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The Evening Sun Mar 13, 1906

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v. e*"
V k.k'CTOB>p*'
i Year-No. 38
Grand Forks, B. C, Tuesday, March i3, 1906
Issued Twice a Week
Plans for Generating Electricity on an Immense
Jay P. Graves Pays $77,000
for Power in Columbia
Jay P. Grave* has bought the tremendous falls in the Columbia river
above Kettle Falls, Wash., 100
miles north of Spokane, for477,000,
says the Spokesman-Review of the
10th inst. He expects to develop it
into one of the greatest electric pro|
erties in America. AlthoiifMJthe falls
are so immense that.it is -weeeding-
ly difficult to estimate the flow,
- there is believed to be a thihimum
of 90,000 to 100,006 hoS^ower at
low water. For a large part of the
year the power available ■ there is
greatly in excess of that.
The purchase includes two tracts
—one group of thijee islands and 450
acres along the east shore. It was
bought from Col. I. N. Peyton and
ex-Senator Geo. Turner for $50,000.
They owned, respectively, two-thirds
and one-third.
(The property on the west side of
the river included 90 acres, and was
sold by F. C. Robertson, Dr. R. ll
Thomson and E. L. Tate, They got
♦27,000 for it.
The deal covers nearly a mile of
shore line along tbe east tide of the
river, and is between Kettle Falls
and Marcus, Wash. The'upper end
of the Peyton tract is about two
miles belpw Marcus.
At the office of Mr. 'Graves yesterday it waffetated tbat the purchase
was inadejiersonully by Mr. Graves
as an investment. He iB nowin the
east, but is'*xpected home, in a few
F. C. Robertson said: {'Outsideof
Niagara and Shoshone falls on the
Snake ri ver ;in southern Idaho, the
Kettle falls of the '}olurol">iai.riverla8
they are generally knowr-,,-mi probably the largest in the United States.
Even the water power in The Dalles
in tbe lowerColumbia pales into in-
signilicance, for while there is a large
body of water there, the drop is
"At the Kettle falls there is a vertical drop of 25 feet at one point,
where a huge quartz dyke projects
into the riyer. It is almost an ideal
power site, for the dam ledge slopes
gently down towards the upstream,
and then breaks off sheer in one
"There is also the other fall, which
is nearly as powerful. I estimate
thut there is a maximum of 100,000
horsepower in the combined properties.
Messrs. Thomson, Tate and myself secured an interest in Kettle
falls in 1896, and subsequently in
1900, when the land on the Colville
reservation was thrown open, we
scripped a piece opposite the big
falls on the west shore, and Dr.
Thomson took up a timber claim.
Our group also secured the falls on
the Kettle river, capable of generating 60,000 horsepower, at a point in
the Kettle river above its confluence
with the Columbia.   I recently sold
my interest in that to Messrs. Thomson and Tate."
Mr. Robertson declined to discuss
the sale to Mr. Graves until informed
that the announcement of it had
been made from the latter's office.
Then he suid:
I understand that it will cost
$1,200,000 to develop the falls to
their capacity. There is no man in
the country who could handle the
proposition so advantageously as
Mr. Graves.
"His electric railway properties in
the Inland Empire group outof Spokane alone will be enormous consumers, and the Granby company of
Grand Forks tnd .Phoenix, B.C.,
which is now operating its mines
and smelter with power brought by
long lines from Bonnington Falls,
B.C., is ako likely lo be a steady
customer. I consider Mr. Graves'
acquisition of tremendous importance to Spokane."
Col. I. N. Peyton and Judge Turner bought their interest at the falls
about fifteen years ago from the
Jesuits, who held title to it by virtue of an old law giving missions
ground adjacent to their missions..
Col. Peyton said before his departure for Los Angeles: "We paid $12,-
500 for the properties. I consider
that although we got only $50,000
cash for the falls, we really received
$100,000 for the property, since it
is worth $50,000 more to us to have
Mr. Graves bring electricity into
House Was Prorogued at 10
o'Clock Monday Evening
West Kootenay Power Company's Bill Was Sacrificed
Although tte weather during the
post two or three days has been the
coldest of the present season, it has
not been half as severe as the sensational reports sent out from this city
would indicate.' The coldest recorded by any thermometer (exclud
ing the freak instrument owned by
the Grand Forks correspondent) has
been 10 degrees above zero. Neither
have we had any blizzards.
According to carefully prepared
estimates more than two thousand
men are directly employed in the
mines, smelters and railways of the
Boundary district. In the mines
over a thousand men are given em
ployment; the smelters have about
six hundred men and the railways
in the Boundary some four hundred
on the payroll. The monthly payroll is estimated to be over two hundred thousand dollars.
In another week the new mammoth ore crusher nt the Granby
mines, to take the place of the one
destroyed by tire last December, is
expected to be ready for operations.
The city council of Phoenix has
decided to invest $250 to encourage
the local musicians to blow the
corporation's horns. The instrument are to remain the property of
the city.
It is reported tbat another five
million dollar company has been
organized to exploit Phoenix mines.'
The company will, it is said, as soon
as all the details are completed, begin the work of developing some of
the most promising claims in the
Wm. Spier, manager of the Eastern Townships bank, has returned
from a three weeks' business trip to
The third session of the tenth parliament of British Columbia was
prorogued at 10 o'clock Monday
night. The lieutenant-governor read
a short speech from the throne and
the proceedings closed with the singing of the national anthem.
