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The Evening Sun Oct 16, 1903

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Vol. II.
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, October 16, 1903
North Fork Road
it SAHimpiuoe
Dominion Government Grants a Subsidy of $6400 per Mile.
Kettle Valley Line to Be Extended to Franklin Camp—Construction Work Will Probably Be Commenced Next Spring.
[inst Monday a private dispatch
was received in this eity from Ottawa stating that the Dominical parliament had granted a subsidy of $6400
por mile in aid of the extension of
tho Kettle Valley line up the north
fork of Kettle river, to a point fifty
miles north of (irand Porks.
The proposed road will afford
shipping facilities to a large number
of mining properties along the route,
including the Seattle, Volcanic,
Mumming Bird, Diamond Hitch
and Pathfinder. The objective point
of the railway is Franklin camp,
forty miles north of this city. Tbej
surface showings of Franklin camp
are described as larger than those of
the Boundary, arid Intovaluesi are|
considered higher. A branch may
also be extended from the forks of
the river to the eoal fields, where
there are also valuable timber hinds.
It is understood that thc construction of tho proposed road will
bo undertaken next spring.
Send Samples to England,
To the Editor of The Evening Sun.
Sin:—Will you kindly allow me,
through your paper, to place before
I lie farmers and fruit growers a
scheme for the advancement of our
province? The advantages of British Columbia as a place for settlers
are very little known, and it can-
not be denied that where printed
matter will often pass unblooded, the
object itself will arrest attention.
My   proposition,   therefore,  is to
colled  samples  of roots, bill and
winter fruit, etc.,   to !«• forwarded
to Great Britain,   Hero tbey could
remain on exhibition  for a   certain
time in the large towns,   and  afterwards   be   distributed   amongst the
hospitals and such-like institutions,
where tbey would no doubt be highly   appreciated.     I   would   suggest J
printing a list ofthe donors, together
with   particulars  of the fruit, etc., i
which  eneb    contributes,  so  that
intending settlers might, if tbey  de-1
sired, obtain Information about any
particular locality from  a   resident.
By this means it might also be pos-1
Bible to open fresh markets for our
fruit and introduce capital.
I would esteem it a favor if intending donors of produce would
kindly give probable weight and
class of sample when communicating with mc, in order to facilitate
arrangements for collection. Yours
truly,        W. V. Eeonaud, .1. I'.,
Salmon Ann, li. C,
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of side, etc.,
recorded lit the office of tho Grand
Forks, October Tth to 13th, inclusive:
Scarboro Heights, Franklin camp,
relocation of Knob Hill, .James Little.
Crayoleo, Franklin camp, relocation of Crayolee, I'.T. McCallum.
Combination, Greenwood camp,
I). J. Darraugh.
Aurora, Thunder Hill camp, Win.
L. Wells audi;. A. MacLeod.
Ruby, Thunder Hill camp, Wm.
L. Weils and (I. A. MacLeod.
Reliance Fraction, Summit camp,
Frand Coote.
Chicago, Brown's camp, W. K.
Verde, Franklin camp, C. X.Mar-
i Ion.
Cornwall, Fife, Jennie C. Atkins.
Lydia Ann, Carter's camp, 1. A.
Keystone, Pass Creek camp, ('has.
Frank j, .lames Napier baton :,;.
Blue Bell, Summit camp, Wm.
Shaw I, Thos. W. Stack j, Chris-
lopber MoDonoll j.
Holiday, Josh crock, Arthur Jordan.
Golden Age Fraction, Josh creek,
Arthur Jordan"
Jenny bind Fraction, Josh creek,
Arthur Jordan.
Iron Chief (all), Wellington camp,
C. K. Simpson to p. A. /.. Pare.
Iron Chief Fraction (all), Wellington Oiling, Charles K. Simpson
to Petor A. '/,. Pare.
Iron Chief (all i,Wellington camp,
PetOi'A. Z. Pare to Mrs. Grace A.
Iron Chief Fraction mil), Wellington cainp, Peter A. '/.. Pare to
Mrs. Grace A. Simpson.
London Prize (/[), McCroa creek,
John Wilford to Clrich Keck.
ines and Smelters
Some High Assays From the Waterloo
in Thunder Hill Camp.
The "at home" given by tie1
laib.es of tbe Methodist churoh lasl
Tuesday evening was one of the
most successful Uriah's, of its kind
over given in tho city. A sumptuous "high tea," consisting of mid
chicken, tasty sandwiches, delicious
cakes, coffee and tea, was served between G and 8 o'clock, to which
ample justice was done by nil. After
tea a musical program was given.
Several anthems wore rendered by
the choir, and Dr. 1". 1!. Follick and
Mrs. Parker delighted the audience
hy   singing a   solo each,    Adresses
were delivered bv Rov. Mr. Slillman      ,. ■    , ,    • • ,    .,   .
■ It is stated on good authority that i arm are connected with the Canadian
of Rossland, Rev. 1. I.inn ol Pboc-; ' ,,   ...      .,       ,
,,     i  o   i, ,    , ,i,       the   Pathiluder mine, mi the North taei bo railway by a short spur,  lie
nix, Ucv. J. It.-Robertson and  Rev, '
, J. F. Betts of this city.   Altogether, \ K",'1;> '"'-s '"'''" bonded I" John Manly
tbe entertainment   was a very en- of this city.   The sum is stated to !»■
joyuble one, and tho ladies deserve in   the  neighborhood   of  8100,000.
