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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 15, 1913

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A MET NlttLl
Doukhobor Body Interned at
Nisht, Is Subsequently
,..    Exhumed
below normal. Hence, there hat-
been crowded in tbe July buying
movement orders tbat would have
been spread under ordinary circumstances over a tbree months' period.
After many years of patient waiting, tbe citizens of Grand Forka are
rzjoicing over the fapt that the provincial government has at last made
an attempt to enforce the laws of
tbe lsnd against a colony of alien!
in this district. Tbe outcome will
be awaited with keen interest.
It is well known here that tbe
Doukhobors bury their dead at
night, and without securing the
necessary permission. Early in tbe
week it became known that a member of tbe colony died, aod tbe members of a committee of Orand Forks
citizens made up tbeir minds to attend the funeral. To carry out tbis
program sentinels were placed at tbe
house where tbe death had occurred,
and a party was sent out to lind the
secret graveyard. Tbe latter were
finally successful in discovering a
newly made grave about a mile
from Mr. Tweddle's former residence, wbere the body of tbe dead
person was kept. The members
of the committee kept their vigils
tbe greater part of Wednesday
About 4:40 in the morning, just
before daybreak, the funeral pro
ce. sion reached the grave. Tbe body
was borne in a blaok casket, witb
white trimmings. From ils size, it
tyas evident that the deceased was
a cbild. After the body had been interred the work of the watchers waa
ended, and they returned to the
city and notified the authorities.
During their night watch some of
tbem felt decided uncomfortable,
and if some one started a ghost
story there is no telling what would
have happened.
Acting on instructions from tbe
attorney-general's department in Victoria, Provincial Constable Stans-
field, of Phoenix, and Chief Savage
went out to the burial grounds yesterday afternoon aod disinterred tbe
casket and brought it to this city.
The body is said to to be in ao advanced state of decomposition.
Coroner Black, of Greenwood, arrived in the'sity today for tbe purpose of holding an inquest. After
selecting a jury and administering
the oath, be adjourned tbe case until Monday, and ordered a postmortem examination of tbe body to
be made.
Tbe next move of the government
is eagerly awaited here.
Walter R. Dewdney, government
ageut at Greenwood, and Miss Kathleen Ferguson, of Midway, were
united in marriage at the home of
tbe bride's parents at the latter place
on Wednesday morning, August IS,
Rev. J, R. Munro performing the
ceremony. Mr. Dewdney, who is a
nephew, of Hon. Edgar Dewdney,
formerly lieutenant-governor of
British I'olumbia, was employed as
clerk ia the government offloe in
this city for a decade, and has a
large number friends bere wbo will
wish him and bis bride joy and
prosperity. After the ceremony
breakfast was served, and tbe happy
couple left for Victoria and Vancouver, where tbey will spend their
Heavy Sales of Copper
Excepting only the extraordinary
sales of 1007, there bas been in full
awing during the pact three weeks
a record-breaking copper buying
movement, in wbich between
one hundred and two hundred
million pounds of the metal
bave been contracted for at
prioes ranging from 14 to 15} cents
a pound. No signs of a let-up bave
yet appeared, and producers predict
that even higher prices will follow
further buying. During June there
was practically no copper buying by
either foreign or domestic coneuni-
ers, while dnring the preceding
month pf May the bookings were far
Sale of City Property for
Delinquent Taxes Next
.Mayor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
and Wright were present at the
meeting el the oity council on Mon
day night.
A communication was read from
the Grand Forks Transfer company
in reference to tbe city's coal supply
for tbe coming winter, aod it was
referred to the finance committee.
Wm. Bonthron petitioned tbe
council for permission to construct a
septic tank under the sidewalk at
bis new block on First street. Tba
request was granted on condition
that he complied with the health
regulations of tbe city.
A resolution was adopted asking
tbe publio works department at Ottawa to deed to thepity a portion of
the upper end of tne lot on wbich
tbe post office is Ioc Hed in order to
improve tbe curvature of Bridge
Tbe water and ligbt committee
was authorized to purchase water
A   resolution   was  adopted con
gratulating lbe boy  cadets  of  the
publio school on tbe creditable   record   they   made wbile in camp at
A resolution was adopted authorizing the olerk to hold a sale of city
property for delinquent taxes on
September 12.
Board of Trade Invites Associated Boards to Meet
Here Next Tear
At the meeting of the board of
trade Wednesday nigbt a resolution
waa adopted inviting tbe associated
boards of trade to hold its session
in this city next next. A resolution
waa adopted asking tbe associated
boards to urge the attorney-general
to enforce the laws against aliens in
this province. The feasibility of
establishing a creamery bere was
discussed at length. Complaint was
made tbat the North Fork road waa
in bad condition for tymvy traffic,
and a resolution was adopted asking
the superintendent of roads to inspect tbe same and to have it repaired. The board petitioned the
Dominion Express company to
eliminate the twelve hours' lay over
in Nelson of express shipments.
The associated boards wae asked to
urge tbe forestry department (6 establish a telephone system and
leokout stations in this provinee.
A sbort meeting-of the police
commissioners was beld in tbe city
hall on Wednesday evening, Mayor
Fripp and Commissioners Norris
and Taylor being present. Abe
Wright was summoned before the
board to answer a charge of having
circulated certain slanderous stories
calculated to injure the good name
and reputation of tbe mayor. Mr.
Wrigbt, under oath, emphatically
denied having given currency to
these reports, and was unable to
say where they originated. Tbe
chief of police was instructed to
make an attempt to trace the stories
to their original source. This was
all tbe business transacted.
"The A-nbush of Ai" and "The
Victorious Wrestler" are the subjects
of Rev. Charles W. King's Snndsy
service addresses in tbe Baptist
church. Tbe morning subject is of
special interest to parents and all
devoted to tbe boys aod girls; tbe
evening of special interest to men.
Sunday school and pastor's Bible
class, 2:30 p.m.; subjeet for study,
"A Nation Crossiog the Red  Sea."
81.00 PER YEAR
W. A. Williams, manager of the
Granby smelter, returned on Saturday from Hidden Creek. Mrs.
Williams accompanied htm bome.
Tbe union picnic of the  Presby
terian and Baptist  Sunday schools
will be held on   the  afternoon   of
Wednesday, August  20,   beginning'
at 1 o'clock, on tbe river bank opposite Mr. Mtchener's home.   All   the'
scholars of the schools, tbeir parents
and friends are cordially invited to
be present and spend a jolly after
noon    Bring well filled baskets.
Dr. Barrett, Dominion inspector
of breweries, and i. A. Miller, inspector of inland revenue, visited
tbe local customs office on Wednesday.
The city of Greenwood will hold
tax sale on September 13,
The Bee and the Apple Tree
Wben a thoughful man Nets teetb
into s juicy apple he owes thanks
not to ths apple tree alone nor to the
grower. Recent experiments bave
plainly borne out what apiarists already had plausibly conjectured. It
appears that in the marriage of the
blossoms, or, ss a botanist would
say, in their pollination by one another—that mysterious intermingling without which no apple blossoms can develop into seeds and
core and fine-grained flesh—there is
a matchmaker and literal go between
—the familiar honey bee.
Professor Wangb, a national _ authority on orcharding, but himself.
no prepossessed lover or keeper of
bees, haa exposed among apple trees
through the time of blossoming
plates of glass coated witb   vaseline.'
He found that tbese traps caught no
pollen, no matter how tbe wind blew
upon them from tbe flower-crowded
trees. He drew the unavoidable
conclusion tbat tbe pollen of apple
blossoms, unlike the -pollen of Indian corn, is not carried by the air,
but must be borne, like the pollen
of orchids, by the visiting insects.
And in the days of blossom time,
early and cool as they usually are,
the hot-footed honey bee is aimoat
the only Johnny, or Jenny rather,
on the spot.
Most people know that the cucumber vines trellised under glass will
nnt set their fruit unless a oniony of
bees has heen brought in to fertilize
one yellow blossom from another.
Few of ua, however, have supposed
that ordinary apple - trees, growing
in sun and wind beneath tbe open
sky, would also be cheated of their
fruit were they not helped by the
golden-dusted bees..
Public School Cadets Made
Record in Field Sports
at Nelson    .
The boy cadets retnrned bome on
Saturday, after a week's encampment at Nelson. In the field sports
on Friday the members of tbe Grand
Forks contingent won many band-
some prizes, all of wbich are now ou
exhibition in McKim & Leroy's
show window. The following were
the prize winners:
100-Yard Race—First, A. Munro,
camera; second, C. McCallum, stick
220-Yard Race—First, A. Munro,
rifle; third, C. McCallum, baseball
Relay Race, 440 Yards—First,
Grand Forks, four pennants.
440-Yard Rage—Third, R. Newbauer, scout knife.
Pick-a Back—Third, A. Munro
and W. Wade, stick pin.
Tug-of-War—First, Grand Forks
team, silver cup, not to be competed again, and eight pennants.
Tent Race—First, Grand Forks
team, by R Newbauer, eight pennants.   Time, 1 min., 30 sec.
Best Drilled Company—Grand
Forks, Uoion Jack.
To Instructor of Best Drilled
Company—H.GIaBpell,Grand Forka,
fishing rod. *
Rifle Shooting— First, Glenn Lemaster, rifle; second, Harry Bowen,
range score book.
The Granby Consolidated company baa taken an option on the
Lame Foot group of mines, near
Curlew lake, eight miles north of
Republic, for 1150,000,from "Dutch
Jake" Goetz and Harry Baer, proprietors of the Ctuur d'Alene hotel
at Spokane, and tbe deeds to the
property are in escrow in the Trad
er's National bank, awaiting tne result of diamond drill exploration.
Tbe group comprises fifteen claims
and tbe Granby company already
has a diamond drill at work. Tbe
contract stipulates that no less than
$28,000 shall be expended in ex
ploring the deposits, principally an
iron fluxing ore, within eighteen
months from May 1, 1913, and at
the expiration of tbe period tbe option will have ro be exercised or will
lapse automatically.
Hope Mountain Link of K.V.
R. and G.N*R. Will Cost
One of the most important railway
contracts as affecting the future of
Grand Forks and tbe the southern
portion of tbe province was signed
in Vancouver last Friday. The
Kettle Valley Railway company,
after several days of consideration,
by the president, J. J. Warren, decided to let the contract for the construction of tbe company's line from
Coldwater Junction east of tbe Hope
mountains down tbe valley of the
Coquehalla river to the town of
Hope. The firm of McArthur Bros.,
of New York, proved to be the lowest out of maoy tenderers.
This link is really tbe most important in the solution of the transportation problem of British Columbia. It will bring this city into
easy access with tbe coast cities and
make accessible localities which now
cannot be reached within two or
three days. Wben completed, Grand
Forks will be a divisional point on
the main line of tbe Canadian Pacific railway, and the distance between Winnipeg and Vancouver will
be shortened by nearly three hundred miles.
This section of the Kettle Valley
railway will be used in joint by tbe
Canadian Pacific railway and tbe
Great Northern, each road bavin g
equal running rights thereon.
Tbe contract exceeds $3,000,000
for thirty-eight miles of track. It
will involve very heavy rock work
and some. engineering difficulties,
but it bas been agreed upon, after
consultation witb the most expert
engineers of tbe Pacilic coast, as tbe
only route possible and as tbe cheapest in the long run.
Tbe McArthur company, wbicb
was represented io Vancouver by F.
C. Hitchcock, will begin- work as
soon as it can get its plant together,
and promises to have tbe work finished by November 1 of next year.
The Coquehalla section, considering its sbort length, will probably
be tbe heaviest railway work ever
undertaken in British Columbia.
Tbe thirty-eight miles will cost, it
is estimated, about $3,000,000. For
a considerable distance tbe expenditure will exceed $100,000 a mile. In
tbat short distance no less than
twelve tunnels will have to be
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as re
corded by tbe government thermometer on K. F..Laws' ranch:
Min.     Max.
Aug.   9—Friday 60 82
10—Saturday .... 48 87
11—Snndty  50 93
12—Monday, 58 78
13—Tuesday.  49 69
14—Wednesday.. 48 64
15-Thursday  44 68
Rainfall......... 0.39
Bob Lamond and Neil McCallum
left for Nelson on Moday to participate in tbe annual shoot ol tbe Interior of British Columbia Rifle association. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
$10.00 MUStart YoitooWealth,$10.00
Imngtne Choice high Lots close to Main Street of Winnipeg, a City which
■runnut but have a population of 1,000,003 people within the next quarter of a
Century i **•
Klnlock Place has an c.ectilc car lino .n front of property running direct
fi centra or city. Close to the splendid new Exhibition Grounds In which
$100,000 will be expended, which with Kiidonan Park which It adjoins, will
Iti;iIte  the  most deslrab . district to llv.   In.
.Unlock Place Lots, $175 tip. $10 cash ari $10 per month. This week we
sr ., a die - .'a lot for $900 cash, that wo old him some years ago at only i-25.
tttnli.. ; Placo Lots will make you a similar pro it. If at the Exhibition let
stow you thia pr-ic-'-.
Pierre send me nn II
Mall Thlt Coupon To-day
l.-at.d booklet, etc.,   re  Kinlock  Place.
