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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 21, 1913

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 ^0^/a, B..C:*--^
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad! Daring the Fast Week
The Balkan allies demand the cession of Adrianople and Scutari as part
of peace terms.
The Ottawa government announces
that rules will be introduced for
limitation of debate.
Ninety pejsous are reported to have
been killed during an electrical storm
in the United States.
The Antartic ship Aurora returns
with valuable specimens, and reports
terrible wind storms.
Hon. Malcolm Mackenzie, provincial treasurer of Alberta, is dead
after a week's illness
A Vancouver business man is
threatened with arrest in GalifoJnia,
lie is alleged to be a get-rich-quick
Returns-show that Canada's im-.
port trade for two years is greater
than that of Australia.
New methods may be introduced by i
the British government for dealingI
with the militant suffragettes.
Ring George of Greece is assassinated by a feebleminded man while
walking on the streets of Saloniki.
The' opposition at Ottawa takes
strong execution to the Dominion
government's system of patronage.
British house of commons to consider a resolution  declining the off-r j
of   Premier   Borden's   naval contri
} nin
Mrs. McNea, of Vancouver, dies
suddenly on an Atlantic liner.
Suffragettes receive rough treatment
and seek tne protection of the police
at a Hyde Park meeting.
Clever cracksmen in New York tunnel into a pawnshop and secure a large
haul of jewelry and securities.
Chairman of the bouse at Ottawa
declares that the rules do not provide
for the application of closure.
'1 he Canadiau Northern False Creek
agreement bylaw is carried with an
overwhelming majority in Vancouver.
Lord Roberts refers in bitter terms
to the inefficiency of the territorial
forces during a compulsory training
A London newspaper tells of an
elaborate schema on the part of the
suffragettes tn abduct Chancellor
Lloyd George.
English suffragettes declare war on
their non-militant, sisters.
The powers consider the demands
of the Balkan allies as extravagant.
John E. Redmond declares that the
home rule bill will be the law ef the
land in a few months
The business and grain men of Al-
lierta favor the proposal to erect transfer elevators at Vancouver.
The Seattle police effect the arrest
of four men whom they believe are
concerned in the tong feuds.
A bill is introduced into the Ohio
legislature to regulate the costumes
.worn by the women of Ihe state.
Twi, years' imprisonment meted out
by Judge Mclnnes at Vancouver to a
wife beater and man who stole two
The Dominion government defeats
a motion for an enquiry by committee
of privileges into alleged personation
at the Hochelaga election.
The report of the fair wage officer
to the Italian consul at Vancouver
shows that the laborers on the Fraser
river have nothing to complain ahout.
Ranchers South of River Inconvenienced by Shortage of Bridges
Archdeacon Pentreath dies in southern California.
Canada's state prisoner, Mr. Miller,
is still in jail at Ottawa.
A Oerman military Zeppelin airship is smashed at Karlsruhe.
Women and children of New York
pray Dr. Friedmann to treat them for
Rich and poor alike .of Greece
mourn for their heroic king. Constantino will take the oath today.
The Turkish forces claim a victory.
The Bulgarians are routed at the
point of the bayonet after fierce fighting.
The European powers are preparing
to demand of the Balkan allies a
speedy termination of hostilities in
European Turkey.
It is again announced that the Ot
tawa government intends to amend
the rules of the house. The supple
uientary estimates are passed.
A bisr cannery at Medicine Hat is
shattered by a mighty gas explosion.
Five persons are killed, and the onlookers are mowed down by an avalanche of flying bricks.
Dr. Friedinann's patients treated
with vaccine show an improvement.
A new courthouse will be erected
in Victoria al a cost of a million dollars.
A plot is disclosed for the kidnapping of Home Secretary McKenna of
Citizens without . overcoat are
caught in snowstorm on the streets of
British government plans to abolish
hereditary legislators.
The palace guards plot to murder
the new president of Mexico.
London snffragettes are accused
of burning the home of the widow of
Sir George White..
Nelson employers say they will not
pay the new scale of wages demanded
by their employees.
Austria will aid Scutari, and is taking steps to stop the bombardment.
Bhe is determined that the town shall
remain a part of the Ottaman empire
Calgary Typographical union subscribes a hundred dollars to secure
the set vices of Dr  Friedmann.
Vice-President Bury, of theC.P.K.,
sees increased markets for Canada in
the far east.
Hon. J D. Hasten will confer with
the new Washington administration
on boundary treaty and claims.
Hou. Thomas Taylor will hold the
portfolio of minister of mines during
lho absence of Premier McBride.
The ranchers on the south side of
the river complain of the inconvenience caused them by the removal of lbe old Cooper bridge before the new one was finished. Poor
connections appear to have been
made in this matter. Either the
city government wss too swift or tbe
provincial government is too slow.
The two governments sbould bave
compared dates.
pany for the purchase of the Voigt
mines, on Copper mountain, the
original bond on the properties hav -
ing been allowed to lapse December
21, 1912 Tbe new offer ie said to
be 1175,000 for the entire group, the
purchasing company to assume an
indebtedness of approximately
$200,000, incurred by the owner,
K F. Voight, but to what ttage the
negotia ions have progressed can not
be learned.
Two CP.R. engines attempted to
pass eacb other on the same track
in the West end yards ou Si. Patrick's day, and both were badly
damaged. The officials heve since
been investigating the incident,
Tbe' committees from tbe EaBt
and West wards having in charge
s settlement of tbe differences wbich
recently arose over the railway
agreement, report that a satisfactory
understanding bas practically been
J, J. Warren, president of the
Kettle Valley line, was in the city
for a few hours wn Wednesday.
Shaw Baker, of Butte, Mont', ar
rived in the city today. Mr. Baker
owns a ranch a few miles east of
tbis city.
W. O. Miller, district superintendent of tbe C.P.R,, arrived in the
cily today.
Miss Florence Gilpin, who has
beeu attending college in Vancouver,
returned borne this week to spend
her vacation with her parents.
Miss Harriet Qlding, formerly a
teacher iu tbe public school in tbis
city, has resigned from the stall of
the Nelson schools.
F. Demuth, superintendent of tbe
Kettle Valley line, left today lor tbe
Okauagsn country.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Stand on
the Naval Question is
Popular in Ontario
Last Saturday the bars in the
city commenced to closed at 10 j
o'clock at night. If you want a;
drink on Sunday hereafter you will j
be compelled to make a cache on!
Next Sunday the greatest display
of the season of millinery will be on
Ed Davis bas been appointed purchasing agem for   the Granhy cum
pany's store at Hidden Creek.    He
will make his headqu-'rters in  V.m-
c mver.
The   hew   garage on Firsr street
has been completed.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Laws'ranch:
Min.     Max.
Friday, Uth  40 17
Saturday, 15th  43 20
Sunday, 16th  42 29
Monday,17th  '44 32
Tuesday, 18th  43 33
Wednesday, Itftb  87 17
Thursday, 20th  28 7
Snowfall.. 02
Indications point to a brisk business in the building line in this
oity this summer. Several new
business blocks tnd dwellings have
already been planned.
. It is reported lhat basketball  will
invade the Boundary this summer.
The baseball fans have com,
minced lo familiar themselves with
the new rooting vocabulary.
lf you have read the weather reports (rum Ihe east, west, north snd
south during the past week, you
bsve undoubtedly observed that lbe
Boundary district has been exceptionally well treated by the weather
Master Winfield   Williams,   who?
has  been  attending school in Spo- j
kune, returned home this week.   He.
will spend   his vacation  witb  his
parents in this city.
New Logging Machine     |
* What is expected to revolutionize;
the field work of the lumbering in-
dustry is a machine invented by twoi
Portland men. which, it is declared,
will reduce the cost of logging from
50  to   75 per cent, in addition to|
saving an average of eight feet tn the I
tree that is wasted under  the  present methods.
An equajly important function of
the device is the removal of stumps
in cutting over lands, and it is the
practical solution nf the perplexing
land-clearing question.
The machine is a simple piece of
mechanism, consisting of a gasoline
motor similar loa motorcycle engine,
to which is attached s drill opejated
at 60C0 revolutions a minute By
moving the drill back and forth it
cuts its way through a tree with
sueh rapidity that it will fall a Ire*
eight feet in diameter at the butt
within five minutes.
According to the inventors the
machine will fall and cut into logs
a tree at a cost of 25 cents for each
1000 feet. By the present method
of falling, it costs from 65c tn tl tn
do the work. Two men operating
the mnchint- can cut 400,000 feet of
logs daily, while under the present
system two men are able to cut nnlj
30,000 feet daily, declsie the inventors. The device can be so placed as
tn cut a tree at anv an_.lt"
By digging the earth Irom around
a tree or slump, the machine can be
operated at an angle to make the eut
from one to twn feet underground.
With the stump thus removed the
hole is Hnveied up and the ground
is restly fnr the  ilow.
Since public attention was focussed
on tbe naval issue and its underlying principles by the dramatic dead
lock in parliament, says an Ottawa
dispatch, the response to the Liberal
demand for an appeal to the country has exceeded the highest hopes
of those engaged in tbe struggle.
Telegrams by the hundreds, have
ponred Irom all parts of Canada to
the Liberal leaders and to tbeir followers, enthusiastically endorsing
the stand taken, and assuring them
thst the country is with them. Last
Friday Sir Wilfrid Laurier himself
received over two hundred telegrams
of this character, and it is significant
that the majority came from Ontario, where the Liberal defeat in
September of 1911 was most severe.
Several of these came from representatives of the farming and labor
ing interests. The old chief has been
suprised at the signs of reaction,
especially in the premier province,
and the eagerness manifested there
for a fight. Tbe only backdown
now must come from the Conservative side, and it is frankly admitted
hy many of the ministerial supporters tbat the party leaders made
s big mistake in getting into thc
present predicament. They are anxiously looking round for snme way
out that will prevent going to the
country and getting the - verdict of
tbe people at this juncture The
boasts nf tbree months ago are heard
uo longer.
Ore Shipments
The ore shipments and smelter
treatments of the Boundary mines
and smelters for the past week were:
Granby mine, 23,164 tons; Mother
Lode, 7613; Kawbike, 5221; Nopo-
leon 1105; Queen'Victoria, S69.
Smeller Treatments—Granby, 24.-
5110 torn.; Mother Lnde, 15,947.
Under the liquor laws nf this
province, persons found drinking in
licensed hotels during prohibited
hours aie liable to the same penalty
ts the proprietor.
Any one found under the infill-
ence of liquor while driving a motor
car in Ihis province is liable tn a line
nf *.i(in and six months in jail.
1   W. A. Williams, manager nf tht.
Granby smelter, is expected to   return from Granby Bay in a day  nr j
two. ' I
Special Easter services will be
held in til the city churches next
Sundty. j
Negotiations have been renewed by
tht British Columbia  Copper com-
Libe/al oMeeting
A meeting of the Grand Forks Liberal association will
lie held in Tlie Sun olliee on Tuesday evening, March 25.
Ollicers for the ensuing year are to be elected, and other itti-
portant business transacted. All members are requested to
lie present.    By order of the President
Lists Close April 7
Under the recently-passed amendment to the provincial
Elections Act, tlie voters lists of the province were cancelled
on Monday, March ... From March 3 to April 7 is the time
set apart under the act during which names may lie put on
he new lists. After April 7 no names may be added. Liberals are reminded of the date and are urged to take the
necessary action without delay, so that none of their names
will be left off through neglect. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
This Piece of Gold Has An Interesting
Albert Almon, the well-known collector of Louisburg relics and other
articles of antiquarian Interest, showed The Montreal Gazette a French
Bold coin of 1730, worth probably between ?10 and $15 for the gold ln It,
aside fiora its historical interest,
which formed part of tho treasure In
u ship whlcth was lost shortly after
that date at Point Mlcheau, Richmond
County. Tho coin ls practically as
good as new and on one side bears an
effigy of the French King, Louis XV.,
with a small Hon rampart below, with
the Inscription: I-iid. XV. D.G. Fr.
et Nnv. Rex. On the reverse there
are the lleur de lis and shield, arms
of France and Navaree, surmounted
by a crown, and snrround<*d by the
Inscription: Chrs. Hegn. Vine. Impel-, with the date 1730. The initial
T below the heraldic device would Indicate tbat the coin was minted at
The history of this coin ls an Interesting one. About the year of the
first eelge of Louisburg, a French
gun boat left France with $7,500,(1000
of gold coin to pay the troops and
all other expenses which were standing for some time In Louisburg. On
nearing the Cape Breton coast a fierce
storm arose and drove the little ship
off her course towards Point Mlcheau (which name Is a corruption of
Poin Mlcheau, after this ship, which
was named St. Michael). The ship
stranded on u reef at Point Mlcheau
kuown as Gros Bos fblg rock). All
tile crew were lost. The gold was in
oak kegs bound with coppc:- or brass
That the story of the loss of this
treasure ship was true was shown ln
the year 1900, when a big storm swept
over this shore aud a piece of oak
keel 40 feet long, with copper bolts,
r;i# ashore. Further proof was
given by Ihe finding of many gold
coins on the western beach, one man
finding six coins. This created much
Interest In-tho Point Mlcheau gold, so
that hundreds went there. The
beach was plowed and dragged, but no
more gold was got at the time.
