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The Evening Sun Nov 14, 1905

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1111 / «*r *    *2
Um±-*&    NOV 20 190b     •*■
Fifth Year-No. 5
Grand Forks, B. C, Tuesday, November 14,1905
Issued Twice a Week
V. V. & E. Remove Their Men
From Last Scene of
Arrested Men on Both Sides
Discharged---What Will Be
the Next Move
Midway was the scene last week
of one of the worst wars between
rival railways over construction in
the history of the province. The
light came to a sudden end on Sun-
' day by the withdrawal of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern forces,
who for the past week have been endeavoring to hold a piece of right of
way about six miles west of the town
from the interference of theCanadian
A short time ago theCanadian
Pacific stopped the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern from working on a
piece of ground claimed to be their
property, a short distance from the
place which was the scene of so
much excitement the previous week
The matter was brought before the
courts and a decision given in favor
of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern. Thus heaten the Canadian Pacific took up the fight in another
place. They ordered the Vancouver,
Victoria & Eastern to stop work on
a new block claimed by them. Thc
latter road paid no attention to their
request, and trouble started at once.
Tho Canadian Pacific 'engaged a
number alt men to tear up the small
track used for running dump cars
over. This the employees promptly
set about to do, but were met in
open battle by the men of the other
roiid. Not much headway was
gained by the Cundian Pacific owing
ta the superior numbers of their,
rivals. Then both skies began increasing their forcers. The Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern sent for
all their men that were scattered
over about four miles of construction. The Canadian Pacific hired
all the men they could, until all told
there were in the neighborhood of
700 on the ground. Tents were
pitched and the scene resembled a
small military encampment. Teams
were kept busy from Midway hauling supplies and men. The Vancouver, Victoria & 'Pastern took out
a wagon load of barbed wire to defend the right of way. The Canadian
Pacific bought up all thc wire cutters
available. Everything looked as if
a pitched battle would take place at
any time.
On Saturday Sheriff Wentworth
F. Wood, of Kamloops, arrived with
a formidable lot of legal documents, expecting to seize the right of
way and hand it over to the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern. His
powers were examined, and it was
found they did **i apply to then
land at present under dispute, but
to that awarded the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern by tho courts; and,
again, that he was out of his jurisdiction, as anything of this kind
Would have to be done by Sheriff
Kerman of Grand Forks. It was expected something interesting would
take place at any time, as apparently both sides were determined to
carry their point, but Sunday ufter-
noon the Vancouver, Victoria &
Eastern forces were, for some reason
not understood by the public, withdrawn, and the war for the time be
ing was over..
The Canadian Pacific men are still
holding the ground -and waiting, it
is supposed, for some new action to
be tnken by the Vancouver, Victoria
ct Eastern. Where the matter will
end is difficult bo predict, but the
near future should offer sonic solution to the problem.
Several of the head men on both
sides were arrested and came up
Monday morning for trial, but an
amicable settle was arranged whereby prosecution was stopped on both
Local Conservatives and Cabinet  Ministers   Fra-
[j ternize
Lost—On streets last night, an
English sovereign, encircled with
band of gold; prize* as a keepsake.
Return to Miss Somers and receive
L. A. Manly is expected to return
to the city today from a two weeks'
trip to Coleman and Calgary, Alta.
H. C. Hanington, solicitor for the
C.P.R. in this city, is in Midway this
week watching the railway fight.
Gives His Opinion Regarding
Stocks and Values in
London Paper
soon as possiblo; that is, as soon as
tenders can be advertised for and
the contract let. Thc mails will go
to Phoenix direct from American
points over the V.'V. & E., and the
Greenwood mail will also go the
same way, and be transferred at
Phoenix fgr-that town. It will probably that a month to get the service
Work on W. K. P. & L. Sub-
Station Here to Be Started Soon
Only   8000   Tons   Now  in
Stock in England and
A certain amount of nervousness
has found expression lately with regard to thc possible overproduction
of copper, says the London Financier. Under these circumstances a
communication just received from a
gentleman of considerable authority
on the Metal exchange is interesting.
He speaks us follows: "Consumption in Europe hu-f never been so
good as now, and stocks were never
so low. The continued decline in
our supplies is getting alarming.
There arc now only HU00 tons
in stocks in England \ and
France, of which 6000 tons are in
bar copper (standard) in England.
Out of this over 8000 tons are already sold to consumers, leaving
barely 8000 tuns as counters for the
world's copper market, and most of
this will disappear into furnaces during the next three months. Our
market is considerably oversold, as
shown by the largo backwardation.
We are very bullish."
A "Wheezy" Chest
Means your trouble is deep seated.
To delay is dangerous. All the inllum-
ination will lie drawn out in one day
by applying Nerviline. It penetrates
through the pores of the skin, relieves
inflammation and thus prevents "serious consequences. For sore throat,
weak chest and tendency to colds, no
prescription is better than Poison's
Nerviline. For nearly fifty years it
has been Canatju's greas household
remedy. Twenty-five cents buys a
large bottle.   Sold by all dealers.
Nearly all the prominent local Conservatives met Premier McBride and
Hun. R. F. Green at the Yale last
Friday night at the Yule parlors.
Speeches were made by E. Miller, E.
