence
obtainable, and we believe tlmt all
who knew Mrs. Duffy will sppreclate
It to the full, knowing that she would
not recommend anything In which she
had not the fullest confidence.
Mrs. Duffy, nurse, 35 Lewis street,
Toronto, writes: "I have used Dr.
Chase'a Kldney-Llver Pills for years,
and recommend them to my patients
for all dlaorders of the kidneys, liver
and stomach. In all my professional
experience I have found nothing better." Dr. Chaso's Kldney-Llver PIUs,
one pill a dose, 25 cents i box, all
dealers or Edmonson, Bates It, Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
General Frederick D. Grant said to
his servant one morning: James, I
have left my mess boots out. I
want them soled.
Yes, sir, the servant answered.
The general dressed for dinner that
night, said again: I Buppose, James,
that you did as I told you about those
Yes, sir. said he, and this is all I
could get tor them, though the corporal who bought them said he would
have given h If a di.lar If pay day
hadn't been so far off.
They Need a Tonic to Strengthen the
Weak Nerves and Reatore Them
to Natural Health
Many a child has been called awkward, has been punished In sohool for
not keeping still, or for dropping
things, when the child ls not teally at
fault, as the trouble ls re-,11) St. Vitus
dance tn Its earlier stages. So common ls this : ervous disease ln childhood that ln some schools one-fifth
of all the pupils nave been found suffering trom It tn one form or another.
Before the presence of the disease is
betr.-yed there is usually a disturbance of the general health. The child
shows U-rtlessness and Inattention.
Then it becomes restless, and twltch-
nig of the muscles and jerking of the
limbs and body follow. -A remedy that
cures St. Vitus dance and cures it so
thoroughly that no trace ot the disease remains Is Dr. Williams.' Pink
Pills, * hlch make the new blood necessary to feed the starving nerves and
gives them the nourishment they demand.
Mrs. Hlram Barnhart, Scotia Junction, Ont., says: "About two years ago
my oldest daughter, Mabel, then ten
years of age, waB stricken with St.
Vitus dance. She could not keep still
for half a minute, no matter how.
hard ehe rled. Har limbs would
jerk and twitch and every little thing
would start her crying. I gave her
eeveral bottleE ot medlcli.e said to be
gdbd for the nerves, but Instead of
helping her she was steadily growing worse. Her voice would change
so that we could hardly understand
her, and her face became twitched until she did r.ot look like the same
child. I had use J Dr. Williams' Pink
Pilla myself when run down, and Anally decided to give her these. When
She bad taken two boxes I could notice an lmp-ovement, and by the tithe
she had used five boxes she was'fiilly
cured. However, I was determined
to make the cuie permanent tf possible, and I gave her two boxei, more,
and I can truth.ully say that she has
never bad a symptom of the trouble
since, and Is now as bright and active
au any child of her age. I 'heartily
recommend Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
to all mothers as the result of what
they have done for my child and myself."
Sold by all medicine deajers or by
mall at 50 centr a box or alx boxes
for 12.50 from Thi Dr. Williams' Medicine Co, Brockville. Ont.
A tourist returning from an extended trip was I-bout to cross tho las'.
_'.\ct on tho _•'»>• to the ntUraiiil station 'or home.
8a/, cap'n. In said, as he slcr-pec
tlmlrtly Into tlio rickety old craft. I hla
boat teems ver.* shaky: was au.'lnidy
ever lost ln her?
Not to my knowledge, replied the
boatman. There was three men
drowned from her last Thursday, but
we found tliem all next high tide the
d»v after.'
■ ii ■■■
Net*, on a Sheep's Back
A weli authenticated story or a starling's nest on a sheep's back comes
from Buckland B.-ewer, near Indeford,
on the authority of a Cardiff gentleman, who bau Just returned from a
viait tliere. During shoep shearing
operations on Gournwood farm, which
ls In thc occupation of a Mr. Cox,
one of thc shearei-B cut In half a young
starling which was In a nest tl.at had
been built ln the sheep's wool. The
nest, which contained two other fledglings still alive, was composeJ ot moss
and twlgo. For some weeks previous
to the shearing the sheep, with others,
had had the rui, of three fields near
the farm.
He Is a smart man who only makes
mlslul.es at, the other fellow's expense.
Minard's Liniment for eslc everywhere
The Law of Compensation
Been buay this morning raking off
the leaves that fall from the trees ot
my right hand neighbor.
Don't you havo any leaves of your
Yes; they go to my left hand neighbor.
Drain Commission Merchants Wlnnlpef, Manitoba
Hake Bills Lading read: Port Arthur or Fort William. Notify Peter Jsnsea
Co., Winnipeg.
Llboral Advances                       Prompt Returns ■eat Oradee
Dally Market Letter and Sample Grain Bate.
Send us your name and address and we will
put you on our mailing Hat—It's free.   Let us
keep you posted on market prices, for grain.
Personal attention given to selling and grading of all
care.    Our Car Tracing and Claim Departments work In our
clients' Interests. We have every facility for prompt service and
we get beat results for shippers. -'
Send to-day tor a supply of sample bags and deal with a
firm whose business has been built up by satisfied customers.
Paid-up Capital, 1150,000
-References,    any    Bank    or
Commercial Agency.
Grain Cor..   Isslon Merchants, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Man.
Your consignments to us will receive   Immediate,   efficient,   and   honeit
Write for our Market Letter and Shipping Instructions
Affiliated with the University of Toronto and under the control of the
Department of Agriculture of Ontario,
N.B Calendar on application, E. A. A. Orange, V.S., M. 8c., Principal.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids. Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c.
Murine Eye Salve in Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c. Eye Books Free by Mall.
as Sx *t**i* Cms fer a* trx* trntcl **** Sat*
Murine Bye Ressa<*r Ce.. Chleaie
'Hints For Western Grain Shippers'
Write us today tor tbls Interesting booklet, sent free to all farmers until stock exhausted.
Licensed Oraln Commission Merchants,   Bonded,   Winnipeg,   Man.
Heard Enough
Young Giles, eager to join the Metropolitan. Police Force, journeyed to
London-to pass the necessary medical examination. This he survived
satisfactorily, and the next day tbe
proud recruit was interviewed by a
Well, my man, said the latter you
look like a promising sort of fellow.
What kind of education bave you had?
Oh, air, said the recruit, I was educated at a country school.
Ah, and you bave a good general
knowledge, I hope.
Oh, yea, sir.
I wonder—can you tell me, for example, Uow many miles It ls from
London to Edinburgh?
At this the recruit becam. nervously agitated, and at length he blurted
Lool: here, sir, If you're going to
put me on tbat beat, I'm done with the
force.   .
For. Company
First Pitman (to pal, who ls wheeling a barrow along tho ptreet on Sunday)—Hallo lead! What be oop to with
your barrow?
Second Pitman—It'a like this, I lost
my fog the other day, and I just
bought my barrow with mo for company. A man looks such a fool by
Sleep Ib the great noi.rli.her of Infants, and without peaceful sleep the
child will not thrive. Thle cannot be
got If the Infant be troubled wilh
worms. Mill..''a Worm Powders will
destroy worms and drive them from
thc system, and afterwards tho child's
will be undisturbed. The powders
cannot Injure the most delicate baby,
and there Is nothing ao effective for
restoring the health of a. worm-worn
A Hard One
Well, what la lt?
It says here a man Is known by
the company be keeps. Is that so,
Yes, yes, yes.
Well, father, If a good man keeps
company with a bad man, Ib the good
man bad because he keeps company
with the bad man, and is the bad man
good because ho keeps company wltb
the good man?
College Suitor—All evening I hava
been waiting to ssy something to
you. \
Damsel (In despair)—It wasn't
good-night, was It?
Neglect _ -
So your husband Is beginning to
neglect you?