Reported Bonding of the Pathfinder Mine—The Volcanic
Deal—The International Company's
Roseate Prospects.
coal town is becoming a lively
place. Several blocks, hotels and
residences -ire being erected. Tho
town is four miles west of Blairmorc.
t credit for making such  a sue-  M|.    M;,„lv   ia   h,   Chicago at  pres- Atthe ,al,„.   ,,„,,   ,,„,,"  p7operti
. .ss ol it.    I in' proceed; amounted
to about 81(10. ,.    ,
lively   at   Ihe   cistern end   ol    11
Crow's Xesl pass.  1'roclor nnd  Fisl
Superintendent li. II. Hutchins,
who is in charge of the work now
going on at the Seattle mine, which
is   under  bond   to- the   Canadian
Smelting   Works   of   Trail, left   for ,,..,,„ NVils  , ;„„,' ,-.„„,   chi
Rossland last Monday.    Mr.Hutch-     ,       .,.„-,
idav to that enoet byyarttes who are
ft is stated that ihe papers in con- '""'" illv Puttin8 "   sPur from their
. ,   .,    .T ,     .     ,   ,      .„ eoal   mines    to   the   railwav   ami
nection with tne Volcanic   deal   will ■
Ihe   li\'ron   Creek   property is bo-
■■   signed in a few days.    A  private ing aotive]y ^ up
ins reports that development work
at the mine is progressing very fav
orably, and that the quality of tho
ore is improving with depth.
E.   <l. llotboin,  representing 1.
negotiating the sale here.
J. R. Brown, tbe Liberal member-
elect   for the Greenwood constitu-
  ency, is quoted as  follows   by   the
Or. Kingston-ond (!. A. McLeod Spokane Press concerning his atti-
last week despatched a   pack   train tude   on   the   East   Kootenay coal
with   supplies   to   their  Waterloo lands question:    "I  shall certainly
Vogelstein, the great copper dealer olaim, situate at the headwaters  of use my beet endeavors as-e member
of Now York, urrivca in the city last the   north  fork of the Kettle river, of the opposition to obtain  for  the
week.    Ross   S.  Craddock,  M.  E.,'about one hundred  miles north   of bona   fide   locators and   stflkers of
has'  succeeded   in   intercstmg this this city,   Tho owners of the Water- coal   lands   iu   East   Kootenay the
Now York firm in  sonic   promising loo recently made a personal inspoo- issuance of tbeir licenses, to which,
properties in tbis district,   with  t e tion   of the properly.    It is   their in my opinion, they aro justly   on-
result that  .Mr. Hot horn   was sent intention to push development work titled,   (in  the other band,]  am
out  here to examine and report on at once and make shipments by pack unalterably opposed to Ihe  giving
them.     Nothing   definite  will   be train during thc coming winter.    It away of immense tracts of eoal lands
known concerning bis opinion of the! is stated that thc lead on tho Water- to  certain  interested parlies,  who
properties until ho makes his report loo, which is a silver-lead   proposi- have obtained the  names of  hun-
on his return to New  York.    Satis- tion.   is   twenty-feet wide of ship- dreds of different people, on the pie-
factory results arc hoped lor.
li. (!. Thompson, who bus been
relieving the C. I', li. agent at Midway for live or six weeks, returned
to the city yesterday, and will leave
tomorrow to join his family at Victoria, where they arc at present visiting.    After returning from Ins ca
ping ore. The average values of a that he, the locator, could secure for
four-foot paystrcitk are 810U0 to the them, en bloc, each a license cover-
ton, principally in silver, with fj per ing ($40 acres of land. The Act
cent copper and a little lead. , rends that a gi'oug of leu claims can
be located and the owners of  the
i'lio directors of tie   Lone   Pine- prospective licenses work in co-part-
Surprise Consolidated Mining i ,- ncrsWP'    " was uever intended that
pany, Republic,   have addressed a °<>V™">. '"'  ■' syndicate of  men,
" -    circular to stockholder of the com- °°ul?  8 to any section   of the
cation   he will   take charge of the!       ,   |.ivj1)ir |Pl.f,,ri. thorn a plan for Prov'nco nnil locate inilo after mile.
C. 1'. R. office at the Granby  smol- tranlferring the Lone Pino, Surprise I l'urfy to BCCU1'G "n  '""""''•-"  "=rri-
a„d Pearl claims lo a new company t01'v ,vith absolutely "" l"'^1'1" *"»>'
which tbey have organized,  tho object being to get the properly on an
ossossablo basis and taise money to
pay the mortgage and buy luachhi-
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Torn   Walker, of
Midway,    have   leased   the   Pacific
hotel, opposite tin r. P.  R. station,
from John Mcintosh, and will ben- ^ Io7d7vo'lopmont
after aonducl  a  first-class house.
Mr. and   Mrs.   Walker   have   hen
Porcelain Tub at the  Yale  Barber
Now that the elections are over
the editor of this great jfamily journal humbly confesses tbat 8-10,000
passed through this office during the
campaign, says the Greenwood
Times. Tbis large amount was
made up of Bank of Montreal live
and ten dollar bills. The bills arrived herein sheets of four bills to
the sheet. As sheets of bills are not
convenient to carry around, tbey
were out into single bills on the
Times paper cutter. Manager
Devebcr did the cutting, while Accountant Fisher stood guard with a
revolver, so that neither Peck nor
the devil got away witli a bunch.
if developing il.    Personally, 1   am
desirous of having tic presbnl   Act
superseded by an entirely   new law
on Ihosubji ci. as th.- presonl  Acl is
most ambiguous in its relation to tho
mannor of locating, holding and do-
,    ,. ,   ..        ,. voloping   coal   and oil lauds.     For
„   ,,. , A dispatch from \ancouvor says: , ,
residents ol   Midway   lor the past      , .        , mv own part the extent el   territory
I he Granbv company s coal propo- ,:      , ',      .     ,, ■
'       . .   allowed    by    lie-    licollSO, one  mile
three years, and come  well   recoui
The   International   Coal A Coki
sition at Coleman is a success^said .    .        ,
"■■uare, is, 1 Hunk, too much
J. Toilhunter, who has been at lln
new Alberta coal town supcrintend-
, ling the construction of the test ovens
company will place their townBito of ,      ,     , . , ,.   ,    ,, ,
,    ' ,,' , , 'lor  Ihe   International Coal&Coko
( olpuian,   Alta.. on   tbe  market on1 ,  ... , ,,    ,,
„„      , ' ,     ,,,       ,, company, a subsidiary ol thoGran-
llmrsdiiv, October 22d, nt  II a. m.  ,     ' ,,' .,   , ,'
,,,,      „..',,:.i     ,.    ..:        „,     , by.    He slates that two  seams,   re
spectively OJ ami 5 feet, are composed of first-class coking coal, producing coke similar to that of  Foi
Tiie   British   American Trust com
pany are local agents.
