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The Evening Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 31, 1912

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Eleventh Year~-No. 31
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday. {Wsvf 31, 1912.*
$1.00 Per Year in Advance.
Boundary Trust & Investment Company Will Erect
New Brick Block
The Boundary Trust & Investments company has called for tenders for the excavation of a basement and the construction of the
foundation for a brick block on the
corner of First and Bridge streets.
Work on the building will be started
as soon as possible. The new block
will be 90x57x30 feet,with a 90 foot
frontage on Bridge street. It will
be one storey in height, witb a 16-
foot ceiling. The foundation and
walls will be constructed in a substantial manner, so a» to permit of
more storeys being added to the
building when required.
on, A! B. Clarke, R. G. Dempster,!
A. L. Dempster, II. J. I). Dixon,
C. 0. Fricker. A. G. Gentles, C. H.
Gilchrist, H. H. Gougeon, A. E.
Hanley, J. Lipsey, A. E. Lowett,
J. A. Lynch, H. M. Lyster, H. H.
Kitchener, St. C. MeEvenue, 8. J.
Mattbewson, W. G. Mitchell, C. I.
Murray, A. A. Pitts, J. R. Tim-
mins, J. Thompson, and the following professors: Dr. J. A. Bancroft,
S. W. Werner, J. B. deHart, J. J.
Galloway,. J. A. Legris, and J. A.
Bell.    .
After inspecting the British Columbia Copper company's smelter
at Greenwood on Wednesday, the
party disbanded, some returning
east, wbile others will visit various
mining camps in the province.
Plans for New School
Alex Carrie, of Nelson, architect
of the new addition to the public
school building, was in the city on
Wednesday and had a conference
with the school trustees. He submitted plans for an addition to tbe
front nf tbe building, but the board
requested him to also draw plans
for an addition in the rear, as they
nre of tbe opinion tbat an extension
to tbe building at tbia point will
obviate fewer alterations to the
old structure.
Rifle Association Shoot
The Keltle River Valley Rille
association held a shoot on Empire
day. During tbe lirst two or three
events tlie light was very poor,
whicli accounts for the compar.i-
tiva-ly low score* made at lhe outset.
Toatanl tlm iMid, however, Ilie sorts
improved wilh the clearing of the
atmosphere. Tin* following records
were made liy the members:
Event (—200 yards, seven shots:
8. G. Kirk. 38) John Hay, 28; F.
Hutton, 26; R Luminal, 25; D. Mc
Rat*, '.'5; I. ..vans, '25.
Event II—500 yards, seven shots:
Leo Mader, 27; 8. G. Kirk, 26; R.
Lamond, 25; John Hay, 24; Neb
McCallum, 24.
Event III—600yards, seven shots:
John Hay, 25; I Evans, 24; Mr.
Royslon, 2:1; Neil McCallum, 22; W.
H. Dinsmore, 22; 8. G. Kirk, 22.
Event.IV—600 yards, ten shots:
R. Lamond, 34; D. McRae, 82; Leo
Mader, :I2; Neil McCalluin, 29; John
Hay, 27; I. Evans, 25.
Event V—200 yards, ten shots:
John Hay, li; Leo Mader, 41; N.
McCullum, 88; J). McRae, 3(i; F.
Hutton, 83; T. A. Mclntyre, .'12.
Event VI—200 yards, te;i shots:
11. Lamond, 47; John Hay, 42; Leo
Mader, 40; T. A. Mclntyre, 311; F.
Hutton, 87; D. McRae, 36.
McGill Students Visit City
A party consisting of twenty-live
students and six professors from
McGill university, traveling Jn
three special coaches, inspected
the mines and smelters in the Boundary district this week for educational purposas. The ptrty was in
charge of I>. J. Ilonsall Porter,
professor of mining, and Prof. J. W.
Bell, assistant professor of mining
at McGill, and included the following students; P. P. Bailey, F. W.
Baridon, W. E, Bull, A. E, Camer-
Students Visit Smelter
The senior class in mining engi
neering at the Washington State
college visited the mines and smel
ters in the Boundary district this
week, devoting Monday a'nd Tuesday to an inspection of the Granhy
smelter. The party was under the
direction of Professor F. A. Thomson, head of the department of mining engineering at the college, and
was composed of tlie following stu
dents: W. E. Mitchell, H. E. Doeble,
Geo. K Reeder, Gustavus Carlson,
Briggs Kenny and John F. l'reiss-
Competitive Shoot
A competitive shoot was held in
this city last week between teams
from tbe Grand Forks Gun club
und the Greenwood Gun club, the
home team winning by 27 points.
The follow ng scores were made:
F. W. Russell       43
\V. A. Williams  32
L. Skinner    4h
T. A. Mclntyre :  3
D. McRae ..'  43
A. L. White  3k
J nines McCreath   23
Cliff Russell  35
Mr. Frith  36
Mr. Logan  42
The Greenwood tenm  traveled ly
automobile conveyance.
Too Many Strings
This is leap year, lt is quite
proper for the girls to rail on their
best fellows. A young lAdy in tbis
city who has a vast number of
strings to her bow, mude a fatal
error the other evening. During the
afternoon she met one of her admirers, and before they parted she
had promised him that she would
call at bis borne that evening.
When night arrived she hail forgotten which of her beaux sbe hod
promised to call on. She wus in
a terrible plight, but dually decided
to throw her hat in the ring a making rough guess. As is often tho
case in such dilemmas, she called
on the wrong party. The other
young man sat in his front parlor
waiting for her until 12 o'clock. He
is now seriously considering tbe advisability of advertising for another
Ole Johnson has a good baseball
diamond and two tennis courts at
his Christina lake hotel
Aldermen's    Salaries   Increased in Order to Remunerate tbe Mayor
The only business of special importance at tbe meeting of tbe
city couneil lust Monday night was
the consideration of the aldermen's
salary bylaw in committee, and it
passed through this stage and also
received its third reading. On motion, the salaries of the aldermen
were raised from 1200 to $250, ii
being understood that each alderman is to refund 950 of this amount
as a salary for tbe mayor, who is
prevented from drawing direct r«-
meration by provincial laws. Aid.
Morrison explained that he intended to donate bis salary to the city,
to he placed in a fund to be used
for the establishment of a park. He
said there was a splendid park sileon
ihe south side south side of the river
opposite his ranch. If he carries
out his good intention, there will be
a deficit in the mayor's pultiry which
will bave to be made up in sunn
Tbe question of purchasing a
horse for the city team was also dis
cussed, but no action was taken.
for Hidden Creek, where tbey will
spend the summer superintending
the construction of the new smelter
at that point.
Rock Creek will celebrate Dominion day.
For Sale—Good milch cow.    Apply C. V, Meggitt.
The robins will soon start work
thinning the cherry crop.
Casey Jones Wijh Ollie Mack
Murray & Mack bave been sup
plying tbe demands of the stage for
that style of entertainment composed of good, cle in-cut comedy
anl.plenty of character ty pen tarried
alo <g on a wave of in 'lndy, for so
mug now thui the mere iiiiimuiice-
ment of O lie: Mack's reltirn here in
a new play is sullieient lo conjure
up a mental picture of pretty girls,
tuneful inusii', rollicking laughter
and an evening ut' fun, nil of which,
it is predicted, will lie realized by »
visit tu "Casey Junes" ut the operu
house ou Monday evening, June 3
J. S. Miller, of tbe Winnipeg, re
tnrned on Wednes lay from Vancouver, to which city he accompanied his wife last week. Mrs. Miller is now in the general hospital in
that city, having undergone a successful surgical operation. Her
c .ndition is reported to be satisfactory.
E. E. Gibson, of the West Koote
nay Power & Light company, returned on Wednesday from an automobile trip to Trail, Rosslnnd and
W. K. C. Manly returned this
week from a business trip to Spo-
k une.
There are over a million feet of
logs in the Danville Lumber & Milling company's boom.   •
Metal Quotations
Nkw Yoiik,  May 30.— Silver 61J;
standard      copper,     815.75^16.2,5,
Losdon,   May   30.—Silver,   28J;
lead, £16 10s.
W. Ai Williams, local manager of
Ihe Granby smeller, left today for
Hidden Creel;. He will return to
to tlle lily in alinut three weeks.
There is an epidemic of chicken
pox at Greenwood.
Scenes purporting to depict the
inking of the Titanic are now-being
shown at the moving picture
theaters. The people wbo eo to see
tbem evidently do not realize that
there were no snapshots taken of
tbe lamentable catastrophe.
The following is the maximum
and minimum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded hy the government thermometer on Cooper Bros.'ranch:
MAX.       MIN.
Friday  62 41
Saturday  63 43
Sinidty    65 53
Monday....    (17 42
Tuesday     70 46
Wednesday,  60 40
Thursday  71 39
Kniifail  during week, 0.47 inches
What Taft Meant
When Mr. Taft wrote that reciprocity would make Canada "an
adjunct of the United Slates," he
was biking, not about a political
ijuestion, but only about a trade or
business situation. And futhermore,
it would have been correct to say
that, with obstacles to commerce
north and south removed, we shoultl
have been equally "an adjunct ol
the Dominion."—New Yoik Sun.
A. B. Williams,  provincial game
warden, was in the city tbis week.
(ieo. Smith and Mr.  Trotler, nf
the  Oranby smelter, '"ft y,-l pi it*
What Crop Rotation Will Do
It is interesting to mite that the
land which produced Seuger Wheeler's $1000 bushel prize wheat at
Rosthem, Sask., last year was tare
fully cultivated and the yeurly manner of cropping the land was as follows:
First year—Breaking.
Second year—Oats, a heavy crop.
Third year—Potatoes, peas, turnips.
Fourth year—Canadian Thorpe 2-
rowed barley, yield 75 bushels an
Fifth year—Simmer fallow.
Sixth year—Wheat.
Seventh year—Wheat.
Eighth year—Outs, heavy erup.
Ninth year—Summer billow.
Tenth yeur—Preston wheat, GO
bushels an acre.
Eleventh yeur—Potutoes.
Twelfth year—Wheat, 40 nushels
an acre; also seed plot of Preston,
Seed plots and potatoes.
Thirteenth year—Summer fallow
Fourteenth year— Marquis wheat,
awarded 81000 prize at New York
Land show.
Dyspeptic Philosophy
The people who insist upon it that
there is a difference between forgetting and forgiving arc not long on
lt wonld be discouraging to have
•o many faults if it were not for the
excitement of concealing them or
denying them lo our friends.
Kvery time a good girl comes along
Ihe average uiau is either asleep or
Faith in a dishonest man is a
good thing out of place.
Some nl n« are a,,,' t,, •.!.(.,'-,• •';.
Britith Columbia Company
Will Resume Development
in That Camp
The Sun received formation from
Greenwood this evening to the effect
that the British Columbia Copper
coinpany will resume work next
week on Pete Santure's and Joe
Gelinas' mineral claims in Franklin camp. These properties are situate directly south of tbe Frankiln
townsite. When work was suspended last fall, owing to the difficulty
of getting supplies into the camp
during tbe winter season, the showing on tbe claims was better than
had previously been found on any
otber property in the camp.
Will Be Hanged for Murder
At the Vernon assizes last week
Waller Polke was sentenced to be
hanged on the 9lh of August for the
murder of G. H. Ashtou.
Small Fruit at Fife
Angelo Sehulli, at his ranch neur
Fife, planted 2700 strawberry plants
this spring. He has also a small
orchard of apple, cherry and plum
Practical .Beekeeping
L. Harris, of Vernon, provincial
inspector of apiaties, airived in the
city on Wednesday. Tonight Mr.
Harris will deliver a lecture in the
city hall on "Practical Beekeeping."
Tomorrow a practical demonstration
is to be lield at the ranch of C. C.
Heuven. Everybody is invited to
attend these meetings.
Copper Shipments
Shipments of blister copper from
ihe Granby company's smeller in
this city forthe past week amounted
to D28,0C0 pounds, bringing the
total shipped for the yeur to 8,388,
500 pounds.
King's Birthday
Next Monday will be the king's
birthday, which is a statutory holiday, and the general delivery wicket
at tbe poslollice will only he open
from 3 to 4 o'clock in the nfter-
noon. The schools und bunks will
also take a vocation.
li. R. Gilpin, customs ollicer at this
port, makes the following detailed ru
DPI t nf the customs receipts at the
various sub custom* ollices, us reported to the chief utlice in this city,
for the month nf Mil):
Grund Forks  I4,0q0.08
Phoenix      1,306.11.")
Carson        136,79
Caicudo  i,o. Hli
Totul »6,498.63
Mining Stock Quotations
SronANB, Muy 30.—The follow
ing nre today's opening quotations for
the stocks mentioned:
Hid. Asked
Oranby Consolidated. 61.00 80.00
II. C.   Copper       4.7J     .0.50
A Kootenay exchange it mink.:
"Judge hears cases with ribs
broken." The cases prnhnhlv «i.«.
i..t, ,.i   ai...   ;  .. ...... , ,. THF. SUN. GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
World-wide   Hobby   That   li   to   be
Probably collections of postage
Mumps were begun simultaneously
with the issue of the flrst stamps,
whicli took place at London ln May,
1840—a circumstance that favors thia
view being that, in 1842, Punch ridiculed collectors. It was almost twenty years Inter, however, that stamp
collecting began to be systematically
carried on, and the recorded history
ot the Bcience or art or pastime, which
ever one may choose to call it, appears to date from 1802. The first
English aud American catalogues
were published In lhat yenr, so was
the firs', attempt nt a stamp album,
untl the periodical literature of the
hobby started In England during the
same twelvemonth, it was not until
1896 that the great club of collectors,
the Philatelic Society of London, was
organized, und, though several local
associations precluded our own national body, the American Philatelic Society/ delayed to be born until seventeen yeara after tnat. Now the
nations are filled with municipal or
general associations. At the last British philatelic congress more than
forty were represented, and the number of them In the wontl at large, ls
said to exceed 400.
