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The Evening Sun Oct 28, 1910

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Ninth Year--No. 52
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. October 28, 1910.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Granby Gompany Has Acquired 80 Per Cent of
Hidden Greek Stock
Correspondence Evening Sun.
Spokane, Oct. 27.—The Granby
Consolidated Mining, Smelting &
Power company has closed a deal
for the purchase of SO per cent of
the capital stock of tbe Hidden
Creek Mining company, owning a
big copper mine on Observatory
inlet, near Prince Rupert, B. C, on
a basis of half a million dollars for
the property. Tbe interests acquired
were held by J. M. and Ralph Ho-
genB, of Butte and New York, M.
K. Rodgers, manager of the mine
and owner of the remaining 20 per
cent of the stock, refusing to sell at
any price, Tbe mine is considerably developed and equipped. The
property covers 6000 acres of mineral claims, mostly patented, and a
thousand acres of town and smelter
site. Tbe mine is located a quarter
of a mile from tidewater.
* The Granby company proposes to
equip tbe property with a matting
plant, and will ship low grade matte
to its Grand Forks smelter for conversion. The estimated tonnage, of
ore in sight at tbe mine is 400,000
tons of average value of 3J per cent
copper. The ore has a high excess
of iron and sulphur,renderiiig it very
valuable to the Granby as-an aid in
reducing metal losses in slag, and
coke consumption, and increasing
the tonnage of silicinus ore whicb
can he handled at the Grand Forks
A Strange Siory
The following improbable yarn is
taken from the London Free Press
of the 3rd ult. The tale, whicb
bears an Ottawa date, is given credence as being the sober judgment of
United Canada:
Preriiier Richurd McBride, of
British Columbia, has been offered
his choice of the portfolios in the
Laurier cabinet, with the right of
succession to the Liberal leadership
'also pledged to him, if he would before next election abandon the Conservative party.
This is the substance of a Btory
that comes to United Canada from
nn authoritative source in Victoria,
B.C., and is corroborated as "quite
probable" by Sir Wilfrid's closest
personal friends in Quebec.
S proached and the   aforesaid   offers
[ have heen made to him.
I John Henry, the lumber baron of
Vancouver, the president of the
Canadian Manufacturers' association
and partner of James J. Hill, is the
gentleman entrusted by Sir Wilfrid
as his plenipotentiary in his negotiations with Mr. McBride.
When United Canada asked the
Montreal senator if he could recall a
political precedent for the offer to
Premier McBride, he replied: "Certainly, several," and he went on to
''It is no secret that Sir John
Macdonald tried to capture the
great Honore Mercier, about 1888,
and might have succeeded were it
not for the late Hon. John Henry
Pope. I am told on good authority
also that the old Liberal government
in Ontario, finding that the young
men were gradually rising in revolt
against it, offered to take the present
Premier Whitney into a coalition
government, and later offered Attorney-General Foy a supreme judgeship.
"I may tell you further," said tbe
same gentleman, "that Sir Wilfrid is
quite convinced that none of his
present colleagues is lit to lead tbe
This startling story will probably
be denied on all Bides, but tbat it is
founded on facts we have no doubt
Two Undesirables Attempt
to Evade the Immigration Officer
Two aliens, who had been ordered
deported by Immigration Inspector
McCallum, but were permitted to
remain at an hotel over night, made
their escape early in the week. Mr.
McCallum followed them toPhoenix,
and on Wednesday brought them
hack to this city and sent them across
the line. He did not prosecute
them, because the undesirable visitors were of the hobo type, and were
in search of a comfortable jail in
which to B'pend the winter months.
The Oldest Living Person
The claim of ii woman of Posen,
born in 1785, to be the oldest woman alive, is contested by Mrs.Vasilka,
who, according, t(j monastic records,
was born in Mfty,|178J, in Bavelsko,
Bulgaria, where she has lived ever
since. Mrs. Vasilka is a peasant
daughter, and for i over a century
worked regularly in/tlie fields, according to the custom of her country. When she'Viiji born Bulgaria
was merely a provijJ$l of the Turkish empire, and the entire population groaned under the tyranny of
their Turkish rule'rs.j Mrs. Vasilka
lived through nil the;crises of her
nation, and now rejoices to know
that Bulgaria isan independent kingdom. During her life, she bas seen
innumerable wars and rebellions,
massacres and atrocities, political
crimes and tragedies. She recollects
perfectly events that happened at
the end of the eighteenth century.
Her son, Todor, has also worked in
the fields nearly all his life, but he
has also taken part in various wars
and rebellions in the Balkan peninsula. He is not quite so fresh and
vigorous as his mother, although he
is still cnpnble of doing a good day's
word.    The "oldest woman  in   the
Allrr examining the |.elitical situ-1 *ori|d" '" eH,i(1 to «*V . fairly   *»*
ation at close  range  personally in «y<*'8>t and good hearing, and  she
Alberta, Saskatchewan and British
Columbia, and realizing its hopelessness, Sir Wilfrid has, it is said,
intimated to confidential
that the outstanding danger and
threatening menace to Liberalism in
the west all centres in the towering
personality of Dick McBride, the
brilliant young premier of British
What can be done to delay this
catastrophe, the terrified towering
ministers ask themselves when they
see the ex-ministers and heroes of
yesterday — Tuppers, Dewdney,
Prior, Mantigne and others—simply
onlookers at tbe show today in the
Well, Mr. McBride has   been ap
is able to walk without support.
Sho lives on a pension paid to her
by many of her numerous descend-
fri_ Is ants, who number more than 100.
She is naturally quite a celebrity,
nnd people come great distances to
get a glimpse of this wonderful woman, who has defied time for a century nnd a quarter.
As there waB a hiatus in our report of the council proceedings,
caucsed by The Snu's short-hand
reporter losing some of his notes, this
paper neglected to state Inst week
that Miss Nellie Carter, assistant
city clerk, had tendered her resig
nation, to take effect on the 1st prox.
The council accepted the resignation. A number of applications for
the position were received, but the
clerk slated thnt for the next two or
three months he would be able to
handle the work in the office himself, and they were ordered filed for
future reference.
Mining Stock Qaotations
Boston, Oct. 27.—Tho following are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Granby Consolidated.    39.00
B. C. Copper      8.00
cents a share on October 25, when
$15,000 was disbursed to stockholders of record October 15. This
brings the dividends up to $70,000
from a corporation ranking among
the youngest in tbe state of Washington.
The lots of the Orient townsite
have been placed upon the market.
The lots vary in price from $100 to
$600 apiece.
Experimental Plant Is Reported to Be Doing
Good Work
The Ledge says that thirteen
prominent citizens of Greenwood
have been siwashed.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Clements, of
Vancouver, are visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. B. Lequime. Mr.
Clements was formerly C.P.R. station agent in tbis city.
It is reported that J. G. McLean,
the contractor in charge of the construction work on the Kettle Valley
line, will have 400 men in the field
shortly. At preeent about one quarter of that number are at work.
David McBeth was recently awarded a contract for clearing the right
of way between Rock Crsek and
Beaverdale, a distance of about 25
miles. He expectB to have the
the work completed by the 1st of
March next.
Col. Wadmore, of Victorin, brigadier-general for British Columbin,
this week inspected the arms and
general status of the Kettle River
Valley Ride association. He stated
that everything in connection with
the association here wns in better
condition than at any other point in
the province.
