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The Evening Sun Oct 24, 1902

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VoL L Grand Forks and Columbia, B. C.   Friday, October 24, 1902.
Albert Knepper Is Heavily
Fined for Evading Payment of Customs.
A case of more than passing interest was tried before Justices
Spraggett and McCallum in Grand
Forks, Wednesday evening, the'end
of which carries a sequel in the form
of a mora'. It demonstrates that honesty is the best policy, not only from
an ethical standpoint, but also when
viewed in the sordid light of your
pocketbook. In short, it shows
that honesty pays as big dividends
as the average gold mine,
i About the first September last
Albert Knepper entered Canada at
the port of Cascade. The only dutiable property he brought with him
was a horse and saddle. He said
he did not have have enough
money at the time to pay the
impost; but as he told a very
plausible hard-luck story, George
C. Rose, the customs officer at that
port, was lenient with the man
and allowed him to proceed on
his journey rejoicing—on the pro m-
ise that the money would be forthcoming as soon as he could dispose
of cay use and saddle.
Knepper went to the Okanagan
country, where^hesold his property,
but in the meantime he had evidently forgotten all about the customs fee charged up against him
at Cascade. At least he made no
effort to pay it.
Customs Officer Rose waited patiently until he became fully convinced that tne man was a deadbeat
and never intended to pay. Then
he proceeded to take action. He
a warrant sworn out for the arrest
of Knepper and placed it in the
hands of the provincial police.
The arrest was made by Provincial Policeman Venner,'who brought
the prisoner to this city Wednesday.
At the trial before the above-named
justices that evening he was fined
6125.90 for evading prepayment of
duties on one horse and saddle.
The original duty was $10. Does
it pay to be dishonest?
Charles M. Rendell, who at one
time owned the land on which Columbia is located, has returned to
the Boundary, after an absence of
four years in Newfoundland, where
he was connected with a mining
company. He is a brother of G. A.
Rendell, J. P., of Eholt. His wife
accompanies him, and it is expected that they will remain in the
It is now fifteen years since Mr.
Rendell first came to British Columbia. After a year at Vernon, in the
Okanagan district, he came to the
Boundary, and for several years he
lived at Grand Prairie, taking up. a
pre-emption where the city of Columbia now is. This land he sold to
the old townsite company, and when
the affairs of that concern was wound
up it passed into the hands of Henry
White, who is the present owner.
Half a dozen years ago Mr. Rendell pre-empted land on Eholt
creek, between Eholt meadow and
where the town of Eholt was located later on,
Mr. Rendell is well known to
most of the Boundary pioneers, who
are glad to see him back again.
$14.50 TO THE TON
What promises to be an important
mine is at present being opened in
the Alabama group of claims, the
property of the Lucille Dreyfus Min-
ingcompany, located at Danville,
Wash. The tunnel to tap the vein
at the bottom of the winze from the
upper tunnel, after encountering the
vein and following along the old
level some 50 feet, was turned on
its true course and extended a distance of 108 feet, following along a
perfect hanging wall. At this point
a cross-cut was started in a westerly
direction across the ledge. This
cross-cut has been extended 23 feet
with no footwall in sight at last reports. The ore is solid iron sulphide, with little waste and very
uniform in value, samples recently
taken averaging $14.50 in gold
The property is remarkably well
situated for economical and profitable working, being less than 800
feet from the main line of the Washington & Great Northern railroad, at
an elevation approximating 600 feet
above. The property, which consist of five claims and two fractions,
is all well timbered, with the waters
of the Kettle river less than
1000 feet from the present workings, while thc surface ground extend nearly or quite to the river at
one point.
The latest news obtainable from
Camp McKinney, where the Hotel
Fairview was destroyed by fire
Wednesday morning at 3 o'clock,
gives the following list of casualties:
Clarendon Restaurant
Miss Ida Tenkate, Phop.
First-Class Board and Neatly
Furnished Rooms at
Moderate Prices.
Cafe—Riverside and Bridge
Hotel—Riverside Avenue
Under One Management.
Miss Louise Smith, the school teacher, and Mr. Mathias, manager of the
hotel, are both dead. The fireman
named Allan, or Allan Stuart, who
jumped from the first story of the
burning building, was injured in the
spine and cannot live. Lizzie Hunt,
housekeeper of the hotel, is in a
serious condition hut escaped. The
nature of her injuries is not stated.
John Love, druggist, is badly hurt
internally. Mrs. Mathias, wife of
the manager, and child also jumped
from a bedroom window, but escaped with only slight injuries.
