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The Evening Sun Oct 23, 1903

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Vol. n.
Grand Forks, B. G, Friday, October 23, 1903
(fi Nq. 102
An Important Deal
The Granby Company Acquires the
Senator and Fremont.
A Force of Men Will be Set to Work Opening Up a Glory
Hole—Shipments to the Smelter Will be Commenced at an Early Date.
One of the most important rnin-1
ing deals made in the Boundary
district recently was consummated
tbis week. By tbe deal the Granby
Consolidated company acquired a
bond on two of the most promising
mining properties situated in Summit camp, namely, the Senator and
Fremont. The owners, who are also
the original locators, are Chris Tn-
biason and Henry Huffman, both
early pioneers and prospectors of
tbis section. For the past four years
"they have done considerable development work on these two proper-
lies, and the showing recently made
was so good that it attracted the attention of the Granby Smelter
company, with the result that negotiations were commenced with a
view of acquiring the properties, and
this week papers were signed giving
tbe smelter eompany a bond.   The
amount involved is 835,000, and
the agreement calls for immediate
work to be commenced on tbe claims,
which will be done by starting a
force of men at once on a glory hole,
and shipments will be made in the
near future to tho smelter. This
speaks well for the camp in which
these properties are located, as the
Granby company's operations are
generally very successful, and will
no doubt prove so in tbis instance.
Other mines in the vicinity arc
the Rathmullen group, owned by the
Kathmullcn Mining company company, and the O. P., owned by the
Summit Gold & Copper Mining
company, both of whioh are promising properties.
Several other important mining
deals are under way, which goes to
show that the mining industry in
the Boundary district is reviving,
and in a short time will be booming.
County court opened Tuesday
morning in the court house, and
was presided over by his honor
Judge Leamy. The following cases
were disposed of:
Judgment summons—M. B. Bridg-
ford vs. C. VV. Davcy;'claim for $35
loaned. Order to pay $5 per mouth,
lirst payment to be made Nov. 20.
A. C. Sutton for plantiff.
Judgment summons—Frank Coryell vs. Alex McQueen; recovery of
promissory, note for $50 and goods
for $89, Adjourned till next court.
A. C. Sutton for plaintiff.
Mre. Elizabeth Scott vs. Mattie
Hutchinson, for injunction to restrain defendant from dealing with
property, and for court to take
charge of same. Notice to be given
when case will be called. II. S.
Cayley for pluintilf, E. Miller fur
IIimter-Kondrick Co. vs. C. W.
Davey; for goods, $('>:!. Judgment
for amount confessed, 842,60, and
Slater Shoe Co. vs. Dan H. Rice,
Jas. E. Rico and Rice Bros.; recovery of promissory note for 8200.
Defendants did not appear. H. C.
Hannington for plaintiff.
W. B. Bower vs. Frank Sears; recovery of promissory note for
8150.40. Judgment for plaintiff.
Hannington for plaintiff, Miller for
Jos. Sehnavely vs. J. K. Kelly;
winding up partnership and restraining defendant from possession.
Called for Monday, Oct. 26th, 7 p.
m.    H. S. Cayley for defendant.
Nathan Miller vs. G. W. Averill;
for work done with team anil fecd-
j ing horses, $327.75. Adjourned to
I a day to be fixed. Clement & Spence
for plaintiff, Miller for tbe defendant.
Vernon & Nelson Telephone Co.
vs. F. A. Sinclair; rent for telephone,
83G, and costs. Whiteside for
plaintiff, Miller for defendant.
Hunter-Kendrick Co. vs. C. F.
Harrington; promissory note for
8115.42) Judgment for plaintffs.
Whiteside for plaintiffs.
Blakeway & Urlin vs. Jos. Burwell; for lease of dining room and
kitchen, $66,16. Judgment reserved. Sutton for plaintiffs, Eckstein for defendant.
This phrase has grown quite c»m-
Iraon in this vicinity recently, attrot-
Iva   posters   witli the above Cfttoh line
being  lavishly  displayed on fences,
Osh boxes,   In II In him Is   und   windows.
i The line 1b used by that very progressive young manager, Elmer Walters,
[in gaining publicity and incidentally
dollars for his newest attraction, "A
i Millionaire Tramp." In this production Mr, Walters lias made u long
stride to the front, for in thin play lie
has succeeded in retaining all the elements of quick action and broad
comedy so dear to tin; hearts of the
masses, and eliminated the impossible
bombastic dramatic situations that
have ho far characterized this class of
an attraction. The finale of "A
Millionaire Tramp" is without doubt
one of the most beautiful dramatic
endings ever given to any play, not a
word being spoken for at least five
minutes before thc last curtain. At
the Biden opera house, Saturday evening, Oct. 2-1 th.
Wellington camp is shipping an
average of nearly two cars of ore per
day, tbe ore all going to the Boundary Falls smelter, and coining from
the Athelstan, the Winnipeg and
the Jackpot.
Louis W. Hill, president of the
S. F. & N. railway, arrived in the
city yesterday forenoon by special
train. He was accompanied by ji
party of friends. He only remained
in the city about twenty minutes,!
leaving again for Spokane. No
statement was given out concerning
railway construction at tbis point.
it it understood that his trip to Republic was in connection with the
building of the Washington & Great
Northern from Wenatchee to Republic, which is to be constructed
this fall.
Mines and Smelters
Th e Granby Will Likely Declare a Dividend Before Jan. 1st.
