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The Evening Sun Sep 12, 1902

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Grand Forks and Columbia, B. C.   Friday, September 12, 1902.
Spoke Words of Praise Concerning the City and Its
A section of the British editorial
party now touring Canada arrived in
Grand Forks at 1:45 Wednesday
afternoon, and spent about three
hours in the city. Those in the
party were:
' E. G LeSage, London Daily Telegraph.
James Proudfoot, Glasgow Herald.
James Lumsden, Leeds Mercury.
G. ,M. Howe, Highland'. News, Inverness.
The visitors were met at the C. P.
K. station by a reception committee
composed of members of the city
council and board of trade, and
other prominent citizens. Immediately after arrival carriages were
taken, and the party was driven to
the Yale hotel, where an address
of welcome "was delivered by E. Do-
borer, president of the board of
trade. Martin Burrell also made
an eloquent address, making special
reference to the agricultural possibilities of the Kettle River valley.
Mr. Lumsden, of the Leeds Mercury, replied on behalf of his confreres. He expressed regret that all
the members of the party had been
unable to visit the Boundary section,
whose fame as a new factor in the
copper market had already reached
the mother country.
It afforded him great pleasure to
state that every member of the party
bad been deepiy impressed with
the boundless resources of Canada,
and especially those of British Columbia. Every day of the tour in the
province had opened a new chapter
of surprises in regard to timber,
agriculture, fisheries and mineral
The party then drove to the
Granby smelter, which was inspected very thoroughly. They were
shown over the big reduction works
by H. N. Galer, assistant to the
manager. The visitors spent nearly
sin hour in the furnace room and
power house, and their wonder increased when they saw the big converters transmitting the molten
matte into blister copper. Mr.
Lumsden declared it was one of the
finest sights he had seen in his
The party was then taken to within a short distance of Covert's big
fruit ranch, and thatJialace was
viewed from a lofty emifHee.   It is
to be regretted that they lacked time
to thoroughly examine this great
fruit farm.
Mr. G. LeSage, of the London
Daily Tekgraph, expressed his views
as follows to a Sun reporter:
' 'Our visit to Rossland and the
Boundary will go a long way toward
enlightening the British public respecting the vast mineral resources
of southern British Columbia. We
are amazed to learn of the remarkable development that has taken place
in the Boundary during the short
period of three years. Its progress
has been simply phenomenal; and
yet, I fancy, only a beginning has
been made. The fact that the Boundary smelters have now an annual
treating capacity of over one million tons, tells its own story. One
can realize what a factor this section
has already become in the copper
market. We will soon see your
mountains of copper, inspect the
surface quarrying operations and
then tell the plain unvarnished
truth. The converter of the Granby
smelter, I was informed, iB now
turning out blister (topper 98 per
cent pure at the rate of 20,000,000
pounds per annum, and has a capacity of 40,000,000 pounds per
annum. And I understand the product also contains gold and silver
values which are refined in the east.
This is is a country of surprises,
and the climax has been reached in
the mining districts. Southern
British Columbia, it is needless to
add, has a great future, and one
that will soon (absorb the attention
of the mining world. The self-fluxing character of your ores is indeed
a novel advantage that exists in no
other region."
The party left by special train at
5 o'clock Wednesday evening for
Greenwood, and yesterday they visited Phoenix, inspecting the big
mines of that camp.
The regular weekly meeting of
the Columbia city council was held
Tuesday evening.
Members present: Mayor McCallum, Aid. Cusson, Disney, Lagimo-
diere and Mcintosh.
Bills presented and ordered paid:
Evening Sun, $3.00; Grand Forks
News, $3.85.
An application was received from
C. A. Hogelberg for water to lots 3
and 4, block 41. The water commissioner was instructed to have the
necessary connections made.
The following tenders were received fcmfltitailUMLthe water works
Sears e
Clarendon Restaurant
Miss Ida Tknkatk, Prop.
First-Class Board and Neatly
Furnished Rooms at
Moderate Prices.
Cafe—Riverside and Bridge
Hotel—Riverside Avenue
Under One Management:
Geo. Chappie, 28e per lineal ft.