SCOTT,   HILL   &   CO.,
22 Canada Llfa  Building, Winnipeg,  Manitoba.
Boni Describes Temples Discovered Under Rome
The 2066th anniversary of the foundation of Rome was celebrated this
year by Prof. Boni who lectured on
nm recent excavations on the Palatine-.
The objects of these excavations,
which were started a year ago, Is
twofold, the exploration of the original structure of the historical hill on
which Rome was built and the discovery of traces left by its earliest inhabitants. ..
The results so far obtained may be
briefly explained as follows. By
rontons of deep borings reaching down
to the original rock of the hill three
separate series of pita or cellars of unknown ancient temples were discovered and the development of the dwell-
lut;.-. In different periods could bo followed from the rough huts ot the
flrst inhabitants to tho humble bouses
ot the early republic, which were
gradually transformed and enlarged
until they were changed to the palatial mansions of the empire. Practically every building on the Palatine
was erected over edificeB of earlier
periods. In the basilica of t.ie Pal-
act- of Domltian traces of an exedra
built by Nero were found, and underneath were the piscina or water tanks
divided into Ave compartmenta, which
cut through the walls of a republican
house with frescoed walls.
In the vestibule the- foundations of
the Imperial throne were discovered
cutting through the walls of three
palaces built '.n different perlods'over
a republican house richly decorated
with rare marbles. Still deeper
down the favlasae or pita ot ancient
temples were found, with traces of
hroken pottery Identified aa dating
from the fifth century, B.C. The explorations carried on in the house
of the Flavil are of the utmost lm-
pnrmni". for tho topographical study
of the Palatine IUU, and although no
great discovery of statue and works of
art has been made, since everything
was plundered during the sixteenth
nnd seventeenth centuries, when extensive digging for treasure waa undertaken, historical buildings have
heen Identified. The house of Tiber-
ins, for instance, haa been identified,
and underneath it ia tbe pit used i.s
a prison where Drusus was starved to
He Knew Her
You seem Inclined to encourage
your wife to become a Suffragette.
Yes, replied Mr. Meekln, if I can
thoroughly convince her that I deaire
her to march and make speeches maybe she'll get resentful and refuse to
do ao.
Gyroscopes on Lake Boata Might Prevent Their Freezing
Most novel ot all the applications
of the gyroscope that have boen proposed In tbe last few years Is the
use of a pair o: mighty gyroscopes to
make a ship roll, so that In passing
through icefields it will not freeze
tight. The possibility that this will
make traffic possible on the Great
Lakes -during the winter has been
suggested among ship engineers,
though there, are other difficulties to
winter lake traffic besides lake freezing.
On the car ferry Ashtabula, which
operates on the lakes such a pair of
gyroscopes have been Installed by Elmer A. Sperry, the leading authority
ln America on this peculiar force, aud
the Inventor of the gyroscope compasses that are being supplied to
many ships of the navy. The apparatus on the Ashtabula serves the
double purpose of restricting or diminishing the rolling of the vessel
when the water is rough, and of causing rolling when water is quiet and
th.re Is danger that the vessel may
be caught ln the Ice,
The big gyroscopes are placed low-
In the vessel, and with their attachments, weigh fifty-one tons. Not much
power is required to keep the heavy
wheels revolving at high speed; and
bo long as they are revolving the rolling of the vessel Is controlled. A
very sensitive pendulum automatically manages the big wheels. As the
pendulum swings lt causes the big
gyroscopic wheels to turn slightly In
such a way as to diminish the ship's
rolling; or lf lt Ib desired to make the
ship roll the pendulum can be made
to awing—and, ln turn, tbla will move
the gyroscopes and make the vessel
Mr. Sperry believes the method of
controlling the rolling ot a ship by
great tanks of water on the deck bo
connected tbat the water flows from
ono to another at the desired moment
la not a satisfactory solution, for he
haa discovered that the rolling of a
ship In a heavy sea Ib not regular
It will start at a slight degree and
then work up to a heavy roll, reaching the climax in perhaps a dozen
swings, then diminish again to tbe
slight rolling. By the use of the pendulum, however, each rolling motion
ia met with just the right amount of
gyroscopic action needed for that one
roll. ■
Scratched So Made Red Sore.
Trouble Grew Worse All the Time.
A Cake of Cuticura Soap and a
Box of Cuticura Ointment Completely Cured,
Ville Juliet!p. Que.—"My little dirt, aged
four years, had bo many pimpled on her
'aee. arms and legs tbat I did not know
wbat to do. They lasted
for a year, (.he commenced to _cr»ti.h and
this made pimples, cloar,
not red. She scratched bo
much tbat tho blood ran
.and It made a red sore,
vriio sores were worse on
her arms and legs and on
tier face, and they were ugly looking with
tbe blood. I was told what to do to stop
ber Buffering, and I used the treatment but
other pimples came out all the time. I tried
ell sorts of remedies but the trouble grew
worse all tbe time. It waa always the same
atory, until I used Cuticura Boap and Ointment. I began to apply tbe Outtcura Ointment on her, also hot water and Cuticura
Soap, Immediately I began to see that
they were curing her, and after having
used a cake of Cuticura Soap and a box of
Cuticura Ointment sho -was completely
cured. She nas Just as fine a skin as beforo.
."My busband also used Cuticura Ointment for cracks la bis hands. After three
applications of tha Cuticura Ointment ha
wascompletelycured." (Signed) Mrs. ALLed
Corrler, Jan. 10,1012.
Cuticura Soap ud Cuticura ointment ara
Bold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
tot a liberal free sample of each, with 32-p.
book, aaad post card to Potter Drug A Cheat.
Coy* Kept. 330, Beaton, U. S. iu
(toting Shoes
In Suffragette Daya
Dr. Lyman Abbott told at a recent
luncheon tn New York, an anti-suffrage anecdote.
Two suffragettes, he said, were
talking ono evening at the club over
a game of billiards'
How is your husband ? the flrst asked.
Slowly mending, thank you, the
other answered.
Slowly mending? I didn't know he
was 111.
He Isn't 111, the other suffragist explained, laughing heartily. He ls
slowly, mending ray khaki riding-
A portable searchlight, supplied with
gas from jr. tank carried on a man's
back, has been Invented to enable
linesmen to see to the tops ot poles
at night without having to climb them.
When the young husband reached
home from the office he found his
wife In tears.
Ob, John, she sobbed on his shoulder. I had baked a lovely cake and
put It out on the back porch for the
frosting to diy and tbe dog ate It!
Well, don't cry about It, sweetheart,
he consoled, patting the pretty flushed
cheek. I know»a man wha will give
us another dog.
The Egyptian irrigation de. u-tment
Is planning to use some of the 15C.000
horsepower available at the Assuan
dam for the production of atmospheric
nitrogen for -Vet-'city.
I am sure that girl has a kind heart
and a considerable disposition, said
the young man.
. Why?
Because, when I asked what her favorite flower was she took care to name
something that doer n't cost more than
50 cents a bunch.
As a vermicide there ia no preparation that equals Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator. It haa saved
the lives ot countless children.
Open Season for Cupid
The summer girl la planning now
Her subtle summer arts,
And Cupld'a working overtime
At sharpening his darts.
And by and by at each resort
According to her plan,
There'll be a Johnnie slain each day,
Mistaken for a man.
Mlnard'a Liniment Curea Colda, Etc.
London'a Champion Timekeeper
While the British Postmaster-General ts worrying about a scheme for
synchronizing clocks from Greenwich,
'London's Champion Timekeeper,' a
title which might -well be bestowed upon Mies Belleville, afill continues to
act, as she has done for many years,
aa purveyor of the correct time In the
Metropolis. Every week she calls at
tho Greenwich Observatory with a
chronometer which surely muat be the
roost perfect specimen ot watchmaker's art in the world. This Is checked according to the official time, after
which Miss Belleville carries the
watch round to her clients that they
may ac. their clocks by lt.
Mlsa Belleville, with her wonderful
chronometer cuts time down to finer
distinctions than any synchronized
clock cun aspire to. When taken to
the Observatory a few days ago It waa
found to have varied during tbe week
by only 010 ot a second, nn Inappreciable difference in time to the ordinary citizen, but quite enough to make
a variation of value to her clock-making clientele, to whom ahe communl-
c-tiiPB the fractions of a second by
which the nautical and other highly-
listed time registers they may have
under observation have varied in a
week. *
Miss Belevlllo's chronometer haa
never been known to deviate more
than fifteen seconds from Greenwich
time ln a week, and thia after being
carried all over London In train, 'bus,
and electric tram.
Her unique occupation has an interesting family hlBtory. It appears
that Mlsa Belleville's father, about
halt a century ago, obtained permission from the then Aatronomer Boyal
to hurry from the Observatory, where
he was employed to chronometer-makers to give them the minute to a tenth
of a aecond. Her mother took up the
curious occupation on Mr. Belleville's
death, and now their daughter carries
on the business.       H-_^-_HHh
A little four-year old girl whose
parents had been discussing an approaching meeting in connection with
the Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty toNChildren begged to bo taken. Her mother explained that th-
meetlng would not amuse her, but sbe
persisted In her demand, and finally
her mother agreed -to take ber it she
promised to be very quiet.
She was very good throughout, the
greater part of the proceedings, but
after listening patiently to the speech
es for some time she whispered to
ber mother:
Mummy, this ls dull. When Is the
cruelty going to begin. ,
Tea and Coffee Finally Had to Go
The way Eome persons cling to tea
nnd coffee, even after ihey know they
are doing them harm, Is a puzzler.
(Tea la just aa harmful because It contains caffeine, the same drug found
ln coffee), But lt ln an easy matter
to give lt up for good, when Postum
Is properly made and used Instead. A
girl writes: ^T~
"Mother had been suffering wlih
nervous headaches for seven weary
years, but kept on ilrlnklnr. coffee.
A Scientific Co.igreaa
Special interest attache., to next
year's meeting of the Assoc!:'.Ion
Francalse pour l'Advancement des
Sciences which Is to be held at
Havre, probably Septerhber 4th, to
12th. A large number of British societies are to take part in tbe meeting.
There are 160 British societies affiiat-
ed with the British Association for
the Advaucemen of Science, and lt
has been the custom for these societies to hold a conference ln London
whenever the ,-ssoclation Itself met in
aome far distant city—aB In the case
of the meetings at Winnipeg and ln
South Africa. (Strange ts "Say the
British Assocatlon has nev - met ln
London). Now il happens tbat In
1914 ttae British Association meets In
Australia, and comparatively few
members will be able to make tbe
long and expensive Journey, aside,
from those whose expenses are to be
paid out ot funds raised for this purpose in Australia. Accordingly, ts
Havre la comparatively near England,
It has been decided to hold the conterence ot delegates from the affiliated
societies at that place, In conjunction
with the meeting of the French association. It is hoped that American
scientific .oclttl'es will also be represented at this joint meeting.
No matter how deep-rooted the corn
or wart may be, lt must yield to Hollow-ay's Corn Cure lf used as d. .cted.
Milking Machines
The milking machine is becoming
a recognized part of the equipment of
large dairies. It has already reached the point where lt compares favorably with ordinary hand milking In
the item of germ content of the milk
ahd in its effect upon the flow. There
is still much room for Improvement
from the mechanical viewpoint especially in the matter of simplicity and
expense of lnati.ll_.tlon.
The success of tbe milking machine
Is closely associated with the personality of the operator. Unquestionably it takea a higher grade man to
operate a milklnr. machine successfully than to hand-i. Ilk a cow equally
well. There ls every reaaon to think
that In the hands of careless operators the machinery will work injury
to the cows, but the samo result ia to -
often obtained from inefficient (iand-
$100 Reward, $10u.
Tlte readers o! ttila pnper will be ril-xxetl to team
tliat tliere to st least one dretulf-l disense tbst seleacs
fcss been able to care tn nil Its Biases, snd tbst Is
Catarrh. Hsll's Catarrh (-urn Is the uiilr positive
cure now known to the medical fraternity, catarrh
twins a .onstllutlo;;-! disease, rwnil.es a constitutional treatment. Hill's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, set nt directly upon the blood and mucoua
iiurfacca of the system, thereby ilestroylns tbs
foundation of tho disease. , id sivins tbe patient
strength by bulldlns up the constitution and assisting nature In doing ll. work. Tho proprietors havo
so much faith In Its curative powers tbat tbey offer
One Hundred Hollars for any case tbat It falls te
•are.  Hettn for list of testimonials
AnCtee, f. 3. CHENEY k CO . Toledo. O.
8o.it by all Druggists.. _e.
lets nulls Family -tli- for .-n-stlpauc*.
Iar* Era.    «s_obJ .
You wm find relief In t__bii-Buk 1
II Mtet the burning, •tinging
pain, stops bleeding ahd brings
•aee. Perseverance,'with Zam.
Bilk, means cure; Why not prove
IM* tsM •*n*-^«5«*»a-w«« Oetsee-.
Insure Your Horse For
Fifty Gents
Silver Pun Healing OO
Hetli Barb Wire Gft-
Cures Kick* **m& Spraint
witbHl l sinfls cimpliint
No matter how badly cot
a horse or cow may be,
euro It. There hae ne-rer
been a .failure, in all tha
yean tbla wonderfol healing oil has been need by
farmers and stockmen. It
soothes the pain-prevents
inflammation, prood flash
and- Mood poisoning-and
causes tha cats to heal
cleanly and rapidly. Cares
Old  Sores,   Bruises,
Strains. Swellings, Sweeny.
