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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 23, 1913

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Array t-.l
Kettle Valley Orchardist
81.00 PER YEAR
A Traveling Man Flayed tbe
Bole of Prime Minister
for a Night
Ths visit of a commercial traveler
to tbs dty this week brought to
light s very good story, in which a
gentleman wbo is now in business
here played a prominent part.        ,
Some years years ago wben Sir
Richard McBride— he wu tben
plain Diok McBride—was on one of
bis campaigning tours, ba met in
one of the Boundary towns a clothing salesman named L. D. Bireley.
Tbere is a marked resemblance in
the features and stature of tbe two
men. Were Sir Richard shorn of
his flowing locks the likeness would
be all the more striking. The fact
that Mr. McBride bad met his double, made bin all tbe more eager to
seek tbe companionnbip of tbe salesman as much aa possible. Tbeir
dates in the various towns in tbe
Boundary and Kootenay districts were identical, ind tbey
traveled together. Many ludicrous
instances of mistaken identity took
When they reached Moyie, Mr.
Bireley entered Bob Campbell's
clothing store with the mtmtioa ol
selling bim a big bill of goods. Premier McBride also walked into tbe
store, but he kept at some distance
behind the salesman. Mr. Campbell
knew that the premier was due in
tbe town. He bad never beard of
tbe salesman. It was therefore
quite natural that Mr. Campbell
should rush up from the rear of the
store to Mr. Bireley and greet hiin
as Premier McBride.
Mr. Bireley played the role of the
premier quite naturally, and spjnt
balf an bour in an unsuccessful attempt to convert Mr. Campbell to
Conservatism. Tben Mr, Campbell
introduced the pseudo premier to
bis two clerks. These men were
from Ontario, and did not require
conversion. After a general confab
on the political situation, Mr. Bireley introduced the real premier to
Mr. Campbell as tbe commercial
The travesty was played tn the last
set. In tbe evening Richard McBride took Mr. Campbell to Mr.
Bireley'a sample room and sold him
sn order of goods, while Mr, Bireley
attended to the political wire pulling.
The latter task was [tht more dif*
tii'ult, because at that time Moyie
was mostly inhabited by sensible
others towards making rancor and
arousing bad blood between nations,
tbat journal is thc London Daily
Mall, lt bu not faiisd in tbe matter of war scares to make mountains
out of mole hills on every possible
occasion,, and hu become classed to
a great extent along with the Chauvinist press of France and tbe jingoes of Germany. It see* red in the
ieut suspicious ot happenings, and
Victorians will remember how the
editor of one ot tbe most responsible
oi German weeklies, whiie in Victoria on a visit, stated tbat the Mail
had done more to foment bad relationship between tbe Fatherland and
Britain than almost any other
Tbis then is the journal whicb
scouts Secretary Bryan's suggestions
for the promulgation of international
peace. Because be does not prate of
war and blood and glory, it sees in
him a crank and an eccentric in diplomacy. Happily the world at
large does not judge the peace proposer on the standards accepted by
the Mail. Civilization in general,
we truly believe, sees in Mr. Bryan's
proposals, however imperfect and
rough in outline u at present they
may be, tbe beginnings of a noble
propaganda wbich shall disseminate
in the four corners of tbe earth principles whioh* mankind have failed
to appreciate properly in the course
of nineteen centuries of enlightenment.
Tbs recent exposures in wbicb a
certain.section of the'German press
wu implicated with Messrs. Krupp
in connectien with tbe attempts to
rake up war scares in order tbat
armanents might have a readier
sale, goes to show to wbat base uses
unscrupulous newspapers can be
hired. Delibejately and with ma
lice prepense they set out to stir up
ill will between nations, which by
all the ties of race and kindred
sbould be as brothers. While it may
be true that "the pen is mightier
than tbe sword," tbere is also little
doubt tbat nothing can stir up nations to tbe baleful use of the sword
so mucb as an indiscreet or frankly
malicious pen. Mr. Asquith, the
prime minister of Britain, while
speaking at a banquet the other dav,
referred to the newspaper?* as the
unofficial amhaesodoYs" of Europe.
It ill becomes ambassadors to set
about unleashing the dogs of war;
on tbe other hand, the highest idial
of a true envoy of any people is Ihe
fostering in every -possible way of
elements of concord and mutual
amity.—Victoria Times.
Conservative Association Has
a Warm Session Over
Doukhobor Question
It is stated by some of those
wbo were present, tbat a warm
meeting of the local Conservative association was held in the Miners'
Union hall last Saturday night. The
Doukhobor question wm the principal topic, and the members were
not sparing in their condemnation
of the government's policy of granting these people special immunity
from the law. To add to the bad
temper ot the gathering, a letter,
dated the 12th inst., from the
attorney general was read. Mr.
Bowser desired to know why Provincial Constable MoDougald was
not prosecuting tbe Doukhobors.
Mr. McDougald, it is said, repiied
tbat he was powerless to do so, as
the government had virtually tied
bis bands. Both the provincial
constable and the police magistrate
expressed willingness to prosecute
these people tor infractions of the
law if authorized to do so by the
held from Holy Trinity  cburcb on'
Monday, May 19, at 3 o'clock in tbe
Another  liquor  license in  this
!i^ft,L"^TS0S InternationalSecuritiesOom-
fight, whicb would probably end a
local option agitatiou.   It will be remembered tbat the temperance pie-1
biscite carried by a big majority in
tbis district a few years ago.   Tbe
pany Issues a Neat Illustrated Folder
liquor traffic is now well controlled in
tbe Boondary,and the hotel men and
everybody else should be willing to
let it remain in its present state.
Bryan's Peace Proposals
The London Daily Mail waxes
very cynical over the peace propo-
' sals of Secretary Bryan, and among
otber scatcbing cognomens dulis him
ns a "highly experienced diplomat
ist." Apparently the interpretation
wbioh the Mail pi ices on tbe word
diplomacy precludes any idea whatsoever of international peace, but is
rather concerned with treading all
the time sn the fringe of war, a line
which hu been taken so effectively,
and it might also be said, so disastrously by ths armer-plate press of
If there is one newspaper in  the
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
The first annual meeting of tbe
Graduate Nurses' association of.
British Columbia will k$. held in
Vancouver June IS and 14. There
will be morning and afternoon sessions in tbe board of trade rooms,
Molson's bank building, Hasting*
street, west. Papers will be read on
subjects of interest to the nursing
world. Tbe local nursing associations are planning entertainments
tor tbe evenings of both days. All
graduate nurses are invited, and tbe
secretary, Miss Breeze, 1032 Barclay
street, Vancouver, will be glad to
receive tbe names of any who intend
lo be present
Mr. Hutterfield and tbree other
men were slightly injured near Rock
Creek last Monday afternoon when
s speeder lefl tbe rails on tbe Kettle
Valley line.
The Sun job office is tbe beet
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
Midway is tbe only town in the
Bouudary which will celebrate Empire day tomorrow. Itis expected
that a large number of people from
ibis cily will attend.
For Sale—Two second-band buggies; nearly new. Apply Moyboeer's
Blacksmith Shop.
Tbe body of Allen Gillman, who
was drowned in the Norib Fork,
near Lynch creek, while working on
the log drive lor the Western Fine
Lumber company lut week, was
found on a sand bar near R. A.
Brown's place on Tuesday. Tbe remains were breugbt to this city, and
the funeral wu held on Wednesday.
The Spokane & British Columbia
tailway eompany has begun the
flnal survey for the establishment of
a right of way from Republic south,
across the Colville Indian reservation and into Spokane. It is estimated that the time required to
complete this survey will be about
three months.
Friday, 16th 87
Saturday, 17th  34
Sundty, 18th  45
Monday, 19th  40
Tuesday, 20th    40
Wednesday, 21st  40
Thursday, 22nd  48
Rainfall.. '  0.30
Steel is being laid on the   Keltle
Valley line west of Carmi. The men
who   were  on   strike   la«t week at
Penticton have returned   to   work.
•W The company is building a six-stall
jjj' roundhouse at Penticton, and trains
..-, between tbat town and Midway will
74 be running in the spring.
Elme( Ness has been granted a
liquor license for the hotel at Christina lake.
Miners' Licenses
Mining men are reminded that all
tree miners' licenses now in existence lapse, unless previously renewed, on May 31. As possession of
a miner's license is necessary for the
slaking or holding ot mining property, the renewal of such licenses in
good time is something wbich parties interested can not afford to neglect.
Strawberry a Tonic
Physicians iu Spain have been
conducting experiments lo determine the relative value of wines and
tonics. For centuries lhe juice of
grape, properly treated and converted into wines, was considered
tbe greatest strenglh-giver to|t weakened constitution, but recent tests
bave shown strawberry wine to be
better. In some localities in Spain
great quantities of strawberries are
being grown lor wine alone.
Changes in Methodist Pulpits
Tbe second and final draft report
of the stationing committee adopted
hy the Methodic! conference, which
closed its sessions in Vancover on
Wednesday, made few changes in
the first dralt report The only
changes tor this disiriut were: Grand
Forks, Thomas S. Barlow, and
Pboenix, Albert T Hall. President
Lashley Hall, instead nl going lo
Mountain View church, Vancouver,
will go to Revelstoke, Rev W. J.
Davidson going to Mountain View.
Kamloops was selected as the next
conterence city on May 14 ot next
year, euily winning over New
Frank H. Horn, of Vancouver,
western sales manager of tbe International Securities company, Winnipeg, was in the city on Monday.
Mr. Horn is an enthusiast regarding
-the future ol Grand; Forks, ahd predicted that within five years the
aristocratic residences ol the city
will be located across the North
Fork on the bench near Dr. AveriU's
Tbe International .Securities company ie doing more to advertise
Grand Forks at present than any
other agency Tbe company bas
just issued- 25,000 lurge folder**,
whicb, besides giving much valuable dsta concerning lhe resources
ot the district, are profusely illustrated witb good half-tone engravings of buildings and scenes in tbe
city and valley. Tbe principal illustrations are a panoramic view of
tbe valley, the Granby smelter, the
falls at Cascade, tbe prune orchard
on the Covert estate. First street,
Frache Bros.'s greenhouses, tbe new
court bourse, the new post office,
the down town union station, a
residential street, H. E. Wo<)dland's
residence and a stretch of macadamized road. Tbe folder is a compendium of information and a work of
art io comparison witb previous
efforts of tbis character.
While bere Mr. Horn secured a
great variety ot photographs of
scenes and buildings in tbe city.
These are to lie embodied in a more
pretentious publication which the
company will issue shortly.
The telephones in Greenwood during the past three months have increased 6 per cent.
Dr. Kingston ie confined to
Cottage hospital with an attack
fever. *-     *
In the British house of commons
on the division on the women's  en
franchisement measure, all the Labor members voted to pass it. They
were wise.    Tbey know that for one
swell's wile there are are ten workers'
| wives wbo under such a law could
tbe 8et ,h» vntc-    They are looking out
,,| tor tbeir own interests.
This yesr the  Doukhobors  will
clear  five hundred acres ol Isnd at
For Sals—Top buggy and harness;     William McLeod, aged 77 years,
aimoat new.   A  big snap.   E. C. diet* at the Cottage hospital last Fri- Brilliant and plant eighty thousand
world whicb bu done more  than Peckham, Second-hand Store. day,   Msy  16.   Tbe funeral was fruit trees.
Should Lead Peace Movement
F. T. Congden, K.C, addressed
a large meeting in Victoria on Tuesday night under tbe auspices ol the
Grit club on tbe navy question. He
declared that it Rt. Hon. R. L. Borden were to appeal to the country
oa the navy question be would be
a,wept out of office.
"lt Canada," he continued, "announced Ibat sbe would have no
naval or military forces, if she were
brave enougb aud progressive enough
to take lbe first great plunge in the
cause of peace, theu I truly believe
tbat the example ahe would thus set
to tbe world would do far more to
accomplish the ends ol universal concord than any conference ever promulgated.
"The world has groaned too long
under the fallacy Ibat the longest
sword 'iiskes tbe greatest nation,
and that tbe enly way lo keep peace
is by arming.
