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The Evening Sun Apr 15, 1904

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fh'*rd Year.---Nc*m-
Grand Forks, B. C, Friday, April 15, 1904
Martin Wins by 14
And Will Represent the Centre Ward
in the City Council.
The Kettle River Is Preparing Commence Its Annual Work
of Mischief and Destruction—General News  .
of the City and District.
The election yesterday to fill the
seat in the city council left vacant
by the resignation of Aid. McLellan,
r suited in a victory for cx-Ald.
M. S. Martin over his opdonent,
Thos. L. Crossen, by a majority of
14 votes. The result of Ihe poll was
as follows:
Martin  50
Crossen 36
Spoiled ballot     1
Total  87
The election was very quiet, there
being no excitement at all. About
three o'clock in the afternoon a little
spurt was made, several flashy livery
rig' being brought into service, and
for a short time the voting was quite
Two names, those of John fiil-
inourand John Redman, were added
to the voters' list yesterday.
The water in tbe Keltic river is
rising rapidly. The hot weather of
the past few days has melted the
snow on the mountain sides and all
streams emptying into the river have
been cbnsiberably swollen. The
' water in the North Fork had risen
between rive and six feet up to noon
today. Tne main river is also rising
at a rapid rale, and a large quantity
of driftwood, sawloga and ties is
coming down. Gardner, the sawmill man at Danville, is mourning
the loss of his booms of logs. A
boom of ties broke away at Curlew,
and they, too, are floating down
stream. None of tho bridges lire in
danger vet, but with a rise of a few
feet more tin y will have to beelosely
John Collinghiim, a well known
cl araeter, who had lived on a farm
three miles west of Colville, Wash.,
for a number of years, died at his
home last Monday evening after a
long illness. Ho formerly conducted
a harness shop in Colville. He was
a native of eastern Canada, about 115
■ years of age, and came to this section fourteen years ago from Calgary. Thc funeral took place on
' Wednesday. Mr. Cottinghnm was
well known in (Irand Forks, having
conducted a harness shop here six
years ago. Later he moved to Danville, Wash., from which place he
went to Colville. His many friends
in thisvieinty will regret to hear of
his death. He leaves a wife to
mourn his loss.
A well known business man of
this city invested otic in a box of
candy at the bazar Wednesday.evening, and took it to his hotel, where
he placed it under his hat while he
enjoyed his dinner. In the meantime some one filched the box, extracted its contents and   refilled  it
with some old orange peels, and carefully replaced it in its original position. Feeling in a generous mood
after satisfying the inner man, the
merchant cast his eyes around the
room for some worthy person on
whom to bestow the box of choice
sweets. Ah, yes. He espied a young
lady who, he fell sure, would appreciate the gift, and after making an
elaborate bow, he presented her will)
the box, for which she graciously
thanked him, and then opened it,
only to discover the aged orange
peels. Well, the last heard of, the
business man he was still increasing
the distance between himself and tin
city. It is thought he finally landed
in Phoenix, where he will have a
good opportunity to cool off.
large reward has been offered for the
apprehension of the villinn responsible for the metamorphosis of tin
contents of the box.
Last Sunday morning Peter Chris
tenson, engineer of" the slag engine
at the Greenwood smelter,' met -vi-.h
a very serious accident. Thc hot-
slag engine ran oil' the railway track
into Ihe converter, lie was engaged with a number of men putting
the engine on the track, and he fell
oil the bridge upon the railway track
below, a distance of about twenty
feet. He had me leg and one arm
broken; had the side of his head
badly cut, and was injured internally. Fears are entertained of his
"Are you sure these corsets are
unbreakable?" asked the doubting
customer. "J have been wearing a
pair myself for a year," said the
shopgirl, "and they are not broken
yet. And," she continued, blushing, "I'm engaged."
The smelter bridge eiiine very near
being washed out hy Ihe turbulent
waters of the North Fork last Wednesday.
Greenwood Typographical Onion
No. 358 will meet in   Phoenix   tomorrow evening.
A party composed of Mr. and Mrs.