As usual, several bills were sacrificed, including the bill regulating
the sale of patent medicine, ihe bush-
fire act, the bill for regulating the
telephone companies, the bill respecting the safety of tramway employees, tho sliop regulation act, etc.
The bill for the safety of tramway
employees was negatived by the
casting vote of the speaker.
At the opening of the afternoon
session the leader of the opposition
moved a want of confidence motion
in the government as follows:
"This house declares that the
order-in-council of 3rd May, 1904,
dealing with ten thousand acres of
land on Kaien was not passed in the
public interest."
The motion wits negatived on the
combined Conservative and Socialist
vote, reinforced by Sbatford's vote,
the member for Similkameen •having returned to his legislative duties
after.the Columbia & Western*"bill
was out of the way. "^,
Henderson's want of confidence
motion, based upon the govern
ment's failure to collect taxation
frorn the Canadian Pacific railway
on account of British Columbia
Southern lands, and on account of
the lands Jf the Columbia & Western
grant alienated, was negatived upon
the same vote.
In this connection Hawthornthwaite made a remarkable speech,
alleging that the wage earners
were not concerned in the alienation
of public lands, and were entirely
indifferent as to whether or not the
Canadian Pacific railway pvid taxation on their lands.
On the seport of the bill to amend
and consolidate thc Municipal
Clauses Act, Evans attempted to
secure an amendment providing for
local option. It was voted down by
the combined Conservative ami Socialist vote, after Ilatvthornthwaile
declared such legislation was mere
Tbe only other feature of interest
wus the defeat of the bill to amend
tbe West Kootenay Power & Light
Company's Incorporation Act. This
bill reached the report stage, with
some slight amendment, and Fraser
moved it be read a third time now.
Wright objected, and consequently
the bill «as killed, as thc third reading could not take place before the
house prorogued. This is tho only
occasion on which the member for
Ymir has taken any part in thc proceedings of the house, beyond asking a few questions.
Before the house adjourned and
pending the arrivil of the lieutenant
governor, the leader of the opposition drew the attention of the government to the fact that the home of
the Children's Aid society in Vancouver had been destroyed by Are,
and he expressed the hope that the
government would be abla to render
some financial assistance toward the
erection of a new building.
Premier McBride replied that the
matter had already received the attention of the executive and arrangements have been made to advance
two thousand dollars in aid of a
new building.
Tbe session of the legislature just
closed was not productive of much
legislation of any great importance.
Most of tbe bills before the house
were for the amendment of existing
laws. The Public Schools Act was
radically amended, but even in its
present shape it is feared it will
prove the .cause of much vexation
and hindrance rather than encouragement to the 'educational system
of the province.
The bills most noteworthy were
for the relief, of the municipality of
Dewdney, apd the reviving of the
lnnd subsidy to the Columbia it
Western railway in respect of section 3. Neither of these bills can
be said to be in the public interest.
One adds a large burden to the taxpayers and the other alienates an
other eight hundred thousand acres
of the public domain.
In all 87 bills received royal assent.
Good Local Demand for Dominion Copper and International Coal
Special Bill Amending Granby
Charter Passed by the
Legislature -
District Convention
Members of Phoenix Miners' Union
No. 8 have begun to make preparations for the eighth annual convention
of District No. 6, Western Federation
of Miners, which will open its sessions
in Phoenix on Tuesday, Murch 20th
The district comprises the province of
British .Columbia, in which there are
19 unions, as follows: Camborne No,
194, Grand Forks No. 180, Greenwood No. 22, Kaslo No. 69, Kimberley No. 100, Lamloops No. 112, Lar-
deau No. 119. Mount Sicker No. 215,
Nelson Np. 96, New Denver No. 97,
Moyie N». .71, Nanaiihu No. 177,
Plfopnix No. 8, Rossland No. 38, Sandon No. 81, Silverton No. 95, Slocan
No. 62, Texado No. 113, and Ymir
No. 85. The president of the district
is Frank Phillips, of Nelson, while W.
B. Mclsaac, of Ymir, is vice-president
und A. Shillantl, of Sandon, is secretary-treasurer. The meetings are held
once a year, and this is tbe first time
that one has been arranged to be held
in Phoenix. It it expectetl that there
will be a large delegation this year,
and the Phoenix members intend to
show the visiting delegates all the attention possible. It is more than
likoly that tbe convention will hi
welcomed by the mayor or acting
mayor and there is talk of tho business men tenderiug them a social ou
the evening of the 22nd.
A. Erskiue Smith it Co., commission agents, last Saturday disposed of
the house and lot owned by Mrs. John
Rogers, opposite the Methodist church;
to W. T. Luscomb, an employee of
the Granby smelter. Mr. Smith says
business is good in his line, and evidences the fact that daring the past
two or three weeks their bills for telephone messages for out-of-town orders
for mining shares bave amounted to
over a dollar a day. At present International Coal and Dominion Copper
shares are especially strong, and they
are unable to supply tho demand.
The special bill has passed the legislature amending the Granby company's act, by which the par value of
the shares will be raised from $10 to
$100 each, and authorizing the directors to declare dividends without authority of the shareholders.
