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The Evening Sun Nov 10, 1903

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Third Year.
Grand Forks, B. C, Tuesday, November 10, 1903
No. 3
Curtis Is Optimistic
More Dividends Will be Paid Next Year
Than Ever Before.
INSET sura
The Outlook for Legitimate Mining in This Province Was
Never Better—New Processes Will Cheapen
Production Considerably.
Smith Curtis, manager of the Oro
Denoro mine, in an interview printed in yesterday's Spokesman-
Review, is enthusiastic over the
mines in this district. Cheapened
methods of treating ores, which will
enable low grade ores to lie treated
at a profit, are the chief reasons he
gives for bis statement that next
year will he one of the greatest in
the history of tbis province.
"Tho Elmore oil process of con-
eeutratinn," says Mr. Curtis, "is said
nut only to he a success, hut lias surpassed the expectations of the inventor in the results it is giving.
The fact that the War Eagle and thc
Center Star have given orders for a
plant to he used in conjunction with
their own concentrating plant, which
they have erected at Trail, will give,
some idea of Ihe faith that is placed
in the process. Other companies,
Such as the Lo Roi and the Spitzee,
Will put in plants iT the process continues to give satisfactory results until next spring, and little doubt is
entertained as lo thai.
"The success of the process will
mean that a number of other .mines
will he put in operation, as there
area larg< number of low grade
properties that can thus be operated
al a profit.
"In addition to these experimental efforts another company has been
investigating Dr. Hondryx's cyanide process, which reported, very
satisfactory results. With regard to
Rossland, there is a fairly well
founded belief that there is a considerable body of ore adjacent that
is more or less'frec gold, and it is
likely to lie opened up in the near
future. These properties were overlooked ill the earlier days, when the
I). K. and the 1. X. I„ were operated. The fact that tho lessees or
the dump of the last named have
been recently milking large profits
from what was supposed to he of
little value has reawakened interest
in the locality. Tbe excellent results of the .I umbo mine, operated
hy M. R. Galusha and controlled by
Spokane capital, has tended considerably to direct interest toward that
and claims adjacent.
"Mining in the Boundary country
since an ample supply of coke has
been assured for the three smelters
has caused great activity. Gold and
copper properties have made great
strides. The shipments of the
Granby smelter have recently been
doubled and will soon he trebled.
The output of the other two has
also been considerably increased and
will he made still greater.
"In the Boundary district among
thc new properties added to the shipping list are. thc Winnipeg, Athelstan and Oro Denoro, and I am manager of thc latter.    Since   April  wo
havedone a great deal of development
work, and have shipped over 10,000
ton's of ore to the smelters, We are
now shipping about 750 tons per
week, hut shortly this will he quad-
ruplcd. The ore carries a large percentage of magnetic iron, for which
an allowance is made at the smelter,
cheapening the cost of smelting.
"A number of high grade gold
and silver mines have been opened
up in the vicinity of (Ireenwood,
and many more are likely soon to
be operated. The veins are narrow,
but the values run from 875 to $300
per ton.
"Generally the outlook for legitimate mining in llritish Columbia,"
concluded Mr. Curtis, "has never
been better. There will be more
dividends paid next year than ever
before in the history ofthe province.
;This will bring additional capital
into the country."
Greenwood Typographical Union
No. 358 met in Greenwood last Saturday evening. Before the business
meeting of the union the members
were royally entertained at dinner by
Dr. and Mrs. Mathison, assisted by
Mrs. Forbes Kerby of tbis city.
Those who were present at the banquet—wc might as well call things
hy their right name—were: Harry
W. Falconer, J. Peck MacSwain and
.Mr. Einhrce, of Greenwood; W. IS.
Willcox and Brock Hilliard, of Phpe-
nix, and ye Si'N man ot Grand Forks,
ft is needless to say that the inimi-
talile J. Peck MacSwain kept the
company in good bumor by a liberal
recital of his mirth-provoking anecdotes, in which he was ably assisted
by a number of the other guests.
At the business session of tbe union
a vote of thanks, which was ordered
spread upon the minutes of tho
union, was unanimously tendered
Mr. and Mrs. Mathison for the many
courtesies shown the members during the evening. Amongother business transacted, the vacancy existing in the office of vice-president
was filled by the unanimous election
of Harry W. Falconer, of Greenwood.
"Quo Vadis," as presented by Mr.
