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The Evening Sun Oct 13, 1903

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Vol. II.
Grand Forks, B. C, Tuesday, October J 3, 1903
f[ I No. rf
! hold a union Thanksgiving Borvico
in Knox church Thursday morning
I at 10:80 o'clock. Rev. J. F. Betts
[will preach. A cordial welcome is
' extonded to all.
Managing Director McMillan Returned (Pat.Mitoheii.one of the pioneer of
From England Last Week.
He Is Well Pleased With the Property—Has Nothing to
Say Regarding the Much Talked of Amalgamation With the B. C. Copper Co.
Anthony J. McMillan, managing
direotor »f tho Snowshoe Gold ami
Copper Mines, arrived in Phoenix
from London, England, last Wednesday, after an absence of five months.
On the trip from the old country Mr.
McMillan traveled with George S.
Waterlow, vice-president of the Snow-
shoe company, who takes tl deep personal interest in the progress and success of tho Snowshoe, making an annual visit of inspection to the mine,
where he is a most welcome visitor.
However, Mr. Waterlow has been indisposed ever since leaving Toronto,
bting now in Vancouver, and is expected in Phoenix tins week. To a
representative of the Phoenix Pianeer
ilr. McMillan suited there was little
of real news to be said about the mine
at this time. It is shipping from 400
t> o00 tens of ore d>'ily—all that the
customs smelters will handle. The
mine could easily ship a much larger
tonnage. Over 50,000 tons of ore
have been shipped from the mine so
far this year, and the returns had
been satisfactory. In regard to the
talked of amalgamation with the B.
C. Copper company, in connection
with the smelter, there was really
nothing to be said at this time, and it
is evident that no definite steps have
been taken, notwithstanding the premature reports sent out some time
since from Greenwood. Mr. McMil-
1 n expressed h mself us well s tislied
with the present condition and development of tho .Snowshoe, which has
been going on steadily for some live
years under Superintendent Astley
and Foreman Trevorrow. Notwithstanding the increasing output, the
mine bos been kept in such an advanced state uf development that today more ore is available in the mine
than ever before. For the next three
weeks Mr. McMillan will be back and
forth between Rossland and Phoenix,
after which he and Mr. Waterlow will
probably return to England.
that of any other month in tins year.
July and August show the smallest
number and September a little higher.
The average for October ranges from
forty-five to fifty-five So far this
month the rat*; has been two a day.
A rainstorm in and about New
York city last Friday precipitated
10.04 inches, which laid that metropolis and the surrounding country under a Hood that caused damage amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Manitoba farmers have had their
golden calculations somewhat upset
this season by recent developments.
Of 225 cars of wheat inspected at
Winnipeg one day lust week only one
was graded as No. 1 hard.
The Montreal Street Railway Co.
needs an extension of its franchise,
but declines to guarantee a three-cent
fare ami grant a slightly increased
percentage tu the city. The company
asks for a 50-year extension, The
opportunity seems to have conn; when
Montreal should try the experiment of
municipal ownership of its street rail-
John F. Miller, a draughtsman at
tbe Trail smelter was married last
week in Nelson to Miss Harriet E.
Marchant of Trail.
Albert I. Goodell, superintendent
of the Montreal & Boston Copper
(Jo.'s 'Sunset mine and smelter, has
returned to Greenwood from .Montreal, where he was in conference
with thc ollieials of thc eompany
regarding plans for the future. He
was accompanied by H. T. Ponibcr-
ton, of Montreal, who has been appointed business manager for the
oompany, and who will reside in
Greenwood in the future. Mr.
Goodoll's friends will be glad to
learn that he has consented to remain as superintendent of tho company' s works.
A peculiar coincidence in the birth
returns at Nelson for the past four
years, says the Neps, lies in the fact
that the total number of children
born in October is a little over double
Re the Canadian Casualty &
Boiler Insurance Co.
J, the undersigned, hereby certify
tiiat on the *2nd day of September last
I was prevailed upon by .Mr. P. T.
McCallum to apply for au accident
policy in the Canadian Casualty and
Boiler Insurance Co. of Toronto, Ont.
On the 5th day of September I met
with au accident whioh disabled me
for three weeks. Mr. McCallum at
Once notified the company, and they
forwarded me a cheque'  for   the   full
amount of the weekly indemnity during the time i was disabled. 1 would
strongly advise any one wishing to
carry an accident policy to apply to
P. T. McCallum, who is agent for the
above-named company,
rand Forks, but now of Republic
arrived in the eity today. He left
for Greenwood today on a business
Judging from the number of commercial travelers and baggage which
arrived in thc city today by the C.
P. R. express, business in Grand
Forks must be picking up.
The Rev. Dr. Wright   arrived   in
tbe city today from Nelson, ami wi
visit with his family here for a short
time before returning.
