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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 4, 1913

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Kettle Valley Orchardist
Provincial GoveromentUrges
a Vigorous Fight Against
Tbeir Spread
Victoria, B. C, June 27,1913.
Editor Orand Forks Sun: l> would
be obliged if you would kindly
allow me, tbrough the columns of
your paper, to call the attention ot
farmers throughout the province to
the necessity of conducting a vigorous campaign against the spread
of noxious weeds in the province.
This constitutes a grave menace to
the development of agriculture, and
it it very essential that a determined effort be made at the present
time to combat the evil before it
gets too big to handle. It is deplorable to see in many good agricultural districts in the province the
alarming extent to wbich the Canadian thistle has spread. This is
one of tbe very worst weeds io existence, and probably tbe hardest
to control.
Tbe following course of treatment
fur tbe eradication of Canada
thistle is recommended by the Seed
Commissioner's branch of tbe federal department of agriculture:
Being a deep-rooted perennial,
Canada thistle abould be ploughed
deep in summer just aa tbe flowere
open, or the flowering sttms may be
mowed down and tbe land ploughed
at toon as the new growth appears.
At new stems are thrown up tbey
must be out off with a broad-sheared
cultivator at intervals during the
Bummer and autumn. Deep ploughing in tbe autumn has been found
Useful in suppressing thistles in
Manitoba. The chief safeguard
against Canada thistle and similar
deep-rooted perennials iB undoubtedly a regular short rotation of
crops, with thorough cultivation. A
three-year rotation, including two
cuttings of early red clover for the
flrst year, followed by deep fall
ploughing for hoed crops, with clean
cultivation and a cereal crop for tbe
third will suppress it.    .
For permanent pastures and wild
lands where this course of treatment
ia not feasible, a plan whicb is followed by many w th great success
is lo keep the plants cut off right at
the crown and never allow tbem to
flower. This course, if pursued
faithfully, will in a few yeara' time
destroy this pest,
All provincial constables and fire
wardens have again this year been
appointed agents fnr the department
in Ihe enforcement of tbe provisions of the Noxious weed act, and
have bean instructed in cas° nf noncompliance wilh notices served on
owners to inatitute prosecutions.
This in its self, however, ia not all
that is necessary. It ia imperative
that the co-operation of the farmers
themselves be secured. The provisions nf the Noxious weed act are
stringent enough, but its proper enforcement cannot he effected to the
.best advantage unless the farmers
do tbeir share and see that their
neighbors take steps to destroy
weeds before they seed.
I trust, therefore, tbtt we may
have united action along theae lines,
and tbat effective work will be done
this year toward the suppression of
those weeds which are proving such
a menace to successful agricultural
development in different parts of the
province. William E. Scott,
Deputy Minister of Agriculture.    '
$1.00 PER YEAR
Rules Laid Down by the Department of Agriculture for the
. Extermination of This FruitPest
By W. H. BRITTAIN, B.S.A., Pathologist and Entomologist
The fire or pear blight has been
known for many years as a serious
disease of tipples, pears, and occasionally quinceB. Lately the dis.
ease has been reported as attacking
plums and apricots. In some districts the disease haB wiped out
whole pear orchards' and caused
.more loss'to the fruit growers than
'all other factors combined.. In
British Columbia it has proved a
verv serious disease of the apple.
Besides the trees mentioned, the
hawthorn (Crataegus), the June
berry (Amelanchier), tnd the mountain aeh(PyrUB) may also be attacked.
The fire blight is of bacterial
origin. Tbe organism causing it iB
a small rod shaped body, measuring
about 1-16,000 of an inch long and
about 1-45,000 of an inch wide.
This germ commonly enters tbe
plant by way of the blossoms, where
it multiplies in tbe nectaries of tbe
flowers and filially extends into the
nearby twigs and leaves. It may
enter growing sboote, li-nbs or trunk
through the agency of various infect
pests. Having once gained admittance to the plant, the bactillus, if
conditions are favorable, multiplies
rapidly, feeding upon and destroying tbe cells of tbe inner bark and
cambium. It winters over in the
form of "holdover" cankers on the
limbs or trunk of affected trees.
As a rule the disease makes its
first appearance in the form of
"blossom blight." The tips, blossoms and leaves will be seen to wilt,
becoming dark brown or black, and
filially shrivel up, presenting a
scorched appearance. The bark at
first has a dark water soaked look,
hut later it becomes hard and dry.
In the twigs and smaller branches
the disease is known aa "twig
blight." Water sprouts and other
young rapidly growing shoots are
particularly liable to attack. Wbere
tbe disease is active blisters will appear on tbe bark, tbrough wbich
will ooze a thick gummy substance,
light ysllow in color at first, but
hardening in the air it becomes
dark red or brown. The leaves
borne oo tuch tboots have tbe
characteristic scorched appearance.
In many cases the disease is confined to the twig form and spreads
no further.
Frequently, however, it enters the
main limbs or trunk hy passing
down twigs or water sprouts. The
bark will take on the water soaked
appearance and the gummy exudate
ooze from the affected part in large
drops. Sometimes a canker of limited extent is formed around tbe
base of the shoot, down which the
dieeaae has passed. As the organism
gradually dies out the bark loses ils
water-soaked appearance, and, becoming hard and tough, shrinks
away from healthy portion, frequently forming a crack or fissure
between. In the apparently sound
tissue outside this area a few germs
may lurk to carry over the disease
until another year. A further
spread of the disease down the
limbs or truck, however, may sometimes occur,    Extenaivt cankered
cracks in tbe diseased   tissue the i and other jnsects, which carry the
yellow gum will drip abundantly, disease from flower tn flower during
Sometimes  a  canker   will appear
considerably further down on the
limb than any other; while the bark
between is, to all external appear
ancts,   perfectly    healthy,     Upon
cutting away .the bark, however, a
fine line of diseased tissue will be
found •connecting tbe- two. The
f ii in of the disease that affects nuin
limbs and trunk is called "body
In most of the fruit growing
regions of the east body blight of
the apple rarely occurs, and then
only in the form of cankers around
the base of a shoot. In some districts it is not considered worth
wbile to cut out the disease in apple
trees during the growing season, so
rarely does it extend beyond tbe
current season's growth. In those
same districts the body blight may
be a serious menace to pear orchards, bo tbat wbile twig blight may
be found in pears and body blight
in apples, the reverse is the rule.
In some parts of the western states
and in' British Columbia, however,
body blight is commonly found
upon all apple trees Certain varieties have suffered most severely
from this form of tbe disease. Some
cases have come under our observation in which tbe disease spread so
rapidly down the trunk tbat the
tree was soon girdled and its death
accomplished in a single season.
A rot of the immature and occasionally of tbe mature fruit is also
caused by Ihe pear blight organism,
tbo disease entering by way of the
stem or through an insect puncture.
Fruit so affected turns brown or
black as if bruised, and a whitish,
slimy substance oozes tbrough the
It is a fact of common observation that a considerable variation
exists in the degree of susceptibility
of the different varieties to the
blight. In the Summerland district
during tbe paet seaton tbe Spitzenberg showed the highest percentage
of infection—about 50 per cent.*
The disease waa most severe in this
variety, rapidly paasiug down from
the smaller shoots into the main
limbs and trunk. Following close
upon the Spitzenbergs came Wagen-
ers and Transcendent crabs, which
were attacked in much the same
manner. Jonathans showed'about
2S percent infection, hut the disease
in this variety waa for the most part
confined to tbe twigs and smaller
branches, very few being so badly
attacked aa to call for removal.
Practically all varieties were attacked
more or less. Those showing a degree of resistance nearest approaching immunity were Mcintosh Red,
Grimes Golden and Yellow Newtown.
In the peart the disease was confined almost entirely to Bartletts.
Quince trees were practically all attacked, but twig infection only was
Among the foremost agents in tbe
spread of the blight are bees, wasps
treas will be developed, tod from ..TsllKJE —ttni '""» M'- w*"' ""••»
the blossoming period. More tm
portant than the lieee, for it seems
impossible In exercise any control
over their work, is the green apple
aphis. Aside from the great harm
this ii.sect undoubtedly does ny
sucking the juices of the plant, it is
one of the must fruitful sources for
the spread of lhe blight. A large
proportion of twig infection can he
traced directly to its agency. The
apple leafhopper and tbe woolly
apple aphis doubtless bear a share
in this work as well The gummy
exudate that oozes from diseased
bark is swarming with tbe germs of
the blight; and insects, becoming
contaminated trom this source, carry
the disease to other trees, which in
turn hecome infected In Ontario
tbe fruit bark beetle (Scalytus rugu
losus) lias beeu shown to be an important agent in introducing the
blight into tbe trunks of pear trees,
The use of infected pruning tools
has more than once been responsible
for spreading the blight over a whole
The work of various investigators
hae shown that fire blight is a con
trollable disease. If the following
directions are faithfully followed
from tbe start uo alarm need be occasioned by its appearauce in any
Immediately tbe disease appears
the affected limb should be removed,
tbe distance to cut out being governed by the rapidity with which
the disease is progressing. At least
a foot below tbe visible signs ot disease is none too much, and even
more may be necessary. Immediate
cutting out iB essential, for once tbe
disease has gained entrance to the
trunk or main limbs, it is often next
to impossible to save tbe tree. Where
the disease has formed a canker
around tbe base of a shoot tbe bark
abould be cut away for at least four
or five inches below tbe diseased
area. All cutting tools used sbould
be thoroughly disinfected after each
cut by dipping or swabbing with
some good disinfectant. Corosive
sublimate, 1 1,000, is excellent for
this purpose, and formalin, one pint
diluted to three gallons of water, is
also most satisfactory. The cut surfaces of the wood should also be
swabbed with the disinfectant, and
large wounds painted over with a
mixture of oil and lead to prevent
tbe entrance of wound parasites.
All prunings from diseased trees
ehould be gathered and burned at
Ihe time of cutting.
Aa new infections may be continually taking place, it is not possible to control the disease entirely
by this treatment. It is necessary
to go carefully over the trees for at
least three times after thc leaves
bave fallen and cutaway all blighted
parts. To detect all cases of the
disease where it is no longer active
is not always easy. The darker
colored and withered condition of
diseased bark is usually, a good indication. Where a "hold-over"
canker bas been formed this can be
detected by the color tnd by the
crack that usually forms around it.
With Partial Display, Grand
Forks Wins Second Prize
at Calgary Fair
Fred Clark, president of the board
of trade, yesterdiv received a telegram from the gentleman in charge
nf the Grand Forks displav at the
I'algary fair, stating that thn exhibit
bad been awarded second prize in
the district display competition.
Only a email portion of the exhibit
sent from bere arrived in Calgary in
time for the fair. Tbe shipment forwarded by freight has gone astray,
and a tracer has been sent after il.
Had the entire shipment reached its
destination, this district would have
captured first'prize witb ease.
John Nicelson, a middle aged
mau apparently of an unbalanced
mentality, arrived in the city on
Wednesday from Priest Kiver, Ida.
He was deported yesterday by Immigration inspector P. T. McCallum.
As the suckers, which are often
found at the base of a tree, are
favorable channels for the entrance
of the disease into the trunk, they
should, as a meaaure of precaution,
be removed in those districts wbere
the disease occurs. A war of extermination should be carried on
against aphides and leafboppers,
wbich should never be allowed to
become numerous. Spray with
black leaf 40 or black leaf as often
as is necessary to bold tbem well in
Clean cultivation and irrigation
are often practiced to excess in our
orchards. Tbis tends to produce an
abnormally large and sappy growth
of the tree, a condition ihat favors
the rapid development of the pear
blight germ. If the disease is carried to sucb treeB it tin'ls ideal conditions to grow and multiply, and
naturally proves more serious than
would otherwise be the case Something that will check tbe growth of
the tree will therefore be of aervice
in hindering the growth of the organism. Wbere the blight is present
in an orchard it ia well to lessen the
amount of cultivation and irrigation at ftr as possible without injuring the trees. .Cover crops sbould
be planted, and the grower, if otber
conditions permit, may even find it
advisable to put his orchard in sod
for a time. This will not, of course,
prevent his trees from being attacked, nor will it kill out the disease. It will only check its rapid
development in the treeB. The
other remedies must not be neglected, however, but religiously followed if the disease is to be stamped
1. Cut out disease ae it appears.
2. Carefully examine trees and
cut out cankers after the leaves have
3. Gather and burn all prunings
from diseased trees.
' 4. Disinfect  tools  tnd cut surfaces of wood.
5. Keep aphides tnd other insects
in control.
6. Endeavor to check t too rapid
and sappy growth of the treet. THE STIX. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Outing Shoes
At Ruler of Army Hla Power It Supreme    _
While as to ordinary affairs tlie Halter Is subject to Ihe law tn the same
manner as his humblest subject, there
la one department In which hla power
Ib practically absolute, Ula power as
commander-in-chief of the armed
forceB. His supremacy In this regard has Just been re-affirmed by a
judgment of the Kammergericht, affirming the judgment of a provincial
court In an action brought to. protect
t patent right.
Eight years ago the Kaiser. Issued
au order directing the introduction of
the sabre carriers to be an Infringement on his patent and that they
could*n6t'be used without his permission, and he brought an action for'
damages and an injunction against the
carrying out of the imperial order.
