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The Evening Sun Nov 7, 1905

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Legislative Library
|V"*'  !*!    ■"' ■ —     -- •
.Ji.i-.liV<* Ac.,,"***.
NOV 13 1905     ^}
Fifth Year-*No.
Grand Forks, B. C, Tuesday, November 7,1905
Issued Twice a Week
Ward Division By-Law Introduced Last Night by Aid.
New Turbine Pump Accepted
and Payment Ordered
for Same
The regular bi weekly meeting nf
the city council was held in the
council chamber last.night, Mayor
H-uninar, Aid. Brown, Clemmts,
Crossen, Hutton and McCallum being present.
A commhnication was read from
the secretary of the board of trade,
asking for the use of the council
chamber as a meeting place for the
board once a moiUh.   Granted.
A communication from D. Wood-
head asked for nine hounl for workmen employed on the city streets.
Received and ordered filed for
future reference.
A circular letter from The Bristol
company quoted a price of (139.10
for an F. Watt meter. The city
electrician and the chairman of the
water and light committee said it
would be to the advantage of the
city to install one of these meters at
the power house. It would probably cost $185 laid down in city.
Mayor Hammar thought thepreseni
council had spent enough money on
improvements, and that the matter
might properly be left to the incoming council lo deal with. On mi)
tion of Aid. Brown and Clements,
thc water and light committee was
authorized to purchase a watt met"r,
to be deliver Feb. 1st.
A communication from.the.Canadian Fairbanks company slated that
the new turbine piimn had done
more actual work than the specifications claimed for it. This' assertion
was contradicted by the chairman of
the water andlight committee. Mr.
Clements, however, admitted that il
was a good pump, and its only faull
was that it did not come up to
specifications. Aid. Brown had also
inspected the pump, and was sat's-
fied with the work it is doing. He
made a motion, which carried, thai
the pump be paid for,' less the $1' 0
reduction the company had ex
pressed a willingness to make on account of a defect in the casting.
W. L. Hodges made application
forthe position as auditor of the city
books for the current year. On motion, it was decided to call for tenders for the work.
The following accounts were ordered paid:
Fairbanks company $129.90
J. Armiston    18.00
W. Emard      3.05
Gutta Percha & Rubber Co..   74.50
G. F. Transfer Co    17.90
Can. Gen. Electric Co      3.00
C. P. R      3.61
Thos. A. Mclntyre        -75
W.K.C. Manly      13.05
A. F. Michener    17.00
C.P.R..Tel ;      6.77
M.S. Martin    59.25
J. M.Simpson      3.50
H. B. Cannon    46.10
W. Emard    36.90
W. H. Disbrowe      8.10
J. Anderson      2.70
Tbe chairman of the water and
light committee reported the contract with the Granby company for
power completed, and on  motion
the proper officials wen* authorized
to sign the same and affix the corporation seal.
Aid. Clemen's also reported having received applications for light
anil power from the Boundary Iron
Works nnd fnrjigh't from Lequime's
planing mill iu the Ruckle addition.
It would cost about $150 to con
struct the iine to these works. If
only the lights were granted the applicants wire willing to supply the
poles, reducing the cost nearly one
half. The Boundary Iron Works
wanted power for a five-horsepower
motor, to be used occasionally. The
mayor opposed extending the light
system outside ehe city limits as
long as there were ratepayers residing inside the corporation who were
refused this privilege. On motion of Aid. McCallum, the water
and light committee was empowered
to act in the matter of constructing the line and establishing rates
for light and power in this instance.
The city clerk was authorized to
sell the Columbia water tank to the
first man who offered $100 for it;
also some of the machinery at the
old jiower house.
Aid. Crossen, chairman of the
board of works, reported that the
First street bridge had been repaired
and that it would he safe for traffic
until high water next spring. The
entire amount of the $100 appropriated by the government had been
consumed by the work.
Aid. Brown, chairman of the
health nnd relief committee, reported that the following milk tests had
been made by the health officer:
Hanson—Test No. 1, 4J per cent
fat; No. 2, 4. Newby—No. 1, 4\;
No. 2, 4J. O'Ray—No. 1, 4^-j No.
2,  47
Thc mayor reported that there
"ere still fifty or sixty boxes ol
dynamite and powder stored in thc
old building at thc cemetery by W.
K. C. Manly. On motion of Aid.
Brown and Crossen, the chief of police was instructed to notify Mr.
Manly to move the same outside thc
city limits.
The monthly financial statement
was read and approved.
Aid. Brown was granted leave to
introduce a by-law changing the
wards of the city. It passed its first
and second readings, and was then
considered in committee, Aid. Hutton occupying the chair.
Section 2 of the new by-law pro
vides for the division of the city into
two wards, with Winnipeg avenue
as the dividing line. Tbis proved
to be the stumbling block.
Aid. Brown said that by making
Winnipeg avenue the dividing line
the assessment of tho two wards
would be equalized. If found feasible, he would favor abolishing the
ward system,
Aid. McCallum said that by divitl
ing the city into north and south
wards the entire council would be
elected from within two blocks of the
city hall. It was the duty of aldermen to represent property as well as
voters, and for this reason he wanted
to see all sections of the city repre
sented in the council. He didn't see
how the wards could beabolished in
a-scattered city like Grand Forks.
