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The Evening Sun Sep 22, 1903

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rV Vi I !♦
Vol. n.
Grand Forks, B. C, Tuesday, September 22, 1903
W   No. 93
The Liberal Rally Last Saturday Night
Gauged the Political Wind.
Candidate Clement, Duncan Ross and W. A. Galliher, MP.,
Enunciate Liberal Principles—Sweeping
on to Victory.
While the Conservatives lost week
and this are bobbing in and out the
fence corners to sec what's going on
in the open, the success of their
candidate depending on undercover
manipulation of government machinery, the Liberal candidate has
issued his manifesto and comes before the voters of his constituency in
manly earnestness to tell the people
where he stands, what he proposes to
do to assist in relieving the people
of thc crushing burdens of taxation
which Conservative misgoveminent
has heaped upon them, and from
the public rostrum is declaring himself on vital issues touching the interests of the masses. Just compare
this course with the obscure methods
of the Conservatives. Mr. Fraser,
in keeping witli his party's undercover practices, finds himself at sea
without any purpose or intent, save
to hoodwink the voters by whispered
promises—no manifesto no platform
Saturday night the Liberals held
another rousing meeting at Biden
hall, and a large and attentive audience greeted the speakers, W. H. P.
Clement, Duncan Ross, R. B. Kerr,
and W. A. Galliher, M. P. Mr. Kerr
represented the Socialists.
K. C, McDonald, chairman of the
(irand Forks Liberal Association,
presided, and after stating the order
of the speakers, opened thc meeting by introducing Mr. Clement,
who in his usual clear and logical
manner, took up thc issues before
the voters in this riding, showing
clearly how the Victoria Conservatives, among whom McBride bad
been a conspicuous figure the past
four years, bad run the finances of
tho province with a reckless indifference that had resulted In an in
debtcdness of (0,800,000, and was
increasing (hat indebtedness at the
rato of nearly a million a year.
And this appalling condition confronting us, he said, while the mining industries of the interior were
taxed almost beyond endurance;
eVen the poor prospector, who was
the pioneer anil frontier agency in
the development of the mineral resources of tho province, before be
could take his picks and packs and
start for thc hills to hunt out and
bring to light their hidden treasures,
was compelled to pay a fine of
S6, to fatten thc coffers of a Conservative government which, it had
been pretty conclusively shown, was
not satisfied with these extortionate
transactions, but seemed determined
to place the public domain and its
internal and external wealth in the
control of the C. P. R. He advocated the abolition of the tax on the
prospector, and all taxation levied
against the mining industries of the
province, until such industries had
reached a stage of development that
returned .profits tn   tbe   operators.
Mr. Kerr, who, according to Mr.
Mills, the Socialist candidate in
Greenwood, is a parasite on the
liody politic, appeared on behalf, of
Mr. Riordan, the Socialist candidate
in this riding, following Mr. Clement
in a repetition of thc speech ho had
made at Phoenix and Greenwood,
which consisted mainly of statements
relative to the growth of socialism
the world over, and thc broad, humane foundation of their theories; be
undertook to demonstrate the claim
that labor had lost by tiie introduction of labor-saving machinery because capital controlled that machinery, and closed with the assertion
that thc real cause of poverty anil
distress among the laboring classes,
was that they had been deprived
of the ownership of the implements
of production and distribution, and
retircil without even suggesting how
such control could be transferred
from the hands of capital to those
of labor. He said not one word on
provincial politics, although Mr. Clement, the previous speaker, had requested him to state the character of
legislation needed to relieve the-
country of the ills he complained of.
Mr..Duncan Ross of Greenwood,
was the next speaker, who ably set
out the reasons why the Liberals
should begivenan opportunity totriy
their hand at conducting the affairs
of government in this province.
He caused the audience to smile
audibly when he stated that Mr.
Mills, thc Socialist candidate, had
made thc statement the other night
on the platform .in Greenwood, thai
all lawyers were parasites on the
body politic anil bad no right to
live, and bad made it in the face of
lawyer Kerr, who was present to
champion the socialist cause.
Hon. W.A. Galliher, followed Mr.
Ross, in an elaborate showing in
unmistakable clearness that the Liberal government had, in all its legislation since coming into power,
demonstrated its sympathy and interest in thc welfare of the laboring
classes; had establish a Labor Bureau had been added to the governmental departments, statistics and
other information were being compiled and published in the Labor
Gazette, which had been cstiibliscd
and was being published by the Liberal government in the interest of
labor, and when this department of
the government had, through its investigations in the labor field, found
further need of legislation for the
alleviation of wage-workers, the
government stood ready to enact it.