A. II. W. Hodges, Mr. and Mis.
Williams, Mr. and .Mrs. Harold
Jackson, Miss .Million, Miss McLaren and J. Farrell went over to Republic last Monday -o attend a concert and dance given by Republic:
talent. They returned to thc city
The C. P. R. company has commenced woik cai the improvements
in the yards in this eity which were
planned some time ago. The steam
shovel has arrived, and a large gang
of men will be employed. Thc plans.
mbrace three new sidetracks on the
north side of the depot, necessitating
the moving of a large amount of
earth. It will take about twomonths
to complete the work.
J. Ehrlich, manager for P. Burns
& Co. at Greenwood, was a visitor
in the city Wednesday.
Tom Mclntyre, clerk in the hard-
ward department of .the Hunter-
Kendrick company's local store,
is visiting in Nelson. It is rumored
that he went there to meet a fair
young lady from the east, who will
return with him to this city as his
Leonard VaUgn went up Phoenix
last Wednesday to look up old
friends in that camp after his long
slav in the east.
The "Feast of Days" and bazar,
tinder the auspices of the Ladies'
Aid ofthe Methodist church, held on
Wednesday, was a brilliant success,
due mainly tn the untiring energy
of the ladies of that organization.
The interior of the building was
beautifully decorated. Thc booths,
which were presided over by Ihe
1 idies, numbered one for each clay
of Ihe week, and they were well
arranged and very handsomely fitted
up, displaying attractive articles in
fancy work and other materials.
The whole thing certainly reflected
great credit on tnose who had eon
ceived the idea of thefnirund carried
out the details of the same to such
a successful conclusion. The room
presented a metropolitan bazar-like
appearance, Thc ladies made c.v
eel lent saleswomen, and many an
unwary young man came away
from some ofthe booths with more
merchandise than he had intended
to purchase, owing primarily to the
persuasive powers of those whose
business it was tu dispose of the
goods. Tea was served between the
hours of 5 and 8 p. in,, and was well
patronized, as was natural, everything that thc appetite could desire
being served, even ice cream. The
candy booth hi the centre of tho
room was a great attraction, the
young ladies who presided over it
serving out great quantities of homemade candies, and the revenue from
tnut source must have been more
than satisfactory. Tin-: Si:n reporter
made an attempt to pick out tne
most attractive booth, but after looking over all of them he dooidod they
wore all in the same class—al leist
he came to tho conclusion that this
would be the safest way to put ii.
Tin: entire affair was well carried
out, and those taking part cert duly
worked early and late to make it a
success, and deserve tin: gieatest
II. W. Bnrtlott, United Slates inspector of immigration at this point,
has been proinoted to a similar position at Victoria. He has heen
stationed here tor a year and a half.
He left for Victoria yesterday morning, accompanied by his wife. His
successor has not been named yet.
Frank Ryan, a young man about
20 years oi age, was drowned in the
Kettle river, six miles above Curlew,
last Tuesday while working cm a tie
boom, lb' Full oil and was not seen
again. The body has not yet been
The Board of Trade
Endorsed Silver-Lead Mines Association's Resolution.
The Petition to the Government for a Bridge at Fourth
Street, Recently Adopted by South Side Residents,
Was Also Approved.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Grand Forks board of trade was
held Wednesday evening in thc city
offices, with President W. K. C.
Manly in the In the chair.
The following letter was received
from the Nelson board of trade:
Nelson, B.C., March 31, 2904.
Secretary   Board of   Trade,   Grand
Forks, B. C.
Dkaii Silt:—I beg to enclose herewith copy of memorial prepared by
the committee of the Silver-Lead
Mines association of this district.
This memorial fully explains itself.
Our board held a special meeting
last evening for the purpose of thoroughly considering this memorial,
and after questioning the members
of thc committee from thc Silver-
Lead Mines association, the same
was unanimously ehdo-sed by our
board ol trade, and 1 was instructed
to send you a copy of the resolution
passed by our members. This resolution was as follows:
"That this meeting fully endorses
the arrangement arrived at by the
representatives of the lead miners
aud smelters, and that the government be respectfully asked to make
the concession asked for up to oOth
June, 1905, hut such concession not
to be continued after that date."
We would ask your board to thoroughly consider this proposition and
call n-special meeting, nnd if you can
sec your way clear to endorse the
same, kindly advise the member for
your district, who will undoubtedly
now be; at Ottawa, asking him to
urge the: gove n-iicut to gri iv thc
request as presented by the said
Silver-Lead Minesasscieialion. Yours
very truly, II. G. GooDENOUOH,
The resolution was endorsed by
the hoard, and the secretary wasau-
thorized to advise the silting mom-
b r i if tbis district to that effect
The following resolution, passed
at u meeting recently Hold in the
Kettle Valley liue station by the
settlers of the south side, was fully
endorsed by the board:
Tn tin: Honorable the Commiesione^ oj
Lands uml   Works, Victoria, 11. C.