Equally  Good  for   Muscular  Rheumatism,
Bums, Scalds,  Sprains,   Sore Tbroat,   any
Ulcerated Surface.
HOC a bottlr—and sold by dealers every*
where on a spot cash guarantee to cure.
itttentitienir Stock Feed Ce., Limited
laraata      •      •      Oattrie »,
WANTED at ence
Pci-f-ons to work for ua
I spare .lime at home. No experience
required with our NEW ART COLOR-
IN i PROCEioS. Easy and fatclnntlug
-..orl.. Good pay. No canvassing. Write
for Instructloi.-j I free).
S'.j Coli.ge Street. Toronto, Canada.
Worth Knowing
Cluetera of cloves hung up ln the
rooms and allowed to dry will eradi«
cate flies quicker than fly paper.
A package or envelope sealed, with
tin white of an egg can not be steamed opei..
Wash silver ornaments in borax and
If you varnish the soles of yonr
boots it will render them impervious
to damp and will make them last
Mh.r.rd's  Liniment  Curea  Diphtheria
There was once a chap who .went
skating too early, and all of a sudden
that afternoon loud cries for help began to echo among the bleak hills that
surrounded the skating pond.
A farmer, obbling hla boota before
hla kitchen fire, heard tho ahouts and
yells and ran to the pond at. breakneck speed. He saw a large black
hole In the Ice and a pale young fellow stood with chattering teeth shoulder deep In the cold water.
The farmer laid a board on the thin
ice, and crawled out on it to the edge
of the hole. Then extending his hand
he said:
Here, come over this way, and I'll
lift you out.
No, 1 can't swim, was the Impatient
reply. Throw a rope to me. Hurry
up.     It's cold hi here.
I ain't got no rope, said the farmer,
aud he added angrily: What If you
can't swim—you can wade, I. gties;,.
The water's only up to your slioyl-
Up to my shoulders? said the
young fellow. It's eight feet If It's
an Inch. I'm standing on the blasted fat m n who broke the ice.
Harry Lauder tells a story of an
English nobleman. Ills lordship wns
Introduced to me at the end of the
Tlvell one night, so the story begins. He asked mc *.o dlno with
him. 1 nccepted, and then he hesitated and na Id:
I don't moan dine at my home, you
know,    liy  wife doesn't approve of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    —c—r—music hall people yor. know
Ono day I asked her why sbe did JI mean dine at my club.
W.N.U. »57
An Italian woman, accompanied by
her little boy, waa travelling on a
train which was making very poor
time. The conductor aaid to her:
Madam, your boy can't pass on halt
fare; he la too large.
Wella. he may be too largea nowa,
htitta when de tralaa start fer f-aaaa
small enougha.
not give up coffer, oa a cousin of mine
had done who had taken te Postum.
But Mother was such a slave to coffee
sho thought It would be terrible to
give It up.
"Finally, one dny. sho made the
cbange to Postum, and quickly her
headachea disappeared. One morning while ahe- was drinking Postum
so freely and with such relish, I asked
for a taste.
"That atarted mc on Postum and I
now drink it more freely than I did
coffee, which never cornea Into our
houae now."
Name given by Canadian Postum
Co., Windsor, Ont. Write for booklet, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Postum cornea ln two forma.
Regular Poatum (must be boiled).
Inatant Poatum doean't require boiling, but la prepared Instantly by atlr-
ring a level teaapoonful In an ordinary cup of hot water, which makes It
right for' most persons.
A big cup requires more and some
people wha like etrong things put ln
a heaping spoonful and tamper It with
a large aupply ot cream.
Experiment until you know the
amount that, ploaaea your palate and
have lt aerved that way ln tha future.
"There'e a Reason" for Poatum.
At yeur club? sald.I with horrified
look. Oh, no! No, thank you, my
luifl; I'm Berry to have to decline,
hut tiie fact la, you know, uy wife
doesn't—er—approve of clubmen.
Pork or Mutton
A Britisher visiting thia country
avers that Le can never •accustom
Iil.iit.e1f to the free and easy manners
of the waiters he haa encountered In
American hotels.
In Chicago, says he^-i met the most
extraordinary types,     I said to one:
Walter, ls this a pork chop or a
mutton chop.
Can't ytu tell by the taste? asked
the wait-'r.
No, said I.
Then, said the waiter, what difference doea It make which It la?
Pure Apple Jelly
added to Pure Jam
makes  a   delicious  conserve
Ask  for   Upton's
'.ho fool man who goes out on toots
We  .11 holL up to scorn;
Yet he Ignores our slur:   and boota
And starts to blow his horn .
A young gentleman of the colored
persu-ttion hnd promised hla girl a-
palr ot white gloves for a Christ-nun
glfe. Entering a large department
store, he nt last found the counter
where theso gooda were' displayed,
and approaching rather hesitatingly,
remarked: Ah wn t -., pair ob gloves.
How long i'o you want them? Inquired the businesslike clerk.
Ah doesn't want fo' to rent 'em;
Ah wants to' io buy 'em, replied tha
nlier, lndlfcoantly.
Her Cousin—Maud la alwaya very
positive ln her .insertions.
Rcjeetcil Suitor—Yes, Rhe was
even positive in her negative.
MAD is WeD That Ends WeT
Along with dyspepsia comes nervousness, sleeplessness and general Ul hulth. Why? license a disordered Btonueh does not permit
the food to ba aaaimllated aad carried to the blood. On tha other hand,
the blood la charged with poisons whieh come from this disordered
digestion. In tarn, the nerves ara not fad en good, red blood aad we
see those symptoms of nervous breakdown. It la not head work that
does It, but poor stomach work. With poor thin blood tba body la aat
protected against the attack of germs of grip-teoaehlW"—*-*****-**.
Uoa.   Fortify the body now with " .'
Golden Medical Discovery
a* altetothra extract tram native medfelaal pilots, areealbat k both t*nSi
aedUUstf ens br Dr. H.V.PIerea, sorer Musaissvo. ■ • «
_  Mm than 40 nan st Mptr-anee has erovan Its superior worth aaaa In-
,Tltomttrustwiash tenlo and Wood purt-W. It tntrlforaM aadxegnmss
t-wsMMth. tins Hd biweii, and ih'rourtI'them Unvrfcole'sTsISnl jt aus
id UUetfsra et most dsalars ta l   ''-*--
new aieo be had" to etwrnsated" UMaTfim ef asset dseijes ta medMaa.
«t»^ ssjcl»i««sUie»<ent stan_gs_ ftr trial bu to Br. Hsnsss IatsJM.*
.The Common Sense Medical Atfruer. THE StTS, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Make the liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is right tba
stomach and bowels are right.
pel a lazy liver to
doits duly
Cures Coa-
Sick      .^^^^^^^^^
Headache, and Distress aftar Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price,
Genuine mint hear Signature
SomelhliiK better than linen and no
laundry bills. Wash it with soap and
-Water. All stores oV direct. State style
and size. For 26c. we will mail you.
88 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
I If as. Winslow's Soothinc. Svrup has been
Bed for over SIXTY VICARS liy MILLIONS of
la the beat remedy for DIARRHOEA. It is absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask fot " Mrs.
■Winslow's Soothing Syrup," aad take ao otber
M-uV Twenty-five cents a bottle. _ __.
Ideal - Sliver
Cream Is a scientific preparation
specially adapted
for cleaning all
kinds of SILVER
GLASS, or WINDOWS. It, ts a
purely 'vegetable
compound and
does not contain
any Injurious substances. Any article polished with
IDEAL will acquire a beautiful
lustre that will not
For sale by all
Officers of   Storm-Toaaed    Freighter
Lasaoo Animate Releaaed by
While a terrific storm raged ..bout
them, tossing their big freighter about
like a cork ln the ocean, six officers
of the GertULii steamship Rhelnfels,
[which, arrived recently In Philadelphia
from Calcutta, battled fo. five hours
before they succeeded in aubdutng five
frenzied leopards whioh had escaped
from their cages.
During the storm all, hands had been
ordered on deck by Capt. Albert kuc-
kens, and when lightning struck the
poop deck lt knocked the leopard
cages down ln the midst ot the 48
* With a scream of fright the men
took to the rigging, kicking, cursing
ahd fighting ln an effort to climb to
a place of safety. In an Instant only
the six officers were left on deck. One
stoker, seized by fear when he saw the
loose leopards, leaped Into the aea
and was drowned.
Around and around the battered
deck the quintet of leopards rated,
paying little attention to the group of
six men crouched ln one corner. All
the deck load had been washed into
thc sea, giving the beast sample room
to romp and run. After an bour the
leopards slgLtcd the men and stationed themselves ln front of them,
evidently Intending to wait until the
storm abated to advance on them.
But the officers thought otherwise.
One crawled from, the. group on his
hands and knees to hla room, procured a rope and returned. Sudden-
ly he threw the rope aeroso the leopards, seated on the'.- haunches a few
feet away. Unprepared for the movement, two ot the beasts were caught
and made fast. Other ropes were
secured, but it was not tntll three
hours later that the last of the leopards waa captured and placed In another cage.
In the same cargo ot wild beasts
were two giraffes and two antelopes.
Their cag.s were shattered, but they
remained quLtly on the poop deck
and watched the fight.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper
The Heait of a Piano is the
Action.   Insist on the
"Otto Higel
Piano Action
Do you peed Money ?
Send foisour application forms.
Do you need Land?
Send fot our list and terms.
Do you fieed an Executor 7
Send foi*. our Will forms supplied free.
Do you iieed an Administrator?
Confer -^.th us if deceased left
Do you heed an Assignee ?
Confidential interview invited
add bijst advice given without feje.
Agents Wanted In all Unr-preaent-
'j    ed District*
Apply ;to—
The Standard Trusts Company,
directing your letter almply to Ita
.,*..   oftlcea la
Winnipeg,   Saakatoon,   Edmonton,
! or Vancouver
According to locality la which yon
Wheels Within Wheeta
Mra;- Crawford—I    waa   ao   glad
to find her out-when I called.
Mra. Crabshaw—I knew you didn't
like each other, ao I told her when
you were going to call.
A man who trlca lo run au automobile on a wheelbarrow Income de-
je-ves a Jolt.
7   PI US,-;
VokidneV " ,
P'AUETCS   **__.,;.'■
ttyo. a box or alx Uxae tor 12.SO,
)|l all Oealere, or Tha Dodda Madl.
dine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W.N.U. 187
What do you want? demanded Mr.
Newlywed, a. he confronted tho
tramp at the door ot the bungalow,
breakfast or work.'
Both, sir, replied the wayfarer, timidly.
Well eat that, returned the other
savagely, banding out a biscuit and a
piece of steak, and you'll have both.
Whereupon Mrs. Newlywed glanced
reproachfully at her husband, for he
was giving away' the -first fruits of
her culinary studies at the cooking
It Is Wlaa to Prevent Disorder.—
-Many causes lead to disorders of the
stomach and few are free trom them.
At the flrst manifestation tbat the
atomach and liver are no: performing
their functions, a course of Parmelee's Vegetable Fills ahoald be tried,
and It.will be found that the digestive
organs will speedily resume healthy
action. Laxatives and sedatives are
so blended ln these pills that no other
preparation could be so effective as
Primitive Cooking Apparatus in Cornwall, England
Incredible cs lt may seem to us
who have at cur command every sort
of labor saving machine and device
that It ls possible to conceive, there
are some parts ot the world—and not
thc most remote, either—wh9re many
of the ordinary tasks ot lite are accomplished In almost Identically the
same way that they were centuries
ago, says a wilier in Gas Logic. Travellers ln foreign countries bave frequently told f surprising Instances
of this kind which they have met with
In their wanderings-hi out-of-the-way
A striking Illustration ot the way
In which people who come little Into
contact with modern methods oftentimes cling to ancient and cumbersome ways ot doing things ts afforded
by tho case of a farmer In Cornwall,
England, whose primitive and picturesque cooking apparatus has attracted
Tho fuel used tn the atovo Is neither coal nor wood, but | jat. No other
fuel has been burned ia it. The
Cornish farmer declares that to his
k-owledge the fire ln It has not been
out ln seventy yeara.
When the farmer's family have any
cooking to do, the ombera are first
raked flat, and an Iron plate I.i placed
over them. The dough Is then put
Into a tin, which Is placed upon the
iron plate, the tin being covered over
with a big Iron pot. The whole ts
covered with embers and In eighty
minutes' time, It Is said, the bread
Is perfectly baked.
.-'!- I —— ■
An Irish number ot parliament Is
telling a story of a man who complained to three friends—an Englishman, a Scotchman, and ah Irishman—
that his servant wan constantly breaking china.
What do yeu think I ought to do
with her? he asked plaintively.
The pras.lcal Englishman said: Dis-
miss her! B,it as she was otherwise
an excellent servant her master waa
unwilling to do that.
Then take lt out of her wages, aug-
gestet. the thrifty Scot.
That wouldn't do much good was
the reply, tor her wagea are bss tban
the amount ot damage she does.
