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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 30, 1912

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: j
Eleventh Year—No. 44
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. August SO, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
W. P. Tierney Starts Grading in West Bnd for
Present   Force   Will  Be
'  Increased When Labor
Is Available
Work on the Canadian Pacific
Riilway company'* improvements
in the Wert eud was commenced'on
Wednesday. W. P. Tierney, ot
Nelson, has the contract for tbe
grading, and some ot bis outfit
started to arrive in the city, on Mon
..day. At present tbere are six teams
and about fifteen men engaged in
grading (or tbe Couudation of the
ten-stall roundhouse. This force
will be increased as soon as the la
. bor market permits.
Death of the Mrs. Wekell
The death of Mrs. Clara Wekell,
wife of Charles Wekell, master mechanic of the Granby smelter, occurred at ber borne in tbis city on
Sunday evening, after an illness of
tonr 'weeks from fever. Deceased
waB only 24 years of age, and was
a most estimable young lady. Sbe
was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Alex Clunis, of this city, and great
portion of her life was spent here.
A little over a rear ago was married
to Mr. Wekell. As is tbe case witb
the passing of all persons in the
morning of life, ber untimely death
bas produced a feeling of profound
sorrow among ber wide circle of acquaintances. A young husband
and a four weeks' old son, and her
parents and a number of sisters and
one brother, survive her.
Tbe funeral was put oft. until tbis
morning-in order give time for two
sisters of deceased, Mra. Stephens of
Victoria, and Mra. Rix of Calgary,
to reach the city. In spite of the
inclement weather, tbe procession to
cemetery was one of the largest ever
seen here. Tbe service was conducted by Rev. Henry Steele, of
Holy Trinity church.
Gun Club's Special Shoot
Tbe shoot of the Orand Forks
Gun club for the tropby donated by
the Dominion Cartridge eompany
was started on Wednesday. The
complete sboot includes 150 birds.
Tbe scores made on Wednesday
Out of 100 birds—
L. Skinner..   .B  84
H.C Niles  83
K. Miller   78
W. J. Mclntyre  75
F.W.Russell  74
Al. Trounwainer  71
I). McRae   71
Out of 50 birds—
K E. Gibson  3rt
Dr. Acres  38
W. B. Cochrane   30
Tbe following handicaps were allowed for the first 50 birds: L. Skin
ner, 6; F. W. Russell, 9; Dr Acres,
15; E. Miller, 13; H. C. Niles, 14;
T. A. Mclntyre, 11; E. E. Gibson,
11; W. B. Rochrane, 11; D. McRae,
10; Al Traunweiser, 20. At present
Mr. Niles is in the lead with a score
of Ul, whicb includes his handicap.
Not Breach of Treaty
Ilk tbe opinion ot the Duke of
Sutherland and E. Smith, K.C,
things are beginning to look brighter for tbe Panama canal bill allowing American coast vessels to use
the canal free ot charge. They believe that it implies no breach ot
the Hays-Pauncetote treaty, and
that only the politicians in England
are stirring up trouble about the
matter. "I want to say," tbe duke
is quoted at saying, "that there is
no truth in the stories that England
is annoyed over tbe proposal to exempt American vessels from the
canal •tolls. America bu done a
great work in building the canal,
and it is only right that she - sbould
reap some lateral benefit from it. The
British people bave the utmost con
fidence in their American brothers,
and it is only the politicians who
are behind the present unfriendly
School Trustees Decide to
Advertise for   New
The Bchool trustees met in the
higb school building oa Wednesday
evening for the purpose of awarding
the contract for tbd construction of
the four-room addition tojthe school
building. All the trustess were pres-
ent. After the tenders had been
opened and read, an adjournment
was taken until last night.
At the meeting last night it was
decided, after a great deal of discus
sion, tbat the lowest bid, tbat of
Mr. North, was too higb, and the
architect was insttucten to alter the
plans to a less expensive building.
Mr. North's tender wat for $15,000.
From tbis figure the tenders ran up
as high as $24,000. Mr. North's
bid and the tender for heating
and plumbing, etc., would bave
brought the cost of the building np
to about $200 over the fl7,000
available for it.|
The secretary of the board sta tee
that the amended plans will be
ready in about a week, when new
tenders will be called for.   -
Tbe following it tba maximum
and minimum temperature for eacb
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday 92 51
Saturday  88 51
Sunday  79 50
Monday   78 47
Tuesday   69 53
Wednesday*  64J 47
Thursday....:  65 41
Ranfall during week, 0.16 inches.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
tbia city for the past week amounted
to 540,000 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the year to 14,207,-
500 pounds.
Property Owners Authorize
Issuance of Debentures
for $5000
Way Clear for Erection of
$17,000  Addition   to
School House
The property owners of the city
yesterday, by a vote of 93 to 8,
authorized the issuance of deben
tures to the amount of %5000, to apply on the erection of a four-room
addition to tbe public school building. Tbere were 109 voles cast,
nine of tbe ballots being spoiled.
Tbe provincial government bas
made a grant of $1*2,000 for tbis
building. Witb tbe $5000 voted
yesterday added to tbis sum, will
give tbe city a $17,000 addition to
its large public school building.
Both tbe bigb school and the
.Grand Forks public school will open
for the fall term next Tuesday
morning, September 3. The staff
of instructors is composed of the following educators'. Principal of high
school, J. B. Fleming; principal of
public school, Hugh Glaspell, Divi
sion I; assistant principal, John M
Ewing, Division II; teacher of Divi.
sion III, Mies Aldab W. Bryans:
Division IV, Miss M. Elliott;- Divi
sion V, Miss J. Stuart; Division VI,
Miss J. Elliott; Division VII, Mies
L. McKinnon. After September 13
no more pupils will be received in
the primary division this year.
At the meeting of the city council
on Monday evening the railway bylaw was reconsidered and finally
passed. W.Shannon and E.Crawford,
tbe reservoir contractors, brought in
a good-sized bill for extras. ThiB
created an animated discussion, but
action was postponed until tbe next
meeting. No other business of any
importance was transacted.
If you see it in The Sun you can
make up your mind tbat it is correct. Tbis paper does not have to
trim its sails to suit tbe viev.s of
any directorate, political or local
clique, large mercantile adversers,
mining promoters, foreign real estate
peddlers or local land dealers. It expresses tbe views of its editor and
owner without fear or cringing, and
is printed in the interest of and for
tbe people. When we can not publish a paper of this description we
shall devote our entire attention to
fruit growing.
Major A. B. Snow, of Victoria,
arrived in the city today. The
major is here for the purpose of ascertaining whether we need a drill
hall or not.
Some of the directors of the British Columbia Copper company are
said to be strongly In' favor of increasing the dividend at the quarterly meeting next month.
W. H. M. May, of Nelson, school
inspector for this district, arrived in
the city this afternoon.
weeks   for medical treatment, will
return home with her daughter.
F. W. Stone, of Spokane, it visiting A. C. Miller at the Hotel Winnipeg. 	
Monday, September 2, being Labor day and a public holiday, the
postoffice wilt be dosed all day witb
tbe exception of one hourvfrom 3
till 4 p. m.
It is reported that Rendell, tbe
Ebolt merchant, intends to move bis
stock of goods to tbis city.
At the most careful pedestrian can
easily break bit neck on any sidewalk in the city, The Sun had often
pondered on the problem as to what
the city council intended to do with
the extra Sve mills of taxes collected this year. It was nor until a
couple ot days ago that the answer
became self evident. Three loads of
cinders bave been hauled on the
road leading to the Great Northern
Hla tion.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hansen
Have a Thrilling Experience at Cascade
Chas. Hansen and wife, of Gilpin,
while on tbeir way to Cascade witb
a load of fruit last Tuesday, were
tbe actors in an exciting runaway.
Wben at the top of the steep grade
near Cascade, tbe horses were frightened by a break in tbe harness
wbich released tbe wagon tongue,
and they started down the hill at the
top of tbeir. Mrs. Hansen made a
rapid survey of the conditions in
front of the team. On one Bide was
a yawning precipice and on tbe
other a perpendicular cliff of untold
height. She concluded to jump.
By doing so she escaped injury.
Mr. Hansen stayed with the refractory horses, and guided their course
in the middle of the road balf-way
down the hill. Then he lost his
nerve aud jumped. He landed on
terra firms witb all bones unbroken
A short distance from tbis spot tbe
wagon went over the precipice', and
the team followed tbe circuitous
■findings of tbe road. Strange to
relate, tbe horses are as sound today
as they were in the first chapter of
this bistoriette, and the wagon will
haul many more loads of fruit before it is relegated tbe scrap pile.
Alter having spent upwards ot
$40,000 in an attempt to arrest the
Indians, Paul and Spintlam, who
murdered Constable Kindness near
Clinton last spring, the provincial,
authorities npparentiy have abandoned the pursuit. No efforts,
either open or secret, arc being put
forth for the capture of these des
Charles Sandner, of English Cove,
Christina lake, was a visitor in tbe
city yesterday.
Tbree carloads of potatoes and
two cars of fruit were shipped from !
the city this week.
James G. McMynn has purchased
Tom Hardy's store in Midway.
Fire Destroys Entire Village
Excepting One Store and
an Hotel
Loss Is Estimated at $20,-
000—The Insurance
Was Small
Shortly after midnight last Saturday night fire broke out in tbe old
Summit hotel building at Eholt.
The' alarm was given and the inhabitants of tbe town turned out to
fight the flames. Thepostoffice,8um-
mit building, Stewart's drug store,
Bailey's old store, the Northern botel
and another building were soon
burned to the ground. It is estimated that tbe total loss will reach
$20,000. Rendell's store was saved
intact, but be lost some goods -that
were in the Bailey building. Alex
Stewart had an insurance of $2000
upon his stock and building. Norman L*use bad tbe Summit building and furniture insured for $1600,
and $2500 on the Northern hotel
and furniture. The origin of the
fire iB unknown.
forestry Work
Arrangements are now complete
for the Canadian Forestry conven-
oion at Victoria on September 4, 5
and 6. Tbe proceedings will open
witb a reception tendered tbe delegates by tbe government in the parliament buildings on Wednesday
evening, September 4. On Thursday
and Friday tbere will bu business
sessions of tbe convention, and on
Thursday evening there will be a
banquet in tbe Empress hotel. A
number of notable men connected
with forest conservation or- with
lumbering are coming from eastern
Canada snd the United States, including Hon. Jules Allard, Quebec;
Hon. C. H. Campbell, Manitoba; Dr.
B. E. Fernow, Toronto; E. T. Allen,
Portland; Aubrey White, deputy
minister of crown lands for Ontario;
Hon. W. A. Cbarlton, Toronto; K.
H. Damphell, Dominion director of
forestry; Clyde Leavitt, forester for
tbe railway commission, etc. The
lumbermen and citizens of British
Columbia are taking hold with a
will, and it it evident tbe convention will be one of tbe most important ever beld in tbe province.
James Kerr bas been appointed
manager of the Greenwood fair.
Miss Conny Miller left today for
Vancouver, Mrs. Miller, who has
been in that city for the past five
Preparations are being made to
build the railway s ation at Rock
Tbe Sun has received prize lists
from every fair and exhibition in
the Pacilic Northwest except ihe
Grand Korks fair.
lhe Only Way
An elder, while baptizing converts
at a revival meeting, advanced with
a wiry, sharp eyed old chap into the
water. He asked the usual question whether there was any reason
why tbe ordinance of baptism
sbould not be administered.
After a pause, a tall, powerful-
looking man who wns looking quietly on, remarked: "Elder, I don't
want to interfere in yer business, but
I want to my that this is an old sinner you bave got bold of, and that
one dip won't do him any good;
you'll have to anchor him out in
deep water over night."
The Great Northern train from
Oroville ran into a band of homes
near Bridesville on Monday, ami
/       ■.
Gl.egow'a Great Night School
In a big. live storey-andbasement
building in (llasgovv, where the Technical College Is located, ,500 young
spfcialista work iiniongrit test tubes,
text-books and assay tuniacos dally.
But at night Ihe visitor sees the enrolment jump from 600 to more lhan
6,000, and along with tbe night course
collegians two regiments of student.
workingmen inarch in and Lhe whole
building is packed.
For ten shillings I %l.oD) a term, a
Glasgow man may lentn at the night
trade classes the flrst. principles of
the plumber's or printer's trade, says
the Technical World Magazine, and
lor seven nni sixpence ($1.87) boiler-
making or Fht-et metal work; for Ave
shillings ($1.26) how to cut cobblers'
patterns or a course lor a shoo store
There sre rooms lull ot loottis and
labrlcs an* dyes, 11 the student cares
to learn the principles and practice of
textile maniifactnre. and there are
other laboratories Ior bakers, watchmakers, tailors, lurnlturo designers or
sailors. Three In every four of his
classmates will be older than twenty,
so be need leel no shame at going
to school again. Hundreds of the
meo he passes In the halls will have
only a common school education.
Tbat Public school buildings should
fco *.iscd only a few hours in tho daytime Implies an" Inadequate return on
Ihe taxpayers' Investment. In Glasgow
Scotch practicability has seen this
anil applied a remedy. Result: the
efficiency of an education plant was
multiplied by ten.
It ls characteristic ol the Scotch to
r.calve a problem by commonsense,
whenever euch a problem arises. Are
t__elr schoolrooms empty at night?
Then they must be fllled! The Invitation Is given and the thing Is done.
The Way In Manx
A Manx employer has Invoked the
aid of a 17th century statute penalizing a laborer who leaves his employment without due notice with imprisonment on bread and water. There
Is another unrepealed Manx law the
enforcement of which would cause
some agitation in the Island. It en-
Joins all Scots to avoid the land with
the next vessel that goeth Into Scotland, upon pain of forfeiture of their
gjods snd bodies to prison. This
law was the result, of a series of raids
on the Manx coast by a Galloway rover named MacCnllock, whose name
Inspired a prayer: ,
God keep the good corn,
The sheer and the bullock,
Prom Satan, from sin.
