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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 12, 1923

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the center of Qrand Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
8outh«*rn P.i-itish C ilum'iia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the city.
Kettle Valloy Orchardist
THP ^I"T1V '9 t-le favor'te news-
lllli  kjVUJ.1  paper of the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what yoa Know is tni*
I t:an guess as well as yoo.
Mayor Hull and all the aldermen
with the exception of Aid. Love
were present at the regular meeting
ofthe city council on Monday evening.
A letter frnm W. H. Sutherland,
minwler of public works, acknowledged receipt cf tbe council's resolution in favor of the Hope-Princeton route for tbe transpsoviocial
highway, and stated tbat the same
would be given due consideration.
A deputation oi North Fork cat..
tlemen appeared before the council
aDd protested against the issuance
of licenses to meat peddlers. Tbe
matter was left over to be dealt with
by a full council.
The Grand Forks hospital reported the admission of J. M. Campbell
aa a postiblecity charge. The council decided in future tn publish all
euch notifications, as the total
amount of su b accounts when
W. W. Lameff, of Trail, forwarded a cheque for $25 on account of tbe Pacific hotel building.
Tbe cheque was accepted and Mr.
Lazaret! will be notified that possession will be given on payment of
the remaining $200 and' tbal tbe
bui ding must be removed within
sixty days.
The city clerk was instructed to
complete tbe water license on Mil'
creek independent of the Sand creek
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported l{ inches
od 12-inch weir in Mill creek; that
good progress was being made on
tbe tlume, and that a timber dam
could be installed on Mill creek for
approximately 165. Authority was
given to have tbe dam installed.
Tbe city collector submitted a list
of ligbt and water arrears. He was
instructed to take immediate action
on tbe list as presented, and in fu«
ture to cut off any service 60 days in
Tbe city olerk was instructed to
notify Inspector Dunnett of the rex
moval of tbe old Cosmos botel building and to ask for a corresponding
reduction on the insurance rate on
the city ball.
City Auditor Hunter will be requested to check up tbe city books
' io the end of October as in previous
It was decided to store tbe hose
remaining at tbe Granby site in the
warehouse and tbe ohief of police
will be instructed to inspect the
Granby premises at least once
Tbe oity clerk was instructed to
secure the necessary coal for tbe city
hall in conjunction witb the school
The usual number of monthly
accounts were ordered to be paid.
atelytheBig Y people of Yakima
started a special advertising campaign and succeeded in gettin-; a
considerable quantity of their prunes
on tbe market ahead of ours, and
much of these Amerita prunes
were still od the market wheu we
commenced shipping. The quantity
we had to market overrunning tbe
estimate supplied our sales staff by
some eighteen cars, also added to
the difficulties if securing profitable
prices from an already overloaded
During August eighteen cars of
American prunes were sold in wests*
ern Canada—four cars in Alberts,
eight cars in Saskatchewan, four
care in Manitoba and two cars in
British Columbia. Part of these
sbipmonte, along witb our heavy
movement and tbe effort of the
Americans to retain the markets for
their prunes and our independent
shippers in the Okanagan selling a
little lower tbau the Associated,
brought about the reduction of
prices to the point where they became unprofitable to thn grower.
With tbe belp of the anti-dumping act and the holding back of our
prunes until tbe market cleaned up,
enabled us to sell the remainder of
the crop at better prices.
In September two cars of prunes
were imported into Manitoba, tbree
into Saskatchewan, two into Alberta and four into British Column
bia. If we could only have had this
business it would not likely bave
been necessary to slow up our shipments, but to obtain it we would
have bad to reduce our prices earlier
than we did and the general average prices would have been further
The working out of this prune
deal offers further evidence of tbe
value of hvving cold storage facilities sufficient to take care of a portion of the crop wben it becomes
necessary to bold back shipments
rather tban force them on the markets with the inevitable lowering of
This by way of encouragement,
notwithstanding the unfortunate
conditions confronting us tbis year
and tbe special effort made by the
Yakima Fruit Growers' association
to unload a large part of tbeir crop
on our markets, we will likely find
tbat when tbe pools are closed tbat
tbe Associated Growers bave sold
the orop to better advantage tban it
was sold last year, and if we are
su cessful fn obtaining cold storage
facilities for tbe coming year.fnrther
improvements can be expeoted in
spite of he fact that we are now
producing tbe total requirem nts of
our markets during our shipping
Great Britain Prepares for the
Olympic Games
John Bull—"Righto, Father.    We sball  not disappoint you when
the bell rings!"
Nation Thrillad by Deeds of Valor
Performed by Canadians Daring
Great War, Says Lloyd George
Montreal, Oct. 8.—Gratitude for the -part played so
resolutely arid unhesitatingly by the Dominion of Canada
in the Great War was voiced here today by Lloyd George,
who for most of the period of that strnggle wasprime minis
ter of Great Britain, in the first formal public address of his
tour of Canada and the United States.
Speaking to an audience which crowded the Mount
Royal Arena, with its seating capacity of 10,000, to the
doors, the man who occupied so outstanding a place during
the great war declared with ringing eloquence that Canada
in that struggle was ''tried practically for the first time on a
great scale, in that burning, scorching crucible, and she came
out pure and refined gold.
Unfortuuately owing to the prunes
eoming in at a greater rate than
could be readily sold aod tbe markets having to be foiced id order to
move tbem says Circular No. 76 of
the Associated Growers of British
Columbia, the prices were in couse»
quence depressed to a point unprofitable to the growers aad it became necessary to slaw up shipping
or it would have resulted in a consignment market witb red ink lo tbe
Wholesalers on lbe prairies aud
elsewhere were advised that our
prunes would sommence moving
about August 28 and there would
be about 120 cars to sell. Unfortun-
How the Disaster
A gentleman in Cincinnati etn»
ptoys two negroes to work on bis
ratber extensive gardens, which he
personally oversees. One morning
Sam did not appear.
