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The Evening Sun Sep 18, 1903

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Vol. II.
Grand Forks, B. C., Friday, September 18, 1903
< ( No. 92"
The Liberals Active
Rousing Meeting in the Biden Opera
The First Guns of the Campaign in This Riding Were Fired
Amid Tremendous Enthusiasm.
The Liberals on Tuesday evoning i festo, nnd stated that ho was willing
fired tho first gun of the provincial to stand or fall on the policy oul-
oleotion campaign in Grand Forks, linod hy the Ijiborals of British
.Mr. t'lcnicnt's opening meeting in Columbia, He went on to show
Biden hall on that evening was a reason why the working class should
decided success. The hall was Idled support the Liberals in this oam-
and many ladies wore present. Dr. paign. They had always been the
K. ('. McDonald, was chairman and friend of the laboring man, working
on the platform with him were W. and legislating in his interest, and
II. I'. Clement, Liberal candidate, could see no reason why thoy should
(ioorgc Fraser, Conservative, John support the Socialists, who were ex-
Riordan, Socialist, E. T. Kingsley, tremiste, and advocated not one
Socialist campaigner, anil Messrs.: measure of practical reform. Re-
Frank Miller and Neil McCallum.     garding the question of taxation, he
Mr. Clement spoke lirst and took
occasion in his opening remarks to
drag into the light the cowardly insinuations that have been made secretly and in whispor° as to his
record as Attorney General, of the
Yukon.    He stated that having been
was in favor of doing away Willi tic
five-dollar license fee which miners
are obliged to pay at the present
time, in fact he did not favor any
taxation on mines or minors while
a property was in the development
stage;   then   he   advocated    taxing
informed that such rumors were in such properties so as to derive a
circulation, and tbat Ernest Miller, j revenue from the net profits.
Mr. Fraser's most active supporter, j Touching on the question of coa
had stated that ho "Hoped Clement and oil lands, he said be was in
would conic out as be had faels as j favor of granting licenses at once to
to the Yukon that would knock him all prospectors who had acquired
out," he had written Mr. Miller ask- rights by complying with the law
ing him to make good his insinua? He stated that Premier McBride was
tions in public.    He would  do  Mr. \ evading the question of coal and oil
licenses in Southeast Kootenay; that
it was his duty and was within hi.-
powor, to grant the licenses to those
who have legally staked claims and
complied with thc law; and further,
he should not ask them to wait until after election, but grant them
now. Instead, he was deceiving the
electors by simply asking tbem to
have confidence in him and thev
would get their rights. Ml'. Clement
characterized Mr. McBrido'e statement that it was impossible to grant
these licenses hefore he was returned
by the people as misleading and deceptive, anil intended only to catch
John Rionlan,Socialist candidate,
was called on by Ihe chairman. He
look tbe platform and made tho
statement that li ■ had nothing to
say, hut would call on K. '['. Kings-
ley to speak on his time; whereupon
Mr. Kiivsley opened up his half-
hour oration in ihe usual Socialistic
slyle. His whole line of argument
was to the effect that Ihe capitalists
were grinding the very life and body
out of the unfortunate laboring class
who were nothing better than slaves
of the capitalists. The laboring man
raised and 'produced the fat of the
land so that the rich man could feed
on it, whil,est they poor slaves ate
pork and cabbage. The poor laboring man toiled long and weary hours
to supplyjhe rich with line clothes,
whilst tljey wor,e"overalls and jumpers. The Tiihoriug men built line
palaces for the rich to live in whilst
they lived in huts and hovels. They
built line palace cars for (he rich to
travel in and the poor down trodden
laboring man walked. These were
tbe main reasons advanced by Mr.
Kingsley why Mr. Riordan should get
Miller the justice lo say that, on receipt of this letter, be had denied
having made any such statement,
and had saiil that he hail no information to the discredit of Mr. Clement's Yukon record. Mr. Clement
added that Mr, Frascrjtold him that
Mr. Miller was not well and might
not be able to be present, He invited him, or any one else, who desired to do so, lo discuss this matter on the publio platform. The
record of a man who had held a
public office was a fair subject of
discussion when ho offered himself
as a candidate, and he invited aud
urged the fullest inquiry. He had
been in some sense in the publio
eye for a considerable time; his
record was open; and while there
were of course persons so prcjudised
that the bare fact of a man having
held office in the Yukon was enough
to condemn him in tbeir eyes forever, ho could only say of those who
circulated these slanders that if they
bad investigated, tbey were lying,
ana if they bad not, it was a most
cruel and cowardly proceeding.
Respectable Conservatives, among
whom he thought he bad made some
friends during his three years' residence in Grand Forks, would not
countenance such a style of campaign. Air. Clement's frank and
manly discussion of tho matter,
coupled with the fact that no one
was bold enough to say in his presence, what has been meanly insinuated behind his back, put an effective damper on this treacherous
crusade against him. Mr. Clement
then proceeded toj deal briefly with
provincial issues, reserving his main
address till tho close of the meeting.
He referred to bis published niani-
tho support of the electors. He failed
to discuss tho issues of thc day or
deal with the political problems
which confronted this province at
Ihe present time. He asked the
chairman to chock his time, as he
had labored 17 years for r. railway
corporation and had never accumulated enough money to procure a
watch, lie made the most of tho
acknowledged evils of present day
society, but suggested no remedy.
He thought Mr. Rionlan should go
to Victorin, but had no word of what
he should do when he got there. Mr.