During the fifty years, armies of
collectors have assembled, to be marshalled merrily by bands of dealers,
always In the direction of advancing
prices. It would safe to say that for
certain Mauritius stamps there is a
standing offer of $10,000 apiece, and
lt is believed that the world's greatest
collection cost its owner, a French
nobleman, more than a million dollars. Such Incidental details of finance prompts one to think respectfully of the avocation to which they
nro related, and one's respect would
surely Increase if, in May of this
jubilee year, he should visit the British philatelic congress, or if in August
he bhould go to Springfield to attend
the antial meeting of our American association. Neither children nor crazy
folk will be found lu these gatherings, which will be conspicuously
composed of level-headed citizens,
most of them possessed of substantial bank account. That, ot course,
tloes uot argue that young people
should not be encouraged to take up
slftinp collecting, but rather that they
sbould be. It is no more expensive
than any other hobby, it offers possibilities of great profit, and Incidentally It Insures thc reward of a wide*
and more accurate knowledge of geography ur.d history than was ever
gained by any lad from the usual
perfunctory dealings with text books.
~-Tlic Boston Transcript.
The Surfeit of the Wealthy.
What a man spends on himself he
should have earned by services to the
race. At the present day, we of the
easier classes, are in a state of surfeit and disgrace after meat. Plethora has filled us with indifference;
and we are covered from head to foot
with the callosltes of habitual opulence. Born Into what is called a certain rank, wa live, as the saying is,
up to our station.
Wo squander without enjoyment,
because our fathers squandered. We
eat of the best, not from delicacy, but
from brazen habit. We do not keenly enjoy or eaigerly desire 'the presence of a luxury; we aro unaccustomed to Its absence. And not only
do we squander money from habit,
but still more pitifully waste it In
1 can think of no more melancholy
disgrace for a creature who professes
either reason or pleasure for his
guide, than lo spend the smallest
fraction nf his income upon that
which he does not desire; and to keep
a carriage in which you do not wish
to drive, or a butler of whom you
are afraid, ie a pathetic kind of folly.
Money, being a means of happiness,
should niako both parties happy
when it changes hands; rightly disposed, it should be twice blessed In
its employment; and buyer and seller
should alike have their twenty shillings worth of profit out of every
pound, Benjamin Franklin went
through life an altered man, because
he once paid too dearly for a penny
My concern, springs usually from a
deeper source, to wit, from having
bought a whistle when I did not want
one. 1 find I regret this, or would
regret It if I gave myself- the time,
not only on personal but on moral and
pbllanthropical considerations.
For, first, in a world where money
is wanted to buy hooks for eager
students and food and medicine for
pining children, and where a large
majority are starved in their most
immediate desires, lt Is surely base,
stupid, and cruel to squander money
when I am pushed by no appetite and
enjoy no return of genuine satisfaction.
My philanthropy is wide enough in
scope to include myself; and when
I have made myself happy. I have at
least one good argument that I have
acted rightly; but where that Is not
so, and I have bought and not enjoyed, my mouth Is closed, and I conceive that 1 have robbed the poor.—
It. ti. Stevenson.
Scottish Copper Discovery
What is confidently believed to be
s payable copper deposit has been
discovered at Killilnan,, in Argyllshire, uear the shores of Loch Fyne.
For some weekB past a company has
been energetically prosecuting prospecting operations, and as a result
a lode at least 6 feet thick has been
proved for a considerable distance
north and south of the point at which
it was found. The copper Is found
iq the form of carbonate and sulphide In a limestone formation.
Mining operations are to be initiated
on a considerable scale without de
"Do you ever lie to j'our wife?"
"Ves; but it's no use.   She goes me
one better every time'"
"She says sho believes me!"
The Best Treatment'
(or Itching Scalps
and Falling Hair
To alky itchlnf and Irritation ol tho italp,
trevent dry, thia and lulling hair, remove
crusts. Kites tnd dandruff, tnd promote the
crown, snd beauty ot the hair, the following
apwlal treatment ia most effectlva, agr ecalilo
and economical. On retiring, comb tlie bair
out,traight all around, then bestn at tlie side
and nuke a parting, gently nibblni Cuticura
ointment Into tbe parting with a bit of soft
mnul held over the end of tbe Hager. Anoint
Additional parting*! about ball an Inch apart
until tbe whole scalp has heen treated, the purpose being to get tbe Cuticura ointment on Ilie
Mtlp sklu rather than on the bair. II b wdl
to place a litlit covering over the bair to
protect the pillow from possible stain. Tho
next *r.mU, tlttr.?***. t:!..i niMetira toip
tind hot waler. B!\.r_-.poGs alamo day be
lined as often as agreeable, but once or
twice a month ts generally iufl.rle.it for
thia special treatment for women's Imlr. Not-
withstanding Cuticura soap, and ointment aro
•old everywhere, those wishing to try this
treatment may do so without expense by
•ending to "Cuticura." Dept. 4M, Boston, V,
H, A., for a free sample of Cuticura soap and
. ointment, with 32-p. book on skin aad hair.
The Kaiser's Character.
There is much that one cannot help
liking In tho character ot Wilhelm II.,
and It Is those who know him best
appreciate him. Imperious and autocratic to a degree he undoubtedly
Is, and he has a will of Iron that hates to be diverted from Its purpose.
He is also extremely hasty In his
judgements as mucb as in his actions.
No one Is more quick to realize his
failures, however, tban he is himself, and he has been known after a
heated outburst to go to the Minister
or official who provoked his wrath
almost Immediately afterward and
offer his apologies, and agree that a
different course from what he had
at first demanded would possibly
be the wisest. An apt case ln point
Is the famous telegram that his Majesty sent tu the late President Paul
Kruger upon hia defeat of the raiders
under Dr. Jameson. It Is asserted by
those who were about the German
and British courts at that time that
the Emperor was beard within a day
or two, and when he had had time
to consider fully the possible seriousness ot the action frequently to express regret that he bad ever allowed
himself to put pen to paper on the
subject, and _c is stated that the Emperor at once wrote very fully to
Queen Victoria en tbe matter, reiterating his regrets and explaining the
circumstances that led up to the despatch of the wire.—The Strand.
Hie "Great Speech."
A lawyer whose eloquence was of
tho "spread eagle" sort waB addressing a jury at great length when his
legal opponent, growing weary, went
outside to rest.
"Old Ironsides' is making a great
speech," said some ono to Iho bored
" 'Old Ironsides' always makes a
great speech," said the otlier. "If you
or I had occasion lo announce that
two and two make four, we'd be just
fools enough to blurt lt right out.
Not so 'Old Ironsides.' Ho would
" 'If by that particular arithmetical
rule known as addition wo desired to
arrive at the sum of two Integers added to two Integers we should find,
and I assert this boldly, dr, and without fear of successful contradiction,
we, I repeat, should find by tho particular arithmetical formula before
mentioned—and, sir, I hold myself
perfectly responsible for the assertion that I am about to make—that
the sum of two given Integers added
to the two otber Integers would be
Maypole Soap
one operation, living remarkably
clean, bright, fait
colors. Dyei cotton,
wool, tiik ot mixture!. 24 colon,
will give any shade.
Colon 10c, black
15c at your dealer 'i
orpoitp'd withb'k-
let "How to Dyt 	
f<°"   F.JL BENEDICT & CO. Montreal
Sheathing Paper
—a high-grade paper, odorless,
tasteless, free from tar,
waterproof, exceptionally strong
—will not tear. A durable
and effective interlining for
walls, floors- and ceilings'.
Examine DURO carefully at
your dealer's, or write for sample
and Booklet to the ss
Sol. Caaadian Manufacturer.
ol Cauda, Mallei,
MMtreal. Wltmlpcf, diary. Vancmver.
Winnipeg,' as many of our readers
are aware, Is making progress in every direction, but in all Its progress
lt is not forgetting the' poor, abused
or sick children In its midst or in
Western Canada. . It has many Bplen"
did Institutions for the care and protection of such children, but cf all
its enterprises in tbls direction, none
is more deserving than tbe Children's
Hospital, which a band of philanthropic ladles started but a few short
years ago and which has grown to
sueh an extent that a large and commodious hospital building has. been
erected In the north end of the city.
This building Is rapidly nearing completion and already is housing a larger number of sick children than
have been treated at one time in the
history ot the Institution.
Tbe new hospital ts constructed upon entirely modern and scientific
lines In nil departments, snd will undoubtedly shine as thc greatest ckll-
dren'e hospital ot tho Dominion whon
It is completed and in full operatlou.
Now that it Is ready for the tiny
patients, Miss Ramsey, the able Superintendent, Is desirous of enrolling
a limited number of Canadian girls
as probationers. As this is a very
exceptional opportunity for any young
woman who contemplates taking up
the profession of nurslug, those who
are thinking ot it should communicate
at once witb Miss Ramsey, The
course is three years, during the first
year tl per month is paid the probationer, the second year t)8 and the
last year }9. All necessary books nre
supplied hy tho hospital. Affiliation
with the hospitals ln general, contagious and maternity nursing is also
one of thc features. A post graduate course of six months or more
may be added.
: Aa no better opportunity could bc
open to young women taking up the
honored and honorable profession of
nursing, those who wish to learn further details should communicate with
Miss Ramsey at once, care of Children's Hospital, Winnipeg.
Telegraphers and Station Agents
wanted for new railways. Wages (50
to 175 per month to start. We specialize lu ibis work, bavins railway
telegraph wires and regular station
books for practical use. Freo Book
19 explains work and wages. Da.
and Mall Courses. Dominion School
Telegraphy, Toronto.
VV. N. U. No. 894.
The consumption of borse flesh in
Paris appears to bave increased rap-
Idly from 1897 to 1907, wben It reached the maximum; since then it bas
slowly decreased. From 1897 to 1900
the average annual consumption was
6,613,000 kilogrammes, from 1900 to
1906 lt was 10,743,000 kilogrammes,
in 1007 It amounted to 14, 898,000 Jillo-
grammes, in 1908 to 14,496,000 kilogrammes, in 1909 to 14,184,000 kilogrammes and In 1910 It tvaa 13,704,-
uou kilogrammes, equal to 13,496 tons.
Summ.r Sei *r.c.
Montreal - Qu.bM • Liverpool.
Empreu of Britain .. Friday, May   3
Lake Chainplaln .... '-Thuja., Ma*   »
Empress of Inland .. Friday, May 17
Lake Manitoba  fhura.. May si
Empress of Britain .. iTIday, May JI
and weekly thereafter.
Empreaaea: WM Saloon, $33.76 Second. »r.5i) Third CIiish.
Other Ships:    »G0.W Second,    till.:;
1 bird.
Reservations and details from any
Railway Ajot « write
J. 8. CARTER, Oenl. Aflt.
tl» Ported. Av... Winnipeg.
I.aiok better, lit better, wear
longer and give hotter satiate",
tion than other makes. They
nr. the result of M years' accumulated knowledge and ex-
Berlence In building High Grade
boea. Stocked by leading
dealers everywhere In Canada.
The JOHN Mcpherson co.,
Limited, Hamilton, Ont.
"What did that very polite man say
when you called him a member of the
Ananias Club? Did he exclaim.
'You're another'*;"
"No, indeed. lie smiled and said,
'Welcome fellow-member!'"
Mlnard'e Liniment Cure* Burns, Etc.
"Your husband says he leads a
dog's life," said ono woman.
"Yea, It's very similar," answered
the other. "He comqs in with muddy
feet, makes himself comfortable by
the lire and waits to be fed."
Among the voluntary helpers ln the
work of compiling the Oxford English dictionary, the most learned authority on words and phrases ot the
Elizabethan period, according to Dr.
II. A. Mlers, principal of London Unl-
versltv, was a railway clerk..
Over twelve million square miles
are embraced by thc British Empire.'
qalckly atop, caadhe. care, colda, heal.
lit throat aal halt     -     •      lis ceata.
Tommy—Pop. what Is the difference betwecr an epithet and an epitaph!
Tommy's Pop—One Is applied to a
man before he is dead, and the other
afterwnrdB.—Philadelphia Record..
Why suffer from corns when they
can be painlessly rooted out by using
Ilolloway's Corn Cure.
Au attachment for a tolepbone receiver by which another person can
hear wbat is being said over a wire—
a stenographer, for instance, who Is
to take both sides ot a conversation—
bas been Invented.
The Worid Knows
the best preventive and corrective of disorders of the
digestive organs is the gentle,
harmless, vegetable, always
effective family remedy
Md mrrwlMra,    •     •    latme, Ua.
Maa*. \Vi»aLOW'n 8O0TIIINO Bvarr ba. beefl
:..___  _____    by MILLIONS ol
MOT11HKS for   their  CHILDREN   wmi.n
seedI lor over SIXTY VHARS_l>y.MILLIONS c
ia tlie turn remedy for IMARRHOiA. It ia at)
itolutelv barmleaa. a, sure and aak tor "Mra.
Wiaalow'a ttoothlae Syrup." aad lain aoetket
Had. Twenti-ftnceaUaMUt.
The trouble with marriage in these
effete days is that many men are looking for a playmate, and so many
women for a aoulmate; nobody seems
to want a helpmate any more.
The true, strong, and sound mind
Is thc mind that can embrace equally
great things and small.
Send for free sample to Dept. N.P.,Na.
tlonal Drug ft Chemical Co.. Toronto.
The Nervous
Far Greater Sufferer Than Man With
Broken Leg.
Both Mind and Body Are Restored by
the Uae ef
There ls no suffering so keen as
that whicli arises from disease of
the brain and nerves.
Physical pain is Intermittent and
can be relieved, but when the nerve
cells become feeble and wasted mind
as well as body Is affected, and all
Is blackness aud discouragement to
tho sufferer.
Tho brain is starvod for lack ot
rich blood, and there are headaches,
nnd neuralgic pains, sleeplessness,
irritability. Indigestion and loss of energy and vigor arc-among the symptoms.
