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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 7, 1912

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'    JU"13 1912
Eleventh Year—No.' 32
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, June 7, 1912.
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
West   Kootenay  Company
Will Add Another Unit
to Its Plant
ters of thn present nge. Obviously,
then, as population increases and
tho food supply becomes a more
vital question, agriculture will command increasing attention and respect ami the husbandman attain an
importance among his fellows
amounting almost to solitude—Kansas Farmer.'
The directors of the West JKoote-
niiy Power and Light company have
sceu fit to authorize Manager Ii. A.
Campbell to extend the No. 2 plant
at Ronnington Falls so us to take
care of an additional load, in anticipation of the electrification of the
Canadian Pacific railway from Castle-.
_ gar to Rossland, says the Rossland
Miner, ln the No. 2 plant tbere
are already two units of OtiOO horse
power each, and the additional unit
to be installed will be of 8000 horsepower, which will make the total
horsepower available when the last
proposed addition is in place, 21,-
-'00. When the plant was built arrangements were made for two additional units to th'e ones above
mentioned, and all that is necessary
is to put in tbe large turbine wuter
wheels and the generators.
With the increased power all of
tbe trains now being operated on the
Columbia & Western branch of the
Canadian Pacific railway can be
handled, and there will ba power to
There is considerable work to do,
* however, before the road can be
operated by electric power. Poles for
the trolley wire will have' to be put
iu, as presumably the road will be
operated by tbis method rutin r than
tne third-rail system, wbich is such
a menace to life, anil  whicli   would
• hardly work advantageously tvheie
there is at much snow, lt will be
several months at leii8t,it is thought,
before the section of the road men
tinned will be electrically operated.
The Duncan Group
N.J. Carson, who recently returned frnm a visit In the holdings
of the I'lioenix Mining, Smelting it
Development eompany, near lieav
erili-ll, says be for one is ipifte satisfied with the company's future prospect at that place. A contract for a
large amount of development lias
only lately been awarded tp Angelo
l.iiciani. who now bus six men at
work. Tbe properly,which is known
as the group, consists of three claims
and a fraction and was recently
bonded by the local company. The
development work already accomplished consists ol a tunnel 100 feet
in depth, with a drift of 45 feet
along the lead, and a tunnel in
about 200 feet. The showing can bo
traced for 3000 fuet. The steel 1ms
been laid within a mile and a half
of the property, which at one time
shipped six cars of silver lead ore
averaging 8125 per ton to the
(iranby company's smelter at Grand
Forks.—I'hoenix Pioneer.
Current Motor Irrigation
The new current motor system of
irrigation that is being installed 'at
Carmi for Rev. Father ferroux by
A. R. Brewer, president of tbe
American Lnnd Development anil
Manufacturing company, of Curlew,
is now nearly completed, and it is
expected that the plant will be In
operation next week.
The following is the maximum
and-minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by tlie government thermometer on Cooper Bros.' ranch:
' MAX.       MIX.
Friday  7',', '        44
Saturday  72 43
Sunday  71 40
Monday   .74 31
Tuesday     7.S 89
Wednesday  7!) 42
Thursday  84 30
Rainfall during week, 0.00 inches.
Rainfall for May,' l 7M inches; total
precipitation fnr first five months of
present year, 0 84 inches.
Lil ill-TRIP
Week's Journey in Similkameen and Okanagan
areilisaliiisiil of ibis Idea the I" It■ r
ii will lac fur the overworked fourth
estate. As sunn as The Sun man Incomes dictator of this province i e
will have these beggers strum; ii|> to
telegraph-poles This will eliminate
a great number of cu-s words fmm i
the public prints.
L. A. Campbell and E. E, Gibson,
of the West Kootenay Power and
Light company, aiulJ. S. Despharhp
and,J. C. S. Fraser, of RoBslohd, lefl
lhe city Saturday evening fnrj Rock
Creek in the above mentioned company's new automobile. Yesterday
the party returned here, alter having visited every town of anv importance between Midway and Kara-
loop. Tbe journey was made for
business purposes, and, incidentally,
to give the members ofthe patty un
opportunity to revel in picturesque
scenery and inhale health giving
spring zephyrs. They report having
found the roads in  goml condition
Selected Depot Site
J. J. Warren, president 'if the
Kettlo Valley line, was ih Carmi
last week, when he selected a depot
site and adjusted riglit of way mat
Civilization and War
We are sunposed to be adva icing
in civiliss-itinn We point with pride
to what we cowl Ier the numerous
evidences of tbis. What shall we
make out of Ilie fact that tbe five
principal military nations of Guiope
—Austria Hungary,■ France, Germany, Itulv  innl   IFo-asiai    s| I in
military mutters, debt and interest
charges, an excess iu one year over
what was spent in a single year thirty
years ago, $839,000,000. Tl u is a
percentage of,increase of about I.M
per ci-ht. Add to these five natloiM,
Great-Britain, the United Slates,
Spain, Turkey and Japan, anil the
anutial bill in the name uf war fools
up to 11,900,000,000. Is iiriueil
peace civilized peace?
The Trunk Road
The through trunk wagon road
will run from (irand Finks along
Fourth of July creek to Denoro,
where a new road will bu built to
connect it with Eholt, A branch
road will run from Phoenix to Denoro. When this road is finished
motorists can make fast time in
the Boundarv district.
Would Banish Saloons
Plans for a determined Liberal
eiimgiiign in the anti-saloon noe-
nient in Ontario are practically complete. N. W. Rowell, K.C , leader
nf the opposition, it confident that
lhe temperance party of the prov
ince will give every aid in the next
a>ene.ial election, Which, if rumnr
holds true, is not far off. Tbe proposal to close up the lintel burs uud
leave only shop licenses bus met
with such, general approbation
throughout Ontario that it is felt
ihe people will force tbe issue.
Agriculture Is King
Whether prince or plebeian, rich
or poor, saint or sinner, the queen
iip.an her throne or the maiden in
iln.'dairy, ,aii must depend upon a
u common source for food and raiment—agriculture. It was thus from
the beginning, from the forbidden
fruit in Ihe garden of Eden to the
soil product of 1911, from tbe time
of the airy costume of Eve to the
more pretentious apparel of her sis-
Nickel Plate Earnings
The Nickel Plate mine, operated
by tho Hedley Gold Mining company, made profits of $318,152 and
paid £300.000 in dividends during
1911, according to a statement just
New Settlers for Eholt
Many new settlers have located it
Eholt tbis spring, and the land is
being rapidly put in a state of cultivation in Ibat section.
A Deerslayer
Henry Schuneman is languishing
in tbe county-jail forthe crime of
having killed numerous deer out of
st'uson, says the Republic Puy.lieak.
His neighbors bore with him until
he hud eleven di er bides lo s mv
tbe prowess of his aim, and then
ihey decided to rail u halt, orall the
deef in it at section would soon hi
killed. ' Deputy Oaime Warden A.
II Slow wus notified, and be forth
•.vith arrested .the migliiy nimrnil
and brought him before Justice J
(_'. K.erley, who after a trial fo'uni
him guilty of thia charge and fined
bim the sum of ¥100 Iu default of
cash In-»ais oiden d lo be Cajnllned
in the county jail for a period ul
33 davs. It is to he ho| ed thai
ivben he once mure run nis the woods
lhat bis prison life will be a remind
er that it is a good policy to let deei
hive a chance for life until after
.September. This should a warning
toothers. Henry Schnneniun made
a luc;y escape. II.id he been tried
in ii court where the full penally
w >uld have hem meted out to bim
be would huve been compelled 0
pay a fine of 1260 or serve ninety
days in the county jail.
Fruit Magazine
The Fruit Magazine fnr Juno  hus
u splendid literary bill of fare and a
most beautiful frontispiece In colors
showing "A Summer Canip in British   Columbia."   Besides  tbe  edi-
lorial matter, sijme  of lbe  leading
urticlesare: ''Raspberry and Blackberry   Culture,"   "Practical   Irrigation,"   "Influence  of  Chlorinated
j Water,"   "Prairie  Farming,"   "The
I Ottawa Letter," "The Spirit of Cuii-
adu," ''Progressive  Forestry," "Alfalfa the Forage   Crop of   tho   Future," and the other regular features
of interest to the home circle.
No Business
The special meeting ot the citv
council on Tuesday evening was ale-
void of interest, as the business for
vIii- h it was twlled bad not maturpd
sufficiently to come up for consider
Ore From Rock Creek
The Riverside mine, a silver-gold
property near Rock Creek, is now
shipping ore lo lhe Ornnhy smelt r
in tbis city. It is the intention of
the owners to ship three carloads
;aer week in the fill nro.
Gun Club Scores
Many Animals  Considered
His   tjiiemies  Work
for Him
scores  were  made
by tht
if lhe G
and Fl
•'lun c
lib at their
av, Ihe tnl
lis given
if n |.
issibln fifty
!■'. W.
L, Skinner	
Mi*. F
Mr. Li
litis P
Money in Poultry
Pete  Santure   bus   forty    Black
Minorca hens in his yard ut hi-
Thii'.l street residence. During the
month of Mav be derived a revenue
iif S170 by disposing of settings from
these birds. Pete says there is main
'.mid in his hens than in  his   mines.
Want a Wagon Road
The people of this district want a
good wagon nad between Eholt and
the North Fork of the Kettle river.
The present roud is not much lo'tci
than u deer trail, nntl ns tliere is
plenty of money forroads theae days
Mr, Spraggett-should look into the
matter, This road is tbe naturi I
route from Boundary creek to
Franklin cnmp, ami is 1000 feet
lower than the rimtu through Pboc
Transferred to Hidden Creek
C. E. Smith, of the Granby office
stall, left yesterday for Hidden
Creek, where he will have charge of
the company's business oflice during the present summer.
The impecunious young man's air
castles generally take lhe form of an
The free publicity fakirs huve now
multiplied to such an extent that
they may properly be termed d —
nuisances They evidently imagine
that newspaper ollices are eleemosynary institutions.    The sooner they
Where Are the Old Songs?
Thev do not sing the old songs now,
The Orange drum bents soft and low
Since Laurier is out;
The pocket-patriots grieve no moro
About our poor defenceless shore,
Since I.nurier Is out;
Quchsc's a name to conjure wilh,
French domination's but a myth,
Since Laurier is out;
Why is it that you seldom gee
A word nbout Ne Tcmere
Since Laurier is out?
—London Advertiser.
Chance for Our Gun Club
The'Eholt (lun club hns fourteen
members, The cljib is prepared lo
meet all comers.
The farmer makes pome queer
mistakes about the little folks of fur
and feathers who live on bis domains For instance, he call the
filial mice bis enemies because they
make tlii-i:- heslH in his clover
field, But wail until spring a- >ui"s
The bumblebees will I'u up tin- enip
ty I'aiiinis of tiie smell mansions,
and proceed to raise large and in-
dustrious families there, Every-
body knows that the bumblebees
fertilize the clover blossoms, Hying
from one to another, and distributing the yellow pollen dust thai clings
lo tbeir feet, bodies and other parts.
There i.s a funny little Baying in
Ihe rural districts that tells iln- whole
story in a faw words: "No cats, no
clover" The cats kill the meadow
mice,—Ibcinice give liiimis to Ilea
numblehees—the bumblebees insure
i perfect clover crop.
Some lui'uiei's bate the sparrow-
hawk, and Bay-he steals the chickens. As u matter of [act ibis bird
lives mostly upon small mammals,
mice, chipmunks, a-qiiinils nnd tbe
like, lie is a fine mouser, nnd is
aflen hovering above u certain Held,
then sudden'y sw.ooping "down, ami
Hying off with not a chicken but a
liny meadow mouse.
No creature of the wild is more
heartily' detested than the skunk.
He has n reputation as a poultry
bief, hut in reality his foml lOnsist*.
iiimlly o' vermin, nnd nil sorts nl
msa'a-ts Nature evidently filled him
f.ir the work of destroying insects,
instead of robbing hen roosta
The mink is tmolher creature with
au evil but ill deserved reputation.
Both mink and skunk are "mighty
hunters" of small game, being bitter
enemies of rats ntnl mice.
Many other creatures thai Seem to
i e mischief makers, and are hunted
anal killed by the fanner, are in
reality his best friends, his helpers
iu disguise, and they deserve his
imuil wishes instead of his hatred.
Spokane Fair
Twenty thousaud copies of the
new Spokane fair premium li-t have
beiii mailed from Spokane during
lbe past week, Anyone interested
uml not receiving a copy <-:in secure
lone by addressing lhe fair oflice,
1503 ( ham ber of Commerce building,
Spokano. One of tbe attractive offers iu ibis book is the large cash
prize of >2250 offered for district
displays. One thousand is given fur
apple prizes, and over $4000 in all
on agricultural nml horticultural
products. Some of lhe features of
the coming Interstate fair mentioned
iu Ibis book area big baby show, a
rock drilling contest, u log chopping
contest, the Hchoul for furm boys
and the mammoth night show,"The
Conquest of Mevico by the Span
birds." On this six days' exhibition the sum of 812"),000 will be expended, nnd it is expected tn eclipse
nil previous Spokane fair records.
Kettle   vulley   strawberries   nnd
cherries will soon be on the market, THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Age of The Earth.
" According to Professor Allea of
Manitoba University, the discovery of
milium has upset all Loiil Kelvin'.;
theories as to the ase of the earth,
Lord Kelvin, who computed that the
earth was twenty million years old,
docl'treS that units; some new way of
producing hwil iu the earth's surface
could be found, his calculations were
Such a new way has actually beet
discovered in indium, which has the
power of giving out heat without
diminishing in weight. One pound of
radium would keep a house warm for
2,000 years. Radium is scattered
ihrouglioiit Ihe earth's surface, nni!
therefore radium gives off helium, ami
liellum Is scattered throughout lhe
earth's crust.
By comparing Ihe amount of radium and of helium in a piece of rock
it would be possible to form un estimate of the earth's age. which lie as-
sen ed was over 1,500,0011,000 years.