During Mr. Gallihcr's remarks, a
man named Bambury, of Phoenix,
arose in the audience and questioned
him regarding the report of Com
missioners Hunter and Rowe, who
were appointed to look into the
labor troubles in British Columbia.
The chairman told the gentleman he
would he allowed a hearing later
if he came to the platform. He
went up, and started in to occupy
the time allotted to Mr. Galliher,
but was notified by thc chairman
that if lie wish to talk at any length
he would be required to take his
turn after Mr. Galliher had completed his address, whereupon he
sat down. Later on he was permitted to put his question to both Mr.
Clement and Mr. Galliher, which
was, "Do tbe provincial Liberals endorse the report of the lahor commission, that 'the Western Federation of Miners should be suppressed?' " Mr. Galliher said that
on that point be could only state his
own position. The report was accompanied by a vast mass of evidence which was now in thc hands
of the printer, and was not yet
available to the public It was on
that evidence that the report claimed to be based. Until lie had seen it
he could not say whether tbe findings of the commissioners were justified. But if the evidence bore out
the statements of the commissioners
as to what hud oceurcd—lie would
not say that it did, but if it did—
then he personally would bear the
odium of saying that such things
ought nut to be allowed by law.
Mr. Clement took lnneh the same
ground, stating that no man could
endorse or repudiate the report until
he had seen the evidence; but both
the commissioners were in sympathy
with organized labor, and claimed
that the evidence supported their
findings. He said frankly and fcar-
lezsly, that if the commissioners
were right in saying that the evidence showed that certain organizations were secretly controlled by
foreign leaders who induced Canadian workmen to break their solemn
contracts, who ignord the constitu
tions of their own organizations, who
did not disapprove of violence and
iiiitiniidatiun, and who were guilty
of deception and concealment toward
their Canadian followers, then it was
in the interest of Canadian workmen
themselves that some action should
be taken. It was the right and the
duty of labor to organize and light
hard for its rights, but as to the report neither he nor Mr. Kerr nor Mr.
Bambury could form an opinion
of any value until the evidence was
Here the meeting was adjourned
amid three hearty cheers for the
Liberal standard bearer, \V. II. I'.
Clement, whose election the third of
next month, seems assured.
Mr. Fraser, dooming discretion the
better part of valor, was conspicuous by his absence from this meeting.
cal merchants, he left for the coast
on bis return trip.
A very pleasant little social event
took place last Friday evening, at the
residence of the Rev. Mr. and Mrs.
Betts. Some fifty friends of Dr.
Follick gathered there to tender the
Dr and Mrs. Follick a hearty reception and welcome, on their arrival from Chicago, where the happy
couple were united in marriage.
After many congratulations to the
estimable bride and groom, the
members of the congregation of the
Methodist church, of which Dr. and
Mrs. Follick are members, presented
them with a beautiful silver chocolate set, and a pair of silver pepper
and salt stands. Mr. Farmer and
Mi's. Woodland in a few well-chosen
words made the presentation; after
which the Rev. Mr. Betts made a
pleasant little speech in which, on
behalf the congregation ho welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Follick to their new
home. Dr. Follick replied in a
very fitting manner. He said it was
the most pleasing surprise ho had
experienced for a long time, and he
was at a loss to find words to express
Mrs. Pollock's and bis own thanks
to the members of the congregation
for tbe beautiful gifts, and hearty
reception tendered them. Refreshments were served and games indulged in till a late hour. Dr. and
Mrs. Follick will take up their residence in the cottage next to the Rev.
Mr. Betts' home.
Mrs. K. MacDacDonald and baby
Eileen returned home Saturday from
a visit to tho coast.
A nice sample of coke is on exhibition at the Trust and Investment
Co.'s bank. The sample is from the
International Coal and Coke Co.'s
new ovens at Coleman.
0. H. Dingman, late of Winnipeg,
Man., now representing W. ,1. McMillan & Co., wholesale grocers of
Vancouver, visited thc city Saturday
in the Interest of his firm. This is
Mr. Dlngman's first trip into the
Boundary country, and to use his
own words, it was a startling revelation to him, The vast resources of
the country, and the lovely climate
greatly impressed him,
Thc Cariboo Conservatives arc so
dissatisfied with thc party platform
they have issued one of their own.