The piece owned by Mr. Almon was
found last June and 'and owned by
Mr. Taylor. It was obtained through
Wm. M. Murphy of Point Mlcheau.
The coins were all of gold, dated 1725
to 1780. Mr. Almon states tliat in
his French histories mention has been
made of ships leaving France with
gold for Louisburg, and he thinks
that through further study the story
of this ship could be secured In full
detail in some of the histories or
from the French navy records.
Now Is thc morry season when the
family has to retrench because the
head thereof picked the loser twice'
A contrary man Is one who won't
listen, to the good advice we pour out
for his beneflt. '
Exhausted Nerves
Sleepless Nights
Continually Craw Worse Until Or.
Chase's Narva Food Restored
Vigor and Strength.
Mrs. Campbell.
What misery to lie awake nights
nnd think of all sorts of things without being able to get tho rest and
sleep which Is necessary lo restore
the nervous energy wasted In the
tasks of Iho day.
This symptom of sleeplessness Is
one of the sun-st Indications of an exhausted nervous system. Tou must
hnve sleep or a breakdown Is certain.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food feeds the
feeble, wasted nerves back to health
and strength. In a fow days you obtain tho najur.nl. restful sleep which
holps eo materially in restoring vitality to thc nerves and strength to the
whole body.
Mrs. Sarah Campbell, 101 Alma
street. St. Thomas, Ont., writes: "For
months I was so bothered with nervousness that I could not sleep nights,
Thero were other symptoms of exhausted nerves, but none caused so
much misery, and I found myself
continually getting worse.
•■•i uegah using Dr. CliaSe's Nerve
Food, and It wns not long beforo I
noticed great Improvement In my
health. It built up the nervous system wonderfully, strengthened tbe
nerves and enabled me to rest and
sleep well."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60c a box,
« for fi.CO, all dealers, or Edmonson,
Bates ___ Co., Limited, Toronto.
W. N. U. 938
Montreal Now Possesses a Handsome
Building for Its Pictures
A new era in matters artiBtlc in
Montreal has been inaugurated by the
opening of the Art Gallery Just built
by the Art Association of that city,
aided by generous contributions from
a few public-minded citizens. Nol
only will it mean a big "step in advance by those who have striven so
hard, and with so much success, to
make Montreal au art centre, but it
will make a substantial addition to
the attractions of the cily for residents
and visitors alike.
Up till now Montreal has had no
public picture gallery. Tho city is
peculiarly rich ln artistic treasures,
but most of them are either in private
collections or In the senil-prlvate collection of lhe Art Association.
The Art Association has hitherto
existed exclusively for its members.
It has had a certain social prestige
that has always been carefully maintained, notwithstanding that Its rules
and its fees have placed but little restriction on the qualifications for
membership. From time to time the
question of extending Ms usefulness
by giving the general public free access to Its galleries has been discussed, but It has always bcen felt that
this would destroy the essential character of the Institution, for whicli Its
leading members have worked hard
and made many sacrifices.
A year or two ago there came the
bequest of the famous Learmont collection of pictures by modern and ancient masters—a collection of almost
priceless value. One condition attached to the bequest was that the
galleries ln which the pictures were
displayed should be opeu free to the
public for two days In every week.
The bequest thus focused the question ot public privileges Into a crisis
ln the history of the association—a
crisis that was accentuated by the
fact that there was no room In the
old building in whicli to hang the collection.
The net result was a quickening of
Interest that ultimately determined
the council of Hie association to sell
the old Art Gallery—which being In
the centre of the shopping district
had greatly enhanced its value—and
to erect' a new building commensurate In size and dignity with the city
of Montreal. It was further decided
that this new Art Gallery should be
open to the public free for two days
in every week. Thus, when,-on December 0, the building was opened by
H. R. H. the Duke of Connaught, a
new and valuable centre for the elevation .of the public taste will be
placed freely at the disposal of the
citizens, while at the same time an
opportunity will be given them ol
seeing many of the treasures In private collections, for the most comprehensive loan exhibition ever held ln
Canada ls being arranged for tbe occasion.
The building Is on Sherbrooke street
In the centre of the most fashionable
residential district, and quite close to
the magnificent Rltz-Carlton Hotel,
now nearly finished. It Is of marble
throughout, much of the Interior fittings being of marble -quarried and
sculptured tu Italy. The huge'columns surmounting the steps at the
entrance are solid monoliths which
the architect claim are the largest on
the American continent. The design
inside and out, ls on simple classic
lines harmoniously blending Into an
Impressive and dignified whole. Inside a pleasant relief to the white
marble is afforded by balustradlng of
dull bronze and capitals and bases for
the columns of the same metal.
Perhaps one reason why the fool
killer is out of a job ie because he
soldiers on lt.
Baby's Own Tablets are the
one safe medicine to make
baby well and ieop him well.
They are guaranteed by a government analyst to be free from
all Injurious drugs und are absolutely safe to give even to
Ihe newborn babe. Concerning
them Mrs. Oscar Bedard, Man-
Beau, Que., writes:—-"I have
used Baby's Own Tablets and
have to thank them thut my little one is living to-day. I know
of nothing to equal them as a
children's medicine." The Tablets arc Bold by medicine dealers
or by mall at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams* - Medicine Co., Brockville. Ont.
15 Long Yeart
''For over fifteen years," wrttes a
patient, hopeful little Ills, woman,
"while a coffee drinker, I suffered from
Spinal Irritation and Nervous trouble.
I was treated by good physicians, but
did not get much relief.
"I nevor suspected that coffee might
be aggravating my condition. (Tea is
Just as injurious, because lt contains
caffeine, the same drug found in coffee) . I was down-hearted nnd discouraged, but prayed daily that I
might find something to help me.
"Several years ago, while nt a
friend's house, I drank a cup of Postum and thought I had never tasted anything more delicious.
"From that time on I used Postum
Instead ot coffee and soon began to
Improve In health, so that now I can
walk half a dozen blocks or more with
ease, and do many things that I never
thought I would be able to do again ln
this world.
"My appetite Is good, I sleep well
and find life is worth' living, indeed.
A lady of my acquaintance Bald she
did not like Postum, lt was so weak
and tasteless.
"I explained to her the difference
when lt ls made right—boiled according to directions. She was glad to
know this because coffee did not agree
with her. Now her folks say they
expect to use Postum the rest of their
lives." Name given upon request.
Read the little book, "The Road to
Wellvllle," ln pkgs. "There's a
Postum now comes In concentrated
powder form, called Instant Postum.
It ls prepared by stirring a level teaspoonful ln a cup of hot water, adding
sugar to taste, and enough cream to
bring the color to golden brown.
Instant Postum Is convenient;
there's no waste; and the flavor Is always uniform. Sold by grocers—
45 to GO-cup tin 30cts., 90 to 100-cup
tin SOct's.    '
A 5-cup trial tin mailed for grocer's
name and 2-cent stamp for postage.
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Windsor, Ont.
They Dare Anything
Some men are cowards through and
Unworthy of tlie same.
But when we see the styles we know
That milliners are game.
Deafnesr Cannot bo Cured.
by local applications, as they eannot
reach tht diseased portion ot the tar.
There Is only ona way to cur* deafness,
snd that Is b. constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is roused by an Inflamed con*
dition of the trucous lining of the Hue-
tachisn Tube. When I this tube Is Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
Imperfect Heaiinc, and when It Is entire
ly ok sed, Deslneit Is the result, and un
less the Inflammation csn be taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for ever:
condition of the mucous surfaces.     '
We will ilr* One Hundred Dollars for
tny cite of Detfnest (ctused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hell's Catarrh
Curt.     Send for circulars, fret.
F. .<. CHENEY A CO., Toltdo, O.
Sold by Drunt.t.. 76c.
Takt Hall's Family Pilla for constipation.
The old fashioned woman will have
none of the vacuum cleaners that obviate the necessity of house cleaning. What would life mean to her lf
her seml-hnnual debauch of house-
cleaning were denied her?
Take LAXATIVE    BROMO    Qulnlae
Tablets, Druggists refund money lf it
falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box.   25c.
It's only the defeated candidates
that don't recognize you n w. The
successful ones will keep an eye on
their fences.
Mlnard'e Liniment Curet Coldt, Ito.
Tell the truth, but be careful to
whom you tell lt.
There's a heap of fun tn this world,
and Jim Brown says he doesn't Intend to miss any of tt even lf he has
to knock off work occasionally.
There ls no use in fretting, but
some folks do It Just for amusement
Be happy while you may. Soon
your wife will present you with a box
of Christmas cigars Just llko the kind
her brother smokes.
A woman can Make the ' ordinary
man Into a pretty respectable citizen,
but by tho time she finishes the Job
he ls nbout ready to die.
When a man gets the better of us
wo are Inclined to believe    ull    the
Wc could stand for our continued
bad luck If it were not bo monotous.
We constitutionally hate monotony.
Soft corns are difficult to eradicate,
but Hollowuy's Corn Cure will draw
them out painlessly.
Entertain Themselves
What entertainment have you provided when the thimble club meets
at your house next week?
Oh, Mrs. Gray has taken her baby
and gone home to her mother. Kitty
Clark has eloped with the Greek who
keeps the fruit i tore, and Tom Slade
has defaulted and skipped for Brazil.
I haven't Invited any of the relative*
oi these people, so I think the club
will quite easily entertain Itself.
Unless worms be expelled from the
system, no child can be healthy.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
Is the best medicine extant to destroy
There's only one thing worse than
having to shovel coal and that ls not
having any to shovel when the mercury hits the zero mark.
WHEREAS five years ago the word Zom-Buk
was unknown in Canada, and Zam-Buk is to-day
admitted to be the finest cine for skin injuries
and diseasest
AND WHEREAS It has been represented to
us that there are still some good Canadians, and
even some mothers and heads of families ^ho
have not yet tried this great balm, we hereby
offer a REWARD of one free trial box? of
Zam-Buk to every person who has not yet tried
this wonderful balm t
PROVIDED they send by mail te us this
proclamation together with one-cent stamp to
pay return postage of such box i
address such application to our offices! at
Given under our hand this day.1
, •    ,/•<!-
Tht only
tan Mcurt_tm hlfhtt
.   —  ._ wWeK tbe Wttttrn ijaraat
poHlblt market ralut for. his wheat ott., barter tad
---■  —litem — -1— ■-■-—  — •-
a and satisfactory way In
.   . _ ttt poulblt mtrlttt ralut 1- ,..__  _______	
flax It by ihlpplnt It by tht ctrload to Fort Wlllltm or fort Arthur, or tt
Duluth If cart cannot bt got for tht other t.rmlntl. (loadlni It It ppatlbl.
direct Into tht ctr ovtr tht loadlni platform to it to tavt .levator charges
and dockage) tnd employing a strictly commlulon Arm to Bandit and ua*
pott of It.
Wt contlnut to tot as tht Farmer* Acini. toUlr tn a eommlnloB basis.
Wt art not trtckbuyere tnd wo ntrtr buy tht Ftrmettf train on our owm
account, but look ttter and dltpott of tht iraln tntrutttd to ut, ts the
•lent, of thot. who employ nt, tnd It Itour deelre tnd endeavor to five
-'      *     tt t_p.es poi.lbl..   wt sr'-   ■-   -   -__i—.
tveryone tht very best ttmct poi.lbl..
I mtkt liberal I
e_ur_ alllPPlns J__™L___1_L I"7!!! _.*'•_?_ *,_¥1??_.11«* tTtlrifpr ttlm.'i
I u<inm ttiTn.l
aln^entVcmmmrarnt?ltf1n*mlS7 ffoontTritftd'advlituit. wTlnvlft
all Farmtrt to wrltt to ut for .hipping instructions tnd marktt Informant*,
Thompson Sons & Company
Tkere are ao vtfttiblti Jest like yen-
on tremit    Provide ier a i*oi libit,
tal vtgtttblit, aad Ikrew away i
te atl ttly tapply yet wilh IkeFiittt it.i.o
far thit Cotttry, btl wt tit* tb'tw yet
Ttld it ttr bookltlt, 1S3 ptftt (copyrighted).
Tkt firtl tf tkt kiid prilled it Cmdi.    Tkty
ctitiii Ibt  beet  Wt.t.ri txperltice tl: expert
Mirktl Girdtttri.   Solid, practical ltd icisiblt—
Jilt whit yea wail le blow ia prtptritg tbe teed
td, muiriif, itarliig Ibt tttd, triiiplittiti, ftrciif,
ripeiiig, tloriod, deetroyiad itttctt, tic.     Tbt price
it 10 etilt per b-okltt (Sl.00 Itr Ibt fill ttt ef 11,
itclidiif TtfttiUt ltd tptci.l field crept), bml FREE to
pnrckittrtof ttrtttdt.      Set our cittlogM, pift 2.