The potition of ihe undersigned
residents south of the Kettle liver,
in the Osoyoos division, county of
Vale, humbly shewcth:
That upon a recent visit of tbe
government engineer to (Irand Forks
he condemned the present bridge
over the Kittle river on First street,
Orand Forks.
That the said bridge is now thc
only means of communication between tic scum is south "I Grand
Forks and Ihe city, and I licit at high
water it is invariably impassable
owing In the south end of il being
flooded with a rapidly running cur
rent which extends for a quarter of a
mile over the b;.nk
That the cityTias for the past six
yeara kept a force of men at work
during flood-time to save the bridge
from being swept away by floating
trees and logs, and that the city
has alone borne the annual expense^
some three hundred dollars.
That at a recent meeting of settlers, held April 8th, at which the
member for. the district was, by invitation, present, a resolution was
unanimously passed asking the provincial government to construct a
bridge across the said river on Fourth
stieet, both because such a site
seemed more convenient to uvoid
railway crossings and to the body of
settlers, and because the present
bridge, if neglected by the city and
the government, ns seems likol;, c»
liable to be swept out this coining
high water:
Therefore your petitioners pray—
That the commissioner of lauds
and works recommend to the government the construction of a bridge
as soon as possible over thc Kettle
river at the point named.
And your petitioners as in duty
bound will ever pray.
Mrs. Peter  McKay and daughter
returned home last Monday  from a
prolonged visit in Ontario.
Miss Belle McLaren, of Carson, is
visiting with Miss Hammond of Republic.
Rev. T. Green, of Phoenix, spent
several clays in the eity this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miller entertained a number ot their friends at
their residence last night by giving
an enjoyable dance.
Mrs. Frank Fletcher, of Nelson,
bus   booll   visiting   with her sister,
Mrs. II. C. Hanington, in this oity
dining the past week.
.I.e. Hamilton, who has been residing in I'. McKay's cottage on
Winnipeg avenue, has moved to the:
cottage owned by the Wasson estate,
near the Baptist church in tne West
Mrs. P. D. McDonald and children
returned yesterday from Strathcona,
Alta., whore they have resided sinee
leaving this city last fall. They will
lake up tbeir residence here again,
as Mrs. McDonald says the climate
of the Kettle valley is much preferable to that of Alberta. Her husband is still in the electrical Contracting business iii Strathcona.
*%l (Hlf? ptttmuj drat
eum.isiinn kvkuy toesday,andfbidav
One year....$2.00 I Threerhanths. .50
Sixmontlie.. 1.00 \ Onenwnth L'ti
Advertising rates .furnished on application.
legal notices, 10 and 6 CIs. per line.
Address all nniimnuicaiiiini in
Tin; Evening Son,
Phone 55, ciuand fohks, b. c.
Fill DAY, APRIL 15. 1904
Railway talk these days is aboui
as tame as— Well, as tame as :
Grand Forks citv "by-election."
The citizens of Grand Forks will
have to swallow more the proverbial
"peck of dust" this summer if the
city does not provide for a system of
street sprinkling.
Percy F. Godenrath is now located
at Thompson's Landing, nnd is writing a book which will have for its
title "Treasure Talcs of the Lar-
dean." This gifted author of fiction
obtained careful training as a romanticist while sending out press
dispatches from Greenwood during
"the boom."
Thc election of M. S. Martin In
lill the vacancy in the aldermanic
board caused by the resignation of
Aid. McLellan,meets wilhthegcncral
approval of the ratepayers of Ihe
entire city. Mr. Martin iirdc a
splendid record for himself during
the short time he served in last
year's council, and there is no reason why he should not gain new
laurels before his present term ex-
pi les.
will visit Ireland, ihe. uu! ot bis
hiith, before returning in the bit's of
copper and gold,
The pastor. l!ev. J, |{, liobcrtsnn,
I).An will preach Sunday morning
and evening in Knox church. .Morning subject, "The Ti'iiiisllgumtion."