And Cutlar MacCullock!
Putting Him at His Ease
When Fred Hall was the city editor
of the Tribune, says Drury Underwood
in the Chicago Post, he was character
is.ed by an extreme gravity, a full
beard, an office straw hat with holes
punched in it and a corncob pipe.
Courteous and considerate, he did not
invite familiarity, and when some old
timer around, the shop called him
by his first name the recruits looked
A reporter, budding Into metropolitan journalism after transplanting
from a small town, failed to take proper cognizance of the gravity, Ihe
beard, the hat nnd the pipe. Approaching the hours when the majority were to go to supper, he went to
the main desk and said:
Anything more just now, Fred?
Mr. Hall looked up, and replied:
Why be so cold and formal? Call
me Freddie.
Itching and Burning
1   on Face and Throat
Sores Disfigured So He Dreaded to
Appear in Public. No Rest Night or
Day. Cuticura Ointment Cured.
"Six months ago my face and throat an
broke out and turned into a running sore.
1 did not bother about it at Unit, but In
Mae neck's time the diseaae had spread so
rapidly over my face and throat and tbs
turning itching .ores became eo painful that
I began to seek relief In different medicines,
but none tacemed to give nie any relief. Tha
•ores dlaligtired my face lo tu-h an extent
that 1 dreaded to appear In public.
"1 buffered terribly and could get no rest
night or day. At Uut a friend advised tn*
lo try Ihe Cutlaira Itetniil.es. I hail about
given up hope, but thought 1 would lau/a
one more try, and so I used a llttlo Cuticura
Ointment, and It helped me from the start.
I continued using It and In six weeks' time
waa completely cured, and can say I would
aalvtoe anyone suffering from skin diseaae
lo use Cuticura ointment, aa It Is the beat
lieiling lillm In the world.'* (Signed) Hoscoe
(iood, Stv.ii Persons, Alta., Feb. 18, lull.
"My little girtwhen only a few week* old
broke oTh nn the top of her head and It botanic a solid scab. Then her cheeks became
raw and sura and after trying different
remedies found relief only from using Cut*.
cura Hoap aod ointment. It lasted all
months or mure, but after a thorough treat*
neat wltb Um Cuticura Soap and Ointment
•ever had any return." (Signed) Mrs. W. 8.
Owen, Yadkin Collate, IS*. C, May _W, Mil.
liar mora than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Ointment have afforded the most sue*
cmful treatment for akin and scalp troubles
at infants, children and adults. A single cake
of Cuticura Soap and box of Cuticura Ointment are often sufficient. Although sold by
druggists and dealers throughout tha world,
a liberal sample of each, with 32-p. book on
the akin, will be cent free, on application to
Jotter Dnig A Cham. Corp., H Columbus
Ave.. Boston, U. 8. A.
W. N  U- 99.'
Piece of Newton's Apple Tree
The British Royal Astronomical So-f |
ciety has recently become the owner
of an interesting, because apparently
well authenticated, relic of Sir Isaac
Newton. This is a small log from
the apple tree In the garden at Wool-
thorpe, on' which the famous apple
(the most famoua apple since Eve and
ISden, with the possible exception of
those of Helen of Troy and Wilhelm
Tell), grew. Mr. C. W. Waller, of
Burwash, Sussex, who. presented the
log to the society, sent the following
history with it.—Ills father, born In
180?, was at school ivHen ten or
twelve, with the rector of Stoke, Lincolnshire, named Pearson. After a
heavy storm news reached Ihe school
that Sir Isaac's apple tree had blown
down. Thu rector and some of the
bqys at once set.out for Woolthorpa',
which Is not far from Stoke. The.-
fouffil the tree, which for many year,,
had been propped up to preserve it,
lying on the ground. The rector obtained a saw, and cut a number of
small logs from one ot the limbs.
Mr. Waller's father received one of
these and preserved it with great
care until his death, when It came
down as one of the heirlooms to his
Inventions by Royalties
One of the eight daughters of the
Archduke Frederick, the eldeBt brother of the Dowager Queen of Spain,
is taking out a patent for a new form
of candle. She Is only following an
example set by several other royalties. The most successful of these,
Is the Orand Duke of Oldenburg, who
haa patepted a screw which has been
adopted by several German shipping
companies. Prince Henry of Prussia holds the patent of an Invention
for preventing the clouding of wind
screens on niotor cars, and his nephew, the Crown Prince, has patented a
special form of sleeve link. The Kaiser ls credited with the invention of
a brake for automobiles, but up to
the present this has not been patent
ed. /
The Judge's Substitute
Mr. Justice- Isaacs, of the High
Court of the Commonwealth, In appointing his. daughter Nancy as his
associate, evoked considerable discussion in Australia. Searchers after
precedents have been unable to And
one. The duties of an associate In
Australia are to sit in wig and gown
Immediately below tbe judge, to call
the casas, to take charge of the "exhibits" produced In evidence, to
make typewritten copies of reserved
judgments, and generally to act as a
private secretary. There seems no
reason why a smart young Jewess
should not do work of this sort quite
as well as a budding young barrister
of the other sex. Miss Isaacs will
receive a salary of J1600 a year.
Character In Walking
Obstinate people who, in argument
rely more on muscularity than on intellectual power rest the feet flatly
and firmly on the ground, walk heavily and slowly, and stand with legs
firmly planted and far apart. Quick
steps" are Indicative of energy and
agitation. Tiptoe walking symbolizes surprise, curiosity, discretion, or
mystery. Turning-ln toes are often
found wltb preoccupied, absent-minded persons. Tbe miser's walk is re-,
presented as stooping and noiseless,
with short, nervous, anxious steps.
Slow steps, long or short, suggest a
gentle or reflective state of mind.
When a revengeful purpose is hidden
under a feigned smile the step will
be slinking and noiseless. The proud
step is slow and measured, the toes
are conspicuously turned out, the
legs'stralghtened. Where the direction of the step wavers and follows
every changing Impulse of the mind,
It Inevitably betrays uncertainty, hesitation and indecision.
Early Rising In Kantas
I reckon, said Ihe first farmer, that
I get up earlier than anybody in this
neighborhood.   I  am  always  up  before 3 o'clock In the morning.
The second farmer said he. was always i p before that and had part of
the chores done. The first farmer
thnight he was a liar ant} decided to
And out. A few mornings later he
got up at 2 o'clock and went to Ihe
neighbor's house, lie rnpped on the
back door, and the woman of the
house opened it. Where Is your
husband? asked the farmer, expecting
to lind Ihe neighbor in bed. He waa
around here early in the morning,
answered the wife, but I don't know
where i he Is now.—Grove County
(Kan.) Advocate.
Cherry Garden
Londoners, In cherry lime, used
formerly to flock lo Bermandscy to
regale themselves with fruit at Ihe
famous Cherry flarden. PepyB, In
June, 1684, records a visit to the
place—To Greenwich, and no io the
Cherry Garden, nnd thence by water
singing finely. The site of the old
garden alluded to in later time by
Dickens, is now covered by a street
whose name preserves Its memory—
and little more. You can still take a
ticket to Cherry Garden iiler.
Edison sleeps about four snd a half
hours dally. He says that Ib enough
for him, antl for any other man who
works with his brain Instead of hia
hands. There Is no doubt that he
can do more with the two halves of
his brain on four hours' slumber than
moat men can wilh their crnnlutns
after refreshing them ud with a ten-
hour sleep.
It Must Have Been Annoying
Tlte Circle Railroad In London describes—-__. circle whose diameter Is
about ten miles. In the car one day
waB a very obese lady who expressed
the utmost solicitude lest she be carried past her station.
A passenger assured her that the
station was a halt-hour away, and
that he would tell her when they
reached lt.
Thank you very much sir, said the
fat old lady, but whenever I gets out,
bela' as I'm bo 'eavy, I backs out; and
I ain't more than half-way out before
along comes the guard, and he says,
look lively there, mum, says he, look
lively, and he pushes me back In
again, and I've been around the circle
three limes this morning.—Manches-
tir Guardian.
An Oil Without Alsohol.—Some oils
and many medicines have alcohol
as a prominent ingredient. A judicious mingling of six essential oils
compose the famous Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil, and there is no alcohol
In it, so that Its effects are lasting.
There Is no medicinal oil compounded that can equal this oil in Its preventive and healing power.
One He Didn't Make
The colony or artists living in St.
Botolph street are having a laugh on
a man who has been considerable of
a uulsance to them the past few
months. This man prides himself on
a brusqueness that he mistakes for
wit. The other uight he was Introduced to a youQg sculptor whose fame
ls getting beyond the confines of Boston. N.
So you are the chap that makes
mud heads, are you, asked the witty
Not all of them, the sculptor remarked quietly.—Boston Traveler.
New York City, below lis man-
piled coverings, Is a huge stone lizard
sprawled flat on its belly, Its head
erect at Spuyten-Tuyvel, its arms and
legs touching the two rivers, its tall
flopping the Battery. All along Ihe
spine and flanks of Ihis reptile of
gneiss tormenting men dig and bore
and blast'; driving tunnels through its
vitals; scooping holes for sub-cellars
five floors underground; running
water pipes and gas mains; puncturing its skin with hypodermics of
steam.; weighting It with skyscrapers, the dismal streets below dark
as sunless ravines; plastering Kb
Bides with grass bordered by asphalt, into which scraggy trees are
Btuck and—as a crowning Indignity—
criss-crossing its backbone with centipedes of steel, highways for endlMs
puffing trains belching heat and gas.
—P. Hopkinson Smith, ln the World's
When Visitors Came—Mother, ask
ed the little one on the occasion ot a
number of guests being present at dinner, will the dessert hurt me. or Is
there enough to go around?—Sacred
Heart Review.
Often Caused by Tea and toffee
How many persons realize that tea
and coffee so disturb digestion that
they produce a muddy, yellow complexion? s
A ten days' trial of Postum has
proven a means, iu thousands of
cases, of clearing up a bad complex-
A Washn. young lady tellB her experience:
"All of us—father, mother, sister
and brother—had used lea and coffee
for many years until finally we all
hatl  atomach  troubles mure or less.
"We all were sallow and troubled
wilh pimples, breath bnd, disagreeable taste In the mouth, and all of
us simply so many bundles ot nerves.
"We didn't realize that tea and coffee caused the trouble until one day
we ran out of coffee and -went to borrow some from a neighbor. She
gave us some Postum autl told its to
try  that.
"'Although we started to mnke lt.
we all felt sure we would be sick If
we mltsed our si rang coffee, but we
tried Postum and were surprised to
And  It delicious.
"We read the statements on the
pkg., got more and In a month and a
half you wouldn't have known us.
We all were able lo digest our food
without any trouble, each one's skin
bocamo clear, tongues cleaned off,
and nerves in floe condition. We
never use anything now but Postum.
There Is nothing like it." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co.
Windsor, Ont.
'There's a reason." nnd It Is ex
plained In the little .book, "Tlie Road
to Wellvllle." in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from tlm* to tipie.
They are genuine, true, and full of
human Interest. >
The Museum Lecturer
It is reported in Nature that Ihe
Installation ot an official feuid,. to the
collections ot the BriU_a_i -Museum
has been such a success that the Natural History Museum at South Kensington has added a similar functionary to Its staff. He will make two
trips a xday -through , the Museum,
each one lasting an hour, and presumably involving a visit to and brief
explanation of the most Interesting
and Instructive habits. To say that
thia plan will double the educational
value of the Museum Is to state tho
caBe for it very mildly. For many
of the visitors, probably the vast na-
jorlty of them, the collections ln sucb
museums undescrlhed, menn nothing.
The same thing Is true to a lessor degree In zoological gardens, and even
art. museums. The provision of a lecturer, sufficiently (and obviously)
scientific or arttsttc, so that the lipping problem was eliminated, would
add enormously to the value of every
public museum. There seems no way
in which the amount of money necessary to secure Ihe services of a really
competent man for this position could
be spent to better advantage.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Potted Rotes
There was a time when Englishmen
could celebrate-St. George's Day by
feasting on roses as well as wearing
them. Old cookery becks abound In
recipes Into which roBe leaves enter;
One writer'tells how to make potted
roses. I flrst pound some of the
most fragrant roseB In a mortar, then
I take the brains ot birds and pigs
well boiled and stripped of every particle of meat. 1 then add the yolks
of some eggs, some oil, a little cordial, Borne pepper and some . wlne-i
After having beaten and mixed IV
well together, I place it over a Blow
fire. When this dish is brought to
table the most delicious fragrance issues forth, covering the gueatB with
delight. Every good housewife ln the
seventeenth century made rose water,
which was used for flavoring food.—
London Chronicle.
A 81ander — Is It true that, your
daughter has married a highbrow,
Mrs. Rockingham?
No, lhat story was started by some
of the-4rf»ls who were jealous, sPals-
le's husband is a writer, but his royalties a-noiint to over $40,000 a year.—■
Ciicago Record Herald.
Both Experienced.
He—Dearest, you are the first woman I ever kissed.
She   (cynically)—You  don't  do   It
like au amateur.
He    (wrathfully)—Deceitful     one.
how do you know -the difference?—
Baltimore American.
Could Not be   Worse
Old gent—'Pon my word, madam, I
should hardly have-known you, you
have altered so much.
Lody—For the better   or   for   the
Old gent—Ah. madam,   you   could
only change for Ihe better.
When Holloway's Corn ('ure is ap
piled to a corn or wart It kll'u) ill"
roots nnd the callosity comes o.n
without inury to the flesh.
The Home of the Death Flower
The crew of the vessel which is setting out. to solve the mystery of the
mammoth statutes of Easter Island
must steer clear of El Banoor, another
Island of the Pacific. One of our
early explorers, Hugh Arkwrlghi, who
Balled the Pacific In 1581, warns travelers against visiting El Banoor—the
home ot the death flower. This
flower, we are told, Is so large that a
man can stand upright inside one of
Its blossoms. But if he does so he
will surely fall asleep, lulled by the
arrange fragrance it distills. Then
the flower folds lis petals and suffocates bim. And bo he passes into
d.ath through splendid dreams, and
gives his body to the death flower for
food.—London Chronicle.