A provincial court found against
..lin, and the Kammergericht has af-
Brined this judgment. The appelate
court declares that irrespective of
whether the patent be infringed or
not, the plaintiff has no standing and
that the Kaiser, In Issuing any order
.ffectlng the equipment ot the army
s exercising his supreme military
Some women act as if they had'a
sorrier on religion.
Nearly every man is the architect of
lis own misfortune.
Some men are used to being called
iai's and don't mind it.
Forest fires never lhske much headway among family trees.
We never knew a man to dodge
greatness when it was thrust in his
When yon ere in trouble the world
generates a lot of curiosity.
Many an honest man might be otherwise but lacks the opportunity.
It a woman asks you for a candid
opinion she expects you to be complimentary just Ilie same.
Sick people seldom know any more
about the -medicine tliey swallow than
the doctors who prescribe.
Revenge In Art
That, .said the futurist, pointing
proudly to tlie canvas with which he
has just finished, is my attempt to
interpret the infinite.
What did  Ihe  infinite ever  do
run? asked the innocent bystander.
Largest Commercial Switchboard In |
Canada Installed at Montreal
The Bell. Telephone Company lias
just completed the installation of a
new switchboard at the C.P.R. Windsor street station af Montreal, which I
is the largest commercial switchboard
in Canada with a capacity of twelve
hundred lines. The telephone room
Is situated ln the old tower and is
well lighted and ventilated, and of
such a size that if it is necessary at
any future time to extend the swltch-
.board, ample room for such extension
is provided. Iu arranging this Important department the company has
had the comfort of the operators in
mind and a special rest room hus been
prepared immediately above the operating room. This is furnished with
easy chairs, sofas and reading and
writing materials and everything lias
been done to make their quarters comfortable and home like. The new
switchboard Is what is known as the
No. 4 Lamp Signal Multiple board, and
has a great many Improvements which
were lacking in the old one, such us
lamp signals, audible busy tests and
lamp disconnect signals. At the present time it lakes eight operators td
handle the business and has an ultimate capacity for ten positions. The
board has been divided into two sections -the lirst four handling the originating business and the other four
the Incoming business. Bach position consists of two paneU making
.sixteen for the whole board. At the
moment the bpard is wired for five
hundred local lines and one hundred
trunk lines, the limit capacity as stated being twelve hundred lines and one
hundred and sixty trunk lines. There
are two hundred and twenty local lines
ln use and fifty trunk lines which will
shortly be Increased by fifty and forty
respectively. During one day a total of 7,180 calls were handled, an average of 900 calls per operator' per
day. The other day a single hour record of calls showed the handling of
1,028.   This  tremendous  number of
A Slice of III Luck
The Patient—'Ere, nurse.    1 don't
like my bread buttered on both sides
The Nurse—But it isn't buttered on
both sides.
The Patient—Then which   side   la
Schoolmistress— Master Isaac, what
wrong did tlie brothers of Joseph commit when they sold their brother?
Isaac—They sold him too cheap.
Very Bad Case. Little Blisters
Broke and Formed Scabs. Thought
Would Be Disfigured for Life.
Used Cuticura Soap and Ointment a Month. Completely Cured.
Cold llrnok, Hi. .lolin. N, ll—Cuticura
goap and Ointment certainly cuml my little
i-ii I of a very bad case uf eczema.   She had
 ~.        eczema on her fare for al-
/£ T\, \ Imiwt- iwo yeart, Flrtt little
/*>?'-'*!_' Y wn'1'*' blisters coveted her
•fr '•^Cgf' .acctlicntbeeowouldbreak
nnd form scabs, end I bey
wcro very Itchy am) burii-
liil». I siscd to have great
im.ii.lt! In getting ber lo
bleep ni night. She scratched
mi I had to do til I could to
prevent ber, for w,ini*l liiii-s ahe would .cratch
Hi- ntas off anil iln u It would be very tore
*i.il burning, Mho was certainly a great can.
I inaitd In-r for ll tnd also nni different
Uu,!. or blood Medicine, and ointment but
cot no cure. I thought the would be dltOg-
uroil Ibt* life,
'- It had tented about two yeart when one
ilny I .saw an advertisement for Cuticura
Soap nnd Ciiilnira ointment In the paper
io decided to.give them a trial. I had not
"i.aci! ilieni for mora than a month when the
v... completely cured. I cannot pralso
Cuttatra Hoap and Cu'i.ura Ointment
ruungli. Of courte I continue to uto Cuticura Num as I find It lbe not toap on the
market for children.''   (Signed) Mra. John
Sen man, Dec. HI). 1011.
Cuticura soap and Cuticura Ointment are
Hid by druggists and dealen everywhere.
K,n- a liberal freo cample of each, with 08-p.
hook, tend post cal d to Poller Drug * Chem.
Corp., Dept. WD, Boston, U. 8. A.
H   N. U. 951
calls necessitates an exceedingly fine
clasB of operators, and those at the
C.P.R. under the jurisdiction of the
Telephone Company have been specially and thoroughly trained In every
phase of the business. The majority
have had years of experience with the
C.P.R. and its officials and employes.
In order to properly maintain the
working houra of the week a staff of
twelve operators and one supervisor
are needed all the time.
Coaling at Nagasaki'
Coaling at Nagasaki, Japan, is done
entirely by girls. Big coal barges
bear down upon the ship as lt approaches the sbore, and as soon as it
comes to anchor a rough ladder is
placed between the liner and the foremost barge.
On each rung of It a girl takes her
place. Men ln the barge quickly
shovel the coal into shallow baskets
holding half a bushel each, to tbe
sound ot a monotonous chant-, and
these baskets then pass from hand
to hand up the living ladder with marvellous celerity.
Each girl seli-ss one and swings lt
straight up ln front ot her above her
head, when it is caught by tbe next
girl. Down a second ladder, likewise
paoked with girls, the empty baskets
pass in similar manner back into the
barge to be refilled.
Etirge after barge is emptied in this
way. The monotonous chanting never ceases; the living elevator goes on
hour after hour with its never-ending
stream ot baskets, until the last bunker Is full, when the ladders disappear
as tf by magic and the ship ls ready
to proceed on ber voyage.
A Pacific mall steamer will bunker
2,300 tons of coal ln six and a half
hours, an average ot 353 tona per hour
or near six tons per minute—an nlmost Incredible record.
. ,        AafUeptle „     -._-._,
[  Softens and whitens tlie hands- removes
the roost obstinate stains—oil, grease,
petal, etc.
Asp roi/n DBA LUR
SNAP CeWMT. Until, Haemal.
The Woman'a Pledge
I will not sew a bird upon my hat;
Around my neck I will not wind a
Upon my back no pony, coon er bear,
No fox nor beaver will I wear!
I will not kill the pig within the pen
To make my food, nor will I eat a hen,
I'll rob no snake nor lizard of Its akin
To make a bag to keep my money In.
I'll live and let live all my earthly
The w**d and fowl ahall go their peaceful ways.
I'll «- — •• stomach with potatoes,
And wear—What will I wear u'jon my
Mlnard'a Liniment Co., Limited,
Yarmcuth, N.S.
Gentlemen,—In January last, Francis Leclare, one of the men employed
by me, working Ih the lumber woods,
had a tree fall on blm, crushing him
fearfully. He was, when found,
placed on a sled and taken home,
where grave fears were entertained
for Us recovery, his hips being badly
bruised and his body turned black
from his ribs to his feet. We v.sed
MINARD'S LINIMENT on him freely
to deaden the pain and with the use
ot three bottles he waj_ completely
cured and able to return to his work
Elgin Road. L'lalet Co., Que.
Ella (spitefully)—Their marriage
was nothing but a trade union.
Sophie—A trade union?
Ella—Yes; she traded her -ioney for
bla title.
A Powerful Shot
An irishman who wasn't much of
a hunter went out to hunt one day,
and the first thing he saw to shoot at
was a bird sitting saucily on the top
of a fence. He blazed away and then
walked over to pick up tbe victim.
What lie happened to find there was
a dead frog, whicli he raised carefully
at arm's length,'looking at it with a
puzzled air.   Finally he remarked:
Well, but ye was a deuce of a foliir.
looking burd befur Ol blew the Bthers
off o' ye!
I have such an Indulgent husband,
Bald little Mrs. Doll.
Yes, so George says, responded Mrs.
Spiteful. Sometimes he Indulges In
a little too mucb, doesn't he?
Gorst—What ia Slmpaon doing now?
Fish—Oh, he's travelling with a menagerie .
Gorst—Pretty bard work, Isn't It?
Fish—Hard work? No; he's nothing to do except stick his head into
a lion's mouth twice a day.
What has become of the big man
who used to beat the bass drum? asked the private of the drum-major.
He left ua about three months ago.
Was he any good?
Yes, very good; but he got so fat
that when he* marched he couldn't hit
the drum In the middle.
Your friend will think it a shame
if you make a lot of money by following the advice he gave you, but which
lie was afraid to follow himself.
Small Eds noticed that her mother's hands were chapped, and exclaimed:
Oh, mamma, just look! You are
all wearing out!
State of Ohio, City ot Toledo,      ,
Lucas County <
Frank J. Cheney makea oath that he It
senior partner ot the firm of F. 3.
Cheney A Co., doing buainesa In the city
of Toledo. County end Sttte aforesaid,
and that eald firm will pay the sum of
every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure
Sworn to before me- tnd subscribed ln
ity pretence, (...I Ith day of December,
'Seal.) A. W. OLEASON.
Notary Publio.
Hall's Calirrh Cure la taken Internally,
and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the tyttem. Send
for test: .onlals free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 78c.
Take Hall's Family Pilla for constipation. .
Waa Broad Enough
Why haa your wife decided to give
up the European trip she waa contemplating?
Sbe happened-to hear somebody say
that travel broadened one.
Men frequently see visions—of the
blonde or brunette type.
A Woman Thus Speaks of Poatum
■■ e
We usually consider our beat friends
those who treat us best.
Some persons think tea and coffee
are real fiienda, but watch them carefully awhile and observe that they
are two of the meanest ot all enemies
for they stab one while professing
Tea and coffee contain a poisonous
drug—caffeine—which injures the delicate nervous system and frequently
sets up disease In one or more organs
of the body, If Its use is persisted ln.
'I had heart palpitation and nervousness for _jiir years and the doctor told me the trouble waB caused by
coffee. He advised me to leave it off,
but I thought I could not," writes a
Western lady.
'On the advice of a frli'.d 1 tried
Postum and it so satisfied me I did
pot care tor coffee after a few daya
trial ot Poatum.
'As weeks went by and I continued
to use Poatum my weight increased
from 98 to 118 pounds, and the heart
trouble left ine. I have used it a
year now and am stronger tban I ever
was. I can hustle up stairs without
any heart palpitation, und I am free
from nervousness.
"My children are very fond of Postum and tt agrees with them. V t
sister liked lt when she drank it at n /
house; now she haa Poatum at hoi e
and haa become very fond of It. Y u
may uae my name lt you wish as I.
am not ashamed of praising my best
friend—Postum." Name given by
Canadian Poatum Co., Wtndaor, Ont.
Postum now comes ln new concentrated form called Instant Postum. It
Is regulaa-Poatum, ao procesaed at the
factory that only the soluble portions
are retain 3d.
A spoonful of Instant Postum with
hot water, and sugar and cream to
taste, produce instantly a delicious
Write tor the little book, "The Road
lo Wellvtlle."
"There'e * Reason" for Poatum'.
Studying Eattern Slope Forests
The Fore ..ry Branch of the Department of the Interior ls, this summer,
continuing th study of the forest conditions ot the eastern -* elope of the
Rocky .Mountains, which was begun
a couple of seasons ago by Mr. T. W.
Dwight, M.F.
The result of Mr. Dwight's investigation has lately been published In
pamphlet form by the Branch as their
bulletin No. S3, entitled "Forest Conditions in tbe Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve." The forest reserve
mentioned, it will be remembered,
comprises the entire eastern slope of
the Rocky Mountains, from the Inter
national bouu.ary to a point farther
north than the latitude of Edmonton.
The study takes ln only tbe southern
part of the reserve
In the bullet... referred to, Mr.
Dwight describes the trees ot the reg-
iu.i and discuBse. the effect on them
ot altitude, aspect and other conditions. He also coeu Into the effect of
fires, lumbering an other- factors on
the forest und its growth. Methods
of lumbering are also discussed, with
the idea always In mind of renewing
the forest and getting a second crop
ot timber. Methods followed on the
United States 'National Forests' ln
Montana are described ln thia connection, anl the bulletin concludes with a
number ot tables of a* technical nature, showing, among other detail*,,
the yield to be expected-from foreeta
of the various, typos. A number .of
half tone cuts are used to Illustrate
the bulletin. -   '.*.
Coplea may be ottalned gratis from
the Director of Foreatry.'Ottawa.'
I had to kill my dog this morning.
Was he mad?
Well, he didn't seem any too well
Don't lite Hani. Purgatives—A
Tonic h All You Need.
Not exactly sick—but not feeling
quite well. That is the way most
people feel in the spring. Easily tired, appetite 'Jckle, sometimes headaches, and a feeling of depression.
Pimples or eruptions ma;- appear on
the s%in, or tliere may be twlngea of
rheumatism o.- neuralgia. Any of
these Indicate that the blood ia out of
order—that the Indoor life of winter
has left its mark upon you and may
easily develop into more serious
Do not dose yourself with purgatives, as, so many people do, in tbe
hope tbat you can put your blood
right. Purgatives gallop through
the system and weaken instead of giving strength. Any doctor will' tell
you this Is true. What yeu need In
spring la a tonic tbat will make new
blood and build up the nerves. Dr.
