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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 30, 1913

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 Kettle Valley Orchardist
81.00 PER YEAR
Fruit Growers Oan Now Com-
- pete With Washington
and Oregon
A reduction of virtually 17 per
cant in the express rates on frultship-
m ents from interior points to coast
and prairie cities will go into effect
within a few weeks. It promise* to
prove of immense assistance to British Columhia fruit growers in meet
ing tbe American competition. For
instance, the rate from Urand Forks
on every variety of fruit shipped to
Calgary or Vancouver will be about
$1.95 per hundred pounds instead
of 12.40 per hundred pounds, as at
From Vernon to Vancouver the
rate will be cut from 11.MO
to $1.50 per hundred pouni'a.
Tbis new figure is tbe esact equivalent of tbe rate from Wenatehee—
the centre of tbe American fruit
growing industry—to Vancouver.
Tbat a substantial boon baa been
conferred on the fruit growers of tba
province is evidenced by tbe, fact
that Wenatehee ia nearer Vancouver
by one-thin) than the distance tbat
separates Vernon from Vancouver.
So impressed wu H. L. Drayton,
chairman tt the railway beard, with
the necessity of granting immediate
relief that the new rate will go into
affect without the usual formal, delay
of thirty -daya following the issuance
of tha formal order of the board. Tbe
order ia now being prepared and tbe
naw rates will become operative tbt
moment tb* va ioua scbednlea. re
A. S. Goodeve, a member sf tho
commission, expresses the belief
that the reduction in rates will prove
of substantial benefit to British Columbia fruit growers, and relieve
them of tha handicap of wbich they
bave been complaining for years
paat. He expects to see tbe industry henceforth in a position to meat
f ireigo competition, especially from
the slates of Oregon and Washington, wbicb geographically are mucb
nearer to Vancouver than many of
the important fruit growing districts
uf British Columbia In reviewing
tbe steps that led to Ihe granting of
relief, .Chairman Drayton ia as emphatic aa Mr. Goodeve in praising
th* generosity that prompted the
Dominion Express coinpany to meet
the wishes of tbe domestic fruit
growers even though the trallic in
some instances will prove anything
but profitable.
"In the recsnt general order ol
Chairman Drayton reducing rales ol
tbe general merchandise schedule
and schedules K and N, fruits were
not affected, aa they are embraced in
a special tariff," says Mr. Goodeve.
*'Iu the east some time ago the general fruit schedule was discussed by
Mr. Drayton with W, S. .Stout, general manager of the Dominion Express oompany, and as a result also
of representations made by Mr.
Winalow, provincial horticulturist of
British Columbia, and other* interested in the British Columbia Iruit
growing industry,Mr. Stout arranged
to go weat tp take up witb the produce.* the queetion of a 'fruit special' nte.
"The railway board followed soon
afterward, being prepared to take
part in tbe conference if necessary.
The result of tbe discussions be-
ween Mr. Stout and the producera
ia that a new scale bu been prepared, reducing the existing fruit
special very substantially.
"Ao order of the board ia being
prepared to vallidate the agreement
reached at that conference without
(waiting tb* usual thirty days'stay,
u tke board desires that tbe fruit
growers aball enjoy the benefit of
the reduotionaM soon u tbe naw
rates can be printed. Mr. Stout,
who bas shown himself sympathetic
toward tba British Columbia fruit
growing industry, hu already gone
eut to bave the schedules printed
aod distributed.
"Hare is one illustration of the
reductions. Wenatehee, Wash., is
one-third lesa distant from Vancouver tban is Vernon, but the new rate
from Vernon to Vancouver will be
equivalent to the rate Irom Wenatehee to Vancouver. The boon' to
the British Columbia grower is obvious, as tbe reductions from other
interior points are proportionate. I
feel confident tbat an i-nportant do
mestio induatry will now be in a position ta meet foreign competition
that wu aimoat ruinous. The
Wuhington state grower bad the
advantage of proximity to the coast
market and the American express
companies do business through
region tbat is relatively more densely populated than British Colu
bia."    flBH
John W. Kearn? Is Run Over
at the Kettle Valley
Line Junotion
Granby. Company Will Develop Curlew Lake
Properties *
The Granby company this week
bonded a group of twenty three
claims in Wolfs camp, near Curlew
lake. It is stated that the amount
of the bond is somewhere in
the neighborhood of $200,000.
On one of the claims there is a tunnel 440 feet in length, whicb baa encountered a ledge said to be ninety
nine feet between walls at depth nf
200 feet The are is low grade, but
of a good fluxing quality, containing a heavy percentage ol iron, besides cnp|ier and gold. Machinery
is now being hauled to the cnmp,
and the properties are to be thoroughly tested by diamontl drill
work. The claims are owned by a
The following is the minimum
and maximum teqiperature for each
dsy during the past week, u re
corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws'ranch :
Min.     Max
May 23-Friday  48 .        82
24—Saturday  .... 47 76
25—Sundiy  44 79
26—Monday  45 62
27—Tuesday  50 66
28—Wednesday.. 51 74
29-Thursday  44 77
Kainfall  0.89
John W. Reams, a well known
Canadian Pacific railway freight
brakesman on the Nelson Boundary
division, was run over and instantly
killed at the Keltle Valley line
junotion in the Ruckle addition last
Monday morning. He wu riding
on the pilot of an east bound freight
in order to throw the switch at the
junotion. In getting off before the
train eame to a stop, he apparently
Stumbled, hie body falling between
tbe tracks witb his head across the
rail. When the engine was brought
to a standstill near tbe switch he was
missed, and bis body wns located
between tbe engine and tender, having been dragged some forty leet, as
indicated by the spot wbere the head
wu found.
Tbe deceased wu about 35 years
of age, and leaves a father and
mother, wbo reside at Clarksdale,
Ariz., to mourn his loss.
Mr. Kearns lived in Nelson, aod
bad been in the employ of the Canadian Pacific railway for about
three montba. He was a student
for two or threa yeara at U a Uoi
veraity of Colorado,' and afterwards
followed mining for some years. He
wu also a prospector and miner,
owning claima in Colorado wbicb be
had recently disposed of. It is believed tbat be bad had several yeara*
experience in railroading before he
came to tbis district. He came to
Nelson direct from Boulder, Col.
Wbile in Nelson be resided at tbe
Y.M.C A., and he took an active interest in tbe werk being carr ed on
by that association. He was a par
ticular friend of the youthful element
of that city, and took a keen interest in athletic sports.
The parents of   Mr. Kearns were
notified. by  tbe  Canadian Pacific
Railway company of his death im
mediately after tbe accident bad occurred.
Coroner A. 3. Black, of Greenwood, arrived in the city on Monday aftarnoon, and an inquest was
held on Tuesday morning. A ver
diet of accidental death was re
turned. Those composing the jury
were. Fred Clark, N. L. M'dnnes,
Jeff Davis, W. K. 0 Manly, 8. J.
Miller and M. Frankovitch."
The funeral was held from Miller
& Gardner's undertaking parlors on
Wednesday afternoon, interment
taking place in Evergreen cemetery.
Tbe service, wbich wss largely attended by the citizens, was conduct
ed by Kev. Mr. King of Nelson.
nay district through the provision of
the act wbicb permits persons to
bave their names entered *on tbe
'voters' lists by a simple declaration
that they have been residents of the
municipality on and after the firat
day of January, and paying the sum
of $2;
"Therefore, tbis conterence requests the provincial government to
make such amendments to tbe municipal elections act as will prevent
the filling up ol tbe lists ol electors
with names of persons who are not
bona fide resident citizens of the
Mrs. J. F. Kraus will leave next
week for an extended visit to her
former home in Toledo, Ohio. Mt.
Kraus will accompany her u far as
Spokane, wbere ht will attend to
buainesa matter*.
The Game of Politics
The Methodist conference at Vancouver last week scored the provincial government for trickery in tbe
Kootenay district. One important
section of the report had reference
to Ihe manipulation of the voters'
lists for political purposes by tbe
party macbine.and in this the report
aimed a direet blow at the administration of provincial affairs u now
conducted.   It wu in these  words:
"Wheras, representations have
been made to us of gross corruption
in municipal election* in the Koote-
A Short Session and Only
Routine Business Considered
Fowl Doings
Grand Forks chicken men (and
women, too) continue to make his- -
tory for tbe clan. H. N. Morrison,
in a sympathetic mood, gave bis
brooder lamp a little hitch a few
mornings ago to warm up tbe chicks
and a little latter found the brooder,
chicks and all going up in smoke,
meaning tbat there is a possibility
of getting too much ol a good ehing
Mrs J L Manly, formerly a turkey fancier in Chesaw and now In*
in Urand Forks, also has contributed
to the unusual since her departure
Irom here. Sbe has a gobbler which
bu been ostracised by bis flock
mates and all shun his proud society. He forthwith took up his
residence in tbe front yard with better associates in the person of three
hens with broods ot chicks. He
eventually waaoed the chicks away
from tbeir mothers and is now master of tbe situation. Mrs. Manly
now bu to contend with the Doukhobor women wbo insist on buy
ing a "cburk."
E. E W. Mills, of the smelter
town, also hu a big Wyandotte
cock bird whicb seems imbued witb
tbe same inclinations, and is "mothering" a large brood of chicks.—
Cbesaw News.
Good Scorces Are Made by
the Members on Victoria Day
The following scores were made at
tbe prizewinners' handicap shoot ol
the Kettle Kiver Valley   Rifle association on Victoria day:
200 Yards                  Added. Total
Uo Mader 4 4 5 5 5 4 4—0 31
E. Spraggett.., 4 5 4 2 5 6 4— 1 30
8. G. Kirk 5 4 4 4 4 4 4-0 29
N.' McCallum..5 4 3 4 4 5 3— I 29
600 Yard*.
8. G. Kirk 4 4 5 5 5 5 6-0 33
R Lamond 3 4 4 6 4 4 6—0 29
W. Dinnniore..5 4 5 2 5 2 4—1 28
F. H. Hutu.n.2 5 4 5 5 2 3-1 27
6U0 Yard*.
T.A.McIntyre32 244 53—4 27
Leo Mader 3 4 2 4 5 3 5—0 26
N. McCalluin .533242 3-2 24
W. Sayer 4 4 3 2 2 2 2-4 23
200 500 COO
Aggregate, yds. yds. yd».
S G Kirk....29     33     23—0 85
Leo Mader 31     25     26—9 82
K. Lamond ...26    29    22—0 77
W. Dinsmore. 25     27     20—4 76
Mrs. E. A.  Ssvage
left on Monday for a
and children
month'*, visit
with Mrs. Savage's
parents in Re-
The Granby  company   will  dis
of $24,01.0 on June 2
The regular bi-wtekly meeting of
the city council wss beld in the
council chamber on Monday evening. Mayor Fripp and Aid. Manly,
Miller, Smith, Taylor, Woodland
Wright were present.
A communication was received
from Wm. Young, water commissioner, in reference to city water
storage. It wu read and referred to
the water and ligbt committee.
The special committee appointed
some time ago to place a valuation
on the lots owned by the city, made
its report, whicb was referred to the
finance committee,
The applications of A. Jones and
E. W. Eaton, of Colutnhin, for elec
trie light, were referred to tbe water
and light committee.
The special committee appointed
to investigate the offer of A. Traunweiser for the purchase of three city
lots, uked until the next meeting in
wbich to make a report, and the request was granted.
Tbe chairman of the water and
light committee reported that th*
reservoir bad been emptied and tbat
a email leak bad been discovered.
He was of tbe opinion that it would
be repaired in a day or two.
Tbe board ol works was requested
to submit an estimate for the construction of sidewalks on Bridge
and Fourth streets.
On motion of Aid. Woodland, the
matter of closing a 14 foot alley between Ida avenue and Donald street,
and substituting therefor a 14-foot
alley between Cecil street and Winnipeg avenue, was left in tbe bands
of the mayor and Aid. Smith.
The board of works recommended
that W. J. Galipeau be allowed $1
per foot for extra curbing in connection witb the construction of cement
sidewalks. The recommendation
wu accepted.
Aid. Woodland gave notice that
at the asxt meeting he would introduce a temporary loan bylaw; also a
bylaw to cover tbe City of Grand
Forks Debenture lorm.
Tbe council then adjourned
No play of tbe year is comparable
in workmanship, literary, quality
and observation of life to "Passers-
By," wbich comes to the Grand
Korks ojieia bouse on Tuesday evening, June 3. It is a drama tbat can
nol fail ol th* highest degree nf popular success if there remain the frenzied days ef the thcaare a taste for
wbat aims at such a high standard
and attains il so completely.
Some motorists ol the city complain because a large number of
drivers persist in turning tbe wrong
way when tbey meet a car. In British Columbia tbe rule of the road is
to turn to the left.
