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The Evening Sun Nov 13, 1903

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v. c
Third Year,
Grand Forks, B. G, Friday, November 13, 1903
No. 4
5000 Tons Daily-
Granby Smelter Will be Enltarged to
That Capacity
time ago.   A number of people fron
this ofty will attend.
As Soon as the Coke Supply and Transportation Facilities
Permit—Expect to Pay Dividends of 4 Per
Cent on Par Value.
After inspecting the smelter in this
eity and the mines in Phoenix, Jay
P. Graves, general manager of the
Granby Consolidated Milling &
Smelting company, expressed himself as follows in regard to the enlargement of the reduction plant:
"The directors have decided to
run the smelter at least six months
with the present equipment of six
funiiices in order to demonstrate our
ability to successfully produce and
treat a tonnage of 2100 tons daily,
and to secure sufficient labor and
..coke, as well as to test the ability of
the railway to handle the tonnage
involved. If those tilings all work
out in practice the question "f making a further addition to the smelter
will be determined. Every time wc
have increased our tonnage we have
found that some of these factors have
been lacking, and it has in each instance usually taken from three to
six months before things ran
smoothly. This time we will make
a crucial test before elaborating our
plans for further expansion of our
"The ultimate claim of tho Granby is to treat' all the tonnage our
group of mines can produce. These
mines are now equipped to bundle
5000 tons of ore daily, and,of course,
we expect to treat that amount of
tonnage at Grand Forks some day,
whether one year or three years
hence. The policy of the board is
to pay a portion of the earnings in
dividends instead of pulling everything into equipment, as has been
done in the past. This is what we
expect to do as soon as the present
plant of six furnaces goes into operation and is in smooth running order.
"The directors are also of opinion
that they will pay a dividend of not
less than 4 per cent per annum,
payable quarterly. I mean a I per
cent dividend oh shares of the par
value of $10 each, or ten per cent on
the selling price of the Granby
stock, which is at present quoted at
64 per share."
J. J. Early and \V. B. Rulson, capitalists of Philadelphia, were guests at
the Yale this week. They are making
a tour of the Boundary with a view
of future investment, Tbey are accompanied by Prank Watson, a Spokane mining operator. Both Mr.
Early and Mr. Rulson are interested
iu the Granby smolter,andexpressed
themselves as well pleased with the
promising outlook of that concern.
They left yesterday for Phoenix,
where tbey will inspect the Granby
mines and other properties before
Tho Methodist church Sunday
school will give a grand annual
Christmas tree and entertainment on
Wednesday evening, December 211,
at the Biden opera bouse. Tbe excellent cantata entitled "The Tjial of
Santa Clans" will be put on by the
school children, assisted by some of
the older ones, under thc direction
of Miss Winter, Miss McGill and
Mrs. W. B. Bower. Rehearsals have
already commenced, and every endeavor will be made to have it surpass anything of its kind ever held
in the eity. A fancy drill by the
young ladies will be a special feature of thc evening's program.
W. H. Covert has over fifty acres
of potatoes still in the ground, and
if winter sets in in earnest be will lie
unable to dig tbem tbis fall. Last
year ho loft a lot of his potatoes in
the ground' over winter, and they
turned out to bo in splendid
shape last spring.   The conditions
may not be the same tbis winter,
however. Snow fell last year in
large quantities before any heavy
frost came, thus protecting tbem
from the cold.
At tho Methodist church next
Sunday Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor,
will take for his morning subject:
"A Guarded Life." In the evening
the theme will be "Thc Breath of
Lives," being thc third of a series of
Sunday evening discourses upon
"The Soul, and Some of the Laws
by Which i} is Governed."
Quite a number of Butte miners
have conic to thc city recently ow
ing to the closing clown of thcAmal
gamated Copper company's plant at
that point. The majority of them
proceeded to Phoenix.
The Harold Nelson Company
Gave Two Performances
to Big Audiences,
Ross S. Craddock, M. E,, has been
commissioned by T. A. Richards,
editor of the Engineering and Mining Journal of New York, to contribute a special article on the ore
deposits and geological features of
thc country in the vicinity of Grand
John Mcintosh, of the Pacific
hotel, returned yesterday from a
business trip to Spokane.
Jeff Davis has been laid up for
past week at bis home with a severe
attack of Inflammation of the bowels.
He   is  slowly  recovering under the
care of Dr. Kingston.
P. T. McCallum's eight-year-old
son Cecil is sulTcring from au aggravated attack of inflammatory rheumatism. At present he is very low,
being unable to move without assistance.
Notice of the appointment of W.
B. Cochrane as police magistrate of
Grand Forks appears in the B. C.
Gazette of Nov. 12.
The Phoenix people are not to be
outdone by "ye olde folkes" of
Grand Forks, and are holding a
"greate concertc" in tin; Miners'
Union hall, Phoenix, tonight. Quite
i lengthy and interesting program
will be carried out along the same
lines as the one given   here a short
Mr. Harold Nelson and his com
pany gave two of the best performances ever seen in this city at the
Biden opera house Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings. On the open
ing night tho powerful religious and
historical drama, "Quo Vadis," was
presented, The company was
originally billed for one night only,
but owing to tho hrge turn out, and
a request for a second performaco,
Mr. Nelson decided put on Shakespeare's great drama, "The Merchant
of Venice," for the second night.
Both plays were faultlcssslv rendered
anil tbey were witnessed by largo
appreciative audiences.