Extract at
Wild Strawberry
Is safe, reliable, and moat
effective in all cases of
Summer Complaint, and
Cholera Morbus,    ' j
Ia ajc. and soc. bottles,
at your Druggist's.
H CHUN, -tWItt
Sheathing Paper
—aliigh-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from ter,
waterproof, exceptionally stroftg
—will noftear. A duratjle
and effective Interlining (pr
vails, floors and ceilings.     ,
Examine DURO carefully jat
your dealer's, or write for sample
and .Booklet to the jss*
Sol. Canadian Maaafactaron I
•I Canada, Limited.      I
■enlreal, WUulfCI. Canary, Vaeeeo+r.'
The Wires All Carry The
Same Message—"I want
You hnvegot t_puse some
Mini cf cult ou the iflfliMc.
Vou must use mill it. yout
evoking and baking.
Arc you using Ilie hc-_|
It's Ihe little thing* thai
count. It's Windsor Salt,
that will help you to nuke
dainty dishes—and flavor
food as It, fthould be
flnvort'd. WINDSOR
fAl/T is imreaud fine and
good. w
Ma*. WlHSLOW'tl SooTHlNO Hvaur bin bee*
oral [or over SIXTY YltAKSby MILLIONS'oi
Is the belt remedy (or DIARRIIC8A. It la absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Wlaskw'a Soothing Syrup," aad tak* a* otbM
kind.  Iw.nt_a-.av. cents a bout*.
Under Suspicion
Tbere were times when Mi-Fee
gloried in the fact that he was the
father of nine children, even If they
were on the lines of the proverbial
human stepladder, but on the day
when he was taking them out for a
walk *.e felt chargrilled.
He was walking along at a fairly
good gait when he was halted, by a
policeman,' who aaked.
I aay, you, what you been doln?
Nothing, replied McFee.     Why?
Well, what's the crowd following
you for.
The British Empire supplies about
three-fifths of the world's demands tor
Are You Blue and Worried?
Nervous t ' Some of the tine really ill ? Catoh cold easily and frequently suffer
Irom bilious-Mass or headache P The reason is lhat your system does not rid ilaell
of the poisons in the blood; juat aa impossible as it is for tbe grate of a stove to rid
itself of clinkers. Tbe waste does lo us Meetly wbet the clinkers do lo the stove;
make the fires burn low until enough clinkers have accumulated and than prevent
ita burning at all. Your liver ia sluggish—you aee dull and heavy- sleep doea nol
rest, nor is food appetising. In this condition illness develops. Doctor Pierce's
Golden Medicel Discovery eradicate! the poisons from the body—e glycerio alterative extraot made from hloodroot, golden seal and mandrake root, atone and
i's root, without the use of alcohol. No matter how strong the constitution
lhe stomach is apt to be " out of kilter " et times; in consequence the blood is disordered, for the stomaoh ii tbe laboratory for the constant manufacture of blood.
Mac. BgNJ. Suit*, of Port Dover, Ont. Boa M, writes: I'I tans
been a treat sufferer for years from throat trouble, catarrh. IndhHstlon.
femals troubles, bloating. roniUpatkm and nervousneso-afc tkasa I would
be In bsd, then able to ho up stain. Was under many different doctors'
care, and would tot hottar for a llttlo whllo, then I would go down with
(-.ironic Inflammation all through me. For nineteen yeara I had this
poison In my blood. After trying nearly every thing I got won*. I saad
In Ilia People's Common Sense Medical Adviser of Dr. I"
Medical Discovery sml Dr. Date's Catarrh Remedy. I hava talon the
'Golden Mn.lia.il Discovery' and Pleasant Pellets,' and hava used Ave
hottlea of Dr. Sato's Catarrh Remedy. I am now note to do my work
and walk with pleasure. I feel llko a new woman. I enjoy averyUiing
a:maud mo and thank God for letting mo live long enough to Sad some
thing that mado mo wall again."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate Kver end bowela.
The Northern Trusts Company
This company Sets In the capacity of   *• ,
nnd we shall be glad to forward copy of   our    Booklet    "Soraethlnn
rbout Trusts, Trustees and Trust Companies." on request.
 — . ;  a
Every day if Is becoming more and
more evident that the most ruinous
results to the farmers of the West
would follow the- establishment' of
sample maikets for grain at. Winnipeg
and Fort William.
As :. striking instance ot the harm
that would* follow such a move,'was
brougu't out at an investigation of the
traffic congestion on the Canadian
railways before the Railway Commission al Ottawa. In giving their testimony J. W. Leonard ot the C.P.R.
tnd W. H. Biggar of the Qrand Trunk
Pacitlc stated that the congestion was
very largely owing to their inability
lo secure rolling stock from the man-
cifact urers aa fast aa It was required.
All thc car. shops are behind " hand
vith orders. In tact it. is impossible
for the can shops to turn out rolling
stock aa rapidly as the development
ot the country requires lt. In this
Connection _ it was atated that the dl-
-rectors ot one company had author-
toed the expenditure of 119,000,000 In
tolling stock, but could get no firm to
lit the orders.
It will be seen by these statements
vhlcli were uncontradicted, that the'
congestion cf trnffla pr.d car shortages
on the. railways ot the west are owing
to the exceedingly rapid development
of the country rather than to the neglect of the railway companies. And
Ihis wonderful development Is as yet
only In il* early stages, and when it
is completed how will out transportation companies be able to handle the
traffic? The grain congestion Of lasf |
Tall was bad enough but with the Increased acreage under cultivation
.acli year the conditions will grow
flVorse as time passes, unless radical
measures are taken to prfevent it.
With these facts -'In view, what can
lie said of the criminal folly ot establishing a sample market that will
jt one stroke take away twenty-five
per cent of the cars now available
for the grain carrying trade.    Before
many yeara pass ..the grain orop of
the west will be over five hundred million bushels.     And .when that time
comes, even providing that the sample market   Is   a qualified   success,
which is impossible, the twenty-live
per cent loss of cars will'still be as
great in proportion as It would be lf
the sample market were   established
'   today.     Any  intelligent farmer can
ttgare out for himself what the loss
would be to him.   were   the   sample
market established, and the cars detained at Winnipeg as they would be
for from twenty-four   to   forty-eight
hours -on every trip, and how mucb
wheat would he left In his granary
that would/otherwise be shipped, sold
snd paid   for.      Remember   that   It
would mean,   under   ordinary   conditions, that- one bushel out of every
four Is left on his hands at the close
of navigation.
And why. iu the name of ordinary
sommon sense aliould the farmer be
put to-this loss and Inconvenience?
Tliere Is Uo reason^whatever for he
stands to lose at every turn. The
only persons who could possibly be
benefited are the men who would
handle the whest on the sample market, and would mix It and fix It so as
to bring tlie most profit to themselves,
tt Is to the interests of every farm-
Frost & Wood Binders
Widely used everywhere.    Perfect, light running,
meet die hardest conditions of cutting and  binding.
er to carefully study this sample
market'question iu all Its bearings.
At present, the farmer is safeguarded
on every hand by statutory laws
which are fairly well observed, and
the farmer now has full control of
his own wheat on the market. If
he don't Uke to sell to tbe local dealer
for any reason, either on account of
grade or price, he caa ship himself.
The railway companies are compelled
by law to furnish him a car ln his
turn and place it at a loading platform for him. At Winnipeg an honest grade ts assured him by a government inspector and the wheat ls sold
at. a fair market price. Iu short, he
ls mns'er of- tiie situation.
Under tbe system of a sample market the opposite is the case. The
farmer ls master of nothing. His
whe.it goes to Winnipeg, a sample ls
placed on the table in the grain exchange and it Is sold for whatever the
buyer chooses to give him. AU the
guarantees of lair plajr which he now
enjoys are sacrificed, and his grain ls
placed at the disposal of a crowd ot
spectators, who tnree amongst themselves not to bid one against another,
but to play Into each others hands
for their mutual benefit.
An attempt ls being made lo nils-
bad the farmers on this matter, and
false  ideas  and  spurious-arguments
are being used to trap the unwary. It
if tie old game of the spider and the
fly.     They make the statement tbat
wheat which la between grades will
bring a better price   on   a   sample
market for purposes of mixing with
lower qualities.     This is a fallacious
•rgument.     The farmer  knows -4>y
past experience that the only people
to profit by the mixing of grain are
the dealers.     In this regaiM a recent
interview with Mr. J. H. Haslam who
is well known throughout the west is
worthy of careful consideration. Mr.
Haslam wlir has just returned from
Europe states that the western Canadian wheat ls losing Its pre-eminence
on the British market, and he warns
the ^farmers of the west   that   they
must see to it that they send their
best wheat pure to the Old Country If
they wish to retain their hold on the
market and secure the best   prices.
In the light of this, what becomes of
the mixing argument?      Two qualities of wheat cannot be mixed with-
dut lowering one of them, and In doing so you reduce the standard of all.
It must never be forgotten that the
pien who are seeking to establish a
sample market arc the men who have
always sought to exploit the wheat
trado of the west to further their own
Interests and deprive the farmers of
a legitimate price for their grain.
/       Tamed   Birds
Curiosity is a strong    feature    in
most birds.    They wlll*always Investigate auythlng new and bright-looking.
A small blue titmouse we ouce
kept Indoors for a week was a regular Paul Pry. His little body found
its way Into everything. Indeed, he
was nearly drowned because, If a
pitcher was on the table, he was sure
to go Into lt; and to get out again
with wet wings was not easy.
The human voice Is a great assistance in the taming of any wild creature. A soft, gentle tone and kind
manner will go far to win the confidence of birdlsh hearts. It fact,
It is only a matter of time and patience; the wildest specimens will
become friendly.
At flrst their apparent tameness Is
mainly cupboard love, but ln time
It does often result ln real personal
affection. Then it ls delightful to
possess a bird who will welcome your
coming with out-stretched wings and
every sign of overflowing joy.
A cardinal grosbeak which I once
possessed for. fourteen years wonld
thus greet me, and the very tempting food would remain untouched
While he warbled to me ln the most
gushing manner.
"I have a money-saving invention— I
handy granaries to allow field thresh- ■
ing over your farm. Move them about
each year.   You save long hauls at
harvest time,   tn
spring you scatter
small straw stacks
—no burning of
Dlgliy, N.S.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Gentlemen,—Last August my horse
was badly cut in eleven places by a a
barbed wire fence. Three of the
cuts, (small ones) healed soon, but
the others became foul and rotten,
and though I tried many kinds of medicine they bad no beneficial result.
At last a doctor advised me to use
weeks' time every sore was healed
and the hair has grown over each one
In line- condition. The Liniment is
certainly  wonderful   in   its  working.
Witness, Perry Baker.
Full Measure
"Thess granaries come in compact
bundles, A boy can nt up and bolt
one together in a few hours. Four
padlocks protect the grain. Separator
delivery Into a spout on the side er
Into roof manhole—saves work during threshing. Your grain ii protected
from vermin, wet and thieves. flSell
itwhenyou are ready, loading direct
from the gra_U.tr into your wagon,
or bagging it.'   Wo musty or heated
Sain. ^ Get my granary and be in-
pendent of elevators for seUing.
Sell at the highest price, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protects you."
•"Write me lor my booklet. It shows how profitable my
Granary is even on a single quarter-section farm. I'se
It lor 1912.   The Book Tells of Bis Money lor Vou."
Writ, far B~I_I..N<.S__» OSHAWA. ONT.
wnaima oaloaxt edhomton
WLombaralSt.    CmraBlo-ak      S6_Sra_St.W.
•are Whltlock * Uxelxtt      J_tri.lt> 81. S.
"Mr l»*is»elOr*nar£. stowing door. Ala* wttbwi. Soar,
If desired. Shows how saute
•-aBrain, fl.la.ia wanted. Other
tat loft shows snoot for MM
i ■„..._._ __.(_._______*." a
Wise mothers who know the virtues of Mother Graves' Worm Eac'erm-
Inalor always have IfHJ hand, because It proves Jts value. -..
TbotiMidaHaVeBeen Helped
By Common Seme
Women suffering f ronf any form of female lib rare invited to communicate
promptly with the woman'sprivatecoire-1
ipondonce department ot the Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Your letter will be opened, read and
•nswored by a woman and held in strict
confidence. A woman can freely talk of
her private Illness to a woman; thus hu
be-;n established a confidential correspondence which haa extended over
msny yekrs and which has never been
broken. Never have they published a
testimonial or ueed a letter without the
written consent of the writer, and never
hu the Company allowed these confidential letters to get out of their possession,
u the hundreds of tjwuaanda of them in
their flies will attest
Out of the vut volume of experience
which they have to draw from, His more
than possible that they possess th* very
knowledge needed to yonr case. Nothing is asked in return except yonr good
will, nndjtheir advice bu helped ttaou-
aflurely any
women, rich or poor,
Aould ba glad to
take advantage of
tbis generous offer
of assistance. Address Lydia RPInk-
him Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lynns-
Shearing Sheep WltH a Machine-
Shearing sheep with a machine Is
practical for most farmers,- says the
Southern Agriculturist. As with any
other machine, a man should have
some knack with machinery to do the
best work. The greatest advantage
In using this method ot shearing is
t'mt you get practically all ihe wool.
During the World's Fair at St. Louis
they had a contest between the old-
fashttfied method of shearing by hand
and the newer one ot clipping the
sheep with the machine. After the
expert hand shearer had finished a
sheep the machine would clip about
thirteen ounces ot wool. So the saving of wool would soon "pay for the
shearing machine.