II. N. CSaler, Lloyd A. Manly
and N. McLellan left last Tuesday
for Coleman, Alta., where they are
interested in business connected
with new enterprises to be opened
up in the near future.
A. B. \V. Hodges, superintendent
of the Granby smelter, was a visitor
in Phoenix this week.
C. \V. McRae, contractor, of Ross-
land, arrived in the city on Tuesday,
and will do assessment work on
the Simcoe mineral claim, which is
situated ten miles up the North
Fork, and is owned by himself an 1
A. I). Morrison.
T). H. Mills, of the American
Waltham Watch Company, is in the
eity this week.
Tbe Ladies of tbe Maccabees gave
a very successful dance inJBiden hall
Wednesday night. There wns a large
attendance, and tbe music supplied
was splendid. Supper was served in
the lower part of the hall, aud when
the dance broke up in the wee small
hours everybody voted it a decided
The annual meeting of thc Grand
Forks Liberal association will be
held in Alberta ball tbis evening al
.H o'cloed. Officers for the ensuing
term will be elected, and important
business will come up for consideration. All members should be present.
Geo. A. Fraser, M.P.P., left for
Victoria yesterday over the (treat
Northern. It is presumed he has
gone to the capital to confer with
Premier McBride on business pertaining to the government.
L. P. Eckstein, barrister, made a
professional visit to Greenwood Ibis
Tbe Rossland Transfer company,
who have two four-horse teams engaged hauling ore from the Athelstan nunc to the Winnipeg spur, in
Wellington camp, have withdrawn
them, shipping six of tbe horses
back to Rossland, having lost the
other two by death. They slate
tha. the haul, being up a steep
grade, is too bard on horseflesh.
K. Spraggett, who is in charge of
ihe North Fork road work, came in
yesterday. lie reports work pro-
pressing favorably, and says they
have commenced to build the bridge
over the river at Desolation.
Mrs. J. Jaskulek, of Danville, was
a visitor in the city tbis week.
Fine Gold and Silver Now Being Produced at the Trail
Smelter—The Drill Compressor Plant at the
Oro Denoro Nearly Finished.
Jay P. (iraves, .general manager
of the Granby company, returned to
Spokane Wenesday from atrip cast.
Tbe Spokesman-Review quotes Mr.
Graves as saying that the Granby
company will probably declare a
quarterly dividend of 1 per cent,
aggregating about 8133,000, before
the first of the year.
Not only line silver, but fine gold
also, is being produced at the new
refinery at the Trail smelter, and
shipments up to date include 5000
ounces of silver, 999 line, and 1000
ounces of gold, 995 fine. The output marks the first refining of precious metals on a commercial scale
in Canada. Ever since the Trail
plant put in its lead refinery, to get
the benefit of tbe refining bonus of
So a ton granted by the fed ral government, pig lead has been produced
at the Kootenay plant. The silver
slimes, however, including gold, silver, copper, antimony and arsenic,
were sent to the United States refineries to be extracted. As there
were no plants in operation adapted
to handle those slimes, which differ
somewhat from the slhnes produced
by electrolytic copper rcfining,it was
decided to put up a special plant at
Trail, which is now in successful
operation. In addition the plant
later will probably turn out meUil-
lic antimony, suitable for use in the
arts. Tbe Kootenay papers are demanding tbat the federal government should take steps towards
purchasing.the fine gold at tbe point
where produced. The shipments of
silver were made to the Philippines
via San Francisco, and the line gold
was sold to the United States assay
office at Seattle.
Half of tbe cutting out of tbe
right of way for the now electric
line from Phoenix to  Greenwood   is
completed by Contractor 1). P. Barber, and tbe men are working on
the lower half  towards  Greenwood.
Reports from the Providcnccniinc,
near Greenwood, toll ofthe discovery
of a parallel lead twelve inches
wide, with eight inches of solid high
grade ore. The strike was made al
a depth of 175 feet.
The Quilp nunc at Republic has |
struck some of the richest ore ever
found in Eureka gulch, and a full
face runs nearly 81100. Thc strike
bas aroused discussion on the mine.
Comparison of tne relative depth of
exploration and development is the
burden of conversation among the
old-time miners, who deplore the
lifeless condition of a properly tbat
bas paid over a half million dollars
in dividends and have faith that
deeper down there is as much ore
and as rich as was ever found in the
levels above. Tbey take the ground
that the marks of striation and attrition on the vein are vertical or
nearly so; that the ore body terminates 12 feet below the No. 4 tunnel lead in a sharp wedge, and tbat
these are signs that go to show that
it has simply been cut off and that
thc lower portion may be found by
prospecting deeper for it.
J. Cuthbert Welch, formerly chief
chemist and assayer at the Trail
smelter during thc Heinze and Canadian Pacific regimes, ami latterly
superintendent at thc Montreal &
Boston Copper company's plant at
Boundary Falls, has been appointed
superintendent of the Northport
smelter and has assumed his new
office at the plant.
At tbe Oro Denoro mine work is
progressing favorably on tbe seven
drill compressor plant, and the machines will probably be in operation
in a week. Shipments of ore are to
increased at once.
While new cylinders to take the
place of those which exploded a few
weeks ago in tbe ISO-drill (iranby
compressor are on tbe way from
Sherbrooke, Que., thc old steam
plant is being utilized at tin: coin-
pan's properties in Phoenix.