He favored cither the present sys'
teni or a division of the city into
east and west wards. This would
probably make Sixlh street tht
dividing line.
Aid. Hutton coincided with Mr.
MoCallum'u views.    He wanted to
see both the West end and the Nort,h
addition represented, so that the interests of these sections could be
properly looked after. North and
south wards would revive the ol 1
tight between the cast and west ends.
Mayor Hammar, Aid. Crossen and
Clements expressed practically the
same views as Messrs. Hutton and
McCallum. All sections of the city,
the mayor said, were working bar*
.ninniously together now, and anything done to break this friendly
feeling should be frowned upon.
Aid. McCallum offered an amendment to the section making the street
running north and south nearest
one-half the assessed valuation of
the city the dividing line between
the East and West wards. The
amendment was seconded by Mayor
Hammar, and passed the committee
The committee then rose and re
ported progress.
Aid. Crossen gave notice that at
the next meeting he would introduce a by-law providing for the remuneration of the mayor and aldermen.
The council then adjourned.
hill last night. He reports a scarcity of bricklayers. As soon as the
Phoenix job is completed, work will
be commenced on the substation in
this city.
M. S. Martin, the contractor,
made a business trip to Midway lost
The annual fair of thc Methodist
Sunday school will be held in P.
Burns & Co.'s block, next W. K. C.
Manly's, corner Bridge and First
streets, next Saturday, Nov. 11, from
4 to 10 p.m. A 25c luncheon will
besirved. There will also be fancy
works and candy booths. A museum,
io which an admission of 10c will
be charged, is to be one of the leading attractions.
Rev. and Mrs. J. R. Robertson
left yesterday for their future home
in Revelstoke.
Farewell Social to Rev. Robertson   Was  Largely
Famous   Newspaper   Correspondent Visit the
The farewell social tendered Rev.
and Mrs. J. R. Robertson List Fi iday
evening in Knox church was wry
largely attended, the church being
orowded. David Whiteside acted as
chairman over the gathering. A
purse of about $45 wan presented to
Rev. Robertson, J. W. Collins making the presentation speech, in which
he expressed the high esteem in which
the retiring pastoi was held by the
congregation and the citizens generally. Mr. Robertson, in replying,
heartily thanked Mr. Collins for the
kind words, and the congregation fir
their liberal gift. Appropiate speeei.
were also made by Rev, E. Manuel,
Rev. Henry Steele and M. Burrell.
Interspersed between the speaking
were solos by Mrs: J. H. Hodson and
Miss Effie Ross, antl a recitation bv
Mrs. K. B. McKenzie, all nf wh eh
wjre well rendered, Bountiful
freshnients were also served,
General Passenger Agent Stone, of
thc Great Northern, arrived in the
city Inst night in his private coach.
After a visit to the Granby smelter,
he left for Spokane this forenoon,
his car being attached to the regu a
south-bound Great Northern passenger train. Frank G. Carpenter, the
well known Washington press correspondent, and S. Maber, of Otta
wa, who have been guests at thc
Yale for nearly a week, ac» mpanied
Mr. Stone south.
It is now said that Premier McBride and Hon. R. F. Green will arrive in Grand Forks next Friday—
that is if they visit tbe city at all
during their present jaunt through
the interior.
Satisfactory negotiations are now
progress between the Granby con:
pany and tbeir employees. A
definite announcement will probably be made tomorrow after the
meeting of thc Federal Labor Union
New Passenger  Service on
theS. F. &N. inBbout
Two Weeks
N. McLellan will start tomorrow
morning on an overland trip to
Princeton, ifi the Similkameen district.
D. D. Munro, of Midway, arrived
in the city last night to attend the
sitlin; of the county court, before
which be has a case.
Will Be an Improvement on
the Existing Train Arrangement
Announcement is expected at an
early date relative to the new train
service by the Spokane Falls &
Northern and affiliated railroads
serving the coantry north of Spokane, says the Spokesman-ReAiew.
The matter is in the hands of Great
Northern transpoi tation executives at
St. Paul, and it is believed the change
will become effective about the time
the company is ready to run passenger trains over the Curlew-Midway
link in the Vancouver, Victoria k
Eastern line two or three weeks hence.
The road from Curlew to Midway is
now being ballasted for passenger
trains, although a regular freight train
service has been in operation for some
weeks. The existing train arrangement on the Spokano Falls & Northern system is not particularly convenient or satisfactory, but possesses thc
advantage from the railway viewpoint
of being operated economically. It is
intimated that the new service is calculated to serve the traveling public
to better advantage, even at greater
outlay for traffic expenses.
John Mclnt.isn, owner of thc Pacific hotel, inrived in the city from
'Spokane last Friday, and visited
friends for a few days.
J. B. Henderson, who has charge of
the construction of the West Kootenay Power & Light company's substation in Phoenix, came down the
The Prairie Dor.
There Is no burrowing animal which
works with more intelligence than the
prairie dog. He never commits the error of making Ills mound in a place
which may be sulimerged by water. In
a western Kansas town a small boy
caught a young dog and fixed a home
for it in the cellar of his father's bouse.