Yes, replied Mra. Torkics, with a
sigh. I am afn-ld Charley Is getting
to be very selfish. He ls so deeply
Interested in the baseball pennant that
he doesn't seem to care whether I
win a prlte at a card party or not.
Mlnard'a Llnlmer*. Cures Dai.druff.
Some wo-Tifi. have learned that
stripes make oro look taller, while
plaids have the opposite effect, and
use tbls knowledge In buying dress
goods.    Worth while, too.
The Best Treatment
f or I tchinsScalps, Dandruff andFalling Hair
To allay Itching and Irritation of the netlp,
prevent dry, thin ind Tailing hair, remove
crusts, Kales and dandruff, and promote tbe
growth ud beiuly of the hair, the following
epccUl treatment U most effective, agreeable
and cconomlci.. On retiring, comb the halt
out straight all arouod, then begin at the side
and nuke a parting, gently rubbing Cuticura
ointment Into tha parting with a bit of loft
flannel held over the end o( Ihe flnger. Anoint
additional partings about ball an Inch apart
until tbe whole icalp hu been treated, the purpose being to get lbs Cuticura ointment oa tha
scalp ikln rather thu on the hair. Ths
neit morning, shampoo with Cutlcurt soap
and hot witer. shampoos atone my be
used w often as agreeable, bat once or
twice a month k genmlty suffleteal tor
thlnpeclH treatment for women's hair. Cull-
(run Boap and Otatmwi are seM tknotf-ee*
tbe world. A ttberel txaata* ot each. wll»
n-me booklet <• ths oars aad treat-Mat
<?M^rM^tl!t£S^.tfAr<a THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
G. A. EVANS, Editoh and publisher
■ ue Vest    t*M
• ne Year (In advanes)  1.™
me Year, ln United Statee  IM
Addreu all communications to
Thb Ghani. Porks Sum,
-hobs KM Ghanu Kokkb. B.O
Everything thaf is printed
in the newspapers as news is
not news. About .one-halt' of
it is conjecture, one-fourth
political and boosting falsehoods, and the remaining one-
fourth reasonably reliable
news. The result is that what
is printed one day is usually
sontradicted in the next issue.
This is the evil effect of the
present craze for large papers.
in the good old days, yrhetfc!
the people where satisfied!
with their four- or eight-page
daily, they got a carefully
edited and absolutely reliable
paper—a paper, in fact, that
could be quoted as an author
ity on any subject which it
might discuss. Now this happy condition is sadly changed.
You see statements printed
in the papers, and then you
have to guess whether they
authentic or not. There is
also another variety of willful
misrepresentation in present-
day journalism. This is fostered by misguided "boosters"
in every country town—and
they have even invaded the
cities. If a property is sold
for 1(5500, the figure is raised
to $5000; if a $1000 frame
building is being erected, it is
reported as a $10,000 brick
block—because, they say, it
looks better on the outside.
They do not appear to realize
that if they are caught iu a lie
once it acts as a boomerang,
and that ever afterwards, even
though they may be telling the
truth, they are discredited.
The Sun has no sympathy for
this kind of so-called "boosting " We always give the exact figures and fa-cts. It is
the only way to auvance a
community on a permanent
or more pending his hearing
on a charge of unlawful assembly, was liberated a few ^
days ago, as the  crown had I
nothing against him.   If the |
crown had no evidence against
him why was he kept in  jail
for six weeks?   Is it the fashion to punish innocant men at
the crown's pleasure? Charles
the First lost a very valuable
and necessary adjunct for incidents of this kind.—Victoria
Is best done in a
semi-dark  room,
X-. .1 have fitted up
GStlllg such a room,
whieh enables my optician to
do the very best work. If
troubled wite your eyes, have
a talk with him.
<zA*  D.  cTWorrison
Jeweler and Optician
Dave William", son of
Parker Williams, M. P. P.,
after being in jail for six weeks
Hurrah for Northcliffe! He
makes it clear that no matter
how many or how brainy
women there may be, and- no
matter how tew and how stupid men, the men ought to be
the rulers. Even one fool-
man among a million clever \
women ought to run the whole
show, just because he is a
man. This is a great line of
argument. It saves a lot of
mental trouble.—Ottawu Evening .Journal.
When one sees beautiful
flowers one's thoughts do not
revert to something ugly or
wicked. When one sees a
woman dressed in the manner the underworld has generally claimed as its own, one's
thoughts do not revert to
something pure and sweet. In
other words, when a woman
apes the. underworld she must
not take ofi'ence if she is
thought of in connection with
that underworld. If she
wears the garments and' apes
the manners of that world she
must not be offended if men
thinks she belongs to it.—
Belleville Ontario.
The following story is told
by a teacher who was giving
language lessons to a class of
small boys. She would_ write
a short sentence on the blackboard, and then ask the boys
to define the words. One day
she wrote the word disarrange
and asked for a definition of
of it. The faces of the .boys
wore a puzzled look and each
glanced at the other, wondering what the meaning might
be.' Presently a little Italian
boy raised his hand.
"Well, Nicolo," said the
"I donta zackly 5|tio*.v, buta
it has a something to do with
a stove."
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
Grand  Forks Transfer
Sole Agents (or
Gait Coal
Teaming of All Kinds.
Bus and Baggage at All
Mclntyre 8  Mclnnis, Proprietors
"Oh, no, you are mistaken,"
said the teacher. "What
makes you think it has some-
hing to do with a stove?"
"Because efrey mornin'
when my papa he getta up to
maka de tire, he say, 'Dam-a-
The Sun has noticed that some of
the Indies, wearing the latest style
of fall hats, are compelled to turn
sideways to look straight ahead.
The acme of perfection in the milliner's art will arrive when the girls
will be aide to see behind them
without turning their beads.        .
An atmosphere of gravity and
sombre silence envelops the Mexican situation In .Viisnington.
Sample Books
The Sun Office
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, (JrWutton, Veai
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns CS, Co. Limited
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MlSOn S U Reeved
Visit our store and hear this wonderful machine.
The reproduction is superior to any other on the
Woodland C& Quinn
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Model Livery Barn
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No need having piles any longer!
No need ot Buffering another day!
Steam's Pile lit in, -ly (complete with
tube) will help you or IT COSTS YOU
This remedy Is ci combination of the
lately discovered, h'gh-prlced Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful curative principles, in.a IT STOPS THI
So sure are wn tbat Steam's Pile
Remedy will b.at.it you that we will
not satisfied.
Thlt ls the only pile remedy that
we can guars.*,-re and we know you
-will thank us fur telling you abont It
We have tha exclusive agency.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death.   They J1 IdTtin! 11111611
Tliey are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will' AU Kinds ot Drayln**
stand the roughest wear. I 0BXU;I, IN
If you buy a wagon from its and anything goes wrong iV/wwl esstA Ct\a\
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we donV WOOll and Mml
make good. I 	
Mclntyre (3&< Smith ■*—35^
s Store
SNAI.KI>rKNUKIt» will ha received by lbs
uiMtfl»r«l|rnt up to 12 i.'el.H k tinan nn
rimi-Mlny, tl.* 23rd day -■! Uetnhgr, 1813, for
thf purchase «f the undermentioned mlu-
«ral claim forfeited to Hit* eruwn.
All tender* must tw nt les»t equal tu lbe
u|ii*itl price hi if 1 wu lie low, which represent!
the taxes, casts, interest, tit.. Grown tiraut
Kei-t andrmt of i.dverllilug.
Tbe name of tbe mineral rlalm li tbe
"que«-n of the Hllli." Lot KOI. ■Itunte tn
(irand F«rk§ Mlnin* Division. Upset price
•80.17 Keel, tender mint bv accompanied by
a certified cheque payable at par at Penticton. Tlie cheque of any unsuccessful ten*
derer<-r will be returned at once,
Or,vonirrn»lit Agent,
F__lrvlew, H. C.