In the evening the studies in the
Prophecy of Amos will he continued.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday night
at 8 o'clock.
Mr. F. A. Clare, B.A., of Manitoba
college, has arrived in Cascade to
take charge of that mission Held for
tho summer. He was a visitor lo
Hev. unci Mrs. Robertson this week.
A number of prominent citizens
of Grand Forks wont over to Republic tbis week to attend a performance
of a "A Cheerful Liar. Tbis speaks
well for the truthfulness of the people of this city.
The best smoke in town at Donaldson's cigar storo. Try a box of Lord
Roberts.    Sure to please.
A Conundrum Tea will be given
hy thc Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian church in the brick block
next to Donaldson's fruit store on
Tuesday next. All are welcome.
Come nnd have have a pleasant
'You're next'' at the Yale Barbel
Mike Dclfontainc was quite seriously injured at the Oro Denoro
mine last week. He is a married
man and lives at Denoro Citv.
You will miss a great ileal of
pleasures uf the play at the o;
house if you fail to call at Donaldii
fur a box of those line Chocolates.
A short time ago the war iu the far
east was responsible for putting the
"self-rising" Sour on the market, and
this week the warm weather has added
"self-rising" water tu the list of mi d Til
utilities. Now, if some inventive
genius would only rise to the occasion
hv inventing a "self-rising"' baker, the
people of tbis province would he justified in going outon a strike fur cheaper
I Irand Forks is completely isolated
from the outside world today. The
0rent Northern is hloc-kod between
this city and Cascade. The southbound passenger this morning could
not get through to Spokane, and had
to return. A slideoccu.irc-d between
Greenwood anil Midway, which
necessitated the cancellation of tho
east-bound C. P. R. express, and a
Washout at Gilpin will prevent the
west-hound train from getting into
city before sonic lime tonight
Mr. Bmcat Miller and Miss Nora
Kuehn, both of Chewelah, Wash.,
were united in marriage today,
April 15th, at Knox church manse,
Rev. J. I!. Robertson performing the
ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Miller take
up their residence in Phoenix.
Tom Ryan, of Phoenix, has moved
his family to this city. They have
taken up their residence in one of A.
I). Morrison's houses in the West
ward. Mr. Ryan is a mining man
and hns interests in different pints
ot the province. He came to the
conclusion that Orand Forks is tho
most desirable residential city in the
interior of Rritish Columbia.
Pat Mitchell, who was n well
known resident of Orand Forks in
days of old, left this week for Europe
lie will sail from New York April
'20th on thc steamship Ccderie, and
Heavy teaming of all Jkinds done
hv J. W. Jones. ,
Don't fuil to get a box of Donaldson's line Chocolates if you want to
pass a pleasant evening with your
ladv friend.
!5 cents at the Vale Barbae
Following are the locations, certificates of work, hills of sale, etc.
recorded at the office of the Grand
Folks, April 7th to 12th, inclusive
Notice of work ',n the .Minnie lu
tltcT'Oolden Horn, No. 5 Fraction
and Wonderful mineral claims,
Lone Star (J), Wellington camp,
Thos. Kirk to Win. J. Harris.
Maryland (J), Pass Creek camp,
VV. II. Harris to Gust Adolph.
Eureka No. -1, Christina  lake, J.
M. Turnbull.
Blue Orause, Summit cain|
cation nf Daylight, Pat Collins.