The dog went to work almost at once
to dig a tunnel to the open air. It
went down under tbe stone wall of tbe
cellar and up to the surface at a point
about 100 feet from tbe house. But It
found that its point of exit was in tbe
middle of a well traveled road. It went
back and dug another gallery in an
oblique direction from tbe first, emerging in a plot of grass. Tbe earth carried back into the cellar in this digging
would more than fill a wagon box.
For several years the dog lived on the
premises, making tbe cellar its base ot
operations, but going to the open air at
will through its gallery.
What He Was Dp To.
"Do you know of the only Irishman
Wbo ever committed suicide?" asked
the story teller. "You know it is said
that Irishmen never commit suicide,
and when the argument wns advanced
In a crowd of that nationality he was
■o unstrung that be decided to show his
opponents that Irishmen do sometimes
commit a rash act. lie accordingly disappeared, and tbe man wbo employed
him started a search. When he got to
the barn he looked up toward tbe rafters and saw his man hanging with a
rope around his waist
'"What ara you up to, Pat?' he
" 'Ol'm hanging meself, begobsl' th*
Irishman replied.
"'Why don't you put It around year
"'Faith, Ol did, but 01 couldn't
braythe,' was the unsmiling reply of
the man from tbe Emerald Isle."
An American Disease
Some doctors go so far us to say
that indigestion is the national disease
of America. • There is hut one national remedy for indigestion, and that
remedy is Dr. Hamilton's Pills, which
accelerate the action of the gastric
glands and give tone to . the digestive
organs. They strengthen the kidneys
and liver,cleanse and purify the blood,
and thus add general tone to every
organ of the bisly. Flesh and strength
are fast restored antl the patient can
eat and digest any food he pteuses.
Test Dr. Hamilton's Pills yourself—
25c per Imx or five boxes for $ 1.00 at
all dealers.
The Sun does not take kindly to the
habit of druken men migrating from
the down town saloon district, ami
then appropriate the sidewalk neurits
palatial office for their sleeping apart-
A "Wheezy" Chest
Means your trouble is deep seated.
To delay is dangerous. All the inflammation will he drawn out in one day
by applying Nerviline. It penetrates
through the pores of the skin, relieves
inflammation and thus prevents serious consequences. For sore throat,
weak chest uud tendency to colds, no
prescription is better than Poison's
Nerviline. For nearly fifty years it
has been Canada's greas household
remedy. Twenty-five cents buys a
large bottle.   Sold by all dealers.
S tuition wanlid as cook, or ony
kind of work, in hotel or boarding
house. Address UL. L., Box 390.
Crand Fork*,.
Mrs. C. E. Legg, of Phoenix, wns
a visitor at thc home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Henderson last week. R.H.TRUEMAN
The Well Known
%f Vancouver, B. C.
will be at
Blome's Old Studio, Bridge Street
This will be your only opportunity for some time to obtain first-
class photographic work, as the visits to this city nf artists of Mr.
Trueman's standing are very rare. Mr. Trueman's work is too well
known to the people of tho city to require any special mention.
Remember the dates—November 10—ten days.
'jlp Bietttng ^mt
I'uldUlici] nt (Iriuul Porks, RritlihCnlinnlilu,
Every Tuesday uml Friday Evenings.
O. A. Evass  Editor und Publisher
One Year tl.W
One Year (In advance!    1.00
Advertising rates furnished on uppllcatloii.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents l>er line.
Address all comTniinicatlotis to
The Evening Sun,
Phone B74 Grand Fohks, B. C.
Aid. Brown's by-law, changing the
ward lines of the city, is probably
the most important measure that has
come before the council during the
present year, and should therefore
be carefully considered. As originally framed, making Winnipeg
avenue the dividing line between a
north and a south ward, the by-law
would practically deprive both the
west and north ends of representation in the council. And the same
argument holds good against the
abolition of the ward system. The
amendment which passed the committee unanimously last night, may
consequently be considered as the
most feasible division of the city.
It would undoubted prove acceptable to all sections, and help to cement the present harmonious feeling, whereas an attempt to curtail
the representation from any section
would be sure to be followed by the
old-time strife between the east and
the west end. This feeling has now
happily died out, and it is the duty
of every citizen to see that it is not
Gen. Sherman once gaveanapt definition of war, and derived considerable glory therefrom. But the term
does not adeqately cover the condition at present existing in Russia.
There is still an opportunity for
some bright phrase maker to immortalize himself.
This is thc season of the year
when country editors take an inventory of their old half-tone cuts,
prior to announcing their grand, illustrated holiday editions.
When Seven Men Die
You know at (east one of them hud
consumption. At first it was only
catarrh—but it was neglected. When
Catarrhozone cures so quickly it's foolish to suffer—it's a shame to keep on
siiill'eliiiK and hawking. Catarrhozone
goes direct to the cause of the disease
—that's why it's so dead certain to
cure. It stops the cough, prevents
that disgusting discharge, clears
phlegm out of the throat in five minutes. Very pleasant, and safe too; get
Catarrhozone from druggists today.
Chas. McAllister, of this city, who
has a contract on the Midway ifc
Vernon, met with a painful accident
last week, by which he nearly lost
the sight of both eyes. In attending to a sick horse, it became necessary to rub the affected parts with
carbolic acid, when the smarting
caused the animal to make a sudden movement, scattering the contents of the bottle in all directions,
a part going into McAllister's face
and eyes, causing severe burns. Thc
unfortunate man was iu great agony,
and as the accideni occurred out on
the construction works, be was unable to obtain proper medical assistance immediately. It is thought
thc injury to the eyes will be merely
of a temporary character, but tbe
escape from total blindness was
very narrow.