Various Customs
"lu Ch.na u fine is Imposed when .1
tiuln is late.   Queer custom, eh?"
"Oh, 1 don't know. Ever notice
what happens when a boat conies in
liite in Ihis country?"
"No 1 what happens?''
"She is promptly docked."—Exchange.
llriggs (at picture exhibition) —
Seems to ine I've seen this "Early
Spring" canvas of Dauber's before.
(iriggs—Shouldn't wonder! It's the
tame one he had ou view last December as "l.ate Autumn.."—Boston Tian-
Friends Didn't Know Him.
The House of Commons enjoyed a
genuine sensation recently. Mr. Km-
inuiiuel Devlin, the eloquent member
for Wright, lias for yean worn a luxuriant moustache and a bunch ol waving black hair whieh would have
done credit to any embryo artist or
musician. But the barber bided his
time and finally got Emmanuel. The
latter is a faithful attendant in the
Chamber, antl the long night debates,
followed by the recently inaugurated
morning proceedings, proved too much
lor tired nature. According to the
story going the rounds of tho corridors, Mr. Devlin fell asleep under
the operations of the tonsorial expert
snd when he awoke found himself
minus his moustache and sporting a
real short mijitary hair-cut. This was,
in itself, bad enough. But other
tribulations awaited him when he
reached tbe House out ol breath just
after prayers en Francais. He had
doffed overcoat and .chapeau and was
heading Into the Chamber when .Uie
Demers, of St. John and Iberville,
spotted him and gave the alarm. "A
stranger coming into the House," was
the appalling whisper with which Demers startled Mr. H. W. Bowie, the
stalwart deputy Sergeant-at-Arms. Mr.
Bowie is nothing if not alert and
efficient. He grippe'd his sword and
started menacingly towards the supposed intruder, waving at him to halt.
Mr. Devlin was late, and wasn't halting. Member uud officer met within
the doors of the Chamber. The latter
conducted a searching inspection, hut
Mr. Devlin finally established his
identity. And he maintains that the
officer most gallantly atoned for his
error by observing: "Well, sir, you
cut ten years off your age."—H.W.A.
in Canadian Courier.
Holyoke,  Mass., U.S.A.
"Having taken two boxes of your
excellent t_lN PILLS, ihey relieved
me so much that I am quite satisn-.il
with the results. 1 gave an order to
iuy druggist about three wc.Us ago
to send mc some more. Nothing hns
come yet and I had to borrow a box
from a lady friend who is' also using
GIN Pll.LS. I have none left and am
sending yon $1.50 for three boxes
which I would ask yon to send at
once as 1 nni not quite so well when
I nni without OIN Pll.LS."
Gin Pills must bc good when pcopl ■
In Massachusetts send all the wny to
Toronto to get. them. There Is nothing like Gin Pills—nothing just the
suine or just its good. Don't eccep.
substitutes lt you value your health
and want to lie cured of Kidney and
Bladder Trouble, or Rheumatism. Insist on having Qin Pills. f,0c a box. 0
for $2.50. Sample free if you write
National Drug & Chemical Co. of Can,
adn, Limited, Dept. N.U., Toronto.   92
This Is a Busy Farmer.
A remarkable sight was witnessed
rcceutly at High River, Alberta, where
a farmer was reaping and threshing
grain, and plowing for spring seeding,
all ou the same plot of land.
Eczema 25 Years
Cured by "Cuticura"
Leg Like Raw Flesh from Knee Down
"I have been treated by doctors for
twi'Dty-iavo years for a bad caso of eczema
on my leg. They did their best, but failed
to eure it. Hy own doctor had advised me
to have my leu cut oft, but I said I would
try tho Cuticura. ltemedlcs first. _lo Baid,
'try them it you llko but I do not think
they will do any good.' At this time my
leu was peeled from tho knee down, tny
loot was like a piece of ran Desk and I
bad to walk on crutches.
"I bought a cake of Cuticura Boap, a box
of Cuticura Ointment anil * bottle of Cutloura
Resolvent. Alter the Bret two treatments
the swelling went down and in two months'
use of thc Cuticura Remedies tny leg waa
cured and thc new skin grown on. The doctor
could not believe bis own eyes when lie saw
that Cuticura bad cured mc and said that he
would uso Cuticura for his own patients.
Hut for ttie Cuttcura Remedien I mittm havo
lost my life. I am truly gralelul for the
wondciful euro that Cuticura wrought and
I always recommend It mont hlgli'. as a sure
and economical cure for skin troubles.''
(Signed) Mme. J. B. Renaud,,l!77 Mentaua
Kt., Montreal.
For more than a generation Cuticura Soap
and Ointment havo afforded the speediest
and most economical treatment for skin uud
scalp humors. Sold hy druggists nnd dealers
everywhere. For a liberal sample ol each,
Willi 82-p. hook, send to Potter D. A O.
Corp., 49 Columbus Ave., Boston, U.S.*.
Their Religion and Community System of  Llvino.
The Doukhobors, the peculiar Russian religious sect of peasants who
emigrated to Canada in suoh large
numbers in 1899, und of whom so
much whs heard a few years later nn
account of their conflict with the
Dominion Government, form the
theme of an article—by N. Syrkin, of
New York — in Suddeutsche Monat-
shefte (Munich).
Mr. Syrkin traces in this article tlie
Doukhobors' stormy history and expatiates upon their strange beliefs.
He says, among other things:
"The nucleus of the Doukhobor
<aith is solely recorded in the reports
sent in by tlie community in the 18th
century to the Russian Government,
because after Pobirokin's idea their
faith should be shown forth in their
life alone. We read that the human
body is for lift soul only a temporary
prison where it can have no other
aim than the manifestation of God;
tliat the first men had neither customs nor religions institutions but
were illumined by the Holy Ghost,
and that later by the power of evil
creeds and laws arose. Under Catherine II. aud Paul the Doukhobors
underwent severe persecutions, under
Nicholas I. in 1842 they were exiled
to Tillis in the Caucasus in the hope
that Ihey would die out. The Doukhobors, however, made friends with
the wild liilhnen, prospered agriculturally in spite of the desert and
rocky foothills, and were strengthened
to endure another persecution in 1888.
Then Peter Werigin undertook the
leadership of the community's practi
cal and mystical life, prohibiting
smoking, wine and meat. As a consequence of the schism of the "Small
party" Werigin and his disciples were
banished tn Siberia. In 1895 the
Doukhobors burnt their weapons publicly and refused to take part in the
Government suppressions and military service. After ordering the maltreating of women and children and
massacre of unresisting old men, the
Government exnulsed four thousand
Doukhobors from their villages and
drove them into the Grusinian villages where over a thousand died of
privation. The men available for
military service were sent for 18 years
to tlie criminal battalion in Siberia.
In 1898 through the combined efforts
of Tolstoi and tlie Socie'y of Friends
in England, funds were raised and
the Czar's permission obtained for
lhe emigration of the sect to Cyprus,
which being found unsuitable, in 1899
over eight thousand Doukhobors were
granted iands by the Canadian Government in the Province of Assiniboia
near Yorktown and ef Saskatchewan
near Thunder Hill and Prince Albert.
Mr. Syrkin notes Hint on the arrival of Peter Werigin in Canada the
return to the traditional Doukhobor-
ism and Hie introduction of modern
agricultural methods began. Werigin
disowned the pilgrimages and di .carders of clothing and organized the
communities into a central union. The
patriarchal life is strictly adhered to
and work is more the contented occupation of energy than the curse of
bread earned in the sweat of the
brow. Everything is left to tho good
will and judgment of the individual,
tbe administration is at a nominal
cost, ns the ciders work. Annually
1,000 adults are sent as dny laborers
lor Hie railways, and nfter the deduction of their living expenses they
return the greater part of their wage
to the common treasury. One of the
largest antl best brick-making plants
in Canada has been founded by the
Doukhobors at Yorktown, and the
communities have paid their debts,
and even eighteen months after their
arrival in Canada, wrote to tlie English Quakers to cease pecuniary gifts
and apply tbein to others more needy.
But even under Werigin the Doukhobors have not found peace. True
to their belief in common property
they have finally refused to become
Canadian subjects and consequently
have lost the greater part of their
homesteads of about the value of two
million dollars, retaining only about
fifteen nercs fur each member ol a
Implanting, Hair in a Bald-Scalp.
The bald-headed will b^ interested
in a Hungarian doctor's method of
hair transplantation. Dr. Szekely recently explained his method. He ties
together an extremely alhin gold wire
and sterilized hair, implanting the latter by means of a thin Injection syringe in the scalp, where it is fixed
with small hooks ot gold wire.
He states that in this painless way
he can Implant 1100 to not) hairs per
hour. Of course, the hair will not
grow, ami the transplantation only
produces a new mud of wig. Dr.
Szekely presented to his colleagues
three men wearing these wigs, whicli
(snys the Morning Leader, Viennu correspondent) could not be distinguished from iiiiiiiriil liulr.
Importance of Detail.
Charles Frohman was tnlkiug to a
Philadelphia reporter about, the lin-
portniice of detail.
"Those who work for nie," he saitl,
"follow iuy directions down to the
very smallest item. To go wrong ln
detail, yon know, Is often lo go altogether wrong—like lhe dissipated
"A dissipated husband, as he stood
before hts house in the small hours
searching for his latchkey, muttered
over and over to himself:
" 'Now, which did my wife say-
hie—have two whiskies an' ge,t home
by twelve oi—lite—have twelve whiskies an' get home by two?
Sickly slops coudhs, cares colds* heals
i throat sjd lunis --.        .
3» teats.
Passenger—"Why are we so late?"
Guard—"Well,   sir,   the   train   in
front was behind, and this train was
behind before besides."—Punch.
Capt. Piazza ls in command of the
Italian fleet of aeroplanes. The cap-
tain sounds more like a trout porch
than nu aviator, '4  ■
There are sixteen cableB across the
North Atlanllc Ocean. ...,.
There are more muscles in a rat's
lull than In a man's hand.
Deafness cannot De Cured
by loa-sl i.ppllc atlaaaifl, im Ihey cannot reach the dis
eased portld ol ttie ear. 'there is only one way to
cure deafness, thai that Is hy constitutional remedies.
Deatneas Is caused by an Inflamed eondltlon ot ths
mucous UntiiR ol thc Eustachian Tube. When this
tubs Is Inflame 1 yuu have a rumbllnR sound or Imperfect hearluK. and when It is entirely elosed, Deal-
'neas Is the tesu'.t, and unless the Inflammation can bs
taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing alii be destroyed forever; nine cases
out ol ten aro caused by catarrh, which Is nothing
but an inflamed condition ol ths mucous surfaces.
We will slve Ono Hundred Dollars tor any case of
Deafness (caus-al hy catarrh! that cannot be cured
by Hall's C'atairh cure.  Hend tor circulars, tree.
F. J. CHENEY at CO., Toledo, a
Sold by D-u .agists, 7fte.
'.a'ake Hall _ lanall- Pills for const Ipatioo.
New Orleans expects to be the l A luxuriously fitted prlvte car for
centre of the richest country in the the UBe of bridal and theatre parties
world when the plans for reclaiming Is maintained by the company whiek
the extremely fertile lands in that re- controls London's street railway sya-
glon are carried out. I tern.
The danger of Infection from drinking cups was noted at least 350 years
ago and probably before that time.
Cured   by   Toning   the   Blood   And
Strengthening the Nerves.    -
It is the opinion of the best medical authorities, after long observation, that nervous diseases are more
common and more serious in thc
Eprinfe than at any other time of the
year. Vital changes In the system,
after long winter months, may cause
mich more trouble than the familial'
spring weakness and weariness from
which most people suffer as the result of Indoor life, in poorly ventilated and often overheated buildings.
Official records prove that in April
and May neuralgia, St. Vitus dance,
epilepsy and other forms of nerve
troubles are at their worst, and that
then, more than any other time, a
blood-making, nerve-restoring tonic
ls needed.
The antiquated custom of taking
purgatives in the spring ls useless,
for the system really needs strengthening, while' purgatives only gallop
through the bowels, leaving you weaker. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the
best medicine, for they actually make
the tew, rich, red blood that, feeds
the starved nerves, and thus cure
the many forms of nervous disorders.
They cure also such other forms of
spring troubles as headaches, poor
appetite, weakness in the limbs, as
well as remove unsightly pimples and
eruptions. In fact they unfailingly
bring new health and strength to
weak, tircti and depressed men, women and children.
Sold by all medicine dealers or by
mall ut 50 cents a box or six boxes
for »2.50 from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Thore are six hundred professional
story tellers ',11 Tokio, who wander
from hot.se to house to spin yarns at
the rate or 20 cents an hour. The
story teller learns a new set of slor-
les when he finds the old ones getting
3     DAYS
at the Neal Institute will absolutely cure the excessive Drinker
of all craving and desire for
alcoholic drink in any form, and
this without the use of hypodermic injection*. There are no bad
afior-effects. Booklet and complete information on request.
The Neal Institute Co., Ltd.
502 Seventeenth Ave.
405 Broadway.
2244 Smith Street,
.     REGINA
Mis. Winslow's Soot-iinci Syrup has been
ttstdfor over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS of
Is the best remedy tor DIARRHOEA. It Is sb-
solutely hsrniless, Se sure and ask for "Mrs.
Winslow's soothing Syrup," and take ao other
Und. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
A 7°/o Safe Investment
1 per cent, guaranteed and a Blurs
In further profits.
Tho above security ls ths best Industrial ever otfered In Canada.
Wrlto at or.ee for particulars.
National Securities Corporation, Ltd,
Confederation Life Bldg.        Toronto.
'g,ht s discs'",, :
PI <•> II C T C S  '     ■; ■"',",
are honestly made and their absolute
perfection In every detail le the result
of our 56 years experience in High Grade
Shoo Building. They are absolutely the
most popular and best shoeB for tho price
In Canada. Stocked by leading dealers
everywhere. „ _,__
the John Mcpherson co., ltd.,
Hamilton, Ont,
The Ailingloii Co. ol Canada, Ltd.