Shipments from the Snowshoe
have fallen off and the force at   the
mine bas been somewhat reduced,
because tbe smelter could not use
(plite as much ore.
At a meeting held in Victoria
last Monday night tho members-elect
of tbe Liberal party went into the
fiscal question, and a committee
was appointed to go exhaustively
into the subject independent of government reports, and prcparo a
memorial for the information of the
members before the meeting of tbe
bouse. A committee was also appointed to look after live-election
matters and decide what seats
should be protested, and arrange for
lighting those which are opened for
the return of ministers. A bumper
rally of Liberals tbe same evening
pledged   the   new  leader, James A.
Macdonald, enthusiastic support,
amid cheers. Mr. McDonald made
a neat, telling speech in reply to tbe
ovation tendered him. W. W. B.
Midlines and Stuart Henderson tendered Mr. Macdonald tbeir hearty
support, and Messrs. Oliver, King,
Wells and others followed in a similar strain.
Baths 25 cents at the Yale  Barber
SI,,,],. ®ljr iEbrtthuj £>un
One year....$8.00 I Threemonths. ,60
Six months.. 1.00 \ One month 20
Advertising rates furnislied on application.
Legal notices, WandS Qts, per line.
Address nil communications to
Tun Evening Sun,
Phone 55, orand forks, b. o.
The McBride government is making a desperate effort to find a scat
for Attorney-General MoPhillips.
The latest report is that McDonald,
of Lillooet, may resign to open tho
constituency for MoPhillips. Tatlow
went to Ashcroft last week to see
McDonald, who afterwards visited
the Conservative organizer, at Kamloops. The Tories consider Lillooet
a safe Conservative scat, but if an attempt is made to carry out this
program a hot light will be put up
against MoPhillips at the bye-
VERILY, our troubles never come
singly. A few weeks ago our party
mot with partial defeat at the polls
in this province, and now the
Alaskan boundary commissioners
have ceded •> portion of British Columbia to Uncle Sam. Is there no
balm in Gilead?
Thk Grand Trunk Pacific railway
bill passed the senate Wednesday
night. If the Laurier government
never accomplishes anything else,
the passage of this measure entitles
it to the gratitude of the Canadian
It is rumored that Dennis Murphy aspires to the Liberal nomination as the member for Yale-Cariboo
in tho federal bouse. Let's see,
who's Dennis Murphy?
Tin; name Dr. A. C. Sinclair, of
Rossland. is being mentioned in
connection tbe Libcralnoniinalion
for Vale-Cariboo.
John  IIotstox's   motto;    "The
man should seek the office."
"A .Millionaire Tramp's" wealth
consists in thc sole ownership of the
richest vein of pure comedy that any
theatrical prospector has struck in
many moons. Biden's opera house,
Saturday night, Oct. 24th.
The national transcontinental railway bill passed the senate Tuesday
night, and now onlyawaits the assent of Ihe governor-general to become law.
The executive of the Nelson Liberal association held a meeting Wednesday night, at which a resolution
was unanimously carried that should
the Nelson constituency be opened,
by reason of any cause, the executive recommends that tho Liberal
association place a Liberal candidate in tho field to contest the election.
There are few things as rich as "A
.Millionaire Tramp." Biden's opera
house, Saturday night, Cet. 24th,
City of Liverpool, Central camp,
relocation of City of Liverpool, Peter
Blue Jay, Manly ranch, Natalie
Silver .Moon fraction, Wellington
camp, Thus. G. Edwards.
Mabel II., Wellington camp, John
Gooil Ore, Baker creek, D. C.
Ironclad fraction, Greenwood
camp, John Mulligan.
Maple Leaf, Franklin camp, II.
W. Young.
Twilight, Franklin camp, H. W.
Young and A. J. Fee.
El Rio, Wellington camp, British
Columbia Trust Co., Ltd.
Winchester, Franklin camp, A. J.
Josie (all), Summit camp, Geo.
W. Averill to Luke I). Wolford. ,
Josie Fraction (all), Summit
camp, Geo. W. Averill to Luke 1).
Western Boy (9-10), Wellington
camp, J. Angus Kerr to Geo. W.
Ethel (9-10), Wellington camp,
J. Angus Kerr to Geo. W. Kerr.
From now- on all other tramps are
warned to keep away from this town.
We are saving our welcome for "A
Millionaire Tramp." Biden's opera
house, Saturday, Oct. 24th,
John Mcintosh, of the Pacific, returned last Tuesday from a business
trip to Spokane.
Mark Devlin, a well known resident of Winnipeg, is a visitor in the
J. Gould, C. P. R. section foreman
at Fisherman, returned Wednesday
from a two months'trip to bis old
home in Toronto.
Acting underiiistriietions from the
honourable tbe minister of justice of
Canada, evidence regarding the contravention of the Alien Lahor Act
will be taken by L. P. Eckstein, at
the court bouse in this eity. on
Monday, tbe 2Gth inst., at lOo'clock
a. in. All persons having complaint
to make or evidence to give are requested to attend,
C. S. Riley, of the Canadian Fire
Insurance Company, with bead office in Winnipeg, arrived in the city
Wednesday, on his annual tour of
inspection of all agencies. Mr.
Riley is a popular member of tho
Winnipeg Rowing olllb, and stroked
the eight of that club to victory in
Philadelphia (his year. He left for
the east yesterday.
J. P. Gray returned from Greenwood Thursday, and will takechargi
of a section on the Hot Air line between here and Danville.