Thos. D. Parker, inspector of
weights and measures, and family,
yesterday removed to Nelson, where
they will reside in future. Mr.
and Mrs. Parker have resided in this
city for about two years, and have
gained a large circle of friends, all
of whom will wish them prosperity
in their new home.
George C. Rose, who has been
customs collector at Cascade for
seven years, has resigned. Mr. Rose
has purchased the Kelowna Clarion,
and has taken active charge of that
The Tonic of Health
Must be more than a stimulant—
must be a food as well. There is one
medicine that is both a food and a
tonic—it aids digestion, promotes assimilation, converts food into nutri
ment that builds up nerves, bicod,
brain and bone. That tonic is Ferrozone, which contains exactly what a
rundown system needs. Ferrozone
supplies oxygen to purify the blood,
phosphorous to develop the brain, iron
to harden the muscles. No wonder it
makes such vigorous men and women.
You'll cat, sleep, think and feel better
by using Ferrozone; try it—now
Fifty cents buys a box of fifty chocolate coated Ferrozone tablets, at all
The Lion Tlottling Works have cut
their price on all case and draught
wines uml liquors.
Heavy teaming of all kinds   done
by J. W. Jones.
Thcro are still a few cheery, well
furnished rooms, with heating stoves,
vacant at the Province hotel.
Leave orders for Stove Wood at O.
J. Hayward's.
You're next at the Palace Barber
Shop, Victoria hotel.
If your watch needs repairng,
take it to White Breos. All work
"**»4» Pari* DeteetlTtta.
Tbe Paris dectectlve has a gren.
reputation for tracking down tbe criminal. He bas achieved that distlnctiou,
first, by his native wit and resource'
secondly, by the extended use he
makes or the Informer, who may be
of the criminal class himself. X-.i
merous are bis disguises. One day h<
has the clothes as well as the speech
and manners of a voyou, the next lie
Is on the race course, his accent changed as well as his outward appearance
—a chic monsieur—engaged in watching the doings of a turf syndicate. As
an Instance of the modern methods ol
the Parts Snrete, one may mention tl*t
half dozen motor cars which it possesses and which are always at the ills
position of the force to proceed at oner
to the scene of a tragedy or robbery.
The other day the automobile was used
with effect In a case of burglary of a
chateau at Versailles, The police had
news that the burglars themselves-
were mounted In an automobile. They
gave cliase, proceeding by side roads.
until they came up wltb the offenders,
who were promptly [..rested and their
motor car run off to La Fonrrlere, tlm
police pound of Paris, where is gathered together the lost, stolen or strayi*d
of the domestic animal world, as we*!
as the oddest assortment of police
trophies.—World's Work.
Thej- Didn't Obaerve.
"Gentlemen, ye dlnnu use your fak-
ultles of obsalrvatlon," snid the old
Scotch professor, addressing his class.
Here he pushed forward a gallipot containing a chemical compound of ex-
ceedlngly offensive smell.
"AVhen I was a student," he continued, "I used my sense of taste, sae."
And with that be dipped bis finger Into
the gallipot and put bis finger Into his
mouth. "Taste it, gentlemen; taste It,"
said the professor, "and exercise your
perceptive fatalities."
The gallipot was pushed toward the
reluctant class. One by one tbe students resolutely dipped a finger Into
tbe abominable concoction and with
many a wry face sucked tbe abomination from their fingers.
"Gentlemen, gentlemen," said the pro,
feasor, "I must repeat that ye dluna
use your fakultles of obsalrvatlon, for
If ye bad looked muir closely at what
I was daeln' the noo ye would hae
obsalrved that the finger which 1 put
Into ma mooth was ntic the finger that
I dipped Into the gallipot!"
An Earlier Generation.
A Russian Immigrant of tender age
was being registered In a, downtown
Philadelphia school. The teacher
questioned, "What Is your name?"
"Katinka," replied the child.
"And your father's name?"
"I never hat one," came tbe quick
"Then tell me your mother's name,"
again said the teacher kindly.
"I never hat no mudder neither,"
answered the little child seriously. "I
was born off my gran'mndder."
Boarders Wanted—A few more
steady boarders can find first-class
accommodations at Mrs. .1. B. Henderson's, Winnipeg avenue.
Every man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Read the display advertise?
ment of the six Morse schools of telegraphy, in this issue, and learn how
easily a young man or ladv may learn
telegraphy and be assured a position.
Our job department is superior to
any other in the Boundary country.
We have both the material and the
experience to turn out high class work.
TAKK iH.ti-'i* tlmt tit lb-* ■■xpinitioiinf tliti-tv
uftpr tin* first publiOflttoil of tIii-, notice I
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IIi'.mk'-*, Iii place of the retail lii'iinr llee-ice
at present exixtlii-r in r* up. et of the l'remise--
luiotrn us tiie "' lull" talmif, situnte < n Lot
I'ilfven,   Rhit-k    Three.   Plan  Tueiitj-thr-e,
corner of Rrldtre ruin I'tfst slreen * ity of
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of October, A. I». is*-i>.