The man with a broken leg hae Ihe
sympathy of all who know him, but
tbe man wbo is broken in mind as
well as body by nervous exhaustion fs
told tbat be only thinks he Is sick.
Since the cause Is In the condition
ot the nervous system, it can be removed by the use ot Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food.whlcb goes directly to the
formation of rich blood and the restoration of the feeble, wasted nerve
Rest, seek cheerful companions,
live In the sunshine and by using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food 111 tbe nervous
system with new vigor and energy.
A tew weeks of this trcament will do
wonders for any sufferer from an exhausted condition of Ihe nerves.
Dr. ChaseTi Nerve Food, BOc a box.
8 for $2.50, at all dealcre or Edman-
son. Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto.
A f/o Safe Investment
7 per cent, guaranteed and a «har.
In further mollis.
Tho obov. security la the best la-
duatrtal ever offered In Canada.   .
Wrlto at or.co for particulars.
National Securities Corporation, Ltd,
Confederation l.lfo Tlldg.        Toronto.
The Ailington Co. nl Canada, I id.
*..   I   .alt;  A.f . Toiur.lo.  O'.Ma. *
WeU, WeU!
^nrramir kinds
->       Ol'
= .lth «w SAME Dy*.
I used
OLKAN and SIMPLE to Ua*.
HO chiaca rlnataatha WRONG Ore <M«M<nMdl _
Tka l.,x,nx Slr.iH.iea Co, 'iwMmh UeMuaCI
——******* fc-J        !■      ' * (J.
Read How Useful It Proved In These
Widely Different Cases
.Sam-Bilk's strongest point ls Its effectiveness ir. all kinds ot skin diseases and injuries. Just note how excellent these persons proved it in
widely different directions.
Sore Heel.—Mrs C. A. Campbell, of
Powasean, -Ont., writes*. "One of my
heels was very badly blistered by a
pair of new shoes, and the poisonous
dye from my. stocking got Into tt, and
made a bad sore. For a week I could
oot put on a shoe, and suffered great
pain. I applied Zam-Buk, and ln a
tew days it drew the poison out and
healed tho wound."
Bad Cut.—Mrs. J. Virgin!, ot Onondaga; Ont., writes*. "Zam-Buk healed
a bad cut which I sustained. I was
hurrying across my yard one day
when I clipped and fell heavily, my
knee striking a sharp stone. At the
moment I did not realize how badly
I was hart, but I found I had a bad
tut about two inches long, very jagged' and very deep. We bathed the
tut and applied Zam-Buk. This stopped' the smarting very quickly, and
In a few days it had healed the wound
completely. For cuts and brulBes
Zam-Buk la a splendid remedy."
Eczema Cured.—Mrs. Antoine Ar-
senau'.t of Maxlamville, l'.E.I., writes:
"I cah highly recommend Zam-Buk to
any person suffering from eczema. I
hatl this disease and was under doctors' treatment for two years, without any good result. I ■ then tried
Zam-Buk and in the end it cured me."
Zam-Buk ts just as good for piles,
blood-poison, festering sores, pimples,'
eruptions, cuts, burns, bruises, and
all skin injuries and diseases. 60c.
box all druggists and stores, or ptst
free for price from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto. Try Zam-Buk Soap, 25c.
A  Plea  Rejected.
"I made a mistake said   Plodding
Pete.   "I told that man up -the road
I needed a little help 'cause I was
lookin' fur me family, from wbom I
had been separated fnr years"
Dldu't that make him come across?"
"He couldn't sec lt.   He said that
he didn't know my family,   but   ho
wasn't goln' to .help in bringing auy
such trouble  on    em."—Washington
Mixed Morals.
Logan M. Biillit, discussing grafting
in Philadelphia said the other day:
"These people have a mixed moral
sense, They remind ine of a little
SVIssahlckon girl.
'"Oh., mamma,' she said, you'll
have to discharge the new governess. -She's awfully wicked!"
. '"She tells us,' said the little girl,
'Bible- stories oa week days.'"—
Washington Star
Tho Ingredients of Magic Baking
Powder are plainly printed on each
package. The makers of the numerous Mum baking powders never do
this, but they have been known to
print the words "No Alum" on their
labels.. This ls no guarantee—lt is
fraud. See tbat atl Ingredients are
stated.        ' 1 ' ■--
That Impudent Question.
Just as Rivers was about to sit
down to dinner tbere came a ring at
his telephone.
"Well?" he said, placing the receiver to his ear.
"Who is this?" demanded a high-
pitched, Impatient voice.
"This," pleasantly answered Riven, '4s Don Hlppollto Lopez Pom
poso Antoula Ricardo Dolorosa Is
that all you wish to know? Uowl-liye."
Hanging up the receiver, hn sat
down and ate his dinner, happily unaware that a highly indignant perso,.
at the other end of the wire wa-.
storming at central for giving him the
wrong uumbcr.
Ne Rett With Asthma. Asthma
usually attacks at night, the one time
whon rest ls needed most. Hence the
loss of strength, the nervous debility,
tho loss ot HeBh snd otber evils which
must bo expected unless relief is secured Fortunately relief ls possible.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy
has proved Its merit through years
ot service. A trial will surely convince you.
The  Real Thing.
A great painter was aslied by his
llttlo son:—
"Father whnt is n connoisseur?"'
"Well, my son," the rather answered, "did you notice that tali, white-
haired gentleman at my studio tea
The one with the sable-lined overcoat, father?   Oh, yus, I noticed him."
"Well, my son, he Is a connoisseur."
"But how tlo you know be is a connoisseur, father?"
"By his actions, my son."
"But, father, he uctt'tl like every
ono else at tho tea, didn't lie?"
Certainly not, my boy! Certainly
noti The others drank my Russian
Ua, ate my role-gins sandwiches and
took leave. But he—he bought a
He Suffered Tortures and the Doctor
Palled to Give 'Relief But Three
Boxes Cured Him.
Rain »ater.
Rain water Is not always pure or
nearly so, for under unusual conditions It brings down with It various
small bodies present in the atmosphere. Thus there are "blood vain,"
due lo the presence of vast numbers
of the minute organism Haemato-
coccus, and "sulphur rain," contain
ing pollen grains ot pines when these
sre set free about the cud of May.
During recent gales lt was found
that rain falling in the midlands consisted of strong brine, leaving a salt
ncrnstation on windows and wall1
after evaporation. Apparently tne
sea Bpray had been carried by tbe
high wind as far as seventy miles
Inland beforo coming down as rain.—
University Correspondent.
Tour druggist will refund money lf PAZO
OINTMENT falls to cur. any case ot
Itching.    Blind.    Bleeding or Protruding
riles Tn 0 to 11 daye.   toe.
Sav. dtu t may not appeal to the
palate as a digestible or appetizing
substitute for flour, In the making of
bread, but all the same there ls a
large bakery in Berlin turning out
twenty thousand loaves of sawdust
bread dally. The Bawd ust la first subjected to a process of fermentation
and various chemical manipulations.
Finally I. Is mixed with one-third part
ot i7e flour, formed Into loaves, and
baked in ovens like any other bread.
Although this new "pain do bois," as
the French call lt, ls meant for consumption by horses only, claim Is
mado by (he manufacturers that in
case of lamlne it would furnish a nutritious and highly satisfactory food
for human beings.
The Old Folks
find advancing years bring an increasing tendency
to constipation.   The corrective they need is
"NA-DRU-CO" Laxatives
Entirely different from common laxatives. Pleasant to take, mild and painless.
A tablet (or less) at bed-time regulates the bowels perfectly, lncreaslr^
doses never needed. Compounded, like all lhe 125 NA-DRU-CO preparations, by expert chemists. Money back If not satisfactory.
25c. a box.   tf your druggist has not yet stocked them,
send 25c. and we will mall them.
paraiions, D)
OeafAess Cannot ce Cured
fey Meal Lppiiratiaana. aa Ihey cannot rcarh ttie dn-
eucd pnnkn ut tba car. Tfcarra b only oae wx, te
eon atefart* and that t* bv runauuitioiiil retneSIM.
Dcatoeu tt ntwetl by an Infernal condition ot Um
■uaaua Union ol the Eustachian Tube. When tbla
lube la ln(UM»l yuu have a nutbllnr antwd or ba-
.MM Manas, and .hen It la entirety cUM. Dulse* tt Uto mult, and imIcm the lafeumathmcan ba
' tatea «■< and thk tube mtaeri to Ha roraal Motion, baerlof win ba da-itruycd turtver: nine taaaea
out of tea are cauud by Catarrh, wbieli ta aolhtte
but an hflameal cuodlttoa of tha raua-oiw lurlacra,.
We wlU IM Ooo Huddled .Milan lor any cue ol
Dtatnaar (caveat by catatrlil that cannot be cured
br IIUI1 Catarrh Cur..  Hend lol clrculm. tm.
r. i. ouicnkv 4 tx>.. uicdo. a
Bo'.d by hnimstn, tie,
'take UaU'e Family Pills tor coullpattto.
In the middle of the lGtb century
a professor of theology In g'tassburg
Insisted upon having Individual! communion eupH, und during the plague*
in 15C1 his demand was enforced.
Mlnards  Liniment fo-sale everywhere
Boap exports frnm Great Britain
routlmtp lo grow, reaching almost
110,000,000 last year. Although Americana have been tbe best customing
of Knglish toilet soap, sales In the
United States have been declining,
hence what ls probably the largest
concern Is about lo establish a factory there.
v   PILL5
W. N. U. Ne. IM.
Rutter Station, Out., (Special).—
"I got perfect results from Dodd's
Kidney Pills." So says Mr. 8am Mal-
lette of this placo And he has a
"My sickness started from a
strain," Air. Mellette continues, "and
for n year I did not know a well day.
My Bleep was broken and unrefresh-
big, my appetite was fitful and my
limbs would swell.
"Then rheumatism set In and neuralgia, backache, headache and heart
trouble added to my tortures.. I was
attended hy a doctor but he did me
no lasting good.
"Finally, when Bright's Disease had
me ln Its grasp, I decided to try
Dodd'a Kidney Pills, and after taking
threo boxes, I was as well as ever I
was In my life. I have had no pain
sinco ahd advise all my friends who
suffer from kidney disease to take
Dodd's Kidney Pills and be cured."
Mr. Mellette's case shows what neglected kidney disease will result in
and what spbnd'd results Dodd's Kidney Pills give.    -
He Wouldn't Spoil Business
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, nl. a dinner
in Washington, discussed tliose experts who would urge the brewers of
America to make beer out of cabbage leaves
"The cabbage leavo beer advocate,''
tald Dr. Wily, "cares nothing, It Is
evident, for the welfare of tho human
stomach. His attitude ls exactly tha*.
nt a mnu In .black : saw the otlier day
. "As this mau in black was walking
along one. of our streets, a beggai
whined pitcously In his ear: —
•"'Would you give a poor feller a
dime to save his life boss?"
'Certainly' not!" the man In black
replied. Certainly, not! I'm an undertaker, sir."—Detroit Free Press.
Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial Is compounded specially to combat dysentery, cholera morbus and all
Inflammatory disorders that change
of food or water muy set up ln the
stomach and Intestines. These complaints are mora common In summer
than ln whiter, but they nre not confined to the warm months, as undue
laxnoss of the bowels may aelio a
man nt any time. Such a sufferer
will find speedy relief iu this Cordial.
The Metorman'e Sally.
A Washington si root car wns got-
ting under way when two women,
mailing front opposite Hides of tho cat
to greet each otli'r, met right in th •
middle of the car track and in front
of tho car. Thero the two slopped
and began to tnlk. Thc car stopped.
too, but the women did not appear to
realise it waa there. Certain of tho
passengers, whose heads were ini*
medially thrust out of tbe windows
to ascertain what the trouble was,
began to make sarcastic remarks, but
tbo two women heeded them not.
Finally the motorman showed that
ho had a saving sense of humor.
Leaning over tbe dash board, ho Inquired ln the gentlest ot tones: —
"Pardon me, ladles, but shall I get
you a couple of chairs?"—Llpplncott's
- -      a \
The Tramp—My pal says ns 'ow
you're just give 'Im sixpence fer
'avln' one leg.
The Old Lady-Yes, I did.
The Tramp—Well, than, gl' me a
shllltn' cos I've got two.—Sketch.'
It will be news to most persons that
the French navy has no chaplains
afloat, although a moment's consideration would bring to remembrance the
fact of the completo divorce between
Church and State in France. The
subject it' brought prominently into
notice by a petition signed by a
great number ot the mothers or widows ot the sailors who wero victims of tbe accident on the Ololre or
the Liberie. The petitioners aro to
be found in the Midi, Brittany, Var
and Ftnlsterre, and they pray the
Senate for the reappointment ot chaplains on warships..—London Globe.
Orange Lily la dally curing the
moat obstinate case, ot Female Disorders. Falling ot the Womb, I.eu-
.wrhoea, Painful and Suppressed
Menstruation, etc.. etc., are all or
them relieved from tho start by ite
uae, and a few weeks' or montha*
treatment accomplishes a complete
cure. This remedy ls a positive,
k. ieni 111.: preparation, and U taaaeii
on tho discoveries of Pasteur ana
Lister. It 1» en applied treatment;
tlmt Is, It le not taken Internally,
but Is applied direct to th. suffering
parts, and It, therefore, acta with
ull the certainty of th. known law.
direct contact Kith the dlaeaeed tisane, lis antiseptic and nerve-food nropertlea
cannot help havo a beneltcent inauence. I reoelve from 1» to M letters daily
•peaking of the benefits and curen It la performing, and bo sure ttm I that It will
do what Is claimed for It tliat 1 will send, absolutely free, a 35c box to every suffering woman who will write for It. Price. Jt per box. which Is autdclent for on.
■oatls' treatment.   Address, MRS. FRANCES t. CURRAH, WINDSOR.' ONT.    S
Pink Eye, Eplzootlo
Shipping Fever
& Catarrhal Fever
bure cure and positive preventive, nu matter how horse*
at tiny age are lhi'ectfd or "exposed." IiWuicl. given on thn
tongue: acts on the Blood and Claud*, expels the poisonous
germ* from lhe body. Cures Distemper in Dogs and Bheep
and Cholera in Poultry. Largest selling live stoek remedy.
