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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 22, 1913

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'•D  3 V.£%
Kettle Valley Orchardist
$1.00 PER YEAR
Coroner's Jury Brings in a
Verdict of Death From
bruised by tbe missiles hurled by
the enraged defenders of the much
desired witness.
Tbe officers then returned to the
oity, snd telegraphed the result of
their visit to tbe colony lo tbe government at Victoria, and asked for
further instructions. No reply bas
yet been received . to tbis message,
and no action bas been taken by tbe
local authorities in the matter.
Correct Time Received in
City Daily Over 0. P. R.
Wires From Montreal
The inquest on the body of the
the Doukhobor woman exhumed by
the authorities last week was resumed in the court bouse at 2
o'clock Monday afternoon by Coroner Blaok, of Qreen wood, after an
adjournment bad been taken from
Friday to allow of a post-mortem
examination being made.
Dr Truax, one of the physicians
making tbe examinination, testified
tbat no marks of violence had been
found on the body, and that death
was caused by pneumonia, wbich
had reached the third stage Tbis
evidence was corroborated by Dr.
Tbomset, wbo assisted in tbe autopsy. A number of other witnesses were examined during the
At 10 o'clock in the evening tbe
jury, composed of G. A. Stewart,
foreman; J. P. McNevin, Cyrus
L. Bugbee, E A. Johnson, H. 6.
Moore and CM. Connell, returned
tbe fallowing verdict:
Wt, the jury, say upon our oath,
that from the evidence produced,
we believe tbe body of tbe deceased
to be tbat of Mary Hoomnoho, who
died about Monday, August 11th
instant, at the Tweddle ranch or
vicinity, of pneumonia, unattended,
as we believe, by a qualified physician; and by medical evidence
produced, we believe her chances
of recovery were good if proper
medical attention bad been given.
By medical evidence produced, we
learn thai tbere is now in tbe Doukhobor colony at least one case of
incurable contagious disease, and we
recommend that the authorities have
a health officer to visit the Doukhobor colony at least once a month to
look into the health and sanitary
conditions of the people living there,
and also tbe law regarding the registration of births, marriages and
deaths be strictly enforced, for we
learn, by evidence produced, tbat
there baa been no registration of
births, marriages or deaths from the
colony since tbe present registrar
took office.
The only incident out ot tbe
usual in connection with the inquest occurred during tbe afternoon, when Coroner Black ordered
the police to go out to the colony
and bring in a Doukhobor who, be
had reasons to believe, would prove
important witness.
Constable Btanfield and Chief
Savage were despalched in an auto
to perform this task. When they
reached the mnn they were after
he made hit escape by taking to the
open fields. The officers were prevented from pursuing the flying
Doukhobor by being confronted hy
a battalion of colony Amazons,
who used bricks, rocks, pitchforks
and other farm implements as
weapons of war with remarkable
accuracy of marksmanship. The
two officers, realizing that pursuit of
the fsst vanishing man was now useless, and not desiring to use harsh
measures against the women; retreated to tbe auto, wbich they
reached      after     being    slightly
Second International
Laying Contest
Held under the supervision of the
provincial department of (agriculture,
at the exhibition grounds, Victoria.
Total eggs laid from December 2,
1912, to August 2, 1913:
No. of
Pen.    Owner and Breed. Eggs
15—Norie Bros., Cowichan, White
Leghorns 961
17—E.   Socle,  Cowichan, White
Leghorns 953
16—J. Amsden, Box 1, Deerholme
P. 0., White Leghorns 933
4—A. Unsworth, Sardis, White
Leghorns ..' 931
18—Seymour  Breen,  Duncan, B.
C, White Leghorns........*.;..928
14—A. Easton,   Duncan,  B.   O.,.
White Leghorns  919
1—C. P. Stainer, Cowichan, An-
conas 892
13—Mrs. Cross.2138 Belmont av„
Victoria, White Leghorns...856
8—B. W- Russell,P.O. Box 460,
Nanaimo, White Leghorns...847
19—J.  E.    Baines,   Saanichton,
White Leghorna 838
7—J.   Emery,   Sidney,.   White
Leghorns    826
6—V.   H.   Wilson   Koksalah,
White Leghorns,  815
12—A, H. Anderson, Laity road,
Port Hammond, S. S. Hamburgs 786
2—V. Cleeves,Hagan P.O., Saan
iohton, White Leghorns 777
5—E. A. Orr, Chilliwack, White
Leghorns ....735
20—J. Allen, Box 49, Port Langley, Buff Leghorns  720
9— F. Preston.care F. P. Hearns
& Son, 155,  Uth  Av.  E.,
Vancouver, Anconas 717
10—H. Nicholson, Turgoose P. O.,
Saanichton, White Leghorns 703
11—C. N.  Borton, Summerland,
Brown Leghorns 655
8—W. Senkbeil,  Britcola P. 0.,
Buff Minorcas 527
32—C. W. Robbins, Chilliwack,
Buff Orpingtons 911
39—A. E. Smith, Haywood P.O ,
Victoria,'S C. Reds 866
31—C. Adams, Box 840,Victoria,
White Wyandottes 776
33—Ferd Matthews, Kamloops,
Barred   Rocks 717
25—Svseph Arnould,Sardis,White
Wyaudottes ..710
37—Mrs. E. McC. Mottley, Kamloops, S. C. Reds 707
22—L. F. Solly, Westholme,
White Wyandottes 698
35—H. E. Waby, Enderby, Ban ed
Rocks 697
27—Dean Bros., Keatings, White
Wyandottes .666
24—0. E Henning, Mead, Neb.,
Black Orpingtons 664
29—J. J. Dougan, Cobble Hill,
S. C. Reds 636
23—A. C. Lovekin, Glengarry
farm, Metchnsin,Bar'd Rocks. 626
30—F. Horth, Sidney, B. C, Col.
Wyandottes 620
21—R. Wilson, Langley Prairie,
Barred Rocks  595
34-0. B. Ormond, R. D. 3, Victoria, R. C. Reds 640
40—S. D. Evans, Box 201, Penticton, White Orpingtons 626
38—W. H. Van Arum, 2390 Cad-
boro Bay Road, Victoria,
White Orpingtons 478
26—J. Wood, 1163 Caledonia av.
Victoria, Buff Orpingtons . .470
28—W. Miller Higgs, Sooke Bay,
near Victoria, W. Cor Game417
36—Dr. W. H.  B. Medd, Mount
Tolmie, Black Orpingtons 376
(Pen 36 contains 5 birds only. X
Average  price  of  eggs,   35c per
dozen.   Pen temperatures:   Highest,
A time striker, connected with
tho main CP.R. telegrsph system,
was installed in A, D. Morrison's
jewelry store yesterday. The correct time is sent over the wires
from Montreal at four minutes to
nine every morning morning.
The body of the Doukhobor worn
an exhumed by the authorities lasi
Thursday, on instructions from the
attorney-general's department, wae
re-interred in the colony's cemetery
last Seturday.
The Grand Forks football team
inteuds to enter the contest for tbe
9250 prize in phoenix on Labor
day. The members of the club are
practicing three times a week, and
have hopes of being victorious in
the tonrnament.
The union picnic of the Presby
terian and Baptist Sunday schools
on Wednesday afrernooo was very
largely attended. All those wbo
were present bad a pleasant outing.
Neil McCalluin and Bob Lamond
returned on Saturday from Nelson,
where they took part in tbe annual
100°; lowest, 40°; mean, 69 2°, Rain
fell on one day only. The past month
has been the hottest experienced during the contest; the birds in Class 1
were unable to stand the heat better
than Class 2, so far as egg production
was concerned.
. In Class 1, pens 15 and 17 are still
fighting it out for premier place. Pen
17 reduced 15's lead by seven eggs
last month, and on the last four days
have laid four eggs more thnn 15.
Both pens have had one pen broody
each. The next four pens are so close
up that the final issue will be hard to
predict. Pen 4 displaces 18, which
drops to fifth place. The former pen
distinguished itself by producing 143
eggs during ihe month. Pen 14 followed with 133. On July 3 pen 20
laid eight eggs between sunrise and
sunset, all being laid in the nests.
In Class 2 pen 32 still leads, in
creasing its score over 39 by eight
eggs. Its position, however, is bv no
means impregnable, as through brood-
iness during the last week only eleven
eggs were laid Pen 31 was leader
with 129 eggs, gaining 14 eggs on
pen 39. The latter pen is still, however, nearly 100 eggs ahead of 31,
Top Scorers, Class 1—Pen   4,   143;
14, 133; 7, 136; 1, 129; 13. 126.
Broodies,   Class   I—Pens-6, 9, 10,
15, 16, 17, 19*1 each; 20, 2.
Top Scorers, Class 2—Peu 31, 129;
82, 123; 39, 115; 24, 101; 27, 95; 33,
Broodies, Class 2—Pens 21, 23,
29, 39, 2 each; 34. 27, 36. 40, 3 each;
22, 25. 30, 35, 38, 4 each; 26, 32, 33,
35, 6 each; 2o, 6; 34, 7.
Eight months' comparison.
North  American, total average
egg production per hen 106.6
English contest  95.8
International contest ..120.8
North  American,  average   per
bird, leading pen  1706
English contest 140.0
International contest 160.0
This year 120 birds in Class 1 have
laid more eggs in eight months than
Class 1 last year, 139 birds, laid in
twelve months.
Total Eggs to Date—Class 1, 16,-
308; Class 2, 12,688: grand total, 28,-
996; total eggs fpr month, 4063.
The next contest starts October 20,
and twenty additional pens are to be
built immediately.
shoot of tbe Interior of British Columbia Rifle association. They
brought back about a dozen prizes
Robert Petrie bas recently been
making a number of improvements
in bis store, among them being a
new floor.
Chief Savage left today for Nelson
wilh John Howard, wbo wss yesterday given a jail sentence in tbe police court for vagrancy.
Harry Allen,, foreman for the
Western Pine Lumber company,
went up the North Fork this week
with a crew of workmen. They
will take out cedar poles twenty-
lives north of this city.
Tbe wagon road crew on the
Franklin camp rnad,which has been
working out of Franklin for a couple
of months, bas been moved to a
point a short distance above Lynch
The pupils of Christ church Sunday school held their first annual
picnic at tbe residence nf George C.
Brown on Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart, of
Oroville, have been guests at tbe
Russell botel for a week. Mr. Stewart was formerly United States immigration inspector in this city.
Wm. Farmer, foreman of govern
ment bridge work in tbis district,
left on Wednesday with a crew of
men to repair the bridges on the
Franklin camp road.
Mrs. N. L. Jackson, after a week's
visit with her mother in this city,
returned yesterday to her home in
Spokane.        ,
Morrison, tbe jeweler, has en-
gagzd D. I. Que, of Regina, to take
full charge of his optical and en-
graaing departments. Mr. Gus has
moved bis family to Ibis city, having rented a bouse on Second street.
The steel gang on the Kettle Valley line bave now reached a point
fifteen miles beyond Carmi.
Board of Trade Meetings
Edtor Orand Forfa Sun
I would like, through tbe medium
of your paper, to notify members of
tbe board of trade tbat for the future notice of meetings by post card
will be discontinued. The regular
meetings of the hoard are beld on
tbe second and fourth Wednesday
of each month, and notice of tbe
same will appear in Tbe Sun on the
Saturday previous.
F. B. 8 Barlee,
Secretary Board of Trade.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermometer on E. V. Laws' ranch:
Min.     Mux
Aug. 15—Friday  44 69
16—Saturday  .... 39 77
17—Sundiy;  49 69
18—Monday  39 67
19—Tuesday  40 74
20—Wednesday.. 42 82
21 -Thursday  44 87
Rainfall .-  0.23
Board of Trade Meeting
A regular meeting of tbe board of
trade will he held in tbe council
chamber on Wednesday next, August 27, at 8 p.m
F. R. S. Barlee, Secretary.
Members of  International
Geological Congress Visit
the City
Yesterday morning a special train
of seven coaches, carrying the members of tbe C2 section of the international geological congress, which
recently concluded its session in
Toronto, arrived in the city from
Nelson, and tbe cninent visitors
spent a couple of hours bere. Wben
tbe train pulled into tbe union station at about 8 o'clock, all tbe autos
in tbe city were assembled tbere,
and one-balf of the members of tbe
party, or about forty, were taken
for an automobile ride around tbe
loop and up to tbe Granby smelter.
Tbe balance of tbe visitors were
taken to smelter io tbe special
After the members of the party
been shown tbrough tbe Granby
smelter by the oflice staff, tbey
again boarded the train and pio-
ceeded to Pboenix.
It was tbe largest number ef
prominent men who have ever
visited Grand Forks. Tbe party included ninety five eminent geologists
from every country in the world,
wbo participated in the twelfth
session of the International Geological Congress of the World, wbich
was held in Toronto from August 7
to 14. This was the first session of
this notable congress ever beld in
Canada, and the third on tbe west
ern side of the Atlantic. Tbe session was beld in Canada tbis year
on tbe invitations of tbe Dominion
and Ontario governments, the Canadian Mining Institute aud the
Royal Society of Canada.
