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The Evening Sun Dec 15, 1905

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Fifth Year-No. 14
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, December 15,1905
Issued Twice a Week
To Hotels Ara Granted by the
Grand Forks City Commissioners
Saloons  Will. Be a Thing of
the Past After 15th of
Next Month
The board of license commissioners
for the city of Grand Forks met in
the city hall on Wednesday afternoon
and granted licenses for the ensuing
term of six months. - As there were
only eight licenses to be granted
among fourteen or fifteen applicants,
they had a rather difficult task to
perform, and it required on adjourned
meeting Thursday afternoon to finish
the business.
At the first day's session licenses
were granted to the Yale, Winnipeg,
Province, Granby, Pacific-Md Queen's,
and the applications of the Grand
Forks and the Square »ere refused.
This left two licenses to be disposed of
at the meeting on Thursday. There
were four applicants for these two
licenses'—Fraser of tne Windsor, Rus-
sel of the Victoria, Manly of the
Club, and Traunweiser of the Alberta.
The coininisioners finally decided in
favor ofthe Windsor and the Alberta.
There was some lively discussion
among the applicants at both sessions.
David Whiteside appeared for the
Club, W. B. Cochrane for the Square
and Grand Forks, and A. C. Sutton
for the Victoria, and all three did
their best for their clients.
One of the commissioners this
evening stated the reason the Alberta
hod had been selected in.preference
to the Club or Victoria, waa that Mr.
Traunweiser had demonstrated to the
board that his license for the Yale is
practically valueless to him. The Alberta, it is said, is in first-closs condition, possessing all the requirements
necessary to qualify as an hotel. The
license for tio house has been kept
up since the place was closed.
Messrs. Manly and Russell naturally feel rather sore over the action
of the board. Mr. Manly's friends
assert that if the Club hod been
given a license Grand Forks would
soon have had another first-class hotel,
and the followers of Mr. Russell claim
that lie was entitled to a license on
tho ground that he has expended
about §7000 ou the Victoria since
purchasing it.
There was some talk last night
among the defeated applicants of testing the validity of the new liquor
license by-law in the courts.
To the Editor of The Sun.
DEAR Sin:—I regret having nny
differences with Mr. Burrell, for I
have always felt disposed to be
friendly towards him, reserving the
latitude allowed to friends in party
politics. Yet, I have a reputation
at stake, and I leave it to your readers to deeide if it is not as well worth
protecting as that of the accuser.
Although the controversy .provoked by Mr. Burrell regarding the
salary question is still continued in
the Gazette, the last attempt is so
vague that it only calls for a very
short reply.
Inasmuch as there has been no
other excuse or reason offered for
the unjustifiable scoring of my action within the last year, I am forced
to the conviction that, unless Mr.
Burrell has been made a catspaw of,
the reason suggested in my letter of
the 2nd Jnst. is tho correct one.
Especially, in view of the excuse
offered by Mr. Burrell for not criti
cising the same action last year,
"That he was not connected with
the Gazette at that time.'' Are we to
infer from that thnt no one is entitled to crificise public affairs except the editor of the Gazette? That,
excuse might be accepted in Russia,
but in a free and enlighteded country, where every ratepayer is at liberty to pass a fair, honest criticism
on the action of public servants, such
an excuse will not do. Of course,
the press i3 a powerful weapon in tho
hands of an able critic, and the
value of being connected with it, for
pulling even (if one is disposed to
use it for such purpose) cannot be
overestimated. Yet the people pf
this country are too 'ar advanced in
civilization to allow any editor to
monopolize the criticising business.
Mr. Burrell is satifled to let the
ratepayers draw their own conclusions from the reports—and, by the
way, I have found no fault with thc
reports, but only with his unjust or
misleading comments nnd criticisms
on the reports—and judging from
the conclusions drawn in the last
issue of the Gazette, I have no doubt
that any citizen of ordinary intelligence can draw conclusions fully ns
logical as the Gazette does; so thnt i
Mr. Burrell had accorded this privilege to the ratepayers sooner, it
might have been better for himself
and the Gazette.
I agree with Mr. Burrell that the
question at issue is the mayor's and
aldermen's salaries, and I see no
excuse for resorting to the old worn-
out argument of personal abuse in
this controversy, as found in Mr.
Burrell's editorial in the Gazette of
the 25th ult., and other attacks of
a milder form prior to that date. In
my former letter I adhered strictly
to the question at issue, and referred
to Mr. Burrell's qualification to show
that if reports are correct, he wrongfully and inconsistently accepted
the mayor's salary when he was not
legally qualified to hold the position. And notwithstanding Mr.
Blirrell's explanation of his qualification, the fact still remains, thirt
after his term he (Mr. Burrell) told
the assessor to reduce the valuation
of the property on which hequalified,
and to again assess it to the former
owner. The result is that, according to the city books, Mr. Burrell is
not the assessed owner of a single
dollar's worth of real estate in the
We can scarcely believe that a
law-abiding, intelligent citizen like
Mr. Burrell can bo serious when he
says he has sufficient interest to
qualify him, in properties held by
and assessed to others. Mr. Burrell
must certainly know that thc law
does not recognize such qualification.