J. D. McDonald, 33c per linea ft.
P. D. Macdonald, 30c per lineal ft.
After some discussion the matter
was laid over.
Mr. I, A. Dinsmore, chairman of
the board of school trustees, addressed the council, and asked permission for the board to use the
money appropriated for the purchase
of land and for painting the school
house, for fencing the school
grounds.    His request was granted.
A|*lL Cuftson, Disney, Lagimodiere
and Wasson were appointed a committee to inspect the bridge, and to
report at the next meeting what
steps they considered necessary to be
taken to make it safe against - the
next high water.
At an adjourned meeting, Wednesday evening, the bids for the
water works system were allowed to
stand over.
Fine Confectionery
The only place In town
where you can buy
Ganong's Noted
McCormick's Famous
Maracaibo Chocolates
», Tobacco*, Etc.
All Lead!** Brandt el Cigar*
Epps' Cocoa
The Most
Grateful-Comforting   Breakfast-Supper
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
Published Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings at Grand Forks and Columbia, B.C., by
One Tear 12.001 Three Months... .* .60
SlxMonths   l.OOIOneMonth 20
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
The Evbnihg Sun, Columbia.!*. C.
Hb^Phonk 55.
The Nelson Economist says that
James Dunsmuir won't be compelled
to pay excess baggage charges on the
honors he is bringing home from
England. Scarcely. Not even the C.
P. R. would dare to charge baggage
rates on a vacuum.
An enterprising eastern syndicate
,is considering the advisability of
forming a company to pipe the excess heat of Mt. Pelee to northern
regions. The company would run
up against a wann competitor in
Grand Forks in the shape of the
Hot Air road.
The rumor is almost too good to
be true. A race between the C. P. R.
and the V., V. & E. to the coast
would be worth a high price of admission to witness, especially to
Grand Forks people. Even The Sun
would be willing to invest in a $10
ticket. Let us hope that the party
who predicted it, is a true   prophet.
Our exports of home produce in
1895 were $102,828,441; for the
year just ended they were $196,-
019,763. That is an increase to be
proud of. Our total foreign trade
has now reached the four huhdred
million mark. In 1890 it was about
half that.     v
" The latest arrival to our exchange
desk is the Independent American, the
new daily of Republic, Wash. The
. 1 merikan is a seven-column folio,
and is ably edited. |Tt enjoys a good
advertising patronage. If it keeps up
its present standard of excellence it
cannot fail to make the mineral resources of that camp known to the
outside world.
The British newjiaper men's excursion party is com|>osed of the
right sort of men. They represent
some of the greatest journals in the
world, of wide circulation at home
and abroad, and they hold high positions on the staffs of their, respective
papers. In this country the case is
often reversed, Here the business
office clerks and the men who do
odd jobs around the office usually
take in the excursions, while the
real editors stay at home and grind
out copy.
The report that good coking coal
had been discovered in commercial
quantities in the North Fork country, about 65 from this city, is the
^urajiiiMafeiituvg   that has
been received in Grand Forks for
some time. The find, if present indications are verified by further development work, will mean a great
deal to the smelting industry of this
valley, as it will practically bring
our coke supply to our back door,
thus materially lessening the cost of
that essential article.
Henniger-Miller—At the home of
the bride's parents, in Columbia,
on Wednesday, Sept. 10, 1902,
at 9 a.m., E. C. Henniger and
Miss Agnes Miller, Rev. J. F.
Betts officiating.
The bride is the eldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller, late
of Brandon, Man.,. and is one of the
most popular young ladies in the
city. The groom is a thirfty young
business man, having been engaged
in the transfer and express business in this city during the past four
years. He also has the contract for
carrying the mails from Grand Forks
and Columbia to the railway stations. TJie wedding was a private
one, only a few of the most intimate
friends of the bride and groom being
present. Miss May, youngest sister
of the bride, acted as maid of honor.
The bride was very prettily gowned
in white organdie. The young couple
have a host of friends in the city,
who wish them a long and prosperous life's journey.