Grading on the Vancouver, Victoria
k Eastern railway has been prosecuted
continuously west of Midway, and has
now reached a stage that permits a
reasonable estimfit-E to be made of the
time of the road's arrival at Hedley.
A greet deal of work had to be done
at Midway, principally in preparing
the large yards, but the eighty-ton
steam shovel which was at work there
made short work of that, and also of
the various heavy cuts west of tho
town. At Meyers creek canyon a tunnel over eight hundred feet long lias
to be constructed. About half of this
has been completed.
J. B. Henderson, who has charge of
the construction of the West Kootenay Power ifc Light company's substation in Phoenix, was in the city
yesterday. He reports .hat the Phoenix building will be completed in a
few days.
Water in Your Blood ?
Lots of people Have thin watery
blood—they eat plenty, but don't
digest. When digestion is poor, food
isn't converted into nourishment—in
consequence tho body rapidly loses
strength. To positively renew health,
nothing equals Ferrozone. It excites
shhrp appetite—makes the stomach
digest, forms life sustaining blood.
Abundant strength is sure to follow.
If you need more vitality, extra en
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Fifty cents buys a box of fifty chocolate coated Ferrozone tablets. Sold by
all druggists.
The Lion Bottling Works havo cut
their price on all case and draught
wines anil liquors.
A social organization to be christened the Maple Leaf club is being
formed in the city. The elnb will give
an informal dance in Eagles' ball on
Friday evening, March 23rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McCallum, who
have been visiting friends ami relatives in Toranto for the past three
mouths, returned to the city last Saturday evening. They were accompanied by a sister of City Clerk J. A.
McCallum, who will visit in thc eity
f.ir some time. ' »
James Harris, of I'lioenix, formerly
employed in the Granby smelter, was
a visitor in the city yesterday.
Elmer Ness visited in Republic last
Smith Curtis, ex-M.P.P., of Boss-
land, was a Grand Forks visitor yesterday.
P. T McCullum performed the duties of collector of customs at Carson
last week.
Wanted—Two men in each county
to represent and advertise Hardware
department, put out samples of our
goods, etc. Traveling position or
olliee manager. Salary 890.00 per
month, cash weekly, with all expenses
paid in advance. Wc furnish everything, Tito Columbia House, Dept
010, 234 5th Ave., Chicago, III. /
First-Class Bread, Pies and Cakes
Best of Material Used
No Chinese Employed
(Between Winnipeg anil Victoria)
that exercise by doing housework improves the complexion.
A diplomatic woman is one who is
able to keep the same girl for three
consecutive weeks.
If it be true that all mankind ure
kin we find lots of people ready to
swindle their relatives.
Before rising the dust with un automobile it is usually necessary to
raise the tlust for one.
A t ARGAIN—$550
Tett-aore tract of fine land two and
one-half miles southeast of town; two-
tliir.lt under cultivation; suitable for
orchard ur market gardening. Cull on
J. D. Sears, or at Sun office.
Only a Copper.
®1tp -Etanttuj £>mt
Published nt Grand Porks, llrltUh Columhiif.
Every Tuesday und Friday Evenings.
.Editor amir .ildislii-r
One Year *S1.IW
One'Year (In ndvanoe)  1.00
Advertising rates furnished on amplication
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phone R .4 Ghand Forks, B.C.
The session of the legislature which
has just ended was remarkable for
two things—the number of good bills
it killed, and the number of bad laws
it enacted. In the Boundary s -arcely
a man can be found who has a good
word for the legislators, as everbody,
irrespective of party affiliations, view
the -defeat of the amendment to the
West Kootenay Power k Light company's charter as a severe blow, to
our leading industries—mining and
smelting. The alienation of eight
hundred thousand acres of the public
domain also requires a great deal of
explanation. The general impression
in this neighborhood appears to be,
thut tho people of the provinco would
have heen better off' if the session hud
not been held.
The people of Grand Forks have
had enough trouble with the Hat rate
for electric lights, anil it is time that
• the metre system was installed. It
might as well be dune as later on, because the ratepayers will not be thoroughly satisfied until it is adopted.
Hawthornthwaite appears to think
thut all the workingman is fit for is to
work, and thut he takes no interest in
public affair. In this progressive age
tho reverse is tine. Tho workingman
of today is often the millionaire of tomorrow, and vice versa. The whirligig
of time muy yet make a workingman
out of Hawthornthwaite; and then,
we warrant, bo would kick as hard as
the rest of us if a few pin-headed legis-
islut-irs were to donate the public
lands to a corporation that hud not
earned them.
The poor man always tries to console himself by saying, "there arc
A man actually bas moro warm
friends in summer than he has iu
Many a man who considers himself
a wit is apt to be considered a bore by
There are but few varieties of cabbage, yot there aro innumerable brands
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Railway station wns buying his tickc
'or Chicago, when he cjrnpjted a eeni
'Didn't you lose some of your change*
mked the ticket, agent.
"Yes, it was only a eopppr, but —"
Ho adjusted Iii-' ti.'-.-ti-s anil bent o\v
a search of tho u-JMJt'tt coin; One n
wo of thc bysti-Mm jnini-d Urn.
"How much di.l yoa .liup?" uked on
"Oh, only a copper, Mill —"
He bent lower nml p'ered under a seal
"Curious how-money'will disappear.
