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The Evening Sun Mar 23, 1906

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 I   <
¥ & **■
He -^
Filth Year-No. 41
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, March 23, 1906
Issued Twice a Week
At tbe special meeting ofthe city
council last Wednesday evening the
Kettle River Valley Railway Com-
panjr by-law and the Grand Forks
Steel Construction Works by-law
were introduced and read a first,
second and third time. It was decided to submit them to a vote of the
electors on tbe fifth of April next.
It was also decided to have a private
room fitted up for the chief of police
at the oity ball. All the aldermen
were presentiej*cept Clements.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLellan
and family left today for Strathcona,
Alta., where Mr. McLellan will engage in business. The' McLellan
family have resided in this city for
the past six or seven yean*-,and will
be greatly -nissed by their(Butnerous
friends. Mr. McLejlan was form
erlyan alderman of thin eity and
earned an enviable Reputation for
integrity and straigb|hMr»rdness.
The Sun wishes the family much
prosperity in their new koEpe*.
E. S. Busby of Yaupfcteer, Dominion customs inspector for the
province of British Columbia, hae
been making a tour of the boundary
ports this week, R. B^'iBiipip, Ous*
toms officer for this district, accom
panied him to the different sub-ports
under his jurisdiction.  •*<
The Columbia postoffice bas been
moved to the rear of J. H. Hodson
& Co.'s store, and Mr. Hodson has
been appointed temporary postmaster. It is understood that Postmaster Wright, who will leave in a
few days on a vacation trip, intends
to resign, and that Mr. Hodson will
receive the permanent appointment.
Miss Annie McCoy, .of Victoria,
will give a song recital in the Presbyterian church next Wednesday
evening. She will be Assisted by
local talent, and a good program will
be rendered.
Martin Dufour, who has been in
Coleman, Alta., during the past three
months, returned to the city this
1906 Spring Millinery Display of
Early Spring Milliner*^ Novelties,
commencing Monday, Mjfrch 26.
Miss Cosgrove.
the coast. He will be accompanied
by his wife and family. Their many
friends wish them a pleasant iottrney.
W. H. Covert, the big fruit rancher, has purchased Norman McLel-
land's handsome residence in the
West end.
E. H. C. Rawlinson and James
Leamy left for Spokane last Wednesday on a business trip.
Fine Barred Plymouth Rock Eggs
for setting. $1.60 for 15-pggs. Mrs.
Matt Miller.
BY-LAW NO. 36.
Julius Ehrlich, manager for P.
Burns & Co. at Greenwood, was in
the city yesterday.
Lloyd A. Manly, who has been in
Victoria for the past three months,
returned to the city this week.
A lunch will be served at thc Club
saloon Saturday evening from 7 to
11 o'clock. Martin Dufour has returned to his old stand, and wishes
to sec all his old friends. Come
early, as we close at 11:3(L
There will be services in thc Baptist church on Sunday morning and
evening at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
The pastor, Rev. F. W. Auvache,
will preach.   A welcome to all.
Services of Methodist church next
Sabbath at UBual hours. Morning
subject—' 'The Old Book.'' Evening
subject—"Advance." You are invited.   E. Manuel.
Peter Wright, postmaster at Columbia, who has been a resident of
this city for nine years without taking a vacation, will leave in a day or
two for a summer's vacation trip to
A By-law to ratify and confirm an
Agreement entered into the seventh
day ol March, A D. 1906, between
the Corporation of the City of Grand
Fork* and the Kettle River Valley
Railway Company, and to make provision in case of default on the part of
the Baid railway company in carrying
put the provisions of said agreement.
o Whbreas, by an agreement in writing entered into the 7th day of March,
1906, between the Corporation of the
Oity of Grand Forks of the, one *at
and The Kettle River Valley Railway
Company of the other part, the said
ctn-poration, upon the terms, conditions and agreements in said agreement contained, did give its consent
to the Said railway company to construct, maintain aud operate a line of
railway track in, over, upon and along
certain streets and alleyways of the
city of Grand Forks, therein more
particularly described.
AndWheheas, itis deemed expedient to ratify and confirm the said
agreement by a by-law of the Municipal Council of the said Corporation
and submit said by-law to the electors
of the said city of Grand Forks for
their approval;
And Whereas, the said corporation
was induced to enter into the said
agreement upon the representations of
the said railway company that it, the
said railway company, would construct
arid onerate^or cause to be constructed
and operated, a line of railway from'
the city of Grand Forks for a distance
of at least fifty miles up the North
Fork of the Kettle River, in the District of Yale, Province of British Columbia ;
And Whereas, it is deemed advisable to fix a time for the commencement of the construction of said railway line and for the completion
thereof and to make provision iii: case
of default on the part of the said rail
way company to so commence, com
plete and operate the said railway;
Therefore, the Municipal Council
of the Corporation of theCity of Grand
Forks enacts as follows:
1. In the construction of this bylaw the following expressions shall
have the following meanings, respectively:
"Corporation" shall mean and include the Corporation of tlte .City of
Grand Forks, its successors and assigns. ■  •       1
"Railway Company" shall mean and
include The Kettle River Vulley Railway Company (a company incorporated by special Act of the Parliament
of Canada), its successors and assigns.
"2. The Agreement entered into the
7th day of March, A. D. 1906, between the Corporation of the one part
and the Railway Company of the
other part, which said agreement is in
the words and figures following, that
is to say:
"This Agreement, made in duplicate this seventh day of March, A. D.
1906, between the Corporation of the
City of Grand Forks (hereinaftercalled
the Corporation) of the one part, and
The Kettle River Valley Railway
Coinpany, a company incorporated by
special Act of the Dominion Parliament (hereinafter called the Company)
of the other part.
"Whereas, the Company has* requested the Corporation to consent to
the Company constructing, laying
down, maintaining and operating a
line of railway track in, over, upon,
along and across the streets and alleyways of the city of Grand Forks hereinafter named, with the necessary sidetracks and switches for the passage of
engines, cars and trains, as hereinafter
more particularly aet forth.
"And Whereas, the Corporation
has agreed to grant such consent upon
the terms, conditions and agreements
hereinafter contained.
