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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 7, 1925

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Ninety-nine out of every one hundred remain poor waiting for an opportunity to fall into their hands
V ctoria, Auguet 6.—A report
presented to the minister of labor
by the general superintendent ol
the government employ ment service
atates that unemployment waa not
at prevalent during the early part
ol 1924 at in tbe corresponding
periods ol previous yean. While
later oo many conditions led to lbe
congregation oi large numbers ol
unemployed men in tbe coast cities
end some distrete, conditions were
not such ts to necessitate any extensive rsliel manures. **
The amusements lor sending
men to tbe harvest fields ol theprai.
ries and to tbe trait growing die*
triete ol tbit provinoe are described
ae having proved very satistsotory.
Witb reference to tbe handling ot
fruit crops tbe superintendent states
tbat the problem is a tenons one.
The low prioes obtained by growers
hae compelled a low rate for Iruit
pickers. Wbere the work iB close o
the homes of the piokors and they
oan live tbere the problem is not so
great, bat wbere pickers have to
oamp or board tbey expect a mucb
greater return ior their labor tban
the industry is able to pay.
BeetsJ B.C, sack, perlb 04
Cabbage, B.C., crate.per lb,, .. .04
Celery, B C, crate.per Ib, 6c to .08
Celery, looal.crate, perlb, (tye to .07
Blueberries, Oot,  11 qt bskt,
2.75 10  3.00
Pescbes.Wash , Slappy, o.x.. 2 25
Car Arrivals—-2 cars potatoes, B.
C.; 1 oar oherries, B C; 7 cars 'fruit
aod vegetables, B.C ; 1 car can tan
loupes. Arizona; 1 car melooe,Carolina; 1 car apple, Wash.; 1 car
apricots, Wash.; 1 oar mixed fruit,
Wash.; 1 oar melons, Calif.; 2 care
cantaloupes, C Iif; 1 car mixed
fruit, Calif.
Alberta weather conditions bave
been good daring the past week,
light rains with cool cloudy conditions having been experienced oyer
the greater part ot the province,
Crops* prospects in most districts are
very fair.
The demand ior British Columbia
vegetables is tallint ofi as local sups<
pliee are beginning to be plentiful.
New potatoes still find a very (air
demand, but British Columbia stock
will from oow on bave to face competition Irom loot) supplies, be first
oar, red variety ot very (air quality,
arriving this morning.
' Berries and cherries in reduced
supply, with blackberries leading
in quantity. Wilh the tailing ofi
in raspberry arrivals prices ior
bltckberries ot good quality are stiffening.
Tomatoea, field grown, are arriv
ing  in larger quantity and prices
have dropped  considerably.   Field
cucumbers are in very little demand
and low prices prevail.
British Columbia green apples, in
crates, are well represented on tbe
market. Tbe stock is clean and on
the whole of very fair site and
should readily clean up at prevailing
Calgary wholesale prices:
Raspberries, B.C ,orate,2 50 to..l3.00
Cherries, BC, Bing,4 60 to.. 5.00
Cherries,B.C , L«mbert,4.60 to 5 00
Cherries, B.C , Olivet, Morello,
crate, 2 26 to  2.65
Blackberries, B.C.,crate,2 26 to. 2 50
Cherries, Black Repu'blic.crate. 8.26
Peaches, Calif., Crawlord.Qrade
3, box, 2.40 to  ..b*.