Born—At Curlew lake, on Tuesday, May 27, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
L. Wolf, a daughter.
G, M. Fripp and E. E. Gibson re-
burse its regular quarterly dividend turned on Friday from a  buainesa
trip to Republic. TTTT', c,ttv. cnAXIT FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Prussian Municipalities Flm: Difficulty in Placing Loans for War
Berlin, Germany.—The semi-official
Cologne Gazette sta' -s that, amid the
conflicting assertion:-- and emotions ot
tbe hour, only one thing can be at-
Armed with certainty—that the Imperial chancellor, Herr von Bethmann-
Hollweg, finds himself both from tbe
financial and political standpoints ln
an extremely unenviable position,
with regard to the $250,000,000 army
It Is now known that wide differences ot opinion exist among the members of the federal council of the empire as to ways and means for financing the recurring cost of the army
increase, wbich will be 150,000,000 a
The federal states ot central Germany are leading, the opposition to
the proposals ln Prussia. A military
news agency, which has been well Informed on all the developments ot the
army increase and the war tax, asserts
that the king of Saxony has organized
his non-Prussian fellow sovereigns
against the north German tax projects. The same agency claims to
know that the taxes on property will
partly take the form of fresh stamp
taxes, Artlcle-a ot luxury will be
specially affected, and stock exchange
transactions assessed In or., way or
The banks have now to find $50,000,-
000 for tbe undersubscrlbed halt of tlie
new Prussian loan. The German
municipalities, which are also borrowing heavily, are finding the greatest
difficulty ln placing loans. Tie Berliner Neueste Nachrlchten says it
would Sta timely to make a fervent appeal even to the women of Germany
to keep tbelr money at home, and not
to yield to the tempting offers of Paris
dressmakers aud milliners, who carry
on an active campaign tor German
trade at this season ot the year, The
newspapers are overwhelmed with
letters from tlie public protesting
•gainst the hardships wbich will be
Imposed on tbem by the war taxes.
Women's Organisations Enter Heartily
Into th* !*crism*
Berlin.—Women's organisations ln
Germany are taking an enthusiastic
Interest tn the scheme to supply tbe
army with thousands of volunteer
nurses for emergency service.
Facilities are now to be provided for
enabling women .of all classes to become nurses. Only those will be accepted who are ready to undergo six
weeks' training, wtlch will be given
tree ot charge. Applicants to loin
the nursing volunteer corps n_-.it supply their own equipment and pledge
themselves to respond to the call of
the war office.
Rome.—A telegram received from
Somma, Lombardy, states that while
Captain Moreno, the commander of
tbe mllitar - school there was executing a volplane ln an aeroplane he fell
from a height ot over 600 feet and
was killed ou th; spot.
And occasional light dressings
of Cuticura Ointment will prevent it when all else fails.
Cutleun Soap tea Ointment lie, told throughout
Set world. A liberal itiuplft or ewh.wlth I2-PM«
booklet on the care and treatment ot tba akin aad
aoalp, wot poet-tree. Addren Potter Drug * Cbctt.
Corp., Dept. -3D, Soma, U. S. A.
. IL
W.  N.  U. 941
Russian Peasants Who Believe   Thet
Christ Lived in Russia, Not
St. Petersburg, Russia.—An Archangel correspondent sends a moving
description of the sufferings of the
Moldavian peasants who ln mid-win-
ter folio, ed the f...atical monk Innocentlus over 1000 miles from the
Podolia government to the Muromsky
monastery, on the Onega river, where
he was banished.
Ragged, starving and frost-bitten,
death threatened them all on the
snowy wastes wher the Archangel authorities sent a 'orce of rural guards
to stop their march and arrest their
leader and telegraphed to the Red
Cross Society, urgently asking for
medical aid. Some of the pilgrims
had money In comparative plenty, for
before starting northwards they had
sold their belongings, but lt was of
no avail to them In the froxen wilderness.
Their number was underestimated
ln the flrst account., it was well over
1000, Including a great proportion of
women and children. They were sent
back to their homes by train in warmed vans. The correspondent witnessed the departure of one party trom the
station of Nlandoma. Frost-bitten
cheeks, ears, fingers and toes were the
rule rather than the exception. Nearly all the pUgilms were begrimed
with dirt. Many women and children
were ln hysterics. The occupants ot
one van were squatted on the floor
praying with open Bibles before them.
The correspondent questioned the
pilgrims aB to the hold which Innocent-
lus had over them. Incredible as It
may sound In the twentieth century,
In a civilised country, the following
ts the gist ot the replies he received:
The followers of Innocentlus knew
that Jesus Christ had appeared ln
the Onega region and not ln Palestine. He was seised tbere, but was
taken elsewhere for crucifixion. Alpha and Omega In the Revelation ot
St. John designated our Lord and Innocentlus (Reference has been made
ln telegrams to the confusion of the
peasants between Omega and Onega).
Otherwise why waj there housing
room for 1000 persons in the Muromsky monastery when the monks only
numbered 100? This was the work
Ot the Lord. They had been Shown
a picture ot Innocentlus portrayed as
Jesus Christ with a nimbus encircling
his head and a cross and chalice ln
his hands.
The arrest ot Innocentlus only served to confirm their belief, ln bis divinity, and they recounted how, when the
rural guards came to arrest him, and
one of the guards tried to lire a blank
cartridge in order to intimidate them,
his rifle had misfired three times.
A similar miracle had occurred previously at Balta, in Podolia, when an
lspravntk (police officer) Insulted Innocentlus and advanced towards him
threateningly. Innocentlus looked
straight Into his eyes, and said quietly: Neither thy hand nor thy foot
shall stir, and the lspravnik stopped
dead, as though paralysed.
On' being confronted hy the rural
guards the pilgrims gathered round
Innocentlus, tnd had to be dragged
away before the monk could be arrested. The vice governor ot Archangel approached Innocentlua: Where
are you going? he asked him. I
am going to seek the new Zion, was
the answer, and the crowd ot pilgrims
repeated ln song: W- are going to
seek the new Zion.
Innocentlus' followers to the far
north Included his mother and five
sisters. When he was at Balta, he
attracted thousands ot pilgrims to the
local monastery by the power with
which he wm credited of casting out
devils. There ie an appalling amount
of lunacy ln that part of Russia, generally ascribed to the peasantry eating
a paste ot unripe malse Instead of
leavened bread.
The Balta district became an absolute Inferno of the mad, numbers of
whom were brought there ln bonds.
This seems to have been the principal
reason of* Innocentlus' banishment.
Several Impartial lnvestlgatora maintain that there was nothing Immoral
in his teaching or his life.
Prince May be Asked to Renounce
English Title
Berlin.—The Rhenish Westphallan
Gazette, Essen, one ot the leading organs ot the German armor-plate press,
expresses the wish that Prince Ernest, heir ot the duke of Cumberland,
who Is engaged to the kaiser's daughter, may be induced to renounce his
British title of prince before his marriage.
Owing to the death of King George
of Greece, brother ot the duchess ot
Cumberland, the royal wedding, according to the Tageblatt, will be as
simple aB possible, and only the Immediate relatives ot the two families
will be present. The duke of Cumberland's vis!. to Potsdam Is postponed until after the king's funeral.
Airmen Taken for Spies
Berlin.—Two airmen, on alighting
at Neupfalz, Germany, though wearing
the uniforms of officers ot the German Uhlans, were taken for foreign
spies and chased by a hostile crowd
to the police station where their Identity was subsequently established.
Isn't bis lite Insured?
Then what does his wife worry so
about It for?
She says she thinks lt will ba a
perfect shame lt his second wife gets
all that money.
■re m
1. WOYV.Ntj
are under double strain-
strength to live and learn and
strength to grow—they must
have nourishment—not overloaded stomachs, but concentrated nutriment to aid
nature during the growing
The wonderful record of
Scott's Emulsion as a bodybuilder has been proved for
three generations. It strengthens
the bones, muscles and sinews;
buildi the body, ereatet energy
and vigor, prevents and relieves
colds and fortifies the lungs,
Millions of delicate and undeveloped children have been
made strong, sturdy and hearty
with Scott's Emulsion.
hstitt on hating SCOTTS.
Scott St Bowne, Toronto, Ontario )2-«
Father Taking His Daughter to 8chool
One Exception to Rule
Paris, France.—The old-fashioned
habit of a man and __ woman
walking arm-in-arm In public has long
gone out ot fa-jhion, says the Paris Excelsior.
In its columns a discussion on the
subject Is taking place, especially on
the point: Should the woman place her
arm within that of the man, or should
he take hers?
The spectacle of. people walking
arm-in-arm Ib, says the Excelsior, beginning to become quite sensational—
unless they are a father taking his
daughter to school. Whereas ln
former days the lady timidly placed
her hand within the arm of her cavalier, lightly resting on his sleeve,
the up-to-date couple walk coldly aloof,
the man with both hands behind his
back, the woman with both hers in
her muff.
There ls a time when self-respecting
people may permit themselves to walk
arm-in-arm. It Is when tbey are on
holiday, ln the country. In hours of
peacefwl reverie, whet, all thlnga ln
nature seem to hold hands. It ls an
attitude which demands a certain Intimacy, a gentleness of gait and con-
templativeness of mien.
No, decidedly, says the Parisian, let
us not bring back this arm-in-arm
fashion' to Paris. The picture is
drawn of a young man of a type which
Is seen frequently ln the streets, who
takes a girl's arm with a sort of'Ju-
jutsu grip, grasping her hand and
wrist, holding her elbow as ln a vice
and by tbe leverage of his arm forcing
ber to walk with one shoulder hunched
up and the other lowered. The object oppears to be that the man may
propel bis companion, much as a policeman might propel a recalcitrant
offender to the police station.
This ls clearly not to be compared
for gracefulness with the fashion of a
generation ago, wben the lady hung
lightly on the arm of a strong and
dashing e_-ort.
A man likes the statement that he
has risen io the top of the ladder. A
woman resents the intimation that she
wasn't always there.
St. Paul Park Incident
"After drinking coffee for breakfast
I aHvays felt languid and dull, having
no ambition to get to my morning
duties. Then In about an hour or so
a weak, nervous dersngement of th-
heart and stomach would come over
me with such force ' would frequently
have to He down."
Tea ls just as harmful, because lt
contsins caffeine, the same drug
found in coffee.
"At other times I had severe bead-
aches: stomach finally became affected and digestion bo impaired that I
had serious chronic dyspepsia and
constipation. A lady, for many
years State President of tho W.C.T.
U., told me ahe hatl been greatly benefited by quitting coffee and using
Postum; she was troubled for years
with asthma. She said lt was no
crosB to quit coffee when she found
Bhe could have as delicious an article
as Postum.
"Another lady, who had been troubled with chronic dyspepsia for years,
found Immediate relief on ceasing coffee and using Postum. Still another
friend told me that Postum was a Godsend, her "heart trouble having been
relieved after leaving off coffee ind
taking on Postum.
"So many such cas j cams to my
notice that I concluded coffee was the
cause ot my trouble and I quit and
took up Postum. I am more than
pleased to say that my days of trouble
have disappeared. I am well and
Look ln pkgs. tor the famous little
book, "The Road to Wellvllle."
Ever read the above letter? A new
ons appears from time to time. They
•re csnulns, true, and full of human
Eve nir.] on the Farm
(Thirty Years Ago)
John, bave you wound the clock?
Yes, dear?
And put cut the cat?
Yes, dear.
And locked the .jor?
Yes, dear.
Then you cr... come to bed.
t   (Today)
Rudolph, have you locked the safe?
And put the auto In the garage?
And shut oil the   dynamo   In' the
Sure, Mike.
All right, you can roll Into the hay
Needs Asslstanos \
Black has a terrible temper.
So ! have heard.
It seems as though he can't control
I have noticed that lt always takes
a bigger man than he is to control it
tor him.
Mlnsrd's Liniment Cures Dandrsn.
Found His Place
You know that old tightwad Jenks?
Well, he goes to the theatre now
regularly once a week.
Yes, a moving picture show.
Seen Mrs. Gaybcy lately?
No.     Why?
She has a new Paris gown and a
new diamond bracelet.
Now what Indiscretion has Gayboy
been committing;?
Fresh picked luscious Niagara fruit and granulated
sugar make
The   kind   like   mother
Can be had from your
Hard on Her
Poor Mabel! I think her father is
so mean to her!
What's the trouble?.
You know how nicely she Ad
Charlie aro getting on?
Well, now Iter father tells her that
he can't afford to pay for a new gown
as long as she runs the parlor lights
five nights in the week.
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and many are born with them.
Spare tbem suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, tha
best remedy of the kind that can ha
He Had Olscovered
Why do they oi.51 this the century
run? aaked the  fluffy  young -thing
leaning far out to see what was going
Because, replied the man who was
fooling with the bolts and valves ot
tbe bucking auto, lt takes a century
to make lt.
In Doubt
His fatht   trove an ox team.
And he drives an auto.
Some advancement.
Yes, but the ox team was paid for.
Tha Foe of Indigestion.—Indigestion is a common ailment and few are
free from lt It Is a most distressing
complaint and often the suffering attending lt Is most severe. The very
best remedy Ib Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, taken sccordlng to directions.
They rectify tho irregular action of
the stomach and restore healthy act-
Ion . For many years they have been
a standard remedy for dyspepsia and
Indigestion and are highly esteemed
for their qualities.
Tbe unsuccessful person Is usually
the one who Is juat a second too late.
Minard's Llnimtnt Curst Burns, Sts.-.