Then raise her wag***! said tha
Irishman promptly.
Teethma.ks More Reliable In Crime
Detectloiy-fhan Flngtr Prlnta
The case of the burglar who was
recently identified ln Paris by the
marks of his teeth ln some fruit he
had bitten and left behind, led a London dentist to comment on the value
of the teeth and palate tor purposes'
of Identification. It recalls, too, the
researches of Dr, Paul Prague, of
Vienna, who more than five years ago
declared that a long series ot experiments demonstrated that the palate
never changes trom childhood to old
age, and that Identification by this
means ls even more certain than by
means of finger-prints.
The gums and palate, said the dentist referred to, are an infallible test of
identity. No matt.-r how a person
changes ln facial expression and In
general appearance, the gums and
palate remain to assure him and others that his identity Is the same. The
sooner this fact is realized the better
tor one can state no limit to its usefulness. Here is a case that came
directly under my own notice.
A man of considerable wealth and
ot high social standing went on a tour
to Africa. He disappeared,.- and
though every effort was maCe to trace
him he could not be found. Meanwhile difficulties arose concerning the
disposition of his property. There
was no evidence of his death, and presumption ot death waa retuaed by the
court. Reports arrived later to the
effect that he had been murdered by
native's and It was stated tt... his body
had been burled in an African village.
Ae It happened, I had made the man
a set Of teeth and still retained the
cast ot the mouth. The man's brother went out, returned with the skull
and I found that the cast I had taken
fitted thc mouth of the dead man.
That waa sufficient. The death was
presumed, and the estate duly administered.
The palate test Is Infallible, and
ahould be used by our detectives. A
cast of the mouth of every criminal
could easily be taken, and would
prove more effective und reliable than
the much-vaunted finger-print tystem.
No symptoms that Indicate any of
the ailments ot childhood should be
allowed to pass .without prompt attention. Tho little ailment may soon
become a serious ono and perbapa a
little life passes out. lt Baby's Own
Tablets are kept ln the house minor
troubles can be promptly cured and
serious ones averted. The Tablets
are guaranteed absolutely rate and
can be given to the newborn babe as
well as the growing child. Thousands of mothers use no other medicine tor their little ones. The Tablets are sold by medicine dealers or
by mail at 25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Hogan's Clock
The frequent and unsuccessful candidacy of certain men for public office reminded Oeorge Dore ot a atory
ot his old friend Hogan.
Ho„an waa raffling a clock, said
Mr. Dore. He was fairly successful
In disposing ot tickets In the shop
where he worked, but he ran up
against trouble when he canvassed the
Dropping ln at a neighbor's home
he tried to aell a ticket on tho clock.
It'a a folne timepiece -nd It'll look
folne on yer whatnot or mantel, say.
Hogan, cajollngly'
'Owan, the old clock doesn't run, replied the neighbor, -
Well, drawled Hogan, changing front
completely, well, perhaps yez won't
win lt, and then ye'U have the laugh
on the fellow who does.
Mlnard'a Liniment  Cures Garget  In
.. Cow_
At a dinner given by the prime
minister of a little kingdom en the
Balkan Peninsular a diploma; complained to his host that the minister
of justice, who had been sitting on
hia left, had stole* his watch.
Ah, he ahouldn't have done that,
said the prime minister, In tones ot
annoyance. I will get it back for
you. Sure enough, toward the end
of the evening the watch wat. returned
to Its owner.
And what did he say? asked the
Sh-h! cautioned the host, glancing
anxiously about him. He doesn't
know that' have got lt back.
It'a really a pleasure to , bserve how
willingly your I'.'.le boy runs your errands.
Oh, he's the boy that lives text
door. I get him to do my errands
because my own boy won't.
Well, what Is your boy doing now?
He's running an errand for the lady
next door,
Dr. £<__ arse's
Indian Root Pillt
are jutt the right medicine for th*
children. When they arc constipated
—whA their kidney* arc out ol order
—when over-indulgence in aom*
favorite food give* them indinstioa
—Dr. Morae'a Indian Root rills wilt
quickly and surely put them right.
Purely vegetable, they neither sicken,
weaken or gri pe.lik* harsh pit rcativea
Guard your children'* health by
alway* keeping a box of Dr. Mora* a
Indian Root Pills la tbe boun, Tbty
Whittling for a Living
A novel Industry has been brougU
to light by the news that a man who
In taking 450 British song birds to
British Columbia ls an expert bird
whistler. It appears that it is no uncommon thing for a man who keeps
a bird fancier's shop Si be able to
whistle a distinct series of bird notes.
At the beginning of each teries says
The Daily Citizen, describing the work
of the professional blrd-whistler, the
different feathered tribes whose cages
completely covered the walls took up
the lay, piping as lt their little hearts
would break with joy. When tho linnets ceased the canaries, hearing the
notes of the man-whistler, broke Into
full-throated song. Then when the
expert started to whistle skylark notes
the Imprisoned songsters of the heavens (orgot their captivity and gavo the
sun, peeping shyly in between the
closed blinds, a melodious welcome.
It appears that when a bird is caught
and put Into a cage it is very apt to
sulk. and become miserable, this Is
where the blrd-whlstler comes ln useful. He Imitates the tones ct whatever kind of bird this one happens to
be, and the little prisoner, thinking
it has company, forgets all his troubles and breaks Into a song of joy.
Sometimes the blrd-whlstler can
teach one bird another bird's song.
One man taught a goldfinch to- sing
like a linnet and a linnet to sing like
a goldfinch.
A Long Felt Want
He expects to be rich some day.
What's he done?
He's Invented a waterproof bread
for lettuce sandwiches.
Oil engine propulsion for ocean going vessels has reached so successful
a stage that a $5,000,000 company has
been organized in London to operate
lines of freight ships of that type.
Young Husband—What a glorious
day! I could dare anything, face
anything, on a day like this!
Wife—Come on down to the millln-
Choked for Air. Some little Irritant becomes /lodged in the bronchial
tubes, others gather, and the awful
choking of asthma results. Nothing
offers quite such quick and positive
relief as Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy. The healing, soothing
smoke or vapor penetrates, clears tha
passages and gives untold relief. Usually lt completely cures. It has behind it years of success. It is the
sure remedy for every Bufferer.
Why He Didn't Understand 'Em
That woman snubbed me deliberately.
Perhaps she didn't see you.
Of course she did. Didn't I have
on my new suit, nad my (30 bonnet?
No woman in the world could pass by
without seeing that.
Reduce the Cost of Living
There must be a prohibitive tariff
on moving vans.
What a silly idea.
Not at all, I just tried to hire one,
and the cost of moving bas almost
Mayor Rockwell ot Akron was condemn ng the claln often put forward
by ti.e rich, that poverty is good for
the charac.e/.
Poverty-Is good for nobody, he said.
It embitters the mind, hardens the
heart, causes unhappluess and fear
and Buffering.
There's nothing like adversity, a
millionaire once said to me—there's
nothing Ukt adversity to brli-.g a man
Tes, I repllcU, out at the elbows.
I nCKArlUN Hospital, witti
treat sure-ss, cires chronic weakness, lost vigor;
Med. Co. Havi rstocs KD. Hampstead, London, Eng.,-
*-"■*"  " —*" "*-  **   ■■"■      *—' "~        BAPE AND I
'More Cups ,
and a Better Drink
Bakes Bread
to Perfection
Oil Cook-stove
Cleaner than coal or wood.   Cheaper
than gas.
For best results use ROYAtlTE Oil
Stock carried at all chief point*.
K«*p th*  Children
Vaatoanr THE   SUN.   GBAND   FORKS,   B. C.
-na TMP   	
'lu* Tear fin advanoe)	
One Year, in United Ststes	
Address all oommiinleatlona to
.. 1.00
.. 1.-0
facta* RU
Thb Gband Porks Sun,
Uhasd Kobes, B.C
FRIDAY,   AUGUST 15,  19J3
London appears to be tbe favorite summer place of residence for
tbe cabinet ministers of the British
Columbia governmt-nt. One of them
has just returned, and the premier
left this week for his annual vacation trip to the empire's metropolis
After having heen bribed with
their own money for the past decade,
the people of a number of district*
in this province are beginning to
realize that their constituencies have
received no more than just doe* in
the way nf appropriations. Some of
them have not received that much.
Grand Forks, for instance, got a $50,
000 court house, while in districts of
no greater importance 1200,000 and
£250,000 publio buildings have been
ever boast of bis mother love or
parade his religious belief. Love
for mother is ton sacred and love of
country too dear to be loudly boasted of. Yet it is observed in certain
of the press of Canada that ihey or
their party have a monopoly of all
tbe love of country going; tbey are
the only Simon pure patriots.because of tbeir flag flapping and yelping loyalty. Beware of the man
who flaunts his religion or patriotism. Some low, ulterior motive
prompts bim, aud when he is weigh-
ed found wanting. Tolerance, and
respect for a fellow subject's honest
opinion are indicative of the broad
mind, the gentleman and true citizen.—Princeton Star.
Leo Mader has been appointed
game warden for this district. Mr.
Mader says tbat be intends to enforce the game laws to the letter,
Only A Few
A comparatively unal! number of Hamilton \\ atchet are made every year. Their
extreme aeouraov and tine adjustment
torhlda making them In large quantities,
•Up Ifamtttan Hatrlj
uThe Railroad Timekeeper of America"
Not only the man or woman who wants a
Very accurate wateh buys the Hamilton -
but the Ji.divid.uaK who knowt about
watches usually demands a Hamilton. We
sell Hamilton watches complete, or supply
a Hamilton movement for your present
watch case, all «iaet formen and women.
A. D. MORRISON igffl&gWS.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
daily. Dairy absosolutely
sanitary. We endeavor to
please our customers.
The proprietors of some of the Tory
"windjammers" in this province would
rather fight than relinquish their
grip on the treasury at Victoria.
That is probably the reason why a
ftw bruisers, more fit for the prise
ring than the positions they occupy,
have broken into an honorable pro
lt will be interesting to note what
the government will do with the
Doukhobors. For their latest breach
ofthe li.w it is difficult to see what
punishment can be inflicted, unleaa
Czar Peter is given a jail sentence,
as the province at present ha* not suf
fiuient jail accommodations for the
entire colony.
When a government—federal, provincial or municipal—pays an exorbitant price for a public service in order
to repay party loyalty, it ia not ful
filling its duty to the people.
O, what crimes are committed in
the names of patriotism and religion. History affords eome striking
illustrations of callow hypocrisy
practised by characters who boasted
of tbeir patriotism or tbeir religion
in order that they might .persecute
those who honestly expressed a differing opinion. The ranting re-
ligeuse or pseudo patriot assumes
an air of superiority and thrusts his
ideas upon those whom he poses to
lead. -'Coward" and "heretic" are
the words used by them toward
those of independent thought and
action.    No  rensihle   man   would
Mra. N. L. Jackson, of Spokane,
ia visiting at the home of her mother,
Mrs: Mader. i
King Reese, of P. Burns & Co,
Greenwood, visited tbe Arm's local
branch yesterday.
Mr. Barker.chicf train dispatcher,
and Mr. Molison, master mechanic
of tbe C.P.R-, came over from Nelson on Tuesday and a spent a couple
of daya in tbe city.
Tbe British Columbia Copper
company will begin shortly to-build
a concentrator at Boundary Falls.
Tbe Granby company bas taken
a bond on the Rig Copper and will
do some diamond drilling in the
near future.
L. A. Smith & Co., of Greenwood
bave purchased the- Russell-Law-
Uaulfield company's stock.
limelight can't have  many   dark   secrets.
We hate to have our friends pity ua
and think them hard hearted if they
Moat   people  tell   the truth when
somebody triea to get them to lie.
When an editor can't defend him
self in hia own paper, he should traiu
for the prize ring.
■ A fool and his foolishness are never
p arted.
Some men were born grandfathers,
and their small sons have a tough
None of the politicians seem to
want to save tbe ci-untry by shoveling
coal or working in the hardest field.
Swatting flies is no occupation for a
tender hearted mortal.
Some persons are so unlucky that
they alwaya get the seat in thu car
next to the big lady who has been
eating onions.
Don't feel hurt if somebody else
does your work better than you do it
and gets vour job if you don't properly attend tu it vouinelf
I'rubablv the chief difference be
tween being a schemer and a dreamer
is merely one of practicability.
Tou have to show up the   cocksure
fellow occasionally ore there's no   living witli hiin.
Anyway, the people who are in the
Doing as you please sounds fasoin -
ating, but it doean't take into ac
count the bill for damages.
Bargain counters will never appeal
to men until they offer beer for 3
cents a glass or two for 5 cents.
The great majority of the pay as
you go set are the stay at home variety.
Highest cash price paid for old
.Stoves anti Ranges. £. 0. Peckham,
Secondhand Store.
Tak<> your repair* to ArmannV
Boot nnd Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
If yon arc tired of indifferent
work at high prices, try The Sun
jub office. We guarantee salis-ar-
tinn, and nre prices are right. We
have a splendid stock of stationery
nn hand. .
The Sii" onK cos's tl a y*ar.    Il
prints all the news.
n  . '• ,,,-rt ,|,.,,T|,„ <j„„ i..,f. ,.,-
bwt Job printing depurment In the
Boundary oonntry.