"Canada would do'well lo ighore
European conditions altogether, but
if she must bave armanents then by
all means let tbem be her own,
made by herself and controlled by
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
lhe past week. Acranby mine, 23,-
844; Mother Lode, 6,013; Rawhide,
4,076; Napoleon, 541; Victoria, 433.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 23,-
455 tons; Greenwood, 12,634. TIIK SUN. CHANT) FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
We are Exposed to
every day. Post-mortem
examinations often show
that tuberculosis had heen
arrested by strengthening
the lungs hefore the germs
gained mastery.
You can strengthen your
resistance-power by taking
Scott's Emulsion. It contains available energy in concentrated form, which quickly
nourishes all the organs of the
body. It repair* wait.—mates
rich, actio* blood aad eapplie,
energy to th* .taming ett.. It'*
timely aee enables the body te
tetitt tttbtrcmloiit.
For stubborn colds and
bronchitis nothing compares
with Scott's Emulsion.
Rotate i-bititutii—iniiit on
Scott _fc nowne, Toronto, Ontario  \z-fl
Waters  or Ireland's  Greatest Lake
Stolen From Public by Lord      ' j
Deputy's Fraud
Dublin, Ireland.—It ls a truism tbat
only the" busiest men bave any time
to spare, and tt Is proved again by
the publication ot an elaborate historical study by T. M. Healy, the famous Irish M.P., wbo ls as entertaining and brilliant with his pen as he Is
ln speech.
Mr. Healy was one of the counsel
In tbe case concerning tie fishing
rights In the waters of Lough Neagb,
decided by tbe house ot lords In favor
ot Lord Donegall ln 1911, and bis book
"Stolen Waters," ls a careful examination of tbe evidence on which tbat
decision was based.
The  story  begins  300  years*, ago,
 -' llrXrth-
A Fine Free Show
Tbe little man had taken hts wife
and children to see the travelling
show. After viewing all tbe eights
that could be viewed for nothing, the
entire family lined up ln front of a
large booth, whicb advertised ln huge
letters on tbe outside: The Grand
Elk—The Wonder of tbe World.
On a small ledge ln front of this
booth paced the showman blmself,
entreating all and sundry to come up
and view. Presently his attention
was attracted by the little man who
gazed earnestly and wistfully at blm.
'Ere, you, he called. Ain't yer
comin' up?   It's only sixpence.
But tbe little man only shook his
Can't he whispered. It would cost
me eleven shillings If 1 did. Yer see
there's me an' my wife ond twenty
children. .
What! exclaimed the showman,
hoarse with- Incredulity, and pointing
to the long line ot earnest faces. Are
all of them yours?
A nod was the little man's sole
Good heavens', cried the man ot
the booth, as he, bounded to Its entrance. Don't yer move, guv'nor.
Just stay where y'are. I'm going to
give Ihe Great Elk a treat. I'm going to bring 'Im out to 'ave a look at
Pretty Nearly
Two little children had spent the
lay togetber, and had sustained an
unusual number tf accidents. At
last, when little Mary, aged four, had
nlilfd an extra Bcra.ch to ber share of
mlTerlng, ahe cobbed:
Mamma, aren't me an' Evelyn lust
bout lorei". up?
London.—Ex-Sapper Heritage, Roy-
tl Engineers, who took part In the
liege of I'ebastopol, sang three old
tamp songs '. a concert at Ashford.
Kent, on Thursday nlgbt. He ls 76
years of age.
when James I was king, and Sir
ur Chlches'.er, ar.cesto. of Lorl Done-
gall, wae lord deputy ot Ireland. King
James persuaded tbe corporation of
London to plant certain territories ln
Ulster. They "spent some $300,000
and they were promised ln return land
in Dei-ry an d the Ashing of Lough
Foyle and tbe rlv-.- Bann. According to Mr. Healy, the Londoners were
defrauded of their rights In the Bann,
which with Lough Neagb, fro- wbich
the river Issues, was appropriated by
Chichester by letters patent, sealed
bv the lord deputy In bis own favor
without the consent or knowledge of
the king. j
Strafford, an honest man and always
Jealous for the rights of the crown,
compelled Chichester's heir to restore
the stolen waters (the phrase ls, of
course, Mr. Healy's) but after the Restoration they again reverted to tbe
For generations, Mr. Healy tells ue,
the patent privileges were unasserted as tar as Lough Neagh was concerned. In 1873, Indeed, the house
ot lords upheld the public right to fish,
but tbis decision was reversed two
Cure Your Sore Throat
Nerviline Will Do It
Blessed Relief   Comes   Quick,   You
Get Comfort, Every Pain Dis-
' appears
"Experience has taught me that the
quickest way to cure a sore tbroat is
with Nerviline," writes Mrs. Enoch
P. Maclean. "My children always
seem to get wet feet and stay out ln
tbe cold, and ln consequence I bave
to keep a good household remedy
handy. I rub ln Norvlllne almost
every hour, give the children say
twenty drops In hot sweetened water,
and make them gargl < with It. I
have yet to Bee tbe cold tbls won't
break up quickly.
From tbo La Harve Islands, N.S.,
Mrs. John Walflelil writes: — "We
have been-using Nerviline for about
nine years, and And lt excellent.
When we And ai_y of us getting a cold
we take Nerviline ln hot water. It
ls a sure relief for it, and ls also :.n
Instant relict for Internal pains of any
The remarkable pain-subduing power of Nerviline and its ability to check
colds, Influenza r.nd sore throat Ib unequalled, a Every home should have
Nerviline handy on the shelf for sudden Illness at night, like cramps or
internal pains. Large family size.
50c; trial size 25c, at all storekeepers
or druggists, or The Catarrhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y.
A Dry Job
An Irishman sought employment as
a diver. The Arm chanced to need
a new man. And so on the following
Monday morning Pat hid his smile for
the Arst time ln a diving helmet .
Now the job upon which the crew
tr which Pat had attached himself
wi- working In comparatively shallow
water, and Pat was provided with a
pick and told tt use lt on a ledge
below ln a manner with which he waB
already familiar. i
Down he went with his pick, am'.
for about fifteen minutes nothing was
heard from him. Then came strong
determined pull on the signal rope, Indicating that Pat ind a very decided
wish to come to the top. The assistants pulled him hastily '.o tbe ra.:,
and removed his helmet.
Take off the rlst av It, ssHil Pat.
Take off the rlst ot lt?
Yss, said Pat. O'll worrlk no longer on a Job where Ol can't spit on me
Prison Wedding
Paris.—A widow named Blondeau,
recently sentenced to two years hard
labor will be man'cd shortly ln Versailles prison to *n old sweetheart,
Jean Jacq* lor".
Loi-Ion.—Fred Emney appeared for
the thousandth time in 'A Sister to
Ajslst 'Er' at the Palladium last
years ago.
The embargo on Lough Neagh de
prives the public of the profit of their
greatest lake, in behoof of private individuals. To toll one's daily bread
In a perilous and precarious calling ls
no enviable birthright. Since the
world was young this craft has been
freely piled by the longshoremen of
Lough Neagh. The right to exercise
It they defended at the Seats of the
Mighty, only to find that the law rejected their claim to earn a livelihood.
To be bereft of one's living and.see
a scanty patrimony decreed to strangers ls IU to bear, but the blow ls
made harder when the pretext for confiscation is alleged to be some musty
letter from Cromwell or a reckless
fairing of the worthless Stuarts.
Mr. Healy tells his story with enthusiasm and thoroughness. Tbe pursuit, lt not exhaustive, haB not been
without pains. A trail tbree centuries old Is hard to follow. He concludes with a characteristic comparison between the methods of the Eng-
lish in Ireland and of the Romans in
Under the Roman occupation of Judea no Injunction waa Issued to deprive Hebrews of their fisheries. Of
the custom ot the lakes of Galilee and
C.nnesareth there is evidence to go
to a Jury that the local tribesmen
could betimes lei down their nets for
a draught. Nor is there mention of
letters patent by Pontius Pilate or
Herod to filch the river Jordan into
their own hands.
But surely the sea ot Galilee and
the lake of Gennesareth were one and
the same.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
u mercury will iur.17 destroy the Mine of emt'i
Mil completely denote tbe whole lyitem when
entering It through the mueoui surtaets. Such
irtvoht should never be uied except on preetrlp-
.lou trom reputable physicians, u tlte demise tbey
.will do a tea fold to the iood you csn possibly derive from Ifiem. Hull's Catarrh cure. B-WJlMtund
by F. J. Cheney ft Co.. Toledo, 0-. contains no mcr-
-tiry. nnd le taken Internally, netlni directly upon
tbe blood nnd mueoui lurbeee ot the irstetn. Is
buying Hall's Citarrb Cun be sure you let tbl
snautne. It tt taken Intenutly nnd made In Toledo
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney * Co. Te .ilmoolm Im.
Sold by Iirim::•-.. Pr Ier. 7-e. ii.-r bottle.
Take Hills ruoiiy rum lor oouupettss._
There's a great difference between
peace of mind and piece ot mind.
Attacked by Asthma. The flrst
fearful sensation is of suffocation,
which hour by hour becomes more desperate and hopelesB. To such a case
the relief afforded by Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy seems nothing
less than miraculous. Its help Is
quickly apparent and soon lhe dreadful attack ls mastered. The asthmatic who has found out the dependability ot this sterling remedy will never
be withput It.    It Is sold everywhere.
Say, your beaslly dog bit me, said
the indignant tramp.
Oh, that'll be all right, replied the
woman at the door.     I have another.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.:
Raised   Herself
Lady—How muc'.i are theBe. chickens?
Market :*an—One dollar.
Do you raise them yourself?
Oh, yes. They were TO cents yesterday.
A Safe PHI for Suffering Women.—
The secluded Iif? of women which
permits of little healthful exercise, ls
a fruitful cause of derangements ot
the stomach and liver and ls accountable for tbe pains and lassitude that
so many of them experience. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will correct Irregularities of the digestive organs
and restore health and vigor. Tbe
most delicate woman can use them
with safety, because their action,
while effective, Ib mild and soothing.
They .Wanted to Hear I*.
Now, children, said the teacher to
her kindergarten class. I want you all
to be very quiet, so quiet, in fact that
you could Lear a "In drop.
Everything had quieted down cicely
and the teacheif was about to speak
when a little voice In the rear of the
school room squealed forth: Go ahead,
please, teacher, and let her drop.
'i'he young daughter ot Mrs. T. S.
Dougall, 523 Flora Avenue, Winnipeg,
was arranging some ot her doll's
washing on a clothes rack, beside the
stove, when she tell, and her hand
came ln contact with the lint stove.
She sustained a serious burn, and her
screams brought hei mother quickly to
the spot.
"I sent to the druggist for the best
remedy he had for burns," sbe says,
"and he sent back a box of Zam-Buk.
He said that there was nothing to
equal it. - I applied this, and it soothed the pain so quickly that tbe child
laughed through her tears. *t bound
up the band in Zam-Buk and eaoh day
applied Zam-Buk frequently and liberally, until tbe burn was quite cured.
"The little one was soon able to go
on with her play, and we had no trouble with her during the time the
burn was Velng healed."
-Zam-Buk Soap should also bc used
by all mothers for baby's bath and for
skin troubles, ra.hes, pimples, etc.
All druggists and stores sell Zam-
Buk at fifty cents box; ai_d Soap at
25c. tablet. Post free from Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. Refuse
harmful Imitations.
Mr. Badgerton la bere, sir, said tbe
chief clerk.   Sball I show him in?
No, replied tbe great organizer, let
htm wait ln tbe ante-room for about
three-quarters of an hour. He has a
big proposition, but I am anxious to
keep bim from getting tbe idea that
1 consider it worth while.
Old folks who need something
of the kind, find
most effective without anv discomfort.
Increased doses not needed.   25c. a bea
at your druggist's.
Ill-mil am mt Hartal Ce. el Uixtt, IMIei.
Looked Like Raw Meat. Itched and
Burned So Badly Could Not Rest
Night or Day, Arms Sore from
Wrist to Elbow, Cuticura Soap
and Ointment Completely Cured.
