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The Evening Sun Oct 30, 1903

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Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, October 30,1903
No. 103.
Alien Labor Law
The Federal Government Intends to
Enforce It.
While No Case of Its Violation Was Established at the En-
quiry This Week, the Evidence Showed that Men
Had Been Sent Here From Spokane.
As a result of a complaint made to ]
tho Ottawa government that the!
Alien Labor law was being violated
in this district, Mr. L. P. Eckstein
was recently appointed by thc minister of justice to hold investigations
nt different points throughout the
Boundary, to take evidence and ascertain if such was thc case.
On Monday and Tuesday, thc
2(ith nnd 27th inst., Mr. Eckstein
received evidence at thc court house
in this city. Provincial {Constable
I. A, Dinsmore, acting as an emigration agent nt this point, submitted
evidence, as did also Dr. John West-
wood, quarantine officer, nnd W. J.
Cook, quarantine guard. While no
case of violation of the Alien Labor
law   was  established, the evidence
went to show that aliens had been
employed by .Spokane agencies nnd
sent to work in the mines at Phoenix, as well as to Grand Forks to
work at the smelter. Several of the
men stated that agencies at Spokane
—naming the Red Cross agency ns
one of them—hnd employed tbem
to come over and work in the Canadian mines. The full report and
evidence taken, which also deals
with emigration affecting this district, will be forwarded to Ottawa
by Mr. Eckstein. .    .
The federal government is to be
commended for its prompt action in
this matter, showing, ns it does, that
it really intends to look out for the
welfare of the Canadian workman,
and to enforce thc Alien Labor law
wherever it is violated.
Ye Okie Folkes Concerto, promoted by Mesdames E. Disney and
Parker, nnd bold in the opera
Wednesday evening, wns quite a success. A lengthy program wns rendered, nnd some twenty people took
part. Thc costumes worn were of
ye good old days, withal exceptionally appropriate. The hull was
fairly well filled, especially the reserved portion of it, nnd the audience was very appreciative. While
space will not permit of a detailed
account of all thc numbers on tho
program, which were generally rendered in an acceptable manner, special mention may be made of several of the performers wdio had to respond to encores. Phila Well's
song, ''Grandma's Advice," was
well given and received merited applause. Miss F. Craddock sang
"Tho Old Folks at Home" in a very
pleasing manner, nnd she hnd to respond to an encore. A. Hinton
brought down the house with his
song, "When George the Third Wns
King." A song by the "nigger"
entitled "Old Blaok Joe," was rendered in splendid style, and called
forth an encore. Mrs. E. Disney
was recalled several times. Her
song, "Caller Herrin," delighted
the audience and brought forth
great applause. Mrs. Parker sang
"Ye Dream o' Home" in her usual
good style, and wns henrtily;rccalled.
Several of the selections given by the
chorus were good, and the curtain
dropped after the singing of "God
Save the King."
j The evening service marks the com
I plction of Mr. Robertson's four
years' pastorate, and the service
will bo specially in harmony with
the occasion. Subject for sermon:
"What Doef the Presbyterian Church
Stand For?"
Chas. Saunders, accompanied by
his wife, loft yesterday on a three
months' trip through the Southern
states. Charlie is one of thc pioneer
prospectors of the Boundary, and
never lost faith in the mineral resources of this district. He has
made several important deal since
coming here, nnd still owns some
promising properties both in this
vicinity nnd in the Similkameen
Wedding Beus—A quiet wedding took place nt the residence of
Dr. R. E. Northrop Wednesday
morning at 9:80 o'olock. The contracting parties were Louis G. Fow-
iler and Miss Florence Shepard.
| Rov. J. F. Hctts tied the knot that
i made the happy couple one. Both
the bride and groom are well known
! and popular young people of this
j city. The former has been in the
millinery business for the past two
| years, and the latter has been employed by ihe Granby Smelter company for about thc same period, and
both have a host of friends in the
city that join in wishing them n
long life of joy nnd happiness, They
left Wednesday morning via the
Groat Northern for Seattle and other
points south to spend their honeymoon. They will reside permanently in this city on their return.
1 The Sacrament of thc Lord's Supper will be observed in Knox Presbyterian church Sabbath morning at
11 o'clook. It is specially desired
that  all communicants be present.
McArthur Bros., of Winnipeg,
who are heavily interested in thc
lumber business of Manitoba, have
been in Grand Forks and other
places in the Boundary district during the past month.   Tho object of
their visit is to look} into the lumber
resources of this section with a view
oj extending their business in this
province. They have inspected all
timber lands tributary to Grand
Forks, and express a favorably
opinion both as to the quantity and
quality of the timber, and it is reported they have made an offer for
the lumber business of Lequime &
Powers, and if it is accepted they
will soon commence operations on a
large scale here.
Rev. J. R. Robertson is engaged
in thc preparation of n lecture entitled "Thc Religious Life of Cnndn."
lie will likely deliver it to n Grand
Forks audience in the near future.