"Sample frtt If you wrltt National
Drug and Chemical Co.. of Canada,
Limited, Toronto.
Harness Oil
Best for Wear
Insist on the
genuine Eureka
Harness OU in
original package*)
Dtalert everywhere
blinding headaches—all vanish when you take
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
Thty do nol contain phenscetln, aoettntlld,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
25c. a box at your Druggist's. 123
Natioimi ptue . CNiiic.i Co. or C xnx*x, Intnl.,
A woman can't throw a thing
straight to save her life.
Oh. yes. There's one thing she
can throw straight.
What Is it?
A cutting remark.
We do some things because we
want to do them, other things because
other people try to persuade us not
to do them.
Not Sufficient Preparation
My daughter la to be married soon.
Yes. And I am so glad tbat wt
gave her a course ln domestic science,
for I fool that she Is now pr.purdd
for the duties of homemaklng.
To whom is she to be married?
To the young Mr. Spender.
Ah! Don't you think you ought also
have* prepared for her the duties ot
money making too?
Why Not Save the
Middleman's Profit
and Ship Your
to where they bring
most'/ No market likt
Now Yorli.     Send for
Rilce Mat und thin to
I. r. Pfstlitr A tie
C ...12111 St. IDeak 76.
New York City
Winter Ills
Susceptibility to colds, sore
throats, tonsilitis and such, indicate impoverished vitality—lack
of reserve strength to weather
changing seasons.
A spoonful of SCOTTS EMULSION after each meal starts
healthy body-action like a small
match kindles a great fire—and
more*, ff mikel rich, healthy,
actio, blood—fortifle, the tiiiuei
and itlmulcstei th* appetite—It
tnohee losmd body-strength.
purest cod liver oil, made creamlike and palatable without alcohol or drug—the quintessence
of purity. '
Reject imttcsthni they ara tm-
potior, for profit. •
Scott & Bowne, Toroalo, Ontario   IMS
He Lacked the Agility
When Louis Cyr, the .famous strong
man toured the fall fairs around- Ontario back in the Nineties, his appearance ln Bruce County aroused
probably greater*interest than anywhere else. On one occasion when
he was. performing et the Kincardine
Fair, two Tiverton Scots watched his
exhibition with the canny reserve characteristic ot the race. After the big
feat—that of lifting sixteen or seventeen husky countrymen crowded on a
platform aud weighing ln tne neighborhood of two tons or so, thc larger
of tlie two Scotsmen observed to his
companion: Yon's a strong man,
Sandy." The other one, who was of
the wizened, drled-up variety of transplanted Highlander, weighing about
one hundred and twenty pounds, nodded his head: Yon's strong a' rloht, he
tald, but he ncter had tho 'agility that
I had.
When a mother detects from the
wrlthlngs and fretting of a child that
worms are troubling it, she can procure no better remedy than -Miller's
Worm Powders, which are guaranteed
' to, totally expel worms from the system. They may cause vomiting, but
thli need cause no anxiety, because u
la but manifestation of their thorough
work. No worms can long exist
where these Powders are used.
Helpful Idea
Do you think we ought to have women on the police force?
Yes; I believe It would be a good
thing. Then a woman stranger In
town would know where to borrow a
How Mrs. Reed of Peoria, DL,
Escaped The Stur-
•geon's Knife.
Peoria, I.l.-"1 wish to let every ont
know whatLydla E. Pinkham'iVegetabli
Compound hat dont
forme. Fortwoyean
I suffered. The doctor said I had a tumor
and the only remedy
wai the surgeon's
knife. My mother
bought me Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegetable Compound, and
today I am a well and
healthy woman. For
months I suffered
from Inflammation, and yonr Sanative
Wash relieved me. I am glad to tell
anyone what your medicines have done
for me. You can use my testimonial in
any way you wish, and I will be glad
lo answer letters."-Mrs. C&RISTD.A
Seed, 106 Mound St, Peoria, 111.
Bin. Lynch Aim Avoided
Jessup, Pa.-"After the birth ot my
(mirth child, I had severe organic inflammation. I would have such terrlblepains
list it did not teem it though I could
ttand It Thit kept up ior three long
Bonths, until two doctor* decided that
_n operation wu needed.
. "Thenone of my friends recommended
lydia E.* Pinkham't Vegetable Com-
wand and after taking Itf or two months
I was a well woman."-M_s. Joseph A
Lynch, Jessup, Pa.
Women who tuffer from female llll
should tay Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegeta.
lit Compound, one of tha mott success.
Jul remedies the world hat ever known,
Mom tubmltting to a surgical opera.
VV. N. U. 931
The Turkish consulate In this city Is
Indignant. Whether it ls because the
Turkish people have been called the
"most nervous people ln the world,"
or because the statement has been
made that they are "also the greatest
coffee drinkers ln the world,", ls not
clear, because the Turkish consul will
say nothing further than the Turkish
people have been libelled, or nearly
The whole trouble came about because of an advertisement of the
Postum people ln which the statements already mentioned were printed,
and lt was added:
"See the point?" "Wo are not quite
sure we could help them, but Instant
Postum helps lots of people. "There's
a reason."
The Turkish, consul's office called
several newspaper offices on the
'phone, and said the advertisement
was "Silly," ridiculous, and threatened to bring suit In the courts.
At the office ot the consul, 65 Liberty street, a man connected with the
oflice, and. who acted for the consul,
"We did telephone about the ad, and
have the matter under consideration,
but no action has been decided upon
as yet. A statement may be issued
In a few days."
"Will thero bo any court action?"
he was asked?
"There msy be. We haven't quite
decided. We can give you no further
Information Just now."—New York
Globe and Commercial Advertiser.
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT falls to curt any
cam of Itching, Blind, Bleeding o:.
Protruding Plies in 6 to 14 days. No.
Good Evidence
Do you really think that your sister
Is making such a match with tbe baron?
Judging by the great number ot
anonymous letters addressed to her, I
should say so.
Minard't Llnimtnt Curet Garget in
Father—Soo, does this young lady
yott are going to marry know how to
bake, mend and clean?
Son—Certainly not. I'm proud of
Mildred, she only knows how to run
a seven passenger blgnix, put on a
spare tire, Ax a carburetor and read a
She Had Diabetes, Sciatica, Backache
and Hesdache but   Found   8ptedy
Relief in the Great Canadian Kidney
St, Boniface. (Special) .—After suffering for three years from a complication ot diseases, Madame Oot. Dufault,
of 84 Victoria-street, this city, ls onco
more ln perfect health and Dodd's
Kidney Pills are credited with another
splendid cure. Speaking-tit her curo,
Madame Dufault says-.
'Yes, I am again a well woman, and
I thank Dodd's Kidney Pills for lt. I
suffered for three yeara and I may Bay
I had pains all over my body. I had
sciatica, neuralgia and diabetes. My
back ached, and I had pains In my
head. I was nervous and tired all
the time: there were dark circles
around my eyes which wero also puffed and swollen, and heart fluttering
added to my troubles.
"But when I started to use Dodd's
Kidney Pills I soon began to get better. I took thirteen boxes In all, and
I think they are a grand medicine."
Every one of Madame Dufault's ailments Is a direct result ot diseased
kidneys. That's why Dodd's Kidney
Pills so quickly cured them all.
The witness on tho stand was being
subjected to cross-examination. In
answering the question he nodded.
Whereupon tho court stenographer
who could not seo the witness, demanded: Answer that question.
The witness replied:
I did answer tt; I noddod my head.
Well, I heard lt rattlo, but could
not tell whether lt was up and down
or from sldo to side, answered the
Thty Cleanse While They Cure.—
The vegetable compounds of which
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are composed, mainly dandelion and mandrake, clear the stomach and Intestines ot deleterious matter and restore
the deranged organs to healthful act-
Ion." Hence they are the best remedy for Indigestion available to-day.
A trial of them will establish the
truth ot this assertion and dn more to
convince the ailing than anything that
can be written of these pills..   .
Oh", Pardon Me
Customer—Ten years ngo I would
only have to pay a dime for those
Grocer—Not these prunes; these
are only seven years old.
Minard't Liniment Curet Olstompsr.
Henry Is such a ladylike young man.
Indeed he ls. Why. be actually
wanted to kiss me when he met mo oa
Yonge street yesterday.
Your liver
is uogged up
That's Why You're Tired-Oat «f
Sortt-flatt at Appetite.
will put you right
it a few dtyi,    _
Tatr do
their duly.
BWotmu, fa_Rf.il.oi_, anl Sid HtaSSeatt
Small Pill, SmtlLDoie, SmiU Price,
Genuine dim ben Signature
til Urle Aold Diseases, including Kidney Trouble, Bladder Btonet Gait
Btonea, Gravel tnd Lumbago art rap-
Idly relieved tnd permanently cured
by SANOL. A remedy that hu sn
enviable reputation throughout Can-
tdt. Wt will tend letters from
ecorea of people, who htve been cured
of ont or more of thttim -.mplalnts,
Wrltt for full Information.
Price SI.50 Per Bottle at all Leading
Wash Day
Makes the Clothes as
Whit* as Snow
Try It I
M-nu.actii.-il br
Th* John.onKlctiifd.on Co
Limited, Montreal, Can.
•How ia I bow *\m Wetmt TtUt Stb
tenure? I'llrhowyou. ._
"..-ok tt tlie ult itself—nee how clear nml
transparent and perfect the crystal! are—
sparkling like little diamonds.
"Now taste them—notice that they dissolve
Instantly.  ,
Ma'am—It'a the only .alt we recommend
for table use and for cooking",
You ought to wear
reliable merchants have them
in stock
First Crow—That sounds llko* a gun.
Second Crow—You mustn't believe
every report you hear.
Cramming dovm Ill-chosen
food, tnd rushing back to
work, leads straight to dyspepsia, with til lt means tn
Proper habits ol eating,
with a Na-Dru-Co  Dyspepsia Ttblet  alter etch -
meal, restore good digestion, health and happiness.
A box ol Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablets costs but
_0o. al your Druggist's.
Nttlontl Drug and Chemical Co. of Canada, Limited.
I. X. L.
Price $3.50
For the Following Reasons
1—It Is compressed air that does the work.
2—You can wash a tub of clothes tn THREE minutes.
3—COMPRESSED AIR and SUCTION are the latest known science for
perfect cleaning.
4—There ls no wear or tear on the clothes.
6—It eliminates all the hard work ot washing.
6—You can rinse or blue a tub of clothes in 30 SECONDS.
7—One hour's work will do any ordinary family washing.
8—It will last for years.
9—Anything that can be cleaned by soap or water or gasoline can bt
cleansed perfectly without breaking a thread.
10—THREE minutes In the suds, TWO minutes ln the boiler (If you -
boll your clothes), 30 SECONDS ln the rinse water and 30 SECONDS ln the blueing water, will wash a tub of white clothes.
11—Lace Curtains, Bed Comforts, Fancy Shirt Waists, Wollen Blankets, Overalls and even Horse Blankets can be washed perfectly
without any wear or tear on the goods.
12—It forces the water through the fabric.
13—The finest fabrics can be washed In the same tub with ordinary
white clothes with no possible Injury.
14—Tho 'work that takes from 40 minutes to one hour to do on a rubbing board can be done ln THREE minutes without any hard
15—You can use the machine ln the boiler, thereby forcing the steam
through the clothes, which bleaches and whitens them.
16—It only costs $3.50 and will save at least $50.00 per year in your
home by n.- wearing out your clothes.
IT—The Washing Machine only weighs l'/« pounds.
18—You can do all your DRY CLEANING with this machine. You
simply use gasoline in place of water.
19—Because (lio.I.X.L. Vacuum Washer Is sold under a money back
guarantee to wasb quicker and better than any washing machine
made, Irrespective of price and construction.
20—Because lt you use tlte coupon below, you can get one ot theso
wonderful washers for $1.00.
To wash a tub of clothes perfectly in 3 minutes
Not only washes, but rinses and blues
No rubbing or batting.   Absolutely no Friction.
No  Severe   Exertion Required
A chllil cnn do an ordinary washing and huve it ready lor tho lint
lu one hour.
Send For One, You Run No Risk
-"•regent or moll this Coupon snd 11.60 to Dominion rtllltlcs Mfg. Co.,
Ltd., 4S2i,3 Main Hti.-.-t, Winnipeg, Mnn., and you will receive one
All charge* prepnltl anywhero In Canada, on condition thut your money
ls to ho refunded It tho Washer does not do all that la claimed,
KAME! '	
mm* THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B.C.
G. A. Evans. Editor and publisher
Due Year IJ.JJ
'Ine Tear (In advance)  1.00
One Year, in United Slatee  l.oO
Addreii all communication! to
Ths Kfl-ESlMO Sus,
.hoh Bit ghaiid Posts. b.c !gworn affidavits which would
FRIDAY, MARCH   21, 191 _
tion." Such was the open statement
made in Montreal last Saturday by
Tancrede Marcil, one of the opposition leaders in tbe fight which resulted -in tbe re-election of Hon.
