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The Evening Sun Mar 16, 1906

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?4    MAR 221906     «■
**** X^oria,*-0'
Filth Year-No. 39
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, March 16, 190 6
Issued Twice a Week
I in the eyes of their constituents  on
some issue at another sitting of the
house, they would defeat the  gov-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     ernment and take chances on their    ^^^^^^_^^_^^^^^__
election. j
It Is Believed That the Gov-!   The government realizing   this Successful Entertainment by
will, it is generally   believed,  never j     Loca, y^j ■„ the 0pera
j attempt to call  the present   parlia-i
j ment together again. j HOUSe
ernment Will Not Try to
Meet House Again
Disappointment   Felt   That
Power Question Was Not
Most of the members of the legislature still remain in the oity, says
tin* Victoria Daily Times of the 13th
inst. Several of tbem will'get away
tonight, but a few have other business in Victoria and will not be leaving for some days.   .
The pinching out ol the West
Kootenay Power company's bill at
the final sitting last evwHtng is regarded as an unfortune'WSewrrence
by most of the members and by
tliOBe interested in the Wjst Kootenay and Cascade companiia. Many
.believe it would have been wiser for
the premier to have put off proroga-
won until today and allowed the
ljpuse to again take up the qnestion
at today's session.
As the matter now Btands the situation is left just as it was before the
legislature. The West Kootenay
coinpany has its wires put into the
Boundary district. The failure to
get the bill through the house leaves
it impossible to supply power to the
smelters situated in that district.
An impression prevails that there
may he an attempt made to over
come tl is by entering into a mutual
vrrane. ment with the Granby com
puny. The West Kootenay corpor
ation by this arrangement would
convey the power to the boundaries
of Yale pistrict. The Granby com
pany would there take it and act as
a distributor from that point.
The bill gave the private bills
committee more trouble than all the
other billg-brought before them. The
legal members of the committee in
the end took sides with one or other
company nnd advocated the views oi
their companies respectively. It re
niained for T. W. Paterson and Dr.
Young, ns lay members, to attempt
to arrange a compromise which
would he suitable to both parties.
These two members were acknowledged to have worked most assiduously to settle the question, but without success.
With tho prorogation the attention is attracted to election matters.
There are many indications thnt
this will be brought about before
another session. If the present government is allowed to take nn np*
peal, it is felt it will do so. It would
be extremely unsafe to face another
session with the present house
which would realize that an election
must come after that session. The
desire on the part of many members
to retain their seats with the prospect of another session alone prevented the defeat of the government.
The Socialists would not be bound
by any ties, possibly, next session,
but would seize upon a suitable time
to defeat the government. Members
of the Conservative party realize that
they have enormous sins to answer
for on account of endorsing the
government's actions. Given the
opportunity to redeem themselves
The directors of the Eastern Townships . bank announce a dividend at
the rate of 8 per cent per annum upon the paid up capital of the bank for
the quarter ending March 31st, and
the same will be payable at the head
office and branches on/and after April
2 next.
An order in council was signed on
Saturday last authorizing a reference
to Chief Justice Hunter of the status
of the Midway k Vernon Railway
company's claim to a subsidy, and
undertaking to pay the same if such
decision is favorable to the  company.
The Canadian Pacific railway company is constructing a large and elegant steamer on Okanagan lake, designed to operate in connection witli
the extension from Midway to Penticton. It will have sixty staterooms and
[will cost something like $90,000. This
route to the coast will effect considerable saving in time as compared with
the present roundabout way, but will
not be able to compete with the Vancouver, Victoria it Eastern, as on this
road there will be no delay due to
changing from train to boat.
An inquest was held at the police
office, Midway, Monday morning
touching the death uf Alexander Red
mond, aged 39 years, a Nova Scotiau,
who for the past six weeks hod been
employed as foreman in Gallagher's
No. 2 camp. From the evidence ad
duced it appears that last Friday sev
eral bottles of whisky found their way
into the camp. After quitting'work,
and on arrival at the tent, the bottles
were uncorked and those present, including deceased, partook of the contents. After deceased hod taken
several drinks from the bottle, he exclaimed: ■'Look at the effects of this
whiskey on my stomach." It was noticed that his stomach was greatly distended and he was compelled to loosen
his clothing. In spite of this, however,
he took several more drinks, until he
became more or less intoxicated
About 10 o'clock, when nearly all the
others had retired for the night, Redmond suddenly fell to the floor. One
of his companions tried to raise him
up, but failed to tlo so, antl it was
thought he would bo all right in the
morning. When morning came he was
found lying face downwards, his hands
crossed under him, just where ho hail
fallen the previous night. Some one
tried to rouse him, and it was then
discovered that ho was death No ill
effects followed the drinking of the
same liquor in the case of the others.
Deceased hud stated previously that
he had been troubled with his stomach
and had undergone hospital treatment,
This wus the first liquor that had been
in the camp for weeks, it being against
the rules to bring it in. The jury returned a verdict of "death from natural causes."
It iB reported that if there is no
delay in the arrival of material from
the coast, that the new Carson
bridge will be completed within a
St. Patrick's  Day Smoking
Concert in Eagles' Hall
'chicken feed" into big bills. Stone
was arrested Tuesday night, but as
there is no jail in Danville, he was
handcuffed nnd chained to an iron
bedstead in a room over night. During the night he managed to break
the bedstead, antl made his escape
through a window. Since then the
ollicers of the law have been on bis
truck, but up to this evening he had
not been cavtured. He is supposed
to be on this side the line.