I   Bod The Son and keep potted
on currant events.
We  wind  tn   inform   the people ul
Grand Porka that we have  purchased
i the. bii'vi'le biiiintim from George W,
Co iper, and will conduul the same in
futuro We will carry a complete
line of wheels. In addition to deal-
ing in wheels, we will do nil kinda nf
bicycle repairing.    Aii work   will   be
| done   bv   competent   mechanics, and
j -fully guaranteed.
MooTBOKit & Postma.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
stand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre CS, Smith
"H. G." and "Copper Kin*" Mlwral Clalma,
situate In the Grand Porka Mining Dlvlsion
of Ynlf. District.
Where located: In Franklin oamp,
I TAKE NOTICB (tbat I, WUIUm H.W.,ffman,
1 I formvtelf an executor oi'the will nf the
lute Catherine Hoffman, and aa agent for
. itu;ol> M. I'aulaoti, Free Miners' Certificate*
Noi. 61S49B and SH.I7AB, respectively, Intend,
sixty .da*** from tlte date hereof, to up.
ply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate*
, of Improvement, for the purpose of obtain*
IngCrovtn <• rant ■ of thf. above claims
And further take notice that action, under
flection 87, muat be commenced before tbe
In ii mice of   Hitch Certificates  of Improvement!.
Dated tbla 6th day of Mar, A.D. Mis.
We Have Received Today
Fresh-killed Beet,. ^Mutton, Veal
and Young Pork
Fresh Fish Daily*
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. Bums <®> Co. Limited
XN.JJy.rlV^.ri GOODS
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See ourjiew stock of Gloves, Balis' etc.
Beach Balls... .T    $1.23 each
Woodland C& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
<_____. SBPT It TO •_>. too *****
Modern Bigs and Good
Horses at All Hours at
Model Livery Barn
Bonn 8 O'Ray, Props.
Phone 68 Second Street
International Polo
Daily Game* between Canadian
and Amnion Teams
$35,000 in Premiums &
Competition open to tlu World
The First National
Indian Congress
Approvad by U. S. Government
72d Seaforth Highlanders Band
$500CashPrizesfor Better Babies
"Custer1. LastF$ht"Nij
(Published Anuually)
Enable! tradan throughout th* world to
communicate direct with English
In each olau of goods. Resides bains a complete coniroeipla) guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory contaiui Hats of
with the'food* tbey ship, and (he Colonial
and Foreign Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they tall,
I and Indicating the approximate Sailing).:
of leading Manufacturer!., Merchants, etc.. In
I the principal provincial towns and Industrie!
centres of the united Kingdom.
Acopy of the current edition will be forwarded, freight paid, ou receipt of Postal
Order for 80s.
Dealers welting Agencies ran advert!**
their trade cards for _£tt or larger advertisement* from £8.
in, Almlmmh I_nnn. Luiidim,  R.C.
A thrilling reproduction of thu ll ,
btttltwithSOOIndiuuuvdlOOSoldMn |
Fireworks Display Every Ni&ht
Individual Farm Exhibit Prizes
$20,000 Race Program
Sevan Rkm Daily
Poultryiuan'sMeetinfc Wednesday
Dairymen's Meeting Thursday
Broadsword Battleson Horseback
C For illustrated D»ily Program and
Premium Lilt, address 50J Chamber of
Commerce Bui-dint u Spokane, Wish.
Electric Restorer for Men
: Phosohonol reeteiae mm, uerre l> thi body
rpiiipuuiroi ta ||§ (((o|)er ,„,,„,. „,,„,„
•Im ud tit-lit». Praaiature decny and all auiial
I rakneM averted at ence.   Pkaaai-Mul will
lil!!     *   '"TWTP.
Mfrj— ——
W+— -           -
___________________— -
At tlu
Tht man at
whether at hom
the one whoae
to attract
Our paper p
of homes and i»
the family. Tl
raaulta obtain
Classified Wan
b Head'
the head of adairs
e or in business, if
attention you with
*» into the bett fttu
read by the head uf
at account, (or the
•d by the use of
1 Ada.
If you read The 8un you get tbe
news of tbe city, the province aod
the world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without tbe aid of the daily papera. 1%
Most Important Events at J
Home-and Abroad During the East Week
The  term  of Sir John Gibson as I
lieutenant-governor of Ontario  may
be extended.
Ihe temperance movement if
spreading in Britain, and the use of
alcohol by doctors is decreasing.
Jobn Liud, President Wilson's personal representative to Mehico, reaches
Vera Cms on board a United Statea
It is reported from Ottawa that a
measure nf redistribution will not be
introduced at the next session of parliament.
British Unionists, it is said, will
endeavor to secure the public opinion
o( Canada on the subject of home rale
for Ireland.
Slow progress is being made with
tbe tariff bill ut Washington The
Democrats are working with a narrow
margin, but are coniideut uf success.
A loss of 300,000,000 bushels of
corn, the nation's greatest crop, has
resulted from the great damage
wrought by drought and other conditions in the United States since
The British house of commons, by
a vote of 210 to 148, today  approved
Why Swelter in a
Hot Kitchen
During the hot weather, when for a .small
sum at our store for any of our large variety
you can have a cool kitchen and do your
cooking iii comfort?
We have a complete line of Oil Stovesy-Gaso-
line flStoves and Electric Cookers and labor-
saving devices.
We are offering reduced prices on all Oil and
Gasoline Stoves.   Below are a few of our
3-burner wickless, blue-flame  Oil   Stove;
regular $10.00.   Special S8.00
2-burner wickless, olue-flame  Oil  Stove;
regular $7.50.   Special  6.00
2-burner  Gasoline Stove;  regular   $5.75.
Special   5.00
Oil Stove Oven, covering 2 burners; regulsir
$4.00.   Special    3.25
Miller & Gardner
Hardware        Home Furnishers Crockery
will demobilise at once. Turkey gives
an evasive reply to the demand of the
According to a special Ottawa dispatch, a report received from eonfiden
tial agents of the immigration depart'
the government agreement -giving to j ment"ther ta to the effwlt that there
the Marconi company a contract for * U a well planned scheme to bring to
the creation, of an imperial  chain   of Canada upwards of   100,000 Hindus
u_.i__t_a_l_a._i_j       i-alfiftru ni       _jf.itn.nu       aim  m.i _..'__ ... '
wireless   telegraph
the world.
stations  oiroling
H.M.S. New Zealand  sails
Vancouver for San Francisco.
The Mexican trades commissioner
talked too much, and is realled.
The storm and the heat wave claim
many victims iu the eastern stoles.
John Lind, personal representative
of President Wilson, arrives in the
City of Mexico.
The members of the international
medical congress in London attend a
garden party at Windsor castle.
The police use harsh measures in
suppressing a suffragette riot in London. Women are riddrn down and
Sylvia Pankhurst is arrested. The
jail doctor is horsewhipped by women
The peace treaty between the
Balkan states was signed in Bucharest
at 10:30 this morning, and  Bulgaria
and their families.
The Mexican crisis is more hopeful,
and official circles in Washington are
Much interest is taken in the .debates at the international medical
congress in London.
Sweden was {oday conceded the
right to send wood pulp and paper
into the United States free o! duty,
The French Academy of Science offers a prize of f 20,000 to any astronomer who will put the earth in coni-
municetiun with any planet utber
than Mars.
A motion is made to impeach Governor Sulzer ot New York. The re
pot t of the Frawley legislative committee charges bim with having, di
verted campaign funds tn his own
u»e. >>
Foreign delegates  to the   interna
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part of the country. We use the best Ice
Cream apd the finest fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We oMann  Drug  Co.
' Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
Seeds-, Fertilizers, Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
That the majority of cases pf sickness are
caused by unsanitary plumbing? Avoid this
risk by having your plumbing work done by
Heating and Sanitary Engineer*
Premier McBride left Victoria today for London.
The international medical congress
in London comes to an end.
John Lind is received unofficially
by the Mexican foreign minister.
The Industrial Workers of the
World are expelled from Minot, N.B.
The Canadian Northern issue of
17,500,000 5 per cent secured notes
at 98 has been oversubscribed.
Agricultural duties are debated in
the United States senate. Senators
vote against a party amenpinent Cattle go on thefjee list.
A change in the regulations for the
importation into Canada of livestock
free of duty provides that the owner
must be a British subject.
Fred St. Amour, a C P.R. clerk at
Calgary, is sent to the penitentiary
for three years for padding the payroll to the extent of 17000.
Conditions in Nanaimo are beyond
the control of the city police, and in
all probability the atterney-general's
department will iake over the enforcement of law and order.
The delegates to the international
geological congress are banqueted in
the armery at Toronto.
The provincial government's free
labor bureau of Saskatchewan sends
six hundred men to the harvest fields
Henry Lane Wilson, United Stales
ambassador to Mexico, attacks |ihe
British foreign office, and President
Wilson may dismiss him.
Discussion of the agricultural
si'h&lulo and the proposed free listing
of wheat in particular enlivened the
tariff debate today in the United
States senate.
With Governor Sulzer impeached
by the assembly and the date of his
trial before the senate and the judges
of the court of appeals fixed for .September 18, the spectacle was presented tonight of two men claiming to be
governor of the state of New York.
Six strike breakers are killed in
Nanaimo, and the Morning Herald
office is bombarded. The provincial
executive at a special session at Victoria this morning decided to send
several militia companies to the scene
of trouble. The wen are now being
got ready and a special train will
probably take them north tonight.
A fierce storm rages in  Winnipeg,
and the air is filled with wreckage.
cAlmost cA New Store
The carpenters have converted our old building into a
faodern plate-glass store.
Qlllt»fc A fine line of Neg-
OIlllLb Hgee Shirts, attach-
Straw Hats-3Lid
straw hat weather. We have all
styles and qualities, at tbe lowest prices.
In fine Balbriggan, fine mesh
short sleeves and knee pants.
Also the well known sleeveless
B. V. D underwear. Prices
range from 90c to 13 50.
Stylecraft Clothes—We are
agents for this popular line of
ed and detached collars and cuffs
Fancy- stripes, plain colors.
Prices f! to $3.50.
Hrxcit-ftS* F-**n°y Hosiery
.nus-.iery {or men and
women in silk lisle and  cotton.
Boots and Shoes — Agents
for Copeland & Rider's well
known shoes for ladies and
gents. Also agents for the Empress shoe for women.
Groceries—We carry a com
plete stock of staple and fancy
We invite your inspection ofthe above goods. We are
striking at the high cost of living. Those who patronize
us realize that we have solved the problem. The reduction in their hills prove it. No matter whethea you
are from Missouri or not, come in and we will show you.
tional medical congress in London today occupied front seats at the weekly
meeting of the  Women's Social   and \
Political union,  the   militant  suffragettes' organization.
A dispatch fr nn Peking to the I
London Daily Felegraph says that it
is reportrd that Oen, Kang Hsun has
declared himself emperor of China
and that he intends to tight his way
to Nanking to impose his rule.
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing needs inspection, now is the time have it done lie-
fore the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
Brisk fighting occurs in Londonderry. Ireland, between Orangemen
and Nationalists.
Much destruction to buildings and
crops is caused by wind disturbances
of cyclonic character in Manitoba and
southern and central Saskatchewan.
Strikebreakers in Nanaimo escape
and take to the hills A strong force
of troops is now camped in the town.
Both Nanaimo and Ladysmith show
the effects of mob rule.
The Sulzer episode causes a muddle
in New York, and difficulties arise
with other states. The civil servants
are divided into hostile camps.
Western problems are'said to worry
the Ottawa officials, and the government is giving more attention to British Columbia affairs than  heretofore.
President Wilson publicly repri
mands Ambassador Wilson for his reflections on the British foreign office,
and expresses regret to Britain.
The United States senate places
wheat on the free list, aud au amendment to restore the duty on eggs is
voted down.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundary mines during
the past week. Oranby mine, 24,-
476; Mother Lode, 4,830; Rawhide,
5,298; Napoleon, 245; Victoria, 407.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
865 tons; Greenwood, 11,075.   .
It is hard to make some people un
derstand that what is yours isn't sll
their own and that things that are
disagreeable to them may be odious to
Some people wouldn't   be  satisfied
with a chance to go to heaven   unless
they   were  furnished with a return j
There is no sense in being a fool,
for then vou wouldn't be a fool.
Don't find fault. If you must work
off your meanness, just get some
sharp-tongued person started on the
subject you want In see ventilated.
Is the Railroad Centre and Natural
Distributing Point for the interior ot
Southern British Columbia. It is
the Coming City. Place *Jour money
where it will grow.
•Invest in Grand Forks
Grand Forks Townsite Co., Ltd.
BoundaryTrust & Investment Co.,Ltd
Established 1901 First Street THE SUN. GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Why Clacks Stop
The reason why mant lplece clocks
so often get out of order is so obvious
that It is nuge that attention to it
lias not been drawn before. A clock-
maker said:
It Is because mantelpieces arc rare,
ly level. If a clock meant for a
.rantelpieee is not placed ln an exact
ly horizontal position it is surj to go
wrong. When the clock gains or
loses because of its slanting position,
people regularly move the hands forward or backward, as the caso may
be, ii. order to adjust it. Eventually
the clock's hands are moved about sc
much that the mechanism gets out of
order, and thc clock refuse.- even to
Wntclies and travelling clocks aro
constructed differently from the stationary clock, and they wl'.. go in any
position. That ls why they are relied upon more than the ornamental
mantelpiece clock.
