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 l«(-islati-^ Library
SUtb Year-Bo, 15
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, December 21, 1906
Semi-Weekly—$L00 Per Year In Advance
The.Government'sPartin the
Wrecking of a Boundary
As a Consequence a Rich district Is Now Without Railway Facilities,
We give space to a letter from "One
of the 300" who were deprived of
their pay through the action of the
gVernment in causing the stoppage of
work on the Midway-Vernon Railway
one year ago, says the Vancouver
World. A doubt cast upon the
bona fides of a business man or a contractor is as fatal to his credit as a
shadow cast upon a woman is fatal to
her reputation, the decision of Chief
Justice Hunter shows that the act of
the government was not justified by
facts. The. provincial subsidy had
been earned in part and was in progress of being earned in full when the
crash cams and work was suspended
and three hundred men turned loose
on the edge of a hard winter without
money.credit or resources of any kind,
But for the friendly act of the V. V.
k E. Railway company, whose road
was in course of construction through
the same section, much more misery
, would have been caused by the tie up.
The V. V. & E. company employed
all the men from the Midway & Vernon who applied and so helped many
of the unfortunate men through the
hard winter. Others came to the
coast and asked the government for
their pay; but received no I encouragement—at least, they did not receive
their pay. I'he correspondent cites
eastern cases, where the government,
when financial troubles overtook the
contractors on railway work, came for-
ward and paid off the laborers. This
happened in cases where' not the
slightest responsibility attached to the
government and when, under the
most strained . ruling, they could not
h ive been culled on for a dollar. How
different is the case that is presented
in the matter of the Midway-Vernon.
The work was pioceediug merrily.
Twelve miles of mud were under con
tract and were being constructed with
energy and rapidity. Heal estate rose
in value, local merchants were elated
by many orders for supplies and every
idle man in the district who wanted
work got it. fn a moment, ill the
"twinkling of an eye," all this was
changed, and a picture of prosperity
and contentment wus suddenly con
verted into a scene of poverty and
despair. Work on the Midway Jt
Vernon was suspended. A thrill ran
through the district like a paralytic
shock through a man's limbs, and a
long-deferred hope was blasted, Laborers were dismissed with time-
checks which they cannot cash, merchants .i.jurned (are still mourning)
for accounts they cannot collect, and
real estate values have returned to
former conditions. Why, when it
was shown by t|ie chief justice that
the finance minister, by casting suspicion on the character of the subsidy
hud done a most improper thing, did
not the government redeem the time-
checks, pay the contractors for their
losses and meet the claims of the business men of the Midway-Vernon dis
trict! It would have been a merciful
and considerate aot. The men were
"on their uppers" through no fault of
their own and deserved the upmostI
consideration at the hands of the ministry that had brought despair upon
them and the district. But the government did nothing. They failed to
advance a cent towards the liquidation
of the claims and still refuse to recognize them. The Midway <fc Vernon
line was intended to run through two
districts, both of whioh are rich in
agricultural resourses and minerals.
The capitalists who hod taken the
-work*iir*hand twelve months ago did
not propose* to confine their operations
to railway construction. They had
arrauged to assist in the development
of the agricultural and mineral resources of the country and to build up industries that now languished for need
of railway communication. The wet
blanket which the government threw
over the enterprise caused the withdrawal of capitalists from the scheme
and. the enterprise came to naught.
Since then theie has been no revival.
Strong efforts have been put forth by
the original promoters to resurrect the
enterprise, but there is a "hidden
hand", which always frightens away
intending investors. The two .members of tbe house who are most inter*
ested in the building of the Midway
ifc Vernon are Messrs. Ellison and
Shatford. How they can explain
their action io again coming forward
as supporters of the ministry that
brought blue ruin on their constitu*
ents it is hard to conjecture. Tbey
certainly do not deserve support.
Both should be sent back to private
life, for both have shown that they
place party ahead of principle—servility to the government before duty to
their constituents.
Knights of Pythias Making
Preparations for New
Year's Ball
Knox Church Christmas Tree
and Entertainment
with the surrounding mountains.',
However, the situation is not so badi
To a common every-day mortal it
looks goods for the power question
next year; to the young lady of honey--
ed tastes it looks like a world of icecream, and to the small boy of snow-
ballistic tendencies it looks like one
glorious battlefield.
Have you seen Morrisou's beautiful;
rich cut gloss? -
Bowman Lumber Co. Will Cut
that Amount of Logs in
the Boundary
We mention a few gifts for the gen
tlemen., In silverware: Smoking sets,
tobacco jars shaving cups and brushes, collar button box, soap boxes, cigar
cutters, tooth brush holders, key rings
and book marks.
Polmatier Sisters
Itt the Polmatier Sisters the audience found musical talent of the highest quality. They were* taken by
storm, and quickly became enthusiastic, as number followed lumber
without waits between, each in turn
bringing before them some new and
unexpected accomplishment on thi
part of the fair musicians. Barely
has it lieen given foi an Edmonton
audience to admire such excellent
music, combined with such an exquisite stage setting us was seen last
night. Each of the fourteen numbers
was encored persistently, the enraptured audience accepting no denial,
their enthusiasm reaching its highest
point when lna K, who is also oi marvel with the drum and traps, gave a
solo on the xylophone The audience
applauded tn the echo, recalling the
musicians twice each time, receiving a
generous response. The concert was
in every respect high grade and a
treat which no true lover of music can
afford to miss.—Edmonton Daily Journal.
At the Grand Forks opera house,
Wednesday evening, December 26.
A free lunch, including eastern
oysters on the half shell, will In*
served at the Club saloon next Men
day afternoon and Christmas*Eve
and as long on Christinas day as they
last. 1500 oysters, or two cases,
will be served absolutely free. Everybody invited, Martin Dufnur,
The various committees entrusted
with the preparations for the fourth
annual ball of Grand Forks Lodge
No, 30, Knights of Pythias, which
will be given in the opera house
New Year's eve, are making good
progress, and if conscientious work
counts for anything the affair will be
a h uge success. The com mitteeS are
composed of the following members:
Reception*—Jeffery Hammar, Geo.