Dr. White had his feet cut by
the broken glass, but otherwise is
uninjured. Two other men, names
not learned, escaped almost unhurt.
No other particulars have yet been
received at Camp McKinney from
Klondike pool table.    Only one
in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
The only place in town
where you can buy
McCormick's Famous
Maracaibo Chocolates
Plpea, Tobaccos, Etc.
All Leading Brands ol Clgari
Phone 64
Epps' Cocoa
The Most
Grateful-Comforting   Breakfast-Supper
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
Eastman Kodaks
and Plate Cameras
We can do your Developing and
Printing for you.
H. E. Woodland & Co.
...-.. ■ .,.  ^r*v .;..,.:..:
ri aM^MMfitMttWftl**#tB*>K^ ■
Published Every Tuesday and Friday Evenings at Grand Forks and Columbia, B.C., by
subscription bates:
One Year $2.00 I Three Months.... $ .50
SixMonths   1.00|OneMonth I    .20
Advertising rates furnished on application.
Legal notices, 10 and 5 cents per line.
Address all communications to
Thb Evening Sun, Columbia,K. C.
"Phone 55.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24,  1902.
Hon. J. I. Takte, minister of
public works, has handed in his
resignation, by request of Premier
Laurier. Mr. Tarte committed political suicide by doing too much
talking, a malady that has caused
the downfall of a great- number of
public men.
It has been suggested that a good
way to solve the problem what to do
with ihe Hot Air road, would be to
hang it on a Christmas tree next December. But then only a multimillionaire could afford to operate
such a costly toy.
omens of this terrible year of earthquakes, floods, eruptions, cyclones,
fires, murders, coal famine, Hot
Air injunctions and the increase in
the prices of beef and bread. At
first telescopic, the comet is approaching the trembling earth Avith
such automobilic speed that it is
now plainly visible. What further
horrors it portends, the Lord only
The birds arc wending their way
southward, an infallible sign of approaching winter. Politicians are
raising their voice at harvest festivals, just as sure a sign that they
expect an election.    ■
Sib John Bourinot, who for
niiiny years has been a light to the
pntii of the budding parliamentarian, has departed this life. He
had long been thc final authority on
parliamentary procedure and constitutional practice at the Dominion
capital. His works on favorite
themes have become the standard
in Canada, Another clerk of the
house of commons will arise ■ in his
place at the head of the table, but
in the eyes of the old-timers he will
never fill that chair as its iate occu-
pnnl fill .'tl it The shades of many
of Canada's gifted sons now haunt
the legislative halls.
The statement recently issued by
the Dominion finance department
shows that for the year ending June
30 last, there was a surplus of over
87,000,000. When the capital account was included, S3, .'100,000 was
added to the public debt, which is
now $271,000,000. For thc three
months of tho current fiscal year
there was a big increase in revenue
and a large decrease in expenditures, making a surplus over all
classes uf expenditure of $6,flOO,000,
and this in spite of increases in all
branches of the service.
Ax interesting census report shows
that while Great Britain has about
1,900,000 trade unionists the United States and Canada for about
twice the population there are only
A comet, named after Prof. Per-
rine,   its  discover, is added to the
Frank Fritz and C. W. Harrigan,
the well known prospectors, left last
Wednesday afternoon for their
claims in the Thunder Hill camp,
where they will remain until the
Miss J. Ainslee, who has been
visiting in Republic for several
weeks, returned to her home in this
city yesterday.
The No. 1 furnace at the Granby
smelter will be blown in next Mou-
day. This will make three furnaces in
active operation, only one remaining idle, which will be blown
as soon as the Cascade power supply
gets into the smelter.
The Granby • smelter this week
treated 4672 tons of ore. Total for
1902, 233,060 tons.
The report circulated some days
ago, says the Republic American,
that the Tom Thumb mine was to
pass to the control of the Granby
company, cannot be verified. There
is a probability that some negotiations tending in that direction are
under way, but nothing definite is
known here in regard to the matter.
Next week the Black Tail mine,
Republic, will ship one hundred
tons of ore to the Granby smelter,
and thc San Poil the same amount.
M. G. Galusha, the manager of
these properties, is the authority for
this sthtement.
An uneasy feeling was created in
the city yesterday by a rumor that
the Fernie coal miners bad again
gone out on a strike. The report
proved to be without foundation,
however. It was based on the fact
that a few men doing development
work in a mine at Morrissey had
quit work because the owners refused
to put the it rn a tonnage basis.
The supreme court sittings which
were to have been held at Greenwood next Monday and Tuesday,
have been cancelled.