W. Id. P. (.'lenient went down  in
Grand Forks fighting against odds.
nic, although it may be a little more
dense and contain a trifle more ash,
lie was one oi ihel.est n run- Th(. [nternatjolml company is getting, and (be electors of (Irand ,in„. „„, -„,„„, ,, ,,,iy ,,|h1' „„, Can.
Forks will yet realize that biains ndion Pmjjfio has placed a standing
are somewhat necessary in the legis- 01,der ,■„,. 1000 tons daily, .1. E.
laturp.—Greenwood Times. j Brfght] c ,,- _ „,• M:u,lt,()(i, has been
awarded the enntraet for tho   tipple
Batlis 26 cents at the Yale  barber land similar work.    The coke ovens
Shop. 'are   being built  close to the mines,
Winnipeg Mine Directors.
Tim annual i ling of the Winnipeg Mines. Ltd . was held al the
mine on Tuesday, the 8th inst.
Richard Plewman, tho managing
director, read his annual report, and
the auditor's report was also presented.
The following officers and directors were elected: President, C. I).
Hunter, of Phoenix: secretary-
treasurer, Richard Plewman, of
Phoeniv; also W. W. Cihbs of Portland, R. E. Plewman and F. W.
Baer of Rossland, and J. A. Motrin
of Phoenix. ahr Sitrntmj &im
  ~"''~     „.t  u„ I ut for Phoenix yesterday on busi
Buffering from ennui.   John  ttous i
ton hasn't issued an ultimatum  for
siiisi'iiirriox RATES:
One gear....$8.00 I Three months. ,S>
Sir months.. t.00 \ One mouth 20
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 Cls. per line,
AddresH all communications to
forty-eight hours.
I'm-: F,\ kmni: Sex,
The Grand Forks coal barons ard
long on promises and short on coal
What were the Grand Forks coul
barons thankful for yesterday.'
M. DeVeber, oftbeliaiikof Montreal stall', Greenwood, wns a visitor
in tile city this week.
Jell' Davis left (or Spokane last
Tuesday on a business trip,
W. K. C. Manly left on a business trip to Midway yesterday.
And the Best of Everything
Else   in   the  Groeery   Line.
Tbe Rev. Dr. Wright returned lo
Nelson yesterday.
Judging from the number of nim-
rods that wore  seen   scattered  over
Quite a common evil exits a, g the hills and tough   the    alio
the citizens of Or I Forks, as will yes,,,,lay. (be death mi  ongtbi
as in the majority of the towns ftnd birds must have been heavy,
cities  of   British Columbin.    The                            ,            ,„,,   r,„.
practice of shopping by mail, which      *• t, Powers   advance agn     ...
is carried on on an extensiv    „,,,,, 1 tbe "Millionaire 1 ramp    c pan>
- «  prevail, and  would no   '«»"> to ?T*    &tZZ-
 ...;i n-.i ,      ,     .    ,  ,     .     nt „n ear v date is in thocttj.
T^1_ <>i/^1       W    Highest grade imported
i nc v^iuD p°rts' cherries>Bur-
gundies, Etc.
opposite I'osToi-'Fiei-'., :^r=r^=^=^rr
First Street. C. C. TILLEY, Prop.
rovail if I
(he people who indulge
ihe   practice   would   only stop and
■nsidcr   (be   consequences.    Why
...I.  .i    .    - i    i-
' ""-      ""     'oosi-ipiences.      w ny
should (he people of Grand   Forks,
wl .-=-    "   '
ill all early date, is in tho city.
Thomas     Parker,     inspector   of
nd    measures,   returned
io the people,if Grand   Forks, P™"5        ,'  ,- n;.;,! trii,
'.o  are making their. ,ev here >'"e   today  trom   an    ffle.al t.,p
>" t away to help 1   „ ,t. through the Slocan countt.s.
side institup '- - ■  "■-   ' -    '
i). 1,. Stroeter, Spokane.
E. It. McMaster, Vancouver.
W, 11. Jiinies, Toronto.
Harry Boyd, Winnipeg.
J. X.  Burnett, Spokane.
Mrs. E, .1.  Millar,  Spokiini-.
A.  11. Mars. Spokane.
Chas. 1,. Thornton, Sen   Weatmin
A. E. MoNttUght  Vancouver. U, ,of Sata ooatalileil hi a certain Hortnwj,
which will be | IucdiI at the time ol   -ai.'.
M. 'I'. Smith, Spokane. there will lie oBereil tor .nlo.by |>uM|« »	
G. C. Hodge, Nelson.
.1. \V. Leathi
. \\
('. A. Sargent, Val aver.
Mis., Hews, Denver, Col.
Geo. II. Williams, Spokane.
II. G. lbirkiiis, Spokane.
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.
Office in Megaw block.
Phono 138.        Grand Forks, li. I
ii In- Peter 'layior .hli ,.„.„„	
.ni'liii'Mliiy. the 211th duy of October, UK.  .
12 o'olock noon, at Uu irt  House, Grand
1'orln, thefollowingvntlmble |iropert)' siln-!
ntc In t.m City of Grand Forkn.'liulim Lots,	
in llloi-li I, uci'oriHii|ttoMioi2ll. I "
On the oremtseH nre Belli to lit* two oQe-    r i^»     ttt» /~. -r *- l > -i-. i r- i at
story trSnlo b Ilimt. L.    P.   E C Iv S   1   LIN
Ii-.iims in- Sack.   Ten I'i'i nt cash, uiui
Hi.-1.al;.!,.- will.iii thirty days.
Ion- turther oartloulars amity tn
MAt'llllNKI.I.. Mi-MASTI-.ll A GliAUV.
SI Songe St., Toronto, Ont.
'us. such as the   largel ,   T-       n,„. ,J C. L. McAllister Atheist ine.