II you ri-Hfl The Sun youj get the
news n( the city, the* province and
ihe world*. It is possihle lor a Sun
reader tri keep abreast of the times
without the Aid of the daily papers,
Hiii.i'rfl»t essh price paid for old
■fltuv. mil l-nnnes. v.. (.'. Peckham,
■leeir - linntl Store.
I!    ! Iln- Sun  ami   keep   posted
nn i nl "v.-nts.
Notice in hereby given that \V 0
Mclnnis has purchased the interest of
Ed Clayton in the Grand Fords Transfer coinpany. All accounts due the
old firm are payable to Mclntyre A'
Clayton. Any acconnts against the
old firm will be paid on presentation
to Mclntyrfe & Clayton.
W". J. MoIntyke,
Ed Claytok.
iondon Directory
(PubHihed Annually)
Enable* traderi throughout the world to
communicate direct with .English
In each clan of goods. Reildet being a complete commercial guide tn London and Iti
suburbs, the directory coutaiui IUU of
with the Goods they tthtp, nnd the (-o1oiil.il
and Foreign Markets tbey supply;
arranged under tbe Porta to which they nail,
and Indicating the approximate Satltngi:
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Itidustrln!
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order fnr g5.
Dealers seeking Agencies oan advertlr-e
their trade cards for $5, or larger advertise-
nients from g15.
25, Abohurch Lane. London,  EC
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Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
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Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
Washington plans to conduct negotiations with the constitutionalists,
who aim to sweep the provisional
preiident of Mexico from power. Pies-
deut Wilson is opposed to a demon
stration unless the United States is
leady to back it up with actual force.
The Ottawa Evening Journal says
Premier Borden will journey to Lun
<lon to consult with the admiralty as
to advisability of taking over the control "j, three new dreadnoughts. -
Considerable sensition is caused in
Vienna by the arrest of four Canadian Pacific railway nlfiuia s It is"
believed that the action results from
jealously of the German lines toward
the Canadian Pacific,
Of the six prisoners on trial at Nail .imo on a charge of riotous assembly*
at Ladysinitli on August 12 and 13,
five were found guilty. Oeorg" Mali
was acquitted.
.Sensational stories told in cnnnee-
t nn with the burning of the steamer
Volturno are refuted on the arrival
of Captain Inch iu New York.
Made Like a
Locomotive   We Are Fighting
. Friday
Tribute is paid throughout Germany to the memory of the twenty-
eight officers killed today near Jolimi-
isthal in the explosion and fall of
Count Zeppelin's latest dirigible airship, the L-II,
John Lind, President Wilson's personal representative in Mexico, say*B
. be is reliably informed that Provisional President Huerta will resign and
name his successor,
Hon. R. O. Fisher, in a speech at
London, Ont., repeats his charge that
the Conservatives .'ought to debauch
the electors of Chateauguay riding.
Thousands of people assemble in
London to bid bun voyage to the
Dilke and Duchess of Connaught and
Princess Patricia on they departure
for Canada
Ex-Governor Sulzer says Tammany
Hall conducted his trial, and bitterly
The Arcadian Malleable Non-Breakable Range is not made of cheap cote
iteel, Sit of the belt Charcoal Iron Plates, and iu castings are not made ol
common gray iron, but oi the Highest Quality of flalleable Iron.
Malleable Iron is the ideal material for a practical, durable and economical
range. Owing to its clow, dense and (-impact texture, it is better fitted to
reaiat the strain of heating and cooling. It possesses great strength.
Charcoal Iron, of which the belt and. largest iteam boilers are made, in
order that they may endure the greatest strain, is what is used for the body oi
the Arcadian Range. This charcoal Iron hu a density and fineness ol grain
which gives it great power of resistance against rust and crystalizadon, making
it practically Indestructible.
A pure asbestos mill-board is used to lbe the flues and other puts of the
range.  It is held between a sheet of charcoal iron and the charcoal Iron body.
All joints ofthe Arcadian Range are riveted so closely and solidly and
with such skill that they are as dght as a locomotive boiler and will never
open front expansion er contraction.
denounces "Murphy's high court of
The captain of the Volturno will
not lose command.'   The  law  of  the
i will be broken, and he will he
placed in commuid of another sh.p.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier declares thai
the first item on the Liberal program
aims at lessening the high cost of living, and says Canada needs more
The president of the United States
is to take a hand in deciding the question of whether Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, militant suffragette of England,
shall be admitted to the country.
A massive elevator, holding valuable grain,- sinks quickly into the earth
at Winnipeg, and now stands like the
leaning tower of Pisa.
Twenty soldiers were kiUfed and
about 100 hurt when a special troop
train on the Mobile ik Ohio plunged
through a trestle near State Line,
Miss., this afternoon.
The United States will invite the
navies of all nations to participate io
the celebration of the opening of the
Panama canal, four days will he
spent, in passing through the canal on
the way to Sau Francisco.
Ut. Hon. Winston Churchill  savs
I have re-opened a harness  shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
Mpw Hnrnocc iim*  *••* al- ■*-■■■•■« of
new ■■"••""a harnessreimiriug. All
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in  this
pin*   of  the   country.    Wc   use the best  Ice
* '• •mix and the finest fruits and  syrups to get
nis reputation.
We cTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
V i J
That thc majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
Great Britain would be saved twelve
million pounds if Germany agreed to
stop naval construction for a year.
One year's vacation would not alter
the present naval strength.
President Wilson is sympathetic toward Mrs.Tiuikhuist and is mainly
instrument*1     n   sec her e
from Ellis island- where she had been
detained by the immigration officers,
on.her own recognizances and without
bond.   ,
The Washington officials say that
the Hritish minister in Mexico is
showing sympathy toward Huerta's
rule ind that he is antagonistic to the
policy of the United States.
Germany will not reply to the proposals made by Winston Churchill,
the government apparently feeling
that the suggestion of a "naval holiday" is not even worthy of discussion.
Ex-Governor Sulzer of New Yjrk
is nominated as a candidate for the
assembly by tha progressive party.
It now appaars certain that the
opening of the Dominion parliament
will not occur until Januury.
A dramatic appearance at the
weekly suffragettes' meeting in London was made today by Miss Annie
Kenny, organizer of the Woman's Social and Policy union, the militant
organization. Lying on u stretcher
after a hunger strike, she gave a inein
orable speech.
The   immigration    authorities   at
Victoria have detained forty six  llin
dus   who   arrived   on   tlie Japanese
steamer    Panama      Muru,      ppildillg
further investigation.
Tlio patieui-e of thn tn-iips "t Na-
ultimo is fxii iii-ti-il, ami the emu-
niauiler »f tlm militia warns the pub-
lio of the penalty for uhuse of the
Tlm Conservative oandiduta is
elected to tlm liouseof uuuiiuons from
East  Middlesex,  Out,, Constituency.
Theodore llnosevalt calls un tin*
president of lirai.il. lie is thn guest
of thu republic.
Alberta imposes a li per cent tax on
land increment on registration.
Five seats iu Englnnd are thrown
open for election The contests promise to he in (cresting.
Navigation at Hudsons Hay ends
for the season, mid communication is
cut off.
Tho question of disarmament is discussed by the cabinet at Washington.
Between 230 and 2.S0 miners were
entombed by an explosion in Mine
No. 2 of the Star Canyon Fuel company at Dawson, N. M., this after
noon.    Five are taken out alive  from
High prices. Every article in our store
is marked at the lowest possible price
in keeping with our ''large sales, small
profit policy." We now have on display
a wonderful new line at some ot our
record-breaking prices.