New York's New $6,000,000 Post Office
is Modern Wonder
New York's new $6,000,000 post office building, a massive pile of pink
granite five storeys in height and two
blocks long, facing ths rear of the
Pennsylvania station, is tha greatest
building of Its kind in the world.
The curb to the topmost p.ece of
granite ls 101 feet. There ar-' 1654
000 cubic feet of granite, 18,000 tons
of ste-=l, 7,000,000 bricks, and 200,000
square feet oi glass in the building
The main corridor, corresponding in
length to the outside colonnade, is a
combination of buff marble, white
plaster and glass, two storeys high,
29 feet wide, ..nd 280 feet long. There
are 400.000 square feet of working
space within the building.
McCla r/s
Sunshine Fu™
Your fuel bills will be lowerand you'll^
get more heat, evenly distributed all over the
house, if you install a McClarp Sunshine Furnace.
The Sunshine paps for itself in a very few years'1
by tW saving it effects. Call on the McClarydealer^
or write our nearest Branch for fullinformation.
A Good Remedy
Aviator—Yes, It took me about sin
month's hard work learning to operate this aeroplane.
Miss Sweetums—And what have you
got for your pains'!
Expert Advice
Every man ought to save up enough
to buy himself a good, big farm, aaid
the thrifty citizen.
Yes, replied Parmer Corntossel, and
then do something else with the money.
Another  Way
Why are you so anxious to go on
the stage?
I wish to get a rich husband.
Things will be dull in the theatrical business for several months. Better go Into the manicure business,
Miller's Worm Powders ..re a pleasant uiedlcit.e for worm-infested children, and they will take it without
objection. When directions are followed it will not injure the mo3t delicate child, us there is nothing of an
Injurious nature in its composition.
They wiH- speedily rift* a child of
worms and restore the health of the
little sufferers' whose vitality has become Impaired by the attacks of these
Internal pcsls.
The editor cf a great magazine sent
for n certain author who had submitted an unsolicited manuscript.
I am glad to make your .- cquali t-
ance. sir, said the editor, enthusiastically The story . iu sent us ls
perfectly spleudid. But why use a
nam de plui.ie? Let us publish it
jver your own name and it will make
you faniou..
I'm not after fame, objected the
suthor.     It's money I want.
But ,ou'll get Just as much money
ln cither c .se.
No, I won't. If I publish it over
my own r.amo my wife will get tbe
Minard's Liniment Co.. Limited
Dear Sirs,—This fall I got thrown
jn a fence and hurt my chest very
bad, so I could not work and It hurt
hie to breathe. I tried ail kinds ot
Liniments ant they did me no good.
One bottle ot MINARD'S LINIMENT, warmed on flannels and applied on my breast, cured me completely.
ftossway, Dlgb>  Co., N.S.
Mrs. Jlpes (looking at proofs ot her
latest photograph)—1 won't stand for
iny such portrait as tl.ati
Mr. Jlpes—0, 1 think I would; you
tat for it.
I see they'.o Invented another automatic machine that takes the place
of a man, remarked Miss Pepper. But
they'll never invent a machine tha*.
could take the place of a woman.
Oh, I don't know, replied Knox,
there's the i-.-inograpli.
Grease, Ink and all .other stains
come off with Snap. Leaves the
hands soft and white.   Antiseptic.
■ur catvMT, umite.   .
W.N.U. 957
I'he elderly matron with the bundles, who was journeying to a point
ln Wisconsin nnd occupied a seat near
the middlu of the car, haci fallen
asleep. On the seat in fron': of her
sat a little boy. The b:vkeman
o ened the door of the c-.ir ur.i called
out the name ot the station the .'train
was approaching. The elderly lady
roused-herself with a jerk and inquired hurriedly ot the boy: Where are
we, Bobby?
I don't know, grandma, answered
the little boy.
Didn't the brak.maa say some-
thlni; just now?
. No, he just stuck his head inside the
door and sneezed.
Help me with these things, Bobby!
she exclaimed, she exclaimed, hurriedly. This is Oshkosh. It's where wo
I"-'- off.
Keep tke Blood RicVand Pure
with Dr. Williams' Pink Pil's
The condition ot the blood makes
all the difference between health and
sickness. Impure blood and strong
healthy nerves and muscles never go
together, lf the blood is thin every
part of the body tacomes weak. The
storr jch falls in strength and the appetite becomes poor. The body does
not obtain enough, nourishment from
the food, nnd soon''the nerves begin
to complain and the person becomes
Irritable, despondent, worn out and
nervous. For a time there may be
no actual sickness, only a run-down
weak condition, but there is no defence against disease and from such
a condition spring disorders such as
anaemia, rheumatism, Indigestion,
neuralgia, and even paralysis itself.
People with impure, thin blood
should take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People. Every dose helps
to make new, rich blood, and new
blood means health and strength.
They stop the progress of disease, and
red cheeks, good appetite, new
strength, declare the general improvement in the health. Here ls an example. Miss Ellen Maude McQuo-
dale, Harrlston, Ont., says: "I feel
it my duty 11 add my voice to the
many new recommending Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. For years I was
a sufferer with backache**'' rheumatism and nervousness. I was so bad
at times that I was confined to my
bed. I felt sleepy and heavy after
my meals, and had flashes of* light before my eyes, and a difficulty in collecting my thoughts. After using
several remedies without benefit I began using Dr. Williams" Pink PIUs
and used ten or twelve boxes ln all.
They gave me the best health I have
enjoyed for yeaiB, and I have not
sinco had the least return ot the
You can get these Pills from any
dealer tn medicine or by mall at 60
cents, a box or six boxes for $2.50
from The Dr. Williams' Mediclue Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
How American Bird Banding Association Studies Migration
To extend scientific knowledge ot
bird habits by means of records made
by t'.udents nnd accurate observers,
the American Bird Banding Association
hae been organized wltb head-quarters at the American Museum of Natural History. Durli. - the last year more
than eight hundred wild birds have
been banded with an aluminum ring
that is adjusted loosely so as to cause
no Injury or Inconvenience to the
On the ring appears the words: Notify the American Museum, New York,
and a card In the filed records of the
museum gives the species ot the bird,
the date, the place and circumstance
ot banding, lt ls hoped by this system to learn the distance birds travel b> migration, their definite routes,
and Information regarding the!.- winter
quarters. A long period of time ls
required to obtain results of value.
Squire Kilbunker—Can you'see any
good In letth.g your boy go into all
them games an' sports in college?
Mr. Seedmlller—Yep; I wear all his
baseball an' tennis clothes fer under-
Photographers now receive light
very similar to that through the traditional sn-dlo skylight by vapor tube
electric lamps filled with carbon dioxide ot mercury vapor-
is the cheapest
WHETHER (or a sOo, a mille.
house, or a million bushel grain
elevator, concrete is the mo»t
economical building material in uie to.
Concrete never requires repairs, and
the saving in repair-expense alone
makes the greater economy of using
concrete more apparent every day.
The cost of other building materials is
constantly increasing.
The cost of concrete is being reduced.
Canada Cement
-which pmadian fanners use, with iheir own sand, stone and gravel to male*
concrete, is the only ingredient you hsve to buy.
We have, by reason of our large output and scientific methods, been able to
bring the price of "Canada" Cement so low that it is within lhe reach ol
An increase in demand results in a greater economy of production, and when
conditions have warranted it, we have, from time lo
time, shared this saving with the consumer by reducing the price of Canada Cement.   This, demand will
continue to increase—as fast as farmers learn of concrete's superiority over other materials.
When you buy cement, see that you get ''Canada"
Cement; by so doing you -will assure the complete
success of all your concrete -work.
Send a post card for our book "What tha Firmer
Can do Wilh Concrete."   It is free.
Here li s Cu-di Cmeil dialer ts yssr »i|Mork«J.
If thit label ii not oa
every bag it is not
Canada Cement.
Canada Cement Company Limited
His New Mark of Favor
Barrle is a baronet-
Great Sir Peter Pan—      • ,-,|.;
Any honor Jim may get
Cannot spoil the  nan.
Barrle ls a baronet-
Sure, it Berves him right;
Hats off to tho man we've never met,
Never to die knight.
—Cleveland Plain  Dealer
Tourist—My physician advises He
to locate whe.e I may have the beneflt of the south wind. .Does it blow
Landlord—My! But you are fortunate in coming to just the rUht place!
Why, the su.th wind always blows
Tourist—Always? Why, It seems
to me to be blowing from '.he north
Landlord—Oh. It may be coming
from that direction but It's the south
wind. It's just coming back, yeu
The Oil for the Farmer.—A hottl.
of Dr. Thomas' Eclectr'.c Oil in the
farm house will save many a journey
(or the doctor. It Is not only good
for the children when taken with colds
snd croup, and for the mature who
suffer from pains and aches, but tliere
are directions for its use on sick cat-
tie. There Bhould always be a bottle of It tn the house.
Discussing ti customs difficulty, Mr.
Loeb, collector of customs for the
port of New York, said:
If ours weren't such a big and Important country I suppose some tourist would treat us as the Yankee au-
tomobollst treated Montenegro.
This automoblllst, after a wrangle
with the customs officers on the Montenegro frontier, shouted:
Here, shut up the trunks! Put 'em
back on the car again! I'll not go
through you at all! You're no country! You're only a spot. I don't
mind losing 10 or 12 minutes to go
around you.
You are an honest boy, said the
lady as she opened thc roll ot five
one dollar bills, but the money I lost
was a five dollar bill. Didn't you see
that in  the  advertisement?
Yesslm, replied the boy. It was a
five dollar bill that I found, hut I had
It changed bo that you could pay me
a reward.
Try Murine Eye Remedy
If you have Red, Weak, Watery Eyes
or Granulated Eyelids, Doesn't Smart
—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell
Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, Mc.
Murine Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes,
25c, 50c. Eye Books Free by Mall,
aa *n tm*. a*** tie aa tm uut a—* a***
|f«rts>* *■-•• neasedr Co.. Chleage
Dangerous chemicals are not used In tip
ping EDDY'S Ses-qui Safe Light matches.
Sea that you get EDDY'S and no other
"just as good."
Safety—In Its complete sense—is absolutely guaranteed, but you must ask for
EDDY'S new
Has Them
Bright Kind       '
M-s.  RaleB—Mrs. Ranlco    ls
smartest woman In this towu.
Husband—Explain why.
Mrs.  Rales—She   knows   all
neighbors' telephone numbers.
She (after the quarrel)—Leave my
He (confusedly)—Why—er—you've
got them all!
Pa: son—Do you know where little
boys go to when they smoke?
Boy—Yes; up the alley.
Mrs. Wayburn—We're sorry now
we called our house a bungalow.
Her Friend—Why?
Mrs. Wayburn—It we spent $50
more ou It wt could call It a villa.
Whon Woman Reads *
■ Henry, It says here that Mr. Jackson pelted the pill for three sacks.
What docs It mean?
Good heavens, Mary, can't you understand plain English? It means
that lie slugged the sphere safe and
landed on the third pillo*.
In the Spring
the Blood is Thin
The body ot man can be Influenced
In health or disease only through the
medium of two channels—the blood
and the nerves.
When the blood Is thin and watery,
sb It usually Is In the spring, tho
nerves are starved and depicted, and
every organ in the human body ls les.i
capable ot performing Its natural
The action ot the heart weakens,
breathing Is weaker, the gustrlc juices
ot the stomach do not flow regularly,
the liver, kidneys and bowels are less
active, and In fact the whole body
tails au easy victim to disease.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food goes directly to the formation ot new, rich '
blood, and on this account Is a restorative ot exceptional value. You caa
scarcely conceive ot a treatment bet*
ter suited as a spring tonic to enrich
thc watery blood and put new vim,
vigor and energy Into every part ot
the human body.
There Is no trouble from headaches,
neuralgia, sleeplessness. Irritability,
nervousness and I'espondency when
thc nerves aro property nourished with
an abundance of pure, rich blood. The
use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food Is the •
most certain means ot getting the'
blood Into perfect condition.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
GO cents a box, t to. 12.50, at all Healers, or Edmansbn, Bates A Co.. Iii*
Deputy Registrar et Hastinga Has
Bern a Notable Marksman In His
Day, Active In Toronto University
Senate, Ontario Bar Executive,
Red Cross and Numerous Other
bf.-Col. William Nislet Ponton,
ene of the beat-known military men
et eastern Ontario, bas been For more
th i forty years deputy registrar ol
t' > county (. Hastings and comes
fro.-, good old military Scottish
Since he was a young uan he has
taken a deep interest in rifle shooting
and has been an earnest worker on
behalf of the volunteer militia ol the
Dominion,, both by example and precept doing all in his power to en-
courage the force and promote its
efficiency. He was a crac'.t rifle shot
himself for years and actively participated in rifle shooting contests,
holding three medals and a champion-
ihip cup as proof ot hia prowess as a
marksman. He is a member of ths
Fifteenth Regiment. He entered that
*et\j as lieutenant in 1882 and was
promoted to captain in 1884, major in
_8!M and lieutenant-colonel comman-
iant in 1895. He is acting brigadier
Major of the Sixth Infantry Brigsde
ind is one of the executives ot the
cllevillc Board ot Trade, president of
tie Bay of (Juinte District Exhibition
Issociation and president of the Hastings Law Associatior, the Veterans'
Association and a senator ot Toronto
University, besides bein(f a very prominent Mason and deputy district
Pand master lor Prince "dward dis.