Spraggett and M. Burrell. The
ministers in their brief remarks dwelt
principally on the Fourth street bridge
matter. An attempt was also made
at the mollification of the Grand Forks
coal barons. Superintendent Hodges,
of the Granby smelter, also spoke,
saying that all the company's dealings
with the preseut government had been
most satisfactory, The Granby company, he said, pays an anunal taxation to the provincial government of
$35,000 from various sources. The
visitors left for Phoenix by private
conveyance Saturday morning.
The crew from the west employed
in electing thc poles for the West
Kootenay Power & Light com pany's
high-tension line reached Fourth of
July creek last Saturday. It is expected that the western crew will
meet the eis cm crew, now working
between Grand Forks and Gilpin,
in this city next week. There
is still another month's work jo be
done before thc company's substation ,in Phoenix can - be completed. An employee of thc CO n-
pany made the assertion that work
on the foundation for khesuli-station
in this oily would be commenced
withiii a few days.
Mrs. Wm. Roberts and family arrived this week from Northport,
and will take up their residence on
Garden street. Mr. Roberts is employed in P. Burns & Co.'s meat
Alexander Stewart, resident engi-
leer of the Great Northern at Seattle, may be given jurisdiction over
the western half of the Great North-
rn's line and entrusted with much
of the new work in the west that the
Great Northern either has under
way or in contemplation. If the
change is made Mr. Stewart will have
charge of the construction of the
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastorn. That
work has necessitated a visit to the
coast at least once a month on the
part of Chief Engineer Hogeland,
and as the Great Northern is putting
the road through to beat the Canadian Pacific into the rich new country, the constant attention of a high
engineering authority is dee-ned
necessary. Mr. Stewart is the most
available man in the Great Northern
service, and is particularly well
qualified for the work.
Granby   Smelter  Employees
Gain the Shorter Work
Commissioner of Lands and
Works Makes a Promise
With a Proviso
The tea and sale of fancy work
of the .Methodist church Sunday
school, in P. Burns it Co.'s building
Inst Saturday afternoon and evening,
was largely attended and proved
quite a success.
Ex-Licence Commissioner E. A.
Rainey hod a private interview with
Premier McBride at the Yule last Friday night regarding his dismissal
from the Boundary Creek board of
licensing commissioners lust. Bummer. The premier informed Mr.
Rainey that the government understood that he (Rainey) hud resigned,
Mr. Rainey appears to be completely mollified.
Whither aro we drifting? Are we
living in dear old London, or bus
the London fog shifted to (Irani!
Forks? It is really too dark to ace
which is the actual fact.
Duncan Ross, M.P. for Yale-Cariboo, bas been advised that the post-
office department intends to inaugurate a mail service over the V., V. &
E. between this city and Phoenix as
With a Slight Reduction in
Wages in Some Instances
Superintendent Hodges and the
oommittee from (Irand Forks Federal Labor Union last Saturday, after
negotiations pending a week, arrived
at an understanding whereby the
eight-hour day is to be enforced in
the Granby smelter. The now arrangement will become effective on
or about the ISth inst. Common
laborers, who now receive $.'1.00 for
twelve hours' work, are cut to $150
under the eight-hour scale, while
fiirnnceiiien and other experienced
men are only reduced from 8-1.00 to
83.7o. The mechanics and carpenters, who now work ten bonis, are
bill slightly affected by the new
scale, the only difference being that
on Saturday^ their workday will
hereafter end at -I p.m.
The Granby management claims
that ho eight lio r ill y will increase
thc   payroll ubptu 960,000 per year.
An Amurican Disease
Some doctors go so far as to say
tlmt indigestion is the national disease
of America. There is but one national remedy for indigestion, and that
remedy is Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which
accelerate the action of the gastric
glands and give tone to '.the digestive
organs. They .strengthen the kidneys
and liver,clcanse and purify the blood,
and thus add general tune to every
organ of the body. Flesh and strength
are fust restored and the patient can
eat and digest nny food lie pteuses.
Test Dr. Hamilton's Pills yourself—
25c per box or five boxes for $1.00 at
all dealers.
Wants City to Stand Half the
Cost of a New Bridge at
Fourth Street
As foreshadowed in the last issue
of The Sun, Mayor Hammar succeeding in getting Hon. R. F. Green, commissioner of lands and worki, down to
the First street bridge. Mr. Green
was forced to admit that the structure was a disgrace to the province,
as well us the city.
The mayor ascertained the views of
tho aldermen as to what the city was
prepared to do towards the construction of a new bridge at Fourth street,
and then had a long and strenuous
private interview with the commissioner at his roonis at the Yale. Mr.
Hammar proposed that if the government would construct a 90-foot Howe
truss bridge, without centre pier, at
Fourth street, the city would build
the approach on this side the river,
and he thought it altogether likely
that the residents of the Ruckle addition would do the same on the other
side the river.
Mr. Green thought this would be
too expensive a bridge, and claimed
it would be cheaper to erect a school
house across the river; but ns it would
ftquire special legislation to divide the
dist.iict, he did not like that idea. He
finally promised that the government
would pay half, or better, thc cost of
the new bridge, if the city would contribute the balance, and snid he would
send a com] etcnt engineer here to
make an estimate of the cost of the
structure us soon as he got back tii
the coast.