Wllllams",P!nk Pills is the only medicine that can do this speedily, safely and surely. Every doae of this
medicine makes new blood which
clears the skin, strengthens the appetite and makes tired, depressed men,
women aud children bright, active and
strong. Mrs. Maude Bagg, Lemberg,
Sask., says: "I can unhesitatingly re-
commet-d Dr. Williams" Pink Pltls as
a blood builder and tonic. I waa veiy
much run down when I began using
the Pills, and a few boxes f-lly restored my health."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxer,
for $2.60 from The Dr. WilllamB'
Medicine Co., Br. Avl.1'., Ont.
Some little glrla were boasting of
their respective fanilles. They hud
passed from clothes to perBonal appearance, and finally came to parental dignity. The minister's little girl
Every package that conea for my
papa is marked D.D.
And every package lhat comes for
my daddy Is marked M.D., retorted
the daughter ot the physician.
Then followed a look of contempt
from the youngest of the party. Huh!
she exclaimed, that's nothing; evory
package that cornea to our house has
three letters on It—C.O.T).
' Home-Grown Tablecloth
The Bishop of Richmond, England,
used to tell this .-tory about hla father:
He was a farmer, and a nice old
gentleman, too. One year he took I.
into his head to grow flax, so b i sowed the seed, and having a good crop,
sent lt away to be made into a tablecloth.
Sometime later, when seated at dinner, he remarked to a lady near iilr.
Do you know, I grew th!s tablecloth
Did yon really? she answered, wilh
thf greatest surprise. How ever did
you manage It?
Well, most mynler-.tialy, if you'll
pror..lae not to tell anyone I'll tell
you.   I planted a napkin.
Small but Potent.—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills ara small, but they are effective in action. Their fine qualities
as a corrector of stomach troubles are
known to thousands and they are ln
constan*. demand everywhere by those
who know what a safe and simple remedy they are. They need no introduction to those" acquainted ,wlth
them, but to those who may not know
Ihem tbey are presented as the beat
preparation on the market for disorders of the ttomach,
A funny mistake occurred lately la
printing labels fnr a meat-preserving
company. The printer had been In
the habit of labelling tins of beet or
mutton as the case might be, with the
words 'without bone' prominently displayed. The company having
added kidney soup .<> Its list, Ihe ne r
article wai. .'.uly ticketed as Kidney
soup—without bone.'
Clergyman (indignantly)—You aaf
you haven't anything to be thankful
for? Why. look at your neighbor
Hayes; he has just lost hla wife by
Burke—But that don't do mo any
good; I ain't   laves.
Made from pure fruit and pure
apple jelly is most delicious
and economical.
Ask Your Grocer.
For years Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator lias ranked aa thi moat effective preparation manufactured, and
lt always maintains Its reputation.
Pa, was Job a doctor? ' Not that I
know ot.   Then wby do people have
■'- much to say about the patients
When some years ago the new Viscountess Wolseley Introduced gardening as a profession and a pastime for
youn; women ahe coul-.! scarcely hava
realized the far-reaching effects of her
enterprise. Gard nl..g ls now being adopted almost broadcast aa a
pastime among do children of th- noblest in the land. The young daughters of the Duke and Duchess ot Teck
are greatly Interested In it, aa well
as their cousin, Prim -ss Mary, the
King and Quec.'s daughter
Without teed red Meed a man
Iks NoosfoTi»>etvla.h cooni
> Moon In witter time with t cos! itovt burning _ii>-h« o.ytsn er tnlHIt
rbo.lt (oi_d.)t^ThUWcK>d. or bl^»hkblKl-illi«r<d blood cmvirttl'
tnttlle gamut nay kite teen ctustd by leek ef ami f nth tlr bruited la:
hit twtik hurt tnd poor nervtt. Tklnnea. ei
tnlnytungMluuflfl_.il> eld EiMc'ttly k It
In Illy vnUMtdltrtorlei-or then tiki are tt '
land, er by poor dlisslkn
ptlnewr llw hettl which It .  -.- 	
Whitewr lkt cause, tktn't lust tie nmdy tbtt yeu un turn to-knowing
that 11 kM given uBtiMMM over M yens.
_ -t dyspepsia. Semi,	
tnat knit dlHMt it ifTbul
i nmdy '
ptoplt S-_l.tr IntciiK
• hy Indlattlloii.
It a Mood dttMtr tnd tltanlive that starts the liver and stomach Into vigorous
action. It -tiiis mlits the body ts raanuftcturt rich red Mood which feeds lhe
hetr.-netvct-btiln and trains ol Ihe body. The trains werk smoothly like
machinery rawing In ell. You feel clew, tire        '
weak and flint Nowtdayt yeu an obtain I
body. Tht oratnt weik smoothly like
n, etroni and strenuous Instead ol Uied,
Mala Dr. PUrce's Golden Medial Dli-
 l at well it iiii liquid form from all medicine ricaltrs, or tablets
. prepaid In 11 or Mc lite. Adress K. V. Pierce, M. D, BuHilo, N. Y.
advisuwiuuutrr mi. clotbiowdtot m onicemstahiw. THE SUN, GftAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Contradictory Terms
An American visitor to Cambridge
sought explanation of aome unfamiliar
terms, which a cental Don waa delighted to elucidate. Full term, he
explained, la three-quarters of a term,
and the May weak la the first fortnight
Id June, * A day of general admission
ta the day on which men leave the
Unlveraity, or ordinary degree Is one
conferred by a special exam, and an
Inspector ot art la one who haa been
an art student for at least six yeara.
The Taakee passed a hand across
his weary brow. And will they, he
queried, put me ln the London.train
If I ask tor a ticket to Cambridge?
Tour dniMlit will refund money If PAZO
DINTMBST f alia to euro any. cast ot Iteming, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding: Piles
in it to 14. daya.   Mo.
George waa famous tor being lata.
at his appointments. He waa engaged to be married to -a young lady
In a neighboring city, and when the
day of: the ceremony arrived George,
as usual, did not put tn an appearance.
The bride was on the verge of nervous prostration when the following
telegram waa received from thu missing bridegroom:
Dear Helen—Missed the early train.
Will arrive on the 4.31. Don't get
married until I get there.   George.
It Will Prevent Ulcerated .*hreat_—
At the Brat symptoms of aore tbroat,
which preaagea ulceration and Inflama-
Mon, take a spoonful ot Dr. Thomas'
lilclcctrlc Oil. Add a little sugar to it
to make -it palatable. It will allay
the Irritation and prevent the ulceration and swelling that are so painful.
Thote who were periodically- subject
to quinsy have thus made themselves
Immune to attack.
Two women, one of whom carried a
baby, entered a well-known furnisher's
one day laat summer and signified
a desire to look at aome carpets. It
wat warm; but the saleaman cheerfully showed roll after roll until the per-
iplratlon streamed from his face. Finally one ot the women asked the
other lf ahe did not think lt waa time
to go. Not quite, was the anawer of
her companion; and then In an undertone ahe added: Baby likes to aee him
roll them out arid we've plenty ot time
to catch the train.
Minard't    Liniment     Lumberman')
Sohool Teacher — Now, Master
Thompson; tell me the denominations
Into which the money of the United
Kingdom Is divided.
Master Thompson—Don't know.
Sohool Teacher—Don't you know
how tha money your father brings
home every Saturday night is divided?
Maater Thompson—'Taint divided;
mother, takea lt Ml.
'actor v
. Here's a chance
| (or you to buy
1 yaw range bom
lhe factory aad
save 30%— te
buy il on easy
terms and to get
1 Ihe very range
you would choose, eves if you
had >• pay the retail price.
Our free book.ihowa you
aacftr what lbs isageu like. Iidt-
scrim etch feat cletrly, tad wo
guarantee ear raago to ba just
You migKi ts w
Vou aUbt tt well mt the itHil
pra.it.   Mill the coupon to-day.
Dominion Pride
SStmumb ^t*.      **t\*\\\)\^a****-
IM liege Hf|. ^^     a* « Credit
(•..UrteMillM.^^    We Pay
Muse toad Book. ^.W    Freight
»«--* ; ^S^«'
*Um*..   ^Ih.
Must Rem-mber Him
A well-known goalkeeper while taking a stroll ln a certain North Country
town, waa greatly surprised one day
when a stranger rushed up to him,
seized htm by the hand, and abook lt
There, must be aome mistake, stammered the football player.    I	
Mistake! Oh, dear,- no! broke ln
the stranger. That ls to Bay, you
are , aren't you?
Yea; but what has that got to do
with it?
Oh, don't you remember when 8—
shot at goal yesterday you -tipped the
ball overbite net Into the crowd.
Again eamo the reply in the affirmative. ■'
Then, hang It all, exclaimed the
Btranger, triumphantly, you must remember me, I waa the chap who
threw the ball back again.
Madams Parreault Telia How - She
Cured Her Kidneys With Dodd'a
Kidney Pilla, and Found Health and
Verner, Ont. (Special)—"I am very
content. Dodd'a Kidney Pills have
made me well." Those are the words
of Madame Eugene Perreault, a highly-respected lady of thia place, and
mother ot a large family. For twenty years ahe waa a sufferer. But let
her tell her own atory.
"I waa always tired and nervous,"
she statea. ' 1 felt heavy and sleepy
after meals. My limbs were heavy
and I had a dragging sensation acroaa
my loins. My skin itched and burned
at night. I had a bitter taste ln my
mouth especially ln the morning. In
twenty years I hardly knew what lt
was to have a well moment. Then I
commenced to use Dodd's Kidney
Pills.     Six boxes cured me".
Madame Perreault'a symptoms were
thoae ot kidney diseaae. They are
the symptoms ot nlno out ot ten of
the nervous, rundown, pain-racked women of Canada. Madame Perreault
found a speedy and complete cure ln
Dodd's Kidney Pills. They Blraply
cured her kidneys.
W. N. U. 95'
v Juat Like Me>i
Dolly vyaa not quite alx when her
mother bought* a flock of nine Plymouth Rock hens and a rooster, and
diligently explained to Dolly that the
rooster waa the papa hen and the rest
were all mamma hena. After two i
three dayB of confinement, to accustom them to their coop, they were let
out to wander about the yard, and
Dolly waa aet to watch them. The
hens stayed together nicely, but the
rooster allowed a tendency to wander
Into the next-door nelghbJr'a chicken
yard. Dolly chased him back time
and again, until Bhe was tired and
out of patience. She turned her back
for a minute, and when ahe looked
round there were the hens by the
coop, while the rooster wae aedalely
pacing across the garden towards the
next yard.
Dolly stamped her foot on the sidewalk and Bcreamed: Come back here!
Come back to your own family. The
rooster proceeded with perfect equanimity. Dolly watched hlrn for a moment with a look of utter disgust.
Then her mother heard her Bay, very
That's just like you men, anyway.
liord Dufferin delivered an address
before the Greek class ot the M'GIl!
University about which a reporter
Hla LordBhlp spoke to the class In
the purest ancient Greek, without mis-
] pronouncing a word or making the
slightest grammatical solecism.
| Good heavens! remarked Sir Hect-
ior Langevlu to the late Sir John A.
I Macdonald, how did the reporter
'know that?
;    I told him, was the Co. servative
stateman's answer.
But you don't know Greek.
True;  but I  know  a little  about
: politics.
■    Where have you heen, Frank?
In Manchester,
I    What were you doing there?
1    I ran a photograph gallery.
Did you get auythlug to do?
Well, I should say 1 did.   1 put. out
a sign: Babies taken here, and next
morning there were* four of them left
on tho doorstep.
Thought It was Poetry
A celebrated journalist onoe concluded an Important artlol. with a
carefully composed sad, eloquent peroration. To hts dismay, however, a
printer's Idiosyncrasy cauaed this
peroration to appear to the world cut
up Into separate lines, and posing as
a poetical quotation.
The irate journaiiat, conscious that
aome of hia best work had been spoiled, rushed wildly Into the editor's
sanctum and pointing to the printed
muddle, excitedly exclaimed—
Look here at thia. See what that
fiendish printer has done. He hat
ruined—utterly ruined—my work.
The editor, with that serene composure and affability which ls so characteristic of his race, listened quietly
to a recital of the printer's crimes,
and then gravely arose.
I will see justice done, my good fellow, he murmured; and then, armed
with a copy of the paper, strode Into
the composing-room.
Jenkins, did you set up this?
A compositor of the good old school
came forward.
Yes, sir, that ls some ot my work.
And very fine work it is, too, ex
claimed tbe   editor.   Do   you   know
that this ls aome of Mr. S 's finest
prose, and you have been thick-headed enough to aet It up for poetry?
Prose, la lt, air? muttered the com-
posltor. Well, I looked at that passage, and I read It for'ards, and I
read lt back'ards, and I read tt likewise upside down, but I couldn't make
head nor tail -nor common sense out
ot It. so I thought lt must bo poetry
and printed lt aa auch.