Ue said. "Of course a copper'Is only i
trifle— Excuse mc, sir, may I trout)!
you to move your satchels? Possibly th.
coin may have rolled behind, them. I
was only*—"
"I think It rolled tinder that seat ovc.
there!" called a man near by.
"Oh, did itt   Thank you."
He dropped to his knees and peerei'
under the seat. His glasses fell off, and
lie readjusted them, struck a match, bur
rowed under the seat, and then rose te
'lis feet, wiped the dust from his trous
ire, and said to a lady:—
"Excuse me, madam, but I think th>
-•oln may lave rolled in this dircctio-.
Would you take the trouble to rise! li
was only a supper, but —"
The woman changed her seat and hi
esumed his peering. Then a man said:—
"I don't think it rolled in this direc
ion. Isn't that it over then against
he baseboard?"
"Ah, perhaps it 1st I'll see. No, this
s just a brass button. Of course o
-opper is the merest trifle, but *—"
Ho pulled out his watch, glanced at It
tnd then at tne clock on the wall. Then
lio hurried to thc window nnd asked the
ticket-seller, "When did you say that
'.rain went to Chicago?"
"Four-fifteen, sir. Went just a mo
■nent ago."
"It did! Then I'm left, nnd nil on at>
*ount of— Still, a copper's a copper.
It isn't very much, but —"
And he begun to search for it again.
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A "Straight" Multiple.
"I see," said the stranger, stirring
something in a glass, "that on the
strength of the names in tbt new city
directory you claim a population here
of over two million three htndred thousand."
"I guess Hint's about right," observed
the man In the battered Piaama hat,
who was leaning against th*. bar and
imohing a cigar.
"What multiple do you us***"
"Well," replied the othe% throwing
rway his cigar and wiping Hi mouth
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tnke it straight—If it's all tha same to
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am! Cariboo Central Railway
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of Canada, at its next session, for an
Act: i -
(a) Amending section .seven (7) of
its Act of incorporation (I Edward
VT1., Chap. 49) by empowering the
company to construct its railway from
a point at or near tho City of Grand
Forks, in the Province of British Cnl-
umbiu, thence in a tinitliei-lv direction
following the valley of tlio North Furl
of the Kettle'river and by tho most
feasible route to Franklin camp and
Fire Valley; thence in it north westerly
direction by the most feusilili- route to
Grand Prairie.
(6) Extending the time within
which it may construct its railway,
antl for other purposes.
Solicitors fur Ai ijicafifs.
Dated at Ottawa, Feb. 2cfthj 190.(i
Proved in Mount Forest
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wltViln the Railway Belt In
the Province of British
A LICENSE to ont timber can be ncqtiireit
only ut public com net iti on. \ rental of
$5 per Mitt nre mile ttohargM for nil timber
berths exceiittri--- thofie sit uuteri Wont of Yale,
for wbloli the rental is at the rate of ft ceuti
per acre per annum.
In nritlition to the rental, linen at the foi-
lowing rules ure ehurueri:-
Siiwn lumber. Wi centi per thousand feet
K.iilwuy lies, eight and nine feet Ion-*-, 1J.-J-
unri Ik cents each.
Sl.iii.--I-' l>olt<*, 'i'i cents a oord,
AU other products, ft per oent. on the miles.
A license   ts   issued so  soon us a berth In
granted, but in unnurveyed territory no timer can be cut on u berth until the licensee
bus mude a survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are also granted at
public competition, exceptln the case of
actual settlers, who require the timber for
their own use.
Settlers ami others may ulso obtain permits
to cut up to 100 cords of wood for sate without competition.
The dues pnynhle under a permit are $1..VI
per thousand feet B.M,, r<ir square timber
and sawlogs of auy wood except oak; from \i
to WA cents per lineal foot for building logs;
Before OrderingTotir
We have all the latest ityles and
can guarantee you satisfaction,
and our prices are right. Call
and inspect our goods.
Geo. Taylor
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Harness, Saddlery j
Having: established a completpte Harness
Shop nt Midway, fully-'equlpped in every'
respect, we are prepared to undertako
any kind of work *    •
On the Shortest Notice
We have purohased the entire stock of
A. Halberg, of Greenwood, aud have
added the same to our already large and
complete assortment.
Wilt receive our prompt attention. We
are specialty prepared to deal with mail
order business, aud to guarantee satisfaction.
Geo.  Taylor
General Contractor.    '
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone non-Unit a shotrh nila dwcrtptlon may
•quickly nanertnln our oplnimi free whether an
liiveiiMoii ispnihntily imteiit.ible. Com mini Ira*
tloiiBHlricilyci.ntl(leii...il. HANDBOOK on Patents
■ont free, oldest lu-eii-"* fur ppcurlng patents.
PutoiitB taken thmiuh Munn ft Co. receive
i special notice, wil limit ciinrtro, lu the
Scientific Jltnericatt.
A tiandst, iU.|y HbiRtratnd weekly. Largest elf-
culHtinti nf any «-**leiu'B0 jnunial, Terms, fit a
jr-jiir: (ourmoiitliB,$L Sold by an ptwidealers.
\38 ■■■«-••■* New York
i. 836 »' St.. WMblnmon. 0. C.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
- and From All Trains
Telephone Al29
Rutherford Bhos., Props.