It is pretty generally conceded
that Mr. Burrell provoked this controversy without any cause, and if
he wants to continue it he should
answer the leading question explicitly and without equivocation. Yours
truly. Neil McCallum.
Scare Over the  Appearance
of Glanders Is Now on
the Wane
is being held in Midway today. The
■nembera of the board from this city
are E. Miller and M. D. White.
fraternal Order of   Eagles
Elect Officers for Ensuing Term
The scare over the appearance of
glanders among the horses in this
vicinity last week is subsiding, as
no new cases have been discovered
since three animals were destroyed a
fewdays ago. The general impression
is that the disease has been stamped
out by the prompt measures taken
by Dr. Frank, Dominion veterinary
Hot wienerwurst and saurkraut
lunch at The Club next Saturday
The Fraternal Order of Eagles, at
their meeting last Monday night,
elected the following officers for the
ensuing term: Worthy president,
H. B. Cannon; vice-president; Jas.
Kiddle; chaplain, Martin Dufour;
secretary, I*ci> Mader; treasurer,
Peter A. Z. Pare; conductor, John
Gilmuur; inside ■ guardian, Alex
Mackintosh; outside guardian, Tuck
Harper; trustees, \V. B. Cochrane,
Martin Dufour, Chas. Peterson; aerie
physician, Dr. Dickson. The
installation will take place on the
2nd of January.
Miss M. McNu'tt, of the staff of
public "school teachers, who wns re-
ported ns critically ill in our last
issue, is slightly belter, aim this
evening Dr. Kingston thought her
chances ol recovery were fair.
Joe Feeney, of this city, employed
at the Granby mines in Phoenix,
fell down a 20-foot deep shaft on
Wednesday. He was slightly bruised
and badly shaken up, otherwise he
sustained no serious injuries.
Munlock McGillivray, Smelter
Employee, Picked Up in
Bad Condition
Jns. Harris, formerly of this city,
but now a resident of Phoenix, wus
a Grand Forks visitor yesterday.
The high school pupils will be given
a holiday on Monday next, as Principal Clark is to conduct entrrnce examinations on that day,
A New Westminster dispatch
states that Pfesident Hendry, of the
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern railway, has announced that the new
road wijl cross the Hope mountains
near Hope, B. C, following the
Fraser river down to Sumas, where
an important railway center will be
established, then along the line of
the old Yale road. The new line
will go to Cloverdale and connect
with the Great Northern railway. It
has long been the hope of the people
of Vancouver that the Vancouver,
Victoria & Eastern would cross the
Fraser near Hope and connect with
the Vancouver, New Westminster it
Yukon at the north end of the
Squamish, but the present announce
ment downs all such hopes. The
country around Harrison lake is
rough, which has evidently proved
the objectionable feature.
Coroner's Inquest Adjourned
Till Next Monday Evening
The returns from Saskatchewan
are still incomplete, but a victory
for the Liberal government is now
fairly well assured. It is claimed
that Premier Scott will have 16 of
the 25 seats in the new legislature.
F. C. Gamble, chief engineer of
the lands and works department of
British Columbia, arrived in the
Boundary yesterday from'Victoria.
Geo. Taylor, the contractor, was
this week awarded the contract for
cutting two uiilliou feet of sawlogs
for the Kettle River Lumber company. The logs will ' he cut
from the timber limitf up the North
The social given at the homo of
Mrs. Thomas Mclntyre last Tuesday evening, under tho auspices of
Knox Church Sunday school*.for
the purpose of raising funds for n
children's Christinas tree, was very
largely attended, and wns a social
and financial success.
Unfortunately Put Mitchell is not
one of the Grand Forks coal barons,
and is therefore Compelled to buy
his coal by the sack.
Fred Starkey, the well known
commission merchant and politician
of Nelson, was a guest the Yale last
The statutory quarterly meeting
of tho board of license commissioners for the Boundary Creek district
Hot wienerwurst and saurkraut
lunch at The Club next Saturday
The Elks have a reputation for doing things well, but last night's entertainment was away ahead of anything
else they have ever done. The first
part of the program was sustained by
the Folmatier Sisters, a quintette of
charming young ladies, of the highest
musical talent, assisted by Mr. C. W.
Hitchcock, whose dramatic recitals
and impersonations were a thing to
lie remembered, The concert was given
in the reading room of the clab, which
was tastefully decorated with Union
Jacks, (lowers nnd palms. The program waa a musical treat in every
nuniher.—Winnipeg Free Press, Nov.
llth. At tiie Grand Forks opera
house, Thursday evening Dec. 21st.
Methodist Church—Services next
.Sabbath at usual hours. Morning
subject "Tiie Sword of the Lord and
Gideon;" evening, "Church Federation." Everybody welcome. E,
Manuel, pastor.