Apartment   stores in Toronto and     T' A' Garliind' wnm  '! " , M» W°r' S'"'k"""'
' r eastern cities,that do not spend ' ■'''■   **  "T SS """ Kv""S ""tf^
"dollnr   in  our   town?    Our met-  P^lthrough t ,     toda,c«!.»      K, A. Brown, Volpame
I sareherotodo   n   legitimateH h°mC' ^ \    Mw- W' '" W *' ,T ,, ■
■   ' ' Chief Dayolheimla and  wile,   tin
..... ii     iw   no     ii      lU^llllUHLU
business; they have made ltu'gc  in-
.. .,  i   .. . ■»
,      ,   , ■      , "c    '" !    Is  it   Wright  that  the   interior
ic, men shore; they own  property,     * ^vlor to tbe legisla-
MI"l'",n,nl,,l","1"vl',,'VU:l'V '" the tore? The electors are altogether too
-uppoitof thecity, and why, for a turo' " . ' ... . ,..,.,. ,|f„„,
few cents ,- :-V. ...i-   iGreen.      Ihn     loins   wci
mil   why. f
■xtra in tho cost of an article, should   the  money   bo sent
away to help build tip eastern cities? 	
The people si Id remember that if I ,, „. •   ,. ,. ,,„,„„| l-,s| I    i  hunter who was trailing   after
. Mrs. Al Traunweiser relmncti last,    a »-       Bi,li;ih Columr,ia re-
Browii.   There   is  no  King huh
hole.—Greenwood Times.
A.    L.   Powers,   "A     Ml
I'lMllip'   CO.
Buried by a Cougar.
i-V    w
I    Mrs. Al Traunweiser relumed Inst     a humer ^'^^  CoUlmWa re
Wednesday from   a   short    visit   to   *£ »,   m   ..^stem   Bpwtjnt.
|i..i..-s.     11 ii -i i     salaries,    or      wages, I....    avn. -1,-nce    which     he     on-
would       be as high as they arc PP.110'
ere   living in   those
(heir   salari
  Moiiiasns lli.ncK.        lililN'I) KOUKS. Il.(i.
The Ladies.of the Maccabees are   . . -  	
hard at work preparing for a grand BICYCLES—Clevolands,    Massie-
ball to he given  in  Biden's opera Harris,   Imperials,  Columhias, Hiuu-
house, Wednesday evening. Oct. 21. biers—all top-notchers—for sale and
Graham's orchestra of Rossland has for rent'    Alsoaoomplete line- of; bi-
, ,,,-,,, ,   evele simih'ies.     All   kinds ot   Ini-vli-
lieen secured,     .line l  Wl     be served     '     -- ,,,.,     ,.,, ,,„„,.    bj-,1 a«
repairing.   uKO.  (-.ii.wim.i-.,  first nt.,
in the ball at a reasonable price. The opposite postoffice. Grand Forks, B. C.
lulre public  is  cordially invited, and  a —■ ■  ■
■'« "'"'"• ass"r"'"";'" ul'° '■'"""• Fire Insurance
Miss Hews, the blind elocutionist
and impersonate!', will give an entertainment in Knox chinch this
evening,    beginning   at   8   o'clock
1 represent the followln
Reliable Eire ComiiBiiiei..
re instead of dr
gher salaries here nnd sending
earnings east, they should pa-
Ironize our home merchants. There
is ii" complaint made by any one
people sending away for
which cannot be procured
ui our merchants cestainly
right   to enti r an obji ction
their ei
Postmaster Hull returned yester-
Iny from Nelson, to which point he
accompanied bis wife on her long
journey to England.
Miss Farrell returned from the
Spokane fair last Wednesday.
U..U,   ........ evening,   beginning at  8   o'clock.
porta   to   the     Western   Sportsman" I ' ° ■ ,„.,„,, pom„„„|e,, t nm lilno nBent tor
in   experience   which    he    culls    a.   MISS tlOWS IS Very highly spoken ol H.O. Perma I   Loan ana Savlam Co. o(
"narrow grase."   U the ineiaent hap-.   1)y   ,,„,,,,,   m d those who S'™"'''""""" «•"•' "•>' * ''""™""
pened as the hunter telU It, it was In-     J ,.„!,, DON aud McCALLUM,
.Iced a narrow graze;  but one cannot    attend, nie assured a treat. Telephone Wl Jolui80ii Blooh
help suspecting that some of the Invlg- I   	
orating o;:one of tho  North-West  li-.H .......-....■...,.. ., .».,..,.....
got info the story.   Nevertheless, H la
worth hearing.
It   was  warm   anil   dry,  nnd   along
■ '.- ...'i....,,,,,,,, i be
lieve   a    riirht   to enti r an obii ction ,   ,,   .,              ,-   ,e.t   ii,,*,.
.,,''. Mrs. .1. II. Murray, ol   the  liott
ag unt promiscuous mail-order shop- ,,, ,„„ l st Wed
'     , '     Wuiii , returiieil lioinc I si vt io
p ie-. Ii is to be hoped the peoph
ivill look al (he matter in the right
light'and discontinue  the   practice.
Winnipeg, returned home I si Wednesday from tbe Spokane fair.
.1. Burtt Morgan and wife returned on Tuesday last from ,he
coast, where Mrs. Morgan has been
spending the past couple of months
for (be lii-iielil of her health, whirl
has   1 a  greatly imp i ved by bet
Tin-: "practical" political journal
will   now  resume tbeir discussion
as lo ihe most   feasible   method   of
widening tin-   canals on  Mars; the
probable depth of ihe chasm  in the
sun, and other scientific topics of a	
highly   absorbing   nature  , usually j    Miss Nora Wt,st, employed at the
eiipieilimiu  magazine  essays).   A  [ telephone exchange,  ,.i-
couple  ol   weeks   before the next .„   ^  ,-,, ,„„„,.,,,, ,,„„,
■ . ,   ' . ,,    ,     Moscow, I'l.ili's wlicni >1"' nnn ["-
"It  waa  wuiiu  ......
in the middle »f the afternoon  l bi
(fiin to pine for rest nnd a pipe.   It
was all quiet and no traces of game,
and  so when  I'd  had a comfortable
smoke I stretched out for a nap.