The patriotic entertainment given
under the auspices of the Ladies'
Aid of the Methodist ehureh in the
Grand Forks opera house Tuesday
evening was attended by a large and
appreciate audience. An excellent
literary and musical program was
satisfactorily carriex! out. Miss Alice
Lequime started t;ne program with
a song. This youSg lady possesses
rare acting instincts.^ind her voice
was also greatly adujired. '" "Siiif;
Me to Sleep," by Miss. Nellie Carter, kept the audienct>fftit of a somnolentia state for ihe'ftQxt few minutes, as they were too gngcr to listen
to the young lady's voice, which is
of great promise. The humorous
dialogue given by Mrs.'D'Annum
and her two boys and two girls' created a whirlwind if merriment.
" 'Tis All That I Can *'ay," was rendered by Miss'Ellie Ross in her usual pleasing style. Miss Manly and
Miss Marjorie Kernan gave violin
solos. Both were well rendered, and
brought the performers merited
applause. A piano solo by Mr.
Mitchell, of the Granby smelter, followed. Mr. Mitchell was rewarded
by being lustily encored. Mr.
tieorge, as Dr. Cureall, in a humor
oils skit, made a hilarious hit, nnd
'took in" many patients. Mr.
Bishop sang "I Fear No Foe" in
good voice. All the number were en
cored. Mrs. E. Miller presided nt
the piano in her usual efficient
Over ISO tickets have been sold
for the smoking concert to be given
by the Irishmen of the city Saturday
evening in Eagles' hall in commemoration of the anniversary of St. Patrick.
A long and meritorious program, consisting of all the Irish songs und witticisms extant, has been prepared. An
enjoyable evening awaits all who attend.
Messrs. J. C. and A. J. MacDonald, proprietors of the new steel
works, have ordered $4000 worth of
machinery from the Jenckes Machine company of Sherbrooke, Que.
The machinery is to be delivered
here within three months.
Geo. A. Fraser, M.P. P.,   returned
from Victoria this evening.
Frache Bros., proprietors nf the
Columbia greenhouses, intend to
make some extensive improvements
to their business ns soon the -veather
will permit. Three additional buildings, for which a carload of glass
has already been ordered, aro to be
erected. These structures will he
140x20 feet, ami work is be commenced as soon warm weather sets
Monday night a man named Ed
Stone, who has been working in
Grand Forks and around Danville
for a number of years, broke into
Blue's saloon in the latter plnce, and
got away with between $60 nnd 870
in small change. The pertrator of
the theft was discovered the next
day by the man's wife, who was unconscious of where the money came
from,   atrempting to  change   thc
It is currently reported in Prince:
ton that a final payment has been
made on the Sunset group by the
British Columbia Copper company,
and that work will be resumed this
Great Northern trains are to leave
from the Midway station as a terminus in the near future, instead of
Ferry as heretofore. This will ne-
cessiate a start fifteen minutes earlier
than at present, in order to give the
customs officers time to inspect baggage.
Rube Hull and 0. G. Ableman,
while engaged in taking soundings
for tbe new Carson bridge, received
an icy bath this week by the cap
sizing of the boat which they occu
pied. They were rescued by the
other workmen after a narrow escape from drowning.
There are many people in this
city who would like to know the
present address of one Mr. Jones,
who until a few days ago earned a
livelihood at the Granby smelter.
On Tuesday last A. E. Smith &
Co. sold thc building and lot formerly owned by H. C. Kerman, next
the Lion Bottling Works on Bridge
street, to Charles Brogden, day clerk
at the Yale.
Geo. A. MacLeod, the Gloucester
camp mine promoter, returned on
Tuesday from a week's business trip
to Spokane.
A meeting of those interested in
baseball was held in the city hall,
Phoenix, Wednesday evening, and
an organization was formed, with thc
following ollicers: President, T. Collins; vice-president, Gilbert Me
Eachem; secretary, Charles Keiley;
treasurer, A. B. Hood; manager, E,
P. Slj-ea; captain, Earl Erwin. It
was the feeling that the time is propitious for the formation of a Boundary league, and the secretrry wns
tlirectcd to write to Grand Forks,
Greenwood, Midway antl Republic,
and see if arrangements for a schedule of games iu the several places
could not bo put into effect. There
was a good attendance nt the meet
ing. A committee wns appointed to
arrange for a ball to be given in
Miners' Union hall some time in
Methodist Church—Services on Sabbath next ut usual hours. Morning
subject, "Missionary Motives." In
the evening the pastor will preach the
fourth sermon in the series on "God's
Reserve of Arguments." You aro
invited.    Iv Manuel, pastor.
Differed From Colleagues on
Bill for Subsidy to
Wanted to Make Statement
in the House But Was
A Victoria dispatch of the 14th
inst. states that Attorney-General
Charles Wilson has sent in his resignation as a member of the McBride government. Mr. Wilson is
at present in Ottawa. Hon. F. J.
Fulton, provincial secretary, takes
temporary charge of tbe attorney-
general's department. Mr. Fulton
will likely continue to fill the position, thus avoiding the unpleasant
necessity of opening any constituency at the present time.
When Mr. Wilson left for Ottawa
on private business in the midst of
the heaviest part of thc session there
was a prophecy made about the
legislature tint he would never again
be seen in tbe attorney-general's seat
in the house.
Hon. Mr. Wilson and his colleagues did not see eye-to-eye on the
Columbia & Western subsidy bill,
which was then prepared and ready
for presentation to the houBe. It is
even said that he was with difficulty
restrained from making his position
clear on the floor of the house on
this question. Hatl he been a private member, instead of a member
of the government, he would likely
have taken this course. For the
sake of his party, however, the attorney general refrained from an
open split and consented to withdraw from the scene, taking advantage of the opportunity to go east on
private business as a blind until the
session closed.
His resignation, however, it is
understood was then handed in on
the understanding that thc premier,
for the advantage of the party,
might keep it back until the house
rose. The time has now come and
the resignation is in and accepted.
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded in the Government olliee at
Grand Forks, B. C, of the Grand
Forks mining division, from Feb.
23 lo March 15, inclusive:
Snowshoe fraction, K.  M. Kerby.