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Palace Barber Shop, Victoria hotel.
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good hnbitK, to
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tuff Kalbvity nhVials.
Wo execute a |8H Moild to every student tofnn islrhlm or ber a poiltion pity-
ltift* from $40 to *?H0h **• until in States "list
of the Kooky Mi<iintiilnt- or fiom £75 to
-'Ui'i a month In States west of the
Rockies, Immediately  upon frradoatinn.
Students ran enter at any time. No
vn-'atloti!*. : For full particular-*, reuard*
■ "'r any of our boIiooId write direet to our
i-xei'nttve ii'lice at Cincinnati, O, Cattl*
lotrue free.
The Norse School of Telegraphy
fi'ii'liiniiti, Ohio.
Atlanta, dm.
RufMii, N. Y.
l.ltCt-esse, Win.
Sun FrutieLco, Cal.
Graaplnv the Situation.
"I want to see the man of tbe house,"
said the fakir to the red haired lad;
wbo opened tbe door.
"Do you want to see the man 6f th*
house or tbe boas of the house?" Inquired the latter, wltb energy.
'1 guess It's yon I want to see,
leddy," responded the fakir, wltb Quick
apprehension. '
A man applied for an engagement tt
I theater.
"I Inclose yon a newspaper cutting,"
he wrote, "to show you that I have
aptitude for the stage." The cutting
was as follows: "The prisoner, who
denied the assault, conducted his own
case and defended himself in a manner somewhat dramatic."
Ana It'll Easier.
"I understand tbat there la a method
by which any short person may become tall."
"May be ao. There are certainly
methods by which tall persona may become short"
All ■ataa-at Otherwise.
Greene—The Immortal bard says, "All
the world's a atage." Brown—Nevertheless I haven't been able yet to find
a stage for any one of the ten or a
dozen plays I have written.
It taken modern material to do up-
to-date work. The Sun job department is kept strictly up-to-date.
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the City Hurbcr Shop on Riverside.
Baths 25c.
The ffirawTMek.
Tbe Rider Matron—Yon shouldn't
mind tbe baby crying a little. It
strengthens his lungs. Tbe Younger
Matron—Oh, no doubt, but It weakens
hts father's religion so.
The pftf i
A PRK8H ST'   '!< OF
Cigars and
of its kind itl 'he city.
Dealers    in   All    Kinds    of
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can guarantee you satisfaction,
and our prices are right. Call
and inspect our goods.
Geo. Taylor
All Orders Given Prompt and Careful
Geo. Taylor
General Contr.actor.
Hu\i ijr established a completer**- Hur -em
Shop at Midway, fully equipped in every
renpeot, we nre prepared to undertake
any kind of worU
On the Shortest Notice
We have purchased the entire stoek of
K. Halberg, of Greenwood, and have
added the same to our already large and
complete assortment.
Will receive our prompt attention.   Wu
are specially prepared to deal with mail
order business, and to guarantee satisfaction.
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
and From All Trains
Telephone A129
—^— i.
Claims and Atompmshments—
We do more thnn just promise you
good printing—we tlo the printing
that's up to our promises. Any olliee
cub can promise—we execute. No
disappointment-—if we promise work
on n date, it's done at that time.
We Province Hotel
Renovated Throughout and Entirely Refurnished,
NtJlnr      Oi    tnl    |,,ir*t-,'1'ls*' l'"'u''*   by <%, week
:**---^--^^^^^^^^^S===   or    ith.     .Special   rates  to
'     ""J    =*=**s*-==-=== H(,endy   boarders.    The  finest
furnished rooms in the eity.    American nnd European plans.
Late of Winnipeg Hotel
The new edition nf the COPPEH  HOOK
lists and describes 3811 copper mines uud
copper milling properties, in nil purts uf the
world, covering the globe, these descriptions ranging from two lines
to'12 pages in length, according to irapoitunce of the mines. The
, descriptions are not padded, hut give facts in' the most concise form.
There are also fifteen miscellaneous chapters, devoted to the History,
Uses, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy,
Metallurgy, Finances and Statistics pf Copper, rendering the volume
a veritable encyclopedia of the subject of copper and everything pertaining to the metjil. It is the world's standard Reference Hook on
Every Miner, Prospector, Investor,  Hanker  and  Broker needs tliu
book.    Price is 85 in Buckram binding with gilt lop,   or  $7.80 int,
full library morocco, and the book, in either  binding,   will he  sen-
on approval, to any address in the world, to be paid for if found satisfactory, or may be returned within a week of     HORACE J. STEVENS,
receipt and the charge cancelled.    Address the 3(i Postoffice Block,
Author anil Publisher. Houghton, Mioh., U.S.A.
A woman never makes so many excuses to her company for the looks of
the house as she does just after she
has spent two days getting it ready.
One must do business with a man
and be in love with a woman to know
them both perfectly, and even then
they are liable to have you guessing.
Perhaps you never had the pleasure
of meeting the best man that ever
lived, but if you marry a widow you
are sure to hear of him frequently.
The parents of a pretty and rich
girl refused to let her best young man
come around to the house. That settles it—they will get married.
It is simply a waste of time to argue
politics, as the other fellow knows you
are in the wrong, just as well as you
know that he isn't in the right.