*ao   1 \.M'I   Aw . Tofaa-'laa,   0a]t..M'l'
When Your Eyes Netd Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy. No Smarllnp—Feels
Flue—Aa-ts Quickly. Try lt for Real, Weak,
Watery Eyes nnd Granulated Eyelials. Illu»
trateil Book In a-aa'li Package. Murine Is
niuanounalffld lay onr Oa-iilMs-uaat a "Patent Med*
la'lnaa" - but used In successful Physicians' Pmo-
llcs for many friar*. Now diadloattd to the Pub*
lie and sold by Dranlsts at too and temper Bottle.
Murine ly. Sal.o In Aseptic Tubes,. 26c and He.
Murine ly* Remedy Oo., Chloago
An Advertising Oenlus.,
He was an old merchant who had
built uy a big business by advertising..
"John," said his wife, "what do
you want on you tombstone?"
"Oh,' he answered, "It Isn't very
Important what fly* text Is so long as
It gets good space aud Is well displayed."
Edie—"Shall I put on my mackintosh and run out and post this letter
Mother—'No. dear; it's not (It for
a dog to be out a night like this.. Let
your father poBt It!"—London
Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia.
Thero is probably more trashy stuff
sold in the linking powder line
thnn in Any other line. Mont
of it contains large quantities of
alum. To avoid the use of ihis dangerous acid, see that all ...gradients
nre plainly mated in English on the
package. The words "No Alum" on
the package or In an Ad. is not stifli-
London employs more factory-work-
era than any other city ln the United
Well, WeU!
can uu
M dyed ALL these
of Goods
^■llh the SAME 0«e.
I used
OLCAN and SIMPLE te Uee.
NO ckMc. of tasiai tkt WIIONC Ds 11« (h. Cools
oa* hot to color.   All colors tt.mjoor t-runlflt os
Dtaln.   met-ColorC.r0.nl STORY BooklitIt,
It vas a girl's basketball team and
play had bmn strenuous.
"Irene has tainted," cried someone.
"Steady, girls," cried the captain.
"Give her a little air and pass ths
•fudge."—Washingjon Herald.      	
DIXIE tobacco
A commercial traveller at a railway
restaurant In one of our southern
towns included, in his order for breakfast, two tolled eggs. The old darkey
who served him brought three.      > *
"Uncle." said the travelling man,
"why in the world did you bring me
threa boiled eggs? I only ordered
"Yes, sir," said the old darkey,
bowing and smiling. "I know you
did, order two, sir, but I brought three,
because I Jus' naturally felt dat one
-of-dem might fall you, sir."—Har:
per's Weekly.
AWonderful Discovery
An eminent scientist, the other day,
gave his opinion that the most wonderful discovery of recent years was
the discovery of Zam-Buk. Just
think 1 As Soon as a Biggie thin layer
of Zam-Buk Is applied to a wound or
ti, sore, such Injury Is Insured against
blood poison! Not one species of
microbe has been found that Zam-
Buk does not kill!
Tben again. As soon as Zam-Buk
Is applied to a sore, or a cut, or to
skin disease, It. stops tho smarting.
That Is why children are such friends
of Zam-Buk. They care nothing for
the science of the thing. All they
know Is that Zam-Buk stops their
pain. Mothers should never forget
Again. As soon as Zam-Buk Is applied to a wound or to a diseased
part, the cells beneath the skin's surface are so stimulated that new
healthy tissue is quickly formed. This
forming of fresh healthy tissue from
below fa Zam-Buk's secret of healing.
The tissue thus formed is worked up
to the surface and literally casts off
the diseased tissue above it. This is
why Zam-Buk cures are permanent.
Only the other day Mr. Marsh, of
101 Delorlmier Ave., Moutreal, called
upon the Zam-Buk Co. aud told them
that for over twenty-five years he
had been a martyr to eczema. Hts
hands, were at one lime so covered
with sores that he had to sleep in
- gloves. Four years ago Zam-Buk was
Introduced to him, and ln a few-
months it cured him, To-day—over
three yeara after his cure of a disease he had for twenty-live years-
he' Is still cured, and has had no
trace of any return of the eczema!
All druggists sell Zam-Buk at 60c.
box, cr we will send free trial box if
you send this advertisement and a
lc. stamp (to pay return postage).
Address Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
The Word "Strike."
The earliest use of the word
"strike" in the sense of stopping
work occurs in London Chronicle for
September, 1765, In connection with
l eoal strike. This publication retorts a great suspension of labor ln
{he. Northumberland coalfields, and
tbe colliers are stated to have "struck
tut" for a higher bounty before entering into their usual yearly "bond."
the time-honored Illustration of pro-
Itless labor, "carrying coals to New-
sastte," appears to have received its
flrst slap in the face during thiB
Itrike. The Chronicle reports that
"several pokes of coal were brought
trom Durhtwn to Newcastle by one of
the common carriers, and sold on the
sandhill for 9d a poke, by which he
sleared fid a poke."—London • Chronicle. .
Cells How She Keeps Her
Health—Happiness For
Those Who Take
Her Advice.
Scottville, Mich.-' I want to tell fori
kew much good Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg-
etableCompound and
Sanativo Wash have
done me. I live on e
farm and haveworlted
very hard. I am
forty-five years old.
ud am the mother
of thirteen children.
Many people think
it strange that I em
not broken down
with herd work end
the cere of my family, but I tell them of my good friend,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn-
found, end thet there will be no back-
iche and bearing down pains for them if
they will Uke it Ml have. I em scarcely
tver without it in the house.
"I will sey also that I think there tt
bo better medicine to be found for young
girls. My eldest daughter has taken
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for painful periods end irregularity, and it has helped her.
''I em always ready end willing to
speak a good word for Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I tell every
one I meet that I owe my health and
happiness to your wonderful medicine."
-Mrs. J. G. Johnson, Scottville, Mich.,
RPD.8.  •
Lydie E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
pound, made from native roots and herbs,
contains no narcotics or harmful drugs,
and today holds the record of being the
most successful remedy for woman's ills
known. ,
vz Company
There It WEALTH /n you* uoll.
Buy  a
Turkish Women at the Theatre.
A notice which is to be seen in one
ot the theatres ot Constantinople effectively solves the problem of people at the back obtaining a clear
view and Is very-much more radical
than the polite request made In English and French theatres that ladles
should not mar the view of the stage
with huge hats.
The notice reads: "In order to render the performance, agreeable to all
those present the management of the
theatre has decided that the spectators of the first three rows should recline, those of the next three rows
he on their knees and all the others
be standing up. In that way everybody will be able to enjoy the play."
This notice Ib followed by a suggestion implying the Turkish woman's
lack of romance: "It Ib strictly forbidden to laugh, for It is a tragedy
that ia being performed."—Le Monde
After 10 years of Asthma Dr. J, D.
Kellogg's Asthma Remedy proved the
ouly relief for oue grateful user, and
this is but one cure unions jnany.
Little wonder that it has now become
the one recognized remedy on the
market. It has earned Its fame hy
Its never fallltif. effectiveness. It is
earning it to-day, as it hits douc for
years. It is the greatest Asthma
specific .Vithin roach of suffering
If four-leafed clover were found in
trouble patches, some ot us could
pick a loud of fliem with our eyes
Wouldn't Be Cheated.
An old north-country farmer visiting London put up at oue of the big
hotels. He had barely turned lu on
the first night, when the "buttons"
rushed into the room aud switched
on tho electric light, exclaiming:
"Make haste, sir! Get up! Tire
hotel is on fire!"
The old man slowly raised himself
on one elbow and, fixing the boy
with a determined look, remarked:
"Mind ye, If I do I wlnna pay for
the bed."—Tit-Bits.
Amable Lamarehe Tells How His Kidney Disease Developed and How he
Got Relief When he Used the One
Sure Cure.
Lefaivre, Ont., (Special).—Another
splendid cure by Dodd'a Kidney Pills
Is the talk of this'village. Mr. Amable Lamarehe is the person cured
and the cure is vouched for by his
numerous friends.
"It was a sprain and a cold that
was the beginning of my trouble,"
Mr. Lamarehe says in telling his
story. "I could not sleep, my appetite
was fitful and 1 felt heavy and sleepy
after meals. I was always thirsty,
had a bitter taste in my mouth and
perspired freely. My limbB were
heavy and I had a- dragging sensation Heroes the loins.
"When my symptoniB developed
into rheumatism I realized that my
kidneys were the cause of the trouble and I started to take Dodd's Kidney Tills. Six boxes made me a well
Kidney trouble quickly develops
into painful and often fatal diseases.
To ensure good health, cure the first
symptoms with Dodd's Kidney Pills.
They never fall.
Tho world's largest bird of prey is
the bearded vulture. From tip to tip
of wing lt measures nine or ten foot.
the BEST l.luimcnt in use.
I got inv foot badly Jammed lately.
1 bathed it well with MINARD'S
LINIMENT, and lt wns its well lis
ever next day.
Yours very truly,
T. (!. McML'LLBX.
Thi. two hundredth anniversary of
the (oundation of the Royal Society
of London will be celebrated July 10
to 18. 1912.
Mlnird's Liniment Cures Burns. Etc,
Parson—"Well, deacon, I hope my
sermon this morning proved restful
to your doubts"
Mrs. Deacon—"It certainly did, par-
Bon. He slep' like a baby through It
all."  .
Germany posbcsbcb only 35,297
miles ot railway.
W. N. U. No. 395.
Men prominent in Railway, Banking, and Commercial circles have
been advising tlio West lo adopt
mixed farming. It is easy to give
advice, and frequently those who are
so freo in handing out advice,
do bo without having comprehensive knowledge of tn* subjject
on whicli their advice ia tendered.
II is not to be wondered at that
those in charge of the railways
bhould Beck meuiis lo divert the cri *,■
les from themselves. When all ls
aaid nntl done, however, lt would appear that men charged with the conduct of lingo operations, and whose
success depends upon the confidence
which tbey are able to instil tar-the
public, would bc careful before expressing their views on any subject
It will be conceded that all parts of
pur North-West are not equally suitable for mixed ' farming. Jhe
greater part of the North-West, however, is entirely suitable to raising
of cattle, hogs, and horses. .
At the outset, it might be pointed
out that this year, while the amount
of grain shipped from Southern Alberta, which is almost wholly grnlu
raising, has been live times as much
aB it was last year, the credit in that
ectlon ot the country, is not as good
as it is in Northern Alberta, wher_>
mixed fanning is the rule.
Ever since the railways first penetrated the West, the people have
shouted every fall for cars to ship out
the grain, but notwithstanding that
thousands of lullcs of railways have
been built, no greater proportion of
grain hus been shipped out before
the close of navigation than in earlier years, it would seem that no
matter what is done, the most that
can ever be expected is that sixty per
cent, of the wheat crop will be shipped before the close of navigation,
and tho amount that will be shipped
from the close to the opening of
the severity of the Wfctuner, which, as
we know, is very uncertain.
But, assuming thai the railway..
were lmill to transport the grain as
fast as it could be marketed, !s excessive grain growing best for the
fnrmer ami for tlte country'.". The
history of the world shows that land
cannot be cropped continuously without destroying its fertility, and tha*
after a time tbe vitality of the soil
haa to be restored through fertilizers.
Tho amount of money spent In
Kurope and elsewhere for fertilizers
of all kinds reaches a tieinendoiiai
We know that the average number
of bushels of grain raised per acre
in i*,he I'nlt.'il States hus steadily
dropped off.. .We also know that in
the older parts of Manitoba the average number of ushels of grain ralbse.l
per acre is steadily diminishing, an I
we all realize that lt will lie but a
comparatively short time when the
same thing will happen nt the newer
portions of the North-West.
We must not only loon lo the present, but to tht future- A God-fearing man who in 1 111 ii g the soil looks
to the time when he will be succeeded by his children, and he should
preserve to these children their birthright, instead of wasting it.
Is it not a shame wIipii wc go
through the country in the fall, to
lind our whole North-Went lighted up
ut night from burning straw, straw
that might be used to feed cattle,
which would bring a handsome return to their owner,
We must recognise lho fact that
more or less capital is required to ensure success in I'u- tlalrj Industry.
Borrowing money at 10 to 25 per cent.
Is out of the question.
The Government ought to establish
farmers' banks, where farmers could
git lomis to buy cattle, erect buildings on the most modern principles
in which to house them, said loans io
bear a low rate of lniercst. say nl
four or live per cent, repayable In lu-
Sickheidaches—neuralgic headaches—splitting,
blinding headaches—all vanish when you take
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do not contain phenacetln, acetanilid,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
25c. a box at your Druggist's, 123
National on uo 4 chemical Co. or Canada. Limitco.
Keeps your Harness SOFT AS A GLOVE
_     Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
HameSS Oil  The IMPERIAL OIL CO., Limited
Women's disorders always yl*!d
from the very beginning of th*
treatment to the mild, but effective, action of Oranga Lily. Within
two or throe days after cor.ii.feiic'lng
Us use the Improvement become*
noticeable, and this ; Improvement
continues until tho patient ls completely cured. Orange Lily la an
applied or local treatment, and acts
directly on the womanly organs, removing the congestion, toning and
strengthening the nerves, and restoring   perfect   circulation   In   Tha
diseased parts. In order to convince all Buttering women of the value of this
remedy. I will send a SB-cent box, enough for ten davs' treatment, absolutely FREK
to eicb Udv aendlps mo ber address. MRS. FRANCES E. CURRAH, Windsor, Ont. •
Influenza,  pink eye, eplsootlc, distemper and all nose an*
throat diseases cured, and all others, no matter how "ex-
8osed." kept from having any of these diseases with
often cure a case. One 60-cent bottle guaranteed to da
so. Beat thing for brood mares. Acta on the blood. 50a
and $1 a bottle, tt and 111 a dozen bottles. Druggists
and harness shops. Distributors —ALL WHOLESAiJi
•POHN   MEDICAL CO., Chamlsti, Goshen, Indiana, U.S.A.