Willis fraction, Summit camp, A.
L. Rogers.
Rambler, Pass creek, Win. Allison. -
Night Hawk, i'ass creek, Win.
Black Bear fraction, Greenwood
camp, II. L. Morgan.
James Wilcher to Win. M. Clark,
all of the Sunshine mineral claim, in
Franklin camp.
Reward, Fourth of July creek,
May Turner McMynn.
Norman McLellan and family will
shortly remove to Edmonton, Alta.,
where Mr. McLellan has purchased
a first-class hotel. AND RESTAURANT
First-Class Bread, Pies and Cakes
Best of Material Used
No Chinese Employed
(Between Winnipeg antl Victoria)
<ihr -Ebfutng §«n
PnhHs1n>i1 »t -iriuul I'nrUs, HritUh Columbia,
Every Tuesday ami -■'riday liveniug-a.
Q. A.KVANfl .
.Editor nnd T -ibUaher
One Yenr  	
One Year {in advance)   .    . .. ....
Advertising rutes furnished on Application
Legal notices, 10 and ft cents per line.
Address nil communication*-- to
The Evening Sun,
Phone 1174
ND b
Granby shares have sold for over
SI3 on the Boston stock exchange
during the past week. Seven years ago
these shares could have been purchased for 25 cents. There will be
other Granbys in the Boundary, and
the future millionaire will now proceed to pick the winners and lay in an
ample supply of stock.
Last summer, during the fight in
Ottawa on the amendment to the Vancouver, Victoria it Eastern Railway
company's charter, the Canadian Pacific railway raised the cry of "Canada
for the Canadians." Last week a dispatch from Vancouver stated the Canadian Pacific had invested one million dollars in water front property in
Seattle, and that it intended to establish its Pacific coast headquarters in
that oity. The road is also buildin
into Spokane. Evidently the Canadian Pacific has amended its p itriotic
shibboleth so as to read: "Canada and
the United States for the Canadian
Pacific."        I
Wanted--Two men in eaeh county
to represent and advertise Hardware
department) put nut samples of our
goods, etc. Traveling position or
olliee manager. Salary $W(J.OO per
mouth, cash weekly, with all expenses
paid in advance. We furnish everything. Tlte Columbia House; Dcpt
1)10,734 5th Ave., Chicago, III.
Bicycles and Repair Wouk—A
cotnpletj line of 1900 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. \Y heels
to rent. Geo. Ciiaimm.e, opposite
I'ostiilliee, First street.
Water in Your Blood ?
Lots of people havo thin watery
blood—they eat plenty, but don't
digest. When di*-estii>n is poor, fund
isn't converted into nourishment—in
cuusenuence the body rapidly loses
strength. To positively renew health,
untliiug equals FeVrbzohe. It excites
slilirp appetite—makes the stomach
digest, forms life sustaining blood,
Abundant strength is sure to follow.
If you need more vitality, extra energy, better nerves, then use Ferrozone, the medical triumph of the age.
Fifty cents buys a box of fifty chocolate coated Ferrozone tablets. Sold by
all druggists.
S. F. & N. RY.
m   GRAN» f3SKS   »e
Aft tnforiiual tali.
ThrtC m, certain degree of fonaftlity U
•irable is  sutrgeatrd   by  an  ainu.-*in-»
■>ry from the Chicago "Newt" of a
Ignborly call.   The far-reaching results
f th« visit can readily be imagined.
"Good evening;' said the elderly  wo-
■*an,   approaching   the   strpa,    "I   see
<>u are enjoying the fresh air.    It's a
.miry to be able to sit outside again,
isn't ilV
"It is pleawnt," responded the woman
vho wns sitting on thc front strps.
"I don't believe you know me. I am
Mrs, Baxter, your neighbor, two door-?
'ilT, No, don't get up. Ill just sit down
;iere beside you. Don't say a word now
[ have intended to call ever since you
moved in, but you know how it* is.
There's always something. And when T
-.aw you come out and sit down I snid to
my husband, Tm just going to run over
right now. If she thinks I'm Informal
[ don't mind, beenuse I am informal, I
always was.' And he just laughed and
i old me to go ahead. He says he thinks
he met your husband some years ago.
llow do you like your house? Yon
needn't tell me. though, for I hardly
siipposp you've got usr-d to it yet, and it's
so discouraging getting settled; and* then
[ saw Mrs. Thomas, your next-dooi
neighbor on the other side, a day or'two
ngo, and she tells i)ie that you've been
having awful troubh getting a servant.
You needn't say anything. I know exactly what it is. I don't know what the
girls are coming to. They don't seem
to want to work, and they're most of
them  worthless when you do get one.
I've had more "
The other woman had twice made a
movement as If to rise, but had been
"•','""- ^,,r;;;::ra iV""m-
Count point-  	
11:0(1 u.m I 'w'liiiiii'Ii'-i.St I'i'ii'il 4:iri|i.in.
I nntl Mlinmm'oHs..
j Niii-ilipnit. li...... I "
II.MIn.in. I antl.Neliun, Km* I 4:4.1 iuu.
4.S5 n.*. ■^rKw^'-Sfa" [iti*. run*.
BiJW ii.ro. 11'lil.i-iilx. nr, ... i'tiiiiri u.m.
2—Daily Overland Trains—2
Prom sjioknne fnr Wliuiliir-K. St. Pitiu.
Miiliirilliulis, St. I.ollls, PfllOuirO mul "11
points I'll-l .
ror I'ompldte Information, ratps,
liertli roscrvutlnus, eto., null on or nil*
dress, .
H. SHIiliUY, Aumit.
Griiiid Forks.