"Now, Therefore, this agreement
witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the premises the Corporation
does hereby give its consent to the
Company, its successors .and assigns,
to construct, lay down, maintain and
operate a line of railway track in,
over, upon, along and across the streets
and alleyways of the city of Grand
Forks hereinafter mentioned, that is
to say: Beginning at the south end of
Third street; thence along Third street
antl across the alleyway between Main
street and Kettle river; thence along
Third street to and across Main street;
thence along Third street to antl
across Bridge street dt grade; thence
along Third street to and across the
alleyway between Bridge street and
Spokane avenue; thence along Third
street to and across Spok ine avenue;
thence along Tihrd to and across
the alleyway between Spokane avenue
and Winnipeg avenue; thence alon;
Third street to and across Winnipeg
avenue at grade; ' thence along
Third street'o and across the twoa'-
leyways between Winnipeg avenue
and Victoria avenue; thence to and
across Victoria avenue at grade
thence to and across Fourth street at
grade, and across the alleyway north
of Victoria avenue between Victoria
avenue and Observation mountain;
thennce to and across the alleyways in
block 1, registered plan 52, antl block
26, in registered plan 23, and block
26A, in registered 121; thence to and
across Fifth street; thence to ami
across Alexandra avenue; thence to
across Sixth street north of Alexund
avenue; also the right to cross any and
all streets and alleywaysin the city
which lie north of the Canadian Pacifii
railway tracks; also the right to double
track the railway in front of the said
railway company's proposal station on
Third street, between Bridge street
and Winnipeg avenue, the necessary
switches to be not nearer than 20 feet
of the south side of Winnipeg avenue
nor nearer than 20 feet of the north
side of Bridge street; also the right
to lay a spur on Third street from the
end of the said railway company's
bridge over the Kettle river to a point
even with the south side of Main
street, all as shown on the attached
map or plan signed hy the parties
hereto.      ,'
"And this agreement further witnesseth, that for and in consideration
of the premises, and in consideration
of the consent heeeby granted hy the
Corporation to tho Conipany.thB Company doth for itself, its successors and assigns covenant,
promise und agree to and with
the Corporation, its successors and assigns, in manner following, that is to
"I. That no train, engine or car
shall be run hy the company anywhere
within the limits of the corporation ut
u faster rate than five miles per hour,
and hells on tho company's engines
moving anywhere wiihin the limits of
the corporation shall be kept constantly ringing.
"2. That the suid company shall not
block any crossing within the limits of
the corporation for a longer period
than five minutes ut any one time.
"3. That the stiid company shall
when" the population of the city of
Grand Forks has reached ten thousand inhabitants, from time to time
erect, maintain and operate gates at
all crossings within the limits of the
corporation at which the corporation
may think gates are desirublc for the
public safety.
4. That the company shall permit
its tracks to be crossed at any points
within the limits of the corporation
(as those limits are now defined or may
hereafter be defined) by any tramway
or street railway, whether such tramway or street railway be operated  by
the corporation or by any person or
company now having or hereafter acquiring a franchise from the corporation in that behalf.    .
'5. The said company shall lay its
tracks so that the tops of the rails
will be at street grade. Provided,
however, that the said coinpany muy,
if it sees fit, raise-tho grade of Third
street where it crosses Main street
one and one-half feet above the present grade of Third street, but'in such
case the company shall grade Third
street at the intersection of Third
and Main streets so as to bring it to
the level of the tops of its rails, and
shall grade Main street on either side
of Third street so that the raised grade
will taper With the present grade of
Main street at a distance of one hundred feet on either side of Third
street, and shall grade Third street
south of Main street so that the raised
grade at Main street shall taper with
the grade of Third street south of
Main street at a'distance of one hun
dred feet (Tom Main street.
"6. The said company shall grade
the west tide of Third street between
Winnipeg avenue and Victoria avenue
so J;hat the toe of the slope of such
grading shall reach, but not overlap,
the property line.
"7. The said company shall grade
the whole of Third street from the
north side of Main street to the south
side of Winnipeg avenue so that sue'
grade si*H "be level with the tops of
the said (SOmpany's rails, but such
grade of Third street shall in no case
be higher than the present grade of
Third street at its interesection with
Bridge street and Winnipeg avetine,
respectively, unless a different grnd
for Third street shall at any time be
established by the corporation.
"8. The said company shall keep
in repair the streets both between the
rails and for a distance of four feet
either side of the rails, and shall plank
and maintain planking on all cross.
ingsand keep such crossings in repair, and shall keep its roadbed within the limits of the corporation in a
cleanly condition.
"9. The said company shall at all
times make its tracks within the
limits of the corporation conform with
tilt** grades of the streets over which it
pass1 s,as nnd when such grades are re
speotively established by the corporation.
"10. Thnt the saitl company shall
within two years from the final passing of a by-law ratifying this agreement, erect and maintain between Victoria avenue and the main Kettle
river a depot which shall not cost less
than three thousand dollars, and shall
erect a freight shed somewhere within the limits of the corporation.
"11. That the said company
shall conform with such regulations for the public safety as
thc Municipal Council of the corporation may frnm time to time see fit
to pass, providetl such regulations
passed by the saitl Council are mit inconsistent with or repugnant to any of
the provisions of this agreement.
'12. That if the saitl company shall
not within two years from the date of
the finakreconsitleration find passage
)f a by-law of tho saitl Municipal
Council, ratifying this agreement,liave
constructed fifty miles of railway In
the district known us the North Fork
of the Kettle river, it shall, ti| on being paid proper tolls therefor, give running rights over its tracks within the
corporation limits to s ich other railway coinpany or railway companies as
may desire the same.
"13. That the said coinpany shall
pay all expenses in connection with
the preparation and passage of a bylaw ratifying this agreement, and in
connection with the procuring of the
assent of the ratepayers thereto, in
conformity with the provisions of the
Municipal Clauses Act.
'14. That tho rights and privileges
granted by this agreement to the company shall be enjoyed by the company
only so long as it substantially complies with the terms and provisions of this agreement.
"16. And it is hereby understood
and agreed by and between the parties
hereto us follows:
"(I) This agreement shall not have
any force or effect or in any manner bo-
come operative until a by-law ratifying the same shall have passed tho
Municipal Council of the corpration
and roceivetl the assont of the electors
of the Municipality of the City of
Grand Forks in conformity with the
provisions of the Municipal Clauses
Act and amending Acts.
"(2) The words 'Corporation' and
'Company' where they appear in this
agreement shall in each case be deemed
to extend to and bind the successors
and assigns of the corporation and the
coinpany respectively.
"As Witness the Corporate Seal of
the Corporation and the common Seal
of the Company respectively affixed
h-reto by the proper officials in that
behalf, and in pursuance in eaeh case
of a resolution authorizing the same.
"Signed, Sealed and Delivered in
the Presence of Ernest Miller as to
the execution of the Corporation.
"Corporation by the City of Grantl
[L.S.]     "F. H. HUTTON,
City Clerk.
"The  Kettle  River  Valley Railway
is, upon the terms and conditions antl
subject to the provisions  herein   con-
taiued hereby ratified  and confirmed.
8. The actual construction of the
railway company's proposed line of
railway from the city of Grand Forks
for a distance of fifty miles up the
North Fork of Kettle river, shall begin and shall be in progress on or before the 22d day of June, A.D. 1006,
and shall be proceedetl with expeditiously, and the said proposed railway
line shall lie complete and in running
order and shall be in operation as a
railway so as to afford proper and adequate railway facilities for passengers
arid freight upon and over the said
railway on- or beforo the 22nd day of
June, A. D. 1908.