Louis Coderre last November. It bas
been rumored for some time past
tbat tbe opposition had in its bands
= i a tremendous political scandal. Tancrede Marcil, wbo was defeated in
(ingot in tbe last general election, is
one of the first recruits in the Na
tionalists ranks. Formerly be was a
journalist, widely known in Quebec.
If Kill is worth twelve millions,
wby is Dan only worth three? The
Toronto Star puts Sir William Mackenzie's wealth at the former figure
and Sir Donald's  at  the  latter.    It
Saturday, April 5, will be "Apple
day" in the state of Washington.
On that day the people will pay
homage to the "king of fruits" hyj
general use. For several days preceding many newspapers will pub
lish recipes for preparing the apple
in various inviting wayB.   Through,
...       , -iii.1 doesn t look as if Dan had been get-
the activities of   commercial   clubs , „.V
,, . .      . ing a   fair shake.—Calgary Herald,
throughout   the   state i number of     D *? .'
railroads will feature the  apple  on "    ~ ~
their dining car menuts on the day ™ ^9^ Iree
named. Schoolchildren and grown- In Idaho there exists a species of
ups, too, will prepare essays laud the acacia tree that a writer in Flaring the fruit, and every dining-room pcr's Weekly says is entitled to be
in the (tite «i I leurged tigive tbe classed as one of the wonders ol
apple prominence. Tbe commercial plant life- Tbe tree attains a height
club of North Yakim., in the cen'er of about eight feet. When full grown
of one of the large fruit districts of it closes its leaves together in coils
the state, is behind the apple day. each day at sunset. When the tree
movement, and haa enlisted the ac- has thus settled itself for ita night's
tive co-operation of the Spokane sleep, it will flutter violently if
chamber of commerce and of com- touched, and if you shake the
meroial bodies throughout the state, branches it will emit a nauseating
By this means it is hoped to increase odor strong enough to bring on a
the home demand for Washington ; headache,
■inples. '" Idaho it is culled   the   "angry
  j tree," and it is said that it waa  His-
"Not only  one  crown  minister, : covered   hy   some   men  who were
the tree began to jerk ite branches
sharply, The motion continued
with increased "nervousness," until
at last there came a sickening odor
that drove the tired men to a more
hospitable camping place.
The Dog in the News
Kvery attentive reader of the
newspapers must have noticed the
almost daily appearance of the dog
iu the news. It hss been said that
three subjects are of, perennial interest to newspaper readers —love,
women and money. The dog is a
close fourth. He touches human
life at more points and more nearly
than any other animal. So the fre
quiint accounts of his inlelligenc-,
hi* bravery, his devotion in saving
people from drowning, from fire an-1
from burglars; his loyalty to Irs
master, his death from grief aid
even hie deliberate suicide, are rend
with avidity by all who really know
Not the exceptional dog, like i' e
one recently exhibited at various
universities, that dog has a viioab i
lary of over 300 word* and that do* s
all manner of impromptu stunts at
the, request of strangers, hut just the
common, ordinary dog, is full of
human nature. He has a sense of
humor and a.-ense of shame. Every
dog lover knows that there is no
such thing as a had or vicious dog
thai has not been made so either liy
abuse or neglect
but three of Ihe mem hers of Hon.
Mr. Borden's cabinet will have to
face direct chargis in connection
with   the   last   Hocheliiga bye-elee-
makini! a i-auip For the night, and
placed one end oi a canvas covering
over ml- of it« .. nsitive branches, to
use   ii   us it support.    Immediately
V OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN tliat tlie List of Voters
I' for the Grand Forks Electoral 1 )istrict has been can-
called, and that Applications tu lie placed on the Voters'
List will be received at my Office at Grand Forks, where
.printed forms of Affidavit to be used in support of an Application to Vote will be supplied.
The list of persons claiming to vote will lie suspended from
and after the seventh day of April, 1918; and a Court of Revision will lie held on the nineteenth day of May, 1(111), and
notice of Objections to the insertion of any name on the
Register of Voters must be given to me thirty clear days before the holding of the Court of Revision.
Dated this third dav of March. 191.!.
Registrar of Voters for the Grand Forks Electoral I /.strict.
.TV.l-^_r_L^J_l GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
quality.   See our new stOck of Gloves, Balls' etc. ji
Reach Balls  ...... .$1.23 each
Woodland <35> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
Death of Pauline Johnson
The death of Mies E Pauline
Johnson has removed another tal
ented Canadian woman. She was
the daughter of a chief of the Mohawks, the most enlightened branch
of the Six Nation Indians, and was
endowed with Xhe natural dignity
and eloquenae which have heen the
distinguishing characteristics of that
proud and capable tribe. From her
mother, an Englishwoman, she inherited that profound regard for
British traditions and institutions
which was visible .in her lectures and
many of her literary works. She
was instinctively a child of the
Muse, at a very early age gave evidence of her L'ift, and as she grew
older her charming verse found a
ready acceptance in the prominent
publications of two continents. Tbe
pily of it is tbst on her the heavy
hand uf the destroyer should be
laid just as she reached the full
meridian m her powers.
Something    That  Yoa
Never Seen Nor
Heard Of
it is used this year aa a little
blaster present, or rather a mark
of courtesy to friends and relatives. Its value as a token lies
more in the novel idea than in the
price of the article It is arranged
so that it can be sent, just like a
postcard, for ii cent ot- two, to
any place in Uakiadu or the United States The endearing idea
about it is the emls-dded LuuiN
ons Cross, whi_l\, will shine all
night long (or iu any dark non)
in a Glorious. Mysaic Hluk
Light, alter yon have nad it exposed t,) daylight tor a few minutes. The price is so low that
anyone is enabled io be eon
voiced of its real nature It is
indeed an article whieh is held
in high esteem by any Christian
family or person. I'he shining
cross is made of a stone wh.i-h is
found only near Jerusah m and
of which already the Bible speaks
as the li-KiNous'Stone in piutur
ing Solomon's Temple.
PRICES AHE—15 c«nt»  each, 2
for 25c, 5 for 50e, and 12 for SI.
(Sole Agent for Canada and US )
THE Great Northern
1    has added a
Barber Shop
to its already well eqnipped
Pompeian and Electric
Massage given.
Razors  sharpened   by
an expert.
Fred Russell and the proprietors
of the Great Northern hotel have
ordered moter cars.
A meeting of the Grund Forks
Liberal association will be held in The
Son office on Tuesday evening, March
25, for the election of officers and the
transaction of general business. Bv
order of the President
It Used (o be "St. George and
Merrie England." Nuw it's Lloyd
George and Merry Helll—Chicago
Some business men are so fond of
•being deceived that tliey even en
deuvor lo believe thnt they can reach
the consumers of this district with
out iidverligiiigin I'he Sun
Horse-Shoeing a specialty
Repairing of Every Description
All Worn Fully liuarunteed
Bicycle and Automobile impairing
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you Ituy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in frtmt of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (_&Smith
Idles   the   night  wind through   the
dreaming Urs,
That waking murmur low,
As xoine lost melody returning stirs
The love of long ago;
And   through   the far, cool distance,
zephyr fanned,
Tne moon is setting into shadow-land.
Thu troubled night-bird, calling plaintively,
Wanders un restless wing;
The cedars, chanting vespers  to . the
Awaits its answrring,
That comes in wash  of  waves   along
the strand, I >
The while the moon slips into shadow-
0! soft, responsive voices of the night,. INTH«B«TAT*Or-JOMN ABRAHAM
I .oh, your imn.tr.l.y, | cohyell. d.o.amd
Am. call across the fading silver light  N«™« WKi'M
As something call, to me; [to wl{l *J.... A^k.^y.lh dog,..,,.
I mav nut all   your  weaning   under*   Blunted out of tneMiuranw umtol brituii
*,    a Columbia, at Oraiul Fork*. B   ■-., t*j Km ma
HtaiXl, Fer_.ii.ioii Coryell anil Kiaiik O orgw Coijell.
But    I    .have   touched    your   houI in   •'■'"trlx   and   executor ttnivlii    named.
i     i      *     j butil °" O-faud •' orks u.u,
shadow land. !    hvery   icer.o i   Indebted to tald ettate li
1 required to make payment lurthwith to the
 , said executrix uud executor, and ev»ry per-
■ou having ln po"i»i«liiu   etk-oifl    -Motiving
Straws that the   prophets of   evi    to t-«t«te U irfbJM forthwith to deliver
ou*"H'   *"*" *"7   Vvf saiiienv r to MU■* exetimrlx and executor.
atmuld on Mien uniformly cheerful  in-     Every ore iltor or otlier befton • avlncany
....     . claim U|*ou or intercut lu tht: distribution of
dlvinualM. tue Mtate of the decea-cd If required before
 . the itfth day of April, A.D. mi, to tend by
rcgiiturt'd letier. addreeied to the under
■ Currying favor with a money lender \mAAaTms*m*m It&iS^mH
is an easy job compared to getting, on element of hi. aeoouut, verified by >tatu-
___. • i . i ( . . .,._ _,._,.__- i., lorn s.iry-.-luratloii.auil the nature of the i-cur-
the naht side of a pert sister-ill- law.      fty 111 sny)VlAy Mm*.
Alter bi- .ulil'-tthA y ol April the eieoil-
  ttlx« i-njciit rwll   l-rom-ed with the ad-
-ex, i    ,e .1       Smm    nt    _____     i ini Iriitliin   ol tbe BfltBe,  bavins   ri-uard
Xo a woman half the   fun   ot   get lo tllll>e ,.,,,„, oui, o( whlo„ ,&w Aall
ting letter, consists in   holding  them "ZeV*l,.t?i.,cnH.r.h.A.ii.mi
in her hand and   guessing who   they KMMA F- corvkm.. B««cutrl»,
are from. crank u. cokykll, Kx«iuiar,
l67fcl69W.WASHIt.GT0H ST.
At the Head
The man at the head ol affair,
whether SI home or in biuineu. u
lhe one whew attention you with
lo attract.
Our paper goes into thi-best i lass
of homes ana is read by the head of
the family. That accounts -fot the
results obtained hy the uk of
Classified Want Adt.
Electric Restorer for Men
PIlOSDhonol restores entry Dtne la the body
rixvapxxxnxvx t<> 1(J _)top|_, |MiUm) ro,loItg
     .     _._ pl-,_ —	
vim and vitality. Premature decay snd all sexual
weakness averted at once. Phoapkosol will
make you a new man.   Price IS a boa. or two tor
M. Mailed to any address. tbofooWaU	
Go.. St. CMhar lnM. Ont.
Don't he misled hy false statements ol competitors. Advertise in
The Sun, because it is read by more
people than any other paper printed
in the Boundary district. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Second International   Egg-
Laying Contest
Held under the supervision of the
provincial department of agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria,
Total eggs laid from December 2,
1912, to March 2, 1913:
No oj
Pen.    Ovoner and Breed. Eggs
1—C. P. Stainer, Cowichan, An-
conas 215
2—V CIeeves,Hagau P O., Saanichton, White Leghorns  234
3—R. W- Russell, P.O. Box 450,
Nanaimo, White Leghorn*...212
4—A  Unsworth, Sardis, White
Leghorns 274
5— E. A. Orr, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns 180
i li—V.   H.   Wilson,    Koksalah,
White Leghorns    206
7—J.   Emery,   Sidney,    White
Leghorns 213
8— W. Senkbeil,   Britcola P. 0.,
Buff Minorcas ,     7
9—F. P. Hearns & Son, 155,
llth.Av. E., Vancouver, An-
conas  111
10—H. Nicholson, Turgoose P. O,
Suanichton, White Leghorns 169
11—C. N.  Boi-ton,  Summerland,
Brown.Leghorns  130
12—A, M. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hammond, >S S. Hamburgs 213
.  13—Mrs. Cross, 2138 Belmontav,,
Victoria, White  Leghorns...232
14—A Easton,   Duncan,  B,   C,   .
White Leghorns  255
15—None Bros., Cowichan, White
Leghorns 322
LB—J. Amsden, Box 1, Deerholme
P. O, White Leghorns 279
17—E.   Soole,  Cowichan, White
Leghorns 321
18—Seymour   Breen,  Duncan, B.
C, White Leghorns 2G6
19—J.   E.    Baines,   Saanichton,
White Leghorns  162
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Port Langley, Buff Leghorns 209
21—R. Wilson, Langley   Prairie,
Barred Rocks  113
22—L     F.    Solly,   Westholme,
White Wyandottes 227
23—A.   C.   Lovekin,   Glengarry
farm, Metchosin, Bar'd Rocks. 119
24—0. E   Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Black Orpingtons 156
,  25—Svseph Arnould.Sardis, White
Wyaudottes 220
26-J. Wood, 1153 Caledonia av.
Victoria,- Buff Orpingtons .. 128
27—Dean Bros., Keatings, White
Wyandotte, 216
28—W. Miller Higgs, Sooke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor GainelOl
29—J. J.  Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S. C. Rods ; ..224
30—F. Horth, Sidney, B. C, Col.