S. O. YKttKKS, A. Q. I'. A..
Proved in Mount Forest
Every doctor in tbis town tried bis
best to relieve Mrs. J. Withotn of
asthma; none succeeded. "For years,"
she states, "I was a dreadful sufferer;
nothing gave relief. At times I found
it necessarv to have all the doors and
windows open to get ray breath. When
in despair I heard of Catarrhozone. I
used it and now am perfectly cured."
This proves beyond doubt that any
case of asthma is curable with Catarrhozone. No remedy so pleasant, none
so absolutely certain to thoroughly
cure; try Cattirrhozone yourself; it's
guaranteed.    Sold by all druggists.
Boarders Wanted—A few mo e
steady boarders cun find first-class
accommodations at Mrs. J. 1J. Henderson's, Winnijieg avenue.
You're next at the Palace Barber
Shop, Victoria hotel.
There   are  still  a few cheery, well |
furnished rooms, with heating  stoves,
vacant at the Province hotel.
prevented by the_detainlng hand of the
informal calle
got up.
informal caller.  This tinted however, ahe
"If"you're wanting to ae* Mrs. Gos-
nage, mn'am, you'll have to Mil again,
for she's gone'to the theayter and won't
be bock till late," she said, with cold dignity. "I ain't Mrs. Cosing. «a/«elf, I'm
the cook,"
The Resemblanct.
Jack—These summer engMBents are
like automobiles. Vivian—How so! Jack
—Well, they jar one so, t*M(* are so
easily broken, and a girl la nrter happy
unless she's In one; and son* of them
aire decidedly dangerous.—"Jaige."
Greenwood feds greatly disappointed over the defeat of the West
Kootenay Power &, Light company's
bill at Victoria. The British Columbia Copncr company's smelter
and mines,are especially affected, as
large improvements had heen
planned depending upon the increase in the supply of electric power
to be obtained through the Kootenay coinpany coming into Yale district. While it is not expected that
the extensions to the two smelters will he abandoned, yet it is
known that the improvements will
be seriously interferred with for
some time at least. At hoth plants
preparations are under way for large
additions in the expectation that
some satisfactory arrangement ean
he made for an increased supply of
electric power.
Bead The Sun—Tlte only twice-a-
week paper in the  Boundary.    SJ1-. 00 [
per year.
First class dressmaking. Late of I
Toronto; Over Hunter-KendrUk |
store.    Terms moderate.
Ten-acre tract of fine land two and
one-half miles southeast of town; two-
thirds under cultivation; suitable for
orchard or market gardening. Call on
J. D. Sears, or at Sun office.
Tho Lion Bottling Works havo cut
their price' on all case and draught
wines and liquors.
Headquarters for Pacific Coast
Grown Garden, Flower and Field
Seeds. New crop now in una on
tost in our greenhouses. Ask your
merchant for them in sealed packages. If he docs not handle them
we will mail fiO assorted 5c packages of vegetable antl 'lower seeds
(our own selection, suitable, for
B. C. gardens) for 81.00. Special
prices on bulk seeds.
B. C. Grown tf Fruit   and
Ornamental Trees
Now ready for Spring shipment.
Extra nice stock of 2 and 3 year
applo trees at $20 per hundred ;
8180 per thousand. Maynard
Plum, 81 each. Italian Prune, 2-
Vear, line, 82*1 per hundred ; Sugar Prune, 2-year, fine, 830 per
No expettse, loss or delay of
fumigation or inspection. Let me
price your list before placing your
supplies. Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue free.
Leave orders for Stove Wood at G. I
J. Hayward's.
Read The Sun—The paper that |
prints facts—81.00 per year.
If   your watch   needs   repairng,
take it  to  White Breos.    All work |
It takes modern material to do up-
to-date work. The Sun job departr|
ment is kept strictly, up-to-date.
For a nice hair cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Bridge street.
Baths 50c, three for 81.00.
The Lion Bottling Works are sell I
ing Gooderham k Wort's Bye Whiskey, the best rye whiskey in Canada,
for 83.00 per gallon.
niiti-li   Hear  and  Iron Clad   (Krautlunul)
Miii'-rul t'liiiiiiM, sltmiti.  Ill the Grand Forks
Miiilnu nivisliinof Vale lllstrlnt.
Where loaateat Oroenwood Camp.
KB Ntrrii'K that I, ForbesM.K(
iitri-ntfor,John  Mliiliirnii
Kerby, ns
TAKB nBtIcE that I. Forbes    .
1   iiiri-ntfnr John  Mulligan,  Free Miner's
'        days
Certllleate No. Min.sn. intend, sixty days
fi'ointlip date hereof.to apply to tlio Minlii*.-
Recorder* for n Certificate of Improvements,
for tho liurpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tin' iilinvii claims. I
And further tube notice tbat action, under
spi'tlnii :.., must be commenced before the
Issuance of siiobfcrtiftoateiif Improvements.
Dated this 8th liny of January, A. D. IM.
imUllliS M. KliKUY,
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind in the city.
c*7W. J- HENRY
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B.C.' COR. BRIDGE AND FIRST STREETS
Dealers    in   All    Kinda    of
Fish -and Game in  Season
-A    €Sm
SON  /
Real Estate, Mining and
Insurance Brokers
Reference: Eastern Townships Bank I RRID6E AND FIRST STREETS \
t» *u-
You consider
that a poorly
printed job costs
[ just as much as
one that presents a neat and
tasty appearance, do you not
think that your
o uai nets demands the latter kind ?
Good Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
hest. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction.
BEG1HH1NG FEB. 15, 1904
Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, sates, etc., c-ill on or address
H. SHEEDY, Agent,
That  we  sell   only    the
best  in   uur lines!    We tiller
nothing that is  nt^t   strictly   ||
first-class   in  GROCERIES.
THI': QUALITY nf our Stock
cannot be denied, and it is
for this reason that wo arc so
sure of giving perfect satisfaction to all who give us a trial.