A correspondent from tho coast
writes that Westminster, Delta, Cbil-
liwaek and probably Richmond will
turn down the McBride candidates.
J. W. Bennett sayH the action of
Premier McBride in sudilenlv switching the date of the elections is the
dirtiest trick he has over known on
the part of any government, So think
all honest-minded people, if they don't
say it.
The Orand Forks Sun has been in-
ereosed in size andotherwiBoiroproved,
The Sun is a credit to Grand Forks
and its editor, Mr. (I. A. Evans Net
son Economist,
Charlie Simpson left last Thursday for a trip up the North Fork,
where he will do assessment work on
some of his claims.
Dr. Kingston returned Saturday
from a Hying visit to Fire valley, n
mining camp about ninety miles
north of Grand Forks.
ForSalb—No, 2 Remington Typewriter, almost new; 1 bicycle; 1 camera; all cheap.   Apply Sun office.
W. A. Galliher, M. P., left by the
Great Northern on  Sunday for Nel-
Born—In Danville, Wash., Monday,
Sept. 21, 1903, to Mr. nnd Mrs. P.
B. Nelson, a son.
J. A. Knox, of the firm of Knox
&■ Co., wholesale and manufacturing
jewelers, Toronto, was in the city Inst
week. Mr. Knox is greatly taken
with the Boundary country, and wits
agreeably surprised U) see the mining
industry so .active throughout the
many districts, Thc Granby plant
was a wonder Ui him, and he predicts
a great future for Grand Forks. It
was under Mr. Knox that our local
wutcluniiker and jeweler, A. D. Morrison, first learned tho trade iu Toronto.
Alnx Miller, lata runjrigor of t\
Grand   Forks  Investment it Trust
company, loaves today for Seattle,
W. L. Wells returned Saturday
from Thunder Hill mining camp.
J. Burtt Morgan arrived by Sunday's Great Northern train from
East Kootenay points.
iVreey Wihiiot returned yesterdy
from Spokane and other points south.
A. Caruthors, traveling representative of Turner, Beaton it Co,, of Vancouver, arrived iu the city yesterday.
George Ewing, teller of the U. T.
Brnk, is acting iu that capacity in the
Phoenix branch, during the absence
of N, II. Slack on a vacation trip to
the coast.
J. A. Maceonahl, tbe well known
barrister, is the Liberal candidal-
for Rossland. lie points out that
Premier McBride declines to commit himself as to any policy regarding the coal and oil lands, and say.-:
"A man who wouldn't say what hi:
was prepared to do before election,
could not intend playing fair afterwards."
Vancouver World "The changing
of the election date at this time cannot but be regarded in the light of n
fraud deliberately perpetrated by the
government upon the assumption thai
through it an unfair advantage luav
lie guinisl over ihe rival political
Victoria citizens protested to the
governor against tho sudden clutnge
ill the date of thc election.
The Evening Sun, published at
Grand Forks, has been enlarged to
Ave columns, It is published a twice
a week and is one of the brightest
of our exchanges.—Midway Dispatch.
Thos. Gray, representing W. II.
Malkin it Co., wholesale grocers of
Vancouver, was in the city last
week.   After drumming up thc lo-
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Thc character of the campaign
which the Conservatives are putting
up in this riding, and throughout
the province, for that matter, is
a striking forshadoiv of what we
may expect from the McBride government should it be returned to
power. The various largo government appropriations made for road
and trail purpose have been lavishly
squandered for individual benefit by
the Conservative clique of which he
is a shining light. Thc McBride
government is now skinning and depleting every reserve and emergency
resource of the tr.-astiry department
to further the interests of his supporters, This underhanded and reprehensible practice is in line with
andcminently fitted to serve the aims
and ambitions of Mr. Fraser, and
bis lirst lieutenant, Mr. Ernest Miller,
whom many Grand Forks and Phoenix sports remember sadly as tbe
referee in the fanioiisSmith-IIawkins
prize-light. It will be romembei-
e 1, too, that Mr. Fraser was recently
summoned into the august presence
of McBride. On his return his "pur-
fhiisod-for-canipaign" organ began
to boast of the success of Mr. Fraser
in securing appropriations from the
government to bo applied on public
improvements in this section. A
political scheme. Mow does it work?