Wyaudottes 176
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Victoria,
White Wyandottes 110
32—C.   W. Robbins,  Chilliwack,
Buff Orpingtons 254
.13—Ferd   Matthews,   Kamloops,
Barred   Rocks 184
34—0. B. Ormoiid, R. D, 3, Vic
toria, R. C  Reds 173
35—H. E. Waby, Enderby,Barred
Rocks 211
.16—Dr. W. H.  B. Medd, Mount
Tolmie, Black Orpingtons  41
37—Mrs E. Mi-C Mottley, Kamloops, S. C. Reds 209
38-W. H. Van Arum,2390 Oad-
boru   Bay   Road,    Victoria,
White  Orpingtons  70
39—A. E. Smith, May wood P.O ,
Victoria, SU. R«.il»  ...231
40—S. D Evans, Box 201, -Penticton, White Orpingtons  74
Average price of eggs, 35c per
dozen Pen temperatures: Highest,
(12°; lowest, 24°; mean, 42.6°, Rain-
fell on six days only. Snow on two
days. Frost wus registered on seventeen daya, and sunshine wus absent
on Hve days.
Taking into consideration the variety of breeds and strains coiiipeting.the
egg production for the month has
lieen very satisfactory. The yield averages a little better than 50 per cunt
for the whole forty pens.
The outstanding feature of the
month has been the performance of
pen 32 (Buff Orpingtons). It is true
that several records have been broken
this month, hut their yield of 140
eggs in 28 days certianly deserves
special mention. Appended is the
daily record for the month: 5, 4, 5, 5,
(i,-6, 6, 5, 6, 3, 5, 5, 6, 6, 3, 4, 6, 6,
Houses and Lots
For Sale in All Parts of tke City"
Also Fruit Lands and Tracts suitable for
subdivision. I have a few Real Snaps left
in the bourn 'centre in the West End. I
sell my own property, and save you commission.
4, 6, 6, 5,5,4,6,5, 3,5, total 140
eggs. In addition to' this, it might
be mentioned that only two other pens
in Clnss II are laying larger eggs than
pen 32. The eggs average 26} ozs.
to the dozen from this pen. Iu the
first contest the highest monthly yield
in either class was 118 eggs foi 31
In Class I. pen 15 has ousted pen
17 from the leadership by one egg.
Pen 4, with a splendid yield of 123
eggs, jumps up two places. Pen 8
commenced laying on the 20th.
The leading six pens in Class I are:
15, 17, .16, 4, 10 and 14
The following pens in Class I were
the heaviest producers for the past
month: Pens 4 (123 eggs), 1-5(114),
16(106), 18 and 20 (102 each), 3
(101), and 17 (1U0).
In Class 11, as mentioned above,
pen 32 especially distinguished itself,
aud So moves up from tit'ih position
to first. Pen 30 moves up from sev-
enrh to second place, having a record
of 122 eggs for February. Pen 25
moves up one place. The leading six
pens are as follows: Pens 32, 39, 22,
39. 25 and 35.
The- following pens were the heaviest producers: Pens 32(107 eggs),-39
(122), 37 (113), 25 (107), and pen
28 (102. The last mentioned pen,
White Cornish Game, soon got into
their stride, ss the first egg was laid
on February 1.
At the first experimental weighing
of eggs it was found that all pens were
producings eggs well above the mini
mum weight proscribed—22 ozs. per
dozen. Pen 37 heads the list with 27}
ozs per dozen.
The following pens in Class I lay
the heaviest eggs: 7, 9 and 17 (26
ozs.), 2 and 3 25} ozs.), 1 and 14
(25ozs.). Class II—37 (27} ozs)
.19 (26 Joss), 21 and 32 (26} ozs.)'
22, 26, 30 and 34 (26 ozs), 40
(25f ozs.), 27 and 29 (25J ozs.), 39
(25} ozs),
Heaviest dey's production, 140
For Sale—New Peerless Incubator
and Brooder; 220 eggi Robert Clark.
Ten Minorca Roosters, one year
old, for sale. Apply Dick Malm,
Ruckle addition.
Plymouth Rocks
and Rose Comb
Rhode Island Reds
for hatohlntf loom AA    eachtta aa
S Slhlfclllaa Stock _bl/C quantity
0R4.N0 forks, b. o.
Now is the time to place
your orders. We have for
sale settings of eggs from
Buff Orpingtons, Black
Minorcas, Silver Pencilled
Wyandottes and White
J. A. McCALLUM, Proprietor
Grand Forti, Phone L 101
Fob. 28<h, 1911.
Partridge Wyanpottes.
Partridge Rocks.
Blue Andalusiuns.
Silver Spangled Hamburgs.
Empire Strain of Brown Leghorns
Indian Runner Ducks,
Columbia Poultry
SingleJComb Rhode Island Reds.Single
Comb White Leghorns, Houdans.
Eggs for sale, $3 and th for 15. Win
ner of 1st cock and 2nd hen in single
comb Reds at, the Provincial Show; 10
cups, over 70 1st prizes and other
specials in 1912 Our birds are tented
layers as well as winners in the show
room.   A few good cockerels for sale.
T. Bowen
Box 293        Grand Forks, B. C,
Kennedy's Improved Champion Strain
Promoter Wanted
More capital required in a growing
business returning {2.00 on every
(I 00 invested. Incorporated
for fl,000,000. $1011,000 yours if
you are the right man. Reference* required. Apply A_ B. B.,
this otlice.
Gradually Crowing
Our "Want A*** Mhaun or.
?_^*!» S™^"*, ■* ****** **-
* Want AS aw a, m* work.
I will sell my entiae crop of last year's  Potatoes at $5 J    H you read The Sun you get th
per ton if hauled from by ?*oot houses on my ranch in the! J,.ew^frl|jbe f*j' theib?*foin^lt
Western...   Good varieties.   Splendid condition.     • . ]^d^tokwii£St rf*"he*tl«i!!£
H A R V EY   H A N SO N without th°8id o,the daily pap**"*
We l
Best Newspaper
bargain in
The Boundary
xjiis (femii Forks ihm
and the Montreal
.ffamtljj ifmli. mi WtM$&tt\t
and a beautiful picture, "Mother's
Treasurew," for
! $1,500
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500000 feet of commercial
timber on the property
5500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line   survey
crosses property
Deed Clear, S875 Gash,
Balance Terms
For Further .Particulars Ayply
he    Sim    Office
Newspaper Law
1. A postmaster jn required to give
notice by letter (returning tbe paper
does not answer the law; when a sub
scriber does not take his' paper out of
the postolliee, and state the reason for
its not being takeu. Any neglect to
do so makes the postmaster responsible to the publisher for pnyhients.
2. If any person orders his paper
discontinued he must pay nil arrearages, or the publishers may continue
tn send it until payments are made,
and collect the whole nmount whether
the pnper is taken from the oflice or
not. There cnn be no legal discontinuance until payment is made.
.1. Any person who takes a papet
out of the postolliee, whether directed
to his name or not, or whether he hns
subscribed or not, is responsible for
4.  If a subscriber orders his  paper
stopped and the publisher continues to
send it, the  subscriber  is  Isiund   to
pay   for. it   if he takes it out of the
post office.    This proceeds  upon  the
ground that a man must pay for whnt
he uses.
fi. The courts have decided that re-
ng to take newspapers or   permdi-
fioui the post office or  removing,
ng   them   uncalled for, is-prima
evidence of intentional fraud. THE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Ruby Rose Cold Cream
A toilet delight, with the exquisite
fragrance of fresh roses. Makes
chapped hands smooth and sott and
keeps them so. Preserves the most
delicate complexion against exposure
to the severest weather. Try 11—
you'll certainly appreciate lt.
In 25c. opal jars, at your druggist's.
OF CANADA. LIMITED.        184
Why did none of the candidates
think of .working the endless chain
eystem to get votes?
The man who can always tell you
what ls going to happen can also tell
you afterwards why It didn't.
Engineers and Boilermaker*
Boilers ot   aU   kinds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write ua for Prioes <
14 Btrachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Book Froo.
Jt-^^ Oli sorei, alcers mai
•*•********•*•*****••**•-*■ (rowtfaa cared.    Describe
»e*r tremble i we will end book and leiluueleli,
A simple
 j reewved
Imp fiw this Udy'e brcetl
The One
Ideal Gift
lUIlt OB
ea alt row
* J3
« sjjw
for all the famil.
for all the year
around is a
Columbia Graf onola
Ask your nearest Columbia
dealer to play you the special
Xmas Columbia Record* (Fit
any machine.)
Colombia Phonograph Company
McKinnon Building, Toronto, Oil.
Teirltory Open to Dealen
DYE, ont cao hor—ttxit *wx Son't ovm h.fl. to
kaowwlMt KIND of Cloth yowGooSe an mxto
ol.-'So MUtflkM .to IniMMlSU.
8_nd (of Fr.. Color CirS. StotT Booklet, ..4
BooU.1 slTlos .•■»'•• ol Drains ov.r othar colon.
The Central Business College, To*
ronto, with tour City branch schools,
The Central Telegraph and Railroad
School and The Shaw Correspondence
Bchool, are now commonly known as
"Shaw's'Schools." In these schools
a treat werk ls being done In training
young people for business pursuits
and for earning good salaries. The
annual curriculum Is Interesting and
Is mailed free on sending request to
W. II. Shaw. President. Toronto, Ont
Marlon—Did her husband leave her
Jessie—Quite often—before he quit
for good.
Because a girl Is afraid ot a mouse
Is no sign that she can boar a cat.
•i   PILLS
We. ■ box or alx boxes tor SUM,
it all dealer* or Tho Dodds Modi-
dm Cen.p_.ny. Limited,   Toronto,
T. A. Crerar, B. J, Fream, John Kennedy, -William Moffat.
Manitoba—T. A. Crerar   John Kennedy. Wm. Mottat, R. McKentlo.   Saskatchewan—Oeo.
uuigley. J. A. Mahara, P. W, Qreen, J. Morrison.   Alberta—B. J. Fream.
If you consign your gram to us lt will be locked after ln the best possible manner.
To better ti» condition of the farmer and cut out Uu spread between the producer aad the.
Father Time.-—"Black Knight assures a bright New Year to all users",
It'a a paste —
gives a brilliant,
black polish that is
not affected by the
Black Knight
Ask your dealer for
"Black Knight"
and see for yourself how easy it is
for stoves, grates
and ironwork.        45
Strikes at the Root ol Disease and
Gives New Health.
It yon look ln your dictionary you
will find the word "tonic" defined as
*a medicine that Increases the strength
and vigor of the eystem." That tells
why Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a
real tonic. Thousands of men and
women are ailing to-day, not sick In
bed, but without strength and ambition, utterly tired out after a day's
work. No one organ seems to be at
fault, yet the whole system ls lacking In health. They do not sleep
well and are always tired and nervous,
many have headaches, backaches and
stomach trouble. All these people
need the tonic help of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. The beneficial Influence
of this medicine reaches the whole
system. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
do more than relieve the symptoms,
they, actually remove the cause of the
trouble. The case of Mrs. J. H.
Sharpe, London, Ont., ls one ln proof
of the above statements. Mrs.
Sharpe says:—"I was so run down
and weak that lite was a burden. The
least exertion would exhaust me so
greatly that I could hardly breathe.
If going up stairs, I would have to
rest several minutes when I reached
the top. My heart would palpitate
until I felt as It It .would choke me.
I was extremely nervous. In fact a
complete wreck, and would sometimes
have to remain ln bed for a couple of
days or more at a time. I found no
help from medicine until I began using Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and my
experience with them was that they
made a complete cure, I gained ln
weight and my friends tell me I look
younger than 1 did ten years ago—I
know I certainly feel younger. I feel
sure that what Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills have done tor me they will do
to other women if given a fair chance."
If you are at all unwell do not tail
to try Dr. "Williams' Pink Pills, and
you will find new health and strength.
Sold by medicine dealers or by mall
at 50 cents, a box or six boxes tor
12.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
In the Cycle
He ts so far behind the times that
he will never catch up.
There ls some advantage to that.
What ls lt?
His jokes are so old that they sound
like new.
W. N. U. tN
Minard's Liniment Curet Olphtharls.
Couldn't Stand It
Did you hear why Mn. Mason recalled the Invitations to her party?
Because    her   husband's   second
cousin died.
That's the reason she gave, but
don't you believe tt.
Because the last Indian Swaml that
i Mrs. Wilson secured for her party
j made Mrs.  Mason's poor little Japanese juggler look Uke the halt of
i SO cents.
It's Best
To Have
ready to use at first sign of trouble
the best corrective for any disorder
of the organs of digestion. The
earlier you seek relief the easier
it will be to get it—and the more
certain it will be that the trouble
will- not lead to something worse.
It is universally admitted that
are the safest preventive as well
as the most reliable corrective of
stomach, bowel, or liver troubles.