Lower Blarnlfiird. Nova Scotia.—" Three
yearn ago 1 became troubled with sore arms.
lt came u a rath. My arim looked Ilka
raw meat and Itched and burned so badly
I cnuld not net night or day. When I
acratclicd they becamo awfully son. As
tons an the wcathcV was warm It didn't
bother me no much, but In winter It was
almoit unbearable. My arms wero aore
from tlio wrist to the elbow.
" 1 uied novo, al cures which were recommended to me but without any avail. I
■aw how 1 could get a sample of Cuticura
Boap and Ointment which 1 did. 1 uied
the samples and found an Improvement.
Whenever I applied tbe Cuticura Ointment
the Itching and burning ceased. I got a
full-iliod box of Cuticura Ointment sod a
cake of Cuticura Soap and only uied about
ball when It disappeared and ilnco then I
Lave not bcen troubled. That was six
months ago. Cuticura hoap and Ointment
completely cured me." (Signed) Min Elslo
E. Wnck. Mar. 7,1UI2.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment do ao much
for pimples, blackheads, red, rough skins.
Itching, eraly sculps, dandruff, dry, thin snd
Tailing hair, chapped hands and iliapt-lf.1
nails with painful Anger-ends, that lt la
almost criminal not to use tbem. A single
cake of Cuticura Soap and box of Cuticura
. Ointment are often sufficient when all else
has failed. Sold everywhere. Liberal
sample of each mailed free, with 32-p. Skin
Book, /uliiresi prat card Potter Drug _k
Chem. Corp., Dep*,. 48D, Boston, L'. a. A.
Vast Tract Rich In Gold and Other
Valuable Minerals Discovered
Calcutta, India. — The romantic
discovery of mineral v calth oa a vaBt
scale ls re* -Wed from, an area covering 1200 miles in the Dalbhum district, about 160 miles from Calcutta.
Extenslvo deposits ot gold, copper,
coal iron, asbestos, mica and manganese' are reported to have been found.
Tho estate of Prince Mahomed
Buktear Shah who died a month ago,
Is in the : .nds* of the official receiver who engaged at expert geologist,
Phillip Billingahurst, of Vancouver, to
survey the estate and ascertain its
value. The expert declares that the
estate possesses immense quantities of
iron ore. some millions of tons, averaging between 45 and  70 per cent
metal. .. _,  . _
Several Important gold finds are alio reported. The expert discovered
a Santhall woman, reputed to be 110
years old, earning a competence by
working free gold ln a secret place she
discovered fifteen years ago. 8he
was induced to disclose tho source of
her wealth by a present of a silk
shawl and a few rupees', and the expert, on sinking a trial shaft, found
quarts yielding 130 ounces of gold to
lie says the rich leaders and string
ers of auriferous quarts would yield
fabulous mounts and concludes: I
dallv expected to conllrm the opinion
that I was on the site of what Is potentially one of the worlds greatest
gold fields, and it was with great regret 1 had to leave .-. . much ground unexplored.
Your druggist will refund money |f PAZO
OINTMENT rails to cure any caae of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles
"* ■-  '"I.   ne.
in il to l.'days.
The young man sat and set and talked and talked.
About 11. SO ' - sa:i-_- Love, I'm going Away.
The young lady showed Interest for
the first time since 8.30.
Wben do you start? she Inquired.
Remarks About Nourishing Food
W. N. U. *<-
Dog's Remarkable Journey
London.—Some time ago the Rev.
w   "V   Fullerton removed from Leicester to London.   He brought with
him a terrier, whjc*  wbb sent back to
Leicester and the'n to Birmingham. A
few days nftei its r.rrlval there It disappeared and   It   was   subsequently
found by the police in tbe metropolis.
Tie dog's condition was such that it.
is believed It found its way from Blrm-
Ingham to London ly road, rt distance!
vi 100 miles.
"A physician's wife gave me a package of Orr.pe-Nuts one day, with tbe
remark that she was sure 1 would find
fie food very beneflcl:!, botb for my
own use and for my patients. I wsb
particularly Utrcctcd to the Dod, as
at that time the weather was very
hot and 1 appreciated the fr.ct tbat
Qrnpe-Kuts rcqul.-es no cooking.
"The food was dellciouBly crisp, and
most Inviting to the appetite. After
making use of It twice a day for
three or four weeks, I discovered thr.'.
lt was a most wonderful invlgorator.
I used to sutler greatly from exhaustion, headaches and depression of spirits. My work had been very trying
at times and Indigestion had set In.
"Now 1 am always well and ready
tor any amount ot work, have an abundance of active, energy, cheerfulness
and mental poise. I have proved ts
my entire satisfaction that this cbange
hns been brought about by Grape-Nuts
"The fact that lt ls predigested ls a
very desirable fe;'.ure. I bave had
many remarkable results in feeding
Grape-Nuts to my patients, and I cannot speak too highly of the food. My
friends constantly commer.. on tho
change in my appearance. I bave
gained 9 : ounds since beginning the
use ot this food."
"There's a r:ason." Read tbe little
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Pkgs. i  .
Ever rsad tl.e above tetter? A new
on._ appears trom time to time. Thoy
ar* etnulnt, true, and full of human
It Wouldn't T«||
Family Phyrician: "I am Afraid you
bave been eating too much cake and
sweetstult.   Let me see your tongue?'
Little Girl—Oh, you can look at it,
but It won't tell.
For baby's sale a reliable medicine
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one that will quickly rellevi, any sudden Illness of baby: regulate tbe bowels, sweeten tbe stomach and drive
out colic, worms, colds, etc. Such a
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Tbey are guaranteed by a Government
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ln the house—they nr i the mother's
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box from The Dr. Williams* Medicine Co.. Brockville, Ont.
A Sad Day
What do you .onslder the saddest
day of your life?
The day I consented to let in.,
wife dc her own cocking.
Wo only handle property of sterling
merit, on wnlch wo art prepared ts
guarantee profits.
and "DBBR LODQHT properties ar*
good Investments. Wa want • good
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ror terms apply, '.
Sterling Bank Building, Winnipeg
"Don't waste tlmo writing U yon
do not mean business."
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root  Bills
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children. When they sre constipated
—when their kidneys sre out of order
—when over-indulgence in soms
favorite food gives them Indigestion
-Dr. Morie's Indian Root fills will
Juickly and surely put them right
urely vegetable, tney neither sicken,
wea lienor gripe, like harsh purgatives.
Guard your children's health by
always keepings bos of Dr. Morse s
Indian Root Pitts In the house,. They H
K««f *h» Children  Wall
Minard's Liniment Bsllevss Neuralgia.
But are you sure? persisted I'jn
grouchy customer, that this 'ere etuff
vill cure my rheumatism?
Oh yes, replied the drug clerk; all
the doctors refuse to recommend It.
She Was Satis: -d
Oxygen oxygen, madam. Tin Is
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your Inhalations. They will-cost you
tl each.
I knew our family physician didn't
understand my case, declared the fashionable patient. He told Uo all I
needed was plain, fresh air.
"I am an old man—and many of my ircmbtee
never happened."-ELBERT HUBBARD
r!E whits hair and wrinkled faces of our busy msn snd women Ull
of doubt, fear snd anxiety—more than diseaae or age, Worry plays
havoc with tbs nervous system- so tbst digestion is ruined and steep
banished.   What oil ia to tb* friction ot the delicate parts of sn sng.no-
^^^^J    DR. PIERCE'S
fiolden Medical Discovery
b to the delicat. organs ot tb* body.  It's a tssle and body. balUar-bMUM It
I stlmulatM th* liter to vigorous action, Maiats th* stomach to asslsillst* (ood—thn*
•nrlchlng tb* blood, and th* mra and heart ln turn ar* fed on par* rich blood.
Neuralgia "ia th* cry of starred mrves for food."   For forty years "flsUss
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Con forms fa trie
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Ths Punster
Nervous Lady Passenger (In the
train, after passing a temporary
bridge)—Thank goodness, ws srs now
on terra Anna!
Funny Man—Yea. ma'am—less ter-
ror and more firmer.
Minard's Liniment for sals svsrywhsrs.
"How csn s man be hard up, snd
dbwn nn hla luck at the same time.
Now, my little man, satd s fsmous
athlete, pleasantly. I suppose your
papa has told you about th* day he
and I played ln a great football
Yes, sir, replied the bright child.
Ah, that was a great day. I knew
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Yes, sir. Hs says you borrowed
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never paid lt back.
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Ihe equity fire insurance company
Cash on hand and ln Bank     'ii1
Bonds and Debentures       JJ
Not Premiums In course of collection   ... ••>•    ■"*'
Sundry (less Reinsurance Notes and other non-admltted assets By
. Ins. Dept.  rules 157,482.80   *-'   l1'
Uncalled Capital
Total Assets   »«3S,»79.J4
Klre Losses unpaid or unadjusted   1.8,084.oi   .
Sundry         _.,_>._..00
Reinsurance   Reserve     128,179.00   3157,816.01
Surplus Security to Policyholders     478,164.23
government requirements for same aa above only    128,179.00
Total security to policyholders    $606,343.23
tn Excess of Security, Jan. 1st, 1912    8252,608.44
Hon. Thomas Crawford. M.P.P., Toronto, President.
Ol C. Van Norman, Toronto, 1st Vice-President.
E, 8. Knowlton, Vancouver, tnd Vice President.
J. M. Queen, St. John, N.B., 3rd Vice-President.
W. M. Halsht. Vancouver, B.C.
*',C. E. Burnham, Vancouver, B.C.
-D. lllbner. Berlin.Ont.
}', F. A. Thompson. Vancouver, B.C. j
,1, W. Footer, Vancouver, B.C.
WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, General Manager.
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II you want the best and longest-
wearing gloves or milts ever turned
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Un frjnous
These gloves are specially tanned
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money snd reduce Vour glove
expense by ths year. Send for our
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C-aasi'ibrert Slew aat MIBBaatn.
A bite ol ftls and a taste ol that, all day
tkng, dulls the appetite and weakens Ih*
Restore your stomach to healthy vigor
by taking a Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia Tablet
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Na-Dru-Co Dyspepsia. Table-to
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Indigestion snd dyspepsia. 60o. a Bos
si your Druggist's. Mads by ths
Nstlonsl Drug and Chemical Co. ol
Canada, Limited.
W. N. U. MS
Facts Brought Out at Grain Investigation at  Minneapolis  Show That
Elevator Com|Mnies ar* Largs Gainers Through Bslng Allowed to Mix
Wheat.—Scandals Attached to  Investigation—Sample    Market    and
Mixing go Hand in Hand.
In the .ecent Investigation by the
legislature of Minnesota into methods
ot grain selling and handling some
very Interesting facts were brought
The committee appointed by the state
senate had before lt last Saturday the
heads of the department of grain inspection and took sworn testimony of
th. chief clerk ot the chief Inspector
ot tbe state as well r*.s tbat of the
chief Inspector. Th* close relation
that exist between the sample
market and the system ot mixing by
elevator companies, which is permitted by the laws of Minnesota was emphasized.
Tables were :hown giving the number of bushels of wheat ... various
grades received at the Minneapolis
elevators and the number ot bushels of
the same grade which was shipped
out ot the sr.me elevators. The tables showed the figures for .. two-year
period, beginning Septem'jv.- 1, 1910,
and ending August 31, 1912.
The fact that tlie Minneapolis elevators received 15,571,615 bushels ot No.
1 Northern wheat during tbose two
yeara and shipped .ut ln the same
period 19,978,777 and had on hand
114,353 bushels, making a total of 20,-
093,130 bushels, .vas brought out. As a
result' of the privilege ot mixing the
elevators had galnei*. 4,521,555 bushels
of No. 1 Northern wheat from the lower grades of wheat purchased trom tbe
The table of figures relating to the
receipt and shipment of the various
grades tell the whole story of the results of the mixing privilege. The
same co* dition ls found when the
figures on No. 2 Northern aro presented, even though the grain ln tbls grade
ls no*, so large. During the two year
period the Minneapolis elevators received 20,414,584 bushels 01 No. 2. On
August 31, 1912, they had shipped out
22,242,410 bushels and still had ou
hand 51,648 bushels, making a total of
22,294,094 bushels, or s gain ot 1,880,-
510 bushels.