Kingsley is a Hucntand entertaining
talker, but bo gave tbe workingmen
no help toward solving present problems.
Mr. F. Miller, Ihe well-known
rancher, was called on to address
the meeting in the interest of Mr.
Clement, and was allowed ten minutes to do so. Mr. Miller, in a brief
speech, poured some hot shot into
the Socialist and Conservative parlies,
lie said the condition of the producing class was improving; many
of the men be saw hefore bim whose
faces ho knew hack east and who
worked for $20 n month, had conic
out lo this country and were now
receiving SM a day. That was at
least an improvement. Capital aiid
labor helped each other, lie wanted
to know from the Socialists how far
ahead our mining, smelting aud
other industries would be today if
it were not for the capitalists whom
they cried down so much. He con-
eluded by criticizing tbe Conserva-
tives, and scaled that he was proud,
of the Liberal record, and would
give his hearty support to Mr. Clement.
George Fraser, the Conservative
candidate was allowed half an hour.
He took ten minutes. On rising .Mr
Fraser stated rather imperiously thai
he thought Mr. Clement had invited
him to the meeting thinking that be
would not accept or turn up, or that
if he accepted, Mr. Clement would
make votes by comparison of thc
two men as speakers, lie was no
orator, and this was the lirst time in
Ids life he had made a speech on a
public platform, bnt had made a
few notes and would say a few words,
lie claimed that Premier McBride
was acting in good faith with the
people, and as far as the Southeast
Kootenay land question was concerned, .Mr. McBride promised to
deal with the license question iu a
fair manlier. He expected the
premier in shortly, anil Ihe premier
had written him that he would lien
give his word, "r thanked Ihe
audience for its kind attention and
resumed his seal.
Mr. Neil .McCallum made a brief
clear speech during the leu minutes
allowed him. lb' condemned the
McBride government iu no uncertain manner on the duplicilv of it-
notion concerning tbe Southeast
Kootenay coal lands question, as
well as on other vital matters of Ihe
day. llosaid he regretted that circumstances compelled him to decline tho honor thc Liberal party
had conferred upon him in nominating him as its standard-bearer for
this riding, but be was certain thai
Mr. Clement would carry the banner
to victory. He said that .Mr. Clement was a man capable of (Ming
any office be might be called upon
to fill, and suggested bim to the coming Liberal government rts a good
man for Attorney-General.
Tho chairman called on  Mr. Cle
ment to close the meeting, which he
did iu a very able manner. After
refuting some of the statements
made by Messrs. Fraser and Kings-
ley he dwelt on the finances of the
province, showing that tbe annual
deficit of the province was enormous.
The debt was rolling up. Thc interior was contributing large sums to
be squandered extravagantly at thc
coast. Again referring to the Southeast Kootenay coal question, Mr.
Clement clinched the case against
the government by reading a letter
written by the Government Agent
al Fort Steel, stating in answer to an
appplicant that the department had
considered tic application and refused il, returning the fee, as the
Government did not intend to issue
any licenses in thai part of the
province. This floored Mr. Fraser,
who made a feeble interruption; but
the facts were too strong for him,
anil he stlbsidod.
T» h  Ecctors of British Columbia;
.'. t a I ibcral convention, held ut the
city ut' Vancouver, on the (ith ami
7tb of February, 19.Q2, tho following
platform was adopted:
1. Tin1 immediate red stribution
of the constituency of the province
un aM>asis uf population, hut allowing
a smaller unit of population per scat,
fur tlif outjying di -u-'--'-
2. Government owuerslup, Dominion, Provincial and Municipal, ui
public services or ntiKties is sound,
ami should be carried out in British
:t. Should it lu- udvisabh ai any
timi1 tu grant aid to a railway company, sucli shall hi- in cash, and nut in
land, and uu bonus of any kind shall
he given wjthout definite ami effective
means being taken tu safeguard tin?
interests uf the provinoe in the management nt' the luad, control the
freight ami posseuger rates, and provision madengainst such railway having liability against it, except actual
1. [mmediate construction uf tin'
CoasfrKootenay railway; the Cariboo
railway, the extension of the Island
railway: a railway from Alberni to a
point uu the east coast, ut' Vanoouver
Island, and a road in the northern
pari ni' ihe province, from the const to
the eastern boundary, with an exten
sion tu the northern boundary) the
railway from Vernon to Midway by
the West Fork ><i the Kettle river,
with ajl necessary branch lines, terries
and connections,
Ct. The enforcement of the Act nov
un the statute book compelling tne
icaling i>\' lu^'s by government scalers.
(1. That such legislation should be
enacted as will result in making the
lands included iu the various dyking
a icas available for cultivation as
quickly as possible anil secure p.ioinpt
payment uf assessments when due.
7. That tho government should
keep in touch with thc conditions in
connection with mining, protecting
that Industry against combines and
trusts, and, if necessary, for that purpose build and oporato smelters and re
fineries. No radical change should he
made iu the mining laws, without full
notice to all parties interested) giving
full opportunity for discussion and
8, As the province can only ad*
vance by the settlement within its
bowlers  of   thrifty   and    prosperous
citizens, and as Orientals never become citizens in any proper sense of
the word, we declare it tu he the duty
of the government to discourage Oriental Immigration and employment hy
©very means within its power, and we
appeal to our fellow Liberals throughout the Dominion toaid us in our efforts to protect ourselves against the
ruinous competition of men having a
standard of decency and comfort immensely below that uf civilized people,
and who shirk every duty and obligation of oitizenship which the law will
allow them to escape.