Geology is defined as tbe science
of treating tbe earth's history, and
it includes tbe study of the mineral
deposits and tbe floras and faunas
which have successfully clothed and
peopled the earth's surface. The direct value of geological work is now
fully reoognized, especially in all
branches of engineering, and is daily
applied not only to mining problems, but to many others, sucb as
water supplies, foundations for
bridges and large buildings, dams,
road construction and tbe like. The
object of tbe congress, therefore, wss,
briefly, the advancement of knowledge concerning the earth, both in
the field of pure geological science
and in ils application to tbe arts
and industries, through the association and co operation of the leading
geologists of all nations. These gieat
gatherings of distinguished scholars
bave greatly aroused interest in
geology on the part of private individuals, corporations and governments; given it a higher standing as
a science, and rendered possible its
increased economic application.
Geologists from every quarter ot
the globe made up Ihe parly of visitors to Grand Forks. Tbey may be
broadly classed as professors and
teachers from tbe leading colleges
and universities of tbe world,officers
of government geological surveys,
and geologists and mining engineers
i n private practice
Mrs. W. Truax and son Clarence
have returned home after an extended tour fo the coast cities. TIIE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
In the fresco ol the 'Vision ot the
Cross' in the Constaiitiniun room of
Uaphael's Stanze at the Vatican, one
ct the figures is a strange one to find
io the representation of such a solemn
subject. It is a very small dwarf,
wearing an enormous golden helmet
that would be more suitable to a
giant. To the modem mind this grotesque figure seems a jarring note in
a stalely composition, but there Js
no doubt that Raphael, who designed
the picture was justified by history In
introducing him, for it ls known that
Constantine was a connoisseur in
dwarfs and had one of whom he was
no higher than a partridge.
This curious taste for dwarfs dates
from early times; in the days of the
empire, from Augustus onwards, no
man of fashion felt Ills establishments
complete without at least one; their
drolleries und anllcs were found amusing and they were sometimes allowed
liberties denied (o others; the Emperor Tiberius for Instance, would allow
his dwarf to tell him truths that he
would submit to from no other. One
of lhe spectacles with which Domltian
regaled the people lu the circus was
a battle ot dwarfs.
Through lhe Middle Ages and the
Renaissance, the fashion of having
these unfortunate creatures attached
to courts and the establishments of
the pre at continued. Everyone knows
how in the palace of Mantua, built for
Isabella' D'Estc, there is a suite of
rooms for these tiny retainers, with
doors suitable only for their passage,
and In the pictures of Veronese, Man-
tegna, Valasqucz, and almost all the
great painters of the Renaissance we
find them portrayed. The dwarf who
served as model for Raphael in the
Constantine fresco belonged to the
pope nnd rivaled that of Constantine
in size or rather In the lack of it.
Remedy for Nose Bleeding
There are two little arleries which
supply the face with blood, one on
each side. These branch off from
the main arteries on each side of the
windpipe, and running upward toward
the eyes, pass over outside of the jawbone, about two-thirds of the way
back from tlie chin to the angle of
the jaw, under the ear. Now, suppose your nose bleeds by tho right
nostril; with the end of the forefinger
feel along the outer edge of the right
jaw untilyou feel the beating of the
artery direotly under your finger, the
same as the pulse In your wrist; then
press the finger hard upon it, thus
getting tb? little fellow in a tight place
between your linger and the jawbone.
The result will be that not a drop of
blood goes Into that side of the face
wWle the pressure continues; hence
the nose instantly stops bleeding for
wont o'f blood to flow, and the ruptured vessels lu the nose will probably by that time contract, no that when
you let th. blood into them Ihey will
not bleed. Bleeding from a cut or
wound anywhere about the face maybe stopped In the sani3 way.
Sly dear, said the conscientious wife,
how can you make such statements?
What's wrong now? asked the man.
Before the children you told Mr. and
Mrs. Sayso, that when your grandfather got a cold In ills chest he would
cough so hard that his hair fell off.
Now, what sort of regard for truth
will our children have if they hear
their father telling such— But didn't
you know my grandfather wore a wig?
It used lo be said that variety is
the spice of life, but some play producers are trying hard to substitute
vulgarity for variety.
German Minister of Railways Instructs
Government Employees
The Prussian Ministry of Railways
has issued an ordinance requesting
the employees, especially their lady
employees to be more polite in their
intercourse with the public. Numerous complaints have reached the Ministry of short-comings in this respect
and the Ministry warns its servants
that If they do not turn over a new
leaf sterner measures will be taken.
. With regard to the ladies, their main-
faults appear to be too great an addle
fion to knitting, crocheting, and the
preparation of tea or coffee when tbe
public is Impatiently waiting to be
supplied with railway tickets.
ln busy times they are also loo apt
to lose their heads and to answer impatient travelers tactlessly.
Some years ago similar complaint
was made about the ladles employed
In the post offices and at the telephones', but energetic measures were
taken by the'Governnient to stop this
nuisance and lt has now become n
pleasure to transact business with female post office assistants.
Lady Farmer Raises Record Crop
Mrs. Annie E. Williams, of Gkich
en, Alberta, had a record 'flax crop
last year. She seeded (13.33 acres
and threshed 1,877 bushels—which Is
equivalent lo 29.63 bushels to lhe
acre. The significance of this will
be more readily appreciated when it
Is stated that the average yield per
acre last year in Alberta was 12.83,
in Saskatchewan, 12.56; In Manitoba,
13.39, In all Canada, 12.60, and in the
United States 9.90 bushels to the acre.
The variety which was gfown was
'Premost,' a new kind which hns heen
developed by the Dominion Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, and
which ripens from ten days to a fortnight earlier'than ordinary flax. The
record of the growth of this crop
shows that it was seeded April 16-18,
was une foot high and in bloom on
June 23rd. ripe on August 10th and
cut on August 27th. The germination
lest over seven days showed 96 per
Cuticura Soap
Assisted by an occasional use of
Cuticura Ointment. No other emollient? do so much for poor complexions, red, rough hands, dandruff,
and dry, thin and falling hair.
Cml; i.r._ Bonn anil Oltittiient nre sold lli.ciui.Uii_
I'm wor lil. A lllic.nl tampl- Ot I mil, Willi 3--_mga
booklet on tlio r.'.re anil Irralmeiit of Ihe jiklnr.tnl
fcilp, Rent pout-tit*,   -.ililret-i roller Drug & (.'bcm.
On.. ij.pt. iso, notion, u. e. A. -
How Gipsies Marry
Tliere is nothing secret about the
gipsy courtship; It is carried on In
the open. If a Romany lad makes
In-.i to a maiden already pledged she
has a way of Indicating the fact without speaking a word. She goes a
little way off, and sitting down tin Ihe
grass, unfustenB her hair, letting lt
fall on her countenance. Time wns
when gipsies were mauled in their
own tents, after the ancient custom
of their race.
In some Romany families il is u
rule tn tie tho matrimonial knot In a
ehureh; otlier families, however, still
hold to Ilie older wsy and avoid being pursoneil on their wedding day,
nor du they seek the offices ot Ihe
Whenever I listen to a poor speaker,
I think of a physician whom I once
heard wading through an after-dinner
speech In this city, said ti well-known
American architect. The physician
dltl not wade very far through this
speech. He said—Unprepared ns 1
am In this impromptu—totally unprepared, 1 will—ah—extemporaneously,
being unprepared — Jub! then tbe
physician's wife, who snt next to me
said to her husband in a low. encouraging voice; Go oa, Tom! You had
it all hy heart this afternoon. Go
IV. N. U. DM
Enumerator (tuklng details for the
census). What is your age, madam?
Lady—Thirty, sir. Enumerator—If 1
don't mistake, you were thirty at iho
last census, ten years ago. l_ady—
Well, my man, I'm no' the person who
says one thlna daub., «.nd another tomorrow.
-Met Her Match
A few days ago two young women
entered a trolley car and found only
standing room.
I'm toing to get a seat, said one
to her compan on.   Now, you see!
Selecting a .-edate looking gentleman, she walked up to him.
My dear Mr. Green, she exclaimed,
how delighted I a mto meet you. You
are almost a stranger. Will I accept
your seat? Well, I do feel tired, I admit.     Thank you so much.
The man arose. Sit down, Jane, my
girl, said he, as he courteously pointed
to the vacant seat. I don't often see
you out on a washing day. You must
feel tired, I'm sure. How Is your
This ls awkward. 1 flirted with n
young man at the seashore and we
both pretended to be rich. Now I find
he lives in our city.
But you needn't see him if you don't
want to.
I can't well get out of It. It seems
he collects the payments on our
piano. '
Impurities of the Blood Counteract-
ed.—Impurities ln the blood come
from defects in the action of the liver.
They are revealed by pimples and unsightly blotches on the skin. They
must be treated Inwardly, and for this
purpose there is no more effective
compound to be used thnn Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills. They act directly on
the liver and by setting up healthy
processes have a beneficial effect upon
the blood, so that impurities are eliminated.
It was a Scotchwoman who said that
the butcher of her town only killed
half a beast at a time. It was a British magistrate who, being told by a
vagabond that he was not married, responded : That's a good thing for' your
wife, lt was a Frenchman who, contentedly laying ills head upon a large
stone jar for a pillar, replied to one
who enquired If it was not rather
hard: Not at all, for I have stuffed It
with hay.
Nci medicine for little ones ls so
highly recommended as is Baby's Own
Tablets. They are guaranteed by a
government analyst to be absolutely
safe and besides that thousands of
mothers throughout the land praise
them as the only sure cure for childhood ailments. Concerning them
Mrs. Edward McDonald, Douglas-
town, Que., says: "I can highly recommend Baby's Own Tablets to any
mother who has a baby suffering from
constipation or. teething troubles."
The Tablets are sold by medicine
dealers or by mail at 25 cents a box
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Stern Parent—Quite so, quite so!
You tell me that you have proposed
to my daughter; but—er—you say nothing about jour position. Nervous
Suitor—My posl.'.on. sir? Oh—er—the
usual one, 1 believe—on my knees, you
Minard's  Liniment  Cures  Garget  In
Well, Johnny, what was the text
today? nsked a proud father of his
son who had just returned from
Let me fink, faver, said Johnny,
as he scratched his head in deep
thought. Oh, yes; 1 remember. It
was: Don't be scared, you'll get your
quilts all right.
John's father, after pausing a
while over this queer text, called up
the minister.
Could you tell me what was this
morning's text, Mr. Jones? he asked, and was convulsed to hear the
reply: Fear not, the comforter
comet h.
They Thrive on Grape-Nuts
Healthy, babies don't cry nnd the
well-nourished baby that I- fed on
Grape-Nuts is never a crying baby.
Many babies who cannot take any
other food relish tlie perfect food,
Grape-Nuts, and get well.
My baby wns given up by three
doctors who saitl that the condensed
milk on which I had fed her hud ruined Ihe child's stomach. One of the
doctors told me thnt the only thing to
do would be to try Grape-Nuts, so I
got some and pi-cgai-cd ll oa follows:
I soaked; 1'4 tablespoonfuls In one
pint of cold water for half an hour,
then I strained off the liquid and mixed 12 tenspoonfuls nf this strained
Grape-Nuts Juice with six tenspoonfuls of rich milk, put ln n pinch of
snl: and a lltlle sugar, warmed It and
gave It to the baby every two hours.
In this simple, easy way I saved
baby's life and have built her up to
a strong, healthy child, rosy and
laughing. The food must certainly
be perfect to have such a
wonderful effect as this. I cnn
truthfully say I think it Is the best
food In the world to raise delicate
babies on and is also a delicious
healthful food for grown-ups as we
have discovered In our family."
Grape-Nuts Is equally valuable to
the strong, healthy man or woman.
It stands for the true theory ot health.
"There's a reason," and it is explained
In the little nook, "The Road to Well-
vllle," In pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Bright or Laty
Johnny, I don't believe you've studied your geography.
No, mum; I heard pa say the map
of the world was changing every day
an' I thought I'd wait a,few years Ull
things get settled.
Peevish, pale, restless, and sickly
children owe their condition to worms.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
will relieve them and restore health.
Let me Bee some of your black kid
gloves, said a lady to a shop assistant.
These are not the latest styles arc
they? she asked wben the gloves were
Yes, madam, replied the shopman;
we have had them In stock only two
1 don't think they were, because
the fashion paper says black kids have
tan stitches, nnd vice versa. I see
the tan stitches, but not the vice versa.
The shopman explained that vice
versa was French for seven buttons,
so she bought three pairs.
Outing Shoes
Paragon  of Parrots
Customer—But is lie a good bird!