A man with from 25 to 100 head of
sheep should use the hand machine,
but wilh larger flocks the power machine Is more practical. lf one's
neighbor raise sheep, they can
Install a power plant with a Hue shaft
to run as many machines as they
wish with a small gas engine. When
shearing time comes they can set a
day, collect their flocks and help
each other. I have such a plant In
my barn with three machines run
trom a lino ahaft with a loose pulley,
ao each machine can be operated or
stopped Independently, as the shearer wishes, by shirting the belt from
the tight to tbe loose pully. We shear
with this plant, running three maa-
chlnes, about 200 sheep In a day
with the average farm hands. A
quick, strong young man with practice
Bhould shesr 100 or more, while the
expert will turn off 200 with one machine. But Ihe-average farm hand,
to do a nice job, will average about
76 a tay.
- One of the greatest advantages In
having a shearing plant wilh several
machines la that you shear your
whole flock In a day. thus getting
them back to grass with their lambs.
If you are two or three days shearing ,
there ls considerable loss to the lamb
crop from keeping them up. Machine j
sheared sheep also look much-belter.
Southern Agriculturist.
Bicycles In War
A correspondent, interested In the
hitherto neglected branch of the service, will be gratified to learn that
the authorities are beginning to take
serious notice of the possibilities involved In the use of the cycle in war.;
A great advance has been made ol
late in Its employment for purposes ,
of defence at home. In proof of which
it is only necessary to refer to the
Increase In the number of purely cy- j
cle battalions maintained In the Ter-
ritorlal Force.      But above and be-:
youd that Is the information contain-
ed in the new   War Establishments." j
which shows an increase in the num- j
ber of blcycyes lu the tegular Army,:
and a greater recognition of the mo-,
tor cycle.     A cavalry   division   has a
now 18 motor cycles and 371 ordinary bicycles, as against  118 of the
latter hitherto.     All this is vary encouraging to those enthusiasts  who!
have hitherto met with a somewhat
cold reception  from  the  Authorities!
Ins the advocacy of the cycle.     But
we regret there Is no sign of any cyclists units ln the Regular Army so
They will answer yea
Direct your Inquiry to the Pedlar place nearest you.
promptly and    eave you time. .
•The   Pedlar   Granary   ie  fire- proof.   Think what that means.
Minard's  Liniment  Curee  Garget
Johnny Ordered Out
You ought to have seen Mr. Marshall when he called upon Dolly the
other night, remarked Johnny to his
sister'!-, young man, who was taking
tea with the family. I tell you he
looked fine sitting there alongside of
her with, his arm-
Johnny! gasped bis sister, her face
the color of a boiled lobster.
Well, so lie did, persisted Johnny.
He had his arm-
John, screamed his mother, frantically.
Why. whined  the boy. I was—
John, said his father sterol?', leave
the room.
And Johnny left, crying as he went.
I was only going to aay that he bud
his army clothes on.—Ladles Home
FREE FROM ccw»tiiuctional DEFECTS
Our lumber li high (rat.* In every raipect. tt it the oqual of tay
and superior to moat of tho lumbar on tho market. We can confident'
ly recommend our Fir to be one of the moat durable woods to be •
found. It la not iutceptlbU to dry rot and will give equal aenrlce to _
Oak, bnt not weighing so heavy, effects a considerable eavlug ln
freight charges. It hae convinced the experts, ud la now one of tttt
most extensively used woods In the Weat.   Let it convince you.
All common lumber—ihlplap and dlmenaloni—le air-dried. AU
finishing lumbar—moulding, flooring, doors, windows, caalnga, ceil*
lug, aiding, etc.,—ia kiln dried, ao tbat there ta no danger ol doom
and window* warping.
We Invite Correspondence
' Our Lumber Department la ready at all tlaoe to quote en outatdn
alied doors, windows, etc., conditionally that the buyer furniihse an
Itemlied list In order that we may quote rock-bottom figure*. It yon
Intend building this auauner, yon will do well to.obtain our prices -
quality considered, they are unequalled. Any of the plana ahowu la
our Spring and Summer Catalogue may be had for $2.60, which
amount will be refunded on receipt of order for lumber. However,
If you prater bulldlug from your own plaus tend ua your bill of material and we will quote t price for all the material necessary, laid
down ln your own town.
We Ship in Carload Lots Only
Whiskers vs. Hamlet
Leading mau in travelling company
—We play llunilet to-night, laddie, do
we not'!
Hiiii'itiiiuiiKer—Vis, Mr. Montgomery* ._.
Leading man—Then I must borrow
Ihe mini of two pence.
Sub-manager—Why ?
Leading mnn—I have four days'
growih upon my eKlfl. One cannot
play Hamlet In a heard.
Sub-manager—Um,—  Well,
put on Macbeth   ~ -
Evtory wooia ought to hss*
tsjixs, s*. PinMuun'a SO>poco
Text Book. It Is not ft book for
IMMrftl distribution, tu It Is too
oxpensl vo. It is ftoo Md only
obtolutble bj malL.Wrlto tn
tt today.
w. n. u tn
Dolly In Dismay
Dorothy—Mother, wheu I get map
rled shall I have a husband like pa?
Mother—Certainly, my dear.
Dorothy—And If 1 stay single shall
I be an old maid like Aunt Anna.
Mother-I think you will.        	
Dorothy (wilh a deep sigh I—Well
I am In a Da
of the bowels, la an absolute necessity (or good health. Unlets the
waste matter from the Iood which
collects there ia got rid of at least
once a day, it decays and poisons the
whole body, causing biliousness, indigestion and sick headaches. Sella
and other harsh mineral purgatives
irritate thc delicate lining of the
bowels. Dr. Morse's Indian Root
Pills—entirely vegetable—regulate
the bowels effectively without weakening, sickening or griping.   Uae
Dr. Morse's   M
.Indian Root Pill*
.Sinister.—This bill waa innocent
on lis face, but beneath there lurked
a most sinister significance.
The speaker, Senntor Clarke, wtia
discussing in Little Itock a iinasuiv
of wbich he disapproved.
The bill reminded me. In fact, he
said, of a Little llork urchin's qjCfl-
tion. His question. Innocent enough
III appearance, dear knows, was tils:
Would you mind making a noise
'like a frog, uncle?
And why? said tin* uncle, with an
amused smile, why, Tummy, do you
desire me to make a noise like a
frog. ,
Because, replied lhe urchin, whenever I ask daddy tu buy me anything
lie always says, wait llll your uncle
croaks.—New York Tribune.
Pat Knows Everything
Willie—Paw, what  Is a    labor   of
Paw—Thai's when a pitcher uml a
catcher help dig a baseball out of aa
umpire's eye
Russia's army In lltnrs nf
iitiiihera 1.20l»,<liliJ, and In rise
it cau be nearly quadruplet*
' war
are best Iar nursing
motha-rs because thr.y do
not atlect the real of the
system. Mlldbm.ure. 25c.
a bos at your druggist's.
■•timm. eaua n*» CHtaneat
ca. *f CHADS, limits*. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
If You Have Failing
Have your eyes examined. Let us
show you how vastly improved our
glasses can make your vision.. We
are expert optometrists, skilled in
the science of refraction. Examination free.
A. D, MORRISON ^ki"6
ublishad at Qrand Porks, Rrltlsh Golumhl
.. A. Kv.NS  gdltor and Publisher
A Hi* of thli pawreenbe seen at the o(Bcae
af M.ssrs. B. A 5, Hardy A Co. 10, III and -2,
Fleet Street, EX!., London, England, Iree of
.herge. and that arm will be (Tad to reoelve
mbseribtloM and advertisement, on our be-
Frache Brothers propose to incorporate _.
as a stock company„with limited liability,
to enlarge their Greenhouses.   Shares,
$50.00 par.   rylsk us for our Prospectus.
he is given by tbe Tory papers of
British Columbia, even if that prum-'
inence is only bestowed upon him to
divert attention from the short-.,
comings of the Jocal and federal governments.
auaaaaiPTioH Btiaa:
Dae Teat .	
One fear (In advance)	
One Year, In United States	
.. t.00
.. 1.60
Address all oomnmnloatloiis to
Ths KvaniKO Sua,
Phons B74 QaauiD Forks, B.C
It is surprising with wbat avidity
the subsidized   McBride organs of
thia province seize upon the remarks
or   scribblings  derogatory   to   tbe
United States, made by former citizens, of thai country.   Sucb vapor-
ings are beneath notice, because they
usually  emanate  from   renegades
who were compelled to leave tbeir
native  country   because the   laws
were too strict for them.    No one
but a cur would  malign bis native
land after taking up.his residence in
another   part of tbe world.    What
good end is to be   accomplished by
the circulation of these stories it is
difficult to understand.   Tbe mo-t
natural   result   will   be a spirit oi
enmity between tbe citizens of   the
Dominion and the republic; and as
Great Britain and tbe United States
are on the most friendly terms at
present, tbis continual nagging at
our neighbors, which might produce
a breach of that good feeling, is ni t
the   best,   method of  testifying our
loyalty to the mother country.   Let
tbe United States work out its own
destiny.   We bave enough problems
of our own awaiting solution to occupy our undivided  attention.    A
renegatle   is a despicable creaturr,
and does not deserve tbe prominent e
Tim Dominion government is to
be thoroughly Anglicized wben Premier Borden and bis colleagues return to Ottawa. All tbe cabinet
ministere will be supplied witn
under secretaries. Doubtless Mr,
Borden has a few more expensive
governmental adjuncts up bis
The remark is often made by
middle-aged men, tbat tbey bave
made* a failure of life, simply because they bave not accumulated
riches. No man bas made a failure
of life, even tbougb he is one hundred years old, and penniless, as
long as he is accomplishing something useful in tbe world.
A CHEAT many people wbo are
skepticaf regarding tbe inspiration of
lbe Bible, profess to bave unbound-
ad faith in an inspired article from
Ottawa or Victoria.
Any person caught riding a bicycle hereafter on tbe city sidewalks
will be fined. Persons guilty of
risking their lives in such a reckless
manner should be prosecuted for attempted suicide.
It pays to be a liar.' If a railway
advertised its linn on its maps as
crooked us it actually ie, it would be
iu the bands of a receiver inside of
sixty days.
"Take the naval question out oi
politics!" shout the Tory organs.
Our. Conservative friends bad no
business to drag the question into
Let the ships of the Canadian
navy be constructed in Canada, ol
Canadian material, and by Canadian
workmen. Tbis is tbe Liberal
p ilioy.
Our Wire Fencing is Bull-Strong, Horse-Hitf!. and Pig.
Come in and price our fencing wire, and we'll do business with you.   You'll find our wire and our prices right.
Whatever be your needs in Hardware, you'll find our
store the place to supply those needs.
New York has become thoroughly aroused over the recent discovery
of rottenness in her police force.
Everything connected with police
and police court circles is naturally
of a shady nature, and perhaps New
York is ho worse tban many other
communities if tbe whole truth were
known. Even in British Columbia
ugly stories of peculiar transactions
in police courts occasionally leak
. Vancouver island may be colonized
by British capitalists on imperial
Canadian Pacific railway crop report shows enormous yield in the
prairie provinces.
Governor of Oregon will, if necessary, cali out the militia to force submission of Portland oity authorities.
A ring of smugglers exposed at Minneapolis who worked gigantic system
from Canada inte the United  btates.
War about to be declared by the
king of Montenegro against T urkey.
Fighting is raging furiously on the
Roosevelt again denies stories of
friendship to trusts and thanks Arch-
bold and Penrose for showing which
man the trusts most fear.
, The Pall Mall Gazette says that ac-
ceptance by British shipbuilders of
foreign orders is playing, into Germany's hands and preventing oversea
dominions' building program.
British press .scores President Taft
for Panama canal dcision.
Mexican government will kill
without trial all rebels captured.
Cry for harvesters throughout
the prairie provinces increases each
' Populace of Servia clamors for war
following iiiaisacres on Servian frontier.
Lacrosse game won nn Saturday by
New Westminster decides the destination of the Minto cup.
French Canadians of Ontario may
resist Whitney government's bi-iin
gual schuol regulvtiona
Canadian apples are in great demand on the continent. The crop
this year will be lit-uvier than ever before.
Open season for fishing has been
extended for two weeks.
Confirmation of rumor that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier has postponed his
visit west.
'Ulaterites are drawing up constitution by which they will resist the
British government.
Electric storm in Toronto does muoh
damage, affecting power house and
causing incon venience.
The deputy minister nf Canadian
naval service is recruiting sailors for
the nary in England.
British charge d)affaires in Washington has made no further representation on Panama oanal question.
Gambling house in New York
where ifosenthal murder was plotted
is raided over the heads of the police.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier announces that
he will not make proposed trip west
at the present tints.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier considers that
bad arbitration is better than the
most successful war,
The London Times compares naval
defence policies of Canada and Australia, and gives warning to Australia.
Rear admiral of the British fleet
speaks on overseas dominions' naval
policies. He does not think tint Aus-
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co,,
The Kodak Dealers
we are prepared to give the people of Grand Forks
all-the Chdicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fisk, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
owes, uxai Ffrttttrppt
Hanbo,** RiBiDiaCE, R88 WW BuBW
Silver King and Silver Queen Mineral
Olalms, slnmti' ln the Urand Forks Mining
Division nf Yale District.
Where Located: On the East Fork of the
North Fork of Kettle River.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Jacob M. Paulsen.
Free Miller's CertlOCHte No. S.M8II, for
myself and as agent for Willlani'H. lloffman,
executor, and Kosii Major, executrix, of tbe
will of Catherine Hoffman. Free Miner's
CertlHcate No. 8JS11B. Intend, sixty days
from date hereol, to apply to the Mining
Hecerder foraCeitificHleol Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
abaivje claims.
And further take notice that action, ulidei
section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of suoli Ccrlncaacs of Improvement.
Dated this ith day of May, A.D. 1912.
tralia's scheme will be of any imperial
Police Commissioner Waldo, of
Vancouver, makes public a Hat of the
gambling houses raided in 1911,which
shows that many prominent members
of the city community are interested
in »«»•
People of Ni rwich, England, driven
from their homes by flood.