Mr. Nelsou bas exercised good
judgment in adding "(Jno Vadis" lo
bis repertoire, lie has been seen in
Grand Forks in several Shakespearean roles, but it is doubtful if he
lias done any of tbem as well as bis
Marcus Vinicius. The entire company, loo, acted their respective
parts as if they had been specially
selected for this play, Several
changes have been made in Mr. Nelson's company since be was here
lust, and all of tbem for the bettor.
The staging of the play# is the
most elaborate yet seen ill this eity,
and the story is closely followed
throughout Mr. Nelson makes a
splendid Marcus Yinii-ius. .Mr.
Bruce, us Petronius, was faultless,
The Nero of Mr. Roland was much
applauded.   Miss MoLoay is one of
the most DOtablo new addition to Ihe
company. It is said that she is a
sister of Franklin Mcl.cay, tho well
known Canadian actor who died a
lew years ill London. She is.an
actress of a very high order of
merit, and is certain to bring credit
to herself and the stage.
In "The Merchant of Venice,"
Mr. Nelson makes an admirable
Sbyloek; Mr. Bruce as Bassanio
was thc best we have seen in a number of years, while Miss Mel.eay's
Portia could scarcely have been improved upon. The rest of the cast
played their parts   very acceptably.
The management of the opera
house is to be congratulated on securing so strong an attraction as the
Harold Nelson company proved to
be. The people of Giand Forks will
look forward to their next visit with
October Shipments
The Showing for That Month Largely
Exceeds Total for September
70,000 Tons in All, the Granby Mines Being the Largest
Shipper—Mining-News From All Sections of
the Boundary District.
C. W. McRae, of Rossland, returned to the city last week, after
doing assessment work on the Sim-
coe mineral claim, which is situated
twelve miles up the North Fork,
and owned by himself and A. D.
Morrison. Some nice stringers of
ore were encountered, and the property looks very promising.
The Senator and Fremont mineral
claims, recently bonded by the
Granby company, are showing up
well. A large piece of the Burface
has been stripped, exposing a big
body of ore. Shipments will be
made to the smelter in this city at
once. The work is in charge of
John Rogers.
* *   *
A recent trial shipment from the
Belts and Hesperus to the Granby
smelter gave results satisfactory to
the management.
* *   *
It is reported that A. S. Goodell,
manager of the Montreal & Boston
Copper company's smelter at Boundary Falls, bas resigned. Mr.
Goodell will spend till- nCXl three
months in Spokane, prior to accepting an important position in Colorado. He bas directed the affairs of
tbe Boundary Falls smelter with
marked success during the past year
and a half.
Definite returns of the ore shipments from the largest of the shipping mines in the Boundary for thc
month of October have been made
and taken with the other properties
that are shipping to the different
smelters, it is shown that the advance over the month of September
is substantial. The combined output of ore for October from Boundary mines is in excess of 70,000
tons, against B.'l.OOO for the month
of September. It was to be expected tbat thc Granby mines would
show thc largest tonnage, as four
furnaces were running almost continuously during October, and that
company's properties alone shipped
some 14,000 tons more than the previous month. The nc::f 1-i-gcst
shipping mines, thc Mothe'i Lodo
and Snowshoe, show a somewhat less
tonnage than for September, due to
local conditions entirely. According to thc figures received thc following mines sent out the tonnage
as subjoined:
Granbv mines 89,898
Snowshoe  9,480
.Mother Lode 12.665
Sunset     898
Morrison      5011
Emma  2,320
Winnipeg     990
Oro Denoro  .'l,21.ri
Atbelstan-.Jackpot      820
Total for October 70,284
THE  RECORDS Cairnes   and   .1. A.   Miller and the
  Cascade Water power it  Light Co.,
Following are the   locations,  en-'1'"1"   '"  Sunrise mineral claim in
tificates of work, bills of  sale,   etc.,   Wollington camp,
recorded at   the office of tho Grand transfers.
Forks, November Kb to 10th, inch,-1    Soer ™> Burnl BttBin' 1!"l"'rt E
„}„., Crawford to Fred l.ange.
Mount Hood (1-lt), Burnt Basin,
RECORDS OP LOCATION, ,,       .     ,,      ,,     ,   ,
Robert K. 1 rawford to   I'red  Lange.
Red Oore, Christina Lake,  D.  C. j    Humming BIrd] ,.;,,.,, Mil.,K Snmv
li"'"'h-                                                      Bird,    Mocking   Bird   (all,, McRae
Saginaw, Burnt Basin, B. Fallows, j „v,.1;  (;, v pftu]son (|, ,,.,, ||am_
Yankee Boy fracti Burnt Basin, ; ],„ „nd ,.-,.,.,, Unga
•U"1 B. Singer. j     CBimPICATRS OP lAtPHOTVBMBNT.
Mollie Gibs,,,., Burin Basin, rcl„-     Copper Queen, Greenwood camp,
cation of Evans, John MeNccly. Jonn .Mulli-;.,,,.
Ohio, Burnl Basin, relocation of
Chicago, John B. Singer.
Carelton fraction, Summit camp, MAINLY ABOUT PEOPLE
relocation   of  Sailor  Boy fraction,
John D. Spence. Tho Rev. Henry Steele returned
Carelton, Summit  camp,    reloca-  yesterday from a visit to Nelson,
tion of Carlson, .1. A, McCallum.
Geo. D.Curtis, architect, left yesterday for Vancouver, where he has
entered into partnership with J. .1.