How Hs Would Get Them ,
Willie, if your brother gave you two
apples and your sister gave you-two
more, how many would you have?
I would have four.
Correct, Willie.
But I would have two lights flrst,
Mothers, whether your baby ls suffering from indigestion, colic or
worms, or from some other form o*
childhood ailment, you will find Baby'a
Own Tablets a sure relief. Thousands ot mothers use nothing else for
their little ones. ' The Tablets always
do good—they cannot possibly- da
harm and are equally good for th*
newborn babe or growing child. They
are sold by medicine dealers or by
mall at 26 cents a box from The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
■ Say, you are a shoe manufacturer?
This name ls tor new footwear.,   t
would call it the president's shoe, and
everybody would be anxious to step
Into lt.
——»———• l
Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Taj-
lets.   Druggists refund money It It falls
to cure.   TB. W. GROVE'S signature la
on each box.     tto.
Willing to Plsaae
I have a fortune In a name that I
will sell tor about $1,000,000, and It la
cheap at that.
Better keep lt rather than sacriflct
DoYouFeel * risAscWsiHsuacw
WW* ---- w   I Draa-agDawaSassatiMi
I "trraa-j—Dv««s— s.
■ TaMiffaass Uw- Daws. *->
^^ mmmm**eStm****tn*.       ~t.W*l
It is became of some "derangement or disease*-
. distinctly feminine.   Write Dr. R. V. ~—''
Faculty at Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo.
Consultation isfree and «' "
confidence.   <.   ^.T^^..
Dr.Pierces FavoHte
restores the health and spin
painful symptoms mention*,
sold by druggists for wwj&fl
.    no^Ussafn^t^orm.aSriSSaa,,
The Modern View
He married hit affinity.
He did?
Mercy! I never heard of suoh a
Why shouldn't he?
But they aren't affinities after they
an married.
Worms are encouraged by morbid
conditions ot tiie stomach and bowels,
and so subsist. Miller's Worm Powders will alter these conditions almost
Wmedlately and will sweep the worms
•way. No destructive .parasite can
tie in contact with thia medicine,
which is not only a worm destroyer,
iilt a health-giving medicine most beneficial to the young' constitution and
••such it has no superior.
No Such Thing
She said I was rather young.
She did?
Yes, and that friend of here said:
Ot, well, she'll- get over it.
Mean thing.
Mlnard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Mora Fitting
He fell In love with the teacher
la he so young as that?
You mean to say, la she eo young?
Probably I meant to ask art hoth
sir young?
Tour druggist will refund money If PASO
OINTMENT telle to cure any cee* of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Piles
tn- ti io ll days.   Me.	
Nothing Uncertain About Him
Do you know anything about Binks?
Binks?     '
Yes. He bas applied to mt tor a
joh, and I want to "know lt he ts reliable.
You bet.
Is he?
He ls. You can rely on him to
carry away anything that Isn't being
sat upon by the owner and to He when
te's cornered.
I e-t
The wontan who Changes her mind
eften sometimes forgets where she
iuu tt.
Clever Bell
-  Bell ls learning dressmaking.
Ia ahe?
In order to make her own clothes, 1
Not at all. ta order to earn money
enough to hire a modiste to make
tiiem for her.
Nothing for it
This hot weather ls Intolerable.
But think how much We need itl
Meed Itl Huh!
Sure, man!    For tbe corn crop.
What dp I care about the corn crop!
I am a coal dealer.
Tht Test
Has she a good husband?
You bet.
How gopd is he?
For any rtasonable amount at the
4>ank. - -
Saved by Lydia L Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Swarthmore, Pedn. - " Fj»r fifteen
years I suffered untold agony, and for
.one period of nearly
I twoyearslfatdhem-
lon-hages and tha
[doctors told mt I
I would have to un-
Idergoaa operation,
I bat I began taking
LydUE. Pinkham's
[Vegetable Com-
I pound and am In
I good health now. I
lam all ovt* tht
■ Change ol lift and
cannot praise your Vegttable Compound
too highly. Every womanshould take Itat
thit tlma. Irian-mend it to both old
and young for lemale troubles. "-Mrs.
Emily Summkesqill, Swarthmore, Pa.
Canadian Woman's Experience i
Fort William , Ont-"I feel at If I
could not tell others enough about tha
good Lydia B. Hnkhgrn't Vegetable
Compound has done for hie. Iwatwtek
snd tired and I could not rest nights. A
friend recommended your Compound and
I soon gained health aad strength and
eould not wish to sleep better. I know
other women who have taken it for tba
same purpose and they join me tn prals-
Vickar Stmt, Fort Williams, Ontario,
Sinee we guarantee that all testimo-
aMla which wa publish are genuine, ta It
aotfalrto suppose that if Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound hu the virtu* to help these women it will help any
tthtr woman Whole tuffering in a Ukt
manner?   -
If y«a wast special advtee write te
Lylla fcPliUum Medidae Co, (eoaB-
deaUal)Lpu_,Kass. Toar tetter will
wolaaa s*m hell ia strict etatdtaet.
Hard an  Brown .
Brown has told that auto of hts.
Yes, and also told the man who
bought lt, I should say.
So you suppose bt can collect on
both tales?
Not lf the buyer discovers tho second tale before he settles for the
He't Baek at Work Again, After Suffering from tht Pains, Nervousness
and Depression that   Only   Kldnty
Disease Csn Bring.
Point Alexander, Ont., (Special).—
Mr.  D. A. Froncare, a well-known
and popular young farmer, living near
here, who has been a sufferer from
kidney disease for some time past, is
back at work again,   and  he  says,
without hesitation, that his cure ls
due to Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I waa always tired and nervous,"
Mr. Froncare ssis, lam peaking of his
illness. "I suffered from backache
and neuralgia, and my sleep was
broken and unrefreshlng. My eyes
were ptflfed and tbere were dark red
circles around them.
"My muscles would cramp. I felt
heavy and sleepy afterwards, and I
was depressed and Itw-splrlted, while
shortness of breath and dlssy spells
served to make life yet more miserable for me.
"I was always thirsty; my limbs
were heavy; and I had a dragging
sensation across the Joins.
"My symptoms lad me to believe I
had -kidney disease, and I started to
use Dodd'a Kidney Pills. I have taken
tight boxes ln all, and I am very
grateful for the beneflt I fakve received from them."
If tha disease It of tbe kidneys or
from the Sidneys, Dodd's Kidney Pills
will cure lt.
How do you Uke tht little girl who
has just moved ln next door, Mabel?
My mamma doesn't let mt play with
Don't you like her?
Then why doesn't your mother let
you play with her?
'Cause she never wants me to play
with people's llttlo girls who calls
their maids "hired girls.'
■ ■ i
Life ls Just one grand sweet song.
That may be, but too blamed many
ot us can't find (he tune tor ths variations, and the reat ars mostly off the
Sure Enough
There's no curse Uke 111 health.
Oh, I don't know.   It has Its uses
Name one.
It has got several notable persons
'out ot the penitentiary-
No Remedy Half to Efficient
"I didn't have to suffer long with a
aore, wheezy chest. I had a mighty
bad cold—lt held me like a vise, but
I knew what to do. I took half a teaspoonful ot Nerviline in hot water
and rubbed my neck and chest every
half hour during the evening. You
would hardly credit the way Nerviline
loosed up that tight chest, enabled me
tp breathe Uke a tree man, gave me
con-tort la a few hours."
This is the experience ot J. P. Du-
rand, a well known resident o. Burton's Corners... In thousands of
homes Nerviline la used every day
If a little child has a sick stomach,
.ust a few drops will suffice. If there
Is any bowel disorder or diarrhoea,
only a small dose'ls required Inwardly, or outwardly, wherever there
is pain or Inflammation, Nerviline will
always relieve quickest and cure sure-
■ett of any remedy known. Family
size, 50c; small bottle 25c., at all
storekeepers and druggists, or The
Catarrhozone Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
Wonderful what a difference good
fortune makes to a man. It often enables people who haven't known him
for years to recognize him on the
Poor Substitutes
He bad no aunt to go to
Nor aunt that had a cent.
And eo the careless sluggard
Oft to his 'uncle' went.
What is more pathetic than a middle aged parson trying to make himself and others believe he ls young?
The man who ls anxious to oblige
never gets rusty for lack of opportunity to practice his theory.
Minard's Llnimtnt for sale everywhere.
You can never tell what a man Is
tyitil you have seen him tested by
prosperity as Well aa adversity, and
then you can only hazard a guess,
W. N. U. MS
Tha Only Way
Brinks looks downhearted thia
monlng. He hat lust found out that
be must marry.
Marryl prinks?
Why, how ls that?
His father gave him notice thia
morning that he would no longer tup-
port him.        	
Assthdtlo Olrl
Maude has broken her engagement
with Harry.
For wbat reason? .
She taara with ber dark blue disposition and hla pink hair aha la afraid
that thty-would not bt able to harmonize tho house furnishings.
Smart Landlady "
She always tries to have her boarders meet a lot of pretty girls.
She saya a young man never eata
much when he ia ln love.
Breaking It to Him Oently
Maude, will you marry me?
Well, Charlie, I'll -think about tt
Wbat will you think about it?
Some very uncomplimentary things
I am atrald.	
Because a milllonalrt subscribes
beamingly to a fresh air fund, don't
assume that K la aatt to laavt a railroad or a little unprotected tract lying
round In his vicinity overnight
It is easy enough to he good when
the devil has nothing really interesting in sight.
No Rest With Asthma. Asthma usually attacks at night, the one time
-when rest is needed most. Hence the
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
the loss of flesh and other evils which
must be expected unless relief ls secured. Fortunately Ttllef ls possible. Dr. J D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy haa proved its merit through
yeart of service. A trial will surely
convince you.
The trouble la tha politicians don't
lust understand what would happen to
the graft Industry if women vera
permitted to (.muse themselves with
the llttlt white ballot.
Sure cure and poettlve preventive, no matter how hot-Bet
«t any aee are Infected or "ejrposed." Liquid, given on the
tongue, ecu on the Blood and Glands, expels the poisonous
germs from the body. Cures Distemper In Do_» and
sheep, and Cholera In Poultry. Largest selling live stock remedy. Cures La Grippe among human beings and Is a nne
kidney remedy. Cut this out. Keep It. Show tt to your
druggist, who will get lt for you. Free Booklet. "Distemper, Causes and Cures."
SFOHN MEDICAL CO.. Ch.V. ,.J »..:..:.*.,-l., C.I... \xi., V. i. A
Occasionally we meet a man whose
Idea of getting even with a fellow he
doesn't like consists in kicking his
pet dog on the'tly.
No Lots
How do you teel about woman suf-
Well, I am willing that a woman
thould vote If aha want* to, but ahe
.can't vote and hava my seat In' the
ttreet car too.
Well, as sh* seldom gett your stat
I suppose that tht won't lost anything
by voting.
QUALITY is the secret of the McLaughlin reputation
for carriage building. Quality is the reason for
Canada's Largest arid Best Equipped Carriage Factory-* factory which can turn out a carefully constructed,
and thoroughly inspected, vehicle every ten minutes of
each working day in the year.
It would be easy to make a gigantic fortune in a few
years by substituting lower grade materials, but such a
policy would be nothing more nor less than business suicide,
and we prefer to continue along the lines laid down by
this company more than 44 years ago.
Carriages are not the lowest priced carriages on the market, but they are by far the cheapest in tiie end. Nothing
but the best of material, skill and workmanship is good
enough for us, and we are satisfied to abide by YOUR
Large stocks carried at our branch houses and agencies
throughout Western Canada.
McLaughlin Carriage Co., Limited,
Western Branch Houses-Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon,
Calgary, Vancouver.
A Splendid 10 cent Household Specialty is being introduced
all over Canada. It is appreciated by the Thrifty Housewife
who wants things "Just'a little better." Send post card today.
Simply say:--.
'Send package of household specially advertised in my newspaper'
That's all-You will be delighted! Pay if satisfied-we take
the risk-Address P. 0. Box 1240, Montreal, Can.
This Offer expires June 1st, 1913. Send to-day.
Makes us Honest
Before the penny slot machine
Put matches tn our way
An honest man ln other things
For matches wouldn't pay.
The man who keeps his friends
guessing should be considerate enough
to offer a prise for the correct solution.
So Modsrn
She ls the very last word ln pretty
Oh, I don't know.
But the is hand painted.
If there were a credit man to past
upon the conversational soundness of
people how many would go Into bank
ruptcy at once?
A Constant Change
In Body's Tissues
"Sample free if yeu write National
Drug end Chemical Co,, of Canada,
Limited. Areata."
"Our bodies," says Huxley, "may
be likened to aa eddy In the river,
whieh retains Its shape for a while,
though-every Instant each panicle of
water l« changing."
The tissues ot the body, composed
of millions of tiny cells, aro being
constantly broken down and wasted
away by the process of life, and especially by overwork, worry and disease.