I mean I hope he doesn't use dreadful
Dealer—'E't. a saint, lady; sings
hymns beautiful. I 'ad Bome parrotr
wot used to swear something awful,
but, if you'll believe me, lady, tills
'ere bird converted the lot.
A Constant Change
In Body Tissues
"Our bodies," says Huxley, "may be
likened to an eddy in the river, which
retains its shape for a while, though
every instant each particle of water
ts changing."
The tissues of the body, composed
of millions of tiny cells, are being
constantly broken .down r.nd wasted away by the process of lite, and
especially by overwork, worry and
In order to reconstruct these wasted tissues there are necessary such
elements as Iron, sulphur, magnesia,
potash, etc., and when these are not
supplied in sullieient quantities In
the food we eat It is necessary to aid
nature by the use of some restorative
Most people find Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food particularly effective under such
circumstances, because tt Is composed
of the very elements ot nature which
go to form new, rich blood, create new
nerve cells and rebuild wasted tlBsues.
This great food cure Is radically
different from medicines which are
usually employed in the treatment of
nervous diseases. For, while they
stimulate tired nerves to overexertion
or by narcotic Influence soothe and
deaden them, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
revitalizes wasted nerve cells and so
accomplishes lastingly beneficial results.
Such symptoms as slcepleuess, Irritability, headache, indigestion, brain
tire and feelings of fatigue and discouragement soon disappear when the
system is built up by thamse of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
BO cents a box, nil dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited-, Toronto.
Caruso's doctor says that the great |
tenor has musical bones, that a tap j
on his knuckles brings forth a musical note.
I'll bet a tap on his nose would
bring forth a musical note or so .
$100 Reward, $iOu.
The reatl-r- ot t*il. paper -rill I*, plwi-i.il to lean
Hint there ls nl Irost one ilre-nlc.! rilEen-e tlmt nrlr-ie.
but been able to ritro In nil 111 Btasm, nnd Hint I'
Catarrh, llnll'a Cntarrh cure m the only poaillvi
cure now known to tlio mcdlenl fraternity. Cniarrl
being n constitutional lUscuflc, requires a cnn.iui.
llonal treatment. Hall's Catcrrh Cure 1, taken Internally, act'-it illnclly upon thn blood and mucoi.
mrlaccs ol tho nj-atom. thereby destroylni, ll.i
oimtlnl.cn ot the dllleAn-. I id Hiving the pnll.T
trcngth by building up the .oii-lilutloti nnd Mst-I
as nature h lining Ils work. 'Hie pioprlelnrfl hav;
eo much faith In Its curative powers that they i/..
Onn Hundred Dollars for any caso lhat It re!. _
ture.   Send for list or tcatltnonlals
AuY.rese V. J. CHENEY-i CO Toledo. O. '
Uo.d hy all DruKg.ua, 7lic.
'Jake Hall's family I'ills for -onM li Ation.
The bank, n consequence of a farmer's failure, had to finance a large
farm, and last spring the man they
had put ln charge ot It wired to the
London manager of the bank: Lambing begins next month. If drought
continues will result In total Ijss.
Postpone lambing till further orders,
wired back the resourceful London
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
A laborer went into a neighbor's cottage, ln the corner of the little kitch-
dlal of which was the customary fig-
re of an old man holding a scythe,
and above was tho time-worn Inscription: Tempus fliglt. Looking wisely
up at the clock, the old man said to
the owner: Aye, tempus fugit! Same
man as made ours, 1 see!
A Scotch preacher who dellghtel
In much verbal flourishing before he
finally mado his point, was ono day
telling his rural congregation the story
of Jouah. And as they threw the
puir mon overboard, he said, a girt
monster appeared at thc side of the
ship—allillns It was an elephant, alb-
11ns It was a lion, aiblina was a hip-
poppotamus, aibllns— Albllns It was a
whale, shouted an eager old woman
from the front row. Albllns you're a
fulf! retorted the disappointed old
minister, und brought his sermon to
an abrupt conclusion.
Looked Like Shorthand
She—I didn't catch you name,
lit?—I've jU3t   written   it on  your
what it Is.
made    nie     -wonder
The Poor Man's Friend.—Put up la
small bottles that are easily portable
and sold for a very small sum, Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil possesses more
power in concentrated form than ons
hundred times the quantity of many,
unguents. Its cheapness and tha
varied uses to which It can be put
make It the poor man's friend. No
dealer's stock is complete without It.
What new dishes have you had
since you have had your new French
cook? asktd Mrs. Squiro ot a friend
whom she met one mornln:.
Oh, a whole new dinner set, replied
the other, antl several pieces of cut
glass, and Bhe's only been wilh us for
about a week.
Two lawyers before an Amerlcun
Judge recently got Into a wrangle. At
last one ot the disputants, losing control over bis emotions, exclaimed lo
his opponent: Sir, you are, I think
the biggest fool that I ever had (lie
misfortune to Bet eyes upon. Order!
Order! said the Judge, gravely. You
seem to forget that I am in the
Are pure Jam improved by the
addition of Pure apple jelly
Try it. AU Grocers
Tomni" had been a town mouse all
his little lire up to the present year,
but work had been plentiful with bis
father, and he was discussing with
his wife ihe desirability of sending
Tommy for a week Into the country.
Tommy listened thoughtfully and at
length broke in: I don't want to go!
Why not? Cnusi I've heard they have
thrashlng-ma-hlnes In the country, and
it's bad enough here in town, w'.ii-if It's
done by hand
-To Women-
Seeking Health and Strength
For those ills peculiar to women Dr. Pierce ■
recommends his "Favorite Prescription" as rgg
A medicine prepared by regular graduated physician of onus- 0
nal experience in treating woman's diseases—carefully ailupted ^
to work in harmony with the most delicate feminine constitution..
All medicine dealers have sold It with satisfaction to customers for the past 40 years. It is now obtainable in liquid or
sugar-coated tablet form at the drug store-or send Mono-cent
stamps for a trial box, to Buffalo.*  -'-.;
Every womsn may writs folly and confidential..* te Dr. Mares,
Invalid!* Hotel snd Surgical InstltuU. Buffalo, N. Y, and «»y bo
sura thit her use will receive careful, con«_Unth«s,eoiiM«tlal
consideration, and thst experienced medical _uhr.es will bs fWen ,
to her absolutely Itee. .....    .,_,..'■  IB
Dr. 'piire.'i PUetant P*U*ti ntrwlat* et-ilmil*fwtoetemaeb, %»|fQ
.rmu.bow.lt. Sugar coat—', tiny (Kiwis* *aty te take a* carat/. \g| THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Angry Diner—Waiter, you ere not
Jt to serve a pig. Walter—I am doing my best, sir.
W. N. U. 958
Not Entirely
Have you lived here all your life!
askod a drummer of a lean, lantern-
Jawed Tennessee mountaineer who
atood Idly leaning against a rail fence.
The mountaineer Bhlfted hia weight
from one foot to the other and replied:
Not' ylt.
Mli.r.rd's Liniment Cure* Diphtheria
Barber (beginning the haircut)—
Have you heard the story about the
man that—(resuming business)—that
It short, sir? Customer (a tired editor)—Yes, a mere synopsis will dol
Always the Way
This la th* truth, it is no Jest,
Ab you yourself can plainly tea,
Just give a man a day ot rest
And aee how restless tae will ba.
Corns and watts disappear when
treated with Hollow-ay's Corn Cure
without leaving a scar.
You are ninety-seven yeara old?
Yes.—What are your rules tor reaching such an unusual age? I dunno
as I have any ln particular. Just
keep on living, and you'll get there,
young man.
You cannot afford bratn-betogging headaches.
NA-DRU-CO Headache Wafers
stop them In quick time and clear your head. They
do not contain ei'.'ier pher.acetln, acetanllld, morphine,
opium or any other dangerous drug. 25c. a box at
your Druggist's. m
National dhua and ch.micm. c*. or Canaoa. Lim-rca.
Mrs. Flubdub—My husband goes out ] Modern Girl—It you really loved
every evening for a little constitution-1 mo all the time, why didn't you lei
al. Does yours? Mrs. Guzzler— me know? Modern Youth—I couldn't
No; my husband always keeps It ln find a post card with tho right words
the house. **    ion lt.
A cltUon of tho world wishing to spend a holt-
day at Banff, In tba heart of tha western Canadian Rockies or to make a business Journey
along tha Unas of the Oanadlan Paciae Railway
rente hla sleeping ear berth, boards ths train,!
lives and oats In luxurious turroundloga while
being whirled across tha continent, and haa
Hula Idea ot the fastness of ths enterprise upon
which ha bestows his patronage, nor ot tha
tremendous system which must bo maintained
In order that he and others, likewise minded,
may travel In sueh safety, comfort and -usury.
For Instance ho goes to bed and does not know
that an army of men four thousand strong la
employed by that Dining snd Sleeping Oar
Department. Ue Is not aware that the tamo
company could, within See days, transport an
army of thirty thousand people from Vancouver
to Balltas, giving oach a sleeping berth and
supplying ninety thousand meals a day, or
practically half a million on tha Sn day Journey
across tha continent. Again, hs does not realise
that, lf tht dining and sleeping .cars of tha
Canadian PaclBo Railway vera mado un Into a
single train with a locomotive stationed at
1 star vale ten coaches apart, that that train would
be. fourteen miles long. To man this oity on
wheels would require an army of three thouaand
dining and sleeping car attendants with several
hundred additional men at terminals to handle
supplies for them. This Is exclusive of the
thousand men who would ba operating the train
In ths capacity of brakemen, conductors, firemen
and engineers, a total aboard ln all ol use
It would take a great deal of space to tell hov
the Canadian raciatRailway takes can of that ___
public which patronaaa Its lines and how also ►- -
It takes cere of those employees whose duty It
ls ts minister to the comfort of tbat .public.
Yet tht C.P.R. hu taken many ettpt In that
direction and It la safe to say that In a dosen I
particulate tt stands ahead of any road on the I
continent when It comee to treating IU dining I
and aleepng car employees humanely and sanely.
These men ara at desirable a class of public
servant aa ean be found In any private house
from the point of view of tBIeltncy, peraonal
cleeulineas and freedom from danger of apread-
Ing dlaeaae. Tht company la aa cantldaiaie
ct Its mnn at It Is ot the general public and It
It fully aware that such a course la simple
"good business." •    ■        •■;
Cortilnly the most colossal task that presents
Itielf to tht C. P. R. it that of provisioning Its
dining cars to fted the hungry multitudes who
cross their thresholds each meal hour. It ta
estimated that ln tht summer aaaton tht C. P. R.
serves on an average twenty thouaand meals
a day on Itt cars, ror many yeara tht company
hat bttn grappling with tht problem of supplying this enormous demand In a way that would
Insnrt to tht general publio absolutely dean
and perfectly wholeaoma mttlt and only now
haa the eompany comt to bel love tbat lt hu the
situation completely ln hand. -
The fint problem that presented Itself wtt to
hava aocurt a raally. usurtd snd permanent
taurct of tupply. To attain this and. Incidentally, to show farmers ln various districts
tht possibilities of their lands when tetontl-
n .ally worked, demonstration farmt wert tttrttd
throughout the Dominion. Then supply
absolutely fresh provisions to tha chain ot commissary atom stretching across tht continent
and give tha Oanadlan PaciBo Railway tha
usuranct of a permanent supply at coat prices.
In this aa absolutely radical dtpaaturt wit
madt tn that the C. P. R. actually owns and
operates the farms which supply is with pro-
Tht advantage of thia li cot far to tstk. Fresh
jallk and cream will soon ba secured In whattvtr
quantities  are  desired.  A tuttlcltntly  largt
uumbir of poultry can bt kept to ■ul.--. _
requirement* for libit fowl and em, To Insure freshness la tht mis uitd on dining cert
tht product li littered from tht nut (*U tm
irt non-ftrtllt br tho way) stamped with tbt
date, and thtn picked In cirtont and sealed for
delivery to commlseiry stores. Milk tod creim
ar*nothandl*dlnbulk. After be Ing thoroughly
pasteurised tht product! uo plactd in Mated
bottle* and thut art opened In tht .pretence
of tht paasengor w Ith tht dav aad dato of milking
right on tht bottle. Similar cart It taktn to
Insure abaoluto cleanliness la all othtr
■tratloa farm produota*
Trulta and vegetables form a largo Item on
dining car menu. Tht Oanadlan Paciflo Ball*
wav Import! thnt from all parti of tht world
and oflltri them on lis tables before they ara
available elsewhere, and then, whtn tht
Canadian products art ready thi preference ls
firm tbem. In fact tht oompany specialises
n tht famous fruit* and vagttoblM of British
Columbia and contracts for these products tog
*ne -oaniaiia racina saa mis nu neon too
•applying of fresh bread and pastry to Iti patrona
—bread and pastry of luch a quality that tho
ihleld and beaver trademark would bt Its guarantee. Many experiment* have bttn tried but
that degrtu of success desired by tho oompany
ls only now being attained. Final upon all
plans comes tht announcement oa thli year*
appropriation 1 lit to tht effect that tba eompany
will Install a chain of modern bakeshop* at such
terminal point* between Ballfai and Vancouver
as would Insure a complete re-stocking of dining
cm with fresh bread, oakti and pastry every
fifteen hours. Montresl, Toronto, Winnipeg*
Moose Jaw, Calgary and Vancouver art to havo
such railroad bakes ho pi aa will several other
polnti not yet definitely decided upon.