VV. H. Covert will leave tomorrow
for Vancouver, where he will mnke
a display nt the Cnnadinii National
Apple show.
Ernest Miller, M.P.P., left on
Wednesday for a business trip to
Fairview, B.C.
Martin Burrell, M.P., left for
Vancouver on Thursday. He will
be one of the judges at the Canadian
National Apple Show, which is to
held in that city next week.
W. A. Williams, local manager
of the Granby smelter, left on Tuesday for a business trip to Spokane.
Fire in the heart of Victoria this
week destroyed property to the
value of over a million dollars.
Colin Campbell, of Victoria, provincial inspector of hotels, was in
the city on Tuesday.
A recent issue of the B. C. Gazette
contains the official notice of the
appointment of David Whiteside, of
this city, to be registrar of joint
stock companies, in the place of S.
Y. Woottoon, resigned.
The net earnings of the British
Columhia Copper company in September was $27,000. The cost of
producing copper last month was
8,8 cents a pound.
The cyanide plant at the Napoleon mine will be ready for operation next week. It is a lO-stamp
mill and hns a capacity of 125 tons
Stockholders of the Republic
Mines Corporation drew down tbeir
regular monthly   dividend   of   U
Mrs. W. C. Jones returned to her
home in Marcus this week, taking
with her the two small Robson chil
dren who lost their mother by death
last weed.
Mrs. S. T. Hall and daughter
have gone to the coast, where they
intend to make their home.
S. McArthur left for Montreal last
Saturday, in response to a telegram
stating that his father had been seriously injured by an electric car in
that city.
Fifty boxes of apples have been
shipped from this city to England
for exhibition purposes.
At a public meeting in Greenwood this week $1300 wns raised
for a combined skating and curling
rink. It is proposed to erect a
$5000 building.
Willson & Honey, the men's outfitters, hnve a 25 per cent discount
snle now In progress.
An experimental oil burning
melter for the treatment of metalliferous ore has been erected at Van
Anda, Texada island. The process
is the invention of J. Anderson, a
Chicago steel expert. It retains the
blast principle, but the use of coke
as a fuel is obviated. If half the
merits claimed for it are realized
present methods of ore reduction
will be revolutionized.
The experiments at Texada island
are being conducted under the direction of Thomas Kiddie, one of the
best known metallurgists on the continent and formerly in charge of the
Ladysmith smelter and the Le Roi
Mining company'6 smelter at North
port, Wash. Mr. Kiddie states that
the.experiments have thus far proved
very succes,,ful, although one or
two modifications of the plant, in
order to secure greater efficiency,will
likely be made.
On behalf of the new process it is
claimed tbat the cost of smelting will
be reduced at least 50 per cent, ensuring the treatment of low-grade
oreB'whJch under present conditions
cannot be smelted at a profit. It is
probable tbat when the series of experiments now in progress shall
have:been demonstrated to be con-
clusifet the company holding thc
patent will be prepared to erect
plants-ill various portions'of Biitish
ColumWW, This will •ncan that
milling companies with sufficient
ore bodies will he in a position to
erect their own smelters at their respective mines.
The fuel used in the Anderson
process consists of crude petroleum,
which is vaporized as it is fed, the
principle being not unlike the one
in vogue in oil-burning locomotives
and steamships. An Anderson smelter with a daily capacity of 1U0 tons
was erected in Mexico Inst year, nnd
reduction costs nre reported to huve
since been cut in two.
Next Monduy should be a gala
day for the small hoy. It will be
Thanksgiving |duy and Hallowe'en
amalgamated into one stupendous
event. The turkey dinner may
eliminate some of his energies for
playing pranks Inter in the evening.
The dance given by the Indies of
the Scandinavian Aid nnd Fellowship society in Davis hall last night
wns largely attended, and everybody
hnd nn enjoyable time.
Mr. Forbes M. Kerby nnd children huve returned from a vacation
trip to the const cities ulid the Okanagan country.
Mrs. A. B. Hood will spend the
next three or four months with rein-
tives in Sherbrooke, Que.
Turkey Shoot Handicap
The following will be the bniidi-
cup at the turkey shoot to be given
by the members of (he Kettle Itiver
Valley Hi lie association ut their
range mi Thankgiving day, Monday, Octobers 81. All members must
be oo the runge nt II a.m. "harp.
The Bhooling will take place in the
order given below. The cipher iu-
ilieutes tbe scratch:
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik, Oct. 27.—Silver, 6G|j
standard copper,$12.30@12.B0, dull.
London, Oot.27.—Silver, 20,};lead,
£13 os.
If most of us knew we lind bnt fifteen minutes to live wo probably
would be Wondering if they would
print our ages in tbe obituary notices.
John Hay	
Dune MeKae...
C. M. Kirk	
C, G. Wheeler...
W. II. Dinsmore
G. M. Fripp	
Neil MoCallum.,
E, Spraggett	
,1. A. McCallum.
Frank  Hutton..
Percy Andrews..
II. D.Talbot	
Dr. Follick	
T. A. Mclntyre.
T. Newby	
A. E_. Savage	
Clinton Atwood..
C. A. S. Atwooe
J.;D. Campbell.,
W. B. Cochrane.
2U Hi)? lEbentng &un
Published at Grand Porhi. British Columh in
I sermon next Snndny morning in the The world needs fewer and  better
' Presbyterian church, assisted by the children.    The breeding and raising
Rev.   P.   B.   Thornton,   leader  of of children should be reduced  to a
music. science, so that the world  will con-
At   2   p.m.   in   the   Dreamland tain  ns   nearly as  possible  people
theatre Mr. Knowles   will   give  an who are perfect mentally and physi-
address   on   "Sowi"g Wild Outs— cully.   This is the real way to   make
and After" for men only,   nnd   Mr. life   worth  living on this mundane
Thornton will lend the singing.    At sphere.    While the world   is filled
jtt^^M*iS?ib.*ii_'fS?Sl|7'80P'ra''ln   the' Buptiet church,]with invalids, lunatics and  misfits,
"cFarpp, nnd that firm will lie glad to receive
■ubsort]>tloiiB and advertisement! on onr he-
Kilitur und Publisher
., 1,00
One Yenr	
Xeftr (In advance)	
frtislntr rutftifnr'iUlin I nil t»)
I notice*, lit antl ,r> oenln per line.
|-i>f.s all ooiiitminiciitioiiK to
Thk Eveninu Sun,
Phonb H74 Qhand Kokks, B.C.
•y&IDAY, OCTOBER  28,  1910
These are the days when a man
need not necessarily be timid to get
cold feet.
gnitThere is a woman in Bulgaria who
•felliims to be 126 vein's old. It is
ipvobnblv the only authentic case on
'•■record where a woman has divulged
liber correct age.
Mr. Knowles and
Mr. Thornton will: the carnival of crime, diseuse and
! misery will ever be in the limelight.
—Greenwood Ledge.
.. It is claimed that the next Domin-
, ion census, which will be taken next
June, will give British Columbia five
more members of parliament. This
announcement is made at this early
date in order that there may be no
dearth of candidates when election
time arrives.
A traveller in the Okanagan complains because, although that district
i.s celebrated for the fine apples it produces, the hotels serve only culls on
their tables. This is a fault that obtains in other fruit growing sections
of the province. It appears to bu the
practice of growers to ship the best
away, and to keep the inferior quality
for the local market. This should not
be so. Travellers are great advertisers,
and should be served with the best
that a district produces in order that
they may not form erroneous impressions of the country.