Union of Canadian Municipalities
think government should pay taxes.
7 Calgary advices say the possibilities
of a grain blockade in the Northwest
are remote.      •
Premier Borden says he will not be
influenced by threat of violence from
English suffragettes.
A measure aiming at the destruction of political patronage has been
introduced in the New Zealand parliament,
Suffragettes plan campaign in
President Taft does not favor sub*
mining the canal question to arbitration.
Sale of Montreal sohool property
bring in nearly a million and a half
Scene at funeral of ' General Booth
'without parallel except at death of
English monarch.
Union of .Canadian Municipalities
oppose $60,000,000 bond issue by
Canadian Paoifio railway.
Peter Veregin says he, thought the
Donkhobor society was exempt from
the regiBtratioh laws of this province.
Sunrise Mineral Claim, situate In tin'
Qrand Furies Mining Division of Tale District.
When* located:  In Welling t.m oamp.
TAKE NOTICK tbat I, Joseph Allr«[ Millar.
Pres Miliars' Certificate Mo. BiTIH, ln-
tand. sixty dais from the dato hereof, in apply to the Mining Beonrrler for a Certllleate
ol Improvement, for tbe purpose of obtain*
tnaaCrottn llrantof the almve elslm.
And further take notioe lhat action.. nnaler
section 87, must be commence!) before the
Issuance ol  such CertlHcate of   Improvements.        ~
Dated this JSIli day ol Anill, A.D. 1912.
Electric Restorer for Men
>lra and vitality. Preaiature decay and all asiual
weskneta arartel at anca. Pkoaphanal will
make vou a naw man. Price J8 a box. or two lor
K Mailed to any address, tha SoeWu Drag
!)•_• S*. Catharines. Oat.
Some business-men are no fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they cau reach
the consumers oi this district with
out advertisings The Sun.
-MS-— !%/
THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C. .
r Guaranteed    I
by McCIary's to \
save fuel—to cut out
dust, fuss and bother
and to heat your house
evenly and comfortably
in the coldest weather.   We
Iguarantee the  "Sunshine'
[Furnace to save enough to
[pay for  itself quicker
ithan any othe
k furnace you can
Sold by W.K.O. Manly
selfish interests and of nothing else.
They have no more patriotism than
a guntuaker who sells bis wares to a
hostile country or to one which is
likely to become hostile to his own.
—Saturday Sunset.
The ability to orate fluently is a
Big asset for a politician, but, as a
rule, it is an expensive luxury to a
constituency . to send a man to the
legislature or congress who prides
himself on being a good orator.
Tbis kind of a servant is a time
waster. Of late years it is notice-'
able that it is the quiet man who
uses no superfluous language who
does tbe business. Tbe orator is all
right to play to tbe galaries and to
show bis people at hmne that he -itr
a live wire—when it comes to spout-
i.ig.—Orient Journal.
A restriciinnisl paper thinks it
"iVinarkable liuw well the west is
getting on without reciprocity." The
Edmonton Bulletin, speaking fur
the prairie provinces, snys: "It is.
Separated by half a continent and a
large ocean from the only export
mnrket in which it is allowed to sell
its products, the fnct thnt tbe west
is getting on so well is striking testimony to the fertility of its soil and
the enterprise of its people. Wilh
tbe privilege of selling their products wherever the prices were best,
so enterprising a people, occupying
so fertile a country, would progress
at a rate that bas oot been seen on
th s nr nny other continent."
; Nut culture is lit ing nllnnpled by
H. H. Clench, near Nelson. He has
planted English filbert cob nuts,
English walnuts, American black
wnlntilB, hickory, pecan and American sweet'chestnuts, and the trees
and bueh "s nre growing rapidly. A'-
ready walnut trees, the seed f
which was planted in 1910, nre
ihree feet nigh, wbile hickory has
re-tched a height of eighteen inches
About the finest exhibit of nerve
which bas come to my attention for
many -moons is the ma v ment reported from Toronto to get the naval
question out of party politics.   It is
said the same clique—composed of
Liberals  and   Conservatives all interested in   manufacturing    entej-
prises—who opposed reciprocity on
high grounds of patriotism, are" behind this movement.   The country ,
owes nothing to that clique.   Their |
motives are absolutely selfish. While j
professing  to  save   the ling and to |
prevent Canada from being annexed !
through the reciprocity agreement,
they   were   thinking of their own |
Curative Bee's Sting
The full extent to which the Mule
busy bee may improve each shining
hour was not realized until Ihe dis
covery tbat the sting of the irritable
lilrle hymenopter was a sure, cure for
rheumatism. Of course, it has always been known that this method
would afford temporary relief. The
victim of the most violent case of
sciatic or inflammatory rheumatism,
attacked by a determined swarm of
atrabilious bees, immediately forgot
all his minor afflictions. The lame
and lite halt have been known to
lay aside tbeir crutches and flee as
the wild gazelle.
The specific curative value of tbe
bee's poison must have heen discovered by one of tbose happy accidents
which have enriched the science of
medicine. Sinoe it is the female of
the species which alone carries a
sting, perhaps the leaders in tbe
feminist movement were convinced
that the burning dart was intended
as • blessing and not as a scourge.
It was years before we knew the
value of rattlesnake oil, and the
Gila monster is still held under stis
But experiments bave vindicated
tbe mission of the lady bee, who is
only cruel to he kind. A physician
in the Cumberland valley .improving
upon the original discovery, has
found  a   method of extracting the
1 SIlfflBSi Iw
•   t^Lm^QaSs\\. JlJN-i. iill
Invites you io ilie
Sep±30io Oct 61912
Tke Hand EmpiresHoiyiy
Seven days and six niihtStj
eduda/j'on and anu&emehi' • •
■vflWa to RcMttCoSjww. fiety f* Pr««util.ilt«*l
lUitfteaisl Dejjyft^am DO   •  BJ _•_»*._ m
• ^•4iL'.ii;l:ll^a^fi_l(:u.'i;W' "
poison from lbe toxic glands and
storing it away for use when occasion arises. With the aid of his
hypodermic, every physician becomes hiB own bee. Ninety percent
of the cases of heart trouble are
caused by rheumatism. The feminine bee, which carries arouiuTa sovereign remedy for rheumatism,
comes into its field of usefulness
through feminine enterprise Thus,
womankind, long regarded as the
source of all heart trouble, steps
forth as the elrengthener and regenerator of the heart.
Game Laws for this Fall
Various new regulatiohs and
orders in council under Ihe game
protection act have met the ap
proval of the lienlenanl-gnvernor,
and among the more important is a
regulation reducing the number of
pheasants a sportsman kill in one
day lo six. Il is also provided.lhal
no person may hunt or kill pheasants if there he three inches of snow
on the ground.
Ducks, geese, snipe and grouse o'
•ill kinds open in this district nn
September 2, grouse ^hooting remaining open till Ihe end of the
year, and ducks and so nn until
February '28, 1*13.
A   close   season   is  declared   for
beavet   throughout   lhe     priivjiici
from November I, 1912, to Niiveni
her 15, 1913.
Deer may be shoot throughout
tliis district from September 2 to
December 15.
Prairie chicken may lie shot in
Yale-Cariboo from September lo to
October 15.
A close season is declared for
wapiti throughout the mainland until September 1, 1912. White-tailed
deer also enjoy a close season in the
Okanagan and Similkameen until
the same date; and moose benefit
from a close season in the Columbia
electoral district until September 1,
Personal Chtistmas Cards
A new sample book of tbe "Art"
series of Personal Christmas Cards
for 1912 has been received at The
Sun office. These cards proved
very popnlar last yenr. The designs this year are prettier than last
year. The piices range-from tl per
dozen upwards.   Order early.
-    Best
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days I will
give A 10 per cent  Discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
!. A- I ZKiiii.Kit Block,
N.  E. Colt.   KlVKKHUDK ,fc HoHAItl),
Wa #iankrfc
THE STANDARD is tho National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
of Canada. It Is national in all Its
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs $2.00 per y**r to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limittd, Publiihon.
Bridge Street,
Hot aid Cold Bathe
Hint-Clan Bar, Pool
Band illiard Room
ia Connection.
Emil Larsen,
200 Cariee&s Tell More
Than 200 Mmm
The World's Beet Each Month
Cartoons from dailies and weeklies published ia
this country, London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin,
Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Budapest, St. Peters-
burs, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Turin, Rome, Lisbon.
Zurich, Tolao, Shanghai, Sydney, Canada, and
South America, End all the great cities of the
world. Only the 200 best out of 9,006 cartoons
-each monlh, are selected.
A Ptoturt History ot WsrhTs Evwrtt boh Monft
camp.'ii/rn in Cartoons" and watch the opposing parties caricature each other.
One free sample copy will Ij* mnllerl by addressing the pub*
Usher, H. 11. WINDSOR, 318 \V. Washington Street, CHICAGO
I he O'iver 1 ypewriter
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The result hint been such a deluge of appllea-
tom for machines lhat we are iliapfc astounded.
The demand comes from people of oil classes,
All ages, all fM'cupatlons.
Tim majority ot Inquiries bas come ;from peo
lent known llnaiivlal standing who were at
traded b> the novelty of the pro|K)»_ 'mi. An
impressive demonstration of tlm immense pop-
iiiarltyoftTie Oliver Typewriter
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NOTICK is herebv tflven that nporfffl AlM«
under-tlllllt Hell of tot "B7I. P. 0 Hox
8Wi GrnMd I'mkn, will apply for a licence tn
t lie iti>i1 UNO ntiaf cubic n.ot per spcoihI nf
water out of Nnrth Pork Kct'ln IMver Creek,
, whi.'h (|(i» i In a southerly direction through
Lot :«J7I and etnpllfti into Kettle Rtvitr near
(irand Porks. The water will be diverted op*
pn-'te tlie tow note of .Niagara, and will he
usi-Ml for IrflgnMon pjirpo-ei on the bind de-
Nerlbeil as irult Laud, about IM norm.
Thin notice »bh pqsteq on the irrounil on
the 'MYh day of!Mnreh, 1912. The nnnllcatloti
will be filed lu Uie Office Of lbe Water Re-
eotiler at Kalrvlew.
OhjectldiiH   may   be   Hied    wltb   the   said
Water Recorder nr with the Comptroller of
Water   KIkIiU.  Parliament   Itulhlli.ir-.   Victoria. II. C.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering the
-history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It. is a pracical book, useful
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gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
eisily understood by the everyday
num. U gives the plain facts in plain
Knglish without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
bo importancea of the propel ty.
The .Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Jlook on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the fai-ts it gives, him about mines,
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The investor needs the book for the
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TURN      IN     BED — LEGS
All Doctor'!   Medicine   Palled—Cure
Effetted   by Use of
Again thu great medicine' baa triumphed over kidney disease of a severe type. Prom a bed of suffering
and helplessness Mrs. Walsh waB Restored to health and strength by using Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Kidney pains tn the back tortured
her. Dropsical swellings had set tn
and she had uo reason to hope for
cure, siuce tbe doctor's medicine tailed to i'i* relieve her. Read what
the husband says about this remarkable cure.
Mr. Thos. D. Walsh, Plctou, N.S.,
writes:— "Two years ago my wife
took to her bed after suffering for a
long time from kidney pains ln the
back. She was not able to stand on
ber feet, or even turn herself ln bed.
The doctor's medicine was no benefit
whatever, tbat we could Bee. Sometimes her legs would swell considerably. Reading about a woman fn
similar condition being cured by Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, we purchased two boxes and when these
were used she was able to' sll up.
With three more boxes she waa restored to health and doing her own
"As for myself I also found tbese
pills all that is claimed for them. I
give this statement In order that
others may obtain the same ease
from suffering as that experienced by
my wife and myself."
One pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all
dealers or Kdniansou, Bates &. Co.,
Limited, Toronto.
Better  Meat   Nowadays
J. Ogden Armour defending packing house- methods at luncheon ln
Chicago, said":—
We eat, thanks to the packers, more
wholesome meat tban we formerly
did. My father used to tell about a
farm boy who once called at a house
and took an order for a leg of mutton. Then, a day or two later, the
boy called again.
You'll have to countermand that
mutton order, ma'am, he said.
Yes.     Why so? .
The sheep's improvln', said the boy.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Thu value of canned pineapples
shipped from Hawaii during the fiscal
year of 1911 amounted to two million
Clear Stomach, Clear Mind.—The
stomach ls the workshop of the vital
functions and when lt gets out of order the whole system clogs In sympathy. The spirits flag, the mind
droops and work becomes impossible.
The first care should be to restore
healthful action of the stomach and
the best preparation for that purpose
Is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. General
use for years baa won tbem u lead-
lug place ln medicine. A trial will
attest their value.
Human Hair Lace.
They are making lace from human
bair now. II la not for trimming dresses with, but Is used for the parting
of wigs. It Is made by band and the
knots aie held.by a solution of wax,
otherwise they would unravel. When
this lace Is used It 'takes an almost
microscopic examination to detect the
wig la not natural. '
Phonograph    Records
The family in the next flat to ours
has a phonograph.'
Have Ihey any good records?
Yes; they have one record for six
hours continuous playing,and another
of six hours aud 20 mUiutes. almost
continuous.—Washington Herald.
The Difference
Can, any little boy, asked the new
teacher, tell mo the difference between a lake and an ocean.
I can, replied Edward, whose wisdom had been learned from experience. Lakes are iniieh pleasanter
to swallow when you fall In.
The great trouble with the men
who get to the front Is that they feel
so big we can't see over their heads.
^ PILLS   .:•<
W. N. U- M7
Christianity lind Cricket
Cricket ls peculiarly a Christian
game. No pagan nation has played
it. So a-Melbourne paper la rebuking a couple of church clubs tor com*
ln_g to blows at the conclusion ot a
match. The Baptists started the
trouble by offensive "barraklng,"
wblcb the Presbyterians Indignantly
resented. Words led to blows, much
to. the Burprlse'of the spectators, who
came* to see cricket, not fighting. This
Is very Bad. We thought football
had a monopoly of that sort of thing.