N. McLellan, tne well known
flour and feed merchant, returned
last Saturday from Coleman, Alta.,
where he attended the sale of lots
held on the 22d inst. He purchased
a lot, and before leaving let the eon-
tract to Smith Bros., contractors, for
the erection of a store building
24x40, which, when completed, will
be occupied by himself and Jeff
Davis, who have formed a partnership to carry on a general mercantile
business, including a full line of
flour and feed. Moth are well known
and successful business men of this
city, nnd there is no doubt their
new venture will be a success. The
business will be placed in charge cf
an efficient manager, who, it is
rumored, is well known in this city.
H. N. Galer, assistant general
mnnnger of thc Granby company,
returned Saturday from Coleman,
Alta., where he had been in connection with the placing of the Coleman townsite on the market. During the first day the sales of lots
amounted to over $20,000, with
other sales pending. Quite a boom
is on at that place, nnd buildings
are being erected as fast as men and
lumber can be procured. Several ol
mir local merchants intend erecting
business houses and' opening up in
that town in the near future.
Postinasterllull this week received
a communication from the T. Baton
company, of Toronto, slating they
had received a remittance ami
an order, bearing a Grand Porks
postmark, to which no namo was
signed. The notice is posted up in
the postoffice. This does not look-
like patronizing home industries.
Rev. J. It. Robertson occupied the
pulpit of the Presbyterian church nt
Phoenix last Sunday. .1. Burtt
Morgan took charge of Mr. Robertson's services in Knox church hero.
A Great Attraction Tonight
At the opera house tonight the
Marfdor-Goulding company promises
an excellent performance, The
company has arrived in the city,
nnd is staying at the Yale hotel.
The press speaking in glowing terms
of tbis company*, especially of Miss
Colliding, of London, England.
This young 1'uly is only 22 years of
ago, and is today one of the best, ii
not the best, lady cornet soloists in
tho world. Tho company is well
balanced in high clnss vaudeville,
and it is not often we arc treated to
such meritorious talent in Grand
Forks. Seats are selling fast, and
no doubt there will be a full house
tonight.    Prices are popular.
Mines and Smelters
Two More Steam Shovels Will Be Installed at Granby Mines.
The Rathmullen Mining Company Intends to Resume Work
on Its Group of Claims in the Near
As a result of tho successful operation of the Thew steam shovel in the
immense quarries of the Granby mines
for the last few months, two more
shovels will .shortly be placed in commission at these properties, and both
of them will be larger and heavier
than the shovel now in daily use. One
of tiie new machines has been ordered
from the makers of the one in use,
the Automatic Shovel Co,, of Lorain,
Ohio, anrl is expected ^o arrive in
Phoenix some time next month. The
present shovel handles with its dipper
three-quarters of a cubic yard of ore
or material at once, and the new machine will handle about a yard in the
same time. The new shovel will have
a capacity to handle in the neighborhood of 15UU tons of ore daily. Any
day now the other steam shovel is expected to arrive at the mines and lie
set at work. It is a Marin.;*' shovel,
and is being secured from the C. P. II.
.is an experiment, to see if it ean be
made to do the work required of it in
a mining way. The railway company
lias been using it at the gravel pits at
Castlegar. This shovel will be placed
in the No. 2 ore pit, and rails are now
being laid at that point for its accommodation. It is the intention of .Superintendent Williams to use a steam
This property was one of the first to
be located in the district, and has
been crown granted for Borne years.
It bas a promising outlook and
should show up well in tbe near future.
Chas. Simpson wil] commence
work on tbe Iron King fraction, on
Hardy mountain, this week. Tbis
property adjoins the Betts and Hesperus group, and has a fine surface
Work is to be resumed at once on
thc Minnie claim, adjoining the O.
P., in .Summit camp. The property
is owned by Dr. Averill and Al
Traunweiser, of tbis city.
Foi lowing are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded at the office of the Grand
Forks,  October 21st to 27th, idcIu-
Betts, Wellington  camp,  Charles
J. Magee.
Hesperus   Fraction,    Wellington
camp, Charles J. Magee.
shovel fur handling nre underground .Sunrise, Wellington camp, roloca,-
in the large stopes of the Granby tion of Donnegal Blade, Q, K. Simp-
mines ns soon as he can get it ar- 8on, J. A. Nelson and Geo. Urlin,
ranged, and can secure a machine ex- j 37 Fraction, Summit cump, relo-
aofcly suitable for the purposo. Lust cation of Victor Fraction, John
week  (apt. R. Thews, vice-president Rogers.
of the Automatic shovel Co., acconi.     Homestead, Brown's creek, reloca-
panied by his consulting engineer, was tion of Waldorf, John Rogers,
in Phoenix looking over tliu situation.       No, Hi, Greenwood camp, reloca-
ile hnd just come from Seattle, where Hon of Ellen, John Mulligan,
two   of   his company'ssseam shovels      No. lo, Greenwood  camp, roloca-
were recently installed by thc   Great! tion of Daisy, J. Kerby.