Admirably 1 Look at tbe situation
iu Cascade ! An American saloonkeeper down there who couldn't
gel a license to keep open longer
without applying for first naturalization papers, has been allowed tho
privilege of handling this money
in thc interest of Mr. Eraser's candidacy, while the farmers at Fife,
who are Liberals, have been begging
thc government for years for road
help without avail. When the
Liberals held a meeting there the
other night, those from the outside
were compelled ,o go to his theonly
open hotel in the place, where
they were subjected lo insult and
abuse at the hands of the proprietor
and mado to pay double rates for
Ihe accommodations afforded thorn,
This la the style of campaign
Mr. Fraser is conducting   through
bis heelers, on tic   | pie's   money
furnished bim by the McBrido gov-
ornment, Up the .North Fork much
the same deplorable conditions exist,
If the Conservative methods areas
corrupt in oilier ridings of the prov
ince as in ibis, enormous sums of
ihe people's 111000)' ale being wasted, while legitimate needs are being
Liberals  are   not opposed to  the
proper expenditure of public moneys
for legitimate and needed public improvements, but they do strenuously
object to the established policy of thc
Conservatives of handing out the
people's money to be used by their
henelnnen in keeping that party in
working classes. Thc fact is, every
part of society is dependent on every
other part. The real friend of all
classes is the man who recognizes
that wo all have to work together,
and gives his thought anil energy lo
reforms which tend lo fair distribution of the product of labor. We
should be glad to think thai by
sending John Riordan to Victoria
we could make life an easy mad for
all of us, bill neither Mr. Riordan
nor bis spokesman, Mr. Kingsley.
has shown us how Socialism is going
to do it. Vote for the candidate of
the Liberal party, which has boon
the party of reform all through its
His Worship Mayor Burrell nominated Mr. Eraser, the ( onservative
candidate. No doubt many voters
combined to Induce him to this step.
Esteem for Mr. Ernest Miller, Mr.
Cuming's chief lieutenant in the municipal election last .January, is no
doubt first among the reasons that
lead him to support Mr. Miller's caucus opponent and protege. Then the
men who are now behind Mr. Eraser
wore surely very active in placing Mr.
Burrell in tbe office of which ho now
thinks to use the prestige, such us it is,
for partizan advantage. Then, those
who are now leading in the struggle
for "good government" in the province were of course prominent in the
cause of moral reform in the city.
But the consideration shown Mr. Burrell and his close friend, Mr. Kerman,
by the party managers, was no doubt
a leading factor.
A wtiniiiu, a dog, mill a ivalriiil tree—
The more you beat'oin tiie batter tlioy be
How different,quite, witlf Martin a.!
Mr. Fraser says the lieutenant-
governor will not let Mr. McBride
issue (be coal licences. Mr. Eraser
must think the province is a Russian
dependency. If thc lieutenant-governor wore to take any such stand
he would bo interfering with the
popular right to govern. His
Honor has nothing to do with the
matter, it is for thc lands anil
works department, and the Act says
the commissioner shall issue the
licenses on the Act being complied
How do you coal locators relish being told,, as plainly as if iu winds,
thata vote for the government candidate is the price you must pay to get
your plain rights,' Tiie only unswer
you get is, Wait ! Wait for what I
Wait till the government scoops in the
votes of thc Grand Forks people who
want the licenses and the vote of the
people elsewhere that oppose the issue
of tbem. Then the government, if
returned, would he independent of
both. Your only hold on the government is before election day. Alter
October :i, the government will either
b it of office or will be independent
of your votes.
away two blocks of coul hinds "contiguous to Fernie," on the word of
n colleague, is too generous to the
corporations to be endorsed bv the
common people.
Saturday noon last the legal nominations for .Member of thc Local Assembly, were made. For the Liberals
Mr. William II. V. ('lenient was
proposed by Mr. Win. Dclahiiy, foreman laeksniith at the Snowshoe mine,
and seconded by Edward Buckle, one
of the most prominent and successful
ranchers of this valley; and C. W,
Greer, merchant at Phoenix, Donald
Dunbar, rancher at Fife, and Harry
H, Spinks, smelterman at Grand
Forks, assented to the nomination,
Docs anyone seriously believe this
nonsense about a railroad subsidy for
tho Nortli Fork? Mr. McBride dare
not make the suggestion in public long
enough before election to have it published elsewhere in thc province, We
want a railroad up the North Fork
and will help it along, but we don't
want, to be humbugged.
Quebec under Conservative rule had
an annual deficit. When the Liberals
took hold the province was well nigh
bankrupt. Now the balance is on the
other side of the ledger: the credit of
the province has leaped forward, and
administration in every department is
above reproach.