Immediately after the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Henniger left for Victoria and,Vancouver over the Great
Northern on a ten days' wedding
tour. At the expiration of that time
they will return to this city and remain a short time, after which they
will go to Helena, Mont., where Mr.
Henniger and his brother will open
a meat market.
George Fraser, Chas. Cumings,
H. S. Cayley and E. Miller, the
delegates appointed by the Grand
Forks Liberal Conservative association to the Revelstoke convention,
left for the convention city yesterday. The Columbia association
named N. McLellan, J. H. Hodson,
T.'B. Croston and Capt. Disbrowe
as delegates. As none of these gentlemen were able to attend, they selected E. Miller as their proxy. The
convention will be in session today
and tomorrow, and it is confidently
expected that it will declare in favor
of party lines in provincial politics,
as most of the delegates from the
interior favor this plan, the only
opposition there is to it coming from
the coast politicians.
C. W. Brambell, who was formerly in charge of the Columbia Town-
site company, passed through the
city yesterday, coming from Nelson,
B. C. Mr. Brambell is making a tour
of the Boundary, looking over the
field with a view to sending eastern
tourist and hunting parties to this
part of the country.
E. W.   Liljigran,  thj.  Coluni
mining engi;
this city over year, will leave tomorrow for his home in Spokane. After
a short visit with his family, he will
go to Tolo, in southern Oregon,
where he has been egaged by a mining company to do some expert
N. Taylor, a late arrival from
Manitoba, has purchased the Windsor, and will conduct that popular
resort in future.
F. J. Painton, the well known
organist, will in future be the leader
of the English church choir.
A   special meeting of the Grand
for 8 o'clock this evening to consider a proposition that will be laid
before it by the Kettle Valley lines.
Miss Mackenzie will arrive in the
eity tomorrow (Saturday) to assist
place. E. Disney has the contract
for the erection of the house, and it
will be rushed to completion.
The benefit concert in aid of Mrs.
Simons, in the Biden opera house
Wednesday evening, was patronized
by a large and appreciative audience. The local talent rendered a
fine programme, the work of the
juvenile performers being specially
D. D. G. M., R. Herring, of Ross7
land, and W. M. McMynn, o'f
Greenwood Lodge, A. F. & A. M.,
G. R. of B. C., were present at prelim-
Forks city council has   been   called ipary meetings held by the   loeal
Masons in Averill hall Sunday and
Monday evening, and expressed
themselves as more than pleased
with the prospects for the organization of a lodge here.    The M. W.
Mrs. Petch at their millinery open-! & M- (,f B< Q< has been asked for a
ing   on  Tuesday   and Wednesday, dispensation-
Sept. 16 and 17, at their show rooms
at. Rendell & Co. 's store. A first-class
orchestra will be in attendance on
Tuesday evening from 8 to 10
o'clock,    Everybody welcome.
George Pierce received a painful
though not dangerous wound by the
accidental discharge of-a gun in the
hands of his companion, Herbert
Gilmour,   while   out   hunting last
Richard Reap, late proprietor   of Sunday on Burrell's ranch.    Pierce
1 received the charge ot bird shot m
the steam laundry, has removed his | the right sid(!     D].   Nortnrop   wa„
family to Columbia,   occupying  a' summoned.    The   injured man   '
cottage on Market street, near Gov- doing nicely.
ernment avenue.
Joseph has put in an appearance
in Grand Forks. Occasionally he
delivers books and papers. He has
no imitators in Columbia.
Spring Chickens wanted at the
Clarendon Restaurant.
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity for
for   70   people.    Everything up to
A. Hagelberg  has   completed ; date.    Rates,-$1 and $1.50 per day.
the foundation for his residence  on |    Klondike pool table.   Only one
Spring  street,   near  Chas.   Hay's in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
Friday  Bargains
Every Friday will be Bargain Day at this store.    Last Friday was a grand success, and large crowds did their shop-
""   ping on that day.
See our handbills for prices and
come with your friends to the
Palace Store.
REND EL L    &    CO.
Next to Postoffice, Grand Forks
Riverside Nurseries
Martin  Burrell. Prop.