!). The government ought to' prevent the waste and suffering caused by
strikes ami lockouts, and an earnest
effort ought to be made to provide
some means for preventing such
strikes and lockouts, and we approve
of the adoption of compulsory arbitration.
10. The fiscal system of the prov
ince stands in need of revision. Tax
ation should bear upon privilege rather
than upon industry, and no addition
should he made to the debt o\' the
province, except for public works
properly chargeable to oxpital,
11. The retaining of the resources of
the province, as an asset for the benefit
uf the people, and taking effective measures to prevent the alienation of the
dublic domain, except to actual set
tiers, or for buna fide business of industrial purposes, putting an end to
the practice of speculation in connection tlie.iewith.
12. Th, constitution an ■ oainto-
nance of roads throughout tiie province, to aid in the development ofthe
minimi and agricultural districts,
Four line, heavy draft burses arrived in the city today, having
come over the Dewdney trail from
Rossland, enroute to the .lack Pot
mineral claim, where they will be
used in hauling ore.
Neil .McCallum returned today
from a Hying trip to Nolson, li. ('.,
on private business.
Robert Clark and wife came down
from tbe North Fork today, Mr.
Clark reports the Seattle improving
all the time.
Quito a little flurry <>f oxeitomotil
was caused this afton n about 2:30
o'clock at the bridge whioh i> being
repaired near ihe Vale hotel. While
drawing a heavy and Bomowhat long
piece of timber aero.-.- to the farsido
f the bridi  the timber rolled oil
into the water, dragging the team
with it. The horses fell over backwards lighting on their backs in
about six feet of water. After struggling for a few moments tbey regained their footing and reached shore.
apparently no .worse for their sudden drop, The horses are owned
hy T. I'lalh.
GoorgO Hill, head mason at the
Granby smelter, left today for lilair-
moi'e and Coleman, Alta., where lie
will look over Ihe ground with a
view of installing (be new coke
ovens for tbe International Coal it
Coke Co.
Mrs. Fred Dominy and little son,
arrived home today from an extended visit io the east. ®lje fEitnttnn Bm
One year,...f8.00] Three months, .50
Six-months,, 1.00 \ On. month 80
• Advertising rates furnished on ojiiili-
Legal notieest 10 <tnrf ~> a*, per line,
Address nil communications in
Tut-: Evening Nrv,
PnONB 55, oiiAXH  FORKS, B..d.
It is to be hoped that the men
who have been placid upon the
voters' list in (Irand Forks without
being properly qualified, will not
carry the matter to more serious
lengths by attempting to vote. Thc
affidavit accompanying the application to bo placed on the list .states
distinctly that the applicant is a
British subject and is of full age.
The Liberal canvass shows numerous cases in which tbis affidavit has
been taken at least carelessly, and
some cases in which it is a certainty
that the offence of perjury has been
A further oath will face these men
at the polls. No further warning
should l>e necessary.
platform. Every man who has com
plied with the law should get his
license at once. But the McBride
government through its agent at Fort
Steele says, in writing: "The department has considered the question, and
it is not the intention of the Government to grant licenses in that part of
the province."
The Liberal election campaign in
this riding was inaugurated Tuesday
night by an enthusiastic and successful public meeting in Biden hall. Mr.
W. II. P. Clement, in his manly, hon-
orble, straightforward presentation and
forceful) discussion of the issues in
this contest, greatly impressed those
who had come to the hall with honest
intentions. His calm and lucid setting
forth of the abominable existing conditions in" government affairs under
Conservative manipulation, stood out
in most convincing contrast with the
feeble, evasive and boyish efforts of
Mr. Fraser, who in a condition of
pitiful stage-fright, attempted in an
in loherent lO-minute]talk to apologise
for himself and the Doodling govern-
men the assumed to defend, Mr. Fr.ser
might better his campaign by following Mr. Riordan's plan of importing
an American agitator, and do his public work by proxy.
Mr. Fraser's little argument on the
Chinese tax question limps a good
deal. Tin1 Liberals put up the tax
tu $100 soon after taking office, and
now, after enquiry, they have marie it
$500, Mr. Fraser complains because
the increase does nut take effect till
the end of this year. But in eighteen
long years of Conservative government at Ottawa, Mr. Fraser's party
friends, didn't get the tax beyond $50,
and even now the Liberals have Imposed the 8500 rate against their determined opposition, Look up the
vote in the senate, and see which party
i^ sound on the Oriental question.
Mr.   Fraser   said   at   the  Tuesday
evening 1 ting here that Mr.Clement
did not expect to be elected, but was
H candidate in order that he might
control the "patronageof the riding."
This shows exactly what Mr. Fraser
expects the general result iu the province to be.   The Liberals auk going
TO WIN,   AND    Mlt.    FllA.SKIt    KNOWS   IT.
Mr. Fraser certainly does not expect
the McBride government to let Clement handle the "patronage," But
there will be no McBHde government
after election day.
Pledges made during a campaign
are naturally distrusted. The East
Kootenay eoal locators know that before Mr. Clement wns a candidate  at
all, he expressed himself on the question of these licenses .exactly as he
does now iu his manifesto, and on the
Mr. Clement's objection to the annual fee of 'So for a miner's license, is
a sound one.. It is nothing but a
means to make everybody in the interior pay a head-tax of S* a year,
while the people at the coast get oil'
with £3. "What good does the license
do? If the Government "needs the
money," let it be paid equally by the
whole province. Why should the
prospector in the interior be Hi led $5
year for helping to develop our resources, while the coast people, who
benefit by the development, go scot
free? It is a drag on progress. Take
off the head tax !
