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The Evening Sun Aug 26, 1902

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Vol. I.
Grand Forks and Columbia, B. C.   Tuesday, August 26, 1902.
No. 185
The Buffers and Duffers Will
Amuse the Public at the
Park Tomorrow.
A grand lacrosse match will be
played at the athletic grounds tomorrow afternoon between the Buffers and Duffers. Good sport may
be looked for, as the teams are composed of old-time players and every
one of them have been doing active
training for a number of weeks.
The proceeds will Tie devoted to a
charitable object. In order to
everybody an opportunity to attend,
a civic holiday will probably be proclaimed, and business will be suspended between 3 and 6 p. m. The
admissipn for adults will be 25; children free. The following players
compose the teams:
W.B.Davey  Goal....
Geo. A. Fraser .Point...
L. A. Manly Cover Point
H. C. Hanington 1
Jeff Davis    >   Defenoe
W H.. Covert.... )
Fred Russell Centre
H. C. Kerman ., i u._.
C. A. Powell.....   (Hon"pi„,,.
D. Westwood ..   ) FieW
W.A.Spenc r Outside
W. B. Bower Inside..
 E. S. Biden
....Alex Miller
....J. Hammar
 D. Munro
...C. C.Tilley
.. .Chas. Davey
..Dr. Nortrow
A Truunweiser
.T. W.. Holland
Buffers—Alderman Harvey, Geo. Clark, J.
Manly, Alderman Gaw, Mark John, Bob Pe-
trie.   Oscar Smith, second reserve.
Duffers—Teddy Heisterman, Lord Arthur
Raiuey, Peter Donaldson, Harry Itter. Logan, second reserve.
Referee-Judge Johnson.
Next Monday, Sept. 1st, Phoenix
will hold a Labor Day celebration,
but it will be.in a different manner
from that which was held last year.
It will lake the form of an immense
picnic, to be held at the New York
townsite park, just outside Ihe city
limits, in which all the labor organizations will take part. . Invitations
have boon sent to labor representatives in Greenwood, (Irand Forks
and other Boundary towns to join
with Phoenix in enjoying (his holiday, and it is expected that a large
number will be glad to avail themselves of the opportunity of leaving
the hot valleys and enjoy the mountain breezes of Phoenix and its suburbs. The picnic will be in the
nature of a benefit for Henry Syr-
sted, who lost his sight in an explosion in the Snowshoe mine some
months since.
Kootenay route lying between Vancouver via. the proposed New Westminster bridge and the Hope mountain district, as a preliminary to
undertaking the location survey.
The recent speech delivered here by
President Hill would appear to possess even more significance than was
ascribed to his utterances at the
time, when he declared that the surveys would that the surveys would
soon be accomplished and that,
bonus or no bonus, he was prepared
to build the coast and the interior
The preliminary survey from the
coast terminus, will be started within a short time. The work will be
under the direction of James H.
Kennedy, chief engineer of the V.,
V. & E." ',
That portion of the proposed line
from Midway west 100 miles to the
Similkameen river was surveyed last
year by Mr. Kennedy engineers. It
is not definitely known whether construction work will be resumed at
this end just now, although there
seems to be a probability that a considerable portion of the line up the
Fraser river valley will'be built before the end of this year. The road
will open up a region abounding in
coal, mineral and agricultural resources, especially in the Similkameen district. %
Mrs. Tas Kirk left on Saturday for
Marcus, Wash., where she will visit
relatives and friends for a couple of
Elmore oil concentration is to be
tested on a commercial scale at the
Silica reduction plant, near Rossland, which is now being arranged
for that purpose.
Miss A. Kemplang, who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Mahan
during the pas) two weeks, returned
to her home in Spokane yesterday.
W. H. Carre, of the News-Oaaette,
left for Spokane last Friday, returning to the city yesterday.
W. II. Covert, the well known
Carson fruitgrower, will send an exhibit of fruit to the New Westminster fair this fall.
Some excellent attractions are
being booked for the fall and winter
season by Lew Johnson, the lessee
of the Biden opera house.
The (irand Forks school board has
engaged the serviced of Miss Winters,
of Victoria, ata salary ofJ75 per
Clarendon Restaurant
Miss Ida Tknkate, Phop.