.' Lieut.-Col. l'onton Is vice-president
>t the loeal Game and Fish Protective
Issociation. a vice-president of Upper
Canada College Old Boys' Association
ind a vice-president (or Ontario ol the
Canadian branch ot the British Red
Cross Association and one of the executives of the Ontario Bar Association.
' He was born at Belleville in 1850
ind was educated at Upper Canada
Ccllege and Toronto University, be-
in j a medallist at the latter institution in 1877. He subsequently stud-
led lsw and wai called to tho Ontario
Bar in 1881 and has since success-
hilly practiced In the Belleville district. In 1883 he married Miss San-
key, ot County Fermanagh, Ireland.
Ths  Australian   Lyn   Bird.
The Queen Victoria Lyre bird is one
ol the rarest Australian birds, and ia
a most wonderful songster and mimic,
far surpassing any other in these respects. Never common, it is continually becoming scarcer on account of
It. peculiar habits. Almost all ot Its
life ia spent on the ground, the nests
art built on or very nesr the ground,
and to make its continued existence
still more uncertain, only one egg is
laid. Foxes, which were introduced
Into Australia to lurnish amusement
for the early colonists who could net
give up their English ideas of- sport,
have practically exterminated the
Lyre birds, ot which there are tbree
These birds are ot dull, though very
beautiful plumage, the tails being especially wonderful. First discovered
IIS years sgo, they were thought to
be birds ot paradise but it was soon
sesn that no bird ot paradise had any
such, peculiar tail and the Lyre bird
was recognised as constituting a class
by himself. Only the males have the
lyre-shape tall, and It fs only fully
developed when the bird is four years
Commanders'   Methods   ef   Keeping
Order Differ Very Widely.
That the diseiplinary methods of
military commanders differ widely was
shown by two British officers who
died within a few days. It used to
be said of Sir Frederick Carrlngton,
whose muscular prowess was famous,
that when an alleged offender waa
brought before him he would solemnly resolve himself into a court-martial,
call for a statement from the accuser,
and then demand of the accused:
"Did you do this?" As denials were
proverbially useless, the answer was
commonly, "Yes, sir." "Then tske
that—and that—and that I" and tba
combined judge and executioner
would rain blow upon blow till convinced that a sufficient penalty had
been inflicted.
Lord Wolseley, on the other hand,
was rather scrupulous about the for-
Lmal preliminaries, and always aimed
to make the punishment fit the crime.
One morning he delivered an address
to his men on parade, warning them
against carelessness of attire, especially when under the view of the civilian
publio. .The next day he was halted
by three of his own men on guard
at the barrack gate, who refused to
let him pass out because he was wearing only one spur. He was so delighted at their literal application of
his orders that he presented them on
the spot with a sovereign apiece,
warning them not to spend any of- it
on drink. Within a few hours the
trio were brought before him, under
arrest for intoxication. '
"If y'r hon'r 'adn't gi'n us the
money," said their spokesman, frankly, "we'd 'a' been all right."
Wolseley pondered the situation a
few minutes, and then answered:
"You are riglit. I was a fool to expect anything else. You will now
right about, and march in charge of
this sergeant .to the savings bank,
where he will stand over you till you
have deposited every penny in your
Perhaps the best of sll the barrack-
lore clustered about Wolseley's name
has to do with an order he issued
during thc Egyptian occupation, when
be posted a guard around the harem
of a local potentate. A brother officer, strolling into an adjacent garden,
was hailed by a sentinel: "Hi, sir;
you mustn't go there, sir!"
"Don't you see who I am?" protested the officer; "I am Col. Blank ot
the ."
" "Yes, sir, I know," interrupted the
trooper, respectfully; "but they's led-
dies livin' in thst 'ouse, an' th' borders f'm Sir Garnet is that 'e's not to
be let go in there 'isself—no matter
'ow bad he wants to.'"
A Big Incubator.
The largest egg incubator in the
United Kingdom, one with a capacity
for 3,000 eggs. Is now at work on a
poultry farm in Kent. The appliance
is iu reality a succession of incubators joined, operated and controlled
by one small automatic heater or fire-
pot. The cost of running the incubator Is not more than Is, 3d. a
week, u only 15 pounds of anthracite coal ls uScd each day ln the Ore
pot. A well-known authority on poif'
try culture said that these maniwoi
incubators should prove a boon _
English poultry-farmers. At one man
ean attend satisfactorily to them the
labor and capital saved are consider-
A Bird Disciplinarian.
' For an example of the wisest ot all
msde creatures in dealing with the
frivolities of the weaker sex, tbe
horntiill. an uncouth bird of Africa
and India, is the most striking. The
hornbill drills itself a hole into the
hollow of some old tree when itis
nesting time. There it builds a comfortable nest and in due course the
eggs are deposited therein by its mate.
When they are all in place and the
necessity arises of sitting on them for
the necessary weeks, the male hornbill
drives its mate Into the nest and proceeds to erect a wall of perfectly good
masonrf across the aperture to keep
her tbere. In this wall h left one
small slit. It is just large enough for
the female to put her bill out through
it. The c-.ale bird does not forget, his
responsibility and gathers food for
his captive. This lie brings to the
nest. The captive puts her bill
through the slit and the food is deposited therein. So does the master
of the flock assure himself thst the
female of his household is not to be
allowed to gel careless with th; eggs
and possibly allow the young birds
in them to come to, harm. When the
young ones are hatched the male tears
out his masorry wall and the mother
is liberated.
Hussars Once Freebooters.
Hussars were originally scarcely respectable enough to include a Prince
of Wales among their numbers, for
the word hussar is akin to corsair, and
the flrst hussars were simply freebooters. As part of the regular army
the hussar appeared in Hungary in
1458, when King Matthias Corvinus
raised a corps of light horse under
that name to fight against the Turks.
The name and fame of the Hungarian
hussars spread throughout Europe,
and Frederick the Great was not above
sending an officer to study their work.
The English hussar dates from '1803,
when the Seventh regiment was converted from light dragoons into hussars.—Westminster Gazette.
Where Not One but Two er Three
Oxen Might Be Roasted.
The kitchens ot olden times seem ta
have been of extraordinary size, judging from tbe investigations made by,
an English historical society. At
Hurstmonceux, for example, tber* wa|
a kitchen twenty-eight feet blgh, with
three huge fireplaces and a bakehouse
wltb an oven fourteen feet ln diameter.
There la an old Welsh kltcben near
Llandudno, dating from tbe fifteenth
century, wblcb has many primitive
culinary contrivances, now obsolete or
superseded by modern devices. Among
theae curious old devlcea may be mentioned a meatjack wltb a flywheel, a
steel toasting stand and a fan bet-
At Battle abbey tbere la a curious
eld kitchen containing much ot Interest to the antiquary, and a kitchen at
St Mnry's hall, Coventry, ls remarkable for the famous "knaves' post," to
which, It appears, refractory scullions
were temporarily attached by way ol
punlsbment v
There la a medieval kitchen at Westminster abbey, although little remain*
by wblcb to Identify It aside from tbe
rubble flooring, tbe buttery hatch and
an adjoining cellar. Hampton Court
palace shows Its "groat kltcben," wltb
vaulted roof and sets ot antlers on Us
Englishmen of other dnys fully recognised tbe advantages ot a large
kitchen. Tbere ls extant an order,
dated April 10, 1200, wherein Hugb de
Nevill Is commanded to have the king's
kltcben nt Clarendon roofed wltb shingles and to cause two new kitchens to
be erected, one at Marlborough and
the other at I.udgersball, In which "to
dress" the royal dinners. In this order tt ls stated that "it Is particularly
directed that each kitchen shall be
provided with a furnace sufficiently
large to roast two or three oxen."—
Harper'e Weekly.
A Spark Making Alley.
It I* a curious fact thnt when TO per
cent of cerium Is alloyed with SO per
cent ot Iron tbe metal thus produced
possesses the remarkable property ot
giving ott a shower of sparks when
struck lightly by a steel wheel. Tbl*
substance baa been used for making
auto Igniter* for gas bumors, minora'
acetylene lamps and cigar lighters. It
haa been proposed to utilize It for Igniting motor headlight* and eren to
employ It a* a substitute for electrto
Ignition In the cylinders-Chicago Record-Herald. . .
Guarded by a Network of Devlcea te
Insure Thslr Safety.
From the moment a depositor line*
np before the receiving teller's window of a bnnk and lays his bills on the
counter until he again receives back
bis money from the pnying teller bis
deposit bas been surrounded by a network of devices to insure Its safe keeping. It bas been subjected to tbe rigid
banking law* of tbe state or nation,
to a guardianship by a bost of public
officials, by steel and by time locks, by
tbe vigilance of tbe bank officials nnd
the surveillance of bonding compahles.
And yet In spite of tbls constant effort, tbougb tiie depositor rarely loses
blmself, sometime* bla money mysteriously disappears, and until tbe guilty
person Is detected tbe shadow of a
doubt bangs.over tbe personnel of tbat
bank, from tbe office boy to the president Sucb, however, I* the system ot
vigilance by which the public through
Its agents of the law guards funds on
deposit that It is only rarely lhat the
money so taken I* not recovered.
Tbe marvel I* nut tbat men dally,
hourly, tempted wltb opportunities to
purloin tbe wealth which passes
through tbelr Angers sometimes yield
to this temptation, but that the set-
centnge of loss from theft wblcb tbe
banks of tb* country austaln la not
greater than It la. Indeed, ao unusual
Is tbe occurrence of a theft by a member ot tbe bank'* personnel tbnt when
such Is tbe case the bank's nervous organisation ts thrown out of equilibrium. Tbe bank as a bank never rest*
until th* theft I* uncovered and tb*
guilty man Is mad* to reimburse tb*
cash take_-.-Wllllam Buckey In Leslie'*.
| Ths Only Excuse.
"1 see tbat somebody say* many l
nan I* * poet without knowing It"
"Oee. what luckf-Chlcago Record
Herald- -   -
Three Star*.
It wu 1*1* Fuller, tbe famoua
dancer, who Introduced Dumas tb*
younger to Flammarloo wben they met
In her dressing room it th* Athene*.
Sbe tell* of It In "Fifteen Year* of a
Dancer** Life:"
"I* It posslbl* that th* two most
distinguished personalities In Pari*
are not acquainted with each other?"
she nld. "It I* not to remarkable,"
replied Duma*, "for yon se* Flam-
marlon dwell* In space, and t am Just
a euraberer ot tb* eertb." "Ye*," (nld
Flammarlon, "but a llltl* iter coin*
out of th* west haa brought us together."
Doge and Their Feed.
Dog* growl wben you touch their
food, even In play, because tb* dog
wu originally a ferocious animal, like
tbe wolf, and self preservation by way
of food I* bl* foremost and all pervading Instinct Only dogs that ar* so
near humankind tbat they understand
practical Jokes allow their master te
take away tbelr food. Tbey will never
allow another dog to do so notes* living In abject tear of tbe robber.-Bo*-
ton Herald. H__N
George Gregg Was Late and Get Naw*
•f D'Arcy McGee Murdsr.
It-is just forty-five years sgo tbat
the late Hon. D'Arcy McGee was,
assassinated on Sparks street, Ottawa, on the spot where now stands
the departmental store of Bryson,
Graham tt, Co., and although there *
has been talk year after year in re-1
card to erecting a suitable memorial'
to the renowned Irish-Canadian orator, statesman and patriot, it looks
as if another session pt the House
will elapse and nothing be done in
this direction. In the Reference Library on College street, Toronto, file*
of The Leader of April 7, 1868, may
be found. The edition ot that dat*
contained one of the greatest scoops
ever recorded in the annals of Canadian journalism, and yet this exclusive news item was.printed under
modest single column, head lines.
How different would be the displsy
to-day, when even the closure measure
commands a caption four ai_4 five
columns wide, in type an inch or
more deep. Dr. George H. • Locke,
Chief Librarian, regards this file of
The Leader as among the most historic possessions in the library. The
stirring tragedy of McGee's death,
who was shot down just as he was
entering his boarding-house, and
whose body was found, lifeless, on
the pavement, occurred shortly after
two o'clock in the morning. The noted
Parliamentarian had just finished a
brilliant two-hour speech in the Com-,
mons upon the Nova Scotia question,
in which he had uttered the loftiest
sentiment of loyalty to the crown and
devotion to the country. He had expressed the hope that the deep sense
of loyalty of the people of that province would induce them to forsake
their attitude of hostility and unite
with the rest of the provinces in
building up a Canadian nationality.
The newspaper man, who scored the
great beat on McGee's lamentable
death, was the late George Gregg, who
was then Ottawa correspondent for
The Leader. That paper, which was
published until about 1875, was issued on Leader Lane on the very
spot where the Leader Hotel now.
stands on King street cast, Toronto.