The King's Business
The campaign to which we have
been looking forward, under the
management of the Presbyterian
church in Canada, and with which
all other evangelical bodies are asked
to co-oporate, will begin in Grand
Forks next Sunday, Rev. R. E.
Knowles, B.A., pastor of Knox
Presbyterian church, Gait, Ont.,
and the Rev. P. B. Thornton, B.A.,
pastor of the Presbyterian church of
Colbourne,   Ont, being in   charge.
You might as well try to reach
the orb of day by walking on a sunbeam us to attempt to reach The Sun
renders by advertising in nny other
The man who trusts no ona doesn't
know what disappointment is.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe lhat they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertising in The Sun.
conduct a union gospel service,
which no one should fail to attend.
Announcements will be made on
Sunday ns to future services
These services, in which the
Presbyterian, Baptist and Methodist churches are cooperating, will
be continued every evening except
Saturday in the Baptist church till
the close.of the services November
llth, 1910.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mineB for the week, and also for the
year to date:
Granby 13,485 909,019
Mother Lode....... 7,8S7 284,050
Rawhide  3,000 9,700
SnowBhoe  2,390 122,315
Oro Denoro  9,339
Jackpot      791 10,(143
No. 7      100 330
Golden Eagle  120
Sally  32
Total 27,713 1,345,548
Smelter treatment—
Granby 14,955 834,028
B. 0. Copper Co... 12,317 385,805
A bad dime will worry some men
more than a bad investment of thousands.
Show cards for widnows and inside
are a fine form of silent salesmen.
Hake tliem brief, terse and pointed.
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Most men think they fall in love
harder when they are not led on; but
they don't. ,
To Rent—To approved tenant,
for the winter or longer, the residence of S. T. Hall, lluckle addition, 8 minutes' walk from the city,
with furniture, range, and every-
Ihiug necessary for immediate occti-
pnncy; rein, 815 per month. Apply
S. t. Hall, Gieenwood. B. C.
Wanted —Two good fresh milch
cows; perfectly gentle; must not be
more than seven or eight years old.
Address R. Forrester, Columbia P.
0., Grnnd Korks.
Read what Mrs. H. Lawrence, 158
W. 17th Street, Holland, Mich.,
writes about the marvelous resnlts obtained from the use uf Parisian Sage,
the delightful hair tonic, which is
now on sale all over Canada.
"For several months my huir had
been falling out, und dandrulT also appeared. I used some so-called hair
tonics and renewers, but never received any relief from the scalp disease until I procured Parisian Sage,
and used it for about two weeks.
Parisian Sage made the hair stop falling out, and caused it to grow in quite
When   marriage   raises  more bills
coos it is apt to be a failure.
Perhaps a bulldog   gets   but   little
sympathy because he doesn't   need it.
The   happiness   handed   over a bar
lasts only till tliefoum disappears.
An amateur detective   can  usually
thicken the thickest plot.
All persons who wish to
qualify as municipal voters for
the year 1911, who are not
the assessed owners of property, must register their names
with the City Clerk before
Monday, October 31st, 11)10.
J. A. McCallum,
City Clerk.
OUR HOLIDAY GOODS are better than last year,
and that says a great deal.
Call early and select goods, and we will lie
pleasetl to keep them for you. See tho goods,
anyway, whether you buy or not.
-^WOODLAND   &l   CO.K-
A Dollar  Goes
Long Way
when you buy* your supplies at our market; we
sell you choice, prime cuts
of beer, mutton, lamb, pork
and veal at as low a margin of profit as we can do
business honestly upon
and give the best you can get anywhere. Our meats
are tender and delicious—our poultry fat, fresh and
tender, and our hams and bacon fit tor a king at
in Bulk
For Motorists and Cyclists,
Lowest Prices
Winnipeg    Avenue
City and Suburban
Mr. Knowles, who has heen pastor
in hia present charge for twelve
years, has the largest membership
of any Presbyterian congregation in
Mr. Knowles is a powerful preacher—one of the most eloquent in the
church. He is practical, broad and
appeals especially to men. In
Cranbrook on Sunday evening, Octoher lfith, he preached to a congregation of 500 people, 75 per cent of
whom were men. He is also an
author and lecturer of considerable
note. As mnny as possible should
hear him when he delivers  his lirst
VII i.m Alt lii'n ol Brand Kurki, B. (.'.. ile-
enscd. iiiK'Htntfi
NUI ICi:   S IIEREHY lilVKN Hint mi Hie 1-1 li
tl-iyot "e oIht. r.ti'i. It wns ordered by
111** Honor .luilse   llrown  Hint  A. C  Sutton.
I'ubltc Administrator, lie administrator of
t'n. estilte   of   Tony   Vlilmnr, Inle nf   Oriiud
Enrka. It. ('., deceased. Ini. suit...
^^^^_ .    Kvery iieri'nn indebted to .niil ill reus, il Ik
heavily,   stopped   the dandruff, and ffipfe,!^
made the scalp cool, clean  and   com- MJ^WSBMfca^ '"""
fiiitjilili' Tt. ilIhh lenvi.M tin. Intif uillri. Kvery eredltnr or other person linvlinr imv
lunuoio.   it, uiso ica\es me Hair silky,   „,„|m „ „r |„ier„, |„ ,|„. dlatribiitlnii of
and lloes not mnke it stiff nr stickii tlioeaMteof thedecci.«ed ia relinked before
iino tiuis not iuiikb lt sun  oi    siicKy.   iin Uth ,|lly o( November, mil. to win) by
I eiiiliirse llio Oku nf Pin-isiim &_._*_> If registered letter, nddres.ed to tlie under-
i enuorsetne use ot rariman Sage. It ii,ind.bhM«»»iid »d™re««tid lull par-louts nil riolit " (l,.ti.l„.r '111    into* I lara olhlseladm nr lliicreal. and a statement
isuniigiii. — uotonei .10, liius. 9K.taMnMfc and »fa nature of theieourUjr
Woodland .fc Co are the agents for S&iVift!,. b' hlm'  .   ™ ,,y •'","",r}'
Piii'isiiin SiLiii,   in Hi'iiml ir.._-l_- I After lhe aaid IHh N'ovemher. 1D10, the Ad-
I at Mian sago  in Urand 1'orlo,   uml mlnlal{«tp!i will proensi with the dlatilhu-
lliev    think    mii wall ,.f it _■!..,* _■____... *'"" °l the eata'e, havlnit  renard lo  those
uu.)    mum   so well ot it that they c|_Hmioniy of which he ahall then have had
Ilnled at Oraiul Porka, B.C., '-'lut October,
I'nl.lle Ailininl.tnit.il.
Grand Porka, 11 C.
guarantee it" to cure dandruff, stop
falling or spilling hair or itching of
scalp in two weeks, or money back.
It will make any woman's hair soft
und luxuriant in a few days. Price 60
cents a large bottle at Woodland it
Co.'s, or direct, all charges prepaid,
from the Canadian makers, theOlroux
Mfg. Co, Fort Erie, Ont.
175X175 FT. LOT between
Second and Thitd atreela,
Juat nbiive Judge l,cHn._r't-
atidlt. Gaw'a places; aep.1
nraled from all other propertlea   by 20-ft. 1
lane: aa lame as aeven or i-k-lit ordinary lota, f
adjoining lota nre worth #1MI; would make
nice home, with sufficient ..round for chlok- L
ens. fruit, imrdeu and lawn; moat desirable^-
location lu city.