More Deadly Than Fa mine
Neglected catarrh sooner or later
causes consumption which destroys more
human beings than figniue and war
combined, The way Catarrhozone
cures catarrh is vrry, very simple; il
lirst kills the germs tlmt cause the ii-
ritution; then by soothing away the
congestion and inflammation it cures
the discharge, hawking und dropping
in the throat. "I suli'cred so continually from nasal catarrh," writes Ernest R. Dakin of Koseinont, "that I
scarcely knew what it wns to be free
from headache and pains over theeyes.
Catarrhozone relieved meat once und
mude a thorough cure." No other
remedy cures like Catarrhozone—try
it for your next cold. Sold by ull
On Wednesday morning Murdock
McGillivray, who has been employed
at the Granby smelter for a couple of
years, was found near the Club saloon, either dead or iu a dying condition. The story of the finding of the
man, as told a Sun reporter by the
chief of police, is as follows:
"At about 2:,I0 o'clock Wednesday
morning Martin Dufour, night bur-
tender at the Club, came nnd notified
me that he hud just closed up his
place and that he had put a man out
who was too much under the Influence
of liquor to take cure of himself, and
that I had better lock him up or he
woald freeze to death, I walked
bock to the saloon with Martin, and
we found the man in the lattice work
on the west side of the building. Wc
picked him up and tried to make liiin
walk to the station, hut he whs us
limp as a i"ag. Finally we had to literally curry him to the city hull. I put
my hand buck of his neck, und fell
that it was warm. As we lifted hiin
up, the man gave a sort of a grunt.
When we got' to the city hull I examined him more closely. I told
Martin I believed the man wus dead,
and we decided to send for Ur. Kingston. When the doctor nrrived he
confirmed my * suspicions. The man
hnd been on a protracted Spree. He
had $2 in cash and an insurance polioy
in the Independent Order of Foresters
on his person. These! turned themover
to the public administrator."
McGillivray wus about 40 years of
age, and has lived in this city about
two years.    He was a  native of  Ap-.
pie Hill, Glengary eounty Ontario,
I)eceas"d recently joined the Federal Labor Union, and he wus to huve
been buried under the auspices of thut
i rganization tomorrow, but the coroner has ordered u postponement of
the funeral.
To lay Coroner Kingston summoned a jury, and an inquest wns
held over the remains this forenoon.
After hearing evidence, un adjourn**
ment wns taken until 8 o'clock this
afternoon. At the evening meeting
the jury again failed to bring in a ver-
dicl, but adjourned till 8 o'clock
Monday night, in order to gain additional data concerning the death of
Mi*. MoGillivruy, The members of
the jury are: A, O, Morrison, foreman; G. J. Hayward, T. .1. Benninger, Donald McCallum, Stanley
Davis uml T. J. Gould.
Head The Sun—* 1.00 per yeap.
Holiday Excursions
The Grent Northern railway has an** .
tiounced a low round-trip excursion
rate, first-eluss, from ull Boundary
points to Montreal and all eastern
Cunudu points. Fare from Grand
Forks to Montreul, $77,CO,* with corresponding rates from ull Boundary
towns to ull eastern points. Tickets
will he on sule up to, und including,
December Blst. For further information apply to H, Sheedy, Local Agent,
Grand Forks, B. C. ®t
:"=\) a=z
Loose Leaf Systems
"tliere are very few Iwfiness houses today which do
not use some linn of Lime Leaf System ill one or more
departments, lis itis l'egarded ns un absolute necessity
hy progressive business linns.
** Tlio advantages of liie boose beat'System ure now
w ill known, and permit of adaptability to meet to best
advantage changing colidit.ons. It j mints the greatest
amount of information to be kept in condensed ionu, iu
tiie least time, und the most uccourute manner.
"[[Accounts nml records of all kindscun lie kept by this
system in any business, lurge or small, with equal advantage.
^Investigate the Simplex Loose Leaf Symtem. It is
the cheapest and best.
all!.-* -Ebintmn §un
I  .       Not Sleeping Well
Without   sleep   there  can   be   no
: bodily or mental   vigor,  consequently
Piibllshod at Qriuid fforlin,iirltul, Columbia, sleeplessness* is a dangerous condition.
Bvorv Tuesday „ , I BYlday lSveimig-ii.      i XT   ', . ,   ° .
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BUiiBoiuraioN hates : ' the nerves hardy, completely   rebuilds
■in Your     .    *1.50 the system.    The cause  of   sleepless
i Your (In advtulQOJ
1 .Oil
A,lv,„,Ui„,.,,„„t„r„l».,fi,l,>„„1,„il,,,ti„„.  nes*i is removed-health is resteied-
bpirnl imtlcu, in nml r, opiita ntr Hue. you ean work, eat, sleep—feel like new
addt'eiU all ('nmiiilliiit.iltlons to ; „c.  ..••„!? t-.Ii.       l'   a.
Thk Bvesino Sus,     j 7ft" uslng Ferrozone. Den't put oil—
I'Mi-iKii-i                  grand Poiiks, n.c.  Ferrozone costs 50c  per   box   at  all
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FUlli.W.   DECEMBER 15. IA05
The Sun desires to draw special
attention to thc fact that none of
the aldermen who profess to be in
favor of lower salaries—or no salaries
M a|i—voted for the Slot) amendment a the lust council, meeting.