The cam of meats, milks, vegetable* and
per Ishible goods for tho twenty thousand peoplt
wbo must be fed dally by thli ono railway requires most elaborate refrigerator plant*. All
refrigeration Is done artificially and tht scientifically perfect degree of coldness Is milntalned
to preserve tht goods aad so to maintain highest
Modern modi cal science, both preventive
and curative, hu reduced itself to practically
ont only science-bacteriology-with tht allied
art of preventing disease bugs from finding lodgment In any plac* that comes In contact with
human beings, more particulsrly to keep all
human food free from eiposurt to theso germ*.
Recognising this, tha Canadian Pacific Baltway *
hu worked out an elaborate system of Individual
service, reducing tht handling of food to a minimum. All broad, cakes, pastry, pie, puddings,
etc., are prepared tn Individual orders; in fact
this system ts ettendtd to cover all posslblt
service; even Ice cream, which Is madt under
most sanitary conditions, ls prepared ln Individual portions, each portion wrapped lu special
cut to prevent_handling.
On*) of the flrst cores of tht Canadian Paciflo
Bailwiy is to see that all Its employees are physically healthy and clean and to this end It has
been deemed cipediont to establish a chain
of homes for the dining and sleeping car men
over the enttro continent. The C. P. ll. Is tht
only railroad corporation today which provide!
this clsss of employees with free lodgment and
bed when away trom home. At ell large terminal* such as Toronto, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw.
Calgary and Vancouver these dining car and
sleeping car employees art housed by tht
company. In establishing this system tht
management bid one main Idea ln view. It
would bt able to give tho general publio tht
assurr.net that every employee had a physique
free from disease, because all are oubjected
to a periodic medical tiamlnation, ami It
would Itself then be in a position to assume
responsibility for tbe cleanliness ot employees.
Tinder tbe system that prevails on the C.P.R.
lt Is impossible for a dining or sleeping car
* on a run, as lt Is called,
taken a bath and gotten
employee to go out on a run, as lt Is called,
without, fint having taken a bath and gotten.
his clothes newly cleaned and pressed freo of
tht entire requirements, especially apples and
potatoes, for this service tor all western lln-i ont
yoar In advance. Tht quality ot these fruits,
■uoh a* apples, plums, cherries, pears, anil
vegetables .such as celery and potatoes now stands)
highest ia tht continent.
Oat rtally obstinate problem hu confronted
auy cost to the employee.
Nor Is tbe Canadian Pacific Railway Inspired
by solely butilnesi motives ln this work, Tho
compeny Is not a "soulless corporation" In
dealing with its men. On tha contrary, tho
homes, aa th* Illustrations will show, aro an
embodiment of the cosy home spirit. Comfortable nooks and corners Abound. All ant scientifically ventilated and managed by competent
caretakers. Libraries, bathrooms, Including
•bowers, largo windows and indeed all tht addenda of the modern home are present, and
everything ts spotlessly clean. Thus, when a
C. P. R. man Is away from homo ht U under th*
company's car*. And eo it comes about that
C. P. R, employe** would pus medical inspection to report for duty In auy hospital, it oc-
culon for their servlct ircse* Tbt result of ail
this care shows In tho health ot tht employe*
by going out from tht terminal rested, la good
health and in every way prepared to ean for tfeft
public THE  SUN,   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Joe Thi  11.50
line fear (In advanoe)  1.00
One Year, In United States  1.60
Address all communications to
l>HOBI K74 OB_M.Dl.OBia, B.C
oner's jury shows, tbere wag not a
scintilla of truth in the rumor, and
the persons responsible for giving
it currency played into the hands of
the Doukhobors.
FRIDAY,   AUGUST 22, 1913
Last week the people of tbis district rejoiced over the prospect that
tbe provincial government was
about to enforce tbe laws in tbe
Doukhobor colony. Tbis week tbey
are dejected, because the attempt
was made and it proved a failure
II tbe government intends to let the
matter drop at this stage, only
injury has been done to the people
of the district. Tbe officers bave
had a set-to witb tbe Doukhobors.
and the latter came out victorious
by long odds. This will inzrease
tbeir contempt for tbe law and the
authorities. It will til*o have a tendency to make tbem less desirable
neighbors, as their •arroeance increases with every success over tbe
government. If tbe administration
intends to make these people com
ply with tbe laws of the province, a
firm hand should be used. If tbis
can not be done, the citizens of this
district would much prefer to have
them left alone. Every attempt of
tbe government so far bas been a
farce. The report of the Doukho
bor commission was flagrantly
biased, and gave ihe inhabitants of
colony confidence in tbeir fancied supremacy; the fiasco last week started
with a melo-drama and ended with
ia a screaming farce-comedy. If
tbis kind of work is to continue,
for goodness sake let the Doukhobors
have tbeir own way. Every sue
ceeding meddling witb this matter
only leaves a stronger and more un
pleasant odor. A good Tory in this
oity lust week remarked, "The only
way to settle the Doukhobor question is to get a new government."
. We believe be was right.
The sensational story sent out
from thia city, and printed in a number of daily papers, this week regarding a pitched battle between tbe
provincial police and a troop of Doukhobor Amazons, was greatly overdrawn, and will do the district no
good. The encounter was not very
serious, and tbe police eay they
have no desire to. pose as tin hemes
by warring with women. Perhaps
the correspondent is not so modest,
and covets the title himself.
If a cause ean not triumph by
truth, it is better that it should perish than prove victorious with the
aid of falsehood Considered by this
principle, the story circulated in
city last Saturday to tbe effect tbat
the skull of tbe Doukhobor body ex
burned last week had been found
crushed in, disgustHd a great many
citizens, wbo are really desirous tbat
tbe laws should he enforced in the
colony.   As the ver lict of the cor
Sir Richard
Sir Richard is an orator of the
dithyrambic school. He is mellifluous and Lydian, and his chinook is
heavily endowned with flowery adjectives. His ideas are spread a little
thin. If he is short on ideas, be is
long on fascination, Sir Richard
scintillates. It seems too bad tbat
most of hie rays are confined to one
province, .Mr. Bowser is often acidulous and Mephistopbelian, but Sir
Riehard jb always sunny. He is al
ways willing to talk, and never puts
off till tomorrow wbat he say today.
Often his free talking has displeased
Mr. Bowser, who bas on several occasions reproved bis accomplice for
saying tbe right thing at the wrong
time or the wrong thing at tbe right
lime time. Men of science say thai
living substance is made up of car
bon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen,
phosphorous and certain inorganic
salts. Sir Rlobard must be composed largely of carbon; be glitters.
A really excellent second rate actor was lost to the stage when be be
eame a politician. When the politi
•oil cards are redealt in British Columbia, and somebody else is premier, thst lucrative field is open to
Sir Richard's art and artificiality,
He has strong dramatic tendencies.
He is constantly shifting from one
studied pose to another.
Personally Sir Richard is abundantly likeable. He bas the air and
manners of a courtier. Much travel
has added to his easy grace. Sir
Richard is very much addicted to
travel. The last time a ray of light
shone upon the public accounts,
which Sir Richard's government
usually keep like a skeleton,
in a closet, one could observe a small
and unobtrusive item: ''Sir Richard
McBride, traveling expeses, $13,-
000."—Vancouver Sun.
A _<^600P FARMER
■we've GOT VHATYOu
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run l-L'-it.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if wo don't
make good.
Mclntyre <& Smith
Only A Few
A comparatively small number of Hamilton Watches are made every yoar. Their
extreme accuracy aod line adjustment
forbids making ihem in large quantities.
uty? Hamilton Haidj
''The Railroad Timekeeper ofAmerica"
Not only the man or woman who wants a
very accurate wateh buys the Hamlltou-
but the individual who knows about
watohes usually demands a Hamilton. We
sell Hamilton watches complete, or supply
a Hamilton movement for your present
watch caae. Alt flies (or men and women,
A. 0. MORRISON s^vin:
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
There will he a soldiers' song service in tbe Baptist church Sunday
evening, 7.30 o'clock. Subject of
11 a.m. service address, "Victorious
Retreat." Rev. Charles W. King,
the pastor, will speak. Bible school,
2.30 p,m.
In Greenwood last Monday a
marriage license wae issued lo Mike
Barovitcb, of Trail, and Miss Mary
Francis, of Grand Forks.
J. P. Flood, of the Grand Forks
nii-at market, spent Sunday in
John Simpson, of Greenwood,
chief of tho provincial police for
this district, was io tbe city on
One hundred men are now employed as carpenters aod bridge
framers in the Kettle Valley line
yards at Carmi.
Tbere is a gri-at deal of sound
philosophy in the statement that
''ninety nine out of a hundred peo
pie are reasonable and honest. Wben
a man makes a complaint, try to
get bis point of view, | u yu r«.lf
in bis place, and you will lind tbat
tbere is some good ground for his
grievance."  -
The Sun office has sample hooks
of the Art, Star and Western series
of private greeting Christmas cxids
There are only five mouths left in
which to do your Christmas shopping- 	
Tiie'old Gi-uhuin ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Ealing, Rmsland, B. C.
If yon art- tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sim
j»b nffice. We ((Uiirsntee salisfHC-
tinn. and are prices hre right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
■in Iniiid.
Hiirhest rush price paid for nld
Stii-v" 'iii'l Rn-i<?"s. E. C Peckhun',
Si'dinl-hnnrt Store,
Take vour repairs t" Armsnn's
Boot nnd Shoe Hospital Bridge
stret-t, Grand Forks.
The Sun only costs tl a year,
prints all the news.
Don't forget that The fun has the
hi-.-t job |-riiitiiig<lc*|iiiri-iiiiiit in the
I'oundnry country.
Rend The Sun nnd keep  posted
on current events.
I "II. C."and "Copper King"Mini-ratClaims.
: situate lu the Qrand Forks Mining Division
of Vale District.
Whi-rt- located: In Franklin oamp.
; TAKE NOTICB .'hat I, William 11. H.f-maii,
' I for myself as exeeutor of the will nf the
lute Catherine Hoffman, and as agent for
.iHeoti M. Paulson, Free Miners' Certificates
Nos. 6ISWB and J.W.5B, respectively, Intend,
sixty ,dn>s from the dato hereof, to ap.
ply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtain*
' ing Cro-tn ''rants of the above claims-
Aud further tnke 'notice lhat action, under
flection .17,  must be commence'! before the
Issuance of  such Certificates of Improve*
Dated this tih day of Mar, A.D. 1918.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet, tfVIutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Dailr
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Burns <®> Co. Limited
. Used, in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnaiity. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reach Balls   $1,25 each
Woodland <3& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
***** Star "". Tn 9.1 1913 «—
■ if	
I S_.PT.I5™ 21 1913
International Polo
Daily Games between Canadian
and American Teams
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to du World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approved by U.S.Government
72d Seaforth Highlanders Band
$500CashPrize»for Better Babies
"Custer's Last Ffeht" Nightly
A thrillinh -reproduction of this famous
battle with 500 Indians and 200 Soldiers
Fireworks Display Every Night
Individual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
, Seven Races Dally
Poultrymen'iMeeting Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeting Thursday
Broadsword Ba ttleson Horseback
C For illustrated Daily Program and
Premium List, address 509 Chamber of
Commerce Building it Spokane, Wash.
Modern Rigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Barm 8 O'Ray, Props.
Phone 68 Second Street
| (Published Annually)
Enables traders throughout the world to
oonimuulcate direct with English
In eaoh class of goods. Resides being a com-
pk-te commercial guide to Loiittnii and Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of
wltb the (ioods they sblp, and lhe Colonial
and Foreign Markets tbey supply;
Arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings:
of leading Man u fart nre rs, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
crntresof the United Klnitrlom.
A oopy of the current edition will be for*
warded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 20a.
Heelers seeking Agencies oan adrertlse
their trade cards for 21, or larger advertisements from £3.
25, Aholiiiii'li I_biib. London,  E.C.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSDhoitol restores every nerve In the body
riiusyuwnil (o |M      ^ |n|||o|| _ nUBrm
vim and vitality. Premature decay nnd all sexual
weskuesf averted at ence, Phoephoaol will
nslte na a new man. Price II a bin. or two for
Ha Mailed to any address, Tho leoM-Drag
Gi-tt.CMhar_aee.Oat. ~
At tlie Head
The man at the head of affaire
whether tt home or in business, is
the one whose attention you wish
to attract
Our paper fees into the best class
of homes and is read hy the head of
the family. That accounts for the
results obtained hy the use of
Classified Want Ads.