McBrido is being seriously criticised
by his own party papers for the duplicity he is practicing in the matter
of the eoal and oil lands, It appears
the C. P. R. has him safely hound and
If you want to learn the Conservative policy you must go dow a baol;
alley with tho candidate. Take an
ear-trumpet with you, for it mustn't
be mentioned above ii whisper.   Hush!
A vote for Fraser inca'is a vote for
the old gang, the old lack of policy
and the old delieit.
Conic, now! What has Richard
McBride ever done to entitle him to
your support!
What th;1 Liberals have done at
Ottawa thev will   repeat ut Victoria,
Have you got vonr eoal license vet!
The interests of labor are safe in
Clement's bands, lie has been a
sluilcnt of social questions, and
while   he opposes Socialism, he call
be depended on to help along any
movement that promises real improvement in the condition  of the
The only hope for the interior is a
strong delegation of Liberal members
from the mining districts pledged to
turn uut the coast clique that has been
and is now in office, Conservative
members cannot do it, for they unpledged to the support of the "old
gang."   The Interior knows what it
needs, and^Lihcral members are going
to Victoria in a solid phalanx. Make
sure that Grand Fork-, is inline. Mr.
Clement will help the good work
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means t<> win his cases. After October ."{, the constituency of (.irand
Forks "ill he his chief client and will
command his whole ability nnd resource.     Isn't this worth while!
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Preserving Peaches, Plums, Nectarinos, Crab Apples, Etc.
W'c Keep the Best .Money will Buy.
9JB2L   DONALDSON'S Clement's Platform
A Manifesto Which Will Be Heartily Supported by All Citizens Having the Province's Welfare at Heart.
Ftlhiw Electors'
At the request of the Liberal Association uf this ruling l huve consented to contest the coming election in
the Liberal interest, While I personally regeet that the honor of carrying the Liberal standard to victory 1ms
has in it fallen toother and stronger
hands than mine, it is with no misgiving as to the result ^hat I enter
on the campaign. I am in this battle
to win, if by strenuous straightforward fighting any political battle can
l>e won. I believe it can. What is
needed is united effort on tbe part of
the Liberals and all others who desire
to see reform in the government of
this province.
The condition of the province 1ms
become intoltrable. Blessed by Provi-
yence with vast stores of wealth in
mines, forests, agricultural lands and
fisheries, British Columbia has had it«
very good tnrned to evil by a long
series of personal sectional, clique governments of men who have exploited
the people's property for private gain.
We have a population of 177,000—
men, women ami children, Indians
and Orientals—and a public debt of
$6,300,000, representing $35 per
head, or 8175 at least for each adult
man in the province. The average
cupt of government in the other prov
n *es of Canada is about $ ^jier head
per annum; with us it is seven times
greater, or 811.25 per head. In
salaries alone we pay more than $'2 a
lead, or over 8370,000.
Every year we spend more than
our income. Last year wewent further
into debt to the tune of #750,000
and Mr, Carter-Cotton, a former Con
servative finance minister, says
that if the accounts of the last four-
years were properly investigated it
will be found in that short time we
have spent S5,000,000 mora than our
revenue from all sources,
The present premier was a member
of the assembly during those four
years, and he has never protested
against the prodigal scale of expenditure, on the contrary, the very assets
from which a fund might be derived
to meet the costs of government have
been wasted. As a minister of the
Crown, Mr. McBride was a party to
the orders iu council granting large
areas of valuable coal and petroleum
lands in Southeast Kootenay to the C.
}'. K.—a fraud upon the legislature,
whioh was pjevented, not by Mr. Mo*
Mride, but by the watchful  zeal   of   a
Liberal member, The excuse given by
Mr. McBride for  his   official   act   in
agreeing to the grants shnws that he
is utterly unworthy U> be trusted
witli the care ofthe people's property.
Hi- took ihe word of a colleague that,
it    was   all   right.    What   guarantee
have we that another colleague will
uot again hypnotize Mr. McBride into
giving away further tracts of the
public domain?
Hut when bona fide locators comply
with the law of the province, stake
coal lauds according to lhw, aud tender the price fixed by law, Mr. McBride refuses to grant the licences
which the law says shall be granted to
those who have followed the requir
luetits of the Act. He prefers to keep
the question dangling fur partisan advantage,—the last refuge of a weak
politician. Or is it that he still hopes
to "deliver the goods" to the C. P. K.T
By a piece of trickery quite in keeping with the traditions of the political
gamesters with whom lie been so long,
and still is associated, the honorable
premier has cut short the campaign.