Harold Nelson and his company, is
a dramatic success and  unequalled
in the history of the stage of  Western Canada.    Mr. C.  I'.   Walker, of
the Winnipeg theatre, has given his
star a scenic and   electrical   equip.
ment equal to that used in the larger
(cities,the entire Carpenter production, which was used in t'hic'igoand
j other   large   western   cities of  the
United Slates, has been  purchased,
j together with a lighting plant which
i will allow superior and  realistic ef-
i fects.    The costumes have all  been
prepared under the direct supervision of  Mr. Nelson and   the model-
taken from the must eminent classical authority.    No expense has been
spared   to   make this the dramatic
sensation of tho year.   In Marcus
Viniciiis,    Mr. Nelson   has   a   pari
which particularly suits his romantic and artistic style of acting, besides affording him opportunities for
great power. His costumes and armor have been procured at greal expense, and are remarkable fur historical accuracy, Ho has surrounded himself by a company of exceptional stength, each one being
especially selected for the part taken.
Mr. Nelson will produce "Quo
Vadis" here on Tuesday evening,
Nov. 10, in the Biden  opera  house.
Millinery removed from Jeff Davis
ik Co.'s store to Mcgaw block.
Miss Tuttlois now ready to wail
on customers at the new stand iu
the MegaW block.
J. Burtt Morgan, of the Mutual
Life Insurance Company of New
York, went up to Phoenix last Saturday afternoon.
A good story or a bright repartee
never dies. And Till', Si'X heard one
Ihe other day that deserves to live in
this city forever. A year ago
last spring, when railway injunctions
were more plentiful ill Grand Fork:
than the autumnal leaves in llieval
ley of Vallouibrosa, .Mrs. Forbes
Kerby was engaged in drawing a
map of the townsite of Midway under the direction of .lames II Kennedy, chief engineer uf the V., Y. &
E. Railway. One morning while
Mr. Kennedy was inspecting the progress of the work on the map, he
complimented Mrs. Kerby on thi
mpid advancement she was making
with her work, lie expressed surprise at her having been able to get
ihe V., Y. A E. on Ihe map of Midway in so short a time. "Well."
replied Mrs. Kerby, "1 thought it
would be best to complete tho work
before they got out another injunction against the road."
The engine pulling the Great
Northern daily train between Republic and Marcus was wrecked nl
tho former place Friday morning. At
tho time tho accident ucourrcd tho
engine was hacking tip on a siding,
and through a misplaced swilh il
was thrown oh* tho track and over an
embankment, smashing it up considerably. The engineer and fireman jumped, and were uninjured.
A light engine had to be dispatched
from Marcus to bring in tho regular
train, which caused a delay of four
The Emma Mine is Shipping to Four
Different Smelters.
Republic Camp Encouraged by the P-iospect of the Everett
Smelter Again Resuming Operations—Notes
From the Camps.
The Emma mine, Summit camp,
is shipping to four different smelters,
the ore being most desirable for llux-
ing purposes, having a bigh percentage of iron. It is said that shipments from tbis property, which are
now about 150 tons daily, will be
* *   *
The new castings for the cylinders
for the two 30 drill air compressors
for the (Iranby mines to take the
place of those that exploded in August last, arrived in Phoenix last
week, and arc being placed in position as rapidly as possible.
In October the Granby mines
shipped 30,880 tons of ore; the
Mother Lode sent out 12,065 tons,
and the Snowshoe sent out 9,480
* *   *
Today is the monthly payday for
the employes of thc Granby mines.
It will be one uf the largest paydays
yet had by the company.
* *   *
The Athelstan-Jackpot ore shipments took quite a jump last  week.
Clmencnt Vashar, who has charge
of the Sally mine at Beaverdell, has
completed a trail to the mine. As
soon as snow comes several tons of
rich ore will be shipped from the
Sally to the Greenwood smelter.
.lames Kerr, a Great Northern
section hand near Curlew, got hi<
face badly smashed last Friday. He
was on a handcar, when a light engine ran him down. As ho did not
see it approaching, it was almost on
top of him before he saw his danger.
He jumped from the car, but unfortunately there was quite a steep embankment with considerable rock at
ihe bottom, which nustrirk, receiving it terrible gash across his nose
and forehead, lie soon recovered
from the shock, and went to a doe-
tor's to have his wounds dressed.