"Where is Sam, George?" he
"In de hospital,, sah,".
"In tbe hospital? Wby, how in
the world did that happen?"
"Well, Sam he been a-telling me
ev'y mo'oin' fob ten yeans he gwine
lick his wife 'cause o' her naggin'."
, Well?"
"Well, yestiddy sbe done oveba
heah him."
Heretofore the annual general
meetings of the British Columbia din.
vision of the Canadian Institute of
Mining and Metallurgy have been
held in Vancouver, as being, on the
whole, the most convenient center for
gatherings of this kind. A departure
is beiug made thia year, however, in
lhe decision to hold a general meet•
ing in Trail, with the dual purpose of
enabling coast members to acquaint
themselves with the important mining and metallnr-rical developments
taking place in the Kootenays, and of
indicating to Koulonay members and
mining men the interest of the institute in their concerns and problems.
This meeting will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, ,October
17, 18 and 19, and a cordial invitation is extended to all mining men,
whether they are members or not. to
The  program  arrangements are in
charge of a comniilt.ee under   the  ca.
pable ahairmanshi'i of M   E. Pureell,
of Rossland, who now announce  that
a number of   papers covering a wide
range of subjects of  timely interest
ill be presented for  discussion,   in-,
eluding,  "A Symposium on the Min
ing and Treatment of Sullivan Ores,"
by S. G. Biaylock, W.   M. Archibald,
E.G. Montgomery, II, W. Diamond,
E. M. Styles, J. Buchanan,   Geo.   J.
Murray,   B.  A. Stimmel  and J. G.
Fingland;   "Mining    and   Smelting
Operations at Anyox," by L It Clapp;
"Recent   Mining and   Metallurgical
Developments at   Britannia," by W
M   Brewer;   "The  History and Progress of Mining in   the   Kootenays
by S. 8 Fowler; "The   General   Geology and Ore Deposits of the Grand
Forks,   Greenwood,     Osoyoos     and
Similkameen Mining  Divisions,"   by
P. B. Freeland; "Undiscovered Mines
of British Columbia," by Dr. L.   W.
Uglow; "Small Scale Mining  Operations and Their Problems," by A,  E.
Langley; "The  Sulphur  Industry,"
by F. W. Guernsey,  and  "Publicity
and the Mining  Industry," by C. M.
In addition, visits will be made to
the Trail works and possibly also to
the Rossland mines Nor has the
committee forgotten to provide for
entertainment of a lighter sort, and
it may be affirmed that the provisions
in this respect will prove by no means
the least attractive features of the
-How mucb liquid assets
About a
have you?
Customer (cautiously)
case and a half.
Maple Leaf Mine in Franklin
Camp Was Sold This Week
The Maple Leaf mine in Franklin camp was sold at
privata sale in the law office of J. F. Crowe in this city on
Wednesday to Thomas Dunlap, of Chesaw, Wash., for
$4000. Another bid for $4000, made by John Miller, of
Walla Walla, Wash., could not be considered, as the full
amonnt of the bid did not accompany the tender.
The old Maple Leaf company  made an assignment  a
few weeks to Dennis St. Dennis,  of Nelson, and  arrange
ments were made for the disposal of the property at  private
sale.    This sale has been adjourned from time to time until
last Wednesday, when the mine was finally sold.
At the request ofthe Walla Walla shareholders ofthe
property, Mr. Dnnlap and H. W. Young motored to that
city last week, and a satisfactory agreement was reached
between the interested parties.
The Maple Leaf has been developed to   the shipping
stage and  is considered one of the most valuable mines in
I the camp.    It is announced that work will soon be resumed
Ten Commandments
For the Motorist
The ten commandments of good
driving are as follows:
1. Drive on the right side of the
road; it is just ae good as the left.
2. Slow down when approaching
a crossroad; it is nearly as dangerous as a railroad crossing.
3 Look out for children, You
can never tell wbat tliey will do.and
you are always in tiie wrong if you
hit one.
4. Try to help instead of hinder
the   traffic   officer; be  is  there lor
If you wish to accomplish great
things, busy yourself with what the	
mediocre refer to as "mere details." Ion the property under the new management.
your gooc1, and bsV goi i (ough job.
5. Be sure that your "dimmers"
reilly dim; it'- no joke driving into
a blinding glare, as you probably
6. Read and obey the warning
signs; they are not put up as orna
7. If you feel you've got to speed
--doit where it won't kill anybody
but yourself.
8. When nuking minor repairs
stop where your car may* beseen
from both directions; otherwise you
may stop longer than vou anticipate.
9. Speeding around corners is a
straight route to the hos* ital. Don't
race past a stopped street car. Some
day the jury will call it manslaughter.
10. Use discretion. The fact tnat
you had the rigln of way won't
bring anybody bark to life, least of
all yourself.
Special Oorrapoivlence of Tlie Sun.
Victoria, October 10.—An announcement made hy Hon. J. D
MacLean, provincial secretary, is to
tbe effect that following lhe conference of deputy miuisiers of education of the four western province;-,
tbe curricula of public schools wil!
be revised. Otber important changes
calculated to improve the school
system, including longer training
periods for teachers, »'t-o nre ex
pected to result from the conference.
Tbe   text   books of   geography,
grammar,   arithmetic  and  spelling
will be revised, and  it is  expected
that each  province  may   mauufuo
ture its own text books
Taken ail in all, tbe revisions in
the school eystem are tbs- retult ot a
loug period of iuvesligplioti and •
material improvement in general
educatiouui methods is anticipated.