This has been a busy week for the
Liberal candidate in this riding, W.
H. P. Clement. Beginning with his
meeting in Biden hall Tuesday night,
he addressed a large aud enthusiastic
meeting in Phoenix Wednesday night,
another at Cascade Thursday night,
and hist night went to Greenwood to
attend a meeting to be addressed by
Hon. W. A. Galliher, M. P. Mr.
Galliher will address the citizens of
Grand Forks tonight in Biden open'
house. You will act wisely in going
early in order to get a seat.
As an evidence of growth in this
Community it may he mentioned that
it issaidthe"inllunence"of the Gazette
in Mr. Fraser's In-half eust the "Mc-
Itribe" government $650, whereas two
years ago it only cost lion. C. II.
Mackintosh &G00, Of course it cosl
him his election, but he didn't know-
he was investing in a boomerang.
M ilSALo
Thos. Denton, who used lo be
connected with tho old Arm ol Urn-
ton & Disney of Columbia, hnl now
of Eholt, passed though tho city today on his way home, Mr. Dentoi
is in the ^employ of tho C. 1'. R.,
and engaged in building station
houses along tho line.
Dr. Folliok, dentist, arrived in
tho eity by yesterday's C. P. I!, ox-
press, from Chicago, accompanied
by his bride
A. C. Fluraorfelt and II. N. Galei
left by tho C.| P. B. ycurcrdny foi
Coleman, Alta., where their now
company will commence tho erection
of a number of coke ovens.
The Rov, .1. R.  Roberts  will
•cupy the pulpit in Knox Presbyterian Jchureh Sunday morning and
and evening. His subject for the
morning will bo "Christian Characlei
Through Suffering/' Evoning,
"What Is :i Non-Christian ?"
Mr. R. V, Clement will conduct
tho morning service in the Methodist churoh on Sunday, anil the
evening services will be in charge of
Mrs. Clark, of Los Angeles, Cal,
The Rov. E. C. McColl returned
from his mission held in Alberta, on
Saturday last, and will remove bis
family to that point next week. Mr.
and Mrs. McColl will carry
with tbem the good wishes of
their many friends to their \kw held
of labors.'
V. II. McKenzie, late traveler for
the t'udaby Packing Co., has accepted a position in the dry goods
department of .b-IT Davis & Co., and
will reside here in the future. Mr,
McKenzie  is  well  and  favorably
W. A. Galliher, M, P.,
Duncan Ross, Greenwood,
W. H, P, Clement,
Liberal Canidate,
and others', will  address
the electors of Grand Forks,
In the Liberal interest.
Opposition Candidates are
cordially invited to speak,
Everybody come.
Seats reserved for ladies.
known throughout the Boundary
country, as previous to engaging with
tbe C'udahy . people he occupied a
position with the Hunter-Kendrick
Co. at Greenwood, at which place
bis wife and family now reside.
P. T, McDonald, lute of the Royal
Hank staff in Republic and Seattle,
is greeting old friends in our city
this week.
Dick Causton, thc Okanagan cattle
king, arrived in the city on Wednesday, nnd will remain here for a few
W. K. ". Manly receive a large
consignment of beaters a few days
igo. Attention is called to bis ad.
in this issue.
The blacksuiithing linn of Simpson & Taylor have the contract to
build a lurge four-horse stage conch
or W. V. Rover of tbis city. When
completed it will bo one of tbe finest
stage conches ever run in tbis country, which will speak highly of th
ibility of our local workmen, ns
ibis will be the first of its kind ever
lonstrnctod in tho   Boundary,   It
rt'ill have a seating capacity foi
twolvo persons, and will be run
daily between (Irand Forks, Pho-nix
ind Greenwood.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mrs. Bollingham, of
Australia, spent "several days tbis
week with C. A. Stoess,
While out driving with friends lost
Wednesday afternoon, Mr. ('. A.
-.loess bad rather a startling experience, As he wns passing through
tho town of Danville, Wash., one ol
the horses suddenly dropped dead,
The cause is supposed lo have been
heart failure, The horse was ownod
by Mr. Rover, and was n   valuable
A peddler was arrested Wednesday
on a  charge of peddling without a
license, and later a charge of ovad-
Ing tho customs law wns laid againsl
him. lie came up for a hearing
before Police Magistrate Johnson
Thursday morning, but the case wns
Mr. N. Hughes, of X. McLellan A
Co.'s, returned last Wednesday from
Spokane, where he bad taken his
wife to undergo an operation in a
hospital there. Tbe operation was
successfully performed, and Mrs.
Hughes expects to return home in a
week or ten days.
Tut: ICvkxixo Sex job department
is the best cquippod in tho Boundary for printing neat pamphlets
anil price lists. Our material is
new.    A new broom sweeps clean.
Pickling  Season
Don't spoil your Pickles by buying Acid Vinegar.
Pure Cider Vinegar Pure English Malt Vinegar
Pure White Wine Vinegar
We liavc just received tho first consignment of local
wheat for chicken feed.   A No. 1 quality,
The "Club"
Fi rst Street.
Highest grade imported
Ports, Cherries, Burgundies, Etc.
C. C. TILLEY, Prop.
HAlt.MON'Y        D ' 7. A.F.
,v, A. M.—Regular Cominunica-
eation First Wednesday of each month
ut p o'clock p. in. precisely. Sojourning Brethren cordially invited to attend. Jno. Hoiiuiis,
Jno. Westwood, W.M. Sec*
bor   Union  No.   231, A.L.U.—
.Meets    every    Wednesday    evening
ut o o'clock in   Federal   Union   hall.