Or. Moraa'a Indian Root PHI*
HMtod Mr. Wilson's Soraa
Winn tlit sewers of tlie body—boweto,
kidneys and skin ducts—gel clogged up,
the blood quickly becomes impure and
frequently sure? break out over tlie body.
The way to heal them, as Mr. Richard
Wilson, who lives near London, Ont,
found, li to purify the blood, He
"For some time I had been in a low,
depressed condition. My appetite left
me and I soon began to suffer from indigestion. Quite a number of small sores
and blotches formed all over my skin, I
tried medicine for the blood and used
many kinds of ointments, but without
satisfactory results. What was wanted
was a thorough cleansing of the blood,
and I looked ahout in vain for some medi
cine that would accomplish thin.
At last Dr. Morse's Indian Root Fills
were brought to my notice, and they ars
•ne of the most wonderful medicines I
have ever known. My Mood wu purl-
fled in % very short time, sores healed up,
my indigestion vanished. They always
have a place in my home and are looked
upon as the family remedy."
Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills deans*
the system thoroughly. Sold by nil
dealers at 25c a bo*. •
stallments running over a number of
years, secured ou the stock purchased, and the buildings erected by
the money borrowed. The Government ought also to appoint thorough
ly qualified men to superintend tht
erection of the buildings, and teach
the farmers hoi/ to ma'.te butter ami
cheese on the most approved principles. The marketing ot the pro-
duee should be done by men appointed by lhe Government, who know all
about thc market, anil the value ot
dairy products, so that farmers may
jjet full value for their products.
Tills plan was adopted ln Denmark
many years ago, and ia in operation
to-day. Follow out this scheme and
the farmers would bave money In
the bank all the year round ami
would pay cash for everything they
needed, and get a substantial discount on thel;* purchases.
It wouhl be a wise expenditure if
the Government were to Import the
best breeds of dairy cattle, and establish a dairy farm as an object lesson
to the dairymen. The Increase of
the herd could be sold to the proprietors of private dairy farms, at a reasonable price.
Forty years ago Denmark butter
wus unknown in England; but at the
present time It is acknowledged :o be
of the best quality, commands the
highest price and is ln great demand.
Those who prefer the factory system could unite and establish creameries and cheese factories on the
same principles and operate them iu
the same way.
The benedts resulting from dairy
farming would be manifest on every
acre of farm. It would lncrease_.thc
fertility of the soil, and there Is no
branch of the farmers calling that
would give beter returns on the capital and labor invested. Tlio breed
ing and fattening of hogs In connection with the dairying industry would
ulso be a source of large revenues..
Iu addition to loaning money to far
mers and dairymen, the Governmenl
should furnish capital to assist in the
erection and equipment of flour mills,
beef and pork packing houses, beet
sugar factories, and other organized
Industries to help fanners to dlspost-
of their products In a concentrated
form.. Uy this means, farmers
would bo encouraged to grow less
wheat and direct their attention, io
other branches ot agriculture.
Finally, tho establishment of dairy
industries would lesson the acreage
devoted to wheat raising, anil thus
tion companies, and tend fo prevent
relieve the pressure on the transportation companies, and tend to pro-
vent Biich a wheat blockade as the
western farmer Is now Buffering
May Adopt The Metric System.
Tho civilized world has only one
unit of measurement In common-
time. The second Is baaed upon a
60th part of a 60th part of a 24th
part of the time It takes the earth to
revolve. Other weights and measure systems vary. However, It now
has been ropposed that this country
shall adopt the metric system, which
was Invented In France, lt has for
Its basic unit the meter, a fraction of
the distance from the earth's equator to the pole.
Summer Servr.c.
Montreal - Quebec - Liverpool.
Empress of Britain .. Friday. May   3
Lake Champlaln..... Thuri., May   a
Empress of Ireland .. Friday. May n
Lake Manitoba   Thurt., May 2]
Empress or Britain .. Friday, May 11
and weekly thereafter.
Empresses:  »92.W  Saloon,  $5376 Second. 13:50 Third Clas*.
Other  Ships:    J50.00  Second,    Ml _.'_.
Reservations and details from any
Hallway Aient or write
J. S. CARTER, aQenl. Agt.
tlO Pottage Ave.,  Winnipeg.
Special Notice
Agents wanted to buy junk for
Cor. King 4 Sutherland, Winnipeg,
Maypole Soap
Give* rich glowing
colon, fadelew is iun
ot uxli. Djrci cotton,
tiik, wool oi miituiei,
Um il vouraclf at
home. No trouble—
no muw. 24 colon-
will give may ihade.
ColonlOc.hL-k 15c,
■t your dealer's or
postpaid with booklet
"How lo Dye" irom
F. I. KHCOICT | CO. Mwlfiil
Write for agency for our spoclal to
order tailoring for your town.   There
It money in tt.   John Dawson, LU,
Church S*, Toronto.
vain diseases and drink habit.
Write 81 Queen EasL Toronto. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. X3.
Sight Testing
If you have any trouble' with
your eyes, difficulty in seeing
distinctly, if , you suffer from
headache, if the child can not
see well at school, or if the child's
eyes get tired, call and have
tliem most carefully examined by
our specialist. Examination free.
A. D. MORRISON ""o'Xl,\iH0
uhllnhM. at ilranil Pork., HrltUI, Collimtil
1,1. Kthm ..
.-Editor and Publisher
A Hie of thli paper ean be aei.ii at the office
jf Meaara. B. A J. Hardy A Uo., Sll, 81 snd 32,
fleet street, K.C., Loudon. Knafaiial, free uf
aharitn, and that firm will be glad to reoelve
ailbaKTittloiiB slid ndvertiaeinerata ou our be-
suasoalPTioN a.las:
Ine Vear  •I.M
'lue Tear (In advatioe)  1.00
i >ne Yenr. hi lulled State.  1.60
Addreaa all ootnmiliiioatlaua to
y^      Ths BvaaiNQ Sun,
a'HiiNa H74 Obasd Kobks. B.C
a. T. HULL. Maaaaia
for the purpose of cinching the priv- j fiRAND FORKS OPERA HOUSE
ilege of putting in a sidetrack at the * " "*"'  "	
Pierre allotment, and that the sudden appearance and disappearance
of the major will be followed by
rush work on the branch. This is
merely a surmise, howgver, and is
surmised because the wish is father
to the surmise.
|    ONE NIGHT ONLY    -srs
Thk ami-treating law which will
he introduced hy the Ontario gov.-
ernnient at the next session would,
were it possible to enforce it, he an
effectual nie ins of reducing drunkenness In a minimum, but Ihe law
has been tried in several states in
America, and in every instance its
enforcement bas approached the
serio comic stage, and the. Ontario
act, if it becomes a law, will probably share the same fate. Under the
proposed act, the hotelkeeper, the
bartender, the man wbo buys the
drink, and the man who is given
the treat will be prosecuted.
Wenatehee Cut-off
The Oroville Gazette says: Maj.
A. 8. Anderson, 'right-of-way man
for the Great Northern road, mude
a rush into Oroville Monday evening, accompanied by a government
official nf the Indian department;
rushed down into the Pierre allotment, live miles south of town, in an'
automobile, accompanied by Jumes
Forde; rujheil back and rushed out
on the Tuesday morning train. Tbe
aim and object of the rush act is unknown, but it is a small peg to bang
a hope on that the rush   trip   was
Hints on City Beautiful
' While florists agree tbat at this
season of tha year the best can nut
be accomplished by the planting of
certain flowers, tbey state that there
are some which are especially adaptable to be grown at present.
From the bountiful storehouse of
nature can be drawn some of the
most beautiful and effective annual
plants. Tbose whieh can be put in
at this season are the Blocks and tbe
Another useful plant whicb only
needs to be better known to become
freely used is tbe annual South Afii-
can chrysanthemum. It is of tbe
easiest and most simple culture and
will thrive in almost any soil.
Next on tbe list iB the old-fashioned snap dragon iu botb dwarf and
tall growing varieties, tbe latter being particularly effective. Its unique
shape uf liu'Vers resemble miniature
dragon beads.) The dwarf varieties
of this plant form a pretty setting
for the outer edges of beds and borders.
Like the asters uud slocks, tbese
flowers may be obtained at uuy lep-
utable ilorist's at a small cost.
A Suggestion
One of tbe hundred or mon
poems about the Titanic disaster, received by The Star, voices the re
frain that tbere are "no icebergs iu
heaven." It may be suggested tbal
there are no icebergs in the Otbei
Place, either.—Kansas City Star.
How It Is Done
A correspondent wants to know-
how to pronounce Ohibuabua. Tbe
best way is to scy Chy hew-hewa ami
then laugh as tbougb you knew
i better. If it is done artistically, you
can get away with it nearly even
time. The same treatment ba" beei.
frequently applied to decollete with
great success. >
, Jael
She stood, the mother snake, hefori
her ten I,
She feigned a piteous  dew   in   her
false eyes,
She made ber low voice gentle as a
Her one hand beckoned to the fugi
Paroid Roofing
Is the Best.    We have it
in l-ply and 2-ply at
$3.25 and $4.23 per square
Granatized Roofing
$3.25 per square
is $3.01) and $4.00 per squa ~
, You buy the best  when
you buy from us.
Special Engagement
Ferrot Byres
in tliat
The Girl and
The Tramp
A Rippling Comedy.
PRICES, &1.00, SOc  AND 25c
LHer other feltulong the   poniard's
Hid near the breast where late her
baby fed.
She drew the   noble weary captain
Her guest beneath the shelter of her
He laid him down to rest and  had
nn fear.
He was too'noble  to  mistrust  her
His f dng sense felt   her insidious
Folding him warmly. Then he slept
—she rose,
-fllid like a snake acron the tent-
struck twice—
\nd stung him dead.
Ood saw her up in heaven.
The lark outside went on   with   hia
old song,
The sheep grazed, and the  floating
clouds came past— —
Yet it was done.  Sleep, guest-right,
given word,
All broken, each forgotten. She had
Against these holiest three; and slain
bim tbere.
—Lord de Tabley.
Holy Trinity Church,Henry Steele,
Itectur—Sunday services; Holy communion, 8:00 a.m.; morning prayer
.mil sermon, 11. a. m.; evensong and
terman, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school, 10
a.m. First Sunday of the month
holy communion will be celebrated at
the 11 a.m. service as well as at 8
a m. Weekday and special services
as they are announced from time to
time. You are cordially invited to
worship with us, and we would be
pleased to met you.
Knox Presbyterian Churoh—
Sabbath services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.
in.; Sabbath school and Bible class at
11:45 am. All are cordially invited.
Seats free. Rev. M. D. McKee, pas
Methodist Church J. Rev. Calvert, D. D., Pastor,—Sundav services,
11 a. in. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school,
'_!:30 p.m.; Epworth League, Monday
nt 8:00 p.m.; prayer meeting, Wednesdays, 8 p.in.j Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p. in. Everybody will be
Baptist Church, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. in.; Bible
class antl Sundav school at 10 a.m.
Brownie Cameras
Work just like
" PRICES $2 to !|,1 __!
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealen
.<iAI we are prepared to give the peoj|)e of Grand Forks
all the Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
For Sale at a Bargain—Two horse
power gasolene engine. Apply J. H.
Plath, box 10, city.
Show cards for wtdnows and inside!
fine form  of silent salesmen,  pi iiaimiur
are a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Make them brief, terse and pointed
Print them plainly, to be read at a
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
orriiR, Kia6 am*,etmaat
H»»8li»*lt HIBIDMCB, RM "HI MlWl
Don't forget that The Sun has the
best job printing department in tbe
boundary country.
Poundkeeper's Notice
NOTICK is hereby given that I have
this day impounded line dark brown
horse, agt* about 12 years, weight
about 1150 pounds, white face, indis
tinct brand on right fore-shoulder
Unless i mind fees, charges anil ex
penies are pirtl on sa:d hor-ie on or
before St'unlaw the Iflili day if
June, 1912, the same will lie off red
for sale by public auction >tnd old to
the highest bidder at the City Pound,
First Street, Orand Forks, B. C, on
•Saturday, the l")tli day of June, 101*',
at. 11 o'clouk am, to recover such
charges, fees and expense!.
Dated the .ltd June, 1912.
joskph Mcdonald,
Pou)kl keeper.
SlWer King and Silver Queen Mineral
iMa.ma, ilttiaite In the uriual Forki Mining
Dlvifeiun uf Yale District.
Where l.oraila.al: On tli* Kail Fork ot tha
North Fork ol Keltlo Klv.r
TAKK NUI'll-K that I. Jacob M. PiiiImiii.
Free Miner*! Cerlllimte No. U8I8B, lor
myielf and ai aceitt lor Wllllam'll. Hoffman,
I'Xeeiitor, ami Kmb Major, eiwutrla, ol the
will aif Catherine Hoffman. Free Mineral
CertlHcate No. JSslJH. Intend, unity dayi
iriitn dale hereof, to apply to the Mluluit
Keeerdcr fora CeilUlculeo. Improvement*, for
Ilie |alir|MI*t't>f aatiUllllllK crown grantl of thn
above claims
And further take notice that action, under
lection .11, mint he commenced before the line
aiu-e of inch Carlflcaiei of Improvement.
Dated thli Uh day ot May. A.D. 1.12.
Siinrliap Mineral Claim, iltuate In the
Urand Forki Mining Dlvlilou ol Yale District.
Where located: Iu WcllliiKt.it, oamp.
TAKK NOTIOE that I. Joseph Allrfrl Miller,
I Free Miner.-' Certllleate No. H4.786, Intend, ilxty dam Irom tlie date hereol, In apply to the Mining Recorder lor a CertlHcate
oi Improvement, lor the purpoie ol obtain*
ing a Croat It liratitof tho above claim.
A ml further take notioe that action, under
flection :17, mint be commenced hefore the
iflaaiiiinee of inch Certllleate oi Improvement ia
Ilntcal thli iStli day ol A pill. A.D. 1012.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhaO&ohonol restores every nerve In the body
K to Its ptoper tension; ventures
vlin aud vitality, Premature decny and All aexlial
weakness averted at once. Phoaphonol will
make you a new maa.   Price IS a box, or two tor
& Mailed to any add.ens.  Iha loobeU Drat
...It. Catharines. Ont.