Mlnard'a Liniment used by Phyalclant
What He WanteJ
i With the air of one who haa no moment to spare, she bustled Into tbe
I want a book for my husband,
please, she began. It'a his birthday,
and I want it for a present. He'll be
forty-four. Show me what you have
—and be quick, please! Nothing too
expensive, and. I don't want knythlng
cheap, eitb.r. He'a a mild-mannered man, and not fond of sports, so
don't show me anything ln that Uue;
and for goodness sake don't offer me
any of those trashy novels; and no
matter how you trj to perauade me,
I won't take-anything ln the line of
history or biography. Come now, I'm
in a dreadful hurry, and you have
already wasted too much ot my time
here! Of course you don't know my
husband, but from all I've aaid can't
you suggest something appropriate?
The aasiatant lifted down a Small
volume from one of the shelves.
Yes, ma'am, he anawered. I think
I have the very thing. Here la a
little book entitled: How to Manage
a Talking Machine.
Nothing aa Good for Asthma. Aath-
ma remedies come and go but every
year the sales of the original Dr. J.
D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy grow
greater and greater. No further evidence could be asked ot Us remarkable
merit. It relieves. It la always ot
the eame unvarying quality which tbe
sufferer from asthma learna to know.
Do not aufter another attack, but get
this splendid remedy today.
It's no use talking, remarked Banks
dejectedly. It's Impossible to make
a woman understand even the firat
principles of finance.
What'a the matter now? Inquired
Matter! ejaculated the disgusted
Banks. Why, when I was away yesterday the baby swallowed a threepenny-piece. And what does my wife
do but call ln a doctor and pay him
half a guinea for getting that coin
Sweet Bits
of Corn
Skilfully cooked—
—At Your Service.
Ready to eat direct from
tightly sealed sanitary package.
From our ovens to your
table Pest Toasties are not
touched by human hand.
Delicious with cteam and
sugar or fruits.
For sale by grocers everywhere.
Post Toasties have
Distinctive Flavor
Canadian Poatum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
The EASY polish
Makes Shoes
Last Longest^
•it IN " CO
Mill 11
Rich in aU the
elements that Oo to !
make Oood fiour.
A71b. trial sack,
will make you a
constant user of
More Bread and Better Bread
—The new "Ses-qui"
The only matches of the kine
In Canada.
The "tlpe" ara positively
harmless. You or your children ean bite or swallow them
without danger.
Sold in two sixes—:eguUr
and pocket. Protect yourself
by uatng i one but Eddy's
new "Sea-qul."
r submit ts a headache Is le waste energy, lime and comfort
Te slop II al once simply take
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
Year Drug(tfst will confirm our statement that they da not contain
anything that ean harm heart er nervous system.    25c. a box.
Talked In Vain
This, madam, aaid the houae agent,
la the larder. You will observe that
It haa a brick floor and elate shelves,
which keeps the meat delightfully
cool. The marble .slab la dealgned to
hold a week'a supply of fish. That
patent ventilator cauaes a constant
current of fresh air to circulate round
the game, ao that your pheasants will
never be too high to rei~*h; and here
we hare hooks for Joints not required
for Immediate uae. The fact of Ita
facing aoutii ls a great advantage as
new-laid eggs placed near Ihe window
in the morning will often turn Into
spring chickens during the afternoon.
You may spare me further details,
remarked the lady acidly. We are
strict vege'aiianB.
A married woman thlults she Is being neglected miles:, her huaband lets
her buy his socks and ties.
Family Jar '
A man and wife vere kav.ng a little
family discussion—you know the kind.
I didn't get much of a man when I
married you, snarled the wife.
WeU, you wouldn't expect a high-
class man to pick you out, would you?
waa tha gentleman's comeback.
And the-i the fun Mhrted.
"Feed it to the Kiddies"
Hsve You Tried It?
: -rly Rising
Gibbs—So you've bought a farm, eht
What are you going to raise first?
Ulbbs—Tho niomy to work it.
Health Necessary
for Good Work
Whether working for oneself or for
others, no man or woman can do efficient work unless the health la 1:
good condition.
Competition ls keen these days, and
success goes to those who are strong,
energetic aud ambitions.
From a purely financial standpoint
you cannot afford to neglect the warnings glveu by headache, neuralgia,
sleeplessness. Indigestion, loss of energy, mental vigor and physical
Most workers, whether their woik
is maui nl or mental, find themselves
handicapped at times hy .. run-down
condition ot the system.
For all such we have a message
that will bring Joy and gladness Into
their lives. We want you to know
about Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, the
great restorative, which forms new
blood and restores feeble, wasted
nerve cells.
By ualng this food cure you can instil new energy and strength into
every orgau of the jutnsn body. Pains,
aches and physical Weakness soon disappear, and health Is brought up t«
high-water mark by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
SO cents a box, < to: JC.jn, at all dealers, or Edmaneon, Bales & C
Uod, Toronto.
Link- THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
i5hf ^ranbfliffnrka^utt and88iIrt!-imble for.8eoJuring'
M/l't  M»*«*»*•-_-« *>*»*■ *>■»♦»»   pri__e      MiM Norma received teveral
G. A.   EVANS. EDITOR AND PUBLI.MEM I ^fic,.!*    including    wnior    year
___ ' jor mmfc an(j a].^ a[)(j a|gQ w(jn   t|je
suaaoaimoa satis : .    | governor-general's medal for general
on! it" si'DidViiMr.:'"./.':.'. •.•'.■.•.•.•-'.'*i:™ proficiency, it being the  only  Bilver
one vear, in United states l.w me(jai awarded to the western prov-
Addreas al) oomtnnnicatloni to __.„,.-. u... _-.„ -.-.__-.il -...
iHaOaiNDPoBss Sum.     !,n0M bV h"» excellency,   -
pHoaa B74 Ghasd Fonts. B.C        T
 ■ !    John Claney and H.  H.   Bishop
, of Chicago, who have been spending the past ten daya on the west
fork of the north fork, where tbey
own a vast tract of timber limits,
returned to the city on Monday,nfter
making a tborongh inspection of
their property. Mr. Claney relurned
to Chicago on Tuesday, and on the
following day Mr. Bishop left for
Victoria, where he will endeavor to
induce the government to build a
trail to the property.
A Marvel of Accuracy, Thinness and
BSaUty—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper of perfect and continuous ac
aHi? Hamilton Watrif
"The Raiiroad Timekeeper of America,"
Weoan.iell you the complete watch, nr wu
oan supply a Hamilton movement fitted to
Vour present watch oase. All sizes foi men
and women.
FRIDAY,  JULY 4, 1913
A well attended meeting of, the
Orand Forks Farmers' ihstitute was
held in the Miners' Union hall on
Wednesday evening, nearly every
fruit grower in the valley being
present. T. J. Lawrence occu
pied the chair, and Mr. Wine-
low, provincial horticulturist; W. H.
Brittain. pathologist aod entomologist, and Mr. Ilny, assistant horticulturist, addressed the gathering On
subjects of vital importance to all
fruit growers. Yesterday and today
practical demonstration work was
carried on in the Big Y orchard and
at James Rooke's ranch. W. F.
Armstrong, F,. F. Laws, R. Hughes,
James Rooke and Robert Lawson
were appointed a committee to cooperate with the government officials
while they are here. Mr. Hoy will
be stationed in this valley for
some time as assistant horticulturist.
In a runaway at the Odd Fellow
picnic, Tuesday, the driver was
thrown from tbe rig and stunned.
The buggy wus only slightly damaged.
Harvey Hanson's horse, on Tuesday, walked into a trench on Bridge
street, and it required tbe chief of
police, a couple of boys and several
lengths of rope to raise the animal
to sireet grade. .
Chris Coughlan, late manager for
P. Burns & Co- at Rossland, bas
been transferred to this city, and
he took charge of the market here
yesterday morning. Mr. Coughlan
waa formerly connected with the
local market, and be haa a host of
friends in the city. Mr. Lane, who
bas been manager of tbe market
for. over a year, bas been transferred
to Greenwood, and he will mave to
that city with his family in a few
days. Mr. and Mra. Lane have
made many friends during their resi
dence here.
Mike Marrowvitch this week told
his ranch, consisting of 32 acres and
adjoining the city limits, to W. E.
Lawrence and> J. C. Bell of Verdan,
Manitoba. The price paid for the
property was 8-1000 A year ago
Mr. Marrowvitch had this much on
the market fur $-2300.
Misses Norma and Helen Manly
relurned Tuesday from St. Ann's
Academy, Victoria. Miss Helen
received tbree certificates, including one for music, history  and art,
Tbe Grand Forks baseball club
and a large proportion of our citizens are celebrating th.e 1th of July
in Danville today. The Junior club
and some of its admirers left for
Republic thia morning. Tbe club
will participate in tbe baseball
Mrs. John McKie, her mother
and three children left yesterday
for a vacation trip to Vancouver.
Odd Fellows Picnic
Fully five hundred people attended
the Odd Fellow picnic at Christina
lake on Dominion day. About three
hundred and fifty went dowu on the
special train, while the balance travelled in automobiles and private conveyances. The A-eather was ideal,
and everybody who attended had a
pleasant day's outing.
The following were the winners in
the athletic and aquatic sports:
Boys' Race, 150 yaris—N. Mclnnes first, E Bruno second.
Gills' Race, 150 yards—Olga
Frankovitch first, M. Meikle  second.
Fat Men's Race, 150 yards—Sain
Biker lirst, S. Evans second.
Free-for-all, 150 yards—B. Reid
first, R. McLeod second.
Putting the Shot.—B. Reid first.
Horse Race—C. Coughlan won.
Single Sculls—J. W. Cook first,
McKinnon second.
Ladies' Double Scu Is—Mrs. Da
v d-si.ii and Mrs.   Matheson first, and
•we've cot what Wo
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
-solutely sanitary. We endeavor to please our customers.
Mis. J. W. D. Reid and Mrs. Saunders second.
Canoe Race, double—A. Mann and
Thompson first, C. Atwood and H.
Dickson second.
Double Sculls—J. W. Cook and E.
Barrett first, McKinnon and H. Dickson second.
Greasy Pole—F, Roney won.
Swimming Race—E. Barrett first,
Thompson second.
After the regular program had been
carried out a number a impromptu
sports were pulled off, the most nota
ble event being a boat race between A.
Traunweisar and E. Miller and L. N.
Mclnnes and F. W. Russell, the first-
mentioned crew winning easily.
Dancing in the pavilion was indulged in during the afternoon and
evening. About a hundred couples
participated in this pastime.
Knights of Pythias Service
The Knights of Pythias viaited
Holy Trinity church in a -body last
Sunday evening, and observed their
annual memorial service. The rector
with the vested choir welcomed the
knights outside the church and led
them into worship. A service that
will not soon be forgotten was joined
in most heartily by the large congrega
tion present. Mr Steele took for his
thenia "Friendship," dwelling upon
the friendship of Jonathan and David
and Damon and Pythias, setting forth
the greatness of a proper understanding of what true friendship consists
and how the friendship of these men
was wonderful as well as lovely, because it was unselfish and held together in hours of adversity. The
choir led the singing must effectively.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
curded by the government theriuom
eter on E. F. Laws' ranch*.
Min     Max
June27—Friday  54
28—Saturday   .... 43
29—Sundiy, 52    •
30—Monday  50
Julv    I— Tuesday  50
2—Wednesday ., 48
4 —Thursday       44
R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at this
port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at the
various sub customs offices, as reported to the chief office in this city,
for the month of May:
Grand Forks  $4,850 49
Pboenix     2,679 81
Carson         157.60
Cm-cade  64.90
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, e^rMutton, Veal
and Young P.ork
Fresh Fish Dailjr
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums GB> Co. Limited
XvJ-^rlVyll. GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls. $1.25 each
Woodland CS, Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
"B, G." and "Copper King" Mineral Claims,
situate In the Grand Korku Mining Division
of Yale District.
Where located: In Franklin oamp.
TAKE NOTICE (that I, William H. Hoffman,
I formv«elf us exeeutor of the will of the
lata Catherine Hoffman, and as agent for
Jacob M. Paulson, Free Miners' Certificates
Nos. 61S49B and 85075B. respectively, Intend,
sixty ,days from the date hereof, to apply tu the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown «rants of the abdve claims
And further take notice that action, under
seotion 37, must be commence*:! before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 8th day of May, A.D. 1918.
IN THB MATTER of an Applloatlon for lhe
Issue of Duplicate Certificates of Title to
Lots Ito 13 inclusive, Blook 4, Map'22, and
Lots 6 and 15, Block 1, Subdivision of Ut j
533, Map67.
Intention to issue at the expiration of ■
one month after the first publication hereof
duplicates of the Curtlflcatts of Titles to the,
above-mentioned l-ots In the name of Henry
Willie, whieh Certificates are dated the 19th !
day of December, 1899, and the 9tl- day of May, I
1900, respectively, aud numbered 3178A and
8264 A, respectively. i
Dated at Kamloops, B. C, April 24th. MR.
i. H. DUN BAH,
District Registrar.
Chantfe of Program
Etch Week
R.S. B.C. 1911,Cap.284,3ec27,
In the matter of the Estate of Harriett
Amelia I-each, la'e of (-rand Forks, B C,
Widow deceased *
NOTl'-E IS HEKERY GIVEN that all persons having any olalms siraltist the
Estate nf the late Hurrlett Amelia Leach,
wh* died ou or about the 10th day of April.