"It must have ]mon an hour Inter
that I woke up and lound myself covered with two fert or leaves snug a1*
the babes In the wood. I was nil I
tucked In that cosy that nobody else
could have done il but a cougar, and
most likely a female cougar at that.
It occurred to me with so: ie force that
I'd been filed away for future rctV-r-
ence, and that I h idn't waked up
any loo soon. It didn't soothe ire to
figure on that cougar stowing me away
a--- a dog hides a boni.
"It seemed that the best thing for
me lo do was to countermine that cou-
gar'.s mine, as it wore. So I hunted
up a log about my size and covered it With the leave*—a nice fat
hump on the ground. Then I shinned
a tree close by, assuring myself beyond any doubts or peradventurea that
nobody had meddled wilh the working
of my it peater
Prof. Goorge,
Clnirvoyimt and Palmist, tells past,
[)vcsent and future, etc. He will
stay :i short time. Call immediately
from 0 a. m. tu Hi ]). ni.. daily, at
Sheads house on Bridge Street,
Wednesday, Oct 21, last day.
Subscribe for The Evkning Sux.
52 per year.
For n nice hair-cut or shavo go to
thc City BavborShop on  LUversid
avenue.    Baths 25e,
II' you   want all the local news
read Thk Evening Sun.
I'mi't forget to leave your ordi
for Ice with K, Miller.    Plume t'.l
Enjoy Photography With
Little Expense
ff. II   I'.' IXMKST
'  niv   n peaiar. .
,   I    "The cougar came In «uoh a ihort
:r"1;' | Moscow, Ulaho, when. ^ U,- hcon | time » to Bho« how W*« wu
i' ;i  coniulemtiun)   to  tell ilu-l        ,. ■ ,   ,; ;,i,  f,.;,.,
';(lcrati"n)   '"   '"I1  ';'" .p^ding hor vnention with  H.ti.1
cw   "'"^""  l,l:"m"1"s wt.nlnti.forGiccnw I today.
irleetow   il     6    ,	
concerning the party and candidates
they are championing for tne time
A ikw days ngo John Houston
sent an ultimatum to Premier McBride.    John wanted the provincial
      1   • . II Tl     .    ...1
She left forOrccnwood today.
i;. A, Brown returned to the city
\w\ Wndutwlay, after n couple ■ f
weeks   spent iii  the hills hunting.
,  ■ ,      , ,             ,  ,          .   . i r; r  McGreaor returned Tuesday
Bride.    John wan ed the provincial ('' [ • M    ' » ,                    ,
it      -,-,      i (mm ■! week's v si    o thc Spokane
secretaryship or ■ trouble.   Tho lol- tloni '          ,
lowing  day the dispatches told us Inlemtatc fair.^
that thc lioy Premier had made an ^                      .  ,,  ,     October
unconditional surrender. tVndthon T.      »,        i  m      n    \
■       ....   ,   .     ,    i 14th, 1W3, to Mr. and  Mrs.  \).  A.
iln- puliticiil wires broke '^v
  McKinnon, n son.
time as to snow now wiu	
that I had wakt'd up when I did, and
with her, as I hud calculated, wore a
choice lot of young ones. Rho had left
a dinner located and had been oft* to
get her family.
"Well, that cougar circled around the
pile ot leaves for n matter of mlnutei,
crouching and picking a nice Beleot
\\\-.\v to spring i' tun. When she got
satisfied and mad- the leap she went
through thi air i i i mdo i*. throwing
the leaves In n whirlwind and scratching and snarling, U was some of a
Bhock when she found the tog, but she
didn't display any disappointment, sue
just took the scent and come to tha
foot of my tree and looked up, real
"li bi med to her an awkward Job
to handle, I having my gun ready so,
and the cougar hnil an Inspiration)
She went to a tree about ten ftet away
and started to go up. She waa after
that meal  ami not. to bo discouraged
•-   ».—    Men    ,n
Clement (3& Spence
Barrlatern, Solicitors,
NiiiiirlL'**, |£ta.
■ Winnipeg avenue nml
,t Street.
Hi,In, lllock,
Work Like Kodaks,
nnd in Daylight.
$1 Brownies, Also $2
Dr. Follick
Graduate of Philndolplita Dental
Olllco ovor Hunter-
Kendrick Co,'sStore.
golo Dealers for
rJSnl7rt,sSnhA™ liii    WrMi,;m^W,hririr(--;^irir
his   eon'nnuniention to   Tin:  Sux, «l«v   h    Thunder   Mill    g, «^Z $£££&£?«*
published in this issue, is well worth eamp. , ,   p, .
' ,,     , ,,     ..  ,     ,•   ill "I didn't lose :im>- more time » tin
the worth the senous attention ol all
rnnchers   and   fruit growers in this
The   Dnminion siilisi.lv for thc
rond up the N'nrlli Fork  came   I"" i,	
late tu be iiBed as an effeotivo Blogan knno I'm
in the recent election. It is wolcom
.vlth a dying
i    "I didn't lORe :m> inure time wltn ex-
A. I'.. McNnughton, of Vancouver,  perlmenta or m cuiattona, but lot her
*   - -■    .-. | have It the flrst lime sh.* came lound
the tree. The ball went througa h»i
Jaw and breast, nnd th.' varmint w«m
to the Kround. The young onoa weri
running around, and i knocked them
over, ten, with the nun.
"Since Ihen 1 haven't gone to p!rtep
In the woods bo careless and casual
N. oMcLellan C& Co.
HII.I1.1'.SA1.F. ASH l:111 Alt. DBAIKIIS IX
Phone 78        Winnipeg Ave. Grand Forks, B. C.
is registered al IhoYalo
f,co 15. Tun  and   wife   relumed
home Insl Wednesday from tin Spo-
M. ii. White visited  Greenwood
and Phoenix this week,
1     "Have the letters been duly exnmlru'J
'by  the hand-writing expert?"  "Yes,
W anted    A Speaker .it the ll.mse; y,u,|. honor." "Very well, let the hand-
Socialist or Liberal preferred,   Apply     II.   N.   Qnler,   assistnnl   generali wrltln« «Trt "ow *? «"mln«* *»
' " ■ the    Insanity    expert."~"01ilo    Slut.
to Dick Mi liiiili', \ ictonu, H. (J. innnnger  nf ihe Granby company,  Journal."