Lucky Bob, Franklin camp, B. J.
Kate fraction, Wellington camp,
Luke D. Wolford.
Silverton fraction, Wellington
camp, Bert A. Wolford.
<t. Lawrence fraction, Wellington
camp, A. L. Rogers.
Elgin,    Burnt   Basin,  E.  II. Bo- 	
K"rt- -lay  P. Craves, general manager
Sinieoe,   Pass creek, Christopher of tho. Granby company, went up to
\\. McRae. I'bocnix Tuesday to inspect the com-
Agrecineiit—J. A. Cairnes, D.  D. pany's mines in that camp,
I.. D. Birely, of Vancouver, arrived in the city today on a business
trip. tilhr Ufantittg Bim
subscription rates:
0neyear..„$8,00 I Threemonths. .60
Si.,-mmith.i.. 1.00 I One month 80
Advertising rates furnished on application,
Legal nutiir.i, If) and ~t Qls. pee line.
Address nil communications to
Tun Evenino Sun,
Prone 65. orand forks, b. o.
The Laurier government will have
nnother big surplus, as the revenue
for tbe first four months of the
financial year is 82,046,000 over the
same period of last year.
Tin: general manager of the Bank
of Commerce, Byron E. Walker,
thinks "that tbe Liberal newspapers
of the province, the decent ones at
least, should support the McBride
government." Mr. Walker bas evidently made a mistake. There anno indecent papers in British Columbia.
The candidature of J. Duff Stuart,
Liberal, to oppose Hon. Charles
Wilson, attorney-general, has commenced with vigor in Vancouver.
While ihe campaign will be one of
the shortest in the history of that
oity, it is safe to predict that it will
also bo one of the hottest. The,
Liberals realize that  the defeat of     Rutherford Bros, are having then
McKccto become pastor. Rev. .1. 1!.
Robertson, of Grand Forks, moderated in the call on Wednesday, and
strong hopes are entertained that
Mr. McKee will accept.
A. C. Flumerfelt, assistant to
President Miner of the Granby Consolidated, retuaned today from an
extended trip in the east.
Leo Nell', the North Fork rancher,
who left last month for New York,
was married at Port Gibson, N. Y.,
on the 4th inst. to a sister of his deceased wife. The couple will return
to Grand Forks about the 1st of December.
Hugh Sweeney, of the Hunter-
Kendrick company, made a business
trip to Greenwood tbis week.
I.illlelrene Haverty is recovering
from a severe attack of typhoid
Mrs. James Newby, who has been
seriously ill for the past two weeks,
is much improved and will soon bo
around again.
Frank Fritz left Wednesday for
Coleman, Alta.. where be will be
employed by Smith Bros., contractors.
" Ryrie"  Cut  Glass  is the
purest of Crystal.
Our handsomely illustrated new
Catalogue shows a very large aiiort-
nicut nl choice pieces.
This 8-inch finest Cut Glass
Berry Bowl we send to any
address for $8.00.
We pay express charges
and guarantee safe delivery.
Write for our Catalogue.
Ready for delivery Nov. 15th,
118. 120, 122 ami 124
Vunjc SI., Toronto
The "Club" saloon will reopen
under new management tomorrow
night. A grand opening is advertised and a free lunch will be served
from ii io 11 p. ni. Joe Thatcher is
the new proprietor.
Mr. Wilson means tbe downfall of
the McBride government, an object
devoutly to be desired in view ofthe
lamentable failure In ensure stable
government .by Premier McBride.
CaputiniStuart is a life-long Liberal,
but ho bas not been particularly
prominent in political life in the
past. Tbis will be a source of
strength to him, inasmuch as there
has bren more or less of a division
in Liberals ranks ill Vancouver tbat
a "dark horse" would not encounter to tbe same extent as any candidate identified with one of the factions. Captain Stuart i< persons
grata with tiie laboring men, who
constitute an important element in
bis constituency. The powers that
be in the Liberal parly have also accepted Captain Stuart's candidature
with satisfaction, and bis chances of
winning a victory at the polls appear lo be very good.
stable, adjoining the .Model barn,
lilted up for the winter. New siding
is being [Hit on and other improve
minis made.
McLellan & Davis shipped a carload of potatoes tc, their store at Coleman, Alta., Tuesday.
Captain Disbrowe and E. Spraggett returned yesterday from Franklin creek, wdierc they slaked a number of timber claims.
There is sonic talk of building a
combined skating and curling rink
somewhere in the oity. This is a
good move, and should be encouraged.
White Bros, received their first
consignment of jewelry this week.
Other shipments will arrive aboul
the 17th.
Frank Watson, Spokane.
F. M. Holt, Rossland.
A. IC. Rosenthal, Chicago,
.lav P. Graves, Spokane.
II. A. Chapman, Toronto.
II. R. Hazelton, Butte.
Mrs. Dablsoii, Bu I".
Mrs. Greonhood, Butte.
.1. C. Caller, Nelson.
Harold Nelson and company.
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PUBLICITY BICrCLES—ClovelandB,    Massie-
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there will be ufleretffor nolo l>.v imlillr auction by Peter Taylor Mel nllnni. auctioneer,
i,n Wrili lav. the imh day nl November,
I'.Htf, at  n o'clock in the fore in, at tin-
Court House, ui-nml Forks, tlmt property
sltuute In tbe City nl Orand Forks and being composed ol Lot Number IMii Blook
Number Two, aoi-urding tn Mall 88of snid
city. Tbe property Is n hotel building,
know a as Granby Hotel.