■ It will lie almost  impossible for me to
have the privilege of seeing you all
personally in the three weeks left before the polling day. For this reason
I publish this open letter in order that
you may know where I stand on the
issues hefore you. It is now your
turn to take personal part iu the government of your province. Act in the
way you want your representatives in
parliament to act. Vote with a tingle
eye to the best interests of our common country. As the candidate of
the Liberal party, 1 respectfully ask
your votes and your influence to elect
rue because I believe that neither at
the hands of the McBride government,
nor at tiie hands of theorizing .Socialists, will any practical business-like
improvement upon the past misdoings take place.
The Lil)eruls have had no opportunity to show their mettle in the political
arena of his province. Hut the administration of public affairs by a Liberal government at Ottawa since 1896
is a striking example of what Liberalism in action means. National
unity from ocean to ocean; a loyalty
to Hritish connection evidenced in
deed instead of.mere lip-loyalty: a system of taxation equal in Incidence and
in protection to home industry instead
of a system of government aid to favored manufacturers; a determined stand
against the Oriental deluge of low-
standard civilization; an honest etlbrt
to bring capital and labor into harmonious working for tho g I of   all:
energetic workjtoward peopling the west
aud toward providing adequate transport facilities; all these and whatever
else tends to the betterment of the
Canadian people are the planks of the
Liberal platform in the federal field.
The same broad ideas dominate the
Liberals of British Columbia.
I am in hearty accord with the platform and manifesto of the Liberal
party in the province. When elected,
I shall endeavor to put the principles
set forth in them into practice. I
shall particularly support the following principles as of Immediate interest
to this riding
1. The people's property, whether
land, timber, minerals or the fisheries,
should be administered for the benefit of the whole people, with a view to
lessening the huge burden of debt and
taxation now resting on us. Only
those who in good faith will utilize our
public property in forwarding settlement aud developing our natural industries should be allowed to acquire
an interest iu any part of the public
'X, The mining laws should be
amended and simplified after a careful
enquiry through a competent commission. Then tinkering with them should
cease. In the develnieiit stage there
should be no taxation of miners or
mining property. Developed mines
should bear their share of the public
burdens in proportion to the net output.
'{. No further aid in land or money
should la1 given by this province to
transcontinental railway projects.
Fullest liberty should In- given to the
V*, V.A E. Railway company to complete the construction of their line.
Although I was at one time professionally employed against that company, and did my duty, I hope, to my
clients, I am ready to support any
action which may be deemed necessary
to place beyond any doubt the right of
the V., V. & E. to build their contemplated line throught to the Pacific
coast. In reference to the North-and-
South lines through the valleys of
British 'Columbia, 1   should   support
government construction, with the
idea of leasing the completed lines as
feeders to the through lines on such
terms as will keep the province in control of passenger and freight rates and
secure a rental sufficient to pay the
interest on the cost of construction.
•I. Till' province should set the example of obedience to its own laws.
If under our statutes individuals have
acquired right in the public domain,
such rights should be at once transferred to iheiu.
The course of the government in
reference to the coal lands of Roote
nay shows that in their opinion we
are governed, not be law, but by their
whim as influenced by the count of
voters' noses.
1 have the honor to be your most
obedient servant,
William H. P. Clement.
Shelf and Heavy
Large Stock of Heaters on Hand.
Tu the K ectors of British Columbia:
At a Liberal convention, held at the
city of Vancouver, on the 6th and
7th of February, 1902, the following
platform was adopted:
1. The immidate red'sbribution
of the constituencies of the province
on a basis of population, but allowing
a smaller unit, of population per scat,
for the outlying districts.
2. Government ownership, Dominion, Provincial and Municipal, oi
public services or utilities is sound,
and should be carried out in British
.'(. Should it be iidvis. bl I a; am
time to grant aid to a railway com
pany, such shall he in cash, and not in
laud, and no bonus of any kind shall
be given without definite and effective
means being taken to safeguard the
interests of the province in the management of the road, control tin
freight and passenger rates, and pro
vision made against such railway having liability against it, except actual
4. J unnediate construction of the
Coast-Kootenay railway; the Caribou
railway; the extension of the Islam!
railway; a railway from Alberni to a
point on the east coast of Vancouvei
island, aud a road in the northern
part of the province, from the coast to
tbe eastern boundary, with an extension to the northern boundary; the
railway from Vernon to Midway bv
the West Fork Of the Kettle river,
with all necessary branch lines, ferries
and connections.