In order to reconstruct these wasted tissues there ars necessary auch
elements as iron, sulphur, magnesia,
potash, etc., and whan these are not
supplied In sufflclent quantities In tht
food wt aat it it necessary to aid nature by tha use of tome restorative
Most people And Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food particularly effective under such
circumstances, because It Is composed
ot the very elements of nature which
go to form new, rich blood, create now
nerve cells and. rebuild wasted tis*
This great food curt It radically
different from medtclnea which ara
usually employed in the treatment ot
nervous diseases. For, while they
stimulate tired nerves to overexertion
or by narcotic Influence tooth and
deaden (hem. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
revitalizes wasted nerve cells and to
accomplishes lastingly beneficial results .
Such symptoms as sleeplessness, Is*
rltablllty, headache, Indigestion, brain
lire and feelings of fatigue and discouragement soon disappear when tha
system Is built up by the ust ot
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
SO cents a box, all dealers, or Edmanto n, Bates * Co., Limited, Toronto, THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
©i}F <Branh3tork.8 fcun
a. A. Evans. Editor ano PuautHir.
■Diniim.i I-.TU i
Una Tear., KM
Hn* Year (In advance) UW
One Year, la United Btatee IM
lUrw all eon.miinlM.loM to
TaiOu-i-l-o-u Sua.
Phos■ R14 Obaid Fo»e, B. 0
FRIDAY, MAY   30, 1913
Forks needs manufacturing concerns, and means should taktn to
secure them. There is a good open
ing here for a pulp and paper mill,
as we have abundance of raw material. Other industrial enterprises
be induced to locate in tbe city.
The navy bill appears to be
doomed in the senate. This will
leave the government the alternative
of aband'.i i >g ita naval policy or
appealing to the country. The
Liberals are generally ofthe opinion
that the former course will be pursued. They base tbeir judgment on
the ground tbat Premier Borden and
hia colleagues are afraid to go to tbe
country on a queatioa that would
mean almost certain defeat to the
government Button much confidence should nut be placed in this
hypothesis. A snap judgment of
the people may be sprung on the
country at any time, and the opposition should be prepared to present
their aide of the question to the
Tha prospects of a big fruit crop
tn thia valley this year were never
batter. With reports of damage to
the crop in the east and in other
countriea, tbe prices tbis fall should
better than tbey have been for years
The extension of the co-operative
associations, the activity of marketing agencies, and a substantial reduction in express rates, will all be
factors in making the crop more
profitable to the grower. The outlook of the fruit industry in tbia valley, aa well as in other sections of
tbe provinc*. is vary bright.
Tha management of the Orand
Forks opera house announces ita in
tention of booking a higher class of
theatrical attractions than have
hitherto visited the city. In order
tbat this determination may be
maintained, every meritorious ihow
Jhat comes here shouid be liberally
patronized by tbe citizens. By using proper discrimination, the people oan easily impress upon tbe
management Ibat they want the best
in the sho v line, and that when
productions of this class come here
tbey will be well supported.
Tbe efforts of the Wrd of trade
to advertise the city are laudable,
but all ita energy should not be expended  in tbis direction.    Orand
To gaiu the confidence of the vast
majority of voters it is necessary
thata leaderjbe something more than
a quick-change political artist. The
voter, outside of^the "machine" foi-
lowei, wants something that he can
"tie" to. Today Canada ia run on
machine lines. Tomorrow the people may want statesmen. Tbe people of British Columbia are begin
ning to take stock.—New Denver
A Man el ol Accaracy, Thinness and
Beailty—We recommend the Ham'
ilton to any one who wants a time-
.keeper of perfect and continuous ac
(Wye -RamiUim Watrlj
"TAe Railroad Timekeeper ofAmrica"
We cen Mil you the complete watch, or we
eaneupnly e Hamilton movement fitted to
vour preMot watch mm. AU tlaee IM men
and women.
A. 0. MORRISON ffl^^S.1^
Unite*! States and Japan
When it comes to a plain matter
of bluff and show down the government of the United Sts tes must
stand firmly upon ils rights as a nation, and as a federation it must
protect the right* t>f itt-atntps against
foreign aggression or coercion. The
government of Japan rifles not permit American citizens to hold Isnd
in its empire, and it is none of our
buainesa why she adopta that policy.
Tha government of Hayti alto forbids ownership of land by alien
whites. Its right to do so goes without question. Tbe smallsst of nations is mistress in its own house,
or it is a nation in name only. —Detroit Newt.
A few years a couple of ranchers
n tbis valley planted half a dozen
trees of Luther Burbank's stoneless-
plums. Tbe names ppears to bea
misnomer. Tbe trees have now
blossomed for tbree years, but no
fruit baa yet set, and it looks aa if it
would iequire a miracle to get them
to bear. Tbey should called rhe
plumless plum trees.
A dispatch from the newt editor
of the Spokane Chronicle to The
Sua last Monday morning read:
"Tbe first womao wireless operator
married a.Qrand Forks man today.
Two hundred peoplt witnessed tbe
ceremony." Aa The Sun baa received oo notification of anyone
breaking away from the Bachelors'
«lub lately, we are still in the dark
regarding the identity of the groom.
Te real estate market is quite
active at present, a number of transfers of city property being recorded
For Rent—8ix room modern
bouse on Third street, near Observation mountain. Apply Jas. McArdle.
Milk and Cream delivered to all parts of the city
twice daily. Dairy abso-
solutely sanitary. We endeavor to please our customers.
The provincial agricultural cum-
mission will commence its sessions in
this city on June 9. A meeting of
the Grand Forks Farmers' Institute
will be held in the Miners' union hall
tonight for the purpose of making arrangements fur the event.
It is better to be a kioker than a
dead one.
The man who doesn't worry about
anything leaves it to his wife.
Anyway, you hardly need fear that
you will get a raw deal from the man
#ho roasts you.
The man who thinks he understands
women keeps himself so busy listening to them that he is good for nothing else.
There are people who don't bave lo
live long to entirely outlive their usefulness.
Riches may not make happiness
but it must be confessed that they are
somewhat arousing
The saddest part of it is that by the
time a man becomes adept in the art
of making excuses necessary to have
things run smoothly it ie time for him
to die.
Don't try to frighten people. Some
of them get just soared enough to put
up a good fight.
•we've cot WHAT YOU
Tne pusher isn't trying to get tlie
job of the man who takes plenty of
sleep in the early part of the night,
The Sun job office is the best
equipped for all classes of work in
the Boundary.
At-rutn, t**p
have known (nr ovareeveaisof (hs
Um end tUodfStl. In oxeixot xwU
.   At thia p..,nt I trill aay to jo«
Se Aaa St., New York City.
DearSiri I bave known for ever ee-
efectaofWi-nn —     '   -
aweary trouble..          	
what yoa hava not befora known oft that aa years
elec, while 1 waa a rnldrat of N.YTCIty, I was
aeveraly ill wilh lungtroulile. Phyildaaa audi wae
•coaeaBptlve and my family payaieiaa told my wife
that he thooy lit I eentd net rerewer. MratUatiea
waa directed to the WII<on R«mciry, which I ate*
with epltadid effect. I have beeaoamyfeotaadat
*Xmtm*Tirmac.tmycnre.   Youratraly,
hater II. «. Church, Hunter, (GtaaaeCe-,. M. Y.
On Dee t, ion, Mr. Safer wrote Mr. Abbott;
"My health ta *ery ,,«xl.'r
If yon will write Mr. Abbott ha
wilt gladly furni.h yon any further
information you desire.
Our wagons won't work your horses to death. They
run light.
They are made of strong, tough, seasoned wood and will
atand the roughest wear.
If you buy a wagon from us and anything goes wrong
with it, drive up in front of our store and see if we don't
make good.
Mclntyre (&> Smith
At the Head
The man at the head ef attain
whether al home or in butineu, ia
lhe one whose attention you with
b attract
Our paper guet into lhe beat clut
ef homes ami ta read by the html uf
the family. Thai accounts lot the
remit, obtained by the ute of
ClassiKeri Went Ada.
We Have Received To-
Fresh-killed Beet, ^Hutton, Veal
and Young Pork '    .
Fresh Fish Dailjr
Including Salmon and Halibut
P. BURNS 8 CO. Ltd.
iNaJ-^ri^in goods
Used in the West exclusively, being highest in
qnapty. See our new stock of Gloves, Balls' etc.
Beach Balls       -..'.. .$1.25 each
* Woodland C& Quinn
The Rexall Druggists
■■a. 0." end "Copper Kins" Mineral Claim,
altuete In the Grand Korke Mining Dlvlilon
ol Inle MttrlKt.       __
Where located:   Iu Fren*IJn eamp.
TAKE NOTICB khet I. William H. rT.fmai..
formveelfaa executor ol the will nl tha
late Catherine Hoffmen, and te agent for
Jacob M. I'aulaon. tre. Minora' Certiaoatea
Noe. SIMSB eud Mens, roepaetlvely. latood.
alaty ,deya Ren the date hereof, .to apply to tke Mining Recorder for OerMBoetea
ol Improvement, tor the purpaee al obtain-
Ine Crown tlmtaof tke above elalmo
And further take not loo that nation, under
■action SI, moat In commenced before the
laouenee of auch certlSeetee ol Improve-
IN THB M'TTKB ol en application for lbe
Iaauaof Duplicate Certtlentm of Title to
l_ota I to IS luolueive, Blook 4. Map • a. end
I Ate S and It, Blook I, Subdivision oi lot
NoWlflS HKIUHYOITII-I that It la my
Intention to laene al Ihe expiration of
one month after the flrtt publication hereof
dupl.ci-t.eof the CertiAoatia ot Tltlee to the
above-mentioned i.ote In the name of Henry
Whllt, whieh Oertlfleaiae era dated tbe Uth
dny ol December, ISM. end the Mh day of Mny.
WOO, rcapaetlnly. aud numbered UWA end
Dlalrlet Bofletrar.
B.8. B.C. 1911,Cap.SH.dee. tl.
la the matter ol the. letate ol Harriett
Amelia l«aeh, lete ol l.rnad Forka, Bl).,
NOTI'I IS HBKBRY OITRN that all per-
tone  havina- any  clalma aaralnot NM
Kttate nl ike late Harriett Amelia, ier***,
wbo died na or about the 10th dey ol April.
IMS, at Urand Fork, eforeeeld, era reojuaetad
lo rend by pott prepaid, or to deliver to the,
uoderals-iied Solicitor bceln torMarfsret
Kabeaoa Bran and Kvallna II. Thomeeon,
laecntrixea end Trutteee nnder the will ol
tbe tald Harriett Amelia Ueeli. Iheir name.
end addreeeae end lull particular. In writing
of thoir clalma and ttatemoate ol their ne;
oounte and the nature of eeeortty III aay)
held by tbem.
An I tako nutloo, that after tke Hat day o
Juo-.U-Mheea'd .xeeutrlsee end TituSae.
will prneeed todlatrlbut • tbe aaaeW ol I •;
aaid deoeaaed among- the. peraone entitle 4
thereto, having regard only te the elelmtol
which th y aball thou hava had nonce. "
Ibat tlie Mid Kxorutrlxea and Truateee  _.
not be Heine lor the add aeeata or any pan
thereof, to any nereon whoae claim  tb.»
I hall nnt have had or racelved notice.
Dated at Orand rorlti, B.C.. IhU Vint day
ol May. Ull.
I and J**»l, Block.
Orand Porka, B. 0..
Solicitor for Iha eald Marsarot Rebeeea Brau
end Kvallna M Thompeon,
Electric Restorer for Men
Don't forget tbal Tbe Sun bas the
best job printing deparrment in tbe
Boundary country.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital,. Bridge
atreet, Qrand Forks.
Cbaatfe of Proflram
Bach Week
trnciiNT m
Prom a Mlniater lu New Tork: "I waa
"aeverely lit tilth lung trouble. My atteu-
"Hon waa illrw-lfil 111 ilie Wtleon lleiuedy
"which I uaed with aplcndiU effect."
fmm s lady In Michigan: "1 need yoar
"medicine Hut 1.1 , r U yenr. ago mid II
"need ne from railing my data with can-
"eumpilon. There would lie no aee of en
"many pe.iple dying with consumption if
"lliey lunlil lie perasaded to try wllaou'a
If tin nre onforlnf from ANT lung or
11    :it ir-nlil.. it i< yonr dnt)' to luTeall-
g:r . ."'-Ml r r five lull Infnrinatlon to.
WU.m-.-s ■es»a«y. Wahnaa. N. i.
(Pnhllehed Annually)
Inehlaa tradere thronghout tke world to
commnuloata direct with Bngllab
Ineaekcleeaofeoode. Realdee being a complete commercial guide tn London and Ita
tukurbe, the directory eaatalua llett ol
wilk the Oooda they .hip, and tbe Colonial
end Foreign Market. Ihey alpply;
arrengwd under tha Porta to whieh they tell,
end Udleetlof the epprnalmnte Mlinge-,
ol leading Manulaetiirera, Merchant., etc.. In
*\*s»w*m a"""'
A oopy of Ihe earreot edition will be for-
werded, freight paid, oo receipt of Poelal
Dealare ■eeklng Agenelee ean adverllae
their trade cardalorll, or larger edvortlae-
menu from AS.
36, Abchorch Lane, London, E.C.