Happily the Australian and the South
African teams are not members of
the ecclesiastical clubs, so that there
ls no reason to fear that the "triangular tournament" will be marred by
fiitlcults.—London Chronicle.  .
•—*————-      Sb?v.''.
Just a Startsr
In ordor to Impress upon his congregation the length of eternity, a
colored preacher used the following
Illustration: •
If a sparrow, brethren, should take
a drop of water from tbe Atlantic
Ocean at. Coney Island, and with thia
drop of water In his beak should hop
a hop a day until It reached the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco, and
when it got this done should turnabout and hop a hop a day all the
way back to* Coney Island, and
keep on doing this very
same thing until lt had carried
the whole Atlantic" Ocean over Into
the Pacific, it would then only be
early morning in eternity.—Everybody's Magazine.
Not a Somnambulist
What do you mean by laying hands
on th|s young man? asked the policeman.
Why, replied Mr. Corntessel, them
That's all right. He's a Marathon
Excuse me, I thought he was walk-
in' ln his sleep.—Washington Star.
Old Saw
Tramp—You know the sayln', mum:
He that giveth to the poor lendeth to
the Lord. y
Mrs. Subbubi.—Very true. And
since you speak In, proverbs, I'll refer
you to another old saw.
Tramp—Which one Is dat, mum?
Mrs. S.—The one back In the' woods'! ed. •
Are Usually the Victims of Pale,
Watery Blood
Anaemia is the medical term for
poor or watery blood. It may arise
from a variety of causes, such as
lack of exercise, hard Btudy, Improperly ventilated rooms or workshops,
imperfect assimilation of food, etc.
The chief symptoms are extreme pallor of Ihe face, lips and gums; rapid
breathing and palpitation of the heart
after slight, exertion; headaches, dizziness, sometimes fainting spells and a
tendency to hysterics, swelling of the
feet and. limbs, a feeling of constant
tiredness and a distaste for food. Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills are a certain
cure for anaemia, because they make
new, rich blood.-which stimulates and
strengthens every organ and every
part of the body. The following is
one among thousands of cases of this
serious trouble cured by the use of
Or. Williams Pink Pills. Miss Georg-
ina Itayfond, St. Jerome, Que., Bays:
"Abont a year ago my health began
to give out: I suffered from headaches, heart palpitation, dizziness and
appeared to he threatened .with a
general breakdown. I was at tbls
time employed in Ihe family of a doctor, who seeing my condition, gave me
medicine. I took this faithfully for
aome time, bill with no benefit, and I
grew much discouraged. Then a
friend advised me to try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, saying that she had found
a cure through them In similar conditions. I took her advice, got a sup.
ply of Ihe pills and took them regularly for some time. Gradually I
became strong and In the course of
a month.or so t was, again enjoying
the best of health, and have not since
had lhe least return of the old symptoms. I can heartily recommp.it Hr.
Williams' Pink rills to all weak gills.
Sold bv all medicine dealers at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $'- Ma or
sent by mall, post paid, by I'll* Dr.
Wllllaiaa* Medicine Co.
At lbe close of every winter when
the Ice from Lake Ladoga Is flouting
down the Neva, the wooden bridge
across the river which abuts on the
Winter Palace. St. Ppterauuig. Is
swung round, In order to enable tue
Ice to pass unimpeded. The operation
was partially accomplished at dawn,
not long since, when the cables connected with the bank snapped tn a
gust of wind. The bridge began to
drift bodily down the Neva, and four
tugs In tbe Immediate vicinity were
unable lo restrain It. Alarm sirens
were sounded and nearly a score more
tugs came to the rescue. They Jnst
succeeded In averting a catastrophe.
The structure, with Ita living freight
of 160 workmen, was within 60 yards
of the slone Nicholas bridge before It
was got under control.
Decision Suspended—Father, our
daughter Is being oourted by a poet
Is that bo, mother? I'll kick him
Not so fast. Investigate .flrst and
find out whether he works for a magazine or for a breakfast-food factory.
—Washington Herald
W      -
It shortens your life, spoils your temper and ruins your looks.
s Try the new way—the MOONEY way. ,
No spoiled baking.  No overheated kitchens. Lots of leisure in the home.'
MOONEY'S  BISCUITS are so fresh, so crisp, so appetizing that
they are largely taking the place of home baking with thousands of Western
people.   Ask'for
In air tight, dust proof and damp proof packages
—or in sealed tins if you prefer them. • \
Made in the Big Sanitary Factory in Winnipeg, .   •
Scotland's Songs,.
The great man had come at last,
and all the youngsters were on the
alert, cudgelling their little braius to
rememl er the answers to all the
questions likely to be-asked them by
bis majesty's Inspector.
lie had gone the rountt of almost
the entire school, and the staff ot
overworked teachers felt proud of the
sipartness and Intelligence displayed
by their pupils. . It was now the turn
of the last and brightest class ln the
school, wbo answered all questions
with unfailing readiness. Ab a fast
poser the great one asked tliem to
name some of Scotland's most famous
songs. Quick as lightning" the bead
boy answered witli "Ye Banks and
Braes," then came a somewhat lengthy
pause, while tbe staff looked anxious.
Come, come! Surely you know another one. What! Not know that
one with a world-wide reputation? encouraged their questioner,-thinking ot
"Auld Lang Syne."
Straightway, to everyone's surprise
the dull one at the back of the class
shot up his hand.
Well, what ls It? queried the tormentor.
In proudly Important tones came
with a roar:,
'Stop Vour Tickling Jock."
Through indiscretion In eating green
fruit In summer many children become subject to cholera morbus caused by irritating acids that act
Violently on the lining of the intestines. Pains and dangerous purg-
Ings ensue and tlie delicate system
of the child suffers under the druln.
ln such cases the- safest anil surest
medicine Is Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. lt will check the Inflammation and Bave the child's life.
A Waif
By golly, I call this rubbing It. In.
How now?
I sent this magazine two poems and
they sent me back three.
Canada has more than one thou-
Bind two hundred newspapers, of
which one-tenth are dallies.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
The search for a cotton substitute
has been going on In Kurope for a
long time, and 'many experiments
have been made wltb the common
nettle, which has been a promising
plant on account of the strength of Its
flher and Kb ready growth wild under the most discouraging conditions,
With a lurm' yield an acre.
Llk* a Grip at the THroat. For a
disease thai Is not classed as fatal
there Is probably none which causes
moro terrible suffering than asthma.
Sleep Is Impossible, the sufferer becomes exhausted and finally, though
the attack pusses.1 Is Jeft lu unceasing dread ot Its return, Dr. J. D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy Is a wonderful curative agent. It Immediately relieves the restricted air passages
as thousands can testify. It Is sold
by dealers everywhere.
A Kindly Parent
Dad, said a Toronto kid to his father
lhe other night, I want to go to the
show tonight.
A show at night ia no place for a
kid Ilka your' You should be at home
In bed.
Hut I peddled bills and have two
tickets, said the kid, as he began to
All right then, answered dad. I will
go with you to see that yon don't get
Into trouble.
When You Buy Matches,
. x  »*t Ask for
They have a true safety base
head,  with silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped oil
Eddy's Matches hava tatlsfltd Ca*
adlans sine* 1161—accept no ether*
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Whin Your Eyes Raid Can
Try Hurla* Eye Rtmedy. No 8ra»rtln«—¥••*$)
fine—Aou Aulekly. Try it *er It si, We »<
W»t«i7 lyn »nd Granulated Eyelid*.  IU«a>
•rated Book to ea-nb Pack*f«. Marine If
enmpoandod by our tXnlliU-not a "Patent lied*
Iclue" —but need In luoceanful PbyitolaBt* Piao*
So* for Many yuan. Mow dedleated to tbe Pus
o and sold by Vrniglsu at Ka and tte ner BottH
[urine Bye lehela AaepUe Tnbaa,>_Ke at*Ue,
Mtirlnft Ey« Romaxty Co* Chloagt
******** mart) ramus ta, srtsgatarg, Sai
A tourist, who recently returned
rroin a trip through the Southern
glaive, relates this conversation,
which he overheard between a farmer's wile and a negro alleged to be
lookinc for work:.
Be there anv work around here
mlBBiis? asked the apollcant.
Well, we do need a man, replied
tha woman.     Do you wantywork?
Well. I'm looking for a man to do
the odd jobs around the house, always
be oolite, willing to work, and never
be Impudent.
Did vou tav vou was looking for a
hired man. missus mked the negrt..
Yes. whv do vou ask?
Well. It 'pears to mi* that a hired
man Isn't what vou want. You want
a husband. '
Wi> oITit Ono Hunwed Dollars Iteward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
otlred by Hull's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHRNRY *V CO.. Toledo, O.
\V>. the undersigned have known F.
J. Cheney iar lhe last 16 years .and be-
llevo him perfectly honorable In all business tiatisncttons. nnd financially able, to
carry oui anv obligations made by hts
Waldlng.   Klnnain  A Marvin.
Wholesale   Druggists,   Toledo,   O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfares of the system. ' Testimonials sent free price 75c per bot.
tie.     t'.oiai.iav all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Constipation.
A Question ef Title
After another season, said Farmer
C'orntoaael. I guess we'll have a chef.
What's a chef? asked his wife.*
A chef Is a man with a big enough
vocabulary to give the soup a different name every day.
Fierce Captain' of eompany (ln
brusque tones) Inspecting private's
kit: Have you buttons on all articles?
Private—No, sir.
Fierce Captain— What article has
no buttons .on?
Private—My towel, sir.
Botany v. Mercury    j
The  sick anal ailing will find a sura
restoration to health and vigor In
The  Eclectine Botanic Treatment
The weak, nervous anal debilitated ars
made strong mid rolibst by Kolanls
Treatment. Skin and blood diseases,
syphilis, lost vitality, emissions and fiaan-
Ito-iirinary complaints, chronic ana
complicated diseases of men and women
vleld lo Botanic Treatment when sll
o.her means have failed. Our preparations were given tlie sold medal as highest-»wanl at the Intel-national Eilalbl.
tions In Brussels 1909 London 1910, Psrls
1911. Consultation free, personal or by
letter.      Open   tO-8.J0.
The Eclectine Botanic Remedy Ca.
—   243-265  Yongt  Street,  Teronto.
A few doors south of C.P.R. Depot
-  Rates $150 to $2.00 per day
Cuisine unexcelled
Hot and cold water In every room
FULL COURSES 35c.    *
vate   dl.easej . anl   drink   habit,'
Wrlta 11 Queen East, Toronto.
' WANTED  - ' '
Railway Agents, Telegraphers snt
Clerks sin great demand throughout
North West. Six months will quality you. Day and Mall courses.
Positions secured. , Free Book 19 e»
plains. Dominion School Tel*
graphy, Toronto. ,
should carry s stock of ths Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device ot seamless
metal, unleakable, and the aura ex*
terminator of every kind ot fly anl
mosquito. Retails at 16c. General
agent, Joseph -R. Wilson, 204 Stair
Building, Toronto, or Nlchslaon *
Bain tn Alberta, and Escort ft Harms!
I for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
 *—- --■-•■ ■--■ o
Ths Duchess of Kendall, Nickname)
the "Maypole," Was Probably thi
Most Bitterly Hatei( Woman •
All tha Favorites sf Royalty—Shi
Cams Over With George I. — Hs
Rapacity Knew No Bounds,
Tint Duchess of Kendal—nickname!
"The Maypole" because of her ex
seeding tallness—was perhaps mon
bitterly hated by the Knglish peopli
than any otlier royal favorite belon
or since.
King  George  I. 'brought, her. ovet
to iter. ; ene was,' Bays one authority, "as much'a queen as ever there
was in England." Even the King's
Ministers could- not. obtain audience
of the King upon affairs of state save
by permission, and in tha presence,
of the King's mistress.
It was a humiliating position for
the chosen representatives of a great
and free people; yet there was no
help {or it. The duchess was all-
powerful. Abuse was showered upon
her in pamphlets and in the press;
hut woe betide the authors of these
ecurrUssjs attacks it they were found
Stupefying • Walter.
_*__!wnal Pride.
A northern Missouri Justice of Ms
peace, whose fenca marks tbs bound-
Hew tlis Dairyman Is Fined.
Dairy farming Is a rigid, merciless
court where tbsrs ts no eaeaps from
paying tbs Unas Imposed.  Tbs farmer
Is fined In food round dollars In this
court lf bs keeps poor cows; if bs has
with him from Hanover, and s roai  unhealthy stables; lf bs doss not pro*
sf execratidii  went up against  hei'    *
from the mob, with whom the mon
archy, and everything pertaining tt
it, was st thst liue intensely un
She had landed at Greenwich and
traveled up to'London by coach, and
all the way the jeers and insults ol
iha populace resounded in her ears
'At last the Msypols could stand it nc
Sticking' her head out of the carriage window, she shouted angrily ic
ber broken guttural English:
"Gout peoples, vy you abuse usl
.Ve only gom for all your goodB."
"And for all our chattels, too; confound you!" retorted a wag in tin
crowd. .
A burst of laughter punctuated thli
apt answei, in the midst of which thc
Maypole collapsed back upon her seal
like a suddenly shut-up telescope,
tlie plenty of purs sir, water snd feed;
If bs feeds sn unfitting, nnbalancsd ration; lf bs dost not cars for his milk
•nd cream In a sanitary manner; tf bs
doe| not provide Improving blood for
tha building un of his herd. Lastly, but
not least, be Is lined most seriously If
bs undertakss to deal wltb sll tbese
qusstlons with an Ignorant, uninformed mind. There Is no escape, no appealing to tbs merer °f toe court, no
remitting of ths Unas.
Refusal to make a serious study -of
ths business of dairying ts jnst whsrs
sbd bow so many aro heavily Snsd Is
tbls court-Board's Dalrymsju
Edward Blake's Slur.