Nothing can exceed the intense affection which a girl deals out to her
father for a day or two bef re tie
time when she asks for a new dress.
A "medium" has had a long interview with the spirit of old Adam, and
reports that Adam still blames the
whole business on little Eve.
The persons who declare that they
can tell a man's character by the color
of his hair, get left when they run
against a baldheaded man.
Marrying a man to reiorm him is
like putting a hog into the parlor to
clean him. It doesn't help the hog
and damages the parlor.
It is a wonderful consolation to a
man, when he is in trouble, to tell
him that you hope it will prove a valuable and lasting lesson.
Too many people are more exercised
about what is going to be done with
them hereafter than what they do
with themselves here.
The single man who never takes his
mother or sisters to a show is very indignant when lie sees a married man
there by himself.
Nobody worfies ahout the lie he
isn't caught in.
The Lion Bottling Works are selling Gooderhain ,fc \\ ort's Rye Whiskey, the best rye whiskey in Canada,
for $3.00 per gallon.
A Complete Line of lflOo Models.
Second-hand wheels always on
hand,   and   will  be  sold cheap.
GEO. CHAPPLE,    Opposite Postoffice
ii the only route of the faraoui and
St. Paul, Dulutli, St. Louis,
Kansas City, Spokane
Pacific Coast Points
Excellent Train Service
High Class Equipment
Fast Schedules
A. O. P. A., Gen. Airt.,
Portland,Ore.    Spokane, Wash
0'     \V. H. Ude,
Traveling Passenger Airenl,
Spokaim, Wash.
Bicyci.es and Repaid' Work—A
complete line of 1905 models. £j A few
second-hand wlieels cheap. Winds
to rent. Geo. Ciiapple, opposite
Postoffice, First street.
pRINTS all the news of the
Boundary, and prints it
while it is news. It is the
on'.V twice-a-week paper published in Southerft British
Columbia. It is not owned
or o introllod by a clique of
politicians! to further their
own ambitions aims; nor by
a combination of merchants
to be useiiusa means of lauding their own wares, to the
detriment of their rivals.
Till-: Sun is the sole property of its publisher, and no
one else has any riglit to dictate its policy. It is printed in the interest of Grand
Forks and surrounding district, When its editor believes he is right, lie speaks
right out. He does not
have to consult half-a-dozen
different parties about what
he intends to say.
Everybody in Grand Forks '
reads Tin-; Sun twice a week.
Its out-of-town circulation is
large, and is rapidly increasing. It is therefore the host
advertising medium in the
$1 Pen Year1
Foo Lee       i
Synopaia of Regulations Goverrilnic
the Disposal of Dominion Lands
within the Rail-way Belt in
the Province of British
ALICENSUto out timber can be acqulreil
only at public competition. A rental of
•95 |,«>i- t-qunre mile ii-ii-lnn'nt'ii for all timber
Berths flXQoptlllx tho***- situated West of Yale,
fur which the rental in at the rate of fi cent*
per acre per annum.
In u'ltlitloii to the rental, dues at the foi-
low hit*; rates are charged:—
Sawn lumber. SO centu per thousand feet
Railway tlei, -Ijrht and nine feet long, 1?*;
and P.i rents eaoh,
Sliiiiyl'' holts, 2ft cents a cord.
All other produets, ft per cent, ou the tales.
A lii-eiiM*  is Issued so soon as a berth li
Emitted, but In uusiirveyed territory no timer can lie cut ou a berth until the licence
1ms made a survey thereof.
Permith to cut timber are also wanted at
public competition, except in   the case of
actual settlers, who require the timber for
their own use.
Settlers and others may alMO obtain permits
] to out up to IU) cords of wood for sale with*
| out competition.
The dues payable under a permitare4fl.no
j per thousand feet B.M,, for square timber
1 and saw loirs of any w<>nd except oak; from ■-.
■ to V-i cents per Hneal foot for building lops;
I from \2\<i to tft cents per cord for wood; 1 cent
1 for fence posts; 3 cents for railway ties; and
1 fiO cents per cord on shingle bolts.
.   Leases for grazing purposes   are  issued
{ for a term of twenty-one years at a rental of
1 two cents an acre per annum.
I Coal hinds may be purchased at (10 per acre
for soft coal and $20 for anthracite. Not more
j than 320 acres may be acquired by one indi
j vldual or company,
j    Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton of
' 2,000 pounds Is collected on the gross output.
■ Entries for laud for agricultural purposes
may he made personally at the local laud
office for the district in which the hind to be
taken Is situated, or if thc homcsteuder desires, he may, on application to the Minister
of the Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner
. of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the local
agent for the district within which the land
I Is situated, receive authority for some one
to mnke entry for him.
■ A fee of $10 is charged for a homestead
I entry.
I A settler who has received an entry fur a
homestead, fo required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one of the
I following plans:
(1) A* leant six months'residence upon and
cultivation of the land to each year during
the term of three years,
It is the practice of thc Department to re
I quire a settler tu bring IS acres under cultivation, but if he ureters he may substitute
I stock; and 20 head of cattle, to tn* actually
|hls own property, with buildings for their
accommodation, will be accepted instead of
1 the cultivation.