1913, at Urand Forks aforesaid, are requested
loi>end by post prepaid, or to deliver to tbe
uude-tttuiied Solicitor herein for Margaret
Rebecca Hrau and Eveline M. Thompson,
Executrixes and Trustees under the will ol
thesaid Harriett Ami lie Leach, their names
and addreoses and full particulars in writing
of their claims and statements of thili ao-
counts and the nature of security (If any)
held hy them.
An I tnke notice, that after the 2Ut dny of
-Inn-,1913, the "a (l l-xeciitilxes and Trustees
will proceed todlstrlbut the assets of tlie
said deceased among the persons enti led
thereto, having regard ouly to the claims of
which th y ahall then have h"d notice, and
that the said Executrixes and Trustees will
not be lla>> e for tbe svld assets or any part
thereof, to any person whose olaim they
shall unt have had or received notioe.
Dated at Grand Porks, B.C.. thi-* First day
of May. 1913.
7 snd 8 D vis Mock.
Graud I nihil, B.C
Solicitor fn" the «nld Marirnret Rebecca Hriu
ami Kvatlne '.Thompson,
(Published Annually)
Enables traders throughout tbe world  to
communicate direct with English
In each olass of goods. Besides being a complete commercial guide tn London and its
suburbs, the directory eontatus lists of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Porta to whieh tbey sail,
. nm! Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centres of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight i*id, on receipt of Postal
Order for 20*.
Dealers Mrtklug Ape tides ean advertise
their trade cards tor £|. or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Ahohuroh Lane, London,  E.G.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosohonol tettene •'•'»""> In the body
!___________________________.!_: to Itt proper tension j into. M
vim Md vitality. Premature decay and all aexual
*eaknei» averted at me*.   Tmt.prf**i will
flnal,. _>__M __ _,_>_■ iflA.lt.     PrIr. It. !___■. Ot ,WO IO.
make you • naw man. Hrlce_Waboa.ol
U. MalladtoanyaddteM. fhtleeM
&_ *_, OMhtrlDM. Oat.
Total  17,752.80
June, 1912—
Grand Kork  12,211 22
Phoenix     1,102 60
Canon j       85 21
Ca8cn.de,  28,55
Total   ^3,427.68
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (Sly Smith
Highest ci-sh price paid (or old
Stoves and Ranges. E. C. Peckham,
Second hand Store,
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
SUA LED TKNDERS will ha received by ' Ihe
imderalict ed up tu 1'- o'olock umoii nn Tnei-
dny, 22nd July, ll'13, for the purchase of the
undo, mentioned mineral claim forfeited to
thu orown. AIJ tender, mud be at len-t ouual
to the up.et price na Riven below, which represent" the taxea, co„t», Interest, etc., Crown
UrantFeet and coat of advertising,
The name of the mineral claim Ta "Annua,'*
Lot 121). situate luntr Grand Porka. In tha
Ofloyno. Dlvlilon, Yale Diatrlot.  Upset price
9106 a*.   ..(.cil tender mint be accompanied by
a certified clieque pnyable at par at Penile-
ton. The eheiiue of any unsuccessful ten-
derercr will bc returned at once.
Dated at Fairview inth day of June, IMS.
Government Agent,
Fairview, B. C.
If you read The Sun you get Ihe
news of the city, the province and
the world. It is possible for • Sun
render to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of tbe daily papers.
At Ihe Head
Tht man al the head of affairs
whether at home or in butincu, it
the ont whow attention you with
lo attract.
Our paper goes into tht beat class
of hornet and it read hy the head uf
tbe family. Thai account, lor the
mulls obtained hy the use of
Cbssiftetl Want Ails. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
The Duke of Sutherland, the largest land owner in Europe, succumbs to
Premier McBride announces that
he will visit England at the end of
An explosion in a railway construction camp near Kingston, Dnt., kills
eight Italians.
Jack Johnson, the colored pugilist,
jumps his bail and escapes as a base
ball player to Montreal.
Arthur Meighen, member for Fort-
age la Prairie, was this afternoon
sworn in at Ottawa as solicitor-gen-
eral. ,
A water strike is the latest fad of
the English militant suffragettes. The
mem Iters abstain from fluids of all
Six prominent residents of Edmonton lose their lives when.a launch
up iets in the treacherous Saskatche
wan river.
President Poincare, of France, is
given a great ovation in London.
His visit to England strengthens the
friendship of the two nations.
The Emerson Lumber company
files a writ in the supreme court for
(60,000 damages against Hon. Price
Ellison, minister of finance, for ai
leged interference by tho provincial
government in logging operations.
Great Removal
For 10 days, beginning
July 10th, we will offer
special inducements for
cash on all our large
Stock of High Class
Home Furnishings
See Hand Bills for
Special Announcements
Miller ^Gardner
Hardware    Home Furnishers    Crockery
President Poincaire's visit to Eng
land comes to an end with a brilliant
state dinner and ball.
The railway commission will enquire in the reason why railways refuse to accept personal effects by
More applications for divorces are
received from Toronto "the good"
than from any four cities in tbe
Paul Spintlum, the Indian', wag
found guilty at the Mew Westminster
assizes today of the murder of Provincial Constable Kindness, near
Clinton, on May 3. 1912.
After more than ten years' investigation the international waterways
commission today, through President
Wiison, rec'imm-ii.'el to congress the
construe'ion of a sub nerged dam, or
weir, to raise the level of Lake Erie
and its upper waters.
Two hundred tons of fuel oil on
board the tank steamer Mohawk exploded with a terrific roar and a burst
of flame this afternoon while the vessel was at anchor off Tomkinsville,
Staten Island, New York bay, killing
five persons and injuring six others.
Jack Johnson makes good his escape
by sailing from Montreal for  Europe.
John Johnston, the tallest police
man in Canada, dies while on duty at
Extensive earthquake shocks oc
curred in the southern part of Italy
this morning, and the villagers are
The English suffragettes attempt to
capture Dow.iig street, anl fierce
scrimmages occur before the army is
The Doukhobors like British .Columbia, and two thousand more are
coming to the province from Saskatchewan.
The Duke of Connaught, governor
general of Cana 'a, has accepted an
extension of his term of otlice for one
year, and the work of remodelling
Rideau hall will be rushed to completion.
Five Doukhobors miraculously escape death when an  explosion  occurs
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oMann  Drag  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
in a house at  Terry's, on   Kootenay
river.     Blasting    powder    supposed
to   have   been   placed   in   the   eel
Iar by a criiniunl may have  becyi   the
Bush fires surround many small
towns iu Ontario near North Bay.
The Dominion immigration department will open new offices in England.
The opening of tHe Nelson Rose
festival has been postponed to July
A walk crowded with boys breaks
and fails into the river at Lawrence.
Mass. Twelve bodies have been recovered.
Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, the suffragette leader, who has been reporlei
in a serious condition, appears to be
lilie hospitals in the eastern states
are filled, with beat - patients. Forty
deaths occur in Chicago from the effects of the warm weather.
The Red Cross, or ''Geneva Cross,"
which is very widely used in advertis
ing, cannot hereafter be used for any
business purposes without permission
of the militia council of Canada.
Peace efforts prove futile, and frat
ricidal war breaks out between Balkan
allies. The Greek division is ordered
to advance. The Servian military-
league is striving to prevent arbitra
c^lmost nA New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
Straw Hats J*,*
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In fine Ralbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V.D underwear. Prices
range from 90c to $t 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
Qhirtc A fine line of Neg-
Ollirib Hgee Shirts, attached and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices tl to 83.50.
Wrtci*ri/* F*n°y Hosier.y
nubicry for. men and
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection of the above goods. We are
striking at the higli cost of living. Tliose who patronize
us realize that we haye solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter \vhethe.i you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it dune before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak ill a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
ket.   Fully guaranteed.
Equal to any $.50 wheel now
.on *:± $38 GASH
the Crystal Palace for thc British  na
The heat wave in the east is not
yet broken. Five deaths and fifty
prostrations occur in New York.
Chancellor Lloyd George styles a
certain section of the Conservative
press "unotuous, infamous man hunters."
The king takes command of the
Greek forces, and any remaining hope
of averting a Balkan war is rapidly
Two hundred and fifty thousaed
dollars and all costs of the suit is the
price the Marquis of Northampton has
agreed to pay to settle the suit for
breach of promise brought by the actress, Miss Daisy Markham,
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
"   J. F. KRAUS   '
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done
The hi-at wave in Toronoto causes
mnny deaths.
Anniversary of confederation is
generally observed throughout Can-
The United States senate Democrats approached a final agreement on
the Underwood tariff bill in caucus
The Balkan situation becomes more
puzzling, but reports from the scene
of war aro contradictory. Much
slaughter is said to have taken place
at Saloniki. Turkey may join the
The district of Tl miskaming, On
tario, is abounding with forest fires
all along the line of tho Temiskaming
,t Northern Ontario railway from
Unopark to Cochrane, ami the inhabi
tnnts are fighting for their lives ami
Five hundred Canadians attended
tonight's Dominion day dinner in
London, at which Lord Strathcona
presided. The guest of honor was tne
Duke of Connaught, who expressed
appreciation for the friendliness of
The Prince of Wales will visit Canada next summer.
Hon. Martin Burrell and Hon. W.
T. White sail for England.
Canadians contribute a   thousand
pounds toward the fund to purchase
Fred OgK was arrested in this city
Wednesday afternoon for stearng a
horse from James Lee in Rossland
Monday. Mr. Lee arrived in the
city on the C. P. train on Wednes
day and notified the authorities of
the theft. A few hours later Ogg
rode into town over the Dewdney
trail and put the horse up at the
Model burn, and shortly after this
Chief Savage and Provincial Cont-ti-
ble Mt'Diiugall landed Ogg in jdl,
Chief Tom Long, of Rossland, arrived here yesterday for the prisoner.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the past week. Granby mine, '24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 246; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
865 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
If you read The Sun you get the
news of the city, the province and
tbe world, It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily  papers.
Boundary Trust 8 Investment Go.
♦     *
Finance Realty
Established 1901
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nirr. time- in ten when live liver it right tke
stomach and boweU are right.
C-n.ly bui firmly corn.
p-.l a lazy liver to
do its duty
Cures Con*
Headache, and Distrait aftar Ealing.
Small Pill, Small Dote, Small Price.
Genuine must bear Signature
Irom the X Ranch Corral a wall eyed'
Pinto Broncho with a Roman nose
a;-.d lijhtnlng heels. V,'e have Issued
a humorous descriptive circular ol
".".sis remarkable bronco with Illustrations ot his antics. Sent Iree on
application to any reader of Ihis paper.
This ls Ihe most lamous circular ever
printed In (he English language.
More than hall a million copies have
already been distributed to advertise
our lamous Pinto Shell gloves made
from tough Broneo hides. For a Iree
copy send postal to
(taaia'i Rent Clare tn. Hill Bakers.
The Heart of a Piano ii the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel"
Piano Action
Something better than linen, and no
Irumili-y hill*. Wash with Boap and
Water. All n I ores, or direct. State style
und size. Vox- 28c. we will mall you.
58 Fraser Avenue,  loronto, Ontario
Man-Winaww-s Sooth mo 8vat,r kat bet.
Med (or over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS a!
IIOTIIBHS lor tlieir CHILDREN wmut
lKirntiNi;, with pbrh-ct success,   k
U lire best remedy Im DIARItH-I.A. It is absolutely harmless. Be eure and atk lot "Mrt,
Wintlow'a Soolliinf Svrup," awl take BO SUM
kiwi. Twnty-*-ve ceatt a bottle.
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
hame; decorating cushion tops; can
make from $:'. to $5 per day; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co., Dept. N. 43
Steele Hli;.. Winnlpig.
(SH the blunt man to como right to
the point.
\i   PILLS
^">nr tcS '
Wo. a box or six Uxss for $2.50,
at all dealers, er Ths Dodds Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
The Wrong Box
Smiling, Pat strolled Into the examination room, where candidates for
the polite Iorce underwent their physical test.
Strip! ordered the police-sergeant.
Phwhat's that? demanded the uninitiated.
Get jour clotheB ott and be quick
about it!
Mumbling and muttering, Pat disrobed, and the doctor proceeded to
the teBt.
Hop over this bar, ordered the doctor.
Pat did his best, which landed him
on the small of his back.
Now junio under this cold shower,
ordered the doctor
Shure, that's funny! muttered the
applicant, as he obeyed.
And now, concluded the doctor, run
round tho room ten times, to test
your heart and wind.
Pat heBitnted then—
Ol'll r.ot! he blurted out. 01*11 stay
Single! Inquired the doctor mystified.
Yes, single repeated the Irishman.
What's all this fussing got to do wld
a marriage license?
lie had strayed Into the wrong
W. N. U. 951
This one may seem a little out of
date, said the salesman ln the fur
department of a big store, but lt act
ually happened to me one day in the
past winter. A woman wall'.ed up to
the counter and said;
I'm looking for a muff.
Yes, madam, said I; what fur?
And she snapped back:
Well to keep my hands warm if
It'a any of your business.
Baby's battles for health are many.
The precious little lift. Is In constant
danger from the many Ills that afflict
little ones such as constipation, Indigestion, colic, diarrhoea, etc.,. and unless the mother guards her little ones
against these troubles serious results
may follow. Baby's Own Tablets is
the best medicine to light baby's battles. They are a mild laxative that
will regulate the stomach and bowels
and will lUm ward o» sickness and
will keep baby happy, healthy and
stroug. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Wilton I.ackage, the player ba,s a
story ot an animal show ln the west
where the principal feature of the programme was billed as 'The Happy
Family,' the salt, faintly consisting ot
a Hon, a tiger, a puma, and a lamb.