Jas. A. Harris, Pres.
John T. Lawrence, Sec.
F. E. Sparling, Winnipeg.
Geo, E. William, Spokane.
W. A. Williams, S^Hikane,
Alex McFee, Montreal.
Harvey Daw, Plymoth, Eng.
Geo. Urdish, bmdori.
Jos. Bargreaves, Blackburn.
A. E, Lalonde, Montreal.
Blake Wilson, Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs, Henry   Durler,   L\o
.[as. Moore, Belfast,
G. Hadill, Montreal.
Chas. Simpson, Toronto.
W. L. Hunter, Montreal,
Jas. Hnnter, Kossland.
W. B. Cook, Phoenix.-
W. T. Smith, Spokane.
Chits. House, Spokane.
P. N. McDonald, Seatte.
Jas. Lawrence, Nelson.
Mrs. Lawrence, Nelson.
Miss Hipperson, Nelson.
Thos. Gray, Vancouver,
W. H. Jeflery, Greenwood.
.!. \\. Keane, Wallace, Ida.
Geo. M. Christie,Winnipeg.
Mrs. J, P. Armstrong, Greenwoo.
M. Hilliard, Waterloo, Ont.
E. T. Kingsly, Nanaimo.
John Riordan, Phoenix.
M, Austin, Spokane.
W. P. Belot, Spokane.
F. H. Maelvay, Jpokane.
J. M. Laundagin, Walla Walla.
G. C. Hose, Cascade.
W. E. Smith, Phoenix.
J, A. Knox, Toronto.
J. J, Farrell, Greenwood.
J. Kirkup, Rossland.
Gen. Wolfe, Republic.
A. Fletcher, Phoenix.
H. S. Turner, Phoenix.
J. Mathiuaon, Spokane.
M. Austin, Spokane.
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia,
Office in Megaw Block.
Plume L38.       Grand Forks, R C.
Mouiiihos IIliick,        (iltiSn FORKS,B.C.
BICSTCLES—Clevelonds, Masnie-"
Harris, [mperials, Columblas, Ramblers—all top-notchers—for sale and
fur rent. Also a complete line of*bi-
oyolo sundries. All kinds of hicvcle
repairing. Geo. Cii.mm'i.e, First St.,
opposite postoffice, Grand Forks, B. C.
Klondike pool table. Only one
in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
A .special II o'clock chicken dinner
will he served next (Sunday evening
at the Pacific hotel, opposite tbe ('.
1'. H. station.
If yon want to buy Halcyon Mineral Water call at the Grand Forks
Enjoy Photography"   with
PorKI   .1.    K.    Rnl tmili,    H.A.,    MMtor,
BervloM avorj Sunday nt il n.m. itr.1 7::m> ,,,
i:i.:Siiti,lny m-)iii'iI mid llililnolntt., :l ti. in.:
tVoftmiiiner Guild of c. E., Tnewtny, I
li'i'.s'r ilBTHODDrrOHUKCH-Coniir Main
null Pltthit., .1. r. licit*.I'liaiur. Mrvlott
ovary Holiday nt n n-<■>   uml  i.mi p.m.
i,|n author at oloao of innmhiu lOrVlO.
S Inv   h,-I I mill  llllil). ultttttnt Ip, in.
iirnyar maetlni .vary Tlmrailay .venlnii
nl !O'oll)0k, Tl hlloiarordially invited.
HOLY TRINITY nlllUcTKChoroh  nl Baiir-
liiii'l), Qrnlld 1'i.rliH, Henry StMle, vlvur
linh f'iiiiiiniinit.il, -ii. tn.; morniiiK prnyer
.Ulllermoil, II a. ln.:S lily acllool, :l li. 111.:
,■■. in- unit*,T ii, TW it. in.   All art,
cordially Invited.
Work Like Kodaks,
and in Daylight.
$1 Brownes, Also $2
Sole Dealers for
N. cTWcLellan (®, Co.
Phone 78       Winnipeg Ave. Grand Forks, B. C.
Home Grown,
The very finest
in the market.
Preserving Poaches, Plums, Nectarines, Crab Apples, flta
We Keep the liest Money will liny.
SJBML   DONALDSON'S Clement's Platform
A Manifesto Which Will Be Heartily Supported by All Citizens Having the Province's Welfare at Heart.
Fellow Electors:
At the request of the Liberal Association of this riding . have consented to contest the coming election in
the Liberal interest. While I personally regeet that the honor of carrying the Liberal standard to victory has
has not fallen to other unci stronger
hands than mine, it is with no misgiving as to the resnlt^hat I entei
on the campaign, I nm in this battle
to win, if by strenuous straightforward fightiug tmy political battle can
be Wdii. I believe it can. What is
needed is united effort on the part of
the Liberals and all others who desire
to see reform in tiie government of
this province.
The condition of the province has
become intoltrable. Blessed by Provi-
yence with vast stores of wealth in
mines, forests, agricultural lands and
fisheries, British Columbia has had its
very good turned to evil by a long
series of personal sectional, clique governments of men who have exploited
tie people's property for private gain.
We have a population of 177,000—
men, women nnd children, Indians
nod Orientals—-and a public debt of
$6,300,000, representing $36 per
head, or J? I 75 at least for each adult
man in the province. The, average
rust of government in the other prov-
in :es of Canada is about $ 2per head
per annum; with us it is seven times
greater, or $14.26 per head. - In
st.buies alone we pay more than $2 a
I eod, orover$.'J70,000.