Plains,Wash., Burbank,Peach
•Tragedy, {orate  2 26
Plums, Wash., Tragedy, 4 bskt. 1 75
Plums, 0 sIif.,   Wickson, Kei-
-     sey, Diamond, crate,2.76. to 2 90
Piumt, B.C., jumble  1.60
Pears, Fancy, Calif., Bartlett,
Clapp'a Favorite, box  6.00
Appl'S, B.C , Traospareot,A8<-
traoban, orate,, 2.40 to ...... 2 60
Apricots, Wash., Tilsoo, crate 2 26
Apricots, Wash., Tilsoo, flats. 1.76
Tomatoes, B C.bothouse.crate. 6.00
Tomatoes,  B.C.,  field,  crate,
2.60 to  3.00
Cantaloup-e, Calif., Standard
7.26 to  7.60
Cantaloupes.Calif., Flats  2.76
Onions, B.C., Yellow, Sample
Qrade. sack, cwt  6.00
Onions, Wash., Yellow, Standard, saok, cwt  8 00
Lettuce,B.C., local, head,  per
dot, 90c to  1.00
'   Cucumbers, B.C.,   field, box,
65c to 85
Potatoes, B.C,   White, sack,
cwt......... i  8.00
Some of our Okanagan reader*
will probably be able to inform Tbe
Sun whether the following lish
stofry, priuted io a late issue of The
Youth's Companion, is baaed on
facta or fiction:
Every part ol tbe world, writes a
correspondent, has its animals of
peculiar interest to tbe tourist. If he
goes Houth to the couutry of the
sloth, he will see an animal whose
very existence he might deem impossible. II be goes to tbe prairies.
tbe ranchers in that country will
tell bim incredible stories of tbat
cunning wretch the coyote; if he goes
.still farther west into that little
region of dry lande in British Col
umbia about Okanagan lake, be will
find some very remarkable forms oi
>f)8eated early one warm September
evening on a hotel verandah in that
country, some tourists were comparing the strange creatures tbey
had seen. When they had talked
awhile a native of the place volunteered to introduce them to another
curiosity of natural history that
tbey might add to their collection.
So at bis invitation tbey followed
him down to a mountain stream
that emptied into the lake close by.
It was only a yard or so wide, but it
shot down over its steep course in a
tremendous hurry to reach he lake.
Close tinder the bank lay what
seemed to be reddish stones, from
eight to twelve inches loDg. Tbe
tourists were told to walk quietly to
tbe edge, kneel down, place tbeir
bands slowly in tbe water, tben just
as deliberately to grasp tbose red
thing*, keeping their hands carefully towards tbe e d pointing up.
stream. To tbeir amazement they
found oo lifting their prize from the
wat r tbat tbey nad a "kickninnie,"
a species of trout, and not a stone
at all. Tbe fun had started. Never
before bad they caught a fish with
nothing but their bare bands, and
in less tban hslf an bour the three
men bad caught enough fof the
breakfast of the guests nt fhe email
The kickninnies begin to rise trom
tho lake bottom when the September moon begins to show, nod the
"run" is most numerous as th
moon becomes full. Tben gradually
tbey decrease io number At no
other time of tbe yetr are they to
[be seen. Tbey will oot bite at a
hook; so they are never cangbt in
the lake. Some people say they are
a deep-water fieb' aod that they
come from the depths for tbe spawn
ing season only. Tbey dart with
wonderful swiftness up tbe current
and come to rest in a pool for a few
minutes, tben on up again, taking
advan'age of stones and twigs to
olamber up the rapids ot tbe stream
till they can go oo farther.
The boys go out at nigbt to these
streams with lanterns and gaff tbe
the fish as they dart by, for tbe
kickninnies prefer  to go  up   by
raited herring in 1924 also exceeded tbat of tbe previous year by
over 10,000 tons.
On tbe ocean of life many i
sails under false colors.
The best girls' finishing   school  is
It has oft*-*, est'mated that over
oro hundred :>rd fifty thousand pso-
ple attended the Calgary Stampede
this year. A historical pageant mon-'
than fivs milas )on-j was the opening feature of the jubilee.
With an estimated attendance of
five thousand each, twenty conventions have been booked to take place
in Montreal for August, September
and October, according to figures
from the Tourist and Conventiot
Bureau of that city.
moonligbt ratber tban in tbe daytime. This practice of gaffing had
to be stopped, as the fish were so
easily caught that it was- feared tbey
would be exterminated. One-old-
timer used to build a Jam across
tbe stream and catcb tbem by the
hundreds to spread ae a fertilizer on
his land. He took for his own
wants what be could use, salted
down wbat he needed for a winter
supply, and tbe rest be spread out
undet bis peach and apple trees.