Hull,'C. M. Davidson, Geo. Chappie,
D. Munro, C. McKenzie, A. Stendal, b.'-'k MacDonald, H. Sheedy.
Program — Wm. Meagher, H.
Sheedy, Geo. Nye, R, 'F* Petfie*
Decoration—Wm. Stuart, J. Hammar, Frank filler, Ai ;$. 'Sloane,
Geo. Nye, W Fee, F. Latham.
Music—W. Dewdney, Wit). Meagher, S. Hull, H. 3heads.: Floor manager, Wm. Meagher; assistant floor
manager, R. F. Petrie.' "* -   "
A new general store has been opened up at Ferry'' Washington, by the
Soule Mercantile Co. The Ferry Hotel has also been re-opened under new
The annual Christmas tree and
entertainment of Knox Presbyterian
church Sunday school will be held
in the opera house tonight. An interesting program will be presented,
and those who attend are assured of
a good time.
Tbe excitement caused by the dis
covery of marl in this city during
the early part of the week, still continues, though in a somewhat milder
former. There appears to be no
question as to the genuineness of the
find, but there is a decided difference of opinion as to whom have the
stronger right to the substance, the
owner of the land or the locators of
the claims. The preponderance of
opinion appears to be ih favor of the
form. The land on which these
claims have been slaked belong to
the townsite company, the Canadian
Pacific Railway company, Huy &
McCallum, and P. T. McCalluin.
Several lady residents of the city
are planning to adopt radical means
to cease forever the unharmunious
twinkling of cowbells at early hours
in the nioViiihg. They assert that the
instrument of their woes were to be
overlooked when accompanied by the
generous giver of the fluid that tends
to enrich one's Java, but to be applied to the neck of various steeds of
the Dan Patch stripe for alarm clock
purposes is carrying unappreciated
music a bit too far. The hukes are
as yet undecided as to the best nieth
od of procedure.
The 'new post office building in
Phoenix has been completed, and is
now occupied.
The old political by-word, "and the
next day it snowed," is now brought
back to mind. A clear sky at evening and an inch or more of new snow
every morning is somewhat unusual
here, and sets one to wondering how
long it will be before we are on a leve'
Jeffery Hammar was in Republic
last Wednesday endeavoring to secure
poultry for the holiday trade.
Bass' Ale, in draught,' imported
in kegs direct from Burton-nn-Trent,
at the Club saloon during the holidays.    Martin Dufour, .Mnnager.
Geo. Taylor, of This City, Secures a Contract for Two
Million Feet
Gent's 20-year case, 17-jewel movement, 814, at Morrison the Jeweler's.
Methodist Church, ,,E. * Manuel;
pastor.-T-Servicen I 1 next Sunday at
hours. It being the Sunday nearest
to Christmas day sermons suitable to
the season will bei.preached. Morning
subject, "The Greatest Fact;" evening
subject,: 'The difference Christ has
Made.'-' :      ■:■   flr-oH   -"-*..*
Bajtwt CHUHOHi'Rev.F. W. Au.
vache, pastor.—Services on Sunday
slt.lli al m. and 7:30 p. ml A welcome to all    •
The Roscians
, Wednesday night the Roscian
Opera company presented the comic
operatic success "Said Pasha," closing
their engagement last '■ evening With
"Martha.". Mr-l Walters, tenor, Lucia Nola prima donna, and Winifred
Crowley, contralto, are excellent in
their singing parts and were heartily
applauded both nights. Mr, Walters
possesses a voice of wonderful range
and sweetness, and last night had op-*
portunity to prove it to those fortunate enough to be present. Miss Nola
as Martha was good. Her sympathatic
singing of. Moore's "Last Rose of
Summer" is a treat to the lover of
tender song, and this number was
highly ■ apjpfeciated' by ' the audience
last night; all of whom were won by
it into the heart of the fair songstress.
Winifred Crowley is a charming contralto, earning deserved applause, and
Rosslana may well be proud of its
talented winsome Miss. The work of
Eddie FlaVelle, comedian, is worthy of
special mention. He is nothing if
not funny. He is a medium-sized
irresistahle piece of humanity that
continually keeps the blues at a respectable distance, and makes you feel
ten years younger. H!b "takeoff"
on the bagpiper was olever and made
a hit.
Taken as a whole the Roscians are
a company of singing artists deserving
of a place in the front rank of grand
and comic operatic stars, and it is to
be hoped that in the event of a return
engagement some time in the future
they may be accorded a more liberal
patronage than on the last occasion.
The Sun has been accused of "roasting" this company on their engagement here some weeks ago. The
article in question was never intended
to reflect on the capabilities of the
members, and to any one who read it
aright the idea therein expressed must
havo been obvious.
J. (1. Billings, manager of the
Bowman Lumber company's saw-*
hilil at 'Cascade, left this week for
the east*on a two or three months'
vacation trip. During his absence
Mr. W. Warren will direct tbe repair work at the mill. The shafting and machinery are to receive a
general overhauling, and a cable
tranr is to be built across the river
for carrying^away sawdust and other
refuse. Mr. Warren will also have
charge of the log contracts for' lieJft
season's out. Tbe company intends
to get out about 20,000,000 feet of
logs during the present winter." A'
number of contracts were let during
the present week, among them being
one to Geo. Taylor, of this city, for
2,000,000 feet.
The marriage of George A. Man-
son and Miss Katherine Ross was
solemnized in Knox Presbyterian
church at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday
evening, -the ceremony being performed by tbe father of the bride,
Rev. W. R. Ross. The church was
crowded with people. A beautiful
arch had been erected, with a bell
suspended, and under this the ceremony took place. The bride was
escorted to the altar by her brother,
J. M. Ross, while Mies Effie, a
sister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid, and Mr. George McCabe supported the groom. Miss Norma
Maniy made a very pretty flower
girl. After the services in- the church
a reception was held at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. E.Miller. About one
hundred friends were present to congratulate the' young couple. The
presents received were both costly
and numerous, Mr. and Mrs*. Man-
son will make Grand Forks their
permanent home, Mr. Manson being
a popular employee of the mechanical department at the Granby smelter.