Some one ln conversation with the
proprietor ot the show asked how long
these animals had lived together.
Quite confidentially the proprietor replied:
About eight months, I think, but
the lamb has to be renewed occasionally.
Look for the signature ot B. *W. GROVE.
Curea A Cold ln One Day.   Cures Grip
in Two Days.    -6c.
While passing an old-fashioned Inn
In Scotland some tourists were attracted by an aged bagpiper, who was tooting atrocious sounds through an Instrument that was both d.lapidated
and squeaky.
Great Jericho, Sandy! exclaimed one
ln desperation. Why don't you have
your bagpipes repaired?
Th. old man ceased playing and
looked up In astonishment.
Havers, mon, ye filnna understand
If ina bagpipes wor In good tune the
inn mon wadna give me twa shillings
to move on.
Ask 'nr Minard's and takt na otl.e.-
Not a Bachelor
The Chicago Record-Herald relates
that William J. Burns, congratulated
ou his success In capturing the Muslca
family, said to s New York reporter!
lt Is all a matter of observation and
analysis. To the good detective every slightest action speaks volumes.
I, for example, was once looking for
a widower. But the man I had under
surveillance stoutly declared himself
to be a bachelor. One morning however, I saw him pay a bill—and ln doing bo he turned his back to everybody
in the room before taking out his poe-
ket book. *
Instantly I laid one hand on his
Come with mc. I said. Yon are no
bachelor. You are a widower or a
married man.
The ease with which corns and warts
can be removed by Holloway's Corn
Cure Is Its strangest recommendation.
It scldoms falls.
Small Robert had been given oyster stew for dinner. The oyBters
were unusually large and after peering Into the bowl for some time he
finally swallowed one. • Laying down
his spoon he said: Mamma, I don't
like them big hoppy toads.
Willie, aged five, was one day sent
away from the dinner table for misbehaviour. He went Into the kitchen
and the maid Bald:
Willie, I'd be ashamed to be sent
away from the table, as big a boy as
you are.
Well, that's whnt a fellow gets by
being born ln a preacher's family, rejoined the 'ittle fellow.
When fiction gels busy facts become
ashamed of themselves.
For Stomach Pains and   Cramps,   No
Remedy so Prompt as Nervlllns
A Western Experience Related.
"It's In an unsettled part ot the
country like our tar West tbat proves
how valuable Nerviline Ib In the
home," writes Mr. Patrick M. Dehan-
ey, from Fort Saskatchewan. "Chills
sre frequent—a hot drink ot Nerviline
sends life circulating through tho body
in three minutes. Cramps or sudden
illness at night Is one of our terrors.
No druggist or doctor Ib near, but lt
Nerviline ls handy you can get relief.
The worst , amps Nerviline has cured
ln my children in half a minute, I
don't think any farmer's wife has any
right to be without the protection of
Nerviline.. In our family we use lt
for a hundred ills, and it cures them
all. One night one of my kiddles
had earache and another toothache.
Without Nerviline no one could have
slept—I applied lt as directed, and the
children's pains disappeared. My husband uses Nerviline for lame back,
rheumatism, aching joints and all sorts
of muscular pains. It Is as good Inside as outside, and ls as much a part
ot my home aB my kitchen stove."
You find a thousand Uses for a good
family remedy like Nerviline. Get
the 50c. family else bottle; it's more
economical than the 25c. trial size.
Sold by all storekeepers and druggists,
or Tlle Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.
Making a Profit
A party of amateur pigeon-shooters
some time ago arranged tor a match
and dYdered thirty pigeons from a
dealer In a neighboring town. Tbe
shooting was of a really wonderful
character, but the actual performance
need not be described in detail. Tbe
net results will be gathered readily
from the following note, which was
subsequently received from the dealer.   It ran—
Gentlemen,— I beg sincerely to
thank you for your order, and to Intimate that I shall be only too happy
to supply you' with auy number of
birds on future occasions of this sort.
The whole ot the thirty birds, for
which you raid me at the rate of 35c.
per head, returned home in safety,
and, moreover, brought with them a
stray pigeon. My pries to your party
henceforth will be sixpence a dozen.
Men frequently see visions—ot the
blonde or brunette type.
Montreal Mm Conquered his Old
Enemy by using GIN PILLS
Mr. A. Beaudryof 597 Tenet Street,
Montreal, thus expresses Ills great
Satisfaction with GIN PILLS.
"Itaflordsmegrest pleasure to Inform
you that I have used GIN FILLS (or
sbout six mouths, and that they have
done me a great deal oi good. I have
bad Rheumatism for A couple of years,
and last winter I saved myself from it
by using GIN FILLS."
50c. a box, 6 for f 3.50. Samplefreelf
you write National Drug aud Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.     13*
Not a Thunder Expert
The masterful manner ln which
soma people evade an Issue was mentioned at a recent dinner, when this
one waa recalled by Rear Admiral
Philip Andrews.
In New Orleans one night, the admiral said, then was a man on ths
stage who ottered to answer by mental
arithmetic any question that might
be asked by the audience.
Just ao long as the questioner remained ln the expected channel tha
sailing was eaay, but finally one man
got beyond tlie bearings.
If you pleass. sir, said the m
rising from his seat: How far ott can
vou hear thunder?
I can't tell you, sir, was ths prompt
response of the wonder on the stage
You can't tall me? responded the
fan.    Why, I thought—
Not about thunder, replied th* stag*
party, doing a qulek piece of £ edging.
You see I am a lightning calculator.
Ask for Mlnard'a and tak* ne c'.litf
Senalble Advice
Why, Henry, she exclaimed, wbat Is
the matter with you? You seem ex-
It waa a minute before he could
control his voice sufficiently to speak,
I am, he snorted. I have been Insulted .
How? ..:ho did It? And her spirit rose.
By a scoundrel who eamo Into my
office this morning. I hav* nursed
my wrath all day, and now I have
come to you for advice. What would
you do lf a man were to tell you to
go to 'Jericho and stop there?
As he strode about the room he
kicked over the table and a couple ot
WL/. dear, she replied, after the
impulsive manner o't women and with
the utmost sincerity, I wouldn't go.
Then he sat down and thought that
a good wife's advice was ah anchor
to windward In a husband's most
temptuous moments.
Th 1 use ot Miller's Worm Powders
Insures healthy children so far as the
ailments attributable to worms are
concerned. A high mortality among
children ls traceable to worms. These
sap the strength ot Infants so that
tbey are unable to maintain the battle
for lite and succumb to weakness.
Tbis preparation gives promise of
health and keeps It.
Because they acl so gently (no
purging er griping) yet so i
1 thoroughly
f srs best for lbs ohlldrsa as well ts \
lhe grown-Ma,   _Bo. a box at
your druggist's.
hftMllmMMalH.rteMfc.lfclM    .
i» CLEAN, «i
chance ot
if you us*
The Guaranteed "ONE DVB for
All Kinda of Cloth."
TRY IT ind arcs', for rourMlft
StaS Ier ¥,.. Color Ct. d, Story Booklet, and Book-
Jackson—Bunker has got himself
Into a nice fix.
Jackson—He wrote an article on
The Ideal Wife, for a ladles' paper
laat month.
Johnson—Well, what's that got to
do with his present fix?
Jackson—Somebody told his wife
about lt, and .she's been reading tbe
thing over during the past two days,
trying to discover a single trait wherein hla Ideal resembles her. She bas
not found lt, and Banker dines in the
city now.
A certain broker has been teasing
his wife about some ot her housekeeping arithmetic, and yesterday she
got her revenge.
What time ts ■' . he asked her after
lunch. She took out her purse and
held up a halt-crown without a word.
He stared, scratched his head, and
finally gave it up.
Anybody who ls up ln figures, sbe
remarked, sweetly, would at once have
understood that I meant half-past two.
We only handle property el starts*
merit, ea whioh we are prepare* te
^''w&ODlW* n.    Vl-TAla
sad "MER IAM-rjpropertle*   an
toed Investments.    We want a.
agent to represent SB
For terms apply,
•tsrllng Bank Building, Winnipeg
"Don't waste time writing If yea
Se not mean business."
Th* Black: Hand society wrote a
man a letter dema.-ding thet he put
$1,000 in a barrel on tha corner ot
X and Z streets at 9 o'clock on Friday
night or they would blow up th* beautiful home of his wife's mother.
Instead of the money the man put
a note tn the barrel: Nothing doln.;
ln the money line, but the .proposition you suggest Interests me.
b an enemy within the camp. It will
undermine the strongest constitution
•od ruin the most vigorous health.
It leads to indigestion, biliousness,
impure blood, hid complexion, sick
headaches, and Is one of the most
frequent causes of appendicitis. T*
neglect it is slow suicide. Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Fills positively curs
Constipation. They are entirely
vegetable in composition and do net
sicken, weaken or gripe. Preserve
four health by taking
Dr. Morae'a   M
Indian Root P"la
How Concrete
Work Was Made
.Easy For You
Tbit Label it year ossurctnt. »/
wtiafectery concrete war*
UNTIL a lew yean ago faimtrs considered concrete a rather
mysterious material, that could be used successfully only by
experts. They knew that upon the quality of the cement
depended much of die success of concrete work. They had no
means of testing cement, such as big contractors employ, and to could
not be sure of its quality.
Yet the farmer needed concrete. '
He -was kept from wing ihis best and most economical of materials by
1. Lack of knowledge of how to mix and place concrete.
2. Lack of a brand of cement upon the quality of which h*
could absolutely rely.
Canada Cement
hat supplied both these requirements.
We employed men to make a thorough investigation of the fanner's
requirements; lo find out where and how he could uie concrete wilh
profit lo himself; lo discover all problemt he might come across and to
tolve ihem, Thit investigation wat expentive. But when il was
completed we had the material for our campaign lo show lhe farmer
how and where lo uie concrete'and we printed a book, "What the
Fanner Can do Wilh Concrete," for free distribution. That book
make* every fanner who reads it a concrete expert, as far as his needs
are concerned. He finds lhal there is nothing mysterious about concrete—that a few timple rules supply all lhe knowledge required.
Afthe tame time we met the farmers' tecond objection—inability lo
test the quality of cement—by producing cement of a quility that
does not need to be tested.
The Canada Cement that you buy by lhe bag it the tame Canada
Cement lhat is told by the tram-load for great elevators, buildings and
ttlta Is 1 bttk CmM Mit la Taar NtifUaikaW
If flu k*vi not already ion* u, writi fir the book
"■What tlte Farmer «» * •"* Cncrtte."   It it Fret,
Canada Cement Company Limited
Revenge or
A Story of the French Revolution
The t.vriiuiij- ot the Icings or France,
supported us liiey were by tlio nobles,
I'liliiiiniited during the relgu.of Loult
XV. Under his und previous reigns
the people endured oppression. Under
bis successor they turned like hunted
animals and swept away botb tbe monarchy and the nubility. In Ihe earl;
pnrt of tbo reign of Louis XVI. tbe latter were still disposed to treat Ibe people as beasts created to administer to
the comfort and tbe pleasure of ths
aristocratic class. In tbe latter part of
tbe same reign centuries of cruelty
were expatiated.
While the storm was gathering and
th* nobles, accustomed as tbey had
long been to the obedience of tb* common people, could not tblnk of tbem
wltb fear, a bunting party sallied
forth from tbe. chateau of tb* Marquis
le Chantallaln* and proceeded to
•boot birds, not In tbe marquis' preserves, but ln tbe surrounding country-
It wss tb* season for game, wblcb waa
tn plenty. One ot tba hunters, meeting n boy some sixteen or seventeen
years old, accosted blm:
"Here, boy! Csrry tbls gun and bag
for me."
"And wby should I do Uut?" asked
tbe boy.- —
"Wby sbould you do that? Well,
npon my word! What do you mean
by asking sucb s question?"
"1 mean tbut 1 see no more reason
wby I should carry your load than that
you sbould carry uilue."
Tbe mnn beld a wblp ln bis band to
be used on the dogs and, regarding tbe
youngster as no better tban a dog, undertook to enforce obedience, cutting
Um across tbe face wltb tbe lash. But
th* spirit of rebellion against such tyranny bad found n lodgment in tb* tatter's breast, snd with his Sst he sent
' bis would be master sprawling on the
ground. Tbe huntsman, rising, deliberately tobk aim at the boy snd shot
Only one otber ot the bunting party
remained behind. Seeing tb* boy fell,
be went to blm and, stanching his
wound, reproached the other.
"Wby did you do that, Beaufort?" be
"Because tbe young dog was first Impudent to me and tben struck me.
Coma Itt us go on and Join tb* party."
But tbe other did not go on. He remained with tbe boy, wbo was badly
wounded, snd wben he was satlsBed
that It was tbe only tblng to do car
Tied him to his father's cottage snd
sent for a doctor. Tbe latter, after examining tiie wound, sold tbe boy
would probsbly die, but this be could
not tell
tHer* ls money for your services,"
ssld the rescuer. "Attend blm till be
Is well or succumbs snd report to me.
Count Marlvard. at tbe Hotel de Title,
In rarls. When tbls Is exhausted 1
will send you more."