Cures La Grippe rmong human beings and is a Une Kidney
remcdi*.   50c und JI a bottle; $ft and $11 a dozen.   Cut this
Keep It.    Show to your druggist, who will get lt for
Free Booklet, "Distemper, Causes and Cures."
•i Chemists and Bacteriologists, GOSHEN,     IND.. U.S.A.
BnbyV little UU are many
and need cloie attention.
Worms are among the most
common of theae ailments—
there being scarcely a child
who la not afflicted by them at
some time brother;' These,
though, can be readily banished by the frequent use of Baby's
Own Tablets—the only remedy
mid under tho guarantee of n
government analyst to contain
no opiate or other harmful drug.
Concerning them Mrs. Jos. Dai-
glc, Ste. Perpetue, Que., writes:
—"My baby was troubled with
worms; he was nervous and
had no appetite. I gave him
Baby's Own Tablets and he was
soon well again." The Tablets
are sold by medicine dealers or
by mall at 25 cents a box from
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Every Eddy Match ii a Sure, Safe Light
WHEN you strike an Eddy Match It alwaya lights easily
and  burns  smoothly, with a steady even flams.
THESE perfect matches come from first olass materials
ttti mechanically perfect machines—under tha supervision of (killed workman.
EDDY'S Matches ara always full M.M. count—for sals by
•II good dealers everywhere.
Makers also of Wooden
Palls, Tubs, etc.
Durbsr Rupee to be Called in
j   Indian gossip has It that the new
rupee, which was issued at the time
jof the Durbar, Is to be withdrawn
jfroiu circulation. Th' engraver a'.-
■tempted to reproduce tbe details or
;n heraldic collar—that of the order
I of the Indian Empire—which the
jiving ls wearing, aud has succeded In
a making  the   Utile   elephants    whicli
hang from it look exactly like pigs.
'This, of course, Ib n horrible Idea to
'native minds, and so the issue will
probably be called In,
Whin Your Eyes Nnd Cm
Trr Murine Eye Remedy. No Smart lojr—Feeta
Fine—Act* quickly. Try it for Ht-i, \\>m«,
Watery Kyps and ftraunlatrd Kyeliils. UU*
tmted Book lu raeh Package. Murine ia
cowpuonded by our OfiiHiU-no. a "Patent Med.
iclae"— but u«d In muvnutul Physiol an V Praa»
lice fnr Liany yean. Now dndlcatacd lo the Pufc-
.w-anil k»id br Uroirfit» at Ifriod Wooer Botil*
Murine Kye Salvo in Asoplle Tubefe'Ve and Me.
Murine Ey« Rftmtdy Co., Chicago
In one year RC,707,00ft telegrams
were dispatched In tbe United Kingdom.
Old Sores, Lump!
removed and heal*
Hoa.it Treat Mat
No pain.    Describe the trouble, we will send
book and testimonial! Tree.
10 CharcUll Ave, Tereale.
Sidn Here—s.
year Nam.
your PostOffice t/our Samite,
WRITE your name and address In the lines above, flip
out this ad, and mail It now.    We will send, by
return null, it book that tells how to make yours a
"Twentieth Century" farm.
Ton wouldn't bo satlifled to tisa> a scythe to cut your grain,
When a modern harvester can do It so much better, would you?
Nor to use the old soft-Iron plough-share that your ancestors
walked boblnd, when you can get nn up-to-date riding pluin.li?
Every Canadian farmer reallsea the advantages of Twentieth
Century Implements.
The .next stop Is
The 20th Century Material-Concrete
Concrete Is aa fur ahead of brick, stone,  or wood as the
harvester Is ahead of the scythe or the riding-plough la ahead
of tho old Iron plough-ahare.
Concrete Is easily mined, and easily placed. Tt resists hest snd
cold as no other material can; hence la beat for ice-houses, root-
cellan, bsrns. silos and homes.   It never needs repair: therefore
it makes tht best walks, fence-posts, culverts, draln-tllea, survey
monuments, brldgos and culverts.   It cannot burn; you can clean
a concrete poultry-house hy Ailing It with straw and setting tlie
etraw afire.   The lice, ticks and all germs will be burned, '*"
the houae la uninjured.
It U cheap—sand and (ravel can be taken from your own
farm.   Cement, the only material you muat buy, forms'from
ona-sevsnth to one-tenth of th* wholo volume.
•Do you want to know mora about Concrete on th* Farm?
Then write your name and address In th* lines above, or on a
postcard, mall It to ua, and you will receive by return mall a
copy of
"What the Fanner Can Do With Concrete"
Not a catalogue, but a HO-page book, profusely Illustrated,
explaining how you can use concrete on YOUR farm.
m Ltd.
1 Till.   ■ii.-N,   GltAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Comfortable Vision
Few people have eyes alike.
Many people wearing glasses
need two different lenses in
tlio one frame, This proves
how necessary Careful eve examination in. We malce accuracy our watchword, and
thus guarantee for you comfortable vision.
■iilallfllia.l att Ilranil Porks, Hrit.l.hOa,laiiiihl
a.. A. Kvans Kdltor and Publisher
A ta ia, nt tti!n |a:,|,a.a' oan be soon at the olfiaao
it Mes.rai. K. A J. Hardy A t!o.,»l,»l hihI 32,
Kl„„t Sta-aaaat, ti...., I.aaaaalaaai. Rliirlalild, free of
flliarite, and that Aran will lie ffled ta. rceelve
.aalafla-rii lianas null iialverttflaemeiitti ua, nur he-
'•nlf.     .
.. 1.1*1
.. 1.60
.tne Vein      —	
'hie Ya«iir (In advance) 	
One Year, laa United Slates	
Addreatl nil conimilaalentlafllla. to
The Evening Suh,
Phonk H7t    _. Gkand Kohkb, B.C
''I'lDA'., MAY  31,  1HI-'
Tiik farce of tukiiig a vote on lho
reservoir debenture bylaw waa curried out today. We designate it ns
a farce, because very few of the
ratepayers were awnre lhat sui'h an
event wus to be pulled o(T. Even
some of thr ulileruien had to be re
minded tliat this wus polling day.
As a result the vote was ridiculously
small. As the bylaw now reads,
not a single ballot should have been
cast in its favor. The amount to be
expended for waterworks improve
ments is not Btated. Are the ratepayers prepared to give tlie council
unlimited powers in burdening the
citizens wilh new debts. The people had a laste of this kind of financing in pioneer days. It is tiftie the
ratepayers ascertained the cost of
the proposed improvement.
As has anticipated liy The Sun,
the cily council has evolved & method of evading the provincial law
prohibiting granting salaries to may
ore. The plan is very simple. Raise
the aldermen's salaries, and let the
aldermen divide with the mayor.
If the council can evade provincial
laws, why sbould not the poor ratepayers be granted the privilege of
evading the city bylaWB?
Aphis Sprays
(By Ben Hoy)
The best results in spraying for
lipids are obtained by spraying afler
the insects nre hatched Lime-
sulphur at a strength of one gallon
lime sulphur to 10 gallons of water
is a valuable spray in the dormant
season for the control of scale insects, but is of little use in the control of aphis. The aphis are nearly
all hatched now and by a close examination of the buds numbers of
tliem can be seen feeding on the
young leaves. When they are at all
numerous, is the time to spray and
there are several contact sprays that,
when applied thoroughly, are erti
cient in the control ef these pests.
At this season of Ihe yenr when
many of Ihe young leaves are out,
and the blossom buds not open, the
following is a good spray mixture:
j One gallon of lime sulphur to 30
of water and to every hundred gallons add one gallon of Kentucky
black leaf extract. This mixture is
effective against aphis and is also a
valuable fungicide.
Other effective aphis sprays frit
summer spraying are:
1. One gallon Kentucy black leaf
extract iri 60 gallons of water.
2. "Black leaf 40," 1 ^art to 700
parts water.
3. Kentucky black leaf onegal-
lon, and whale oil simp ihree pounds
in 100 gallons of water.
i.  Whnle oil soap 7  pounds  and
quassia  chips 8   pounds     Dissolve
ihe soap in hot water nn'l  boil  ih"
qunssia in iihout .S gnlliiiis  of   wn'e
for   one  hour     Siriaio nnd mix the
two together nnd diluie with enough
wnter to niiikes 100 gallons ofsprny
It  must be remembered that to
kill aphis the insect must he covered
with the spray.    Each  insect is fur
nished   with   a   tube or beak with
which it penetrates the outer cover
ing of the plant   and sucks the sap
from below  the surface.    For   this
! reason they cnn not be   killed by n
I poison spray applied to the surface
of tbe plant and eantact sprays   as
thoBe   mentioned   above   must   be
I used.    The sprnying must be thor
' ough so ns to cover the bodies of the
'aphis with the spray mixture. Early
! spraying   before   the    aphis   have
Curled   the   leaves and hefore beneficial insects are  very  numerous is
Ihe most efficient.
8. T. HULL. Manages
Monday, June 3
Mark's Mission
Mark Twain did not cherish a
fontlness for the average office   boy.
One day Mark went to see a friend
at his oflice, and the office  boy   on
Paroid Roofing
7s the Best.    We have it
in 1-ply and 2-pIy at
$3.25 and $4.25 per square
Granatized Roofing
$3.25 per square
is $3.00 and $4.00 per square
You buy the best when
you buy from us.
guard in icy tones saiid:
"Whom do you wish to see?"
Murk   mentioned    his     friend's
"Whnt do you want  to see   him
alianil?" ennie next fi'oin the buy.
Maul; immediately frusta   up,   and
then, with a genial smile, he said:
"Tell him, please, I want to nsk
his hand in holy matrimony."
Darning His Stripes
Full of glory and full importance,
Patrick O'Haggarty swaggered up to
plnin Constable O'Flnnnigan.
"Faith, me bhoy, and it's pre-
moted that Oi uni,£' he snid.
"Shure.sergeant," replied O'Flan-
uigan, placidly, "accidents will happen."
"Accidents," exclaimed the newly made sergeant angrily. "Bejuh-
hers, Oi'll report ye if ye dnn'.l
thrale nie with more respect. You
used to say Oi wns oitlle," he continued haughtily, displaying his
sleeve. '"Look at these sthripes,
me bhoy. I didn't get those for loaf-
about street corners, eh?"
"Faith, and Oi'm agreeing with
ye," responded O'Flannigan. "If
ye'd got them that way, you'd look
like a zebra by now."
A man can smile and  smile and
smell of graft still.
Holt Trinity Ciiirucn,Henry Steele,
Hector—Sunday services:   Holy communion,  K:00   a.m.;   morning prayer'
ulid sermon,   11   if,tn.; evensong mid
sei'iii-in, 7:30 p.ul.; Sunday   school, 10
n.in.    First   Sunday  of  the  month
holy communion will be celebrated at
! the 11 n.in.   service  as well  as  at aS
a.m,    Weekday and special   services
! us they ure announced from time   to
i time.    You are cordially invited   to
; worship   witli   us, and   we would be
pleased to met you.
KXOX      l'llliSHYTKIIIAN      Olll...OII—
Sabbath servient! at 11 a.m. nnd 7;30 p.
m.; Suhliitth school ami Bible class  at
19:45 ft.in,    All  are.cordially Invited,
Seats free.    Hev. M. O. McKee,  pas-
! tor.
MktUODIST CHURCH J. Rev. Culvert, D. H., Pastor.—Sunduy services,
11 a. m. und 7:80 p.m.; Sunduy school,
3:30 p.m.J, Epworth I_eugue, Monday
at t.:00 p.in.: prayer meeting, Wednesdays, H p.m.; Junior League, Fridays, 7:00 p.m. Everybody will be
Baptist Chuucii, Rev. H. W.
Wright, pastor.—Services on Sunday
at II a. m. and 7:30 \,. in.; Bible
class and Sundav school at 10 a.m.
• Don't forget thnt The Sun hns the
best job printing depiirrment in lhe
Boundarv country. ■..».''...••#
Drowme Liameras
Work just like
Woodland 8 Co.,
The Kodak Dealers.
we are prepared to give the people of Grantl Forks
all tin* Choicest cuts of
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal and Poultry
Of All Description
Fish, Oysters and all the
Delicacies of the Season
P. BURNS 8 CO., Ltd.
For Sale at   a Bargain— Two horse   flrfl 111 PAH BCD
power gas ne engine.     Apply J. H.   llNJ, f¥. UUUrLn
Pluth, box III. eitv. "    ,v•,■w, ,,, WWWI  L.M
  .     "... I
Show curds for widnows antl  inside
are u   Hue  form   of  silent salesmen,   niiitiuitir ur.ii.i,
Make them   l.rief, terse  and   pointed   PLUMBING HEATING
Print  them  plainly, to lie rend at a INDIAN iVlOTOCYCLES
c:a. houghtaling
Hansen 8 Mullen
F. Downey's Cigar Store
lusMs's'iiMiiiKni S, ii« •'Bl street
.Ml._,t.NI.'l BMIUBKOlt, Itl*.
Silver  Kttiir   ami   Silver l.ileeti    Minora!
a   llltllls.   ttiltlaatt'   III   till'  'alalia.I     -''aall.'. Mllllll|I
Ilaa 1-1..ll aal   Ville DlrtMot. .    ,
Whom Located:   On tlio Enst hirk ot the
N'airtli Fork "1 Keltla. Klver.
TAKK    Mal'lii; Haul    I.    .Illiaill,   M.    I'lilll-eia.
Frag Minor'! Cortlfkntg No,  SWISH, l.,r
IIIVaH'lf lilial IIS [.uelat faar William' 11. Ilaallailiiii,
a'xeciitor, lilial Ha.flii Miljatl. e.flea-aali'ix. aaf thc
will   a,l   t'.allaa.l'ilia.   M.all aiiaala.    Krna   Miner,.