Maples, Elms, Linden, Mountain
Ash, Catalpas, Cut-Leaf Birch.
A full line of Flowering Shrubs, including French and
Persian Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Snowballs, Spireas, Roses, etc.
Specially selected strain of Lawn Grass Seed.
Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes, Strawberry Plants,
Asparagus Roots. Vegetable and Flower Seeds
at my store, next to Biden's Opera House.
V. et N. PHONB as
All Rinds of TenmIiig|Done.
Rips of all Kinds for Hire
I Fraser's Drug; Store, Grand Forks,
I Hodson's Store, Columbia, or
Over the sun-burned, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, Cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of ihe Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do by travelling on
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed ' 'Scenic Line of the World,''
the only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
'Springs and Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of,five
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair care,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
lect dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
D. Mansfield, Gen. Agt., Rio Grande
Lines, No. 124 Third Street, Portland, Ore.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 30 eays, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospect for coal and oil on the E. W.
Liljegran coal claim, consisting of 640
acres, situated on the west side of the
west fork of the North Fork of Kettle
river, about 61 miles northerly, from the
city of Grand Forks, B. C. Location post
is situated at the northeast corner, whioh
is about 75 feet east of the east bank of
said river, claiming 80 chains wejt; thence
80 chains south; thenoe 80 chains east;
thence 80 chains north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this 12th day of
June, 1902.
E. W. Liljegran, Locator.
NOTldE is hereby given that I Intend,
after 30 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospect for coal and oil ou the "Neil
McCallum" coal claim, consisting of 610
acres, situated on the west side of the west
fork of North Fork of Kettle river, about
62 miles northerly from the oity of Grand
Forks, II. C. Location post is situated at
the southeast comer, whioh is about 75
feet east of the east bank of said river,
claimlner 80 chains north; thence 80 chains
west; thence 80 chains south; thence 80
chains east to point of beginning.
Dated  on the ground this 12th day of
•1 line, 1902.
Neil McCallum, Locator,
E. W. Liljegran, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 30 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a License
to prospect for coal and oil on the Henry
White coal claim, consisting of 640 acres,
situated ou the west side of the west fork
of the North Fork of Kettle river, about
ii» miles northerly from the city of Grand
Forks, B. C. Location post Is situated at
the northeast corner, which is about 50
feet east of the east bank of said river,
claiming80chains'.vest; thence 80 chains
south; thence 80 chains east; thence80
chains north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this  12th  day of
June, 1902.
Hknhy White, Locutor.
E. W. Liljkmhan, Agent. '
Forks—J. R. Robertson, B.A., pastor,
services evory Sunday at 11 a.m. ard 7:30
*   p.m.; Sunday school and Bible class, 2 p.
m.; Y. P. M., Tuesday, 8 p.m.
■I. A. G. Calder, pastor—Services every
Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunduv
school and Bible class at 2.30 p. m.
BAPTIST CHURCH, Columbia - Rev.
Ralph Trotter, pastor; preaching service at 11 u,m. every Sunday; Sunday
school at 8 p.m.; all are weloome.
Main and Fltth streets—J. P. Betts, pastor; services every Sunday at 11 a.m.
and 7.80 p.m.: ciass meeting at. close of
morning service; Sunday JLool and
Hilile class at 3 p.m.; praMmeeting
every Wednesday evening atff o'clook.
The public is cordially Invited.
Mining and   Real
Estate Dealers
Lots Fob Rale in All
Parts 05 the City.
Choice Garden Lands
at Low Prices.
The Windsor
Orand Porks, B. C.
.  Only the best
— Carried
N.    Taylor,   Prop.
Hose Hill Dairj
Milk and Cream
Delivered to ill parts of
(iraisil Porks and Columbia.
Attended to.
If you want your Clothes
('leaned or Renovated and
and Pressed, gout-
Cor. Rivers!
A City of Beautiful Environments, Healthful
Climate and Bountiful Resources-Civic
Improvements, Including Electric Light
and Waterworks Systems, Are Well
The City of Columbia is situated near the junction of
the North Forks of the Kettle river with the maiu Kettle
river,  and is distant about 300 miles east of Vancouver.