^^^J     HEATING
l(»7ftl69W.WASHIIIGT0N ST.
The following are the returns of
the ore production of the Boundary
mines for the week, and also for tin*
vear to date:
Oranby..... 2f.,305     437,564
Mother Lode  8,096     228,63k
Rawhide  5,937      70,03:2
Jackpot      357       10,420
Athelstan   340
Emma  4,901
Others      140        4,72.1
Smelter treatmen—
Granhy 24,130     507,202
B. C. CopperCo...14,990     234,044
A new lot of latest designs of prn-
gram and menu cards just received itt.
Thk Son job office.
Some business men are so fond of
being deceived that they even endeavor to believe that they can reach
the consumers of this district without advertisings Tbe Sun. M
THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. 0.
guarantees the
'Kootenay' Steel Range
to be a perfect cooker
and baker as well as a
durable range. We
also guarantee the
'Kootenay' to be a permanent Investment. Call
and see it before you
decide on the
'range ,
Mc Clary 5
Repairs, when nsemiry, alwaya in
stock at Vancouver.   Soldbr"
W.K. CcTWanlr
At End of Seventh Month
One Pen Has Produced
514 Eggs
The sixthmonthly record of tha international agg-laying eon teat, under
the joint auspices of tbe British Columbia Poultry association, Vancouver
exhibition board and the provincial
government, up to May 20, 1912:
l'en.       Class I. Eggs Laid
2—White Leghorns 514
9—White Leghorns 484
4—White Leghorns 407
14—White Leghorns 399
5—White Leghorns 371
10—White Leghorus 354
3—White Leghorns 349
12—White Leghorn) 346
19—Whtie Leghorn 342
I'i—WUhe Leghorn  338
22-Buff Leghorns 32t)
8-White Leghorns.... 299
20—White Leghorns 292
18- VV lite Leghorns  277
7—\t hite Leghorn*  274
li—Brown Leghorns   273
I—White Leghorns 270
16—White Leghorns     260
17    White Leghorna  258
13—White Leghorns 243
21—Mottled Anconau  21
II—White Leghorn.  212
I5-White Leghorns  149
Pen.        Class II. Eggs Laid
33—Rhode Island Reds  421
.•1H-White Wyandottes....,  421
.19-Buff Orpingtons  419
31 -Rhode Island Reds  406
34—White Wyandottes  383
26-Baried Rocks  342
37—Barred Rocks  325
29—Buff Rooks  308
32—Rhode Island Reds  304
40-Silver Laced Wyandottes... 274
35-Barred Rocks  261
36—Ivrtridge Wyandottes     24.3
'lit— Huff Oi;|iiiigtims  239
30—White AVyaiiiluttes  219
27—Silver Pencilled Wyandottes 178
28—Columbian Wyandottes     176
Average price reieived for r\iitt>,
33u per ioz*i. Pen temperature.
Highest, 89°; lowesi, .18°; aversg**
mean, 57 18°. Ruin fell on nine
days; twelve daya occurred without
sunshine, and the rtst of lhe days
wer? bright.
It had heen hoped it would not be
nect'Bsary to bave to insert lhe iietiul
paragraph concerning the dyuauiit-
ing work, owing to lbe fact that no
explosions took place during the
firat two weeks. Unfortunately,
however, the blasting during the
last two.weeks more than made up
foi the fortnight's lull. Lately the
city have been clearing the tnor
mous cedar stumps immediately
aurrounding the pens.
Several pens iu class I have passed
the century mark duriug the ptat
month, notably pens 9 (117), 12
(114), 2(110), 23 (105) and 7 (104).
The following bave also distinguished themselves: Pens 1 (99), 19
and 20 (96 each), 14 (94), 5 (92),
and 22 (91). Pens 14, 9, 1, 12 and
19 are producing fine eggs, taking
weight, size, texture of shell and
evenness into account.
Following pens provided broodies
in class I: Pens 9, 10, 17, 19 (2
Pan 9 deserves special mention
for having produced six eggs a day
on aix occasions during the mouth,
pens 12, 2, 25 (twice), and pens 5,
4, 1, 14 (once).
Feather eating, among the light
classes principally, :s still prevalent,
necessitating further use of the hit-
tar aloes and lard mixture. This
proves"very effective until the birds
remove the mixture by dusting.
Tbe star performers in tbe heavyweights during tbe month were:
Pens 37 (108 eggs), 33 (105), 32
(104), 26 (102), 3*2 (90). The following laid six rggs in one dsy on
one or more occasions: Pens 32 and
37, twice; pens 23, 38 and 34, onee.
A point brought out by the hot
Weather experienced on the Uth,
13th and 15th of May was that the
heavy iltsStn, were aff.ctid mora
tban the lightweights, ln three instances it waa noticed in u'a-s 1 of
decreased egg yield inimediat ly
tftir the hot west ir. This occurred iu those pens only that were
already laying very poorly. In the
hemy ..lasses nlnnisl every pen
drnppeil in egg yield during the
15ili,IHlli nnd 17ih,nntl then regained inirtual production again.
('liming to the list of liroiiiiii8 for
the month, we fi.nl lhal pen 2!)
he.nls ilie Hfli wiili ii birds; 25, 27.
31 mul 39, 5 eiiL-h; 36, 3; 29 and 31,
2; 35 uml 40, I.
Pin 40 ciiuiuienieil In lay just lis
the month elided, and may lie ex-
pecleal to give a belter auununt of
themsB.ves in th" future. Their
produce, however, is still very small
iu size.
Now that the birds are in full
lay, tlie animal fond haa been increased frnm 7 In 10 per cent, which
ie the limit proposed. The first increase was given in the January
February period,
Green Elected
R. P Green was elected by acuta-
Wit SWantefc
THE STANDARD ll the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
uf Canada. It Is national ln all ita
It uses the most expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
all over the world.
Ita articles are carefully selected and
Its editorial policy Is ...thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
coste (ZOO per year to any address in
Canada or Oreat Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Co.,
Limited, Publishers.
| To the Departed Decency of the
Conservative Party in
—New Denver Record.
Dyspeptic Philosophy
Money ia about tbe only thing
that can get tight without taking a
Make ynur own footprints instead
of following in the otber fellow's.
He's a poor house painter wl o is
unahle to put ou a good front.
Worn- n cork up secrets ao tight
that th» liottle always hursts.
We forget past misery so we can
gel it again.
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days I will
give a 10 per cent discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
3 & 4 Zkigler I.i.o<:k,
N. E. Cor. Riverside & Howard,
By the Barrel or Carload
JUST ARRIVED--A" lull line of Seed  Oram
and Garden Seed,
McNeil   &  Henniger
NOTICK U herein given that George Alex-
miller limit Hell of I ut 11671, P. O. Box
•il;., Grand Porks, will apiily for a licence tn
tike and une une cubic foot per lecoml of
water out of North Kurk Ket le idver I're* k,
which flow* In a loutherly ilirectinn (hionirli
Lot 8671 and cniiti leu into Kettle River near
Grand FurltH. The water wit) be diverted op-
posite the towimlte of Niagara, aud will tie
imed for irrigation purpo-ei on the land described a« Fruit Lnnd, about IM aor< i.
Thit notice wat potted nn the ground on
the With dny of Miiroh, 1912. The application
will be Hied ln the ufllee of the Water Recorder at Kairvlew.
Objection.* may be filed with the mid
Water Recorder nr with the Comptroller of
Water Riuhtt, Parliament Bnlldlngt, Victoria, 11. c
G. A.H. BUM*,
t$e Shoe Shop
Repairing of etfery description neatly and
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel, Ce.nml._8, Bi.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
thia Season.   <^An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—t^A Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
'PHE.Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal, Hiiknowledged to lit*
1 the greatest and best family and farm paper on the continent, has on
many occasions given its readers mnst delightful premium picture,
hut this season they have secured wbat is beyond any i|uestion of doubt
tbe best picture ever offered newspaper reader.. It is entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for bis beauty and gentleness, winner**
of many prices at dog snows, tbe p'-'de of the family and neighborhood,
bas been stolen, and after ma..y days' absence be escapes one night from
bis captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with the rope
which he broke in bin struggles for freedom dangling from his collar.
His familiar bark brings bis little mistress, Marjorie, to tbe door and
sbe throws her arms around ber trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" is equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by putting his
paws on ber shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, which in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lips—the two glad-eyed children—an eager hoy with linir like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl witb rippling locks, her affectionate arms around the shaggy neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored place
on the walls of any home. ' ,
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Eluley, famous for
bis skilful and sympathetic painting of children and animals.
Tbe beautiful picture "Home Again" on heavy plate pnper 22x2!)
inches all ready for framing will be mailed FREE to every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Slar for I Dili.
The small sum of $1.50 will secure the two pupi-rn for a full year including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," which alone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in /act it could not be bought at that price.
Every home in the Boundary should get the big * 1.50 worth this
PHONF 64        GRAND FORKS, B. C.
The Oliver Typewriter
for 17 Gents a Day!
Pteaw read Ihe t)eftdltne|°rar again. Then ttr
reuiendoua rivtiiflcaiiee will lawn upon you
An Oliver Tyi*tvrlter—Uie Mattdard  vlrdbli
.filter—the iiiuM hlfthly per.,   ted typewrite
■ll ilie urn "jet—your* for if renin     day!
'lhe typewrlti r wlM*eeo.u|iieiir of tlieioi.
•it*rcial world Ua matter ul hiatnr* ~ yonr* fn
i'i 1'i'iiti n dey!
The typewriter that ll equipped wtliteoret*1
inch eoimuieueee an "Ilie  ttiilaniv Sitilt'-
" Uie Killing Device"--'lhe  Dmible Itvlm*"-
■ I lie     l.fii-nnmtivM     Ba*'*"—-'The     ..tH'num'U
•picer"—"The    Automatti!   TatmlaMr"-- 'The
-■The Adjustable Fa-
*rKltiKvm"—*Th« 8«i-
denned Key
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Is a dozen books in one, covering thn
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and Himi ces of
copper. It. is a pracical book, meful
to all and necessary to most nun en
gaged in any branch of the coppes
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
e wily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts nf
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the propel ty.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on
The mining man needs the hook for
the fai-U it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about milling, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are
ixposed in plain English.
Price is t5 in Buckram with gilt
top; 17.54) in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, anil
may be returned within a week of re
oeipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens.
|Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
Yours for  17
Genti a Day!
  We aiiatnnrpil   thi,
ew Mle* |aliin rca-Uaallj-. Jiet tu .eel the pulse ol
alia' |K'la|a|e. HIlDlll) M Mlmll I'Mfltl |.ai>-_ni'iit"
laaala 17 aaa-IIIMa al.y. Tlllll Ifl Ilie tiltlll III A nut-
Tin.- reiull list been Mich u deluge ut applies
ilium fnr machine, thai we are .Imply **■
luuuileil. -
The demand corned /rami puuple of all {-Imaiei.
all HftCia, Ull aai'eailaaltiaillfl.
The majority ol Inquiries baa. coiiie*frnni |aa'ia
leof known thianialal NlaudliiK who wertaal
n-acted by the novelty of the pro|aue.'nu. An
impreflllve demonstration of tun linntnie pop.
ularlly nf the Oliver Typownter
A aUrtllns I'lilitlrllintiiili nf nur belief thai
lhe Era of Universal Typewriting la at hand.
A Quarter of a Million People
are I.i |   Mney with
The Standard Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter It a money-maker
right from the word "fo_" Ho ■■■*. i«> run that
M-Kltniern mwu Ket In the "expert" clfta*. Khdi
••you learn. Let the machine yay tiie 17 ceulu
a day-and all abovo that It your*.
Wherever you are, therein work to lie done,
and money to be mnde hy uiIiik the Oliver. The
bimneu world li calling for Oliver ofwratora.
'I here are uot enough to mipply the demand.
TlielrniliiricM are coiwlderatily above those of
maiiy.classes.oI workers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That in the hattie cry May. *e Imve made
trie Oliver mpreine in u<icfiilnei>iand absolutely
liiilUt'i.-iisaii'i. In t_.in.luus-.. Nuw comet the con
<]iu*tt of the home,
Tbe simplicity and mrcnyth of the Oliver lit It
tor family line. It In becomltll an import nut
factor lu the home training of young people.
An educator m well at a monev maker.
Our new Kllliiirplnn putt the Oliver on the
llire-ohuldof every home In America. Will vou
clone the door of your home or ottlce «n thit re
marVable Oliver offer?
Write lor further detail* of our cany offer and
a free copy of the uew Oliver catalog.   Ad.'rcfi
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
i III ver Typewriter Building,
for 1912 for only |1.75; also all the
issues for tbe remaining weeks of 1911,
Free. It is your last chance to get
the paper at this price. On January
1, 1912, It will be advanced to fi.m.
Serials aad Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes of tbe
best reading, including nearly J00
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc'
Send for Announcement for 1912 east Semite
Copies of Ttie fonlh's Companion, fne.
FREE to Jan. 1912
lower Naw Saheeritof wha eat. aal
**A Mad. tlaai. lib (ar aeatieat thi.
Wi) witkf I.7SIhe A* Uimeaof
i for If 12 will rani..
tha haaaa for the raaialalag
-.--*• af 1*11 free, BsHB Ike
heaaUfolHolUarNuBheraialM SH
Tke Conwanlon*. Picture Caleadar
for lSli IHkosr.pk.il ia It colon
aad fold (m aatra caair kalaa rotil to
...rt aaa nuking a girt .ubKriplion).
Tkaa Tke Companion for tk. 52
weak, af Mil-all for tl.TS-yoar
l..tch.nc. .1 thk price. On January
1, 1»I2, It will ko adraaead ta 12.
nr Sakicriptiaei »«.l.*al at Tils Office. THE SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRTTISH COLUMBIA.
Great Car Shops to be Erected by the
C.P.R. at Calgary, to be Known
as The Ogden Shops.