They bring about regular, natural,
healthful action. All through the
body—in every organ, every nerve
—in actions, vigor and spirits—you
will feel the benefit of Beecham's
Pills—and quickly, too. You
will save yourself suffering if you
have this matchless aid to health
Ready On Hand
Sold avotywkare.
InboSM, 2So.
Did you ever know a man who was
stubborn as a mule to be credited with
horse sense?
The Friend of All Sufferers.—Like
to "the shadow of a rock in a. weary
land" ls Dr. Thomas' Electric OU to
all those who suffer pain. It holds
out hope to everyone and realizes It
by stilling suffering everywhere. It
is a liniment that has the blessings ot
half a continent. It ls on sale everywhere and can be found wherever enquired tor.
Now Is the merry season when the
family has to retrench because the
head thereof picked the loser twice'
Weal letter
It Instead of
soap you use
SNAP, the
original hand
SNAP contains no lye or
acids, but glycerine and neutral
oils which keep the skin smooth
snd in splendid condition.
Try SNAP tor a week and notice
the difference. 47
OfttrlHaifiattxxlali-ixj. Unxx-xmxx,
Free Library for Blind
Jt glance at the following brief summary of work done by the Canadian
Free Library for the Blind, will convince any reader that a real and necessary task is being fulfilled.
The library was Incorporated under
the Ontario Public Libraries Act toward the close of 1906, on Nov. 9, of
which year 81 volumes were ln Its
possession. On Nov. 1 ot the present year the number of volumes owned had Increased to 2,858, while, ln addition, 959 pieces ot music have been
purchased. For the year 1907 the
circulation was 996 volumes, while fbr
the* first three-quarters of 1912 the
circulation was 4,643 books and
pieces ot music.
.   Cautious
Mamie has a .friend from out ot
town visiting her.
I know. Shall you give a lunch
eon in her honor?
I haven't made up my mind yet.
Why not?
I shall wait until I see her clothes.
Tho Nova Scotia "Lumber King"
the BEST liniment ln use.
I got my foot badly lammed lately.
I bathed tt well with MINARD'S LINL
MENT and lt was as well as ever next
Yours very truly,
t. a. Mcmullen.
Is he a-successful physician?
Successful? '
I should say so. Why, ho can take
any ordinary case of overeating and
got more advertising for curing a dan'
gerous case ot peritonitis than any
doctor you over saw.
Makes Breathing Easy.—The constriction of the air passages and the
struggle for breath, too, familiar evidence ot asthmatic trouble, cannot
daunt Dr. J. D, Kollogg's Asthma
Remedy. This ls tho famous remedy
which is known far and wide for Its
complete effectiveness even under
very severe conditions. It ls no untried, experimental preparation, but
one with many years ot strong service
behind it. Buy lt from your nearest
Mr. F. J.. Chamberlin, president of
the Orand Trunk Railway system, ls
ln receipt of the foUowlng congratulatory telegram from Mr. O. T. Somen, president of the Toronto Board
of Trade. The congratulations ot
the Toronto Board of Trade are heart
Uy extended to yM oh the movement
of your first train ot wheat and Its
product trom Western Canada to the
AtlsaUs'Sa-DoSia.*" tt-ls bfip'Mlally
noteworthy tbat 'such a train- should
proceed entirely through Canadian
terrltorlty, nnd that It consists ot a
food product destined to a country
(South Africa) within tho British
Emplr*. -
Kidney Stones and Gravel are quits.
ly expelled from the system br Um
use ei
which has been a signal iummi
throughout Canada as a complete
our* ot Kidney Trouble and all Urlo
Aold Diseases. Wa will send letters
telling of many cures to all wbo WIU
write us.
Price SI.SO Fer Bottle at aU Leading
We will sell for a short while a few
lot's left In Bouthwood Park (to close
out a syndicate) at prices below what
adjoining lots aro Belling at today.
Asphalt pavement, treed lota, close
to car, between Winnipeg and new
agricultural college and University
site, absolutely safe and a good pro-
St assured.
Write us at once.
303 Keewaydan Bldg.,
Portage Ave., East
lias.-Winslow's SotmiiNO syrot haa beea
used (or over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS rt
Is the best remedy fot MARKHU.A. It is absolutely hermle»». Be sure and.arte for "Mi*
Winslow's Soothing Syrup." aad take ao otluf
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
If you feel "out of sorts"—"run down"
or "got tho blues," sutler from kidney,
bladder, nervous diseases, chronic weak,
nesses, ulcers, okln eruptions, plies. Aa..
write for my FREE book. It Is tha
most Instructive medical hook ever written. It tells all about these diseases
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the new French Remedy "THliRAPION*
No. 1, No. I, No. I, and you can decide
for yourself if It ls the remedy for your
ailment. Dm't send a cent. It's absolutely FREE. No "follow-up" circulars. Dr. LdClero Med. Co, Havoc,
stock Rd.. Hatapstcad. London, Eng.
How would you liko to be dur Selling
Agents and make BIQ MONEY in
your Spare Hours ?
We have thc Goods I
Send Post Card to-day
for particulars, and "Get Into Business."
M. O. Dept P. O. Box 1256, Montreal, Can.
stock broking business! I want a live
ambitious representative In every city
and town to handle stocks, bonds anl
mortgages; applicant must furnish references and havo from $100 to SSOii persoa-
al capital. Write or call M. R. EJgM
A Co.. M Victoria Street. Toronto,
Wanted-»Agents Ior Hall and Wind,
storm Insurance.    Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
Many a good dinner has been spoiled hy a poor digestion.
A hone lu the field Is worth two
in the barn. You can't prevent
Spavin, Rlniboue, Splint, or Curb from
putting your horso __■ tbe born but yott
csn prov-nt these troubles from keeping
hones in the barn very long.  You can get
and *tn* all audi ailments. Eor 35 yean,
Kendall's Spavin Cure has been the horseman's standby.
Ain-Tsmin, On. Much »<th, 1911.
"I have tikei Kendall's Spavin Cure for
over 14 yean curing two Bog Spavins, mm
Curb, one Bone Spavin and a Rlnobone-aa
hia cases. Yoill-medicine Is the best In the
Price $1 per hottle-t .bottles fc. ASk
dniggUt for free book ■"Ticallae on. tke
Hone" or write direct to us 71
». B. J. Kendall Compear       1
A Singular Call
It Came From One Who Had
Seemed Ungrateful
1 wns starling for tbe office ot the
Henderson Wrecking company, by
whom 1 wus employed as a direr,
when s boy stepped up to me and
knitted me u telegram:
Alec Is caught In ths Clapham reservoir.
Come quickly and set blm out.
1 ran for the station to take a train
for Clnphnni nud found one made np
tn Mart In twenty minutes. But It
seemed nn hour before I was rolling
out of (lie station on a flfty minute
trip. While I nm making It I will tell
how I conic to receive tbe telegram.
I received a common school educa-
-Hon. One dny In tbe school yard I
saw one of ibe boys take a doll from
• little girl, and, holding It by Its legs,
be smashed Ils cblna bead against the
html, sandy ground. 1 walked np to
tbe boy and without saying a -word
•lapped hk face.  Of course there wns
* light, st whicb 1 got ths credit ot
knrlug thrashed my antagonist. Out
tbls wns ratber because tbe boy I
fought whs In the bablt ot doing mean
things for no cause whatever rather
Hum for any advantage 1 gained over
The llllle girl whom I bqd befriend-
ed'surprlsed me alter Ihe fight by making n face ut me. Children are but nn-
grown men nnd women, and I suppose
say resenting hor HI treatment was like
Interfering In family feuds, for everybody knows ibat protection against
tyranny In the case of (hose who are
fund of each otber is liable to result
disastrously to the protector. Refraining from showing any feeling at tbe
girl's Ingratitude, I walked off with
my bands lu my pockets, whistling s
tune lo make It appear that It was a
waiter of no consequence.
Dining the rest ef my school days I
fend the mortification to experience the
111 w|ll of both this boy and girl, both
•f wbom seemed to bave taken a dislike tu uie. It was a period wben we
were passing out of childhood Into
youth, and for the several years remaining before we finished school
something nbout the glrl-1 knew not
what-was growing upon me. Her
treatment of me pained me—indeed, I
wuuld bare given my best tennis racket for a smile from ber. When onr
last term .at school was finished I found
myself In love with ber. True, I was
but sixteen years old and sbe fifteen,
but my experience ia the matter bas
proved tbnt tbe younger the person
tbe more violent tbe love.
it was very distressing for ine to see
• girl wbom I hnd befriended and
whom 1 loved not only showing repulsion for me, but lavishing ber admiration upon tb; boy wbose malicious
treatment of ber I bad punished. But
In matters of tbe heart ons never
knows wbat a womnn will do, sod s
n-u u Is not much more lo bo depended
npon. Be this as It may, I saw my
lore grow lo womanhood lavishing ber
■erection on the person who bsd out of
pure deviltry smashed ber doll. 1 think
tbat os s child ber turning against me
was natural. As a woman It mgy hsvs
bcen encouraged by my rival.
Kate threw tbs three ot ns together
■ot only-us children, but sfter wo bad
become men and women. Tbe girl 1
secretly worshiped married my rival,
■nd I attended their wedding, tbough
ratber, as her guest tban his, for my
Intimacy wss always rather with her
family than bis. There was a coldness
between me and bim that never wore
•IT. Whether bis betrothed snd afterward bis wife suspected my feelings
for ber I did not know. But 1 did
know that nfter her marriage she treated mo In a mucb more friendly manner ibiyi before.
About the lime wo flulsbcd school
■nd wore ready to go to work a ship
was sunk In the harbor on which we
lived, and divers were sent down to
put lbs chains under whereby to raise
ber. There can be nothing mors Interesting lo a boy than a man dressed
In a diving suit going under water,
while tbose above pump air down to
him. We boys wer* constsntly on
band watching Ibe process, snd the
consequence ot It all was tbat several
•f ii* determined to adopt diving as a
Tbls brings me lo my telegram.  It
wnin aiec was crossing ins mrt on
Us clothes wltb his bands.
Furthermore, there wss every resson
to believe that wbst I was called upon
to do T would do at tbe risk of my
life. If It were an easy matter to rescue Alec Granger I would not have
been summoned. I ssw In Mabel's telegram ■ cry for help lu her distress.
I can give no Idea of my feelings at
such a call. Let sny one reading my
ttory put himself ln my place and try
to conceive how be would feel. I can
•nl; ssy tbst among the confusion
Within me there was one predominant
sentiment -1 was eager to give com*
fort to ths woman I still loved by restoring her busband to ber.
Wben I reached Clapham I. found t
man waiting for ms at tbe station
with ■ carriage, ln which ws drove
at a gallop to tbe reservoir. On tbe
way he told ms that Granger bad been
sent down to examine the outflow of
wster from beneath and while doing
so had got caught In tbe powerful suction at tbe orifice through which the
flood was escaping. Air was being
pumped to blm, but It bsd not been
possible to draw blm up. Two different men bad been sent down to fix
about blm s rops strong enough to
bear his weight and overcome tbe suction, but neither ef tbem bad dared go
near him for fear of being sucked
Into the snme position as he. 'It was
upon this Information tbat I realized
fully that Mabel had called upon me
to probably sacrifice my llfs In attempting to save that of ber husband.
On reaching tbe scene of the trouble tbe group there all turned toward
me. Mabel was present, and wben
my eyes met hers I was at a loss to
understand, tbs expression tbere was
tn tbem. I had expected to see a pathetic appeal. Whether she realized
that such an appeal would be asking
ms to risk my own life, perhaps give
It, tor her husband, I did not know,
nor do I know now. She simply looked
at me. Perhaps" she considered ber
telegram an appeal which sbonld not
be repeated.
I put on a diver's outfit, snd a two
Inch cable was looped under my arms.
I vtns lowered some distance from the
hole through which the water was flowing and walked toward it till I began
to slightly feel tbe suction. I stopped
and ssw Granger lying partly across
the hole. After ■ few moments'
thought I signaled to be brought to
tbe surface. On reaching lt 1 called
for another two Inch rope-besides tbe
one under my arms-looped at tbe end.
I would bave preferred wire rope, but
It was not at band.
"What are you going to dor I was
"There's no wsy to save blm but to
go into the suction myself, place the
rope under his arm and signal you to
draw us both np."
"you'll both perish," was tbe response.
Mabel was looking st me, and my
was Intensely pannui, tmn unry un
stoutest rope could stand it Ws
moved so slowly that I would not hare
known we moved at all had I not noted
our positions ln relation to tbe masonry. Suddenly tbs upper part of our
bodies passed beyond tbo suction column of water, and tbe strain was perceptibly lessened. Tben it diminished
rapidly, snd we began to rise.
There was no shout when we reached
the surface, for lt was not known
whether we were alive or dead. Those
present soon knew thnt I lived, for I
motioned them to nttend to Granger.