Now, however, the law forbids any
sucb wasteful use of tbe fish, wbicb
without some protection of tbe sort
would unquestionable become ex
Courage, Comrade
Yon can not always reoognize a
man of science at first sight. Robs
ert U. Johnson in Remembered
Yesterdays tells of hearing an Eng ish
woman, a writer, say to Nicola Tes.
la, the brilliant inventor:
"And you, Mr. Tesla, what do
you do!"
"Oh,I dabble a little in electricity."
•Indeed! Keep at it and don't be
discouraged You may end by doing
something some day."
Tbis to the man who had sold the
inventions used at Niagara to the
Westinghouse company for a million
dollars anJ had lived to rue the
Victoria, August 6.—A ut-w record io tbe salmon p«ck of British
Columbia is net by figures for 1924,
contained in the annual report of
the commissioner of fisberi b just
issued Tbe pack last season totalled
1,745,313 c»3es, 400,000 cases larger
than any pack in the laat five years-
and exceeding the previous n cord
of 1918 by 129,156 cases. This increase is due almost entirely to the
paok nf pinks and chums, constituting 77 per cant of the whole. There
was a slight increase in tbe pack ot
sock eyes.
Tbe value of tbe fishery   produc-
ouctiun   of   tbe   province  for 1923
amounted to 820,794,915 out of tbe
Dominion's total of $42,565r545, or
almost 49 per cent.   The.ouput was
two and one balf tions as  much as
tbat  of Nova  Scotio, the second in
rank.    The   value  of   tbe   halibut
fisheries   in   1923   was 9*2,353,552
more than in 1922, and as tbe catcb |
of 1924 waB 2,979,200 pounds larger!
than   that  of   1923   tbe figures of j
value, wben prepared, will   show  a
great increase    The   pack  of dry-1
It is expected that when Hon,
Honors Mercier, Minister of Lands
a*ici Forests, returns to Canada, a
thorough organization of the aviation branch of the Quebec Lands
end Forests Department will take
place. It is reported that the Prov
ince is to purchase several more
hydroplanes, to be used for forestry
research work, as well as for combatting forest fires and other work.
Church dignitaries, sta -Ss.-.en and
thousands of laymen congregated ia
ancient Quebec to be present at the
wonderfully impressive ceremoniea
attendant upon the burial of the
late Cardinal Begin. The Basilica,
which has only recently been reconstructed and opened to the public, presented a scene of colorful
beauty and majestic dignity while
the profoundly sorrowful services
were being recited.
Japanese Alpinists Climb at Jasper
At this year's Cross-country Ride
and Pow-wow of the Trail Riders
af the Canadian Rockies it is expected that approximately one hundred riders will cover a new trail
wnich extends from Marble Canyon
on the Banff-Windermere Road over
the Wolverine Plateau and past Lake
O'Hara to Hector, while between
230 and 300 are expected at the
Pow-wow near the Wapta Bungalow
Camp. While ont west Field Marsha! Earl Haig signed on as a member of the Trail Riders.
On the occasion of the departure
from England of a party of one
hundred school-teachers on board
the "Empress of Scotland" to visit
Canada and study educational methods here, His Majesty the King sent
the following message to the International Education League: "His
Majesty congratulates the League
upon the happy conception of the
undertaking which will give opportunities to study the educational
system in Canada and to gain an insight into her history, development
and general resources.
British Columbia police are
about to undergo a metamor
phosis and from a band of
plain clothes men they will
soon appear as nattily khaki-
clad officers, a la South African constabulajy or Royal
Canadian Mounted Police,
with variations.
Some of the nniforms have
arrived and the Vancouver
staff have been attempting to
find tunics and other garments which fit. The hand
of a tailor will Jemove the
slack from the suits now enveloping the thin ones, and
the excess can be used to advantage in uniform intended
for corpulent constables and
Perhaps the greatest disappointment hus been over
the high tiding boots. Either
the boots are at fault or the
British Columbia police foet
are peculiar. At any event,
the feet descend as far, as the
bend ofthe ankle, but will go
no farther
Surrounding the tunic and
the man inside it is a heavy
leatheJ belt, from which suspends a revolver holster, and
extending across the chest
and over the shoulder is an-
another strip of leatheJ, intended for ornamental and
useful purposes.