Discussed Improvements in
the Volunteer Fire Department.
Mrs. Geo. H. Hull, wife of Postmaster, left today for her old home
in London, England. Mrs. Hull
remain in England for six or seven
Alex. McQueen, an old-time resident of Grand Forks, but now of
Kamloops, is a visitor in thc city.
Tho congregations of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches  will
The regular weekly meeting of t' e
city council was held in the council
chamber last night. Mayor Burrell,
Aldermen Feeney, Gaw, Martin,
McLellan and Peterson were pres
A communication was receive!
from H. C. Kerman, olferingto complete the maps showing the water
works system of the city of (irand
Forks for $60. The offer was accepted.
Aid. Martin reported that he was
at present having Riverside avenie
graded from Victoria street north,
and asked leave to have the tvoik
continued for one week longer.
Fire Chief Savage reported that
the inspector <}f commercial tire insurance companies was in thc city
and wished the council to install a
telephone lire alarm system. He
also consideren it more advantageous to huve two chemical engines
instead of a lire engine. The city
clerk was instructed to write the
Roland Engine Company with regard to exchanging the lire engine
engine for two chemicals. Mr. C. M.
Turner, of the telephone company,
was asked lo quote rates to the city
for a telephone lire alarm system.
Mr. II. C. llannington, on behalf
of the school board, interviewed the
council, asking to have a stable
built at the school house for cayuscs.
The council asked bim to interview
the people who were likely to make
use of it. and see how much thev
would contribute towards building
it, and report at the next meeting.
Mv. llannington asked thc city
on his own behalf to have a street
light installed on Cecil street, near
his residence. The matter was referred to the water and light committee, to report at the next meeting.
Aid. Martin stated that some of
the city officials were not charged
for water and light, and asked permission to have the matter investigated.
The following bills were ordered
Mrs. Symons  Sii.00
Dan O'Ray .'  14.00
A Splendid Showing Was   Made for
Last Year
Old Board of Directors Re-Elected and Much Enthusiasm
Shown—The Company Is Entirely
Out of Debt.
The annual meeting of thcGranbv
Consolidated Mining, .Smelting &
Power Co. was held in the company's
head office at Montreal on Friday
last, In the report to the shareholders it was stated that the difficulties and troubles over the coal
aud coke supply were passed, and
that although for thc past year an
average of but two furnaces could be
kept in blast, although four were
ready, it was expected tluufrom now
(ai all six, including two new ones,
would be kept running continuously.
The mines were developed to a point
where no further expenditure would
be necessary, for a large tonnage output running lis high as 5,000 tons
per day could be made. From the
1'uianciul statement submitted it was
learned that the company is entirely
out of debt, that the production for
the, year ending June 30th, 1903,
amounted to 12,551,000 pounds of
line copper, 277,000 ounces of silver
and 35,121 ounces of gold, for which
$2,233,741 was received. Rent and
realty sales brought in 138,511, making a total of $2,271,252 net proceeds above all expenses, as freight
to New York finery and all other
charges are deducted from gross receipts.    The costs are given  as  fol-
of ever  increasing 'quantities of ore,
but in economical treatment,
It is a matter worthy of more than
passing mention when the statement
is made that an arrangement has been
entered into between the British Columbia Copper Company's smelter at
Greenwood and the Le Roi No. '1
Company's mines at Rossland to smelt
the entire output of shipping ore from
that property, which goes to show
that the Boundary not only leads in
ore prduction but in the precesses
of extracting values from the ores.
It is encouraging at least to read
the reports regarding the movements
and declarations of a man so prominent in the mining world as ,1. L.
Sonimer. of New York, vice-president
of the B. C. Copper Co., who was iu
the Boundary last week. He is reported to have said that it had recently been decided to enlarge the Greenwood plant by the addition of a converter and four more furnaces. Mr.
Sommer regards the mining industry
iu this province as in the lirst preliminary stages of development.
British  Columbia carried   oil'  tin
lows: Working expenses at mme Hk o£ to first prises atthe Spokane
and smelter, $1,136,830; foreign ore fair' Yl""' won fllst pri^o for tiie
purchased, $72,954; foreign material'fm' ",,n,l« exhibit "'"l ,ilsl 1 ''z" tor
purchased, $776,004, making a total the '""'st B'1'1 nu«3et' (1'"'"«""'l
of $1,975,791). The net profit js | t»"k first prize for gold-silvcr-eoppcr
therefore $295,463, which,'together ores'    Pop"'"'Creek took lirst   prize
with the surplus for the   preceding ^ the best ex t of gold in q ,,,,-t r,
year, brings the total  to $698,635,
During the year $207,000 were expended at tho mines and smelter in j
new   construction.     The  following
1 and   Slo an
second for silver-lead
wore elected to tho directorate: S.
II. ('. Miner, Jay P. Graves, John
Stanton, Win. II. Nicholls, A. (!.