First-Class Board and Neatly
Furnished Rooms at
Moderate P
Cafe—Riverside and Bridge
Hotel—Riverside Avenue
Under One Management.
ing, took place Saturday afternoon.
Deceased was 2o y.-.rs of age, and
leaves a husband, Francis McGec,
who is employed at the Granby
Andrew Broten,   Mike SullivAi,
Jas.  Gillis,   Geo. Wood and   F»l
Wood, of the last Canadian  cor
gent,   have   returned   from   S
Africa,   after a   brief stay in ii
treal.    They received a cordial
come   and   Were    entertained
friends.    Th'iy arrivediu Africa
late to see ai y lighting.
Principal McMordie, of the Columbia school, reports an enrollment of thirty-four scholars.
The Boundary Iron Works, of this
city, has cast two rollers, each ' of
60,000 pounds weight, without a
flaw. They will be used at the
Granby smelter.
The only place in tow
where you ran buy
Box 22
Ganong's Noted
McCormick's Famous
Maracaibo Chocolate*
Pipes, Tobaccos, Etc.
All Leading; Brand* ol I
PholK 64
Box 25
Grand Forks
Ingram=riuir Company
'    GEN
Eastman Kodaks
nd Plate Cameras THE EVENING SUN
Published Every Tuesday and Friday Kven-
ings at Grand Forks and Columbia, B.C., by
.* .50
One Year $2.00 I Three Months.
Six Mouths   1.00 I One Month zu
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Kvenino Sun, Columbia,H. C.
•Phonb 55.
The Evening 8un today appears
in a new "dress'' of type, and in a
slightly enlarged form. The columns
have been made wider and longer,
and additional pages will be added
as soon as the patronage of the pa per
justifies an increase in size. From
the the first issue the paper has
made steady progress, in spite of the
antagonistic attitude assumed . by a
small clique of business men and a
ft w would-be statesmen and picayune
politicians. The Sun may yet get an
opportunity to dance at the funeral of
some of its enemies.
The future policy of the paper will
be the same as it has been in thej
past. It will be scrupulously clean
free from the gossip of the scandal
monger and his twin brother, the
man who scrapes the filth from the
gutters' and labels it news. But we
intend to print all the news that is
jrinted. While we shall
jave occasion to speak
plainly of men and
man's name will be
ntil there is positive proof
that he is either dishonest or dishonorable. From" this platform
there will be no deviation.
fit to
Cumings had an interview with
President J. J. Hill, who expressed
himself as well pleased with his recent visit to Grand Forks, and predicted a great future for the eity.
Mr. Hill also expressed the opinion
that the railway troubles would be
settled within the next two months,
and .that construction work on the
spur to the smelter would be coirf-
Mr. Cuniings says that another
smelter for this city, of even greater
capacity than the Granby, is being
promoted, and the work of building
it will probably be Commenced
within six months.
The Great Northern, says Mr.
Cuming, has issued an attractive
booklet, setting forth the pictur-
esquesness and bountiful resources
of this section. The booklet is being freely distributed in the East,
and he predicts a great influx of settlers to the Boundary country th's
The Baltimore American, commenting on the fact that over two
million dollars' worth of copper
matte was exported from the Boundary to the United States during the
last fiscal year, says that a country
which can accomplished such a task
must have something back of it.
The AnwkniSx surmise is correct.
The Boston Herald significantly
reminds its readers that while figures
may prove that for purposes of
one family in Canada is wo]
the United States as much as
450   to 500 families in the Grit
the   people   of   the   United^
would do well not to 1
gazing on an "or
Fast   that  they TBJT
open window towards the north
Mr. Charles Cuniings returned
yesterday from a three months' trip
to the East. While away Mr. Cumings visited St. Paul, Chicago,Cleve-
igara Falls and Hamilton
he picnic excursion of the Grand
s and Republic Eagles to Cur-
ake last Sunday was te big sue-
About 200 attended from this
and 'about 425 from Republic,
day was spent in boating and
The baseball game was declared off on account of no suitable
grounds being available.
J. Anderson, of J. H. Hodson's
store, left today for Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg, Man., where he
will spend the hunting season for
the benefit of his health.
Alderman Robert Harvey will
leave next week on a .vacation trip
to the coast. This will be the first
time he has been out of the city on
a vacation since coming to Grand
Forks five years ago. He will be
accompanied by Mrs. Harvey.
