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The Evening Sun Sep 23, 1902

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Array iM
Voi.H I
Grand Forks and Columbia, B. C.   Tuesday, September 23, 1902.
Strong  Resolutions Passed
Condemning the Hot Air
The mass meeting of citizens and
ratepayers in Federal Union hall,
Grand Forks, last Friday, called by
Acting MaA'or Sheads for the purpose of memorializing the railway
committee at Ottawa to grant the
application of the V., V. & E. to
cross the Kettle Valley lines and C.
P. R. tracks near this city, wa*
largely attended, and fully 90 per
cent of those present were ratepayers.
The meeting was called to order
by Mr. Sheads, who stated the object for which it had been assembled in a brief speech. E. S. Biden
and T. Alfred Kennion were elected
chairman and secretary, respectively.
Chas. Cumings then introduced
the following resolution, which was
passed unanimously:
Resolved, That the citizens of
Grand Forks, on their own behalf
and on behalf of the whole Boun
dary district, memorialize the rail
way committee to grant the applies
tion of the Vancouver, Victoria &
Eastern Railway and Navigation
company for leave to cross the lines
of the Kettle Valley railway and the
Columbia & Western railway, in the
Boundary district, in order to facilitate their entrance into Phoenix and
to the Granby smelter at Grand
Forks; and the said citizens do so
memorialize the said committee and
point out to them that the board of
trade of this city and the city council have from time to time passed
resolutions to such effect; that this
railway has been hampered for
many months to the great harm of
this district, by injunction proceedings on behalf of the Kettle Valley
railway, a road which has only a
length of four miles in the whole
That these injunctions seem now,
by the last order of the supreme
court of British Columbia, to depend
upon the action of the railway committee when the application of the
Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern railway for the right to cross the above
lines is next heard, inasmuch as
that the injunctions are to be dissolved, as we understand, if such
rights are granted by the railway
That the whole Boundary district
wishes that every obstacle be removed, as they believe the railway
to be of the greatest benefit to the
district and to the whole of southern
British Columbia between Cascade
City and the coast.
And be it further resolved, That
the above resolutions be laid before
the Honorable Charles F. Fitz-
patrick, minister of justice,   during
his yisit to the province, and that
copies of said resolutions be sent to
the representatives from British Columbia, and the press generally.
Strong and eloquent speeches in
support of the resolution were made
by Chas. Cumings, Frank Sears,
H. S. Cayley, J. D. Sears, Martin
Burrell and John A. Manly, all
tending to show the great injustice
being done the Bonndary section as
a consequence of not permitting the
V., V. & E. to continue its construction work.
The secretary was instructed to
communicate with the mayors of
Greenwood, Phoenix and Midway,
informing them of the action taken
by the citizens of Grand Forks, and
requesting them to call similar meetings.
The petition requesting the acting mayor to coll the mass meeting
was signed by the following ratepayers and citizens:
Frank Sears, P. McRae, F.Clark,
F. C. Cooper, Robert Petrie, E. 8.
Biden, 8. A. Richards, H. Hunter,
N.Taylor, John Rogers, Jas. Rut-
ley, M. Burrell, Ed Arthur Rainey,
J. L. Manly, Geo. A. Fraser, H. S.
Qayley, Jeff Davis, Chas. Cumings,
Geo. Massie, C. L. Sears, W. K. C.
Manly, W. Bentley, W. E. Mc-
Daniel, Geo. Rutherford, Geo. Taylor, T. Alfred Kennion, Fred J.
White, Donald McCallum, D. McMillan, A. W. Fraser, J. H. Good-
eve, J. I. Gill, J. W. Wilson, P. H.
Donaldson, Itter & Askew, H. A.
Henderson, C. M. Tobiassen, P. A.
Z. Pare, C. M. Turner, John A.
Manly, F. H. Knight, D. H. Rice,
The Hunter-Kendrick Co. per C. A.
Powell, A. D. Morrison, T. F. Curran, P. H. Kelliher, J. Hammar,
A. F. McDonald, A. Traunweiser,
P. C. Case, P.T. McCallum.
Saturday evening a mass meeting
—called by Mayor McCallum—of
Columbia citizens, was held in the
hall over Hodson's store. It was
attended by nearly every ratepayer
in the city. Grand Forks was also
well represented. The meeting was
called to order by the mayor.