Thoroughly up-to-date and modem Electric Light and
Waterworks Systems are dow under construction, and will be
completed In September. The electric light systm will include street arc lamps. The waterworks system is planned
on a sufficiently large scale to meet all present and future
needs, and insuring ample protection from the ravages of
tire. At present water is supplied the city by pumping from
a beautiful spring of exceptional purity.
The natural situation of the city for beauty Is not excelled
In Ameriea. A verdure clad and flower-bespangled rolling
prairie, traversed by a river of bright, sparkling waier,
fringed with forest trees and surrounded by mountains, forming a charming combination of pioturesquesness and grandeur.
The Columbia 4 Western railway, which was constructed
by the Canadian Paotflo Railway company, has its station,
freight warehouse and yards In the oenter of Columbia, and
the Vanoouver, Vlctora A Eastern Railway company, has
located Its depot, freight sheds and yards along the east line
of the corporation, thus giving the oity oonneotions with two
transcontinental lines.
The Canadian Pacifie railway company has large interests in the city, having selected the Bite 011 account of the superior natural advantages as a railway centre,
The climate, taken all the year around, is the best iu Canada-part of the summer is rather hot and dry, but the rest of
the year is enjoyable.
Throughout the Kettle River valley there is an extent ef
fertile agricultural land, part of whioh is now being cultivated.
Apples, plums, pears, prunes, cherries and all the small
fruits grow abundantly. The valley surrounding Columbia,
divided Into small frnit nnd vegetable farms, will sustain a
large population.
Huildiug material is plentiful in the district. Lumber can
be procured at fair prices, and brick lime anil stone of good
quality oan always be obtained when required. '
The mining interests areof the first importance to this
country, and will do much to build up Columbia. Large mineral lodes have been discovered throughout the mountains
adjacent to the city, and what were mere prospects a short
time since are now large paying mines.
The Granby smelter and converter the most modem
aud perfect plant of the kind In America—employing hundreds of men, is contiguous to the oity.
Owing to the fine climate, the central situation, the
beautible environments, tne bright prospects for future
growth and prosperity, Columbia will be an educational
centre, a city of homes, as {well as a wholesale distributing
point; and when finally allied and wedded to her sister city,
will be the best and largest city in [the Interior. IMPERIAL LIFE
In reviewing the list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
the "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. This company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
sell, and the fact that many large
policies have been issued by the
Imperial, running as high as $200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are patrons of
this company. Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and Grand
Bicycles—The Columbia, Perfect
and Cleveland Bicycles, all top-
notchers. Wheel supplies of all
kinds. Repairing. Wheels to rent.
Geo. Chapple,  opposite postoffice.
In the Matter of the Railway Act, and In the
Matter of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern
Railway and Navigation Company.
NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that a copy
of thn plans, profiles and books of
reference, duly sanctioned and approved by
the Department of Hallways and Canals, for
a section of the above company's line, extending from Midway to Lot ;641, Township
P7, Osoyoos Division of Yale District, has been
deposited with the Registrar of Land Titles,
«t Kamloops, In accordance with the requirements of Section 125 of the Railway Act.
Solicitor for V., V. ft E. R. A N. Co.
Pacific Hotel
Opposite C.P. R. Station,
Phone 59. Columbia, B. C
T. Aim
Mining and
Real Estate
employment and Information
Phone 65.        Grand Forks, B. C.
Columbia Mails
1 110 p. m.
4 80 p.m.
12 30 p.m.
5 15 p. in.
PtB.Crow's Nest RR
Kiistcrn Canada
Eholt, etc
Grand Forks
Nelson, Wash.
Curlew, etc.
Satdy only White's Camp
I a. in.      I
1! 30 p, m,
4 oo p. in.
I 4 15 p. in.
I 7 45 a. in,
i Satdy only
I 3 p. m.
.Money orders from 8 u. m. to 1 p. in
Post Muster.
Grand Forks Mails
Rossluiid.Spokane, Nelson,Marcus, Cascade,
Robson, all p'ts Crows
4:00 p.m. Nest Ry, Revelstoke 1:30 p.m.