The commissioner .,alsii promised
that immediate steps would be taken
to open the Nortli Fork wftgon road
tlnougli the Wiseman property. The
reason why the $1000 grant had uot
been paid would also be investigated.
The farewell dance tendered Gordon T. Campbell, i of thc Eastern
Townships hanks, in Alberta hall
last Monday night, wns a pleasant
affair. Mr. Campbell has been
transferred to the Vancouver branch,
and will leave for thnl city this
week. He has been a resident of
Grand Forks for about three years,
and the good wishes of his numerous frionds here will go with him lo
his new homo.   *•
The Tonic of Health
Must be more than a stimulant—
must be a food us well. There is one
medicine that is Initli a fund nnd a
tonic—it aids digestion, promotes assimilation, converts food into nutriment that builds up nerves, biood,
brain and bone. That tunic is Ferrozone, which contains exactly what a
run-down system needs. Ferrozone
supplies oxygen to purify Ihe blood,
phosphorous to develop the bruin, Iron
to harden the muscles. No wonder it
makes such vigorous men and women.
You'll eat, sleep, think uml feel belter
by using Ferrozone* try it—now.
Fifty cents buys a box nf fifty chocolate coated Ferrozone tablets, at nil
dealers. R.H.TRUEMAN,
The Well Known
j/" Vancouver, B. C.
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge Street
This will be vour only opportunity for some time V** obtain ftpHt-
class photographic work, us tho Wnita to this oity oi ti -lists of Mr,
Trueman's standing are very raro. Mr, Trueumn's work is too well
known to tlio people of the eity to require any speoial mention.
Remember the dates—November 10 —ten nays*
A Good Nn tn red Wife.
An English rustic whose wife wat
! blessed with a remarkably even tem-
! per went over the way to a neighbor
one evening and said:
! "Neighbor, I just should like to see
i my wife cross for once. I've tried all
I know, and I can't make her cross no
: way."
"You can't make your wife cross?"
said his neighbor. "I wish I could make
mine anything else. But you just do
what I tell you, and If that won't
net nothing will. You bring her in
some night a lot of the crookodost
; sticks for the fire you can get—thorn as
won't lie in no form—and see how she
: makes out then."
The pieces of wood were accordingly
brought in, as awkward and crooked
! and contrary as could be found.   Tho
man went away early to work and at
I noon returned to see the result of his
'. experiment
lie was greeted with a smiting face
and the gentle request:
I    "Tom, do bring me in some more of
I those crooked slick;! if you can  find
! them.   They do Just tit around the kettle so nicely!"
®ljr lEbrmng §>m\
Publish"' :.t ili-micl I'crlii). UritisliC'-liiiiihiii.
Bvery Tiiestlfty niu* Friday Evenlii*fB.
.Editor and Publisher
One Yew*    ..... <-:''i**H8
One Year (tn advanoei 1-i"J
Ad vertlrinir rate« furnished on awplloatlon.
Legal notices, in and 5 cents per lino.
Aihlress all communications to
The Evening Sun,
Phone R7t (Iiiand Fohks, B.C.
The amicable Battlement (if thi'
eight-hour controversy between the
the Granby smelter management
ami its employees ia another proof
that cool deliberation and modern
tion are the best'weagons with which
to win labor battles. The smelter
employees have gained a decided
victory without having to resort to
a long, bitter nnd costly strike, and
the union committee that carried
on the negotiations with ihe smelter
ollieials is deserving of a great deal
' of credit, especially as at times it
had to buffet the hot-heads in its
own organization. The Granby
people have shown their usual liberality in dealing with its men,
and the entente cordiale which has
always existed between employer
and employee in that institution is
likely to be  prolonged  indefinitely.
. It is scarcely time yet for municipal politics to warm up, still a few
names have already been mentioned
for the office of chief magistrate of
the city. ' Aid. Hutton, it is said, is
an avowed candidate, and it is also
reported that, under certain conditions, the pn sent incumbent of the
office, Mayor Hammar, will consent
to enter the race. The list will undoubtedly grow as nomination day
draws nearer.
The Nelson Tribtino had tbe
pleasure of rending its own obituary
in a Boundary paper lust week.
The Tribune still looks healthy.
The war zone has been transferred
from Korea to six miles west of
Midway. And the struggle promises to bo as prolonged as the late
unpleasantness in the far cast.
Wiiim Seven Men Die
You know at [east one oil them had
consumption, At first it was only
catarrh—but it whs neglected. When
Catarrhozone cures so quickly it's foolish to suffer—it's a shame to keep on
snift'ellnS and hawking. Catarrhozone
joes direct to the cause of the disease
-that's why it's so dead certain to
cure. It stops the cough, prevents
that disgusting discharge, clears
phleghi out of the throat in five minutes. Very pleasant, and safe too; get
Catarrhozone from druggists today.'
There are still a few cheery, well
furnished rooms, with heating stoves,
vacant at the Province Ijote].
Don't fail to hear the lecture in
the Methodist church on Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock by VV. H. Bar*
raclough, B.A. Subject. "On tbe
Edge of tbe Arctic Circle." Admission ilue, children 15c.
The Guild of Holy Trinity church
will serve tea at the rectory on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 15th. Articles suitable for Christmas gifts will
be ou sale during thc afternoon.