 ^   ,       Homo Grown. ■
APPLES '""'"-= J
- '^■StXt»^m
for $t8
that is worth #i8
Case is Screw Bezel—keeps out dust
and damp; guaranteed tor 20 years'
wear. Works are full-jeweled, of
American make—can give you choice
of three makes. I like to sell this
watoh, Eor cdnscienca'B sake.
The Jeweler ami t ipticlan.
A Stylish Finish and
Lasting Satistaction
(Jut Tour Clothe
Made by
Loan & Savings Go,
ii responsabilite liraiteo.
CAPITAL $250,000
with powers to issue$1,000,000 bonds.
A familial* name for tiie Chicago,
Milwaukee & Sfc.Paul Railwuy,known
nil over tin- Union us the great railway running the "Pioneer Limited"
train* overy day and night between St,
Punl and Chicago, and Omaha nnd
Cheago. "The only perfect trains in
the world." Understand: Connections are mads with All Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers
the best service known. Luxurious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee'*1 when' going to any point
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
For rates, pamphlets or   other   information, address
LI. I, Kniil', U.S. Rowe,
Trav. Pass. Agt.,      Gen. Agent,
Spokane, Wash.    Portland, Ore.
Over tin1 sun-burned, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take u delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of thc Rocky Mountains in
view tit the grandest scenery on the
American contineut?
This you can do by travel ng on,
tho Rio (inuidi! system, the far-
famed "Scenic Line of the World,"
the only transcontinental line pass-'
ing through Salt Lake City, Glon-
wood Springs, Leadville. Colorado
Springs and Denver enrouto to eastern points.
Three daily express trains  make
close connections witli all trains oast
and west, and afford 0 choice of live
distinct mutes ot travel. The equipment of these trains is the best, including  free   reclining  chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a period   dining  ear  service, and   also
- . rt i « n   n a.iump nn    i Tn   personally conducted excursion cars,
HIE LOAN & SAVINGS CO,, LTD. Lchinckrgoof „ competent guide!
Heud Office: 20 St. Alexis St.,       whoso business is to look lifter  thc
MONTREAL CAN'. comforl   of  his guests.    No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
Strictesl investigation courted. Agents ^ossing *e continent can be found
in nil parts of the Dominion of
You May Borrow
Any Amount of Money
with which tn buy a home,
n t'nnn, or pay off a mortgage, on your personal note
with absolutely no interest
to pay, taking 20 years or
less to pay it hack in smnll
monthly payments without
Why Pay Rent
or be troubled with morb
gages when Tub Loan ani>
SaviKOS L'.imi'ANV will furnish you with the money tn
buy your home or pay off
your mortgage in any lucidity and charge you no in-
thiusbt. No matter where
v.iu I'm-, lose no time but
consult nt once
Canada wanted,
than is provided by   those  excursions.
For additional details address .1.
1). Mansfield, Gon. Agt., RioGrandc
Lines, N.i. 124 Third Street, Portland, Oro.
gmARMONY LODGE No. 37, A. V.
£ j .V A. M,—Regular Coinmunica-
cnii.ni First Wetlnesdiiy of each mouth
at s o'clock p. in. precisely. Sojourning Brethren cordially invited t». attend. Jno. Roop.ttB,
Jno, Westwood, W.M. Sec.
*| N. D. McINTOSH |
£    Cor, Bridgoand SccondSte,     ?
101 *
Now and Second-Hand
Goods Bought and Sold
Consignments Bend to mo will
be passed Customs and distributed Bpeedily by unexcelled facilities.
Refer once:—
Eastern Townships Bank.
Notary Public
Heal Estate Dealer
Grand  Forks,  B. C.
Pacific Hotel
bor   anion  No.  231, A.L.U.—
Meet-*     every     Wednesday     evening
at 8 o'clock in   Federal   Union hall.
Jab. A. Harms, Pros.
.IitllN T.   fjAWRBNCB, Sec.
Purlin  J.   It.   Rnbarti    B.A.,   noitor.
Borvlooievury Siinrinj ut Mn.in.nril ItSOn.
m.tSimtlnriohuoUml Hlliloulan, I p. m.i
Westminster Qtilld of C. 8., Tiiflwliiy, B
iuhI Plltb itH. ,1 r Rett*,pnitar* Servlooi
every Sunday ai il n.m, and   7,80 p.m.:
alum tlucateloKat mornlnti icrvlcol
Suiiiluy rahaol and Bible daunt Bp. m.i
prayer moot fits even Tunftda] cvenlnu
at 8o'clook. ti ubllolicordiaflylnvHeu.
tand), Ornnd Porhi, Henry Steele, vtonr-
HojyContmutil Bn.m. morning prayer
iiiidst'iiudii. n it. in.tSundaylehooii Bp. m.i
evensong ami lermon. 7t8u p. in. All are
cordially Invited,
OppoilteO.P. R- Station,
Columbia, n. c-' avenue.    Baths UOC.
Strength find vigor conic of good
food, duly digested. "Force," it
ready-to-Borvo wheat and barley food
adds no burden, but sustains, invigorates,
Tho Grand Forks hotel, theoldoat
hotel in the city, lias a capacity
for 70 people.   Everything up to
date.     Rates, §1 and $1,60 pmlny.
If you want to buy Halcyon Mineral water call at tho Grand Forks
Subscribe for Tin: Kvknim; Sun.
$2 per year.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barbor Shop ou Riverside
The Millionaire and the Pie.
One time a millionaire found himself at nightfall in a small town that
a*as ministered io by no raliroau, And
he had In his pocket a one-hundred-
dollar bill and in his stomach a sense
of hunger,
And he went to tho only store In the
town to buy food for hhn-tlt. Now the
keeper of the store was a man ot
much caution and narrow mind.
"I tini aa .hungry an my stomach
knows how to be," said the millionaire affably.   "Sell me that veal pie."