Mr. Max Schafer. a furnaceman
at tbe Granby smelter, and Mite
Bertha Murphy, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. VV. J. Murphy, were married in Holy Trinity church last
evening at 7:30 o'clock, Rev. Henry
Steele officiating. Miss Murphy, a
Bister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid, and A. M. McKenzie' stood
up with tbe groom. Only a few ofthe
immediate relatives and friends of the
young couple witnessed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Schafer will
continue to reside in this city. Their
numerous friends here wish them a
happy .ind prosperous married life.
Mr. A. D. McMillan, of the Granby smeltei force, and Miss Maude
Dixon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. T. Dixon, of Greenwood, were
married at the home of tbe bride's
parents on Wednesday last. Mr.
and Mre. McMillan will be at home
to tbeir many friends in this city
after January let. :**    *      .     *.*-/   . 1
(^^       *lg
i:    '. s-S*.   7s*:>--   i
IIW\    m%mm\m WT
"•^WL  ff*^^.   \.^mKmf        ^mm\m\*V
ffi THE GLASSES you wear do
■ My not suit you, or you are trou-
1 ll  ■)'lB(',l1 ttny •,'UJ'   'vit1'   v<",r
■ |     eyet, oall on us and have them
Ja, JL.  examined.   We guarantee all
our correction!* for errors of
Our stook of Speotacle and Eye Glass
Frames now contain-* a large assortment of the very latest u-tylei aud improvements In guards, bridges and
mounting--*, while the lenses we use
are the best money can buy—absolutely faultless.
Our line of Barometers, Thermometers, Field and Opera Glasses, Magnifying*, Beading Glasses, Compatsei.
etc, is unsurpassed in the Boundary,
at prioei within the reach of all.
Expert Watchmakers,!Jewellers
and Opticians,
Many years' experience In the optical
business iu Loudon, England.
ing prevails, it will be  merry  Kris-
nias next year.
A great nuniher of people appear
to select the shortest day in the yenr
for their wedding day.
2typ Itentttg &un
Published at Urand Forki, British Columbia,
Every Tuesday aud Friday Evenings.
Q. A. Evans         Editor and Publisher
One Year »I**»
One Year (in advance)    1.00
Advertising* rates furnished on au ill utiii
>    Legal notices, 10 and S oents per line.
Address all communications to
Thi Evening Sun,
Phone H.4        Oband Fohks, B.C.
FH1DA**,  DECEMBER 21, 1906
In conformity witb a time-bonored
custom, we take this opportunity of
wishing all our readers a very merry
The sixth annual Christmas number of the Anaconda News has been
received. It contains fifty pages and
a cover. The special articles on the
boundary's mineral resources are all
good, and the mechanical appearance of the paper could scarcely he
improved upon. The News is a
credit tu its publisher and to Anaconda
If the Rouseveltinn style of spell-
The public sellout held closing exercises between the hours of 10 and 11
this morning, and notwithstanding
the inclemency of the weather, a great
number of parents and friends availed
themselyes of the opportunity of attending these exercises. Short programs were given in eaoh classroom
for the entertainment of the visitors,
and these were apparently much enjoyed. Of special interest, at this
time, was the severance of Miss Sinclair's connection with the school, with
which she has been identified for the
past three and one-half years. Much
regret was expressed by parents,
teachers and pupils at her departure,
for in Miss Sinclair the pupils had
a friend as much as an instructor, and
the school a class, the tone of which
will be hard to equal.
The attendance for the month was
not as high as that of the preceding
month but etjual to that of October.
The cause of this is not difficult to
seek, when one considers what the
weather has been for the last three
weeks, and the amount of coughing
caused thereby among the little ones.
Following is a synopsis:
En- Attenr- Aver- PerCent
rolled, ance.   age. Regul'ty
Division 1„ 24   3I7.A    "
Division 2.. 33   456.J
Division 3.. 38   644.0
Division 4„ 50   661.0
Division 5„ 60   675.**
Division 6.. 46   587.0
Division 7„ 43   562.J
21.16 88.00
30.43 92.00
36.26 95.42
44.05 88.00
45.03 90.00
39.13 87.00
37.50 87.21
1906 ...
..283 3804.0 253.56 89.66
..258 3455.0 222.34 86.00
25   349.0   31.22   2.66
A full line of Christmas bottled
goods, as well as an extensive stock
of fine imported cigars, 10 and 25
in a box, at the Grand Forks Liquor
Company's store. These are very
desirabls articles for Christmas presents.   Call and see them. *
Tbat Dry Cough Is Bronchitis
If englected it will weaken the
throat and finally reach the lungs.
Nothing better than inhaling the
healing vapor of Catarrhozone. It's
action is like magic, so helpful, so
easy to apply. Be done with bronchial trouble for all time! Catarrho
zone does cure the worst cases, will
cure you, too. Sold everywhere, 25c
ami 81, under absolute guarantee of
sitti-f ii ction'.
Silver thimbles, 4Uuto $1, at  Mor-
r -on's, the Jeweler.
The shop windows of the city are
all togged up in their prettiest holi-
dey atlire.
Mr. A. D. Morrison.s store windows, as usual at this season of Ihe
year, are very handsomely decorated,
and his immense stock of goods
suitable for holiday gifts is displayed
to Ihe hest possible advantage.
Hartley k Co. have a clever idea
for attracting pedestrians to their window. It is a miniature man of wax,
and like the rest of us he is inte it upon
"rubbering" in order to see everything
going on.
An attractive and pretty scheme
for advertising the celebrated Twenty-
Century clothing can bi seen in the
store window of Munro k Stephens,
the popular and up-to-date clothiers.
A picture of 'The Homo of the 20
Century Clothing" witli electric light
effect looks real cute. .
A^mong the other firns who have
dressed their "silent solicitors" in
regal holiday attire ure: Lawson,
Baker k George; J. II. Hodson k
Co., \V. C. Chalmers, John Donaldson and numerous others. P. Burns
& Co. promise to make a mammoth
display before Christmas eve.