The following is the report of the
public schools for October:
Days school was in session, 21;
total daily attendance, 8802; total
actual attendance, 8860; average
daily attendance, 185,31; pupils actually attending, 208; boys actually
attending, 08; girls actually attending, 110; groatesl number present ai
one session, 102; least number present at ono session, 178; tardiness ot
pupils, 122; visits lo school, 5,
Pupils neither absent nor   tardy
during the month:
Charlie Cooper     Harry Mcflwainc
Ralph Cook Vattgh Floyd
Cathie Disney       barker Peters
Pearl Forrester    Ida Haw
II. Henderson      Ruth burns
Amy Mellwaine   Hertio Powell
Edna Murphy      II. Weathorington
Cecil McCallum   Lenior Fisher
Fred McCall        Herbert Bower
Donald Manly      Myrtle Spraggett
Ivy Taylor Arthur Pond
Cecil Wright        Hans Nelson
Edwyne Tilley     Carleion Clement
Gertrude Smith   Mann Henderson
(ceil Murphy       Clinton Atwood
Gladys Butters    Jennie Simpson
Chas. McCoy Harry Miller
Mildred Haw Gastuli LequilllO
Pearl Presler l.urena Turner
Maurice Way Clara Simpson
W. Cook 15. Weathorington
The announcement that the smelter at Everett will be reopened by
the American Smelting and Refining
company on a larger scale than ever
before, may moan much to Republic
mining interests. A mooting of the
officers of the company will be held
at Everett today, at which will be
present Daniel Gupgehheim, chairman of the board of directors; S. I!,
and Samuel Guggenheim, Henry
Payne Whitney and S. W. Eeclcs.
A representative uf the company
spent two days in Republic last
week, and expressed himself as well
pleased with wdiat he saw. While
he gave no definite information as
to his company's plans, he intimated
that Republic would be able to do
business with Everett.
G. Arthur Rendell, who leased the
Ethopia. in Enng Lake camp, has
three men at work on the property.
High grade shipping ore is being extracted, and will be shipped to one
of the Greenwood smelters.
The compressor at  the  Winnipeg
mine   has been   set on its bed, and
ihe  connections are   being made.
It will lie put in operation thc latter
part of the present week,
il-   #   *
It fs said thai there is likely lo be
a reorganization   at the   Boundary
Falls smelter shortly.
Ellen Miller Ath'ol Floyd
Clan le Smith Mary Barrett
Olive Turner Theresa Barrett
Amy Disney Viotor Tumor
Ruth Floyd Willis Woodhead
Ida Hartinger C. Hannington
Norman Horr Prlscilla Kelly
Harold Hells Frances Collins
Yerna Miller Pearl Cray
Win. Hay Bobt. Mollwaino
E. Murphy MargarotKoimody
II. Henderson Katie Hoffman
Hoy McDaniel Louise Johnson
il. Traunweiser FloroncoSpmggotl
The following i< ihe statomenl of
llir   ore   tonnage shipped from Re-
pllblic during tho past week :
Mountain I.ion
To Nelson smelter    II cars
To Tacoma smelter. ......    12 ears
Knob llill-
To Nelson      2 col's
Zcla M.i
To Crofton      '■'> ears
Trade Dollar—
To Nelson       I ear
Total, Ions
:12 ears
Dr. E. R. Northrop will leave next
month fur a l.lip lo Philadelphia.
Pa. Hispractico will be in charge
of Dr. Garden, of Phoenix, during
his obsenco, which will bo for a
mouth or six wicks. QTijr JEiumtug Bm\
i;vi;\im;s ai
, 11.
'., BY
One year....$8.00 I Threemonths. .60
Six months „ Lot) \ Dm- month 30
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 Cts. per line.
Address all communications in
Tun Evening Sex,
PlIONK 55. flll.WII   FOHKS, b. o.
It was reported last week that
thc Spokane syndicate who
have blanketed the East Kootenay coal lands with straw locations
had received 07 licenses from the
provincial government, aud tbat
they were daily expecting a large
number more. It looks as if Premier
McBride had joined those who arc
determined to annex Canada to the
United Stales by sections, especially
when it is remembered that a large
number uf buna fide Canadian locators have been denied their licenses.
At any rale, it is difficult tn understand the motive for showing such a
decided interest for foreigners.
Quite a smash-up occurred in the
p. P. R. yards Sunday night. While
switching in making up a train, a
caboose was wrecked and a car
loaded with slabs was converted into kindling wood. Thc accident was
caused by thc yards being loo
crowded with cars aud a mistaken
Mrs. Clements, of Vancouver,
mother of Archie Clements, C. P. R.
agenl at this point, is visiting her son
at his home at the station.
The only'resident of this end of
the district so .far mentioned as a
possible candidate for Yale-Cariboo
in the approaching Dominion elections is Mr. Duncan Ross, editor of
the Greenwood Times.