Frank Macfarlane, the well-known
discoverer of Franklin camp, is in
the city.
The semi-annual meeting of the
Presbytery of the Kootenays convened in Knox Presbyterian church
this afternoon. Representatives from
all Kootenay and Boundary towns
are in attendance.
)ndell°& Co. have a new adver-
this issue of The Sun."
jl new "dress" used
ne in this issue of
Jrnished by   Miller
^'pefounders to His
Tndon, Edinburgh and
aces were blown in jut the
' yesterday morrfyng.
Jrown and W. A.   Harftjin
made ai trip up to Volcanic City ycs£
terdajr. ' '
Fred   White,   the  jeweler,   and
family   are   camping out at Eagle
.yo£ Holland and about a dozen
At the council meeting last night
Aid. Harvey presided, in the absence of Mayor Holland. All the
aldermen were present except Aid.
Donaldson, who is absent on  leave.
After the minutes of the previous
meeting had been read and passed,
and a few bills ordered paid, a discussion took place on the question of
sidewalks and their cost.
Aid. Sheads then drew attention
to the fact that some time ago he
had asked that a map of the city
water works be made, as is done in
every well regulated city, As the.
matter now stood', all the data regarding this was in a notebook of
Mr. Reid's, and should this gentleman leave, or the book be lost, the
city would be without much valuable information. It was necessary
to know were the city mains, cocks,
etc., were located. He then made
a motion, seconded by Aid. Matheson, that the assistant city. clerk,
who, he stated, was an expert
draughtsman, should be instructed
to get out a map of the city water
works in book form.    Carried.
Aid. Hammar asked how long it
would be before tne ninety days'
notice to the women down the row
expired. He was informed that the
notice was given on June 16th.
Aid. Harvey asked: "Suppose that
those that are there now leave, and
others rent the houses, but don't sell
liquors, can we drive them out?"
Aid. Hammar: "Yes." Aid. Harvey: "Well, you'll have a hard
job." The city solicitor stated in
answer to a question, that  the  of
fence is not that they live down
there, but that they conduct bawdy
houses, in which case the city could
make it very uncomfortable for
them. Aid. Harvey: "I tell you,
gentlemen, it is a hard matter."'
Aid. Sheads referred back to the
water works system, and asked what
rate the R. & G. F. Ry. should be
charged for water at their roundhouse. He called attention to the
fact that in the event their wishing
to fill, say a couple of engines and
tanks after pumping had ceased for
the day, the tank would be left in
very bad shape to deal with a fire
should one occur, and suggested that
to remedy this the company should
be requested to put up a tank for their
own use (dose to the roundhouse,
within sight of the pumping station,
from which they could draw water.
as required without reducing the
city's supply. After some discussion, it was decided to charge a rate
of $40 per month (being the rate
originally talked of), the company
to erect first a tank of suitable dimensions at the point indicated as
above. The city clerk stated, in
answer to a question, that the company still owe the city the full
amount of over $800 for the pipe.
Klondike pool table. Only one
in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 25c.
Your attention is directed to the
new advertisement of J. H. Hodson
in this issue of The Sun.
Rossland had a $68,000 fire yesterday. Sections of four blocks were
Friday  Bargains
Every Friday will be Bargain Day at this store. Last Friday was a grand success, and large crowds did their shopping on that day.
See our handbills for prices and
come with your friends to the
Palace Store.
RENDELL   &    CO.
Next to Postoffice, Grand Forks
Rjverside Nurseries
Martin  Burrell. Prop.
Maples, Elms, Linden, Mountain
Ash, Catalpas, Cut-Leaf Birch.
A full line of Flowering Shrubs, including French and
Persian Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Snowballs, Spireas, Roses, eto.
Specially selected stmin of Lawn Grass Seed.
Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes, Strawberry Plants,
Asparagus Roots. Vegetable and Flower Seeds
at my store, next to Biden's Opera House.