If you read The Sun you' get tbtt
news of the city, tbe province end
tbe world. It it possible for • Snn
reader to keep abreast of tbe times
without the aid of the daily papers. m
Most Important: Events at
Home and Abroad During the Past Week
The governor of Kansas refuses to
pray for rain, as he doea not believe
this method would prove effective.
Buildings were demolished at Moose
Jaw during the storm on Thursday,
and a boa car was blown off the truck.
Two outbreaks of rioting at Extension aud Wellington, on Vanoouver
island, this evening exceeded in wantonness and cruelty all that has taken
place so far. The striker*, were in a
furious mood and nothing was spared.
There is a whirlpool of confusion at
the New York state capital. There
is a chain and padlock on the great
seal. Governor Sutler's wife is criti
cally ill. Preparations are being made
for a long battle at the executive
It was announced in Tokio today
. that the United States has intimated
readiness to ravor in principle the
payment of an indemnity to Japanese
subjects who have been affected by
the California alien land ownership
A Belgiah syndicate signed today
with the Chinese minister of communi
nations an agreement for a loan of
150.000,000 at 5 per cent interest in
connection with the new railroad to
be built in the provinces of Shan Hi
and Sze Chuen.
Whv Swelter in a 1 ■^lmost t*4 New store
f V lljr      ImJ VV V/llV/l     111    CI The carpenters nave converted our old building into a
Hot Kitchen
During the hot weather, when for a small
sum at our store for any of our large variety
you can have a cool kitchen and do your
cooking in comfort?
We have a complete line of Oil Stoves, Gasoline Stoves and Electric Cookers and labor-
saving devices.
We are offering reduced prices on all Oil and
Gasoline Stoves.   Below are a few of our
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
modern plate-glass store.
o-ui—a.- A fine line of Neg-
Oillrlb iigee ghjrt8) attach-
ed and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy stripes, plain colors.
Prices $1 to 13.50.
3-burner wickless, blue-flame  Oil   Stove;
regular $10.00.   Special S8.00
2-burner wickless, blue-flame   Oil   Stove;
regular $7.50.   Special.   6.00
2-burner   Gasoline Stove;   regular   $5.7o.
Special  5.00
Oil Stove Oven, covering 2 burners; regular
$4.00.   Special  3.25 |j|
Miller & Gardner
Straw Hats ;t_S
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at the lowest prices.
In line Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V. D. underwear. Prices
range from 90c to 13 50.
Stylecraft Clothes-We are
agents for this popular line of
KncWi/** Fii,icy Ho8iery
nosier/ for men 8nd
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a complete stock of staple and fancy
Home Furnishers
Stanford White, escaped from the
j Matteawan hospital for the criminal
j insane at 7:45 o'clock this morning.
A dart for liberty through an open
i gate, a dash to the open doors of a
powerful automobile that stood quivering outside, and a Uight to the Connecticut state line, thirty miles away,
I accomplished his escape.
Ottawa swelters in intense heat.
Nanaimo passes a quiet day. The
militia endeavors to round up the
Harvest conditions are good in the
prairie provinces, and fears of frost
are dispelled.
Continued dry Meather has created
a serious situation in, Ontario, and the
province now faces a crop failure.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier profits from his
rest of the past few months, and he
now shows some of his old-time vigor.
Emery Legrande, of Pincher Creek,
Alta, was today declared world's
champion bucking horse rider at tne
Winnipeg Stampede.
The Mexican! are friendly toward
Lind, and the . minister of foreign
affairs says the government will reply
to the United States note.
Harry   K.   Thaw,   the slayer   of
Harry Thaw, in hiding, defies capture, writes his mother.
The state attorney-general declares
that Sulzer has no right to act as
governor of New Tork after impeachment.
Torrid weather in Michigan causes
eleven deaths in Detroit and Urand
Canada's mineral production for the
last fiscal year amounts to over 1133,-
The streets of many towns are con-
verteb into rivers when terrfic storms
strike the prairie provinces.
Turkey ia sending 4000 troops to
Adrianople daily, and a declaration of
war on Bulgaria is expected.
Twenty five or more passengers and
seveu members of the Pacific Coast
company's steamer State of California
perished on Sunday morning in Gam-
I have re-opened a harness shop at my old
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
Maw/ H ts rn cats an<l do all kinds of
rww •i«rncssharnes8repairing AU
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
A. A. Frechette
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
That the majority of cases of sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
bier bay, ninety miles .south of Juneau, when the vessel struck* an uncharted rock and sank in three minutes, with many passengers impris
oned in their staterooms.
The police commenced today to
round up those alleged to have taken
part in the disturbances of last week
iu Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Sjuth Wellington aud Extension.
Mexico refuses the American offer |
for a peaceful solution of the revolution, and President Wilson is much
disappointed, but armed intervention
is considered to be beyond a possibility. '        -
We invite your inspection of the above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethej you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it dune before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe, The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
still optimistic, and believes there is
more than a possibility that the Mex
ican government mav yet elect to en
tertain the peace proposals rather than
the alternative.
The free sugar clause in the Morrow tariff bill is ratified by the United j
Slates senate.
Thirty-three passengers and seven
sailors died when the State of California sank near Alaska.
Une hundred people are killed by
an explosion of dynamite on a street
railway car in the City of Mexico.
Turkey wants to hold Adrianople.
Greece is suspected of aiding the Ottoman empire by an early evacuation of
the cities.
The situation in Mexico is puzzling,
and Washington ollieials have diflicul
ty in undestanding complex   messages
from Representative Lind.
One hundred and twenty eight pris
oners are now confined in the provincial jail at Nanaimo Charges of
murder will be laid against some of
Harry K. Thaw lands in a Quebec
jail, and the Dominions threatens to
deport him as an undesirable. He admits his identity to the police, and
engages a lawyer and plans another
big legal battle.
Forty five fine elevators will be constructed in Alberta this year in time
to handle this season's crop by the
Alberta Farmers' Elevator company.
The government loans 80 per cent uf
the required capital.
Seats on the New York stock ex
change sell for 140,000.
British Columbia secures control of
water rights in the railway belt.
Six thousand harvesters come to
the prairie provinces from the United
Sulzer's nerves are unstrung by
his recent ordeal, and he makes a
foolish exhibition of himself.
Forest fires sweep many parts of
Ontario, and farmers are compelled to
fly before the onrushing flames
Harry K. Thaw's legal fight against
deportation to the United States will
begin in Sherbrooke, Que , tomorrow.
Fears are entertained at Nanaimo
of an attack on the boarding houses,
and a dynamite plot stirs the militia
to activity. The military commander
on the island wants to dress the reporters iu uniforms.
Ex Governor Lind today is waiting
instructions from Washington. He is
Ths prairie provinces make an ap
peal for more harvest hands.
Federal department of agriculture
issues a fruit report. Apples will be
a medium crop.
Ulster merchants have commenced
to insure against civil war.
Cha-'ges of Bulgarian atrocities are
confirmed by Russian officers. They
say ten thousand people starved lo
The Republicans in the United
States senate find their fight against
the Democratic tariff bill fruitless,
and are beginning to let up.
The business outlook of the country
is good and trade is expanding, at a
phenomenal rate.
President Wilson will explain the
government's policy. He may follow
Washington's precedent and personally read tbe Mexican documents to
Bush fires in Ontario cover a large
area of territory. .
Until Wednesday of next week,
barring unforeseen developments,
Harry K. Thaw will jemain in the
Sherbrooke jail On that day he is
to he arraigned in the superior' court
on a writ of habeas corpus.
Coast labor men pass a resolution
to take a referendum vote on   a pr ov
ince-wide strike.
An attempt is made to blow up
Mayor Gaynor of New York. Accident alone balks the assassin.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the past week. Granby mine, 24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
865 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.
la the Railroad Centre and Natural
Distributing Point for the interior ot
Southern British Columbia. It is
the Coming City. Place y"our money
where it will grow.
Invest in Grand Forks
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust & Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901
First Street
Cause of Early Hardships
Iter parents weren't always rich.
Thai so?
No. Iu their early days they had
to struggle Just like tho rest ot us.
How do you know*.
Because t.he knows h->w to cook
and do housework, and you don't suppose she'd learn those things It she
didn't have to?
A Bulgarian officer wiio had lost a
leg in the campaign was complaining ot his hard case to a civilian. At
all events, the latter eald consolingly,
you have the happiness ot thinking
thut by your efforts your countrymen
wcro enabled to plant a foot ln Turkish territory. Perhaps, replied the
sufferer, bin I BtlU regret It was mine.
Guaranteed by the maker and
_.       guaranteed by every McClary dealer to     -_
~ be the most efficient heater money will buy-**yet^
it costs no more than an ordinary furnace. Fills the
house with pure, warm air, even in the coldest
weather and consumes very little fuel. Write to
the nearest McClary Branch if you do not
know the McClary dealer of
your locality.
Sunshine Furnace
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You're Tired—Out of
Sorts—-Hail, iw Appetite.
will put you right
ia a tew days.
They do
iheir duty.
BiliOmssttt,, hmitnliott, eat Sitb Hiaektckt.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.
Genuine mmtbeu Signature
VvATfchrnuur   UUULAHS  AND  CUhKS
Something better than linen and no
laundry bills. Wash it with soap and
\Vflter. All stores or direct. State style
nnd size. For 25c. wo will mail you.
63 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
WANTED at once
Persons to work for us
in Hnare time ot home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLORING PROCESS Enny and fascinating
work, Good pay. No canvassing. Write
for Instructions (free).
315 College Street. Toronto, Canada.
Med for over BIXTV YBARS liy MI U.ION8 of
800TH88 itio CHILD, SOFTENS thc GUMS.
in the tat remedy {or DIARRHCE/-. It 1- at-
eohitely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
-Winslow's Soothing Svrup," and tulte so other
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle.   	
If FOU ted 'OUT Ul SORT*"llm DOWlT-w'aOTTf-lt ILOtf
•urrtR from C1DXKV. ILAUDUt, HIIVOUI DttB-Utt
cmtsHic wkmoikmu,uu«husxii uurrioxa,riua,
wtim (or my FRII book, xns most imtrtcctni
ttlt'i tb* rtflMf lor tw own stsstm DmImMmm*,
AMu-jifF-HEC. *vt*jb*nw*>i*T*m*u*t, Dl UCL.ua
Mm. cu. HAvmuiucK tto. HAnriTtir.l-iwitfli.tw-h
i.--.-.-».u- in.
An,h Nm'r
tiM f ntu
11* npw':».-W t»ii-,t-i:i»cU.rethstfl_,'lorpi_l«li__.
invert.-. »t a; I- pro.'.de lund* lol lin-id.-M nortltiei. etc.
Mtatr lo S„.
V.. xn i fl. 'o- aariili eivin, eUrta, entire or ipste tints
*,,',, •',**, >» fr..'■_■:.' OifkM, WiasiM
SuLa uos. Vsac »„r sr It Hsss On'ct, Tsrost.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated livelids. Doesn't Smart
—•.Soothes Eye -Pain. Druggist* Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25e, SOc.
Murinj Eye Salvo In Aseptic Tubes,
25c, SOe,    Eye Honks Free liy Mail.
An Eh Tonl _ Oosd far All Kuss thai 11... Cars
Murine  Eyo   Remedy  Co..   CUIcaio
There'i Many a Slip
Smithson had been really a power
In his day. At .any rate, he had
held a job bringing ln some thousands a year—that da to eay, until
the smash came. After that he (ail*
ed to hold any job he got and became permanently out ot luck.
His old friend Jenkins was a bit
surprised, therefore, when Smithson
stopped him ln the street one day,
and angrily exclaimed:
Do you know, I've just received
the prize Insult of my litel A. man
offered me a lob this morning!
Ottered you a job? replied Jenkins.
D'you call that an Insult? I thought
you were looking for a job?
Yes, but not at $15 a week. Hang
lt all, I can borrow more than that
from you!
J. Pierpont Morgan was always a
silent man, and he would sometimes
champion the silent with a story.
Old John Bates, an upholsterer, so
the ctory began, was renowned for
■his silence. People who had been
his customer.) for a generation had,
many of them, never heard a word
from liim except: Good morning. Five
dollars. Thank you. Good day. Old
John, in fact, cultivated silence as a
genius cultivates his art.
A patron one day said to John.
What's the best kind of mattress?
Hair, was the reply.
The patron, some twenty years later
had occasion to buy another mattress,
and again lie nsl-eil:
What's the best kind, John?
potton? the patron cried. Why
you told me twenty years ago that
hair was the best.
The old man gave a quaint sigh.
Talking has always been my ruin,
he said.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Eto.
He entered the Meteorological Service Office and said abruptly: This
'ere's where you give out weather
predictions, ain't it.
The clerk nodded.
Well, continued the old man, I
thought as how I could come up an'
give you some tips.