Tkiims uk Balk.—Ten iter oent of tho pur-
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ami il„. balance within thirty days thereafter.  Sale will I bjectta a reserve hid.
For further particulars aud conditions uf
sale iimilv to
Ed Yonge St., Toronto, Out.
Master l.eroy Wright entertained
eighteen of his young friends al his
parents'    residence  Tuesday   aflcr-
iionii. tin- occasion being Ids litli
birthday,   (lames wen- Indulged in
from I lo II, ulien they all sat down
loa dainty spread, which was greatly enjoyed hy Ihe little ones. .Master I.itov was the recipient of numerous presents.
Mr. and .Mrs. .lames Newby mourn
the loss of their infant child, aged
seven days. The funeral tool; place
Thursday afternoon, Rev. .1. F,
Betts officiating,
Subject for morning service in
Knox Presbyterian church next Sabbath: "Christ's Second Temptation." Subject for evening: ''The
Source of Christian Character."
Miss I.. Knight, sister of Fred
Knight, returned home this week
after a three months'  visit at Van-
John Donaldson received a ear-
load of Choice apples from Spokane
this week. They are nearly all
winter apples, and good keepers,
The school trustees are calling I'm
tenders for tho erection of a   horsi
shed at Ihe school house.
Porcolaiu Tub at the  Yah?  Barbo
The Cascade Presbyterian church
is   being   supplied  by   l!ev.  J.   B.
Robertson, of Grand Forks, with
services on Tuesday nights dining
thc vacancy of the church there.
The Presbyterian congregation of
CircenwnH  las culled Rov. M. P.
J. II. Duncan, Vancouver.
II. Daubs, Kamloops.
A. II. Skelton, .Montreal.
W. B. Budon, Philadelphia.
.1. J. Early, Philadelphia.
IC. \V. Turner ami wife, Toronto
A. K. Turner, Toronto.
Joseph Anderson, Winnipeg
A. (1. Low, Vancouver.
J. A. Armstrong, Nelson.
W. A. Russell, Vancouver.
.1. II. Poll, Victoria.
A. II. Lauder, Kholt.
Frank Coote, Kholt.
W. Avery, Port Orchard, Wash.
•»'!. A, Carpenter, Spokano,
A familiar name for the Chicago,!
Milwaukee & St.Paul Raihvuy,known
til over the Union as the great rail j
way running the "Pioneer Limited"!
trains every day and night between St,
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chcago. "The only perfect trains in
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Musical ("crmany hfis recently >b«n        For rates, pamphlets or   other   ill*
discussing 1» ull Eertou3ne-*H the que*-    formation, address
tion  Whrther It  is true that a pernt-  j j,    ,    ,,„, ,-   g   j,
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slc-hivers     at    public     concerts     by |      ' "IV" ' ,lss> AK--.       Gen. Agent,
t>minir.e    beauty,    with   Its   delight- | Spokane, Wash.     Portland, Ore.
ful   ar<jo'=*<>rie.s,   as   seen   In   a   folaze I
of     artificial      ll-ia      reflected     by "
irystol, gold and glittering diamonds? j
Germany answers yes. and dot-lares |
ihat In future lights mir-t be turned j
down; In fact, some of the holder splr- '
Its have already put them out and left
the audience in darkness.
The Idea wns first .*-ugi;ested to a >
concert reformer In Dmmstudt. who j
took to reading (joetlie. and came upon
a ihtiplcr in Wilhelm Melster," In
which an eccentric lover of music Is
described: "lie could not live without
music, more ('specially singing, and h«*
was wont to listen to il without seeing
the singers." This quaint Individual
used to say that mmlo I* really Intended for the ear only, whereas lu concert
rooms It Is matin to minister mainly tu
the eye, to accompany movements, not
sensations. The gentleman trom'Darro-
stadt thereupon concluded that the
first step In ihe way ot rational reform
would be to lower the lights and shut
his eyes to the ronseqiMMiceh. and as
ninny people Jumped .il the Idea, It has
already been realised, first In Uarni-
tstailt, and then In Fiaakrort-on-the-
Mnln. Experiment! are about to ba
continued elsewhere.
A man goes to a concert to near music. But when h«* gets there he sees a
great deal more than he hears, and
his attention Is distracted. The pillars,
the statues, the lusters, all turn nla
thoughts away from the strains meant
ic soothe or Inspirit. That Is not as it
should be, and yet It Is not by any
means the worst. He looks around at
the ladles, many of whom come to be
looked at. He sees the luxuriant tresses
of one ey'.ph-likc figure before him, and
as he cannot ratch a glimpse of her
Charming face, he tries to guess at the
features. His neighbor, a rich tradesman, is engaged In estimating the cost
of the riviere of diamonds round her
shapely neck. A third worshiper oi
Terpsichore finds himself behind the
sweetest thing In hats, and must be
content witli hearing, since he can't
see anything beenus-v of the beautiful
obstruction. Now, all these things were
biought tn the concert for the purpDse
of being seen, whereas people come
primarily to hear, Suddenly a burst of
applause reminds them of this fact—-
and of the other, that they have not
been listening to the sonata.
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Meets    ovory    Wednesday   evoning
at 8 o'olock in   Federal   Onion  hall. I
Jab, A. 11 \itki.s. Pros.    I
John T. Lawiirnce, Sit. .  j
Work Like Kodnks,
ami in Daylight.
& CO.