The assassination occurred after the
House had adjourned. It had been a
busy night for the representatives in
the Parliamentary Press Gallery,
and, alter completing their work, all
"thc boys" had departed and were in
bed when the murder took place/
Gregg was the only one^to remain.
He was a little late in finishing his
report and was on his way to bis
home when, on reaching Sparks
street, he heard of the shooting. Not
another paper in Toronto or Canada
contained a line that morning regarding the terrible tragedy except The
Leader, and thus was recorded one
ot the greatest scoops ever pulled off
in Canada. George Gregg, the man
who tallied in that great news story,
died himself a few years later under
sad circumstances. He was an enthusiastic curler and, while engaged
in the game, caught a cold which
developed into pneumonia and he
passed away after only a few days'
illness. He was at the time on the
staff of The Toronto Mail, of which
he was one of the founders.
Ons Hundred Francs.
McGillivray "Knowles one of our
well-known Canadian painters, tells
sn amusing story of a curious artist
character, Stcttler, from Belgium,
whom he met in Paris, This artist
was slways hard up. He asked
Knowles for a loan of a hundred
francs, which he was to pay back in
a month. He got the money and at
the appointed time paid it back. In
two days bsck he came again.
"M'sieu Knowles, I should lak to
borrow from you one hundred Irenes,
"All right.   Here il is."
Another month and the money was
paid hack. As promptly thc request
came again:
"One hundred francs, please to
oblige, M'sieu Knowles?"
For a whole year Stcttler kept on
borrowing and paying back the hundred francs. When Knowles left
Paris he was obliged to terminate the
arrangement, bnt said:
"Look here, Btettler, if you want to
keep that last hundred francs a while
longer, do so, and send it to me when
you make good."
"Ah, M'sieu Knowles, I must pay
it now. I nevarc mske good. I waa
behind once one hundred francs. I
hsve nevarc caught up.  Mercil"
Donates Scholarship.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president
nf Ihe Canadian Paciflo liailway Co.,
has announced that he will give two
scholarships in McGill University.
Montreal, to be competed for by apprentices on the permanent staff ot
the road under 31 years nf age by
minor sons of employes. The scholarships will be four years' tuition in
the faculty of applied science of that
university. The two candidates making the highest marks on thc regular
entrance matriculation examination
of thc university will be awarded the
scholarships. The forms tor this ex-
aminatiqp will be distributed through.
out the Dominion to those entering
the competition, which Is to be held
in June.
His View ef Nature.
Huxley wu once talking to Sir
William Gull about the healing power
of nature. "Stuff!" said Gull. "Nine
times out ot ten nature does not want
to eure the man. Sbe want* to put
I WjSL-UJlll.flaBo-" s •    •    •
Veteran Statesman Who Went To the
Dark Continent In Search of Health
and Entered Politics—Was Prime
Minlstsr ef Caps Colony on Feur
Occasions and Saw. Two Wars
In That Country.
South Africa, in the recent death of
Sir Gordon Sprlgg, mourns a statesman who had played a distinguished
Sart in the public life of the country,
ir Gordon was Premier of Cape Colony on no fewer than four occasions.
Born in Ipswich in 1830, the son of a
Baptist minister, he began lite in
London u a journalist, and was a
Parliamentary reporter and contributor to various newspapers. When
twenty-eight his health broke down,
and, like Cecil Rhodes, he went to
South Africa in search of health. So
ill was he when he left England that
be had to be carried on tlie ship. Becoming a farmer, he soon become tbe
possessor of great herds of cattle and
sheep. The settler was drawn into
politics, and eleven years after his arrival he was elected to the Cape
House of Assembly. He quickly came;
to the front, and a decade later waa
made Premier. During his first term!
ot office the Basuto war occurred, and;
The Peer Rests.
"Poet* we born, air," said the bard
to the editor.
"Yes, I know they weren't hatched
from duck eggs," answered the editor.
"But the question ta, Whv are Uus
sin soidoii sritioo.
Sir Gordon did his best to bring it to
a successful conclusion. He worked
energetically in raising scratch volunteer regiments and he was to be seen;
standing on the bridge ol coasting!
vessels', addressing tn magniloquent1
terms the very mixed body ot recruit*.;
During the Boer War Sir Gordon, u,
Premier and Treasurer of Cape Col-;
ony, bad a difficult task. Thia wu
followed by, perhaps, the most momentous campaign of hla career. A'
movement wu started at the close ol
Ihe war for the suspension ot the
Constitution of the Colony. It rapidly gained powerful support, and became the all-absorbing political topia
of South Africa. Sir Gordon Sprigg
and some of his colleagues vigorously
opposed the proposal, in the face of.
much hostility, until eventually Mr.l
Chamberlain, as Colonial Secretary,'
gave bis decision against the suspension. Nevertheless, in the General
Election of 1904, Sir Gordon wu defeated by Dr. Bmartt at East London
by a majority of 964, and, the Progressives winning the election. Dr.)
Jameson formed the new Ministry.'
Sir Gordon attributed hia physical
and nervous strength chiefly to the
(act tbat he wu Suffolk-born.
Radium and Photography.
The alpha and beta rays of radium,
the positive and negative particles into which the atom breaka up, are now
studied by photography. The process
has been developed in recent months
by C. T. R. Wilson, and waa illustrated by Prof. W. H. Bragg, at the lut
meeting of the British Association.
The bit of radium is'held in a short
glass cylinder six inches in diameter,
one end of which is closed with a glaae
filate, wbile a movable piston is fitted
nto tbe otlier. The chamber being
filled with moist air, the piston ia
drawn outward, when the sudden expansion cools the moisture, and a log
is formed that settles on the "ions
tbat are led u trails of any alpha
and heta>aya.
By illuminating the to? and photo
graphing it, a picture showing Ur
path of tbe rays ia obtained.
To tbe amsalngly long list ef article!
made ot paper tber* may be added paper cannon, wblcb bnve been manufaci
lured at tbe Krupp work* In Germiny.
These paper Held pieces sre for special
use of the Infantry. Their caliber I* a
little less tbsn two inch**, and tb*'
pieces are ao light tbat a soldier caa
easily carry one. But the reslsMhc* tag
greater tbsn that of a field piece ol
■teel ot the tarn* caliber. It ls not t*
bo understood tbat tbese paper gun*
ar* in nny way to replace tbose mad*
et steel. The paper arm* ar* Intended
merely fer uses In situations when tb*
movement of field artillery wonld tm
Impracticable. Faptr artillery en ""
Held of battle seems an extnordlur;
thing, but lt I* hardly mor* to than |
par wheels for freight car* on railway
appeared whtn they wer* Snt Intr
aucatt tt, 1st that matter, tban pap
»at*r Milt w«*,-N«w. York Trlbwfc I TBE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
»  •
Your House Needs
Now is the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
SherrTin-Williams High Standard   Paints
Are the right kind to use.
Our Paint Advice ta Free
For Sale—Ten acres of good fruit
land in the West end of the city,
about half of which is planted- to
'fruit trees, now commencing to bear
Apply to E. Barron, Grand Forks,
NtWS OF THE CITY IN BRIEF Follick's residence near   the Baptist
  . church on Winnipeg avenue.   The
_.        .     _-. ,           .,,„. „, ,l„ pricei paid for Ae property is aaid to
The prize   ist committee of the f      •*                         ,.   ,     ,    ,
-.    .   ,, „   ,.        uu-.i     __________ have been iu tbe neighborhood of
Provincial Poultry exhibitwn.which ^                        B
will be held in this oity next Decern- 	
ber, held a meeting in the office of
the secretary, W. E. Hadden, on
Wednesday evening. Those preaent
were Messrs. Fowler, Hadden and
McKim, of this city, and J. Koll
mar, of Trail. A great deal of progress wag made in arranging the
prizes, whioh will be more valuable
thia year tban at any previous show
of the association.
A few small ehipnieniB of Yellow
Traiispareut apples were made from
thia city tbia week. Ubaa. Hesse
sent out li-5 boxes, for whioti be
realized tl.M per box.
At the special meeting of the
Urand Forks Agricultural associa
tion, on Friday evening, the spi eial
prize list was completed. A com
mittee was also appointed to solioit
donations for the fair, and the association decided to offer a prize for
a football game. A discussion of
financial matters in connection with
the forthcoming fair took up the
major portiou of the time of the
H. A Nichols, local CP.R, agent,
left yesterday for Chicago, to whioh
place he was hurriedly railed by a
dispatch from headquarters. He
expects to be away about tbree
weeks. Mr. Patterson, of Eho'.t, is
filling bis position bere during bis
Miss Aoua McDonald, of Boston,
Mats., arrived in tbe city ou Wednesday to visit, ber unole, Joseph
McDonald, bit- MuDouaid bad
uever seeu bis meow until ber arrival bere.
Tbe dauce glveu io the opera
I bouse uu VV edueaday ulgbt uuder
lbe auspices ut the Uraud Forks
baud was very largely attended, uud
it proved to be a tuuruugtily eujuy-
uoie alfuir.
I'tie Chicago Vaudeville company
auiacied laigo auuieuces to lhe
opera house ou Mouday uud Tuesday evemugs. iUose who attended
were satisfied wilb tbe show.
Jobn Simpson, priucipui of the
Vienua (Out, I blgU school, who bus
beeu speuding a mouib iu the uuy
loosing after tils orchard, left yesterday for the oust viu lUe coast.
The heavy rains yesterday caught
a number of ranchers with tbeir
hay and grain crops out in tbe fielH_
They say ibat if it had kept clear
for tbree diys longer they would
bave been more thankful for the
free irrigation.
Mr. si'.l Mrs John M'Kie returned lionit* un Monday from Van-
C hi ver.
Miss Marjoiie Kerman is visiting
relatives ut Aramata, in tbe Okanagan country.
William Huffman commenced
work last Monday ou a Urge two
storey dwelling near K. K. Gilpin's
Lust Saturday three Italians were
sent tn ttiH Nelson, jail for two
mourns  hy   Jud_(e  Cuuhrane    fur
shooting grouse out of season.
Gwi.   A Men. "the 0. P. R conHnc-      W  J. Bohannan, of Madras, On-.,
to-, on Widneeilay purchased E R   visited the city on Monday
' Dr. E. R. Follick, of North Van
couver, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. Follick wae formerly a member
of the Qrand Forks city council.
Wanted—Plain sewing; 11.SO per
day. Call or address Miss Bessie Justus, Riverside ave., North Fork add.
W. 0. Miller, district superintendent of the C.P.R, spent several
day* in tbe city this week.
The old Graham ranch of 320 acres
near Cascade is for sale. Five years
in which to pay. Apply to owner,
W. K. Esling, Rossland, B. C.
John Burns & Son, of Nelson,
have been granted the oontract hy
the Dominion government fer the
construction of the new post office
at Greenwood, according to advices
DAD C A f IJ A 5-roomed
rUROALE cottage with
all modern improvements-
two lots—on Observation ave.
For particulars apply to "
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Furniture   Made   to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
Palace Barber Shop
Kamii' "oii'nc h SiwolaSy.
Free Children's Playground at the Spokane Fair
Suits to Order &18 iwds
1 We are agents for some of the leading tailorihg establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a' practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Our Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are thc best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the  Reliable Tailor
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Nohth or (Ihaxhv Hotki..
Talent, like-,
Tmoc Mama
ComioHTs 4c
letcrtptlin mat
 'iiotiter au
scitMiflc Jilt
, UMnUdlMUf. xmrtoexe
IBT Ktwulflu Journal. Tartu I
.t*m,t-mt*nW*V*U.   BoM
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
a-ahal-la French ragulator; never hill. Then
■ ue exceedingly powerful la regulattu the
nomtlTe portion ol the female lystem. KcIuh
afichaap Imitation. Br. do Tao* ire sold at
fe'gaCtfgtiglS' M*1_9___i'____S_? •?<!__<
Picture Framing
We are experts
in this line, and
have on band a
choice selection of Mouldings in all styles and finishes.
Bring in your pictures and have them framed to beautify your home.   Our charges are very moderate.
Grand Forks Furniture Go
WUowSluJei.Eu. The Complete House Fa-mis hen
Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand.
Highest market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt &nd courteous attention.
which have reached thst eity. It is
said that the contract involves sn
expenditure of $45,000.
For Sale—Five and one fifth acres
of the best fruit Und; cleared; fenced;
well; fonr-roomed house; fifteen minutes' walk from town. For particulars
apply to owner, G. H. Pell, Grand
Forks, JB. C.
Dry four-foot Fir and
Tamarac. Cedar and Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone ordrrs.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to ini From Station*
Mclntyre 8 Clayton, Props.
f. Downey's Cigar Store
TiuraoRni; __.__,.
Oram, KM Mwt ttlftAt
P r in ting
We are prepared to do
all kinda of .
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We bave tbe most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundnry Country, employ com
petent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
I_«ttnrhfada and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulate and Placards,
Bills of  Fane and Menu  Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding  Stationery.
Everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
fifi(\I\ PDIMTIltt-fi—th«kind we d°—» in ibwlf
V-llJUU [IV1L111L1VI M advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the beat. Let ns estimate on vonr ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
Uf;* ftrot flint &lt0p


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