We also carry a line of Hunts,
Shoes, Rubl-e-s and Gout's
Phone 30
Opposite C.P.R. Station
Yyu must not forget that  it  takes
money to be funny.
Tlte best airship on earth may be no
good in the air.
Entirely Refurnished and Renovated Throughout
Firet-class hoard by dny, week or month. Special
rates to steady boarders. The finest furnished rooms
in the city.    American and European plans.
Finest Bar in Cityr in Connection
MP ■
Before Ordering You*"'
Fall Salt
We have all the latest ityles ami
can guarantee you satisfaction,
and our prices are right. Call
and inspect our goods.
Geo. Taylor
AU Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Attention.     ,
Harness, Saddlery
Having estuhlished a completete Harness
Shop at Midway, fiillj equipped hi every
res|H-i-t, We are prepared lo undertake
any kind of work
On the Shortest Notice
We have iiuruhnspd the entire stock of
A> Hal ber**, of Ilruenwood, and have
added the same to oui- already large and
complete asuormient.
Will receive our prompt attention. We
are specially prepared to deal with mail
order business, aud to guarantee satis
A busy man has hut little time  in
which to act mean.
A man has to work if he has  a job
-unless it is a political job.
A man isn't necessarily simple  b«-
cause he lives the siinple life.
All   months lnol- alike to a   man
whoso bills conic due nil the first.
Any man who thinks he is courting
an angel may live to think again.
Some men are eagerly  looked for
because they do not pay  their debts.
Geo. Taylor
General Contractor.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
and From All Trains
60 VIars-
qutukly imnertHlii our otilnliill ;_,_ .
iiivt'iiiinn isprntmblrriiieiitsblfcjpoTiiiiiiiiilrH.
tli.nssinclIt<*ui.n.ien...il- HANOMM on I'meiits
sunt free, lil.lesl Huen'-i fnr seesirtntpalt'iii".
I'nleiits taken ihmiuti Mimll * Co. receive
M-eli-l notice, wil hunt clinine. In 1M%
Scientific JMcrtm
A linHrtHomfi!)- 1l.ii.Mr.iteel weekly. Lament olr-
niiniioii tif Hiiy ni'ieiitiiii.) journal. Terms, %".. a
r: (uur muiiihs, |L aold byall newt-dciilerfl.
 J.38 ■«•"■•*-* NeWTp
llrsiiob Otticu. (US V Bt., Wublnnull, D. C
Tklei-iionk A129
llUTHKItFOltD   liUOS., Pltlll'S.
antl Cariboo Central Railway
tiiiiii|iany will apply to (lie Parliiftneiit
nl Canatia, at its next session, for an
(it) Amending section seven (7) of
its Act of Incorporation  (4 Edward
VII., Chap. I'.))  by  empowering  the
company to construct its railway fi./iii
a point at or near the City of Gh'and |
Knrks, in the Province of Britlah Col-1
uiuhia, thence in a uurtlicrly dhvctiou !
following the valley of the North Fork i
of the Kettle river and by  the ' most
feasible  route  to Franklin camp anil:
Fire Valley; thence in a northwesterly
direction by the most feasible route to
GrandPrairie.      /
*   (It) Extending    the   tithe   within
which it  may  construct  its railway,
antl for other purposes.
Solicitors for Applicants.
.Dated at Ottawa, Feb. 28th, 190.6
For Sale
at a
One mile west uf city. 175
fruit lives on place—will bear
next -season. Three -room
house und good burn.
For Te-uns,
Call at
Sun Office
The man deliberately lies, while a
woman; merely suppresses  the  truth.
A Complete Line of 10UG Models.
Second-hand wheels always on
hand,   and   will   he  soltl cheap.
GEO. CHAPPLE,    Opposite Postoffice
A man who litis no poor  kin  think
it would be a blessing to help them.
It's easy to plan political reform
while sealed (in an empty dry good»
An Imaginary Mongoote.
A passenger "entered a railway cat
riage in Australia, in which was aentei
a particularly sggreiaive commercial traveler, and placed in the rack opposite «
•mall wooden box pierced with holes. Ii
the conversation which followed the com
mercial traveler gave -.evcv.il hints thin
he would like to know whnt wus in thi
box, without avail. At last hia curiosity
got the better of him.
"I any, old man," he asked, "whal
have you in that box?"
"A mongooae," wna the reply.
A series of diplomatic remarks foi
lowed, aimed at getting the reason foi
carrying a mongoose; but, as no explanation was oll'iiied. the commercial travelei
bad to say plump out:
"What are you going to do with that
The answer he got wast 'Tm going tn
tee a friend who has) been drinking very
heavily of late—so heavily, in fact, that
he has developed delirium tremens. *Xon
may be aware that people ao aufterinj*
are' inclined to see snakes, nnd you may
also be aware that there is nothing on
earth so deadly to snakes as a mongoose." He sat back, evidently satislti'd
that he had given a full and cpmpieie
"But—but, I say," taid the commercial
traveler, "those snnkca are imaginary."
"So is ray mongoose." returned th«
oersou interrogated.—"Snorting Times
"I wonder the Smith's baby h»» turned
out so big." "Indeed! Why?" "Well,
you know, it was brought up on oom-
densed milk."'
"When a woman wishes to retire from
the) world," taya the Mannyunk Philosopher, "the enters a aanncry. All a man
baa to do it to marry a famous woniaa."
-Philadelphia "Retwrd."
A little tbreoyear-old mil*, while htr
mother wm trying to get her to sleep,
became Interested in a peculiar noiat
mud talced what It was. "A orlckot,
•tear," repHed her mother. "Well," remarked the little lady, "ha ought to get
himself oiled."
"Ana you don-t aee Reggie any more?"
"No; he has ceased to Interest me."