The weather is just right for f Altera, Stocb»S«apdra(jo«a,
planting out all garden plants \Dahllaa and GUdtolw
We are are again offering special prizes
for floral exhibits at the next Fall Fair.
*   • ■ t ■   '   /
FRACHE BROS^ Florists    phone r 20 THE  SUN,   GBAND  FORES,   fi. G.
Most Important Events at
Home and Abroad Daring the Fast Week
King   George   welcomes   Emperor'
N oholas of Russia in Berlin.    . -t
Dispatches from Saloniki report another serious conflict between "the
Greeks and Bulgarians; .
Militant outrages, it is said, are
now bslrg committed in the resic'ences
of the aristocracy of the west end of
Five persons are killed and six
fatally injured in a terrific, explosion
which takes place when- tlie French
liner Senegal strikes a mine in the
harbor at Smyrna.
The bill providing for the extension
of the lead bounty receive* its . third
reading in the bouse ac Ottawa.' The
budget-debate is ended. Tariff reductions are suggested. The. bank
act ia given its third reading;
The minister of marine denies the
report that the Rainbow is being dismantled.
The Italians meet with a serious reverse in a battle with Arabs, and
lose a thousand men.
The highway bill is killed in the
senate by adding amendments to it
which the government rejects.
Another suit to test the validity of
the British Columbia companies act
has been entered at Vancouver.
Great Britain's alliance with. Japan
may prove a vexatious problem in the
event of war between the United
States and Japan.
Bulgarians' are arrested by the
Greeks, and two hundred will be tried
by court martial. Fighting between
the allies is resumed.
King George, at the British' embassy in Berlin, said: "The preservation of peace is my,fervent desire, as
it was the chief aim and object of my
father's life." *
The Duchess of Connaught is mak*
ing steady progress.
Twenty thousand Italian troops are
despatched   to  Tripoli   to crush the
Prince Ernest Auguste of Cumberland and Princess Victoria Louise of
Prussia are married at Berlin.
At the celebration of Empire day by
British subjects at Long Beach, Cal.,
a pier collapses, and thirty six persons
are killed and scores injured.
The ateamer Nevada, with 200 passengers on hoard, struck three wines
in succession today in tlie Gnlf of
Smyrna and sank. Forty of the passengers and crew were drowned.
As a result* of the Anglo Turkish
agreement, Cyprus is ceded to Great
Britain. Severe fighting is reported
between the allies. The Greeks'lose
two hundred and fifty men; Bulgarian
troops mutiny.
A suffragette meeting in Victoria
park, in the east end of London, was
the scene of rioting today, when trade
unionist* and Socialists attempted to
hold a demonstration in support of
votes for women.
Luther McCarty, heavyweight
champion of the world, died in the
ring at Caldary today from a chance
blow delivered somewhere in the
region of tha solar plexus. The end of
his battle with Pelkey came after 1
minute and 45 seconds of fighting.
Berlin is cordial toward King
George, and tbe coolness of the early
greeting evaporates.
. hi debate on the naval bill in the
1  \
We dispense the tastiest cold drinks in this
part  of the  country.   We  use the best Ice
*    Cream and the finest -fruits and syrups to get
this reputation.
We cTWann  Drug  Co.
Agents for Butter Cup Ice Cream
McNeil & henniger
. Seeds, Fertilizers. Poultry Supplies, Salt. Plaster,
Lime, Cement.
Seed Oats, Wheat, Grass Seeds
Mail orders given careful and prompt attention
~    Practical Plumber
Steam and _Hot W'atet Fitter.    Sanitary and Heating Engineer.
If it is in the plumbing and heating line and
we can t do it—it can't be done
senate is opened by  the Conservative
leader, Hon. S. H Lougheed.
The estimates for the Hud-ton Bay
railway are taken up in the house.
Port Nelson will be the terminal.
Accidental death is the verdict of
the jury which iuvestigatee the death
of Luther McCarty, heavy weight pugilist, at Calgary.
Burns' arena at Calgary, the scene
of Saturday's tragio event, when
Luther McCarty lost his iife, was totally destroyed by fire this morning.
The Bulgarian cabinet will refuse
Servia's demand, and war aeeina inevitable.. Troops .-are massed near
Sofia. |Great Britain will support
Bulgaria, while Greece stands with
The militia estimates are under discussion in thn house of eoiuuions.
The alleged Indisn slayers of Constable Kindness are un trial before (he
assize oourt at Vernon.
The powers demand that the peace
treaty be signed. Bulgaria is anxious
to reach an agreement with Greece.
Treasure hunt ends in failure. The
steamer Meltnore returns to San
Francisco without the Cocos island
Sir Gi-orge Ross' amendment to the
navy bill reads: "That this house is
not-justified in giving ita assent to
tbis bill until it has been submitted to
the country."
Both Arthur Pelkey and Tommy
Burns were committed to stand trial
on charges of manslaughter in connection with the death of Lnther McCarty in Calgary last Saturday.
The ffuit crop in England is damaged by hail.
The house of comtnens deals with
transportation matter..
I'he delegates gather for the Lib
etal convention at Revelstoke.
Nelson will hold its first annual
flower show tluring the middle of
Mrs. Luther McCarty, widow of the
late pugilist, uiay get 165,000, the
amount of the fortune left bv her
Polite Constable James "Archibald,
formerly of the Winnipeg force, was
found murdered on a vacant lot in
Vancouver today. .
The Friedman tuberculosis cure
accomplishes neither good nor liorm.
declares the superintendent of Byron
sanitarium, London.
.Tomorrow haa been set for the
signing of the peace treaty, which
will be done under compulsion. The
Servians and Bulgarians will meet on
tl)s frontier. Servia demands a modi
fication of the treaty with Bulgaria.
. Tbe flrst annual meeting nf tbe
Graduate Nurses' association of
British Columbia will be held in
Vancouver June IS and U.   There
Geo. W. cTWcGregor Company"
Present, b*J Special
Arrangement   with
Charles Frohman
The London and New York Humorously Human
Comedy-Drama Success,
With' a Specially Selected English   Company
-     from the London and New York
First  Canadian Tour
18 Months at Wyndham Theatre, London.
6 Months at Criterion Theatre, New York*
Prices: 75c, $1.00, $1.50
Seats on Sale at Woodland *» Quinn'
inn's 1
We do nothing but first-class and up-to-date work. If your
plumbing nee Is inspection, now is the time have it done before the hot summer months. Sickness is soon caused by a
leak in a waste or vent pipe. The oldest and best equipped
plumbing shop in the Boundary.
II     I        Da        I      Equal to any $50 wheel now
IlySlOp DlCyCleS on'the mar - -mo f-i    I
ket.   Fully guairanteed  a&O Vj3Sn
will be morning and afternoon seer-ions in the hoard of trade roomi>,
Molson's bank building, Hastings
street, west. Papers will he read on
subjects of interr-st to the nursing
world. The local nursing atsocia-
tions are planning entertainments
for the evenings of both days. All
graduate nurses are invited, and tha
secretary, Miss Breeze, 1032 Barclay
street, Vancouver, will be glad te
receive tbe names of any who intend
to he present.
Ore Shipments
The following were the shipments
from the Boundnry mines during
the past week, tfcranby mine, '__■_>{-
862; Mother Lode, 7, IOC; Rawhide,
3,895; Napoleon, 464; Victoria, _!24.
Smelter treatments: Granby, 24,-
070 Ions; Greenwood, 10,904.
If you read The Sun you get the
news of the city, the province and
tba world. It is possible for a Sun
reader to keep abreast of the times
without the aid of the daily  papers.
{      An(
An Opportunity to Make a    p
Profitable  Investment
sf   A Good soil; ten acres planted
IO ACreS to apples; three-room house;
river frontage; splendid location,
gain for a quick sale.
A' bar-
Business, Warehouse and
Residentail Lots
In the Original, Townsite.
t -    \*,    •*      '
Grand Forts Townsite Co., Ltd.
Boundary Trust 8 Investment
The Worrying Habit
Isn't his life insured?
Then what does his wlte worry so
about lt for?
She says she thinks lt will ba a
perfect shame lt his second wlte gets
all tbat money,
You wfll find rtllMlfl Zam-Buk I
It min iho burring, stinging
pain, stop* Ueedbf and brings
ease. fsmverams.withZsn.
Buk, mtaiit cure: Why not prow
am Buk
rpfn iXL-m* Du/*\i**\i,if. 6on>ZT
One ol these will soon pay (Or
Itself on the farm in killing gophers alone.
Savage M Ull Repeater, 20
shot, 22 calibre  7.SO
Winchester model   1902,   22,
single shot 8.00
Stevens Little Scout, 22 .... 2.85
Write tor Summer Catalogue Mo.
Co., Ltd.
488 Main Street Winnipeg
Beak Tree.    A anapla
■aaa. traataiaal named
Old aaraa, alcara *ad
-. tf**4**.t**lA   Otmela*
Mar !■ "Hi l waarlll aead keek ead tiaala.iala.ai
SMILE A    ,
Haa. WinaLow's Soothing Bratir haa ben
AU.AYS all ?Alt)(-CURBS WIND COlIC, aal
ia the best remedy lor M-.Rt.Ha.A-. It U absolutely fcaraleeC Be aure and aak nr "Mra.
Wlsalow'a Soothing Syrup," and take ao otber
Wad. Twenty-five cenU a bottle.
London Hospitals Appeal to Nation fer
Money to 8ecjre Suppl"
London, England.—A week sv> It
was announced that 600 milligrammes
ol radium were lying ln a safe at the
British Radium Corporation cilices,
while five London hospitals were making pitiful appeals tor mors adequate
supplies. To quote Doctor Laiarus-
Barlow, ot tha Middlesex. Hospital,
cancer laboratories, ths huge majority
ot our untortunateibtlents have to die
simply because wa have not the radium which would at leaat relieve their
pain, and might ln all probability effect a cure ln a good proportion ot tbe
The 600 milligrammes will soon ba
800 milligrammes, the corporation expecting an additional 800, and there
ls a grave Hanger tbat tha whole quantity may be sold to Japan Aid scores
of men and women suffering from tba
horrors of cancer wai be left to die ia
There ia only a very limited quantity ot radium ln the whole world, but
happily It can be used again and again.
As Doctor Laiarus-BarSov/- stated,
more than a thousand years pass before Its powers fall 60 per cent.
It ls therefore evident ihat If thess
800 milligrammes are purchased for
the London hospitals, the beneflclent
work will go on'for many years and
even many generations to eome, and
the philanthropist who secured ths
radiuto would be earning tor himself
the grateful blessings of thousands ot
his less fortunate brethrii.
It ls estimated that $64,090 ls required to*lay the whole supply. When
It Is remembered how much anguish
oan be relieved and how much despair
can be changed to hope, this ls surely
a small enough sum.
At the Middlesex Hospital, the London Hospital, the Cancer Hospital, the
Metropolitan Hospital and St. John's
Hospital tor Diseases of the Skin physicians are force'd to stand Idly by and
watCh the ravages of disease which at
least they could stay If this radium
were taken from the office safe and
divided among them.
The hospitals cannot buy It themselves. They have not the money.
Who will hel_r? The necessity Is urgent. There must be many rich men
and women whose sympathies will be
touched and whose Check books will
be opened.
TakeGood Care
Of The Colts
J'a cheaper to raise eollt than to
buy horses.  But It's cosily If you lost
tie colts. Keep a bottla ot Kendall's
pavin Cura handy. For thirty-five
yeara has proved it the sale, reliable
remedy (or spavin, splint, curb, ring*
bone, bony growtha and lameness
trom other causes.
IM tan* we
«•* **T*sdt la ra s-f
Stta.3"***1 ""
met irT Tii is i
\r Jb* ,    tf
Dr. B. * KeaeUl Coaspuy    M
Stmx^-etwn-* U. S. A*
Some People Would
I havo nothing to worry about.
Think not, do you?
You are not enterprising.
No, or you'd worry ahout tbat.
All men may be free and equal by s
mere matter ot birth but woman has
to scheme for her freedom, and she
doesn't care to be just equal fo that
woman down the block.
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
borne; decorating cushion tops; caa
make from %3 to 15 per day; plsaaaat
work. Armour Art Co., Dept. N, 11
,_e*le Blk., Winnipeg.
Maypole Soap
toloat hdclaij. em
Ua. ft ftp*** at
kone. Noboublo  ■
will gi»e uy ihade,
ColorilOcbUcl IJc.
m yon deala'i ot
poatpeid with booklet
F. I BENEDICT t CO. thalm!
Muscular Rheumatism Subdued —
When one Is a suffer from muscular
rheumatism he cannot do better than
to havo the region rubbed with Dr
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. There is no
oil that so speedily shows Its effect
In subduing pain. Let the rubbing "
brisk and continue untl ease is secured. There ls more vlrtuj ln a bottle of it than can he fully estimated.
Som* Compensation
The pies the mothers used to main
To eat might not Ve Itt,
But If they Wiled the fathers OH
A pleasant death was It.