5. The enforcement of the Act now
on tbe statute book compelling the
scaling of logs by government scalers.
(i. That such legislation should he
enacted as will result in making the
lands included in the various dyking
areas available for cultivation as
quickly as possible and secure p.iompt
pa\ nt of assessments when due.
7. That the government should
keep In touch with the conditions in
connection with mining, protecting
tlmt industry against combines and
trusts, and, if necessary, for that purpose build and opi-ratc siiicltersand re
fineries. No radical change should be
made in the mining laws, without full
notice Ut all parties interested, giving
full opportunity for discussion and
S. As the province can only advance by the settlement within its
borders of thrifty and prposerou
citizens, and as Orientals never be
come citizens in any prope.i sense of
the word, we declare it to be the duty
of the government to discourage Oriental immigration ami employment by
every means within its power, and we
appeal to our fellow Liberals throughout the Dominion to aid us iu our efforts to protect ourselves against the
ruinous competition of men having a
standard of decency and comfort immensely below that of civilized people,
and who shirk every duty and obligation of citizenship which tin; law will
allow them to escape.
.).    The government ought to   pre
vent the waste and Buffering caused by
strikes and lockouts, aud an earnest
effort ought to be made to provide
some means for preventing such
■strikes and lockouts, and we approve
of the adoption of compulsory arbitration.
10. The fiscal system of the province stands in need of revision. Taxation should bear upon privilege rather
than upon industry, and no addition
should be made to the debt of the
province, except for public works
properly chargeable to capital.
11. The retaining of theresources of
the province, as an asset for the benefit
ofthe people, and taking effectivemeas-
ures t >) re vent the alienation of the
dublie domain, except to actual set-
tlers, or for bona fide business of industrial purposes, putting an end to
the practice of speculation in connection therewith.
12. The construction and maintenance of roads throughout the province, to aid in the development ofthe
mining and agricultural districts.
Over the sun-burned, sage brush
nnd alkali plains, when you may
just as well take a delightful, cool
and comfortable ride through the
heart of the Uocky Mountains in
view of the grandest scenery on the
American continent?
This you can do by traveing on,
the Rio Grande system, the far-
famed "Scenic Line of the World,"
tho only transcontinental line passing through Salt Lake City, (ilen-
Wood Springs, Leadville, Colorado
Springs and Denver enroute to eastern points.
Three daily express trains make
close connections with nil trains east
and west, and afford a choice of live
distinct routes of travel. The equipment of these trains is tbe best, including free reclining chair ears,
standard and tourist sleepers, a per-
leet dining ear service, and also
personally conducted excursion cars,
each in charge of a competent guide,
whose business is to look after the
comfort of his guests. No more
pleasant and inexpensive menus ot
crossing tho continent can be found
than is provided by these excursions.
For additional details address .1.
D. Mansfield, Gen, Agt., RioGrande
Lines, No. 12-1 Third Street, Portland, Ore.
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I'ood. duly digested. "Force, 0
ready-to-serve wheat and barley food
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$2 Per Day.
Special Rate by the Week.
This dining r i i« Brat-class
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at Low Pricks.
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« 0
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PbomM. Columbia. II <!.
Consignments send to mo will
be passed Custom* and ilistrili-
utod speedily by unexcelled fii-
Eastern Townships Hunk.
Notary Public
Real Estate Dealer
The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines for
1 !>00, 1901, 1902, 1903, and for the past week:
Granby Mines,Phoenix...
.Snowshoe, Phoenix	
Brooklyn, Phoenix	
Mother Lode, Deadwood.
Sunset, Deadwood	
Morrison, Deadwood	
B. C. Mine, Summit	
H. Bell, Summit	
Emma, Summit	
Oro Denoro '	
Winnipeg, Wellington	
Golden Crown, Wellington
Athelstan, Wellington     1,200
KingSolomon,W. Copper	
No. 7 Mine, Central	
City of Paris, Central    2,000
Jewel, Long Lake       100
Garmi, West Fork	
providence. Providence	
Flkliom, Greenwood	
Ruby, Boundarv Falls	
M iscellaneous...".    3,230
1903.. Past Week
. 890
Total, tons  99,730   390,000   507,515   430,784     10,791
Granby Smelter treated.., 02,387   230,828   312,340   228,337      7,500
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Tackle to use.
W.   H.   ITTER & CO.
(loud Dry Wood Delivered to
Any Part of the City.