Sole Dealers for
Tho following table gives the ore shipments »f Boundary mini's for
1900, 1801, 1»02, 1008, nndforthoposl week:
1900        1901.
(iriinhy Mines,I'linenix... 64,883   231,702
Snowshoo, Phoonix,
Brooklyn, Phoonix	
Mother fjodo, Deadwood,
Sunset. Deadwood	
Morrison, Deadwood	
li. C. Mine, Summit	
li. Bell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wellington
Athelstan, Wollingtpn	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City uf Paris, Centra!	
.lenel. [lOllgl/ako	
Carmi, West Fork	
Providence, Providonco	
Flkhorn, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundary Fulls	
Miscellaneous    8,280
100,1. Past Week
804.825      8,880
64,852      2,100
' 525
Total, tuns  99,780   390,000   507,515   547,051
Granby Smelter treated „ 62,887   230,828   312.340   281,388
Gent's Department
Largest ami
st„,.k ill till)
nml Money
Cupid in the Country.
Young and bashful Henry Dorn nnd
Jenny HiekB wore standing on opposite sides of the fence that en-
I closed the Dorn farm. Jenny's elbows
I were on the top rail, and her chin was
' in the palms of her bands.   Henry was
-.-.-., nai. -n-   „.:.,(.,n,. i,,,, ,„™i.
Everybody See This Side
r     j. Dui-Motto:      ! Btamiinic a little olf, wistfully lint" mod
Candies u-Tiieuest      i 3 .     ......  _.._*._  ,...,
i Bear in Hind omzao* \
Will arrive about Noyeraber 16th.   Then Watch this S]
White Bros-,
Jewelzrs and
„ ,y"\viii i,uy  eatly   contemplating   bis   pretty   little
ii not tou Bond  neighbor,
for our mis-     .    ''Jenny," he said, "have y' heard y're
pnp say how hid potatoes air oomin1 out
i tins year?"
Phone   64 S     "They're nil Uttlc and mighty few in
| a hill, Henry."
1    ■ I     Henry put out one hand and rested it
on the top rail very near Jenny's elbow.
"Ours    is    pretty    good,"    he    Bald.
"Beckon we'll have n fair crop of 'em."
"I hope y' will."
Henry put his other hand on the rail.
His position waa face to face with Jenny,
his hands enclosing her elbows;
"Air y' afeerd of fuilin' backward?"
she asked.
"Wall, it's  kind  n'  humpy   underfoot
here.   A plowed field's no place to stand
'tliout lioldin' on ter Bomep'n."
Notwithstanding Jenny's  covert  inti-
nfinn   fhnf  flWrv   wns  odi.MiiL'  rather !
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Ofti<(fi&oe;ov.0ft<>ooooooooooo<»'0 0<froo
OO#O0O0OOOOl0»i;OO'00<XOO.0:^O,OC-0Oft^O > oo GtttttQtQ ft 00
! J. W. Jones j
Furniture Dealer <
mation  tlyit  Henry   was  edging  rather J fexKL
cIosd, she stood her ground. ] N%/
| Keep* Your Eye
£ on this Space
Grfirid Forks *
joan & Savings Co,
Over  tho  gun-burned, Bnge lirusli
nml itlkali  |>!:iius. when  you  iuiij
a pesponsabilite lirniteo.
just ns well fnkc a  delightful, cooi
and comfortable ride thrdugh  thc
iheart »>f the  Rocky  Mountains in.     -T--r    -.-,-..■
■        ..  i t   i .   »„.!» nn  tVin  fteerd I'm KOln'to kiss
view <>t tlu- grandest scencrj nn tin |
I     "They say Mabel Haines is n-goin' to ;
he married," she rem irked
"Waal, that's naterl.   I'd like to find
sonir gal willin' to marry me."
"I s'poae any of 'em would suit y'?"
"No, they wouldn't.   The gal 1 want
hat) blue eyes, yaller hair, and a. mighty
trim figure."
"Halt  the £m1s 'bout  here  has blue
eyes and yaller hair."
"There's only one got the right shade
for me."
Henry continued to pull himself forward nt Intervals, each time drawing u
trifle nearer to Jenny's face.
"Y* better slop that." sho siid.
" 'Cause."
Alt hough Jenny spoki i .j mildly,
she frightened the bashful swain. He ,
leaned as far back as his anus would i.
let him and looked al her dubiously. He
saw no eneoumgemeni It did not oeeur i vjr
to him that Jenny miriit stand farther | JL,
from thc fence. But Jenny's mild nd- ^f
monition was lier only dl'uit to prevent N'lL
him touching her rosy lips will. hU : <^$a/
whenever he had mustered the necessary bFj
arage. ■-^y
tiay, ricCallum
i:iid.   "I    b'lieve   y're
American continent?