Hok. R. G. Tatlow has added
another great plank to the Conservative platform, the destruction of
crows in Vancouver, for which thc
overburdened public treasury is to
pay 5 cents a head. Great national
policy, isn't it, when main roads in
the Boundary arc in an impassible
The McBride government appears
lo he anxious lo exterminate the
crows in this province before the
next election. We can testify from
personal experience to the fact that
crow is an unpalatable dish.
Tin: Laurier government's preferential tariff policy is bearing good
fruit. South Africa has agreed to
accept the policy, with the result
that Canadian goods will now have
the benefit of tho preferential tariff
with that country, thus forging another link in the chain of empire,
G. R. Thompson, the popular C. P
R. agent nt the Granby smeller, returned from Victoria and Vancouver
Saturday,accompanied by his family.
Mr. Thompson will go to Phoenix
to take charge of tho C. P. R. station
for three weeks, during which lime
picseut agent there will enjoy his
years, and will be greatly missed by
his many friends.
.1. F. Rover will leave this week
for Crab creek, Big Bend country,
where be will purchase forty or fifty
head of horses, which ho will break
and offer for sale.
Wm. Johnson, who has recently
been employed at Floyd's ranch,
left Monday morning via the Great
Northern for his old home in Kansas, where his father is seriously ill
id is not expected to recover.
Dr. Northrop was summoned tn
Laurier Monday morning on an urgent case. He left by the Great
Northern passenger.
W. ('. Putnam returned Monday
morning from an extended shooting
trip up lo Pass creek, lie reported
tho number of chickens he didn't
ihoot; but thc fortunate part was he
came home "whole." which is unusual for him 011 such  expeditions.
Neil McCallum and bride arc expected home the latter part of this
week. They will occupy the house
lately vacated byT. Croston, on the
corner of Market and Prairie streets.
The Phoenix Hockey club last
week elected the following officers:
Honorary president, W. S. Macy:
president, Wm. Dunn: vhe-presi-
dente, W. X. McDonald and E. P.
Shea: secretary-treasurer, ,1. II.
Church; executive committee, ('• D.
Hunter, .1. J. Strutzel, J. 0. Church
and M. H. Clark.
Mrs. Forbes Kerby, of this city,
visited at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
Mathison in Greenwood last Satur-
dav and Sundav.
Jay P. Graves, general manager of
the Granby company, was a visitor
in the citv last Saturday.
M. C. Davidson, bookkeeper for
the past two yoars for the Huntor-
Kcndrick company of this city, has
accepted a position with Davis &
McLellan, who are opening up in the
mercantile business at Coleman,
Alia. He left for tbatjjointlast
Saturday. .Mr. Davidson was very
popular here, and had a great number of friends, all of whom regret to
loose bim, and ho carries with him
their best wishes for success in his
new field of labors.
Geo. D. Curtis, the architect, will
remove shortly to Vancouver, where
he has formed a partnership with J.
J. Honeyinaii, an architect of that
city. Mr. Curtis has been a resident of Grand Forks for nearly  two
Births—In Grand Forks, Nov. 30,
1003, lo Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Peterson, a daughter; Oct. 80, to Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. P. Robinson, n daughter.
Miss Mary Haverty, late of A. D.
Morrison's jewelry store, has accepted a position with the Hunter-
Kendrick  company    as    assistant
ChllB. McKay, of Ibis oity, was
visitor in Rossland last week.
By tha accompanying; illustration we can but suggest
the exceptional values offered
by us in Brooches.
Ns. 91S-rrlca, SM.M
In this beautiful Sunburst
Brooch there are 65 Pearls,
mounted in 14k. Solid Gold.
Order hy mail. If you nrr nut perfectly Satisfied with it y.uir money
will bo promptly refundeil.
Write for our handsomely
illustrated new Catalogue.
Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
I in,  120,  [22 and 124
YotigQ SI., Toronto
And the Best of Everything
Else   in   the  Groeery   Line.
The "Club"
First Street.
Highest Grade' Imported
Pouts, Cukiiiuus, Buihiin-
i>i ks, Etc.
C.   C.   TILLEY
Do you want the news of the approaching session FREE? Subscribe
for ihe Victoria Daily Times for
100-1, nnd receive the paper free until the end of this year.
This offer is for cash-in-advance
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Full and .impartial reports, halftone outs of members, cartoons ami
corridor gossip. Four-page colored
eoiniesuppleiuent every Saturday.
Reioil lo the "Times!"Victoria.