V   * N. PHONB as
H.  h.   NEWEST *m
• tt
NOTICE is hereby given that [ intend,
after BO cays, to apply to the Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for a License
to prospeot for boal and oil on the EC. \\.
biljegran eoftl cluim, consisting of (S4U
acres, situated on the west side of the
west fdrk of the North Fork of Kettle
river, about81 miles northerly from the
oity of Grand Porks, B,,0> Location post
is situated at the northeast corner, which
is about 75 feet east of the east bank of
said river, claiming: 80chains west; thence
80 chains south; thence 80 chains east;
thence 80 chains north to point of beginning.
Dated on  the  ground  this 12th day of
June, 1902.
E. \V. LlLJKUlUN, Locator.
OTICK !• fierebyweii that I Intend,
. . a'ter B0 days, tn apply to the I'omiuis-
sionpr of Lands uml Works for a License
to prospect for.ooal Mid oil oil the "Neil
MrCalluin" ooal olaim,.consisting of 640
acres, iltuated on the west side of the west
fork of North Korli of Kettle river, nliont
62 miles northerly from the pity of Grand
Forks, it. C. Location post is situated ut
the southeast corner, whioh is uliout 75
feet east of tiie eust bank of suid river,
olaimine80ohains north; thenoe 80chains
west; thenoe 80 ohains south; thence80
chains east to point of beginning.
Hated on tiie jrround this 12th day of
June, 19^2.
Neil MpCallum, Locator,
E. W. I.iukcihan, Agent.,
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 30 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for u License
to prospect for coul and oil on the Henry
White coal claim, consisting of 640 acres,
situated on the west side of the west fork
of the North Fork of Kettle river, about
611 miles iiortberlv from the city of Grand
Forks, B. C. Locution post is situated at
the noithenst corner, which is about 60
feet east of the eust bunk of snid river,
claiming 80 chains .'.vest; thence 80 chains
south; thence 811 chain's east; thence 80
chains tibl'th to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this   12th   day of
June, 1002.
• 'Henuy White; Locator.
li. W. I.IL.IKG11AN, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 80 days, to apply'to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospectior coal nnd oil on the ('. W.
Harrigan coal claim, consisting of 040
acres, situated on the west side of the
west fork of the North h'ork of Kettle
river, about 58 miles northerly from the
city of Grand Porks', II. 0. Locution post
is situated at tho .northeast corner, running hO chain's Ives^: thence 811 chuins
south; thence 80 chains eust; thence 80
chains north to point of beginning.
Dated on the grollAd this fourth day of
June, 1902.
c. w. Harrigan, Looator.
in    1       I, i ■■■ **—— i    ii»    ■
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 80 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospect for coul aud oil on the 0; D\
Harrigan coal claim, cjiisistiug of 0411
acres, situated ou tho west side of the.
west fork of the North Pork of Kettle
River about 59 miles northerly from tho
oity of Grand Forks, B. C. Loeation post
is situated at northeast corner, running
80 chains west; thence 80 chuins south;
thence 80 chains east; thence 80 chains
north to point of beginning.
Hated ou the  ground   this  4th   duy  of
June, 1902.
C. F. Hakkkian, Locator.
C. W. Hahhioan, Agent.
Under New Management
Work Called for
and Delivered
PHONK   jja
Forks—J. R. Robertson, B.A., pastor,
services every Sunday at 11 a.m. ard 7:30
p.m.; Sunday school aud Hible class, 2 p.
m.; Y. P. M., Tuesday, 8 p.m.
J. A. G. Calder, pastor-Services every
Sunday at II a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday
school and Bible class at 2.80 p. m.
BAPTIST CHURCH, Columbia - Rev.
Ralph Trotter, pastor; preaching ser-
vioe at II a,m. every Sunday^Sunday
school at 8 p.nj.; all are i
Mining and   Real
Estate Dealers
Lots Fob Sale in All
Parts of thp. City.
Choice Garden Lands
at Low Prices.
The Windsor
(irand Forks, B. C.
Only the best
Jack  Cox,   Prop.
Rose Hill Dairy
GEO. W- I'Lllvp
Milk and Cream
Delivered to all paris of
Clrainl Porks anil Columbia!
Attended tn.