The people ol Brilhit'1 Columbia
through the. government have sent
the stricken citizens of Japan a gilt
of $45,000 worth ot shingles aud
IUUsher. A special warrant was
passed I,t ihib am■juni.
Denial  is  given   the   statement
made in Lethbridge rec nll> by Pref i
dent E. W. Bean*,, of ibt Canadian
Pacific  railway,  to the   effect that
the public debt ot British Columbia
has   increased   239   per  cent siuce
1918.    Hou. J. D.  MacLean,   pros.
viocial secretary aud acting premier,
shows tbat tbe increase was ouly 113
per   cent,   uud   the   increase   was
caused largely hscause  tne  govern
ment   bad to   rai.-e huge   turns   ol
money to pay iuterest and Josses iu
operation ou  debts  inherited  from
tbe   Conservative    administration.
For  iostance,    S^OOO.-JuO   is   ren
quired   annually   for   interest  and
operating deficit on the Pacific Great
Eastern railway, an expenditure tor
wbicb the minister claims the prts
ent government is in no way respon
"Mr. Beatty talks of business ad»
administration and compares govn
•{rmneuts witb private enterprises,"
added Dr. MacLean. ''That is exactly the way this government conducts tbe affairs of the province. No
money has been speut excepting
upon productive enterpriser,and the
proof of our government's businesslike methods is si.own when I state
that up to the eud of 1922 British
Columbia had a larger total iu sinking funds than all the rest of the
provinces of Canada combined,
Sinking funds provide for the taking
care of obligations, and surely that
statement shows tbat uo stone has
been left unturned to protect the
The miuister maintained thut tbe
final test ui the stability ol a province or of a business was the financial .-lauding ol either, lu this ie-
gard. he pointed out, British Col-
umbia bonds sold for a higher price
in the world markets than that oh-
taiued by any other province.
Hou. K. D. Barrow, miuister of
agriculture, alter au inspection ot thu
.Sumas reclamation project, claim-
that the venture promised to prove
oue of tbe most important of lis
kiud in America. By wint«r the big
lake will have betn pumped dry am'
next spring nearly 30,000 acres of
splendid farm lands will be available for cultivation.
The British Columbia government
is pushing forward the work of creating forest reserves, says Hon, T.
D. Pattullo minister of lands, and
every effort is being made Vi ensure
tht reforestation of lodged oil laud*,
aud the conservation of the immense timber wealth of the province. f*t
Ufa (Srattb iffnrka §«n
AN     IXOmPmHm.rrr     N   & N    >   f> 1   P i.    1
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr ••'• ******** 'cations to
iTnu Grand Fork.1) Sun
Phone 101R Grand Forks, B. CJ
Notes, Notions and Notables
English street railway cars, or trams they
call them, are double-deckers, with seats on
the roof, in most towns. Now they are being
fitted with a new type of shafcless periscope
for "searching" top decks. Experiments made
recently have been successful, and there is
little doubt about the device co ning into jjen -
eral use. It is a mirror tixel at etch end of
a car, and, viewed from the stairway, it enables the conductor to see what is happening
on deck witnout having to go upstairs. From
the footboard the conductor can always note if
there is any movement on the high level gangway as halting points are approached, and
thus time is saved and scrambling avoided.
Lord Strathnairn, bagged large numbers of
prisoners. Atone place the authorities were in
a quandary.as they had a great number of prisoners and could only spare a very few soldiers
as escorts. They were afraid that some migh t
escape on the journey to Dnblin. So they appealed to Lord Strathnairn for advice. "Take
away their braces and cut off the buttons
from the trousers," was the reply. This practice was often resorted to by the British Tom
mies during the Great War, when they had
to deal with large numbers of German captives.
The California Fruit Growers' exchange
salvages its by prodncts. Last year its plant
at Corona worked up 650 carloads of cull
lemons into citric acid and lemon oil. Another
plant handles 80 carloads of cull oranges a
month, converting them into orange oil, concentrated orange juice for beverages, orange
vinegar, marmalade and orange peel. The
refuse furnishes pectin, which is the substance
that causes fruit juices to jelly.
Late one Saturday night a clergyman received a wire from his bishop ordering him to
preach the next morning at a certain church.
The parson knew nothing about this particular
place, but he prepared his sermon and arrived
just as the service had started. When he gave
out his text, "Without money and witnout
price," there was a titter among the congregation and the whojeof his sermon was received
with smiles. After the service was over he
asked one of the churchwardens what was the
meaning of the laughter. He was told that the
parson whose place he had taken was named
Price and that he had absconded the day before with a large sum of money.
The Earl of Meath, in his new book,"Memories ofthe Nineteenth Century," tells the following among other good stories: Public
schools in the old days were much harder
training ground for boys than they are today.
One of the old class rooms at Eton had only
one small window, and the door—-which led
straight into the grounds—had to be kept
open iu all weathers, in order that theVe
should be sufficient light in the room. One
day, when it was snowing hard, the snow was
driven into the room, settling on the forms,
the desks and the boys. Some of the boys
began to brush it off their clothes, when the
master spotted them and shouted angrily:
"You young worms! Do you call yourselves
British boys, and you can't stand a little snow
on your knees? Shame on you! your fathers
are the rulers of Englaud, and your forefathers
have made England what she is now. Do you
imagine if they had minded a little snow that
Canada would ever have been added to the
empire, or if they had minded heat we should
possess India or tropical Africa? Nevor let
me see you shrink from either heat or cold.
You will have to maintain the empire which
they made."
Recently, a newspaper dispatch from Chicago declared that a highly edncated man,
whose uame it gave, a civil engiueer by pro-
fess:on, and a holder of several academic degrees, had decliued the offer of a professorship
in a college unspecified in order to become a
plasterer at $104 a week in Chicago. We do
uot know whether the dispatch is authentic or
not; but it is completely plausible. At present
pay a young man who wants money will do
better at plasteriug than at professional work
of any sort. Whether he will be better off
twenty years from now is another matter.