The great car shops which the Canadian Pacilic Hallway Co. is erecting
near Calgary, Alberta, will rank amongst the biggest undertakings of
Canada's great transcontinental road.
They'are happily named the "Ogden
Shops" ln honor of Mr. I. G. Ogden,
one of the vice-presidents of the company, and the town which will grow
up around them is also to be called
Ogden. The shops are ot course, to
be of the most modern construction
and equipment, and will conslBt of a
group of twenty buildings, and occupy an area ot 120 acres ot land, the
locomotive works alone covering
from six to eight acres. The Ogden
shops are lutended hy the C.P.U. to
provide for the repairs to equipment
on its western lines. That they will
have plenty ot work lo do ls evidenced from the fact that the Canadian
Pacilic Railway makes it a point to
completely overhaul its rolling stock
at least once a year. This company
does this bo that its equipment may
always be ln the highest possible
state of efficiency. A few years ago
the Angus shops at Montreal and the
shops at Winnipeg were sufficient for
this work, but the C. & P.R.'s equipment has Increased so greatly within
last few years, that the Ogden shops
are a necessity. Between two and
three thousand mejt will he employed,
and they will be systematically housed on a modern plan that will make
the town of Ogden one ot the world's
model hives ot industry and an Ideal
residential place for tbe workingman.
The naming of the shops nfter Mr.
Ogden Is a particularly happy choice
by Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, for that
gentleman is one of the real old
guard ot the C.P.R., a veteran ■ Indeed, having for thirty-one years given the best of his talents to the company's service.
A New Yorker hy birth, belonging
to n family of financiers, his forefathers having been bankers, Mr. Ogden has spent the larger portion of
his biipy life in the finance departments of railways. In 1871 he became
paymaster and accountant of the
Chicago & ■ Pacific Railway and
five yeara later .was auditor of that
eompany. The high reputation he
gained with the 0. & P.R. attracted attention towards him, and at the birth
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company ln 1881 he was selected to take
charge of the finances of the western
division ot the road, with headquarters at Winnipeg. Two years excellent work in the west was followed
by his promotion to the position of
chief auditor ot the entire system,
the higher title of controller being
bestowed upon him lu 1887. Other
honors quickly followed, and in 1901
he was made vice-president of the
Company, having naturally the finances ot the large corporation particularly untie:* his charge.
During all these years Mr. Ogden
displayed rare linancial ability and
acumen, and in the struggling days
of the company—and tliere were not
a few ot them ln the eighties and the
early nineties—his advice and knowledge materially aided In tiding the
C.P.R. over many a financial difficulty. His work, Indeed, would form
a large part ot the history of the C.
P. R.
In having the Company's huge
works at the foothills of the Canadian
Rockies named after him, Mr. Ogden
Is paid a justly deserved tribute—a
tribute none the less to his many excellent qualities ot head and heart
than to his great financial genius and
to hia long years ot loyally and faithfulness to the great corporation with
which lie has been associated from Its
Infancy, and with which he has grown
to seo It take tlte foremost place amongst .the .great transportation companies ot the world.
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
*ill drive worms from tlie system
aVlthout Injury to the child, becuuse
|ts aclion, while fully effective, Is
When Orange* Were Taboo In Holland.
Oranges were for some yeara a prohibited fruit in Holland. When the
Ilatavlau republic was established the
badge und color of the Stallholder's
family became so hateful to the popular party that not- Brttislled with expelling their prince,, .they passed a
law forbidding llm sale of oranges
and carrots, and ordering all persons
who grew lilies or marigolds In their
gardens to pluck up lhe plants antl
destroy them. This prohibition remained iu force until 1806, when Napoleon made his brother Louis King
of Holland.—London chronicle.
I.     _iMaT__l.__
ISo ■ Tin.
Da».'|l.tth.i-a f,flal >oaa walla. _la..plaalt»lliaa
■ _._.!• I. lhe OMUIN1I. anal 1IKBT 1MN1.
OI.K_.NHl.   Will n-ua. ma .ad it.liu
alf.ll-l.J-.  ,.
Sudden Change
, Many Colds
And Colds are the Starting Point of
Serious Diseases.
You Can Make Short Work of a Cold
by Using
Sudden changes ot temperature are
fatal In results. The shock to the
human Bystem is more than moat people can stand, and everywhere yuu
hear sneezing and coughing.
You may be sure that some of
these colds will develop into pneumonia or consumption. Others will
settle on the kidneys, and result In
serious disease or bring on rheumatic
or bodily pains.
The danger is in letting colds run
on. ',By beginning promptly with Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Unseed and Turpentine and taking small doses frequently you can keep the cough loose,
check the inflammation, and soon rid
the system entirely of atho cold, nnd
ull the many possibilities for evil
which it possesses.
Don't think that anything is good
enough for a. cold. There are lots
of cough mixtures. Hut if you want
a standard medicine of proven merit,
something that you can depend on in
time of sickness, yon will be satisfied
with Dr. Chase's Syrup of Unseed
and Turpentine.
Children like it. Being composed ot
simple ingredients, it is particularly
suited to their needs. Its enormous
sales prove its effectiveness. 23
cents a bottle, family size <Hi cents, ul
all dealers, or Edmansoii, Rates __:
Co., Limited, Toronto.
To lessen_lhe lire risk a German
company is making a specialty of
steel furniture for ships, painted and
grained to resemble wood.
Red snow is often seen in Spring
at the head of Alpine glaciers. Scientists used to believe that the hue
was due to the presence ot innumerable tiny reddish insects; but it is
now known to be caused by a microscopical plant, which is pink when
growing and a deep crimson when in
a state of maturity.
Mlnards  Liniment for* aale everywhere
Matching Them Up..
Mrs De Style—"Marie, I Bhall take
one ot the children to church with
me." "   v
The Maid—"Yes'm."
Mrs De Style—"Which one will go
best with my purple gown?"—Answers.
The Beauty of a Clear Skin—The
condition of the liver regulates the
condition of thc blood. A disordered
liver causes impurities iu the blood
and these sho wthemselves in blemishes on the skin. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills in acting upon the liver
act upon the blood and a clear,
healthy skin will follow intelligent
use of this standard medicine. Ladles,
who will fully appreciate this prime
quality of these pills, can use them
with the certainty that the effect will
be most gratifying.
The skeleton alone of an average
whale weighs twenty-five tons.
Warts are unsightly blemishes, and
corns are painful growths. Hol-
loway's   Corn Cure will remove them.
This Mother    la   Quite  Enthusiastic
Over a Well Known Food.
A friend was once talking with a
crazy woman, when a stingy man
passed by.
"Do you sec that "man?" she said,
with a cunning smile. "You could
blow his soul through a sparrow's
bill into a fly's eye, and the fly
wouldn't wink.."
Sulckly atop, cougbs. cura* colds, heals
ia throat *** loads 25 costs.
The   total   number of Territorials
in New Zealand exceeds 30,000.
Minard't   Liniment   Cures   Dandruff.
Mm. .1. W. Pateman, ?,S Harriel St.,
Toronto, in wilting ,-about Neave's
Pood says "When I first knew one of
my friends, her baby Jack was eight
months old and dying by Inches. bnc
had tried three foods becuuse her
lack could not digest milk. At lust,
1 fetched her a tin ot Neave's Food.
At the end of u month, .lack wus rap-
Idly gaining flesh and was bright and
happy. He is a lovely boy now antl
she declares Ncave's Pood saved his
life.   And It did.
Then I recommended it to a friend
on Victoria Avenue. She had a baby
ii months old that was not thriving
a bit. She put the baby on Heave's
Pood and at the end of three months,
the baby was twice the slzo.
I have never seen two bigger, stronger boys than mine for their ages
and we owe it all to Neave's Pood.
I have the utmost' faith ln Neave's
Mothers and prospective mothers
can obtain a free tin of Neave's Food
nnd a valuable book "Uinta About
Baby" by writing Edwin Vtley, 14a
Front. Street East, Toronto, who is
the Canadian agent. For sale by all
Lawyer (to witness): "Now, then,
Mr. Murphy, give us your last, residence."
Murphy: "Fai:h, sor, I dunno; but
it'll be the clmltery, Ol-ni thlnkln'!"
"Last night my wife ami myself
had the most foolish sqimuble of our
married career."
"What was the subject of your ills
"ll'iw wo would Invest our money if
we hud any."
Internally and Externally It li
Good.—The crowning property of Dr.
Thomas' Electric Oil is thai It can be
used internally for many complaints
as well as externally. For sore
throat, croup, whooping cough, pains
ln 'the chest, colic, and many kindle 1
ailments it has curative qualities that
arc unsurpassed. A bottle ot lt
coals little and there Is no loss in al
ways having it nt hnuit.
Prodigal Son—Father, I have returned!
Father — YeB, gol dern ye, I
thought you'd show up about-tbe
time spring plowin' was done!
When You Buy Matches,
Ask for
They have a true safety bate
head,  wit'i silent   tip.    Will
never explode if Stepped on.
Eddy's  Matches have satisfied Canadians since 1831—accept no others.
The E. B. Eddy Company, Hull, Canada
Washboards,  Wood Pails and  Tubs,
Fibre Pails and Tubs.
Baby's Own Tablets are a safe medicine for all little ones. They are
guaranteed by a government analyst
to be absolutely free from opiates and
other harmful drugs—that Is wby bo
many mothers will give their baby
nothing else in the way of medicine.
Concerning them Mrs. John Thompson, Coutts, Alta., says: . "I have
given my baby, when needed, Baby's
Own Tablets and think they are the
best lemedy for constlpatlou 1 have
ever used. I would not be without
them in the house.". The Tablets are
gold by medicine dealers.or-by mail
at 25 cents a box from The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co-, lirockvllle, Ont.
Couldn't Help It.
Simeon Ford was talking to a New-
York reporter about the breakages
that happen in hotels.
"An average amount of breakages
you don't mind," ho said, "but no.w
and then you happen on a waiter or
a chambermaid whoso breakages
pass all bounds of reason."
Mr Ford then recounted the breakages achieved In ono day by a chambermaid of this stump..
"I found out after she left," he ended, "that she wasn't a genuine chambermaid at all. She was an elet-
ph'ant trainer really, but she had
been compelled to give up that profession because ahe couldn't handle
"Hat* do 1 toow that Wiadm Table Sah
bpura7 I'llriutwrou.
"I.oolc at the salt itself—Me how clear anal
transparent and perfect the crystals are—
.pairUUllK like little diamonds.
'''Now tasle ihem—notice that they dissolve
instantly.   ,
Ma'am—it's the onlv salt we recommend
for table use and for cooking",
No sain.    Describe tha tn
book and testimonials free.
Old Bares. Lumps
la Breast, Growths
removed and heated by a simple
Bern* Trealmeel
........    Describe the trouble, wa will sent
book and testimonials free,
10 CbercUII Ave, Taraala.
the elephants without, breaking their
tuBks."—Ney York Press..
Through indiscretion ln eating
green fruit In summer many children
become subject to cholera morbus
caused by Irritating aeid.i that act
violently on the liniii3 of tile Jntes-
hies. Pains uud dange.ous purg-
Ings ensue and tin* delicate system of
the child siiiia'ij umler the drain. Ill
such cases the safest and surest
medicine is Dr .t, D, Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial. It will check the Inflammation and save the child's life.
W. N. U. No. 895.
Nature's lews are perfect if only we obey them, but diseaae follows disobedience. Go straight to Nature for the core, to the forest; there era mysteries there,
some of whieh we ean fathom for you. Take the bark of the Wild-cherry tree,
with mandrake rapt, Oregon grape root, atone toot, queen's root, Moodroot aad
golden teal root, make a scientific, glyceric extract of them, with juat the righl
proportion!, aod you have
It took Dr, Pierce, with the assistance of two learned chemists and (henna*
cists, many months of hard work experimenting to perfect
thit vegetable alterative end tonic extract ol the greatest
efficiency. i
MaC.W.PAWMT,ofMI._vllle,Ca1lf.,wrlt«8: "Iwlah
to tell you that I have used yonr' Oolden Medical Discovery ' ln my family for twenty years. We bave had A
doctor called In but once during that time. I have a family
of ten children, all well and hearty, for which, to a great
extent, we owe thanks to you and your 'Golden Medical
Discovery' and' Pellets,' which we use when sick."
Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate aad invigorate.
C. W. Piwunr, Eee>      etomaeh, liver aad bowels.   Sugar-coated, tiny granule*, f THE SUN* GRAND FORKS. 22ITISH COLUMBIA.
ItkSHBtS hodil m  HID  AND
It takes bnt « '*" T»rds of tbe new
wide foulard silk for a dress thli
year, eo simple and acant are the new
models. Tbla dainty little dress I* et
s spotted foulard, with a red patten
on a wblte ground. Tbe bib shaped
panel at tbe front ot tbe bodice extends down over the tklrt and wldeni
out to form • deep band at the foot
The rellgense collar, girdle and calf*
ate ot red satin, matching a tone of
tbe foulard. Tbe hat Is trimmed with
red rosea and purple panties.
Advice Fer Business Girl.
Rat tbe very best food your meant
will allow. Remember that yon are
working for your bread, and after yon
have earned- It buy It Uood food
comes back In firm flesh, pink cheeks'
and good spirits, wblcb make yon far
more attractive and successful than
■ny garment you could possibly buy.
Drink lots of water. If yon art
afraid ot taking on too much weight
do not drink wltb your meals, for thai
Is tbe tlmo wben welgbt Is added.
Wben working do not eat a heavy
Inncb. Have, a good breakfast, because by tbe time you get to yout
work tbat is partly digested, but If
you bare a heavy lunch you are apt
to feel sleepy. The big meal of the
day sbould come at night
In these cold days dress warmly. II
Is true that woolens are not beautiful, but they keep y«ur skin a pretty
color, with t smooth, even flow of
Wood, and tbey keep you from using
np yonr energy cod power Id trying
to keep warm.
Don't get jaded or overtired. Then
It no salary big enough to recompense
you for tbat Sacrifice a little salary
for a position less trying If necessary.