4. This bv-law is passed upon the
express condition that a failure to observe the time limits, or either of
them, asset out in paragraph 8 of this
by-law shall render this by-law void.
I 5. This by-law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the assent
of the electors of the Municipality of
the City of Grand Forks, in manner
provided by tbe Municipal Clauses
Act and amending Acts.
6. The votes of the electors of the
Municipality of the Corporation ofthe
City of Grand Forks sliall betaken on
this by-law at the following times antl
places, that is to say: On the 5th
day of April, A.D. 1906, commencing
at eight o'clock A.M. and continuing
to four o'clock in the afternoon of the
same day, at the City Hall in the City
of Grand Forks, and John Aylmer
McCallum shall be the Returning
7. This by-law shall take effect and
come into force on the 11 th day of
April, A. D. 1906.
8. This by-law may be cited as "The
Kettle Hiver Valley Railway Company By-law, 1906."
Head a first time the 22nd day of
Murch, A. I). 1906.
Head a second time the 22nd day
of March, A. D. 1906.
Head a third time the 22nd dnv of
March, A. D, 1906.
Tnke notice tlmt tlio above is u trim copy
nf tho proposed by-luw upon whioh tho vote
of tho Municipality will be takoii nt tlm
Municipal Hull bolldili*; on Thursday, thn
rah liny of April, lints, between tho hours nf
s u'clnck ti. id  Hii-1 4 o'clock n. m.
Nntii-o is hereby p-lvon tu tho Kleotorsof
Hit, Mm.iclpulity nf cln-t:ity <>f '-r-uinl forks
llnit I rei-ioro tho prosonoo nf tho suhl Kieet-
itrsnttlio Muiiicipul Hill) tiiiililirii:, un First
.troot, in tho siiiil c.ty, on Thlirs'ltiy, thoTith
iluy nf April. 1000. botwoen tho hours of 8
o'olock ii. m. anil 4 o'clock p. in., tu vnto ilpun
the by-low nooiberod 86\ respecting; (he rntl-
flcntlon of no airreoment entered into tho
7th liny of March, 19118, between the corporation of thn City of tlranil Forks mid the Kettle Kivor Valley Railway Company.
Subject to Seotion Tfl, of the "Municipal
Clauses Aot," ami to thc "Municipal Elections
Act;" any male or fomnto, beluir a firltish
subject, mifl of the full age of twenty-one
yenrs, who is the assessed owner of lands or
or real property withia tho Mnnicipalily,
shall have a vote either oonflrmluir oroeira-
tlvinir thesi'hl by-law. In eaoh ward In which
he or she may bo assessed for land or rait)
Dated ut Grand Forks, 11. C, this 2;lrd day
of March, A. I). 11X10
Koturolog Officer. NEW BAKERY
First-Class Bread, Pies and Cakes
Best of Material Used
No Chinese Employed
--.Between Winnipeg and Victoria)
QHjp -Etottfttg §mt
Published nt Orand Forks, British Columbia,
Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings.
.Editor and i* .ibllsher
One Year 11.80
One Year (t n advance)  1.00
Advertising- rates furnished on application
Legal notices, 10 nud o cents per line.
Address nil communications to
The 'Evening Sun,
Phone B74 Guano Fohks, B.C.
FRIOA**. MARCH 23, 19011
The Sun calls particular attention
of the ratepayers to the by-laws
printed in today's issue. They
should be carefully perused. We
feel perfectly confident tbat every
citizen who has the best interests of
the city at heart will endorse"them
on the 5th of April next.
BY-LAW NO. 35.
A By-luw to authorize thf* payment uf the
sum ot JWll.li.) unci the urunt of free electrical power to John Clmrlt-s MtifPoi.Hl-l and
Angus John MacDonald, •■ a boiiut- In ui.1 of
the pstub 11 aliment within the limits of the
City of Urand Fork* of a Steel nmmifii.c-.iir--
lnjr plant.
.Vhihbab. John Charles MuuDouald and
Annus John MucDf-nuld have proposed to
-establish within the limits of the mimici jml-
ity of the Corporation of the City of (irand
I'orkr, a plant for the manufacture of furnace jacket-*, xtruetaral Iron, sheet metal
work and heavy forging* of ull kind*** [here-
luufter referred to ax the said Works] and
have requested aid from the Corporation of
the City of Grand Forks In the establish-
ment of bnuh works.
And, Whrkkah, It is deemed expedient and
advikuhle in tiie interest of Orand Korku to
grant u boil ui of $600.1K) aud free eleotrlcttl
power to the mt Id John Charles Mu''Uonald
Hnd Angus .lohn MucDonald, In aid ef the
suid work-*, upon the terms herein set forth.
Now, TiiEKEi'oitK, The .Vluuluipul Council
of the ' orporitt-ion of the City of Grand
Forks enacts as follows:
1. In the coin-it ruction of this by-law the
wonts' John Charles Ma Oouald" and "Angus John MarUoiiatd," shall mean, extend to
and Include the said Jo-llt Charle Mn-Donald and Angus John MuuDo mid ni dth I- ami
eacit oftlieir heirs, executors, uiiniiui-itra--
tors and assign^
■*. A Uontis of Six Humlred Dollars and
f ree electrical power, up to the amount of
ten horse power, is hereby granted to John
* Charles Mae-Donald nud Angus John Mm-
Donald us aid in estublislilng the said .Works
within the limits of the Mnniripallty of the
Corporation of the City of Gratia Forks,
Upon the terms uud iiouditlons herein contained and upon the terms and conditiom of
a certain agreement, iu writlit;, entered luto
the nineteenth day of March, A. 1). Mum, between the Corporation of tlio City of Grand
Korku, of the one  Dart, and the said   John
Similes MaeDriiiaM ami Agnes John Mae-
onald of llie olti u port, which said agreement Is hereby rutitled uud eotillrmed, und
which said agreement is lu the words and
figures following, thi* is to say:
''This ugrremeiit, made in duplicate this
19th day of Mureh, A. U. 191JS, between the
Corporation 'of the City of Grand Korku
thereinafter called the "Corporation"] of
the first purt, and John Charles Mai-Honald
and Angus John MacDonald, both of the City
of Grand Forks, in the Province of Hritit.li
Columbia, hereinafter called thc parties of
the second part.