Following are the locations, certificates of work, bills of sale, etc.,
recorded at the office of the Grand
Forks, October 14th to 20th, inclusive:
Jumbo, Goftt .Mountain, relocation
of Jumbo, Leo Neff.
Dr. A. C. Sinclair, of  Rossland,
visited the city yesterday. The
doctor is in charge of thc quarantine
now ill force between spokanc and
Rossland. He is stationed at North-
port, but has exchanged places for
a few days with W. .1. Cook, wdio
looks after the quarantine regulations at Laurier.
Lost—Between the court house
and the old power house, on either
Victoria street or Wellington avenue,
a lady's gold watch. Finder will be
suitably rewarded by leaving same
at postoffice. •
Together w.th number and p. ice, we
pvblish here a list
of special Birthday
All lionet mounted in
14k, gold.
JtUlUfttT •       OUSBt
No, «:5-]*rle«, »3.i0
Fcdtuut     - Alnethvrt
Ho, ISTT-rrlrc, |!.K>
Mirth      ....      [:]. ii„| it „rie
Mo, «79-Prlc», «.iu
April      ■ I'la mo ml
Mo. Ml-Prln, #14.00
ilxj Eranrald
He. *r,v,i   i'rl.-f.t;.M
Juno A,,'.ito
Ho. «C8J-Pricfl, »1M
Jul* Ruby
Ho. (MT-I'rke, (7.00
August       ....      Sinlonrx
No. «80—Mc*, (ISO
September    ....   flapphin
No. loll- -I'rict 15.00
October       • ...        Op*!
No. UU-FrtW, |G on
Nornnbfr Topu
No. MW-IMm, »1»
December •       Tun, units
No. 4WT—Price (3.M
These with innumeraMe other choice
Rings at very low prJcei are illustrated in our new cwtalogue, ready
Nov. nth.   Write fur a copy.
IIS, 120, 122 and 124
Yonic SI-.. Tui\.i\io
Front of tho opera bouse she became
unable to keep her seat and fell,
striking her bead oil the bard road.
Dr. Northrop, who witnessed the accident, hurried to her assistance,
and found her suffering from an
ugly scalp wound. She was removed to her home, where the doctor dressed the wounds. She sue
tained no serious injuries.
Vt Olde Folkcs Concert, to, be
iven in Biden ball on Wednesday
evening, October 2(Jth, promises to
be a great success. Quite a large
number of tickets have already been
lisposed of, and judging from the
names appearing on the program,
those who attend will not be disappointed.
lames Peters, who is employed at
tho .Mother Lode mine, was a visitor
ill the eity this week, being accompanied by his family.
IS, Barron returned today Irom
Trchcrnc, Man., where be lias been
for the past month looking after bis
crop interests.
.lohu Redmond left today for Al-
1,,-rta. lie will locale cither in
Coleman or Calgary.
N. .1. Johnson, of the (Irand Central hotel, left today over the Ureal
Northern for a two weeks' visit to
Seattle and other Sound cities.
Nothing l,„i hank notes,gold and
laughter, "A Millionaire Tramp."
Biden's opera house, Saturday, Oct. 24.
Strcnj.Mli in tin1 ad put* Bfcretlgth in
tin' business.
Tin' time to advertise is when \*ou
need customers uml are preiweu if
serve them.
Au Advertisement should be n aim
pic, straightforward statement, easily
read, easily rr>ii)|iu'lirii<li'i|, and conspicuously placed.
As a tree is known by iis fruits and
ciii until is judged by Mb conduct, so
an advertiser is measured and place
by   tin* text  matter of his advertisements.
An advertiser ought to put only
such claims iu his (id as In? would
make personally, face to face, to the
must particular customer that comes
into his Btore.
If you don't believe a rich man can
he happy come and see "A Millionaire
Tramp. Biden's opera house, Saturday night, Oct. 24th.
Mrs. J. Janes, who conducts the
Union hotel dining room,was thrown
irom a horse on Winnipeg avenue
while out riding this afternoon, and
received a had shaking up. Thc
amiual bolted with her, and just in
More money than some people hav<
hay.   "A  Millionaire Tramp.*'    Hi
den's opera house, Saturday,  Oct. 21.
Money to loan, money to burn,
money to feed to the horses fur hay
"A Millionaire Tramp." Biden*!
Opera house, Saturday night, Oct. 24,
And the Best of Everything
Else   in   the Groeery   Line.
The "Club"
First Street.
Highest grade imported
Ports, Cherries, Burgundies, Etc.
NOTICE is 1,pi*p1>.v [riven tliiit, acting utider
lllitriioUollB from   tiie  Hiiimnrulilt*   the
MttiUter <>f Justice <>f Canada.] -imii.nn
Monday, the20th day of October ii.stunt, nt
the Court House, (fraud Forlu, nt io o'clock
in tiie forenoon. taUeevidetioe rogurdingthe
contravention. If any, ot the Alien Labour
Act. All persona having complaint to mnlte
or evidence to give in dm premises are required to iittciiii for t ii ni purpose at the
suid time uml place.
Dated the 18th duy of October, 1903.
Oram) Porks, B.C.
Graduate Pennsylvania College of
Dental Surgery, Philadelphia.
Office in Megaw Block,
Phone 138. Orand Forks, B.C.
It's tiresome to be rich. That is
what "A Millionaire Tramp" says.
Biden's opera house, Saturday,Oot. ii4.