When tho tablss oa No. S,  No.  4,
'rejected" snd "no grsds" whest wer*
explained lt trss essay shown whsrs
the grain tn No. I snd No. 3 came
trom. In the last four Instances
there was s loss ln ths elevators.
There were 9,777.081 bushels of No.
3 received during the two years. The
shipments amounted to 7,864,288 and
on August 31, 1912 tbs elevators hsd
on hand 140,624 bushels.    Ths total
01 No. 8 wheat, either shipped or on
hand, was 7,804,868* bushels. There
was s loss in No. 8 grade of 1,972,-
175 bushels.
In No. 4 grade ths elsvators received 2,812,658 bust-' 1 and shipped
out 624,433 bushels. I'he loss in this
grade was 2,188,220 bushels.
Ths "rejected" whest tables showed the same condition. In this case
there were 1,175,518 bushels received
and 621,778 bushels shipped out, making s loss ot 658,740 bushels.
But It was In th* "no grade" class
whero the largest loss appeared. Here
4,895,566 bushels were received. At
the end ot ths two year period 1,000,945
bushels hsd been shipped and there
was on hand 249,893 bushels, making a
total ot shipped and on hand ot 1,250.-
338 bushels and leaving 3,445,227 bushels entirely unaccounted for.
Cases ot individually owned elevators were also cited to the senate committee. One of these had received
215,142 bushels of No. 4 wheat and at
the end of the two year period had not
shipped out one bushel of this grado
and did not have ona bushel on hand.
In other words, every bushel of this
grade, the grade tor which the farmer was paid, was mixed and came out
in the No. 1 and No. 2 Northern
grades, tlie grade for which the elevator owner sold lt.
The elevator 1 .en who have testified before thc senate committee and
the house committee have argued that
the grain which they make, by being
allowed to mix IS largely offset ln the
cost ot tbe mixing process. This
fact ls vigorously disputed by James
A. Mana-ian, counsel for the house
committee, recently elected congress-
man-at-large for the state ot Minnesota. Mr. Manahan's contention Is
that the farmer ls the loser by many
millions every year under the present
"When the elevator companies buy
the wheat they give Uie farmers the
prices prevailing that day for No. 2,
3 "rejected" "or "no grado" said Mr.
Manahan at one ot the sessions. "On
that same day, these satis elevator
companies aell a future on No. 1 and
2 for praotlcally that samo amount
Their experience has taught them tbat
they can mix the lower grades so as
to fill the future order with No. 1 and
2. On that very day they make a
profit ranging from the price they paid
for the lower grades snd the price for
which they sell the future on No. 1
and No. 2. In my opinion this nets
them a profit amounting to hundreds
of thousands of dollars. True lt Is
that there Is some expense ln the mixing process but even so I believe that
the elevator man ls making an enormous profit, a profit way out ot proportion."
F. W. Eva, chief of the grain inspection department, when asked regarding'
the relation of the system of mixing
with the sample market, eald: "A sample market would be of no value without the privilege of mixing. The two
go hand In hand. 1 believe that Uie
elevator men, having the privilege of
mixing, ca:. pay s premium for the
upper level ot the grade."
In another statement made before
the committee Mr. Manahan said there
was no doubt that the elevator companies are gettlni; much of the profit
that should be going to the farmer.
Always -:eep out of a don -stlc misunderstanding, even it it ls your own.
Horse Sale Distemper
Yon know thnt wlint. vm wil or bUV throucrh th% palet
has about one chance ln fifty to escape SALE STABLE DIS*
TEMPER. "SPOHN'S" Is your true protection, your out/
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you will soon be rid of the disease. It sets aa a sure preventive, no matter how they are "exposed." At all gooi*
Chemists and  Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ind.,  U.S.A.
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A bowl of crisp, sweet
make a most delicious meal.
These crinkly bits of toasted
white corn, ready to serve
direct from package, are a
tempting breakfast when served with cream or milk, or
The Toasties flavour- is a
pleasant-surprise at first: then
a happy, healthful habit.
"The Memory Lingers"
Msde by Pure Food Factories of
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tubs allow ths water to retain heat longer
snd never rust. Bslng mads In one seamless piece cannot splinter
snd so the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used In conjunetlon with
Eddy's Washboards
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A Splendid 10 cent Household Specialty is being introduced
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'Send package of household specialty advertised in my newspaper'
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Make the Horae Glad
and Eager fer Work
OMp bl_n ttrntorxjox, pat kla at tka ■Pfty*
   — — t-n
«_.aar«te*iawrarr war. Don't bur
Tin Stewart Ml living
ilka OS hM water ooal tbat kol	
••aat aad dirt. Hall I.I awn iood tnrn kla
hod. looktatter. nit kilter aadf.ra.-o* St-
Ika aaublaa that tan
rtaraaharploniar tbaa aar otbor.
ill Ste bars aad out from aolld ml
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i.lU...,   c_Ji.__».ni.
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engine builders all over the country.
Keeps Us body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester Oil
A heavy, durable oil for farm machinery. Insures the least possible friction
and wear. Withstands weather and is
unaffected by moisture.
ElDorw-o Csstsr Madia* Od Mies Axis Greats
CssHeltoiisaerOil SihtrStsr Esgtss Kerssts*
ThststsrVsri OU Imtsrisl Utter Gsmlise ,
Stock canted at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Western Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc, write any agency.
lew, lnh.ni, Utter,
'£ WILLIAMS timiiif""
Ves, Alter All
Charlie, why do you toll everyone
thut v.-e sre engaged? I did not say
yes I
But you said no-no! and two negatives make an affirmative.
borne; decorating cushion topi; esa
make from f3 to It per day; pleasant
work. Armour Art Co., Dept. N, 11
Steels Blk., Winnipeg. THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Du* Year 11.80
'Inn Year (lu-.drone*.) *...     1.00
Una Year, In United Stat*.  I.M
Address all communication, to
Tax GaaHO Forks Sur,
fHOKi Bit Osass I.OU9, B.0:
FRIDAY, MAY   23, 1913
The Victoria government's system of virtually subsidizing the
Toty press of the province has produced an array of todies and flat*
terers, who are disgustingly servile
to the wishes of tbe official*, from
the premier down, whether sucb
wishes are in the interest of the people or not. The news columns of
these papers are so notoriously
biased that it is impossible to place
any reliance in them. Last week
every Conservative paper in the
province published, under big scare
heads, the detail.) of a suit brought
against Mr. Justice Clement. Before giving undue prominence to
this action, these papers should
have had the decency to wait until
tbey found out whether the charges
are true or merely the result of political spite work. If true, we do
not believe that Mr. Clement will
find any defenders among the Liberal papers; if false, the less said
it the better it will be for everybody.
But while the Conservative papera
printed this incident with a great
flmrisb, by the aid of 36-point
headlines, Mr. Matson (of tb; Victoria Colonist, Vancouver News-
Advertiser and Nanaimo Herald)
has now had a month in wbicb to
explain what hs did with 145,000
tbat he received from the government, without having done so, and
not a word concerning tbs transaction
has appeared in a single Tory newspaper in the province. Such papers
sre a disgrace to present-day civilization, but nothing better can be expected ss long ss they sre conducted
by mercenaries who desert princ pies
in order to aligne themselves witb
the government of the day.
British Columbia is overrun witb
royal commissians at present. It is
tbe most flourishing industry in tbe
province. The ostensible purpose
ol these com missions is to gather
data that should be obtained by the
departments of lbe government and
by tbe members of the bouses, but
we feel assured that tbe reason
whicb weighs heaviest wilh tbe government is, to provide pleasant situ
ations at lucrative salaries for faith- ■
ful party workers. Tbere ie no sense
in electing a member to represent s
district, and tben to hire a set of
men to tell bim to do. Yet tbis is
exactly what the provincial government is doing. Witb his increased
indemnity, the member should be
•Tilling to take sufficient interest in
his constituents to And out what
they want. But, perhaps, now that
bis pay has been increased, it requires all his time tospend it. Some
of the evidence taken by tbe coui-
missonei-B is unreliable, and some is
useless. In many instances thc accomplishment of the commission ia
nil, or worse. We have the Doukhobor commission in view.
A Marvel ol Accuracy, Thinness and
Beailty—We recommend the Hamilton to any one who wants a timekeeper uf perfect and continuous ao
®l|f ^atnUtott Watrl?
'The Railroad Timekeeper of America"
We can Mil you the complete watch, or wo
oan supply * Hamilton movement Sited to
vour preaent watch caae. All sixes foi men
and women.
Premier JJnrdon's threat to reform
the senate in the event of the naval
bill being defeated in the upper
house, will not carry much weight
with that body. Even if Mr. Borden
wished to abolish the senate, he
could nnt do so without the consent
of the senators Coercion has supplanted argument and * common
sense at Ottawa.
It is quite easy to become a self-
styled booster. Take up a public
subscription to advance your own
interests, and then '"knock" your
opposition for all you are worth. It
is nnt all difficult, especially if some
of the people think as you do.
The latest dispatches from Ottawa
indicate that the senate will reject
the naval bill. It will be remembered
that. Premier Borden, in his Montreal
speech, made the statement that he
would appeal to the people in tlieevent
of the measure being strangled in the
upper house. With the fondness of
Mr. Borden's colleagues in the cabinet
for office, however, it is improbable
tbat this hazardous course will be
pursued. A fall session of parliament
is now hinted at. That will likely
be the outcome of the struggle. The
Ottawa government will not relinquish
.power as lone as it can maintain it by
gag rule.
The jingoes in Japan are subsiding,
and the danger of a war on the Pacific
is not as imminent as it was a few
days ago. Should trouble between
the United States and Japan eventually occur over the California anti
alien land law, it is not hard to pre
pict lo which side the sympathies of
the people of this province would go,
British Columbia hns no great love
for the Asiatics than California
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely sanitary. We endeavor to please our customers.
week regarding wages paid aud the
number of men emploved requires revising before a clean proof can be obtained.
In their exuberance over the appearance ef real summer, the people
will, no doubt, refrain from kicking
about the hot weather for a few days
at least.
The Sheffield Daily Independent
has issued a 32-page Canadian supplement that will do much to advertise the Dominion in the old country.
The Sun has received a copy.
Favor Woman Suffrage
At the session Tuesday night of the
Methdist conference in Vancouver s
resolution in favor of equality of
franchise to men and women was
adopted smidst great applause as being "not only just and right, bnt
guaranteeing a moral uplif) of social
and political affairs',"
Some of the evidence given  before
the labor commission in this city last
A Tribute
The community was shacked to
hear of the death at Orand Forks on
Monday the Uth inst. of Mrs. J. P.
Flood. Previous to moving to Qrand
Forks in the summer of last yesr,Mrs.
Flood had lived a number of years in
Greenwood, and the funeral, whicb
was held in the Presbyterian church
here on Wednesday, the Uth inst, at
2 p.m , waa very largely attended, ten.
tifying to the high esteem in which
the deceased waa held. The service
was conducted by Rev. M, D. McKee
of Urand Forks. Mrs. Flood waa
highiy respected by all, but by those
who knew her intimately she was
much beloved, and her memory will be
held very dear. We have rarely known
one who walked so close in the footsteps of the Master, thinking only
and always of others She was a noble
type of Christian womanhood.—
(Ireenwood Ledge.
Anyway, you hardly need fear that
you will get a raw deal from the man
• ho roasts you.
Don't try to frighten people, boms
of them get just scared enough to put
up a good fight.
Tne pusher isn't trying to get the
job uf the man who takes plenty of
sleep in the early part of the night.
The Sun job oflice is the best
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and Will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good. ,
Mclntyre (& Smith
We. O.A.ABBOTT, . Angus! tl, ite*.
•a Ann St., NavVo.kC.tr.