"VVhtTeiis, the purlies of the seoon part
huve applied to the Corporation for aid in
the estnhlislitug, within the limits of the
said Corporation, a plant for the manufacture of furnace jackets, structural iron,
sheet metal work ond heavy forging* of ull
"And the Corporation has agreed to -grent
to the partleH of the second part us a boino,
In aid of such plant, the sum of six hundred
dollars, and to give free electrical power to
the parties ofthe second part up to the
amount of ten horse power, during the life
of tiie Corporal ion's present coutrHct with
the (iranby < on soli dated Mining, .Smoltln-
and Power Company Limited, which suid
contruct expires on the l«t day of Septeinb'-i i
A D. 1W)7: such bonus of money and suoh
power to be granted upon the terms umj
conditions hereinafter mentioned and eon-
"Now, Therefore, This Agreement Wlt-
n.'wl li that in consideration nf the premi-es
and of the mutual covenants ami agreements
hereinafter contained, the parties hereto
mutually covenant, und agree ni follows:
"I. Thc parties of the second part, in eon-
-tlderatlon of a bonus of SBIX(t) , to Iim paid to
them as hereinafter mentioned, and In further cotittideratlon of the giant to  them  hy
* "* lineal "
amount of Ten Horse Power free of cost to
the parties of the second part during the life
of the said contract with-the (iranby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company, Limited, hereby covenant and agree
with the Corporation that tbey, the parties
of the second part, will, on or before the
first day of August, A. D. Mh-ti, erect within
the limits of the Corporation a building for
the purposes of their said manufacturing
business at a cost of uot less t linn Two Thousand Dollars, and will install therein a manufacturing plant for the Said purpose at a
cost of not less than tt.--00.00, Aud that the
parties o? the second part will oommeuce
the erection of said building on or hefore
the first day of June, A. D. 1906.
"2. The parties of the second part hereby
further covenant aud agree with the Corporation that they will maintain the said
mauu.fuctu.-Ing business in thesaid Corporation limits as a going concern, for a period
of Ave years from the date of the final passage nf a by-law of the Municipal Council of
the Corporation ratifying this agreement,
except where temporarily closed for repairs
or lack of work Aud that they, the parties
of the second part, will uot remove or attempt to remove the said plant and machinery to be installed as aforesaid outside
of thr said corporation limits for the said
period of five years, excepting in cases
wiiere machinery Is sent out for repairs or
new machinery of equal value substituted
"3. The parties of the second part hereby
further covenant ami agree witli the Corporation that they, the parties of the second
part will not at any time, or times, during
the continuance of this agreement, use the
suid electrical power during those portions
of the day when the lighting system of the
Corporation Is lu use.
"4. The parties of the second part hereby
further covenant aud agree to pay all ousts
and expenses of submitting a by-law ratifying this agreement to a vote of the electors
In accordance with the provisions uf the
Municipal Clauses Aot.
"6. And the Corporation hereby In consideration of the covenants and agreements
pti the part of the parties of the second part
herein contained, do hereby covenant and
agree with the parties of the second part
that so soon as the parties of the second part
have constructed the said buildings and installed the said machinery as aforesaid, it,
the Corporation, will pay to the parties ofthe second part as a bonus the sum of IflOO.'H),
and will, at its own costs, aud free of all
charges whatsoever, to the parties of the
Iftcoud part, furnish ths said parties of the
second part at the said buildings, electrical
pnwar to the amount uf ten aorta power
during the life of, and so long as the said
present contract between the Corporation
and the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company, Limited, is subsisting. Provided, however, that should the
said building and machinery be erected and
installed at a' greater distance than two
blocks from the present main power line between the said Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting and Power Compauy, Limited,
works and the Corporation pump house,
then the parties of the second part shall pay,
aud they hereby covenant and agree to pay
extra cost of connecting the Corporation's
power system with the said buildings and
plant caused hy reason of the said buildings
and plant being erected and Installed at a
greater distance than two blocks from the
main power line.
"6. And the parties of the second part do
hereby bind themselves iu the penal sum of
$1,000.00, to be paid by the purlies of the second part to the I orporatlou In case they
should fall tu carry out any of the provisions of this agreement.
"7. The parties of the second part shall not
have nor make any claim or demand, or
brltis- any action or suit against tha I Orporatlou for any damage which they may sustain by reason of the non-supply of siieh
power at any time during the continuance
of this contract which may be occasioned by
fire, by the apt of God, or by the breaking of
the Corporation's plant, machinery or wires,
or by reason of the neglect or default of the
parties or Company supplying power to the
Corporation, or by any act beyond the control of the ('orporatlou.
"8. And it is hereby further understood
and agreed, by and between the parties
hereto, that this Agreement shall not in any
wav become binding upon the Corporation
until a by-law ratifying the same has been
passed hy the Municipal Council of the Cor*
porutlon and received the assent of the ratepayers of the said City of Grand Forks in
accordance with the provisions of the
"Municipal Clauses Act1 and amending Acts.
*'9. Audit Is hereby further understood,
and agreed by and between the parties
hereto, Unit this agreement shall enure to
aud be binding upon the successors aud as-
sigiis of the Corporation, and to and upon
the heirs, executors, admiuistrat'jrs and assigns of nueh of the parties of the second
"In Witness Whereof, thesaid John Charles
MacDonald and Angus John MacDonald have
hereunto set their hands and seals, and the
seal.of the Corporation has been hereto
affixed by tbe proper officers in that behulf.
"Signed, Sealed and Delivered i
In the Presence of >
The Corporation of the City of Grand
Forks,      [L. S [ "P. H. HUTTON,
"J. A. McCALLUM. €Hy Clerk.
"j. c. Macdonald." [l. s.i
"a. j. Macdonald." |l. s.j
3. The said bonus of six hundred dollars
shall be paid so soon as the same shall become due aud payable uuder the provisions
of thesaid agreument, and shall be so paid
out of the annual revenue uf the Corpora-
t on of the City of Grand Forks tor the year
A. D. 1906.
4. The actual construction of the said
works shall begin and belu progress ou or
before the first day of June, A. D. 1006, and
sliall be proceeded with continuously and
expeditiously, and the same shall be completed and iu running order on or before
the first day of August, A. D. 19ofl,
5. This by-law Is passed upon the express
condition thus a failure to observe the time
limits, or either of them, us set out in paragraph four of this by-law, shall render this
by- aw void.
0. This by-law shall, before the flual passing thereof, receive the assent of the eleot-
ors uf the Municipality of the Corporation
of the City of Grand Forks, in the manner
provided by the Municipal Clauses Act.
7. The votes of the electors of the Municipality of the Corporation of the City of
Grand Forks shall be taken on this by-law at
the following tilde and place, that Is to say:
On the nth duy uf April, A. D. liK-fl, commencing at the hour of 8 o'clock lu the
forenoon mid continuing uutlU o'clock iu the
afternoon uf the same day, at the City Hull
in Mit--City of Grand Forks, and John Aylmer
il-Galium   hull be the Returning Officer.
h. Tills by-law shull tnke effect uud come
into force on the 11th day of April, A. I). 19Uo.
». Tills by-law may haultod for all purposes
a« the "Grand Forks Steol-Coitstruetlun
WorkB 1. .mis Uy-Lnw."