A special car carrying 25 mining
investors from Duluth, Minn., who
are coming west to look over the
mining resources of British Columbia, arrived in Spokane yesterday
over the Great Northern. From
Spokane they went to Nelson, B. C.
Joe Ward, an old-timer of tie
Boundary, bought a Great Northern
ticket last Wednesday for Seattle,
where he will be located in future.
Five cars of from thc Quilp mine,
Republic, were delivered at Ihe
Granby smelter today.
Mr. R. Marpole, superintendent
of the western division of the C. P. R.,
passed through Grand Forks today
on his way Midway.
The first anniversary of The Sun
will occur about a week from today,
and birthday presents in the shape
back subscription money will be
thankfully received.
At Knox Presbyterian church
next Sunday, Rev. J. R. Robertson,
B. A., will take for his morning subject, "The One Thing I Do"; evening, "The Biblical Doctrine of
The Sun expects to be able to announce the result of the meeting of
the railway committee of the privy
council at Ottawa in next Tuesday's
The statement was given out last,
night that the branch power line
from the Granby smelter to the high
tension line of thc Cascade Power!
company would be completed in
t\vo weeks. |
G. C. McGregor wen? up to Nia-!
gara   yesterday  to   do assessment
work on his claim.
It is reported that the Quilp com
pany, of Republic,  has   effected   a j
deal   with   the   Granby smelter to,
treat several hundred tons  of  ore
from that' mine each month. !
The meeting of the Columbia city
council Tuesday evening was short
and unimportant. All the members were present, with the exception of Mayor McCallum, who is
absent from the city. The board of
works was instructed to have the
street leading to the new bridge
cleared 66 feet and graded 16 feet
William Campbell, of this ' city,
left for Winnipeg yesterday over the
Great Northern.
Pat Hughes, foreman for Stewart
& Welsh, railroad contractors, arrived in the city yesterday from
Spokane, and is stopping at the
W. A. Stratton, of the Hot Air
line, left for Tacoma today over the
Great Northern.
In prosecuting its plan to build
up the largest circulation in the
Kootenay, and incidentally, in observance of its seventh anniversary,
the Trail Creek News is giving to each
new subscriber a watch. It is not a
full-jeweled 18-karat gold watch, but
it is a r\eat, perfect-running timepiece. It is guaranteed for one year,
and if it fails to keep accurate time
during that period it will be exchanged for a new one. Thc guarantee is that of the largest watch
company in the United States. The
subscription to the Neivs is 82 per
year, upon receipt of which a watch
will be forwarded, together with the
Trail Creek News for one year. IT'S
A GOOD WATCH for man or boy.
Remittance should be forwarded by
express or postal order, to Trail
Creek News, Trail, B. C.
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Persian Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Snowballs, Spireas, Roses, etc.
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and comfortable ride through the
heart of the Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do by travelling on
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic Line of the World,"
the only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs and Denver enroute to east
ern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of five
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is the bestj including free reclining chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
lect dinihg car service, and also
personally' conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
D. Mansfield, Gen. Agt., Rio Grande
Lines, No. 124 Third Street, Portland, Ore.    .
Forks—J. R. Robertson, B.A., pastor,
servioes every Sunday at 11 a.m. ard 7:80
p.m.; Sunday school and Bible class, 2 p.
m.; T. P. M., Tuesday, 8 p.m.
J. A. G. Calder, pastor—Services evdry
Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.,; Sunday
sohool and Bible class at 2.30 p. m.
BAPTIST CHURCH, Columbia - Rev.
Ralph Trotter, pastor; preaching service at 11a.m. every Sunday; Sunday
sohool at 8 p.m.; all are welcome.
Main and Fifth streets—J. F. Betts, pastor; services every Sunday at 11 a.m.
aud 7.80 p.m.: class meeting at close of
morning service; Sunday sohool and
Bible class at 3 p.m.; prayer meeting
every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
The publio Is cordially invited.
OTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after SO days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a ' License
to prospect for coal and oil on the Henry
White coal olaim, consisting of 640 acres,
situated on the west side of the west fork
of the North Fork of Kettle river, about
60 miles northerly from the city of Grand
Forks, B. C. Location post is situated at
the northeast corner, which Is about 50
feet east of the etiat bank of said river,
claiming 80 chains west; thence 80 chains
south; thence 80 ohains east; thenoe80
ohains north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this  12th day of
June, 1902.
IIkniiy White, Looator.
B. W. Liljeghan, Agent.
NOTICE Is hereby given that I intend,
after 30 eays, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospect for ooal and oil on the E. W.