Beautiful designed badges,
being the province's coat of
arms surmounted by a crown,
with the words, "British Columbia Police,," decorate the
Polishing of buttons will
be a regular daily duty for
members of the force.
Arrangements are being
made to enable the office
staff to wear long trousers;
the concensus of opiniou be
Ing that cord breeches, high
boots and spurs are not neces
sary for this kind of work.
The uniform is completed
by a wild and woolly sombrero; these have not yet arrived.
EADED by Yuko Maki, under
secretary of the Japanese
Alpine Club, sue noted Japanese Alpinists have left Jasper
Park Lodge, at Jasper, Alberta,
for a twenty-five days' trip into
the Columbia Icefield, one ',t the
least-known portions of the Can-
•edian Rockies. Their trip will
take them to the headwaters of the
A' abasca and North Saskatchewan Rivers, and an endeavor will
be made to climb Mount Alberta, a
virgin peak which has so far defied 'all efforts to conquer its
highor slopes. Members of the
party state that if the territory
lives up to their expectations it
will attract hundreds of Japanese
Alpinists annually. The expedition is elaborately equipped scientifically and the equipment in-1
dud* still aad   motion picture!
cameras and a complete dark room
with which pictures will be developed in the field. Three Swiss
guides, Heinruch Fuhrer, Hans
Kobler, and Jean Webber, from
Jasper Park. Lodge, are accompanying the party and five guides
and forty horses from the outfitting stables of Fred Brewster, are
being used on the trip. This is thc
largest party which has left the
Lodge this year, and the first party
Japanese Alpinists    to
of the
of „,,,,,___
some of the untried fields
Canadian Rockies.
The party is shown ready for thc
start from the Brewster ranch.
Left to right—N. Okabe, M. Ha-
tano, Y. Mita, S. Hashimoto, Y-
Maki, Fred Brewster, Outfitter; H.
Fuhrer, J. Webber, H. Kohler,
Swiss Guides,
That 69,000 harvesters would ba
required to handle this year's crop,
of which the East would be expected
to supply 60,000, was the estimate
arrived at last week at a conference
of various governments held in the
Canadian Pacific offices at Winnipeg. In the meantime the Canadian
Pacific Railway has taken all necessary steps to transport the army of
harvesters. Their colonist cars and
special equipment has been overhauled and the company is now fully
prepared for its annual rush ef harvesters.
George Morris Bosworth, Chairman of the Canadian Pacific Steamships, who died in London, England,
on the morning of July 26th, from
septic poisoning following an operation for appendicitis, was with tha
company almost from its inception.
He was 68 years old when he died,
joined the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882 and was head of tha
steamship service for nearly seven
years. When informed ef Mr. Boa-
worth's death, E. W. Beatty, K.C,
chairman and president of the eompany, stated that in his opinion Mr.
Bosworth had had no equal in the
country as a manager of railway
traffic and added that "the company
deeply regrets the passing of another
cf the old guard, whose ability and
effort so largely contributed te ths
company's success.-* **■>■ *.
How to Get Decorated
With the wholesale disappearance
of crowned heads from the European
seene ribbons and decorations are not
ho easily to be had aa former y. But
here is a way of acquiring them tbat
was once useful, if we may believe
tha story that the late B nry Lao
bouchere told in his newspaper Trnth.
I once conferred, he said, a vaat
number of decorations on an individual; that is to say, I told him how to
got them. He was au Italian—rich,
noble and a fool. He confided to me
that lifo was a burden because he had
no decorations.
I said to him: "Pay some one to
wiite a book upon the antiquities of
your province; pay some one elee to
illustrate it; publish il in folio and
him d a copy, beautifully bound, to
every crowned head in Europe. Two*
thirds of tliem will repay yeu wilh a
Two years later I saw him again.
He had followed my advice. He waa
covered witb pieces of metal attached
to variegated jibboos. He pressed my
hand; tears of gratitude glistened in
his eyes.
He makes a false
pects a true.
wife   that   Mis*
Lawyers are   always   willing    to
work with a will.
A   wise  man  does his duty; a
doea hia friends—and loses them.
foo 3te <Srattb mark*. Bun
a. a.