Flumerfelt, ,\. L. White, VV. II.
Robinson, J. Lavgneloth, N. Fay-
otto Brown, c. 8. Houghton, J. II.
McKcoliuic and George Martin
With the rapid development of the
immense mineral resources of the
Kootenavs and Boundary, come new
devices and processes which are more
less successfully aimining at the
reduction-of cost and the extraction
if a greater degree of values.    Only
last week our citizens were encouraged
with the reports coining from Trail
regarding the successful treatment of
silver-lead ores by a new process of
refinement. Next we read about the
Elmore oil process of ore concentration. Mr. Stanley Elmore, the in
venlor and patentee of this new plan,
is here from London, and experimental
iperatlons are now going on at the
Le Roi No. - mine in Rossland. So
it is seen that progress is being made
not only In the uncovering and mining
The fo
iwing is the statement of
the   ore   tonnage shipped from Republic during the past week :
Mountain Lion
To Trail smelter    621
To NolmJl) smelter     I III
To Granbv smelter     188
Knob Hill-
To Nelson      sit
Zela M.—
To Crofton     oil
Total, tons.: I.lis;;
It is learned from an Ottawa dispatch that the sum of $2,000,000 has
been set aside by the Laurier govern
ment in aid of proposed railways in
British Columbia, which sum is to be
distributed as follows : For a lino
from Spence's  Bridge   to   Nicola   and
Similkan , 42 miles, $150,000; for
au extension of the E. ifc N. line from
Wellington to Comox, 60 miles, $200,-
000; for a line from Vernog to Mid
way, $600,000; for a line from Cranbrook to Golden, $600,000. 11 is 1111
derstood that McLean Brothers, for
the Coast-Kootenay liue are to recive
no aid. GJljr lEbatituj .&un
One year....$8.00 I Threcmnnlhu.
Six months .. 1.00 \ One-month 20
Advertising rates furnished mi appli-
Legal notices, 10 nnd ft Cts, per line.
Address all. communications tn
Tun Evening Sux,
Phone 55. qbano forks, b. o.
If the press reporters are not misrepresenting McBride he has day
dreams and night visions that are
liable to lead him into oceans of
trouble if he attempts to act upon inspiration received from his fairy dream
land. Apparently he fails to realize
the full import of the party-line system. The attempt to bribe either Socialists or Liberals into the Conservative camp by dangling ministerial
portifolios,in thier eyes he is already
realizing a failure, and as for retiring
from commanding positions on the
Hour to the speaker's chair there isn't
a shallow of hope. Mr. McBride is
so thoroughly a   "practical" politician
1 ntdrely   forgets   that  under the
new system, assemblymen-elect are
bound by party ties and pledges to
their constituents, aud that the old-
time individual liberty does not now
exist. His support can only be found
iu his own party ranks, unless by
chance a Judas Iscariot may be found
among the Liberals.
Mr. McBride is already within the
tropic and charming circle of llous-
toiidom. Mr. McBride's effulgence
in the political canopy is quite perceptibly eclipsed by that fiery-tailed
Houston comet speeding across the
Conservative horizon, and should il
happen to conic in contact with the
self-made premier's ministerial card
house, there'll be a sudden call for a
new lirst man. Our advice to Mr.
McBride is. never mind the silver-
tongued Goodove, thc hoary-locked
Caiter-Cotton, nor even the millionaire Chinese-lover Dunsmuir but
give Ihe Nelson "party leader'' the
right of way to the provincial secie-
taryship, John is for Houston, unii
him alone,   side step. Dick !
Rossland is petitioning the Ottawa
authorities for a resident supreme
court judge. All will agree emphatically that the interior is eminently entitled to relief in this direction. That
a litigant iu Fasten British Columbia
should have to be mulcted of large
sums in traveling expences in order
to get a hearing before a supreme
judge works an unwarrantable injustice,    of  ionise the   transportation
companies nild   the   eoast    eity   hotels
will discover no benefit for them in
tin' move, bill that should not prevent
justice being done Ihe interior.
The total vote in the province at
the recent election is figured out to be
46,416, of which the Conservatives
east 25,462, and the Liberals 20,954,
The above figures were used hv the
Vernon News to demonstrate the claim
that by popular vote the province i
c'earlv Conservative in its political
predilections. To make this showing,
its partisan blindness has caused it to
overlook 5,000 vutes east independent
of either of the old parties.
ment" is expected to hand out
should it be able to stand on its feet
long enough to pass tho pie. We
advise our Conservative friends to
be satisfied with one piece as there
are only six in the whole pie.
The trouncing tho Liberals received in Vancouver at the recent
election has brought them together
in brotherly love and a determination
that portends a different result the
next time they are called upon to
exercise their sovereign right at thc
ballot box. The annual meeting
held last Friday to elect officers for
the ensuing term, was the most enthusiastic Liberal gathering ever
held in that city.