Head a lirst lime the 22d day of March,
A. I). 1006.
Mead a second time the 'iltl day of March.
A. D. 1906. . '
Keud u third time the 22d day of March,
A. D. lDutl.
tiie Corporation of Fleet r
Take notice that the above fo's .Hie copy
of the proposed by-law upon which the vote
of the Municipality will be taken at the Municipal Hull building, an Thursday, the 5th
day of April, Win', between the hours of 8
o'clock a. m. aud 4 o,clock p, ni.
        City Clerk.
Notice is hereby given to the Electors of
the Municipality of the City of tirund Forks
thut I require the presence of tlte said Electors at the Municipal Hall building, on First
street, in the snid city, on Thursday, the ."ith
day of April, MM,* between the hours of 8
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p.m., to vote upon
the by-law numbered 86, respecting the
granting of a bonus of J60U.00 aud free electrical power to John Charles MacDonuld and
Angus John MacDonald In aid of the establishment within the city limits of a steel
manufacturing plant.
Subject to Section Ifl, of the  '-Municipal
Clauses Act," nud   to the "Municipal  ('.lections Aot  ; any male or female, being a Brit-
Power to the   isn subject, and of the full age of twenty-
S. F."« N. RY,
ft*   ORAND FORKS   £»!;
I Spokane, Scuttle, [
Everett,  Helling-     /
11.00 u m. | ham, Vancouver, |   4.45 p.m.
I Victoria nnd ull |
1 Coast points....'.. ]	
Spokane, Fernie,
11:00 a.m. Winnipeg.St Paul
 [and Minneapolis..
L North port. Ktiw-
11:00 u.m. | land. Nelson, Kus-
I lound Sandon.   .
4:45 p.m.
■4:4ft p.m.
j Hepuhlle, Curlew j
4:55 p.m. | ami   Ferry  (.Mid-| 10:45 a.m.
 [ .Miyl _ ..   ....... j
6:IX) p.m. j Phoenix",~W'. ... \  0:85 a.m.
f'onunectlug at Spokane with the famous
2—Daily Overland Trains—2
Frmn Spokane for Winnipeg, St. Parti.
Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago und all
points east.
1 For complete information, rates,
berth reservations, etc., call ou or address,
H. SHEEDY, Agent,
Grand Forks.
8. G. YERKES, A. G. P. A.,
Ten-acre tract of fine land two and
one-half miles southeast of town; two-
thirds under cultivation; suitable for
orchard or market gardening. Call on
J. D. Sears, or at Sun office.
The Lion Bottling Works have cut
their price on all case and draught
wines and liquors.
one years, who is the assessed owner of lands
or of real property within the Municipality,
shall have a vote either oonllrminff or negativing the said by-law, in eaoh ward in whieh
he or she may be assessed for land or real
Doted at Urand Parks, D. 0., thi. 2»rd day
of March. A. D. 1906.
Returning Officer.
TAKE NOTICE that sixty days after date I
intend tn apply to the l/hief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described land., situate
in Vale District, llrlti.li Columbia:
Commencing at a post marked ''Q. A. McLeod, N. W. Corner," and claiming 40chains
east; tiifeiice 80 chains south; thence 40 chains
west: thence Ml chains north to Initial post',
the nortli fork of Kettle Kiver to be the eastern boumlnTy. .,    , „  „
A. D. MoPHEE, Agent. '
Grand Forks, II. C, March 20th, 1906.
Proved in Mount Forest
Every doctor in this town tried his
best to relieve Mi's. J. Withom of
asthma; none succeoded. "For years,"
she states, "I was a dreadful sufferer;
nothing gave relief. At times I found
it necessary to have all the doors and
windows open'to get my breath. When
In despair I heard of Catarrhozone. ]
used it and now am perfectly cured."
This proves beyond doubt that any
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Boarders Wanted—A few more
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You're next at the Palace Barber
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There are, still a few cheery, well
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Read The Sun—The only twice a-
week paper in the Boundary. 81.00
per year. ______
Read The Sun—The .paper that
prints facts—81.00 per year.
If your watch needs renairng,
take it to White Breos. All work
It takes modern material to do up-
to-date work. The Sufi job department is kept strictly up-to-date.
For a nice hair cut or shave go to
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Baths 50c, three for 81.00.
The Lion Bottling Works aro selll
ing Gooderhain it Wort's Rye Whiskey, tho best rye whiskey in Canada,
for 83.00 per gallon.
Confectionery, fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind in the city.
Wanted—T*o men in each county
to represent and advertise Hardware
; department, put out samples of our
. goods, etc. Traveling position Or
\ office manager. Salary $90.00 per
month, cash woekly, with all expenses
paid in advance We furnish everything. The Columbia House, Dept-
\ 010, 234 5th Ave., Chicago, 111.
Water in Your Blood?
Lots of people have thin watery
blood—they eat plenty, but don't
digest. When digestion is. poor, food
isn't converted into nourishment—in
consequence the body rapidly loses
strength. To positively renew health,
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shhrp appetite—makes the stomach
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Abundant strength is sure to follow.
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Fifty cents buys a box of fifty chocolate coated Ferrozone tablets. Sold by
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Bicycles and Repair Work—A
complete line of 1906 models. A few
second-hand wheels cheap. Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
First class dressmaking. Late of
Toronto. Over Hunter-Kendrick
store.    Terms moderate.
Headquarters for Pacific Coast
Grown Garden, Flower and Field
Seeds. New crop now in and on
test in our greenhouses. Ask your
merchant for them in sealed packages. If he does not handle them
we will mail 50 assorted 5e packages of vegetable and flower seeds
(our own selection, suitable for
B. C. gardens) for 81.00: Special
prices on bulk seeds.
B. C. Grown tf Fruit  and
Ornamental Trees
Now ready for Spring shipment.
Extra nice stock of 2. and 3 year
apple trees at "*20 per hundred ;
8180 per thousand. Maynard
Plum, 81 each. Italian Prune, 2-
year, fine, 825 per hundred ; Sugar Prune, 2-year,' fine, 830 pel-
No expense, loss or delay of
fumigation or inspection. Let me
price your list before placing your
supplies. Greenhouse Plants,
Floral Work, Bee Supplies, Fruit
Packages, Fertilizers, etc. Catalogue free.
•**7H J. HENRY
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver, B.C.
•     ^^"---------=» ' ==============
Dealers    in   All   Kinds    of
Fish and'Game in Season
•4* O-
Real Estate, Mining and
Insurance Brokers
SON  /
Reference) Eastern Townships Bank I BRIDGE AND FIRST STREETS
is ti
Route of the Famous Oriental Limited
For detailed information, sates, etc., call on or address
H. SHEEDY, Agent,
That we sell only the
best in our lines? We offer
nothing that is not strictly
first-class   in   GROCERIES.