Northern railway for use in tho two-     No. 17 FrnctionjGreonwood camp,
ile tunnel under that city, which  i>
now being driven.
The Rathmu|len Mining company
intend   starting  up   work  on their j Mulligan.
relocation of Sunday, F.  M.  Kerby.
No. 14, Greenwood  camp, relocation of Fair, Forbes M. Kerby.
No.   18,  Greenwood camp, John
group of claims in Summit camp in
tho near future. I.. H. Moffatt, the
soofetary and treasurer of the company, who resides in Rossland,
states that they nre only waiting for
the shareholders to "pool" their
shares, or place them in escrow in the
Hank of Montreal, Rossland, until
December 31, 1004, tocommence
further development. The reason
they nre asking the shareholders to
do tbis is to give the company a
chance to dispose of treasury stock
at a fair market value without having the market Hooded with cheap
shareholders' stock. There arc sixteen claims in the group.
The Eagle mine, situated on Hardy
mountain and owned by Geo. \V.
Averill and associates, is to be
operated again, and a force of men
will be put to work on it this week.
•Shamrock III, Summit camp, relocation of Lansing Eo. 1,B. Low-
Elmer No. ■'!, Summit camp, relocation of Klmer No. 2, John 1'. McLeod,
Hope Fraction, Wellington camp,
Mnrdock McLeod.
I'. 0. No. 1 Fraction, Summit
Camp, Frank Coote.
Columbia, Grand Forks, \V. K.
Ethel M., Franklin camp, Fee
et al.
Geo. A. Curtis, architect, returned
Saturday from au extended business
trip to Nelson.
Thos. Gray, a well known commercial man, was a visitor iu the
citv this week. GJiir Biftutifl £>un
One year,.,,$8.Q0 I Threemonths, .SO
Sir. montlts.. l.oti \ One month BO
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legdnoticcs, lOnndB Cts, prelim:
Address all contmunicalions In
Tin: Kvkxixii Hun,
Phone 55. orand forks, n. o.
The Vanoouver Liberal association
has registered an emphatic protest
' against thc terms of the Alaskan
award, nnd the manner in which thc
said decision wns reached. Al n
meeting of the association this wick
thc following resolution was unanimously jiassed: "That the Liberal
association of Vancouver, in regular
meeting assembled, hereby endorses
thc action of Sir L. Jetto nnd Mr.
AyleswoYth, the Canadian commissioners on the Alaskan boundary
commission, in refusing to sign
the award of the said commission, and protests against Canadian
territory being given away by n
llritish commissioner contrary to
the will of Canada; and that a copy
of t'us resolution he forwarded to
the Canadian secretary of state, with
a request that it ho forwarded by
him to the colonial secretary.''
Tim-: Conservative papers of the
Boundary Inst week belittled the
federal government's efforts to secure
data respecting the contravention of
the Alien Labor Act in this district
The elections are over and the Cana
dian workman can shift for himself, si
tnr as the Tories nre concerned.
he regular weekly meeting of the
city council wns held Monday night
in tho council chamber. Therewero
present Mayor Burrell, Aldermen
Feeney, Gaw, Martin. McLellan
und Peterson.
A communication was received
from Geo. Chappie, offering !?15 fir
tho balance of the old pipe. Accepted.
The following bills were o.rderid
i'. I'. Ry. Co S 12.S!)
Westinghouse Electric Co.... 120.80
Mr?. Simons      6.75
Whether for immediate or future consider-
eration our prices for
Copper Plate Engraving are worthy of
For instance, we engrave a plate like this
for $i.oo.
^fMJMumn/ &meitlAU
Porcelain Tub at the  Yale   Barber
Attend (he Maridor-Goulding ei -
tertainincnt at the opera house tonight.
From the plaie we print
ioo choicest quality cards
for $i,oo.
The "plat*" will last a lifetime.
Write for a copy of our
new handsomely i lustra-
ted catalogue, ready Nov.
15th. On request we will
send it to any address
free of cost,
118, 120, 123 ..nd 124
Yonge St., Toronto
Bert Rao left for I'bocnix last
At thc residence of the bride's
mother, Mre. Wray, 34 Borden
street, yesterday,Miss So ah A. Wray
was married to Mr. .Neil McCallum,
B.A., of Grand Forks, B, ('., Pastor
Zimmerman, of Bethany Chapel,
officiating. The bride wore a handsome brown traveling suit, and carried a bouquet of white chrysanthemums. Mr. nnd Mrs. McCallum
left for n visit to Paisley. They will
go west about Nov. 2. — Toronto
Globe, Oct. 22.
Mrs. ('has. Cusson left today for
Winnipeg, where she will visit I'
riends for several months.