35 ACRES adjolnln*
clly limits an  eolith;
14 acrea oleured; 150
¥     _ _ fruit Ireea: new four-
-m,in house; burn f.ir aix horses; horse,
huviry.ilouble harness ami tunning implements.   All fnr W-JIKI.   Easy terms.
and three lota within
one block of bnslneaa
centre;   lawn,  allude
trees, fruit trees, berry bushes, large garden.
Will alio sell furniture ol bouse If desired.
Olio-half ensh, balance terms.
nil tin  house; burn f>
buvtry.iloiible hfirnea
inputs.    All for JIMX),
'reea, fruit treett.berr
Will nisi* sell furultui
OllO-llHjf eiifch, Itrilti'ii'
V.j mllea from town;
7-room house, phit.*-
iWut Inrfft! 11ufltry*he'I,
 womislicil:   IM    fruit
    in   lifinntr: 2'a   imtc.    nintwberr_en,
KooseliPi-rlfft, furi-Hiiti,, niHiiberrinv: fn;e from
Frnitl tin* bcit liM>Hti>>tiiirou«il Grmul Korku;
plt'iity of tfO.nl wuter; (rult uu<l oro|i lo
Hntweeti 8 bod 4 unrei
In Went em)  of i'lty;
Hrt>t r-hiMt. soil, nil iiii-
_      „     _     _ ili-r cul Ivutiun; niiuiU
luiiiHi', wiKiiUheil nnd outbuildings; well und
pump; uoud fence. Thi* h a sucrlllce, us owner U about ttih'iiv.-t Ity.   Terms.
<S(KK)cHsh,  bill-
auct! terms. One
ui best hotels lu
_    _   .    _ _    the business Pen
_ f Urand Folks; now duiiiff a protitnble
biisinu-s; owner desires to remove to the
eonst. This ll the liest batgalu in tbiH part
of the province, as there are but s-veii hotel
house. wiKidxhed nnd ci
pump: iMiud fence. Thi
er in about ttih'uv.-t lt>
2,600,00 feet of commercial
timber on property; $iSl)0 hewn
log house; North Fork runs
through land; Kettle Valley line
survey crosses property; deed
clear. $875 cash, balance terms.
For further particulars upply
Say a GOOD Word
It la wIm to «ay a good
wonl for yourself or your
business, whether your
stock In trade be mereh-
2™"oo or labor, Want
Ads. are the most direct
I'ne_._.of *om»"unlcatlon
to tiro hut buyers.
Ni:i:l)LKWI)RK wanted to do at home,
on Mrs. Win. Keron, SMond at reel.
Goon l'ASTUKAiiK for rattle eloae to city;
anfe fence; iilinmlnce of feed.   Kor terms
niMih lo John Hammer, Konitli of July erenk.
WANTKll   Sltiiutlnn aa Janitor or bartender.   Address V —~
Grand Korks, II. U.
._.v.....   No other town lu aoutheru" Hrlttai
Ciiluinlilit has aa bright future piosjiects,
" 111    '
Yale Lnnd Dlltrlot, IU .trlct ol Similkameen.
TAKKNUTIOK that Walter Oery, of Urine
1 dim, Man,, occupation farmer, intend, to
n|,|ilv for pprmi.sion to pureliaac llm follnw-
ini; deseribi'd lands:
1'oliiinencinic nt    a   poat  iitnuted   on   thf
Kent h boundary of Lot  -;41S. und nbout ten
,      ehniiia iinrtti o! the N.W, curlier of Lot 747 ou
> tlte   Hi- Sheep   Creek;   thcllcc   west   UHI chains:
enn   thence smith 111 elinlin,; thence cnat SO chains;
.'   thenee north .'II ehaina; llieuce enst SOchnins:
'_:ins   thence north '.II chaini to point of ciuninence-
jet over the idea of  reformiug  the """"• wai.ticudery, Applicant.
world. ' H) .l.li.Cralislon. HIsilKcnt.
Kuled thia 1 __■ i la duy of J'nnli. inn.
When  a   mun  begins to gn
fact that he will do   well  if   li
keep himself within bounds, he hi
licenses iu the Orand Forks,   '"ity ia growing
For further information re
girding the above properties
call or address
Bioyolrs ano Kkpaiii Work—A
complete line of 1910 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent no. \V. Coopkii, Winnipeg
ft UN ISM Iiii ROOMS-Applv Mra. E. Cruw-
I     f.ird.
AUYKltTlSINtl SPACE iu TheSuu.tlie moat
widely reud uewaiiupi-r in the Kettle Vnl-
rVPBWRITER-Oliver;   new.    Apply Sun
rllRKK   BOTTLES  cold   Nelson   Beer   511c.
I    Lion Bottling: Worka.
BARN ANnilOUSE-The Korreater barn, 2
lota aud house, iu Columbia.   Apply J. H.
Plath, Box 1(1.
AIIOE BOTTLE Port Wine lie.   Lion Bot-
.   tllng Worka.
AMD—16(1 acrea good timothy land.   Apply
_.   this office.
?PA(JE for advurtlatug   purpuau   in  Tbe
i   Suu.
SPECIAL OLD PORT (1 per gallon.   Lion
Kidney Disease Causes Half the Com-
Holy TiiiNiTY Church, Henry Steele,        mon Aohes ,ind IUs of Grand
Rector—Sunday services:   Holy com- Forts People
munion,  -S:U0   a.m.;   morning prayer
and senium,   11   a.in.; evensong and      As one weak link weakens a chain,
uermon, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday  school, 3 so  weak  kidneys weaken  the whole
p.m.     First   .Sunday   of   the   month body.and hasten   the linal    breaking
holy communion will be celebrated at (iown
the 11 a.m.   .service  as well  as at 8      «            ,     ,    .          ,,         , ,,
...   ,   ,          ,        . ,          .           Overwork, strains, cons and other
11.111.    \\ eek nav ami special   services
as they are announced  from  time   to Clluses "'iu>'e tlie   kidneys, and when
time " You are  cordially  invited   to their activity is   lessened    the whole
worship   with   us, and   wo would be body suffers frnm the  excess  of   uric
pleased to met you, poill0n aj|.uu]uted in the blood.
KNOX      PltUSllYTI.UIAN      OllUltCII  .    , ,        . ,    . ,
.,,,., . , , 1 ^ „,. Aches and pains and   languor   and
Sabbath services at I I a. in. and 1 :.I0 p. ■ "
111.; Sabbath sohool and Bible class  at  ul'ilm|V   llls   uul"e' "l,(1 tiK''e   is   »"
9:45 a.111.    All are cordially invited, ever-increasing tendency  towards di
Seats free.    Hev. M. D. McKee,   pas- abctes   and   fatal   Height's     disease
'or' There is no real help for  tbe sufferer
Methodist   Church   Hev. Ual- ..,        ,
,, .   u     1        .ii   except Kidney help,
vert.—Services    next   Sunday at  11 '   . '
a. 111. and 7:30  p.m.; Sunday  sohool Booth s Kidney Pills   aet  directly
and   Bible class at   0:15 a.m.     Tne on the kidneys and cure every kidney
Epworth League of Christian Endeavor ill,
meet every Monday evening  at  7:30; Mn)_ Jano Febe|,„ of 5(jlJ Pa(jiflo
Junior League,  Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m.;      ....    .        ,,
.,        1 ;•        sir   1        I     Winnipeg, Man., says:
mid-week   prayer   meeting,   Wednes- r °' '    J
days, 8 p.m.    Everybody will be wel-!    "After   suffering  dreadfully with
come. rheumatism ir. my riglit hip  and   ter
Baptist   Ciiuhoii,    Bev,   H.   W.; rible pains across my back for years,
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday j a|n „,„,._, tha|1  p)ea8ed   t0 „ay thftt
at   11  a. m. and  7:30 p.   m.;  Bible
class and Sunday school   at 2:30 p.m.
best job piinting deparrment in the
Boundary country
Booth's Kidney I'ills have cuicd   me.