Staple and Fancy" Groceries   Fall and
Winter Underwear   Hats and Caps
Stylecraft Clothes  Hosiery and
Shirts     Boots  and  Shoes
Fruits and Farm  Produce    Tobaccos
and Pipes
We do nothing but first-class and up to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak In a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
the upper levels.    The   rescuers   are
driven back for want of air.
David Lloyd George creates the
greatest surprise in England in giving
further details of the government land
scheme. The lines of his speech todt.y
indicate that he has prevailed with
the cabinet and has overooroe the
moderate section in securing the right
to pursue his own plans in his own
The Alberta legislature enacts a
new libel law which gives protection
to newspapers.
The grand jury of New York will
investigate the escape of Harry K.
That the so called seamen's servitude bill now hefore the United Slates
senate would repeal or annul many
treaties with foreign governments, in
a way that is almost nn insult to certain countries, was cnn tended by Senator Burton of Ohio today.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
A ilnelnr was attending a danger
ous case where a Scut'-h buller was
engaged. On culling in lhe forenoon
he snid lo Ssndy:
"I hou- vour in isti.r's le-rippr-i-
lure i- much lower llian il   wns lust
"I'm in,' une f-mi. ol I thai," replied tlie luithr, "Utt lie deed thia
iiiiirnin' "
Money is Tight
But there is no need of
you getting "tight" if you
The pure and health-
giving Beer blowed and
■bottled by the
tSe busiest city in the interior ot British
Columbia. For a home, an investment
or industrial site, see GRAND FORKS,
the railroad centre of Southern British
Columbia. Original Townsite Lots only.
No Subdivisions.
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust & Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief*— P«rmoii«l Cars
Ul.   Purely veget-
»bl_— «ct__iir_ly
but B-ntly on
lhe liv«.
Stop alto ^
oaiion—improve Ike comptawi—bnatitta
tU eye*. Small «H, Sated Ami. Snail Mefc
Genuine dui best Signature
When buying your Piano in-
Bint on having an
Piano Action
THC Naw FRENCH Rr-MEDY. N.I. N.I. **m\
Ideal Silver
Cream ls a scientific preparation
specially adapted
for cleaning' all
kinds of SILVER
GLASS, or WINDOWS. It ls a
purely vegetable
compound and
does not contain
any Injurious sub-
stances. Any article polished with
IDEAL will acquire a beautiful
lustre that will not
For sale by all
MnB.Wm.tow-. Soo-miito Bvanr tattwa
Med lor over SIXTY V8AR8 by M1U.ION9d
l_.l. AYS til JAW -.CORKS WIND COLIC, to*
la the t*rt remedy «of MARRHCBA. It If at*
lolu.-lv h.rrnle,.. Be .ure tnd t»k tor "Mi*
wln-low-i Soothing Syrup," tnd take ao other
tind.  Twenty-five cenut bottle.
Something  better  thui  linen  and  no
lundry bill..     Wub It with toap and
Vater.     All stores or direct. State style
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Persona to work for ua
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Sweder-bore'i great work on Heaven a	
and tho life alter death.   400paij_-, only 25 cental
pofllpaid,      H.Uw.4l>l.jUIw„TOT«l..0et|
Three Wlvea
In a churchyard an old man, deep In
thought, eat on a fiat tombstone. It
had been ral.iing, and all the trees
looked fresh and green. A tramp,
passing by, made a remark on tbe
weather. ,
Orand morning!
Yes, said tho old man.
Just the so-t of weather to mate
things spring up, said the tramp.
Hush! bush! said the old man. I
have tbree wives burled here.
Tho Barber (after tho shave)—
Hair dyed, sir.
Customer—Yes, It died about five
years ago.
-r DODD'S   7
k PILLS   -
|    -'H.KIDNEV X'-V'
i-«Hf0^tisEW .'
60c. a tox or (Ix boxes for 12.60,
at all dealers, or Ths Dodds Medicine Compj-r.y, Limited, Toronto,
W. N. U. M7
Martial Lon»1vlty
The married men's Joke is as old ai
the mother-in-law joke which is to
say It is as old as marriage. The
rbymsters and ballad mongers have
exhausted their shr-fte ot ridicule at
the married. The cartoonist has taken up the same old threnody ot the
woes ot the later.aml.ls.B. The epigrammatist gave w'aat he thought was
an unanswerable retort to the amateur
statistician who said married men lived longer. Oh, no, It just seems
longer. But the amateur statistician
has been reinforced by the professional. The New York board ot health
has dlsbed out the cold facta. After
four year's of Investigation the. board
declares:    •
The death rate ot marrler*. men between 20 and 29 years ot age ts 4.4
In the thousand; ot single men, 6.6 in
the thousand; of widowed and divorced men 12 In the thousand.
Ttae death late ot married men between 30 at.d 39 is 6.9 li. the thousand;
of single men 12.9 and ot widowed and
divorced men, 14.1.
The death rate of married men between 60 and 69 ls 17 in the thousand
of single men 12.? and ot widowed
and divorced men, 30.6.
The deadly parallel was drawn for
all the decades up to 80, with similar results.
There seems to be ample compensation ln home comforts and home interests tor home aires. — Knoxvllle
Largs Field -Shoots for Connecticut
One hundred and thirty-one shooters
faced the traps ln the Western Trap-
shooters' League Tournament, held
July 26 at Danbury, Conn. With a
high score of 97 clay targets broken
out ot a possible 100, ln the main
event, W. K. Newsoms, of Hartford,
shooting Remington-UMC speed shells,
became the Connecticut state champion, „
Ths Victorious Captain
The captain was an eccentric of the
flrst water, and numbered among hia
peculiarities the fact that he never
gave the desired answer to a direct
question. An amusing instance of
this eyasWo habit is related.
One morning four ot his friends Who
were aware ot this trait in his character observed the captain going to
market, and after some bantering entered into a bet as to the practicability ot learning from him the price he
paid for his purchase. They accordingly settled the preliminaries, and,
stationing themselves at different
points along the street which he had
to pass on his way home, awaited his
coming. y
Very soon the bluff old salt made
his appearance with several pigeons
dangling trom his hand.
As he approached, the flrst questioner accosted him with: Good morning,
qaptaln! Wbat did you give tor your
Money! responded the captain,
tluntly as he continued his Journey.
The second gentleman a little farther
on addressed blm. How go plgeo*-..
this morning, captain 7 he asked.
They don*t go at all—I carry 'em!
waa tbe unsatisfactory reply.
Shortly after that the captain met
the third questioner, who having asked the time of day, casually inquired:
How much are pigeons a dozen, captain?
I don't know. I only bought a
half-a-dozen, said the old gentleman,
still plodding on his way.
Finally, the fourth and last of ths
conspirators attacked the weary old
mariner by observing In the blandest tones: A flue lot of pigeons you
have there, captain. What did you
get them fer?
To eat! was the emphatic rejoinder.
The captain's eccentricity was
henceforth left unchallenged.
Useful In Camp.—Explorers, surveyors, prospectors and hunters will find
Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil very useful
ln camp. When the feet and legs are
wet and cold It ls well to rub tbem
freely with the Oil and tbe result will
be the prevention of pains In the muscles, and slould a cut, or contusion, or
sprain be sustained, nothing could be
better as a dressing or lotion.
.   Hs Needed It
A young dandy entered an optician's
shop recently and asked to be shown
Bome eyeglasses. He was given a
pair to try on, but finding tbem unsuitable, remarked:
What will you do since these don't
suit me? .»_
Well, I'll give you a stronger pair.'
Well—er—er—It they don't suit either? .
Then I'll give you a stronger pair
And lt they fall,- satd the dandy,
what would you advise me to do?
Oh, snapped the irate optician, get
an Intelligent dog and a yard of
Ns Files on Dostor
Boston, lt is claimed, has been
freed fjrom the fly nuisance by the
simple plan ot requiring the removal
of manure trom stables eve.- day and
the covering closely of all garbage
cans. The scheme ot destroying
the fly's breeding-places is surely better and more effective than swatting
the fly after he has become large
enough to require s.watting.