Tin: turning down of John Houston knocks another prop from under
the McBride government. As John
i- very fond of taking his revenge in
large doses, it will he interesting lo
watch bis action dining the coming
s ission of legislature.
The Sun is pleased to learn tha
Premier McBride's promises to the
coal locators huve not yet been withdrawn.
Killed in the Knob Hill,
Two men were instantly killed
last Friday in the Knob Hill mine
at Phoenix. A force of men were
working on the night shift, about
-100 feet from the portal in the No.
2 tunnel, when, without winning,
a portion of the roof broke away and
covered Thomas Malloy and James
Crabb with tons of rook, death being instantaneous, One man who
wis in n mine cur hnd just jumped
out, and the Oar was tilled with the
falling oro. A large force of men at
once set to work getting out the unfortunates, the-remains being taken
to the undertakers,
James Crabb wns a young man, n
native of Dehead, Scotland, where
his father still lives. Malloy was an
older man. and was an Irishman by
birth, although little is known of
him 11 ere. Both hud been in camp
but a few months.
Dr. G. M. Foster, district coroner,
at once visited the scene of the accident, but as the shift boss and other
miners present nt the time of the
catastrophe stated that tho place in
question had been carefully examined immediately before the accident, and thought to be safe, the
coroner decided mi inquest to be unnecessary. .No blnme was attached
to tin {management of the company,
Baths 25 cents at the Yale Barber
Thc "Millionaire Tramp'' company gave an acceptable performance
to a large audience in the Biden
opera house last Saturday evening.
The company is a strong one, and
the play was given with a vim that
p'eased the largo crowd.
•ouvcr,'s in the city. Mr. Ward is
inspecting thc company's securties
in this city, and expresses himself
as satisfied with tho company's
holdings here.
The Nelson News says: The
Muriilor-Gnulding entertainment last
night proved to he a delightful novelty. The two little girls, Haz 1
Maynior and Mildred Bassett, were
very pleasing in dance and coon
songs, Hazel's Egyptian danco being
very taking. Miss Colliding, the
English cometist, was the star of the
evening, and it is a pity that she did
not give a greater number of selections, as her exceptionally line playing of this, the greatest of all wind
instruments, was much appreciated.
Eor military selections, which she
played in uniform, made a special
hit. Miss Mariilor fainted on the
stage during the evening, and her
performance was very good considering that she has been under the
doctor's care for two days.
Harry Jackson, late bookkeeper
for P. Burns cfc Co., has opened up a
meat market in the Sheads building,
Bridge street, recently occupied by
Kelly Bros.', and will cater to thc
wants of the public in the meat line
from now on.
At a meeting of Conservatives,
held in their committee rooms Monday night, Tom Croston and Mayor
Burrell were appointed delegates to
attend the Conservative convention
to be held in Kamloops on Wednesday, the 28th inst., for the purpose
of nominating a candidate to contest the Yule-Cariboo constituency
in the approaching Dominion elections. Thev left Tuesday via the
C. P. I!.
1). McArthur, of Winnipeg, who
has been in the hospital here for
the past month, has recovered sufficiently to he out again.
G. A. Lawrence, hardware merchant of .Nelson, was in the city last
August Schnettor, a well known
rancher across the river, had one of
his lingers cut oil' last week by a po-
tatoo digger.
W. K. ('. Manly, returned from a
short   business  trip   to   Republic,
Lloyd A. Manly returned Tuesday
from a business trip to Coleman,
Leo Neff, a well known resident
of the North Fork country, left
Thursday on an extended visit to
New York.
J. Burtt Morgan returned to the
city last Saturday, after an extended
business trip through East Kootenay.
Geo. Ward, inspector for the B. 0.
Permanent Loan and Savings company,   with   headquarters  at Van-
W. Nook and wife, of  this   city,
were visitors in Rossland last   week.
Mrs. (ieo. Fraser returned last
Tuesday from a Week's visit to
Liberal Association Meeting
The annual meeting of the Grand
Forks Liberal association was held
in Alberta hall last Friday evening.
A large number of.members were
present, and the proceedings were
carried on willf-vim und enthusiasm
Gent's Department
LlirtfPSt mill
Stock tn the
Kx "crimen
<>rial Money
Everybody See This Side
Our Motto:
money will bu;
i- Dot too [Tin (I
for our «'ii8-
Phone 64
And the Beat of Everything-
Else   in   the Groeery   Line.
The "Club"
First Street.
Highest Grade Imported
Pouts, Ciikkuies, BmdUN-
dies, Etc.
C.   C.   TILLEY
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing term:
President, Dr. K. C. MacDonald
First Vice-President, P. T. McCallum (re-elected).
Second Vice-President, Geo. D.
Secretary,\V. J. Cook (re-elected).
Treasurer, G. C. McGregor.
Executive Committee — I). D.
Munro, H. II. Spinks, IT. A.