Vancouver, Victoria, ull
points on Canadian Pacific Reilway.
'Columbia, Phoenix,
Kholt, Greenwood. Mld-i
12:30p.m.:way, Penticton.Reptib- 5:00 p.m.
lie, Curlew, Bolster, all
Reservation points.
Office open daily from 8:30 to 0:30 p. In.
Sundays excepted). Money orders issued
to all parts, and Savings Banks deposits
received, 3 per cent interest allowed. Rec-
^stei'nd mail closes one half hour previ-
"" tli.e.tinie forjjjyuj ordinary mails
, Po'tmsater.
T. M. Rixen, of Nelson, B. C,
returned from the North Fork coal
fields this week,'after spending a
month prospecting for the British
Columbia Coal company. He reports that in the course of development work a seam of bituminous or
coking coal six feet wide was uncovered. The expert now on the ground
will report favorably on the commercial value of the new coal fields in
view of the recent discovery. Mr.
Rixen will return there shortly with
a small diamond drill plant, and
operations will be carried on perma-
The mother Lode mine was but
half .discovered until a short time
ago, says the Greenwood Times.
Within its boundaries new ore bodies
have been discovered which practically double the value of the property. The original work was commenced in the southern portion of
the claim. Enormous ore bodies
were opened up and the Mother Lode
was placed near the head of those
remarkable properties for which the
Boundary has become famous. Up
above this original working was a
grass-covered bute that looked like
any other hill. Since the introduction of the quarrying system and its
very successful operation the surface work encroached farther and
farther toward the hilltop. Recently
open cuts were made at the summit,
when the discovery was made that
Jhe entire hilltop is copper ore. The
body has been opened up for 200
feet in Jength and 100 feet in width.
The ore averages 3 2-10 per cent
copper and $2 in gold. It carries
plenty of lime, and looks good to
Paul Johnson for his smelter. Two
big glory holes have been started,
and from these 300 or 400 tons a
day can be shipped. These glory-
holes can be continued down to thc
original workings below. The ore
can be mined and hauled at an exceedingly low cost, and having good
values it adds greatly to the wealth
of tbe Mother Lode. The new discovery makes the mine one of almost incalculable tonnage. It would
be difficult to compute the amount
of ore from the summit of the hill
down to the base of the elmni several hundred feet below.     }
W. M. Law and associates who
last spring bought a three-eighths
interest in the Providence mineral
claim, near Greenwood, on a basis
of 850,000 for the whole claim, last
Friday closed a contract with Wm.
Fowler whereby they secure the remaining five-eighths interest. When
the deal was made they paid Mr.
Fowler $0000 on account. On Friday they paid him $6500 more, leaving the balance of the $50,000 to
paid in installments as agreed. Another carload of high-grade ore is
now ready for shipment.
The Snowshoe mine is now in a
position maintain regular ore shipments at the rate of 500 or 60^cns
per day, ifjsr,
handle th
Of which I Am Never Out,
CASE pf|f|C I handle nothing but  the Griffin Brand Fancy
,N Rl ITTPD I*'8 Griffin Brand Fancy Creamery and tbe
UU 1 1 CK Celebrated EDEN BANK, equal to, and
cheaper than, Hazelwood.
I don't buy in large quantities, but have them coming all the
time. My PRICES are right. So are my Weights and Measures.    Try them on the sly sometimes, and be convinced.
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Dditing rowuer BEgT? The 0NLY Bakinf!
that gives you vour MONEY BACK if not satisfactory.
on't forget \T|-|    **\ if you want any-
ring uj>     r^V* O^ thing in a hurry.
Pure Drugs
Prescriptions Carefully
Fraser Drug Co., Druggists
We have just received a
Big Shipment of all kinds of
Clover and Timothy Seed
We also have in supply SEED GRAIN of all kinds.    Remember
and investigate our stock and prices before going elsewhere.
IN YOUR PRINTING you don't want
to reflect old Idea* : you want it up*
to-date. There Is a certain desire
for the antique, but It should be up-to*
mow In execution.
Our printing reflects
the present times,
with the best
ideas of the
;ning sun


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