THE QUALITY of our Stook
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for this reason that we are so
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We also carry a line of Boots,
Shoes, RuhlxMs and Gent's
Phone 30
Opposite C.P.R. Station
BR lytic MEET
Entirely Refurnished and Renovated Throughout
First-class board by day, week or month.' Special
rates to steady boarders. The finest furnished rooms
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Finest Bar in City" in Connection
Before Ordering Yo«r      '
Fall Suit
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can guarantee you mSmtaction,
and our prices are right Call
and inspect our goods.
Geo. Taylor
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Geo.. Taylor
General Contractor.        .' • *
Timm Mar-is
Cor-YRMHT* Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch and laaotetlott may
 •*«» wl«lli«r an
iljLXoaini miles.
4lfooni'eii..a-. ««SOHMoal'<>H'ur.
seta free, oldest aaenry far securing patents.
Patent, taken tlirmvli Munn Jc Co. receive
wvtclal nolle., without ciiarse. In tbe
Scientific American.
• A hwieliomelf Illustrated weekly. Jjipjrest clr-
culm Ion of any •clentlflo Journal. Tertui, |3 a
rear; tour months, $L Bold byall newsdealer**.
UNN tCo^j-'^rT New York
Branch Offlot. -H F Bt, Wubingtoo, D. C
and Cariboo Central Railway
Company will apply to the Parliament
of Canada, at its next session, for an
(a) Amending section seven (7) of
its Act of incorporation (4 Edward
VII., Chap. 49) by empowering the
company to construct its railway from
a point at or near the City of Grand
Forks, in the Province of British Columbia, thence in a northerly direction
following the valley of the North Forki
of the Kettle river and by the most
feasible route to Franklin camp and
Fire Valley; thence in a northwesterly
direction by the most feasible route to
Grand Prairie.'
(b) Extending the time within
which it may construct its railway,
and for other purposes.
Solicitors for Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa, Feb. 28th, 190.6
Harness, Saddlery
Havlnr established a eompletete Harnett*
Shop at Midway, lull] equipped in every
reapMjt, we are prepared to undertake
any kind of work
On tbe Shortest Notice
We have purchased the entire stook of
A. HalberK, of Greenwood, and have
added the same to our already large and
complete assortment,
Will receive our prompt attention. Wu
are specially prepared to deal with mall
order business, and to guarantee satisfaction.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
and From All Trains
R|Utuehfoiid Bros., Props.
For Sale
at a
Ono mile west of city.    175
fruit trees on place—will bear ',
next    season. '.' Three - room
house and good barn.
For Te.ims,
Call at
Sun Office
You must not look a gift horse in
the mouth or smell a gift cigar in tho
presence of the donor
Once in a great while a woman gets
so angry at her husband that she even
refuses to talk back.
It is universally conceded that if a
man has money to burn it is because
he was too wise to burn it.
It's all right to contribute to the
foreign missions, but first contribute
to the support of your family.
The man who wouldn't tell a lie to
save his life has taken to the business
of a newspaper advertising agent.
Whenever a woman makes a confident of a man she has an ax to grind
and wants him to turn the grindstone.
A Complete Line of 1906 Models.
Second-hand wheels always on
hand,   and   will  be  sold cheap.
GEO. GRAPPLE,    Opposite Postoffice
Many young men will waltz fifty
miles during a hop who would not
carry a bucket of coal fifty feet for
their mother.
Nobody but a loving mother could
weep bitter tears over a lost child and
'then spank it energetically when returning.
The   Uncommercial   Travelers,
' Trunk.
Once upon a time a trunk wu» u
trunk, and all trunks loked more or Its,
alike to everyone. Now a trunk may dp
a bureau or a wardrobe or a hat-box, ae
cording to its owner's wishes and thc
amount she pays for it.
The wardrobe trunk sets on one end
and the gowns are hung in it on hangers.
This serves a double purpose, for the
frocks are kept free from wrinkles bv
this method, and they are also much
easier to get at than they were by thc
old way, when the "box" had to be unpacked every time another gown was
got out.
You see, the hangers arc so arranged
that they may he pulled out, much as an
accordion is, and then pushed back again.
The bureau trunk is better known. It
has drawers which may be pulled out.
just as those in the bureau are. and so
the necessity of lifting heavy trays is obviated.
But theso inventions are not very well
known on the other side of the water
and, consequently, they puzzle the ens
toma inspectors not a little.
One of the bureau trunks owned by an
American woman, the French authorities
at Boulogne insisted upon opening simply because they sow it fastened differently from the ordinary trunk. Once
opened, they would not permit the owner
to pull out the .trays or drawers for
their inspection, /but insisted on lifting
them out themselves and searching every
hole and crevice for contraband goods.
When they were at last convinced that
there was nothing of the sort inside,
they permitted the owner to replace the
drawers, but the moment these were
pushed in and tne lock snapped, the peculiarity of the thing seemed tn overcome them again, .ind nnce more they
demanded the keys. The second search
revealed no more than the first, of
course, but it Was with the keenest regret, apparently, thnt the inspectors saw
tho trunk finally borne away—there was
something mysterious nbout it that they
.lid not understand, and Uiey were sure
it meant there was tobacco concealed in
a secret nompart.n-»;nt or a fal*« bott:
®lj*> mm
ptllNTS all .the news of the
Boundary, and prints it
while it is news. It is the
only twice-a-week paper published in Southern Hritish
Columbia. It is not owned
or controlled by a clique of
politicians, to further their
own ambitious aims; nor hy
a combination of -Merchants
to be used as a ...noils of lauding their own wares, to the
detriment of their rivals.
The Sun is the sole property of its publisher, and no
one else has any right to dictate its policy. It is printed in the interest of Grand
Forks and surrounding district. When its editor Ih--
lieves he is right, ho speaks
right out. He does not
havo to consult half-a-dozen
different parties about what
he intends to say.
Everybody in Grand Forks
reads The Su.n twice a week.
Its out-of-town circulation is
large, and is rapidly increasing. It is therefore the best
advertising medium in the
$1 Per Year
Sh   N   OF   THE   BEST
Routeof the famoiiH Hnd favorite
Spokane, Butte, Helena, Fargo,   Minneapolis, Duluth and St. Paul,
Spokane, Billings, Denver, Omaha, St.
Joseph, Kansas City and St. Louis.
and Dining Car Service on all Trains.
CLOSE CONNECTIONS made at fit Paul
and St. Louis in Union/Depots for all
points KMt and South-East.
To enable Mrtle* who oo deiire to visit
friends and relative* in the East dnrlnsr the
Hiimmerwon of 1906, the NOKTHBRN PACIFIC will on JULY 8nd end 3rd. AUGUST
7th, 8tfi and tth, and SEPTEMBER 8th and
10th snl) roatad-trlp tickets from points In
this territory to Chicago, St. Louis. St. Paul,
Mliin-napolii, O'-iih-iaii'I Kansas City at one
lowest first elass fare plus Ten nollars, with
final return limit ninety days from date of
sale, but not beyond October 81st, 1W6.