Yes, said t! o clerk, politely.
Yes; I've figured on a little, and I
find that ye ain't always riglit.
No. We sometimes make mistakes.
Course you do. We all do sometimes. Now, I was thinking as how
a line that used to be on thc auction
handbill down in our country might
save you a lot of explaining.
What was the line?
Wind and weather permitting.
He went out without waiting to say
Totu-li.-r—What Is tlio derivation of
the wof.l lunatic?
I'u-ill—l.iitia, tlio moon, aud—er—er
—attic, tlio upper story.
Me. • box or six   <-n.es for $2.SO,
at all dealers, or Th* Dodds Mcdl.
eln* Company, Limits.;, Toronto,
Miller's Worm Powders aro a prompt
relief from the attacks of worms In
children. They are powerful in their
action and, while leaving nothing to
be desired as a worm expellant, have
an Invigorating effect upon the youthful eystem, remedying fever, biliousness, loss of appetite, sleeplessness,
and other aliments that follow disorders caused by worms lu the stomach and bowels.
A schoolmaster had been severely
correcting one of his boys, and finished by saying: Now sit down and write
a letter to your parents, telling them
how much you are taught here, and
liow Utile you profit therefrom. I
should be ashamed to tell them. The
boy cried a good deal, and then wrote:
Dear Father,—I am very stupid,
though there Is more to bo learned
here than anywhere. Twice two's
four, four boys go to ono bed; six
bed make one attic, and four miles
make one well ventilated and appointed sleeping dormitory. One round of
bread and butter makes one breakfast
nnd every tea makes Its own supper.
This lime, said the master, we will—or
—overlook your conduct nnd you need
not send that note. (lie lind been
W. N. U. 958
It was story telling time In tho first
grade. The teacher had taken her
place in front ot the clnss and asked:
What would you like to hear today?
A little hand shot up In tb: back of
the room. Well, Bobby, what story-
do you want? Please, ma'am tell us
about the little boy who swallowed ihe
piece of rlbbu.i and lt made him sick
at his stomach,
at his stomach,
The teacher looked mystified. Bobby 1 never heard of that story. We
had better take something else. But
Bobby was not so easily downed.
Oh, yea, you have, teacher. You
know it says:
He ran to the window as quick as
a flash.
Flung up the shutters and threw up
thc sash.
A Kansas college ts teaching Its
girl students how to be good wives.
But docs It guarantee them positions?
Poor Rules
You say you're no good. Why
didn't you enter the amateur long
Rules didn't suit me.
Why not?
They wanted to start us oft with
a pistol shot, and I do my best jumping when 1 hear a motor-horn.
Consumption Ma; Follow Unless
Its Ravages Are Checked
There ls danger to every girl and
every woman who falls a victim to
anaemia—that is bloodlessness. They
become listless, feel too weak, too
wretched and too hopeless to take
prompt steps to stop the trouble. Too
often, through neglect, they drift into
a worse condition, forgetting that anaemia frequently leads on to consumption. If you are anaemic ln the least
degree you should lose no time in beginning treatment, to increase and en-
enrich the blood supply. To do this
there Is no other medicine so good as
Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs. Every dose
helps make rich, red blood, which
drives out disease and brings again
the bloom ot health to pale and sallow
cheeks. There are thousands of women and growing girls ln Canada who
owe their present good health to tho
timely use of Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs.
,/Vmong those who have bcen restored
to health by this great medicine Is
Miss Rose Neville, Mount Forest, Ont.,
who says: "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
performed almost a miracle in my
case. I was a victim of anaemia, in
what my friends considered a dangerous form. I was very pale, always
felt tired out, suffered from severe
headaches, and had no appetite. I
was taking doctor's medicine for a
long time—-In fact I tried two doctors
—hut instead ot Improving 1 seemed to
be growing worse. My parents were
at a loss to know -what"*to do for me
and thought-l would not recover. Then
a friend advised Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and 1 had only taken thein a few
weeks when I began to feel better.
This greatly encouraged me and I con-
tinutd taking the PIUs for some time
longer, and found my health again
as good as ever it had bcen. In tact
I am stronger than ever I was before.
I have advised the use ot Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs to other girls who
have found tho results equally beneficial."
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mail at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
J'.SO from Thc Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Onl.
'Tv/ts llw fl'-st night of the «*eat
drama, 'The Clue of the Return Hal;
or, Did He Not Como Back?' at that
home ot the actor's art, the Thesplnn
Theatre, Little Slocombe. Little
Slocombe, and this should be noted before the curtain rises, is a,great place,
and Is famed in several villages round
about for Its football. They are enthusiasts in Little Slocombe. But the
curtaiu rises, and the play's the
thing! Here comes the great detective specially wired for, to enquire Into the strange and enthralling mystery
which envelops the moated grange.
Almost immediately he finds a clue.
Four people have been shot. A hush
falls upon tho house as the great
sleuthhound makes his momentous
pronouncement. Hn, lia! ho cries,
In dramatic tones. There has been
foul play here—foul play! Now what
next shall I do? From lho gallery
eame a voice, clear and Insistent, to
the perplexed detective:
Give 'em a freo kick, guv'nor!
That's (he game!
Hullo, Bill, how precious while you
look this morning! exclaimed a facet.
Ions cabby, addressing a brother-whip
who had suddenly achieved notoriety
by signing the pledge. Whatever
u.ade you go and turn yourself Into
a waterbutt?
'Cos I know'd t should be better able
to hold the rein! was the curt but
concltislvo reply.
Caught Napping
I say, Tom, said Fred, whilst ln a
'restaurant the other day I noticed
two fathers and two sons at dinner
and the charge was 25 cents per
head, what do you think tt cost them?
Well, that Is easy, said Tom, The
cost would be  tl.
You aro wrong, Tom. It would
be 75 cents. The persons were
father, son and grandfather, and
three nt 25 cents per head would be
75 cents.
There was a great cattle-show ln
London, and excursionists from all
parts were being dumped ln the
metropolis by enterprising railway
It struck the editor of one ot the
London daily papers that his readers
would like to know what the stranger?
thought of the world's capital, and
so he dispatched a reporter to King's
Outside the great terminus the reporter spied a braw Scots laddie,
fresh frae the Hlelan's.
Hoo dae yo do? he asked In the
flnesh-Cockney Scotch aa he extended his hand.
Gang awa'! yelled the Scotsman, ye
are no long lost fren' o' mine, and I
dlnua want to btiy any gold rings that
ye've just picked up. I was warned
aboot the likes o' ye afore I left Perth.
So just pop oft afore I gie ye a rap on
tho mou'!
In the next morning's Issue there
were the impressions ot many visitors
but none of them Scots.
Nights of Agony come ln the train
ot asthma. The victim cannot He
down and sleep ls driven from his
brain. What grateful relief is the
immediate effect of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. It banishes
the frightful conditions, clears the passages, and enables the afflicted one to
again sleep as soundly and resttully
as a child. Insist on the genuine at
your nearby druggist.
She was a charitable old lady of a
somewhat Inquisitive turn of mind, and
she was paying a visit to a naval
hospital. Presently she came to the
bedside ot a poor fellow who was one
of the victims ot a gun explosion.
My poor fellow, sbe said, depositing
a bunch of grapes within his reach,
your sensations and sufferings at the
tlmo of the accident must have been
terrible. Can you—will you describe
them to me?
Well, mum, eald John stolidly, I do
not know as I can; but I can tell you
I was on deck attending to my duty
with the gun, when all of a sudden
there was a most terrible row—and
then the nurse says: Sit up and take
Don't Put Off
seeking relief from tha Illnesses
caused by def active action of tho organs of digestion. Most serious sicknesses get their start in troubles of
tho atomach, liver, bowels—troubles
quickly, safely, surely relieved by
(•Unar/wksn, laksnllH-ss
Now, here ls a showcase, said the
dealer, pointing to a peculiar-looking
specimen of his wares, that ls bound
to become popular. It ciagnlflei
everything that ls put in lt to double
Its natural size. Can't use lt ln my
business, replied the prospective customer. What I want Is a case that
will seemingly reduce tho actual size
of its contents fully one-half. What
Is your line? asked the dealer. . My
speciality ts ladles' shoes, replied the
other, with a suppressed grin.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gents,—I cured a valuable hunting
dog of mange with MINARD'S LINIMENT after several veterlnarles had
treated him without doing hliu any
permanent good.
f Yours, &c,
Prop, of Grand Central Hotel, Drum-
mondvlll-*, Aug. i, '01.
Mamma! exclaimed the beautiful
girl, who had suffered affectation to
obscure the little Intolleet she possessed, what is that long green thing lying on the dish before you? A cucumber, my beloved Georglana, replied
tho mamma, with a bland smile of approbation of her darling's commendable curiosity. A cucumber? Gracious goodness, my dear mamma, how
very extraordinars! I always imagined until this moment that they grew
ln slices.
And you say that you are Innocent
of tho charge of stealing a rooster
from Mr. Jones? BBked an Arkansas
Judge of a meek looking prisoner.
Yes, sir, and I can prove lt.
How can you prove It.
I can provo that I didn't steal Mr.
Jones's rooster, judge, because I stole
two hens from Mr. Oraston the same
night, and Jones lives Ave miles from
Gras ton's.
> Ths proof Is conclusive, said tae
ludge.     Discharge the prisoner.
Are caused by poisoning Impurities
which clog tho kidneys; Intense
pain ls the result and sleepless night
follow. The patient becomes annoyed, with sharp pains shooting through
the bnelc and up the spine. These
pains often so violent and ncut* that
tno victim suffers tho greatest agony
and Is driven almost to despair. The
refuse and sediment which settled In
the kidneys must bo removed In order to procure relief.
SANOI.. tho Kidney Cure is the
only reliable remedy which has a
combined effect of acting on thc kidneys, and restoring them to Iheir
natural condition, and removing Kidney. Bladder and Gall Stones by dissolving same. It cleanses and purifies tho systemi strengthens and Invigorates tho Kidneys, and encourages proper filtration. It relieves the
pain and gives strength and energy
to the body. Price $1.50 per bottle.      -^
lillcrature free from the SANOI.
j? Harness
3# DressixiG
t   ' *, FOR
\*\, / HAi-.Nt^vrnr-'-v , ...*■-, c,ai r ■_■■•-, *
..".j - '■* i.ii/.K'*f I.rjier-ii.NT-   F 'C .
By Ha-Drn-Co Dfspepsia Tablets
We are continually hearing from
grateful people who have had expert,
euces like that of Miss Alice IS. Cooper,
ot Niagara Vails, Ont., who writes:
"I wish to express my gratitude to
you for the benefit I received from your
most wonderful Dyspepsia Tablets.'
Having taken other medicines without
having received the slightest relief, I
heard of your Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsiji
Tablets and thought I would give them
a trial. I have been completely cured
of dyspepsia. I will lie only too pleased
to advise auy one troubled with dyspepsia
to give them a fair trial."
Na-Dru-Co DyspcpslaTablets not only
give the Immediate relief from heart*
urn, flatulence, acidity of tlie stomach
and biliousness, whicli issomuch needed,
but if taken regularly for a few days or
weeks they completely cure the most
aggravated cases of stom'ad- trouble.
When tor 50c. you can get a box from
your druggist, why go on suffering?
National Drug and Chemical Co, of
Canada. Limited, Montreal. m
When buying your Piano insist on having an
Piano Action
Lltlle Willie—What Is logic, pa? P»
—Logic, my bon, Is your line of argument In a controversy. Little Willie
—And what is sophistry*! Pa—ll*
other fellow's.
clean your handithoroughly and
Uwfll clean your fundi thoroughly and quickly no matter how tolled they
are and leav*- theiu imooth
end soft. Ink, paint, oil or
grease atalni, oft they come
with Snap. fctaCnT-»4tf.
"haASm. th^exammmatm IU____J _______________■___*!
**-x**wS **s*mm\*at*Ty mm*a^*\*a, *m*r*b***rWttSam THE SUN, GKAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
le Resents the Word "Faker" as
Applied to Him.
In* Continued Misunderstanding ef
ths Publio Grieves Him Greatly.
His Experience While Exhibiting at
Jump Off the Reverie of Felicitous.
JCopyrlsllt.   1913,   by   Associated   Literary
1AM making DO per cent prodt on
my various remedies foi- the cure
of whnt alls mankind, but there
are times when I grow weary.
I cnn draw n mini buck from the
fawning grave. Uut wheu my remedies
ron't grow n new leg to replace the
iroodeii one I am culled a fraud.
1 cun save Ihe child dying of' fever,
knt becuuse I can't substitute something for his red hnlr mothers drive
aie from the door ns a fnker.
1 hike u tintype of mun or woman at
hilf price aud in nine cases out of ten
,m blamed that it looks homely and
snturnl. I save man or woman from a
suicide's grave when laboring under
fcspondoncy, nnd hope returns to them
•nly to Illume me for bulling in.