Porcelain Tub at the Yale Barber
ihe D-'Sj ot ol Vienna.
The citizen of Vienna who dot*
not wlrJi to be out of pocket muit
keep early hours, for after ten
o'clock he fa taxed on entering hlJ
own house, or, for the mutter of that,
any house. The "sperrgeld," or door-
opening tax, la peculiar to Vienna, hj
ihe London "Express" explains. The
■/Mire population of that city, num-
berlng nearly two millions, are practically imprisoned In their houses from
ten o'clock In the evening: until six
the next morning-. *"hey can go In or
out only by paying Jit leasti four cents
Lo the Janitor or house-master," as
lie is called.
Vienna Is built on the* "flat" or apart-
nent-house plan. Millionaires and
working people alike live in houses of
this description. The houses are large,
having five or six floors, with four flats
on a floor, so that It Is not unusual to
find a hundred persons living under
one roof. There Is one common entrance from the street, and after ten
o'clock at night this door is bolted and
barred. From ten until twelve nil who
go in or out must pay four cents. After twelve the charge Is doubled.
The tax must be p.iid every time one
passes through the doorway, without
exception. If a man has occasion to
go In and out half a dozen times, he
must pay every time. One who has
dined with a friend must, if he stay
late, pay four cents to get out of his
friend's house, and four more to get
Into his own. A telegram In the night
necessitates the payment of the tax
before the boy can enter.
The house-master also collects and
keeps duplicate copies of the forms on
which every Individual la the house
must report to the police his age,
birthplace and religion, his exact occupation, and other personal details
which the Austrian authorities Insist
upon knowing. Nor does the power of
-.his Important personage end even
here. From the little guard-room
which he occupies at the foot of the
stairs he sees every one who goes in
or out. lie ascertains with amazing
accuracy the umount of each tenant's
income, the events of his family life,
nnd the character of his visitors. His
far-reaching power enables him to terrorize every servant in the house Into
jnterlng his intelligence department,
and thus he spies on the Innermost
life of the subjects In his flvo-storey
In some cases the house-master Is
more powerful than In others. An
Bngltlh resident was obliged to move
from an apartment that tie particularly liked because he could not ven-
ure to speak With any degree of
sharpness to the man ut the door, even
when the man was remiss in his duties. The flat was owned by a railway belonging to the State. This made
the house-master a State official, an
Insult to whom Is a very serious offence in Vienna. A reprimand for delaying letters would be construed Into
in insult, and the Englishman deemed
It wise to move to other quarters.
Thousnnds of people In Vienna live
In such tenor of the house-master
that, It Is said, they never make an
apple-bart without giving him half.
MomnsoN Block,       GHAND PORKS. H.O.
HI CYCLES—Clevelands, Massie-
Hai'l'is, Imperials, Colunilims, Main
hlers—all top-notehers—for sale and
for rent. Also a complete line on bicycle sundries. All kinds of bicycle
repairing. Geo, Chapple, First St.,
opposite postoffice, (irand Forks, H, C.
Fire Insurance
I represent the following
Reliable l-'i!■*■ Companies:
[itijiraneeCompanies. lam hlso agent for
B.C. Permanent Loan and Savings Co. "f
Vanoouver and the U. s. Fidelity & Guaranty
Telephone 121 Johnson Block
Enjoy Photo=
graphy With
Little Expense
Work Like Kodaks,
uml in Daylight.
$1 Brownies, Also $2
Sole Dealers for
. it  p, OZiBUBHI
At a New York Pier.
The traveler fell on his kneea and
begged for mercy; hut the customs inspector was adamant.
"Once, and once only," said the latter, "I let a man go through without
offering him every Indignity that savage Ingenuity ean devise. He proved to
be n pp«titer from Washington, and I
neanly lost my Job. I sha'n't make that
uptake again."
Y»s, the traveler would have to have
ble stomach pumped out; most distinctly, yes.—N. T. "Life."
Clement C& Spence
Burr.HttsrR, Hollultorn,
Notaries; t£ta<
Biden Block, Corner Winnipeg Avenue nnd
Pint Streeti
BRAND Forks, B. C.
Dr. Follick
Graduate of Philadelphia Dental
Phone 27.
Office over Hunter-
Kendrick Co.'sStore,
Home Grown
The very fines
in the market
Preserving Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Crab Apples, Etc.
We Keep the Best Money will Buy.
A Stylish Finish and
Lasting Satisfaction
Get Vnitr Clothee
Made by
Loan & Savings Go.
a reaponsabilite lhnitee.
with powers t»> issue $1,000,000 bonds.
You May Borrow
Any Amount of Money
with whioh to buy ft home,
a farm, or pay off a mortgage, on your personal note
with absolutely no interest
to pay, taking 20 years or
less Ui pay it back in small
monthly payments without
Why Pay Rent
or be troubled with mortgages when The Loan AND
Savin-os Company will furnish you with the money to
buy your home or pay off
your mortgage in any locality and charge you no in-
TEHE8T. No matter where
you live, lose no time but
consult at once
Head Office: 20 St. Alexis St.,
Strictest investigation courted. Agents
in all parts of the Dominion of
Canada wanted.
I?K MAP. |
New and Second-Hand «,
Goods Bought and Sold g
8    Cor. Bridge and Second Sts.      5
ft «
«00000o«00O4<.«O0 OOOOO OOOOO
Consignments send to me will
be passed Customs and distributed speedily by unexcelled facilities.