This vim enn do by tiuve i     01
ll». 'Bio   Grande   system, the fa
  lamed "Sconio Line of the World,       nr„rv st,ru,„.   „n „-„,„,,,-,
,« » -r A.-M-n nnn tho only transcontinental lino pitss- Uould fcave been so bold. He
rAPlTAL$250,UUU iilK through Sail Uko City, C41of> hold on the fence nnd atood
\^/1JTJ. A jt^v* U,7*».l  Springs,   Leadville, Coloradol    "Our brlndle cow." he said,'
wiili powers to issue $l,000,000,bonds. Springs and Denver enrouto to east
  |ern point
You May Borrow
Any Amount of Money
re do , Sr
with which to buy n home,
a farm, or pny oil' u mortgage, on your personal note
with absolutely no interest
I" pay, taking 20 years or
less t-i pay it book in small
monthly payments without
Why Pay Rent
or lif troubled witli mort>
gages when Tub Loan and
Savings Company will furnish you with tiie money to
buy your home or pny off
your mortgage in any locality and charge you so iv
. ti:i;i:st. No matter where
you live, lose no time but
consult ut once
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
JNo, I   ain't.    Y'   wouldn't  dare u» ,    ir
I that." \SU
"Would y'mind?" ^
"Henry   Dorn.   y*   jist   atop   talkia* , n ,,j
| 'bout sich things." J '^1/
i     Henry started.   He wondered how he 1 NT^
 let go lm       ' J
 ..  tiaok.        !.  .-
"Our brlndle cow," he said, "had a calf  ^JW
..st night." ■ w
To this bit of infortnntion Jenny made   ^U^
io reply.    Who dropped her arms on to   ~^f
he top rail and looked far beyond the   feJ&L
Mining and Real
Estate Dealers
<ily dUcouraged Hcn-ry,
dowinniiHrlinuyM.. •'■'•,"■ ..y.„ ,„!U1 St   me  for telkln-
and west, nnd afford aehojee ol hv ) l.|ffiln, v,„ |i(, mM
distuict routes ot tmyel.   ll'1, equip-; .,[ a-;„.t „,.,,] .,l.rmt. y're tnlkin'
ment of theso trains is the best, m-' Isedii' mo." she ••""""''
oluding  (,,,.   leeUnins  chair ears •J^n.sdfro
'     . i   , .       I    . ,.     ,.    iuii*        * (111 L   nil-!   11*.
standard and tonnsl sleepers, n poi .    liW]]nt  . Mv?
leot  <liniiiLr  car  service, and   niso     Henry repeats
II I....<,.,! .,v/>invii.ll  (MIX     ! "nt,      T-N-n      ai„
personally conducted excursioi
each in chargo of a competent guid
whose business is to look after il
comfort ot his guests. No mo
pleasant and inexpensive means
'Oh,  y're   slandin'
ouldn't hear y'." ]£&
Henry   pondered    upon   flu*  remark, QY
nd a glimmer of encouragement pene- '„.■'
rated his shiggish br.'in. He approaeh?d ■j"'.^
lie fenee,nnd after a few irrelevant re- ^•-,-
crossing tho continent can be found   nnrka put his hands on the rail again,' 6&&
than is provided by   these   excur-  ?»olo8lng Jenny's round arms,^ tnough   ^
1 •■ i ifs were unbent, keeping him at a dis-    .^^
ance from the lipa he coveted.
"If y' think y' kin drive me away from
Fur additional details address J.
I'lll' lllltlltllllllll lll'lilllf   smum   •.. |      "if f-uim* j   1.1 1     ,.,■ 	
D. Mansfield, Gen. Agt., Rio Grande   '-lili   fem-c,"   sin- said,   "y're   mighty ;C%
Lines,   No. 124 Tlihd Street,   Portr   *iWakej.». »
.     , '                                                    i    "1 ain't n-tryin'." ,-"•,
Innil. Ul'C,                                                  lTonry began  n   procofls of  swini^ing '\'~
                     j liRclcward nml fortvard.    Several tltnca te\Vl.
For ;i nico hair-etlt or shave pi to', ho approaohed within a few Inches  of I J
ie City Barbershop on  Riverside  'l1:'' ',',p3-., s!'r T";'1!'.'''' "m'"} "'"' b!"*°- Hi
,, ,,     ,-                            i hlnally the temptntion waa too greal for •:-!/
■   ■ '•      '  ■■'                                    i i.i-  »„j „. „ m« „t „„.i„i ni„n.,i tn0 ~yf,
id Office: 20 St. Alexis St.,
Financial and
avenue.    UauiR zoe. I'Urn, and" a«TW of metal placed too
Tho Grand Forks hotel, tho oldest I  '"»<' to » mngnat will stiddeuly ellcl-
li   ."i'  :^' .i       ;,..    i,..' ...,.;i.., 'gainst it, he got within anlrresiatiblt I HHP
|hotel  in   the city, has a enpaeity  4traotloI)  ,„# their Upa met,   Henry   Hi
lor   ill   people,    livorythmg up to  ,ire back, abashed. ^f
dui'.'.    Rates, SI and SI.-"ill poraay. :    "Tti^t wns an acoldent," he said,   "I ML
ivoildtl't 'ii' 'Inn'' if   fi'i n qlinrlor sec- ■ %jj,y
,,-,„_ ,   ,     ,1    If you want to buy Halcyon Mm-  tion o* land If 1 conld'a'helped It."
Strictest investigation courted. Agents'     | \yftter call al tho Grand   Forks     "And I wouldn't V hod y' done   it
' for another quarter .siH-tii n," replied tho
II parte of the Dominion of       |lot(.|
Canada »«'>
ibseriho for Tin: Evening Sun.
fOHN    HAVhCKTY ^^1.	
U. Ji
Porks .1. It. flnliortidii, U.A.. pastor.
Sorvlcosovory Suiiilaya! II n.m. unl liHOp.
'   m.lSuiiilaysol I ami Hlble class, s p. m.i
Uestiniiister llnll.l ,.1 0. I... TumUj. 8
I'i'iiSTMKTIIOIll'-Tllllilil'll   C,
and Plltlists.  .1. r Hi' ••■
-irl. ooloring. "D'ye lliitik T want any.
luiily to ki>i nio us feote that a-way!"      !