From now until after the holidays
Morrison's Jewelry store will be open
till 10 o'clock every evening.
Bicycles and Repair Work—A
complete line of 1906 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
Stock Certifieates printed at The
Sun job office.
Mr. Fred Roth, who hat, been working on B. M. Miller's claims, or. Skif-
fington creek, left for Spokane this
week to spend the holidays with his
Irvin Ballew, who was taken seriously ill a few days ago, is reported
Frank Lee left for Spokane on today's train to be gone during the
A rieh strike is reported on La
Lleur mountain, on the Walla Walla
claim, owned by McCool and Jartness.
\ huge chunk of well mineralised copper ore is exhibited at J.J. Flournoy's
place of business.
Frank Sherwood, day collector of
Ferry, paid the town a flying visit today.
Special Values (or the
Christmas Trade
Bridd. Street Gtand Forks, B. C.
Try This for Your Cough
To relieve a obiij-h or break up «
u.il.1 n twenty-foui* horns, the follow-
ill,' s.inple formula, the ingredients of
which can he obtained of any-good
pi'twciipt'on druggist at small cost, is
' thin will be required: Virgin Oil of
Pine (Puee), one half ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; good Whisky, a half
pint. Shako well ami talce in teaspoon*
I'ul dosi's every four hours Tliede
sired rfS-ults cannot be obtained un-
less Hi:* iiifi-odji-niii are pure. Itis
lha'*f">.* better to pur base the in-
■.-r.* lent-s se, arately ami pie ate the
in tine von-wif, Virgin Oil of Pine
•Pine' should he purchased in the
original half-ounce vials, which i-lmg-
gists buy for dismmsing. Eilch vial is
securely sealed in ii round wooden ease
w ch ,.rotects the Oil from exposure
In light. Around the wooden ease is
mi "hgaged wrapper witli the name —
"V .'gin Oil of Pine (Pure)'-plainly
printed thereon. Tliere are many imitations and cheap productions of Pine,
but these only create nausea, aud
never affect the desired results.
The Lion Bottling Works have cut
dieir price on all case and draught
wines and liquors.
Your daughter will be in fashion
with one tit Morrison the Jeweler's
gold neck chains and lockets.
Sieiiet rings in great variety at tl
to $12.    Morrison the Jeweler.
Ladies' jewel boxes in large variety,
at Morrison, the Jeweler.
Jim Logsdon, the young son of
Judge Logsdon, and a brother to the
popular young Logsdon sisters, died at
I lie hospital in Grand Forks this week,
where he was taken a few days ago.
The cause of death was heart  disease.
years were well and Usefully spent.
She lived with a son, Joe Shuster, who
will feel keenly the loss of the mother
for whom he has foregone the more
active and diverting pursuits of life in
order that her declining years might
be spent in comfort and free from
care. The devoted and loving son
has the sympathy of. all who know
Mrs. Jas. SbiiIb was brought in
Justice court Saturday ou a warrant
sworn out by Billie Sands for breaking the peace. It seams that the
Seals and Sands are rivals in -the livery business, Mr. Sands also couduct-
ing a blacksmith shop, and during his
spare moments works at the forge.
Mrs. Seals, who lives near the blacksmith shop, amuses herself dui ing her
spare moments by throwing water on
ths flaming forge and molesting Mr.
-lands at his work in various ways.
Mr. Sands produced  enough evidence
to justify the court in binding Mrs.
Seals over in the sum of *}'.50 to keep
the peace.—Republic Record.
Our new line of enameled goods
permits us to offer you a nice brooch
at 25c; a stick pin at 30c. Morrison,
the Jeweler.
.lames Anderson left for Spokane
Wednesday, on a short visit.
Souvenir spoons, 81.00, $1.25,
81.50 and $2.25, at Morrison, the
Ladies' 14-k. gold filled ease watch,
fine movement, %118.00, at Morrison
the Jeweler's.
The Lion Bottling Words are selling Gooderhain it Wort's Rye Whiskey the best rye whiskey in Canada,
for 83.00 per gallon.
Look Out lor this Nan
If he offers something "better" than
Putuam's Corn Extractor; It's the
additional profit or inferion goods that
tempts him. Pntnam's is the one sure
and painless cure.    Use no other.
The  following  table gives the ore
for IH05, l9('ii a nd for the past week:
'iranby Mines, Phoenix 	
.Snowshoe,   I'hoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
Bonnie Belle, Deadwood	
lirooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Idaho, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp.....	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Rig Copper, West Copper	
Carmi, West Fork	
Sally, West Fork	
Rambler, West Fork	
Butcher Boy, West Fork	
Providence, Greenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood.. '
Strathmore, Providence ,	
Preston, Skylark	
Prince Henry, Skylark	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Bay, Skylark  *
Mavis, Skylark	
Don Pedro, Skylark	
Crescent, Skylark	
Helen, Greenwood	
Republic, Boundary Falls	
Total, tons	
Smelter Treatment—
Granby Smelter	
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Dominion Copper Co.'s Smelter	
Total treated	
shipments of Boundary mines
933,548 1,101,796 21,389
687,988 800,493 13,300
220,830 107,869 4,785
84,059 207,855 4,192
982,877   1,138,495      22,277
For Xmas
A. Johnson, the thrifty farmer from
La Lleur mountain, was in town this
week with a load of beef, Mr. Johnson reports lots of snow at his place.
Jeffery Hammar, manager for P.
Burns k Co., passed through town
this week on his way to Republic.
A fresh shipment of the famous
Chase it Sanborn coffee was received
at Nelson's store yesterday.
One of the largest consignments of
cut glass ever opened in tbe Boundary
country was put un display at Morrison the Jeweler's store yesterday.
In Ferry County
Mrs. Shuster died last Monday at
the age of ninety-one at her home near
Curlew lake, and was burried on Wednesday at the ranch where she had
made her home for the past fifty years.
Mrs. Shuster was born the same year
and on the same day as was Queen
Victoria, and shortly before the
Queen's death she sent Mrs. Shuster a
souvenir and congratulated her on her
long life. Deceased was a woman of
wonderful   vitality,  and   her   many
Don't fail to call at
Fresh Meats of All Kinds.