Following is a full list of thc provincial electoral districts, with the
names of the candidates officially
placed in nomination. Each riding
has one member except in cases
Alberni—W. W. B. Mclnncs, Liberal; Major R. J. Hiokey, Conservative.
Atlin—James Stables,Liberal; Dr.
Young, Conservative; J.' Kirland,
Labor. •
Cariboo (2)—8. A. Rogers, W,
Adams, Conservative; James Murphy, Haniy Jones, Liberal.
Chilliwaok—C. W. Munro, Liberal; J. L. Atkinson, Conservative.
Columbia—W. C. Wells, Liberal,
elected by acclamation.
Comox—F. McB. Young, Liberal;
Robt. Grant, Conservative.
Cranbrook—Dr. James H. King,
Liberal; Thomas Cavin, Conservative
Cowichan—J. N. Evans, Liberal;
15. M, Skinner, Conservative.
Delta—John Oliver, Liberal; W.
H. Ladner, Conservative.
Dewdney—W. W. Forrester, Liberal; Hon. R. McBride, Conservative.
Esquimalt—John Jardine, Liberal;
C. E. Pooley, Conservative,
Fernie—J. McPherson, Socialist-
Labor; E. C. Smith, Liberal; W. R.
Ross, Conservative.
Grand Forks—W. H, P. Clement,
Liberal; Geo. A. Fraser, Conservative; J. Riordan, Socialist.
Greenwood—J. R. Brown, Liberal;
Dr. E. G. Spankie, Conservative.
Islands—T. \V. Patterson,Liberal;
H. \V. Bullock, Conservative.
Kamloops—F. J. Deane, Liberal;
F. J. Fulton, Conservative.
Kaslo—John L. Retallaek, Liberal;
Robert S. Green, Conservative; S.
Shannon, Socialist.
Lillooct—A. McDonald, Conservative, elected by acclamation.
Nanaimo—Edward Quennell,Conservative; J. H. Hawthornthwaite,
Socialist; H. Sheppard, Labor.
Nelson City—S. S. Taylor, Liberal; John Houston,   Conservative.
Newcastle — David \V. Muraay,
Liberal; A. Brydcn, Conservative;
P. Williams, Socialist.
New Westminster—Thos. Gilford,
Conservative; W. H. Keary, Liberal.
Okanagan—T. W. Sterling, Liberal;
Price Ellison, Conservative.
Revelstoke—James M. Kellio.Lib-
eralj Thomas Taylor, Conservative;
J. W. Bennett, Socialist.
Richmond—John C. Brown, Liberal; F. L. Carter-Cotton, Conservative.
Rossland—J. A. Macdonald, Liberal; A. S. Goodeve, Conservative.
Saanioh—H. Tanner, Liberal; J).
M: Eberts, Conservative.
Similkameen — W. A. McLean,
Liberal; L. W. Sluitl'ord, Conservative.
Slocan—W. Hunter, Conservative;
W. Davidson, Ind. Labor.
Skeena—P. Herman, Liberal;
C. W. D. Clifford, Conservative.
Vancouver Citv (5) -Joseph Martin, T. S. Baxter, J. B. Turnbull,
Dr. W. D. Undone-Jack and C. R.
Monck, Liberals; Hon. I!. G. Tatlow, Hon. C. Wilson, Jame' F. Garden, A. if. B. MacGowan and W. J.
Bowser, Conservatives; Francis Wil
limns, A. (I. Perry mid .1. McLaren,
Labor; 10. StobbingS, Mortimer and
Gijliths, Socialist.
"Viotoria (li—R. L. Drury. W.G.
Cameron, J. 1). MoNivon and Richard Hall, Liberals; li. D. Helmcken,
Hon. A. 10. McPhillips, C. Hayward und Josoph Hunter, Conservatives; T. T. Walters, Socialist.
Vale Stuart Henderson, Liberal;
T. (i. MoManamon, Conservative.
Ymir—-Alfred Parr, Liberal; H.
Wright, Conservative,
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The following is thc statement of
the ore tonnage shipped from Republic and Danville over thc Kettle
Valley line last week:
Mountain Lion—
Booundary Falls    186
To Trail smelter    073
Knob Hill-
To Nelson smelter.      30
Hall Bros.—
To Granby smelter      20
Ruby Mine—
'io Hall Mines smelter      20
Lucille Dreyfus—
To Granby smelter    130
Total, tons 1,271
Just what you want
Just when you want it
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twentieth century business man. That we have
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"ffie Evening Sun


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