"Dear, deaxl And how doea he take itf
**Bui'ajthat I'm tlxiw. to know."
pI'INTS all the news of the
•*■ Boundary, and prints it
while it is news. It is the
only t.wi(.*(*-a-weel( paper publisher! in Southern British
Columbia. It is nOtowned
or i ontrnlli'd by it cliipte nf
politicians, to further thoir
own ambitious aims; nor by
a eimibiiijitiiin nf norchants
to he useilnsa .i„...ns of laud
iii-'-ibcir own wares, to the
detriment of their rivals.
Tin: Sum is tho sole property of its publisher, mul uu
one else has any right to dictate its policy. It is pi-int-
ed in the interest of Grand
Forks and BUi'rciindiug iljs-
trict, When its editor bap
lievos he is right, In- speaks
right out, He does nol
have to Consult half it-ilnzen
tliil'ei'i'ttt pnrtios about what
he intends to say.
rlvcryboily in Grand Forks
reads Tun Sun twice u week.
Its out-nf-tuwii circulation is
large, anrl is rapiilly ineiva—
|ng. It is therefore thi> bast
advertising inotliutn in the
Route of the famous nnd favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,  Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul,
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, St.
Joseph, Kansas City and St.Louis.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
CLOSE CWNECTPS made at St. Paul
and St, Louis in Union Depots for all*
points Kant and South-Kast.
To enable parties who «r» desire to visit
friemls and relative! in the East durliiir the
Kiiininermuoiior 1S06. the NORTHERN PACIFIC will on JULY 2nd and :'rd. AUGUST
7th,8tfland 9th, and SEPTEMBER 8tb aud
10th b«I1 round-trip tickets from points In
this territory to ChlcaKo, St. Louis, St. Paul,
Minneapolis, O-^aha and Kansas City at one
lowest first dam fare plus Ten Dollars, with
final return limit ninety days from dute of
sale, but not beyond October Slut, 1*900.
Extremely low rates are in effeot from
February 15th to April 7th and September
15th to October Slut, 1906, from all points in
the East to points in this territory, tf you
det-irc to send for a friend or relative on
these rate** we telegraph tiokets to Eastern
-points without extra cost.
The NOTHERN PACIFIC have all aH-
nounced very low round-trip rates from
points In the East to points iu this territory,
nnd tickets will be on stale from .Tune 1st to
September 15th Inclusive- Anal limit for return October 31 Ht, 19**1.
For further information address One of tne
un derii coed.
A. D. Charlton,       A. Tinling,
A.G. P. A., Oen.AKt.,
Portland,Ore.    Spokane, Wash.
W. H. Ude,
Travel it n: l'assf-nirer A*rent,
Spokane, Wash.
the OlHpoMal of Dominion L.und»
witli*. n tiie Rallwoy Belt In
the Province of BrltlHli
* Columbia-,
ALIOBNSBta put timber can be acquired
only ut publio competition. A rental of
**5 per square mile isuharued for all timber
berths excepting thiwe situated Went of Yale,
for which the rental fo at tbe rate of 5 cents
l>er acre per annum.
• In addition to the rental, dues at the follow log rates are churned:
Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand feet
Railway tie«, "tirht and nine feet long, 1%
nml \% cents each.
Shtnglfl bolts, 35 cents a cord.
All other products, 5 per cent, on the "ales.
A license Is Issued so soon as a berth is
irrauted, but In misurveyed territory no timber can be cut on a berth until the licensee
ha*- made u survey thereof.
IVrmits to cut timber aro also granted a*
public competition, except in tbe case of
actual settlers, who require the timber for
their own use. .
Settlers and othersnmy also obtain permits
to cut up to 100 cords of wood for sale without competition.
The auei payable under ft permit are ujo
per thousand '*>et B.M., for squure timber
and sawloge of auy wood except oak: from \i
to VA cents |w«r lineal foot for bulldluglogil
from Hli to 25 cents per cord for wood; 1 cent
for fence posts; 3eents for railway ties; and
50 cents per cord on ihlugle bolts.
. Leases for grazing purposes are Issued
for a term of twenty-one years ut u rental ol
two cents an acre per nunnui.
Ooal lands may be tap rebutted ftt -fit) lier acre
for soft coal ami $31) for anthracite. Not more
than 8'2U acres may bo acquired by one imii-
- vidual or company. . *
I Royalty ut the rate of 10 cents per tou of
I iOW pounds Is collected on the gross output.
I Kntrles for land for agricultural purposes
may be mude personally at the local land
1 office forthe districtIn which the land tone
taken Is situated, or If tbe homesteader de*
, lire*, he may, on application to the Minister
of the Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner
of Immigration at Winnipeg, .of the local
1 nueiit for the district within which the land
I |r situated, receive authority for some one
| to make entry for him.
I A fee of (10 is charged foi' a homestead
I entry. , ,
! A settler who has received an entry for a
! homesteun, is required to perform the condi
tions connected therewith uuder one of tho
1 following plans:—
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the laud to each year during
the term of three years. '
Itis the practice of the Department to re
quire a settler to bring 15 acres under cultivation, but U he prefers he may substitute
stock: and 30 head of cuttle, to be actual y
his own property, with buildings for their
accommodation, will be accepted   instead of
the cultivation. , .
i (2) If father (»r mother, If the father is deceased) of any person who is eligible to make
a homesteud entry under the provisions of
the Act, resides upon a farm In the vicinity
of the laud entered for by rfuoh persons ns a
homestead, the requirements of the Act at to
residence prior to obtuining patent may be
satisfied  by such person   residing with the
j father or mother.
- (8) If the settler has his permanent resl-
'■ deuce upon farming land owned by him in
Ithevdolultvof his homestead, the requirements of the Act as to residence mavbe until-
I fied by residence upon the said lund.