Charles Hay was elected chairman and J. A. McCallum secretary.
Mr. Hay, on taking the chair, made
an able and exhaustive speech,
lucidly showing how the prosperity
of this section had been blighted by
the refusal of the government to
permit the V., V. & E. to continue
its construction work. Other able
and convincing addresses were made
by Mayor McCallum, Chas. Cumings,   P. T. McCalluin, J. D./Sears,
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The Ladies' Aid of the First Presbyterian church, Columbia, will
hold a social in Presbyterian hall on
Thursday evening, Sept. 25. A good
programme consisting of musical
numbers and recitations has been
arranged, and games and other
amusements will be provided. Light
refreshments will also be served. A
collection will be taken up.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.   Baths 25c.
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the undersigned, marked "Tenders for Fence,"
will be received till September 21th, 1KB. for
the erection of a f enoe around the Columbia
sohool house. Tenders for the work alone
or for material and work.
Sealed tenders will also be received for the
painting; of the fence.
Plans and specifications mar be seen at the
home of the Seoretary.
Th« lowest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. W. L. WELLS, Secretary.
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If the mass meetings held last
Friday and .Saturday evenings show
anything, they demonstrate conclusively that the people will nfjN submit much longer to have their interests sacrificed simply in order to
save two or three eastern speculators
from financial ruin—speculators, by
the way, who have no interest in
the country except the six-per-cent
variety covered by a four-ply mortgage. The Boundary country will
gain its growth only from those interests which are here to stay, and
these solid institutions are "entitled
to have a voice in the policy of the
It is as much to the interests of
Greenwood, Phoenix and Midway
as it is jto Grand Forks, that the
construction of the V., V. ife E.
should be continued without interruption of any nature; and it is to
be hoped they will see it in this
light, and at once follow the example set by GrandkJTorks and Columbia, by holding rousing mass meetings and passing strong resolutions
in favor of the V., V. & E., which
combines in'itself a line from Atlantic to Pacific. Opposed to this
is the "hot air" system, with four
miles of railway in thc Dominion!
The municipal officials arc placed
in office to fulfill the "people's
wishes, and should do so. They
should remember that they are not
the people's, masters, only their servants—and, [being servants, when
unstisfactorv, should be displaced by
those who do come up to the requirements.
"hot air" line, it would seem that
with the departure of its far-sighted
general manager for Ottawa, the
local line has shut up shop as regards the running of passenger trains.
If it were not so serious a matter it
would be a laughable one, that this
little cliqae has of late stifled railway
competitian and tied up the progress
of Grand Forks. However, it will
be simply a case of thc survival of
the fittest; and the time is nearly
due when the V., V. & E. will load
the whole "hot air" outfit on a flat
ear, haul it away, and dump it
among the scrap iron. Then will
Grand Forks enjoy the prosperity it
Some people in (irand Forks have
advanced the argument that it is not
proper to assail the mayor while he
is out of town. From this opinion
we dissent. A public official's record
is at all times open to criticism—
even^after he is dead. And it is
Mayor Holland's official record that
has been criticised, not his private
life, which is quite another matter.
At the annual session of the Dominion Trades and Labor Congress at
Berlin, Ont., last week, the president, Ralph Smith, M. P., of Nanaimo, B.C., stated that "upon the
question of Oriental immigration he
thought the people of British Columbia had been unjustly treated,
and so far as he was concerned the
next session of parliament will have
to settle the question once for all."
James H. Kennedy, chief engineer of the V., V. & E. railway, and
A. M. Lupfer, chief locating engineer
of the Great Northern, returned to
Grand Forks on Saturday from a
reconnoitering trip over the proposed line between Midway and
Vancouver, most of the trip being
covered on horseback.
The existing conditions for a line
through the Cascade range are quite
favorable, two available passes, about
fifty miles southeast of the C. P. R.
line being examined. The eastern
approaches are very gradual, much
more so than those on tlfe west,
which, while abrupt, will offer no
serious engineering obstacles. From
that point on to the coast the country is quite level.
The engineers were shown many
excellent copper ore samples from
Similkameen proptrties which the
line would tap;_and state that the
Cascade mountains offer grand inducements to the sportsman, whether
it be fish, feather or fur he seeks.
R. A. McMordie, of the Columbia
public school, will leave at the end
of this week to assume to principal-
ship of the Fernie public school,
with five teachers under him. i Mr.