The rheumatic pains in   my  hip   were
Don't forget that The Sun 11:1s the'so severe that 1 could not lie   on   inv
right hip at all and could hardly
move in bed. My back was so weak
and painful that after stooping over I
could not straighten up for some moments' and when I would attempt to
do so, I could scarcely bear the pains
that would shoot all through me. I
had tried all kinds of remedies for
this trouble, without finding relief
Booth's Kidney Pills have done their
wurk well in my case, and I shall always have a good word of praise for
tliem." For sale in (irand Forks by
H. E. Woodland it Co.
Sold by dealers. Price 50 cunts.
The I!. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Fort Erie,
Out., Solo Canadian Agents.
Ynle Lnnd District, Distrlot of Similknmeeii,
TAKK NOTIOB tlmt I, Thomas Henrv Paul-
I son. of Paulson, II. 0,, occupation Mer-
cbnnl. Intends to apply for permission to
pllrahase the following described binds:
('oiniiiciicliiir tit it post planted about sixty
chnins iiorthcn-t of tlie northwest corner nf
Miller's pre-emption, I.nt 11:11s.,011 Deep
Creel.': tlieuce east 111 chains: tlieuce north
ht chnins; theuce west _U)otialus|thenoO north
80 chains: thence west III chains; thence
south fill chnins; thenoe east 20 chuins; tlieuce
soulli 1(1 chuins to point of  commencement.
.1. R. Grnnston. Agent,
Dated May 17th, 1010.
(I'lil'linlii'tl Annually)
Enabled trader! throughout the world to
ri.miniiniente direct with Engl tali
tn niich flans of goods.    Uosdden licintr n emu-
plete  conn "in!  uriilde tn London »ml \U
suburbs, the directory oontaluo lists of
with tin' Hoods they tdiip,
nntl Koreijrn Market! they
rd 'ho Uoloniid
arranged under the Port! to which they sull,
and indicating the approximate Sat litest
of leading Uw
the prlnolun itr vh
centres of the Unltei
A copy of the cun
warded, freight p
Order for 203.
reliant!, die,'In
a and Industrial
•nl  edttb
id,   on  vi
Bronchitis, Croup, Coughs and Colds, or
money back.   Sold and guaranteed by
W'lKtiJJiUld it Co.
their trade card! tor £1, <
meats from £3.
Ynle Lund District, District ol Siiiillltiinieen.
... ,    .       r.\Kh  noiiuu that t, A.ness Blleu Paulson,
1 i iio   * i    '    <»' Kowland, rf. U„ occupation "he, in-
iBipt oi vosrai   tHlllj, lu apply for   permission to nurehuso
' the folluwing.dcserlbed lauds,
mi   advertise i    Commencing at   a  post    [denied   at the
or  advertise-1 BOlltliwestooruer of .I mm
25, Ahuhuroh Lane, London. K.C.
ij Deep Creek: thenee nortli
' wi'-t JO chains: thenoe io uth
ce west  Mi ohains: theuce
thenee east i.n eliulns to the
tion. hot 1188S.
OOoliallli; then
'JU chains; tm
south aucnaliu
'"""      '      AONSJ3S KLLBN PAULSON
> J. ILUraiisto.i, \jm
Duted May Kith, nun.
Do You Feel This Way?
Do you feel all tired out? Do you sometimes
think you just can't work away at your profession or trade any longer ? Do you have a poor ape-
tite, and lay awake at nights unable to sleep P Are
your nerves all gone, and your stomach too ? Has am-,
bition to forge ahead in thc world left you? If so, you
might as well put a stop to your misery. You can do it if
you will. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will
make you a different individual, lt will set your lazy liver
to work. It will set things right in your stomach, and
your appetite will come hack. It will purify your blood.
If there is any tendency in your family toward consumption,
it will keep that dread destroyer away. Even after consumption has almost guined a foothold In the form of a
lingering cough, bronchitis, or bleeding ut the lungs, it will bring about a
cure in MS per cent, oi all cases. It is a remedy prepared by Dr. R. V. Fierce,
of Buffalo, N. Y., whose advice is given fne to all who wish to write him. Ilia
great success hus oomo from his wiue experience and varied practice.
Don't he wheedled hy a punny-grubhing dealer into taking inferior substi-
|MffM for Dr. Pierre's medicines, recommended to be "just as good." Dr,
I .ecu's medtoinei are op known COMPOSITION. Their every ingredient printed
c _ i njjr wrappers, Mule from roots without alcohol. Contain no habit-
for i i<:; drtijji .    Wii/lil's Dispensary Medical Association, lluffalo, N. Y.
Bridge Street,
liKAM) FORKS, 11. G
I'lii.  beit uml   nin.it
-llll.llllllllll IIIT-|ll(l"l
Imliii. ..a in I'm- ii..	
ilnrv i'iiiiiilr.1. Hi"
cent ly niiiipli'ii-il nml
t. i-b-I.v filMilatei
rltriniulioiit. l-.iitii,,.
Iieil wlili i.n modern
electrll ill       I'lmvi'ii-
I   Centrally lu-
i-nteil.  lirst-i'liissiH-
i loilutlnnnforthe
rnvellliiit iillbllo.
Hot .ml Cold Bathe
First-CI_.es Bar, Pool
and Billiard RaumH
In Connection.
EMIL   LARSEN,   Prop.
Be good aud don't tell everybody
ubout it.
Uneasy lies the head that has just
been to the hairdresser.
He who hesitates is sometimes saved
a breach of promise suit.
All the world's a stage, with nobody to play willingly the dog.
Itis usually the morning after that
life seems suoh an empty dream,
The pen is mightier than the sword
in getting a mail into difficulties,
This would be a sad world if people
only laughed when they were care
The mun who can believe his own
romances has a mortgage on happiness,
A man may own an automobile and
a till feel ashamed tu meet Ins eoal
There is no uso in crying over spilt
milk. Hustle out and get some
The sad tiling about an old fool is
that he has so little to recover from
his lolly.
Pride goes before a fall, but an investigation committee also often precedes it.
Many a woman has joined the suffragettes tu oll'set her husband's lodge
Man wants but little here below,
and it makes him sore because he
doesn't get it.
The man who fights and runs away
may live to see himself in a moving
picture show.
Silence is golden, but it i.s noticeable that most of us are shy un the
golden metal,
No man is a hero to his own valet,
but some women are glasses of fashion
to their maids.
The longest way around is the
shortest way home—unless it leads
past a baseball park.
The woman who hankers to .be unconventional, it is sate tu bet, doesn't
know what unconveutiomility is.
The youth who announces that lie
intends becoming famous usually cum
promises by becoming ridiculous.
Many men uf many minds Many
women to offer and bring about
amendments tu these same minds.