Eastern Townships Bank.
Notary Public
Real Estate Dealer
Grand  Forks, B. C.
Pacific Hotel
opposite O.K R. Station,
Columbia,, II. C.
A familial1 name for the Chicago
Milwaukee & St.Paul Ruilwuy,known
all over the Union an the great rai 1
way running the "Pioneer Limited"
brains every day and night between St.
Panl and Chicago, and Omaha and
Ohcago. "The only perfect trains in-
bhe world." Understand: Connections are mado with All Transconti
nental Lines, assuring to passengers
the best service known. Luxurious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
•See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
For rates, pamphlets or   other   information, address
R. L. Ford, H, S. Rowe,
Trav. Pass. Agt.,      Gen. Agent,
Spokane, Wash.     Portland, Ore.
Over the sun-burned, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, cool
nnd comfortable ride through the
heart of the Rocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This yoti can do by traveing on,
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic Lino of the World,''
the only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, Glen-
wood Springs, Leadville; Colorado
Springs and Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of five
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is the best, in-
eluding free reclining chair cars,
standard and tourist sleepers, a perfect dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
eaeli in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing the continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address J.
D, Mansfield, Gen. Agt., RioGrande
Lines, No. 12-1 Third Street, Portland, Ore,
it A.  M,—Regular Communica-
cation First Wednesday of each month
at 8 o'clock p. m. precisely,   Sojourning Brethren cordially invited  to attend. Jn'o. RoQBJtS,
Jno, Wkstwood, W.M. .Sec
bor   Union  No.  281, A.L.U.—
Meets    every    Wednesday    evening
at 8 o'clock in    Federal    Union   hall.
Jas. A. Harris, Pres.
John T. Lawrbnob, Sec.
Porks -.1. K. Robertion, H.A., p&itor
Servloei every Sunday nt n a.m. ard 7tM p.
in.;Slimlii.v school (mil Itihlf I'hiHH, It  p.m.;
Westminster <>uilil of ('. K., Tuesday, 8
FntSTMKTHOniSTOnUltCH Com.it Muh.
uml Pitt hi u, j. v, Betts, pastor. Service*
every Sunday at u a.m. uml t.iwi p.m.:
elani meeting «t oloio of morning lorvtoei
Snmlny Hrhool uml ltll.li- t-lusNiit B p. m.;
pniycr rin'i'tltiir aviry   TliuiNiliiy   vvculiiir
«t 8 o'clook, Tho public is cordially Invited.
HOLY TRINITY 0HUROH(0burch   nf Bi.tr-
lanu), Grand Porki, Henry Steele, vloar-
Holy Communion, s a. m.t morning prayer
(ind-ri uu.i,, n H. m.iSundayaohooi, »i>. m.i
eveiiiong atidiermon, TiSu p, tn.  All are
cordially Invited.
Strength and vigor come of good
food, duly digested. "Force," a
ready-to-serve wheat and barley food
adds no burden, but sustains, invigorates.
The Grand Forks hotel, the oldest
hotel in the city, lias a capacity
for 70 people, Everything up to
date.    Rates, 81 and $1.60 perday.
If you want to buy Halcyon .Mineral Water call at the (irand Forks
Subscribe for The Evening Sun.
82 per year.
For a nice hair-cut or shave go to
the City Barber Shop on Riverside
avenue.    Uaths 26o.
At a Portuguese Bull-Fight
IT was io he a very great event--
twelve bulla were to make their
entry, and some famous Spanish
bull-fighters were lo prove their
prowess, and the King was to be
there, and Portugal's handsome Queen.
Out along1 the white, dusty roads, on
past the outskirts of the town wher«
olives nnd fig-trees peeped over the
etone walls, and occasional palms
reared their tall stems—all hurry, rush
and bustle, until at last the open dusty
plain was reached, and before us, like
a modern Coliseum, rose the great,
massive arena of the null ning.
How like the Colls'urn, though, In
weak architecture, was the building;
and all the mass of sightseers pressing
on to their different corridors—the poor
to the sunny side, the richer to that in
Inside were the great arcades under
the arches, and the wide flights of steps
to the various Hers of seats or rows of
Up we went to where our ticket told
me was the f3uteuil allotted to u?
(No. 106, first "fila"), a good position
we saw as we entered the tier, and at
a "coup d'oeli" the whole vast arena
was before us. Beneath was the level
ring where T-qvo would appear; on oui
left the King's box, a Mauresque canopy In blue and gold, and draped In red
and gold velvet. On our right and left,
on this shi;dy side of the arena, the
boxes are hung with bright draperies
of blue, gray, and yellow, setting off
the gay dresses of the ladles fanning
themselves In the boxes with tiny little
Portuguese fans.
At last a roar goes up from some 16,-
000 throats—the arena will hold 20,»UQ,
but It Is not packed—and then exactly
opposite us enter all the toreadors—that
is, all who take part in the fight. Ca-
vallleros (or picadors, as the Spanish
call them), bandarllhehos, furcados.
and the assistants dressed In rich Georgian costume—in *ed and blue satin
and velvet, with plumed flat hats.