Tb* count left, followed by the blessings of tbe boys' parents, while lbe boy
himself looked after him as he passed
eut with an expression of gratitude to
wblcb words could bare ndded nothing. He lingered between life and
death for awhile, then began to mend
- (lowly. Again and again bis doctor
reported bts condition to Count Marl-
vai-d In tbs city, and every time the
messenger returned with a gift of money. At last th* boy recovered and
went to Tarls to tbank bis benefactor.
He found him sn officer under the government and an Influential man.
Ten years mora passed before the
greet shock came wblcb was destined
to rid France of her oppressor*. When
tb* storm broke tt swept over tbe Innocent and tbe guilty. Eren women
and children war* not exempt. The
queen a* well as tb* king was forced
to mount ths guillotine, while tb* dan-
phin-the belr to tb* tbron*-a boy of
**T*n, waa secretly disposed ot In prison. Not only noblemen, but their -wives
and their grown children, went down
before tbe tempest of wrath excited ln
* people by years of extortion snd oppression.
Among tbe younger leader* ot the
revolution, new grown to manhood,
wa* Victor Guererd, tb* victim of th*
Marquis of Beaufort's tyranny. H*
entered upon th* work of regenerating
Franc* with tbe memory of bis treatment burning within blm. Each year
•Ince lie fcod bcen shot bad added to
' the wound In bis mind, though tbat In
bis body had long sgo bealed. And
-when tb* people ot bis neighborhood
congregated In groups to talk over tb*
movement tbat was going on In the
capital he was among them, showing
tbem the scar left by tb* bullet ot tbs
aristocrat and Inciting them to Join ln
throwing off tbe yoke of tb* bated aristocrats.
Wben at last the flrst gust of the
storm ot revolutlou appeared in tbe
tourtysrd of the palace of Versuillee
young uuera.ni was mere witn *
scytbe In his hands, a Ore In bis eyed*
noting that lie wus ready to cnt down
together tbe weeds, Ibe grass uud tht
flowers. Wben tlte mob broke luto the
room of Queen Marie Alutoinettc be
was there. Wben thc king wns taken
by tile mob to I'nris, (inerard walked
wltb others by bis enrringe. still carrying his scythe. When the king
showed himself on the balcony of tbe
palace of the Tullerles, decked wltb
the cockade of the revolution, the mas
wbo bsd received tbe cut of » noble's
whin serous  Ills cheek and  bud ra
edved his bullet in his body wu on*
of th* yelling crowd tbat derisively
greeted the sovereign.. >
Tben cam* what bas psssed Into history ss tb* relgu of terror.   Those of
the so called middle-really the best- :
class, wbo bad guided the revolution
with a view to establishing a reform
in the government, lost tbe control,
snd tbe dame they bud helped to kin-,
dl* burned tbem. . Tbe Girondists, representing tbe conservative. Intellectual
I element, perished on the guillotine.'
| singing the song ot liberty they would
bsre given France Instead of tbe Na- j
poleonic despotism tbnt followed the j
revolution.    After the Uirondlsts-or, j
ratber, at tbe time they were sacrl-
flced-so called Judges sat ln improvised courtrooms for the purpose of
eradicating   tbe . nobility   that  they !
might never again crush the people
under tbelr feet
|    Victor Guerard  tvas  one of tbese
' Judges.   He wished not then so much to
regenerate France as for revenge.   He
had had already enougb to satisfy an
ordinary person, but not for one who
{ had felt the lash  of an aristocrat
across his cheek and tbe same tyrants
bullet crashing through bis vitals.
|   One name, one face, be remembered
> -the name and face of the man wbo
bad shot him./ He bad hoped to meet
this man, bnt' tbus far bud not done
so and feared tbat he had escaped
1 with other nobles to Holland. He bad
In the beginning of tbe reign of blood
handed ln to the committee ot safety
the name of the Marquis of Beaufort
aa an enemy to France, wblcb meant
tbat be belonged to tbat class which
must be eradicated and sbould be
bunted down lf possible for treatment
by tb* guillotine.
i One day while Judge Guerard was
sitting on the bench-a cbalr before a
rude table-dispensing wltb tbose accused of being enemies of France a
man was led up before blm on seeing
! whom he «tarted. The prisoner was
tb* man he was looking for, the Marquis of Beaufort A gleam ot triumph
ef bate, ot vengeance, shone In Que7
rard's eye. He could scarcely contain
! "Ahs, Citizen Beaufort! I am happy
to meet you again, but I doubt if you
remember me."
j    "I do not," said the marquis.
I "Do you recollect meeting a country
boy some ten or a dozen years ago
and ordering him to carry your gun
and game bag'
j   "1 do."
"And tbe cut you gave blm with your
|    "Tea; I remember."^
i    "And tbe bullet you put In his side?"
"I am very sorry for that  I should
not bav* don* It.  I was angry."
i    "Ah!   lou are sorry for It?  Do you
I tblnk, you nobles, being sorry for
tb* centuries you have sucked Ibe
blood from the Frencb people will save
I yeu now tbat we bave you in our
I power?"
Tbe marquis made no reply to this.
!    "I regret tbut you bave but one besd
> for tb* guillotine. I would yon bad a
i thousand beads that I mlgbt strike off
I one every day. I should rejoice to
' think tbat you were every day to be,
tortured by the remembrance that another bead must fall before night
Guards, take bim away lest I soli my
own band* wltb blm!"
"One moment. Citizen Judge!" cried
the prisoner,
"W*1IS" I
"When yesrs ago I left you bleeding ,
en the road one or tbe bunting party
stanched your wound, then took you up j
snd carried yon to your home an* ;
called n surgeon, undor whose care
' you recovered."
I   "Tbat noble  mnn  saved my  life. |
Were be doomed to tbe guillotine and
1 could go tn bis place I would do to |
for I am not my own. but bis."
I    "Sine* tbe beginning of the revolu !
j tion," continued the mnrquls, "I hnvej
! seen tbl* mnn and talked wltb hliu !
) He told m* that (here wns one revolu-'
' tlonary leader In Paris whom he bat.'
■ befriended.   He gave me Hits lu case
I should be ln trouble and should race*.
you, M. te Judge." ,
i   Thrusting his bund Into bis pocket,
, he drew forth a scrap of paper, which ,
he banded to Uuerurd.   The latter;
' opened It and road:
I    Citizen Qherard, I ask that you will ba-
friend tha Marquis ot He«itfort.
|   The struggle tlmt appeared ln Gue-!
card's  face-n  struggle  between  re-
| venire and gtulitude-ls not to be tie-'
scribed in words.   He sat witb tbe pa-
per in bis hand regarding tbe man he :
had Just condemned to death.   At one
1 time a fierce light io bis eje aod t\,
' rush of blood to bis faco Indicated lhat
revenge bnd conquered. Tben It seemed us if he felt the soft touch of sn
, uih.fTs   wine,   and   tbe   expression
changed to one ot ctuldnx* gehtlenesa.
While the struggle was going on *v*ry
face was turned upon tb* Judge, seeking to understand what this singular
Interruption meant At last he said:
"Clear the room. I wish to be alon*
with tbls man."
When all bad gone Guerard laid:
"Where la the Count Uarlvard?"
"In England."
There waa a alienee tor some moments, when the Judge spoke again:
"My Interest In the revolution 1*
gone. 1 bad hoped to aee you perish
snd Uat 1 mlgbt have an opportunity
to give my benefactor bla life. Bott
theae wishes are denied me. By this
bit of paper"—crumbling lt spasmodically In hi* band—"you go free. I
shall send you back to prison, telling
those wbo bav* witnessed tb* scene
Jnst pest that you bave Important information to give concerning certaiu
nobles ln hiding. Tonight you will be
taken out ostensibly for a special execution. Tou will be driven to tbe boi»
der, wbere you will be safe."
He paused a moment wltb bowwa
head, then cried:
IA man ahouk) marry a woman hall hla
•wa age plus seven yaars.-Old Maxtm.l
Saa how th* fates their skill combine
To spoil a tal* ot "might Have been."
Thty met whan he was twenty-alna
And ah* wu only seventeen.
For rsara ln absence they adore
Each other, Just aa lovers do,
to greet whtn he ts thirty-four
And aha, alas, Is twanty-twol
When ntxt their mutual (aie they Ax
The waiting tlma was nearly o'ar,
ror ht was going thlrty-slx
And sh* admitted twenty-four.
They parted then (as I'm alive, .
It was a piteous eight to Mt)
Until ht totaled forty-live
And ah* had weathered thirty-three.
Their fates win navar now entwine
Their courtalilp'a course la nearly done,
For she's a girl of sixty-nine
And lie's a swain of eighty-one.
—New Tork Sun.
Hav* Bathing Suit
Draped Thia Yter.
"Wby  won't you  stage  my  play,!
'How to Keep a Servant?''
"It Isn't much of a play."
"Tbe name's enougb. Every woman
would ge lf only to pee bow tbe problem ls solved." — Louisville Courier-
Th* Wonderful Bat.
Maurice Maeterlinck, the eminent
Belgian student and author, writing on
comb honey, says that It Is an article
"to wblcb we can add* nothing,, from
which we can take nothing, an artlel*
that unite* In equal perfection the set
ence of tbs chemist, the geometrician,
the architect and tbe engineer. Its masterpiece, tbe hexagonal cell, touchei
absolute perfection, a perfection thai
all the geniuses tn tbe world, wer*
tbey to meet In conclave, conld tn no
way enhance. No living creature, not
even man, bas achieved In tbe center
ot hts sphere what the bee bas achieved
ln her own, and were some one from
another world to descend and ask ol
the earth the most perfect creation w«
need but offer the bumble com/) of
A Sur* Thing, .
Speaking of a suro thing, n congressman said tbat It reminded him of a
conversation he had heard ln the atreet
regarding the proprietor of a luncb
"I see," sold one man. "that Bill
Jones hns established a luncb room. I
wonder If he'a making any money out
of It?"
"Making money?" responded the other. "Wltb tbat location tho only way a
man could lose money would be to sll
on the counter, take a big revolver nnd
shoot all the customers as tbey cam*
In tbe door.H-Chlcago Record-Herald.
"Why do they call lawyers' briefs
"Because they make their clients
abort."—Pittsburgh Press.
Puzzled Him.
While going along n couutry ronfl the
driver of an automobile saw ahead of
him un old man walking by tbo road-
Bide, also a dog. The dog wus not content to remain on the side, but kept
crossing tbe road nnd was caught by
tlie car und Instantly killed.
Tbe driver turned tbe cur us quickly
ns possible and went back to. see whut
damage bnd been done nnd found the
fnrmer gazing sorrowfully at the remains of lhe dog. The driver took out
bis pockctbook and handed the man
$10, asking if thnt would pay for thp
dog. He said lt would, so tbe otber got
In the car and went away. The old
man watched the car till it was lost to
view; then, taking off his bnt to scratcli
his head, remarked. "1 wonder who
owned thnt dog?"—Harper's Magazine.
, Even tbe batblng suit has a draped
skirt, and tbe very smartest model*
■bow short skirts over knicker* failing
below. The pretty suit Illustrated Is ot
black lansdowne-a silk md worsted
weave tbat looks well wben wet
' Usss of Enthusiasm.
"I didn't know you were an-especial
admirer of th* man wbo got elected."
"I'm not," replied the practical politician.
"Tben wby so mucb enthusiasm?"
"It's tbe only way 1 can suggest to
my constituents Ibat maybe 1 bav*
some influence with hitn."-Wnshlng-
ton Star.   	
And He Was Cruel te Her.
Lawyer-1 tblnk I can get you a divorce, madam, for cruel nnd Inhuman
treatment, but do you tblnk your bus-
band will light tbo anlt? Woman-
Flghtl Wby, tbe little shrimp dasn't
even come Into a room wbere I ami-
Truth Seeker.
Quality ef Hardness.
Paul Hellcu. tbe etcher of beautiful
women, complained In New Tork of a
certain hard quality in even lho fnlrest
American faces.
"Some of the most perfect faces 1
have seen." he snld. "possessed tbls
quality of hardness In it mnrked degree. They reminded me. indeed, of the
girl to whom a suitor suid:
"'.Miss Vincent-Annabel-let me
prove uiy love not liy words only, but
by deeds!' -
" 'Well, George.- said the young girl
calmly, 'did you bring tlie deeds with
you?* "-.Detroit Free Press.
For th* Dining Table.
Tbe ever present fern dish as a center
piece for tbe dinner table bas become
almost as mucb a part ot th* service
u tbe knives and forks or a* cereal
for breakfast In tbe American household, and wben one ventures to suggest tbst a cbinge rould be quit*
cheering to tbe spirits ss well as tb*
eye every one says, "But there's no
otber plant that ran be depended
upon!" There Is, though, and a very
hardy oue. This Is the flowering cyclamen, either wblte or tb* deep ros*
color, which will put forth new shoot*
and new blossoms continually from
November to April, and It I* such a
graceful, pretty plant, which Instead
of growing less attractive efter a few-
blossoms bavo bloomed and fallen, becomes bushier snd mora Interesting
esch day.
The original cost Is small, a dollar or,
so buying a very good specimen, snd
If planted In a wide, low flowerpot
and set In s pretty basket on* hss a
charming plant, suitable for any on* or
all of one'a Informal bom* meals.
A Trying Role.
"Remember, Arthur, yoo ar* tlie ion
of a gentleman.   Try to behave Ilk*
one for just ona day."
"All right. mother, but It will sooll
the whole dsy for m*."-t.lf*.