Ira flill met with a serious accident this morning while working al
the Gronby smelter. He wns engaged on the slag machine, and was
in thc act of coupling thc new slag
engine onto the slag pot, when he
slipped and his foot was run over by
the engine and badly crushed. Two
of his toes had to be amputated.
He will be laid up for sonic time.
Mr. (Sill only recently commenced
to work at the smeller, having been
employed by \V, K. C. Manly up to
ten days ago.
Mrs. X. C. McKeen, of this city,
is visiting her niece, Mrs, Patterson,
in Vancouver.
F. E. Harrison. Niagara Falls.
Chas. DesBrisay, Spokane.
Wm. Simon, Ottawa.
Walter li. Pooley, Kelowna.
A. Sutherland, Nelson.
Jay P. Craves, Spokane.
.1. Murray, Spokane.
11. S. I'eiiilierlon, Halifax.
Fred Richardson, Inland.
.1. Scott, Montreal.
\V. K. Irwin, Vancouver.
.1. M. Fiihoy, Toronto.
(I. (label, Toronto.
T. W. Ferguson, Vancouver.
(1. W. Whiteacre, Nelson.
W. W. Armstrong, Toronto.
II. M. FuUerton, Victoria.
W. (I. CJffey, Omaha.
A. .1. .Jackson, Greenwood.
J. Walker, Greenwood.
If you   want all the local news
read Tub Evening Six.
1 ■ NIGHT •
The Eminent Canadian Actor,
and his Company appear in
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As a tree is known by its fruits'and
as a man is judged by his conduct, so
an advertiser is measured ami placed
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An advertiser ought to put only!
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into Ins store.
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Solo Dealers for
The following table gives tho oro shipments of Boundary mines for
1900, 1001, 1IH)2, li)o;-i, and for tho pas! wook:
1900        1901. 1902.        1903.  Past Week
Porcelain Tub at tho  Yale  Barber
Elaborate Costumes,
Special Scenery,
Bosorvcd Scat Tickets
now on sale nt Fraser's
drug store.
PRICES, -  $1,00 AND 75c
Granby Mines.Phoenlx... 64,583 281,762   809,868   804,826
Snowshoo, Phoonix      297 1,721     20,800    64,852
Brooklyn, Phoonix       150       	
Mother Lode, I) lwood.   5,3-10 99,084   141,826   107,886
Sunsot, Deadwood  804
Morrison, Deadwood  150
li. C. Mine, Summit  19,494     47,405
[{. Boll, Summit  660
Emma, Summit  650
Oro Denoro         	
Winnipeg, Wellington    1,070      1,040
Qoldon Crown, Wellington   2,250
Athelstan, Wellington    1,200
KingSolomon, W. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Contra!    2,000
.Jewel, Long Luke        160
t'lirmi, West Fork	
Providence, Providence         	
Flkhbrn, Greenwood  	
Ruby, Boundarv Falls  80
Miscellaneous    8,280      8,456
Total, tons  99,730   300,000   507,515   647,054     16,926
Granby Smelter treated... 62,387   230,828   312,340   281,888       8,634 Donaldson's 2 Part Store
Gent's Department
Largest and
stoeh In i in,
 lMi y
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' Candies
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"Tho best
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be passed Customs,and distributed speedily by unexcelled facilities.
Eastern Townships Hunk.
Notary Public
Real Estate Dealer
Grand  Forks, B. C.
Pacific Hotel
.1..!. McINTOSH
Opposite CM'. R. Station,
Phono Mi. Cultmililii, 1). 0.
Over the sun-lniriieil, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take u delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of the Rocky Mountains in
view of thc grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do by travei on,
the Hio Grande system, the fur-
j famed "Scenic Line ofthe World,"
J the only transcontinental line pass-
I ing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs and Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of live
distinct routes of travel. The cquip-
'luent of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair ears,
Standard and tourist sleepers, a pcr-
lect dining cur service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address .1.
D. Mansfield, Gon. Agt., RioGrande
Lines, No. 124 Third Street, Portland, Ore.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barbor Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 25c.
The Orand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.    Hates, 81 anil 81.oil perclay.
If you want to buy Halcyon Mineral witter call at tho Orand Forks
Subscribe for Tin: Kvicxixu Srx.
i'2 per year.