;//   PILLS
gb   ! i. -r'. f
V4i,'     VsN-^niS**
tarn, a box or alx bexss for 12.60,
at all dealers, or Tht Osdda Medicine Company, Limited, Toronto,
W : N. U. Mf
Suspended Animation
I was walking down a street once,
Bald the hypnotist, when I saw a man
Just In front wltb whom I wished to
speak. So I Just straightened out
my rfrm, concentrated my will, made
a pass—thus—and the man stopped Instantly, and waited till. I overtook
" Well, you don't call that much of
a trick, do you? said one of his listeners.
Personally I call lt a very fair demonstration, affirmed the hypnotist.
But perhaps you are not' familiar wltb
the science?
No, I can't say I am, replied the
other, who happened.to he an American, though one day while I was walking In New York I saw a man slip,
and fall trom tha top ot a sixteen
storey building, when he had got
about halt way down, I made a pass
Just as you did, and be stopped falling
Instantly. However, being busy at
tbe time I went on without thinking
any more about It; which remind me
—next time you're In New York, you
might look out tor blm nnd rescue
html        '
Beware of Ointments (or Catarfli
that Contain Mercury,
aa aarenrr will eurtlr dratroy Ua an ol nl
aat eenpUmr N««ao«e tke .kola wataai wkaa
eeteHas It tbrouib Aa muooue outsets. Saili
utM» •min aawe be iwd aiant oo pnaem-
ikx-i ma nputebia obyltetaoe. aa tha daman ifcar
wm do la laa IM to tae iood yoa ean -naublr da-
tin (rem tlma. Hall*. Gatarrb ewe, manuto-tured
br r. J. CMmv A Co., Toledo, 0.. cootaloa eo nur-
«ht. aad a Ham totenatly. aetiai it—   	
tba blood aad rauoom surfaces ot tl*
baylos HaS'a catarrh Core be aare nil
aenuliit.  Ilktakaa -ttetaallr aad anie l_ _.
OWo, by r.t. Ckaaar * Oo. TaMraooiaktm.
Sold by DmaT-ta. Wee. lie. per bottle.
nke Hill*. Family Tim tor _o__rUpM_oo. _,
C.nt.narlana Walk to th. Poll
Geneva.—Olacomo Masclorlnl, 106
years old, Vnd Lulgl Pongelll, aged
100, walked tbree and four miles respectively to record their votes at the
Swiss parliamentary elections at Tec-
Just now you are feeling "out of
sorts"—not your usual se)f. Quite exhausted at times and cannot devote
real energy to your work. Sleep
does not rest you and you wak'e up
feeling "all tired out." Perhaps rheumatism ls flying through your muscles
and Joints, or may be your skin Is
disfigured by rashes, bolls or pimples.
Headaches, twinges ot neuralgia, fits
of nervousness, irritability of temper
and a disordered stomach often increase your discomfort ln the spring.
The cause—winter has left ita mark,
on you. These troubles are signs
that your blood ls poor and watery,
that your nerves are exhausted. You
must renew and enrich your blood at.
once and restore tone to your tired
nerves, or there may be a complete
breakdown. The most powerful remedy for these spring aliments In men,
women and children ls Dr. Williams*
Pink Pills tor Pale People, because
these Pills cleanse bad blood and
strengthen weak nerves.
New, rich, red blood—your greatest
need ln spring—Is plentifully created
by Dr. Williams' Fink Pills, and with
this new, pure' blood ln your veins
you quickly regain health and Increase
your strength. Then your skin 'oe-
comes clear, your eyes bright, your
nerves strong, and you feel better, eat
better, sleep better, and are able to
do your work.
. Begin your spring tonic treatment
today for tbe blood and nerves with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills—the Pills
that strengthen
These Pills are cold by most dealers, but do not be persuaded to take
"something Just the same." If you
can't get the genuine Pills from your
dealer they will be sent you hy mall,
post paid, at 60 cents a box or six
boxes for .2.60 by writing The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Royal Rssldencs for Sale
London.—Messrs Trollope have
been instructed to cell by auction Osborne Cottage, East Cowes, thi residence of Princess Henry of Batten-
berg. The house has beautiful gardens and extensive stabling.
There's always a dark side to ths
silver lining. Even ths fellow who
keeps smiling la liable to bare to bs
operated _pn for amllltis.
He ia indeed an unpopular Individ*
ual who can't be delegate to aome sort
of convention. ■'
A woman may not be afraid ot a
mouse and still not be able to bear all
the burdens the opposite sex Insist
upon relieving ber weakmlnded sister
Msn are not vain. Still, If you
want to make a hit don't Intimate that
any particular man is developing a
bald spot.
There's Nathlat Batter TbM
For thocmiUy d-analnt bathi ud it-fa.
A«-d, It doe. not hurt tho _-"***
-tana like moat clean-ins
powders ud eases. II
leavea them amooUi aal aoll
Imtki basest,
Empress   on   Initial
Around the World
One of the latest additions to the
magnificent fleet of steamships of tha
C.P.R. has commenced its flrst trip,
starting out froi   Liverpool   for   an
around the world tour.   The new vessel ls tba mucb talked of Empress ot
Russia which will be a valuable addition to the already fine fleet of -steam-
ers now plying between Vancouver and
the Orient.    It was a unique Idea to
inaugurate this around the world trip
on the Initial voyage of tha floating
palace, Instead ot sending the vessel
by way of Cape Horn, and needless to
say the results Justified tbe enterprise
as when the Empress left the dock* at
Liverpool it was wltb a full complement ot. passengers, and thousands
crowded tha docks to bid them bon
voyag*.    Included In -the passenger
list are many Canadians who left these
shores a tew weeks ago to be at Liverpool ln time for tbe sailing of the
Empress of Russia.   Tbe Empress ot
Asia fallows a little later.     Beyond
all question tbe most notable merchant
oteamers built in the Unjted Kingdom
during tbe past year ware tbe two
which the Fairfield Shipbuilding and
Engineering Company constructed for,
the C.P.R.   company's  trans-pacific
service, whicb have received the titles
ot the Empress of Russia and tha
'Empress of Asia.    Though outwardly
tbe vessels ars Identical in appearance there ls a difference ln the Interior work, the Empress o'f Russia being
decorated ln'the French style, mainly
Louis Quinse and Louts Seize, while
lhe Empress of Asia will be representative of the English style ofthe Georgian period, which Is particularly effective on board ship.   Tbe leading de-
mansions-are: length 690 feet, breadth
68 feet, the depth 46 feet, the gross
tonnage being ia the neighborhood ot
16,000.   A feature'which catches the
eye qf the man who bas but a casual
acquaintance wltb ships, ls the cruiser stern, which gives a distinctly naval touch, besides conveying the Idea
that a fast turn ot speed can b* attained .    In point ot fact the apeed will be
18 knot* per hour.    Accommodation
haa been nrovide'd tor 1100 passengers
tn all—200 first, 100 second and 800
third class, and as . tw  ollicers  aod
crew will number 470, the total complement will b* 1670.     Elaborate precautions have been taken to secure the
safety of all, and should any accident
occur there would be little chance of
tbe ship sinking, the vessel being provided wllb double the number of water tight compartments called tor by
the Board ot Trade.
Coming to the general design, tii*
vessels have orlop, lower, main, upper
and'shelter decks while abov.e the latter ls a long combined forecastle and
bridge, tbe bridge feck being extended from stem to side stanchions.
Above again there Is a promenade
deck 369 teet long. Here are situated the many flrst class rooms, Including the lounge, a particularly One
room 48 feet long and 36 feet wide
with a height in the centre of 14 feet.
There are also writing rooms, smoking
room, and veranda'- cafe. The vessels are fitted up ln the most luxurious
style and tbe dining room is a new
departure—the tables being arranged
for two and four persons while in
quiet alcoves there are tables for a
party ot six, Tbere is also a well
equipped gymnasium and up-to-date
laundry, while the kitchen and serving rooms are all that can be deslrsd.
Tins vessel ls fitted with powerful engines and a long range Marconi system of telegraphing tn addition to semaphore signalling from the bridge,
The Empress of Russia is scheduled
to' arrive ln Vancouver onr June 7.
m*fl*«u taws''
Wl tteGUMnsT,Sda>UST,aadS--iTHOia
OW, aaa caa bav-Wbr too deal ana ban la
kaawwhM UND ol CM. vane Owe*, are raato
m-S* mttrntm mwrnxtxttnlt.
_ SaaS let tlm, *i*mt 0le4. Sony aaiMil, aad
hawarmrl. ol py-la. ■ nr ark.. ..Hae,
Long Wearing
11 you sr* looking lor s pslr of
(loves that ars s* tough u j. Mexican
Snake whip and that will give yen
full satisfaction or a n.w pair fro*
aak your dealer for
These ara th* best wearing gloves
ever turned out from a f so'tory. Stand
for Interesting story -"Tb* Plato's
Caaaaa'i been Clan aad KM Malura.
MsbM stria. MaWat
SIS La aalle Avenue     oHioa**, ilu
:.i BEST liniment ln us*.
I got my toot badly Jammed lately,
I bathed lt wall with MINARD-S'LIN-
IMBNT. s-t. It was aa wall as aver
j -:t day.
Swimming In B».r
Cork.—A great vat ot porter burst
at the Ladyawell Brewery Cork, on
Thursday and tha contents swept ln a
flood through tbe brer-fry yard. A
workman had to swim through th* escaping liquid to save hims.lt from
drowning. ^^^^^^_^
Why suffer from corns - when they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Holloway's Corn Cure.
Leopard Shooting n a Garden
Paris.—M. Louis Coquorll, who
Uvea at Corbetl, was taking a stroll In
bis gardsn last evening, when he saw
two yellow shining eyea glaring at
him from a bush. He fetched an old
gun from his dining room and flred
two shots at tbe eyes. To his amassment a leopard, which had escaped
from a menagerie, tell dea*.
It lt wer* not for tbe telephone many
a woman would have to go to the missionary meeting to find ont bow Mrs.
Blank's sick baby la.
When baying yonr Plsno iv
tbt on hiring an
"OTTO  fflGEL"
Piuio Action
SaveYoui Health
Moat sicknesses tbat impair health
hav* their atart In quits ordinary
ailments of th* organs of digestion or elimination. Stomach,
Ut*t, kidneys, and bowels ara.
quickly benefited by the action ef
■WmCVMlllli    _■ MM4N. SV M-Hh
Tha tactful person ls one wbo realises tbat truth li too precious to
b* thrown about carelsssly.
There I* one thing about tba aouth
ssa islander-he doesn't bave to worry
about the price of coal. -
Your Liver
u Clogged up
net's Why Yeerra IWK-Oai 1
will ota yo. rigid
memttSshisuttm, ssiHA HiifcrU
Mai MVS-all Desa, SaaH Wat.
Gannbw wmUw Signature
Her Return I
:    It Was Long
1 MM	
' eyes aaa ragisntea a vow to nve more I jo> came into bar dark area.
For three long yeara Genet Seville
bad nnrasd a bitter resentment spins!
bar husband.   During tbl* time tbere
was ever before her tbe mental picture ef their quarrel aad tba parting;
Tbo recollection ot bla wblte, con>
t.mptuons face alwaya stung her to
fresh hatred of him.  Bbe could bear
bla lew spoken acrid reply to hsr up- j
braiding.   The few words that bad !
Mat ber fleeing from tbe room aad
later from bla houae witb all tbe quick
passion of tier southern nature stirred >
to Ua depths. i
i She bad sought solitude ln an ob- I
Score Swiss hamlet   She,, who wu
•without kinsfolk, bad eat herself loos*
from the only tie that bound ber to ,
hsr world. Sbe had not aeen a familiar !,
face nor beard tb* aonod of a wall
known voice In. all tbo** thlrty-slx
months.   Ble bad not read a new*-
paper nor beard any tiding* of tbe old
life.   Her private fortune, In negotiable seenrltlea, afforded ber every ma.
torial comfort   Sbe bad music and
books, ber favorite dog and bitter
- Tbree yeara, thlrty-slx month*, a
thousand days, and more, ages ago.
Since tbelr parting hi the library. Never
had abe once longed tor th* sound of
Norman's voice, for the slgbt ot ble
face, for reconciliation. Sbt bated blm
for hla outburst tbj_t nlgbt, bated him
|or hla cool contempt of ber "heroics,"
as be called It Alwaya ahe wonld re- .
.member blm as she bad but seen blm,
cold and atern and bitter, with no tare
for her. She fed ner aonl en tbea* un-
*whelt*oma reflection*, * i
i Then on* lovely morning Genst climbed up th* verdant upland pastures reclaimed from tbe rough mountainside*.
Sh* paosed in the shadow of a dark
Clothed pin* tree, Inhaling tbe pure air
and glorying in the panorama of mountain ud valley, pine forest and distant glacier, wben close beside Sst
there (prang Into view a tablean-a
young dairy farmer and bis sweetheart
Genet bad often watched the pes*..
ants, ber fair face amusedly con*
temptuou* et tbelr end* lovemsklng.
;Tbla maa might bave been Norman's
twin brothei*-handsomo, dean ent
gray, eyed, brown skinned. Tbe girt
was fresb and aweet and fair. Bbe
waa ln his arm*, and hia firmly molded
chin wae pressed against tb* parting ot
ber golden bair.