A Bea of mountains was what the
late Hon. Edward Blake called British Columbis, snd the people of that
She was, however, more than a lit ,_province never forgave him. And yet
He angry, and complained bitterly ts to a certain extent the description
ber royalfrlover. I wbb correct.   It wbb a case of a mau
"Never mind*," replied King Georgi being offensive, not so much because
grimly, "we will take tliem at theii of what he said as because of the way
word.   From to-day you shall receive! in which he said it.   That much of
Distasteful Taffy.
Hire's tbs way to (et ahead sf tb*     »b* 1st* Senator Hoar of llassaeb*
eafe waiters that know it all.   Ths  sstts was dining st bis hotel ln Wssfc.
recipe was handed us by a restaurant  Ington wben an effusive stranger ssta ary between Missouri and Iowa,  I*
haunter. He does it as fellows: | down near blm.   Tbs stranger Intro-   much Impressed with his position.      >
H« seats himself and says, "Waiter, dnced-hlmself to Senator Hoar and lm- One day ho saw his son snd ths
hsve you any nice Gorgonsola | mediately launched Into a eulogy of hired man fighting and ran toward
cheese?" the senator ln the most (lowing terms. , them sbotftlng:
net, sir,   ssys th* waiter.    Our j H, f^^ th, ^gtor tor ten minutes,      "Cease, lo ths nam* of ths stats ot
mucb ts thit statesman's apparent dis-   Missouri!"
comfort L Just' then  ths combatants crashed
Finally bs uld: ) tbrough th* fence, and ths old man
"Wby, *nly th* other day, senator, • halted
Gorgonsola ia very fine,"
"Is it fresh P"
"Just made, sir."
"Is it nice and whiter
"Believe me, it is as whits «s snow,
"Good. And is it hard in ths middle?" /
"Like a rock, sir."
"Thanks, George I Is your nam*
Gewg«lP Well, thanks, snyhow. Let
mo tell you something. Gorgonsola
cheese should never be fresh. It
should never be hard in the middle,
but mushy. If you are not a liar you
have no good Gorgonsola.^ Ii you
bare any good • Gorgonsola you are a
liar, George. In either ease—well,
bring us two Swiss sandwiches witb
The waiter then loses a whole
night's sleep in studying.
Ne Room F*r Doubt
"Hsr letter rejects me finally and for-
"Sure It's final f   Nothing between
ika lines!"
"There's only ons line."-LoulsvllI*
Crafty Angler.
"How Is It you were so successful
with your catch In tbs fishing party
when tbs rest couldn't get a tblng?"
"I Invited the deaf and dumb girl ln
tbs party to go wltb me."-B«ltlmor*
s man with wbom I was trsvellng told
ms you Srs tbs greatest patriot and
tba greatest orator snd tbs greatest
statesman New England ever aent to
tb* senate. Hs was a wsll Informed
man. I mst blm only tbs otbsr dsy
wben he was on bis way-on bis way—
to-odd, I can't rem*mher-on bis way i
to"- .
"A lunatic asylum!" snapped Hoar.—
SaturdaT Rvenlug Post
Ons pint milk, largs; two eggs, on*.
cup ot sugar, small; ons teaspoonful
vanilla, one-half cup of butter, two
tablespoonfuls cornstarch. Dissolve tb*
cornstarch In a llttl* bt tbs milk; neat
ths rest of tbs milk; wbsn boiling odd
lbs sugar, cornstarch and beaten eggs,
stirring briskly; sdd tbs bnttsr, stir till
dissolved, flavor and spread on tb*
cakes while bot This cnn bs used ss a
pudding by pouring over eacb piece s
spoonful of ths custard that ls left
'Glrs It to blm, son!" hs whooped.
"I've lost my Jurlsdlctlon."-Bvery
body's Magaslns. .
.'' Looked Like It.'
Tbey war* looking at tb* canvases'
on exhibition In tbs artist's studio.
. "Does tbls one represent s resi landscape?" Inquired tbs portly gentleman
.with tbs doubts chin.
"Yes. sir," answered ths srtlst; "tbst
ruds shack In tbs foreground Is a
moonQhlner's cabin. In tb* Tennesses
"Oh, yes; this must bs tbs painting
called -Still Llfs' la tbs .--••tosn*."-.
Chicago Tribune.   ... ,
an allowance of $37,600 a year."
The Maypole clapped her hands delightedly. The next instant, though,
her face fell.
"That is all riglit, but where is the
money coming from?" she ir.quried
"Out of the British Treasury," ths
King made answer.
And as he said, bo it was. Her
pension was paid her regularly until
her death, thirty years later. So that
single ill-timed jest of an unknown
wag cost the taxpayers of England no
less a sum than a million and a quarter dollars.
Money alone, however, Was nol
enough to satisfy the Maypole's
greed. A week or two later she came
to the King with a fresh tale of trouble.
. Her complaint this time was
against lhe Countess of Suffolk, who
had alluded to her, in her hearing, as
"that mawkin."
: "Never mind," replied the King
soothingly, "she is only a countess, I
will make you a duchess."
> A day or two later her patent of
nobility was sealed, signed,.and d*>
livered, and she became entitled to
call herself Baroness of Duudalk,
Countess and Maehion<fss of Dungan-
tion, and Duchess of Munster in the
peerage of Ireland, and Baroness of
Glastonbury, Countess of Feversham,
and DuchesB of Kendal in the peerage
of England. She chose to be known
by the latter title.
i But the more the King favored her,
tlie mors the people hated her. A
common method of showing their contempt wss to purposely block the road
hi front of her carriage whenever she
ventured to drive out through the
London streets.
. Once a brewer'a drayman drew his
dray right across the Strand when he
aaw her coming. The -newly-created
duchess leaned out of the window and
asked him angrily what he meant by
behaving thus towards a lady of
, "Lady — of quality!" sneered the
"Certainly!" replied the duchess.
"Can't you see my arms on lbe carriage door?" 0
; "Yes," was the crushing retort "I
can, and a very coarse, dirty pair of
arms they are."
- All London laughed when they
beard ul this incident, tlie more so
because the Maypole was not remarkable for her personal cleanliness. Indeed, it was of her that the story was
originally told anent tho womau who
aaw un goud in washing her lisnds,
"because they would be just as dirty
again to-morrow."
But, if the Knglish people haU>d
and ridiculed the Maypole, the Maypole took her revenge in robbing tha
English people. Never wss any royal
mistress so rapacious as this gaunt
giantess.   True, corruption was ram-
Jiant at the time. King (lenrit-'s other
avorites—Ann Brett, the Countess of
Darlington, and the rest of the precious gang—stole with both hands, but
their pilfering* were aa nothing l,y
comparison with those ol the Duchess
of Kendal.
r She sold titles, appointments, stats
secrets, anything that had a market
•value The royal prerogative nf pardon fnr criminals was even'made a
subject of barter and exchange, $50,-
000 being paid her by one wealthy
malefactor in order-to be able to et*
cape tli* penalty el his misdeeds.
, She had a regular scale ol prices
for preferment in the army and the
•Church—so much for a colonelcy, so
much for-a bishopric. Sho-obtained
trom the King a monopoly to supply
Ireland with it* copper coinage, by
which she reaped enormous sum..
Nevertheless, there is no dnuht lint
(bat Genre* was genuinely attached
British Columbia is. a mountainous
country, not even the coast people
will deny, but that it is comparatively worthless because of that, they
would be the last people in the world
to admit; and no other Canadians today would claim that such is the
case. British Columbia may be a sea
of mountains, but it is a sea as full
of wealth as the real sea is full of
"What are you smiling about?" asked
"I wns Just thinking," replied Japbct,
"how lucky lt was we could go ahead
aud build this ark without waiting fot j
an appropriation from congresss."
.Washington Star.
Slated Swsst Potatoes.
Four sweet potatoes, ons quart boiling water, ons cupful sugar and a half
cupful water will bs needed for tbls
recipe. Wash tbs sweet potatoes and
cook ten minutes In bolting wstsr,
drain, pare and cut In lengthwise
slices. Plac* In s buttered baking
dish, cover wltb sirup made by boiling
sugar and water together. Cover tbs
baking dlah and Dnte until tender.
Opportunity may hammer
Quits too early at one's door.
Nothing doing.  Katzenjammei,
Out too 1st* tha nig", before.
-Chicaao Tribune, '
Ths Promoter.
Ths promoter la a pleasant ctmo.
With ever smiling lips.
He'll furnish all ths ocean
if you'll aupply tha ships.
Cookery and  Government.
Rossini, tbs Italian composer, said
a droll thing on th* unification ol
Italy, when some ons asked his opinion on this matter.   Ho replied that
ha thought it very difficult if not | G)ll(j preip(c«.
impossible to effect tho unitv for tha !   .., hcnr they,re golng t0 hnTe ra0T|ng
simple reason that tho Neapolitans eal  plcture,  ln   „,„   gcuoois/*   said   one
nothing but macaroni, the Florentines ,'    .
nothing but fagiuoli and tho Lorn-, »0™* „       „ . ...   ..        „„ ,„„.
bards only polenta, while tho Pied. I, "?.«•• "" ed ""> °'hc1r* " ""»
montose swallow all they can get. "II keep on making our studies su enter-
Is clear," he said, "that unifbrmity ol, tnlulng recess will seem fearfully nio-
Correct Diagnosis.
Tess—-Keslly, it was a love match.
Jess—Nonsense! He's old enough to
be her grandfather. She simply mar-
rieif-his money.
Tess—Of course, but you don't doubt
that she loves money, do you?
"I call 'em the cutlery family."
"Why so?"
"Well,.the daughter spoons, tbe father fork's out the money and the- mo
th«r knifes the other guests."
cookery must precede unity oi gov.
Bounty for Triplets.
As "the King's bounty for triplets,"
the sum of three pounds sterling have
been received nt the mayor's office,
in Toronto, to he conveyed to Mrs.
Adolph Vonzuben  of  167 Winchester
i notouous,"—Washington Sur.
His   Profession.
"There goes a man whose life is nothing but one long regret."
"Mercy! How sad!  Whnt is he?"
"An editor " *
Dearth of Seals.
A despatch from St. John's, Nfld.,
by wireless ti Montreal, states that
the sealing fleet off the east coast of
Newfoundland reports the worst season in the history nt the sealing in-
Connor's book, "The Foreigner.
When Dr, Arthur began his work
street. The three little Vonjubciu jn the West, he was merely a inis-
in question were horn on April 8, and j sionary with but little knowledge of
the proud father, Adolph Vonzuben. I medicine, but as there were no doo-
is an employe of the Street Railway I tors in tlie district, he had to look
Company. The letter notifying the ,fter the bodies as well as the souls
mayor ol Ihe award was signed by,,,( nien all(i wonien tor miles around.
Thomas Mulvcy, Under Secretary oi, H« loo|, hi8 niedi(,a| courae later ou,
A Man In a Book.
Dr.  Arthur  of Vegreville, Alta., is   ,    .       „.,    . , ,-    ,,,,      ,„„ ,. „nl_,
said to be the man whom many per- I'1"8''?*   ahe total ostoh so far is onlv
sons know as  Mr.  Brown  in Ralph
less than one
Stale for Canada.
Sarcasm In the Hem*.
Wife-How about tbe tickets, dear.
I understand tbo theater Is packed al
every performance.
Hub-It la, but I managed to get
aeats for two weeks from tonlgbt, sud
by tbe wayl
Wife-Well? >
Hub-You mlgbt begin to got ready
now.-Boston Transcript
I but  experience  had   already   taught
! him a great deal about attending tlie
60,000 seals, which
boat secured in 1910. j
The fleet' lailed >n March 14, and
comprised 2.000 men and many ves.
sela. On March 20 they struck an ice
"pan." with 30,000 seala which they
speedily slaughtered. (Then followed
a hunt by the steamers, plowing
through the ice for the main herd,
which usually floats down on ice
from the Polar regions
The search  was kept up for hun
The Mule.
The mul* la stupid, so they say;
II* has no brain with which to tblnk,
But he can always turn away
When he has had enough to drink,
No matter If tils foatllih brother
Insists tbat lis must hnve snother.
-Chicago Hccord-llereld.
& -	
Lot Echo Answer.
Mrs. Letder-Mr. McUoovlus, what
are your reasons for opposing womnn
sick.   Early In his career, he tried to  <*red9  °    "V1?9   fePSlhJLl aiS...
start a school and got a number ol  every direction,   but without success.
foreigners to carry logs for that pur- lle "f '» r^.84'1!?* KEI ' Thi
pose They were willing lo work un- j'10!*9 io «'d -th'nnZl „t,in J™
il some person happenwl to tell these "erege "to ' » ^-Z. k'w\,[,Th__
men that when.tl.iy had finished the •*"■{*»« » "' lllon, *£**.,■£*J*!
school they would Lve to pay for a test,'uclf [>. !9 not expeoted to Mc"d
teacher. They di.i no', like the out- ""e-third thn year.
look antl building operations stopped I
immediately. It may be mentioned
that Dr. Arthur and his wile were
not daunted. They started classes ill
their home, which continued until
school accommodatio:i was finally
Japanese Ries.
A Japanese cook s way of preparing
boiled rice Is to wash tbe rtce carefully
and put a cupful of It Into two cupfuls
of boiling water wltb a level teaspoonful of salt Cook ibe rice rapidly, and
ns soon as tbe water Is absorbed lift
tbe rover from It, set tbe dish coutaln-
.     ,.   .,..,■!      i   ,    '    .i        .,1 i Ing It on Ihe back of tbe stove sad let
Of gold at Whiskey Lake on the nortli I \x*Mtm „„,,, lt „ irJ.   Tbls Is tbe
Found  Little Gold.