When bis helmet was unscrewed bis
wife removed It Her bead dropped
on bis breast, and I knew that he was
No ons conld do enough for me to
show appreciation of tbe risk I had
taken to save a fellow man. Wben
Mabel and I parted sbe conveyed her
thanks by a pressure ot tbe hand without looking at me. 1 heard nothing
from ber and did not go to see ber for
s yesr. The day after the anniversary
of her being made a widow I called
upon her. What passed between na I
would not tblnk of transcribing bere,
but within n few months she gave ms
my reward for my effort—herself.	
Taller Anticipates -Pendulous Swing
To Brilliant Huts.
A   movement  hss  heen   initiated
wbich has {or its object the brighten
Summary Dismissal ol Cases In Esrly
"Vlct-rlan Days.
In these days of criminal trials long
drawn out it may be not uninteresting
Ing of the clothes whicli men wear. I to glance back at a time when, in
From the tailors' point of view this it
a dull sge. Men wear only sombre
solors, a reflection of the grey things
of life, with none of its beauties.
The women, say the tailors, tread
the right path. Their dress to-day is
as beautiful as ever it wss, and just
as expensive. But the men, ssy th*
tailors, sre depressing, and in no wsy
worthy their title of the "lords of
creation." Bo a revolution is coming.
In the van of this movement is Mr.
H. Dennis Bradley, of the West-end
tailoring house of Pope and Bradley.
He has every hope of seeing a Merry
England at least, complaint ran in the
opposite directions. Such were ths
earlier years of Queen Victoria, when
the old criminal code still survived in
much of ils archaio barbarity, and the
picturesqueness of legal procedure inadequately compensated for its cruelty.
The late Lord Brampton, better
known as Sir Henry Hawkins, refers
in his reminiscences to the scandals ot
what he calls the "after-dinner" trials
i of that period. It was then a custom
' for the court to adjourn for dinner at
five o'clock, at which meal tliere waa
•Bells of Sbandon."
In one of tbe dormitories of tbe Irish
college nt Rome there is a space on tbs
wall  left unp"..red nnd unpointed,   __ ^ _ ^    ^ _	
whatever repairs tbe rest of tbe room g^mVnt foVtheempbyment of pink,
may  undergo,  for tbere,  carelessly anj wjh therefore adopt some other
England in which men will not bs   no lack of conviviality, so that, when
ashamed to wear colors, and when { bench and bar returned to their du.
the black or dark coat will be neglect*
ed to strictly gloomy functions.
"The only way for us to begin," said
Mr. Bradley, "is by encouisging a
taste for brighter colors. It is no good
talking of changing the form until
brighter ideas are accepted; once meu
are accustomed to seeing colors on
their fellows they will be prepared to
see radical changes of form, and such
changes would certainly follow in time
on the sdoption of more cheerful colors. If men once accept pink as a
color, for instance, they will in tims
that trousers are not a suitable
scrawled, Is tbe flrst rougbt draft ol
Father Prout's "Bells of abandon."   -
Finally Bourchier and Hfs Mends
Destroyed ths Suit.
The English drama owes much to
Mr. Arthur Bourchier, who has been
one of the most influential actor-managers ior a number of years. He hss
portrayed all manner of roles, from
Shakespeare to very modern comedy,
•nd hia career has been as lengthy aa
it has been successful.
From his earliest years Arthur
Bourchier was stricken with stage fever. When a very small boy he wss
sent to a private school kept by a Dr.
Hawtrey, the uncle of Mr. Charles
Hawtrey. He spent the .greater portion of his pocket-money on toy theatres, in which he produced fearful
melodramas. Even at the age of twelve
he was noted throughout his native
place of Newbury for the zeal with
which he produced plays and charades
during his holidays, and all the boys
in the neighborhood were pressed in-
i> service for these dramatic triumphs.
I But when young Bourchier began
' to show signs of whiskers, his father,
Captain Bourchier, Informed him thst
his career was to be the army. Eventually a compromise was made by ths
father saying: "Go to Oxford—take
your degree—then you sball go on the
At Oxford young Bonrchier maintained his interest for things theatri-
At that time the only theatre in
siauei was loosing at me, am, us,   g$ M    ;        vj_,itod
eyes met hers.   We understood each,! by flfth.rate „ompwi«,. r0ne night a
form of nether covering,
"I think that there is no doubt that
within the next few years our dress
will undergo considerable changes in
style, color, and material. The manufacturers are sympathetic to the ides,
and already produce materials in
beautiful colors whose only fault is
that they are a little in advance of
the courage of men. Whst we wsnt is
pioneers, individuals with a little courage who will not shrink at the idea
of wearingy a green waistcoat simply
because it is green. Pioneers are always hard to find, of course, but they
are coming. There has been an enormous change towards brightness in
the lsst ten or fifteen years if yoo
only think of it. Take such things
as socks and underclothing, the garments that are hidden. Ten years ago
they were all of the "all-wool" variety, without color of any kind. Now
look at socks and undergarments—
they are produced in the meet beautiful colors. Go into the chambers of
any well-to-do bachelor, and you will
Snd that his bath gowns and dressing
gown- are ot thc most delightful color
schemes.   Men sre fond of color just
as much as women, but they do not
like to show it to the world.
"And, above  all," concluded   Mr.
Bradley, "let it be understood that
this is not a plea for what we used to
cail the 'masher' and what is now
called the 'nut.' We want color and
brightness, but we want it all in harmony and taste."
So now for the pioneers of the new
other, though not a word was spoken.
But what passed between os? Ab,
that only we and tbo Lord know I
Hanging the loop of tbe duplicate rope
on my. shoulder, I went down again. I
bad advanced but a few Inches nearer
to Granger than beforo when 1 was
caugbt lu the suction, and It seemed
that a mountain was on me. 1 was
palled down on to him, and so strong
was the current that I could not move
the rope from my shoulder to put lt
nround him. The only motion I conld
melodrama was produced, and in the
first act a character entered sporting
a suit that had once been black-and-
white, but was now green with age.
The suit was greeted with weird
noises, and when at the end of the act
its wearer announced his intention of
going to Africa for ten years the cheering was tremendous. When the second act commenced the ten long yeari
were supposed to have elapsed, bufr
nevertheless, the wanderer returned
in the same moth-eaten suit in which
,.,  „ he had left the old home a decade ago.
make was s lateral one with tbe cur-1 ThiB WM too much for tho BU<jienee.
rent Placing my hands and knees | g^,, row<iy Christchuroh men jump-,
against him, I managed to move my | ed 0n to the stage, chased the wearer,
body so that my shoulder, on which tbe I of the suit to the wings, thence to,
rope rested, was near the top of Gran- the stage-door, and out into the street.;
ger*s bead. I moved so that tt slipped | Finally they caught him, and tore
off, and by a great effort I guided It so the offending suit into as many pieces!
Ihot It went down over bis bead. Ho wns i " decency would permit, so that
lying on bis back, and lt would go no   there might not be any chance of its
5h tbnL, srs t*££ sa ?wsfc?s<
knee between bin satI ths masonry oflen(kr8i ,J,ongBt whom waa Ar.
beneath him, and this enabled me to | ,hur Bourchjer> received , ieTere wig.
slip tbs rope down nearly to bis waist   ging    r^g flnal npsh0t of this ad
ties, they were in no mood for protracted toil. In Lord Brampton's own
words, "Judges and counsel- were exhilarated, snd business was proportionately accelerated." In confirms-
tion of this he notes that these "slter-
dinner' trials "did not occupy, on an
average, more than four minutes
apiece," and, in illustration, cites an
actual case, the paltry nature ol
which, contrasted with the enormity
of the punishment involved, throws s
lurid light on the inhumanity of the
The case was that of a pickpocket,
in which the prisoner had, inconsider-
ately, pleaded "not guilty,!' and,
therefore, had a right to be heard.
We may quote Lord Brampton's ao-
count, beginning with the examination of the witness for the prosecution
by the prosecuting counsel:
"I think yon were walking up Ludgate Hill on Thursday, the 25th, about
2.30 o'clock in the afternoon and suddenly felt a tug at your pocket snd
missed your handkerchief, which ths
constable now produces?"
"Yes, sir."
"I suppose you have' nothing to ask
him?" says the judge. "Next witness,"
Constable stands up.
"Were you following the prosecutor
on the occasion when he was robbed
on Ludgate Hill, and did ynu see the
prisoner put his hand into the prosecutor's pocket nnd take his handkerchief out of it?"
"Yes, sir."
Judge to prisoner: "Nothing to say,
I Buppose?" Then to the jury: "Gentlemen, I suppose you have no doubtf
I have none.
Jury: "Guilty, my lord."
. Judge to prisoner: 'Jones, we hsvs
met before.  We shall not meet again
for some time.  Seven years' transportation. Next case."
Time: Two minutes, 53 seconds. As
this seems to be a "record," it is only
fair to add that the judge's name was
Muirhouse. Verily "nous avona
change  tout cola."
Alec Granger, tbs two lu whose chllJ
Ith companionship I had Intelfcrcd
many years before to my discomfiture.
'Alec and 1 bad been divers ever since
we left school, ahd now be, bavlng
been caught ln a. dangerous position.
Ills wlfo had called on me to save him.
During my Journey to Clapham I could
But drive from my mind that scene la
the school, Mabel standing with ber
By a succession of efforts I got lt below both bands, so that when moved
back again toward his armpits It left
the arms free.
I had now dons all I could do. Tbe
question remained -would tbe rope
stand tbe strain ot bolstlag hlm-would
he live till this question was decided?
As to myself, only the Snt of these
questions pertained. I was In my full
strength. Granger Just before my second descent had made a feeble pull ou
Ihe cord.
I gars the signal arid walled for tbe
flnal act In tbs play for two lives. I
felt s strain on tbe rope under my
arms which soon grew to be terrific I
signaled on Granger's cord. Tbs strsla
on me ceased, and tho ropo nnder him
tightened. For a time I saw no movement la him; then I could discern ons
similar to tbe minute bsnd ot a clock.
De was slowly sliding away from over
venture was that Mr. Bouchier received permission from the vice-chancellor
to found the University Dramatic Society, and build a theatre at Oxford.
Mr. Bouchier made his first professional appearance at Wolverhampton
twenty-three years sgo in 'As You
Like It." Five years later he married
Miss Violet Vanhrugh, who has bcen
associated with him in all his big successes.
More Schoolboy "Howlers."
Speaking at a meeting recently. Dr.
T. J. Macn.-imar.-i, -M.P., told soms
amusing stories of quai. t sayings at*
tributed to children, which he had
collected Irom school' achers in various parts of the country. Here is a
Teacher: "What is a mediator?"
Pupil: "Please, sir, a mediator is
a chap .who says, 'Hit me instead.' "
Teacher (to a London class): "What
is grass?"
Boy: "Grass is what you have to
keep off."
"Why would David rather be s
doorkeeper in the house of the Lord?"
"Because he could walk outside
while the sermon was being preached."
"How do yo know the earth is
"Because it says In ths Bible,
•World without end." "
When he one: asked a London class
of girls, added Dr. Macnamara, what
they would soy if he told them he saw,	
the sun rise in the west, he got the I could consider it oil off between us
reply that it was impossible. for any one thot would wear a gown
"itut," he persevered, "supposinjr I [ like that in public, says he, was too
still declared I had seen the fin rise j bold and brazen ever to be bis wife.
Wouldn't Stand For It.
* Lsdy Duff-Gordon, who is regarded
by English women ns an authority on
fashions, hasn't much u..e for the new
gown that ii slashed at the knee nor
for the woman who wears that kind ol
a gown.
"That departure from convention is
too much—too much even for this
20_lr century." she said, at a lea recently given in her honor. "I'll tell
you a story about these gowns:
"An Englishwoman bought one in
Paris and, while she was* shooting in
Scotland, her maid wore the gown to •
once in tho Queen's road.
"Somebody betrayed the maid and
her mistress, on her return from the
highlands, said to her severely:
" 'Smithson, you wore my new slashed gown to ona ot your low dances 1
Vou bold brazen creature, aren't you
ashamed of yourself?*
. "Smithson burst into tears and, her
hnndkerchiel to her eyes, she sobbed:
" 'Indeed I sm ashamed of myself,
madam Ive lost my young man who
I've been walking out with these four
tears. When I sat down in that gown,
snd my knees showed through ths
slash, my young man gave me one
look, and he said, said he, that   I
was from Mabel Granger, the wife of«| ,|,0 hoj0   u h9 were roro0vcd nnd I re
mained I would bs sucked Into his
A machine on ths capstan prlnclpls
had been provided which would enable
those above to pull us both up If ths
ropes would stand the strain. I pulled
my own ropo and Granger's at tbs
samo time. There wss a ball, and lo a
few minutes tlio- strain, on both of nt
recommenced.  TV ropos slnuted. spt.
bendless doll hugged to her bosom,   wc yc.. .]„n,]. lwgnn to move horizon-
.snakinfn face at ms sM moved away.   M,}t   . lnc^ (rom uj, strain, .which
Elephants and Railways.