I smile us I count my profits, but I
liic-il tent's when 1 tblnk of the Injustice of tills world.
Besides lifting up tho lowly, encour-
kglng the sorrowing, Belling my reme-
«i_n, taking tintypes and showing my
■loving pictures as 1 travel about tbe
country, 1 ulso collect statistics for the
kgrlcultural bureau ut Washington nnd
keep tab on human nature ua 1 Und it
tn various luculltles.
It grieves me to say that In carrying
•lit ibis latter duty I bnve been forced
to the conclusion tbut human nature Is
gradually but surely losing Its, reverence fnr sacred things. Nut a week
foes past but what I And r dozen Instances of It, and lt hurts me' more
than 1 can tell.
The Town of Jump Off-
Two yenrs ngo I exhibited my moving pictures at tbe town of Jump OCT,
wblcb was founded as a future rival
of Chicago nud bad seven murders and
nine elopements the flrst year. When
I showed the picture of General Washington at Valley Forgo-emnclated,
starved, discouraged and almost ready
to trade American liidepcudcut-0 for a
pumpkin pie-there was a breathless
silence In the audience for a minute,
•ml then sobs and tears broke fortb
from every point of the hall. Men
•Abu hnd not shed a tear when their
niutliprs-ln law died now broke down
•ud bud to be led from the hall and In
some cases, as I afterward learned, did
not tnke n band at poker for tbe next
I tad to tan tne picture on. tw
audience even booted me. I then at-
blblted a picture of Satan walking arm
ln arm wltb a Boston alderman thai
had sold his vote for $2,000, and tber*
was applause lasting seven minutes.
I Had Great Hopes.
The next pleture was Faith clinging
to Ibe cross. I had great hopes that
this would bring the audience back
Into the strntgbt and narrow path, but
was doomed to disappointment She
wns advised to go bome and go to
darning stockings, and when I wonld
have expressed  my surmise nt such
sacrilege some one threw a turnip and
hit ne on the jaw.
From thence on I exhibited only pic*
tures showing that tbe wages ot sin
are from four to ten dollars a day, with
board and washing and theater tickets
thrown ln, and tbe audience went wild
with enthusiasm. I could uot close my
eyes to tbe fact tbat tbe drift of the
times was toward wickedness and that
tbe traveling agents of family Bibles
must be living on onions and sleeping
ln fence corners.
Next day, while I was driving over
tbe blgbwny from Jump OH to Stop
Here, I met a cavalcade. My Innocent
face, venerable wbiskara and baa.*'
Ing insure me respect In most cases
tbe cavalcade removes Its hats and
bows low before me. ln tbls case as a
sign of ttae degenerncy of the times the
malcnde baited, and the leader asked
me what I would take for my whisk-
|»rs. I had not yet recovered from my
astonishment when another man dismounted and climbed up on the wheel
of my wagon and actually gave a tug
ut my whiskers to see lf they were'
false. Then tbey called me old man
and old boy and old hoss, und one of
them tried to spit tobacco juice ln my
fighting dog's eyes. As 1 drove on It
just did seem to me thnt the end of the
world wns at band. In Imagination I
could see the destruction of Sodom and
bear tbe yells of Its perishing Inhabitants,
A Spirit ef Levity.
I Having rouched tbe town itself, I observed that a spirit of levity and gay-
ety pervaded tbe place; but, though It
might be owing to tbe fact that tbere
was a man In town from Denver trying to sell folding bathtubs and hairbrushes. I opened my show by Introducing Pilgrim .Toe's Alternative, which
is n well known remedy for drawing
folks buck from tbe grave. I bnd
scarcely announced tbat tbe price still
remained 25 cents, notwithstanding tbe
panic, when a crowd began to hoot
In selling this alternative I usually tell
a little story. It Is about a fond mother whose sunny huh/cd little boy gets
In tiie wuy of a brick house and la
crushed to a pulp. The mother sits
grieving over the remains nntl walling
out tbat tbere is no more happiness
for ber on tbls earth when nu nngel
comes flying down wltb n bottle of my
justly celebrated remedy tn ber hand.
Sbe pnts tbo grieving mother on her
head and then sprinkles somo of tbe
alternative over the remains of the
child, in Ave minutes he Is chasing
grasshoppers and the mother Is laughing In glco and wonderlug wben tlie
next clrcuB will come along.
Seeing tbat tbe crowd at Stop Here
was a little out of bumor, I started
In to tell this story, but It brought missiles Instead or tears aud smiles.    A
i majority of those missiles collided with
' my sacred body, and for the only tlmo
In thirteen yenrs I was somewhat em-
burrnsscd.   I passed tbe picture nloug
nnd, substituted   "Tbe   Discovery   of
America."   No good.   They threw to-
I bncco cuds at Christopher as he stood
and gazed upon America. 1 substituted
I "Two Orphans," but tbe rugged aud
starving little girls, wandering nround
in n snowstorm at nlgbt In search of
fodder and Byropntby, wero ndvlscd to
> cut It out.    In desperation I changed
to tho most sacred picture In tbe col-
! lection, which represents a field of bnt-
' tie at nlgbt, after tbe lighting.   There
nre dead and wounded scuttered about,
I nnd instead of being on tbelr roosts
| and asleep thousands of buzzards are
1 hovering o'er the scene.    There are
' m rnrf'-hitB.
, Third.—This world will eventually tie
• mighty tough place to live ln.
Fourth.—If you hate ■ pain anywhere In tbe family or among your
distant relatives take Pilgrim  Joe's
j Annlhllator.
1 Fifth.—It yon haven't got a pain, but
are slowly dying from grief, old age or
disappointment, take Pilgrim Joe's Alternative. It will bring back to youth
and oyster stews and give you a
cbance to start even wltb tbe world.
Tbere Is no other. If your family
druggist trios to get yon to take a bottle of hair dye ln Its place call him a
borse thief and walk out
The Word.
"He pleaded with ber to say the little wonj thnt would make him happy
for 11 fo."
"Tell me qulckl   Did sbe say It?"
"She did.   It was 'No.'"-Birmingham Age-Herald.
Wayside Chat
"What did they give youse at dat
last house?'.
"Glmmo three rolnutei before tnrnln' ,
loose de dog."-Kansas'Hty Journal.
Seng of ths Telegraph Wires. ' *
A new theory of tbe singing ot telegraph wires nas been offered by Pro-'
fesBor Field of tbe University of Ottawa. No explanation yet given
seems to have been perfectly satisfactory, and tbe suggestion ls now
made thnt the sounds represent minute
earth vibrations, which are transmitted to tbe wires through the poles.
These vibrations depend largely on
varying air pressure. Tbe song of the
wires, therefore, may give good bare-'
metric signals, a sharp sound Indicating tbnt a change ls close nt band,
while a low humming shows tbut present conditions may continue a day or
perhaps two. _
terns English Households Art Nearly
Recerd-Breakers. I
, Recently two extraordinary cases of
,-rery numerous offspring in the same
family were recorded in the Knglish
cress, and these attracted -great attention at the time. One was that ot
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, of Chiswiek,
|who can boast a family of no fewer
than twenty-nine "little" ones, though
these are by t-vo mothers, the present
Mrs. Rog.rs being the second wife ol
I Mr. Charles of that ilk, who is a
well-known builder In the district.
[The proud father, aged seventy-four;
; might have been seen carrying his latest infant to its baptism a week or
two ago, and Chiswiek supporters did
due honor to the occasion.
II The other case was thst of Mr. T. A.
j Black, ol Purley, Surrey, who, curiously enough as a coincidence, can
' also claim to be the lather of twenty-
! nine children; and in this instance ,,    ,
! the writer believes, too, that Mr. Slack   unlikely that  he would be able to
can boast that these "thirty sava one" ' pray lor her without frightening her.
are still all alive.
Capital as these examples are, as
showing  that  even  in  this  age   of
bishops and judges who rail at the
decaying birth-rate, yet the nation is
not wholly going to the dogs in this
matter, the  instances  mentioned  do
not form  snything like  a "record" _
for the country in this fashion.
Hit Lordship Wat Summoned to tho
Bedside of a Girl of Flftten Suffer.
Ing From Nervous Breakdown—
Praytd For Htr and Anolntad Hae
Htad With Oil After Which She
Dropped Off Into a Sound Sleep.
Hia Lordship the Bishop ol London
recently effected a marvelous cure ia
the case of a fifteen-year-old girl suffering from a nervous breakdown.
When hid lordship reached the sick
chamber In response to the mother'o
request, he found that the little ono
had been raving and shrieking in delirium all the afternoon, and it seemed
unlikely  that  he  would  be able
Kntw What to Do.
A trolley car hnd butted Into tt pedestrian, who was knocked prone.
Others wbo were passing, thinking tho
accident might bo serious, rushed to
the assistance of tbe fallen mnn.
"Are you much hurt?" asked a well
Intentloned individual who helped the
victim to bla feet. "Shall I get a doctor for you?"
"Doctor nothing!" replied tbe other.
"Guess you don't know much about
trolley accidents, (let me a lawyer-"—
To Keep Him Attentive.
■Why do you encourage your husband to drink so much coffee?"
"It's tbe one tblng that will keep blm
■wake nights, and that's the only,
cbance I get to tell him what I really:
think of him.'1—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
I There was that stalwart Scot hail-
,ing from Cromarty, Mr. Thos. Urqu*
| hart, who was not only the lather of
thirty-six children, but had the supreme satisfaction of living to see a
large number of them gain very high
.positions and become quite eminent.
'Of the thirty-six no fewer than twenty-
'five were sons—quite an unusual proportion of tlie kind.
I Sunderland just now seems to be
■trying to either break the record in
'another, way, or to qualify in decent
time for a place amongst Ihe notables
'.already mentioned. For the wife of a
'small shop-keeper in the Wearaido
town last month presented her spouse
jwith twins, which would have satisfied
most fond parents as the product ol
one twelve months. However, when
it is learned that this same good lady
had already borne another set ol
twins less than a year previously ono
may be forgiven for saying that, at
the rate of "four a year'' to such a
'youthful couple, the claims of Mr.
Rogers, Mr. Slack, or even Mr. Urqu-
hart, appear in much danger of being
soon excelled.
i In the annals ot "Numerous Children," by Boyle, there is a case given
of a Paris lawyer who had no fewer
than forty-five; and history also states
that a baker in France could boast
of twenty-one children, born at seven
births, and all within the astonishing
short spnee of seven years What a
family this would have been for winning the good grnces ot tha prelate of
London, or the former Bisiiop ol
01 course, the actual "record," so
f-r as authentic history can give it at;
all, surely belongs to Signers (iranta, j
the wile of an Italian living at Barcelona. This real "mother in Israel"'
did her duty so  nobly to tlie  state
r bishop op i-oxpok,
As he stepped to tho bedside, howevet-,
an extraordinary tiling happened, "Do
you know mc, dear?" he said, "Yes,"-
said the child, as eho slipped het
hand into tliat of the bishop, What
followed is thus described by bts lord.
ship; "She had not slept lor a long
time, With tlie mother and tha nurse*
I knelt at the bed, We had twa pray*
ers; then I anointed her on the fore,
head with oil, prayed for a blessing
on it, placed my hand upon her head,
and gave her tho -blessing, and at
that moment she sank back into a
deep sleep and slept for hours dur-,
ing the night, and, thank Ood, il it is
His good pleasure, she is now on tho
high way to recovery, I knew that
evening that Jesus waa personally
with us, and I could not help thinking
it was very much like the raising ol
J aims' daughter over again."1
A Labouchere Anecdote,
A Labiuchere anecdote which hat
not heen done to death is given in
,, the new volume ol recollections b»,
that, at tho ar c of sixty, she could gir Henry Lucy ("Toby, M,P,"), to
look round and count something like -yhom it was told by Labby himself,
forty-nine ollva branches who were as jt concerned the younger ton of *
delighted as possible to call I ier "mo-1 pcer| who thought tliat a berth in tbo
ther."   Signora  Granta  undoubtedly   Diplomats Service waa as desirable
holds the record still; aiu our Eng
i lish parent., of twenty-nine—nay, even
' the Scottish ones of thirty-six — will
have a long way to go to overtake it.
—London Tit-Bits.
"In a raco between an airship and
■n automobile wblcb would win?"
"Barring accidents, tbe airship ought
to come out on top."—Chicago News.
two weeks.   I was told of •*''--*™* «'" I --,,&. there weeping o*er the dead or
went homo and wept for three da>s | _[ayiug ffU|_ ,b. wotlmled nud utUM
angels with clubs whacking nway ut
the buzzard a.
One of Them.
"What are your views on tbe great
public problems?"
"I haven't any views on public problems," replied the man whose inter
ests nre under Investigation. "I'm ons
of them myself."-Washington Star.
•nd could uot bo comforted and of lit
lie children tbat wauled to tend tbelr
food to tbo starving patriots.
I.nst week 1 got nround to mow my
pictures In tbo same town again. There
Produetd Tttrt and 8obt.