Two   cavaliers   mounted   upon   two
magnificent steeds,    very    unlike   the
wretched animals ridden into the ring
to be slaughtered at a Spanish bullfight;   a  dozen   bandarilhelrus   and   a
dozen furcados and the assistants, all
In their gay costumes, make a brilliant
show on ihe smooth, arena.   The crash
of music, the roar of the populace, and
the brilliant spectacle send the Portuguese blood to fever heat; and quickly,
after salutations to the King or President, all the toreadors retire and one
horseman  enters   alone.    A  signal  Is
given, the doors are thrown open, and
In  rushes a fine  black bull.    Like an
arrow he makes for the horseman, who
leaps aside; but Toro Is after him, and
•hastes him round  the ring.    With a
left movement, just as the bull's horn:
early   reach   the   horse's   flanks,   the
avaller swerves and plants a dart In
ie bull's shoulders! the matadors rush
i,  and    distract  the bull's    aitteAtiOl.
1th   their   red   cloaks.    The   bull   no
•:iger cares for horse or man; the red
tg Is his enemy, and he goes for It,
nd tosses and paws It and tramples or,
t until it is snatched from him, and a
landnrUhelro     stands     before     him,
/atches  him;   and  leaps  aside  when
roro tries to toss him.
At last, maddened, the bull rushes at
lis tormentor, who races to the barter of the arena, but halts there; and
it the moment the bull's horns seem
o touch him, plants his two decorated
larts well In the bull's shoulders and
leaps the barrier. But the bull leaps
.fter him—half his black body is over;
ome of the assistants leap into the
irena at the safest side; but Toro fails
ud falls back Inside tne arena, to start
o his feet again and tush for the mata-
lors, who advance with their cloaks to
draw him toward them.
It Is these red cloaks that prove how
lull is Toro In his rage. The matador
.olds the red cloak at arm's length, the
tult rushes at It—never at the man
ioldlng it—and the matadors pass the
'■loak over his head as he strives to gore
it; the bull turns and goes for it again,
seemingly oblivious that a man Is mov-
ng it. Very agile and dexterous are
the matadors; but there seems no dan
tfer to them, so wholly Is the buU occupied with the cloak.
Not so the bandar ilhelros. To face t
rushing bull even with padded horm
until his hot breath is in your face, am
his horns lowered for the toss; to plan
darts .scarcely two feet long In hi:
shoulders, and leap aside ere the tosi
Is given, Is a feat of courage, greai
swiftness and agility; and mighty Is tht
shout from the vast crowd when thl-
is done deftly and neatly, and the barb*
-tick well in the bull's tough hide. At-
the bulls get tired out with their tormentors, a group of eight or ten tamt
bulls, with long tube-dike bells, are lei
Into the arena. These encircle the wild
bull that at once la tamed; nnd these
trained bulls trot him out of the circle
to his den, and a fresh bull Is then Introduced.—James Baker In "Alnslee'F
Ordinary Tears.
Old Gentleman — Why do you ahed
such bitter tears, my boy? Boston
CK*„ (pausing In his griof)—rteally. I
'V-.mot conceive that my tears differ as
to their brackish quality from other
achrymose emissions, t hnv,* never
<eard of saccharin* team.—Philadelphia ' fresn "
tl Mr. Cleveland makes the race
against President Roosevelt next year,
honors will be about even on tiie full
baby-carriage issue.—Washington "Post."
Uppa Oinnit—You wi»ht you had a
good spyglass? What for? Onimippen
—Qo's I could bring that brewery away
over there close up to me.—Chicago "Tribune."
At his own wedding a man Is never
the best man—and but rarely afterward*
First we teach tho baby to talk, and
then to hold its tongue.
If you want all the local news,
read Thk EVENING Sun.
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Hay, ricCallum
Mining and Real
Estate Dealers
I Financial and §
I Insurance f
Lots For Sale in All Parts of the City.
Choice Garden Lots at Low Prices.
Money to Loan.
Columbia A venue
The following table j
1900, M01, 1902, 1903,
Granby Mines,Phoenix...
Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Brooklyn, Phoonix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood.
Sunset, Deadwood	
.Morrison, Deadwood	
B, ('. .Mine, Summit	
K. Bell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wellington
Athelstan, Wellington	
KingSplomomW. Copper.
No. 7 Mine, Central	
Citv of Paris, Central	
•Jewel, Long Lake	
Ciirnii, West Fork	
Providence, Providence...
Flkhorn, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundary Falls...
rives the ore shipments of Boundary mines for
ind for the past week:
1900 l!)t)l.        1902.        190.!.  Post Week
84,633 23,1,762   809,858   277,40«      9,086
■2'.)- 1,721     20,800    58,042      1,500
99,034   141,826
Total, tons  99,730
Granby Smelter treated .. 62,387
W||    ITTED J?, Pfl    Pave moved next door to Himter-
1  lli  IllCn Oil UU,   KendrickOomnony.
Do J-OU rend?   If so, go to tliem and join their Circulating Library.  It has no equal In British Columbia,
satifa oiause »oi,t word to timm, say   Stationery, Office and School Sup-
se'hditiey\iu\iorre*thantw!oeMi»uoh   plies, Fancy Goods and Novelties
Xmiis Goods a. yon ever had before .   four place will still lie Santa's Bead irters."
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
Good Dry Wood Delivered to
Anv Part of the Citv.
FOR . .
Take a Look at Our Window
Display of the Latest Novelties
in Chatelaine Bags and Purses.
Prescriptions Carefully
F YOU desire to he well informed on
Boundary matters he sure it conies
to your home
During the whole year. . It is owned by
the editor, ami net by any clique or faction,    It is worth $6.00,    It ousts only
$2.00 PER YEAR
"The Boofe Booster."