Ordinary work sbonld not overtlre t
woman. If It does It It s sign sbe Is
not lo good condition-tbe Is not get
ting enough sleep nor food nor fretk
Meet Furs Wear Lang With Cere,
Most furs aro durable, experts say,
snd will last for n long time If guard'
ed from moths, high temperatures and
spring sunshine. A less dura bio fur Is
broadtail, as It It taken from young
.animals. Chinchilla and ermine nre
also delicate, botb In color and texture,
and sbould be carefully treated. Placet
tbat make a specialty of storing furs
keep them at n uniform winter torn-
perature.-.Ncw Vork Suu.
High Prices.
Standard Oil "raises prices as easily
ns lf It bad never been dlstolved.-Cbl-
cngo News.
i Tbit batter boycott may bring down
Ihe price If It ever gets started, but It
Is to be honed It will keep tbe price
down longer than the meat boycott
dld.-New Tork Tribune; ,
I Did anybody bear whether Ihe cost
•f living made any New Year's resolutions; Tbe one most desired was lbe
tame it that made by Davy Crockett's
room "Don't shoot; I'll come down."-
Uottoo Ulobe.
Grandchild of Empire Still Remains
To Be Explored.
The last geographical mystery out-
tide the Arctic and Antarctic is said
to be New Guinea, where a wide Held
1- open to hardy explorers. Lofty
mount-ins, broad rivers, new animals,
birds, and orchids, a volcano, and
much ground untrod by white men
await the adventurous. There it no
need to go beyond that portion formerly known as British New Guinea,
now named Papua. Papua is the
only grandchild ot the British Umpire, the only colony ot a colony.
The financial responsibility of the
territory was taken over by Australia
in 1001, and not the least difficulty Is
the living down ot a bad name. It
is no place tor the invalid, but for
the hardy there is gold, rubber, eugar,
copper, cocoa, cotton, timber, and
many other money-making materials,
tho latest to be discovered being coal
and petroleum. With a view to ob-.
taining information of Use to Intending settlers, a representative ot The
London Telegraph called at the offices
of the Commonwealth ot Australia,
and saw the Hon. Staniforth Smith,
Administrator ot the Territory ol Papua, who had just arrived in London.
The white population, he said, was
increasing, as were imports, exports,
tonnage ot ocean-going vessels entered
and cleared at ports, area under cultivation, and revenue. The gold yield
to date, from the institution ot British rule, wat over *5,000,000. Ths
copper field was not yet sufficiently
developed to form an opinion as to its
ultimate value. An export trade in
timber had been successfully inaugurated, and just before be left reports were received ot the discovery
ot petroleum in two districts widely
separated. Coal, apparently ot good
quality, had been found over a very
large area, but whether it was accessible enough for immediate development he could not say until further
investigations were made. All white
people of good constitution could livs
there continually and maintain their
health, provided the cool and bracing
climate of the'mountains and table
lands of the interior was made accessible. Steps had been taken in that
direction, and schools had been established for white children, rhere was
money in the millions ot acres ol
Papua, but at present not tor the
poor man. Anything Irom $10,000 was
sufficient to make a competence in a
few years.  The gold was m the soil.
Papua was a natural home of the rubber tree.
Reverend Romany.
In a little-known corner ol the Lincolnshire Wolds (England) lives 'the
romany rasbul (parson)," as the gypsies designate Rev. George Hall, rector of Ruckland, near Louth. Mr.
Hall may be described as a kind ol
apostle to the gypsies, lor few men
have so thoroughly won the contldeuce
of theso nomads. He is a pa.
master ol their manncrt and
customs. He speaks the old Romany
tongue with winch George Barrow has
familiarized the readers ot "Laven-
gro." At timet, when on Bit visits
to fairs and encampments, Mr. Hall
almost adopts the gypsy's attire, and
on more than one occasion his un-
conventional appearance has caused
him to be mistaken by Gorgios (non-
gypsies) for the real thing, and treated accordingly.
An enthusiastic member ot tho Gypsy Lore Society, he is sometimes to be
seen squatting in a ring ot swarthy
Romany folk around their Ure on bp-
som Downs, or on the breezy fells ol
Yorkshire, sampling the raystcrioui
contents of the black stockpot. This
is done with a view to picking up
crumbs oi the fast-disappearing lore
and traditional tales of the Romanies.
He is able to recount a great many
racy stories of gypsy life and adventure. A firm believer in the efficacy
ot the open-air lite, Mr. Hall ban
himselt slept In a gypsy tent of Im
own construction lor seven months ai
a time. At a lecturer on his hobby,
he is doing much to break down prejudice and to create sympathy lot
these strange survivors ol au old-
world race.
Recommended  by Georgia  Expert at
Measure Against San Jess Seale.
Tbere was a time when good fruits
could be grown with little or oo spraying. But tbat time baa posted, tor, with
tbe growth of the nursery business and
tbe dissemination of Imported nursery
stock, Injurious Insects and fungous diseases have been so thoroughly distributed all orgr our fruit growing sections
that unless stringent measures are resorted to very little first class fruit can
be produced*
If an orchardist does uot Intend to
spray bis fruit trees be bad nbout as
well cut them down and grow other
crept on tbe toll, for an uncontrolled
attack of the San .loso scale will In a
very few years put practically tbe entire orchard out of commission. This
scale Is now so prevalent tbat few orchards are clear of it or can hope to
remain ao. A large number of the volunteer, fruit trees In the fence corners
and along tbe roads nre Infected and
serve to spread Ihe Insect to orchards,
even If tbere were not otber chances
of Infection. In fact, the matter narrows Itself down to the point whero
we must either spray or buy our fruit
from tbe man who does spray.
Tbere are certain scale insects, especially the San Jose scale, wblcb can
not be successfully combated during
the summer, for at this time Ibe trees
sre in full foliage and are eo tender
that any spray solution which will kill
tbe scale is liable to kill tbe trees alto.
For this reason we bave to resort lo
fall and winter spraying. At Ibis time
the trees are dormant and more resistant to spray solutions, so tbnt we
can use solutions sufficiently caustic to
kill the scale aud. yet not injure ihe
The San Jose seale Is known In almost all horticultural literature. However, It ls sometimes surprising to
know bow many owners of small orchards do not know J be Han Jose scale
wben Ihey see It on a tree. This scale
Is of a brownish gray color aud Is ordinarily not larger than tbe head ot a
pin. It attaches Itself lo tbe bark of
fruit trees, giving the limbs of tha
trees a grayish scaly appearance. II
one of tbese scales is mashed with tbe
point ot a knife or otber Instrument a
yellow fluid Is mashed out Any grower wbo ts not familiar witb this scale
sbould send specimen pieces ut limbs
that are thought lo be Infected Io hit
stale experiment station or agricultural college for Identification. The
specimens sbould be closed securely In
a small tin can or olber tlgbt receptacle, so that the scale. If present, will
not get scattered through Ihe malls,
Tbese Institutions are always glad to
give advice along sucb ilnes—U. P.
Stuckey of tleorgla Experiment Station
ln Southern Cultivator.
Keep np your talk In favor of
belter farming until your neighbors Join you ln an effort lo produce more on the same land.
Our average yield of staple crops
Is entirely too tow and tor below
what we can produce.
Hit Grace Didn't Know.
One of Dean Pigou't stories ol hit
college daye deals with an encounter
between Dr. Whately, when the learned Primate wat Archbishop ol Dublin,
and a young aide-do-camp. At dinner
the latter propounded this lingular
conundrum i—
"Does your grace know the diner-
ence between an archbishop aud an
""Sir.   I   do   not."   answered   Dr.
Whately. ,.      ...
"One wetrt the crots on his """rt,
and the other wears it ou his back,
explslned the tactless officer.
*vDo you  know  the difference  between an aide-de-camp and an astf
asked the archbishop, calmly. In return. . ,    . , „     _, ,t _
"No, your grace, I do not,   wm tn*
"Neither do I," said his graoe.
It Is believed that r.o modern legit-
lators keep themselves up to tbe mark
In the same dangerous way as some of
their predecessors In the British parliament "nusklsson told me," writes
Lord Broughtou, "thnt Lord Cuttle-
rcagh and Lord I.lveriyol hoth took
ether to keep them going when speaking. He nlsp told mo that be once asked Mr. Wllberforce what mode bis fingers so black, aud Wllberforc* told
blm that he waa In the habit of taking
opium before a long speech, 'and to
that,' said he, 'I owe all my success at
• public speaker.'"
When Tommy Atkins Battles* With
His Comrades.
A public, sehool is not ill it wilh a
British regiment for claniifshiiess. The
authorities encourage it by giving a
regiment all sorts of quaint distinctions which others have not, so that
ill one the sergeants wear their sashes
tlie same way as tlie officers; in another, all wear badges both on the
front and back of their caps; ami in
yet another, ths officers wear white
collars with their tunics, and. in circles where uniform is monotonously
alike, such hall-marks are jealously
for inslan."!'. the Scots Guards have
nine buttons to '.heir tunic, placed in
three batches ot three each down the
front, and no njare civilian could
imagine tlie whirlwind of jealousy
that agitated tlie breasts of officers
and men when, mi the formation of
tho Irish Guards, it was decided tp
give tlie latter ten buttons—placed
four, four, and two. The reader may
wonder why the ten buttons were arranged in the latter curious fashion.
Well, it would be more than the War
Office dare do to place them in live
twos down the front—lor that is the
much-prized privilege oi the Cold-
"Belts, belts, belts," are the usual
weapons employed to settle regimental quarrels, as Kipling reminds us;
and the writer remembers how, in
tlie 'eighties, the Yorkshires turned
out to trounce thc Surreys with the
buckle-ends of these adornments over
a question as to which regiment had
the best canteen songster.
The old system oi sending nut pic-
quets to scour the towns for disorderly men was undoubtedly provocative
of much regiment}} rioting.
This reached such a pitch iu one
garrison tliat the general conceived
the idea of sending out nightly strong
picqnets from each of the rival regiments, whilst ordering all not on duty
to keep to their barracks. Hut still
the number oi men in each regiment
with black loyes and gashed cheeks
grew and grew.
And then the truth leaked out—the
rival piequels were in the habit of
passing the night by battering eaeh
otlier calmly and methodically, like
workmen carrying out a contract.
Two Highland regiments, having
disputed about a point nf spurt, and
not wishing to violate their common
nationality by a general "set-to," deputed the biggest man in each regiment to light tin, matter nut. This
task was tackled so grimly, however,
that the fight went ou for hours and
hours, and, as it looked like lasting
for ever, it was decided to call in a
medical man to see which had received tlie worse pummelling.
The doctor—he was a civilian, ol
course—found one of the fighters half
dead, and the regiment owning the
nther pugilist therefore claimed the
victory, but in such a good spirit that
they subscribed enough money to
place both men iu (lie hands of the
doctor for treatment on the spot.
There have olten been equally serious results.
For instance, in Jubilee year, the
vanquished leader of one band ol
regimental rioters waited outside the
canteen, with rille aud hall ammunition, for tlie corporal who had successfully led tlie rival regiihenl's band
against htm. tf the canteen closed
at "Last Post." lie imagined he saw
bis hated rival emerge, and ha. fired.
A man fell, nml. on hearing the
shut, the real object of the marksman's revenge came rushing out of
lhe canteen to examine the prone fig.
u the ground.   It was his twin-
Widely-Known Teacher cf English lit
Ottawa's Collegiate Institute Has
Had a Brilliant Caree.- Since He
Entered the University—Is a Pioneer of tha Canadian Club Idea and
a Charter Member.
William John Sykes, prolessor of
Knglish literature at tlie Ottawa Collegiate Institute, has been appointed
public librarian ol Ottawa.
He ia a specialist ia languages and
one ol the most successful and popular teachers that has ever taught in
the collegiate there. His resignation
will be a great loss to the school, lut
his knowledge of books and literature
and good judgment will be au invaluable asset to the Carnegie Publio
Library of the capital. For about IS
years lie has been identified with the
work of the Ottawa Collegiate and
during that time lie has won the respect and esteem ot both pupils and
teachers and has filled a large place
in the hearts of all the citizens of the
capital who take a deep interest in
the progress ot higher education.
Every pupil attending the collegiate
felt that in the head English teacher
for Holding Log on.Sawbuck.
An  Illinois correspondent seuds to i Wether I
the Farm Journal the following metb-1        "*""
od of holding wood on it sawbuck: "lo j Doing It Thoroughly.
either one of tbe pieces  marked  Di    Arthur   Heming,  a Toronto  artlal
_    .          . ..  , ,      __.     .......     _,!    *_._.
1.00  HOLDER.
put nt the nppet
end an eight ol
tenpenny null, A.
Take a chain, B,
nbout three feel
long, with linns
having boles large
enough to pass a
nail bead tbrough
tbem. At ooo end
of tbe chain put a
welgbt, C; a box
filled wltb sand or
a few bricks or rocks lied together
wlll^do-tlie heavier the better. Tben
the wood to be sawed Is put on th*
buck In tbe regular way, as shown.
Put the chain It over It and fasten to
A, so tbat the welgbt 0 will be abuut
two Inches fruin the ground. Tbls
tares u lut of trouble."
English as She Is Spoke.
French Cbuunenr (to deaf farmer on
a Maine roadi-Cun you lell me, sure,
vere I get some ol ze gazzolloe? Farmer (with bis bund to liis enrl-IIey?
French CbunlTeiir-Non, non, nun! Not
ne hay—zc g.izzollne. Zlss cet a .motorcar, nut a burse.-iUnrpcr's.
A Use For'Old Tiblseloths.
The best pieces sbould be cut Into
squares   and   carefully   hemstitched.
These squares do excellently to spread
over the'cloth where Ihe meat dish
stands.   A carver It very apt to soil
Ihe part round tbe dish, and Ihis plan
gives i clean cloth a longer lease cf
life.'        _________ •'
The Condor.
recently overheard, in trout ot the
National Club, Toronto, a conversation that startled him.