I    Application for a patent should be made at
! the cud of throe years before the local agent,
! Milt-agent or u honiesteud inspector.    ■
Hefore making an application for u patent,
! the settler must give six mouths'not coin
writing to the Commissioner of Dominion
Lauds at Ottawa, of his Intention to do so.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa, February 4th, lllii.'i
Foo Lee
Cigai* Store
Turiiin)*, Scroll Work, Sivw
FilinK, liitin Ktt'-nirinK, Mbiiu-
Enciuref nf Sdrt-pii  DtMrs iintl
Flrsl Slreul Grand Forks, B. C.
This hand-tom i* s-ptecs Tea Ret—
non-hest-^-nrilui t nig   h a nil I tt,
fine-it quality »■■**' P1**-
tm-tivcl ol' (-i-fi! value.
Our new Catalogue will be
ready Nov. 15th. Write for
a copy.
118, 120, I'*'- and 12*
Yon*.** St., Toronto BOUNDARY   ORB   SHIPMENTS
The following table gives the on' shipments of Boundary mines for   H'OO,
14,81] .
1905, nntl forthepast week:
7901. 1902.
Granby Mines,Phoenix  231,762    309,1358
Snuw-ime.   Phoenix  1.721        20.SO0
Mother Lode. Deadwood  09,03*1    141,326
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix  150         	
Rawhide, I'hoenix  .......
-••inset, Deadwood   SO-1
Mountain Rose, Summit        	
, Athelstan-Jnokjjot, Wellington  5.*j0
Brooklyn-Stemwindor dump, Phoonix. 1(50
Morrison, Dendw 1  150
B, ('. Mine. Suramit  47,405
R. Boll, Suwtnft	
Emma, Summit  050
Oro Dohoro; Summit Cftnjp        	
Senator, 'Summit Camp         	
Bivy Fdgle, Siithnlit Camp         	
No. '17, Summit Camp         	
Reliance, Summit -..        	
Sulphur King, Summit        	
Winnipog, Wellington 1,040
Goltlou Crown*, Wellington         	
King Solomon W. Copper  875
No, 7 Mine, Central  605
City of Paris, Central  	
Jewel, LongI*ako  350
Carnii, West Fori;  890
Providence, Greenwood         	
Elkhorn, Greenwood  	
Skylark, Skylark Camp         	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp  	
E. P. U. Min*, Skylark Camp	
Ruby, Boundnry Falls..,.;  80
Miscellaneous   3,450
1,   1903, 1903,   1904
190,1 wo4  .f        j    in is Past ll'/.
13.181      549.703 v.   j   , -{    165,066 18,2(8
188,079     174.2H
.'l.o."': : *2-S,- T"*< *
3,250 :i,0oG
1,759 ' 4,7-17
5. nl 10 l,7i'0
26,916 3,488
20,752 11926
2,688 •-»:l:l
9, SO.'! 1)70
til 8' 206
19, 105
3.1 8
Total,  tons  390,000 507,545 684,961 827,348 933,516 210,289 27,998
Oranby Smeltertreated  230,828 312,340 401,921 596,252 687,988 175,09117,176
B; C. Copper Co.'s Smelter treated  117,011 148,600 ,162,913 209,637 194.056 32,366   4,525
Montreal & Boston'Co;'sSmelter treated                     123,570 30,930 84,059 38,361   5,514
The now edition of the COPPER BOOK
lists and describes 3311 oopper mines and
copper mining properties, in all parts of thc
world, covering the globe, these descriptions ranging from two lines
to 12 pages inlength, according to importance of the mines. The'
descriptions are not padded, but give facts in the most concise form.
Tliere are also fifteen miscellaneous chapters, devoted to the History,
Uses, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy,
Metallurgy, Finances and Statistics of Copper, rendering the volum,
a veritable encyclopedia of the subject of copper and everything pertaining to the metal. It is the world's standard Reference Book on
Miner, .Prospector, Investor,  Banker  and   Broker needs     t
Price iei$5 in Buckram binding with gilt top,   or 87.50 in
full library morocco, and the hook, iu either  binding, will be sen-1'
on approval, to any address in thc world, to be paitl for if found sat
isfaetory, or may he returned within a week of      HORACE J. STEVENS,
receipt and the charge cancelled.    Address the .'16 Postoffice Block,
Author antl Publisher. Hououton, Mioii., U.S.A.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Read the display advertisement of the six Morse schools of telegraphy, in this issue, and learn how
e;;-ily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
Hazor honing a  specialty   at   the
Palaco lirlwr Shop, Victoria hotel.
Our job department is superior to
any other in the Boundary country.
We have both the material and the
experience to turn out high class work.
• .Her Skin Was Yellow
"I had only to try Dr. Hamilton's
Pills to appreciate their merit," writes
Miss Annie S, Bryce of Woodstock.
"My system was out of order. My
blood was weak and thin. I had a
nasty, murky complexion. My skin
was hard and dry. The first box of
Dr. Hamilton's Pills made a complete
chinge. I felt better at once. Healthy
Color came into my face. In ahout
three weeks I wascured." Dr. Hamilton's Pills effect an easy cure. Try
these good pills, 25c per box, or live
boxes for **!, at all dealers.
Loose Leaf Systems
Mostly   Men,
The writer, a Manitoban, and an Anglo-Indian bound for Penang were
senlcd in thc snuiking-parlor of a
Canadian Pacific Pullman car. The
Manitoban was a elx-ery optimist;
the Anglo-Indian a pessimist with a liver, who said he believed Canada's future
lay with the United States. This my
Manitoban resented, and when the Anglo-
Indian ended a remark with a pious
hope that Manitoba might some day be
a desirable country, in .spite of her severe winter, my ;Ma*iit->lfan did not try
to conceal hi* contennit.
"Huhl" he ejaculated. "I tell you, it's
pretty prosperous riglit now, sir, winters and all, and don't you forget it. A
fur coat's a lot cheaper than malarial
fever anyway." '(The Malay peninsula
had been described.) <■
"Oh, yes! it's prosperous enough I
dare say," replied the Anglo-Indian disdainfully; "but really when you talk of
the Canadian North-West supplying thi'
A State or Nature.