Genet watched tbem, a strange ntw
feeling leaping to ber head, to ber heart
-a wblte flame of Jealousy tbat seared
ber wounda-the bittern***, tb* anger,
againat bar husband. Her pulses throbbed, and tb* blood flew to ber cheek*.
Sh* watched tbe man'a face wistfully,
.'hungrily, aa one who looks on a beloved forgotten picture and revels In
tbe wonderment of rediscovery.
' Tbe fhee of the man waa curiously
Uke tbat ot Norman—tbe flnely shaped
bead wltb ita closely brushed chestnut
hair, the straight nose, tbe resolute
moutb now softened Into tenderness.
The steadfast gray eyes, deep set and
bltck lashed, were fixed on the girl's
face, abyly lifted to bla and exquisite
In ita virginal parity of expression.
Bo Norman must bare looked at ber
,.wben be bad told Genet of bla lore.
- Genet drew bnck among ibe pine
boughs and leaned her face against tbe
rough bark of tbe tree. She was tram*
bllng with long controlled emotion, deliriously thrilled at tbe wild prompt
toga of ber wayward heart Impetuously sbe had withdrawn from bsr husband, too bnrt to render him Justice,
IA* passionately wonld ahe return to
bim and'beep the smothered riches of
her love and a lifelong devotion at hla
feet to repay for bla suffering, bis regret hi* loneliness, for b* would bave
suffered keenly, be wbo worshiped the
ground ih* trod. All tb* world should
know tbat ahe wbo had left him ln an-
gar "without doe renson acknowledged
hsr mistake and bad returned to him.
■i After awhile she descended to the
village, singing all tbe way to tbe tiny
chalet where aba lived. Tbe simple
peasants among whom abe had spent
her exile looked after ber and wonder
ed and smilingly agreed wltb one an*
otber tbat the aad faced lady bad found
happiness after all.
i All tbe nightmare of Genet'a nurtured resentment which bad robbed ber
of three yeara of life wa* banished by
ber preparations for immediate depar-
ture. Now that she aaw bsrself in tbe
.wrong abe chafed to ba humiliated before her busband In expiation of ber sin.
' Arrived ln New York and settled In
a hotel onder an assumed nam*, tb*
called a eab and motored aiowly past
th* town bouse. Aa abe expected, It
waa closed and shuttered. Bb* looked
•n et tbe familiar window* «ttfc dim
earnestly, more worthily, lf abe waa
permitted to go back. ■
The next day tbe train carried bar
down to Falrfields, where she entered
the ancient surrey wbicb served all
transportation purposes for the casual
traveler. ,"-
Leaving the sleepy village, tbe surrey
rolled lastly along the sandy, wooded
roads onder tall growing wblte oaks
and chestnuts.
Genet aat witb clinched banda and
ten** lip* watching the aand drift tn
soldsn streams ov*r th* dree, eon-
(don* af tht Intoxicating summei
•cents, acutely responsive to the pathos bi tbe thrush's tender song. Tbe
driver humped drowsily on tbe front
seat and alappsd at tbe file* on tbe
broad backed horse. It waa a ride to
be remembered for ita suspense.
At tbe atone pillared entrance te
Falrfields Genet dismissed tb* carriage
and entered the winding avenue that
led to tbe houss, a half mile distant on
the very edge of tfi* bluffs overhanging
the sound.
The boose most be open, for tbers
were recent tracks of broad tires in tbs
drive. The gate lodge waa tenanted,
tor carton* bead* lurked behind tb*
curtains. She wondered it Mrs. Let
and ber lame busband still lived at tbe
lodge. Sbe longed to stop and talk to
tbem and thus bring herself Immediately Into the swing of the old life.
Her alsnder, girlish figure was clad in
pale blue linen *coat and gown, with a
veil tbe mme tint shrouding her whit*
bat Sbe stepped across th* turf witb
eager feet her charming face now
nee red with anticipation, now Illy
pale wltb audden dreed.
Tbe low, rambling bouse lay quiet in
tbe hot sunshine. Tbe broad verandas,
awninged and vlneclud, seemed to be
deserted. Her glance wandered to th*
launch. The party had boarded bet
and were Iqunglng ln wicker chain
about tbe deck, Norman was at tht
wheel. Bhe saw bis backward glsncs
at the bona*, The' whistle tooted im-
pndently, and tbey wero away, cutting
the water into a thousand twinkling
light* and a shower of falling spray.
When tbey bad rounded the point sbs
hurried across tbe drive and entered
tbe veranda. There was a litter -of
smoking tblngs on convenient tabo-
rets, heaps of sporting papers and gay-
ly covered magazines. A siphon, a decanter and a tray of empty glasses
were on a round table and bespoke recent refreshment It was very like old
Her portrait waa there to Hs place
and beneath It a vaae of fresh violet*.
The, Pawing «f Naaeben.
Loraine Petro haa maaagtei te
Norman came down the room, hla •»» eometblng almoet new about Na-
eye* bait blinded by tbe audden change #*>*• B0 amall feat In tbea. day. of
front the auallt window to tha gloom *B«-"Mt» research.   In hi* "Nepoleon'e
of tb* room.   Genet ssw that the u,t Caa-Mlgn In Germany, 1818." he
smootfchestnut of his hair was fleck- a**"  °»  tn"   Napoleon'*  overthrow
ed wlflyilver} that hi* fac* waa worn *■*■ accompanied If not actually cnua-
and bU^Tes were weary. Tben tbe an- •* *** "e changed condlUons of bla
promo moment came wben be saw ber adversaries.    He  found  bimsslf no
and recognised ber.  Puaslement gave ^*^J*^,!_?MKU? w'*
way to surprise and something else. ■*■* «leclpllned and hired armle*. but
What wu It? against whole people* "encouraged by
Ha (topped abruptly, one hand rsstr *}» example, of Spain and Bussla to
tag oa the table, bis deep gray eyes •*• •» "ass* against tbe tyranny ot
fixed npon btr face, wblte aa anow «w oppressor."   Ur. Petro reminds ua
against tbe dark paneling. i of *"•*• ,tol*f flnt to,a b*f urt Acton
"I am sorry.  I bare eome home.  I «* N,P0l?on', »a'«aatloo that his star
love yoa, Norman," abe whispered. **» 0B ""» "•el""s*  ltort *4cton •"»•
Than she bung ber head, not daring to
look Into his beloved face.
"Afraid! Afraid of met Why, I
bave been waiting tor yea all the**
Safe In ber husband's anna once
more, Qentt Seville knew tbat ber
greatest punishment woold lie In tbe
knowledge that ab* had brought nir.
row to htm. ,
Origin ef St Jam.*' Palass.
Henry VIII. when he built St James'
palace designed lt for a country residence to take the place of the manor
of Lennington, where he had been in
the habit ot going for a cbange ot air.
He pulled down tbe hospital dedicated
to Bt James the Less and on Its site,
as Hollnsbed tolls us, "built a goodly
manor and made a falre park* for his
greater comodltie and pleasure." Tbe
palace stood ln the midst of fields well
stocked with game, and these were
Inclosed as Its private demesne. Even
while residing here Henry held his
court flrst at Westminster and then at
Whitehall after be had taken the latter palace from Wolsey. It waa not
until 1697, when Whitehall wu destroyed by fire, that St James' palace became the London residence ot
monarchs.—London Standard.
"Having been repulsed st Laon by the
Prussians, Napoleon tried- bla fortune
against tbe Austrians and wu defeated at Arcls. It was bere be understood
tbat tbe end bad come aod tbat he
rode forward and atood over ■ tbell
about to explode. An officer on tbe
point of ottering a warning cry wae
■topped by another, wbo Mid, 'Don't
yon see that be Is doing it on purpose
and wants to bav* It over?1" It 1* related that Groncby aaid of Napoleon at
Waterloo, "II a oublle I'art de la
guerre" (He bas forgotten tbe art ot
Mrs.     Ladd,     Sculptor,
Novelist  and  Dramatist.
few weeks and left Norman to bold
bachelor revels with old cronies. Shs
smiled at tbe disorder. It was all ao
natural tbat tbe past tbree years were
blotted oat u lt they had never been.
Bhe we* merely returning borne from
a day'* shopping In th* hot town.
Thu* ihe deluded herself.
Tbe wide, cool ball wu quite desert-
ed. The polished floor gave back blur-
red reflections of tbe heavy furniture.
The huge fireplace wu crowded with
fresh branches ot fragrant bayberry.
The library door wu closed, but otber
open doorways offered cool vlstss of
drawing rooms, billiard and dining
Noma. Tbe stairs wound In a broad
spiral to tbe second floor.   .
Genet paused, her eyes lingering on
eacb well known object There was no
change ln the arrangement of furniture. Even the batrack bore Its customary heterogeneous array of coats
and caps, riding crops, golf sticks and
tennis racket*. Witb a quick nervous
gesture abe threw back- her veil and
turned to the library. Before' ahe
sought hsr own apartments she would
peep In here. And now the creeping
fear at her heart found shape and suggestion.
If ber portrait tbe one Giddy bad
painted, still bung over the fireplace In
the library, tben all would-be well;
Norman would be forgiving, would relent Hla mother's picture bsd graced
that space until Norman married, end
tben It had given place to Genet'a. And
now tbat abe had forfeited ber right
wonld It be there? If not tbe would
steal away from th* bouse and never
return. Tbe answer to her questioning
heart lay behind tbe closed door.
Suddenly sh* turned the knob and
slipped Inside, closing tbe door softly
behind ber. Then aba leaned panting
with emotion againat Its mahogany
The long room lay ta shadow save
for one sunny window at tb* farther
end. Her* a higb backed winged cbalr
was placed.
She fell to trembling a* she beard tb*
flicker of a turning page behind tbe
winged chair. In tbe silence It seemed as It her heart throbs would betray
her presence. In ber Joyful Imaginings
of her return to her busband there were
no inch fearful terror and apprehension u cams upon Iter now. Her gloved bands wrung together In a suprems
effort tor control. Suddenly a little
sigh ot relief escaped her. Perhaps
no oee wu In the room after all I
Then, u If her sigh had been beard,
a voice .came from the cbalr, a voice of
quiet Inquiry, Norman's voice.
"Who it there!" ' v.
Genet's lips were damn.
"Who Is tbere?" he repeated. And
after another silence tbe winged chair
croaked with bla uprising. Genet'a
glance flashed to tha fireplace tor courage and reassurance, and then a greed
Jsck Horner a Reality. ,
. Few people know tbnt tbe nursery
legend of "Little Jack Horner" conceals a real tragedy. At tbe reformation tbe chief of an abbey ln tbe west
of England resolved to surrender and
In token thereof to send tbe deed* of
th* religious bouse to Henry Till, at
Whitehall. For security's sake tbe
abbot placed tbe documents ln a pie
dlsb and covered tbem wltb crust
Tbe dlsb, without saying a word about
tba contents,' be gave to a lout, Jack
Horner, wltb Instructions te carry lt
by road to tbe king ln London. About
halfway Jack Horner became raven- '
oua and came to the conclusion that it
wu foolish of blm to starve wbile ho
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,-wss the custodian of a pie. Bo ba
An Odd Legacy. | broke the crust and put In bis thumb
Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the and pulled out—a roil ot parchments!
Jefferson family of actors, wu remem- The disgusted Jack Horner chucked
beted curiously in the -will of Weston, the lot Into an adjacent brook. Tbe
who was himself an esteemed member nonarrlval of the deed* caused BluS
of Garrlck'a company. Weston's win King Hsl to suspect tbe abbot of con-
contained this Item': I tumscy, so hla majesty commanded
"I bave played under tbe manage- that the poor cleric should be hanged.— ,
ment ot Mr. Jefferson at Blchmond and t New Xdrk Ban. *
received from him every politeness.  I ^^^^^™
~t§M F.st. For sn Emperor.
I Lady Mary Montagu's Italian habit
of waking at 1 a. m. to drink asses'
milk and tben going to sleep again wa*
only • feeble rlvalri: of the program ot
tbe Emperor Charles V. At 6 a, m, he
breakfasted on a fowl seethed ln milk
and dressed with sugar and spices.
Then be slumbered again. His next
meal wu at noon, when be dined, par-
times when shs hnd gone away for a ! therefore leave him all my stock of,
V .■-*.■'    —Ji...-U      IA    V-t ——   AXwm.   ..I.    ____._._-__•    __.»a-m1.   I
prudence, it being the only good quality I think be stand* in need ot"
Wellington snd Wat.ri.fc
Heine, ln speaking of Wellington's
good luck at Waterloo, says:   "This
man bu the bad fortune to most with
good fortune wben the greatest man of
the world ls unfortunate.   We see ln __^_____________________
him tbe victory of stupidity over genius j taking always of twenty dishes.  Two
-Arthur Wellington triumphant when j ■uppers came later, one after vesper*
Napoleon Bonaparte wu overwhelmed.
Wellington and Napoleon! It la a wonderful phenomenon that tbe human
mind can at the same time tblnk of
both these names."
Good Exoum.
"Why do you keep me waiting on .     . -., -       ............
tbls corner two hours?" demanded the! not U» appetite, but bl* teste, tal.