Dear Sin I Save known for overttjeanofths
elt-cts of Wilson's Reta.dv [Wilson's PiepoiaUca
el lis scabooohlUa mkI WedgeS] In catasofpi.-
 iroubUa.    At.tnU. p .ml I will Mf toyoa
treat you have not 'before known eft'that ae yeara
•lace, while I waa a resident of N.Y. City, I WM
antral? ill with lung troiiM., Phyiir.laM.aM I waa
aeoaausptlvo and my family physician told my wife
thet ha tbouiht I««««»/ rteever. Myattsatloa
wn directed to the Wllien Remedy, which I Med
with •pliodid effect. I hava been on uy feet and at
weakevertkatAmyewre, Youratraly,
II. X. Church, Hunter, (Great* Co.,) N.T.
Oft Dee i, ton, Mr, Sager wrote Mr. Abbotts
"My health la very good.''
If yoa will write Mr. Abbott he
will glarlly furnLh you any farther
information you desire.
We Have Received To-
Fresh-killed Beet, tflriutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. BURNS 8 CO. Ltd.
iA.i-y.ri^.n. goods
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Reaeh Balls............?.;.. $1.23 each
Woodland C&> Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
**S. C." and "Copper King" Mineral ClHlmi,
situate hi tht- Grand Porka Mining Division
of Yale DUtrlot.
When- located: In Fran * Hn eamp.
TAKE NOTICE|thatI,William H.Hiffmnn,
I for mvaelf as executor of the will nf the
late Catherine Hoffman, and ae agent for
Jacob M. I'aulson, Fne Miners' Certificates
Mot. 61S49B aiiduntB, respectively, intend,
sixty ,dave from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining Crown nrantt of the ahove claims
And further take notice that action, under
section 31, must be commence"! before the
Issuance of suoh Certificates of Improve-
Dated this 6th day of May, A.D. ISIS.
IN THE M'TTKR of an Application for Ihe
Issue of Duplicate Certificates of Title to
Lote 1 to 13 inclusive, Block I, Map *_S, and
l.ota 6 and IS, Block 1, Subdivision of Lot
518. Map6..
N  lutontion7to"isBae it the .eaRlfatl"""?*
f 18 HERKUV OIVKN that _U .la my_
one month eftor the first publication hereof
duplicates of the OrtlftcaU sol Tltlee to the
above-mentioned lutein the name ol Henry
While, wliloli Certificates are dated the 19lh
day of December, 1898, and the 8th day of May,
1W0,  respectively, aud numbered 8178A and
S2MA, respectively.
Dated at Kamloops, B. C, April 21th, IMS.
Dlslrlct Registrar.
Change of Program
Each Week
R.S. B.C. Mil, Cap. -**, too. fl.
In the matter ot the Estate of Harriett
Amelia I each, late uf l.raud Forks, B (.:..
Widow deceased.
NOTI'E IS HEKBBV GIVEN thst all persons   having  any   claims   -gainst the
Estate nf the late Harriett Amelia  Leaoh,
who died ou or about the ltttii day of April, j
MIS, at Orand Forks aforeeald. are requested !
to tend by po.i prepaid, or to deliver to the j
undersigned Solicitor herein for   Margaret
Rebecca Brau and Eveline M    Thompson.'
Executrixes and Trustees uuder the will ol
thesaid Harriett Amelia l«aeh. their names
and addressee and full particulars In writing
of their claims and ststemonta of th.it ao-
counts and the nature of. security (If any),
held by them. .
An I take notioe, that after tho Hat day o
Jun.-,I»18, the said . xeoutilxee and Tiltstee^
will proceed lodlstrlbut- the asfleta of t .
said deceased among the persons eutnled
thereto, bavlng regard ouly to the olalms of
which th y shall then have had notice, t„d
that tlie snid Kxeeutrlxea snd Trustees .in
not be liable for the said assets or any part
thereof, to any person whoee olaim they
s hall tint have had or received notice.
Dated at Orand Forks, B C. tbla First dsy
of May, Ull.
7 and 8 II vis Block.
Graud Korks, B. O..
Solicitor for tbe uld Margaret Rebecca Brau
and ..valine M Thompson.
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosohonol '—ton. every nerve la the body
vim and vitality. Prsssatnre decay and all sexual
weakness averted at wee.   Phoepheael will
ff&u J
to any
Don't forget thai The Sun hss ths
best job printing deparrment in the
Boundary country.
Tske your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
(Puh)iahed Annually)
Enables traders throughout the work! te
communicate direct with English
In eaoh elassof goods. Resldee being a com-
plete commercial guide to London and it*
•uburbs, the directory eontalus lists of
with the Goods they ship, and the Colonial
aud Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged uuder the Forte to whioh they sail,
and Indicating the approximate Sailings;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial townsend Industrial
wn trot of the united Kingdom.
A copy of the current edition will ba tor-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for SO*.
Dealers seeking Agencies can   advertise -
their trade cards lor fl, or larger advertisements mm 13.
25, Abchureh Lane, London, E.C.
The weather is just right for J Aden, Stocks, Snapdragon,
planting out all garden plants {Dahlias and Gladiolus
We are are again offering special prizes
for floral exhibits at the next Fall Fair.
> .*. -'*
FRACHE BROS., Florists     phone r 20 THE  SUN,   GBAND  FORKS.   B. C.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad During the Fast Week
-   Thursday
Rev. W, Hall, formerly of Fsrnie,
1a elected president of the British
Columbia Methodist conference st
The announcement that Governor
Johnson, of California, will sign ths
alien land ownership bill has sgsin
aroused ths radicals in Jspsn.
The naval bill pastes ita third reading. The opposition leader moves a
six months hoist, but sll amendments sre voted duwn. Five Nationalists vote with the Liberals.
The cleuse in the bank aot referring to loans is the cause of s warm
debate in the honse at Ottawa.
Intimation received in Vancouver
from Premier Borden that the cabinet
will consider the question of remission
ef the duty on coal at sn early date.
, Exciting scenes occur in Halifax
when a crowd commences a atreet
riot Tram cars are smashed and an
inadequate police force ia forced tn
give way to the mob,
Two hours' conference is held hy
the cabinet at Washington to decide
upon a reply to the questions of the
Japanese ambassador. Particular
care is being taken by the war department to avoid the moving of ships
or troops.
According .to a statement made by
Rev. Thomas Qiilan, at the Presbyterian assembly of New South Wales,
cannibalism in ita worst form exists
among the natives of the New He-
brides islands, situated in the South
Pacific ocean.
.    Saturday
A general strike of the London seamen will be declared early in June.
The. Soo line is heading westward
to connect with a line south of Lethbridge.
The peace delegates arrive in London. War between the Balkan allies
ia predicted.
It is expected that the Dominion
government will aid the Canadian
Northern railway.
The Jews nf Fressbu trg, Hungary,
refuse to break their religious laws to
fight a fit-ti on the Stbbath.
Four hundred persons await the
distribution of balf that number of
homesteads at New Westminster.
. It is announced in Vancouver that
the reduction in express --ate* in western Canada will be put in force next
The London papers say that the
sympathies of Canada,' Australia and
New Zealand, are with the United
States in the anti alien legislation.
The province of British Columbia
buys new offices in London.
The Kettle Valley line will let tenders for forty miles out of Hope.
Premier Borden makes a bitter denunciation of the senate in a speech
at Toronto.
Berlin ia much interested in the
forthcoming visit of ths king and
queen of England.
England aims to establish an agricultural school to teach the various
methods in the overseas dominions.
Governor Johnson, of California,
signs the anti-alien bill, and the legislation will go into force within ninety
The house of commons - discusses a
moti.n   of   censure of  Hon. Kobert
- We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in tbis
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream and the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
tjpfe oMann  Drag  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
Practical Plumber
Steam and Hot Watet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done
Rogers, made by William   Chisholm,
of Antigonish.
Hon, Robert Rogers will visit Vancouver in-July.
The bank act now stands fur third
reading. The rate of interest is unchanged.
The Dominion estimates for the
eurrent amount to two hundred million dollars.
As a result of California's anti-
alien land law, the Japanese demand
naturalization rights.
The situation in China is distinctly
improved, and the danger of an outbreak is believed to be past.
China lets a contract for material
for 366 freight cars to a British firm,
although American tenders are
Eased Pasha, the Turkish commander at Scutari, is assassinated at
Tirana. The Balkan states will ask
for a war indemnity of two hundred
million dollars.
Wednesday .
French soldiers object to tbree years
service, and defy the government.
Col. Theodore Roosevelt sues a
Michigan paper for libel for alleging
that he curses, lies and gets drunk.
Japan's altitude is more concilia
tory, and she receives the United
States government's reply in good
A French liner is reported to have
struck a mine .as she ,waa leaving
Smyrna, and was blown up. There
were 200 people on board.
Construction of the Grand Tt-nnk
Pacilic through British Columbin is
making good progress, and the line
will be finished within a year,
G. E. Graqani, acting superintendent of the Pacific division of the Canadian Pacilie railway, starts from
Vancouver for the Boundary aud
Kootenay on an inspection tour.
The Liberal senators hold a caucus
and agree to reject the naval bill.
The progarm now is a fall session or
an appeal to the peop e. A Liberal
member severely criticises the budget
in the house.
A cloth moistened with alcohol will
clean piano keys.
Clean linoleum with warm water
and polish with milk.
Mix stove blacking with soapy water.   This will give a fine finish.
Wai in dish covers aa well as the
dishes or the meat will he chilled.
Clean soiled wallpaper with plaster
of paris tied up in a muslin  bag.
Heat a lemon before squeezing it,
as the juice is thus more easily obtained.
Peel onions from the roots upwards
and thoy will not make- your eyes
160 Acres in
Franklin Camp
2,500 000 feet of commercial
timber on the property"
&500 hewn log house
North Fork runs through
the land
Kettle Valley Line  survey
crosses property
Deed Clear. $875 Caah,
Balance Terms.
For Further Particulars Apply
03 The    Si in    Office jjjj
A tablespoonful of thick cream added to cake icing will keep the icing
from breaking.
A, teaspoonful of vinegar in boiled
icing prevents it becoming hard aud
To make cabbage crisp, shred and
drop into a bowl of iced water an
hour before using.
Parafiu melted and mixed with a
small quantity of -glue make, good
sealing wax.
Use bacon fat for basting chickens;
it is superior to anything else for the
purpose. *
A common crock makes a fine baking dish for young chicken, as il keej.s
the meat juicy.
When making light pickles remove
the blossom ends of the cloves or the
color will be spoiled.
Before cooking a leg of mntton, cut
off as much of the suauk bone as you
can and add it to the stock pot.
Choose lamp wicks lhat are soft and
loosely woven. Soak them in vinegar
and dry thoroughly before using them.
When washing woollens, especially
stockings, shake thoroughly to get rid
of the dust, before putting them into
the water,
Grease on the wall can generally be
eradicated by covering with clean blotting paper and then passing a warm
iron over it.
Soft soap made from half a pound of
shaved down hard soap and two quarts
of water will save the soap bill at
cleaning time.
When baking apples, core the fruit
and put in a clove and a little sugar,
A small bit of butter on each will improve the flavor.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Grand Forks Townsite Company
Business, Warehouse and
Resident Lots
Present Profitable and Safe
Investments. Now is the time
to buy. Easy terms and
choice locations.
Call, Phone
or Write
Boundary Trust 8 Investment
Company, Grand Forks
Conquered fay GIN PILLS
Mr. W. G. Reid, Hamilton, Ont, mites:
"I have been for the last two years a
cripple with Muscular and Inflammatory
Rheumatism. I tried almost everything
known to medical science and sought
change ol climate without relief. Vour
manager in this city recommended Gin
I'ills and I have siuce taken eight boxes
and am now Cured. I consider Oln
Pills the conqueror of Rheumatism and
Kidney Disease".
50c. a box, 6 for fo.50. Sample free
I f you write National Drug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.     133
Maypole Soap
one opcution, giving icni-r-tbly
clem, bright, lail
color*.Dye. cotton,
wool, ill. 01 nix*
lurei. 24 colon,
will give sny .hade.
Colon 10c, black
Id "How lo Dye"
F.L. BENEDICT tCO.Nei.1. ill
Ilie Heart of a Piano ia the
Action.   Insist on the
^Ottq Higel"
Piano Action  .
|)ON"C waste your time figuring
out why a black hen lays a
wblte egg. Get busy and jump
OVEK-HAU LS and get the egg.