Moro than ore railway train In Slam
has of late bad encounters with elephants. In two cases the animals were
killed, but ln one the train wns derailed and several cars were telescoped.
Oriental cars bave no "cowcatchers,"
for old world engineers generally smile
st cowcatchers as devices suitable only
for what they deeu> tt be American
conditions of traffic. It Is oow ob-
•crvec however, that the American
device might bs very serviceable In lbe
casr of stray elephants. Cowcatchers
havs already been Introduced on tbs
large locomotives af tbe line between
Damascus and Mecca ln anticipation
of possible collisions with camels. -
Thera Is nothing more distressing
Than Iht grouch that will not dnwm,
There Is nothing mors depressing
Than the unrelenting frown.
Fsr better Is ths greeting
Of some rash and boisterous (If
Than the Indignation meeting'
Thst • msu twills by himself.
in the wesl?
"Well," one of the littb girls al
length replied, "I should think you
must have got up rather lt ;."
Stripped at Ihe Law.
Dickens describes ln his novsl
"Bleak House" the woes of those who
were involved in -uils in lhe chancery
court and the delays to which they
wero subjected beforo the English
judicial procedure was relorraed. Tradition says that an artist- once repre-
senled the same idea in much less
space. Two suitors in chancery, being reconciled to each other alter •
very tedious and expensive suit, ap-
plie*1 to him to paint a devico in commemoration of their return to pesos
and amity. He gsve them entire
satisfaction by painting tliem in the j
act of shakng hands—one clad in his
shirt, Uie other without even that
The oriental origin of hookey ia
proved by the fsct thst it is often
mentioned by Arabian writers in the
earliest days of Islam at a time when
France and England had no national
existence. They speak of it as kours
and describe it ss s game in which
the ball is struck with s curved stick,
cslled mihdjsn or sanlsdjan. Ths Utter word is Persian, which seems to
indicate that the Arsbs learned ths
game from their neighbors ol Iran,
who fttst Uurhl then civilisation.
Boo hoo.'
Fer the Bsby.
Msks lbs baby a ulre llllle wvffl
kimono of soms sort, pale blue French!
flannel, or while If preferre.'. being tb*
most servli-esbte. Or tbe little cost
may lie knitted of soft wool, which will
make It sll tbe warmer. Tbere nr*
many times wben Ibe bsby needs thi*
added warmth, ss when It takes II*
dally outing, for bowerrr well It may,
bc wrapped It Is certain to dlsplsce tb*
rovers, but tbe Utile Jacket so close IS)
Its body will serve Ibe purpose.        ,
A Dainty Dessert.
For s dessert tbere Is s whipped
cream mousse which Is effective sail
It Is made by sweetening the whipped cream, flavoring II with sherry,
filling wilh candled fruit snd nut*
chopped In bits sud parked In ■ melon
mold wllb Ice snd salt for four or Av*
hours. It should be served on s be*
of whipped cream.
Tbs snowball les cream Is site ds-
Ilclous snd csrrle* out ths not* of red
tbst should bs suggested Id every
Yuletide psrty. Plsln wblts tc* crssns
Is frozen In round molds snd whs*
tsken ont s dozen maraschino I
us pat svsr sack oa*. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Give your Harness ft
good shine? Wear
Longer—Look Better.
Eureka Harness Oil
Oiling and polishing at
one operation. Quart
and pint tins.
Golden Crown
Per quart 60c
Bennet's Metal Polish
Harness Dressing
in pint tins. For giving
the harness a good appearance this is unsurpassed.
Harness Oil
Per pint..	
Harness Soap
Per cake.
A colony Doukliohnr named John,
with u mile long surname,   was arrested by  the police last Saturday
on a charge nf having stolen a watch
from 8 G. Kirk's store soms months
ago. On Monday the man appeared
before Magistrate Coehrane for   his
preliminary hearing, which resulted
in his being held for trial.    At the
trial hefore Judge Brown  nn  Wednesday he  pleaded guilty, and  was
sentenced to two months' imprisonment.
Emberson Walker, who has been
with the C. P. R. on district No. 3
for a number of yearn, has been promoted to the position ol roadmaster
at Revelstoke.
of the North Washington Power and
Reduition plant solely ag an ore
treating enterprise, and energy to
drive the machinery in tlie mines
will he secured from other source*.
of hissight. While engaged in preparing the ground in readiness to set
up bis drill, his pick struck what
supposed to have been a missed hole.
An explosion followed, witb the result stated. He wr.s removed to tbe
hospital for treatment.
Take your repairs to Aruison'e
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Don't forget that The Sun ha* the
best job printing deparrruent in the
Boundary country. 	
The Sun job office is overstocked
wilh some six's of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
Mining Stock Quotations   I
Spokanb, March 20 —The foll-'w
ins,' are today s opening .pint at inns foi
tho stocks mentkined:
Bid. Af-tfed
Granby Consolidated. G.'i.oO 75'I.)
B. P.   Cippor       .') 75      I i (j
F. Downey's Cigar Store
"SBBSa'      „„„. First Street
llANBr!r.'S RllBI.insCr.. RSS '*"" """
Metal Quotations
Nbw York, Msrch 20.—Silver 61jt;
standard copper, $15.00(n .15.30;
weak. •     _
London, Ma.ich 20.—Silver, 2HJ;
lead, £16 10s.
I Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
this week the dates of tbe
moving picture show in this city
will be changed. Instead of showing here Wednesday snd Thursday
nights, the weekly dates hereafter
will be Friday and Saturday.
Geo. E. Massie, H. W. Gregory,
A. S. McKim and N. I.. Mclnnes
left last Saturday for Vancouver
with tbe intention of participating
in the curling bonspiel.
The Kiverside Nurseries shipped
a carload of trees this week.
J. D. Honsberger returned from
the Kootenay dfstrict on Monday.
year's ex-
B, P., Sun
Smile people who are exceptionally well informed say that nnoth r
restaurant will shortly he established
in this city. Tliere is material for a
comedy in this report. ;
In   order   to   carry out the new
land regulations and strictly enforce
the law Unit no lands carrying more
than 81100 feet of limber to the acre
can be   pre-empted as  sgrioutturi 1
land,   Provincial   Inspector   G. D
McKay states that a strii-t examination of  pie-empied   lands   will   be
made before certificates of pre-emption will he given.   In the past itis
alleged lhat a number  of   pre.emptors, by misrepresentation, acquired
land* containing a large amount of
merchantable timber.
From, a Minister in New Tort:
"severely 111 wltb lung trouble
'I was
'severely ill wuii iuhh .rin»...c. My attention wus (llreeteil to tlie Wilson Remedy
"wblcb Tused wltb sptcudtd effect."
From a, lndy ln Michigan: "I used yoar
"medicine flrst 43 or 44 years'ngo ond It
"saved me from ending my days with con-
"samptlon. Tliere would be no use of so
"many people dying with consumption It
"tliey could be persuaded to try Wilson's
If you are suffering from ANT lung or
throat trouble It Is your duty to Investigate.  Send for free full Information  to.
Wilton's Remedy, Westwood. N. J.
(I'ubHihed Annually)
KmiMtt). tnuler*.  throughout   tbe  world  to
.•oiimiuntciii**. direct with BtigtUli
In eaoh elaiftof aowls. Hwridei being a cum-
plete f-oiiiiueri-lul guide tn London and Ui
titburbi, the directory eantatm Hitx of
with tbe (iood* they uhlp, and the Colonial
»ml I'or.lgn Markets they supply;
arranged under the I'nrre to which they Hail,
ami indicating thf ftpi_-rox4»mtr Seil*Utfr>.
ofleartluKManufaotnrert.Merchanti.etoMin given special attention.   The coiuii
the principal urovluotaltowiniand Industrial ° '      .    ,    , *"° w,»"
(U'l.trciof the Uiitt'-d Kingdom.
of leaning Manufacturer*, Merohanti, etc,
.'IILKMuf tl™ ^^^^^
A copy of the current edition Will he forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of Poita)
Order for 20».
Dealers neeklng Ageuoiei can advertise
their trade cards (or £1, or larger advertisement" from £3, " i
Located in the central part of the eity
of NVIkoii, "ffei'tt every facility-for n
solid education ill Enuliflli, cutiiiiiercial
aud music branches. Eiuhruiderv,plain
<l singing are
s..>,., „,._,.   The commercial course includes stenography, typewriting, bookkeeping and cimutiercial
practice. Pupils prepared for exiiiiiiiia-
tions of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College of Music.
•25, Al-ohureh Une. l-ond-m
PHONE   L.-.1.-4
Elmer Kens ims leased the hotel
at Christina lake, and is applying
for a license.
Pnul Nelson had both his legs
broken and sustained other injuries
by a fall nf rock in the Gold Drop
mine this week.
An Austrian miner named Rid
Drosa met with an accident at the
Granhy mine in'Phoenix   on   Wed-
sdav which ill iv insult in the Insg
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Commercial   Printing % Downey's Cigar Store
■^R^ \ i nMci.RTK Stock or
■***       --    ■*■——>  -w.**,A  Tnkonnne
Ms.C.A.ABBOTT, Augum., sxwe.
So Ann St., New York City.
DearSin  I have _»<»wn fnr m-er 40 yeara of th*
■lectiot flVilmn'iketnrd)- [Wilson's Prepsrntt—
•SHyimehoaphlUaamlUlinlietUllncaKaotpul. .
__wnary i.o-l.l-».    At Hits p .mt 1 will tay to ,0*
wbat you have not befoie known of: that 4a yearn
1, while I waa a mldent ol N.Y. City, I was
* ill with lung troltlile,   Physicians said I wsei
■eoaiomptivaandniy family phyitcian told tny wifa
t_1athatl.M_e.1t I«»'. net reim-r.   MyaUentios
wae directedlo thc Wilson Kemedy, which 1 aaaa.
withaplendidellcct.   1 h.w.1 .-r.on.ay leet aod ac
workeMrai__«-»v_-ii.r,   Yj.ir. truly,
RI.V. Cil A«. SAGER,
U, t. Church, Hunter, (Greene Co.,) N. Y.
Os Dae 1,1011, Mr. Pager wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health ia eery g„od.'r
If  yott   will   «ril«Mr.  Abbott
will gladly I-inn
information y .1
il«Mr.  Abbott he
vou anv further   ,
Wanted—Situation   as
pher   or   bookkeeper;    1
perience.    Apply   H.
Last  Friday Eusebe 81 Cyr and
Mi»s Ida Clark were married in the
Roman Catholic church in this city,
Rev.   Father  Schoniel   performing
'the ceremony.   The groom hss beer
a resident ot thu city ior s nnmher
nf years, and the bride is a daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark, who
were among lhe first settlers in   the
valley     Mr. and  Mrs  Si, Cyr will
take up their residence in this cily.
It is staled that plans are ln-ini
formulated Inr the coiisnlidatinn ol
the North Washington I'nwtr it Reduction Co. and the Republic Mi"W
Corporation, and that il the meiger
is perlecled   several   other mining j 	
companies operating in the Republic!
district will be ahum hed later.   The       OMioi at petrie** store
scheme contemplates the operation PHONF 64 GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SmtS  tO   Order   M8  Upwards
1 We are agents for some of thc leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   Wo guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrive?
They are the best you can buy.   Wc guarantee you the J
best made clothes in tho country at tho lowest prices, k
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes.   Call and see our goods and prices.   We
'    * -*■"■"» "°" "ivn vnu satisfaction.
On the shortest notice and in
the  moat up-to-date style
We have the most modem jobbing plant
' in the Boundary Country, emplny  com
petcnt workmen, and carry a compItU
line of Stationery.
11-oari.sTS stis-k or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
a Freihtioiialsiimfiitol
.     Kei-vlviHl Wckiy.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
nr lltiti'liB 9.S
Huiir .Iniiltia * SlMola-»
..!&   WE PRINT
tnese ciouibs.   w»" «■•- » -.-o—     .. .■*,
want your tradfe, and we can give you satisfaction,
v        w        a-*,  ■_   ri      rtn
Billheuils and Statements,
Iietlerheada and Envelopes,
Punters, Dated and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Cijtistitutinn8 and liy laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads.   Wedding   Stationery.
Everything turned oui in an
Up-to-date Printery.
C.f\f\T\ PRI\TIMfi~tlie kind "e <io~•* -" •lK,,l■
V^VUI/ IIVILI i ILIVl atl advcrtiseineiit, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Lot us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
0    .
Wnt dim f rtttt i\wa
t». A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North or Ohanbv Hotki..
Fimst Stkkkt.
■"TllAOf Maww
■. -     Cowwoht* 40.
«y''^^^^ pity
Dr. de Van's Female Pill*
A nllabla French rafnlator; nover tails. Thear
pilla an agcaadinalv pnratlul In regulating tha
noeratlva portion ol the lemale ayatem. Relute
all cheap Imitations. Dr.« ▼•••• an told at
Sa box, or three lor 110.  Mailed to any addresa.
» SmtrM Drag Co., at. Oatterla**, Oat.


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