NiniCK|ISHEIlEltY*iOIVKN thnt nnpllon-
tinii will hn uindn to the, Lr-irlslntlvu A*i*
sotiiblyof tne Province of llritish rollout.in
ut Its next session for n Prlvnlo Hill tu
oineiid tlu-."llrunliy (.'oiisnlliinteil Mlutnp-.
SiiH'ltinir * Power ('oinpniiy Art, lHlil," to
chniifiR tlieilivtslon. of till* nuthoi'lzeil cuiit*
tnl of tin- company from Out* Million, Five
Mn mired TIioumuiiI slum's uf tin- pur Ylitut*
of .*HMItl nor shuro, toOne Hundred inn! I'ifty
Tlioiisnml simms of the iuu' vnlni* of *l"" ll'
l«*r slinru-tn empower tlm Dirf-rturs of tin-
I t*c.iiipi,uy to deeini'ndlvltlt'lid*. wit hi Hit ri>f(*r*
.-in-.* to tile sllnreholili't's: to iniilti. the ('oln*
pniiicsrliitiM s Act. 1MI7, iiinii:>ll.'iilile to tho
Coinpiiiiy: to empower the Directors to mill-
' stitnte for the l-resent- reJEUllltinint uf thn
Coinpiiiiy ii set of By-laws uiiproveil liy tiie
Cotnpnny In general mcetiiiir. unit to empower the Directors froni time to time to
amend, or repenl, nny of tlm stline, nnd from
time to time tn iiKiii.* new ity-luws: to ennhle
a 1 tiie Direetors to hold others of  trust or
Brollt under tlieCutiipuuy: nnd tu enable the
itrni'tois nut only to fix their remuneration
as directors, hut alsu tin* other rcinuueru-
tion nf those of their number who muy bull)
other otflees under the Company.
Dated at Grand Poms, 11. U, Ibis -.tli day
of November, A. 1). 19115,
Solicitor for Applicants
BioyObES and Repair Work—A
complete line of l!)l'6 models. A few*
second -hand wtieels cheap. Wheels
to fi-iit. Geo. Chappi.e, opposite
1'iislolliee, First street.
"RuinedI" he cried, as he darted ■
paper to the floor aud trampled upon It
"Ruined, disgraced! My fair faun
blasted!   My honor gone!"
"Dearest, what disaster is this?" It
was his fond wife who gasped the que*
tity% in tones of anguish.
"A disaster winch is irretrievable; a
calamity which will crush me to tin-
eittthl" He ran hia white, thin fingers
through his luxuriant crop uf long and
inky hair, black as the raven's wing, al
tcu-and-a-half the bottle of black, warranted to defy detection—not a dye, nol
J stain, but a harmless liquid thai
merely has to be combed Into the hair
{Vide advt.).
"Heavens, Horatio, tell me what hae
befallen thee!" The fair girl turned hei
liotror-full eyes upon him. Ijer youns,
soul, aged thirty-eight, shared hir
"Felicia," he cried, "do I look like i
"The fates forefendl"
"Do I strike yo-i at all as being r
'tinny man I"
"Anything but that!" she shuddered.
"Am I not known as a serious an
"You are," she admitted.
"Do I not paint the serious fide ol
"You do," she interjetted.
"Am I not a novelist of grave an*
serious endeavor?"
"You am," alie whispered.
"Does not my  tame depend on  mi
reputation aa a man that abhors a jest
us a writer who revels in the darknes
of despair and the greyness of exist
"It doth!" she moaned.
"Then  listen to  this,"    he   faltered
"These are the words that should havt-
Wound up the 'Fourpenny Monthly'*—
'As the light flickered out, she bent hei.
queenly head and   kissed him   in the,
"Beautiful!" the ejaculated, enrap
"Yea, but listen to what the printer
has made of it—'She bent her queenlj
bead and kissed him on the ben'..!"
"Oh, Horatio I" she murmured, and
"The horror of It!" he wildly cried.
The public will take me for a new hu*
nwriatl"-**A"Uy aioper's Half-Holiday."
TO   I*/-* I.TIIIB |*-*-a   iiuvu. >vu.	
f roin 12ltj to 25 centu per cord fur wonil; 1 cent
fpr fence posts; Scents for railway ties; and
- >< SO cents per oord on sluiifrlo bolts.
•—between- .  Leases for gruzlnir purposes  are issued
a-   i_ t> j..     tt i -r- ■*».       for u term of twenty-onu yenrs ut a rental of
Spokane, -BUtte, Helena, JJargo,   Min-   two cents an acre per umiiim.
nPAruiliu   Thilnt-l*.  imrl «*■   "D.,.,1 Coul lands may lie purchased Ht §10 p-nr acre
neapOJlH, UulUtll  and bt. Paul. for soft cool am! rf2(l for unthra.ite. Not more
— at cn~ than 320 acres may be acquired by one itidl-
A1'BO viduul or company,
2ni|i v    TDAlhiC    **i Hoyulty ut tne rutcof 10 cents per ton of
"UAIL I      I l\AII\0"-i 2,000 pounds Is eoUncted ou tiie trross output.