Captain E. T. Pollock,governor of American
Samoa, reports the finding of a turtle tbat
had been left on the Tonga islands by Captain
James in 1773. According to Captain Pollock's report, the turtle exhibited signs of extreme age; it was blind and when walking
creaked like an oxcart.
E.C, Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
.   Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
.-Established 1910
Ileal Estate and Insurance
.Realdent. Agent Oriind Porks Townalte
^       .Company, Limited
Farms      Orchards     City Property
Ztxaents at Nelaon, Calgrary, Wlhnlpcii aud
other Prairie polnta.   Vancouver Agents:
Batabllshed ln 1910. wo are lis a pistil Ion to
furnish Tollable inforinatlou couoernlusj this
Write tor freo I Itoratu re
Transfer Company j
At the Institute of Politics at Williams -
town, Mass, Mr. Bakhmeteff, formej Russian
ambassador to the United States, predicted
the ultimate fall of the soviet government.
He based his prediction on the fact that the
communists are waging a losing fight against
the growing demand of the peasants for individualism and ownership of their lands. He
looked forward toa new Russia in which individualism and equality of opportunity, operating as tbey do in the United States, would
bring prosperity and happiness. Social revenge has run its course, he thinks; aad the
peasant is becoming an independent farmer.
In China more new roads have been built
in the past"five years than in any previous five
decades. Over the new roadsAmericBn moto r
busses are running. Fares are cheap, and the
Chinese people after their first alarm are en -
thosiastic customers When the cost of building dirt roads and of transportation is as low
as it is in China a new industrial order for a
quarter of the human race may come quickly
Of the one hundred and seventy thousand
active clergymen in the United States, only
sixteen hundred and seventy-one paid an income tax last year on incomes of more than
A certain bishop, whose Christian name
was Anthony, regularly entertained the divinity students in his diocese. He pointed out on
one oecasion that it was very necessary tha t
a clergyman should know how to adrainiste r
to the sick and dying. He proposed therefor e
to go into his study and lie down on the sofa,
with his face turned.to the wall, as if*he were
dying. The students were to come in, one by
one, and administer to him. Afterwards he
would tell them what he thought of their
methods. After much argument, it was decided that a young Irishman should be thc
first student to go.in and administer to the
patient. He went into the study and found
the bishop on the sofa, covered with a rug.
The student raised his hands in horror and
cried: "Oh! Anthony, Anthony! Is it the
drink again?"
During the Fenian rising in Ireland in 1867
the British troops, who were commanded   by
The great blessings of mankind are with in
us, and within our reach, but we shut our
eyes and, like people in the dark, we fall foul
upou the very thing we reach for, without
finding it.—Seneca.
City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
(or Sale
Office at  R.  F.  Petrie'* Store
Phone 64
C.V. Meggitt
•_2JBeal Estate and Insurance
Excellent lacllltlea for -telling your farina
We hare agenta at   all   Ooaat and Prairie
Reliable Information regarding thia dlatrot
obeerfully furnished. We solicit your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer inj
Havana Cigars, Pipe*
:!) Confectionery
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
o4ncient History
Items Taken Prom The Qrand Ptxtb Sun for the Corresponding
'Week Twenty Yean Ago
VV. H, Covert, the well known fruit grower,   has   aent
an exhibit of fruit to the Nelson fair.
J. A. McCallum, city treasurer, and family   returned
from Toronto on Wednesday.
The bridge at the Yale hotel has been raised three feet
and ls again open for traffic.
Contractor Wilson has moved the   Addison building
from Riverside' avenue to First street.
Dennis Peon had the misfortune to lose most of this
season's crop by fire this week.
Archie Connors was accidentally killed at the   Emma
mine this week.
City   Real Estate For
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices:—>From $35.00 per lot upwards.
Terms j—■ Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may bc seen at the
City Oflice.
City Clerk.
We have a complete line of shot shells and
rifle ammunition. 16, 20, 12 and 10 ga. shot
shells. All sizes rifle ammunition. Let us
fill your requirements for the hunting season.
For the dark evening try an EVER-READY
FLASHLIGHT.   A full stock of batteries.
FRUIT   LADDERS at reduced  prices.
8 ft. $4.80        10 ft. $6.00       12 ft. $7.20
Hardware and Furniture
"The living voice affects men more
thmi whit th-iy reid "—Pliny, the Younger.
Your voice conducts your business.
Directions that you give personally are
quickly and accurately executed, because
your associates cannot fail to understand.
Each inflection has a meaning of its own.
Remember the telephone when you
would confer with those interested with
you in business. Do not trust the cold
written word—send your voice, yourself
by long distance telephone.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
It's lhe worst wheel that
makes the most noise in the
If ydu greatly admire a
quality you have at least a
a trace of it yourself.
Canadian   Blind   Babies'  Home
INanery, Hospital and Kindergarten
Dominion Charter,  Without Stock Subscription.
DIRECTORS—Hon. Martin Burrell, Hon. President; Hon. J. O. Turriff,
President; A. H. Fitzsimmoui, Vice-Pra-ideat; Blvrard Grand, Seoretary,
C. Blaokett Robinson, Cor. Secretary; J. V. McKinley, Treasurer; Lt.»0ol.
Whlton, M.D., R. H. Campbell, Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A.. E. Provost, W.
Lyle Reid, A. J. Preimaa, Charles H. Pinhey, CE, W. J. Cairns, and Tom
TRUSTEES—C. H. Pinhey, O.E, Thomas Mulvey. K.C, A. J. Preidma n
Legal Adviser Bankers Auditor
John I. MaoCraoken, K.C    Royal Bank of Caaada.     A. A. Crawley, C. A.