March of P. ogrett
Everything is   for   progress  these
days.    We must get our church Into
All right.     Sliall we Instal a gymnasium or a garage?
Marvelous Escapes
I was on ths top floor ot a skyscraper, ssld the flrst flctlc... expert,
visiting a poulterer, when a fire broke
out and cut off all retreat.
How did you escape? asked the second expert.
Oh, I simply plucked a goose and so
got 'down.'
Well; said number two, whose professional pride was hurt, I was once
ln a similar position. Ths escapee
were too short, and hundreds ot people watched from the street, expecting
every moment that the flames would
rt«ch me. But I did not lose my
presence of mind; as they gazed up I
walked down the 'stares.'
-Whenever you feel t headache coming on take .
NA-DRU-CO Headache Waters
Ths/ slop headaches promptly and surely. Do not contain
opium, morphine, phsnaoalln, aoetanllld or other dangerous
drugs.   25o. a box at your Druggist'.. -m
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.'
Dear Sirs,—I had a Bleeding Tumor
on my face or u long time and tried a
number of remedies without any good
results. I was advised to try MINARD'S LINIMENT, and after using
several bottles lt made a complete
cure, and it healed all up and disappear .1 altogether.
Belleisle Station, Kings Co., N.B., Sept.
17, 1904.
A Good Trail
I am such a poor conversationalist,
she said. What would you advise me
to do?
Cultivate tb_i habit, madam, cultivate the habit, be replied quickly.
Too Many Splinters
A new fast bowler was being tried
for the cricket club. He stood seven
feet higb, :.nd had a pair ot Sandow
Whizz! came the first ball, like a
bullet from a rifle; there was a crash
and one of the stumps was sent back
to tbe pavilion with a raquett for a
new ons. Three other stumps were
wrecked In the first over, but tlthough
the spectators cheered, tbs oaptaln ot
the fielding side wore a very worried
Don't put 'em In quite so fast, tf you
can help lt, he remarked to the new
Not so fast? queried thc bowler, wltb
a ten-horse power scowl.    Wby?
'Cob It's a 'ard-up club you're playing
for, Bnrpped the skipper, not a firewood factory.
Mme. Cecilc Chimlnade, perhaps
tbe most famous livin.: woman composer has lately been made a member of the Legion of Honor ln France.
This ls the third recognition ot this
kind that she has received, two otlier countrlci having precede 1 her own
in recognizing her genius.
Winnipeg Favors Concrete,Lanes
Thirty thousand dollars will Its
spent by the Board of Control this
year In concrete lanes. Ihe use at
concrete over a gravel foundation, and
without any other top dressing, has
become very popular 1* many eastern
and American cities of late years, and
lt ls claimed that this style of roadway
for surburban streets and lanes ls the
cheapest and beet yet devised by tks
roadmaklng experts. One lane ln ths
rear of Klngsway was dono In this
way by the city early this spring and
so far gives every promise or bu-lof
entirely satisfactoij.
Complete lr. Itself, Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator does tot require
the assistance of any other medicine
to make lt effective. It does not tall
to do Us work.
Postmistress (to old woman)—You
letter won't go.    It's overweight.
And what ls that, my dear?
* Postmistress—It's too heavy.   You
must put another stamp on it.
Sure, It's Joking you are. Another
stamp would maks lt heavier than
what It ls already.
On 'A* deck.   The names from left to right srs:—Mr. Thomss Hoyden (deputy-chslrmsn of the   Cunard   Cm*
psny), His Msjesty the King, Commsndsr W. T. Turner, R.N.R. (Csptaln of ths  Msursttnls'), Mr.   A.   A.
Booth (Chslrmsn of ths Cunsrd Company) snd Her Msjesty ths Queen.    In ths  second  row, to ths
right, msy be seen Prince Albert snd Llsut. F. O. Brown, R.N.R. (Staff-Captain of   ths   'Msurstsnls).
Write for a
free copy of
this book
For a farmer's silo,
a county road, or a
railroad bridge,
'bwADAPortiand cement
can be depended upon to make concrete that will last for generations.—There is only one grade—the best tliat science and skill can make.
Ths lsbel on every bag is your guarantee
of satisfsction.
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Titer, ii a Canada Cmtnt dealer iejter »*M.r,W--0>Mi * nit tune bim, sib tu fit hit earn. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
i '.        ■'■■ -•-■'
The Pressor's
, It Seemed Too Winning to :
Suit Hiram.
Professr, Sweetter, naturalist for s
tertulo Row England college, was a
•ttie msn. Be was round shouldered.
Us wss awkward on his legs. Bs
vers goggles for bis weak eyes, and
fee arrived at tbe age of fifty-five without bavlng loved As between bags
snd beetles and women, tbe bugs and
beetles were ahead. -.■ It was only on
rare occasions and when under ths
stress of excitement that be took tbe
slightest notice of the otber sex. Even
wben be did sit up and take notice of
tbem be could not have recalled bait
ss bour later wbat be said or whether
they bad nd bair or black.
On a certain dny It came to tbe ears
sf Professor Sweetzer tbat a portion' ot |
the vertebrae of a whale bnd been \
found on a farm ln Connecticut Se
arrived on the spot next dny and vert-
led tbe Und. Oo an occasion thousands of yenrs before sn old bull whale
bnd decided to take s trip Inlund and
through some error ot judgment had
left bis bones ln a gravel pit A piece
ef tbe backbone six feet long bad been
uncovered. The p'rofessor wanted to
excavute'for tbe rest Wbere tbere Is
six feet of wbale yon can tnke It tbst
tbere ts more. Be engaged board at
tbe Widow Webb's nnd hired a man to
wield tbe pick and sbovel and thns
went td work.
The Widow Webb was fat and forty
snd childless. Sbe Was worth a stony
fiirm und $000 In cash. A still older
sister lived with ber, snd ths farm
work wns done by a hired man with
tbe good old fashioned name ot Hlram
Stebblns. Hlram was tbirty-flve end
drank nothing stronger than elder, but
be thought deeply. One of tbem was
thnt If be married tbe widow be would
become tbe possessor of the farm snd
WHO. Be bad been thinking of tbls
snd taking lbs farm work easy when
Professor Sweetzer pat tn an appearance. Hlrnm looked at him snd grinned. If any one bad told "blm that
within a week be would be jealous of
tbnt little dried up snd bumpbacksd
specimen of humanity be would bave
toured with Inugbter.
As aoou ns tbe professor had Inspected llw bone aud become enthusiastic
ke was n changed msn. Be became s
fluent tnlker. He become fstberly toward tbe widow. Be called ber "my
child" and often took ber hand and
beld It while lie tried to mnke ber understand fhat a whale was u cnchelot
* end Ibat 11 cnchelot could stand on bis
tnll In tbe water as well ss on bis
Wheu Hlram witnessed tbe band
holding act he qnlt grinning. Be. was
nuul all Ibat day ns he boed corn. Bs
waa mud wben be came up to supper.
Ue wns mad wben one ot tbe cows
sicked him at milking time. While
Ibe professor took s ramble tn search
sf beetles. Hlrnm carried tbe milk Into
Ibe kltcben nnd began*.
"Wldder Webb, bow does It feel to
bnre iwbnboon holding your bsnd?"
"Hlram, what do you mean?" was
"I mean thnt I bare seen yon and
that IIIIIS runt of s man squeezing
- bands a dozen times, and neither ot
you seems to care who stands by. Fell
In love mlgbty quick, didn't your
"Look here, Mr. Stebblns, you tsve
so right to tnlk to ms this wsy. Yoa
know wbo the professor Is. Bs's s
grent mnn, Bs bas taught ms mors
sbout whales In tbe last tbree dsys
limn I knew In all my life before. Bs
slso knows sll about birds snd bugs
and bees. It's twice ss Interesting to
benr lilm tnlk as It Is to hear s sermon."