! (2) it father (or mother, if the father is de-
; ceased) of uuy person whit is eligible to make
' a homestead entry uuder tiie provisions of
: the Act, resides upoti u farm in the vicinity
' of the laud entered for by hucIi persons ns a
' homestead, the requirements of the Act ns to
residence prior to obtaining patent may be
sat is tied by suoh person residing with the
I father or mother.
(3) If tiie settler haB his permanent residence upon fanning hind owned by him in
the vicinity uf hi*: homestead, the require-
I incuts of the Act as to residence may he Mit is-
: lied by residence upon the said land.
Application for a patent should be made at
thc end of three yenrs before the local agent,
, sub-agent or a home-lead inspector.
hefore making 1111 application for a patent,
the settler must give six months' notice iu
writing to the t'omniis-ioner of Dominion
bands at Ottawa, of his intention tn do so.
W. \\7 CORY,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
j   Ottawa, February-Hli, 1908
Dr Follick   RAINEY'S
Cigar* Store
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental
Office over Morri-
Plume 27. son's Jewelry Store
Pimxn A78 Guano Foiuci
A •election made from our
Catalogue will be delivered at
your door at precisely tha
lame cost lo you as if purchased in person at our store.
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Piling, Hiin Repairing, Manufacturer of Screen Doom and
First Street
(irand Forks, IU.
ol " They Take First Rank
Aniongst the Best"
"The Accident and Sick Policies of \tlie Canadian Casualty and
Boileb Insurance Company are sellers. Thev are greatly in demand nt their agencies in all parts of Canada. The contracts are
concise, clean apd'without ambiguity nnd practically without a condition. They take first nink amongst the hest selling in Canada
today."—Extract from Money and Hisks, 'toruiito.
P. T. McCALLUM, Local Agent
Pacific hotel
orr. c.r.R. station
First-Class In Every Respect.
Sample Rooms for Commercial
Hot and Cold Baths.
I . ' Finest Brands of Wines,
M.-uors and Cigars.
p. i>. Mcdonald, Prop.
and look over his stoek. It is not neeessury lo
leave an order. No one will ask you to do so, hut
thegoods will exert a very strong pressure. This is
a very well seleeted stoek of very handsome goods
uf seasonable weights and stylish designs. Under
the skilful hands of our
Expert Tailors
these goods are made up into 1 erfeet, dressy and
high-class suits.
SSeo. E. Hassle
Gr-ind   Porks. B. C.
Finest Furniture
A   large   consignment
of  Lounges,    Dining-room
Chairs, Tables and Sofas jnsl
arrived.    Call and   inspect
them.   Also a stock of Blan
kets, Quilts, Pillows, etc., to
>e sold  at greatly  reduced
irices.   See our display ol
White Bros. S£..ar"
Careful attention
given to
Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.
Bridge Sireet Grand Forte,
THI objoct of th* Laagua la te oducata Oanadlana how beat te
apply tha Oanadlan Preference eentlment. Membera ef the
League are expected,, when making; purchase*, te give preference to the produota ef Oanada and te all artlolea ef Oanadlan
manufacture, whan the quality I* equal and tha coat not In exceee
of that of similar foreign produota or manufactured articlaa. Each
member la also oxpootod to give preference to Oanadlan labor and
to thle country'^ oducatjon.il and financial institutions. A monthly
Journal will be published In tho Intoreete of the League and mailed
te each mombor. The annual memberehlp fee and eubeorlptlon
for the Journal le SI.03.
Room 20, Home Lifo BL-;ldl.,*-, Toronto
Pleaae enroll my namo 09 a mombor of tho Canadian Preference
Leaprue.   Encloaed loSl.no, my mnmborohip fee nnd subscription for
one yoar to "OANADA FIRST," the Journal of Tho Canadian Proforonco
(Name) Mr., Mre., Mlae	
P.O. Addroee-
Tlie following table gives the ore
1905, and for the past week:
Granby Mines, Phoenix	
Snowshoe. Phoenix	
Mother I.ode, Deadwood	
Bniiiklyii-Steinwindei',  Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Su,nset, Deadwood 	
Mountain Rose! Summit	
Athelstiin-.Iaekpiit, Wellington	
I'ninklyii-Sti'iiiwinder dump, Phoenix.
Morrison, Deadwood	
I!. C. Mine. Sinuiiiil	
R, Bell, Summit	
Imiihiii. Summit	
Oro Denoro, Summit Camp	
Senator,  'iiiiiinit Camp	
Prey Fng'e, Summit Camp	
No. 37, Summit Camp	
Reliance, Summit	
Snl-phur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wei lii.gt on	
King Solomon W. Copper	
Xo. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central	
■lewel. Long Luke	
Carmi, West Pork	
■'rovidi'iiee, (-Ireenwood	
Blkbui;n, Greenwood	
Skylark, Skylark Camp .'	
Last Chance, Skylark Camp	
!•". P. V. Mine, Skylark Camp	
iiiiby, Boundary Falls	
shipments of Boundary mines for   1900, 1901,  1983, 1903,   1904,
WOO        1901. 1902.         1903
64,583   231,762 309,8.r>**.     393,181
297        1,721 20,800       74; 212
5,340     99,034 141,32(1     138,079
1,200 580
19,494     47,405
1906   Past Week
519,305     16,936
145,929 8,904
45,199 300
16,100 .