.   .->_>•    u._n>.    ia   Anil    all    r/x-ni-   anal
irate busband. "Ion said you were
merely going to atep ln to see how
Mrs. Gabble was."
"Well, sbe insisted on telling me."—
Washington Herald.
His Preferenoe.
"Ob, for the wings of a dove!" cried
the poet with the unbarbered bair.
"Order what you like," answered the
prosaic person with a clean shave, "but
tell tbe waiter to bring me tbe breast
of a cnlcken."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
(wbat we mlgbt call a Ugh tea) and
tba otber at midnight or I a. m„ the
most substantial meal ot tbe four.
After meat he disposed ot vast quantities of pastry and sweetmeats, and tbe
whole was washed down with copious
drafts of beer and wide. It took
forty year* of «uch feeding to make
- ' Hd
then began to find all food Insipid.—
London Taller.
*    *%*..
Scandal shrieks So loudly tbst
truth cah't make itself heard.—
New tork Mall.
"Tbere ought to be only one head to
every household!" shouted tbe orator.
"Tbst's true," replied a nun In tbe
"Tou agree wltb me?*' shouted tbe
"I dor roared the maa. "I've Juat
paid for hate for nine daughters."—
Mlnnupoll* Journal.
In Literature.
Author's Friend— Uur baby enjoys
your new book more tbsn any of us.
Author-How can tbe baby enjoy it?
Author's Friend—He stands on lt to
look out of the window.—San Francisco
examiner  -
i Sheathing * Ship.
Sheathing a ship ls covering the bottom wltb a abeath of copper. In all
seas, but' particnlsrly in tbose of tbe
tropic*, tb* hulls of ships are liable to
the attack of' certain worms which
penetrate the hardest wood and bave
been known Iq tbe courte of a few
montha to damage tbe hull ao a* to render the vessel worthless. Copper sheathing protects tbe ship not only sgalnst
tbe attacks of these borers, but also
against decay, and ls especially vela-
able ta the caa* of Iron ships, lbe metal
rapidly oxidizing and becoming brittle
when exposed to tbe action ot the ge*
wator. .. 	
. "Wbat is tbls civil service business
thst tbsy are alwaya talking about?"
uked tbe boob.   "Wbat good does
"It'a Ilka this." replied tbe cheerful
Idiot "If you have e Job and yoo dr*
not under civil service they can Are
yoa aay time they want to. But If you
have a Job under civil service tbey
can't fire you unless they wsnt to."—
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Hits, una couut-u-fl- i_u>&
I The versatile woman ls not the ram
avis sbe wu a decade or so ago. Indeed, nowadays ahe seems to be tb*
rule ratber than the exception. A'
name that Is prominent ln the Ust of
women who "do" Is that ot Mrs, Anna
Coleman Ladd. Bhe to a sculptor ot
international fame, a novelist ot some
prominence, a dramatist and the wife
not incidentally, as one might Imagine,
bnt ln the very best meaning of tba
word, of Dr. Maynard Ladd of Boston,
the well known specialist on children'*
diseases, and, beat of all, the mother
ot two little Ladd* (one of wbom ia a
little lass), Vernon andGabrilla. These
babies Mra. Ladd nse* frequently ae
models in her sculpturing, at ao time
more effective than ln a fountain group
called 'Triton Babies." Tbi* work
attracted much favorable attention In
New York city recently wben Mra.
Ladd's art work wu exhibited.
Perhaps the finest thing one can say
about tbis accomplished woman, who
Is, besides all these worth while things,
a great social favorite In Boston's exclusive circles, ls that her genius does
not overshadow her normal womanhood and ber fine, free femininity.
A Philadelpblan by birth, Mra. Ladd
hu lived for many years ln the court
circles of Vienna, Rome and Paris aa
tbo debutante daughter of the minister
to Austria. It was then tbat sbe began ber art work under Jerome and
otber master*.
Collector* bave been quick to become
owners of Mre. Ladd's work, and no
piece hu caused more comment and
discussion tban a small bronio entitled "Modern Music." Its subject la a
beautiful nud* woman tranquilly posed
with a sword across bsr breast.
"One evening," said the fair sculptress, "I wss fssclnated by tbe bowing of a woman cellist, and es tbe tbln,
wraithlike note* floated ont tbe
thougbt camt to me tbat modern mo*
ale demands one'* »nl, one's Ufeblood;
hence tbe sword Instead of tbe baton."
Up to Dat. Wisdom.
William n. Wood, tbe bead of the
woolen trust, said at a dinner In Bos-
' "I bave always been ngalnst speculation. To try to get rich by stock fluctuations Instead of by booest work for
lbe common good I* to be an undesirable citizen.
"■Resides, these fluctuating Investments ar* very risky and uncertain.
It's a wise stock, yoa see. that know*
It's own par."-Boston Globe.
, -Oh, George,  I'm so glsd you've
comer* exclaimed tbe girl.  "Father Is
to excited and disturbed! Do go ta and
calm blm."
"Very well." replied George. "Whaf*
tb* matter wltb him?"
"Wby-er-I Jut told him yea want
ed to marry me."
HI* Bens, ef Hum.r.
"Don't some of the decoration* oa
women'* hata amass yea?"
"Tes. The plain** especially tickle
ne very much."—Woman's Home Oe»
It la generally lbe Idle wha eomplaln
tbey cannot Ind time to to thst wMsfe
lh*y fancy th*y wish. Lsbbee^
Cultivate Cheerfulneaa.
' Tbere Is no greater everyday virtue
than cheerfulness. This quality In wo*
man la like s-msbtno to tho day or gen-'
tie renewing moisture to parched
herbs. Tbe ligbt ot a cheerful face
diffuse* itself and communicates tbe
happy spirit that inspires lt
The sourest temper most sweeten to
tbe atmosphere of continuous good humor. As well might fog and cloud
and vapor hone to cling to aun illumined landscape u "the blues" and mo-
roseness to. combat Jovial speech and
exhilarating laughter.
There Is no path but will be easier
traveled, no load but will be lighter, no
shadow on heart or brain but will lift
sooner in the presence ot a determined
cheerfulness. It msy at time* seem
difficult for tbo happiest tempered to
keep tho countensnee of peace and
content but difficulty will vanlah
wben we truly consider tbat sullen
gloom sad paislonito despair do nothing but multiply thorns and thicken
The Laggard.  '  .
"Soma St tbese actors must bo shameless u well as shiftless," asserted tb*
women with tbe angular-Jaw.
"Why?" Mked ber husband.
"Her* la one who advertises even on
the billboard that be ta supported by
Ua wife."—Buffalo Express.
"What make* Wlliosghby look ae
woebegone? Disappointed In lever •
"Wh» lot the g«r
"Be dld."-aMsls|hwi Ak>H*r*_4 THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   R.C.
Your House Needs
Now ia the time to have it
done. Paint before the hot
summer dust begins to fly.
Sherwin-WiHiams High Standard   Paints
Are the right .kind to use.
Ask Us
Our Paint Advice ia Free
About bix motor cars and a special train filled with people from this
city assisted Midway to celebrate
Victoria day last Saturday. Tbose
wbo attended report having witnessed a splended program of sports.
In the baseball tournament Grand
Forks won second prue by defeating Greenwood and i'hoenix. In the
final game Republic defeated Grand
J. Tahija, an Austrian-American,
was instantly killed in tbe Oranby
mine al Pboanix last week by tbe
premature explosion of a charge of
Tbe South Yale Cupper company
will hold its general annual meeting
in tbis city on June 11 for tba purpose of electing officers aud transacting general business.
Rev. H. D. McKee and John
Donaldson left on Monday for Toronto, where tbey will attend lbe
Presbyterian general assembly. .
A large number of motor car par-
ties went down to tbe lake on Vic-,
toria to help iuaugurate the season'
at lhat resort.
for. We have-received several copies
ef this list, and anyone wishing
same may get one st this office, or a
copy will be mailed on request to
the fair association. We note that
tbe fair is to he held tbe week of
September 15, two weeks earlier tban
Wm. Shannon, formerly city electrician, left on Wednesday for Vancouver, where he intends to live in
' For Sale—Top buggy and harness;
almost new. A big snap. £. C.
Peckham, Second-hand Store. .
■No play uf our limes lias won greater applause ur 'becunie mure beloved
in the household than '-Passers-By,"
the humanly hutnuruus cutnedy-draina
by C. Uaddon Chambers.
It delighted thousands at the
Wyndham theatre, Loudon, and when
presented last year at the Criterion
theatre,. New York, by Charles Frohman, ran the seasun
The play.which runs four acts, tells
the best human and humorous story
ever presented u|on the American
stage It comes from England aid
will be presented by an English cum
puny of'special selection.
The thread uf the story deals with
a young bache'or, whu is more or iuts
blase, due, of course, to the well Ailed
exchequer uf a thrifty father. He
leaves his sister's dance ■ party aftet a
serious chat with his fiancee and returns to his bachelor apartment,
which overlook the Piccadilly circus
He finds therein not only his man ser
vant but a cabmun. They are consoling themselves over very iai-e vintages.    Wrath and  then   philosophic
Jack McDonald wsb taken to tbe
Cottage hospital on Monday, having
sustained a badly sprained fool iu a
scuffle with a iriend.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Woodland j
have returned from a two weeks' va- j
cation trip lo the coast cities. ;
The first shoot of tbe aeason of
the Grand Forks Gun club wss
held on Victoria day.
For Sale—Two second hsnd bug
gies; nearly new Apply Moyboost's
Ulacksmith Simp.
The new premium list nf the Spokane Intt-rclate fair is out and contains an unusually liberal list of
prizes. Some of the new features
are Ihe children's department, in
which nearly »JOO is offered; the
better babies contest for 1800 in
cash, snil a generous list of cash and
implement prizes for exhibits frt*m'
individual lum s si d lantbrs. It ia
surprising that more peoplo in Ihis
section do not compete at this show,
as the prizes sre well   worth trying
Not the Short Man, the
Thick nor the Thin, 'tis
not beauty of feature nor
strength of limb, but pure
nerve, experience and
generalship that wins the
fight. By those methods
we have won the name of
Fashion Plate
of Grand Forks for men's
clothing. When you fail
to get fitted correctly,
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
SuitS  tO   Order   S18  Upwards
1 We nre agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from lis you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit.   We guarantee satisfaction.
Oar Spring and Summer Goods Have Arrived
They are the best you can buy. We guarantee you the
best made clothes in the country at the lowest prices.
We always have men that know their business making
these clothes. Call and see our goods and prices. We
want your trade, and we can give you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, tbe  Reliable Tailor
thousht mingle in the mind of the
wealthy bachelor. He invites others
into hia luxurious home. The cabman
is joihed by a tramp, a woman and a
child and othar, night walkers on
night's highway. The rioh bacheloj
entertains, nourishes and talks with
this flotsam and jetsam of this material world.
"Passers By", is of those homely,
humorous plays which mure than
points a moral to adorn a sweet and
beautiful tale.
Miners' Licenses   -
Mining men are reminded that all
free miners' licenses now in exist
ence lapse, unless previously renewed, on May 31. As possession of
a miner's license is necessary for the
staking or holding of mining prop
erty, the renewal of sucb licenses in
good time is something which par-
tins interested cannot afford lo neglect.
17 AD <C A F _C A 5-roomcd
T UU. OilLEl cottage with
all modern improvements—
two lots—on Observation aye.
For particulars apply to
Geo. W. Gowland,
Port Alberni, B.C.
Japanese Matting
Just the thing for bedrooms. We have just received a
new shipment which we are offering at *1A_ a . J
the exceptionally low price of   -m"C a yd
c'*Toe\ee,    Grand Forts Furniture Go
W..dowSK.a«,Btc. Jde Complete House Furnishers
Palace Barber Shop
or Honing a
Haior Honttig a Speola-Sy.
Fresh arid Salt Meats, Poultry always on hand,
Highest, market price paid for live stock.
PHONE 58 and receive prompt and courteous attention.
Dry four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts.   Prompt attention to phone orders.
A. GALLOWAY, J.Z.,, Columbia P. o.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
1st Door Nokth of (Jbanby Hotkl,
First Street.
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre 8 Claytoa, Props.
A hinawnwlf _Uu.t__.ted weaklr- xmstmnou-
.11100 ofj-ny Mlentltlo Joan-U. Tartu for
luds^sTrtw.pcMUis pnpsM.  Boidbr
F. Done}'s Cigar Store
h»_is' »•« Htams-tci. R88 ftrst street
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
wimurie AVimii   *
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
Arel.abltFrenchregulator; neverMle. ThtM
pilla ire eKtedlusly powerful In r«—'-"" "~
genentlve portion ol tlie femileay-t......   .........
ill cheap Imitations.  Dr. 0* na* ara told at
  .It powerful in regulating Iha
itlve portion ol the lemile system. Refute
in cneap imitations. Dr. da Taa*a an sold at
IS a box, or three lor 110, Mailed to iny addreii.
Iha Saafeall Orttg Co., St, Oatkarlass. Oat
Scene irom "Passers-By," Grand Forks Opera House Next Tuesday Night


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