Speaking of whnt a newspaper
does for thc community, United
States Senator David Davis, of Illinois, made an address that remains
ever green in the memories of the]
newspaper men. He said: "Every
year every local newspaper gives
from 500 to 5000 free lines for the
benefit of the community in which
il is located. No other agency can
do this. The editor, in proportion
to his means, does more for his own
town than any other man. He ought
to be supported; not because you
happen to like him or admire his
writing, but because a loeal paper is
the best investment a community
can make. It may not be crowded
with great thought, but financially
it is of more benefit than both
preacher and teacher. Today editors do more for less pay than any
man on earth. Patronizo your home
paper, not as a charity, but as an
Croup Is Deadly!
It must be stopped quickly. Noth-
in" so sure as Nerviline. Give it internally and rub it on chest and
throat—croup soon vanishes. No
doctor can write a more efficient prescription than Poison's Nerviline,
which reaches the trouble and cures
quickly. Tho marvelous power of
Nerviline *ill surprise you; it's the
best" household remedy for coughs,
colds, sore chest, croup, and internal
pain of overy kind. Lurge bottles
have been sold by all dealers for nearly fifty years at 25c.
"The Polmatier siBters, who ap
peared at Stone's Music Hall last
evening, presented an unique entertainment, which included all the
elements of a first-class musical entertainment, witb a bright concert
flavor. Their program consisted of
soprano, cornet, and trombone solos, quintettes, vocal and instrnnien
tal trios, and were tendered in a
style quite refreshing and picturesque garbed in costume. Mr. Chas.
W. Hitchcock in his dramatic monologues is worthy of special mention,
as his work is clean and up-to-date
in every respect, and showed for itself by the numerous encores he received.    It is hoped that the music-
oving people of Faigo may have an
opportunit to her this excellent company again in the near future, and
it is safe to say that the "standing
room only" sign will be very much
in evidence."—Fargo (N. D.) Daily
Call, Oct. 8th.    At the Grand Forks
opera house, Thursday, Dec. 21st.
He  Swnwrered  Off  to  Death  aa  Ha
Had Swaggered Through Lit*.
The O'Gorman Million was about
eighty yeurs of age when I met him
tor the first time. One could still see
what a lion of a man he had been. He
was over six feet high. He hud still
nu Immense mane of snow white hulr,
and he had a long, white beard. The
face was loug and horse shaped, the
eyes were still bright nnd fierce nnd
defiant, nnd the voice had a deep note
like tho roar of nu enraged Uou. The
O'Gorman Mahon was the very plrik
of old fashioned courtesy, but one
could easily see whnt n man he had
been. He wns thc great duelist of hts
dny, n survival of tho squires who
live In the pages of the chroniclers of
Ireland before the Onion. He hud
been out dozens If uot scores of times,
and there wns a story of his fighting
some three duels nil lu a morning.
• It wns curious that he stuck to the
old dueling gospel to the end. t never
snw ti man so disgusted ns he wus
when he found that Mr. Parnell would
uot send a challenge to Sir Williiiin
Iliircourt for some Insulting langunge
which Sir William had used to the
Irish chief. I can still recall the scene.
It took place at one of the tables In
the tenroom of the bouse of commons.
The old warrior turned up nt the consultation, looking almost radiant. He
sniffed the dueling ground from afar.
Some two or three of the then young
colleagues of Parnell were present,
and this idea of a challenge appeared
to their modern minds, of course, as
something grotesque. But The O'Gorman Mahon had come In perfect faith
that a duel was a certainty, and hi)
long, horse shaped face became visibly
longer as Parnell calmly said that ha
did not regard dueling as rational or
necessary. The old gentleman was toe
polite to express his real feelings, but
the pained silence which followed the
announcement of Parnell sufficiently
revealed what he felt.
During the all night sittings of the
eighties The O'Gorman Million was always In bis place. He made It almost
a point of vanity never to be absent
when any such work was going. Ho
wore the sniue suit of clothes winter
and summer. It was a curious light
colored henvy tweed. Somehow or other It seemed to accord with the white
mnne and the white heard. He also
wns a great smoker, but Instead of a
cigar he used to smoke the democratic
pipe, and, if I mlstnke not, the tobacco
wns both strong and cheap. He could
tell very strnnge titles of the old days
In Ireland and In iminy other parts of
the world too. He hnd fought in some
of the many civil wars of the southern
hemisphere and find ninny marvels to
relate of earthquakes, revolutions nnd
other natural and human phenomena
In those faroff regions.
I was with the gallant old fellow
within a few hours of his death. Ho
died as he had lived. He was full of
the round oaths of the eighteenth century, had his drink to the Inst, joked
about his ninety years, refused nil consolations, temporal or spiritual, and
swaggered off to death as be often bad
done to the dueling ground. He was
tha last of a race.—M, A. P.