An informal dance will be given by
the Ladies of the Maccabees, in their
lodge room, Eagles' hall, next Thursday evening. A cordial invitation is
extended to all. Admission, gentlemen 50c, ladies free.
The Tonic of Health
Mast be more than a stimulant—
must be a food as well. There is one
medicine that is both a food and u
tonic—it aids digestion, promotes assimilation, converts food into nutri
ment thut builds up nerves, blood,
brain and bone. That tonic is Ferro
zone, which contains exactly what a
run-down system needs. Ferrozone
supplies oxygen to purify the blood,
phosphorous to develop the brain, iron
to harden the muscles. No wonder it
makes such vigorous men and women.
You'll cat, sleep, think and feel better
by using Ferrozone; try it—now.
Fifty cents buys a box of fifty chocolate coated FotTozone tablets, at all
The Lion Bottling Works have cut
their price on all case and draught
wines und Liquors,
Heavy teaming of all kinds   doiu
by .1. W. Jones.
Conclusive returns have been received from iii' ridings in Alberta,
and in each ease a Liberal hns heen
elected. Of the other three seats,
Tnnisfall and High River are still
in doubt and Rosebud has elected a
Conservative, Hiebert. In High
River Robertson, Conservative, leads
with a small majority, which may
be wiped out. In Innisfall Simpson, Liberal, leads with seven of a
maturity, with two places to hear
Leave orders for Stove Wood at G.
J. Hayward's.
Read The Sun —61.00 per year.
You're next at the Palace Barber
Shop, Victoria hotel.
If your watch needs repairng,
take it to White Breos. All work
A4Cnnieniiion*n Tomb.
Agamemnon, It lins been claimed, Is
a glorious myth, but those who tiavo
felt the charm of Homer's matchless
epic telling of his achievements at
Troy \ylll be loutb to believe it. Let us
keep inviolate our belief in the heroes!
You may see today Agamemnon's
tomb ot Mycenae, Greece—Myeenne, to
which he. as king, returned triumphant
from the conquest of Ilium, bringing
witli him, as .Hschylus tells tn the
greatest of Greek tragedies, the, fair
Cassandra. Agamemnon did not die of
old age, covered with honors, for that
was not the popular end of heroes in
those strenuous days. Homer says he
was slain by .Eglsthus, lover of his
queen wife, .-Esehylus tells that Queen
Clytemnestra killed both Agamemnon
and Cassandra.
Boarders Wanted—A few more
steady boarders can find first-class
accommodations at Mrs. J. B. Henderson's, Winnipeg avenue.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Head the display advertisement of tiie six Morse schools of telegraphy, in this issue, and learn how
easily a young man or lady may learn
telegraphy and lie assured a position.
Our job department is superior to
any other in the Boundary country.
We have both the material and the
experience to turn out high class work.
TA li 1'. notice that ut tlippxpirutio -of tliirtv
tirt'-r tht* tlr-. publication of tills nut ire I
i nt i'ml in unii.y tp the Lici'iii--' Conimissionnrn
for the City nf Gran For1wfor«n hotel
IteeiiQBi iu Mince of tiie retail liquor licence
at present existing in respect of the premises
ltiiowii as thn "t Inh" siiltion, hitimte on Lot
hlrtven, Blook Three, I Man T went j -three,
corner of RrlllffB and Kiist streets, * "ity of
Grand I'urks, linti-ii Columbia. /
Dated   at Gran.I Porks, 17 0.. this lUtli day
of October, A. D.I9G*.    •
Razor honing a specialty   at   the
Palace Barber Shop, Victori a hotel.
Annually, to fill the new positions created bv Kuilroitd aud Telegraph Companies.
We wimt YOUNG MEN and LAMBS of
good linbitti, to
We fnrnish.ir* per cent, ofthe operators
and station nsrents in Anierleu* Our six
kehoqls are the target! exoliislve Tele-
irraph BohoOls IN thk WORLD. Kstab-
lished 20 years 'ind endorsed hy all lend*
in-* Railway Otfiolal*.
\Ve execute a $25') Itond to every student to furnish Mm or her a position pay-
intr from 1*10 to |60n ,v*oiitn in States «ait
ofthe Rooky Mountain!, or from |7fl to
*100   a    month    in States   west   of   the
Bookies, Immediately upon gradnation.
Students ran enter at any time.     No
vacations. For full particulars regard-
Inff any of our ioIiooIb write direct to our
executive office at Cincinnati, (>. Catalogue free.
The Morse School of Telegraphy
Oluolnnatl, Ohio.
Atlanta, (In.
T**.\ut-lwum, Tux.
llullnl,,, N. Y.
f.nCri»8ne, Win.
Sun Fi-niiuirtoo, I 'ul.
A True Portrnlt.
The widow was taking tier first look
at the bust of her beloved husband.
The clay was still dump. "Pray c*c-
ainiiii" it well, madam," said tlio
sculptor. "If there is anything wrong
I can alter It."
The widow looked at It with a mixture of sorrow and satisfaction.
"It is just like him," she said, "a
perfect portrait—his large nose—the
sign of goodness." Here she burst. Into tears. "lie was so goodl Make thf,
nose a little tur/wirl'*
Dealers    in   All    Kinda    of
Fish and Game  in  Reason
Nninlr*. a Town.