"Air y' goin' to forgive me, Jenny!"    ; \A.\
"No.'' I '
Thf word wan ipnkon In ii very noh      -,]
committal tone but Henry .1 i.l not ao ng
iinderetand It.   Ho itood very near tl"'    k j
pouting lip* thai hall tanted bo sweet,  *,•-.
nnd n liil of <reeklcsaness onmo to him.       ~; J
"Jenny," ho eald, "I reckon thnl If *'    \;))
nlr not goln' to ferglvo me fer takm'    "v
Lots For Sale in All Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lots ut Low Prices.
„T Mil III j „,ie, I miv'hl n* well lmve a dozen
PfltST M l'.TU<ll>l-"l" l-IIUIts. II   t ..r     ...,.i        .,..    ,.,......
PIIQTnMQ    RRfiKFR     w«»'»!n!l«V It U K'B°r7.»rpV.ra™   , *<<  «<*» ^"y  m, .» reply,   s
ullolUmO    DllUNtn     .-lis- iii-etiii^iite ( I,,,,,,,!,,,.. .-,\- :   looked out toward n luirn (hat loomed ■   1
prayer n Una every  riiitrsday ovenlnu   _' ,.„,. -i-f
I..W.....I,.,.,.   TI,e„„hli,.i«,,„,|i„U,i,,vMe,l.     WaJtOd. JW
  *- -■'•''' ""'d V tie if I rvj
.k' one!" he i v*l
ilscover that J ■/
Consignments send to mo will
bo passed Custoinsand distributed speedily by unexcelled facilities.
1*.. 1'........«...
ot ii'ii'iioe.— .
Eastern Townships Hank.
„. . Jolook.' i'iVe pii'iillols eoi'iiiniiy li
llol.V THIVITVralL'lirll (Clnneli  Of Ki«
land), Grand  Porks, Henry Steele, vloar
Holy Communion, 8 n. in.l laornlna; nrayet
uml sermon, ll ti. m.i Sunday school, HP. ni.
oven a iindsermuii. 7l8o p. m.  All an
cordially Invited,
Notary Public       I
Heal Estate Dealer 5
Grand   Forks,  B. C. 8
Pacific Hotel
New and Second-Hand
Goo\3b Bought and Sold
"ltuw muoli madder would y' ho if
took a dozen than if I took om*T" ho
Henry wai beginning u< discover that v i
tne penalty ho must pay for a kins wm !'%Jr
not very severe. Jenny's lips were still < fort
pouting within a few inches of hia. and \£&f}
he WM thinking if one ki--* hud been ao jti
sweet that n dozen rntwi be twelve tinms VDj
sweeter. Kp slowly drow nearer nnd ,$('
nearer, giving her plenty of time to wol
draw ha nit. She did not move, nnd r.t "^f
Inst Henry waa reveling in another Ws* | \^,->t
though whether it was one long kiss o»
a dozen short ones, he never aftrrw#d
That wns the wny it began, It driftM
for months before Henry Baid anything
nliont marriage, nnd wben ho did Jinny
had tons understood thnl 1h.1t would bo
the mgvituhle result.—Harriet Kurjjuson
Jn "Tho 400."
Money to Loan.
Plione -Ml.
8 N. D. M OlN TOS F-I % I    -AlM1 -ru tom see Reggie «J morel"
*     f ,.   i>,.i.i,„..,„il t;,„.,,n,mij 9   "No;   be ''as oenseil   to  Interest  me.
'■i-SflBWEii      1 Bridge and BecpndSto. 8 W And „    doe, hl! ,.k,ltr
''l'1''" (in,l,la..i.C.lS«^
Columbia Avenue
jCirfintl   Forks, B. C. Fire Insurance
I represent the follonlnii
Reliable Mre On mles:
tiiBuro Companies,   l am blna ugettt tor
B, 0. Permn it   L.mii and Snvtmrs (!o. nf
vnnuoiivor and the U.S. fidelity & Qunrnnty
IVIili|)oiiel27 Johosoti Qlooll
MoaniflOLS Block,        OHA.NI) PORKS, it.t'.
Dr. Follick
Graduate of. Philadelphia Dental
Office over Hunter-
Phone 27. EendriokCo.'sStore,
A Stylish Finish an!
Lasting Satisfaction
(let Tour Clluthm
Made by
MKlliHAN'T TAM.nll,
Graduate Pennsylvania C6llege of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.
Office in Megaw Bloek.
Phone 138, Grand Forks, B. G
W. h. 1'. OLHMBNT
Clement <3& Spence
LHtirriHter», Solicitors,
Nolurlen, Etc
Bldeti Bloalt, Corner Winnipeg Avenue nml
First Street,
Wil    ITTER JP,  Pll     n,IVf' Moved next door to  Bunter-
■   III   11 I Hn 06  UU,    Kondriak Company.
])<- you read?  If bo, go to tliem und join their Olvoti-
lutinjr Library.   It lias no equal in Hritish Columbia.
Bphtn cluim KPi.t word to them, say   Stationery, Office and School Sup-
MuJii.jryouamoreUt^oaMmt!«fa   plies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
XmaH Goods as you ever had before.  Yourpluoe will still be Santa's Headquarters."
W.   H.   ITTER &  CO.
Good Dry \V I Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
FOR . . .
Take a Look at Our Window
Display of tho Latest Novelties'
in Chatelaine Bags and Purses.