Sheads, Neil McCallum, J. K. Dunlop, .1. I). Spence, M. S. Martin, P.
H. Donaldson, Geo. Ewing and W.
I!. Bower.
An address congratulating J. A.
Macdonald, M.P,P. for Rossland, on
his election to the leadership of the
provincial Liberals, was carried.
The thanks of the local association was tendered W. II. P. Clement
for his services in the late campaign,
and for his efforts in putting up u
plucky and honest light.
BICrOLES—Clevelands, Massie-
Harris, Imperials, Cohnnbins, Ituni-
hlcrs—all top-notchers—fur sale and
for rent. Also a complete line of bi-
evete sundries. All kinds uf bicycle
repairing, Geo, Chappie, First St.,
opposite postoffice, Grand Forks, B. C.
Enjoy Photo=
graphy With
Little Expense
Work lake Kodaks,
and in Daylight.
& CO.
Sole Dealers for
j J. W. Jones j
Furniture Dealer
& Keep Your Eye
% on thin Space
2 Grand Forks 5
S 8
6-«O*6»G«0«OO«0i?0«C6 0«tt0O««Bs»«ea«0<l«tf4l»fta6«<>(><>t'0«»««6
I Bear in Hind- 0DRr0K I
o Will arrive about November 16th,   Then Watch this Space,  «
White Bros., jgj
Jewelers and
96 $O6$OO<.«<><-O©OOOC>9*6O<»<*4c6OOO6&C,$ttft<»<»0fr«*5OO#OfrO0t>G*
The following table gives the ore shipments of B(
1000, 1001, 1002, 1008, and for the past week!
1900 1901.        1902.
Granbv Mines,Phoenix.., 04,688 231,7(12   800,858
Snowshoe, Phoenix      297 1,721     20,800
Brooklyn, Phoenix       150                	
Mother Lode, Deadwood,   5,840 99,084   141,826
Sunset, Deadwood  804      7,455
Morrison, Deadwood  150       	
IS. C. Mine, Summit  19,494 47,405     14,811
R. Bell, Summit  5(10
Enimii, Summit....  050
Oro Denoro	
Winnipeg, Wellington    1,070 1,040
Golden Crown, Wellington   2,250
Athelstan, Wellington     1,200
KingSolomon,W. Copper	
Nil 7 Mine, Central	
Citv of Paris, Central     2,000
Jewel, LongLako       160
Ciinni, West Pork	
Providence, Providence	
Flkhprn, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundary Falls...
Total, tons  99,780   890,000   507,515
("iranby Smelter treated... 02,387   230,828   312,310
iimdary mines for
190.1. Post Week
286,916 9,44,s
00,112 2,070
101,511 2,888
15,-is.i 'isiiio
9,076 594
1,840 270
2^040 '...'..'.
'705 '.'.'.'.'.'.
513,011 10,010
204,440 8,050 APPLES
Home Grown
Thc very fines
in the inarkc
reserving Peaches, Plums, X.
We Keep the I!
•ctarines, Crab Apples,
est .Money will Buy.
A Stylish Finish and
Lasting Satistaction
Got Voui
Mmio by
Savings Go.
a resppnsabilite limitw.
with powers to issue $1,000,000 bonds.
You May Borrow
Any Amount of Money
with which to buy n home,
a farm, or pay off a moi't-
gage, on your personal note
with absolutely no interest
to pay, taking -'0 years or
less to pay it back in small
monthly payments without
Why Pay Rent
or be troubled with mortgages when TllE Loan ami
Savings Company will furnish you with the money to
buy your h e or pay off
your mortgage in any lucidity and charge you NO INTEREST, No mutter where
you live, lose no time but
consult at once
Head Office: 20 St. Alexis .St.,
Strictest investigation courted. Agents
in all parts of the Dominion of
Canada wanted.
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St.l'uul Railway;known
all over the Union as the great nti 1
way running the "Pioneer Limited"
brains every day and night betweenSt.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chcago. "The only perfeot trains m-
tho world." Understand: Connections are mods with All Transcpnti
nental Lines, assuring to passengers
the best service known. Luxurious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
Sec that your ticket rends via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
For rates, pamphlets or  other   information, address
R; L. Pohd, H. S. Rowk,
Trav. Pass. Agt0      Gen. Agent,
Spokane, Wash.     Portland, Ore.
Over the uun-bumed, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, cool
nnd comfortable ride through tin
heart of the Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do hy traveing on,
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Secnie Line of the World.''
thc only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake pity, Glori-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs and Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of five
distinct routes of travel. Thc equipment of those trains iB the best, including free reclining chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
lcct dining ear service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can bo found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
1). Mansfield, Gen. Agt., RioGrande
Lines, No. 12J Third Street, Portland, Ore.