Certlfloute   So, S5a-i.li.  Intend, ■Ixtv   daya
araain ahate llarenl. taa al|at,ly laa Ule Mlllllllt
Uei-erala-r l.araa OoitMflltool liniariiva-iiioialaa, fair
tho purposoof iiiaisiiiinit iTaawu granti uf the
above cUltni , , ,
Anal further tnke iinlleo  tliaat notion,lllldol
a.0i't!aan =17 all lie t'i»llimeill'i'll tn'faaiia  ttie lflaall-
01,00 ol aaili'la CaTlllealiiaia iif llll|irnveinent.
. Duteil thi. Ith alaiy of Mny, A.D. 11112.
SnaarUe    Minentl   Ulaallll.    .Itllllte   In   the
tirniid   Kork. Milling Division of Ynle 1>I«-
'Whoro loenteil:   In WollltiRt.ni J*«nin.
TAKE NU'i'H'l. thnt I, Joiopll Allra'al Miller.
Freo Miners' CertlHento No. IWTOII, Intend, sixty dnn from the dnte hereof,'to «l>-
lily to the Mining Recorder lorn Cortlfloate
of Improvement, for tho tiiirlnnie of obtain-
fittr aCronii' Hrant of the >i,ovoohiiiii.
* Ami further taako notice thnt notion, uniler
sa'a-tiiaii H7, must be eiamiui'iiccii before tbe
Ifl.uaiice a,f   aaneh CertlHcitto  of   Improve-
"lli.teil thli 26tli dny of A pill. A.D. lilts.
JOSKI'H Al.FHKB Mllil.Kit.
Electric Restorer for Men
P__na.nh._nol restores ovety nerve ln the body
rnwajjnuiiui ,„ lls proper tension; restores
vim and vitality. Frenn turodcniy nnd nil sexual
weaknesn everted at r.nce. Fhospnonol will
-nake vou a new man.   Price Wn bnx. or-two Inr
15.   Mailed to rmv address., ThnSooboll Drug
"- , St. CMhnrlnes. Out.
The following nre lhe ruturna of
the ore prtidpctloh of the Boundary
niineR for the week, nml also for thf
vear to date:
brnnliy 2.:..:l(i.ri      487,66'!
Mother Lode. .. .   ,S.ll!l(l      L"JS,(i:',s
Rawhide  6,9.3(       T0,0»2
Jnekpot :    867       I0,42ti
Athelntan   810
Emma  4,!)lil
Others       1-10.       4,7_J.'I
Smeller trentineii—
Ornnhv ,24.1;lli      5Q7.2JQ2
B.C  GopfierCo....l4.n!)U.      '-'.14,04 4
Ri_ member tlmt eyery luldcil
suliseriber helps to make this
pftper better for everybody.
A new lot of latest tleiigns of- pro-
"nun and menu nurds just roceiveti nt
'I'm: Sun job otlice. THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS.   B. C.
When you
' buy a "Kootenay" ^
Steel Range you
make a permanent
investment. The
Is guaranteed by1
f makers and dealers alike ]
to be a strong, durable
range and a perfect
cooker and
b a k e r .
Repairs, when neceannry, alwaya in
Mock at Vancouver.   Sold by
W. K. C. cTWanlr
Hope in the Hoe for the City
"Brains, printed In capital lettera
and the blackest of type, heads
every list of requirements of tbe
farm. As a leaven for the exaggera
tions the prospective purchasers may
expect from the sellers of land; as a
common factor to knit together tbe
various schemes for success into a
concrete plan; as tbe very best fertilizer to put into the ground witb
the seed, tbere is nothing tbat links
every element to success like brains.'
Tbese statements are made by Gardner Mack, discussing "The Hope in
the Hoe' for the City Man," in the
June number of Popular Mechanics
Magazine. The article states further:
"The very first -Application of
brains to thc farming problem for
the city man is to decide first of all
whether or not the country is really
the place for him.
"There is no formula by which
one can determine wbether he wa
bred fur the country or the city
The only way lo find out is to mak)
an actual trial. But it is well to
give carfful consideration to this end
of the problem first, and only a'tei
it haB been threshed nut at length,
In begin looking fur a place.   .
"There is nu nut limit on tht-
firm. So lhat while the tired clerk
of forty is living used as an example
throughout this article, there ia no
reason why a permit should be discouraged from trying Ihe experiment eveu if he is beyond that age
The free life and fresh air of tbe
farm, U> say nothing of the healthful habits the work is sure to bring
into lieing, if they are not there al
ready, n aking for longevity and
the continuance of strength, during
advancing years."
An estimate of probable initial
expense, including building materials, well, windmill, and tools, is
given; also most profitable crops to
raise are discussed. Regarding the
marketing of produce Mr. Mack
"A bumper, crop is a dead loss unless after it has been raised, tbe pro
duce ia prepared for the market in a
way that will make tbe people
buy it."
And, in conclusion: ''When you
consider that tbe income estimated
is net profit, and that tbe living expense of Ihe family waB practically
paid from the sale of surplus milk,
butter, eggs and vegetables; that all
of the family worked, and their
labor was charged in the bill as part
of tbe expense of tbe establishment
that tbrough it all there was no fear
of a loss of a job, no trouble with
tbe fanitor or the landlord, and no
doctor's bills, it will be understood
that the profit from the farm wsb
something more tban a financial
gain." -  '
Has Richard's Measure
Mr.. McBride's coarse on tbe
naval policy-is pretty well known by
Canadians. It bas been exceedingly shifty and crooked. He bas tried
to follow Mr. Borden into any hole,
and when be tells tbe British people
that the Borden government is going
to supersede the Laurier naval policy
with "a broader and more effective
plan," we undrstand tbe game he is
playing. Mr. Borden . Js under
orders from Monk, Pellelier, Nan-
tell, Bourassa and Lavergne to do
nothing at all. McBride talks ahout
"getting a fleet of Dreadnaughts on
tbe Pacific.'! McBrids bas personally no official power in the matter.
U he hopes to get a fleet of Dread-
naughts, he will bave to induce the
Nationalist leaders to swallow themselves. He has no hope of doing
that, so he gets up the busy cable
grams to produce the idea that be,
McBride, is keeping this matter
alive, and to have "the British Columbia statesman" admired among
tbe British Unionism aB the greatest
imperial statesman of Canada. And
all tbe while' Borden is under the
whip of the Nationalists and has no
pinion in lhe  matter
Brass Band of the litanic
(By Robert W. Service.)
Havoc  and horror,   darkness   and
Cla-no'r   and  chaos,   frenzy   and
Now we are sinking—boys, let our
Peal'through  the brasses, steady
and clear.
Out of the hell of it, up to the   sky,
Lift the proud swell of it over tbe
0 they will know that we knew how
to die—
"Nearer my God to Thee, nearer
to the.!'
By the Barrel or Carload
JUST ARRIVED-A full line of Seed Grain
and Garden Seed.
McNeil  & Henniger
Panic and palsy!   Rally around;
Not shali the flag of our manhood
be furled.
All in our places, let the clear sound
Out of our agony leap round  tbe
Out of the pain of it, up to tbe stars,
Hark tbe sweet strain of it, praise-
ful and free;
Now all together, boys, ring the last
bars |
"Nearer my God to Tbee, nearer
to Thee."
Voices  are joining.   Hurl tbe last
Down   to  eternity,  piercing and
Let them remember wbo sob in tbe
We   were   undaunted  and knew
bow to die.
Tear-streaming  facet,    and    hand
clutching hand;
Staunch in our places and   down
to the sea:
Death's pretty near to us—aye, but
we stand
Nearer our Ood to Tbee, near to
NOTIOE li hereby irlven that George Alexander Stuart Bell, ol Lot 111171, I*. O. Box
.113, Grand Porks, will apply for a licence tn
tnke and uie one ouble foot per kooiiiI of
water out of North Fork Kettle River Creek,
whioh flowi In a southerly direotlon through
Lot 3671 and empties into Kettle River ..near
Qrand Forks. The water will be diverted opposite the townsite of Niagara, and will be
used for irrigation purposes on the laud described as Fruit Land, about 154 aeres.
This uotlee was posted nn the ground on
the 30th day cit March, 1912. The application
will be Bled in the offloe of the Water Recorder at Fairview.
Objections may be Sled with the said
Water Recorder nr with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Vlo-
a, H. C.
G. A. S. BELL,
A Real Test
Failh   ia believing  the    dentist
when he says it isn't going to burl.
Detroit Free Press.
-uch  an
nrriiit  Inki ?-
Was  ever
Tlie man w-ho can't
hasn't gut it
lose  money
Reasonable Prices
For the next 30 days I will
give a 10 per cent discount
on all work if you bring this
Dr L. S. Eastman
'   .'! ,k 4 Zf.iri.eii l.i.ot:k,
1$b Shoe Shop
Repairing of every description "neatly and _.
promptly done.
Shop Next CP.R. Hotel. Colombia, B.C.
Writ Canton*
THE 8TANDARO la the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Dominion
ul Canada. It la national In all Ita
uinia.     •
It uaes the moat expensive engravings, procuring the photographs from
oil over the world.
Its articles are carefully selected and
Ita editorial policy ls thoroughly
A subscription to The Standard
costs fZOO par yssr to any address In
Canada or Great Britain.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Cs,
Limit.d, Publishers.
The Bsautiful Picture for Grand Forks Sun and Montreal Family Herald and Weekly Star Subscribers
this Season.   z_An Inspiration of Love and
Affection—zj*\ Picture that will be like a
Member of  the  Family—A   Daily
Study for Old and Young
UK Family Herald ami Weekly Star of Montreal, nekimwleilger. to Im-
the greatest antl best family and farm paper on tbe tioiilinenl, haa on
many occasions given ita renders mot-t delightful premium picture,
hut thia season they have secured what is beyond nny ipiestion of doubt
the beat picture ever offered newspaper reader*. It ia entitled "Home
Again" and describes a touching but joyful incident between two friends
who meet after anxious separation.
"Laddie," a collie dog, famous for his beauty and gentleness, winners
of many prizes at dog snows, the pride of the family autl neighborhood.
has been stolen, and after many Hays' absence he escapes one night from
his captor and returns home on a snowy winter's morning with Ihe rope
wbich he broke in his struggles for freedom dangling from bis collar.
His familiar bark brings his little mistress, Marjorie, lo the door and
she throws her arms around her trusty playmate's neck with cries of joy
which bring her mother and brother to the door. "Laddie" ia equally
delighted to be "Home Again," and answers her welcome by pulling his
paws on ber shoulder and resting his head against her breast with a little
whine, wbich in his dog language means—"Where I love is Home."
The sweet-faced young mother, a woman of soft curves, tender eyes
and parted lipa—tbe two glad-eyed children—an eager boy with hair like
his mother's and the quick gesture of excited boyhood; the warm-hearted
girl witb rippling lopke, her affectionate arms around the slmitey neck of
the beautiful collie, all go to form a picture that will win a favored plnce
on the walls of any home.
The picture is by the celebrated artist, Arthur J. Klsley, famous for
bis skilful and sympathetic painting of children and minimis.
The beautiful picture "IIom» Again" on heavy plate pnper "i'lx'l'.i
inches all ready for framing will he mailed FIIEI. Iii every subscriber of
The Sun and Family Herald and Weekly Slar for 19.12
The small sum ut 11.50 will secure thn two papers for a full yem- including a copy of the charming picture "Home Again," whicli nlone is
easily worth a two dollar bill, in fact it could not he bought nt that price.
Every home in tbe Boundary should get the big 11.50 worth this
I season.
I he Oliver! ypewriter
for 17 Cents a Day!
Pleue read the headUnetover ueain. Then It
'reniendoiit nltrnflteaitce will lawn upon you
An Oliver Typewriter—tlie Rtulidiirtl vUlbli
writer—the-moat hljrhly per>( ted typewrite
-n the mnrket—yours for 17 cent* day!
'I hi* typewriter whcnecni.qm_.Ht nf the con
icrcinl world tun matter of hlninr? —your* fo
I'he typewriter that Is equipped withtooreaol
itch cunt iili'iieiT a- - ihe in-lan-v Sluft"-
* i lie Kiilhiif Uerlee"—" Tlio iJouhie ReleAe"-
1 lie Locoiimiivi* Ha- "--"The AutomaiV
p-icer"—" I he Automatic TalitilHt>ir"--*,The
—"Ilie Adjustable I'a-
perKhit,W-"The M-
entitle rninieiiM.il Kev
Yours for  17
Gents a Day!
__- We a twit need  tbh
ew Mile* plan recently, jisi tu feel the pulie ol
the people.-- simply a unall cash payment-
then 17 cents a day. That is the plan in a uut
Tlie result Iihb been fueli a deli fee of applies
lions fnr machines that we are dimply u*-
um tided.
The demand come* from peofile of all .'lun*.-
all anew, ail occupation*.
The majority of inquiries ha* come Jfrma pco
teof known financial stanilloK who were at
traeted by the novelty of the uropoti. 'nii„ An
impressive demonstration uf tin- human*** pop*
ii.aiitynf the Oliver Typewriter
A Mil riling continuation of our belief thai
the Kraof II nl vernal Typewriting Is ai baud.
A  Quarter  of a Million People
are I ; i >   Mney with
15« ___
The Standard* Visible Writer
The Oliver Typewriter li h monev-makt-i
right irom Hip word "go!" ^oessvto run lhal
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as you team l,et the m (.rhino fay the 17 cenlr*
a day-and all above that Is youm.
Wherever you arc, there ia work tu be done
and money lo be made by using the Oliver. The
bind new world I* calling for Oliver o|H>ratorK.
There are not enough tu tuipplv the demand.
TlielrsalarloH are <*ouiddcrahly shove IIhim. ul
many clannpsof uorkers.
An Oliver Typewriter in Every Home!
That Ik the bmtie en* Mae. Ae Imve made
Hie ■ diver niipretno in iKcfuliiensand ahKolutek
liullfcpi-tiMh'e In hii-ducs**-. Now routes the cnn
(pleat of the home.