Shortly after It was decided that a
postoffice was needed at tbe settlement
now known as Broken Bow tbe child
of one of tbe settlers brought in from
Iris playground the shoulder blade of a
buffalo which contained Imbedded In it
an Indian arrowhead.
The father of tbe boy went from curiosity to examine the ground where
tbe bone was found, and near the spot
he found an Indian bow, such as they
used in hunting buffalo, with one end
broken off so as to render it useless.
This Incident suggested the mime of
Broken Bow for tbe postotfice, and the
department accepted tbe name with
Followed Instructions,
He grew so stout the doctor said
Tlmt hi* must cease to cat.
He censed to tip the waiter—
The euro wns quite complete.
Nat to lb
"l>o you consider stealing a fine art?"
"No; that follows after it In tbe police court"
Knew * Good Thing.
"I void him I would never speak to
him again."
"What did lie any to that?"
"He asked me to marry him.1*
The Linn's Slinre.
Mamma—Johnny, sec* that yon girt
Ethel tbe lion's share of that orange.
Johnny—Yes. me. Ethel (a little Inter)—Miimnin, be hasn't given me any.
Johnny-Well, that's all right. Lions
don't eat oranges.
No ('.aw For Worry.
Patient—I'm not afraid to die. doe-
tor, but I do dread being burled alive.
Doctor (cheerfully)—Don't lot thut worry you.   I'll sec that you are not.
Too Mncn.
Judge—Hnve you anything to say.
prisoner? The Prisoner-No. your honor, I (uinect what you say'll be plenty.
It tjikos modern material to do up-
to-date work. The Sun job department is kept strictly up-to-date.
For a nice hair cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside,
Baths 28c,
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind ill the city.
Will Sell
Now Until the
15th of
Next Door to Post Office
Agents for Mason A ltiseh Pianos, Singer Sewing
Machines, Columbia, Graphophones, Standard Put-
_ Phone 30
Thnt we sell only the
best in our lilies f We Qfifer
nothing that is not strictly
first-class   in   GROCERIES.
I'HE QUALITY of our Stock
cannot be denied, and it is
for this reason that we are so
sure of giving perfect satisfaction to all who give us a trial.
We also carry a line of Hoots,
Shoes. Hiiblic.is and Gent's
01 & CO.
Opposite C.P.R. Station
SEE DINSMORE      i-HarnessSaddlery
ll„..v i, Poreui    *«* .       .1. a Minhc.
A ilium  who • a  h. lit  be
tween a porcupine , . .1 a bim-Uxniike
thus describes the battle: "I cane upon
the scene Just us the liedgeboa began
the attack upon tlio snake, wl.i.-h was
lying stretched oui on the rood asleep.
The hog advanced cautiously upon the
reptile and seized Its tail In its mouth,
giving it a sharp bite. Then be ipiickly withdrew a tew feet anil, rolling
himself into a compact, spiny ball,
awaited developments. The snake
upon being thus rudely awakened
turned in fury upon his antagonist,
striking the hog again and again with
its fangs. The wily hedgehog, securely Intrenched within its spiny armor,
remained perfectly motionless all the
while, allowing the snake to keep up
the attack. At every stroke the Jinvs
of the snake would become HI led with
tbe spines until at last, exhausted and
bleeding from dozens of wounds caused by the needlelike spines ot the hog,
the snake gave up tbe buttle. Tbis
was evidently what the hedgehog wus
waiting for, as he Immediately proceed
ed to roll over the snake again and
again until he hnd completely dineuj-
txmoled bis victim."
Before Ordering Your
Fall Suit
We have all the latest styles and
can guarantee you satisfaction,
and our prices are right. Call
and inspect our goods.
lluvlnp established a oompietete Uur enu
Shop at Midway-lull) ■.'[nipped .never,-,
respent, we art*, prepared tu undertake
any kind of work
On the Shortest Notice
Geo. Taylor
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Geo.  Taylor
General 'Contractor.
We Iirvr purchased the entire stock of
A. Haloer-*;, nf Green wood, and have
added the same to our already lurge and
complete assortment.
Will receive our prompt attention. We
are specially prepared to'deal with mail
order business, und to gnaraiit-ne satisfaction.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
and from All Trains
Ti;i.ki*iionk A129
Rutherford linos., Props.
Claims axi> Accomplishments—
We do more thnn jnnt promise you
good printing—we do the printing
that's up to our promises. Any olliee
cub can promise—we execute. No
disappointment--if we promise work
on n date, it's done at that time.
Foi1 Scale
at a
One mile west of eity. 17*5
fruit trees on pluee—will hear
next season. Three - room
house and good barn.
For.Te.ims, Etc.,
Call at
Sun Office
We Province Hotel
Renovated Throughout and Entirely Refurnished.
NOltV OPEN Fii'-it-*!i,iss,'*"*r'1  tiny.
—-—-^^"^ .   or   month.    Special   rates  to
. steady   boarders.    The   fines!
furnished rooms in the city.   American nnd European plans.