Public School Report
The Hollowing is the report of   tbe
Orand    Porks   public   school  for the
month of .March:
Days salami was in (cession         211
Total actual attendance  I.I-'HU
Average actual attendance  1T'.'!I7
Pupils actually attending during month      -18
Boys actually attending during
month,       11'7
Girls actually attending during
month       Ill
Visits to school          11
Fercentageof atteliilan •      82'55
The following pupils  were  neither
absent nor tardy during Mi
George Cooper      Jessie<Al)on
Irving Allen Winnie Craildocil
Frances Collins     George Galloway
Leouu Hughes       George Wighfcon
Priseilln Kelly       Cecil MeC'alluni
Marjorie Kerman  Pearl Forrester
Nola Knight Ivy Sears
Ohrissy McColl      Marion Kendricks
Edward Barrett    AlexandraMci'.wen
Robbie Mcllwaine Ruth Brown
Edward Murphy    Ruth Floyd
Alva Scars Carelton   Hanings
Gertrude Snfitli Ida Hartinger
Loivna Turner Irene Haverty
Tom Fraser Katie Holl'mun
Edna Murphy       Amy Mcllwaine
Carlyle McCallum Grace Spinks
Chow What Finest Walker
Edna Curran Dell Donna'l
Mamie Fraser Gretta Kennedy
May Miller Willis Woodhead
Josephine Peters Charlie Cooper
Bertie Bowell Louise Johnson
Vaugh Floyd Roy McDaniel
Ida Oaw Helen iMcKwen
Maggie Harrigan   Clara Simpson
Arthur Pound       KtlaWeathcrington
Barker Putts Ernest Burns
Jennie Simpson     Ralph Cook
Vergil Powers
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Once, when the Kir Bishop nf Canter
bury, who was an almost fcinatii-nl ndvo
cats of the temperance movement- wa**
Bishop of Exeter, lie trnvellfd some dis
tanr-p i":to the country to attend an an
'(cultural function, On his return, hi*-
est was disturbed by a newsboy shout
-iff, "Remarkable statement by the
.i-.li:>}) of Bxelerl" To gratify hi-a curl-
i-ity, lie despatched a servant to pin-
hase the paper. This was found tn
•oiilaiu hla morninVii emMvc-m, but ovei
lis remark—jocosely made, of i*oui-*e~-
•[ have never bein drunk in my life,"
ifra sub-editor hnd placed the bold nm*
'lead, "Remarkable Statement hy tho
Bishop of Exeter 1"
On one occasion when Mr. John M
hitilop, now a prominent official nf a
irgc hanking Institution in Montreal,
vns crossing the Atlantic, a noted pun
ter was exhibiting his -.■ill In the
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ty to squeeze n pun from the name of
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mokes that yon cun'l work it nn m;
uime.'* Quick a* a fla-di cume Ihe re
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tie last three letter- »•'■! it's 'dun.'
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An Indianapolis exchange nays: " 'in a colored band every man imagines
himself the leader,'was a remark made by Prof. Wl E. Handy, the gonial
director of music for Muhara's big minstrel company, whon interviewed last
evening after the company's magnificent performance, The professor, as nil
lovers of music know, is famous as u cornet and violin virtuoso, a composer,
and ils 11 bund leader is (tolled tlm lored Sousa, mid it wns only after considerable wire pulling nnd an oiler of a fut salary that the Maharas induced him
to resign bis position at a prominent college (whioh, by the way, is the largest
institusion of its kind in tne world), to direct the musical allium of the Southern organization. Mahara'a minstrels last evening gave the most up-to-date,
clever minstrel show ever seen horn." Tho company will piny at Hie Biden
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Nkw Yciiik, April M.—Copper,
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Hnr siiver, 68{f. *
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Gpiiosito J. w. .loiios' Furniture store. •J
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Porks-*, K. Robertson, II.A., pastor
Services evory Smuliiy nt 1J a.m. nrcl 7t80 jt,
in. I Sunday Boltuol mill Bible olMt, :i ii. in.:
Westntl r Guild ol 0. B„ I duy, s
KIlis'i'MK'I'llciins'rclllluejH- Curlier Miiln
nml I'iliii sis, J, B. Hetti,Pastor* Servioes
overy S lay at II a. iii. mill    7.:lu ti.m.:
olass meetlliKat olouof murnliip; survluei
Snnilay   si'liiiiil nml llltile olossot 8|l, in.:
prayer i 'tiinx nvory Thursday oveniiiic
iil.-oVlimlt. Tho lutbllols cordially Ittylteil.
lloi.V TRIUITy OHUHOH (Olmroli "I Knit-
laud), Grand Porks, H ,i Steele, vloor-
11.ii> Oontmutilon, Bo. m.ih i"i: prayer
aud sermon, n n. in. iSninlay sotiuoi, :i p. m.i
evensong aud sermon, .::iu p. m. All urn
oordlnlly Invited,
For a nice hair-cut ■
'   sllilVt*    <,'(>   to
the City Barby Sit-.
> mi Riverside
avenue.    Hut lis 25c,
If you want to buy Halcyon Min-
oral Water cull at the (Irand Forkl
.The Bird—Si>e herr, young fellow, yoi
rant to go. busy!