That there are no well defined veins
{shore of Lake Huron, is the report ol
i I'raaf. A. V. Coleman to the Bureau of
! Mines. I'rof. Coleman of the uniVT-
i ity, lias made a geological survey nf
Whiskey Lake district, most if which
Prominent Cltlteu-They sre sevr-n |IBH i„.,.n Kinked, with the expectation
In number-Mrs. Mctioovlu* snd our ! thnt there are gold deposits. lie
six daughters In cose of n division Wound that tilers was only nue claim
In tbs family on n question of public i being worked a', the present time.
policy, madam, bow much Ice woul*; l This is Ilie Peyton property, where
cut7-Cblingo Tribune./- good looking quarts has heen strip-
lull   wunjgv ...uum -^ p^j ,Bf 8u|iiu  |lut)(jleL|K ,.(  |,.et     |,ree
gold can lie seen nt several places iu
Never Again. . t!i« district.    At   many    places   the
"Wby doo'l you glvs your wife an sU   (|UH|t,,  appears    barren    and   white.
"I did one*, and tbs spent It before I
eonld borrow It bsck."-\VstElo(toa
. Copper deposits are of low grade aud
'are small in amount.
Hsd His Number.
"Do   yoo    remember    old
"I'm sorry that I cannot recall blm."
"Toa  remember   Mm  ell   ri(bf-
Fnclt .
If jun wonld bi i food Jndg* toss
what srsry eo* i«y*.-PortO(uese.
Demure, but Determined.
A bride looks so modest and demur*
St s wedding Hint II Is hard to suspect
her of having bossed lhe affair wltb *■
Iron bsnd.-_ltelil.flon Globe,
i Ottawa's Ooal.
Ottawa is striving to have itaeif
] created a federal district.    Tlie $19,-
000,000 of Government property pay.
no taxes, hut contributes $111,000 s
I year Inr lire protection and pays for
extending the park system moderate-
{ly. It will soon wipe out a lot more,
.taxable property. Ihe pu».le in to iln
{it ami preserve tlie franchise ol the
"You bnvo a favorite report on those
aamples of beer you sent to tbe chem-
; IstV"
I    "Yes."
I    "Wbat test did ho nkr
;    Hs drank tbeui."-CleTelnnd Dalu
, Dealer
! way a Chinese cook always prepares
the rice wblcb be serves wltb. coop
Hla Simple Needs,
"It la awful the wny lhe necessaries
of life hove gone up."
!    "I think that Is all talk.   I badn't noticed It"
I    "Wbere hnve you been?'
{   "lllght here, and I cun still buy good
1 e'enra two for u nickel."
Tee Regular.
"Whnt la the mstlcr wllb Jenkar
"lie Is uo good."
"But I bear be Is a man of regular
"Well, be beats hla wife cv.iy day."
And Ooed In Everything."
I muat sesrch for some good; with a wMs
open mind
In th* thing. I dislike, of all types,
So I'm going to mak* a strong effort t*
mate, virtue la oalaba.h pines.
, .P«or>> Heraio-TW"""— i
'   Said Something.
Robert Henri, tb* noted artist, psu*.
ed before a landscap* at tb* 1'hlladel-
pbla Academy of Fine Arts snd said:
"Dawb, wbo painted this, hss sprunf
from bumble circumstances to great
wealth snd eminence. i'
"Dawb mad* bis first success In Par-
Is. Hs wns diffident snd sbasbed In
those days. When he would sally out
from bis garret ln tbe Rue Taaglrsrd
to a duchess' ln tbs Avenue des
Champs Elysees or a princess' In ths
Hue de I'llnlverslte bis besrt would bs
ln bis moutb.
"Ttey say tbat one* at s dinner party at Palilard's Dawb, tb* guest of
bonor didn't open bis moutb from ths
marennes verles to tbs souffle.
"Finally, when ths dessert csm* on.
th* beautiful and elegant hostess
smiled and said: ,.
" 'Come, dear H. Dawb, do say som*
"Dawb blushed at tbls cbsllsnge,
racked bla brain and stammered wltb
a bashful smile:
" 'Hav* you noticed, lad'es and gen*
tlemen, tbat tbla year's pawn tickets
are all peenV "-Washington Slar.     *
Not Very Flattering.
Mary met Emily on tbs street They
bad not seen eacb otbsr for msny
"Wby, bow do yoo dor sxelslmed
Mary, effusively, topping off ths ssla-
tntion wltb a few vs(U* pecks si
Emily's fee*.
"Now, this Is d*ll(btful," ssld
Emily, wbo was oldsr tbsn Msry,.
"You haven't seen ms for eleven yssrs,
snd yet you knew ms si ones. I
couldn't bsvs changed so dreadfully Is
all tbat time, it flatters m*."
Ssld Msry:
"I recognized your bonnet
'"   When Leather Wss Money.
Leather was very early used as a
currency, tbo Romans employing It fot
tbls purpose before eltber gold, silver
or brass came Into common use. History Is full of references showing that
lestber wss need by tbe snclenta sa a
sort of circulating medium of ex-
cbange. It Is said on good authority
tbat so lalo as during tbe reign of
Louis XII. of France tbe country be-
came so Impoverished snd us s consequence money was so scarce that
little pieces of leather with a small
silver nsll driven through eacb were
lo general use as money. Some few
specimens of tbls lestber money ore
still In existence, hut sre only to bs
found lo tbe possession of numismatists, by wbom tbey are highly prized.
For Afternoon Tea,
Many bortesscs tills spring are serv.
lug wllb afternoon lea Ihe tiniest little bot baking powder biscuits, uut
larger than a fifty cent piece. They ure
usually buttered and spread with maple sugar or wllb n paste made of lho
sugar snd chopped hickory aula, bnt
some prefer to uso a tilling of pouch
marmalade or thick bouey. Illscult
halves spread wllb grated cbeese and
tossied brown srs tbe specialty of on*
Spell It With a "W."
Medium- Oo you henr those knocks?
| That's your dend husband.
Aunt Cnrollne-Ifl'nw. It's not, nolb.r.
' I dune loin you onet dey doan use raps
j where dnt nigger w.nt-Phllodelpbls
I llecord.
' Keep Them en the Ground.
a     The captain called his basebsll nine
•        And. to Ite great eiirprlsa,
•aid. "Kvery man will dtaw a One
Who tries to swat Ih* flleC'
-Cincinnati laa
It Sounds Batter So.
A great mnny people spend all
• their time talking and call it
{ fighting for prlnclpht.-l-mporla
a^+i-m^flmsxiMtssmt*' s
Thsrs T**.
Churcb-1 see It Is said Ibst In the
' Blue Nils region In Egypt a native
laborer can live very comfortably on
S to-8 cents • dsy.
Gotham-Yes, but I suppose lbs tron-
bis Is lo finding out Jnst where tbe I
to S cents • day Is coming from.-
Yookers Statesman,
I B**mt**Be*M*m
Miss Jean    Manson,    Bister   of
George Manson, who has been  visiting here during the last five weeks,
s has returned to her borne in Chicago.
George Massie returned the latter
part of last week from .a business
trip to tbe coast cities.
C. A. Mix returned on Tuesday
from a visit to Princeton.
George Gowland, local manager
for V. Burns & Co., has returned
from a four weeks' vacation trip to
the coatt. Mr. Gowland went at)
far west as Port Alberni. He is
very mucb enthused over the future
prospects of that place.
, James A. Morrison and wife, of
Toronto, are^isiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Morrison. Mr.
Morrison ia a brother (if A.D. He
was one of tbe pioneers in the
Klonkyde gold fields.
A party of Boston men recently
inspected the Minnehaha and otber
mining properties south of Danville.
At a meeting of the Grand Forks
Produce Association, Limited, Tuesday evening, a committee was appointed to act for the association until incorporation is completed.
Tbe Riverside Nurseries will erect
a 100x65 foot building in wbicb to
store fruit trees over winter. J. G.
Murray has the contract.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
press gallery of the house of commons when the subject was under
"It was an'exciting timej'' said
Dawson. "A list of names was un
der consideration.    I listened until
j tbe houae had disposed of tbree and
had elected their titles. The first
name decided upon was General
Booth, of the Salvation army. It was
set forth that his title was to be
Lord  Saveus.   The next  wns Mr.
{ Patterson, the big baggage and express man of London, and  his title
, was to he Lord Deliverus. The third
was Mr. Pink, who owns the largest
jam factory in England. They fixed
his title as Lord Preserveus. Then
1 came away."
Twelve fig trees of six varieties
have been imported from England
by W. J. Sheppard for experimental
purposes in Nelson and district.
Mr. Sheppard states that fig trees
grow out of doors in the open and
fruit ripens without any protection
n England as far north as the Midland counties, and he believes that
they should succeed in this stciion.
Tbe summer mid-week holidays
end on September 18. Next Monday being Labor day, the stores
will not close next Wednesday afternoon.
For Sale, at a Big Bargain—Five
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable and woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price,
terms and further particulars apply
On premises.   W. J. Meagher.
The Phoenix city council has donated S200 to tbe Phoenix eity band
for the purchase of new instruments.
Graham Ranch for Sale.—The old
Graham ranch of 312 acres, near
Cascade, is for gale on easy teims.
Address owner, W. K. Esling, Rossland, B C.
The final contests in the annunl
meet of the British Columbia Interior Kiile association, in Nelson,
were shot off last Friday. In the
ladies' match, consisting of ten
shots at 600 yards, the shooting of
B, Lamond, of Grand Forks, nominated hy Mrs, J. Hay, was the feature of the day, when he made 49
out of a possible 50, carrying of
lirst honors.
Lords in the Making
Allan Dawson, a New York editor, says hs wss in London when
the question of making live hundred
new lords was agitating England,
and that he happened to be  in the
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for the
vear to date:
Granby 27,446      766,410
Mother.Lode  5,820     323,390
Rawhide  6,018     146,323
Jackpot          12,237
Athelstan  340
Emma  4,901
Napoleon      4B1 6,612
Lone Star  2,022
Others      375 9,050
Smelter treatmen—
Granby 24,836      845,970
B. C. CopperCo...14,295     418,047
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing deparrment in lbe
Boundary country.
Located in the central part of the city
of Nelson, offers every facility for a
solid education in English, commercial
and music branches. Euibroidery.plain
and fancy needlework and sinking are
given special attention. Thc commercial course includes stenography, type
writing, bookkeeping and commercial
practice. Pupils prepared for examinations of the Associated Boards of the
London Royal Academy and Royal
College of Music.
•®e Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description neatly antl
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Columbia, B.C.
NONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SuitS  tO Order   S18  Upwards
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Fall and Winter Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. Wo guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Kev, Edward A.Wilson havfng been
restored to health by simple means, after, suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothingi und may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
GO Ann Street, New York City.
p. o. box 1353        aasseymour st.
wi represent
!_*"" ''" Cpo«ley Br oi.. M_a.aa_a.eila. r, Una.
Maken ot Ou Producer Plant! and Oil
Englnei for general power or electrical
lighting purposes.
Venn. Dick, Kerr & Co.. Ltd., Preiton,
Lnglard. Equipment tor Mines and Contractors Light Locomotives (steam and
electrical), etc.
Sterling Telephone Co., portable shot-
firing machines for miners, contractors,
prospectors. Tbe best on the market.
Write for particulars.
Motors, Uenenatos, Electrical Supplies-
Electrical Heating  and Cooking Appara
tus, Storage Batteries, etc.
Your enquiries will reoelve our prompt
attention.  Wrije for Information.
Metal Quotations
Nkw York, Aug. 29—Silver 6!^;
standard copper, $17.25@1 ,
London, Aug. '29.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, Aug. 29.—The follow
ing ure today's opening quotations for
the stocks iiu'iiti incil:
* Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 57.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper      0.25    8.76
(I'lilillthml Annually)
Ktinl.ta* t ruder*,  throughout  the  world to
communicate direct with KuglWh
Iii eaeh claiiof goods. Betides being a complete commercial guide to London ana lt»
f uburbi, the directory oontaius Hit* of
with the Hood* they ship, and tha Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged tinder the 1'ortt to which they iall,
and Indicating tht)approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufactured, Merchant!, etc., tn
the principal provincial towmaud Industrial
eentrci of the United Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight patd, on receipt of Pottal
Order for 20*.
Dealer! seeking Agenclei oan advertise
their trade oardi (or £1, or larger advertisements from £3,
25, Abchurch Lane, London, E.C.
PHONE   A 1*4
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
ft. GALLOWAY, A. Columbia p. p.
We are prepared to do
all kinda of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and In
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ com
pctent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
I/Ctterhcads and Envelopes,
Fosters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Hills of   Fare and Menu  Cards,.
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
rjnnn pk iimtiiv_r—t],e kind *e *•'*—•* ■■■[tmii
V.1WI/ HVI^IILVU »„ advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
U\)t fhm frint $hop
i -_fo Si *ifo ^i sfr Sh ^^ > s
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   ft Clayton, .Props.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
. Upholstering Noatly Dour.
DoW. C«.r Store
A Coxn.m Stock or
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
.   A Freeh (loMlgument ol
Received Weekly.
Postoffice  Building
Palace Barber Shop
tUtor Honing a Special y.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Granby Hotkl,
First Strkkt.
_ Marks
«k r lal mUm, Wtbontctanwi la
Scientific America
AhsiidlMMlrUlulntaMlwMklr. Learnt* clt-
mlaiioiTofanr -wemlfao Joomel. Inib
CuadMMJT* rmx, xnwxito pnp*U.   8a-M br
Money in Economy
"--CUmM** Waal Am. .r. wm
KUmlltl Ul •fMllHBMkM
■f raachla* th* harte* ******.
Th*ir null <M la aal aa aa»
Dr. de Van's Female PHI*
A reliable French regulator turn talta. Theie
pills ara eiceedlngty powerful In regulaUu the
nun.toe portion ol lhe tamale ey«tem. Kfltiie
•II cheap Imitation*. ******* .**'* u. told at
« a box, or three lot 110. Mailed to any a4d«s;.
Th* SMM1 Prac Co., St. CMtaarlna*. Oat.


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