The simplicity and xtrengtb nf the Oliver fit It
for family use, Ir I- hccouiius an Imi-ortant
factor In the home ini'mimr of young people.
An edlicHtor an wi-lln* n monev iimlcr.
Our new scllitK* plan putN ihe Oliver mi thc
threshold of every home fn America. Will run
close tin* diNir of your home oroltlce on thin ra-
fmirlialilc "liver offer?
Write (or fiiriher detail" of our en«y oiler ami
h flee copy ot tne new Ollvereaialug.   Ad* re«s
The Oliver Typewriter Company,
"lUrr Typewriter Building.
CHIOAe)0,   ILL.
New Edition Issued Nov. 15, 1906.)
Ib a dozen books in one, covering the
history, geography, geology, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology, uses, statistics and finances of
copper. It ie a pracical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en
gaged in any branch of the coppen
Its facts will pass muster with the
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday
man. It gives the plain facts in plain
English without fear or favor.
It lists and describes 4636 copper
mines and companies in all parts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded
to be the
World's Standard Reference
Book on Copper
The mining man needs the book for
the farts it gives hiin about mines,
mining and the metal.
The investor needs the book for the
facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.
Hundreds of swindling companies are*
exposed in plain English.
Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt
top; t7.SU in full library morocco.
Will be sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any address ordered, anil
may be returned within a week of re
ceipt if not found fully satisfactory.
Horace J. Stevens,
|Editor and Publisher,
453 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Michigan.
for 1912 for only $1.75; also oil the
issttes for the remaining weeks ol 1911,
Free. It if, your last chance to gtt
the paper at this price. On January
1,1912, it will be advanced to $i.w.
Serials and Other Stories.
The 52 Issues of 1912 will contain
the equivalent of 30 volumes ol the
best reading, including nearly 300
Stories, Articles by Famous Writers,
Athletics for Boys, Chats with Girls,
the Doctor's Weekly Counsel, etc.
Send for Announcement for 1912 .nd Sample
Copies of The Yotslh'l Companion, tree.
FREE to Jul 1912
Emit New S**xxtSsit ***** mto out
**i Mail thk -lap (or «irtm thia
mr) withSx.lSIm th, U lemmol
Th, Cm*f**ma tm Mil wil ikix
 th, Imt tm i
****** *t 1*11 In.. 	
KJBM Hatty ttaatoni «U»
Th, CmmpmW, M«tw* CUndir
far If II. Ilttomptod l« 11 colon
*** mul lorn .nil. copy tolas rent I,
•vmt mm a**xwm * ttf t Mtocript Ion).
Thm  Tto Companion  far  Ih,  Bl
mlu *t If !!-__*	
I, It 12, j_ will to •dronctaa. to 12.
, A Careful Diet.
I. Sir Richard Jebb, the eminent phyiician, was a man ot irritable temper; and when bored by the querulous complaint! ot some ot hli patients could not always force himself
to return a civil answer. A troublesome patient, whose Illness was purely Imaginary, pestered him one day
with questions as to what he should
"My directions on that point," said
Sir Richard, "will he tew and Bimple.
You must not eat the shovel, poker
or tongs, for they are hard ot digestion; nor the bellows, for they are
windy, but anything else you please!"
Nature Need* Aid In Making. New
Health-Giving Blood
In the spring tho Bystem needs a
tonic"* To be healthy you must have
new blood Just as the trees must
have new sap to renew their vitality; Nature demands it. and without
this new blood you will feel weak
and languid. You may have twinges
ot rheumatism or the sharp, stabbing
pains of neuralgia. Often there are
dlBflguriug pimples or eruptions on
the skin. In other case3 there is
merely a feeling of tiredness and a
variable appetite. Any of these arc
signs that the blood Is out ot order
—that the Indoor life of winter has
lessened your vitality. What you
need in spring is a tonic medicine to
put you right, and In all the world
of medicine there is no tonic catl
equal Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. These
pills actually make new, rich, red
blood—your greatest need In spring.
This new blood drives out the seeds
of disease and makes easily tired
men, women and children bright, active and strong. Mrs. Murray Marshall, Zephyr, Ont., says: "I do not
believe I would ever have been well
and strong again but for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I was so weak aud
nervous that I could not bo left In
the house alone. I would take weak
spells with my heart and think I was
going to die. I tried doctors and
electric belts, but they did mc no
good. Then a friend urged me to try
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills. To my surprise I socn noticed my appetite improving, and from that on I improved rapidly until I was enjoying the
best ot health, and I have not been
troubled with weakness or nervousness since." •
These rills are sold by all medicine
dealers or can be hail by mail at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50
from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
His Half Share
"Willie, why don't you let your llttlo brother bave your sled part of
the time?"
"I do, ma. I take it going down
hill and he has lt going back."—Boston Transcript.
Muscular Rheumatism Subdued.—
When one is a sufferer from muscular rheumatism he caunot do better
than to have the region rubbed with
Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. There Is
no oil that so speedily shows its effect in subduing pain. Let the rubbing be brisk and continue until ease
is secured. There is more virtue lu
a bottle of it than can be fully estimated.
Bad Outlook.
"No, I can't get up enough courage
to ask old Patterson for .his daughter."
"And why not?"
"Because I'm a builder of absolutely fireproof buildings aud he is' a fire
Insurance agent."—Cleveland. Plain
Dealer. .
A Pill for All Seasons.—Winter and
Hummer In nny latitude, whether ln
torrlcd zone or Arctic temperature,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills can be depended upon to do their work. The
dyspeptic will find thorn a friend always and should carry them with
him everywhere. They are made to
withstand any climate and aro warranted lo keep their freshness and
strength. They do not grow stale, n
quality not possessed lu many pills
now on thc market.
"What's th*. matter, .lorrocks? You
look as blue as indigo," Baid Whlbley,
"I am blue," sighed Jorrocks. "I
spent $30,000 getting a divorce from
my wife, and after I got lt, blest It
she didn't submit the question to the
people, and by a majority of 337 I
nm still married to her!"—Harper's
tread softly -
Step safely.
Usoe*. a*s pateeted foafu
of Cafe Paw Heels.
W. N. U. No. 194.
MeOorry—I'll buy yez no new hat,
d'yez nioiiid that? Y'e are vain enough ahirlddy.
Mrs. MeOorry—Me' vain? Oi'm
not! Shure, Ol don't t'lnk mesilf half
as good lookln' as Oi am.—Christian
Slickly stops c-ouajhs. car,, cold,, heal,
• tiro,! • _d land,     -     -      2ft cats.
Ho—Before I married you I never
thought of saving.
She—And now?
He—Now, I'm. alwaya thinking
what a lot I could have saved lf I
hadn't married you.—London Opinion.
Minard's Liniment relieves Neuralgia.
Cruel Papa.
Marlon—"Did you say Harold
doesn't know his own mind?"
Marion's Papa—"He doesn't unless
somo one introduced him to lt lately."
A Pill For Brain Workers.—Thc
man who works with his brains Is
moro liable to derangement ot the
dlgestlv.. system than the man who
works with his hands, because the
one calls upon his nervous energy
wliilq'the other applies only his muscular strength. Brain fag begets irregularities ot the stomach and liver
and tho hest remedy that can be used
ts Parmalec's Vegetable Pills. They
are specially compounded for such
rases and all those who use them can
cortlly to thoir superior power.
Wh'.re Justice Dawdles.
In Kansas the condemned ruffian
had Just been found guilty and given
a jail sentence.
"But beforo you begin your term of
linprhionment." Bald the kind Judge,
"vou may go home and settle up your
"It will take some time," explained
the condemned one.
"No doubt, no doubt," said the kind
Judge. "Do the best you can. Charlie, and when you nro ready to visit
Iho Jail Just drop mc it postal or step
In the next time you happen to he
going by. Nice day, isn't it?"—Cleveland Plain Denier.
Lout; for tlio algiiat'it'e of 1_. \V. taUOVIv
I'nil tlio World over to Cur, a Cold In
On. Day.     ISc.
Within lhe last ten years the horses in the United States Increased
trom about eighteen million to nearly twenty millions, and In .price from
about 900 million dollars to more than
2.000 iiiill.i-n dollars.
.   Refreshing to an Expert.
A stylishly dressed woman in a
smart-looking brougham narrowly averted running over a, Western Union
messenger boy riding a bicycle ln
East Ninth street a few days ago.
Tbe woman stopped her car and
opened the door of the electric to express ber sympathy.
But the boy was ahead of her, and
in a harangue that for emphasis
would have made Capt. Kidd or any
of the old buccaneers green with envy, told hor exactly what he thought
of th'_- incident.
The woman closed the door hurriedly, and, turning to her 8-year-old
son, who, dressed like Lord Faunt-
leroy, Eat. demurely beside her, said
in a shocked voice:
"I never heard such language in my
"Oh, that's nothing," the little follow told his mother, "You ought to
have heard the cook talking to' the
neighbors about you the other day."—
Kansas City Journal.
(he BEST Liniment ln use.
I got try foot badly Jammed lately.
I bathed lt well with MINARD'S LINIMENT, and lt was as well as ever
next day.
Yoiire very truly,
T. o. Mcmullen.
His Masterpiece.
Thu young novelist had had h tough
time of It, and so had his dear wife.
She held .his talents ln poor esteem
aud ctten urged him to try something
else, for she waB sometimes hungry,
and nil the time ill clad. But one day
his luck changed. He began to make
money. And there came a day when
he was able to write bis cheque for
$100 and pass lt to his wife.
Her eyes filled with tears as Bhe
read it.
"W'lllbrand, darling," she said, as
sho hastened around .the table and
nu' her arms about his neck. "I'U
lake back all the mean things I ever
said about yonr work. This is thc
beBt thing yo.i ever wrote!"
"I have a money-saving invention—
handy granaries to allow field threshing over your farm. Move them about
each year.  You save long hauls at |
harvest time.  In
spring you Matter
small straw stacks _,
—no burning of
"Thit« granariti come In compact
bunlles. A boy can set up and Wt
one together in a few hours: Four
pad locks protect the grain. Separator
delivery into a spout on the side or
into roof manhole—una work during threshing. Your grain is protected
from vermin, wet ana thieves. VSell
it when you are ready, loading direct
from the granary into your wagon,
or bagging lt.   Ha musty or heated
Sraln. fl Got my granary ud be in-
•pendent of elevators for selling.
Sail at the highest pries, no matter
how long you store your grain.
The Pedlar Granary protects you."
"Write tn* for my booklet. It shows liow profitable tny
Granary Is even on a single quarter-section farm, t'aac
It for 1912.    Tbe Hook Tells of  Bis  Money for Vou.'.'
Writ.fw_M.utN.ei OSH-VWA, ONT.
wnonraa oaioabt f.dmokton   ibswa
ItUaitaardSL   OanlM      ,'SMSt.W.  IM
Pull Measure
IIOMlrad. Bbnstawtsayla 1
bx* mm. ft*, wsatx*. oflwr j
■ ajlatl left slows emal fur hsaa
•Hiatal MtartMUaeuuji/'
Diner MC
eJwB&ailiarlatt    'li
Nearly all children are subject to
worms, and many are born with them.
Sparta them suffering by using Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator,
the beat remedy of the kind that can
bc had.
His Accomplishment.
Sei dement Worker—So this Is your
small brother. What doea ho do all
day? Little Mother—Sinoko u cigarette for the lady, bub, and swallow de
stub! -Harper's Bazaar.
Minard't   Liniment  Curse  Dandruff,
Tho various bodies of Veterans
situated lu all parts of Western aud
Central Canada, ullllliitcd with the
Veterans Brigade,, will honor Decoration Day, on Sunday, May l_.Hi. This
year extensive arrangements are being mado by tlie Winnipeg Headquarters ot the Veterans Brigade to welcome a largo number of comrades
who will come iu to tho City to march
once moro with old time comrades
ot the Boor War, Fenian Raid, or
North-West. Rebellions. A Orand Entertainment Is to take placo on Friday evening, May 8th at the new
| Hall of Industry. On Saturday there
will be a Camp-Flrer Concert and
Holl-Call, and ou May 12th. the big
parade ot the Veterans Brigade,
headed by tbelr own brass band.
All Veterans from outside places are
to bo acccorded the place of honor in
the rarade. Colonel Scott will be In
command of the Brigade.
At a meting of the French Agricultural Society, M. Vacher spoke
of tho good results obtained in Normandy by a milk controlling society. Following the example ot similar bodies in Denmark and Sweden,
a held book is used to keep track of
tho cows and their descendants, so
that only the hest animals for milk
producing nre selected. This applies
also to the males, whose qualities are
transmitted. Such animals are much
preferred hy buyeis uud bring n
higher prjec.
The barometer was discovered  in
Write for agency for our special* Spottier tailoring tor your town.   Thert
Is money ln lt.   John Dawson, Ltd,
Church St., Toronto.
"Ever been locked up?" demanded
"I hnvo beon," admitted the witness.
"Aha! And what had you been doing to get yourself locked up?"
"I had been doing Jury duty."
The penny-postage sthumo was flrst
adopted In England in 18110.
. -I
Patent medicines yield over £300,-
000 to thc British exchequer per annum  ii duty.
The multiplication sign was obtained by changing tho plus sign
Into a character resembling the letter x. This was done simply because multiplication Is but a shorter form of addltlor
Makes a great difference in most women. Thar era troubled with "nerves"-'
tbey roller Irom backache, headache, tlceplesioMi, a sensation oi irritability or
twitching, hot lathes, diatj spcllt, or many other symptoms oi lemale weakness.