The Lion Bottling Works have cut
their price on all case and draught
wines und liquors.
Leave orders for Stove Wood at G.
J. Hayward's.
You're next nt the Palace Barber
Shop, Victoria hotel.
If your wateh needs repairng,
lake it to White Ureos. All work
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to-dute work. The Sun job department is kept strictly up-to-date.
F palm
Confectionery, Fruits,
Cigars and Tobacco.
of its kind iu the city.
treatment should often frequent the
thoroughfare in question nnd If his
companions should not meet with the
entire approval of the detective on
watch then he Is "on the market"—
London Globe.
A genuine Home Lndy Society
Minstrel show will he given the first
week in January. Any lady desiring
to participate in tlio entertainment
kindly . forward name to Prof. Blee,
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If your bowels didn't move for a
week you would lie prostrated. If
more than one day goes by you become languid, blood gets hud, breath
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uche, billiotsness and sick stomach.
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There are still a few cheery, well
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Heavy teaming of all kinds   done
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on H. SHEEDY. Aoent.
S. S. "MINNESOTA" satis from Seattle for tie Orient Feb. I, !9<K
S. S. "DAKOTA" sails from Seattle for the Orient March 12, 1J06
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FINEST BAR IN HIT Lateuf Winnlm* Elotel
Generally the man who bets all of
his mouey on a long shot wins only a
long walk.
Up Salt River.
Of course Salt river scenery
Il hardly passing fair,
But those who ride its dreary title
For scenery don't care.
They're hardly In a frame of mind
Such things as scenic charms to Uml.
If on the banks were meadows,
If cities brave and bright
Btretched far and wide on either aid*
And made a pleasant sight,
Oh, not for them would be tho charm
Of castle tall or pleasant farm.
Those who by Invitation
Upon that trip depart
Do not feel gay or blithe, for they
Have heaviness of heart.
As time rolls wearily away
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quickly aieortiilu our opinion nt-s wether-an
Invention Is probably pnieiiitibto,  ConiuiuiiToH-
*"- ^^^^"^oPatenU
tlniiaR*rlctlycoiifldeiib..il. HAI
sptcial notice, without chnn*o, In the
Scientific American.
A ban linn mnlf HlnntratPtl w-sokly.
mint bm «f any f-r-ltiiillt)-* Journal.
*' - **'  loir     *
I,nree*it clr-
T-tiiih. %.\. a
ear; four months, $L t'olil byall new ml en lor**.
"Brush OQIco. ht K Ht.. Wwliluiiuii", D.1
NI.'IK.K IS1HUKEHY [GIVEN tlmt a upline-
tifin will be mude to tin- *L-**triHliitive Av
Kenibl.Vnf the Province of British Onluinbhi
ut ith next ht'Ksiiin fur a 1'i'lvnle Hill tn
iu.M'ii'1 the "Urntihy Cnio-nlidftted Mlnlntr.
Hmidtlu*--- A Power Company Act, l.<"l," to
phllUffe the dlvjllotl of the authorized cnnl«
tal of tin* coinpany from One .Million, Kive
Hundred Thoinmiid -Imri'K nf the p>ir value
of -i'i.**" per sliare, tnO-ip Hundred and Klfty
Tboiunntl ibarei nf tbe par value of |]0u,00
net* BhnrO(to empower the Director**! of the
Cnini'iin.v to deeta™ dividend-- without referenda to. the shurehold-ir*; to make tho Oom-
pniileeCIauiek.Aet, IHOT. Iiinnpll.-nhle to the
t<oinpiiu,v: to nnipower the Director*** to ult'i
Htttnte for the present, regulations of the
Compnny a net of ll.v-hiws appVoveil hy the
Company in ireuernl meet in w, and to empower tlte Director* f-niu time to time t<>
amend, or repeal, any of the xilmo, anil from
time to time to muhe new Hy-lnws: to enalile
nl the Directors to hold ottt.-.-s nf trust or
profit nailer the Company: and to enable the
Direi'tnrti not only to'fix their remtioeriition
us diri'i'tois, Imt also the other remiinera*
tinu of tlmsf- of their nuniher who muy hold
other offices uuder the Company,
Dated utOrund Porks, 11. <\, this 27th day
of November, A. D. 19(15,
Solicitor for ApplteHnU
Claims and A-xompmshmknth—
Wc do more than just promise you
good printing—we do the printing
that's up to our promises. Any office
cub can promise—we execute. No
disappointment—if we promise work
on a date, it's done at that time.
Harness, Saddlery
Having efetabiUhed & eompletete Harne-iti
Shop ut Midway, fully equipped in aver*,
respeet, we ure prepared ta under takt-
any kind of worly
On the Shortlist Notice
We have purchased the entire 8look of
A. Hal berg, of Greenwood, and have
added the same to our already lurgt- unit
complete assortment.
A PopuUr Train.
A train of thoughts will take a man
farther (or less money than any train
of curs ever built.
To catch atraln of cars a man must
get up before be Is through sleeping,
bolt a hasty breakfast, borrow what
money his wife has been saving tor a
new hat and then make a Dan Patch
run for it.