Fine Turkeys and Poultry.
The Best of Everything for tbe Culinary Department.
The Best of everything in the Confectionery  Line.
The Best of Everything in the Notion Line, as far as it goes.
New Nuts and Fancy Cigars.
John H. Grunwell
Postoffice Store
Danville,  Wash.
Largest olssortment
Of New Goods ever brought to the city to select from. When
you want Clothes, come in and Bee what PRACTICAL TAILORS are
doing before buying elsewhere.    We are selling
Guarantee Fit—and when we say fit, we mean what we say.
No trouble to show goods.
Past Week
2,970        r\
    ,     j
60         '
25          i
----.' ■. ■ "'.- I J'C'fl'. .1 ^T'." ':**1' a
English Breakfast Tea, per pound 60c
Kokinoor English Breakfast Tea, half pound 45c
Fancy English Breakfast Tea, quarters 40c
Ceylon Tea, per pound 60c
Orange Pekoe Ceylon Tea, halfs 45c
Ceylon India Tea, quarters 40c
Orloff, Formosa and Oolong Tea, halfs 45c
Moyune Gunpowder Tea, halfs 45c
Emperor's Blend Tea, quarters 25c
25% OFF
Oh, the winds blow shrill aid tho white
•now sifts,
And I stop for my wick on the heaped-up
Between square meals thure ara many gaps
For tht lonesome man on a line of traps.
Pretty tenth show for a man of ease
Ont hero In the wilds 'mongst the good
green trees.
Bnt I'to got a gift when the rich man
fa-UAH appetite that can eat raw nails.
I touch the match to my dry kye heap,
And crack-flish-snap I How the red flames
leap I
Warmed-up  beans  and  some  bannock
bread —
" Hunger's a saucet" some chap has said;
And best of all, in yon black pot,
Fragrant as a rose my tea sings hot.
The winds pipe high and the trees mourn
And I kneel near a ten-foot heap of anow.
But when I soop my steaming tea,
A tropic feeling warms in me.
Day by day on my humped old back,
My best friend rides In my duffle pack,
Comfort tucked in a neat tin can,
Ai*d here's some praise from a trapper-man,
Fo>: CHASE & SAMBOBH'S honest tea-
The friend that travels my rounds with me ■
Two Doors South of Postoffice
Danville, Wash.
International Coal Dividend
Notice has been given by Secretary
Graves of the International Coal and
Coke company, of a dividend of one
per cent on issued and outstanding
stock on February 1st, 1907. The
dividend will be paid to registered
shareholders only, and the transfer
books of the company will be closed
from Jai.uary 15th to February 2nd,
inclusiye. International Coal seems
to be in exceptionally healthy condition, and the immense re*e.ve« of conl
combined with the thoroughness of
the management will doubtless make
for appreciation of the stock in the
near future. The capital stock is
81,000,000; There are numerous
shareholders in this city and other |
points in the Boundary. The output
of the mines at Coleman, Alta., on
the line of the Crow's Nest Pass railway, ia about 1,5Q00 tons daily. The
company has only been in operation
two and one-half years, and its pro
meters included S. H. C. Miner, of
the 'Granby company, A. C. Flumerfelt, Victoria, and H. N. Galer, late
assistant general manager of the Granby company.
Surveyors at.Prince Rupert
That the Grand Trunk Pacific railway is making every effort to have
the townsite of its Pacific terminus
cleared, surveyed and placed on the
market as early as, possible next season is shown by the fact that all the
available surveyors who have been engaged in line-locating in the No.th-
west are being brought through to the
coast and rushed up to Prince Rup
ert. Surveyors are registered in Vancouver from Calgary. Edmonton and
other points where they were engaged
all last summer. The party consists
of Mr. Burbank, Mr. F. M. Dayis,
Mr. H. E. Beatty, Mr. G. M. Osborne and Mr. W. H. Toby. They
are going north on the next steamer,
and are only the first of several additional parties that are to be sent to
Prince Rupert in the near future.
Members of the party state that all
the available surveyors in the company's employ in tbe Northwest have
been ordered to prepare for removal
to Prince Rupert.
Pudding Time
To  Properly Prepare for Christmas
EVERY KITCHEN should be supplied with the best Groceries obtainable. We have everything you need for a successful pudding or Christmas cake. Our fruits are the finest
Seeded Raisins, Orange, Lemon and Citron
Peel, Finest Cleaned  Currants, and  a full
line of Spices.
We have also a complete line of articles suitable for  Christmas Prcstnts.
Phone No. 30s
s Opposite C.P.R. Station
Hot and Cold Bathe. Nicely Kiiriili-hed
Stove-Heated Roomtt. Entirely refurnished Hiid mmvuted tlit -iiiiflimit.
First.clans hoard li) day, week or
month. Special rato-i to sternly boarders American and European plans.
Finest liar in City tn Conned'ion.
What About Your Kidneys?
' Your back aches and fairly groans
with the distress of kidney trouble.
You are discouraged, but you must
not give up. The battle can be
quickly won when Dr. Hamilton's
Pills get to work. These kidney
specialists bring new health and vitality to young and old alike. Even one
box proves their marvelous power.
Continue with this great healer and
your kiqneys will become as strong,
as vigorous, as able to work as new
ones. Remember this: Dr. (Hamilton's Pill are purely vegetable; they
do cure liver, bladder and kidney
(rouble. They will cure you. or your
money back. 25c per' box at all
dealers. ,
You cAre Next
cAt the
Palace Barber Shop
nr H'-ii'iitr a
Kii/.iiv Rotting a Specialty.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Victoria Hotel,
Bridge st rent, Qrutid Porki, B. C.
Fod Lee
riverside avenue CHAS. PETERSON, Prop.
Samples Crina Prompt Attention.
Conapondence Solicited.
Complete Superintendence of Ore Shipments.
F. 0. BOX 43 PHONE S3
Route of tl,e tainuus and favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,   Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul.
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, St.
Joseph, Kansas City and St. Louis.