"Hns a feller got to squeeze your
baud to talk to you sbout whales?"
asked Hlram.
"lie hasn't queezed It Tbst's simply his wny. Bo Is s fatherly msn.
When be gets to talking be don't know
whether be bos got hold of my bsnd
or (he leg of n chnlr. You ought to bs
sslinmed of yourself to talk ss you do.
I nhvnys thought tbsre wss s mean
and jealous streak In you, and now It's
come out."
*-0h, II has, eb?" muttered Hlram.
"Perhnps If I went nround looking for
Iho bones of sn old whnls I'd bs sll
"I guess It would be better tbsn
grunting around. You don't cars for
educated folks, but 1 do. I was born
Ilmt wny. If I wns to ask you sbout
whnlcs you couldn't toll me anything."
"Hut the professor could?"
"Yes, sir, tis could. Hlrnm Stebblns.
lo you know thst ths Latin name of
whale Is f'hyseter macrocephslusl -Do
ynu know tbnt wo get spermaceti snd
smltcrgrls frfin ll» body? ■>» yo"
know that he suuieltmos reaches the
length or seventy or eighty teetr TOO
mini there wltb a mean look on your
fare, nud yet let mo tell you tbat ths
sperm whale can swallow s man at a
\pnlp. There are no teeth In the upper
jaw. bnt'the lower une baa from tweh-
ly lire to thirty on each aide. Thesyes
are small snd placed for back In the
"Well?'' grunted the hired man.
"Well, tbe cachelot feeds upon Ashes
and cephalopodous mollusks. Yon
probably thought he fed npon turnips.
Tbe wbals ls gregarious. Five hundred or mors hsvs been seen In s single herd.   Terrible conflicts often take
place among; the whales, and lt is not
unusual to And the lower jaws deformed. Ths Isft sys Is said to bs smallsi
than tbs right snd tbs wbals cannot
sss behind blm."
"All from ths professorl" snsered
Hlram as bs bowed snd walked out te
fasten tbe hencoop for the nlgbt
i When the professor wasn't, assisting
his man to dig for bones be was hunting bugs snd bees snd butterflies. To
, his great joy bs discovered a seven
spot bumblebee. As sll of us know, a
bumblebee ts of dark color witb yellow spots on his back. There are often-from Hve to six spots and only
rarely a seven spotter. Tbls bee, along
wltb s dozsn others, was placed In s |
pasteboard box, and when the house
wss reached tbe box was deposited od
s window sill of tbs veranda. Tbs
professor bad told the widow all about
Whales. As soon ss bs had s little
spsre time be meant to tell ber sll
sbout bumblebees, Two days bad gone
by wben tbe moment came. The bona
digging labors of tbs dsy were ovei
snd supper disposed ot wben tbe pro*
feasor snd the widow took chairs on
ths veranda. Bs hsd found ths shell
of s smsll turtle ln tbe gravel thnt day..
and be sst out to flrst explain about
tbat Hlram Btebblns was greasing
bis boots snd chewing tbe rag ln tbe
kltcben and could hear every word,
Be also knsw sll sbout tbat box oi
bumblebees on the window sill.
According to Professor Sweetzer, tun
ties bad hearts and lungs, hopes nni
ssplratlons. Be would even go so fai
ss to say that turtles loved snd wert
loved tn return. Tbey did not sing llk|
a bird nor, bellow like a frog, bat thej
were supposed to*have musical ears foi
sll tbst In bis earnestness tbe ma|
got hold of tbs widow's band, lt wai
only bis wsy. If be had got bold oi
her ear It would hsvs been tbe same
Ba bad called ber bis dear woman anl
bts desr child half s dozen times sod
ln bis lecture he bsd got ss'fsr bad
is tbs turtle's markings when Blran
Stebblns could restrain blmself 0|
longer. BS ssw red. Be thirsted fo*
gore. Be rose up to do murder, bui
checked bis onslaught and walked soft
ly into tbs sitting room, tbe wlndon
wss up snd the bss box before him
while the backs of tbs sitters were to
ward him. Bs lifted ths cover and
stepped bsck.
The doxsn bumbles bsd been hopplni
mad and calling eacb otber names foi
tbs two days. Tbe cover wos no soon
er off tbuu tbey swarmed to get room
to square off. As they caught sight ol
ths pn essor and tbe widow, however,
the hatchet was Instantly burled
Tbers was a wild swoop, followed bj
wilder yells, i Old seven spot led tn th<
fray. Bs It was who lifted tbs pro
feasor over the veranda rail snd lei
blm drop among tbe hollyhocks whlli
ths rest were paying tbe widow atten
tions. Tbs prolessor ran ond wss foi
lowed; tbe widow shrieked and wai
stung again and again. It waa not un
til Hlrnm rushed out with smoke aud
flame that sbe wss rescued and I
neighbor woman sent for to treat tbl
lumps and bumps snd pnt her to bed
Tbe professor returned not Old sevel
spot wouldn't let blm. No news cnnii
from him ss tbs hours of nlgbt won
on, snd Hlram wondered, but nexl
morning tbs widow received s nott
"My dear cblid, please send my
satchel by bearer. I'm off sfter mors
bones. Tbs turtle, ss 1 meant to hsvt
told yoa, Is utterly without ambition."
"Waal," ssld Hlram to himself ss ht
worksd ln the cornfield tbat dsy, "tbers
i wss ths professor snd ms snd tbe wld-
der snd tbe whole and tbe bumblebees,
snd, If I bain't corns out top a' tbs
bsop, wbo bss?"
Was Nasty O'Neill wsa a suffragettl
la«y, 1
Decidedly militant, too,
Who was lovad by aa Irishman, Martla
O'Qrady, |
But vainly. Indeed, did ba woe,
for  Nancy  waa  busy  at blowing  up
homes '
And kicking tbt chancellor'a cat |
And io had no tlma to be thinking ol ,
Or frivolous aubjecta Ilka that
With bonbone and Bower, poor Martin
pursued her,
But Nancy wae deaf to hit suit
Thorn*, gently and sweetly and kindly ht
wooed htr,
At all hla proposals abt'd boot
Till finally, wearied of being ao ttndtr,
Bo patltnt and placid and calm,
Ht gavt up tht horaagt ha onct uatd tt
And tent htr • dynamite bomb.
Ht trampled htr garden with ardor motl
Cast brleka through her windows with
let fire to Iha houae and abducted hu
Attempted to poison htr guttt
Bo Nancy laid: "How can I tvtr retltl
Such mllltance beata mt," aha aaid.
Bo obe put her fair arms round hla neck;
and the klated him,
And now they ara happily wed.
—Milwaukee Journal.
They Olvt Hla Ntlghber an Inalghl
Into tha Future State.
A missionary returned receutly from
India, wbere he bnd spent many years.
At ths big botel be stopped at while In
town he found little to complain about
sxcept tbs absence of the very torrid
sauces snd spices to wbich be bad became accustomed In the fnr onst Fortunately he had brought with blm a
supply of bis favorite condiment and
by arranging with tbe bead waltet
thess were placed on his table. Ona
day another guest saw tbe appetizing
bottle on his neighbor's table and ask.
ed tbe waiter to give blm tome of
"tbat sauce."
"I'm sorry, sir," tald the waiter, "but
It Is tbe private property of this gen-
Tbe missionary, however, beard thc
other's request snd told tbe waiter to
pass the bottle.
The stranger poured some of tbt
mixture on Ltd meat and took a liberal
After a moment be turned, wltb
tears In his eyes, to the missionary.