For a pleasant jaunt on a train ot
thought a man leans back in his easy
chair, closes his eyes and in about halt
a second is over in Asia showing tht
Japanese how to run the war. The
beauty of it is that he cun easily get
buck in lime for dinner; and he always
makes it a point to do so.
When in doubt take a train of
thought, You will find it In every way
superior to u box cur or the blind bag.
Will receive our proniji* attention, W
nre specially prepared to deal witli mil
order Imsinestj, and to glluraul**!* .-..iti-
No Sympathy For Him,
What a joy to presi
the pillow of the
bhatiber cottage bed
And to listen to the
patter of the soft
fidn overhead
As we think of crossings muddy and we
dr. am of gutters
Anil tHo fellow trudging homeward whose
umbrella wo have
Heavy and Light Dray Work
Attended to Promptly
Passengers and Trunks to
and From All Trains
Telephone A120
1   A CM
For Sale
at a
One mile west nf eity. 175
fruit trees mi place;—will bear
next season. " Three - room
house uml '*oikI burn.
Answers to Correspiuideats.
O. O. Ii.—To tell u woman's age for
certain nsfc ber dearest friend and then
subtract three.
Miiyofe.—We cannot tell bow to cure
your corus unless you are more specific
In *-tutIiio' what nils tbem.
Mrs. C—Tin* best way to recover an
old umbrella that we know of is to advertise tor It.
Anxious Wife— Vi'e cull do nothing
for your husband's red nose If he
won't iiuit drinking. Get a red shirt
waist to mutch it and make the best
of It. —
The Lion Bpttliu)* Wftrks are sell
ing Gbpclerham & Wort's live Whiskey, tin1 best rye whiskey in Canada,
for S.'I.O'I per gallon.
liK.YOI.E8   AND   BbPAIII   Woihc—A
complete line of 1005 models. , A few
second-hand wheels cheap, Wheels
to rent. Geo, Ciiai'I'I.i:, opposite
Postollice, First street.
POINTS all the news of tiie
Houiulary, utiil prints it
while it is news, ft is tbe
on y iw ice u -week paper published in Southern Hritish
Columbia. It is not owned
or controlled by a elit|uo of
politicians, to further their
own iimliitioiis iiiins: nor by
u coinbiiiatiou of iiii'i-rhiuit*.
to be iu.eilusu iiu-uhh of Iuilil
ing tbeir own wares, to the
detriment of their rivals.
Tin; Si'N is the sole prop
oi'ty of its publisher, ami no
.one else bus any right to die*
tute its polioy. It is print
ed iu tho interest of Grand
Forks and siiiTiiiiulin,' district. When it(S editor be
lii'ves be is right, he speaks
right out. He dims not
have to consult lialf-u-dozen
different parties about what
he intends to say.
Kverybodv in Grand Forks
reads Till! Six twice a week.
Its out-of-town circulation is
large, anil is rapidly inereus-
ing.    It is therefore the best
advertising medium in the
$1 Per Yea 4"
A Complete Line of 1005 Models.
Seeond-hnnd wheels always on
hand,   and   will   be  sold cheap.
GEO. CHAPPLE,    Opposite Postoffice
Is the only route of the fanmu*. and
St. Paul, DiHuto, St. Louis,
Kansas City, Spokane
Pacific Coast Points
Excellert Train Service
[ Ugh Class Equipment
Fast Schedules
A. D. Charlton,       A. Tinlinh.
A. a. P. A., Gen. Au-t..
I'.iriliinil.Om.    Spokane, Wash
Or     W. H. Ude,
Travel!tig Patsoncer A (rent,
Spuluiti*--, Wash.
tiie DlHposHlofDomlnlon *L,ii nd «
within tiie Railway Belt in
tiie Province <»f Rrltlt-.li
ALtOBNBBto cut timher can he acqiiire-l
onlv at public competition.   A rental of
t6 pap square n»Ue Isouarged for all timher
herth»iexceptio(r thou Mtuatea went of Yam,
for which the rental Ih at the rate of 5 cents
per acre per annum.
In aihliti'Mi to the rental, tluen at the foi*
low hit-' rates are ehunrcil:
Sawn luniher. M eentl per thorn-mnri feet
Uitihvny ti.-s. plgftt ami nine feet Ujilj,-. 1'.;
ana 1% contN each.
shintilL1 bolts, 2ft centi a eord,
All other proiluets, ft per cent, on the «ale».
A lieetiM* Is lssii**-l ho simn ai a berth fo
granted, but In uniiirveyed territory no timher ean be Oil t on a berth until tbe licensee
has made a survey thereof.
Permit* ta out timber are nh-o granted at
public competition, except tn tbe case of
actual settlers, who require the timber for
their own use.
Set Hem and others may alia obtain permits
to cut up to l(Ki eordu of wood for sale with-
nut competition
The dues payable under a permit aretl-K
per  thousautl feet  B.M., for square timber
and sawloiffl of any WOod except oaU] from J-j
to 1'.. cents per lineal foot for btlllulng lORSI
from 12W to ift cents per eor(l for.woua' leeiit
for fence postBt 8 cents for.railway ties I and
60cents per cordon shingle bolts.