As he spokfe he Laid down the hundred-dollar bill.
The cautious itorekeeper picked it
up and looked at It with doubt mingled
with distrust and accompanied with
dubiety. Then he said: "My veal pla
Is worth ten cents to me, but 1 never
heard of such a bill as that. Give me
one with another picture on It, for this
one is not worth a veal pie, I am sure."
And the millionaire, said:
"My friend, it so happens that this
evening finds me with no other picture
bills upon my person nor yet any coin.
The bill Is surely worth a hundred ot
the ordinary, every-day kind. But that
Is neither here nor there."
But the storekeeper shook his head
"Nothing will recompense me for the
veal pie but money that I can understand. There may be hundred-dollar
biils, but I never saw one before. I
know the worth of my veal pic, and If
you have ten cents you can eat It, but
If you haven't you can't."
"But I have not ten cents," said tha
millionaire; "so let us put It on another basis. Give me the veal pie out of
charily, for my stomach Is not used to
being put off."
"Now we're on familiar ground," said
the storekeeper, as he sliced a piece of
cheese aud ate it; "I have seen beggars many times, and as I never saw
one so well dressed as you are i doubt
you. You cannot be a beggar. Your
clothes betray you, and even if you
were one 1 would" not help you as l do
not believe in encouraging mendicancy."
"You are difficult beyond a doubt,'
said the millionaire, raising his eyebrows and shakli.g his head. "1 have
It, Let me work for the veal pie. I
am strong. Have you no boxes that
need unpacking, no goods that need to
be shelved?"
Said the storekeeper, looking at the
cloi k: "1 have never Insulted the frame
that the Lord gave me by calling In
others to do that which 1 can do myself. My boxes are unpacked and my
goods are shelved. If you have, ten
cents you can take the veal pie, but be
quick, for it is the hour of closing."
Then the millionaire felt In his vest
pockits and found a counterfeit dime
which he had received In change the
day before. And rendered desperate by
his hunger he gave the storekeeper tha
dime and received In exchange the veal
pie. For to the near-sighted storekeeper the coin looked good.
As for the millionaire, he ate the pli
like a shipwrecked mariner. And the
near-sighted storekeeper dropp.M-l the
counterfeit into his till with contentment—Charles Battell Loomis in "Saturday Evening Post."
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Scene: A collapsed building. "Kape
alive, Mike] We're resculn* ye." Voice
from the debris—Is big Clancy op there
wid ye? "Sure he is." "Ast him wud
he be so kind ns t' step iiff the roolns.
I've enough on tnp nv me wldOUt him."
—Brooklyn "Uf»"
A Useful Helpmate.
The editor of the Grapevine "Telegraph," after spending six years
without a break, In the editorial
harness, felt himself entitled to a vaca
tion, and went away to the mountains
for a month's hunting and il-dilng,
leaving his wife in charge of the paper.
On his return he was astonished to
find his office overflowing with potatoes. Everything that could be turned
Into a receptacle wns tilled with them.
Each pigeonhole In his desk contained
a potato. The drawer of his editorial
table was bursting with potatoes. Old
lnk-kegs, lined With papers, were filled
and heaped with them. There wer»
potatoes in the coal-bucket, In the ash-
pan, nnd even In the stove Itself.
They were no small potatoes, either.
Every one of them was as big as his
fist, and some were as big as two fists.
The collection would have tulten a premium at a county fair.
"Lucy," he said, after the greeting!
were over, "what docs nil this mean?"
"Oh," she almost sobbed, "I wanted
to do something original, and su 1 announced, In the first number of the
paper I printed after you went
away, that the 'Telegraph' would
be sent for one year to the per-
Bon sending us the largest potato raised In this county, for six
months to the person sending the next
largest, nnd for three months to the
one sending the third largest. The potatoes began coming In right away,
and they've been coming ever since.
Some persons, I am afraid, have tried
to get all three of the prlr.es. I have
begged the people not to send nny
more, and I do believe they are doing
it now for a Joke. We can't announce
any prizes till they quit coming, and
there me some boys in the other room
with their pockets bulging with them
right now, and—uh. Cyrus, what shall
we do?"
"Do?" said the editor, with a grin on
his fnce. "Do? The right thing to do
would be for me to go away for anotn-
er month and let you continue to edit
the paper. Potatoes are worth a dollar a bushel, nnd you have got enough
of them here to pay nil the expenses
of my trip, and all they cost us Is a
dollar and seventy-five cents' worth of
'Telegraph.' If you want nn apprentice, just consider iae In line for tho
Hay, ncCallum
Mining and Real
Estate Dealers
I Financial and 1
Lots For Sale in All Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lots at Low Prices.
Money to Loan.
Grand Forks, B. C. :!
The following table gives, the ore shipments of Boundary mines for
1000, 1901, 1902, 1903, andforthepast week:
WOO      1901.       1902.      190.1. Past Week
Granby Mines,Phoenix... 64,533   231,702   809,868   268,822      9,117
Snowshoo, Phoonix...      297      1,721     20,800    66,542      2,7:10
Brooklyn, Phoenix      160       	
Mother Lode, Deadwood.   5,840    99,084   141,326    96,851
Sunset, Deadwood  804      7,465     14,511
Morrison, Deadwood  J.iO              8,159
B. C. Mine, Summit  19,494    47,405     14,811     19,365
R. Boll, Summit  560        	
15 a, Summit  650      8,580     14,196
Oro Denoro                          7,766
Winnipeg, Wellington     1,070      1,040 785       1,450
Golden Crown, Wellington   2,250          I'M        	
Athelstan, Wellington     1,200
KingSolomon,W. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
Citv of Paris, Central    2,000
Jowol, LongLake       160
Carmi, West Fork	
Providence, Providence	
. FlWiorn, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
Miscellaneous    8,2.'!0
Total, tons  99,730   390,000   507,515   482,888     10,070
Granby Smeltertreated... 62,387   230,828   312,340   247,290      8,600
W. H, itter & co, ss;si:s;' '"."":""'-
Do you read?   [fso, ffo to them nnd join their Circulating Library.  It has no equal in British Columbia.
s.uitii Clause sent word to them, say-
Stationery, Office and School Sup-
^^X^L^i^uiS   plies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
X inns Goods as you ever hud before.  Your place will still be Banta's Headquarters.