Leather Label
_K._StIFACTUK-.nS of
High Grade American Over-Hauls,
Tear (Me eut and mall It te ue with
your namo end address aad we will send
you one of our celebrated CORN COB
pipes, race.
Town Ptov -.
Y«Hir dealer's name «
Town Prov...	
77VU dUtfAO
DYE, ono can buy-Why yon don't avail hava lo
know what KIND of Cloth youtGooda ara mdo
of.-5o Mistake* oro ImpoaalbU.
Send for ftta Color Cord, Story Booklet, and
Booklet living rcaulla ot Djrelnf ovar othar colon.
Montreal. Cauda.
Mas. Wikslow'b Sootiiinc-. avail- haa bees
)«<l lot uver SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS d
UOTIIUKB lor their CHILDREN Willi.*
BOOTIIliS the CHILD, 8<)I>TEN8 the DUMB,
it the lirst remedy lor UIAKRIKKA.. It ia ab-
aolutcly harmlesa. Be aure and aak (or "Mn.
Win-low •« Soothing Aynip," and uke M other
kind. Twenty-live centa a bottle.
Some girls aro born pretty. Others
have the sense to select rich fathers.
A Prime Di-ettlno ior Wounds.—
In some factories hnd workshops carbolic •■■•Id Is l:ept tor use ln cauterising wounds and cuts sustained by
tho workmen. Far better to keep on
hand 11 bottle ot Dr Thomas' Electric
OU. It Is Just aa quick ln action
and does not. scar the akin or burn
the flesh. There Is no other Oil that
lias Us curative qualities.
Industry sounds classy, but Industrious smacks of the dinner pall.
..o BEST Liniment In use.
I got my foot baejy jammed lately,
I bathed It well wltb MINARD'S LINIMENT, ai.d It waa aa well bb ever
Loit day.
W. N. U. £45
The Little Rebel
Say, grandpop, began little George
Is It true tbat George Washington
couldn't tell a lie?
Yes, quite true.
And waa he an awful good man?
He sure ..as.
Then what dU you let them name
mn George Washington rrown fort
Ain't I to have any lun?
Make the Liver
Nine timet in ten when the Urer is right As
-lomach and boweb ue night.
gently but firmly compel a leiy livx to
do in duty
Cures Con-
Indif at*.'
Headache, and Distress alter Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dose. Small Pries.
Genuine must bear Signature
Who Can Tell?
Well, I'm klid of sorry it's a girt.
Nonsense.    She may be Premier of
Canada some day.
Nature Needs Aid in Making New
Health-giving Blood.
In the spring the system needs a
tonic. To be healthy you must have
new blood Just as the trees must have
new sap to renew their Vitality. Nature demands it, and without this new
blood you will feel weak and la .guid.
You may have twinges of rheumatism
or tho sharp, stabbing pains ot ceural-
gia. Often there are dlsAgurhg pimples or eruptions on tbe skin. Ill'
other cases there ls merely a feeling
ot tiredness and a variable appetite.
Any of these are signs that the blood
is out of order—that the Indoor life of
winter bas lessened your vitality.
What you need ln Bpring te a tonic
medicine to put you right, and in all
the world of medicine thore is no tonic
can equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
TheBe pills actually make new, rich,
red blood—your greateet need ln
spring. ThiB new blood drives out
the seeds ot disease and makes easily
tired men, \\_omen and children bright,
active and strong.
Mr. John Walfield, La Have Islands, N.S., writes: "1 Uke a great
pleasure In telling what Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have done for me. I am A
fisherman and fifteen years
ago through hard work my
system became run down and I
could scarcely work at all. I lost in
weight; my blood became poor, and I
was very weak. I conBUlted several
doctors but their treatment did not
help me so I decided to try Dr, Williams' Pink Pills and ln a short time
I wae entirely well again. My wife
and daughter also used them with
benefit. We think so much of the
Pills as a family medicine that we always keep them ln the house."
These Pills are sold by all medicine
dealers or can te had by mall at 60
cents a-box or six boxes for %.. CO
from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
The hay fever victim Isn't greatly
interested in tho corn crop.
Miller's Worm Powders can do no
Injury to the moat delicate child. Any
child, Infant or In the state of adole-
sence, who is Infested with worms csn
tako this preparation without a qualm
ot tbe stomach, and will find In lt a
sure relief and a full protection from
these destructive pests, which srs
responsible for much, sickness sad
great Buffering io legions ot little
You are vory low, observed the
weather man.
Yeo, replied the offlolal thermometer, regretfully, I tear I bave taken
a drop too much.
Look for the signature of 8. W. QROVB.
Cures a Cold In One Day.   Cures Grip
in Two Days.   tie.
It takes a head to get ahead ln this
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Bts.
M-.st of ut like hot weather best
when the mercury Is twenty below,.
It one bs troubled with corns -nd
warts, he will find ln Holloway's Con
Cure sn application that will entirely
relieve Buttering.
Many a useful old maid' has base
spoiled to make a iood wits.
? Know What This
Label Mean.s ?    A
• cesseot oi the higheU possible quality.
a <________■_• tested by experti -whose authority is final at al our mOs.
 .bo-wledged br ensineen, architects sod hundreds of thousand.
Bl -P-Mb to MB every requirement of idai tffcsly made Portland ewart.
It meuus cement lhat is absolutely reliable, whether used far a peat bridge 01
(or a concrete watering bough.   You can um
Canada Cement
with complete confidence that your concrete {work will he thoroughly aatiitactory.
Yoa ought to hare thia confidence in tho cement yoa us* because yoa have not tha
facilities for totting ite qtulitSi. auch as ara at the disposal of the •aguuoreia chart* el
big contracting jobs.
Than eagbteeiS fcaow that when cemeat haa patted tb* taate mads tipoa b at Caaada
Cement milla, It will paat all their teatt.
And thia tatnt cement it told to yea for your alio, your foundation, year feeding-floor,
yoar milk-houto 01 nor watering-trough.
CraflplMfluM. ta (In ■Miib__irT tx-Sti.   *SttH ten ia'koik. Tl not* **S, mtxi rf-'.xen
Thera b s Caaada CosmsI Dealer la Yen Naif kbort-eod   .
!• JOH.
Address; Farmers' Inferm.Hem Bureau
Canada Cement Company Limited, Montreal
Poor John
John, you never listen to half ths
things I ssy to you. she complained.
Well, dear, he replied, I have to
work part of the time.
A Mistaka
Blinkers—Halloa, Winkersl I hear
you married a woman with an independent fortune.
Winkers (sadly)—N-no: I msrrled
a fortune with an Independent woman.
Exhausted Nerves
HMdaohM,   May  Spills ami
WmIimm Owhmmm by On
Chaaa-i Narva Food.
Mlas dallop.
At shout ths sis thst mstt glrlt ar*
working hardest st sehool studying
for examinations there ars Important
physiological ehangss tsklng place
which srs sn additional strain on ths
nervous ayatem,
Mrs. Gallop has hsd experience In
th* eases ot hsr daughter snd granddaughter, and tor this reason her latter Is particularly Interesting to parents.
Mrs. J. A. Gallop, lit Victoria
street, St. John, N.B., whose husband
Is a carpenter, states:—"We havs
used Dr. Chase's Nerve Food In our
fsmlly tor nervousness, headaches,
dltilnets snd nervous dyspepsia, and
have (ound them satisfactory In every
particular.   My daughter Beetle wu
King to sehool, and bsoams quite run
wn In health. Br ths time she hsd
ustd thru bests ot this remedy her
nerves wars ttesdy, her central
heslth wu sxcaltsnt and Shs wu entirely free from headachts and dlssr
spills. Wa ars more then pleated
with ths results et tbla treatment.
"Mors rectstly wa uud ths Nerve
rood tar my granddaughter, who wu
out at school tor nearly a yesr from
nervous trouble, snd noticed Improve,
ment In hsr condition st ones."
Dr. Chess's K»r»* Food, Mo. a bot,
ttor ||.lt, all deelers. or Sdmsasoa,
Bstes * Co.. limited, Toronto.
Cleans snd disinfects everything
in your horns from the cellar to
the attic. Put lt on your duster
snd dust Hardwood Floors, Woodwork, Linoleums, Pianos, Fund*
ture, eto. Mattes everything Just
like new. Money refunded lt not
satisfactory. Made by ths
Hamilton, Csnada.
Ne Blams
Lecturing Professor (to Jones, who
has ]ust roused himself from a sound
Bleep)—Had a good sleep, Jones?
Jones (drowsily) — Good! Don't
blame you.     Bo'd U
Suffered for Three Years From Rheumatism, Headache, Palpitation, and
Bright's Dleeate—Dodd'a Kfdt.a/
Pills Cursd Hsr Kidney's and Mads
Her Well.
Huberdeau, Argenteull Co,, Que.,
(Special) .—"I am always glad to tell
of my cure because I sympathise with
others who may bs Buffering ss I
did." So cays Dame Joseph Mayer,
well known snd highly respected hers.
"For three years I wu a very lick
woman. Rheumatism, headache, pal-
pltatlon of the heart and Bright's disease were my suocesilsn ot troubles,
but Dodd's Kidney Pills cursd them
all. I used twenty-tour boxes to
complete my cure, but they certainly
made me well.
"I will never be without Dodd's Kid-
nil" Pills ln ths house.
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured Dame
Mayer's Ills because they are all caused by dlseued kidneys. Dodd's Kidney Pills always curs dlseued kidneys, and with cured kidneys straining ths seeds ot dlteue out of the
blood, ths rheumatism, Bright's disease, headache, ..and palpitation ot ths
heart ars bound to disappear.
You never heard ot a cue ot kidney
disease that Dodd's Kidney Pills
would not curs,	
Ths unsuccessful person ls generally thq ens who Is a second too late.
Protect ths child trom ths ravagea
Ot worms by using Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It is a standard remedy, and years ot use have enhanced its reputation.
When a woman hu a grudge
against a community she Inaugurates
s baby show. 1
dealer pays
more for this
flour than for
any other, but
he's satisfied
to do
so in order
to sell you
the best-
More Bread
and Better
John, said a father to hit son ona
day, when he caught bim shaving
down ott his upperllp, don't throw
your shaving water out whero there
srs any bare-tooted boyt about, or
they might get their feet pricked I
■  ' -■ sa
Keep a can at your office, workahop or
home. Alwiva uaelul. «nt'i _ pile. Coed
for your haacti. All Cf »lera aell Snap.
Mil* COWMT. IIMITU. . Mwtrtai. '■•"*>
Still on the Job and Just as Spry
as Ever.
Our Diatlngulahed Frltnd It Made the
Target For Several Gtntltmen'e
Wrathi Alto Their 101110—110 Con-
tlnutt to Give Advlet to tht Nttdy.
■y M. QUAD.
[Coprrlght, UU, by Aasoelatad Literary
WD had forgotten to lie about '
our editorial staff nnd haa- I
ten to make good" at 'once.
It comprises 1,200 editors
and reporters, and sot one ot tbem receives less tban f 100 per week. They
consume 1,000 bottles of champagne
yer day, which Is the greatest newspaper record In the known world. By
sending tn your advertisements a year
ahead you srs sure of an Insertion.
We take the Advertisements of all
fakes and lesvs tbe fools to look out
for themselves. 	
Lut Tuesday afternoon a man calling himself drizzly Bill got into a dispute at ths Bed Trout saloon with sn
individual  who  hu  been  generally
writes ns tnat ne win toon arrive in
Gtrendnm Gulch to set up aa *S-~den-
Ust, and be incloses a dollar and asks
ss to give him a "puff." In order to
earn the money wo will say thnt Mr.
Hammer will be lynched within two
hours of lilt drawing hts first tooth In
tbe town. It's a way we have had
with the last four dentists.