The oratorical gift of the preachers i
ntountnin regions of Tennessee is mnc
admired by their simple parishioners. !_
fact, nearly every youth's ambition, ii
is said, is to be a preacher, although il
is an nITectation amniig the horny-hand
ed portion of thc population to pretend
to despise those who do not engage ii
manual labor. A traveler recently nskei
i bright-eyed youngster in Tennessee
•What are you going to do when yon
;row upt" The liny turned his henc:
'ivay, blushed with embarrassment, anil
ingan to draw semicircles in the dust
vilh bis bare toe. In ihe menn'ime his
il.lier answered for him: "I reckon thnl
•loy'll be a preacher; he's a powerfn
iert talker when lie ain't bashful,, an
te's too darn lazy tn work."
The RevTlrl R. Hicb 1904 Almanac
The Rev. IH R. Hicks Alumnae
for 1(104 is now ready. It will he
mailed to nny address for 80 cents.
It is surprising limy such nn elegant,
cosily book can be sent prepaid so
cheaply, No family nr person is
prepared to study the heavens, or
Ihe storms and weather in 1904,
without this wonderful Hicks Almanac nnd Prof. Hicks' splendid paper,
Word nnd Works, llolh are sent
(or only $1 a year. Word und Works
is among tho best American magazines. Like (he 1 licks Almanac, it
is too well known to need further
commendation. Fuw men have labored more faithfully for tbe public
good or found a wanner place in the
hearts of the people. Send orders to
Word and Works Publishing Co.,
2201 Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.
Over the smi-luiriied, sage brush
and alkali plains, when you may
just asjvell dike a delightful, cool
and comfortable fide through ('
heart of the Rojjky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on tin
American continent?
This you can do by traveling on,
the Rio Grande system, tbe far-
famed "Scenic Line of thc World,"
thc only transcontinental line pnss-
ing through Salt Luke City, (llcn-
wooil Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs nnd Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily, express trains moke
close connections with all trains east
and west, and afford a choice of live
distinct routes of travel. The equin-
menl of these trains is the best, including free reclining chair cats',
standard and tourist Bloopers, a perfect dining car service, and also
personally conducted excursion curs,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after tho
comfort of bis guests, No more
pleasant and inexpensive means of
crossing tho continent can be found
than is provided by these exclusions.
For additional details address .1..
I). Mniisliehl, (leu. Agt., Hind-undo
Lines, No. 124 Third Street, Portland, Oro,
WOHTH $27.50
When  an Accident Happens.
$27,50 invested in the "Aocui'ui.ativk" Policy issued by the CANADIAN CASUALTY AND BOLDER IN-
SUIIANCK COMPANY, of Toronto, may bo worth $I5<000 u' .VIIU wllun an accident happens. Everybody admits
that It is the best ACCIDENT INSURANCE POLICY on the market.    '
ALL THAT 13 NECESSARY is to meet with an accident in order to receive tile cash under this policy.
YOU CAN OWN THIS POLICY hy applying to
Agent  tor  tin' AU
Named Company.
Chemicals, Patent Medicines
and Druggists' Sundries
Prescriptions a Specialty"
All Telephone Orders Promptly Delivered.
Phone 35 Cor. Bridge and Second Sts.,
Night Bell GRAND FORKS, B. C.
Call on him, and have your sisters, courins, wives and aunts and all their friends coll, and ask to sec the NEW
SICKNESS POLICY, covering.'10 diseases, which is undoubtedly the most IJP-TO-DATK sickness policy before the
publio,    DO IT NOW.   No modioli examination required,    Every man and woman should have one,
Authorised capital. 11,000,000) subscribed capital. (500,000. Boiler Inspection, Boiler insurance, Personal
Accident Insurance, Sprinkler Insurance, Elevator insurance. Consulting Engineers. It will pnvyou to take out
a policy on your boiler and consult us free of charge on all matters pel'taininoio steam usage. I >ur Engineers,1 Advisory Department can save our policy holder! many times their premiums bywheservice rendered them. The fact
of regular inspection is the greatest safeguard against boiler explosions.    All'our inspectors are responsible engineers.