One Year (in the United States) ...„!„.'.'.'.'.'.*.'.'.';.'.'.';   l.'S
Addresr-" .'cations to
Phone 101R •Thb Gb.a*d FoRK • s™
.  Gkai-jd Fokks, B. 0'
Notes • Notions • Notables
can turn it by a touch of tbe finger. On this
night the tower was so soaked by the heavy
seas that much of the mercury was spilled out
over the concrete floor of the light chamber.
The three guards fell im, their knees, scooped
up the mercury in their hands aud poured it
back into the trough.
Lovers of tbe Indian—and the number of
them increase as we study him dispassionately
and review tRe history of our dealings with
him—will be glad to know that he is not vanishing but gaining. The full-bloods are holding their own, and those of mixed   blood are
increasing at the rate of a thousand a year.
Forty tbree thousand live on their own farms
in the States, and western  banks  hold $:J5,-
000,000 of Indian money. Of eighty thousand
Indian children of school age sixty-five  tho u.
sand are in school—a larger proportion  than
among white children.
Editor Orand Forks Sun:
Sir:—My attention has been drawn to a
letter from F; J. D. Darnjum, published in
theToronto Telegram of June 27th It contains a quotation from Sir John WUlison, to
the (tfect that when a nation exports raw materials abroad its sons will be sure to follow
I those raw materials out of the country.
'I     Tt:. :- --— * *        ■
Yucatan's sizal trade is receiving attention
and it is hoped to restore her dominance of
the industry. A commission from tlie fe leral
department of commerce and Industry at
Washington will present a project for the
organization of a large cooperative organization, in which every factor interested in the
production, transportation and sale of sizal
will be represented.
The oceans of the world have an area of
about 139,000,000 square miles and their combined volume is about 302,000,000 cubic miles
The average depth is two miles and the deepest known dep^h is five miles A gallon of
ordinary sea water contains about one quarter
pound of salt.   From a study of the I eds of
,.; CS ^ *
This is strange doctrine, in view of the enor
mous aud most profitable export trade of this
kind from the United States and from  Great
Britain. Think, for example, of the  immense
quantities of raw cotton sent every year from
American cotton plantations to Europe.    Has
it been found that this produces an exodus of
Americans  to tbe centers abroad where this
material is manufactured? Or should a crusade
be started to keep British coal at home, "con
serving" it for tho development of British industries? No one see in-j to have  proposed, as
Mr. Barnjum proposes about pulpwood,  that
such export business should be stopped.
There is an analogy closer still. Every year
we export great quantities of Canadian lumber. A very large part of it is just as truly
"raw" material for manufacturing purposes as
is pulpwood. Whatever force belohgs to the
contention that we sliould keep our pulpwood
in Canada will be at least equally availahftj*-*!**,!
the case of raw Ibmber. hut. I observe that
neither Mr. Bar jum nor anyone else has ex
tended the argument to include embargo on
such material as he does not need in his own
The truth is, of course, that re have no
guarantee—and that there is not even a probability of Canadian mills using more than a
very small proportion of the pulpwood we
now export, and that properly directed cutting
is itself an aid to the conservation of our  for
m.~.~ TC
Say "Bayer"- Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer
Cross" on tablets you are not
getting the genuine Bayer product proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians for 25
Accept only a
Bayer, package
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 ti'Weta
Also bottles of 24 anil 100—Druggists
Aspirin In tlm trfttle ir,nr*.: fivylftcrfil In
Can:;iln! of Buyer jlfnitilflict'iro of Muliu-
aceticucltsester of Sullcyllciicla,
^plication, for immediate purchase of Lot.
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Priee..~From $25.00 per lot upward..
Term.,-Ca.h and approved payment..
W of Lota nnd  prIccK may bc ^^ '
City Oflice.
City Clerk.
According to J. M. Gibbon, secretary of the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies, who recently left Montreal for the West, the annual crosscountry ride and pow-wow undertaken by that organization, is becoming so popular that lovers of the
outdoors from England and Australia are attending this year, in addition to the members from the
United States and Canada.
The "Beatty Boys," four Britisl
youngsters, brought out here by E.