. Lease* for grazing purposes are issued
for a term of twenty-one years at a rental of
two rents nn ucre per annum.
Coul lands may be purchased at $10 per aore
for soft eoal and $20 for anthracite. Not more
than «%U aores m'aV be aoquirea by one individual or company.
Royalty at the rate .if 10 cents per ton of
3,000 pounds is collected oil th.- gross output.
Bntrlof for land for Hffrloulturaluurposei
may be made pt'i^-nully at the l*.*;il land
olliee forthe df strict to which the luud to be
tiiluui Is situated, or if the lmiiit-.tcii.Iei- desires, be may, on ftuplloatlou tn tbe Minister
ofthe I uteri nr at Ottawa, tin* Commissioner
of tmmigratlbu at Winnipeg, or the local
ngent for tbo district withtn wbiob the hmd
Is situated, receive authority for s&me one
to inuUe entry for him.
A fee of HO is oKnrged for a homestead
ent ry.
A settler vvlio 1ibj.|(received an entry for a
homes toad, i- required to perform tha conditions connected therewith un lerone -.f the
follow!,.- plamr:
{] A- h-ust si.x months re^idei ■■* upon mid
oulttVatiotioftbe land to inch year during
the term uf three years.
It is the practice of the Department t.. re
quire a settler to brhitt 18 acres under cultivation, but ii he uiclii-' mny itibstuute
stoek; and 20 head of cattle, t ■ be itetuuHy
his own property, witli buUdm * Eor their
aaoommodattoti- will be accept   I  instead ot
tin- cult iviiliim.
(2) If father (or mother, il the 	
ceased) of any person who i- . thi to i ■ ■■
a homestead entry under tli . i •■ ■ ■ ■ f
the Act, resides upon u fai i * '■■■■■■ •
of the land entered lor bj •   i
homi-stead.the reqiiireuu
residence prior toobtolnli
satislied by suoh person  » ■ n
father or mother.
(3) If  the settler  has  hi ■ ut     I   i*
oetiee upon farming land- bj him in
the vicinity of his home, ead, " '• . '--
mentsof the Aet as to rc**iu       •
Bed by residence upon the ml I    i    i.
Applioatioii for a patent ihoul i bo mud-- ai
tbRendofthreoyenrHbnf.il i ■ h ,.' twit
sub-ageut or "a homenten I i    i
pfureniahlim an ni>i li
foo Lee       I
tili'i- liiilsl
WlillllB   tfi   Hi.*  I
l.ai . ■. ;it Ottuw.l
llt'|'llt.V nf llic Mi'.l-tii'    I
Oitawu. February 4th', liin:.
i .:* -1   '....■
Dr Follick
< i i admitt* uf l'liiliKlulpliiu Dental
■Eifsar, Stcui2©
Olliee over Morri-
stui's Jewelry ^tore
PuoNK A.7H Orand Forks
. c. wmmi
Turning, Scroll Work, Saw
Filing,(inn Rppnirinij, M.-uui-
[ncttirvr of Screen Doors and
First Sired
The fallowing table gives the ore shipments of  Boundary mines for 1900,  1901, 1903, 1903,   1904,
1905, and for the past week:
1900       1901.         1902.         1903 1904 1005    Past Week
Gmnhy Mines,Phoenix  0-1,533   231,7112    309,858     393,1*1 5*19,703 597.597      17,373
Snowshoe,  I'lioenix        2'...
Mother Lode, Deadwood     5,340
Brooklyn-Stemwinder, Phoenix	
Rawhide, Phoenix	
Sunset, Deadw 1 	
Mountain Rose, Summit	
Athelstan-Jaokpot, Wellington    1,200
llniiiklyn-Sti'mwiiiilcr dump, Phoenix	
Morrison, Deadwood	
11. ('. Mine, Suniiiiil ,  19,494
R. Bell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro, SummitCamp  	
Senator, 'Summit Cnmp	
Ilnv Fugle, Summit Camp	
Nn. 37, SummitCamp .,	
Reliance, Sum mit "	
Sulphur King, Summit	
Winnipeg, Wellington     1.1170
Golden Crown, Wellington    2,250
King Solomon W. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central
Jewel; Long Lake	
Carmi, West Fork	
Providence, (. reenwood	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
Skylark, Skylark Camp	
I.'usl Chance, Skylark Camp	
E. 1'. U. Mine, Skylark Camp	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
Miscellaneous      3,230
138,079      174,298
Kill, 080
8,286 90
Did Vou See the
Which pays Hospital tndemhity,
Medical Treatment and insuros
the Beneficiary
without iiny additional fust.    !t is extremely liberal.
Sold i.y p. T. cTWcCallum, Grand Forks, B. C.