The loeal disorder aod inltmmation ihould In treated with Dr. Pieree't Lotion
Tablets aad tha irregularity and w'eakatit of (ha female system corrected tnd
itrengthtnad with Dr. Pieree't Favorite Prescription. Tha strain upon lhe young
woman or tho woman of middle ago—upon the nerve and blood forming structures—
may ba too great ior her strength. Thit it the time lo tike thit restorative tenia
and itrength-giving nervine and regulator. For over forty years told by druggists
lor woman't peculiar wsaknetttt and dtttreiting tilmtntt. 1st iai remedy to perfect I
in composition and to good in curative efectt at lo warrant'
ill makers In printing iti (very ingredient on ill outside.
wrapper. Tki tat remit, which absolutely contains neither
alcohol nor injurious or habit-forming drugs. ,
-    Following letter Minted at random from a large number
ol ilmilar ones and oiled merely lo illuitrate these remtrks:   '
"In th, winter of IM, I besam< anally ran down tad ■mnlir,"
wrlus tilt. Haunt Scott, ell Swau Creek, Mick., KouU 1, Bo*tt.     I
slowly but surely row worse, ,nd. at last, resolved to apply t, the doc*
tors for help. Th, doctor said I h«l InflantmMton. ealaiMMnt and laetf •
•Hon. I waa In M tlmn wwls and tt*. no belt.r. Ttie doctor said I
wouM hare to have an operation, but to that I would not liat«n.   Hy hus.
Has. Seen.
band purehaMd two bottlM,f Dr. Pkrc's _,*avorite Fmetlttio, _
I started to take this remedy I could not walk savoss t_w (feee, buteiur
I had taken thn, bottles I ocauH fail myaalf tainlnc, w I dreppsd tb.
doctor ud took Dr. Ptorc's Pares... Prewrtption. Only foe It I think
I would hav, basm ieai-l really *xxSet. It tired my llfs. I feel bettea
now thia la twtnqr nan." THE SUN, GRAND FORKS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.
Nil Experience With a Fivi Dollar
Mrs. Bawtsr, Hewsvtr, Tald Him Ite
Hillary and Administered a Stvtre
Jolt ta Hli Pratentiens as a Currtncy
Bxpirt—Ritulti ef a Llttls Whits Lie.
(Copyright, till, hy Aitoclited Literary
^B, I* the way," said lira. Bowser ihe other evening whtn
dluner bad' been finished,
"cun you tell good money
from bnd!"
"What nn Idiotic question!" exclaimed Mr. Bowser after a look at her.
"I suppose you can?"
"You needn't suppose anything (boot
It.   If I couldn't tell bad money from
good forty rods sway I'd wt my hat."
"I was down shopping tbla afternoon, and I think I got (tuck with a
counterfeit bill."
"Too did.- eh?  I've always told yon
you wonld.  That comet of handing
money out to a wife.  Bow big It the
•'Fl-flve dollars."
"Whin!   What!   You don't tell me
tbat yuu let a clerk work a bad Ure
dollar bill off on yon I If you bare
then you'll never handle any more ot
my money a bore • nickel I Five dollars!   Five dollars!"
"But 1 wasu't looking for any one to
cheat mc," protested Mre. Bowser.
"Of course yon wasn't No womss
over ls. . Vou were Just sloshing aronnd
the stores and taking nny cbauge offered without counting It Hy tbe
limping Jericho, you ought to be locked op!"
"You have taken bad money for
good some lime io your life."
"Never! Name tho dale If yoo oan!
1 have had litem try to work me •
million times, bnt tbey never succeeded, and they never will. If aay ono
over sticks me wltb even a lead nickel
I'll make you a present or too big dollars. Five dollars at one clip! Where's
tbe bill!"
Exhibit In the Cast.
Mrt. Bowse; nroduccd It from a vase
to tbo msntcl. hnd Mr. Bowser held lt
kt arm's length nnd shouted:
"Ye gods, but think of a women forty yean old being fool enough to take
tbit for good money I"
"But It looks to me like any Sve dollar bill."
"And It would look thnt way to s
Child three years old! newest counterfeit I ever saw, Wouldn't fool ao Idiot
right out ot the asylum. Let's tee! I
ten count twenty different points to
prove that It's a fake. The very feel
of tbe paper Itself ought to havo been
enough.   Sold!   Soldi"
"What will I do nbout HI" nsked
Mra. Bowser as he grinned at her discomfiture.
"You can't do anything. If you can
remember wbere you got It the person
will He out of It."
"But lf wns where T bought Ihe
shoes, and tbe talesman was real alee."
"Certainly! no could afford to be
for $3. He'd bad Ibis bill In his pocket
for a month, waiting for sn Idiot to
come along. How he must hare chuck-
hd oad grluned ns you went oull"
.In the Toils.
"And are you suro it's counterfeit ?"
"Just ns ture as thnt I-had a grandmother."
"I wish you'd labe.lt over to eome
of'lhe stores and sec."
.. "Oh, *yott do!   Well, I'll do nothing
of the kind.   If my word Isn't good
enough on that then you'd better eat
the old hnseboru counterfeit."
: "But nre yon sure (hat no one ever
pasted * counterfeit bill on you!"
"Sure?   By (bunder, woman, you
teem to look upon mo ns n child!   II
"Mr. Bowser, you went downtown
last evening to buy some nocks."
"I did, aud I bought 'em for abont
I half wbat you would have paid.
{There'i no grins In tbst for you."
"You took a (en dollar bill."
"I know It."
"I saw you counting your money after you got home. You bad about 18.
You put a five In your vest pocket and
a one and some cbange In your trousers."
"Is that lire In your rett pocket
"Of course lt le. That lt-wbtt the
"Is It there!"
"No! It's been Stolen tnd right la
thit house and by you!"
The Exptenitlen.
"Don't shout so loud. An hour after
you bad gone this morning I found this
bill on tbe floor of our bedroom, wbere
it bad dropped from your pocket."
"Yes, I'm a womnn, and I found thia
bill Just wbere I suid. It's tbe live you
got lo cbange."
"It Isn't."
"Bot lt surely Is. I had no fire dollar
"But that means I've let some Infernal scoundrel pass a bad bill off on
"Yet, It means tbst!''
"But it don't!  It can't!   I (ell you no
living man could bave pnssed that bill!
on me!   Do you mean tbat you didn't \
go shopping?"
"I went, but I only got some change
"And-nnd you lied to me!"
"Just a little wblte lie, You see, If s
such a good Joke that a man wbo never got stung In his life should bring
borne an old counterfeit that a child
could detect!"
"It Isn't counterfeit!" scresmed Mr.
"Ob, but you said It wss. If you nre
too tired to run over (o the s(oro I'll
"Never! Mrs. Bowser, you have
played some sort of a trick on me!
Wby. look at that duracd old bill!
Would a blind man take It?"
"But you did. It's the very bill you
got In cbange."
Wounded Dignity.
He Jumped up and down snd pumped
his arms, but words would not come.
"Yes, a woman may get counterfeit
money worked off on her sometimes,
but so does n mnn."
Mr. Bowser tried to shout: "Never!
never!" but there was only a squeal.
"I wouldn't lake It eo hard If 1 were
you," said Mrs. Bowser In a soothing
way. "Of course (he mnn will He out
ot It If you go back, but think ot tbe
"Woman!" exclaimed Mr. Bowser, as
tbe rumble came back, "you hare lied
to mel"
"Just a Joke!''
"You havo humiliated me!"
"I didn't mean It tbtt way."
"You hsve lowered my dignity!"
"It will return."
"And now, woman-now you mutt
pay the penalty I"
"Divorce and alimony, I suppose?"
she smiled.
"Divorce without alimony! Not a
blamed cent! You can live by joking)
I go! I move! 1 get out ot tbls
"And will you (ske tbe counterfeit
with your
"Madam, there Is no counterfeit"
"But tbere It Is."
"There haa been no counterfeit. I
wish you good night and goodbyl"
And he wnlked down the ball and
outdoors. Wbat be mlgbt havo done
no one can .say, but what he did do
was to fall down wilh a great crash
Just outside tbe gate, nnd after limping
around the block he limped back Into
bis own bouse and said to Mrs. Bowser: "There may be alimony, but it
will depend upon bow you behave yourself from (bit tlmo oa!"
HE hummed a match ot a army ieng
Hs ussal t' know, eat It patted along
To ths nivtr do wtll In th, villas,
Who pursed hit lips on th, cttchln' air
Ah' whittled It ftr V the tlnuntth'i door,
A man who never had sung before.
He railed hli mallet an' paused again
An' called ths words of tbe el' refrain
He used t' know, an' ht tuns in' tunc
Till all of hit pots an' hit kittles rung
In harmony, an' tbe smith tald: "Wbtwt
New what on alrth ar, we comin' tew
When ht cuti loon?"  An' ht blowed hit
An', raliln' ths pitch up high an' hither,
He sung with all of .hli lusty might,
Though neither tht wordt nor thi tun,
wis right.
Th, merchant passed, in' he caught the
,' tune
! An' tuk It home for his wife t* croon
J Whilst cookln' over tht ttov, as hot
I As Tophtt, an' cheered her, tl like at not
I It drifted out o' the door. It did,
' An' ttruclt on tht tart of u Invulld
That longed for It, en' I 'low tt donas
Moro good than Pillbox's medlcun.
The bus driver linked t* the llllln', sweet
Refrain an' peddled It down th, itreet
Till every on, whittled It, old in' young.
An' them oa couldn't to whistle sung.
It teemed tint thi leave! In thi maples
An' even tht ttorelieeper'a kitten purred.
In yendtr Held where tho furrowi turned
Their humped bickt up t* tlit sun thai
Th, feller who'd ttarttd the nrmy turn
Set down t' eat In tlio heat of noon.
He thought of lilt work an' lilt heapln'
An' faulted Providence, I aiipiiote.
Llko most men do, till lie heard that tong
A naybor sung at he patted along.
"But look," he tald, with u happy grin,
"What a world of song wo are llvln' Ini"
-John D. Weill In Buffalo Newt.
Qtrmsny Saw Two ef Thim Fulfilled ;
and New Awaits Iha Third, j
A Parle paper gives, under the title
"Let Predictions d'uue Voyante Nor-
weglenne," au Interview wltb. an old ■
woman wbo claims thnt oii one occasion the preseut kaiser's father, when j
crown prince, consulted her as to his i
future while on a visit (o Norway.
One question be put to ber waa
whether be would ever become German emperor. Sbe promptly replied
thst be would ascend the Oerman
throne and ln ber recent Interview explained the subsequent proceedings of
the seance. Sbo took a sheet of paper
and wrote dowu the dote ot the Prussian revolution—1S40. She then pieced
the same figures In a rertlcnl position •
aud added them to 1S40, making a total of 1ST), which sbe declared would
bo tho year ot tbe rlie of tbe Oerman
As her calculations were triple It lt
convenient to give tbem bere— 184B +
1 + 8 + 4 + 0 = 1871: 1871 .+'
1 + 8 + 7 + 1 s= 1888; 1888 +
1 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1913.
Being satisfied as to lib accession (o
tbe (Krone, the crown prince asked.
"When shnll 1 die?" Tho'soothsayer
wrote 1S71 on tlie paper, as In the second example above, aud replied, "In
1888." Then (ho crown prince courageously Inquired how long tbe German
empire would endure. The old woman
made a calculation on tbe date 1898
snd answered "1013,"
A   Superb   Velvet
Creation by Worth.
Garni of Minstrilty.
interlocutor — Ootid evening, Mr.
Bones-Good evening! Why Is lhe
letter "IT" like n million dollars to me?
"I give It up. Why Is the' letter *P
llko a million dollars to you?"
"It Isn't In reneh. Sny. why do people wear shoes on lheir feet?"
"Why shouldn't they!"
"Tbe stores always hare them on
Interlocutor —"Good evening. Mr.
Tnmbo!   Uow nre .vou feeling tonight?
Tambo—Like n picturesque old (lower covered well curb.
"■You're quite poetical tonight. But
what do you nicnnV"
"Pretty well. My brother Bill always Insists on buying people drinks."
"Yes; I've noticed thnt."
"Tbe o'her day he built-a henhouse
and pi't iho nests away up near tbe
"Why did he do thnt?"
"He wnnted (o set 'em up."
Inlcr'ocntor — Mr. Archibald High-
note, >- ir peerless tenor, will slug that
pathetic ballad. "Ho Couldn't Chew To.
bacco. For Bis Teeth Were Out ot
Whack."—.New York Telegraph.
It- An Extra Edition.
I £    A woman may Ibluk she knows $
i £ a  man like a  hook, but after $
'  marrying htm she Is apt to dis- •[•
,cover a few more volumes.—Chi- S
csgo News. v
His Mtthod.
New Parson (at rehearsal, having noticed (bat (be double bass player uses
bis left bsnd simply lo support tbe In.
strumenll-i sse you dou't use your Angers wben yon play, John.
John-Noa, sir; ye see there be some
at twiddles tbelr Angers wbo- tbey
play, an' tbere be somo as don't, an' I
be one o' (bey (hat don't-Puacb.
Photography In tht Air.
A Paris photographer bus lilt upon a
new method of earning popularity and
money. On Ibe boulevards he has put
up n poster Inviting all who wish to
send a novel photograph lo friends Is
hove themselves photographed In
aeroplanes. The Iden waa born In Ibe
south of Prance. It has come up (o
Paris, nnd lhe photographer has more
work (ban bc caa manage. He (akee
his customer In aeroplanes In tbe simplest possible way. In Ihe studio Is a
bsckgroond of (be Place de I'Opern.