Breaking the Bank at Montt
recently visited iV.ont<; Carlo oi
his wedding jounuy, and watched
Lord Itosslyn attempt to break thi
bank. "Everybody," lie *nys, "Is laugh
ing at the earl's so-calhd system. IU
announced In England .hat he had ar
Infallible system, und only needed $60,«
000 to make It go. People tumbled ovei
each other to give him the money. Mi
began playing with thousand- f rani
notes. When I left hi was playlni
with flve-franc pieces. I wns told thai
all but about $5,000 of the $50,000 wai
gone. There Is no such thing as breaking the bank at Monte Carlo. A m.i:
who has lived In the place merely as a
resident for years told me the gambling-house paid return/i as regular ai
dividends on the New York ^^ntra1
Railroad. I suppose there are ten rou
lette-tables, and each table Is a haul
with a capital of $120,000. If you wir
all Its capital that particular tablt
closes for tiie day to get a change ol
luck. That Is all? the bank-brenklnr
there is. You would have to go through
all the other tables—roulette, rouge-et-
nnir, and trente-et-quarnnte — befort
you close up the concern, and there art
several of each. They are a dismal
looking lot—the players. I never saw
one of them smile, and the winner!
looked as miserable as the losers. Nobody gets away with any money, nt
matter how much he wins. At least If
Is very rare. I saw one man begir
with a thousand-franc note—$200. H<
played and won—doubled his money;
played, and won again, and agalr
doubled. He kept on until he had wot
about $24,000. Then he started resolutely to go out. At the door he stopped
hesitated, and turned back. He sauntered over to the table, and looked oi
at the game for a while Then he buttoned up his coat again, with great
decision, and started out with a flrti
stride. But he could not — positively
could not get through the door. Thi
last T saw of h I in he was playing awaj
again, and the $21,000 was going pell
mell back lulo the gambling-house cof
fers. I did see one man, however, wli
and go away with his money. He wa«
a very rich man, as I happened tc
know, and Just played fljr fur., not earing whether he won or not. He hat!
astonishing luck. The same numbei
came up five times in succession—nr
unusual thing. It made a great sensH-
lion In the room, and people gatherer
about. At the fifth turn of the num
her he swiped In everything from thi
table, and poked away the wads o
French banknotes into his pocket:
right and left. He ivi :i about $G,000 h
i very few moments."
New nnd Second-Hand
Clouds Boughtand Sold
Cor. Bridgoand SncondSte.
Consignments Bend to mo will
be passed Customs nnd distributed speedily by unexcelled facilities.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Notary Public
Real Estate Dealer
Grand  Forks, B. C.
Pacific Hotel
OppoilteC.Pi K. Station,
Columbia. II. C
& A. AI.—Regular Communica-
ujition First Wednesday of each month
at 8 o'clock p. m, precisely. Sojourning Brethren cordially invited to attend. Jno. Roouns,
Jxo. Westwood, W.M. Sua.
bor   Union  No,  281, A.L.U.—
Meets    every   Wednesday   evening
ut 8 o'clook in    Federal    Union   hull.
Jas. A. Ha It Ills, Pres.
John T. Lawurnck, Nee-
Why Women Can't Throw
IT has uften been ■> source of wonde
to married men that their wive
should Invariably hit the cat, o
nine other fhoffending object, whei
timing- bootjacks and other missiles it
their direction. An explanation is nov
to hand, which, It is hoped, will ad<
enlightenment, as well as consolation
to any benighted Benedict who has ex
perlenced this idiosyncrasy. It appear;
that the reason a woman cannot ain
i straight Is on account of her collarbone being too large to enable her t<
acquire a free swipe of the arm. This
simply shows that when kind Provl
deuce sent woman Into the void foi
man to lavish his affections and earn
Ings upon, everything was beautlfullj
and systematically thought out. Hnc
woman been physically constructed &(
that her shying powers were equal r.
'.hose of man, huxbrmds would havi
had a mighty busy time of It dodging
things generally. Thanks to that sam-
Providence, however, woman can stll
throw her lily-white arms round ou
manly necks and hit the bull's-eye ev
ery time. •
No matter what the world may say
About a woman throwing straight
Dame Nature built her Just tltat way
That man might   dodge    her whe-
Her collar-bone consoles RM Iltlll
In formulating 11   le plans
To "collar" and to ''bone" at will
'Most everything of simple man's.
KNOX  PKI.smvtkiua.n   OHUROH. Grand
Porks .i.   it.   Roberta    H.A.,   pastor
Services evory Sunday at n u.m. unl le.w o,
m.i Sunday toliuol ami lltble olow, :t p. m.i
Weitniiniter Guild c,r 0. I... Tuesday, 8
and i-'iiii. -T.. j k. [tett«ipastor. Service*
overy Sunday nt il a.m. nnd 7.:m n,m.t
olAMmeetlnirateloioof morning lOrvlooi
Sunday   Bohool anil   UN.I- oMMat Bp, m.i
prayer meeting every Thursday svenlng
at 8 o'clock, TlieiMiblioUcordiallyInvited,
land). Grand Pork* Henry Ste
Huly OommUtlion, Ba. m.i tnorn
andiermoiii n a. m.| Sunday tab
evensong Hndsermon, 7:Su p. i
cordially Invited.
of En*-
(!, vicar-
^ prayer
Strength and vigor como of good
food, duly digested. "Force, ■ n
ready-to-serve wheat nnd barley food
ndds mi burden, but Bustains, invigorates,
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in this oity, has a capacity
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.   Rates, SI and 81.60 perday.