A young man who Rave us hts nnms
ss Samuel Gordon and his place of residence at Pekin, III., called on us one
day lost week and asked us lf there
wns room In Arizona for a bustling
I young msn.- We encouraged blm to
; believe that there was, snd he gsve us
bis thanks snd disappeared. That dsy
bs walked eight miles and stole s
borse. That night he rode fifteen miles
and stole two others, Wben caught
ths next day be had a fourth. Wben
tbe ropo was around his neck and ht
wag about to be launched he was asked.
If no had anything to say. In reply
be laid It on us, asserting that lt we
had not encouraged blm to hustle he'd
have simply picked up an old blind
caynse and been content. We sball bt
careful after this how we sling our advice around.
denrce Frame of. Lone lack cooled
Jim Harper of tbe same town with a
bullet ln the shoulder tbe otber day.
Cause of the shooting unknown and ot
no particular interest.
Miss Jane Addams, bead ot ths Hull
House ln Chicago, Is going to Egypt for
a long stay,
Boston has s centenarian ln Urs.
Lucy W. Keys. Inmate of s boms for
old persons.
Tbe next of the famous violin virtuosos to visit us will be Mlschn El-nan.
the young Russian who makes bis Instrument veritably slog. Uke Caruso,
Elmun possesses a certain charm ln
tonal effects that no one else seems
able to attain.   . _, **-
Dr. Margit Balongh, s Hungarian
woman, has been appointed by tbs
Hungarian minister of Instruction to
engage In geological research work In
connection with a French expedition to
the Atlas mountains, ln northwest Africa. Dr. Balough's work will bs confined chiefly to tbe historic province ot
Constantino, now part ot modsrn Algeria.
Mrs. John Bllllngton, tbe veteran actress ot the English stage, recently celebrated her eighty-eighth blrtbday at
her home In London. Fifty-five years
ago the played Venus ln "Cupid and
Psyche" nt the Adclpbl theater. Before
going to London sho bad already toured
the provinces, where she won considerable fame. Despite her great age she
ls still In good health.
known around town U Terrific Tom.
Both drew tbelr guns snd stepped to
ths sidewalk snd began shooting.
Twelve shots were fired, and the only
thing hit wu Major Csllsban's bandog, wbo died sn hour Inter. Wben
tbs parties wars arrested and brought
before us ss msyor ws fined esch 126,
and in default they went to Jail tor
three months apiece. The fins wu
aot imposed so mucb for Infraction ot
tbs ordinance as for the poor shooting
they did.   j
Our esteemed contemporary cams
eut lut week with an announcement
that we were loafing in the Red Front
Mloon on s certain evening to tbe
detriment ot our dignity. His statement Iscks truth. As editor of ths
Kicker ws went In for a nip. Aa
mayor, after tbe nip had been disposed of, ws took a look around to see it
sny of tbs ordinances wu being violated. 	
Tbe editor of tbs Kicker, wbo Is onr-
self, snd tbe msyor of this town, who
Is alto ourself, ara ln receipt of invito-
tions to ettend ths opening of ths Ps-
dflc poker rooms next week. As editor of ths Kicker we shall accept tha
Invitation, bnt u mayor we sbsll ds-
ellna it This will probsbly give ns a
chance aa a private Individual without
hurting anybody's feelings.
Henry Ruby of Indianapolis, s trav-
sling msn snd s guest st tbs Boyal
hotel lut week, found- unnecessary
fault with the number ot cockroaches
In evidence nnd wss so persistent ln It
snd to emphatic in bis language that
mine host Sanders wss compelled to
shoot htm tbrough the thonlder. After
having ths bullets extracted and lying
by tor three days tbs gentleman departed. He explained tbnt,there were
times when he was "off," snd st snch
times hs bad been known to find fault
srsn wltb ths color of his own bair.
Editor Blackmtn of tbe Bide Hills
Banner called nt a liar In hla Isst
tstue, snd last Sunday ws rode over
to pay blm s friendly call snd tee bow
his cucumber plants were getting on.
Ws wen still six miles from the town
when lis mounted his csyute snd left
for tba mountains st s pace that left
tiie trail smoking.
Rome of our frlendt want to Itnncb
our presidential boom at ones and get
tbe people used lo ths sight of the barrel to that they wilt not bo shy later
ou. Ws tbnnk tliem kindly, but ws
refuss to bs killed off thnt way. Any
candidate boomed Is advance of nomination li a dead duck,
We are sorry to announce tbe death
of Thomas Ford of Idaho, which event
took plnce one day laBt week during s *
dispute with a miner.   For a year Mr. '
Ford was a resident'of tbis gulch, '
Many and many a time as secretary .
of tbe vigilance committee we entreat-
ed Mr. Ford to furnish tbe subject of
s lyncbing, but be always hung back. \
It was a foregone conclusion with ua
that sooner or later bo would get what'
was coming to him, but he departed t
one day and left us sorrowing.   We
would have given blm a headstone and
t couplet bere, while over there ln Ida-
ho be fills a nameless grave, and there
is no curfew to sing bis sad song as
evening comes down upon tbe land.     I
One Mr. Johnson of Utah has gone to
tbe troublo and expense of buying a '
postal card and writing us to the effect '
tbat he will soon arrive In this town for j
tbe purpose of plunking us.  Mr. John-!
son, come along; come along and plunk i
ub and let us plunk at you.  Bring your j
funeral.expenses io your hind pocket '
Havo your will drawn.   Overhaul your
conscience and make sneb reparation as .
you can. Wben you arrive in town, Mr. j
Johnson, don't lose time ln calling. Delays are dangerous.   Come in with n j
gun In either band and begin blazing !
away and leave the Introductions till j
afterward.   Ton will find us at home
and In our usual good natured mood.
If we plunk you we pay for your head-
atone.   If you plunk ua the sheriff will j
give you ten miles the start
Colonel Drake, now In Indiana, snys
that ws drove blm out of Glvadam
Gulch at tbs muzzle of s revolver because we didn't like the cat's green color in his eyes and that every human
being ln tbe town lives in dally terror
of us. The colonel was thought to be
the boss liar when here, but tbe climate of Indiana has Improved htm. He
left bere ln tbe night after borrowing
1150 of various suckers, and we hare
to plead guilty of belug one.
Diamond Tips.
Henry Painter, .a seralprofesslonnl
pitcher, of Chicago bas been signed by
the Chicago Cubs.
Cy Seymour has purchased his release from tbe Los Angeles club snd
.Will sign s contract with the Boston
The International league season will
open on April 10 with tbe following
games: Rochester at Baltimore, Toronto at Newark, Montreal at Providence
and Buffalo at Jersey City.
Beats Becker, otllity outfielder of the
Giants, will play with tbe Cincinnati
Keds tbis year. He was sold for the
waiver price of ?l,.ri00, which ls cause
for some surprise, as be turned ln a
batting average of .264 for 125 games
lost season and was rated above tht
The Suffragettes.
The alxteenth amendment la. Income,
and the seventeenth will be elected
senators. That will leave No. 18 for
the women.—New York Mall.
lt British women, simply by the endeavor to obtain the franchise, can
bring about a cabinet crisis, think what
tbey will accomplish wben tbey begin
to voIe.-Boston Transect
Suffragettes are now claiming tbnt
the ballot will make women young.
From which we judse that the first legislation they will attempt will be a federal 'statute abolishing blrthdayt.-
Waahlngton Post.v
Subtle Mathoda Used by the Natlvtt trf
Central Afriea. j
[ Tbe Central African native Is s master ln tbe art of poisoning snd always
on the watch for it He will never
take a drink of water or beer or eat
1 of a dish, sven when offered by a
peaceful acquaintance, until the* host
has eaten or drunk some of it to pledge
its harmlessness. He Is always In
fesr of treachery, snd wltb good reason, for an assassin Is cheaply hired.
; Vegetable polsona may be raadh by almost any one, and the methods of administering them are cunning beyond
One of tbe cleverest ways, often resorted to when s man gets Into bla
bead sn Idea tbat s neighbor Is injuring blm by witchery, it to kill ths unsuspecting victim by means ot poisoned stakes snd st tbe same time avoid
I suspicion, wblcb would Inevitably lead
to a similar vengeance.
Procuring little sharpened sticks, tht
murderer hollows tbeir points and Inserts poison (usually made by boiling
down tbe juice of certain shrubs ot
creepers) Into the cavities. These bs
secretly plants upright, but leaning a
little along tbe path which leads from
tbe doomed negro's but to bis garden.
Sooner or later tbe Intended victim
slightly lacerates his bare foot by hitting one ot these sharp stakes. Hs
takes no notice of the scratch, for ba
ls used to auch trifling injuries, but In
a few moments bis foot and leg begin
to swell, and an bour or so later be
expires in agony.
Tbe bark and roots of several trees
, and shrubs yield virulent poisons wben
properly brewed, one of which bos tbs
peculiar effect ot at once paralyzing
tbe organs of speech. Tbo gall of the
crocodile wben dried In the sun and
pulverized ls also very deadly. The
most fatal poison, however, is thai
prepared from an ugly, whitish tree
called njungu tn German East Africa.
It grows In only a tew localities, snd
few natives .will venture to cut il
down, for a mere prick wltb a splinter
will cause terrible and sometimes fatal Inflammation. Tbe negroes say
tbat neither moths nor snakes will go
near lt and that birds never rest in Itt
| To make this poison the wood it
burnt and Us ashes are mixed witb
! water and tben boiled down to s thick
paste. Tbe natives will travel hundreds of miles to procure this paste,
with which hunters anoint their arrows and spears and tbe bullets ot
then guns, dipping tbem after tbe
smearing In hot beeswax to form s
protective  covering, sgalnst  loss  ot
, power ss well as sgalnst accident-
Harper's Weekly. \
Forthe Children
Mlu Gloria Gould et
"The Infant Samuel.''
Colonel Hilton of the Two Bar ranch
ts ons of ths best fellows intbe world,
but be annoys us now snd tben. Two
weeks ago be aent ln a poem of bis
own Invention, and because we refused
to publish It. he came to town yesterday
snd before we beard of bla presence hs
wsi banging away at us trom the sanctum door. Of course be didn't hit us,
but we don't like smoke and noise. As
for Colonel Hilton, we may have to
shoot one of hit thumbs off some day.
We bave a letter from a young man
In Connecticut asking at how to prepare himself to come west and be s
cowboy. The flrst thing be Is to cultivate Is a holler that can be beard a
mile away. Tbe next It an appetite for
a whisky that would burn the bind
legs of a wolf. Then get two guns and
practice on tbe draw dall/ three
months Take three more for tnrgot
•hooting. Then put In about tbe same
time ln riding the flywheel of a big
engine nnd six months at costing ths
rone. Tben, equipped In a sombrero,
leather leggings nnd a red shirt, he can
come out to this country and be ou the
job twenty-four hours a dsy nnd receive half the pay he could get for carrying the hod nt home.
Not BtoomingT"   •
"I didn't tblnk Mn. De Browne look*
td very attractive at the opera last
bight,'" said Dnbblelgh.
' "So?   Wby, usually the is radiant
Wbat did she have ou?" stked Win*
"A large sized grouch," uld Dubb-
lelgb.-Harpcr's Weekly.
"But, Maria, wby should ws make a
trip abroad when we've seen ao few ot
tbe places of Interest In onr own country?  Let us visit those first"
"Oh. John, yon do tny sucb dread-
John Hammer of a town In Illinois   M,. cn|<It ,na „nc0nventlonnl tbiogsl-
Pert Personals.
London debating societies are discussing Ibe question, "Is Sbaw Overrated?" Nnt in George Bernard Shaw's
As oil continues to go up, remember
Mr. Rockefeller's advice and save your
pennies. He evidently needs tbem.—
Boston Journal.
Of course the Inveterate punster will
be in wait for a chance to designate
the man who put the "Tumult" In Tumulty.—Washington Star.
Scattering Dittaia.
j    Dr. Leonard Hill ot London holdt
, that It is an "offense.against society
! for any one witb a cold to cough, sneeze
or even talk without covering hli
; month witb bis handkerchief. Colds
j kill tens ot thousands every year," tha
doctor adds, "and yet we persist in tak
ing no specinl precautions to escape
them.   We go to great trouble to prevent the spread of diphtheria or scarlet
fever or smallpox, but the person with
' a cold, who ta scattering deadly ml-
! crobes everywhere, wo treut as perfect.
j ly harmless.   I thoroughly agree thai
' during the sneering,, coughing stage tha
person with s cold should be Isolated,
so tbst tbe germs be is constantly scat-
tering may not be breathed in by hit
neighbors."—New Tork Tribune,
Flippant Flings.