Kxtremelr low rates are In effect from
February 1Mb to April 7th and September
lflth to October 8lht, 1906, from all points In
the East to points In this territory. If you
desire to tend for a friend or relative on
these rates we telegraph tickets to Eastern
points without extra cost.
nounced rory* low. roUnd-trip rates from
points In the Bast to points In this territory,
nud tickets will be on sale from .Tune 1st to
September 15th inclusive, final limit for return October 31st, 1906.
For further Information address one of the
A. D [Charlton,       A. Tinlivo,
A.G. P. A., Gen. Agt.,
Portlun^.Ore.     Spokane, Wash.
W. H. Uni*,
Traveling I'asMMiger Agent,
Spokane, Wash.
Sy nopals of Regulation's Governtnii
the Ditapoaal of Dominion Lands
witli In tlio Railway Belt In      '
the Province of Briti»h
AMCEN-SHtn cut timber can be acquired
only at public competition. A rental of
?5 iter square mile is charged for all timber
berths excepting those situated West of Yale,
fur whtch.the rental Is at the rate of 5 cents
per acre per annum.
In addition to the rental, dues at the following rates are charged:—
Sawn lumber. ISO cents per thousand feet
17 ..i.
Railway ties, Ight and nine feet long, i;a
und P.i rents each.
Shingle imltN, 2ft cents a cord.
All other proclticts, 5 per cent, ou the sales.
A license  is Issued so soon as a berth tt
{-ranted, but lu un surveyed territory no tim-
ter can be cut on a berth until the licensee
has made a survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber are also granted at
public competition, except In the case of
Hcttial sottlers, who require the timber for
. their own use.
Settlers aud othersmayalso obtain permits
to cut up to 11)0 cords of wood for sale without t'ompi'titioii.
The dues payable under a permit are $1.50
: per thousand feet K. M., for square timber
i and sawlogs of auy wood except oak; from J.j
to Wi cents per lineal foot for building logs;
: from 12} j" to 25 cents per cord for wood; 1 cent
| for fence posts; 3 cents for railway ties; aud
50 cents per cord on shingle bolts.
!. Leases for grating purposes are issued
' for a term of twenty-one years ut a rental of
two cents au acre per annum.
Coal lauds may he purchased at -f 10 per acre
for soft coal and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 320 ncres may be acquired by one Individual or company,
Ro> alty at the rate of 10 cents per ton of
2,000 pi iinds fo collected ou the gross output.
Eutrles for laud for agricultural purposes
may be mude pers- nally at the local land
office forthe district In which the land to be
taken Is situated, or if tl.c homesteader desires, he may, ou application to the Minister
of the Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner
of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the local
agent for the district within which the land
Is situated, receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
A fee of $10 is charged for a homestead
A settler who has received an entry for tt
homestead, Is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the
following plans:—
(1) A* least six months'residence upon and
cultivation of the laud to each year during
the term of three years.
It Is the practice of thc Department to re
quire a settler to bring 15 acres under cultivation, but If he prefers he may substitute
stock; and 20 head of cattle, to be actually
his own property, with buildings for their
accommodation, will be aocepte.1 instead of
the cultivation.
(2) If father (or mother, If the father Is deceased) of any person who Is eligible to make
a homestead entry uuder the provision of
the Act, resides upon a farm lu the vicinity
of thc land entered for by such person* as a
homestead, the requirements of the Act as to
residence prior to obtaining patent may be
satisfied by such person residing with the
father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon farming laud owned by him in
the vicinity of hi* homestead, the requirements of the Act as to residence may be satlv-
lied by residence upon the said land.
Application for a patent should be mude at
the end of three years before the local agent,
siib-ngeut or a homestead inspector.
Hefore making un application for a patent,
the settler must give six months'notice In
writing to the Commissioner of Dominion
Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa. February 4th, 1905
Foo Lee
Poors A78 Guano Fohks
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing, Gun Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doors and
First Street
Grand Forks, D.C.
Cigar Store
A Mlccllon mad* froa eor
Catalog ue »ill bt delivered at
your door at precisely tha
■ana colt to you aa if purchased ia person al our .lore.
We. 11-F-rtM. IU
This handsome ,-pirc. Tea 5*—
aon.he.t*.erxlu.'inif handles.
fin.il quality silver pl.t.—i. *
stinil of food v.lu..
Our now Catalogue will be
raadjr Nov. 151I1. Write for
The following table gives the ore
1905, and for the past week:
Granby Mines,Phoenix	
Snowshoe, Phoenix,	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Athelstan-Jackpot, Wellington	
Brooklyn-Stemwinder dump, Phoenix.
Morrison, Deadwood „	
B. C. Mine, Summit	
R. Bell, Summit .*. 	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp	
Senator, SummitCamp	
Brey\Fogle, SummitCamp	
No. 37, SummitCamp	
Reliance, Summit	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wellington	
King Solomon AV. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central	
Jewel, Long Lake..., ,.
Cartni, West Pork	
Providence, Greenwood „	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. P. U. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
shipments of Boundary mines for   1900, 1901,  1903, 1903,  1904-
7901. 1902.
231,762 309,858
1,721 20,800
99,034 141.32G
150        :	
1905      1906 Past Wk
653,889   182,080 17,014
30,088     3,17s
29,458    2,706
9,484       3,468
3,007       5,662
350       2,175
3,456 325        ! 500
Total, tons  390,000
Granby Smeltertreated  230,828
B. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter treated  117,611
Montreal & Boston Co.'sSmelter treated        '	
684,961 (827,348
401,921 596,252
162,913 209,637
123,570     30,930
264,397 24,108
193,927 18,236
38,689 4,353
42,697    3,336
The tiew edition of the COPPER BOOK
lists and describes 3311 copper mines and
copper mining properties, in all parts of the
world, covering the globe, these descriptions ranging from t%>: lines
/ to 12 pages in length, according to importance of the mines.! The
descriptions are not padded, but give facts in the most concise form.
There are also fifteen miscellaneous chapters, devoted to the History,
Uses, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy,
/ Metallurgy, Finances and Statistics of Copper, rendering the'volum,
a veritable encyclopedia of the subject of copper and everything pertaining to the metal." It is the world's standard Reference Book on
Every Miner, Prospector, Investor,  Banker and  Broker needs    t
book.   Price is $5 in Buckram binding with gilt top,   or 87.60 in
full library morocco, and the book, in either  binding, will be sen- '
on approval, to any address in the world, to be paid for if found sat
isfactory, or may be returned within a week of     HORACE J. STEVENS,
receipt and the charge cancelled.    Address the 36 Postoffice Block,
Author and Publisher. Houghton, Mioh., U.S.A.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to maiter a trade or profession. Read the display advertisement of the six Morse schools of telegraphy, in this issue, and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
Razor honing a specialty at the
Palace Bi-bor Slop, Victoria hotel.