A party of C. P. 11. ollieials arrived in the city Saturday by special
car in connection with business at
this point. They were: W. R. Mclnnis, freight traffic manager; W.
B, Lanagan, general freight agent,
Winnipeg; F. W. Peters, assistant
freight traffic manager, and W. E. McDonnell, general freight agent at Nelson, it is understood that the improvements in track facilities, the
erection of a roundhouse, and the
moving of the freight shed, which was
decided on by the company some time
ago, will be commenced at once.
Notwithstanding the fact that Mr.
McBride has not yet found out
"where he is at," and despite that
ominous shadow from Nelson, the
local Conservative leaders are busy
arranging for the division of the
loaves nnd lishes which "my govern-
A very pleasant social was held at
the handsome residence of .1. B, Henderson last Friday evening. About
twenty-five invited couples were present. Dancing, cards and other amusements were indulged in until a late
hour. An appetizing luncheon was
served, and all present spent a most
enjoyable evening.
The Rev. Mr. Stilbnan, of the
Methodist church, Rosslunil. accompanied by Rev. Mr. Coleman, Evangelist, attached to the B. C. Conference, are guests of Rev. J. F. Retts,
and will participate in the "At Home"
iven in   the   Methodist  church this
Miss Hews, the blind elocutionist
ind impersonate!', will give an entertainment in Knox church on Friday evening, beginning at 8 o'clock.
Miss Hews is very highly spoken of
by eastern papers, and those who
attend are assured a treat. The admission is 50c.
C. A. DesBrisay, Great Northern
right of way agent, arrived in the
eity last Monday from Spokane, and
left for Phoenix the s lay.
Jas. Addison, who has the contract for Ihe construction of a   large
wholesale liquor warehouse in Calgary, returned lo bis home in this
city lust ■Saturday, lie will return
in Calgary tomorrow.
.1. 11. Henderson, who is superintending the construction of n large
sawmill for an English syndicate nt
Trout Lake City, returned to this
city Inst Friday, nnd visited with his
family until Monday, when he returned to the Slocan.
I lank Henderson will re-open tin1
Province hotel liar the latter part of
this or the lirst part of nexo week.
Mr. Henderson is putting in an entirely new set of fixtures, and will
have one of the most recherche sampt
rooms in the city.
Harry Goodevc left for his home
iu Phoenix yesterday,
him to have assayed, Thc claim
adjoins the Betts and Hesperus
group, and is a promising property.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Sloper left on
Sunday for Spokane, where they will
take in thc fair nnd visit friends for
a week or ten days.
The Methodist church bus recently been ropapered nnd now presents
n beautiful appearance,
Mrs. Pat Gorman and children, of
Columbia, have removed to Spokane, where they will reside in future.
Mr. J. ('. Hamilton, who arrived
in the city recently from Walla
Walla, Wash., to take charge of the
C. P. li. telegraph office at tho Granby smelter, is under the care of Dr.
Northrop, suffering from a severe
attack of typhoid fever.
And the Best of Everything
Else   in   the Groe.ery   Line.
The "Club"
First Street.
Highest grade imported
Ports, Cherries, Burgundies, Etc.
C. C. TILLEY, Prop.
The Ladies of tbe Maccabees arc
hard at work preparing for a grand
ball to be given in Biden's opera
house, Wednesday evening. Oct. 31.
Graham's orchestra of Rossland has
been secured. Lunch will be served
in tbe hall nta reasonable price. The
public is cordially invited, nnd n
good time assured to all  who come.
Jus. Rice and family left last Yesterday for Edmonton, where they intend to reside permanently in future.
. Mrs. Teddy Wahlen, who held
ticket No. 41, won the big doll and
hammock, vallued nt $15, rallied at
liter A Co.'s lasl Saturday.
A. McQueen, Kamloops.
A. W. B. Markley, Calgary.
Jas. Hunter, Hossland,
J. Q, Hogan, Hamilton.
II. (1. Warrie and wife, Greenwood.
J. I). Gray, Greenwood.
C. A. DesBrisay, Spokane.
L.  I). Wolford, Spokane.
John Gray, Spokane.
J. II. G leve, Phoenix.
W. B. Mclnnis, Montreal.
F. W. Peters, Winnipeg.
W. B. Lanagan, Winnipeg.
II. E. McDonell, Nelson.
R.  D. Clipp,   Montreal.
R. Angus and wife, Republic.
II. K. Selby, San Francisco.
A. B. McKenzie, Rossland.
Mrs. II. S. Hays, Winnipeg.
Mrs. A. Bennett, Winnipeg,
J. S.  Laurence,  Nelson.
J. J. Farrell. (Ir iwood.
C. August Ussier, Spokane,
Henry Hewer, New Denver.