McMordie will be greatly missed by
a host of friends—social and athletic—in Grand Forks, who will be
sorry to lose him, while pleased to
know that his merits as an efficient
teacher have won him such promotion. He will be succee led in the
Columbia school by Lawrence Redman, of Salmon Ann.
Bom, on September 21r 1902, to
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Shannon, a
Born, September 14, 1902, to the
wife of Wm. Gowanlock, a son.
Mr. and Mrs, E. C. Henniger,
who have been on a ten-day wedding trij) to Vancouver and other
coast points, returned to Grand
Forks on Monday.
Mrs. J. L. Meikle left on Monday
to visit friends in Phoenix.
The Montreal Shamrock Lacrosse
club, champions of the world, are
to play a series of games at an early
date with the coast teams, and on
their return trip will stop off and
play a game with the Nelson team.
Quite a number of Grand Forks enthusiasts will doubtless go over to
see the match.
"A Wise Member" will appear at
the Biden opera house tomorrow
night. People who have seen it in
other tpwgs say it's a first-class show,,
Some excellent bags of pheasant
and grouse have lately been made
by our local nimrods. Ab McQueen
and Art Cochrane got a string of
sixteen yesterday.
George Ewing, of the local branch
of the Eastern Townships bank, who
has beep in Phoenix f6r the past
month, has returned to his duties in
Grand Forks. ',
Tony Dunham returned on Saturday from a trip to the Similkameen.
The Harry Lindley company has
given two charming performances at
the Biden opera house. The engagement will close with tonight's
entertainment. A pleasing feature
of the show is the acrobatic work of
the Marriott brothers.
At the Grand Forks city council
meeting last night no business of
importance was transacted. - Fifty-
five dollars' worth of work was
authorized to be carried out upon
Bridge street, and W. H. Fisher
was awarded the contract. The
usual batch of bills were ordered
For Sale. —C*re three-seated Hack
(Studebaker); one Carriage Horse.
Apply to J. A. McCallum, Columbia.
Klondike pool table. Only one
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On and after September 15th the
following prices will prevail at the
O. K. Barber Shop, on Bridge St.:
Hair cut, 35c; shave, 15c.
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, has a capacity for
for 70 people. Everything up to
date.    Rates, $1 and $1.50 per day.
Fou an excursion from Rossland
to Nelson one day last week the
C.P.R. required ten extra care, and
on account of the limited supply on
band, The Miner casually remarks,
' 'Two of the handsome new coaches
ported by the Kettle Valley lines,
not now in regular service out
ftjand Forks, w'ere borrowed."
^two care constitute almost
| equipage of the
Alex Sharp and J. L. Stocks, sent
out by the B. C. Gold Fields Syndicate ot make an expert report on the
commercial value of the North Fork
coal fields, were at the Yale yesterday, leaving in the evening for Nelson, B. C. They declinen to make
any statement further than to say
thai everything looked bright. They
will make an exhaustive report to
the company in Nelson.
C. S. Graves, of Spokane, nephew
of Jay P. Graves, of the Granby
smelter, has just passed his examination for entrance into the United
States naval academy at Annapolis,
Md. As only two students are selected from the whole state of Washington, young Graves has achieved
considerable distinction.
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Capt. Disbrowe, Frank Sears and J.
D. McDonald, and The Sun regrets
exceedingly that it lacks the space to
reproduce them.