{forks .1. it. RoburUqn, U.A., nostor
Borvlosievorj Suiiaay ni il a.m. nru i::iu n,
in.;s Inrsolipo »nnBibleplan, I ii,m,i
Westminster Qulld ol ('. ti., T clay, -
I'-l'ltsi'MliTilonisTciiuitcii  Corner Mnln
nml i-'iiiii.i..  .1. |.'. Belts,pastor. Sirvl	
i-vi'cv SiiiiiIii.v nt   II a, in    nml    LIU' p.m.I
glass ii tlnff at oloso bl morning sorvlaoi
Sunday sohool nml nil.In olassat Bp. m.i
prayer meeting every Tnnrsday evening
atSo'alook. Tl ubllolsooruleflyInvited.
HOLY trinity OHUROH (Olitiroh "f Bug-
Inmi), tii-nml I'ltrks, Henry Bteeloi vloar-
llnly Communion, 8 a, m.: morning prayer
nml sermon, 11 a. m.i Sunday sobool, h ii. m.i
evensong rtnusermou, ":-!j p. m. All are
oord|ally luvlted,
New and Seeond-Hand
Goods Bought nnd Sold
8   Cor. Bridgoand SecondSts.     %
Kissing the Baby.
There are many mothers who give
themselves infinite trouble aibcut the
big and obvious things connected
with nursery management.—who strive
bravely to, 'be up to dale in the
matter of plumbing, ventilalion and
Infectious diseases — who yet fall
woefully when It comes to certain details. One of the most Important of
these is the disgusting and dangerous
habit of allowing every comer to kiss
and maul the bu.by, says the "Youth's
A baby, no doubt, is a delightful object and almost Irresistible, but that is
no reason why advantage should 'be
taken of his helpless condition to offer
him constant hygienic outrages.
Here is a speech a well-meaning
goose of a young mother made to the
father of her child on his return from
business: "Mrs. Smith called to-day.
John. She lias a fearful cold and sore
throat. She thought the baby wasjast
too sweet for anything, and wouldn't
let him out of her .arms. He took to
her wonderfully, too." Naturally the
baby developed a bad case of the snuffles in a day or two, and then it was :
"The baby has a dreadful cold. We
cimnot think where he got It, we are
always so careful."
This mother and the hundreds like
her should be taught the lesson that
promiscuous kissing is a bad and vulgar habit, productive of much danger
to adults as well as to children. Adults
can protect themselves If they like, but
infants cannot, and so it is the duty of
the mothers to protect them.
Even If they mercifully escape ar
tual infection In babyhood, there still
remains the fact that a silly and unclean hnbit ia formed, resulting In
schools full of kissing children, and by
and by In ridiculous communities of
kissing acquaintances. We may learn
a useful lesson from the Japanese In
this regard. They are not a kissing
race, and the little children do not
know what it means, except perhaps
from their mothers. It Is generally acknowledged that the Japanese babies
are the healthiest nnd happiest of
youngsters, and who shall say how
much wholesome restraint from the
kissing habit may have to do with this
fortunate state of affairs?
To make too much of children is to
spoil them, but In one respect they
should be treated like royalty—If they
must be kissed it should be only the
back of the hand.
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Odd Origin of Sea Terms.
How many people imagine that
that familiar word "admiral'' is
anything but a thorough English,
word? Probably the last origin any
would give it is Eastern, Yet its derivation is simply "Emir el liitgli," which is
Arabic for Lord of the Sea.
There is hardly a language that wa
have not put under contribution for sea
terms. The names of the various officers
of o ship illustrate this most'vividly.
"Captain" comes straight from* tha
latin "caput," a head; but "mate" owes
nothing to any dead language. The word
Is almost identical with the Icelandic
"mati," which means a companion fix
equal. The derivation of "cnxswaiv"
would never be suspected. Coxswain was
originally the man who pulled the after
oar of the captain's boat, then known
as n cock boat. "Cook boat" h a corruption of the word ''coracle," and, ns
most people know, the coracle is a small
round boat used for Ashing on some of
the Welsh rivers, such as tho Wye and
Usk. So coxswain comes to US from the
Welsh. Other languages are also pressed
into the service.
"Commodore" is simply the Italian
"Commandatpre" or commander, and
"naval cadet" was originally the French
"candet," which, golnjr a step further
baoK, has the some origin as the word
captain. The reason of this apparent anomaly Is that originally all naval cadets
were younger sons of noble families, who
served as privates previous to obtaining
their commission.
There was never such a person ns
"Davy Jones,'' though we frequently
hear of his locker. Our ought to talk of
"Duffy Jonah's locker," "Duffy" is the
West Indian negro term for spirit or
ghost, while "Jonah" refers to the prophet of that name.