Every year we spend more than
our income, Lust year wewent further
into debt to the tunc of $750,000;
and Mr. Carter-Cotton, a former Con
servative, finance minister, says
that if the accounts of tho lost four
years were properly investigated it
will be found in that short time we
have spent$5,000;000 more than our
revenue from all sources.
The present premier was a member
of the assembly during those four
years, and lie has never protested
against the prodigal scale of expenditure, on the contrary, the very assets
from which a fund might be derived
to meet the costs of government have
been wasted. As a minister of the
Crown, .Mr. McBride was a party to
the orders in council granting large
areas of valuable eoal and petroleum
lauds in Southeast Kootenay to the C.
V. K.—a fraud upon the legislature,
which was prevented, not by Mr. McBride, but bv the watchful /cal of a
Liberal member. The excuse given by
Mr. MoBride for Ins official act in
agreeing to the grants shows that he
is utterly unworthy to be trusted
with the care of the people's property.
He took )be word of a colleague that
il was all right, What guarantee
have we that another colleague will
not again hypnotize Mr. McBride into
tfivinjj away further tracts of the
public domain?
Hut when bona fide locators comply
with the law of the province, stake
coal lands according to Ihw, and tender the price ffxed by law, Mr. McBride refuses to grant the licences
which the law says shall be granted to
those who have followed the requir
nients of the Act. He prefers Ut keep
the question dangling for partisan advantage,- the last refuge of a weak
politician, Or is it that he still hopes
to "deliver the goods" to theC. P. H.'f
By a piece of trickery quite in keeping with the traditions of the political
gamesters with whom he been so long,
and still is associated, the hoiio-iable
premier has cut short the campaign.
It will be almost  impossible for me to
have the privilege of seeing you all
personally in the three weeks left before the polling day. Foi- this reason
I publish this open letter in order that
you may know where I stand on the
issjies before you. Jt is now your
turn to take personal part in thegov-
ernment of your province. Act in the
way you want your representatives in
parliament to act. Vote with a tingle
eye to the best interests of our com
mon country. As the candidate of
the Liberal party, 1 respectfully ask
your votes and your influence to elect
me because J believe that neither at
the hands of the McBride government,
nor at the hands of theorizing Socialists, will any practical business-like
improvement upon the past misdoings take place.
The Liberals have had no opportunity to show their mettle in tiie political
arena of Ms province. Hut the administration of public affairs by a Liberal government at Ottawa since 1896
is a striking example of what Liberalism in action means. National
unity from ocean to ocean, a loyalty
io Rritish connection evidenced in
deed instead of mere lip-loyalty: a system of taxation equal in Incidence and
in protection to home industry instead
of a system of government aid to fav
ored manufacturers; a determined stand
against the Oriental deluge of low
standard civilization; an honest effort
to bring capital and labor into bar
nionious working for th.) good tit' all;
energetic workltowartl peopling the west
and toward providnig adequate transport facilities; all these and whatever
else tends to the betterment of the
Canadian people are the planks of the
Liberal platform in the federal field,
The same broad ideas dominate the
Liberals of Hritish Columbia.
I am iu hearty accord with the plat-
form and manifesto of the Liberal
party in the province. When elected.
I shall endeavor to put the principles
set forth in them into practice. I
shall particularly support the following principles as of immediate interest
to this riding!
1. The people's property, whether
land, timber, minerals or the fisheries,
should be administered for the benefit of the whole people, with a view to
lessening the huge burden of debt and
taxation now resting on us. Only
those who in good faith will utilize our
public property iu forwarding settlement and developing our natural industries should he allowed to acquire
an interest in any part of the public
2. The mining laws should lie
amended and simplified lifter a careful
enquiry through a competent commission, Then tinkering with them should
cease. In the devehnent stage there
should he no taxation of miners or
mining property, Developed mines
should bear their share of the public
burdens in proportion to the net out-
.'J. No further aid iu land or money
should be given by thfs province to
transcontinental railway projects,
Fullest liberty should lie given to the
V*, V.it K. Railway company to complete the construction of their line.
Although I was at one time professionally employed against that company, and did my duty, I hope, to my
clients, I am ready to support any
action which may be deemed necessary
to place beyond any doubt thetight of
the V., "V. ifeE.to build their contemplated line throught to the Pacific
coast. In reference to theNorth-and*
South lines through the valleys of
British   Columbia, l   should   support
jovernment construction, with the
idea of leasing the completed lines as
feeders to the through lines on such
terms as will keep the province in control of passenger and freight rates and
ure a rental suffioient to pay the
interest on the cost of conrtruotion.
4, The province should set the example of obedience to its own laws.
If under our statutes individuals have
acquired right in the public domain,
such rights should be at once transferred to them.
The course of the government in
reference to the eoal lands of Kootenay shows that in their opinion we
are governed, not be law, but by their
whim as influenced by the count of
voters' noses.
I have the honor to be your most
obedient servant,
William II. P. Cl.;mi;.nt.
k. a manly'
Shelf find Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
A Fighting Schoolmaster.
The experience of a college (jradu.iiP
named Levenworth, who 'taught for u
year In a Utile Western town, Is an example of the way in which a teacher
sometimes wins the admiration of hi a
pupil.1; quite unexpectedly.