W. Beatty, K.C, President of thc
Canadian Pacific Railway, to study
Canadian farm methods, arrived in
Canada on the "Montcalm" this
month. They are expert farmers
selected by the Minister of Agriculture from the members of the Young
Farmers' Club of Great Britain and
will remain in Canada for two
months ai the guests of Mr. Beatty,
'.Ve are ,S'*'MSts t.rr \U: wo 11 known Massey-
Harris line' oi' farm equipments Lhi us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furiuluro nnd I/ardwnre
.... - »iuu. ui me : eas of jj itself an aid to the conservation of our for
rock salt underlying Strassfort, Gerniany.New osts.   If our agitators for embargo are so
STork state, Ohio, Michigan and Kansas, and much concerned to keep this material at hrsmp
Cheshire, England, it is suoooseH i(i««» *— ■
er      s -       e*,  -^--iA,*J.x\jx l, sjsji Many   filfiii, . Tt, -—-.~..  .j,  uui
Fork.state, Ohio, Michigan and Kansas and \     \       ™ agiUt°rS for embar8° are
Cheshire, England, it is «p^^^2^noerB«!j t0 keeP *-■ "".teriS at home,
are dn«rl.nn ;„.„„,, ....      v areas they have an obvious method of doing so. Le
I thorn an min sU„ „ i„.. .  . .     ***_.
That elk, in the Panther River
country, not far from Banff, are
rapidly increasing in number and
may possibly become a menace, is
the opinion of Belmore Brown, an
artist of New York who recently returned from a painting tour through
the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Brown
is regarded as an authority on wild
animals and states that there will
ba, ten years from now, 10,000 elk
In the district, unless steps are taken
to decrease their numbers.
,    — -e--—--*A,   as.  10 1
'ire dried up inland seas.
Five hundred peopla will be employed in
an arti'Fcial flower factory recently establish,
ed in Porto Rica by a New Yorker,
French-Canadian agricultural experts, theologians, students and others, touring the country under the
auspices of the University of Montreal express unanimous amazement
at the agricultural development of
British Columbia, the scenery of Al-
them go into the market and buy it.   There is
abundance freely offered for sate.and with the - * •"»- -v-op-w 01
vast projects they have in mind for fUnns-i;,, British Columbia, the scenery of ai-
miils  they  must surely  reouire it  {„ £ertB; the f«j-™'fl* Manitoba, the
nssol   ft*        mt au'v*J    requite   It   in  great beauties  of  Northern   Ontario  and
  quaiiuities.  lhe price, too, is fair. the vastness of the count.™ 1- <,.„.
Monuments to characters in fiction are  notlsti^ ti^i h\thishst Point lie*   the real
 ™       • "ion-are notj sting.    I hough there is no likelihood that un
common. There is the great Scott memorial
in Edinburgh, round the pedestal of which
iiere are statues of several of Sir Walter's
l• sst lo.ved characters. ' There may be others,
1 hough they do not at the moment occur to
us, But Hannibal, Missouri, proposes to erect
on Cardiff Hill a monument to Tom Sawyer
and Huckleberry Finn, those immortal creations of Mark Twain. The suggestion is au
interesting one. Perhaps other cities will follow the example. Why not Hester Prynne at
.Salem or Chingachcook at Cooperstown or
Rip Van Winkle on the shore Of the Hudson?
English willow, because of its lightness and
adaptibility, is largely used in making artificial limbs.
the vastness of the country in gen- j
eral. A similar excursion left Toronto recently under tbe auspices of
the Teachers'-Federation of Canada j
alao ever Canadian Pacific lines, and j
will return the middle ef August.
Widening the FJeJd
Doubtless at the pK'seiit 1 i*i 14* a on use
the telephone for the purpose of hayitig
social communications with friends in
your community. With the same ease
you can add to your telephone calling
list those friends who reside many rriles
away, for the long distance telephone is
well suited lo friendly talk trips.
If une has a suspicion that lie is
becoming a bore, he should begin to
spread flattery at once.
Did you ever see a real sailor wearing what
we call a "sailor hat" of straw? It must be
seventy-five years 'since mariners ceased to
wear that sort of head covering. Probably
rhey discovered what so mauy others have
discovered—that the hat is not nearly so
comfortable as it looks.