7,816 90
2,904 60
Total, tons. '. .-... 99,730
Iranby Smelter treated   62,387
ll. C. Copper Co.'s Smelter'treated	
Montreal & Boston Co.'s Smelter treated     	
390,000 507,545
230.828 312,340
117,611   ' 148,600
684,961 827,348 752,686
401,921 596,252 531,714
162,913 209.637 167,184
123,570 30,930 71,433
In Ihe Navy 46 Tears.
Rear-Admiral U. T. Grenfell, C. M.
G., who has been appointed to succeed Kcar-Admiral It. N. Constance
with the Mediterranean fleet, has
been in tho navy for 4(5 years. As
commander of the Cockntrice ho did
good work during the Egyptian war
of 1882, and he gained the U.M.G.
for his services in Crete five yearr.
ago. The Telegraph recalls an incident of the time when Gronrell was
serving as captain of the battleship
Bonbow. Tho ship's boys were ordered to batho in Plyinouth Sound.
Otic of them got .into diliicultit'S, and
Captain Grehfell, as he then was,
and Commander Wells, his chief executive officer, afterwards head of the
London lire brigade, and now chief
agent of the Conservative party, immediately jumped in to the rescue.
Swimming; for Solillci-4.
Many valuable lives would certainly be saved annually if swimming
formed a portion of the national curriculum for soldiers. During tho
bathing season there were several
fatal accidents to soldiers whose
lives would have been saved could
they have swum a few yards. During the South African war there was
a case of a retreating detachment
which could not fetch a boat from
the other side on an unfurdablo
stream, although no enemy but the
water offered opposition. A couple
of fair swimmers could have performed the service with ease, and, the river being narrow, the little command
would have been ferried over before
the pursuing Boers arrived on the
scene.—London Globe.
Her New Name.
"We've got a fine new talking machine up at our house." "That so?
Kun by a spring?" "No, by air. It's
a girl baby."—Melbourne Weekly
Rain Never Stops.
There is a group of islands to the
south of New Zealand called the Sisters, or Seven Sisters, which are reputed to be subjects to a practically
•■oiiBtant rainfall. The same may be
Raid of the islands and mainland of
Terra del ITuego, except that the rain
often takes the form of sleet and
snow, tin a line running round the
world from 4 degrees to 8 degrees or
i) degrees there arc patches over
whfch rain seldom censes to fall.
This is called thi* "zone of constant
precipitation," but at the same timo
there are sovoral localities along it
with very little rainfall.
H- Knew Wlmt Wan 'limit.
Guest.—Walter, bring mo a tip-top
dinner. You know whnt that moans,
don't you?. Walter.—Yes, sir. It'i
ine that you top off with a tip.—
Sydney Town and Country Journal,
Trade Mark*
... Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketch slid description may
Quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is prohnhly piilL'i.tnhteiCnniniunlra-
tlonsBinctIycnnSden...ii. HANDBOOK on Patents
sent fveo. oldest aacti' • l.irsecurMBPatentii.
Pntonts taken tfirucjh Milim A Co. receive
l*,rrl,il nolle**, without oiiareo, III the
Scientific American.
A hRnrlnnniPl-f lllnatrntcrt wenkly. Lnrneat elf-
cnlntl-iu <>f nny B^toni Ihe Journal, Terms, S3 a
: foiirmontbB,»l. Sold byall newsdealers.
..:"! & Co.3e,Br»"l"»*'New York
Branch Office. C25 F ft., Washington, D, C.
You consider
that   a   poorly
printed job costs
just as much as
one that  pre
sents a neat and
tasty     appear
ance, do you not
think that your
business    de-
mands 1
:he latter kind ?
Good Printing—the kind we do—is in itself
an advertisement, and a trial order will conyince
you that uur stuck and workmanship are of the
hest.    Let un estimate on your order.    We guar
antee satisfaction.
Columbian wanted
Provides a Home fur   Students   of
both sexes at reasonable rates.   Has a
Preparatory   Class   for   Junior Students doingPublio School work. Is doing   High   Sohool   work,  confers  all
High Sohool  privileges, nnd propariii
for Teachers' Examinations.    Teaches
all branches of a  thorough   Practical '
Business Course, and grants Diplomas.
Gives a Liberal Education in its own!
Collegiate Course, and iii tho Lad es' j
College Course  for  the   degrees i of j
M.E.L.  arid  M.L.A.    In University j
work, the  Arts  Course can now   he j
taken in Columbian College,  and   the
B.A. degree  obtained  from  Toronto
University,   with   which  the  College
is in full   itfliliation.    In   Theology
prepares for the degree of S.T.L. and
For fuller information, and terms,
Rev. W.J. Sipprell, B. A., B.D.,
or Hev. J. Bowell. Bursar.
For   Grand   Forks   and surrounding terHtnry to represent
Newest varieties and specialties in Hardy Fruits, Small
Fruits, Shrubs, Ornamentals,
and Hoses. A periiianeat
situation, and territory reserved for the right man.
Pay weelky, Handsome outfit; free. Write for particulars and Mend '25 cents for our
poeket microscope, just the
tiling to use in examing trees
and plants for insects.
(Over 800 Acres)
TORONTO,     *    *     -    ONTARIO
Getyour wedding invitations printed
at The Sun olliee. We have the closest
script type imitation of a steel engraving made.


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