"Dog watch" is another curious cose
of a term gradually corrupted out of it-
original form. Originally it was "podg-1
watch," so described because it lasts
only two instead of the usual four hour-*,
nml thus makes it possible that the name
men shall not lie on duty every day during the same hours, "Dog watches," 10
called, are from 4 to (I and (i to 8 In th"
bailors call meat "junk." Tt Is not n
complimentary term, for junk is nautical
for a rope's end Pome 8.000 years ftiro
ropes were made out  of bullrushei, for
whioh the Latin word is "juneua,1.'
Nowadays we tnlk of "pnrt"i.n*l "starboard." Originnlly it was "larboard" nn.l
"starboard." Starboard has nothing ti
do with stars. It is really "steorboard,*'
Anglo-Saxon for "stew side," because in
old galleys steered by an oar tha oar
was fixed somewhat to Ihe riglitlinnd
side of the stern, and the helmsman
held the ini/iard portion in his right
hand. As for "larboard," it is prob
ably a corruption of lower board, the
larboard side being originally considered
inferior to the other.
"Sheet anehor" is the name given tfl
the largest anchor carried by a vessel
It Is almost as complete a corruption n
"dog watch." "Sheet anchor" is reall;
"shote" anchor, so called becauso it ca"
from its great weight, he easily shot 011.
in ease of emergency.
Again, "jury   mast"  has  nothing  d
rectfy to do  with a    law court   jar
though both have come from the son
original word, "jour," the French for d
Jury mast thus means a mast put
temporarily—for a day—just as jurj
the legal term  Implies a  tribunal  si;
moned for a short period only.
Hay, ricCallum
f   Mining and Real
If      Estate Dealers
Financial and §
Insurance    |
Lots For Sale in All Parts of the City.       'Q>
Choice Garden Lots at Low Prices. 'v *
Money to Loan.
Colum bia Ave nu e
JOrand  Forks, B. C.
J Fire Insurance
I represent the following
Reliable IFire Ciiinimiiips:
histiraiioe Companies. I am hlso agent for
B.C. Permanent Loan and Savings Co, "I
Vanoouver ami the U. 8, fidelity A Guaranty
Telehpone ■-? Jolunion Bloch
Mohbison Block,       giuni) FORKS, B.O
Dr. Follick
Graduate of, Philadelphia Dental
Oflice over Hunter-
Phone 'l~. Kendrick Co.'s Store.
A Stylish Finish and
Lasting Satistaction
Get Vonr Olothes
Made by
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental .Surgery, Philadelphia,
Ofliec in Megaw Block.
Phono 138.        Grand Forks, B.C.
Clement ®> Spence
H(irrlHter», Solicitors*,
NoUirleH. Etc.
Ulilon Block, Corner  (Vtmilpeff Avenue und
First Street,
■ ■.fl%filBnffi$i     W   U    ITTCQ J?, M    Have moved, nest door to Hnntcr-
HHila«$    CR      »'  n.   II 1UI ft uUi   Ki.iidrlckCoiiii.iuiy.
SbCJj I P PS %ft g j Do you read?  Hso, go to them and join thoir Oirou-
snntaciuiige sent word to ihem.sH.v-   Stationery, Office and School Sup-
iSrS^^^^^ plies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
XtitttB Good Baa you ever had hernre.   Four place will still be Batita-'a Bead quarters. V
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
Taken Look m OurWiudow
Display of the Latest Novelties
in Chatelaine Bags and Purses.
Prescriptions Carefully
Curious Bits of News.
There is a negro murderer named
Bmith out in Multnomah County, Ore.,
who Is certainly a stickler for his prejudices. There is a strike in tho county,
and Smith objects to being executed on
the only gallows in existence on the
ground that it was built by "scabs."
The inventor of the watch is a mye-
tery, though the place of its invention
is assigned to Nuremberg. The first
watches were called "Nuremberg eggs,"
the first part of the name showing where
they were made, the "ocond telling of
their shape. It was not until the invention of the spiral Bpring in thc fifteenth
century that watches became conveniently portable, and from that timo the
Bize, decreased, while the timekeeping
jnetraantenf improved.
Women are not good tippers and
lack of "tips" 13 Baid to be responsible
for thc withdrawal of twenty waitresses
from the dining-room of the Hotel Martha Washington in New York. The
hotel is exclusively for women, and when
it was opened lirst March one of the features was the Colonial dining-room on
the ground floor, with twenty buxom
young women in picturesque uniforms.
All went well at first, but soon the
guests of the Martha Washington forgot
to give a dime here or a quarter there.
Later on it beeame positively out of
fashion to "tip" in the hotel; but it
seems the fashion of scolding and complaining grew, at least the girls say so.