While passing two ot lhe busmen
men who belong to that prominent
club, he heard lhe word "art" mentioned. He slackened his pace enough to catch a lew sentences, aud
discovered that the two were talking
about art in Kurope.
"That isn't the way to go about it,_
said one, in answer to the other'*
statement about how to appreciate
that art. "If you want to get the beet
out ot Kuropean art. you ought to go
at it seriously. Give a whole weak
to it."      -
How It Affects Them.
"An Alpine guide thus describes the
behavior of different nationalities
when they get to the top ot a peak.
A Oerman, lie says, as toon as lie
arrives at the tnp wants to know the
exact height ot the mountain he It on
and ul every peak around him.
A Frenchman goes Into raptures
over the wlldlMH of Uie scenery ami
the beauties ul nature and sninetimes
accompanies his remarks liy an attempt lo embrace his guide.
The Englishman when he Iibs
"done" his peak plunges his ice axe
iuto the snow, looks around hiiu and
then says, "I say. open the baskets
and let's have something to eat."
An Ibsen Theory.
In one of the published letter." ol
Ibsen he seys thst while he was writing one of his plays ho had on his
desk an empty ale glass with a scorpion in it. Now and then the animal
would gmw tick and the author would
throw a piece ot sett Iruit to it, whereupon the scorpion would tall upon the
]tood furiously empty its poison into
The condor ls the only bird which   it and then "get well a^ain.   "Is lt
keeps lis offspring In the nest for a   not a g.  .! .1.
year.  Tha young cannot fly for twelr*
months nfter being batched.
onil   ileal  like  this  (Vith  Ul
Ibsen continues, "Nature's
poets?" Ibsen continues, 'Natures
laws apply in the domain ol thc spirit
they had a sympathetic friend, a zeal,
ous worker and a man who stimulated tliem to earnett effort and directed
their minds to what ia noblest and
b»t iu English literature. His departure will be felt as a pertonal loss
by each pupil and will be sincerely
regretted by the whole teaching staff,
with whom he is alto a general favorite-
Prof. Sykes was born at Cobourg,
Ont., about 47 years ago and moved
when quite a young man with bit
parents to Campbellford, Ont. He attended the publio and high schools
in the latter town and subsequently
entered Victoria College at Toronto
University and graduated with honors
in English, French, Oerman and Italian, being gold medallist ol his year.
While at the university he took a very
active part in college lite and was edU
tor tor a time ot the paper Acta Vic-
tariana. Alter graduation he entered
the teaching profession and was engaged as teacher ot English snd.modems at the Cobourg Collegiate Insii-
tute, where he remained one year.
He next Becamo head of the English
department at the Hamilton Collegiate
Institute and was there two yearn
before coming to Ottawa a teacher in
the collegiate there.
With Sanford Evans, ex iniiyi-r cf
Winnipeg, lie was one of the originators ot the Canadian Club idea mil
helped the latter gentleman and otli-
crs to form tho lirst Canadian *"I>i"•
in Hamilton, ol which he list a ivir-
ter member. Prof. Sykes is ol«i a
charter member ol the Ottawa ln-.n-
.linn Club. He is n very earliest nil I
enthusiastic student ot bllfflldi I.I rn-
lure snd Is a very successful lectuicr
on literary subjects. In tlio Col.eal.i't*
Institute at Ottawa he hns eunttillilly
usi'al his influence to promote the Ll
ceunt and particularly In cncui.rai.lii..
the students to read essays and la'i *
part in debates.
When Dickons Boug.it Co;.;.
Cosl was "up" in Match, 18.,I). when
Dickens was in the neigh borliiiml if
Exeter arranging for the coin d it if
Ills parents in a collage he had pria-
vided for tliem. "Coals nro dear jut
now—20 shillings a ton," he wn.te I.)
Mitton. Boy Unor, however, was not,
lor he goes on: "They found mc a
boy to 1,0 two miles out and bark
again to order some (coals) this nn.ruing. I was debating in tny iniiid
whether I should give him Id peine
or 2 shillings when his fee was announced—twopence I"—London Citron*
Counting  Up.
"Think ot the golden moments ynti
hnve wasted playing bridge!" suid
the serious friend.
"Ifcs," replied Mrs. Flimgilt re.
gretfully, "besides a lot ol silver coin
»nd ptper currency." THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
NtWS OF THt CITY IN BRIEF      E. Harrison, who has been con-
  nectnd with the local branch of the
Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,    Morrison  R0yal bank for the past five months,
| has been appointed clerk in the gov-
block.    Phone R 39.
\V. E. Hadden left on Wednesday for Victoria, where he will allelic! the annual meeting of the
grand lodge of the I.O.O.F. order,
which meets in that city on the
l-'tli inst., as past grand chancellor
of the local lodge. He will nlso endeavor to interest the coast people
in Kettle valiey real estate.
Mrs. J. D. McDonuld, who has
been ill for some time past, is spending a few weeks at Christina lake in
order to recuperate her strength.
ernment  pffice,
uey, promoted.
vice W. D. Dewd-
I. J. Gill commenced excavating
work yesterday morning for the
basement of the brick block-to be
erected by the Boundary Trust &
Investment company on the corner
of Bridge and First streets.
Miss Anna Po*vers, who haB been
spending the past winter with
friends in California, has returned
to her home at Danville.
Geo.  W. Wooster,
director of the Granby company, returned on Tuesday from   a business
trip to Spokane.
j    FOR SALE CHEAP-One-acre   Tract
treasurer und j Lake Front, adjoining Phoenix Club
property,   Christina   I.nke.    Apply
to W. A. Williams,
E. E. Gibson.
Geo Cooper made the run from
Greenwood to this city, via Midway
and Curlew, on his Indian moto.
cycle last Sunday evening in two
A number of Great Northern
ollieials passed through the, city last
week on a tour of inspection of the
road ns far west ns Oroville. The
parly consisted of J. M. Gruber,
general manager; W. I) Scott, assistant general superintendent; J. 11.
Davis, engineer main-way, nnd P.
J. Kelly, general master mechanic.
These gentlemen weie joined at
Marcus by the divisional chiefs.
V. Stuart and family, of Paulioi,
Mont., are visitors at the home of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dennis Peone at Dan
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot und Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Republic will bold a   big celebration on July  l.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
the Granby company's smelter in
this city fur lhe past week amounted
to  37:2.000   pounds,    bringing  the
total shipped for the year to 8.710,
Mr. and Mrs. Kobert Harvey, whu|gQQ U()Un^g
sold their property on the eurner of
Third and Bridge streets Inst week
to Frnnk Haverty for J2000, will
leave next week for Sun Francisco,
where they will visit with relatives
for some time, and may decide to
make their pennant nt residelice in
that cily. Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey hnve
resided in this city tbe greater por
tion of the time during the past fifteen years, and their many friends
here hope that they will have an enjoyable vacation,
C. H Niles, manager uf the Can
udiau Bank of Commerce in this
city, returned home last Saturday
f om Sp ika< e, where he was con-
liied for four weeks in St. Luke's
hospital as a result of having
submitted to au operation for appendicitis and pleurisy. Ik* is now
rapidly regaining his former good
For Sale—Good milch cow.
ply C. V. Meggitt.
Marcu" is fifty years, nnd it has
just started lo grow.
For Sale, at a Hig Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
Stteet. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable nnd woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price,
terms and further particulars npply
on promises.    W. J. Meagher.
A.   S.   Hood, of  I'hoenix, wns a
visitor in the city ou Monday.
For sule or Iruile for live slock or
land—Une 7 room bouse, in lirsl-
ilnss condition, wilh ull modern improvements; less than one block
I mm new postollice, on upper Main
street.   Apply I. A. Coryell.,
National Policy
What is meant by "a full-fiedgnrl
national structure?" Surely Ihe
truly Inynl Conservative premier ol
British Columbia can not be con
tern plating thestniting of nnagitntioia
for Canadian independence unless
the people of Great Britain consent
to the placing of a tax upon Iheir
food. Surely no loyal Conservative
in Cniinda would make the price nf
Canada's remaining within the empire one of trade barter. Thnt i.
hardly the ideal which should in
spire the real imperialist; hut mr-
haps Mr. McBride, like others of his
ilk. is nn imperialist for revenue
only.—Ottawa Free Press
NOTICK is hereby given that the
first sitting of the Court of Revision for the purpose of bearing all complaints against the Assessment for the year 1912, us made by
the Assessor, for the City of Grand
Forks, ami the Grand Forks Munici
pal School District, will lie held In the
Counoil Chamber of the City Hall on
Monday, the 10th dav of June, 1-912,
at'.'o'clock P.M.
Notice nf any complaint must be
given lu the Assessor iu writing at
least ten days previous to the   sitting
of the Court,
Dated Grand Forks, B.C , 10th day
of May, 1013,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A icliftblr. French regulator)never tails. Tln-se
pills nre exceedingly powerful iti r ■ i.nl.ttini,' the
Kiiirr.iiiv.. |).irtl..n i>| tlte lemnle fVltsm. Refuse
nil Cheap Iwltal j..ih. Ur, lie Van'm nre _.<>lil nt
.'Ji ;i li'tv. or three f t Iln. Mailer) tn ntiv address.
Tho Seo lum Urn* Co., Bt. Crthftiinoe, Ont
Suits to Order &18 twas
". Wc are agents for some of tlie loading tailoring estali-
lislinii'iits in tho nist. W'hi.n ymi order from us you havo
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect (it. We guarantee satisfaction,
*, Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and Knglish Worsteds i.s 1 letter than over. They are thc best you can buy.
Wc guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at tho lowest [trices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. Wo want your trade, and wc can give
you satisfaction.  '
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Rev. Edward A. Wilson having been
restored to health by simple means, after suffering for several years with a
severe affection and that dread disease
CONSUMPTION, I am anxious in
his behalf to make known to his fellow
sufferers the means of his cure. To
any one who desires it I will send (free
of chaige) a full description of his
cure. You will find it a wonderful
lung and throat maladies. I hope all
suffers will try Mr. Wilson's remedy,
as it is invaluable. Those desiring the
description, which will cost them
nothing, and may prove a blessing,
will please address,Charles A. Abbott,
60 Ann Street, New York City.
Chapman 8 Walker,Ltd
MeM-l.Croaaaley Bros.. Mancheiler, Kliff.
Makers of Gnu Prailuei'i' Pliitils ami Oil
KtigineH for general power or elea-trieal
liclitiiif. purposes.
Messrs. Dick. Kerr & Co., Ltd., Preston,
1 iiirliiuat Equipment for Mines unit Con-
tractors Light Locomotives (aatcaani ami
electrical), ule.
Sterling Telephone To., portable sliot-
tiring niaiahirnasfor miners, contractors,
prospectors. The hest on the market.
Write for partii'iilais.
Motors, Uenerittos, Klcot'lcal  Supplies-
Kleaat'ienl Heating   anil Cooking  Apparu
tils, Storage Hatteries, etc.
Viaiir emiiiiileH will receive our   prompt
iltaelitioll.   Write for illforinaitloll.
Metal Quotations
New York, June 6.—Silver 61J;
standard copper, $15.75@16.2.5,
Loudon, June 6.—Silver, 28J;
lead, £16 10s.
Mining Stock Quotations
Spokane, June 6.—The follow
ing are today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned.
Bid. Asked
Granby Consolidated. 51.00 60.00
B. C.   Copper       4.75    5.50
(Published Annually)
Knatitar. trailers throughout the world to
communicate direct with English
In each class of (roods. Besides being a com*
plete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory coiitaius lists of
with the (ioods they ship, and the Colonial
ami KorrifJ.!. Market* they supply;
arranged under the Torts to whieh they sal),
and indicating the approximate Stilling!.;
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., In
the principal provincial towns uml lmlustrit.1
centre* of the United Kingdom.
A copy of tho current edition will be for-
vfinlei!. freight puld, on receipt of Postal
Order for 208.
heiilrrs Keeking Agencies out) advertise
tlieir trade cards ior £1, or litrger udverttse*
menit. from £3.
25, Abohuroh 1-a.ne, London,  E.C.
v PHONE    A 1*4
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.    Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attentionto phone orders
A. GALLOWAY, i£U W'■ *
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plant
in the Houndnry Country, employ com
potent workmen, nnd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
Letterheads and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
Lodge Constitutions nnd By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars and Placards,
Bills of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery.
Everything turned out in an s
Up-to-date Printery.
rznnn PRiiMTiNifi-ti,e VmA wk a"~is ■" *ts,)"
V1VVJ17 I MIA 1ILIVI an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stoek and workmanship are of the best. Let. us estimate on voiu ordor,
We guarantee satisfaction.
®tf? gum frmt Stfrnp
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton, Props.
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering  Neatly Done.
i-e. McCutcheon
Downey's Cigar Store
A compi.ktk Stock (if
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Frt'fih ('iniKito.mi't.t ol
Received Weekly,
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Kuziir Honing a Special y. '
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Dooii Nohtii op Uhanby Hotel,
Fiust Stbekt.
Trade Mark*
Copyrights Ae.
Anyone rending a sketch and deeortntinn mn*
quickly uncertain our opinion free whether at.
Invention \*iaro.lli.alypaUeiilaitale. _Caamrnuaila>i,.
tlon-iFlrlctlycniilUloiittul. HANDBOOK on Calculi
ecait tree. Olala-ut Money for ■ocunu.rpa.eiit..
Patents taken tbroueb Hunn _fc (ft. receive
ija. aa lai notice, without obante. In the
Scientific American.
A linndnomoly Illustrated weekly. Large* ctr-
dilation of any ncientlfto Journal. Terms for
Uu-min. H.75 a rear, poitate prepaid. Bold br
all newsdealer*.
Branch Office, tt V Bt* Washington, D. C.
Money in Economy
Cleaelfled Want Ada. are an
economical end effective method
of reaching the buying public.
Their email cfltt le not an o«-
poneo, but e>n Investment which
will return large dividend*.
We carry the most fash ion able stock
of wedding stationery in the Boun-
dary country. And we are the only
oflice in this section that have tlie
correct material for printing it. Th*
Sun job oflice.


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