The Objects of this Institution, for which Incorporation was recently obtained, are: "To provide a Home and Refuge for Baby and Infant Blind; to
provide free Scientific Care, Training and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a few of the many of sush unfortunates, who, for the lack of suoh ser«
vice, perish every year; and to return these little ones to their parents, at
sohool age with normal, healthy bodies and sound minds."
This is a large and graatly needed Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government offices in the verious provinces reveals the fact that there
are at the presant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet been done for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
years ago, the Brst home was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson organized "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claims that it is the only one iu the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Canada. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty Thousand Dollars is the present objective of the Boa-id. While the
Home is to be looated in Ottawa it will take in the Baby Blind from every
province, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is confidently expected. Cheques should be made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged.
Tell The People
What  You   Hare
Sun's Page/People and Events of Passing News Interest
:;'^ ::   *av^.:v;v>;;y:-o.-:.:. i  --c:-;--".: ;>^;<;fg'gw;
Ihowinc tka atai-t .f tha (Issala In tha
BclUah-Amarlasui Co, aaaa. 1st Br*, lak
ett WtokL
n > ""*,!»'..*" ■; S.y... ■:     ■
All work in the apiary has for its
ultimate object the securing of a
fcood crop.and hence the preparation
ot bees for winter means more than
the safe wintering ovei of tbe colony.
The first step in preparing bees for
the winter  is also the first of  the
beekeeper's year as well as his first
step towards securing next season's
crop. About the middle of July
preparations are commenced by seeing that each colony is headed by a
vigorous queen in order that the
maximum number of young bees
may be reared to carry the colony
through the winter. Sbould the fall
flow be insufficient to cause a large
amount of brood to be reared, stim
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       ^Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aapirln la thc trade mark (registered In Canada) ot Bayer Manufacture of Hono-
acetlcacldester of Sallcyllcactd. While lt la well known that Aapirln means Bayer
manufacture, to aaalat the public againat Imitations, the Tablets of Bayer Company
will ba auunpad with their (antral trade mark, the "Bayer Croaa."
ulative feeding will have to be re
sorted to; that is, 1 part of sugar to
1 part of water, or dilute honey mix
ture must be fed. Colonies that are
weak, those covering less than six
frames, should be united. This may
be done by the newspaper method;
or two weak colonies may be
brought together and wintered in
one hive if itis divided by a close
fitting division board. This latter
method provides tbe beekeeper with
surplus queene early the following
Having secured a large force of
young bees, the next step is lo see
that each colony has sufficient
stores to not only carry it through
the winter but also through the
early spring till pollen and nectar
are coming in, thus enabling it to
build up rapidly. The Btores provided should be of the best; no unwholesome honey containing a high
percentage of solid matter should
be given. If natural stores are deficient, a syrup of two parts of the
best granulated sugar to one part
water should be fed. Tbis being last
stored will be the first consumed
aod, as it breaks down into gas aod
water, will defer solid matter accumulating in the intestines. Colonies
in ten-frame LangBtroth hives to be
cellar wintered should weigh at least
sixty pounds without their covers,
while those wintered outside seventy
Protection from the cold is very
necessary, as it not only retards tht
consumption of Btores but also conserves tbe energy of tbe bees.
Colonies wintered outside should
have at least three inches of pack-
ing underneath them and about
their sides with six to eight inches
of packing on top. The most econo
mical case is the quadruple, as each
colony has the warmth from its
two neighbors. Colonies Bhould be
placed iu their cases and packed
underneata and about sides before
feeding. For feeding, ten-pound
honey pails, in the cover of which
fine boles have been made, are considered very satisfactory.
Colonies to be placed in the cellar
are usually left on their summer
stands till tbey have had their last
cleansing flight; that is usually in
the second or third week in November.
In all preparations the beekeeper
should keep the ultimate object in
view—strong colonies in spring.—
A. H. W. Birch, Apiarist.
"Is your husband much of"
a provider, Milandy?"
"He jes' ain't nothin' else,
ma'am. Hegwine to git some
new furniture providin' he git
de money; he gwine to git de
money providin' he go to
work; he go to work providin' dejob suits him. I never
see such a providin' man in
all niah days."
Select Your Color
A littie girl timidly 'isked the
drug clerk for a package of pink
"\Vh»t do you want it for?" re»
sponded the clerk. "Wollen or cotton goods?"
"Neiirier," said thr child. "It's
for ma't stomach. The doctor said
she'd Imve to diet, and she wauts it
a pretty color.'' ..
Mahomet   could
have sold your
You know the old story of
Mahomet and the Mountain
—when the Mountain wouldn't come to him he like a
sensible man, grabbed his
Panama off the hall rack and
went to the Mountain—he
wanted it badly enough io go
after it
That is precisely the situation today—the Mountain—
BUSINESS-will not come to
you—you will have to go after
it and go after it hard. You
have one big advantage over
the Prophet—he had to take
the going as he found it—you
can pave the way with advertising >*
PHONE 101 Rl
ere an
The total quantity of sea fish
landed on both tha Atlantic and
Pacific coasts during the month of
July was 822,043 cwts., valued at
$2,771,440 to tha fishermen, compared wilh a catch of 873,382 cwts.
valued at $2,596,730 in July, 1922.
Cattls in north Alberta's livestock
herds now number more than 2,000,-
000. This industry and also the
swine industry have increased amazingly in the northern part of Um
Province in thc last few yeavn.