J. li. Mitchell, Curlew.
W, S. Miller, Cascade.
Prof, George,
uf Sat., c-niituiiii'il in ii ciTtiiin Mortgage,
which will be produced nt the time nf sale,
there will 1 Ili'nsl fur snln hy public auction hv Peter Taylor MoCnlltim, Auctioneer,
on Tuesday, the 80th day of Ootober, 1008, ut
18 o'clock noon, nt the Court House, Orand
l<'orloj, the following; vii11u.lilf property situate In the Olty*>f Grand Porks, being Lot ■'>,
in Blook-l,aonordlug to Map88.
On thc  iH'1'lnis.'H lire  mod to  he two one-
Story frame building.,
TkIIMK UK Sack.   Ten  per cent cash, mill
the balance within thirty days.
Fur further imrtleiihirs npiily to
ru Yonge s... Toronto, tint.
Professor George, the greatest
palmist anil clairvoyant that ever
ennie to this town, lias already been
very busy. He knows his profession perfectly; be tells thc truth
about everything, and explains the
past life even more fully than a few
wish bim to do, and his predictions
for the future can be relied upon to
correct in every detail. He is simply an expert ill his profession, and
has undoubtedly done his patrons n
whole lot of good by proper advice,
The readers should avail themselves
of the opportunity to see thc professor before he leaves, especially the
young folks, in order that they may
be set on the right road to success
in the world. *
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.     Rales. SI and $1.50 pcrday.
If you want to buy Halcyon Mineral Water call at the Grand   Forks
Subscribe for The Evening Sun.
*'J per year.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 25c.
If you want all the local news,
rend The Evening Sun.
Don't forget to leave your order
for Ice with  F. .Miller.    Phone li-l
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.
Office in Meguw Block.
Phone. 138. Grand Forks, B. C.
MdlnilHos BLOOX,        GRAND FORKS, B.C.
H1CTCLKS—Clevelands, Mossie-
Hnrris, Imperials, Columbian, Ramblers—all top-notchers—for sole, anil.
for rent. Also a complete line ot" bicycle sundries. All kinds of bicycle
repairing. GEO, CnAPPLE, First St.,
opposite postoffice, (irand Forks, B. C.
Fire Insurance
I roprcsetit thi> following
Reliable Aire Com pan lei:
Insurance Companies.   1 am hlBO agent fur
B.O. Permanent  Limn uml Saving* Co, nf
Vancouver und the U. S. Fidelity * (iiiurniily
TelephonellW Johnson Bloofe
Enjoy Photo=
graphy With
Little Expense
W. il i'. ci.r.\i];ST
C. K. Piiniison returned today
from the JCron King mineral claim,
on Hardy mountain, in which he
has ii half interest He brought
Boino fine samples of rock down with
Clairvoyant and Palmist, tells post,
present and future, etc. He will
stay a short timo. Call immediately
from 0 a, ni. lu 10 p, tn., daily, at
Sheads house on Bridge street.
All princes are not drones. Duke
Karl Theortor of Bavaria recently performed his four-thommn.Hh operation
for cataract at his clinic In Munloh,
Ills wife acted as his assistant.
The English stockholders in Marconi's wireless telegraph company
value the Inventor's life so highly at
this critical period of Ills experimentation that they huve had him Insured
for $750,000.
The sale of oleomargarine in the
United Stutes is Increasing rapidly,
nnd one of the causes of the growing
sales is said to be the large amount of
free advertising that it has received
from the debates In Congress and the
State legislatures and the newspapers,
in consequence of the efforts made to
suppress It.
A much-vnlued distinction has been
conferred upon the proprietors of a large
cigar factory at Havana. The arm
have received an order from England
to furnish the cigars for the royal banquet which Is to be held after the coronation of King Edward. The order
includes thiee sizes and amounts to
several thousand cigars. A unique feature Is that there Is no stipulation
whatever as to the price, this matter
being left entirely to the judgment of
the manufacturers.
Clement C& Spence
HtirrlHtei'M, KolieltorH,
Notaries, ttte.
Olden Klni'li, Corner Winnipeg Avenue and
l''h*t Street,
Dr. Follick
Graduate uf Philadelphia Dental
Office over Hunter
Phone ii". Kendrick Co.'m Store,
Work Liko Kodaks,
and in Daylight
$1 Brownies, Also $2
& CO.,
Solo Dealers for
N. oMcLellan <®, Co.
Phone 78        Winnipeg Ave. Grand Forks, B. C.
Home Grown.
'he very finest
n the market.
Preserving Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Crab Apples, Etc.
Wo Keep the Best Money will Buy.
for #18
that is worth #i8
Case is Screw Bezel—keeps out dust
and damp; guaranteed for 20 years'
wear. Works arc full-jeweled, of
American make—ean give you choice
of three makes. I like to sell this
watch, for conscience's sake.