Liljegran coal claim, consisting of 610
acres, situated on the west side of the
west fork of the North Fork of Kettle
river, about 61 miles northerly from the
etty of Grand Forks, B. C. Location post
is situated at the northeast corner, which
la about 79 feet east of the eust bank of
said river, claiming80chains west; thence
80 chains south; thence 80 ohains east;
thence 80 chains north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this 12th day of
June, 1902.
E. W. Liuxoban, Locator.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend,
after 30 days, to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License
to prospeot for coal and ail on the C. F.
Harrigan coal olaim, consisting of 640
acres, situated on the west side of the
west fork of the North Fork of Kettle
River, about 59 miles northerly from the
oity ot Grand Forks, B. C. Location post
is situated at northeast corner, running
80 chains west; thence 80 chains south;
thence 80 chains eaat; thence 80 ohains
north to point of beginning.
Dated on the ground this 4th  day of
June, 1902.
C. F. Harrigan, Locator.
C. W. Harridan, Agent.
Mining and   Real
Estate Dealers
i* •
Lots For Sale in Am.
Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lands
at Low Prices.
The Windsor
Orand Forks, B. C.
Only the best
N.    Taylor,   Prop.
te Hill Dairy
Milk and Cream
Delivered to all parts of
Grand Forks and Columbia.
Attended to.
PHONE   Clo6
A City of Beautiful Environments, Healthful
Climate and Bountiful Resources-Civic
Improvements, Including Electric Light
and Waterworks Systems, Are Well
The City of Columbia is situated near the Junction of
the North Forks of the Kettle river with the main Kettle
river, and is distant about 300 miles east of Vancouver.
Thoroughly up-to-date and modern Electric Light and
Waterworks Systems are dow under construction, and will be
completed In September. The electric light syst m will include street arc lamps. The waterworks system is planned
on a sufficiently large scale to meet all\>resent and future
needs, and insuring ample protection from the ravages of
fire. At present water is supplied the city by pumping from
a beautiful spring of exceptional purity.
The natural situation of the oity for beauty Is not excelled
in Ameriea. A verdure clad and flower-bespangled rolling
prairie, traversed by a river of bright, sparkling waier,
fringed with forest trees aud surrouuded by mountains, forming a charming combination of pieturetquesuest and grandeur.
The Columbia 4 Western railway, which was constructed
by the Canadian Pacific Railway company, has Its station,
freight warehouse and yards in the center of Columbia, and
th. Vancouver, Tictora A Eastern Railway oompany, has
located Its depot, freight sheds and yards along th. east line
of the corporation, thus giving the city connections with two
transcontinental lines.
The Canadian Paoifle railway oompany hat large Interests in the oity, having selected the site on account of the superior natural advantages as a railway centre.
The olimate, taken all the year around, is the best in Canada-part of the summer is rather hot anddry, but the rest of
the year is enjoyable.
Throughout the Kettle River valley there is an extent .f
fertile agricultural land, part of which is now being cultivated.
Apples, plums, pears, prunes, cherries and all the small
fruits grow abundantly. The valley surrounding Columbia,
divided Into small frnlt and vegetable farms, will sustain a
large population.
Building material is plentiful In the district. Lumber can
be procured at fair prices, and brick lime and stone of good
quality can always be obtained when required.
The mining Interests areof the first Importance ;to this
country, aud will do much to build up Columbia. Large mineral lodes have been discovered throughout the mountains
adjacent to the city, and what were mere prospects a short
time since are now large paying mines.
The Granby smelter and converter—the most modern
and perfect plant of the kind in America—employing hundreds of men, is contiguous to th* eity.
Owing to the fine olimate, the central situation, the
beautlble environments, the bright prospects for fntur*
growth and prosperity, Columbia .'will be an educational
centre, a city of home*, as (well as a wholesale distributing
point; and whon finally allied and wedded to her titter city,
will b. the best and largest city in (th. interior. IMPERIAL LIFE.
In reviewing the list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
the "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. This company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
soil, and the fact that many large
policies have been issued by the
Imperial, running as high as $200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are patrous of
this company. Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and Grand
Bicvcles—The Columbia, Perfect
and Cleveland Bicycles, all top-
notchers. Wheel supplies of all
kinds. Repairing. Wheels to rent.
Geo. Chapple,  opposite postoffice.
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.    Rates, $1 and $1.50 per day.
Spring Chickens wanted at the
Clarendon Restaurant.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Baths 25c.
For Sale.—One three-seated Hack
(S(udebaker); one Carriage Horse.
Apply to J. A. McCallum, Columbia.