Luton! Winnipeg Hotel
Tho new edition of the COPPER BOOK
lists and describes 3311  copper mines and
copper mining properties, in all parts of tho
world, covering the globe, these descriptions ranging from  two  lines
to li! pages in length, according to importance of  the  mines.   The
descriptions are not padded, bnt give facts in the most concise form.
There are also fifteen miscellaneous, chapters, devoted to the History'
Uses, Terminology,   Geography,   Geology,  Chemistry,  Mineralogy
Metallurgy, Finances and Statistics of Copper, rendering the voluni
a veritable encyclopedia of the subject of copper and everything per
taming to the metal.    It is the world's standard Reference Hook on
Every Miner, Prospector, Investor,  Banker  and  Broker needs the
book.    Price is $5 in Buckram binding with gilt  top,   or  87.50 ini,
full library morocco, and the book, in either  binding,   will be sen-
on approval, to any address in the world, to be paid for if found satisfactory, or may be returned within a week of     HORACE J. (STEVENS,
receipt and the charge cancelled.    Address the 3(1 Postoffick Blook,
Author and Publisher. Houghton, Mioil, U.S.A.
Diamond Ink.
So colled diamond ink for writing on
glass is a compound ot fluoric acfd and
barium. Tbe latter has no effect, it
oelng simply a white powder to give
body to the acid. The ink ean be used
with a rubber band stump, and it
should be allowed to remain fifteen
minutes, when the barium will brush
off, leaving the design on the glass.
Kiteflying Animal*.
Animal locomotion sometimes shows
Itself in forms not unlike kiteflying and
parachuting. Tbe "parachuting animals" are mammals—flying squirrels of
various kinds—birds (the pigeon), reptiles, flying fishes. Among the "kite-
fliers" are spiders and (lies.—Davis'
"Natural History of Animals."
The Zoology of Miilrluiony.
"Monster!" said sbe, wepirtg. "Now
you cull me n ben. but before I married
you you called me a duck!"
"I was au ass to do it," said he
gloomily. "I didn't know you were a
goose then."
Robert—Do you believe that big ears
ure a sign of generosity?
Richard—Sure; tbe generosity of nature.
Nature Is still tbe grand agent in
making poets.—Carlyle.
Clear Deecrlptlon.
Detective—So you did uot recognize
your assiiiliint. professor? You do not
remember ever baviug seen bim previously? Professor—No; but it will be
the easiest thing In the world for you
to find him. His resemblance to King
Amenhotep III. of the eighteenth
dynasty is startling—positively startling.
The Lion Bottling Works are sell
ing Goodorham k Wort's Rye Whis
key, the best rye whiskey in Canada,
for §3.00 per gallon.
complete line of 1905 models. J A few
second-hand wheels cheap, Wheels
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
SH***? mm
pHINTS al) the newfi.of the '
Boundary, und prints it
while itis news. It is the
only twice-a-week paper published iti Southern Hritish
Columbia. Jt is not owned
or controlled by tt clique of
politicians, to further their
own umbiti*' H aims; nor by
a comhinati- n ot' morohatjt-B
to he UKGaOsa means of laud
in*,' their own wares, tu the
detriment of their rivals.
Tiik Hun is the .soli' property of its publisher, find no
one else has anv right to dictate its policy. It is printed in the interest uf Grand
Forks and surrounding district, When its editor believes he is i-i-Jit, he speaks
right .Mit. He does not
have to consult half-a-dozen
different parties about what
he intends to say.
Everybody in (irandForks
reads 'rut; Sun twice a week.
Its out-of-town circulation is
large, and is rapidly increasing, It is therefore the best
advertising medium in the
$1 Per Yea?
A Complete Line of 1905 Models.
Second-hand wheels always on
hand,   and   will  be sold cheap.
<iE0. CHAPPLE,    Opposite Postoffice
Ih tlip nnly route of the fnnrous uud
St. Paul, Duluth, St. Louis,
Kansas City, Spokane
Pacific Coast Points
Excellent Train Service
High Class Equipment
Fast Schedules
A, D. Ciiaui.ton,        A. Tin-link,
A. a. P. A., Gen. Agt.,
Porlliui'l.Oro.     Spokune, Wuf.li
***     W. H. XJde,
'f ravelin-; rasscntrer Agent.
Spokane, wash.
Foo Lee       !
Dr Follick
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental
Office over .Morri
Phone 27. son's Jeweh-yStore
tlieDlapoBalofDomlnlon La tnd »
•vvltliin the Railway Belt in
the Province of British
At-IOBNSBto <Mit Umber oan be aoquire-d
only at publio competition. A rental of
18 per square mile is charged for all timber
bertht excepting those situated We*to?Yale-
fur whioh tbe rentul is nt tiie rate Ol ft cents
per aere per annum.
In addition tu the rental-dueint tbe foi*
lowing rates «re chargedi—
Sawn lumber. 5U cents   per thuusnnd feet
Railway ties, plght and ulne feet long, l!j
und 1% Dents eaeh.
Shingle bolts. -■< cents a cord.
AH "tlier products, ft per cent, on the dales.
A lioeiiie is Issued so soon us a berth is
grunted, but in nm-iurveyed territory no tlni-
Ber oan be on ton a berth until the licensee
bus made ii survey thereof.
Permits to cut timber ure also granted at
public con) petit Ion, except ill tbe case of
net mil settlers, who require tbe timber for
their own use.