The Jeweler und Optician.
A Stylish Finish and
Lasting Satisiaction
Get Vimr Clothes
Made by
Loan & Savings Co,
11 respousnbilite limitee,
CAPITAL $250,000
with powers to issue 81,000,000 bonds.
You May Borrow
Any Amount of Money
with whioh to buy a home,
a farm, ca- pay off a mortgage, on your personal note
with absolutely no interest
to pay, taking 'JO years ca'
less to pay it back in small
monthly payments without
Why Pay Rent
or lie troubled with mortgages when Tub Loan and
Savings Company will furnish you witli the money to
buy your home or pay off
your mortgage in any lo.
eality and charge you no interest, No matter where
you live, lose no time but
consult at once
Head Office: 20 St. Alexis St.,
Strictest investigation courted, Agents
in all parts of the Dominion uf
Camilla wanted.
New and Second-Hand
Goods Bought and Sold
a 99
Cor. Ilridgeand Second Sta
Consignments send to me will
be passed Customs and distributed speedily bv unexcelled facilities.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Notary Public
Real Estate Dealer
Grand  Forks,  B. C.
Pacific Hotel
Oupoalto C.P. R. Stntloii,
nulnnililii.il. C
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee it St.Vaal Railwuy(known
all over the Union as the great railway running the "Pioneer Limited"
trains every day and night betweenSt.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Cheago. "The only perfect trains in
the world." Understand: Connections are made with All Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers
the best service known. Luxurious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents seil them.
For rates, pamphlets or   other   information, address
It. L. Foim, H. S. Howe,
Trav. Pass. Agt.,       Gen. Agent,
Spokane, "Wash.     Portland, Ore.
Over the sun-burned, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of the Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on thc
American continent?
This you can do by traveing on,
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic Lino of tho World."
the only ti'anscoiitinonta.1 line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs aud Denver enroute to eastern points,
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of live
distinct routes of travel. Tbe equipment of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair ears,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
lect dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant anil inexpensive means of
crossing the continent ean be found
than is provided by these excursions.
Eor additional details address ,1.
1). Mansfield, Gen. Agt., RioGrande
Lines,   No. 12-1 Third Street,   Port
land, Ore.
ifc A.   M.—Regular Communica
cation First Wednesday of each month
at tf o'clock p. m. precisely.    Sojourning Brethren cordially invited  to attend. Jno. Rogers,
Jno. Westwood, W.M. Sec.
bor   Union  No.   ■•IU, A.L.U.-
Meets   every   Wednesday   evening
at 8 o'clock in   Federal   Union   hall
•Lis. A. IIahhis, Pros.
John T. Lawiiexch, Sec.
I'orli. .1.   li.   IfoberU    B.A.,   nnitor.
Service, every Sunday »' 1] e.m< era liflO p.
m, i Sunday ioIiooi aim Bible elan, h p.m.:
Woitratnifer (inll.l ..r O. B., Taenia*. 8
HHKTMKTIiomsTniiJKuil  Oarner Main
ami PIHhiti. .1. K. Botti, pmtor. Service!
overy Sunday »t il a.m. uml   7.80 p.m.:
olaii meeting at olota of morning: servtoei
Sunday   let I uml   itthle olattlat 8 P. ra,]
prayer i ting every Thuriday Bvening
ut 8 o'clook. The publio li cordially Invited.
lunil), Qrand iforki, Henry st..«io, vloar-
lloly Communion.8 a, m.i morning prayer
umUnrmoii, il ii. m.tSundayBoh'ool,:: p. m.i
eveniong andlermon. 7t8u p. m.  All are
cordially Invited.
Strength anil vigor come of good
food, duly digested. "Force," a
ready-to-Borve wheat and barley food
adds no burden, hut sustains, invigorates.
Eor a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 26b.
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in tbe eity, has a capacity
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.   Rates, 81 and 81.50 per day.
If you want to buy Halcyon Mineral Water call at the Grand Forks
Subscribe for Tun KvK.Nixi: Srx.
82 per year.
"It's very odd," says baby, "but, M
everybody knows
The longer that uiy b )dy gets	
—the shorter grow my clothes I"
jil thought of infinite pity-
To sleep an aeon or two,
With never a care or sorrow,
And with never aught to do
But to rest, to rest, forgetting
We ever have sobbed or cried;
Forgetting that those who love us
And those whom we love have dlud,
A Practical View.
Struggling   pastor — The   cu
bavp fallen off terribly.   Practical wlft
—It's that new vestryman who passes
rhe plate; he never watches what people put Jn—"New Y"»rk Weekly."
Changed Her Mind.
i: .use was "handy to the street
car li..-.-" and in good repair, there were
the proper number of closets and, the
rental was reasonable, but before coming to terms the house-hunting matron
said to the agent:
"It is only fair for me to ell you that
we have five boys."