Windsor Hotel
Serves the most carefully prepared meals *
and the best brands
of wines, liquors and
Finest Rooms In the City
First and Bridge Strests
The Lightest and
Fastest State Mude.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
and St. Louis in Union Depots foi all
points East and South-East.
To enable parties wno so desire to visit
frle,,ds ondtrelativei In the Ka,tdurlnlr the
summer season ol-1908, the >OBrHBKH PACIFIC will On JULY 2nd »nd 3rd, AUGUST
ItCBtfl.nd Mb, Md SBPTBMBEB 8th a.,d
lOti sell round-trip tickets Irom points n
this territory to Chioado, St. Louis, St. Paill,
Minneapolis, O" aha and'kansas City at one
lowest tlm class late plus Ten Dollars, with
nnal return limit ninety days from date of
sole, hut not beyond October Slst, 1908.
Extremely low rates are in effeot Irom
February 15th to April 7th and September
15th to October 81st, 1808, from all poiuts in
the East to poiuts In this territory. II you
desire to send for a frieud or relative on
these rates we telegraph tickets to Kasteru
points without extra cost.
The NOTHBRN PACIFIC have all announced very low found-trip rates from
points in the Bast to points in this territory,
nnd tickets will be on sale from June 1st to
September 15th Inclusive, nual limit for re-
tnrn October 81st, 1906.
For further information address any ope of
A. D. Chabltoj*,    G.A. Mitchell
A.G. P. A., .     Geu.Ajrt.,
Portland, Ore.    Spokane, Wash.
W. H. Ude,
Traveling* Passenger Agent,
Spoaaue, Wash,
turning. Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screep Doors and
First Street
Grand Forks, B. G.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor,
Excavator, Etc.
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Graud Forks, B. C.
Pacific Hotel
Plrftt-cltiu tn every reipeot.
Sam-pie mums for c-.miner *
■■iiil traveler...
Hot mul Culil Hntl.it.
Hur In Cci-i-tei-tinti.
Finest H.mills nf Wlnett,
l.iqlli.l-Mtiul oi-*ai» mm
The Northern Pacific; railway will
on January 14 and 15 sell round trip
tickets from Spokane anil common
points to Denver, Colorado, and return
at the very low rate of .-J50.00,account
of the American National Live Stuck
Association. Going limit ten days
from date of sale and final return limit
30 days from date of sale. Stop-overs
in either direction will he allowed. A
small additional charge will be made
for return through California
Further information will be furnished by, A. D. Charlton, A. G. P. A.,
Portland, Oregon; G. A. Mitchell,
Gen. Agt., Spokane; W. H. Ude, T.
P. A., Spokane.
Help Near at Hand
Is what you want when sickness
happens at night. Con you possible
find the equal of Nerviline? No, for
it stands unequalled in curing prin,
internal or local. Earache, toothache
and neuralgia disappear in a jill'v.
110    WASHINGTON       ST Rub  in  on  and away flies the pain.
For cramps, vomiting or indigestion,
all you need is ten drops in sweetened
water. Sick or well you'll find Pol-
son's Nerviline invaluable in your
house.    Get a large 20e bottle today.
Three quart bottles of Nelson beer
for fiOc nt the Lion lloulinj*  Works.
S. (Fi & N. RY.
10:10 a.m.
5:15 p.m,
Spokane, Seattle,
Everett, Belling-
ham, Vancouver,
Victoria and all
Coast polnta	
Spokane, Fernie,
Wi wipe*,St Paul
Northport, Kogg-
land, Nelson, Kaslo and Sandon....
Republic, Curlew
and Ferry (.Midway).
5.05 p.m.
5:05 p.m.
5:05 p.m.
10:05 a.m.
5jj0 p.m. | Phoenix, B.U. ... |  jjjgft u.m.
Connneetine at Spokane with the famous
2—Daily Overland Trains—2
Prom Spokane for Winnipeg, St. Paul.
Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago and all
poiuts east.
For complete Information, rates,
berth reservations, etc., call on or ad*
H. SHEKDY, Agent,
Grand Forks.
S. G. TERKB8, A. G. P. A..
MOTICR Is hereby (riven that thirty days
'" nfter date I intend making- application
to the Chief Comniixsloner of La min nnd
Works for a special license to cut ii..'l remove timber from the follow In-*-; deHcrih'-d
lauds: Commencing nt this post, located ou
the east bank nf Savatre creek, a west braudi
nf the North Fork of Kettle river, at. a point
15 feet southeast of where a landslide or dry
wash enters said creek irom the west side,
aud where a smull jam and pond is formed ou,
and about three miles from the month nf
said creek: thence rutin in1-- west 4<i chains:
thence north 80cliaiiiti. thence east Wi clmiii-;
thence oouth SO chains; thence west -H* cliuiii*-
to place of heginnintr, contnl nirnr 640 acres*
Loo-tted this 2lltli day of October, 1ft 8,
.1. F M\J pit. Locator.
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind in the city.
Hotel V
Newly Refurnished Throughout.
First-Class Accommodations for
Transients. Smeltermen's Trade
Solicited. Terms Reasonable.
Table Supplied with the Best the
Market Affords.
The Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars are Always in Stock at the Bar.
Heavy i}nd Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly. Passengers *md Trunks to and
from all trains.
Telephone A12!)
Second Hand Goods G8^» forks transfer company
* BOUGHT AND SOLD |      «™*-™ -^ *««■
N'vri""i; i** hereby -*-*¥■■• ti n* t will nttplv, n*
the next meetl'lir or thp L'-'^nnw Com
n,'* f.H.--*r, forth*-'irnii'Po" ': «■ DI"
trlettfor i itiifer of the Re'all Liquor 1,1
cense f**i*ti< Northern hotel. slttiar- at Hi n
noeh "«tv. Ynle DI-ti.*, In the mine.'
Hitrtiedi-n itohert l-lntlliolm,of Bn""ooU City
Dated the 14th day *>f November. IfH 6
Carpet]- ('Ip-i-i-mI ami r.-ilrt.