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
FOR . .
Take a Look
Display ot th
in Chatelaine
it Our Window
■ Latest Novelties
Bags-and Purees.
Prescriptions Carefully
Curious Bits of News.
The first monument ever erected to a
eook la nbout to be inaugurated In
Paris. The chef In questlo.i Is Urbaln
Dubois, who labored In the German
Emperor's kitchen.
A new volume of reminiscences by
Dean Hole quotes the following extraordinary prayer .ns offered" by a loyal
hut certainly Injudicious Knglish clergyman on behalf of Queen Adelaide, the
wife of William IV.; "Oh Lord, save
Thy servant, our sovereign lady, the
queen; grant that ns she grows an old
woman she may become n new man;
Strengthen her with Thy blessing that
she may live a pure virgin, bringing
forth sons and daughters to the glory
of God, and give her grace that she
may go forth before her people like a he
goat on the mountains."
Certain creeds seem to monopolize
certain Industries. Practically all British manufacturers of cocoa, for example, are Quakers. In London a very
large percentage of cigar merchants
nnd all the best-known manufacturers
of Christmas cards are Jews. Whenever a Welshman goes to London to
seek his fortune It Is long odds on his
making his pile either in the draper's
or drug* More business. Irishmen, probably owing to the foot that they lack
the money-making Instinct, tlock to
Gasolene Is, It appears, the fuel most
suitable for submarines; but human
sensations give no sure warning when
its collected fumes are becoming dangerous. White mice, however, are said
to be extremely .sensitive to this poison,
and perish Incontinently before human
beings beffln to suffer the slightest ill-
effects. So In all submarines of the
future cages full of white mice are to
be kept on the floor, whence the heavy
emanations gradually rise, and lit will
always be someone's duty to go round
and see how the mice are getting on.
Much Interest attaches to the recent
discovery at Combarelles, In the department of Boulogne, France, of a
cave the rock walls of which are decorated with engraved figures, some of
which are rudely colored, representing
■such animals as the horse, the cow, the
bfson, the reindeer, the mammoth and
the wild goat. Most of the?,; pictures,
which number mure than 100, are covered with a' stalagmltic deposit, partially or entirely concealing them. It lE
believed that they were made In paleolithic times, and that they furnish evidence that the reindeer and the maVi-
moth lived in Frame contemporaneously with the artists of the cavern.
It is a curious fact that the present
session of the United States Congress
contains no negro member. With the
exception of a brief period from 1SS7 to
1SS!), this Is the first session in thirty-
two years when this has been the case,
The first colored man to be sent to
Congress was J. Willis Menard of New
Orleans, who was elected to Till a vacancy In 1S68. In IRTd Hiram R. Uevells
;ook his seat In tho Senate, the first
negro to be seated in that body.
Blanche K. Bru :e was the only other
negro to enter the Senate. The Forty-
Fourth Congress, which sat from JS75
to 1S77, may be called the black Congress, since there were eight members
In both branches.
There is an historical reason for the
baneful repute of the opal. Two or
three centuries ago the stone was popular In Europe, and the jewelers of Italy
were especially cunning In Its setting.
At the height of Its popularity came
the plague, which made havoc In Venice. Jt was noticed by some observant
person 'n lli;)t city that when a victim
was at the point of death, his opal, If
he wore one, brightened, while after
death it became dull. As this accession of brilliance Implied a sort of malignant purpose or Intelligence In the
stone, It was charged with the death of
Its owner. It never occurred to the
scientists of that lime to turn the Incident around the other way. and see if
• he patient had anything to do with
the opal. But that was the way of It:
the heightened fever Just before death
caused the stone, which Is affected by
heat, to become more brilliant, and the
chill and damp afterward dulled It.
F ViH' dmlra to bo well informed on
Boundary matters be suro it comas
to your homo
During the whole year. It is owned by
the editor, and not by any clique or faction.    It is worth $5,00.    It costs only
Court etiquette and religious scruples
have hud an amusing tussle at The
Hague. The trouble arose when the
daughters of Dr. Kuyper, the Premier,
were invited to the first court ball ot
the season. Low-necked drosses were
commanded, but the Misses Kuyper decided that decollete dresses were inconsistent wiih their religious principles, They applied for a dispensation,
but received a curt reply from ine
mistress of the ceremonies, who declared that time-honored customs of
the Dutch court must be adhered to.
Dr, ICuypcr made direct representations on the subject lo Queen WUhel-
mlna, with the result that a compromise was arranged, The Misses Kuyper will slay away from the ball, but
will take tea with their sovereign in
high-necked dresses the same afternoon.
The "Tailor and Cutter," which has
been accustomed to describe Joseph
Chamberlain as' the pink of fashion,
has this to say of the Colonial Secretary in a recent Issue: "We are sorry
to note that Mr. Chamberlain Is developing quite a stoop, and fear he Is
losing some of his old-time smartness.
It Is true that his monocle Is still In ita
old place, but we miss the familiar
orchid, and, as we have examined hlj
garments, we could not but feel that
conservatism was sadly apparent, for
there was much In them that was not
up to date." Mr. Chamberlain's coat
lapels, says the "Tailor and Cutter,"
are plain, heavy, and disfigured by a
long, gaping breast-pocket, like some
ugly wound, calling for assistance. Tne
washing vest of Mr. Chamberlain, the
paper adds, was quite out of harmony
with his coat, while his trousers were
wide and unshapely.
Klondike pool table,   Only one
in city.   Grand Forkshotel.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of tho work and promptness in
the execution. Bad work executed promptly is rtot good service—good work delivered behind
time is not good service; but the two combine to
iunke one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain and often most expensive, requirements of thc
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the lesson in theory wc have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant ie new, and consists of the
latest and most popular faces of type and the
most up-to-date machinery. All workjguaranteed
to give satisfaction.
Job Department.
Phone 55


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