Framed Shopping List
How many times bave you lost the
■hopping list scrap or paper and re-!
turned borne after a wearying day to
lind tbat you bad foi gotten th* most *
Important errandt? Tou wouldn't b«v* :
theso experiences tf you would make a
frame  for tbe shopping  list—Just a
small affair of cardboard covered wltb
tupestry-that will tit easily Into your
hand bag and can promptly be found.
Tbe frame is backed wltb a square ot.
tbln cardboard and tils under tiny nail *
besds ot ths sides of tbe tapestry covered pieces, and tbls need only be taken out and tbe paper list of errands
slipped against tbe glass permanently
attached to the from*.
Where It Wat Signed.
Tbe mornlug clnss had been duly Instructed and enlightened upon tbe subject or our national Independence. Feeling sure she had mnde n rail nnd lusting Impression wilh Iter ezplnnntlons
and bluckboard Illustration, Ihe young
teacher began with tbe .final round
of questions.
"Now. Sammy 8111III1. where was tlie
Declaration of Independence signed?"
Sammy, with n sliout of glee: "At de
bottom, mn'am-thnt's whnt you eald!"
—Ladles' Borne Journal.
Real Trouble.
The college professor who says that
children are merely little Imitators and
possess no Imagination should become
scqiislnted witb our little friends.
Charles aud Johu. One day Jobn. nged
tbree, came running to bis mother in
deep distress. Upon Inquiry the mother learned tbe cause of his tears.
"Muvver," welled John, "Charles
drew a picture of I got drowned, and
he wouldn't draw a picture of he help
me ont!"-Jndge.
Ust Fer Souvenir Spoons.
One girl wbo Is visiting the national
capital Is collecting spoons and cards
of tbe various places of Interest In and
nbout Washington, tnd when tb* returns horn* sbe will give a table talk
at a little luncheon. Beside etch plate
sbe will plac* two spoons and cards
bearing pictures or seals ot vsrlous cities, snd during th* luncheon tbe guests
will be asked to tell «ome Interesting
fact about tbat particular city or plac*
of Interest, after wblcb sh* will add
wbat sh* has learned about escb pltce
of Interest. Tbtt ls t good method of
directing conversation tnd making tn
occasion interesting;
"I see," said tbe second story man
ss be glanced over the paper, "tbst
there's a society lu New York for the
suppression ot unnecessary noises."
"And n good thing, too," suid bis psl.
"If they'll only get after them tbere
boyglar alarms. They never alarmed
a boyglar yet."—New York American.
Had' Her Inttructiene,
Mrs. Subbubs (to neighbor's chlldl-
Ob, tbere It the doien fresh eggs I
asked your mother to send over!   How
mucb nre they. Mary?
The OWltt-Plense'm, It's 40 cents.
But mother soys If you grumbl* tt'*
35.-Hof.ton Transcript.
Car* of Parcel Pest Plants.
When plants sre sent from th* florist
by mall or express It Is not sdvlsabl*
to pot them as soon as thty are unpacked. Sometimes wben they bav*
been several days on tbe way the sell
about their roots will hav* dried out
so much tbat as soon aa tb* moss or
psper In which they are wrapped la
teken off It will crumble away, leaving
the roots bsre. To prevent tbls untl*
tb* wrapping* of th* plsnt carefully,
but do not remove tbem Spread th*
plsnt* out upon tb* floor and shower'
them well. Then cover tbelr roots with
s thick clolh snd pour on enough water to thoroughly enlurate tbe earth
about them. Leave the plant* for four
or Are hours before potting them. It
this plsn ts followed It ts possible to
get tbem into tbelr new poU without
serious disturbance of their roots. After potting put tbem In a abady plac*
and wster well. Shower tbem twlc* a
day ror a week ind give tbem plenty
ot fresb air, but do not expose them to
hot or drying winds.
Quints Souffle.
Stew three or four quinces soft Rub
through a colander and sweeten. Pour
Into n glass dlsb and cover witb a cuatard mad* wltb one pint of milk, three
egg yolk* tnd two tablespoonful* of
sugar. Whip lb* whites of eggs light
wltb thre* tablespoonfuls of sugar and
heap on top.   	
Coffee Csk*.
Tsk* half t cupful of butter, t cupful
> ef siigsr, two «n*, balf s cupful of
molasses, htlf • capful of cold coffee.
two cupful* ot flour, htlt a tettpoonful
ot todt, ■ quirttr of * tesspoonf*!
■ tacb of cIotm tnd mac* tnd on* im-
! ipoonful of cinnamon.  Btk* In • Mf
; bar to THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Your House Needs
Now is* the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Wil«»an»s  High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Onr Paint Advice is Free
As soon as the wagon road to
Franklin camp has been repaired,
Louis Johnson expects to make a
trial shipment of a carload of ore
from his 'Union otaim to the Trail
smelter. The Union, whioh adjoins the Maplt Lcuf, is a silver-
gold proposition, the ore,assaying.
192 ounces in Bilvef and «32 ih (j61d
per ton. There is a 20-foot vein*of
tbis ore on tbe property.       j*.
For Bale—Ten acjtes of good fruit
land in the West end of the city,
about half of which is planted to
fruit trees, now commencing to bear.
Apply lo E Barron, Grand Forks,
W..M. DeCew, general manager
of theWeBtern Pine Lumber company, returned on Monday from a
business trip to Calgary.
John Donaldson, the West end
merchant, returned on Wednesday
from Toronto, wbere be attended
the general assembly of the Presbyterian churdh.
Miss Haddon—London' trained—
is prepared to give elementary les-
sons on the violin. For terms and
arrangements apply P. r> Drawer M,
Local cherries are now in the
Marv Wibtner, Rose Roberts. Lewis
Waldon, Llewellyn Humphreys, Fred
Oooper. Willie Smith, James Pell.
Vera Lyden, Connie Burdnn, Nellie
Allen. ,  .
To Division VII, First Readers—
Pryce Jones, Isabel Bouren, De»n
Kennedy, ^Oswald Walker, Charlie
Bishop, Cecelia Crosby, Cnryl Camp-
hell. Blanoh Kennedy, Ray Brown,
OrvIPe Baker, Mapy En-pit, Peter
Hw-ton, <*Rerr* McLeod, Willis.Nelson. Nick Switliqhn'.ff
To Division VI, Second Fenders —
Oeorge Hodgsun, Cleoplius Montgomery', Marjory Keron, Mav Smith,
Ester Anderson, Dennis O'Connor,
Margaret Fowler, Harry -Steele, Tan-
nis Barlee Helen Simpson. Archie
Ruckle, Hazel Hart, Oraeo Wiseman,
Amv Peckham. Howard DeCew,.Reid
McKie. Genevieve Griffith, Alice
Ryan, Rohnrt Tryon, Charlie Coopor,
Emma Irving, Nellie Mills, Peter
Petersen. Eloise Stafford, Boyd
Nich ''a, Ernest Bake", Jack B-ai>,
William Lam, Frances Latham, Mary
To Division V, Junior Third Read
era—Helen Campbell, Zoe Kirk.
Doris Burdon, Amy Heaven, Dorothy
Jacobsen. Corena Harkness, Teddie
Cooper. Isabel Glaspell, Antoinette
Schliehe, Glory Morrison, Norma*
Ericson, Aleeta Nichols, Walter Lar
sen. Florence Mclntyre, Ronald Mc
Donnell, Chris Pell, Harry Kelleher,
Tony Hudoklin, Phyllis Atwood.
Ethel Lane, Thelma Turnbull.  Harry
Mrs. J. A. Smith, and Chester,
Hazel and Vernon Smith-left on
Sunday morning for a seven days'
Rtitn vacation trip to Spokane and
other Washington cities.
Wjld strawberries are said to be
so plentiful at Lynch lhat the
ground is literally red with them
and the atmosphere is perfumed hy
their fragrance
Dan O'Ray's stage turned turtle
into a ditch when he was coming
home from the Odd Fellow picnic
Tuesday evening. No one wasseri-'
dimly injured.
Highest cash prit-e paid for old
Stoves and Ranges E. (.'. Peckham,
Second hand Store
Grand Forks
Public School Promotions
The following is the lint, in Order
of merit, of pupils who have heen
promoted nt tbo puhlio school. Merit
is determined in the three lowest
grades bv work only, hut in the second, third and fourth classes it is determined hy the promotion examinations as well as by thn work of the
To Division VIII, Second Primers
—Raymond Harris, Lee Sun, Reggie
Heaven, Ma.-y Bersn, Grace Graham,
IN B. C.
for men's furnishings
Grand Forks
New Arrivals: Silk Caps with
opaque stems for engineers and
firemen, Motoring Caps and
Tennis Caps.
R. Campbell's
For Up to Date Furnishings,
Jones, Joseph Rowlandson, George
Meikle. Edward Potentier, Gertie
Krischke, Jeannette Reburn.
Division IV, Intermediate Third
Beaders-^Bernard Crosby, Hope Williams, Wilfred Brown, Ray Lane,
Ewing McCallum, Bernice Kennedy,
Beulah ' Francis, Robert O'Connell,
Hugh Fraser, Mabel Steele, Cecelia
Lyden, Lily Ardiel, Gordon Murray,
Anna Anderson, Lizzena Irving,
George Lemaster, Frank Verzuh, Fay
Tryon, Rose Petersen, Helen Massie,.
Alfred Downey, Francis Fritz, Lottie
Petersen, Harold Fair,' Vernon bid-
dull, Ray Forrester,
To Divission III, Senior Third
Readers—Kathleen O'Connor, Merle
Galloway, Fritz Schliehe, Engeman
Jacobsen, Lyda Kelleher. Kathleen
Kerhy, Margaret Graham, Viola Pell,
Enthel Jacobsen, Fred Barlee, Mary
Cooper, Eddie Mcllwaine, Frances
Sloan, Anna Beran, Loretta Lyden,
Gladys Latham, Mildred Hutton,
Glenn Sampson, Willie Ruckle, Garibaldi Bruno, Aureus Barnum, Clarence Crosby, Dorothy Burns, Hope
Bnnsni|, Thelma Walker, Laura Allen, Ethel Wright
To Division II, Junior Fourth
Readers—Ida DeCew. Edith Larsen,
Willard 8haw, Mildred Meikle, Al
Peterson, Walter* Petersen, Blair_
Cochrane, George Cooper, Thomas Re
burn, Uvo Wells, Herbert Dinsmore,
Demaris Ryan, Reggie Hull, Harry
Atwood, James Lyden, Helen Peterson, Wilfred Holmes, Agnes Stafford,
Violet Walker, John Herr, Holger
Peterson, Chads: Krischke Merle
Hetr, Abram Mooyboer, William
Meikle, Liliam Kelleher, Alexis Ful
To Division I, Senior Fourth Reader—Pauline   Sloan,   Rennie ■ Keron,
For Quiet Sale We Are Offering the Eollowintf:
Full size wood body, regular $25.00, for........120.00
Three-quarter size wood body, regular $18.00, for 15.50
Three-quarter size brown wicker, " $17.75, lor 15.75
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $14.00, for. _.. 10.50
Full collapsable, all steel, regular $12.00, for     9.00
C'^*Zm, Grand Forks Furniture Co
Titure Brreitf, Etc. The Complete Home Furnishers
DAD C! A f B A 5-roomed
rUR. BALE, cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
Kaior Hotline a Special )'
PHDNF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SuitS  tO  Order   &18  Upwards
1 We are. agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
thc advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   Wo guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and sec our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and wo can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Arthur (iilpin, .Emma Needham, Ar-
i-her Davis. Hurry Bowen, Alice
Ho»en, Uliic MuCalluin, Robert
Holmes, E»fcr Lar.-en, Quentin Quinlivan,.Joyce MeLeod, Elvera Walker,
Amv Frankovitch, Harold Massie,
Myrtle Siraiigett, Stanley Massie,
Margaret Mcllwaine, Raymond Quinlivan, Gladys Ardiel, Ralph Gill,
Maud Reburn Marie Barnum, Frank
Hartinger, Hugh Wells, Ivia Michener, Archie Symes, Maud   Peckham.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Uooii Nokth ok Oiianhy  Hotki..
I'msr S-ritEKT.
oven es vcars'
A n ron o r«i dim ■ -ketch and
qtuokiv Mwuitf ©nr opinion l—,
Patents taken tlrnium Hunn * w. trail
mectalwoike, without 06mm, tn tbe
Scientific American.
A -mnJ-omoly Uluitritol weeklr. Unwtcjr-
cnlnllon of inr Klsntino Journal. Term- (or
C-nad a. mfi jaar, postal* prepaid,   Bold br
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliabla Frencb regulator merer Islls. Theso
ll are cKwdtoilf powerful In remilatina; the
leratlve portion ol ihe lemale system. Refuse
cheap Imitations. B*. «• Tae's are sold at
i box, or three lor 110. Mailed lo any address.
e ioslH.ll vrat Co.. IH. CMh-wlaes, Oat.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
Dry four-fopt Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar andTam-
arac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
FMlowney's Cigar Store
■•■".K.K«9       - First Street
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We hnve the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads apd Statements, „_
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills nf   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
*T2nnn pi?i\Tii\ifi—the kmd we do~~u in itw"
VHJl/LF rn>lLlllLlU »„ advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that oar stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
SHjt? $ini flint Shop


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