Our English cousins use "left olT" lor out
"cast off" as applied to second-hand gar
nwnts. The following advertjsefhent r»
ceittty appeared iu a Ijondsn paper: "Mr,
■nd Mrs. Hardy have left off clothing oi
all kinds. They enn ltd seen any li.iY
frohr* 3 to 6 p.m."—.htlia I. Patton »i
"Iippincott's Magazine."
"j|Thcre are vury fo
not use some form of I,.
departments, hh it is luuurdethiH an .
bv [U'ogrt'.ssivc buNtnosH firms.
**|]Tlic advantages of tlio  l.-oose Leaf System ufo now
well known, and permit of adaptability to moot to best
advantage changing conditions.   It permit--) the greut-ost
amount of information to be kept in condensed iortn, in
the least time, .and the most aecourate manner.
HAcuounbs and ouocdn of all kinds can be kept by   tliis
system  in   any  business, large ur suutll, with equal advantage.
■iInvestigate the Simplex Loose   Leaf  Symtom.    It   is
the cheapest and best.
^Advertising Is a Business Stimulant
For Love's Sake.
A Budapest paper rt-poita annthir romance of the Austrian Imperial family.
The Archduke Eugene, brother of tiie
Queen Regent of Spain, it says, hns fallen In love with the pretty daughter (1
a petty tradesman, nnd his resolved to
renounce his title and birthright ami marry her. Archduke Eugene is thirty-nine,
has the ,'ank of a general, and communis
an army corps In the Tyrol. He is of
gigantic stat-ire, is extremely handsome,
and Is frequently seen In the streets of
Vienna, where his free nnd easy wanner,
have mude hiin a onoular favorite.
She (romantic)—When you first saw
Niagara Falls, didn't you feel as though
you would like to jump In." He—No. I
K-.iiii'i nni my ii.'tal hill then.
Root of Neuralgic Headache
Is nn irrltnlilo conchtion nf tlio
iiiTves eini-i'il liv i'iilil.   Relief comes
quickly ft 1 Ni-rviliiin. tlfti ereat pain
tylicverof today, "1 fiinsiiler Norvi*
linen iiin-.iiiil ivmi'ily for neuralgia,"
writes Mi<. !■'. G. Harris of Hulli
iiuur. "I nr-.if worry if Nt-rviliiio i**
iti Hn* liniisr A few npplicfijions never
yet fiiileil In kill the pain. 1 '-1111 also
rniiiiiiiii'iiil Nervilstic fur stillness,
rliaiiiiinlMiii mul uiHsi-iili-r piiin." In
use nearly IIfi vent's- ' ■■ Ncrvilit
yourself, liy all tl"*   f*isfs.
Did You See the
Which pays Hos-
pit.nl hidi mn fcvj*
Medical Trait-
iii'-nt and insiiros
the IJenellciai'v
without any additional cost.    It is extremely liberal.
i'i I'.v P. T. cTWcCallum, Grand Forks, B. C.
and look over his stoek. It is not necessary to
leave tin ortlor. * No one will ask you to do so, but
the goods will exert n very stroitir pressure. This is
a very well, selected stock of very handsome goods
of sensimiihle weights antl stylish designs. Under
the skilful hands of our
Expert Tailors
these goods are mode up into perfect, dressy and
high-class suits.
Gej. E. Massie
Grand  Forks. B. C.
Finest Furniture
Al largo -consignment
of Lounges, Dining-room
Chairs, Tables and Sofas jnst
arrived. Call and inspect
them. Also a stock of Blan
kets, Quilts, Pillows, etc., to
|; be sold at greatly reduced
" prices. Sec our display 0
White Bros, sslv*
Careful attention
given to
Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.
First Street
Grand Forks, B. C.
Columbian wanted
Provides u llmno for Students of
Until sexes at"roiisotiiiblerates, lias a
Preparatory Class for Junior Stu-,
dents (toingPubliu School work. Ts do-1
ing High School work, confers all'
High Sohool privileges, and prepares
for Teachers' jSxa'niitiations, Tuat-liis
nil hrunelies of a thorough Practical*
I'.iisiiii's*' Course; and grants Diplomas,!
Dives a Liberal Education in its own]
Collegittto Couise, and in the 1-ul.es' j
College Course for the degrees-of
M.I-'.L and M.L.A. In University ]
..ml;, llie AiN Course enn now bo
tnken ill ('iiliiiiibinil College, and thn]
11.A. rlcgreu olitaihtld from Toronto p
University,  with   Which  the  College1
is iu full'   iilliliutioii,     In   Tl loifyl
itiopivres for tho dcg'i'oo of S.T.I.. alnl
Por fuller information, anil terms,
Hev. W. J. Sipprell, B. A., B.D.,
or Be v. J. Bowoll, Bursar.
For   Grand   Forks   and surrounding territory to represent
Newest varieties and specialties  in riardy Fruits, Small
Fruits, Shrubs, Ornamentals,
and  Hoses.     A permanent
situation,  and territory reserved for the right man.
Pay weelky. Handsome out-
,   lit free.    Write for particulars nml 'send 2") cents for our
pocket microscope, just the
thing tn use, in oxarHing trees
and plants for insects.
Foothill Nukseihks,
(Over 800 Acres)
TORONTO,    -    -    -    ONTARIO
Gotyoitr wedding invitations printed
ot Thu Suu ollico. Wo have thu closest
script typo imitation of a steel engraving mode.
I'irsl-Class In r.vcry Respect.
fan-pie Rooms for Commercial
Hot and Cold Baths.
Finest Brards of Wines,
l.httors and Cljars.
3 -7
,..i-j -.Mcific. Mn»-L*
i 3


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