If you want to buy Halcyon Mineral Water call at the Grand Forks
Subscribe for The Kvknixh Sow.
$2 per year.
For u nico hair-cut or shave go to'
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.   Baths 25c.
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Hay, ricCallum
From Kansas comes the same old Bto
that has been enacted nnd re-ennf
every succeeding summer for forty**
July 0th—Hot—still hotter—no rain
corn   shooting—hot     winds—no   ruin
everything burning up—grass nil gone
howling    hot     wind.-!—no     rain—cart I.
cracking open — oattlo starving — stocl
ponds gone dry—driving cattle six mil.-
to   water—prairies   ready    to    burn-
everything   gone—hotter   and   dryer-
fanners cutting up corn—gizzards of thi
'•at-flsh  in  the  bottom  of the  Walnut
baked to a leal brown.
August 1st—Will have to organize 1111
tid society—not enough stuff In the
country to winter a calf.
September   10th—Corn  looks  better
it lives—has a few nubbin*—prairie gi>->-
ii ton to the acre—cattle rolling fat.
September 30th—Two and three ear-
of corn to the stulk—step-ladders to
Mick the cars—thirty anil forty And sixty j
bushels to the acre—money wanted—to
buy cattle—to eat up the tremendous
corn crop—stockmen gone to Colorado,
Texas, and New Mexico hunting cattle
to feed. More corn—more grass—more
Thanksgiving—Everybody wallowing in
wealth—more farms— more land—more
pianos—more carriages—better homes —
more girls and boys oft* to the colleges
—more money to loan at lowest rates
of interest, nnd there you have It.jind
besides, it's all true—every word of it-—
"El Dorado Republican.1
If yini   want all tho local nows
read Thk Evening Sun,
Mining and Real
Estate Dealers
Financial and
Lots For Sale in All Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lots at Low Prices.
Money to Loan.
Columbia Aventie
Grand  Forks, B. C. ►
Fire Insurance
I represent tin- Following
K.-iini.ir Kite Companies)
'Insurance Companies, I am hlso stretil fur
B. 0. Permanent Loan ami Savings Oo. <>i
Vauooiivor ami the U. B, Fidelity & Guaranty
Telobpouel87 Johuson Block
Momubon Block,       grand koiiks. B.a
Dr. Follick
OraduatG of Philadelphia Dental
Office over Hunter-
Phone 27. Kendrick Co.'s Store.
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.
Office in Megaw Block.
Phone 138,       Brand Forks, B.C
W. H  P, cl.i:\iknt
Clement C& Spence
SarriMtefBi Solicitors,
Notaries, Bto.
Bldeti Block, Corner Win nl pep avenue and
l"h>t Street.
NOTIOB i* hereby trlven thot,notIiifl: under
instt'iicioiiK from the Honourable the
Minister of Justice «r Cannda.1 shall, on
MumliiY.tlinftltlidnynf Ortolicr Instnnt, at
the Court Bouse, Grand Kinks, at IU o'claoh
In the forenoon, take evidence regurdlusthe
oontraveutlon, if any. of rim Alien Labour
Act. All persons bavins complaint to make
or Bvidenoe to give in the premises are required  to attend f<»r that purpose at the
said time utnl iilaee.
Dated the iiithdny of October, 1908.
L. P. Kl'KSTIilN,
Grand Porks, B. C.
W, H, ITTER & CO. VSSfflfcSSf. '"""'""-
Do you read?   If so. go tn them and loin their Circulating Library.   It has no equal In British Columbia.
Santa clause sent word t<» then, say-   Stationery, Office and School Sup-
SiSJnSMLrtSo^Ia   plies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
XmasGoodsas you ever had before.   Your place will BtUl be Suutii'a Headquarters."
W.   H.   ITTER &  CO.
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Pari; of the Citv.
FOR. . .
Tnl«' a Look at Our Window
Display of the Latest Novelties
in Chatelaine Brigs and Purees.