TAKK NOTICE, that I, the undersigned,
I i ntend, 30 days after date, to apply to the
C'.nimin-iioner of Lands and Works for a
License to prospect for coal anil oil on the
cm! claim situated about 52 miles from
(irand Forks, H. C, on the west bank of the
Wp„t fork of the North Kork of Kettle
river, in Yale District of British Columbia;
salt! claim consists of 640 acres.
Notice of location Is on northeast corner,
claiming SO chains wes*, 80 chains south, 80
chains east, and 80 chains north to point of
Dated on tha ground this 20th day of September, likiz.
r Per W.L.WELLS.
Pacific Hotel
Opposite C.P. R. Station,
Plume •'»■ Columbia, B. C
1 W p. m.
4 DO p.m.
12 30 p.m.
3 15 p, m.
Pts.Crow's Nest RR
Eastern Canada
Eholt. etc
Grand Forks
Nelson, Wash.
Curlew, etc.
■Satdy only j White's Camp
1 a. ni.
li 30 p, m,
4 00 p. m.
4 in p. in.
7 45 a. in,
Satdy only
3 p. m.
Money orders from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m
Post Master.
I Kosslimil,Spoilano, .Nelson,Marcus, Cascade,
Kotison. nil p'ts Crows
4:00 p.m. Nest Ry, Revelstoke 1:3(1 p.m.
| Vancouver, Vlctoria.all:
:points on Canadian Pacific Reilway.
.'Columbia, Phoenix,
i EholtGreeiiwood. Mid-.
U:30p.m.:«ay, Pentioton.Repub- 5:00 p.m.
Ho, Curlew, Bolster, all
I Reservation points.
Office open daily from 8:30 to 6:30 p. m.
Sundays excepted). Money orders issued
to all parts, aud Savings Ranks deposits
received, 3 per cent interest allowed. Registered mail closes one half hour previous to the time for closing ordinary mails
ObO. H. HULL, Postmsater.
By  Fire  at Fairview—One
Person Killed, Two Fatally Injured.
A telephone message from Fair-
view to Greenwood states that the
Hotel Fairview was completely destroyed by fire at 3 o'clock Wednesday morning. Several people
were fatally injured. Miss Louise
Smith, a school teacher, is missing,
and is probably burned to death.
The fire broke out in the basement
and spread very rapidly. The
guests on the first floor escaped, and
others had to jump from thc burning burning building. Mr. Mathias,
manager of the hotel, is one of those
fatally hurt, and Mrs. Mathias was
badly injured. Word was sent to
Greenwood for medical men and
"The school teacher at Fairview
who is reported missing is Miss
Louise Smith, of Enderby. She
passed the examination last summer
and underwent a course at the Normal school, where she obtained a
certificate. She is twenty years of
age. She is described as having
been a very pretty woman with
pleasing manners.
The Hotel Fairview was a fine
structure, erected by the Fairview
Corporation (Messrs. Dier, Davidson and Russell), and was the best
hotel in that part of the interior.
It was a handsome frame building;
was well furnished and contained
over ne hundred rooms.
It is reported that the management of the Quilp mine, at Republic, has contracted to ship 600 tons
of ore monthly to the Granby smelter.
The B. C. mine, in Summit camp,
will hereafter ship its entire output
to the Granby smelter for treatment.
That will be at the rate of 3000
tons monthly.
It is reported that J. F. Hemmen-
way, for the past six years associated with the Old Ironsides and Knob
Hill Mining companies, and the
Granby company, which absorbed
them, will shortly leave the district
and that his place in the Granby
office will be taken by J. Martin, at
one time in local charge of the City
of Paris mine, in Central camp.
Martin Anderson, general foreman
at the B. C. Copper company's
s nelter, Greenwood, when in Sweden
lately went on a search for specimens of the old plate money, made
of copper, in use in that country in
the eighteenth century. He succeeded in. obtaining two, each of
hammered copper and nearly a
quarter of an inch in thickness and
about ten inches square.
Cut to Pieces
We may be slow in Columbia, but we get there
all the same; and whilst we do not sell for cash
ONLY, we are SHARP enough to, CUT prices for
SPOT CASH just as low as they do in Grand
Forks. We will go one better, and still continue
the custom of credit to those who deserve it.
At the Lowest Possible Prices at
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Prescriptions Carelully
Pure Drugs
Fraser Drug Co., Druggists
We have just received a
Big Shipment of all kinds of
Clover and Timothy Seed
\ .
We also have in supply SEED GRAIN of all kinds.    Remember
and investigate our stock and prices before going elsewhere.
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to'date. There In a certain desire
for the antique, but It should be up-to.
now in execution.
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the present times,
with the best
ideas of the
HI 55


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