Entries for luud for ncricnUtirnl purpowi
— between— : may  be made perswitally   at tin- loi-ul luud
a     i   '        *t*M*n> -r* office fort lie district in which the luud to be
Spokane, Biihngs, Denver, Omaha, St.  taken is situated, or if the homesteader de*
Tnoa-ir-.il  Vn«a*r... n*i-.       j Oi. t      • sires, be nitiy, ou applloatiou to the Minister
JoseDh, Kansas Uty and St. Louis.     of the interior at Ottawa, tho Oouimiwiouer
*    of   Immigration ut Wlnuipcir, <>r the local
; agent for the district within which the luud
is situated, receive authority for some one
; to make entry for him.
_ A fee of $10 i* ohurffed for   u   homestead
and Dining' 'Car Service on all Trains,  """itier who hns
hompsteud, is requi
tions connc-cteil thor
follnwiii!-- plans.
ihurijed for
  'ceived au entry for u
homestead, is requii'(\d to perTorm the coudl-
*" _""*-■,ith iinlorone of the
CLOSE* CNIECTIOIIS made at .St. Paul
cultivation of the luud to each year" during
and Sfc-totu*.' iii Uilion Depota for all "'':[;-™,'',;;S0y;,f",i,c*l.,i,mrt, t to re
points EMt and South-East. quire a s«tli*r to brlnf 15 acres ui" er 01lM|-
r .   , vatiou, tint it he prefers tin -""y.wb"'','*!!;
  . stock: uml 20  head of cuttle, t„ be uot ml y
To eiie)l-l»,Bartlee »ho so desire to visit Lisowu proiiertj, witli baildlun Mr He r
friends and reletive. In the Enst during tie accommodation, will be accepted insteail of
summefkea««wdf 1909, tbe NORTHERN PA-   thecultlvulion. / ,   .
CIFie will on JULY 2nd and 3rd, AUGUST (2) If father (or mother, f the father is de*
,th,8tfllind 6th, and SEPTEMBER 8tb and ceased) of uuy person who is, ellirtble to make
lUths-ll round-trip tickets from points In I B homestead entry under the provisions or
this territory to Chicago, St. Louis, at. Paul, j ,he Aot. resides upon a farm In the viol ity
Minneapolis, O-aho and Kansas City ot one I „f the land entered for liy such persotls lisi a
lowest tint class fore plus Ten Hollars, with i homestead, tiie renulrenients of tne Aci asto
tHual return limit ninety days from date of ; residence prior to obtaining puteut mul lie
sale, but not beyond Ootober Slsl, 1908. eatislied  by such person  residing «Itb tne
Extremely low rates are in effect from , father or mother.
February 15th tq April 7th and September '    ,,, lf the settler Inn ills permanent resi-
15th to October 91st, 1908. from all poiuts in   j > '    „    „ farming lund owned by him In
the Eust to points in this territory.   If you   the vicinity of his boineslettd, the  renulra-
desire to send for a friend or relutive on   lnei,ts of the Act ns to residence mo*'be satis-
these rates we telegraph tiokets to Kustern   tifl(j t)V rpsi,li.|ii.i. ni tliesuid liind.
points witiiolit extru cost. i....il,.„.ln,, f,,r u i.ulriit -lliniiil lie mude ut
1 The NOTHERX PACIFIC have all «»- , »lj<- 'K^Mrn'r.r".'local agent.
noiinccd very low round-trip rates from , tie i mlioiti *','"' ti lllsl)L.L.t„r.
point, in the bust to points in this territory, , *£' ™ S li a potent,
nnd tiokets will bo oo sale from June 1st to ! rf „ttle? must glvo Ux inoi.tl.s' notice in
September 15th inclusive, final limit for 1>*|'XW ffimmlStouer of Dothlulon
turn Ootobe-r Slst, 1908. l«iii.»i.         .,.,_,.. *t..„ ,„ ,i„ .n
For further information address one of the
A. D. Charlton,       A. Tinlino,
S.O.P.A., Oeti.Agt.,
Portland, Ore.    Spokane, Wash.
,-w.:h. ude,
Traveling Pasf-enger Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
Boundary, and prints it
while* it is news.    It is  the
only twioe-tt-weelt paper pub-
lishfil in  Soutlieiq  British
Columbia.   It in riot owned
or controlled by ri pliquoof
politiciatiH,  to further thoir
own iiinli.tiiius iiinis; not' by
a i-iniilii'i' tion of nui't-hruits
to ho usiilii*ia ......iiis of laud-
ing thoir »«'ti ware*,  to the
dett'iinent of Iheir rival.,.
The Sun is tlm »ole proi>
ei'ty of its publisher, uud no
ono I'lsubai iniy rifjlit t<> iii.--
tate its policy. It is printed in the intertet of Orand
Porks atid.suiTi.unilinf' ilis-
triiit. When its editor believes lii3 is rif-ht, Ik- speaks
right out. lie does not
have to consult half-a-doy.t*ti
different parties about what
he intends to say.
Everybody in Grand Forks
reads Tiik Sun twice a week.
Its out-iif-Uiwn ciruUlatipn is
large, anil is rapidly increasing. It is therefore trie best
advertising medium in the
Limits lit lltlmv.i ul' iiis iuleiitinii to do so.
Deputy nf tin* Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, I'eliruary 4th, i'."*i
Collars,  cuffs   and
shirts washed clean and
nice and ironed by
machinery,   new
men employed.