Dissolving trusts may be comparatively easy, but wait until tbey tackle
tbe glue trust
By a new device one can talk thirty- <
flrs miles without a wire. What.
chance has s henpecked man now?-
Milwaukee Sentinel. |
New Tork bankers are stilt favoring
an elastic currency.  Most of us, bow-!
ever, would favor a currency with tbe
adhesiveness  ot chewing gum.-New
Orleans Picayune.
Facts From France.
Fire francs (00.3 cents) ts moro than
tho average laborer gets for s day's
work In tlie Lyons district of Franco.
The old fashioned smacks of French
fishermen are being replaced rapidly by
itenm trawlers ot from sixty to 000
A landlord In Ssrtouvlllc. near Paris,
has offered to let a three roomed cottage at a rental of JGO a year, with a
reduction of $2 for every child ln the
Train and Track.
Over 01,000 locomotives ars dally op-
rated In tbe United States
Chicago ttreet railways yearly collect over $10,000,000 ln farts.
American railways now carry a billion tons ot freight annually.
Tha London and Oraanwteh railway,
Iba first tn London, wu opened tn 1888.
Bwtdlib railroads hava dee.4s*S -tt
adopt flashlight la tha jtijiii.lng tyt-
A Ptt Dog Cemetery.
Dead dogs fare better than many
men in one town ln England, when
tbere is sn exclusive cemetery for rich
women's pets. Expensive dogs must
bave showy graves, and tbe owner ot a
toy spaniel, blue blooded Pomeranian
or a Frencb poodlo doesn't think any-
thing of paying $100 for a burial plot
In tbe first stop on tbe way to ths
canine Valhalla. Pink headstones srs
stuck up over tbe last resting place ot
the aristocratic doggies, and the epitaphs sre ss appreciative as lf tbey
were on tombstones over tbe graves ot
tbe best French chefs.-New Tork
Press.       '
Quaint English Surnimei.
There sre still the quaint surnamci
redolent of tbe toll or the early experiences ln tbe bill country of the Cots-
wolds. A correspondent tells ms tbst
tbere are four men working on ons
farm on the Cotswold hills named re-
tpectlvely Pill, Fouracre, Pothecary
and Grecngrass-mcn clearly wbo bave
gained their lurnames from soms kind
of Idiosyncrasy or fact, men wbo may
some dsy send the surname of Pill
Into fams.-Londou Telegraph.
Itt Abode.
Tbe teacher In natural history bad
received more or less satisfactory replies to ber question, and finally aba
"What little boy can tell me wbere
ths home of ths swallow Iar
Long silence, than s band wared.
"Well. Bobble, where Is Itr
-"Tha ioma at tha swallow," d*-"
dared Bobble seriously, "is la tha
ttuminlck."-TouIh't Companion.
lilt, by Americas Preaa Association. ,
The charming little child shown In
the picture Is Miss Gloria Gould,
daughter uf George Jay Gould. Recently ln New Tork a series of tableaux was arranged by New Tork's so-
eial leaden, tbe proceeds of which nre
to be devoted to charily. Miss Gould,
wns chosen to Impersonate "The In*
fant Samuel" bb portrayed In the famous painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Those who have seen tho original or a
copy of tbat work of art can judge for
themselves as to tbe faithfulness of
Miss Gould's portrayal. Tbat shs
mnde a charming picture ls. beyond
A Poem For Eaeh Birth Month.
January-"The Eve of St Agues,'*.
February—"Afternoon In February,1'
March-"A Morning In March/*
April-*'Welcome to April," Tennyson.
Msy-"An Evening In Msy,'1 Wsi-
June—"A Day In June." Lowell.
July—"Rain In Bummer," Longfellow.
August-"Forest Hymn," Bryant.    ..
September-"Hymn For September,**
George Herbert
October - "Plessures of Autumn,11.
November-"Desth of tbe Flowere,1*
December-'The Holly Tne," South'
cy .•'-Philadelphia Ledger.
Duok Under the Water.
In playing this game encb child
chooses a partner, and tbey ataad la
couples, one pair before another, till •
long line ls mads. Esch coupls holds
s handkerchief between tbem as blgh
ss they can to form an arch. Tha
couple at the foot ot the Una run
through this arch, stopping jnst beyond
tbs coupls standing st ths head. There
they stand still snd bold up their handkerchief, thus forming snotber arch.
This is done, by every couple left U
the foot In succession, so tbsrs are
alwaya ths asms number of arches,
qjhe line may be straight or enrvsd oa
ln a circle, according to fancy or tba
spsce In which tbe gams is plsyed.    I
This gams ls very pretty, wltb Its
quick motions and changing arches.
Different colored handkerchiefs vt
scarfs add to Its beauty.
Doge and Muale.
Dsgs nt a'pilo like musk*. But II
must be remembered that tbelr acutely developed nervous system, which
renders them sucb faithful watchers,
slso makes keen snd blgh pitched
sounds extremely pslnful to ihem.
Tbus the high notes ot s trumpet or
even of a violin are torturing to n dog,
wbo will howl under the Infliction. Oa
the otber band, soft medlnm tones undoubtedly give msny dogs pleasure.'
Cats slso, tike msny otbor animals,1
sre fond of music. But no Mtmalt appear to suffer to much from keen
hanh sounds st dogs, tnd none, on tba
other hand, probably dsllgbt more la
smooth, soft harmonies. A toothing "
"dlspston movement" Is the kind ot
music molt agreeable to tbe Intelligent
Hia Aassntmindnets.
Profeaaor (attar dinner, looking tt
his empty pitta la a raga)—Tbt-ra.
we've bsd spinach and an again!
Tou know perfectly wall, Amelia, that
I can't aat ItMMtfeads Bisttsr. THE  SUN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B.C.
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-Williams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Aak Da
Oar Paint Advice la Free
E. Miller, M.P. P., returned on
Friday trom a two weeks' visit to
tbe coast cities.
George Cooper returned on Friday
from a twu weeks' visit witb bia
parents in Victoria.
6. H. Clark, post office'inspector,
was in tbe city last Saturday on a
tour of inspection.
Mr. McLaren, higb Bchool inspector, visited the Grand Forks high
school on Monday.
George Cooper spent several Jdays
in Greenwood this week. He baa
secured several plumbing contracts
in that town.
Leo F. McDonald, of Butte, Mont.,
visited the city this week in tbe interests of the International Securities company.
W. T. Cook, wbo baa been witb
the Canadian Bank of Commerce in
Princeton for a couple of yeara, haa
been transferred to this oity.
James H. Hyley left oa Saturday
for Nelson, wbere he spent Sunday
with a sick son in the hospital. He
returned borne on Monday.
A. McDermott, formerly of tbia
city, arrived here laBt Friday from
Vancouver, and will remain in the
Boundary for a couple of weeks.
It is reported that tbe British Columbia Copper company will soon
resume development work on tbe
properties which it boldi tinder
bond in Franklin camp.
mill will be again in operation with
a force of about forty men. Wm.
Rowe has been enguqed as foreman
of tbe mine.
A force of about eight msn commenced work tbia week on the
wagon road from Lynch creek to
Franklyn camp. . It is intended to
repair it so that it can be traversed
by motor cars.
Nothing disfigures a street bo
much as electric poles. It should
therefore be tbe policy of tbe city
and tbe telephone company in future to place them in tbe alleys
whenever a line is rebuilt.
W. J. Finn, a business man of
Lethbridge visited James McArdle
in this city this week. Mr Finn
was in search of a business location,
and was favorably impressed with
the city and Valley.
The public school cartels, forty
strong, received their rifles last
Monday. They will go into camp,
under command of Commander J.
M. Ewing. at Sidney, B. C , the second week in July for two weeks.
Mr_and Mrs. R. J. Pettigrew,  of
Toronto,   are visiting this week at
On the 11th the Columbia Baseball club defeated Danville, at Danville, by a score 8 to 5,and on the 18th
Grand Forks defeated Columbia, at
tbe fair grounds, by a score of 13
to 5.
The Jewel mill baa been enlarged
and the new machinery will be
placed in position thia month.
About tbe 1st of June the mine and
srricitNT in
Prom n Minister in New Tort:   "I wm
"ttevurely 111 Willi lung trundle.   My nttcn- '
"lion win lilm-tal lo i lie Wltaoi Itemed/
"wbi.-li 1 used witli spl.'Udlil affect.'* )
From n tally In Mli-hlmm: "I mwrt roar .
"ini'ill'-iiir ilt-Ht .11 . r .1 yarn ago and It j
"uivrd nie trout _i,i|Ii:ic my days with caa-
Not the Short Man, the
Thick nor the Thin, 'tis
not beauty of feature nor
strength of limb, but pure
nerve, experience and
generalship that wins the
fight. By those methods
we have won the name of |
Fashion Plate
of Grand Forks for men's
clothing. When you fail
to- get fitted correctly,
"■umptlno.   Thou wonld la) no u«« of to , \A/OOD    AND   ICE
"ninny noon... dying with conminptlon II ' vv **•**-'*-'    tr+rw*-**   • **-*> **-*•
tliey could be iicr-uaded to trj WlHon'i 	
If yon tiro .offering from ANT long ot
Ihront tMititi.. II It yonr doty to lnreitl-
gate. Semi I r free fell Information to,
Wlleea'e Remedy, Weatveoai. N. *.
orrioa at i>etrie*s stobi
Suits to Order &18 iwds
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
E. Massie. tbe Reliable Tailor
the home of Mr. and Mra. W. J. Mclntyre in the Weat end. Mr. Pettigrew is (he traveling auditor for an
insurance company.and ia a brother
in-law of Mr. Mclntyre.
A local branch ot tbe British Columbia Bible society was organized
in this city last week. The officers
elected were: President, Rev. M. D.
McKee; vice-presidents, Rev. H.
Steele, H. C Kerman, Capt. FrakeB;
secretary, Rev. W. Quigley; treasurer, P. T. McCallum.
Notice -Saturday, May 24, being
a publico holiday, the post office will
be closed all day with the exception
of one hour from 3 till 4 in the afternoon, when the general delivery
wicket will be open for tbe delivery
of letters and papers. Mails for the
boxes will be sorted as usual, upon
arrival of trains
' If you read I'he Sun you get the
news of the cily,* the province and
the world. It is possible for a Sun
render to keen abreast of tbe times
without the aid of tbe daily   papers
The Sun job office is overstocked
with some sizes of billheads. Call
and get a bargain.
For 8ale—A good team; weight
about 2600 lbs.   Apply Sun office.
Grand Forks Transfer
raoNi 129
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Prop*.
Japanese Matting
Just the thing for bedrooms.  We have just received a
new shipment which we are offering at O A 1
the exceptionally low price of   -(."G 3* yCL
°*a.^    Grand Forks Furniture Go
Windo-Sk.*.....,. The Complete House Furnishers
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY, »« Columbia p. o.
F, Honey's Cigar Store
omen, BM _, „,
We are prepared to do
all kinds of .
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have tbe moat modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen,, and carry a complete
■*. line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions tnd By-laws.
Hhipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Rills of  Fare and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
GOOD PRINTOQ-^vniir_n^din.
order will convince you that our stock and workman-
ship are of tiie best. Let us estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
ilp Sim frtat fchflp
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Downey's Cigar Store
I     Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Fresh (-onslgunieui ol
;   Confectionery"
ReceiTOl Wwkl;.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Honing • 6
Huor Honing * SpaalaSr.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
Iar Doob North or Uhanbt Hot-si..
First Strict*.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A nliiblt French rifuWtor i uw talli. Tho*
pHli hi MCMdlt-sW powerful la refulttlu tho
launlln portion ol fin lemtlojnttm. Stmt
HTcnwp Imltatfans. »*.**Jsa*o srs Mid •»


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