News of the Gity
John  A.  Manly  returned  to his
home in Ocala, Florida, on Wednes
day   morning,   after  a short  visit
here at  the  home  of  his brother,
Joseph L. Manly.    Mr.  Manly  was
ooe of the historic figures of pioneer
life in Grand Forks.   He was chief
engineer of the Spokane &  British
Columbia railway when it was conn
Btructed between this  city and  Republic,  and   built and  for several
years  conducted   the   Yale   hotel,
wbich up to the time  wben it  was
destroyed by the big fire that wiped
out over oue half of the city was con
sidered to be the best hotel in south
ern British Columbia.  Besides tbese
interests,   Mr,   Manly   was also n
large landowner,   and   be acquired
considerable publicity when he sold
his   ranch  east   of the city to the
Great Northern railway for $20,000
in order that the road might secure
a right of way through the the land
Mr. Manly is now a big   landowner
in Florida.    It is said that his visit
to this city was for the purpose of
looking in the validity of tbe Gran
by  company's title  to some of  its
lands here.   He donated these lands,
he says, to the company under certain conditions as an inducementfor
it to locate its smelter bere, and  he
claims tbat the removal of the smel
ter violatesjthese conditions and that
certain portions of the lands should
revert to him.  It is hinted that the
matter may be tested in the conrts.
Mayor Hull states  tbat  the  Mr.
Manly's claim  does uot affect  the
land  upon   which   the  Mill creek
water right aud the  flume now being constructed are located, recently
purchhsed   by   the  city  from  the
Granby.   In any event the city can
lose nothing—it has paid $1000   on
the purchase price aud  sold $1500
worth   of  steel   from   the  smeller
buildings. This explanation is made
because many   unfounded   rumors
bave been in rirculation during the
past few days,
Carrying large cOBsignmemts froa
the Dominion Government and th*
JiriUsh Columbia branch of tbo
Canadiaa Red Cross, tks Csnaonaa
Pacific S.S. Empress of Russia was)
the first ship from th* Aoitrieaa
continent to arriv* with rsticf for
the earthquake and famine strioksa
people of Japan.
The is stKl considerable road
work being done in tbis district.
General Foreman F. H. Donald-
eon's crew iB putting in the
concrete culverts on the transprovincial highway between Cascade
aud Sheep creek. The culverts were
made at the c ncrete works iu this
city. W. fcj. Phillips has a crew repairing the roads uear Cascade, and
John Feek haB gang at work east of
thiB city.
Nearly $10,000 in fur
was collected in Ths Pas, Maa., by
th* chief game warden last wtiirUf.
This does not includ* th* roysHaos
collected from the Hudson Bay Oo-aa-
pany and Revillon Frer**, which will
more than double this amount. Thi*
does not include moneys s-Ktired
through taxes, licenses aad
sources of revenue.
Our Groceries are constantly moving,
and they are therefore always fresh and
in prime condition. We make a specialty
high grade Teas and Coffees.
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
Ottawa, Oct. 2.—Official
announcement was made to-
day of the passage of an order
in council fixing the date for
Thanksgiving day as Monday, November 12, the date
also set for the observance of
Armistice day.
Creamery butter made ia Alberta
took a total of 149 prizes out sf 236
prizes offered, or 63 per cent., at exhibitions at Edmonton, Cal-rary, R«-
gina, Brandon, Saskatoon and Vancouver this year. Out of 11 opes
championships offered, Alberta batter took 8. In the Calgary exhibition
six provinces competed, in three
others four provinces competed, and
in two other* three province* competed.
British Columbia has reached th*
peak of the biggest tourist season
in her history, and it is estimated
that as a result of the enormous
travel and the expenditure of transients while in the province thi*
summer, will be worth at least $30.-
000,000. The opening of the Banftf-
Windermere motor highway through
Canada's rook garden was largely
responsible for this increase ia tourist traffic through th* Pacific prer-
Gold producers in the Province of
Ontario during th* first six month*
of 1023 report production of 3*4,-
444 ounces gold and 65,444 ounce*
silver, of a total value of »7,244,081
shipped by the Porcupine producer*,
and from the Kirktand Lake producers 69,691 ounces gold and t,ilS
ounces silver, of a total value st
$1,402,873, or from the two camp*
• total value of IR64«,9'64.
Th* Canadian Pacific Sail-way will
contribute 325,000 fer th* relief of
the sufferers ia Japan and hav* also
decided that supplies of Canadian
food-stuffs and clothing donated, or
purchased with money donated for
relief work, will be transported fro*
over the Company's rail and steamship line*. President B. W. Beatty
mada this announcement while making a tour over the Company's lines
in the West with a party of directors."
He added that this action had been
taken because of the reports of the
intense hardships du* to the disaster,
and notwithstanding the fact that
th* Company had lost heavily by ths
If you greatly admire a
quality you have at least a
a trace of it yourself.
The new Continental remedy called
is a simple hurinleaa home-treatment whioh
absolutely curea deafness, noises ln the head,
for this uew ointment, matantly operates
upon the titfected parts with complete  and
eermanentsucoess.   SCORES  OF WONDER.
Government House.
Viotorla, B. 0.,
Sept. Uth, 1923
Ilia Honour the Lieut enaiit-Uovc
ernor in Council.
-UTHBUBAS by "Au Act respecting Pound
•v Dletrlota," I is enacted that the Lieutenant-Governor in Council may. by Order iu
Couneil made publio by notioe in the British
Columbia Gazette, constitute auy part uf the
Province of Hritish Columbia uot within the
limits of a municipality luto a pound district:
AM) WHERKAS uuder thc provisions of
this Aat application has been made by
proprietors of laud situate ut Grand Forka
in the Slmilitaineen Dlvlalonof Tale District,
und comprising the following landa. namely:
District Lots 362, 363, 1SW"; Blooka 1 to
U, inclusive, Blook 19, Lot 1 of Block
11, and Blocks 19 to 31, inclusive,
Registered Plan No, 38, Kamloops Registry
office: BlooksSU to34, inclusive, and Blook37,
Registered Plan No. 213, Kamloops Registry
Office: Blocks 2 to 5, inclusive, Kcgistcred
Plan .No.523, Kamloops Registry Office; District Lots 1494, 1361: District Lot im, except
Blocks 6 to 13, Inclusive, Registered Plan No.