Tu rning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing,Gun Repairing, Mumi-
[ncturor of Screen Doors and
f^igar Store
A selection made from 4iuf
C»t»louue will be delivered at
your door at precisely tha
lame cost lo you at if pur-
chaied in person at our store.
$ 1 PerYoar M Street        Grand Forhs.B. C.
la. ll-PHcfc IlillS
This handsome ..-pircs Te» Sat—
non-iicau.'iiJu '"nt handles,
find quality silver plale-ia a
ourvalof good value.
Our new Catalogue will ba
ready Nov. 15th. Write for
• copy.
118, 120, 128 and 124
Yoiijc. St., Toronto BOUNDARY   ORE   SHIPMENTS
The following table gives the ore
1905, and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Dcndwood	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Athelstan-Jackpot, Wellington 	
Krooklyn-Stemwinder dump, Phoenix.
Morrison, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Summit	
R. Bell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Cnmp	
Senator, .Summit (lump	
Prey Fogle, SummitCamp	
No. 37, SummitCamp	
Reliance, Summit	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden. Crown, Wellington	
King Solomon W. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central	
.rowel, Long Lake <*.	
Carmi, West Fork	
Providence, G reeriwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
shipments of Boundary mines for   1900,  J***!      1903, 1003,    190-1
7901. 1902.          1903
231,702 309, S58*    393,181
1,721 20,800       74,212
99,034 141,320     138,079
150  7.
1904 ..105       1906 Past  IP'
.549,703      65}. 889    105,000 18,2(1,**
804       7,455       15,731
150      8, ,9
47,405  14,811 19, .oo
050   8,530 22,937
174,298 174,500 20,910 3,488
25,050 55731 26,752 3,926
3,070 25,108 2,680 233
3,2'i0 3,056 9,563 970
1,759 4,747 818 206
37,900 !),'S4 8,468      :r
16,400 3,007 4,986       '02
3,'."j0 1,833         	
304 ..'.'..         ......      ...'.'..
  '        33         	
Total, tons  390,000
Granby Smeltertreated.  230,828
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smeltertreated...... 117,611
Montreal & Boston Co.'s Smelter treated 	
300   30
113   ill
240 .89 27,998
175,091 ,17,176
32,360" 4,525
38,361 5,il4
The new edition of the COPPER BOOK
lists and describes 3311 copper mines and
copper mining properties, in all parts of the
world, covering tbe globe, these descriptions ranging fcora two lines
to 12 pages in length., according to importance of the mines. The
descriptions arc not podded, but give facts in the most concise form.
There arc also fifteen miscellaneous chapters, devoted to the History,
Uses, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy,
Metallurgy, Finances and Statistics of Copper, rendering the volum,
a veritable encyclopedia of tbe subject of copper and everything pertaining to the metal. It is the world's standard Reference Book on
Every Miner, Pros] eetor, Investor,   Banker  and   Broker needs    t
hook.-  Price is i?5 in I'iiickrani binding with gilt  Up,   or $7.5(3 in
fuli library morocco, and the book, in either  binding,   will be sen-"-'
on approval, to any address in the world, to be paid for if foutro-sat
isfaetory' or may bp returned within a week of     HORACE J..-STEVENS,
receipt and the chargo cancelled.    Address the 36 Postoppkbe Block,
Anther uud Publisher. HoUQHTON, Mtou., U.S.A.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Read the display advertisement of the six Morse schools of telegraphy: in this issue, and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
Razor boning a specialty at the
Palace lirbor Shop, Victoria hotel.
Our job department is superior to
any other in the Boundary country.
We have both the material and the
experience to turn out high class work.
Her Skin Was Yellow
"I had only to try Dr. Hamilton's
Pills to appreciate their merit," writes
Miss Annie' S. Bryce of Woodstock.
"My system was out of order. My
blood was weak and thin. I had a
nasty, murky complexion. My skin
was hard and dry. The first box of
Dr. Hamilton's Pills made a complete
1 hinge. I felt better at once. Healthy
color came into my face. In about
three weeks I was cured." Dr. Hamilton's Pills effect an easy cure. Try
these good pills, 25c per bj<, or five
boxes for $1, at all dealers.
Loose Leaf Systems
One Obstacle Overcome.
WILLIE waa a 'bright boy, of an Inventive turn of niiid. At the age
of eight or ten he was seized
with the "jiorpetual motion" idea, and
began to niuks all sorts of queer machines, despite tiie advice of his father,
who told him of men that had devoted
their lives to a vain search for perpetual motion.
. "It violates the first principles ot
mechanics, rtiy boy," said Hia lather.
"Action and reaction arc equal, as you
will understand .-**oine ar-V.- When.you
can pull yourscir up by your bootstraps, you may hope to invent a ma-
chlne 'hat will start itself and run
without stopping.**
I'he nefct day Willie came to hla
father In great excitement and told
him he had done it—had pulled himself up by his bootstraps.
"It's, no trick at all," he mid as he
led the way to the barn, where he
showed his bewildered father a pair ot
old boots nailed, soles up, to a beam
"There!" he exclaimed, as he climbed
on a box, reached up, van his fingers
through the straps of the boots and
pulled himself up. "What do you think
of that?"
Willie's father did not reply in woms.
Instead, he took a harness strap, and
then and there Willie gave an imitation of perpetual motion which re-
quired no elaborate apparatus.