Levenworth was not a teacher by nature or profession; but, as many men
have done, he spoilt a year teaching to
get money enough to help himself
through the law school. He was a
hearty, clear-minded fellow who kept
rather aloof from the townspeople. The
local p^per spoke ot htm as havlmc
"had a promising career in college."
Part of ihls promising career had, as
It happened, been spent in athletics,
He had learned to box and wrestle,
and had won his class championship
In the art which, from its unfortunate
association with the prize-ling, has
not so good a reputaliou among the
peaceful as, in its legitimate form, it
Ills school was quiet and orderly
from the start, but he found It hard
work to ge' on Intimate terms with
the twenty boys under him. They
obeyed at *> distance, but did not show
much personal friendship for him.
One dr,y at recess, when the schoolyard was a clamor of voices, the young
master heard a sudden lull. Looking
out the window, he saw the children
lined up against the fence watching a
teamster, who was stupidly trying to
whip his horse up the hill that ran
past the school. The wagon was loaded heavily with garden-stuff, and the
horse was doing his best to no purpose.
Suddenly one of the boys went Into
the street, and evidently remonstrated
with the driver. For answer he got an
ugly slash of the whip, and reeled
back, holding his h;uid< over his eyes.
This was teo much for Levenworth.
He ran downstairs and out across thfl
playground. Coolly pushing a stone
under the wheel with his foot, he commanded the teamster, a gaunt, sinewy
man, to come orf his seat.
The fellow grew hostile at once, an1
obeyed. Jumping down, he approached
the schoolmaster, ready and eager for
a light, and heated to dangerous anger
by his struggle with the horse.
It was n real, old-fashioned flgh*.
with the power of anger and excitement on one side, and skill, backed by
those almost Infallible allies, right and
justice, on the other.
There was enough left of the teamster to drive his horse, while a dozen
boys put their shouidera to the wheels
and pushed the wagon to the tup of the
The pupil whose task it was to ring
the bell for the end of recess was i
minute late that day. The teacher was
late, too. It look him a little time to
put his clothes in order nnd wash his
face and hands. Meanwhile the school
assembled, not without some noise and
excitement, and took their seats. They
were subdued and orderly when Levenworth came In and walked to his
Before he had time to be seated, ani
aa if by a preconcerted signal, the pa
pils began to applaud. Discipline and
modesty made the tearher try to stop
them. It was useless, no he smiled
Then they cheered. The disorder of thf1
next minute was quite against the
rules, but nobody received n black
mark on tha schoolmaster's deportment
book; and after that, to Levenworth'*
■urprlfe, there was a new and warm
friendship In the bearing of the boy*
toward him.
School Humor.
AN English pap Ives some further
e^uuplesof children's unions io'-it
humor in answering examination
Alexnn.er the Great was born in
absence of his parents.
The chief clause In Magna Oharta
was that no free man should be put to
death or Imprisoned without his own
Where were the Kings of England
crowned?   On their heads.
What were 'the three most Important
Feudal dues? Friendship, courtship,
What do you know of Dryden ani
Buckingham? Dryden and Buckingham were at first friends, but soon be-
name contemporaries.
What Is Milton's chief work? Milton
wrote :\ sensible poem called the "Canterbury Tails."
Giro the names of five Shakespearian
plays? Macbeth, Mikado, Quo Vadls,
fian Toy, Sign of the Cross.
An optimist Is a man who looks after
your eyes, and a pessimist la a man
who looks afier your feet.
A man who looks c-. the bright side
of things is called an uptionist, and the
ono who looks on the dull side is called
«■, pianist.
A Popular Novel—"Tarry Thou Till I
Come,"—New York "Life."
Not Gulty.
"Who made the world?" snapped
out a rather testy inspector years ago
to a class of very small boyB. No answer. Several times he repeated the
question, getting louder and more Incensed each time. At last a poor little
fellow, kneading his eyes vigorously
with his knuckles, blubbered out
"Please, air, It waddn' me."
Strougtb and vigor come of good
food, duly digested. "Force, ;i
ready-to-serve wheat and barley food
adds no burden, but sustains, in-
Over the sun-burned, sage hrusb
and alkali plains, when you may
just ;is well lake fi delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of the Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can dii by traveing on,
tbe Hin Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic Line'of tbe World."
the only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs, find Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
nnd west, aud nfford n choice of live
distinct routes of travel. Tho equipment of these trains is the best, in-
eluding free reclining chair ears,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
lect dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion ('til's,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after tbe
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address .1.
I). Mansfield, Gen. Agt.. ItioGrande
Lines. No. 1-J-! Third Street, Portland, Ore. %
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City BarborShop on  Riverside
avenue.    Maths 25c,
If you    want  all the  local news,
Don't forget to  leave your order
or lee with   K.  .Miller.     I'lione I'.-l
First-Class Board and Rooms.
$2 Per Day.
Special Rath hv the Week.
Mining and   Real
Estate Dealers
Lots For Nam-; in Am.
Parts or thB Citv.
at Low Prices.
ISbfc MAU |
New and Second-Hand
GoodB Bought and Sold
o  iv
Pacific Hotel
j.j. MoiNToan
Oppoilta O.P, R. Station,
■honaMI. Oolilmbla, lie.
Consignments send to mo will
lie passed Customs and distributed speedily by unexcelled facilities.
Eastern Townships Hunk.
Notary Public
Real Kstate Dealer
This dining room is first-eliis*
in every respect. Table supplied with the best tu lie found
in the markets.
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines I'm
1900,  1801, 1902, 1903, and for the past week:
1903.  Pa
( Week
Granby Mines,Phoenix.,,
1,1 IS
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
20, SOU
Brooklyn, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood.