Head Office Toronto
The Canadian Casualty and Boiler Insurance Company,    -
Bar Supplied With the Finest Lines of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars. LUNCH COUNTER—
Meals Served at All Hours, Finely Furnished
Rooms in Connection,
Just what you want
Just when you want it
GOOD SERVICE is composed of two elements
—excellence of tbe work and promptness in
the execution. Had work executed promptly is not good service—good work delivered behind
time is not good service; but the two combine to
make one of the most necessary, but hardest to obtain and-often most expensive, requirements of the
twentieth century business man. That we hnve
learned the lesson in theory wo have shown. Our
customers will testify that we have also learned it
in practice.
Price Lists
Ball Programmes
Business Cards
Visiting Cards
Shipping Tags
Be, Etc., Etc.
A Complete Line of Stationery
Always carried in Stock.
Oui* Jobbing Plant is now, and consists of the latest and most
popular faces of typo and the most up-to-date machinery. All
work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
The Evening: Sun
Job Department.
Phone 55
Winnjpeg Avenue W. K. C. MANLY
Shelf and Heavy
Also a Large Stock of
Fresh  Groceries
Just Opened Up.
Tryom Upton's Tea &BS
Phone 6 Bridge Street
$2.25 PER YEAR
A radical change from old methods and prices hits been made by
the Toronto Daily News. Tbe eyes
of the nowspvper world have
been upon The News for the past few
months, during which time several
departures have been made which
have given that paper a widespread
reputation For enterprise and originality, Tbis latest move is tn place
The News at the price of 81.00 a
year by mail. Only a deep-founded
belief in tho future success of The
News could lead the publishers to
make such a reduction in prioo.
But just as the dollar magazine bus
taken bold of tho people, so, wo venture to predict, The News will secure a vast nnd ever-increasing circulation, bused hot only on tbe popular price at which il is sold,'bnt
mainly upon the intrinsic merits of
ho paper,
Wo huve arrangements concluded
which enables ns to club the Toronto
News with our own paper at $'-'.'.?'> a
year in advance. Such a Combination presents many unique features
—our Bcml-woekly giving you all
the homo and district news, and
the big L2-pago daily keepingyou in
loucb with events nil over tbe world.
Send us your subscription to Tho
News, or if you would like to see
the paper first, write us und we will
secure a sample copy.
■  Now.
The following table gives-the ore shipments of Boundary mines for   1900, 1901,1902, 1903, 1904, and
for the past week:
WOO       1001.        1002.        100-1.        1004. Past Week'
Granby Mines.Phoeni*'  64,683   281,762   809,888   393,718   1(10,0(10     11,47(1
Snowshoe,  I'bocnix ,       297       1,721      20,800     74,212 	
Brooklyn, Phoenix ;       lfiO        	
Mother Lode, Deadwood •.    5,310     99,084    141,32(1    130,492     48,700       8,6B2
Sunset, I)end*vood    804       7,45")     15,731 	
Morrison, Deadwood  150                3,3311        	
B. 0. Mine, Summit  '9,494     47,405     14,-811     19,3115        	
I!.'Hell. Summit  560	
Kininn. Summit       •    050       8,530     22,937       6,812 495
Senator, Summit Camp                    868        1,75(1        	
OroDenoro     -15,687      11,187 66
Winnipeg, Wellington    1,070      1,040 786      2,435
(Joldcti Crown, Wellington    2,250
Atholslun, Wellington     1,200
KingSoloinon,W, Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
Citv of Paris, Control    2,000
Jewel, Long Lake         160
Canni, West Fork	
Providence. Providence	
Elkhorn, Greenwood	
IC. P. TJ. and Goldfinch	
Ruby, Boundary Falls	
.Miscellaneous     3,230
Total, tons  99,730   390,000    507,515   684,426   232,226     14,994
iranbv Smelter treated
62,887   230,828   312,340   374,203    176,880     10,480
Asked.     Bid
American Boy	
Ben-Hur .'	
Black Tail	
Canadian Gold Field;
Cariboo (McK.)ex-div
Centre Star	
Denoro Mines	
Fisher .Maiden	
Giant        2
Granby Consolidated.84.00
International Coin.,..     55
Mountain  Lion	
North Star(E, £.)..
San Poil	
Tnin Thumb	
War Fugle Con	
Waterloo (assess, pd)
White Bear "
Is Here to Stay~
-I   I
Head Office at :
Gbeenwood, II. ('.
Markets at:
Greenwood, H. C.
Phoenix, B. C.
Gbasd Forks, H. C.