Our job department is superior to
any other in the Boundary -country.
We have both the material and the
experience to turn out high class work.
Her Skin Was Yellow
"I had only to try Dr. Hamilton's
Pills to appreciate their merit," writes
Miss Annie. S. Bryce of Woodstock.
"My systenvwas out of order. My
blood was weak and thin. I had a
nasty, murky complexion. My skin
was hard and dry. The first box of
Dr. Hamilton's Pills made a complete
change. I felt better at once. Healthy
color came into my face. In about
three weeks I was cured." Dr. Hamilton's Pills effect an easy cure. Try
these good pills, 25c per box, or five
boxes for $1, at all dealers.
Loose Leaf Systems
..... <laA   -
A curious factor In a recent dlvoro
suit ia the modern "Breakfast Food'
found upou so many tables. Mrs. Sei
combe has brought suit against her bu*
band, A. H. Seccombe, in San Bernardino
Cal., for divorce. She alleges that fc
Hve years past he has forced her and. hi
children to maintain life largely. upo *
"health foods." She.gives the followii.
as the Seccombe bill of fare: Breakfast-
Boiled rolled oats with milk, or grano*
Hakes (wheat) j an occasional, soft-boil*
egg; Zweiback and nut butter; occasloi
ally earmel "cereal" (wheat coffee), "pi,
ner—Zwieback and nut butters- bpa*
boiled in salt water and baked; potatii
boiled with jacket; vegetables, in seasoi
boiled in salt and water; green fruit, i
season; pudding, plain. Supper—Zwit
back and nut butter; rice, boiled wit:
milk; green fruit, in season. All meal
prohibited; also coffee and tea. She a*
leges that this diet has been "scarce!,
sufficient to maintain life, and not sufl!
ciuitly nutritious to maintain the famil;
iu health." She says that her husban'
persisted in discussing these foods an.
their merits at table, and in declnring re
peatedly that "meat is poisonous."
More Cannibalism.
Edward   Everett    Hale. .
. ri- My do-nit Irnow;
But 1 rnrtetta f*rop»*inn
And Harriet 1'eerher Btowe!
*![There are very few business, houses totlny which do
not use some form of Loose Leaf System in one or more
departments, as it is n-gui-dod us an absolute necessity
hy progressive business firms. .;
•jjThe advantages of the Loi*se Leaf-System are now
well known, and permit of adaptability to meet to best
advantage changing conditions. It permits the greatest
amount of information to be kept in condensed iorm, in
the least time, and the most accoiirate manner.
^Accounts and ecords of all kinds can be kept by this
system in any business, large or small, with equal advantage.
flnvestigate the Simplex Loose  Leaf Symtetn.    It   is
the cheapest and best.
A eytiie Is. a man who Is rude to o-ti-
self.   A wit is a man who is rude about
- other people.
,,. A man to whom illness was chronic
When told.,that he needed a tonic,
Said, "Oh, doctor, tlenr,
Won't yoi please make it beer?"
"No, no," said the doc, "that's Teutonic*.'
"Jones la a conscientious ... fellow."
"What makes you think so?" "I watched
him play solitaire for two hours last
night, and he never cheated once"—
Brooklyn "Jjfe." . .
"Remember, hn*-«," aaid the teacher
"that in tbe bright lexicon. of youth
there's no such -und as 'fail.'" After a
few moments a boy raised his hand.
"Well, what is ll Socrateal" asked th,
teacher.   "I *-■•    merely going to aug*
rit," replied tl>. ,i inngster, "that if such
the case It wmi I be adi'isable to writ:
to the publishers of that lexicon and ciill
their attention to the omiaeiou."—The
"*"*K«» "
quickly from Nerviline. the great pain
reliever of today. "I consider Nervi
line a magical remedy fpr neuralgia,"
writes Mrs. F. G. Harris of Baltimore.   "I never worry if Nerviline is
j in the house. A few applicalions never
yet failed to kill the pain. I can also
recommend   Nervilsne   for   stiffness,
| rheumatism and muscnlar pain."    In
Advertising Is a Business Stimulanti^Si-faA*^
Root of Neuralgic Headache
Is an   irritable   condition  of the
nerves caused by cold.   Relief
■    1   ,    '* w *,*
Did You See the
Which pays Hospital Indemnity,
Medical Treatment andinsuros
the Beneficiary
without any additional cost.   It is extremely liberal.
Sold by p. T. cTWcGallup, Grand Forks, B. C.
and look over his stock. It is not necessary to
ileave an order. No one will ask you to do so, but
the goods will exert a very strong pressure. This is
a very well selected stock of very handsome goods
of seasonable weights and stylish designs. Under
the skilful hands of our
Expert Tailors
these goods are made up into perfedt,'dressy and
high-class suits.
Gen. E. Massie
Grand Foylcs, B. C.
Finest Furniture
•«A| large consignment
of Lounges, Dining-room
Chairs, Tables and Sofas just
arrived. Call and inspect
them. 'Also a stock of Blan
kets, Quilts, Pillows, etc., to
be sold at greatly reduced
Prices.   See our display o
Jewders and
Careful attention
given to (
first Sireet
Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.
Grand Forks, B. C.
FOUNDED 1B92   '
Provides a Home for Students of
both sexes at'reasonable rates. Has a
Preparatory Class for Junior Students doingPublic School work. Is doing High School work, confers all
High School privileges, and prepares
for Teachers' Examinations. Teaches
all branches of a thorough Practical
Business Course, and grants Diplomas.
Gives a Liberal Education in its own
Collegiate Course, and in the Lad.es'
College Course for the degrees * of
M.E.L. and M.L.A. In University
work, the Arts Course can now be
taken in Columbian College, and the
B.A. degree obtained from Toronto
University, with which the College
is in full affiliation. In Theology
nrepares for the degree of S.T.L. and
For fuller information, and terms,
Bev. W. J. Sipprell, B.A., B.D.,
or Re v. J. Bowell, Bursar.
For ,,<*♦!,
Newest varieties and specialties in Hardy Fruits, Small  '
Fruits, Shrubs, Ornameutfslls,
and Roses.     A permanent
situation, and territory reserved for the right' man;
Pay weelky. Handsome outfit free.   Write for particu- '■'"
lars and -send 25 cents for our
pocket microscope, just the
thing to use in examing trees
and plants for insects.
Foothill Nurseries,
(Over 800 Acres)
TORONTO,    -   *-    -    ONTARIO
Get your wedding invitations printed
at The Sun office. We have the closest
script type imitation of a steel engraving made.
Flrst-CIass III Every Respect.
Sample Rooms for Commercial
Hot anil Cold Baths.
Finest Brands of Wines.
Liquors and Cigars.


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