The first of the famous doges, or rulers of
Venice, Italy, was Simon Boccanera.celebrated
iu history, song and drama. He seized two
terms as doge, and was poisoned by enemies
iu Genoa in 1363.
Bishop's light rises near the Scilly islands
and gives a grim warning of the dangers of
the coast. It is one of the most exposed lighthouses in the world and the three tenders have
a lonesome time. During a recent storm the
beams  from  Bishop's rock came near to fall- .„„„„„.     e 1
ms    .. .       . , .- t-AXAia, a atmuuvi ceacner or
ing    The light weighs several  tons,  and  re- Montreal, arrived in the city Sunday eveningj
volves on supports resting in a circular trough will visit her brother. W. C. Chalmers, for a
ofmeicury. It is balanced so delicately a child fortnight.
 u.iui/uu umi tinier embargo the Canadian mill owners would
use pulpwood in much greater quantities than
at present, they would undoubtedly get such
material as they did use at a much cheaper
rate. Therein we find the key to this tireless
agitation, If the advocates of embargo had
their way, there is indeed one set of "sons of
Canada" that might well be driven across the
line, viz., thrise owners of wood-lots who
should have found their legitimate source of
income taken from them by new laws of their
native land. .     * Economist.
c4ncient History*
Tak un FflOM Twenty-Ykar Old Sun Files.]
Work was commenced at Midway last week
on the Midway Princeton section of the Great
Northern railway.
The sound of the carpenter's hammer is
heard in every direction in this city. It makes
pleasant music as a substitute for railway construction,
Louis W. Hill, president of tne S. F. & N.
and branches, arrived in the city yesterday in
his private car and visited the Granby smelter.
II. W. Warrington, superintendent of the
Kettle Valley line, states that contracts for
fifty miles of the North Fork extension of the
road will   e let next spring.
Hay, McCallum & Wright have secured
office quarters in the building next the Columbia post office.
The funeral ofthe late .Mrs. Hector Kelly ^urr^|
took place on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock Tftab*et8 including Mall Oh-rg.>rT.
as previously arranged. 3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and  Middle-aged
Youthfulness, Energy and Fit-
ness, retards mental and physical
decay,    thus    promoting longevity,
Preserves  the arteries   and  tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying   ailments
as Head noises, deriveal most imnio
diate beneflt.    Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression ind Ner«
vousnesB is banished under the influence of these1 Life-giving    Tablets
Wrinkles, hard  lines and  blemishes
disappear.    The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and tlio complexion
bright and smooth.    Think   of the
blessings of perfect   health, the possesion of few; the joy of a clear Youth.
ful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of   radiant
life and the realisation that Tims has
been put back Ten years to the onvy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of   your,
self.    Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass?    Remember
tbere are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi   are  there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation   with   increased   mental
and   bodily vigour.    Why not look
and feel 30 at 50?   Do not delay,
commence   tho   treatment   at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable   benefits.   The price of   these  Marvellous
Miss T m,,00 ns.„i , , -yolM,MPer bott*e, dispatched ii
miss isouise Chalmers, a school teacher of pIam wraPPeron receipt of amount
I  I ) 11  I   I'I *!-)  1 'I Inn  ssn.l     ...      il. s. t~* -. *-**-! n,    .       .
Obtainable from
I>r. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool Hoad.-Barnsbury,
London, England.
British   Coluii bia  Telephone
Con-pany j!
An Opportunity to Win 15,000
A Beautiful Art Calen derj,'Free
The Grand Forks Sun has concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which wo can offer the
greatest bargain evor given to newspaper readers,
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art oal
endar with a most boautiful picture subject ready for framing, aod an opportunity to win a prize of $5,000cash.
Tn tho Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election!
The Eumly Herald aud Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
in94 prizes for the but ustim ito, mid our trringjarjat with the publishers
of that great woekly gives every Grand Forks Sun subscriber an* opportunity
to make an estimate and perhaps win the eapital prize of (5,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not be you?