McLeod, Aj.ta.
"We wish to state that we have no in-
totition of selling out or raising prices,
as reported- We are prepared to serve
the wants of the publio in the meat line,
either wholesale or retail, at reasonable
prices, and always carry a complete stork
of Fresh and Cured Meats, Fresh Fish,
Game and Poultry. Nothing hut the
1 test kept in stoek. Your trade solicited,
11 !
1 !
The "Club"
First Street,
Highest   (trade    Imported
Pouts,  CHERRIES,   BuiiOUN-
Di us, Etc.
Fate, Chance or What?        ■ ' .
As wo jog along l'-iVs pathway wa
know next to nothing of what i i
nlnjost within our n-iich on en hi
side of us, and yet by merely
pushing AHiile the thicket of [grioranca
bordering our road we would undoubted*(
lj discover no end of delightful posah
bilities. Sometimes, however, f.ite or
chance or Providence, whatever we amy
call it, suddenly brings 113 to an opening, and we Und that we hnve all alonjj
been in close companionship with BOIHJ
congenial spirit whose existence even wu
have never suspected.
"The way 1 met my wife is a curioill
exemplification of this," said a autn wha
had been remarking how little one knows
beyond his immediate range of vision.
"I was taking a walking tour through
the Tyrol with a couple ot other fellowa-
and intended on that eventful day tn
make a certain village before nightfall.
And now please note coincidence No. 1.
A violent storm came up and wc were
obliged tu go out or our way to take re«
fuge in a uttle wayside inn. There we
found that another party-, consisting of
a man and nia wife and the latter'*)
nicee, who were driving through that
picturesque region, lind also sought 0
night's lodging and had taken possession
of all the available rooms. Tiny were
most kind, however, the women Insisting
upon giving up one of their rooms, and
wo all bocauiti V(try friendly, foraging ia
the larder for our supper nnd oooklng It
with our landlady in her little kitchen.
As I was BUpposed to be the culinary
genius of our party, and tue niece had
attended a OOUKihg class in New York,
we were Installed nn n committee on the
commissariat, and wo became nooets-.*
Hy very 'chummy,' especially ns tne mm
continued thn next d. y, and we all voted
to remain where we wire until the rmul-i
got into condition. Weil, to make a long
story short, tbu tiieie, art you probabit
have surmised, is at present my wil'-.'
The oddest part of it all is yet to cotne
for mutual enquiries soon elicited tin
fact that we were both Horn New York;
but it was not until some time after
ward that we discovered tiiat we lived
in the same street, and, what was strung
er still, actually next door to each oilier
and had grown up without knowing eacl
other, separated only hy a wall of brld
and plaster, my boyhood at school ant.
young manhood at college making th
circumstance a perfectly natural om
especially as our parents were not at
J. W.Jones
Furniture Deader
A largo consignment of Lounges, Dining-room Chairs,
Tables nnd Sofas just arrived, Call and inspect them.
Also a stock of Blankets, Quilts, Pillows, etc., to lie sulci
at groatly reduced prices. See our display of Pictures
for Christmas,
Riverside Avenue
Grand  Porks
A Wicc Man.
He wns naddln* the hnof th-ough »
prosperous vllln-***. when, turning n sliar
bond In the road. Ii« nearly collided with
,1 man running us if tot Ins life, and n
little further saw a great smoke. Ik
asked the fellow where he wns going.
and whether Ihe smoke was a home or
Arc. "No," he snid, "Hint's a nelghiio
nf mine burning weeds. She's n widow;
ho snid. beginning to move on ognli
"nml when I see n widow burning hoi
weeds I'm off lo u safer pjnee," and wit.
a wild howl he galloped "Way.
l'*ll«T   HTUICICT, QRA.NO   K-Om-CS*
A Complete Lino  of   Furniture,  Hardware nnd Cutlery Always
Carried in Stook nnd Sold Bed-Rock  Prices.    Largesl   Variety   of
Bought and Sold.   Call and inspect My Goods.   A Great Variety
of New Articles Constantly Kept in Stock.
The Secret of Good Crops is to Secure Good
Seeds. All Our Seeds are Fresh and Warranted to be of the Highest Quality.
N. McLEELAN  &   CO.
White Bros.
Jewelers and
Careful attention
given to
Watch Repairing.
Engraving a Specialty.


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