Prescriptions Carefully
B fj
V YOU desire to.be well Informed on
Boundary matters be suro it comet!
to your home
During the whole year. It .h owned by
the editor, and not by any clique or faction.    It is worth $5.00,    It coats only
Literature's Anticipations of
Sciei ce.
fl7T vi'.UY Interesting book might be
|J written, uu th*1 "Spectator" ob-
JX serves, by collecting together all
the oases In Which poets and
dramatists and novelists have anticipated the triumphs of later science, A
correspondent has Just called attention
to such a ca.se, In which he claim?
that the Spanish dramatist Caldcron
uttered "a very clear prevision of Marconi's wireless telegraphy." Pteely
translated, the passage In question
reads as follows: "They say thait when
two Instruments are properly attuned
together they communicate to each
other their wind-borne echoes; touch
the one Instrument and the winds excite Its fellow, though none De near It."
Calderon's reference Is, of course, to
the well-known principle of resonance,
and can scarcely be used as a prophecy
of wireless telegraphy, but In the writings of a contemporary of Calderon
there Is a much closer approximation
to Marconi's discovery. Strada, the
learned Jesuit historian, tells us how
two friends carried on a correspondence "by the help of a certain loadstone, which had such virtue in it that,
If it touched two several needles, when
one of the needles so touched begem to
move, ■ the other, though at never so
great a distance, moved at the same
time and in the same manner." Strada
goes on to describe how these two
friends made a kind of "alphabetic
telegraph" — a dial-face with the letters of the alphabet placed around Its
edge, and a needle In the center which
could be made to point at any of the
letters at will. "When they were some
hundreds of miles asunder, each of
them shut himself up In his closet ait
the time appointed, and Immediately
east his eye upon his dial-plate. If he
had a mind to write anything to his
friend, he directed his needle to every
letter that formed the words which he
had occasion for, making a little pause
at the end of every word or sentence to
avoid confusion. The friend, In the
meanwhile, saw his sympathetic noedls
moving of Itself to every letter which
that of his correspondent pointed at.
By this means they talked across a
whole continent, and conveyed their
thoughts to one another in an instant,
over cities or mountains, sens or deserts." Not only had these correspondents no necessity for wires; they did
not even need the simple apparatus
upon which Marconi depends, although
there are scientific prophets of our day
who believe that we shall yet reach
even a higher standard of simplicity In
the future.
$2.00 PER YEAR
Recognized Their Old Friend.
THE love which English people,
especially British soldiers, feel for
Florence Nightingale has been
shown ot many times and in many
places. A new and striking Instance ot
It was recently given by tihe "Sunday
The lute Sir John Steell, sculptor to
Queen Victoria, was modeling a bust of
Miss Nightingale, -when an ofllcer of
one of the Highland regiments which .
had suffered so cruelly In the Crimea
hoard that the bust had just been completed, and was in Sir John's studio.
Many of the men in his company had
passed through the hospital at Scutari,
and he obtained permission from the
sculptor to bring some of them to see
It. Accordingly a squid of men one
day marched Into the big studio and
stood in line.
They had no Idea why they had been
mustered in so strange a place. Without a word of warning the bust waa
uncovered, and then, as by one Impulse, the men broke rank, and with
cries of "Miss Nightingale! Miss Nightingale!" surrounded the model, and
wltih hats off cheered the figure of their
devoted nurse until the roof rang.
So spontaneous and hearty and so Inspiring wns the whole scene that In
after days Sir John Steell declared It to
■be the greatest compliment of his life.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
Lost the Case.
"Sometimes," snid a prominent
lawyer, who was giving some reminiscences of his provisional career, "ft cam is won or lost for you
right In tho court-room without your
lifting your finger—or rfl.tr.or, your
"I wns once conned for the plaintiff
In a suit tor Infringement nr trademark, My client made ft brand of
chewing-gum put up In a blue wrapper. This wrapper had been widely
advertised, and was n Rood thing to
catch the eye In a candy counter. Tho
defendant had got up n prelty close
Imitation; at n distance It looked Ihe
some, although the words were different, and nothing was cople* except
the general appearance, which Is, for
advertising pir poses, half »e value of
a distinctive label.
"The  opposing counsel  made  out a
pretty   good   case,   showing   that   In  .
wording, the shape of the letters, and
other points, his client's wrapper waa
different from the plalntl«'s.
" 'Why,' he said, picking up one
Wrapper and showing It to the jury,
'would anyone mistake this wrapper
for that of the plaintiff? See,' he continued, reaching down for tne other,
•th y are entirely different.'
"I told him to hold the two Just as .tu
hod them. He paused ut my lnteirup.
tion, wondering what I was up to. Ills
wonder changed to confusion when he
found that he had mistaken them
himself, and picked up my client's
wrapper first. It took Iwo words from
me to win the case."
Don't forgot to leave your ord'or
for fee with F. Miller.    Phone M   j
Klondike pool table, Only one
in eity.   Grand Forks hotel.
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work and promptness in
the execution. Bad work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
time is not fgood service; but the two combine to
make one of ihe most necessary, but hardest to obtain nnd often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned thc lesson in theory we have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, nnd consists of the
latest und most popular faces of type and thc
most tip-to-date machinery. All workfeuaranteed
to give satisfaction.
Job Department.
Phone 55


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