"That won't make any difference,
ma'am," he said, with a smile. "You
will find big families of boys on both
sides of you."
"Oh, *hen I don't want tne nnuse at
..n — i,,. rw. i .im.rl. "I want to find a
neighborhood where there won't be an:
At io l accounts she was still hunt-
Not Worth Saving.
Mike (going down a ladder)— Hould
on, Pat! Don't yez come on the ladder
till Ol'm down. It's ould and cracked.
Pat (getting on)—Arra, he aisy. It
would sarve th* boss right to have to
buy a new one.—New York "Weekly."
Jaggs—Doctor, my wife has insomnia very bad. She often remains awake
until two or three o'clock in the morning. What shall I do for her? Doctor
—Go home earlier.—"Tit-BiU."
Manager—I can't pay salaries this
week. Actor—But I must live! Manager—Oh, now, don't get bull-heaiedl
Miss Pomade—Where Is the paint department, plcase7 P*loor Walker—Fac*
or house?—<?hlcaa« "Dally News."
A Real Help.
The Woman's Aid Society In New
York has done great work in helping:
the poor. Like all charitable organizations. It has to contend with Ingratitude, stupidity, and wilful Improvidence, The "Commercial Advertiser"
relates one Instance that Is amusing to
read of, but must have been a tiiile
discouraging to the society.
To a poor woman whose husband
was in jail they gave some clothing
and ten dollars in money, thinking that
she would know best what she wanted,
and so spend the money more wisely
than they,
A week nfter the gift had been made
a deputation of members called at the
squalid home to see the results of their
assistance. They found no Improvement In the condition of the family.
"Well, Mrs. Nolan," asked one of
them, "how are you getting along?"
"Pine," said Mrs. Nolan.
"Did the clothes fit, and did you find
a use for the money?"
"Sure, the clothes fitted fine, an' the
ohllder looked so nice I had all their
pictures took wid the money ye gave
me, an' I'm going to have me own
took this week to send to the old folks
In Ireland."
Algy — Pooh Gusste'e condition d
Tewy serious, Indeed. He cawn't evea
Wfi.se his head fwom the plilow. Pmic>
--Great heavens! What's the matteh?
Algy—The foolish fellah lost his head
In a game of piii^-pong lnwst evening,
and played steadily'fob neahly flfte«!»
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Hay, ricCallum
Mining and Real
Estate Dealers
Financial and
Lots For Sale in All Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lots at Low Prices.
Money to Loan
Columbia Avenue
The following table gives the ore shipments ol Boundary mines for
11)00, 1901, 1902, 1903, and for tho pasl week:
l.'ittrt       1901.       1902.        1903. Past Week
Granby Mines,Phoenix... 04,533   281,762   309,858   208,322      9,117
Snowshoe; Phoonix       297      1,721     20,800    50,542      2,780
Brooklyn, Phoenix       150
Mother Lode, Deadwood.   5,340    99,084    141,820    90,851
Sunset, Deadwood  804
Morrison, Deadwood  150
II. ('. Mine, Summit  19,494     47,405
U. Bell, Summit  500
Kmniii, Summit ■ 0;>0
Oro Denoro	
Winnipeg, Wellington    1,070      1,0-10
'455     14,511
14,811     19,885
s','ri;V6     14,195
Golden Crown, Wellington   2,2.>0
Athelstan, Wellington     1,200
KingSalomon,W. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Centra]	
City of Paris, Central    2,000
Jewel, LongLako       100
Carmi, West Pork	
Providences Providence	
Flkhorn, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
Miscellaneous    8,230
Total, tuns 99,730   390,000   507,515   482,888     19,070
Granby Smeltertreated... 62,387   L»:I0,S2,S   ;!12,:i40   247,2110      8,000
WU    ITTTrj 0   OR    Have moved next door to Hunter-
1><, roll read?   If IP, go to Lhem uti.l loin their Hii •
luting Library.  It has noeqiinl in British Columbia.
,..   Stationery, Office and School Sup-
'■" " >>"■■--? i"1"/ "" ' '"."   plies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
I'rl  tn them, sii
BBiiuliis yon more thou twice us muoh
Xmiis Goods tia you ever had before.  Your
> will ^till be Santa's Beadquarte
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the Citv,
FOR . .
Take n Look at Our Wiudow
Display of tbe Latest Novelties
in Chatelaine Bags and Purses.
Prescriptions Carefully
Curious Bits of News.
The present mace of the British
House of Commons hns been In use
since the reign of Charles II. It haa
accordingly witnessed the rise and development of constitutional principles
and practice, and of the responsibility
of Ministers of the Crown to tho
House of C" Tions, unci through the
House of dmiuiou,4 to the people at
Most people, If they were asked to
state the color of the sun, would say
that it was orange, and they would as
confidently assort that the color of the
atmosphere was blue. Recent researches and Investigations, however,
says "Knowledge," point to the conclusion that the real color of the sun is
blue, while that of tha atmosphere
surrounding the earth is orange.