If we could only forget the past and
arrange the future to suit ourselves
the present were paradise enough.
There may be mure pleasure in pur
suit than iu possession, but must of us
are willing to sit comfortaqly down
and rest awhile.
Let nut your left band know what
vour right hand dueth Some member
of the family needs must be innocent
and respectable.
If wp cuuId understand how little
the rest of the world accounts ur it
would save ti l<'t of wear and tear ou
nin nervous systems
We are 'ill anx ions to have better
civic conditions and also willing thflt
the other fellow should win laurels by
doing the necessary work.
Youth's Companion in 1911
Just flfiv-twn ffnod number?, one
after Another, "f only the best rending selected from the world's abundance nf every fort.
Nearly three hundred nf the most
entertaining ntnrien ever written—
nut the kind that nre forgotten afl
sunn us read, but ptoHes that one
hives to remain her uud  talk about
Then there are tbe famous nun
and women who write for Companion readers. It is the next best
thing to meeting them face to facp,
for they choose topics whioh are pure
to he of interest fur their audience
of three million Companion readers.
The Announcement of the enlarged and improved Companion for
next year will be sent to anv Cana-
jdian address free, and with it samples copies of The Companion.
Those in Canada who subscribe :it
once, sending $2.00, will receive
j free all the issues for the remaining
I weeks of 1910; also The Companion's
| Art Calendar for 1910, lithographed
in twelve colors uud gold.
The Youth's Companion, 111
Berkeley St.; Boston, Mass. New
subscriptions received at this office.
Hotel C°lin
Opposite Great Northern Station
^=-HOTEL f.OLIN,_;gr
Reoentlv completed nml
newly turnlihed throughout) Conveniently located
f.ir railway men. i* Irst-
olasi aooommodationi f<>r
transients. Itourd nnd
minus hv the weak <o pro-
Vaillltg rntes.    line line of
\\ h.es, Llouora nnd Clgort
_eknt tin- bar
^yiP^^ »>->»•" * k ui .hr ha
IN THKM»TTKH  nr Uu*  Und  Uejristrv   Hot
and hi the mutter of tho title to   Lot r,r-
tlfloflteof Tltleto tiie above hereditaments
will be Issued Ut tli" expiration of one month
frnm the dnte herenf, unless in the meantime
Valid objections to the contrary he made to
me in writing.
nlstriet Registrar of Titles.
Laud Registry Office,
Kamloops, B.C.. Sept. 7.1910,
-:mvh,i   - 11 mi) i i .u"   in"' "i      u npply   tO
the Mining Recorder (or Certificates of tm-
movement,   for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the "'"•, |l|mB-
Ami further take i	
section B7, must be oommenced before the
i-siianee   ut    BUOh   t't'l'titicnte>i of   Improvement.
Ilutedthi8 21r.ldu.vof July, A I)  IDIO.
'PAKK NOTICE that I have received objections m writing td  the reten-
1 tion of the following names on the Register of  Voters  for  the   Grand
Forks Electoral District on the grounds stated below.
And take notice, that at a Court of Revision to ho held on tho 7th day of
November, 1010, at the Court House, Grand Forks, B, C, at 10 o'clock in
the forenoon, 1 shall hear aud determine the said objections, und unless such
named persons or some other Provincial voter on their behalf satisfies me that
such objections are not well Toundcd, J shall strike such names off the said
Registrar of Voters.
Dated this 10th day of Oetober, 1910.
The following persons are reported absent from the District:
No. Namk. Place.
l.,,Agne\v, 1'idward M   Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
2....Agnoluzzi, Kugenio Wellington street, Qrand Forks
_>...Ablborn, John Chas. Vivian    ..Carter's addition, Grand Forks
9...Allen, Edward J (Iranby hotel, First st, Phoenix
16.,,Anderson, Erie Third street, (irand Forks
i~.. Anderson, John Alexander B. 0. .Mine boardinghouse, Kholt
25... Angove, John Alexander hotel, Phoenix
__ti... Ashbv, Charles Henry Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
30...Austin, Percival Hni ton Cascade
.'il ...Auvache, Frederick William Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
33...Bi.glow, Alfred Idaho property, Phoenix
30...Band, Thomas Henry Dean's hotel. First st, Phoenix
-17...Barlow, Richard First street, Grand Forks
51...Bates, Frederick Granby hotel, Grand Forks
5(i....Bean, Thomas Andrew U'ude,  Fife
71...Belton, George-Russell  Victoria avenue, Grand Forks
87,..Bird, William,.., Near Newby ranch, Grand Forks
93,..Black.  J Gospel Hill, Phoenix
94...Blakeway, AlbertE Grand Forks hotel
!)7...Blondon, Simon Dean's hotel, First street, Phoenix
! 00... Boreal I, George..... Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
107...Borrow, Alfred E. D West's boarding house, Grand Forks
109. .Bostock. Charles Granby hotel, Phoenix
121 ..Brecsuferre, Alfonso Granby hotel, Phoenix
134...Brouillette, George   Win Near old power hoiise,Grand Forks
136...Brown, Robert..'....!  Granby hotel,  Phoenix
lio....Brown, George Mr. Moore's house, near  Stojnwiiider
mini', I'hoenix
U!)...Biichr.u, Alex Ritchie  Bridge street, Grand Forks
lCl...Budimir, Mike Granby hotel, Phoenix
152...Bunting, Charles.. West's boardinghouse, near   smelter,
norih of Grand Forks
153..„Burdon, Frederick William  Granbv hotel, Pboenix
l-"n! ..Hums,  William Granby hotel,   I'hoenix
l63.„Calder, Heotor John Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
17 I....Campbell, Roderick  Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
ISO ..Cannon, Hugh Benjamin Firsl street. Grand  Forks
l9l.,.,Ctti'iniii!iaol| William II  Victoria hotel, I'hoenix
l'.i'.i....( (arson,  JatnBs Balmoral lintel, Phoenix
L,()i;...t'ase, Frederick Grand Forks
209.,.Chambers, Anlmt \V_wt,n boarding house, Grand Furks
21."i....Chisholm, John A Granby hotel, Fust si reel, Phoenix
217..Chisholm, Dan William Granby hotel, I'I nix
218..„Christenson, William  Province hotel, Grand Forks
220...Clark, Abnor D Snow«hoe boarding house, I'hoenix
222...Clark, Charles Arnold    Near H Iter. Grnnd Forks
223..„Clarke  Frauk I. Dean's hotel, I'hoenix
-'•iii....t'lvde, Wilfred Thompson Hoffman house. Grand Forks
2 I I....Collins, Tuck  E Knob Hill avenue, I'hoenix
244....Connelly, Fred P  Gold Drop mine, Pboenix
219....Cook, Carlton Henry )  i'hoenix
255....Coote, Frank , B, C. mine, Eholt
259...Coryell, Flunk  Coryell ranch, Grand Forks
262„„Cosgmve, John Phillip Bridge street, Grand Forks
-lio...Cole, O r    Granby hotel, Phoenix
2B8....Courtney, William Granby hotel,   I'hoenix
271...Couture, Henry Victoria Imiel, Grand Forks
274...Coward, George  Granby hotel, Pboenix
275...Coward, Albert Edward  Granby hotel, Phoenix
2H1....Crawford. Roberl Gaw bldg., Winnipeg a v..Grand Forks
233,.,'Crippen, Harry Warden  Snowshoe mine boarding  house, near
2s I....Crocker, Frederick Granby hotel, Granby  place, Phoenix
286.,,Cmssly, David (iranby hotel, I'hoenix
288....Crump, Thomas Huntley Grand Forks
289.,.Cuinmings, James Granby hotel, Phoenix No. Name. Place.