The   following    resolution    was
unanimously adopted:
To the Honorable A. G. Blair and Members of the Railway  Committee, Ottawa :
Whereas, The Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway and Navigation company has been prevented
Irom constructing -railway lines into
the Boundary district of British Columbia for nearly nine months
through permission of your committee being withheld to cross the Kettle Valley railway;
And Whereas, Great loss is caused
to all the people of southern British
Columbia through this delay, as it
is imperative that there should be
competition in handling and transporting the low-grade ores of the
And Whereas, The Vancouver,
Victoria & Eastern Railway and
Navigation company is not asking
for or receiving any bonus from
either the provincial government or
the government of the Dominion for
building its railway into this district, and now has all its right-of;
way purchased and railway grade
constructed into Columbia and
Grand Forks, and has its station
grounds graded at the line between
the two cities, and bridge built
across the Kettle river, with the full
intent of constructing and operating
its line of railway into the cities of
Columbia and Grand Forks just as
sOon as the legal restrictions are
And Whereas, The said railway
company, through its inability to
cross the Kettle Valley railway, is
prevented from building a line to
the Granby smelter at Grand Forks,
and has therefore no choice but
must of necessity haul all ores from
Republic, Sheridan and other camps
south of the boundary, past the
smelter at Grand Forks to some
other smelter, thereby causing loss
loss to the district;
And Whereas, The entrance of said
railway into the cities of Cotumbia
and Grand Forks, with a branch line
to the Granby smelter, and also a
continuation of its line to phoenix,
would be of the greatest benefit to
this whole, district, and is earnestly
desired by all the residents, independent of nationality, political
feeling or business interests, with
the exception of the Kettle Valley
Railway company, which has a total
of five or six miles of railway in
Be it therefore resolved, That this
mass meeting of citizens of Columbia
and surrounding district earnestly
request you to grant the application of the Vancouver, Victoria &
Eastern and Navigation company
leave to cross the lines of the Kettle
Valley railway and the Columbia &
Western railway in the Boundary
district in British Columbia.
The framework on the new air
compressor building, 62x120 feet in
size, being erected by the Granby
company at Phoenix, is completed,
and enclosing and roofing the structure is almost done.
Last Wednesday the Sunset smelter at Boundary Falls was blown in.
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A City of Beautiful Environments, Healthful
Climate and Bountiful Resources-Civic
improvements, Including Electric Light
and Waterworks Systems, Are Well
The City of Columbia is situated near the junction of
the North Forks of the Kettle river with the main Kettle
river, and is distant about 800 miles east of Vancouver.
Thoroughly up-to-date and modern Electric Light aud
Waterworks Systems are dow under construction, and will be
completed in September. The electric light syst m will include street arc lamps. The waterworks system is planned
on a sufficiently large scale to meet all present and future
needs, and insuring ample protection from the ravages of
fire. At present water is supplied the city by pumping from
a beautiful spring of exceptional purity.
The natural situation of the eity for beauty la not excelled
in Ameriea. A verdure clad and flower-bespangled rolling
prairie, traversed by a river of bright, sparkling water,
fringed with forest trees and surrounded by mountains, forming a charming combination of picturesquesness and grandeur.
The Columbia A Western railway, whleh was constructed
by the Canadian Pacific Railway company, has its station,
freight warehouse and yards in the center of Columbia, and
the Vancouver, Tlctora A Eastern Railway company, has
located its depot, freight sheds and yards along the east line
of the corporation, thus giving the oity connections with two
transcontinental lines.
The Canadian Paclfie railway oompany has large interests in the city, having selected the site on account of the superior natural advantages as a railway centre,
The climate, taken all the year around, Is the best in Canada—part of the summer is rather hot and dry, but the rest of
the year is enjoyable.
Throughout the Kettle River valley there is an extent of
fertile agricultural land, part of which is now being cultivated.
Apples, plums, pears, prunes, cherries and all the small
fruits grow abundantly. The valley surrounding Columbia,
divided into small fruit and vegetable farms, will sustain a
large population.
Building material is plentiful In the district. Lumber can
be procured at fair prices, and brick lime and stone of good
quality can always be obtained when required.
The mining interests areof tha first importance to this
country, and will do much to build up Columbia. Large mineral lodes have been discovered throughout the mountains
adjacent to the city, and what were mere prospects a short
time since are now large paying mines.
The Granby smelter and converter—the most modern
and perfect plant of the kind in America—employing hundreds of men, is contiguous to the city.
Owing to the fine climate, the central situation, the
beautible environments, the bright prospects for future
growth and prosperity, Columbia will be an educational
centre, a city of homes, as (well as a wholesale distributing
point; and when finally allied and wedded to her sister city,
will be the best and largest city in .the interior. r
In reviewing the list of prominent
Canadian life insurance companies,
the "Imperial" of Toronto stands
out prominently on account of its
remarkably successful career. The
board of directors is composed of
strong financiers and gentlemen of
large experience in the insurance
business. This company nas nothing but up-to-date liberal policies to
sell, nnd the fact that many large
policies have been issued by the
Imperial, running us high as $200,-
000 on one single life, indicates the
class of people who are patrons of
this company. Mr. J. A. McCallum
is agent at Columbia and (Irand
Forks. ,
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kinds. Repairing. Wheels to rent.