1339, Kamloops Registry Office, aud that portion sho wu ou Registered Plan So. 83, Kamloops Registry Office; District Lot 380, exoept
those portions shown on Registered Plans
No. 35 and No. 83,Kamloops Kegiatry Office;
District Lot 633, except that portion shown
on Registered Plau No. 69, Kamloopa ltegistry
Office; District Lot SOO: the Weat Half *t District Lot 030. except that portion described
as follows: Commencing at the north-weal
oorner of said District Lot; thenoe eastorly
along the north boundary thereof tweuty
chains aud teu links; thenoe south one minute
weat three ehaina ninety-live and one-half
links; theuce west ninety links; theuce south
oue minute west thirty-six ciiuins and
seventy-one links to the south boundary ol
said District Lot 580; thenoo west nineteen
ohains twenty-six and one-hall linka along
said south boundary to the south-west oorner
of said Dietriot Lot 530: thenoe northerly along
the the west boundary of said dietriot lot nlue
chains thirty-five aud fifteen hundredths
links; thenoe east six ohalna eighty-one aud
eighty-two hundredths links; thence north
thirty ohains eighty-four and eighty-five
hundredths liuks: thenoe weat alx ehaina
eighty-one aud eighty-two hundredths links
to a polut ou the west boundary of said Distrlot Lot 530; thenoe uorth fifty links to the
point of commencement: District Lots 535, 519,
382; Dlatriet Lot 534, except that portion
shown on Registered Plan No. 36, Kamloops
Registry Office; Distrlot Lota 586, 152: that
portion of District Lot 828 lying south ol the
Kettle River; District Lota 153,861 and 184; uud
that portion of District Lot 1475 lying uorth
of the Kettle River, being Lots 1 to Its, inclusive, of Registered Plan No. 817, Kamloops
Regiatry Office, —
to constitute thc suid distrlot a pound dlatriet.
AND WHKEEAS notlee of the Intention to
constitute such distrlot a pound district waa
given in accordance with the requirements ot
the Aot, and no obieotion hae been mode by
any proprietor within the proposed pound
On the recommendation of the Honourable
the Mlniater of Agriculture and under the
Srovlsions of the "Pound Dlatriet Aot," Ilia
onour the Llutenant-Uovernor of British
Columbia, by und with the advice of hla Executive Council, haa been pleased to order and
lt la hereby ordered, that the above detoribed
area be constituted a pound dlatriet.
Clerk of the Executive Counoil.
Mra. K. Wilkinaon, of Slad Road, Stroud,
writes:—"Pleasecould trouble you to aend
me another box of the Ointment. It ia uot for
myse.f, but for a friend of mine who la aa bad
as I was.and cannot get any reat for the noises
tn the head. 1 feel a new woman, aud oan go
to bed now and get a good night's reat. which
1 had not been able to do ior many months.
it is a wonderful remedy and I am moat delighted to reoommeud it."   :   .   .
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as ad ucid Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Beal Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe peoplejto mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER %^*%§$*Z&
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Tbe only trouble witb "the
height of fashion" is having to wear
it long time after tbe "height" bus
If you wa t to have a friend, be
Pennoyer Bros, and A. R. Mudie
have been oppointed pound keepers
of the newly formed Grand Forks
pound districts by the provincial
government. The pound premises
are located on their respective
Frank J. Miller wiih taken to the
Qrand Forks hospitol this week for
an operation far lUtuiu. lie is improving rapidly.
Mr. and Mre. Noel Kelsey and
family have returned to the city
from UouDingtoD Fulls.
Thomas Dnnlap, of Uheeaw, was
in the city yesterday. He is con.
nected with tbe Maple Leaf mine.
The Yale General Electric company this week installed a radio re*
oeiving outfit for The Sun.
Grapes—Le ve your order with
A. D. Morrison for jellying and
eating grapes,  ic per lb., bulk.
Don't ref-rot too mu ih your up*
and downs; nftei nil the only man
who has none is in the cemetery.
Hansen Has Thrown
His Crutches Away I
"Tanlac is the only thing I oan
give any credit for helping me,"
is tbe preceise statement made, re»
cently, by C. B. Hansen, a well
known carpenter, 12835 121st St.,
West Edmonton, Alberta.
"For three years I had rheumaa
tism so bad in my right hip and
foot that I could a't hit a lick of
work. In fact, I couldn't get aronnd
at all without my cane or crutches.
My pain was almo-t unbearable, I
coufdn't sleep and got dowd to a
mere shadow of my old self.
'My case was   i*o stubborn  that
it took a long, hard pull, but Tanlac
finally brought me around in fine
shape. It gave me a fine appetite
and such complete relief from the
rheumatism tbat I put my crutches
aside and went back to work, It
incieased my weight twenty-five
pounds and left me feeling like a.
new man."
Tanlac is for sale by all good
druggists. Accept no substitute.
Over 37 million bottles sold.
Take Tanlac Vegetable Fills.
The Ultimate in Radio
EVERY ADVANCE of civilization has depended
upon the progress of communication. From the
Athenian runner to the instantaneous transmission
of intelligence by Radio is a triumph of science. As
one Athenian runner was preferred over another for
speed and accuracy, so today Yelco Radiophones
are chosen for the most perfect reception of Radio
A Yelco Receiver will give you hundreds of dollars of value in joy for every dollar it costs you. ^It
will never disappoint you or your friends.
Let us arrange a demonstration for you.