^'HONE   C1o6
SEALED TKNDKKS marked "Water
Works Tenders" will be received hy
the City of Columbia up to five o'clock p.
m., Tuesday, Sopt. 2, 19112, for installing
the water works system, from the corner
of Bridge and Fourth streets, in Grand
*ks. to ami through
A City of Beautiful Environments, Healthful
Climate and Bountiful Resources-Civic
Improvements, Including Electric Light
and Waterworks Systems, A,re Well
Tbe City of Columbia is situated near the junction of
the North' Forks of tbe Kettle river with tbe main Kettle
river,  and is distant about 31)11 miles east of Vancouver.
Thoroughly up-to-date und modern Electric Light and
Waterworks Systems are dow under construction, and will be
completed iu September. The electric light syst m will include street arc lamps. Tbe waterworks system is planned
on a sufficiently lurge scale to meet all present and future
needs, and Insuring ample protection from the ravages'of
fire. At present water is supplied ihe eity by pumping from
a beautiful sprint; of  exceptional purity. .
The natural situation of the city for beauty Is not excelled
in Ameriea. A verdure clad aud flower-bespangled rolling
prairie, travorsed by a river of bright, sparkling waier,
fringed with forest trees and surrounded by mountuius, forming a charming-combination of pictiiresuuesness and grandeur. .
The Columbia & Western railway, which was constructed
by the Canadian Pacific Railway company, has its station,
freight warehouse and yards in the center of Coliimbiu, and
the Vancouver,'vietora A Eastern Railway company, has
located its depot, freight sheds and yards along tbe east line
of the corporation, thus giving the city connections with two
transcontinental lines.
The Canadian Pacifie railway company has large interests in the city, having selected the site on account of the superior natural advantages as a railway centre,
The climate, taken all tbe year around, is the best in Canada—part of the summer is rather hot and dry, but the rest of
the year is enjoyable.
Throughout the Kettle River valley there is au extent of
fertile agricultural land, part of which is now being cultivated.
Apples, plums, pears, prunes, cherries aud all the small
fruits grow abundantly. Tbe valley surrounding Columbia,
divided into small fruit and vegetable farms, will sustain a
large population.
Iluilding material is plentiful in the district. Lumber can
be procured at fair prices, and brick lime ami stone of good
Uiiality can always be obtained when required.
Tiie mining interests areof tbe first importance to this
country, aud willdo much to build up Columbia. Large mineral lodes have been discovered throughout the muilutailis
adjacent to tbe oity, and what were mere prospects a short
time since are now large paying mines.
The Granby smelter and converter -the most modern
and perfect plant of tbe kind in America-employing hundreds of men, is contiguous to tbe city.
Owing to tbe fine climate,   the   central    situation,   tin
heautible    environments,   tbe   bright   prospects   for futllri
growth and   prospcrit
diia   will   be  an educational
Main i
Hi bll
In reviewing the list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
the "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. This company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
sell, and the fact that many large
policies have been issued by the
Imperial, running as high as $200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are patrons of
this company. Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and Grand
Bicycles—The Columbia, Perfect
and Cleveland Bicycles, all top-
notehers. Wheel supplies of all
kinds. Repairing. Wheels to rent.
Geo. Chapplk,  opposite  postoffice;
We have certainly, without dispute, the best brands of liquors in
the city. Ask your friend. Grand
Forks hotel.
In the Matter of the Railway Act, and In the
Matter of the Vancouver, Vic o la A Eastern
Railway and Navigation Company.
of thn plans, profiles aud boohs of
reference, duly sanctioned und approved by
die Department of I'ailways and Canals, for
a section of the above company's line, extending from Midway to Lot Ji41, Township
07, Osoyoos Division of Yale District, lias been
deposited with the Registrar of Laud Titles,
at Kamloops, in accordance with the requirements of Section 125 of the Railway Act.
.   Solicitor for V., V. & E. R. A N. Co.
PACIFIC HOTEL, opp. C.P.R. station.Co-
lumbia, J. Mcintosh.   'Phone 59.
Clothes Cleaned and Pressed.
IF you want your clothes oleaned or
renovated and pressed go to Mrs. L. W
Johnson, cor. Riverside ave. and Main st
Employment and Information bureau, 0
K.messenger service, BridgeAlst. 'phone 65
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
T. ALFRED KENNION,  mining and real
estate, cor. Bridge and First, 'phone 65.;
Columbia Mails
1 UI p. 111.
4 m p.m.
12 "0 p.m.
5 15 p. in.