297...Dargie, William Dean's hotel, Phoenix
304...Davies, Stephen Granby hotel, Phoenix
305....Davies, Klias (iranby hotel, Phoenix
316 ..Decoste, Ben Brooklyn av„ Tuft's tenement house,
335....Dion, Petre Cascade sawmill
336...Dixon, Chas. Henry Cosmos hotel, Grand Forks
350,..Duffy, Thomas Alexandria street, Grand Forks
351...Dugind, George Bellevue hotel, Knob Hill av., Phoenix
308.. Ellard, Harry Granby hotel, Phoenix
379...Krikson, William  Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
384....Evans, Richard Winnipeg hotel, Grand F'orks
390....Fair, William Stanley Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
398...Fin ren, Edward C King's hotel, Phoenix
407...Field, Thomas Cascade
409. .Finohatn, Frank  Windsor hotel, Grand Forks
415...Fit_.inaur.ee, W. G. S Buckle addition, Grand Forks
416...Fitzpntrick,Louis  Clarendon restaurant, Grand  Forks
419...Flttiinagan, Edward Phoenix, Lt. 9, Blk. 10, Brooklyn av.
421.. Fletcher, Arnold Kucklo addition. Grand F'orks
426    Forsaith, Thomas H Fife
430... Frache, Richard  Fraohe's greenhouses, near Grand Forks
434....Fraser, William Bridge street, Grand Forks
437....Fraser, James Dean's hotel, Phoenix
441...Fraser, William George Granby Co.'s mines, near Phoenix
445....Futeher, Arthus Chas Bridge street, Grand Forks
458...Gaw. George R Second street, GrandForks
474...Goddard, Henry Archer Grand Forks
462...Gibbous, James Granby hotel, Phoenix
475...Gooding, Wyatt ICaylor  E. T. hank, Grand  Forks
476 ..Goodwin, William Joseph Phoenix hotel, Phoenix
478 ..Gough, Arthur Carson (Covert ranch)
479...Gould, John Fisherman station, C.P.R.
483...Graham, Isaac  Cascade
486...Graham, Edward Henry Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
487...Graham, James Edward  Victoria hotel, Grand Forks
491....Grant, Duncan D  Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
492...Green, Frank Rawhide mine, Phoenix
493...Greenwood, Fred Grand Forks
503...Guerin, William John Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
504...Guichon, David Joseph Riverside av., south of  power  house,
Grand Forks
514...Halcrow, Alex Gordon West's boarding house,   Grand   Forks
515...Hall, Cecil V. E Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
516...Hall, Stephen Thorn  Kuekle addition, Grand Forks
519...Hall, Robert First st., near City Hall,Grand Forks
521...Halliday. Mathew Dominion avenue, Phoenix
526...Hanley, George Stendal's boarding house, GrandForks
527...Hanna, John Alexander Granby liptel, Phoenix
529...Hannay, William Henry  Fife
532...Hanson, Neil Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
533...Hanson, Harry West's boarding house, Grand Forks
535...Hardie, Alexander Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
552...Hartie, Chas Granby hotel, Grand Forks
554....Hartley, Joseph A Dominion avenue, Phoenix
556..,Hartling, Robert Clinton Crawford's boardingliouse,GrandForks
SHO...Hicks, Francis James North addition, Grand Forks
582. .Higgins, Frederick First street, Grand Forks
593...Holmberg, Emil Luurentius  Pacific hotel, Grand Forks
000...Hooper, George Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
602...Horell, Robert Phoenix, Knox Hill av., between  1st
and Church streets
COS...Hosking, Thomas B Granby hotel, Phoenix
604...Hosking, Jacob H Granby hotel, Phoenix
605...Houlson, William  John Dean's hotel, First st., Phoenix
615...Hughes, Newton Church street, Grand Forks
641...Jackson, George Alexander Paulson
648...James, John Hay Bridge street, Grand Forks
054...Johnson, William  Stemwinder hotel, Phoenix
660...Johnson, Christian Bet. Winnipeg and Victoria avenues,
Grand Forks, Mrs. Taylor's boarding house, Second street
665...Johnson, David Cottage hotel, Phoenix
084...Jost, James Stanley Cor. Main and 6th sts., Grand  Forks
089..,Kavanagh, John  Graham's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
691...Keefe, Andrew Brown bldg., Knob Hill av., Phoenix
692...Keefe, John Cabin near C.P.R. depot, Phoenix
695. .Kennedy, John Frederick Grand   Forks
696.. Kennedy, Henry  Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
097...Keown, Robert .Ruckle addition, Grand Forks
711...Knowec, Dyonz West's boarding house, Grand Forks
712...Knowles, John L Granby hotel, Phoenix
714...Kranatz, George Wellington street. Grand Forks
723...Lane, John McClintock's homestead, Grand Forks
725...Lang, John Snowshoe mine  boarding  house, near
735...Lawson, Chas. Henry Second street, Grand Forks
739...LeBlanc, J. E Grand Forks
'755...Lindsell, Chas West's boarding house, Grand Forks
756 ..Linklater, John  Phoenix
759 ..Livesley, Robert A     Kucklo addition, Grand Forks
764...Long, Harvey Granby hotel, Grand Forks
7(i5...lxinghurst, William Sydney Miss Walker's house, Grand Forks
769,..Lueeiite,  Luigi Fife
778...Lyttle, Samuel  Wiseman's, North Fork, Grand Forks
...Mills, Thomas Grand Forks
792...Mnrclianton, Alfred K  Riverside avenue, Grand Forks
793...Marks, William Alex Phoenix   New York   townsite
795...Martin, Alexander  Marsh block, Phoenix
797...Martin, Daniel (iranby hotel. Phoenix
799. .Martin, Alex D Granby hotel, Phoenix
808...Mathieson, Alex Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
813...May, W. H. M  Grand Forks
8l6...Medcalf, Richard  Granby hotel. Phoenix
818..,Mellor, Joseph Edward Oro Denoro house, Kholt
821.. Michelson,   Michael Riverside avenue, Grund Forks
823...Miller, Matthew Grand Forks
844,,.Moore, John West's boarding house, Grond Forks
848 ..Morgan, Edward  Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
862...Morrison, Malcolm Fife
870...Mullen, Patrick Butte hotel, Phoenix
872,..Mullin, Calvin Herbert Stemwinder hotel, Phoenix
873...Munro, Duncan David Fisher block, Grand Forks
875....Munro, Henry Alexander Ironsides avenue, Phoenix
883...Murray, William Snowshoe boarding house, Phoenix
892. .McBeath, Win. Maxwell Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
893...McBeth, Neil Granby hotel, Phoenix
895...McBride. John Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
900...McCallum, James Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
905...McCharles, Andrew J Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
No. Namk. Place.