A good many formalities are necessary for the women of Sumatra before
they can lay aside their willow's weeds,
says "Womanhood." immediately after the husband's death the disconsolate widow places a flagstaff In front
of her door, and on this a Hag is raised.
As long as the Hag remains untorn by
the wind etiquette forbids her to marry, but with the appearance of the
lirst rent she can lay aside her mourning garb, begin to take notice 'and to
receive offers of marriage.
A little machine which threads one
thousand needles a minute Is at work
In St. Gall, Switzerland. The purpose
of the machine Is to thread needles
thnt are placed afterwards in an embroidery loom for making Swiss or
Hamburg lace. The device Is almost
entirely automatic. It takes the needle
from a hopper, carries it along and
threads it, ties the knot, cuts the
thread off a uniform length, then carries the needle across an open space
and sticks it in a rack. The work of
threading these needles was formerly
done by hand.
The highest waterfall in the world,
geography tells us, is the Cerosola cas
cade, in the Alps, having a fall of 2,4i>
feet; that of Arvey, in Savoy, Ie
l.loo feet, and the falls of the Tosemlte
Valley range from 700 to 1,000 feet. Bu.
higher yet Is the fall in the San Cava
tan canyon, In the State of Durango,
Mexico, it was discovered by some
prospectors ten years ago in the great
Barranca district, which is called the
Tierras Desconocidas, While searching for the famous lost mine, Naranjal,
a great roar of water was heard. With
great dilllculiy the party pushed on
and up and down the mighty chasms,
until they beheld the superb fail that
is al least 3,(H)0 feet high.
The date-palm may solve the problem of what to do with the arid and
alkali landa of Arizona and other Western States. Experiments have been
made in the past, but renewed interest
is being taken by the section of plant
Introduction of the Department of Agriculture at Washington. According to
the New York "Sun," Professor D. G.
Fairchild, agricultural explorer for the
department, now traveling in Africa,
has procured a number of suckers, or
off-shoots, from the Delta of the Nile,
which will be distributed In the southwestern States. In the United States
the date is an article of luxury, but in
its native country It Is a most important food, many regions in Arabia and
the Sahara being uninhabitable but
for the date-palm.
President Harper of the University
of Chicago recently received the following letter from a prospective girl-stu
dent at Pecatonlca, Hi.: "Dear Dr. Harper—I know you will be pleased tc
learn that I have decided to attend
the university school of education this
fall. 1 am going to Chicago next Saturday on the morning train, and as I
have never been In the city before, I
would bo glad if you would meet me
at the depot. 1 am live feet four inches
tall, have light hair and eyes, and a
pleasing appearance. I shall wear u
dark-brown traveling skirt and a blue
waist with white yoke. I think I shall
know you from your pictures, but for
fear I make a mistake, will you please
wear your card in your hat/"
"A pathetic Incident in connection
with a biograpli scene occurred In Detroit, Mich., March 17 last," says
"Popular Science." "A view made at
the occupation of Peking was being
flashed across the screen. It rep e-
eented a detachment of the Fourtee th
United   States   Inli-.itry   entering   the
:ates of the Chinese cnpital. As tho
last (lie of soldiers seemed literally
Stepping out of the frame on to the
stage, there rose a scream from a woman who sat In front. '.My God,!' she
>d hysterically, 'there Is n dead
brother Allen marching with the soldiers.' The llgurfi had been recognized
by Others lu the audience as that of
Allen McCasklll, who had mysteriously
disappeared some years before. Subsequently Mrs. Booth, the sister, wrote to
the Win1 Department and learned that
it really was her brother whose presentment she so strangely had been
confronted With."
Evidence to the Contrary.
Citizen—Madam, why do you persist
in punching me with your umbrella?
Mr '*im—I want to make you look
nrou..d, so I can thank you for giving
ine your seat. Now, sir, don't you go
off and say that women haven't any
■Chicago '.'Record-Herald,"
An Ambiguous Compliment.
i-s I Scolder—I'm so glad I'm not in
vss,  Mr, Soper.     1 should   never
know  whether    my suitors    were  attracted by myself or my money.
Mr. Soper—Oh, Miss Iieekley, your
mirror should leave you in no doubt
on that score!—"Punch."
liko pool tabic.   Onl
Grand Forks hotel.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work and promptness In
tiie execution, Had work executed promptly is not good service—Rood work delivered behind
time is not good service; but the two combine to
make one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain and often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. Tbat we have
learned the lesson in theory we have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of the
latest and most popular faces of type and the
most up-to-date machinery. All work|gunrontccd
to give satisfaction.
Job Department.
Phone 55


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