Settlers uml others may also obtuin pcrmitH
to cut up to 100 cords of wood for sule without competition.
The dues payable under a permit nre $1.60
per thousand feet B.M., for square timber
mul sawlogs of arty wood except oak] from i.2
to l7j cents per lineal foot for building logs;
from i:;1^ to 2ft cents per cord for wood; [cent
for fence*posts; Scents for ruilwuy ties; nnd
50 cents per cord on shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes ure Issued
for ii term of twenty-one yenrs at a rentul of
two cents an acre per annum.
Coul lauds maybe purchased at $10 per aore
for soft coal uud $20 for anthracite. Not more
than 32ii acres muy be acquired by one Individual or com puny,
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton of
2,000 pounds is collected on the gross output,
Entries for land for agricultural purposes
may lie mude personally at the local lund
office for tbe tlistriet iu which the laud to be
taken is situated, or if tbe homesteuder desires, he muy, on application to the Minister
of tin- Interior ut Ottawa, tbe Commis-iioiier
of  Immigration nt Winnipeg, or the tooal
agent for the district within which thc bind
is situated, receive authority for some one
to make entry for him.
A fee of $10 Is charged for a honiesteud
A settler who has received an entry for u
homestead, is required to perforin tbe conditions connected therewith under one of the
following plans;—*
(1) A*: least six months'residence upon and
cultivation of the luud to euch year during
the term of three years.
Itis the practice of the Department to re
quire a settler to bring 15 acres under cultivation, but if he prefers he may substitute
stock; aud 20 head of cattle, to be actually
his own property, with buildings for their
accommodation, will be accepted instead of
the cultivation.
(2) If father (or mother, if the father is deceased) of any person who is eligible to make
u homestead entry under the provisions of
tbe Act, resides upon a farm in the vicinity
of the laud entered for by such persons us a
homestead, tbe requirements of the Actus to
resilience prior to obtaining patent muy bo
satisfied by such person residing with the
father or mother.
(3) If tbe settler has his permanent residence upon farming lund owned by him in
the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements of tbe Act as to residence muy be satisfied by residence upon tiie said luud.
Application for u patent should be made ut
the end of three years before the local agent,
sub-agent or a honiesteud inspector.
Hefore making au application for a patent,
the settler must give six months' notice In
writing to the Commissioner i»f Dominion
Lauds ut Ottawa, of his intention to do so.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawa. February 4th- 1905
Cigar Stoi*e
I'iioxk Al* Ohani) Forks
A lelcction made from our
Catalogue will be delivered at
your door at precisely the
tame cost to you as if purchased in person at our store.
1 nrning, Si-
Filing, (iuu I
fiicuui-r of S
First Street
I Work, Snw
miring, Mnnii-
i-n Doors mul
Grand Forks, B. C.
H " They Take First Rank
Amongst the Best"
"The Accident and Sick policies of the Canadian Casualty and
Boiled Insurance Company nre sellers.   Thoy are greatly in de-
niund at their agencies in all parls of Canada. The contracts arc
concise, clean and without ambiguity ami practically without a condition, They take first rank amongst the hest selling in Canada
todfty."—,Eilraxl fnini Money and Risks, 'iiirmitu.
'P. T. McCALLUM, Local Agent
Pacific hotel
! Ir&t-ClaSS to Every Respect.
Sam; '.e Rooms for Commercial
Hot -\r.d Cold Bath.
• Finest Brar.i s of Wines.
T.'c*iors arj Clrars.
P. P. HcOONALD.Hrup.     l
and look oter Inn stock. It is not ueoeHnai'y to
leave an order. No one will ask you to do so, but
the goods will exert a very strong pressure. This is
11 very well selected stoek of very handsome goods
of seasonable weights and stylish designs. Under
the skilful hands of our
Expert Tailors
these guilds are made up into j effect, dressy anil
high-class suits.
Grfuifl   Forks, B. G.
A large consignmenl
of Lounges, Dining-room
Chairs, Tallies and Sofas just
arrived. Call and inspect
them. Also a i-tock of Itlan
i;ets, Quilts, Pillows, etc., h
ie sold at greatly reduced
prices. See our display ol
" ictures.
White Bros, -jes-1
Careful attention
given to
Bridge Strest
Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.
Grand Forks, R.
THt objoct of tha Loseus I. to oducat* Oanadlan* how Mat to
apply tho Oanadlan Proforonco sentiment. Momboro of tho
Loacuo aro oxpoctod, when making purchase., to a-lv* proforonco to tho product* of Oanada and to all articles of Oanadlan
manufacture, whon tho quality lo equal and tho coot not In excess
of that of similar foreign products or manufactured article*. Each
member is alto oxpootod lo give preference to Oanadlan labor and
to this country'* educational and financial Institution*. A monthly
journal will be published in the interests of tho League and mailed
to each membor. Tho annual memberahlp foo and subscription
for tho Journal la SI.OO.
Room 20, Homo Life Building, Toronto
Please enroll my namo as a member of the Canadian Preference
Leaeriio.   Enclosed Is SI.OO, my membership foe and subscription for
ono year to "OANADA FIRST," tho Journal of Tho Canadian Preference
(Name) Mr., Mrs., Mlss_
P.O. AddVoss.-
The following table gives the ore
1905, and for thc past week:
(iranby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe,  I'hoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood	
Hiooklvn-Stcmiviniler, I'hoenix	
Rawhide, 1'lioenix '.	