A VACANT niche In contemporary
periodical literature, says the
"Literary Direst," Is filled toy th«
'Book Booster," which is edited fcjf
"Mr. Crltlcus Flub-Pubbe," and published by "Josh, Onsh & Co.," lm Evana-
ton, 111. Tts purpose, as It Is careful to
Inform the reader on Its first pag-e, is
to "boost books—our own and others,"
with the distinction that "the books
published by Josh, Gosh A Co. will be
boosted without reference to the number of pounds sold, while the publications of other houses will Tie boosted
only when they have passed the dead
line, which Is fifty thousand pounds."
The bonk boosted In this particular
Issue Is "Fagots oft Empire," by Mls^
Bertha Bosh. "Miss Bosh," we are told
from the "Editor's Pocking Chair," "Is
only fifteen years old, but Is extremely
bright for her age. She Is a Chicago
girl, and has never traveled farther
than Oconomowoc, which makes her
llternry feat all the more remarkable.
For 'Faggots of Empire* Is a story of
the reign of Charlemagne, and the author betrays a singular acquaintance
with the local color of those times." Indeed, her narrative "contains more
facts than the histories."   Moreover:
"The cloth used In binding the first
edition would. If stretched end to end,
reach from Chicago to Evanston.
Placed side t>y side the pages would
reach from Chicago to Minneapolis.
Smeared thinly, the Ink used would
cover four townships. Ten million cockroaches could subsist for six months on
the binder's paste employed. Set up
side by side, the Individual letters In
the text would reach from San Francisco to the Hawaiian Islands. And
the hot air employed In boosting the
book would float ten thousand balloons."
Another Interesting literary announcement Is made to the effect that
"Josh, Gosh & Co. have been appointed
Western selling agents for the forthcoming book of Mr. Ei-nest Thompson-
Seton (formerly Scton - Thompson),
which Is to be titled 'Cheap Thompsons
I Have Known.' " The "Book Booster"
is replete with touching poems and
thrilling serials, and "The Stovepipe of
Navarre," a blood-curdling "Romance
of Sword and Cloak," by Miss Poeta
Pants, quite puts In the shade all current literary efforts along the same
What Did the Fakir Do?
T "w T0NDERFUIj stories nre told
III of the powers of the Hindu
I.  I    I    fakirs.   Careful attention to
VJ^X their tricks has not discovered their secret witfc
any certainty, but Captain James Par
ker, the English traveler, who has just
returned from a tour of India, gives It
is his belief that hypnotism Is tho
means by which they accomplish their
moat startling Illusions. One Incident
which he describes seems to bear out
his view.
The trick which Is acknowledged to
he the greatest of these Hindu mystic
performances, says Captain Parker,
and the one that has been described
by trustworthy persons too often to be
doubted, is the one In which the fakir
throws a ball of twine into the air
ibove him, until It disappears from
sigiht. The loose end of the string he
holds In his hand, and after the boy
assistant has climbed up the string until he. too, Is out of sight, the fakir
himself follows, with a knife between
his teeth.
The spectators, surprised when both
boy and man climb out of sight, are
horrified when the boy's severed head,
urns and legs, followed by the trunk,
fall to the ground, and the man slides
down close behind. Their astonishment
i- . ■■<< ii*n th'- I'uklr gathers the
severed members and restores the boy
to life.
Well, I saw this performance once,
nid once I didn't see It; and the latter
experience was more wonderful than
the other, I had some London friends
visiting me, and after having left them
for a few minutes on the veranda of
my bungalow, I saw, as I was returning, the same fakir and his assistant,
whom I had seen perform the trick,
standing about forty feet In front of
my friends, apparently preparing to
beg-In a performance. As I was about
as far behind the natives as my friends
were In front of them, and had not
been observed, I stood quietly where I
The man placed a drawn knife between his teeth, took the Usual ball of
twine In his right hand, made a motion
as If throwing It into the air, and
then stood perfectly quiet. My friends
on the veranda were looking into the
upper air with astonishment on their
faces, which In a minute turned to a
look of horror as their eyes came back
to the ground. In another minute their
countenances lighted up with pleasure,,
and they applauded roundly.
They could not Bay enough about the
wonderful performance they had seen,
and they were astonished beyond measure when I told them I had been as
n«?ar the fakir as they, and had seen
nothing of what had so wonderfully
impressed them.
If that was not hypnotism, what was
A Question of Gender.
While he waB being shown about
Chicago by the Mayor of tiie city, a
French visitor expressed his thanks,'and
added, "But I am sorry so to cockroach
on your time." "Oh," answered the
Mayor, "do not think of that. But you
do not mean cockroach, Monsieur; you
mean encroach." "Oh, is UT I see—a
difference In gender," (the visitor sup*
posing he ought to have said hen-
Don'tforget to leave your order
for Ice with F. Miller.   Pho'ne Q4
Klondike pool  table.    Only one
in city.    Grand Forks hotel.
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of the work nnd promptness in
the execution, Und work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
time is not good service; but the two combine to
make one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain nnd often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we have
learned the lesson in theory we have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Etc., Etc., Etc.
We Carry a Complete Line of Sta*"j
tionery in Stock.
Our Jobbing Plant is new, and consists of the
latest nnd most popular faces of type and the
most up-to-date machinery. All work|guaranteed
to give satisfaction.
Job Department.   *»<»*«


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