Pts.Crow's Nest RR
Eastern Canada
Eholt. etc
(irand Forks
Nelson, Wash.
Curlew, etc.
4 (HI p. in.
4 15 p. m.
7 45 a. m,
Satdy only White's Camp
1 a. in.
j Satdy only
3 p. in.
Money orders from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Post Muster.
Grand Forks Mails
Rossland,Spokane, Nelson,Marcus, Cascade,
Robson, all p'ts Crows
4:1X1 p.m. Nest Ry, Revelstoke 1:80 p.m.
points on Canadian Pacific Reilway.
Columbia, Phoenix,
EholtjGreenwood. Mld-
12:30p.m.Way, PentJcton,Repub- 5:00 p.m.
lie, Curlew, Roister, all:
"eservatlon points.
Ore shipments last week: Granby
mines, Phoenix, 660 tons; Emma,
Summit camp, 80 tons. Total, 740
It is expected that the Mother
Lode smelter will be blown in tomorrow with one furnace, the other
to be started a few days later. Since
the smelter was blown out, some
weeks ago, a small force has been
busy at the Mother Lode mine, the
minimum being lo men. Last
week the number was increased to
about 50, and yesterday the first
shipment of ore for nearly two
months was made to the company's
smelter. The force of men will be
gradually increased till the old number are on the payrolls.
Porter Bros., the contractors, are
evidently making a success of the
contract which they recently undertook for the Granby company, for
stripping of the surface of part of
the Old Ironsides and Knob Hill
claims, says the Phoennix Pioneer.
One good-sized section has been
completed, about two hundred feet
wide, and the main or upper tower
has been dismantled, and another
and higher tower erected a little
farther up the hill, the terminal
tower still being in use. In addition to this another set of these huge
tripods has been built still farther
up the hill, to strip a piece M ground
adjoining the main glory hole, which
Superintendent Williams desires to
get in condition for stoping before
the bad weather sets in. The heavy
cable for this second tramway runs
directly acVoss the glory hole, the
waste being dumped off to one side
of the ore body. Once again the
great practicability of the system of
stripping is illustrated, as it would
be exceedingly expensive to do this
stripping in any other manner and
deposit the waste where it will be
out of the way. Porter Bros, now
have 35 or 40 men at work on the
stripping contracts, which are being
successfully carried out. The scales
carrying the debris go down the
trams by gravity and dumped, and
are brought back by power from an
Upright steam engine, located at the
rear of the main tower.
After a cessation of about ten days
the Granby mines have resumed
shipments of ore to the company's
smelter in this eity. The first shipment amounted to 28 cars or nearly
700 tons, which is about the daily
capacity uf two furnaces at the smelter, As coke supplies have been
steadily accumulating while the reduction works were cold for the past
ten days, a sufficient amount has
been received, to keep the smelter
running at half capacity. It is generally believed that i£ will not be
long until all four furnances and the
wo converters will again be run-
1   ,~,»,-U>.    -IWm.rtl
Of which I Never Out,
case PfifiQ l handle nothing but the Griffin Brand Fancy
IN Rl ITTFP J*'8 Griffin BrancI Fancv Creamery and the
UUI ' *-*■> Celebrated Eden Bank, equaf to, and
cheaper than, Hazelwood. ,
I don't buy in large quantities, but have them coming all the
time. My PRICES are right. So are my Weights and Mem-
wes.    Try them on the sly sometimes, and be convince.!).
Rflkino* Df\\\rr\t*r Have you tried SCHILLING'S
oaKing Kowaer m^ Thc 0NLY Baking
Powder that gives you your MONEY BACK if not satisfactory.
Don't forget W(\ ' -jf\ if you want any-
to ring up     1~^* O^ thing in a hurry.
TO TRY OUR   -  -
Pure Drugs
Prescriptions Carefully
Fraser Drug Co., Druggists
We have just received a
Big Shipment of all kinds of
Clover and Timothy Seed
We also have in supply SEED GRAIN of all kinds.    Remember
and investigate our stock and prices before going elsewhere.
a fi
IN YOUR PRINTINO you don't want
to reflect old ide»a> i you want it up.
to'Hate. There l» a certain desire
for the antique, but It should be up-to-
now In execution.
Our printing reflects
thepresent times,
with the best
ideas of the


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