"You're a minister ot the gospel?"
"Yes, sir."
"And you preach the doctrine of
everlasting Are?"
"Yes," admitted the missionary.
"Well, you're tbe first minister 1
ever met who carried samples."—Fun
"Well," snld the artist's -wife, "I'm
glad on one account tbat Reginald bas
become a cubist"
"Wbst Is that?" her friend asked.
"Is he making more money tban be
did while he was painting real pic-
"No, be really Isn't making ss mucb,
but formerly be bnd to hire girls to act
ss his models. Now sll be needs ts s
pile of kindling wood."—Chicago Reo
How 8ht Did It
As a married couple were walklni
down one of the main thoroughfares of
a city tbe husband .noted tbe attention
which other women obtained from
passersby and remarked to bis better
"Folks never look ot you. I wish 1
bad married some one better looking."
The woman tartly replied: "It's yotii
fault Do you tblnk a man will shirt
at me when you're walking wltb mel
You step behind and see whether men
don't look nt me."
The husbnnd bung bnck about a dozen yards and for tbe length of tht
street was surprised to see every man
bis wife pass stare hard at her and
even turn around nnd look after ber.
"Sure, lassie," lie exclaimed ss bt
rejoined her, "I wos wrong and take lt
bnck, I'll never say ought about youi
looks again."
The wife bnd mnde a fnce at every
man she met-Exclutngs.
A Hsrtt Dtsl.
in ths bay market one afternoon recently s couple of fnrmcrs stopped to
talk crops and horses.
"Aro you In the market for s good
bome?" asked one.
"Always ready to dicker," tbe otber
"Ever see that .little bay mare of
"I tblnk I know the critter."
"Bow'd you like to own her? She's
yours at rock bottom price."
Gathering up bis lines preparatory
to leaving tbe. spot thc other farmer
"Well, Jobn, I'd boy ber this morning, but 1 bate to bust s dollar."-.
Youngstown Telegram.
Sht Might.
'     Marjorie wos on a visit to bsr grand
parents on tbe fnrm, and ber enjoy. (
ment ot couutry life was somewhat
, marred by tbe apprehension of being
: borned by the cows. One day hei |
* mother asked her to ran to the barg
! and call ber grandpa to dinner. Sht
\ started, but. espying a cow In tbs lot;
one of thc inullt-y kind, ran back, cry.
1 Ing, "Oh, mamma; there's s cow out
|    After a glance out of tbe window si
the meek lucking bovine ber motbet
I snld:
"Why, Slnrjorlc. thnt's s mulley cow,
She can't burro you, for sbs hasn't any
I boms."
"But, mntnmn," exclaimed the child,
| "sbe mlgbt butt me wltb ber pompa-
dour."-Harper's Weekly.
The Lawytr'a Chelae.
A judge snd Joking lawyer were conversing sbout tbs dot-trine of transmigration of tbs souls of men Into animals. "Now," said tbe Judge, "suppose you snd I were turned luto a
horse and an ass, which would yoa
prefer to be?"
"The sss, to be sure," replied tbs
"Why?" ssked the Judge.
"Becsuss 1 have beard of an ass bslng s Judge, but s borse never."—Philadelphia Ledger.
A Handicap.
The neatness of the New England
housekeeper Is a matter of common re-
murk, and husbands In tbat part ol
tbe country aro supposed to appreciate
tbelr advantages.
A bit of dialogue reported as follows
sbows tbnt tbere muy be another side
to tbe mutter:
"Mnrthn, buve you wiped tbe sink
dry yet?" asked tbe farmer as bs mads
flnal preparations for the nlgbt
"Yes, Joslab," she replied. "Wby do
yon ask?"
"Well, I did want s driuk of water,
bnt I guess 1 cnn get along until morn.
lng."-Everybody's Magazine.
Down to a Working Batla.
Milk In Rtd Bottla*.
It tt probable tbnt lo the near futtirs
sll milk will be delivered In red bottles, 'or " Da* l,nt ****** discovered
tbst, efthlls ordinary light hastens tbe
"spoiling" ot milk, tbe red rsys prevent It   Tbs violet rays, on ths contrary, causs ths milk to turn.   Purs,
fresb milk or sterilised snd pasteurized I
milk It plsced tn sn uncolored glass |
bottls snd left In tbs full sunlight Is
completely spoiled by evening.    But ,
substitute s ted glsss bottle or wrad ,
lbs ordinary bottls la red 'paper and .
milk Is perfectly good after standing
ten  hours  tn  the  sun.-New   York |
World .    	
Hit Flax Expert.
Parvenu (going ovsr his estate with
his stswsrdi-Ths flax Is very short
thia year. Seems to ms they will only
be able tn mnke children's shirts with
It-Pllcgsuds matter.
If there were no clouds ws would set
snjoy the bus.-Old Bsyteg.
Ht Knew Women.
Teacher— Bobby, ls this sentence correct: "She'll go whether sbe wsnts to
br notr1
Bobby—No, miss.
Teacher—Why nott
Robby-Becouss shs'won't go if sht
don't wnnt to.-Boston Transcript
A Cranial Qualification.
"They used to call .blm boneheml."
"That was before he succeeded."
"Yes.  Now they express It different-
,]. They call him s mnn of hard, solid
tense."—Wsshlngton Star.
Shtrpene Scittort.
Hold a needle .Irmly by lhe head be. j
(ween tbe thumb nnd lirst Anger sad
with the scissors In the right bond cnl
back nnd forth on the needle, as
though trying tu cut tbe needle In two.
After several cuttings Ibe scissors will
be found very sbnrp.-N8t.onsl Mags.
Beth Sldts.
First Commuter-It'e s perfect little
gem. It hns been the ambition of my
life to buy a nice little place tn tbe
country. Second Commuter—Well. I
once felt tbat way mysslf. At present
It's tbs smbltloii of my llfs to sell s
lies llttls ptacs In tbs countiy.-Puch.
"Will you be my wife?" be stked.
"Yes," shs replied.
"Vory well. Now let's get sequalnt.
ed aud tee whether we really care any
thing for each otlier."-Cblcago Reo
ord Herald.
N* Tlmt.
"nnve you ever hnd nervous proatra-
"No. I work for n sslnry which stops
wben I'm not on ths Job."-Cbksi»
Becord Herald
Why Try to Keep Young?
Some people-anil they must be deep
dyed fatalists or else (bey must buve
s great fondness for sweets nud good-
les-declare tbut they wero born to be
fat nnd that no amount uf distills will
make them thin. This hns uut much
to do wltb youth, excepting Hint It Is
quite true thut some persona ure born
to look tbelr nge nnd some are lioru t-
look always younger thnn tliey are.
So It seems us If making an effort tt
look young would bo fruitless of results In iimny cases, and so It Is.
The womau who goes through lift
trying to look young, taking a cheerful, smiling outlook on everything
sbout ber, a healthy, enthusiastic Interest tn the world in general, can do
much to retain youth. In fact, shs
never grows old ln the sense of ths -
word which signifies out of dato and .
faded. The woman, too, who takes
csro of ber health, wbo looks to bet
diet when It Is convenient to do sornd
wbo takes due precautions regarding
ber skin and hair runs a good, chanct
of keeping a healthful nud youthful
appearance throughout life.
But the woman wbo tries everlast.
lngly and unceasingly to keep young
generally ends up by looking old and
fagged before her day. And certainly
ber frame of mlud Is fur from normal,
far from youthful. She avoids tiring
herself, she rests a prescribed numbei
of hours or minutes each day, sht
spends hours fussing over her ball
and her nails and ber eyebrows und
ber skin, she cats only such things si
sbe knows sbe ought to eut, no inattei
bow much she wants to ent othsi
things, snd wbst is tbe result?