I, ti. «w. 1
Total,  tuns  99,730    390,000 507,545 081,901 827,318
Granby Smelter treated  62,:'87    230,828 312,340 401,921 590,252
BV C.Copper Co.'s Smelter treated       117,611 148,600 102,913 209,037
Montreal & Boston Co.'s Smellei'treated •             123.570 30,930
857,907 24,103
312,713 17,850
185.521 2,6011
76,189 2.746
The new edition of the COPPER HOOK
lists and describes 3311 copper mines ami
copper mining properties, in all parts of tin*
world, covering the globe, these descriptions ranging from two lines
to 12 pages in length, according to importance of the mines. The
descriptions are not padded, but give facts in the most corikise form
There nn- also fifteen miscellaneous chapters, devoted to the History,
t'si's, Terminology, Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy,
Metallurgy, Finances anil .Statistics of Copper, rendering the voluin,
a veritable encyclopedia of the subject of copper and everything per-
l<> the metal,    It is the world's standard Reference Book on
Every Mi
biok. Pr
f ,11 librar
on appro*
receipt an
Author a:
■tor, Investor,  Banker und  Broker needs th"
Buckram binding with gilt top,   or $7.50 in*.,
■   the book, in either   binding,   will be  sen-
! :ivss in the world, to be paid for if found sat
etiirned within a week of     HORACE J. STEVENS.
.* cancelled.    Address the 36 Postoffice Block,
Houghton, Mioh., U.S.A.
Every man Owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profession. Hi-nil the display advertisement of the six Morse schools of tele-
'.graphy, in this issue, ami learn how
easily a young mall or lady may learn
telegraphy and he assured a position.
Razor honing a specialty at the
Palace Brbor Shop, Victoria hotel.
Our job department is superior to
any other in the Boundary country.
We huve both the material and the
experience to turn out high class work.
A Famous Fair.
The annual fair at Stourbridge, near
Cambridge, England, was, it Is claimed,
instituted by Carausius, the rebel Roman emperor of Britain, ou Sept. 19,
A. D. 207. It certainly flourished as
early as this, and British commerce is
believed to have had Its lirst real boom
in consequence of the reports carried
to the continent by foreign Naders who
flocked to this world's fair. About a
thousand years later Stourbridge fair
got a new lease of life from Klug John
for the benefit of a leper hospital, and
for eight centuries or more it was the
greatest fair in England.
Long Distance Bravery,
"I heard him threaten to knock daylight out of a man twice as large as
"I didn't hue- that he had a telephone In his office."
Helps at a Pinch.
If a ninn Is out nf money less or more,
Still his case Is hardly one you oan deplore; •
He may have upon hts board
All the market can affordi
II he has a Utile credit at the stum
mul look over lii.s sttmk. Ifc is not necoMsary to
leave an order. No one will ask you to do so, but
the goods will exert a very Btrong pressure. This is
a very well selected stoek of very hah Isoine goods
of seasonable weights and stylish designs, Under
the skilful hands of our
Expert TaiEors
these goods are made up into perfect, dressy  and
high-class suits.
eo. E. Massie
Grand  Forks, B. C.
Finest Furniture
A1* large frconsignment
of Lounges, Dinirig-TPorri
Chairs, Tables and Sofas just
arrived. Call and inspect
them. Also si stoek of Blankets, Quilts, Pillows, etc., ti)
be sold at greatly reduced
prices. See our display of
White Bros.
Jewelers and
Careful attention
given to
llriilge Sireet
Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Provides a Hume for  Students   of
both sexes at reasonable rates.   Mas a
Preparatory   Class   for   Junior  Stu-j
dents doingPublic Sohool work. Is do* I
ing   High   Sehool   work,  confers  all;
High .School   privileges, and prepares
Eor Teachers*, Examinations,   'reaches!
all branches of a  thorough   Practical i
Business Course, mul grants Diplomas, I
Gives a Liberal Education in its own !
Collegiate Couise, and in the ljiul.es'
College Course   for   the    degrees ' of
M.E>L. and  M.L.A.    In University
work, the   Arts  Course  can now   bo
taken in Columbian College,  and  the
B.A. degree obtained from Toronto
University,   with   which the  College
is in full   affiliation,    In   Theology
prepares for the degree of S.T.L. and
For fuller information, and terms,
Bev. W.J. Sipprell, B.A., B.D.,
or Be v. J. Bowell. Bursar,
For   Orand   Forks   and surrounding territory to represent
. Newest varieties and specialties in Hardy Fruits, Small
Fruits, Shrubs, Ornamentals,
and Boses. A permanent
situation, and territory reserved for the right man.
Pay weelky. Handsome out-
lit free. Write for particulars and'send 25 cents for our
pocket microscope, just the
thing to use in examing trees
and plants for insects.
Foothii.i. Nuiisuniiis,
(Over 800 Acres)
TORONTO,     -    -    -    ONTABiO
Getyour wedding invitations printed
at The Sun oflice. We have tho closest
script type imitation of a steel engraving mode.
Pacific hotel
First-Class In Every Respect.!
Sample Rooms for Commercial
Hot and Cold Baths.
Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
•- M
j o?t<iaa
UK ' ii\


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