Mrs. B. Crowe, of Whlteborae Road, Croydon, writea:—"I am pleaaedto tell you that
the small tin ot ointment you sent to me at
Ventnor, haa proved a complete suoeeaa, ray
bearing is now quite normal, and tbe horrible head noises have ceased. The action oi
this new remedy must be very rcinarkiible,
for I have been troubled with theae oom-
plaint* lor nearly ten yeara, and have had
some ol the very best medioal advice togcthor
with other expensive Instruments all to no
purpose. I need hardly aay how very grateful I am, for my life has undergone an entire
Try one box to-day. which ean be forwarded
to any address on receipt, of money order for
Address orders to:—
10, South View, WatUng St., Dartlord,
Kent, England.
DUBSDANT to the provisions of Section 11 of
17 thia Act, notice la hereby given ol the appointment of the following peraona aa pouud-
keepera of the pound established at Orand
Porks in the Similkameen Division of Tale
Pennoyer Bros., Qrand Forka, B. C.,1 with
pound paemiaea located on part of Lot 519,
Plan B. 899,
A. R. Mudie, Qrand Forka, B. C„ with pound
premises located on Lot t, Block 1, part of Lot
184, Map HI.
Minister of Agriculture.
Department of Agriculture,
Victoria, B.C.,
Oct. 6th, 1928.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
Call at Donaldson's and
see the best buy in men's
work shoes on the market today.
Also don't forget to look
at the new line of
These are real bargains.
Phone 30
Dominion Monumental Works
. Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
Check Books
We have secured the
agency] for Grand
Forks; of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department
NOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN that the reacrve
covering Lota XKMa, 2907a and WOSa, Similkameen Dlvlaion ol Yale DUtrlot, ia cancelled.
Deputy Mlniater of Landa
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C..
September M, 1921.
rpHE value ol well-
printed., neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Sh'pping tags
Price lists
Jt Posters
New Type
^Latest Style
Colombia Avenue and
Lake Street
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalb Hotkl, First Stbbbt
i    Synopsis of
and Act Amendments
OMIulmum prloe of iiret-claae land reduced
to $6 an aore; second-elass to M.50 au acre.
Preemption now couilued to (surveyed
landa only.
Kecorda will be granted covering only land
auitable for agricultural purpoaea aud whioh
ia nou-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolfahed, bat
partiea of uot more thau four may arrange
tor adjacent pre-emptions with Joiut realdence, but eaeh milking ueceaeary improvementa on reapeotlve claims.
Fre-emptore muat occupy clalma for five
yeara aud make improvementa to value ol fig
Per aore, including objuring aud cultivation
of at leaat 5 ucre«. beiore receiving Crowu
Where pre-emptor'lu ocoupation uot lata
thau 1 yeara, aud haa mude proportionate
improvements, he may, because of Ill-health,
or other eauae, bc grauted intermediate oer-
tilioiite of lmprovemeut aud transfer hla
Records without permaneut realdeuee may
be iaaued, provided applioaut makes im-
proveuieutatoexteut of *3u-iper auuumaud
records same eaeh year. Failure to make improvements or reoord aame will operate aa
forfeiture. Title oaunot be obtulued iu less
thau 5 yeurs, uud improvements ol IIU.IHJ per
aore, iueludlng ti aerea o'earedaudoultlvated,
aud residenoe of at le.nl two years are res
l're-omptor holding Urowo grant may reoord auother pre-eiuptiou, if he requires laud
iuooisjuuotiou with hla farm without actual
occupation, provided atututory improvements
aud residence muiutaiued ou Crown grauted
Uuaurveyedareas, uot exoeediug UU aorea,
may be leased as homesltea; title to be ob-
taiued after IulUlliug residential aud im •
provemeut conditions.
Fur graaing uud industrial purposes areaa
exceeding tilu aeres may be issued by oue per-
sou or oompany.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites ou Umber
laud exoeediug U acres may be Purchased:
conditions include paymuut of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows luaoeeaaible by existing roads may be purohuaed conditional upou
conslructiou of a roud to tbem. Rebate of
one-hall of coat of road, uot exceeding half
of purohase prloe is made.
The soope of this Aot is enlarged to include
"JI peraoua joining or   serviug   with   Uie
Ma|«aty'a iforcea.   The time within whioh the
heir* or deviaeea ol a deoeaeed pre-emptor
may apply for title uuder thia Aot la exteuded
from oue   year from the  death of   such
person, as formerly, uutil oue vear alter the
conclusion of the present war. Thia privilege
la also made retroactive.
sJilhlSlC-fettW"° Pfo-omPtloua are du* or
payable by aoldlera onprs-etnutlons recorded
u£y.ur.Ue "* m  V*™ ***^SwSSTS
.Ifu'1*1****'*'. te*****t at moneys acer u*t, das
and beeu paid aluoe August i, 1 »U, on ae-
oountof payments, fees or taxea on aoldlera'
pre eruptions.
mSAKW °? "gfoonouts to puroliaae town or
oity lota held isy member* of Allied Korssjs.
or dependents, acquired direct or Indirect,
remlttea.from cnlletmeut to Maroh 11,ltto.
Provision made for issuance of Crown
grants to sub-purohaaera of Crowu Landa,
who failed to complete purohase. Involving
forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of
purchaae, Interest and taxes. When sub-
purohaaea do not olaim whole of orlgnal par-
ool. purchaae prloe due and taxea may bo distributed proportionately .over whole area.
Apportions must be made by May 1,11120.
Graslng Aot, 1919. for ayatematlc development of livestock Industry provides for graaing diatrlcta and range administration under
Commissioner. Annual graslng permits
issued bated on numbers ranged; priority for
establlehed owners, Stook-owuera may form
Aeaootationa tor range management. Frees
or partially free.permlta for aettlera, oampert
or travellers, up to ten head.
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford


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