Perhaps she does look young, pes
bops ber cbeek has s more dellcstt
bloom tbsn the weathered, comfortabll
looking cbeek ot her sister wbo bai
gons through life getting tbe most oui
of it, snd perhnps sbe will stay youni
so long as sbe can spend boars a dsj
trying to do so. But ber youtb ls real
ly only skin deep. It sin Is force!
to live In different circumstances foi
a time, where she cannot devote most
ot her time tn preserving ber complsn
ion, sbs fades quickly, and sll the boun
spent In ensnaring youtb ars gons foi
Prints Krnpolkln, tbs great Russisi.
ansrcblst, ssld ln sn article abuut hli
experiences Is prison tbnt bs thought
be, s city bred man, used to ths dsm|
stons bouses of St. Petersburg, stool
tbs confinement of tbe cold, dark, dsm|
Russian prisons better tbsn did strong
country bred men perhaps mud
stronger aad mors robust tban bs. Tbl
chsngs from tbs fresh country sir snd
well sired houses to tbs III ventilated
snd dingy prison cells wss so great
tbst It broks down their health.
temon ts Tolltt Aid.
Tbs next tlms any ons bands yon I
lemon do not feel offended, but tors
tbe laugh on your aggressor by accept
Ing tbe lemon graciously snd using D
to improvs or sdd besuty to yew*
cbarms. '
It you sre a blond you will find tbs
lemon very useful wben sbampoolni
tlms comes around. After you bsvi
clesnsed your hair wltb soap snd wsi
ter rub tbs strained lemon Jules Intt
tbs scslp snd bair. It is necessary tl
rinse tbe hair, well after tbls. Tbi
lemon will keep tbs bslr light anl
make It fluffy. It is well to rememba
tbat whenever sny hair Is shampooed
tbe work should not bs considered
complete until ths bslr snd scalp on
dry. Too msny girls grow tired snd
let tbs wnter get out of tbs bslr si
bstt it can. Tbls Is s big mistake, foi
tbe damp condition Is spt to glvs ons S
cold, or It may producs rheumatism ol
the head and shoulders. If you bsvi
not ths strength to glvs tbs sbampot
yourself oak your sister or soms kind
friend to help you out and offe* to di
ss mucb for ber.
To Ktt/tht Hande White and Soft
Uie a soap rich In oil and containing no alkali to crack and harden ths
sklu. After the bands hsve bees
clesnsed end thoroughly rinsed s lather made from the soap should bs rubbed Into tbs hands snd wrists. Con-
tluue tbs rubbing until all tbs Istbei
bss been absorbed or then Is very llttls to wipe swsy. Tbs oil feeds tbs
skin, keeps It soft snd prevents tbs
shriveled appearance and feeling which
corns especially to hands tbst srs
kept for Ions periods In bot walsr.
Bauds thus treated are soft snd whits.
It Is Important to remember thst tbs
lsthcr wblcb Is rubbed la Is not tbs
Isther with which lbs bands ars clesnsed, but n fresh lather, mads sfter tbs
t-lssuslng bss been completed.
Wtddtd Bliss.
,A womsn considers thst shs iat
j hsr butbsnd srs in perfect harmony
It shs csn west bis neckties. _ . THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,,.B.C.
Now is the Time for
Horse Blankets
We have a Large Stock Assortment
ty4.ll Sizes and Prices
Get Them Now Before It's Too Cold
Pigs For Sale
For $4 each; six weeks old. H.
Cooper, Columbia, B, C, west of
C.P.R. roundhouse.
,    Armson the shoe man has removed
j to his new stand, corner  Bridge and
Fourth streets,
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best joh printing ilepun-ment in the
Boundary country.
The Sun only costs $1 a yenr.    It
| prints all the news.
W. Ansley, trainmaster of the
Boundnry division of the C. P. R.,
has been transferred to Cranbrook,
and C. Hood, of Cranbrook, has
hpen appointed to fill his portion
hum Mr. Hood arrived in the cily
Inst Monday
Miss   Eih-l   Cook  has  returned
from a two months' visit with   relu-1
Uvea iu St. Johns, Md.
Arthur G. Vemer, who resided in
Grand Forks for a short time last
spring, was.instantly killed at Park
Rapids, Minn., laat week by the
concrete wall in a well caving in on
Lue F. Vernon, the extemporaneous piano player at the Empress
theatre, adds much interest to the
pictures by his manner and style of
interpreting their subjects. That
Vernon knows his business is evi
dent from the many compliments
heard Irom patrons of tbe theatre.
Col. Lowery, editor and financier
of the Greenwood Ledge, waa in the
city yesterday in pursuit of new
W. 0. Miller, district superintendent of the C.P.R , wsb in the
city yesterday, traveling in his spe
eial car.
James Marshall, proprietor of the
Brooklyn Hotel, Phoenix, has purchased tbe Strathcona hotel in Nelson. He will take pos.e<sion of his
new property on the 15th of next
J. W. Bennett, formerly editor ot
the Fernie ledger, lectured in the
Miners' Union hall Inst Friday
night. He took for his subjecl the
strike nf lhe cupper miners in Mich-
- igrtil, and showed ita effect till the
lubiir market and the price of cop-
Junk McDonald, a recent recruit
to the C P R. operating department,
h.id one of his big toes badly crush
ed hy getting bis foot under a car
wheel while engaged in switching in
the West end yard last Saturday
afternoon. He was taken to the
Cottnge holipiial, where ft wan found
necessary amputate the injured
limb. He will be laid up for a
month or two
If you are tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
job office. We guarantee satisfaction, and are prices are right. We
have n splendid stock of stationery
on hand.
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
A V. Pineo, head solicitor in the
attorney general's department at
Victoria, is in the city this week
with a view of familiarizing himself
with the Doukhobor situation.
* T. R. Latham, aged 33 years,
died in Trail on Tuesday, October
14. He was a brother of Frank
Latham, of Ihis city. The remains
were shipped to Grand Forks, and
the funeral was held from Holy
Trinity church last Sunday afternoon, Rev. Henry Steele conductirg
the service. Interment took 11 ice
at tbe Fraternal cemetery.
Local people are surprised at the
QUICK results received from simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, eto, as
mixed in Adler-i ka, the German remedy which became famous hy curing
appendicitis Woodland it Quinn,
druggists, state that this simple remedy draws off such a surprising amount
of old foul matter from the body that
A SINGLE DOSE relieves sour
stomach, gas on the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY.    ,
Palace Barber Shop
Kazor Honing a Speola-Sy.
J. A. Ma'drum, represen ing He
International Casualty company of
Vaucouver, spent the first part ol
the week in the city.
Board of Trade Meeting
A regular meeting of the board of
trade will be held in tbe council
chamber on Wednesday next, October 22, at8 p.m.
F. R S. Barlee, Secretary.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Granbv Hotrl,
First Strkkt.
W. F. ROBINSON & Gait Coal
F. Downey's Cigar Store
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_.»_. _a Jtexmum-At-ttin ma-
id dmwrlpMm*
on CaifiiiU
luiin >"C6. Win
Anyone rending ____, sketch and
QUlcklr Moertain onr opinion I
Intention iiprohatilf iMitentnh
tloniitriotly cnnOUoi Mill. H ftl Inl
MntfrM. UldflMt urancf form
Pntent* taken throunb Mu
•pfchtfMtict. without eb.irKo- *** M
Scientific American.
A hriBr-mMir uiiutnus wMtir. t-umitoit-
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Pails,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an -    -'
od at
Up-to date Pri^ery.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Gpod Printing-^
-the kind  we do—is
tajajiaji'aj^a^a^a^mmmmmTbmxm.'-'  — "*e" u> st'ver
tisement, and a trial order will convince you that oar
stock and workmanship are ot the best. Let us estimate
on vour ordor.   We guarantee satisfaction.
The Sun Print Shop


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