\    ' !v7* i
■■*32a**"- *,r. - ■■..■M^8$$..:)/ '
^Therc are very few business bouses today which do
not use some form uf Louse Leaf System iu one or more
departments, as it is tegarileilas an absolute necessity
by progressive business linns.
Il'l'lio advantages of the Loose Loaf System are now
well known, and permit of adaptability to meet to best
advantage changing conditions. It permits the 1'reatoSl
amount of information to be kept iii condensed ioriu, ill
j   the least lime, anil the most aeeotirale manner.
! *i!.Yei*>iiiuNmid ecords of all kinds i.-an "be kept by tbis
syslein In any business, large or small, with etruul advantage.
Illnvosligate the Simplex Loose Leaf Symteiii. It is
the cheapest antl best.
A Failinr- of History.
Freddie—Why ia it siitl that Watery
esn't be writlpn until yrttrs after tint
event! Cdbwlgger—Because, tny boy, il
it wag written nt the time it occurred it
would probably be true.—"Judge."
Advantages of Delay.
First Farmer—You nughter took m
trip to New York yenrs ago. Second
Farmer—Ob, I dunho, The longer yon
Walt tlio mure Shei'e Is to see.—Ex.
^Advertising Is a Business Stimulant
"The heart," sxclhitncd the poet, "Is
a casket wht-li love nione can unlock."
"M'yes," replied the cviiic. "Hut money
Is the shelf ten-ltey Hint's very apt to
produce the -ur.ie result."
Root of Neuralgic Headadic
. Is an irritable condition of the
nerves causctl by cold.    Relief, conies
I quickly from Nervilino: the great pain
reliever of today.    "1 consider Nervi*
I line a magical remedy for neuralgia,
writes   Mrs.   l'\   0. Harris of  Bulti
'more.   "I never worry if Nerviline i>
: in the bouse. A few applionltghs never
yet failed to hill the pain. v 1 ean .- Iso
ivconin tl   Nerviline   for   stillness,
' rheumatism nntl muscular pain." In
use nearly Hfty venrs: hv Nerviline
yourself.   Sole) byall dm'gists.
Did You See hie fs T   TTVVT A "\7"
WhichpavsHos V^i^llVlAA.
I.ital Indium by, T****-|/****\T      T/^ *T T«**\
Medical    Treat- \-*i     11 Iff \   f*
incut and insures A     V_-*r I   -4 \  \_-f     1     a
lite   Beneficiary ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
without nny  .-el- ———————•—•—————
(litiniiiil cost.    It is extremely liberal.
s, hi by p. t. rJUcCallum, Grand Forks, B. C.
and look over his stock. It is not necessary to
leave an order. No one will ask you to do so, but
the goods will exert a very strong pressure. This is
a very well selected stock of vory hondsotne goods
of seasonable weights and stylish designs. Under
the skilful hands of our
Exp i'jirt. Tailors   ■
these goods are made up into perfect, dressy and
high-class suits. >
Geo. Iti Massie
Grand  Forks, B. C.
Finest Furniture
Al large consignment
of Lounges, Dining-room
Chairs, Tables and Sofas just
arrived. Call and inspect
them. Also a stock of Blan
ketg, Quilts, Pillows, etc., to
be sol,d at greatly reduced
prices'. See our display of
Pictures. *
White Bros.
Jewelers and
Careful attention
given to
First Street
"Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Beliiinbian wanted
new wtntminsti'h, B. c.
P-iiviiloti a Home fur Students jjf
both Mixes atjreasouable rates. Has a
I'rBpai'iitoi'y Class for Junior Stu*
ilertts tloiiigPilblie Seliool work. Is do-
in™ High School work, confers all
High School privileges, and prepares
fur Te'aelirrs' Examinations. Teaelus
all brunches of a thorough Practical
r.tisiness Course, ami grants Diplomas.
Hives a Liberal Education in its own
Collegiate Couise, and iu the Lad.es'
I 'olli-ue Course fur tho degrees ' of
M.I'i.L. nml M.L.A. In University
work, thu Ails Course can now be
fakei] in Culiiiiil'inn College,' and the
I'.A. degree ftfitniiii-d from Toronto
University, with which the Collogo
is in full' iilliliiitiuti. tn Theology
prepares fur the degree of S.T.L. nml
For fuller information, and terms,
lle'v. W. J..Sipprell, B.A., B.D.,
or lie v. J. Bowoll. Bursar.
For   Orand   Forks   and surrounding territory to represent
Newest varieties and specialties in Hardy Fruits, Small
Fruits, Shrubs, Ornamentals,
antl Hoses. A permanent
situation, and territory reserved for the right man.
Pay weelkv.' Ilandsoinentit-
ftt free. . Write for particulars and Iselid''i'i cents for our
pocket microscope, just the
thing to use in examing trees
and plants for insects.
FootiiilIi NunsEttiKs,
(Over S00 Acres)
[TORONTO,     -"«■    -    ONTARIO
Getyutir wedding invitations printed
at The Sun office. We have the closest
script type imitation of a steel etigrav-
itt'- made.
First-Class In Every Respect.    •
iample I'ooms for Commercial
Hot and Cold "6alhs.
Finest Brawls of Wines.
Lienors n-.*. Q[**i*3.
...    ."'**'' '««\»7'


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