Puriittnre fv-'vili-.-l. Uphol-
utered a--I Cleniied, find
other J*- !•■ In the ho use*
cleaning 'li e.
Call or leave orders nt
Next Door to Llo*i Bottling Works,
Excursion Rates
GRAND FORKS to Toronto., Ottawa, Montreal and points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.  481.55
Dates of Sale, November l>4th to December 31st.
First Class Three Months' Limit.
Correspondingly low rutes to other Eastern points.
furnished u;<ou application.
H. SHEEDY, Agent,
Yast Coal Reserves
The Vermillion Forks Mining nnd
Development company, owners of the
beautiful townsite of Princeton, are
negotiating with J. H. Kennedy,
chief engineer for the V., V. k E.
Railway company, through their manager, Earnest Waterman, to supply
the Great Northern wiJi at least 500
tons of coal per day. The V. V. k
E. coinpany has arranged to construct
a spur to their pithead at the same
time as they construct their main linn
to Princeton.
The eoal company's new shaft is
now down 50 feet, being 8 feet by *)
feet in ihe clear and well timbered.
A main working tunnel will be immediately constructed un the dip of
the vein, to tap this shaft. The company lias over one t-llousand feet ot*
underground workings in their mine
at Princeton. A oj li. p. boiler and
hoist will be instill led directly the
rail heads arrive, the Object being to
bring the mine tip to a shipping capa-
C ty of at least 1,(100 tons per day.
Thoir drilling operations have iH*ui-
onstarated that a 24-foiit seiim of
shipping coal exists under their eoal
lands. This immensei seam is divided
by three feet of lire day IU feet down,
making practically two seams, two
feet and a' half below their top seam.
It has been estimated by Jas. Mc"
Evoy, M. E., chief engineer for the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company, that
the upper portions of this large coal
seam wilfsupply 400 tons of coal per
day for 140 years, but this company's
coal property is one of a great many
situated in the Princeton coal seam.
It is proposed to import thousands of European laborers to work on
the Orand Trunk l'acillc construction.
The demand is chieliy for Scotchmen,
Hungarians and Scandinavians, men
who may later develop into settlers.
James A. Smart, the head of }<tl.e
labor company, was formerly depu'y
minister of the interior.
Mills for the manufacture of all
kinds of cereals and bi eakfest foods
was started in Calgary last Saturday.
They are the most complete mills in
Canada and are equipped al a cost of
•WOO, 000.
For a nice hair cut or shave* go to
the City Barber Shop on 1'ridge street.
Baths 50c, three for S1.00.'
In the matter of the "Land Rejrls-try Aet,"
and Hi the matter of the Title to pKrt'20
acres of Lot 53*.', Group I, Ouoyoos Oivit-ton,
Yale District.
WHBRBAS, the Certificate of Title of .Mary
Yoim-r.    bein-r   Certificate    of    Title    No.
78!H)a,'t» the nbove hnreditannMits. ban bee"
hut or destroyed* a,'d ont-'Ieition hut- bee
ma*le to n>e for u dunlteatn thereof.
NOTICE I- hereby (riven that a -lr.nli-*»i-.
ertifft-at-- of Title to the above lu-red't
ftineiiti. ivill be Ih-sueil at the px-dration *i
i*iie in-nth from the date hereof, unless i
thn H'emi'iir.* valid objeoHuti to the eon
trar.v he luftile tie me ii> writfn«.
IV. • . EnvlOSlK
DUtrlot K* mtrttr ht Titles.
Land KeifUtry office. Knit- oops,B.C. Novell)
never favored   w*   with your an-stoOi,
ningle tHfll wHl convince you thnt goods s
nre as* we i-t-pnwnt them, and that our £&L
We Imve the best of everything required for your Christ-
mns dinner. Seedless nod Sultana Raisins, Mixed Peel,
Spices,  Fresh  Creamery and Dairy Butter, Ranch Eggs.
Lawson, Baker 8 George
second st.     General Grocers      phone 12
■ ■",,'•■, '*;7-tW*:",l7*MV»f^^
1  **** 1
Sensible Christmas Presents
Cun be Selected from our large stock iif   *
General Merchandise and
Miners' Supplies   **■*  fi *
Groceries, Crockery and Glassware, Fancy
JJishes, Jewelry, Nuts and Fruits
Our Stuck in all theBe departments is complete.
A trial order will convince you that our prices are right.
J.   Bell & CO. Danville, Wash.
•••^fti •*•***.•»**••. •*****?»■. ••t-N. .-a**. •**•*-*- a&*,5-*L -■»*••. Tg-k ****x ^a-k i?*v -rS-k *v *
j*^*39V&^!tyW£*7   itW&v W&Q W&Q eP&v t
FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms
with bath, near the smelter. Apply
Mrs. Ritchie's.
\|'>Trr!'. It hereby given tbat thirty days
^ liftf 1 dnte I Intend makitifr niH-l cat bui
to the Chief Com tnlitloii er of Laml-** and
ff*irks for a spefliol Ilea *■• to nut and rH-
iiiove timber from tin* followlllfr •l-'wrihed
In in U: Qnntiiie"*>lii)r n< this ynat, in.-nt.-il on
ti ■•on-' Im ih of Savttore creek, h .vest branch
• ilthe North Pork of Kettle river, at a point
71% feut uonthcii-r of ivherea Iniidtliiln or dry
wii-h nuleri -ii''i ■■reek from tlit* \ve*it Hide,
und where a small jam or pond Is formed on,
find tiboiit three miles frutn the month of
-aid creek: thf>iicp riinnltnr went 40 chuins;
theiice Mouth 80 eintiiiM: thence eatit HO ehaitiu;
tin*nee north (in cluiiiis: thence went 411 ohftlni
.i' place of be-finnitiif, eoiitfiltdiiir&l-l acres.
1 LocHted this 20th dny «.f Octub-r, 10(16.
J. P. MAJOIt, Locator.
To Franklin Camp by Stage, Private Vehicle, Freight Team or
Hdrsebuck, ask for our priuos,
Bridge and First Sts
The Purest and Best In the City.
On Draught Exclusively* at
Trade Mark*
.... Copyrights Ae.