Geo. Chapple,  opposite postoffice.
In the Matter of the Railway Act, and In' the
Matter of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern
Railway and Navigation Company.
of thn plans, profiles and books of
reference, duly sanctioned and approved by.
the Department of Railways and Canals, for
a section of the above company's line, extending from Midway to Lot J641, Township
67, Osoyoos Division of Yale District, has been
deposited with the Registrar of Laud Titles,
at Kamloops, in accordance with the requirements of Section 125 of the Railway Act.
Solicitor for V., V. & E. R. & N. Co
Pacific Hotel
Opposite C.P. R. Station,
Phone 5 9. Columbia, B. C
Mining and
Real Estate
Employment and Information
Phone Go.        Grand Forks, B. C.
Columbia Mails
1 00 p. m.
4 90 p.m
12 30 p.m.
I IS p. in.
Satdy only
I u. m.
PtB.Crow's Nest RR
Eastern Canada
Eholt, etc
Brand Forks
Nelson, Wash.
Curlew, etc.
White's Camp
li 30 p, in,
|   4 00 p. ill.
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4:00 p.m. Nest Ry, Revelstoke 1:30 p.m.
Vanoouver,Viotoria,alI j
j points on Canadian Pa-
cifio Reilway.
Columbia, Phoenix,
12:80p.m.:way, Peuticton,Repub- 5:00 p.m.
lie, Curlew, Bolster, all
Reservation points.
Office open daily from 8:80 to 8:80 p. m.
Sundays excepted). Money orders issued
to all parts, and Savings Banks deposits
received, 3 per cent interest allowed. Reg-
"""*"" k"Tiail1jdtose8 one half hour previ-
|or closing ordinary mails
1. HULL, Postmsater.
Ore shipments last week: Granby
mines, Phoenix, 5221 tons; Snow-
shoe, Phoenix, 870 tons; Mother
Lode, Deadwood, 3328 tons; B. C.
mine, Summit camp, 900 tons; total
for past week, 10,319 tons; total for
1902, 325,869.
Thc Granby smelter last week
treated 4330 tons of ore. Total for
1902, 212,310 tons.
■ An important strike of grey copper ore on the Gold Braid claim, in
Providence camp, is reported by the
owner, E. Bailey.
The second furnace of the Mother
Lode smelter at Greenwood was put
in blast last week.
Steps have been taken to incorporate the Providence mine, in
Providence camp, with 40,000
shares of $5 each. Mark Madden,
of Madden Brothers, bankers and
brokers of Chicago, was in the
Boundary all last week, and he is
taking up and financing the new
company. Mr Madden will be president; Duncan Mcintosh, vice-president, and W. M. Law secretary-
treasurer of the new corporation.
W. S. Macy, of Phoenix; J. J. Caulfield and Mr. Russell, of Greenwood;
J. H. Peet, W. A. Fuller and
others, of Spokane, are among the
old shareholders. About $25,000
in shares will be placed in the treasury.
The Granby company, says the
Phoenix Pioneer, will construct a
tramway that will be at least 1000
feet long, to run from the upper
part of the Knob Hill glory hole to
the new ore crushr, thee building
for which has already been erected.
This tramway will be of the three-
track pattern, except at the turnout, and will be operated by gravity,
as is usual in such cases. Already
some 20 bents have been erected
where the track will'cross the C P.
R. spur next the Knob Hill compressor house, and this week a force
of men was put at work grading on
the upper part of the track bed.
Advices from the California mine
by telephone late last evening, says
the Republic Independent American,
gave the gratifying information that
a large body of high-grade ore had
been opened on the intermediate
level between the third and fourth
levels of the mine. From the inception of work on the mine under
the management of E. J. Delbridge,
it lias improved steadily. From the'
merest prospect that had been
turned down by several experts, he
has turned it into one of the most
promising mines in this part of the
state. It has yielded thousands of
dollars, and is still doing so. The
ore that was recently shipped,
amounting to about 800 tons, returned a net profit of about $1200
per carload. The ore is shipped to
the Hall smelter at Nelson, B. C.,
over the Washington & Great Northern. There are now 55 men on the
payroll, and will be increased to (55
on Monday.
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to reflect old Ideas I you want It upy
to-date. There Is a certain desire
for the antique, but It should be up-to.
now in execution.
Our printing reflects
the present times,
with the best
ideas of the
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