Sunset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Athelstan-Jaclqint, Wellington 	
Urooklyn-Stemwindfcr dump, Phoenix.
Morrison, Dead\v6o3	
1!. ('. Mine, Summit	
R. Hell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Senator, ,'\inmiit Camp	
Ilrev Fogle, Summit Camp	
No. 37, Summit Camp	
Reliance, Summit	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg,.Welling! "ll	
(lolilenCrown, Weill: gton	
King Solomon W. Copper	
N'o. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central	
Jewel, Long Lake	
,'anni, West Fork	
Prpvidence, (Ireenwood	
Blkhornj Greenwood	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
IC. P. Ll. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
shipments of Boundary mines for   1900, 1901,
1900       1901. 1902. 1903 1904
64,533   231,762    309,858     393,181     549,703
297        1,721      20,800       74,212
5,340    99,034    141,326     138,079     174,298
'  363
Total,  tons	
Iranby Smelter treated 	
ii. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter treated	
Montreal & Boston Co.'s Smelter treated
Harder In the Air,
In the neighborhood of Buenos
Ayres, in South America, there is n
north wind which sweeps over plains
covered with marshes and becomes
overeliargiM with moisture. The effects produced In the human body are
in general lassitude and relaxation.
The pores of the skin are opened, inducing great liability to colds, sore
throat and all consequences of check
of perspiration. The damp wind of
La Plata seems to affect the temper
and disposition of the Inhabitants. The
irritability and ill humor it excites in
them amount to little less than a temporary derangement of their faculties.
It is a common thing for men among
the better classes to shut themselves
up In their houses during its continuation and lay aside nil business till it
has passed, while among the lower
classes it is always remarked that
cases of quarreling and bloodshed are
more frequent during the north winds
thnn at nny other time. Even murderers are said to lay to It the blame
ot their foul deeds. No sooner, however, does the southwest wind, blowing from the diy and snowy summits
of the Andes, set tn than health and
comfort and peace are restored.
It takes a lot of culture in savagery
to make one really enjoy a football
(-lasses In Turkey.
Tbe people of Turkey are classified
«s three classes—the wealthy, the people of ordinary means and the poor.
The wages which the poor are paid
range from 20 to 25 cents 11 day. Some
of the girls wbo work in thc silk manufactories are paid ns low as 5 and 7
cents for a hard day's work. The majority of the inhabitants of Turkey,
by the way, are employed In tho manufacture of silk. Farming Is carried on
Tory little, which Is due to the small
profits which it brings and to the
scarcity of machinery. There are many
wealthy people In Turkey, some of
whom are Bold to be worth $2,000,00*
aud they spend freely.
60   YEARS-
Traoc Marx*
Anyone neniltni* a sketch and description may
quickly Mcorhilii nnr opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably pMtentnMe. Communis-
tions Mrlrtly conHden...il. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free, oldest aaen*--' for securlnirpatenu.
Patents taken tiironjh Munn 4k Co. receive
tptclal notice, without elinnro, in tbe
Scientific American.
A handsomely tlTimtrftte-i week.-*. Lamest circulation (if any nc'entlt)-. Journal. Tt-rmu, $3 a
  , ltln.tL Sold byall newddealert.
....... _ Jo.36""--**™'' New York
Branch Office. 626 1' BU Washington, D. C.
You consider
that a poorly
printed job costs
just as much as
one that presents a neat and
tasty appearance, do you not
think that your
business   de
mands the latter kind ?
Gonil Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, nml a trial order will convince
you that our stock and workmanship are of the
best. Let us estimate on your order. We guarantee satisfaction. '
Columbian wanted
College    j A iOGAL SALESMAN
Provides a Home for Students of
Ituth sexes at reasonable rates. Has a
Preparatory Class for Junior Students doingPublio School work. Is doing High School work, confers all
High Sohool privileges, and prepares
for Teachers' Examinations. Teaches
all branches of a thorough Practical
Business Course, and grants Diplomas.
Gives a liberal Education in its own
Collegiate Clause, and in the Lad es'
College Coulee for the degrees i of
M.E.t*. and M.L.A. In University
work, the Arts Course, ean now he
tnken ill Columbian College, and the
B.A. degree obtained from Toronto
University, with which the College
is in full affiliation; In Theology
prepares for the degree of S.T.L. and
For fuller information, and terms,
Kev. W.J. Sipprell, B.A., B.D.,
or lie v. J. Howell. Bursar.
For    Grand    Forks   nnd surrounding territory to represent
Newest varieties and specialties in Hardy Ftruits, Small
Fruits, Shrubs, Ornamentals,
and Roses. A permanent
situation, and territory reserved for the right man.
Pay weelky. Handsome outfit free. AVrite for particulars and'send 25 cents for bur
pocket microscope, just the
thing to use in examing trees
and plants for insects.
(Over 800 Acres)
TORONTO,     *     -     ,    ONTARIO
Getyour wedding invitations printed
at The Sun office. We have the closest
script typo imitation of a steel engraving made.


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