In (he foreground Is a picture of Ihe
neroplsoo flylug, pslntod on canvas,
behind wblcb arc slops. You can climb
(he steps, lake hold of n bar, stand
still, uud (he photograph represents
yon  silling In  (he  machine-London
Very Evident
Hltterlc Prtctdtnt Fer a Pises of Werk
Dem In New York,
A well known New York artist has
painted a sign-a regular Iron bound,
outdoor "shingle" with lettering on it—
for a Arm of architects, and It has been
put up In Thirty-seventh street near
Lexington uventic ns a permanent and
shining example of applied art. Tbere
Is historic precedent for this sort ot •
work In Ihe Instances of several fa-, pur Bins vei.veI wit» oriestal ik-
mous European masters, notably Wat-1 buoimbt.
tean, Morland, Moutlcelll, Doualello j Deep biue TC|Tet ^ju, oriental em-
nnd Benvenute Cellini. It le a slgnW-■■ uro|aery |n shaded blues and black!
cant departure for an American paint- > „.as llgea for this luxurious gown,
cr to make nt the present moment.       : 8tMj nna ,tt eringe (gna ttam tj,e suort
"I did It partly as nn artistic stunt   siceVe, ttm i0WCr edge of tbe -tnale.
worth while In itself." he declares, "but
also with a commercial purpose, i
mean as n protest ngalnst all tbls hypocritical ennt ahout commercialism
which Is Indulged In by some artists
wbo can't sell even tbelr conventional
work because tbey wou't adapt It to
human, everyday surroundings. Commercialism supports ni't, nnd art ought
to adorn nnd decorate commerce.
"Streets nnd houses dou't gain anything by being outwardly ugly. Wat-
teau thought nothing ot putting In bis
best work ou a street sign for thc
Paris picture dealer Gersalnr, nnd In
our century the two sides of thnt snme
signboard hsve soltl for something like
$85,000. .'To money could buy tliat sign
todsy, for II Is In the private picture
gallery of the emperor of Germnny."-
New York World.
Tbo dccolletage Is softened with almost invisible flesh colored tulle, and
two real lace motifs turn over on the
dark velvet
Hint Far Stenographers.
A prominent physician Is sesponst-
ble for this assertion: "Any yo»ig woman stenographer, quick and alert,
can earn extra money If she will learn
medical (erms and apply for tbe position of stenographer at tbe various
medical 'meetings held every week In
large cities. It calls for a good education, some knowledge of Latin, and it
will be necessary for tbe applicant to
learn medical terms, and learn them
quickly; also to acquaint herself with
physiology if deficient in tbat study.
There is a great demand for help of
this kind, and because most of tba
~~  j meetings sre held at night very few
Tree Planted by Vielar Huge.        ; apply for a steady position, but It
Persons passing along tho Boulevard  opens a lucrative one to tbe ambitious.
nn8p.nl In Purls bave Iheir attention ■ /, ]|ne of tbls work would soon lead
attracted by a new building of un unn-' up to a very responsible position ln a
sual appearance.   At (be end of tbe; chemical   house,   wbere   wages   are
house ls to be seen an alcove which ; usually tbe very best because com-
has beeu constrncted to permit a fluej petent help Is not always obtainable'
acacia tree to flourish.   It Is cvideut < for that offlce."
that tbe design has deprived the owner |
of tbe house of several feet of valuable
land and the apartment bounded by
the alcove suffers In extent to a corrc-
spending degree.    What Is the mean- j
j lug of this "self denying ordinance?"
suggests Itself to every one.   Tbe rcn-
sou is simple and praiseworthy. When I X P610"       ,     ...   ,.
Victor Hugo wus.n lad bo planted the  jr *or^ Evening World. -j-
tree.   It has wnxed strong with years. ' y.|.|.|.|.,H-H-H-M-<-l**l-M-H-H**W^-r
nnd the owner of the property hns de- _______
creed Ihnt It shnll remain ns n memo- j Ntm Occasion.
rial (o (he greut I'renehmnn.-I.ondou j    <_j niSCH} Jour salary only a yeaf
Mis. Cfr.figt.t_e-Everything I lake
up I believe lu going Into thoroughly.
Mr. Uffrngcllo-ltlght. There wns
only a dime left nut or $10 I had In my
trousers last night before retiring. -
New York Mull.
Aetronemy Fer Soldiers.        •   i
Feed Ihe Celt Well. I    Attronotny   ^^~,alM"   '"   " .*?
The colt (hat must stand lhe storms  taught In Ibe English nrmy "Oder (Be
of winter on n poor niton will come direction of the distinguished natron
through (bin In flesh nnd wnbbly Ug-  omcr Sir Norman ig'^.11"*
gcd    If ho never mnl.es a lirst elate | trnto the value of n knowledge or im
An Old Snort's Epigram.
Wben Kid Habit tbe heavyweight, discovers thnt he's got
v you're Angora you're  whipped
* before you enter the rlng!-New
horse he may not be to blntne. Stunted (he lirst winter tuny mean stunted
for life. There Is no doubt Ibat blood
will tell In horn**, hut a man can
I'd ever got stuck with ■ bill like thnt ■ slnrro (hat blood until It Is hardly able
I'd have commuted suicide next day., io loll anything but I story of bad
Oftl art Jou smiling nlT. treatment.
Jspsn's Handmade Paptr.
Handmade paper ts produced In Jn-
pnu principally by farmers ns a secondary occupation which they cnn
pursue In sensous when there Is nothing to be done In the Holds. There
are uo fewer than 00,000 families engaged In Ihis Industry, Japan has
been quick tn utilizing lo the utmost
its assets in bringing the manufacture
of handmade paper to n high modern
standard. In the districts where this
pnper Is mnde there are experiment
bureaus equipped wilh up (o date Instruments nnd apparatus for testing
and selecting the various kinds of raw
material not only for Indigenous Japanese plants, but slso imported fibers.
"What Is (hu toiitluuiii row In tbal I
apartment house';"
•It Is a racial prejudice In ■ way.
You see. a family In une flat hns a
Hussion hound nnd (he adjoining one
hns a Persian cat"-Bnltlmore A inert-
ego. wben you came and told me you
were going lo get married," said the
1 boss Indignantly.
j   "I know you did, but I need moro
1 money," was tbe clerk's reply.
"What for?"
"Well. I've got to pay alimony now."
-Detroit Free Press.
"Blgsby Is n queer fellow."
"How so?"
"He's one of Ibe strongest advocates
of good roadt I ever heard talk."
"What't queer about Ibat?"
"Why, lie doesn't own nn sutomo.
bile."-Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Mian Man.
A maiden named Jottphlnt King
Dropped dttd while itttntptlng tf ling.
Thin a nt'thbor next door,
Whom htr tones hsd msde son,
Looked pleated and ntd, "Dtath, whtre'e
thy itlngr
-New gtrk Morning TslssTi»b.
ttars he lellt how when Lord Wolseley
ordered « night attack upon Arabl Tht Eche of a Toothache.
Poshn'a forces st Telel Keblr ihe ex-     "if* n great comfort to tell yonr
pcdlllon wonld bnvo failed but for two j iro'ibles (o somebody.''
navnl officers whose study of navlga- j   ••;( depends on  whom you eelect.
tion hnd made ihem more St WIS *S* J Telling Ihem to a dentist only icetnt
miliar witb (he besrens, | tu make mat ten won*-".
A Minding Hint
j Tho best way to reduce mending Is
i (o guard ngalnst It Ouo reason why
children's clothes rip Is because the
■ seams are sewed with cotton thread,
which Is brittle. Any dress which will
be given hard wear ebould bo msde up
entirely of aim. Tlio sun end wslef
rot cotton, but do uot affect tbe silk. THE  SUN,. GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Mis* t'irrol Va n, «tih Ollii* Mtok's "Ua«ey Jones" Company, at  Grnnd
Purls Op ru House, Monday, June 3.
Div Siiiiinnns, dentist, Morrison
block.    Phone R 39.
Tl"' iHliliiiiiinii nt Chri»tiiin Lake*
on Empire. iliijvtviiH lurgiil) Hltciuleil
by people from this city, a special
excursion train being despatched,
which gave the excursionists a full
day's outing. Orient and Laurier
also contributed large crowds. The
athletic and aquetic sports proved
interesting, as they were keenly contested. The baseball match between Cascade ami Orient was won
by the latter club by a score of 17
to 0. The moat exciting event of
the day wns the recapture of Will
Beach's cnb bear, which, after wan-
tiering in the woods for a week
without being able to Hnd any congenial companions, returned to his
twin brother at the lake. The peo
plo were furnished with much spectacular amusement before the cub
was again, placed in captivity.
For Sale, at n Big Bargain—Five-
room house and one lot on First
street. Bath-room and toilet in
house; good cellar, stable, and woodshed; lots of small fruit. For price,
terms and further particulars apply
on premises.   W. J. Meagher.
F. H. Knight, of Spokane, the
Midway coal promoter, was in the
city on Tuesday.
Mrs. E. Miller returned on Wednesday from a six weeks' visit witb
relatives in Vanoouver.
R. A. Brown shot hit second bear
near Volcanic, North Fork, this
W. J. Meagher is confined to  bis
home on Firat ttreet by illness.
York, where h» iitleiulwl n rliret*tofi>'
meeting nf the (inm|i'iiiy.
Scott (lillowny, of Vancouver,
formerly interested in ranching in
thia* valley, wtt, a visiiair in  the city
till Tllt'SllalV.
All free miners' licenses expire In
Fnr sale or (rade for live stoek or
land—One 7-room house, in first-
class condition, with all modern im
provements; less than one block
from new postoffice, on upper Main
street.    Apply I. A. Coryell.
Miss Margaret thinner, principal
nf the Danville school, left last week
for Curlew, and Miss Frances Mc
Sorley, the primnrv teacher, has
gone to Delavan, Wis., to spend her
FOR SALE CHEAP-One-acre Tract
Lake Front, adjoining Phoenix Club
property, Christina Lake. Apply
to W. A. Williams,
E. E. Gibson.
Mrs. A. L. Bradley and son and
daughter, of Danville,' left Inst week
for the east, where they will spend
the summer.
Horses for Sale.—Apply E.   Barron, West End.
The annual picnic of the Danville
public school was held last week.
There was a large attendance nnd
everybody had a good time.
Take your repairs to Armson's
Boot and Shoe Hospital, Bridge
street, Grand Forks.
Mining operations have again
been resumed at the Lone Star mine,
near Danville.
Geo. W. Wooster, treasurer and
director of the Granby company,
hat returned from a trip  to   New
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tellable French regulitor; never (alls. These
plllttra exceedingly paiwetlul in rrgtilillnir tlio
generative portion ol the female svstem. Refuse
all cheap Imitations. Dr. de Taa't are sold at
IB a box, or three lor 110. Mailed to any address.
Tha aeebeU Drag Co., St. Catharines, Ont
SuitS tO Order    S18 Upwards
IF We are agents for some of the leading tailoring establishments in the east. When you order from us you have
the advantage of being measured by a practical tailor,
ensuring perfect fit. We guarantee satisfaction.
It Our spring stock of Scotch Tweeds and English Worsteds is better than ever. They are the best you can buy.
We guarantee you the best made clothes in the country
at the lowest prices. We always have men that know
their business making these clothes. Call and see our
goods and prices. We want your trade, and we can give
you satisfaction.
Geo. E. Massie, the Reliable Tailor
Some business men are so fond of
Mug deceived that they even en-
tliijviir tn believe lhat they can reach
tin- (.iiiisiiiiierH nf this district without iiiiveilisingin The Sun.
The high price of living lias
not affected our job printing
prices. We're are still doing
high class commercial work of
all kinds at prices satisfactory
to you.
Yon might as well cut off
your legs because you are running well in a footrace as to
cut off your advertising because your business i.s too
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Hist nitting of the Court of Revision for the purpose of hear
ing all complaints Hiiatirist the Assessment for the yam* MM:!, an made by
the Assessor, for the City of Grand
Korks, and the Oanrl Forks Municipal School District, will be held in the
Council Chamber of the City Hall on
Monday, the 10th day of June, 11)12,
*l2 o'clock P.M.
Notice of any complaint must be
aiven tu the Assessor in writing, at
lemt ten daya previous to the sittinp
■if the Court.
Dated Grand Forks, HC, lOthilu.
■f May, 11)11
Our time, knowledge and
experience in the planting
business i.s at your disposal
when you are in need of something ir this line. Don't forget this.
The only policy holder who
doesn't need to pay his premiums is dead. The only man
who doesn't need to advertise
is the man who has retired
from business.
Asters     Asters
Hohenzollern, Comet,
Mikado and Chrysanthemum Type*
Now is the time to get yonr
Garden in Shape
Dry" four-foot Fir and Tamarac.   Cedar and
Tamarac Posts. Prompt attention to phone orders
A, GALLOWAY, «RU Colombia p. o,
We are prepared to do
all kinds of
Commercial Printing
On the shortest notice and in
the most up-to-date style
We have the most modern jobbing plnnl
in the Boundary Country, employ com
petent workmen, snd carry a complete
line of Stationery.
Billheads and Statements,
l/'tterheails and Envelopes,
Posters, Dates and Dodgers,
Business and Visiting Cards,
I.odge Constitutions and By-laws.
Shipping Tags, Circulars anil Placards,
Billn of   Fare and  Menu   Cards,
Announcements   and Counter
Pads,   Wedding Stationery,
.  .everything turned out in an
Up-to-date Printery.
-the kind we do—in in itself
an advertisement, and a trial
order will convince you that our stock and workmanship are of the best. Let uh estimate on vour ordor.
We guarantee satisfaction.
®lp g>mt •print Sta-p
Grand Forks Transfer
Trunks to and From Stations
Mclntyre   8 Clayton,  Props.
Furniture  Mwla  to Onler.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done.
r. McCutcheon
Downey s Cigar Store
Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos
A Freili (tonilgltment of
Received Weekly.
Postoffice   Building
Palace Barber Shop
Ko-or Honing a Speoialty.
P. A. Z, PARE, Proprietor
1st Door North of Oranby Hotki.,
First Street.
Reaching the People
A promlns.it ml eetete dealer
In Toranlo seye thit hs gats
better antl quicker reiulti from
ths Classified Want Ada. than
Irom any other Mod of «uDllolty.
Ho atotos that tho raaulta oro
out of proportion to tho email
expenae Involved.
Thero Is o moral In thst, for you
If you wont to roooh tho people
We carry the most fashionable stock
of wedding stationery in the Rutin
dary country. And we are the onlv
otlice in this section that have the
correct material for printing it. The
Hun job olliee,


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