Prescriptions Carefully
0 B B. -® '0 0 *§■ @® f®@$N
F YOU desire to be well informed on
Boundary matters be sura it comes
in your home
During the whole year, It is owned by
the editor, and not by any clique or faction.    It is worth $5.00.    It costs only
$2.00 PER YEAR
A Woman Who Could Shoot
A story told "by the wife of a factor of
the Hudson Hay Fur Trading Company
aliows that ability to do a thing well
sometimes makes the actual doing unnecessary. The woman had been brought
up in the post, where her fattier was
chief factor, and, like all the children
and women, had learned to use firearms
with ease and accuracy.
My father and the men had gone away
to a conference with the Indiana, who
hnd been hostile for some time, she says.
They had left orders not to open the
gates of the fort.
It was a blistering day and the water
In the stockade grew warm. So it waa
suggested that someone go to the river
.and get a fresh pailful. My aunt agreed
to go, and marched out alone with a pail
in one hand and a rifle in the other.
We stood behind tho loopholes of the
closed gate, saw her disappear down the
bank, come up again with a dripping
pail of fresh water, and set it down
again as if to reat. She had barely picked
it up again when she stopped abruptly,
gazing straight at the high grasses on
the right of the path between herself and
the fort. All eyes at the loopholes turned
in that direction, too; and there, stealing through the grasses with their war
feathers and war paint on, we saw two
young marauding warriors plainly bent
on mischief. They evidently knew that
the men were all out and only women in
the fort.
We could not possibly shoot in my
aunt's defence without great, risk of hitting her. If we unfastened the gate, one
of the Indians could easily have forced
an entrance while thc other stopped her.
But my aunt, instead of rushing in, set
down the pail. .She looked again where
the Indians had now risen boldly up directly under a solitary tree.
On the topmost branch of that tree sat
a "whisky-jack"—a bird of the jay family which is common round camps in the
Northern woods. Quick, as a flash sh'
aimed her rille, "picked oil" that jay us
coolly as if she had been at target prat-
tiee, nnd then, ns calmly lifting the pail
of water, came slowly to the gate, whole
wc received her with open arms.
As for the Indians—well, there was i
flourish of greasy shoulders through tin
long grass, und the two braves had dis
Who steps in after tent   You.
What two letters make a species <•
pepper?   K. N.
When is a bottle sick? When it i-
What is it that we should never ns
for? What we can't have.
Why is a beggar like a baker? The;
both need bread.
When anyone falls down, what is tin
first thing to do?   Get up.
As I was going up the church stoop!
I met three living people] they were no
three men, they were not three wonie ■
or three children, A. One man, one Wti
man and one child.
Why ought fishermen to be wealthy
Because theirs is all net profit. ■
What is that which a cart cannot mov
without, but yet is of no use to it
What is the difference between a fanii
er and a- dressmaker? One sews wha
Bhe gathers and the other gathers wha
he bows.
Which is the debtor's favorite tree'
The willow  (will owe).
When was paper money first men
tioned in the Bible? When the dov
| brought the green back to Noah.
What fish is the most valued by a lov
ing wife?   Her-ring.
What did Adam first set in the Garden
of Eden?   His foot.
What Is the hardest thing to deal
with?   An old pack of cards.
How do bees dispose of their honey t
iThey cell it, of course.
Why is death like the letter ET It i-*
ithe end of life.—-New York "World."
A Romantic Episode.
The King's vinit to Paris has been
marked by a siifgulnr and picturesque
incident, says the "Spectator." It ap*
pears that iu 1873 a chemist named Dun
val was accused of poisoning his wife,
and that the King, then Prince of Wales,
anxious to watch French procedure, attended the trial, which ended in a sentence of imprisonment for life. Tho
Prince, who had watched the evidence
for five days, wns certain that justice
hod miscarried, and visited the convict
in his cell to tell him so, and enquire If
any remedy were possible. None could
be found, but after twenty years' imprisonment the sentence wns revised and
M. Danval liberated. The kindness of
the Prince in his hour of despair had
made a deep impression on his mind,
and when the King recently visited Paris
he addressed him n letter full of gratitude for the visit paid twenty-five years
before. One wonders if kings know the
depth of the impression both of regard
and of hatred which they can almost
unconsciously make.
"What's the difference between obstinacy nnd finnnet.-*?" "Why, obstinacy
in oneself is firmness and firmness in
another is obstinacy."—-Chicago "Post."
Estate agent (to laborer's son)—Here,
my boy, where can I find your father?
hoy—In the pig stye, sir. You'll know
'im by Ms brewn 'at!—"Punch."
Barber—How   will   you   have   it  cut,
sir? Pepprey— Both
and beard?" "No;
I.ort.   "Both? Hair
hair and oouveroa-
' "Your aunt I» ehut up In an asylum*
Isn't ahet" "Well, alio is and »ho isn't.'
She is in there nil right 6110111,*, but they
j sin't stou hoi tulkilu."—"Judno."
Klondike pool table.   Only one
in eity.   Grand Forks hotel.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work nnd promptness in
the execution. Bud work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
tinii' is not fgood service ; but the two combine to
make one of (ho most necessary, but hardest to obtain and often must expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the lesson in theory we have shown. Qur
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice. ' <
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of the
latest and most popular faces of typo and the
most up-to-date machinery. All woi'kjguaranteed
to give satisfaction,
I       i
i      <
Job Department.   i**"'"


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