Then the girls held a meeting and decided to walk out. Thc management of the I
hotel declares that thc girls were dis- j
charged because the hotel wanted to try i
men waiters.
At a recent meeting of the Zoological
Boeiety of  France  Monsieur  Racovitza,
the naturalist of the "Beigiea" expedition, j
declared  his  belief  in   the  existence  of !
the great "sea-serpent."  He quoted with
approval thc views of a Dutch naturalist, Oudemans, who holds that the so-
called sea-serpent i3 not a reptile, but a
mammal belonging to Ihe order of the
pinnipeds, wliich includes the seals.   It
somewhat resembles in shape the extinct
Plesiosaurus.     It   probably   attains   n
length of 2(!0  feet, the head  and  neck
taking one-fourth    of    the  whole, tho
trunk one-fourth nnd the tail one-half.
It never approaches n coast except in
pursuit of  the fish on  which  it  feeds.
Monsieur Bacovitza quoted  the serious
and circumstantial report of a  French
torpedo-boat commander who chased a
pair of these creatures in the China Sea,
and unsuccessfully fired shells at them.
A high silk hat, probably the first ever
worn in the sirmil town of F0£«n, west
of Houston, Tex., was responsible  the
other day for the death of Philip Bunts
of New 'York, who was traveling for a
Bible publishing house in the Fast.   His
attire was that of a clergyman, and when
he appeared in Fagan he was the center
of attraction.   That night IUintz walked
up to the bar in one of the saloons where
the cowboys were drinking and ordered
lemonade.    The bartender  repeated the
order in a tone of voice sufficient for ail
in the crowded barroom to hear.   One of
the cowboys insulted tho wearer of the
silk hat.   The remark was resented, and
someone threw a lariat over the shinlnjf
mark.   Bmitz showed fight and was set
upon.   In the melee he was struck ovef
the head with a six-shooter, suffering *
fracture of the skull.   He never recovered consciousness.
fl'" YOU desire to bo well Informed on
Boundary matters bosuro It comes
Ui your home
During the whole year. It is owned by
the editor, and not by any clique or faction.    It ia worth $5.00,     It costs only
Specimen from Ezra Kendall.
No one has ever caught Ezna Kendall
unprepared with a story. Hft is always
ready to entertain his friends witli a,
humorous chapter or so from Iris fund of
reminiscences and frequently delight*
hia audiences with them when called up-1
on before the curtain. Here is something decidedly Kendallesque that lie
told one evening recently:
"I was on my way to Chicago from
Baltimore, recently, in a Pullman sleeping car—oh, yes, they allow us to ride in
the Pullmans now. After 0 good night'a
rest I got out of my berth early in tho
morning and made my way to the washroom. You know the little washroom,
about ao big, at the end of the car. Well,
I pushed my w.iy In with some other men
and finally took my turn at one of the
"Just as I got my fnee soaped up
good and well the train shot around a
curve and into a tunnel, where it waa
dark, of course. When the train struck
the curve the jar caused my face to slip
out of my hau<]>, and it landed in the
hands of the man who was bending over
washing away, just alongside of mc He-
kept on washing
had happened.
busily, as if nothing
'"Hold on, friend/ I said, 'that's my
face you have in your hands.'
"Mb that bo?' he remarked. 'Well,
what's become of mine?'
"'(.Jiiess I've got it here,' said a man
on the other side of him. 'I haven't said
a word ao far, but this face I am washing has been talking right along.'"
Hurrah I
"What Is your business with me, sir?"
"I have none at all; this is merely
Thereupon, Bronkhorst Thickneek
"""tTL's. the famous boulder-shaped haJi-
The Easy Routo.
Thc old squire lay a-dying, and his
faithful coachman was summoned to the
bedside. "Well, John," said the old gallant, "I'm going now on a longer journey
■than ever you could drive me." "Never
mind, squire, never mind," cried the ser-
van, in a broken voice t "it'll be downhill all the way."—'London "Globe."
Don't forjjol to lonvp voiir nrrler
for Ieo with F. Miller.    Phono 04
Klondike pool table, Only one
in city.   Grand Forks hotel.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work and promptness in
the execution. Bad work executed promptly is not frond service—good work delivered behind
time is not fgopd service; but thc two combine to
make one of the most necessary, hut hardest to obtain and often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the lesson in theory we have shown. Our
Customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of tho
latest and most popular faces of type and the
most up-to-date machinery. All work[guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
Job Department.
Phone 55


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