Sunset, Deadwood	
li. ('. Mine. Summit	
R. Bell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wellington
Athelstan. Wellington	
KingSolomon,W. Copper.
No. 7 Jline, Central	
Citv of Paris. Central	
Jewel, Long Lake	
21 il
Carmi, West Fork	
Providence, Providence..,
Klkborn. Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundarv Falls...
(1 ran by Smel ter t reated...
Be sure and get your SCHOOL SUPPLIES from \V. II. ITTER A- CO.
The best Circulating Library in the Interior of British Columbia.
We carry n complete lino of Up-to-Date Stationery, and what we have
not in stuck we will order for you. . . . Come to us to swap fishing
stories and find out where to go to catch fish, and let us show you what
Tackle to Use.
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
IT'S •
flood Dry Wood Delivered to
Anv Pari of the City,
FOR ...
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded at the office of the Grand
Forks Mining Division at (Irand
Forks, September 7d to 15th, inclusive:
Gem Fraction, Summit camp,
James Cunningham.
Permission granted to relocate the
Mossbaok mineral claim, Brown's
camp, to A. V, Downs.
Last ('liance, Franklin camp, Jas.
Mohawk, Franklin camp, James
Ivcnho, Summit camp, .relocation
of Lee, Pat Collins.
E. F. W. (survey), Wellington
camp, James Fisher.
Norfolk, Wellington camp, Dunlop et al.
The following have been nominated as candidates from the respective ridings as representatives in thc
provincial assembly:
Atlin—J. Kirland, Labor.
Cariboo (2)—S. A. Rogers, W.
Adams, Conservatives.
Chilliwack—C. W. Munro, Liberal: J.rL. Atkinson, Conservative.
Columbia—W. C. Wells, Cibcral.
Comox—1'\ MoB. Young, Liberal.
Cowiehan—J. N, Evans,  Liberal;
E. M. Skinner, Conservative.
Cranbrook—Dr. James II.  King,
Liberal; ThomasCavin. Conservative
Delta W. II. Ladner. Conservative.
Dewdney—W. W. Forrester, Liberal.
Esquimalt—John Jardinc, Liberal
Fernie—,1. McPherson. Socialist-
Labor; E, C. Smith, Liberal; W, li.
Boss, Conservative.
(Irand Forks—W. li. P. Clement,
Liberal; Geo. A. Fraser, Conservative; J. Riordan, Socialist.
Greenwood—J. R. Brown, Liberal:
Dr. E.G. Spankie, Conservative.
Islands—T. W. Patterson, Liberal.
Kamloops—F. .1. Deane, Liberal;
F. J. Fulton, Conservative.
Kaslo—John L. Itctalhiek, Liberal;
Robert S. Green, Conservative; S.
Shannon, Socialist.
Lillooct—Dr, George Sansom,
■Nanaimo City—Edward Quennell,
Conservative; .1. II. Hawthornthwaite, Socialist.
Nelson City—S. S. Taylor, Lib-
oral; John Houston, Conservative:
Parker Williams, Socialist.
Newcastle David W, Muiuav,
New Westminster—Thos. Gifford,
Okanagan—T. W.Sterling, Liberal;
Price Ellison, Conservative.
Revelstoke—James M. Kcllio.Lih-
eral; Thomas Taylor. Conservative;
J. \V. Bennett, Socialist.
Richmond—JohnC. Brown, Liberal; F, L. Carter-Cotton, Conservative.
Saanicli—James Brvden,   Liberal.
Slocan W, llunlcj, Conservative:
W. Davidson, ind. Labor.
Skeena James Herman, Liberal;
C. W. I). Clifford, Conservative.
Siiuilkamccn W, A. McLean.
Liberal; L. W, Shatford, Conservative.
Vancouver City (5) K, Burns,
Socialist; A. R. Stobbings, Socialist:
•I. Kdwards, Labor; Francis Williams, Labor; A. (I. Perrv, Labor.
Victoria (4)—j; C. Walters, Socialist; Lee Charlton, Socialist,
Vale- Stuart Henderson, Liberal;
T. (I. MeMaiianiou, Conservative
Vmir Alfred Parr. Liberal; H.
Wright, Conservative.
Take a Look at Our Window
Display of tbe Latest Novelties
in'Chatclaine Bags and Purses.
Prescriptions Carefully
Little Qeorgle wns taken by his aunt
to see the newcomer, nscd one day. He
was duly and profoundly impreBse.l
(vith ihe specimen, nnd asked where the
little brother came from. "God sent
It," answered the aunt, reverently. The
answer made a deep Impression on
Little Cleorffle, for that afternoon he
was seen out In the backyard gazing;
dp. Into the deep blue sky and spreading his diminutive apron expectantly
,s he said: "Dear God, please throw me
one down, too."—Trof "PfHSS."
First Little Girl—Tile doctor brought
ae twins yesterday! Becond Little Girl
—That's where you made a mistake,
You should hare had a homeopath!—N,
r. "Life."
Subscribe for Tin:  Kvksisii Srx.
?'2 per year.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two.elements
—excellence of the work and promptness in
the execution. Bad work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
time is not good service; but the two combine tn
make one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain and often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the lesson in theory we have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Businss Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc,
WeCarrva Com-
plete Line of Stationery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of the
latest and  most  popular  faces of type und the
most up-to-date machinery. All workjguarantood
to give satisfaction.
^e Evening Sun
Ph™ 55 job DEPARTMENT.


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