Wben I exhibited this picture In tho
was a still larger audience, and I i towus of Step High, Oo Ou, Merry h
thought I observed nn Increased look . and Who Cares there were such tears
of reverence on their faces. After col- und sobs ns produced ■ wave of Innn-
lecllng my statistics as (o tho number eima all through tbe state, and bun-
of cucumbers per acre raised In tbnt ! trtdi of men rode from ten to fifty
part of Kansas tbls year I mounted
All Dtptndt.
Wlgg—Is It unlucky to postpone •
wedding day?
Wugg-Not if yoa keep on doing it-
Town Topics.
the platform nud started the show
with the same old pictures. It wat
Washington silling In bis log house at
Valley Forge. He was the most sorrowful looking skeleton ever exhibited
fa the public outside of an nnntonilo.nl
museum. I expected great results, nud
I got 'em. Instead of tears and silence
•nd sobs, tbe picture no sooner appeared ou the canvas tban irreverent
Tolces called ont;
•".•'at blm up!"
"Feed him pudding and milk!"
"Give liiin chop nucy!"
"Iley, George, old boy, Where's your
Wed oysters?"
My grief nnd astonishment cgn hardly be Imagined. As I looked nt (lie
ludlence In n reproachful wny tbe an-
lleuce continued to boot nnd guy, u.*l
miles to tell me tbut tbey would not
J enlist In tbe army tf Japan licked us
ten times over.
| On this occasion, however, tbe picture wus received ln frozen silence.
This lasted nbout a minute, nud tben
tho nudleuce began to guy. Tbe sacred angels were advised to try ibis or
tbat breakfast food and to put on tailor mndo gowns aud wear "Merry Widow" bats, and wheu I stepped tu lho
. front nnd protested against such sac*
; lilege there were sbouta for me lo pull
down my vest and get off lbe earth,
I I have no desire lo |tose ns ti dlscor.
ercr or explorer or to tun Uo my fellow
I man uut worse than he Is, but my con-
• \lc||on» ni'Pt
| First,-Sacred thlugs are gradually
losing tbelr sot-redness.
|   tjecoml.-A spirit of levity Is abroad  payers |J,W0,
A new kink In addressing envelopes has been noticed recently by
roino nl the postofliee clerks. Instead of tho word "personal" on these
envelopes to indleato that tho letter
is intended only for the eye ol the
person   addressed   has   been   written
himself." In each caso these let.
ters had been sent from Knglnnd.
In some parts of Ireland lho head ol
tho household ls always referred to
by tho members ol tin) family as
"himself," and the influence of that
custom may havo had lis effect nn
the Eflgllsli writers, or possibly the
writers were Irishmen living lu England.      	
Oett Big Bum,
The Swaflham Hoard nl Guardian*
have received UOtlM pi tllj death, ol
a female luuatlo belonging to llislr
A Neglected M.P.
Shrewsbury, Eng., was at one per
lod represented by a member singularly neglectful of his Parliamentary
duties. John Mytton, who was returned for the borough in IBID, remained ln the House only half an
hour after he had taken tlie oath,
and then left, never to set foot in
St. Stephen's again. This solitary
visit to the House cost him $50,000
in election expenses,
i Mytton resigned his seat the following year, but stood ior Shropshire
twelve years later, when he had run
through all his money. In his elec
,tlon address he stated: "I have now
no wife, no family, no hounds, no
horses-some will tay no steadiness
of purpose—but leeling thot I can devote myBelf lo your service I offer
mysdf as a candidate." This time
ho was badly beaten at tho poll.—
Doily Chronicle.
'       Town  Under the Waves,
Hon. Frederick G. Wynn, oi Glyn.
llivon, has mcceded In making an
examination from his yacht of the
site ol Cacr Arlanrod, the Roman
town which lies buried beneath ths
waves ol Carnarvon Bay, About 40
yards from the crest of lho reef, which
covers two ncres, and which tradition
marks as thc site of tho old Roman
station overwhelmed by the sea, ha
discovered large boulders arranged in
regular lines which looked like the
foundations of a building 20 yards in
length by 10 yards in breadth, nnd a
very curious and perfect pillar of
ptone, with a conical top, eight feet
In height, three feet across, and
three-sided in  form,
Union who has been an inmate nl tin
Norfolk Asylum since NXi),   During
her U years' roildence In that Intti. .-■■-,      ,  „,„,,„ ,„ ,,„ri„_
tution lier maintenance coil till »tc I Upewrltor,' Wld Hleks U having
( Oflice of * tlmo trying to explain."
Explanation Demanded.
"Hare you heard about poor young
Hicks' trouble with his wife?"
"No, I've bcen out of towu for tbe |
last month,  wimt In It?'' j
"Po tent bla office boy up to the .
Iioiiso for bis raincoat one day lust,
.week, nnd tbe found a memorandum |
iu  lbe pocket rending, 'Itibbon  for,
a place as any for one who took life
rather easily. He knew nothing ol tho
special subjects upon which the pre.
liminary examination was based, but
there waa at least tho promise of a
lark, As tar as ho could make out,
he did not supply a single correct
answer to the long list ol questions.
Nevertheless, he came out first in tho
competition, It was a surprise even
for a confident young lordling. Meet.
ing ono of the examiners i>< a dinner
a few days later, ho ventured to ask
how tho thing coma about, "Wo at
once saw you knew nothing," was tho
reply, "But your manner was to free
from constraint under what to tome
people would havo been peculiarly
embarrassing circumstances that wo
said to each other, 'That's tha \er-f
man to make a diplomatist,' So we
gave you a* start on your career,"'
Auction by Candle,
A quaint custom, over 200 years old,
known as tho "Candle Auction." lot
the letting of a field called Bluwi'll
Meadow, situated at T»'.W-Tth, neal
Chord, Somerset, Eng., wa* again t>b'
served. Tho tennnls on the r-\f,{e, n)
fhich Sloweli Meadow forms j>«.,
met at the village inn, an<UliiriPH lb*,
burning of an inch o| ta||o\y candle
made bids for renting ground (of •
year. Certain fines aro imposed which
lire put into a "kitty," and al.crwardt
spent upon refreshments lor the com.
Burnt Got Out of |t,
Occasionally Mr. John Burnt'*
great fluency lets him down, It did
in the Biitish House of ('opinions re.
vently, ivften he wos talking \»ith
pathos about "poor orphans and theit
widowed mothers who (urn char.
women.'1 ''There they are," ht
cried, ''y-orking. cleaning dut oui
public offices, making a nobis strug*
gie to keep a sick husband'1—a tittei
that grew rapidly to a roar of laugh,
(er inlormed him that ho htd gone
wrong—"to keep a horde together,'1
lie corrected, hastily,
Sir George Turner it  reported It
have   sold   that,   though   leprosy   u
isually spread   by   contagion,  pios(
.   . . ,. .. janoeroUi te
suffering Iron
pftvu    et.1'1     yitn,,    but-ugu
Iisuslly spread by cont
ep'ers are pqt nesfly so i
he public at a person su
consumption, THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams  High  Standard   Paints
Are the riglit kind to use.
Ask Us
Our Paint Advice Is Free
The public schools re open on
Monday, August 25. Pupils who
have been promoted will assemble
at tbeir new classrooms. Beginners
wbo are six years of age will be re
ceived up till Tuesday, September 2.
Health certificates are required from
all wbo bave nut previously attend
ed the school.	
A. A. Frechette, the Greenwood
baruessmaker, moved bis shop to
this city this week. He has resumed
business at bis old stand next to
tbe Lion Bottling Works un Bridge
street. His family have moved into
the residence iu the Wesl end recently occupied by Mrs. Shaw.
Robert Pribilsky, formerly pro-
prietoe of the City barber shop, returned on Wednesday from Long
Beach, Cal, wbere he has been living during tbe past eighteen months.
He intends to remain in tbe cily
ubout a mouth.
drowned in the Fraser river recently,
Hre still alive and nt present reside
in Calgary.
The Pacific hotel in the West end
is still nerving meals twenty-hour
per diem.
R. G. Ritohip, the  Cascade merchant, visited the city yesterday.
Wanted — Second hnnd   bicycle.
Call at Morrison's jewelry store.
Tbe Grand Forks brewery this
week commenced to operate its bottling plant. A superior quality of
buttled beer is being put on the
Al. Nelson was instantly killed
laBt week by being slruck by a bent
wbile at work on a Great Northern
bridge in Pboenix.
Mrs. W. J. Meagher returned on
Saturday from a three months' visit
with relatives in Portland, Ore.
Mrs, C. B. Peterson and family
visited friends in Oroville this
Constable McDnugnll returned on
Saturday from New West minster,
tn which plnce he had conveyed n
crazy Hindu.
For Hale—Ten acres of good fruit
land in the West end of the city,
about half of which is planted to
fruit trees, now commencing to hear
Apply to E Barron, Grand Forks,
B. C.
E. Millpr, M.P.P.. returned on
Monday from a visit to the coast
■Work on the Argo tunnel in
Greenwood, whicb was suspended
for a couple of weeks, bas been resumed. 	
Dr. Kingston returned on Friday
from a two weeks' vacatioti trip to
tbe outlast cities.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acrea
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in -which to pav. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
A Vancouver dispatch says that
it is probable that the venue in the
action of the Dominion against Mr.
.Justice   Cloment,   of   the supreme
P. T McCullum, Canadian immi
graiioti inspector, is enjoying his an
tiuil vacation this week. His place
is filled by Mr Ogilvie.
Joii-ph McNeil and his brother,
formerly residi-nts of the Boundary,
who  were   reported to   have   been
17 AD **C A117 A 5-roomed
rUK OAhll cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Pout. Albbrni, B.C.
Captive Balloon at Spokane Fair
SuitS   tO   Order   M8   Upwards
1! We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.    We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
court of British Columbia, will be
changed from Ottawa to Vancouver.
It is an action to recover an excess
of traveling fees alleged to have been
charged by the judgg. It is claimed
that while residing in Vancouver
Judge Clement put in bills and was
paid for constant trips from Grand
Forks to that city. The amount involved is about $3000.
Where Women Rule
According to a recent dispatch
from Tokyo, a little village has long
existed on the cape of Shina in Ja
pan, the name nf which means the
"Settlement of Nymphs." In this
village woman is the predominant
partner. The chief industry is pearl
fishing, nnd the women are the fishers. The men stay at home and do
the housework*
Some of the men became discontented recently, and began to practise diving, with the idea of becoming pearl fishers themselves. The
women, dreading their cum petition,
ordered them to -discontinue their
diving, and wben they refused, declared a boycott against them. Tbey
were chased from their homes, and
had to take up their abode in a
camp outside the village.
The men bave petitioned parliament  for  their rights, and in tbe
We are experts
in this line, and
have on hand a
choice selection of Mouldings in all styles and finishes.
Bring in your pictures and have them framed to beautify your home.   Our charges are very moderate.
Picture Framing
Grand Forks Furniture Go
Window Shades, Bie, The Complete House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE .58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
meantime the local police are doing
tbeir best to bring peace between
ihe contending sexes.
For Sale—Five and one fifth acrea
of the best fruit land; cleared; fenced;
well; four roomed house; fifteen minutes' walk from town. For particulars
apply to owner, G. H. Pell, Grand
Fork", B C.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
F. Downey's Cigar Store
ornci, HM
Hansin'b KIS.DS.II-I.R38 ■
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing uf ull Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop |
nr HntMnjr i»S
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
potent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Kami- flmilnir a Spoola*: y.
P. A. Z, PARE,  Proprietor |
Iht Duoh North of Okanby Hotkl.
oven C3 YEARS*
Hillhcadt) and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
Trade Mark*
Copyright* 4c.
Anyone fMara a sketeh am! deeer.pt.nn n
qi-.cl.lr ascertain our opinion tn* whetl
invention ieprooablrpa	
•ent free, oldest asencr for i
Patent* taken jEroush ilium SVo. im
•tetui nolle*, without abam, la tS*
Scientific American.
A lianilwmelr Illustrated woeklj*. timet otr-
culiiuon of anr ■ctentldo Journal. Terms for
Canada, 13.15a rear,postage prepaid.   Bold b.
GOOD PRINTINGfnekind we do_is in
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workman*
ship are of the beat. Let ua estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills fiTU*   Ami   fflHttl   MwH
A reliable French regulator mover .alb. Thee* W*P*       ,W*W      JE1* Ml*      *m*rA*ASeYS
Mills ara *>vr«___ln_.|v nnwerflil In rt_l.ul_.tln_. tha    III * ^
A reliable French regulator; never falls. These
pill! art exceedingly nowerlul tn regulating the
generative portion of the female svstem. Keluse
allcheap Imitations. Dr. da Taa'a art told at
H a bos, or three lor 110, Mailed to any address.
Tb* (oaken Drag *>*.. M. Cat-war lies, Oat,


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