910...McCullock, Andrew Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
918....McDonald,  Angus John Cumin's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
919...McDonald, John Charles First street Grand Forks
924...McDonald, Alfred... Bellevue hotel, Phoenix
926...McDonald, John J Dean's hotel, Phoenix
927...McDonald, Duncan A  Granby hotel, Phoenix
937...McDonald, John Alexander  Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
■ 940...McDonald, Harvey William Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
955...McDonough, Joe West's boardinghouse, Grand Forks
963   .McElligott, A. P  North Fork, Grand Forks
976...Mclnnes, John   Granby hotel, Phoenix
977...MeInnes, Daniel  .a Idaho claim, Phoenix
979...Mclnnes, John H Granby hotel, Phoenix
983...Mclnnis, Donnie A Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
984...Mclnnis, Jesse H Province hotel, GrandForks
997,..Mclver, Thomas Balmoral hotel, Phoenix
1002...McKuy, John Duncan Spion Kop, I'lioenix
1003...McKay, Frank Victoria hotel, Phoenix
1010...MacKenzie, George Thomas B. C. mine, Eholt
1025...McKinnon, Archie Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1026...McKinnon, John Deans hotel, Phoenix
1032...McLean, Hugh Granby hotel, Phoenix
1033...McLean, Jonathan D Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1036...McLeod, Alexander Ross Columbia, B. C.
1042.. McLeod, Thomas George Winnipeg avenue, Grand Forks
1054...\lcNaughton, Alexander W  ....Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
1083...McVeigh, Albert Grand Forks
1046...MacLeod, Donald  Winnipeg hotel, Grand Forks
1088...Neill,  Herbert Phoenix
1091...Nelson, Wilbur Floyd ranch, Grand Forks
1100...Nicholson, Angus Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1101...Nicholson, Angus Neill  Cottage hotel, Phoenix
1102...Nicholson, John J Cottage hotel, Phoenix
1103...Nicholson, Daniel Granby hotel, Phoenix
1116...O'Brien, James Patrick B. C. mine boarding house. Eholt
1117 ...Ockenuan, John Stendal's boarding house, North addition, Grand Forks
1118...O'Connor, Patrick Joseph Grand Forks
1126...O'Neill, Michael Grand Forks
1176...Petterson, Angus Johannes  Stendal's boarding house.Grand Forks
1184...Pierce, Thomas Milton ..North addition, Grand Forks
1187...Pimm, Edgar John Bridge street, Grand Forks
1188...Pinker, Chas. Henry Idaho claim, Phoenix
1189...Pinker, Percy Banner mineral claim, Phoenix
1212.. Pureed, William John B. C. mine boarding house, Eholt
1224...Rawlinson, Ed H.C Third street, Grand Forks
1229...Redhead, Sydney Granby hotel, Phoenix
1232...Reeder, Mathias Freithrik Snowshoe mine, near Phoenix
1234...Rees, William .Snowshoe mine boarding  house,  near
1235. .Reeves, Christopher Hoaley Delahay block, Dominion av., Phoenix
1238...Reynolds, William H  ". Christina lake, Fife
1243...Richardson, Samual  West's boarding house, Grand Forks
1246. .Richmond, Charles Stuart Gladstone
1248. .Riordan, John  Dominion avenue, Phoenix
1258...Robertson, William John Fife
1273...Rollins, Elmer E Bridge street, Grand Forks
1279...Ross, Thomas Province hotel, Grand Forks
1291,. Roy, Adelard B. C. mine, Phoenix
1292...Royer, Jonas Franklin Model Livery barn, Grand Forks
1302...Rutherford, Wilburn James Granby hotel,  Phoenix
1303,..Rutledge William Prest's addition, Grand Forks
1304...Ryan, James Edward  Dominion avenue, Phoenix
1309,..Sallis, Timothy New York Townsite, Phoenix
1319...Schaefer, Theo M King street, Grand Forks
1320 ..Schliebter, William Clemens ...Winnipeg avenue. Grand Forks
1321...Sehulli, Roberto Fife
1324...Scott, James Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
1329 ..Sedargreen, George West's boarding house,north of Grand
1337...Sharps, MilesMadocks Granby hotel, Grand Forks
1343...Sherbino, Vivian McKenzie Knox Hill av. and 2nd st., Phoenix
1344...Si!verthorn, Richard Cor.Knob Hill av. & 2nd St., Phoenix
l345...Siniard, Joseph Marie King street, Grand Forks
1347...Simon, Nazrre Union hotel,   Riverside   av.t   Grand
1350...Sims, James Leaman Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1366...Smith, David Granby hotel. Phoenix
1376...Speare, David M Brooklyn hotel, Phoenix
1401...Stewart Peter M Fife
1400...Stone, George L   Butte hotel, Phoenix
1430. .Sweeney Ambrose   Knob Hill avenue, Phoenix
1434...Swindle, Alfred  Cabin near Alexander hotel, Phoenix
l439...Taprill, John  Snowshoe mine, Phoenix
1450...Tedesco, Guiseppe Fife
1452...Tedeseo, Giovanni  Fife
1455...Thomas, Martin B. C. boardinghouse, Eholt
1472...Tooley, Raymond Ralph Rawhide mine, near Phoenix
1476.. Townshend, William Stewart...Phoenix, Black's hotel
1486...Turner, Roy  Fife
1487...Turner, Robert W Fife
1489...Turner, George Duncan McMillan block, Phoenix
1495...Van Buskirk, Siinford E  Granby hotel, Pboenix
141)0... Vaughan, Leonard Mclnnis it Vaughan ranch
150(1... Walker, Robert D Province hotel, Grand Forks
1509.. Walker, Edward Dean's hotel, Phoenix
1520 ..Watson, John Wesley Lot 2, block   24, plan  23,   Main  st,
Grand Forks
1525...Waugh, Joseph Grand Forks
1527... Webster, Herbert James Near G.N.Ky. station, Grand Forks
1529....Welch, James William West's  boarding  house, near  Grand
1531. .Welsh, Edward Joseph Phoenix hotel, Phoenix
1542...White, Milton Daniel  Victoria avenue, Grand Forks
1558...Williams, Morris J. L Granby hotel, Phoenix
1564...Williams, Edmund Golden Eagle mine, Grand Forks
1590...Wynne, James Granby hotel, Phoenix
1594..,Yonng, Herbert Walton Near V. V. & E. bridge crossing Ket
tie river, Grand Forks
The following persons are reported deceased:
No. Name. Place.
254,..Cooper, Frederick Edward  Bridge st, Lt. 2,Blk. 15, Grand Forks
700...Keron, William  Second street, Grand Forks
771...Lund, Arnt C  First street, Grand Forks
1094...Nelson, Soren GrandForks
1283...Ross, Walter Roger Cr. 4th and Spokane sts..Grand Forks
1524... Waugh, Andrew Over Hunter:Kendick Co. store, nortli
side st. between 1st and 2nd sts.,
Grand Forks
1587...Wolverton, William Marshall....Cascade.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of rll Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Rubber Tires for
Baby Carriages
Second Hand Goods
Downey's Cigar Store
A ('omi'i.ktk Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (!_mnls»mcnt of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Always Carries in Stoek
a Fresh Supply of j
Ice Cream  and  Summer Drinks
Palace Barber Shop
aor Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooh Noiith of Giianby Hotel,
Fiiist Strum.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers and Trunks to and
from all trains.
Tklrpiionk A129
60   YEARS*
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone landing a sketch and description may
Q'ilclily ascertain our opinion free whether an
It'Teiitlon ll probntily patentable. Communlea.
tlonastrlotlyconOdeiillaL HANDBOOK on Patents
sent f roe. Oldest apency for soeurtnir patents.
Pntouti taken through Munn A Co. rooolft
tweioi notice, without charge, tatfrj
Scientific American.
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Boundary country. And we are the only
office in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Sun job office.


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