Anyone tending m .ketch and description mar
quickly ascertain OUT opinion free whether an
Inyentlon 1. imihahly patenUhfe l^mnntea.
tloni«trlcllycon»den..al. HANDBOOK on Patent,
■ent free, oideit agency for .ecnrtafMtent..
Patenu taken through Munn * Co. recelye
rprelal notlw, wlthont c.iame, in tht
Scientific Jltnerican.
K handinmely lllnntraled weekly. Limelt dr-
cnlatlim of any BclenUOc 'ournil, Tern., W •
yenr: four month., IL Sold byall newadealen.
Branch Oflice. « F St.. WiuhlDHim, D. C.
To Wm. JnniBB Nelson, ol BoB.laild, B. C:
You nre hereby notified thnt I hnve expended *W» In Inbor and luprovement. nil
the "Vermont" Mineral Claim, situated in
the Orand Forks Miniug Divi.ion, of Yale
nistrlct. in Hritish Columbia, to oount as
assessment on said claim, as will appear by
certiHcate of work recorded in the offloe of
the Mining Kecorder for the said Orand
1,'orks Mining Ulvlslon, lu order to hold said
claim under the provisions of Section 24 of
the Mineral Aot, suoh being the amount required to hold the .aid claim for the year
*"*ud If ntthe expiration of 90 d.j*. of publication ot thi. Notioe you fall or refuse to
contribute your portion of the expenditure
Required under Seotion 24, together with all
costs of advertising, yonr Interest in said
claim shall become vested In the subscriber
(one of your oo-owners] under Seotion 4 of
the Mineral Aot Amending le'"0".
Hated at Orand Forks, B. C, thla the 80th
day of November, A. D. l>m   M0RRIS0N.
Why Remain Thin and Pale
Pale people have pale blood. The
siomach is wrong, assimilation is poor
and food is not changed into blood.
The system lacks vitality and reconstructive power which can be supplied
by Ferrozone. It braces the appetite,
digestion is stimulated, what you eat
is transformed into tde kind of nutriment your system requires. Vital
life-giving blood that makes rosy
cheeks, strength that defies weariness,
spirit and ambition all come from
Ferrozone. Nothing in the annals of
medicine so sure to build up and
strengthen as Ferrozone. Try a 60o'
box.   Sold everywhere. CHRISTMAS GIFTS
We have now on sbow a splendid assortment of goods suitable for Christmas presents, and will have more shipments arriving this week. Our Stock is entirely new, carefully" selected, and up to date in every respect. We have
bought from the best manufacturers and wholesale houses in the country, and our customers can be quite positive that
every' article is exactly as stated.
Your attention is respectfully" called to the following classified" suggestions, with the hope ot helping y'ou out in the
solution of that oft recurring question, "what shall I give?"
Presents for the
Diamonds and Precious
Rings, from ...; -J5 upwards
10-k. and 14-k. Solid Gold Waltham
Watches, from 20.00 to 60.00
Gold Neck Chains 7.00 to 20.00
10-k. and 14. long Watch Guards—
From 12.00 to 26.00
Fine quality   Waltbam   Watches,  in
20-year gold-filled cases...15.00 to 26.00
Opera Glasses
Opera Glasses in Mother of Pearl and
Gilt Mountings, finest make,
from 10.00 to 18.00
An unexcelled assortment of highest crude
Gjijd* Filled Jewelry, consisting r.f
Watch Guards, Necklets. Loclo'ts,
Bracelets, Brooch Pins, etc.. at lowest
priors consistent with quality.
Waist Sets
A   nice  selection of En-mulled Belt Pins,
Wnist Sp(h, etc.
Presents for the Gentlemen
Gent's Watches Are Our
Strong Line
21-Jewel Elgin solid silver, dust-proof cases $30.00
In 26-year case  35.00
21-Jewel Waltbam, in solid silver case  30.00
In 25-year case  35.00
21-Jewel Seth Thomas, in solid silver case  28.00
In 26 year case  83.00
The above are all high grade railway watches, adjusted to five
Solid 14-k. Gold Waltham or Elgin Watches—
From $46 to $100
20 year Gold-Filled Walthams, from $12 upwards
Finely Jewelled Waltham, in Nickel cases, from $6.50 upwards
Presents for the
Parlour and Bedroom
In ail the latest styles, from.....2.00 to 35.00
Aneroid Barometers and Thermometers,
 9.00, 12.00 and 15.00
Gold Rings
10 and 14-k.  Gold  Watch Guards,  Gold  Rings,  Lockets, Tie Pins,
etc., at lowest prices.
Field Glasses
Pew nifii would appreciate anything more than a good pair nf
Field Glasses.    We carry only the liest makes ...From $11) to $20
Gold-Filled Watch Guards
Cuff Buttons, Chains, -ste, ofthe finest quality*
Silver-plated Butter Dishes, Pickle Jars,
Marmalade Jars, Jelly Dishes, Sugar
and Cream Sets, Salad Bowls, Napkin
Rings, etc. All best quality plate, on
nickel silver.
Napkin Rings
Solid Silver Salt Sets, Napkin Rings, etc
Solid Silver Match Boxes,  Cigar Cutters, Pocket
Knives, «8P*c.
'ases am
A   fine selection of richly decorated Vases
and silver-mounted Bohemian Ware.
For the children we have a splendid line of Enamel Brooch Pins at 50c and 75c, all different styles. Solid gold
single-stone rings at $2 each, and gold-filled necklets and cracelets at very moderate prices.
We earnestly solicit an early visit to our store, so that in the event of our not having in stock your exact requirements, we can procure them promptly.
Expert Watchmakers, Jewellers and Opticians
First Street, Opp. Postoffice
■ '    '■''  |>  ■ 1
We  Are  Prepared
To Do Tour
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Boundary Country, employ competent workmen, and carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Sthtements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions and By-laws,
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of Fare and Menu Cards,
Announcements and Counter Pads,
Wedding Stationery,
And everything turned out in an
Up-to date Printery.
Good Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are. of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
^e Evening   Sun
Job Department
'"• •*■•-


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