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and  Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a foil year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
All for S2.00
Estimates must b : nade at time of subscribing, and no changes will be
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
Sun's Page|f People and Events of Passing News Interest
Earl Hnlr at Winnipeg UlrtU tho throttle of
the C.P.U. engine which pulled hli ppccltl train
.ttrois Canada.
■    ■      tf   .-
French Canada Celebrates Its History
June 24th ot every year is the great
day of the French-Canadian,.
In every city and every hamlet of
Quebec Province and in the cities and
centres of the New England States
and in those parts of Ontario and
the West where he has migrated St.
Jean Baptiste Day ls never overlooked. It is well that it should be
to and lt introduces Into Canada an
Old-World seventee&th century atmosphere that Canadians as a whole
could 111 afford to lose, either artistically or historically. Our pictures
show some Interesting features taken
from floats exhibited on this, occasion. There ls the heroic 17th century farmer defending gun in hand
his crops which his father and
women   folk   are   leaping.    Tha
children on their way to sohool
watch ths housewife baking her
bread In the old-fashioned oven
which ls still in extensive use ln Quebec Provinoe. The making of maple
sugar, an Industry developed from
the researches of Dr. Sarrazln ln
1685, ls yet another popular float
which alwaya figures in the ceie-
Smaller Market
Is ISiever Used As a Dumping Ground
That's -why a place like Mouse Jaw averages a Im ttcr price than larger
cities.    It is true.    Try it out.    We need carloads of
Apples, Onions and Mixed Fruits
We have the outlet and can secure best prices for your cars. Roll them
to us and put us to the test. No shipment too small, or none too large
Wholesale Hay, Coal, Iruit and Produce
Moose Jaw, Sask.
$1 Brings The Sun to You for 1 Year THE SUN: GBAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Ore shipments from the Rock
Candy mine to tbe Trail smelter
have not yet been started, but it is
s ated tbat they will begin within a
a week or two.
Ed Davis, one of tbe fir.-u merchants of Orand Forks, arrived in
tbe city on Monday from Vancouver
for a visit witb bis brothers, Jeff
and Stanley, and old friend.
Several carloads of cattle were
shfpped from Kettle Valley this
This is fine weather for irrigating,
Tbe days are getting shorter aod
tbe time during whicb tbe people
caa consistently complain about tbe
bot weather is being gradually reduced.
Miss Maosoo, a school teacher
from Chicago, is visitng in tbe cily
at the bome of ber brother, George
A latter received in tbia city fro ui
Mrs. F, W. Russell, wbo is now
at Savannah, Mo., with ber husband, states tbat an operation bad
been performed od Mr. Russell for
cancer and tbat tbe doctors bad
stated tbat tbere was one chance in
five of bim being permanently cured
of lbe disease,
8. H. M. Staines and J. C. Taylor made an automobile rip to tbe
Okanagan on Saturda/ and Sun-,
day Tbey visitsd Peacbland, Sals,
iiion Arm and other point*;.
The Norih Fork farmers enter-*
Uitied the valley farmers at a picnic
a Pass creek last Sunday. Thare
•vere no contentious disputes as to
.lerits of tbe two valleys, but every*
i idy had a good time.
Mrs. Dodd was taken to the
'irand Forks hospital yesterday for
* jurpical operation.
Mr. Sbafer, of   Qreenwood, spent
few days in tbe city tbis week.
Mrs. J.C. Taylor visited in Greeo-
.vuod on Monday.
It is reported tbat Wm. Jewell, a
f .finer C.P.R. conductor, died re*
. otly in Mexico.
H. F. Dore, wbo bas been relievx
i ■■ at tbe Bank of Commerce in
• i eenwood, returned ao the city on
h turday.
It is reported that the forest fires
i" tbs Beaverdell district are assuma
ina alarming proportions, Tbe Bell
m.d Bally mines have suspended
ii lerationl and tbeir entile crews
I. .ve joined tbe fire fighters, About
ii) meu are fighting liivs in tin;
Vicinity of that camp.
Tbe nineteenth annual conven-
tion of the Western Canada Irriga<
tion association waaheldin Kelowna
last ws-ek, witb about 200 delegates
In atteodaoce. The importance of. the corrector
tbe association iu the welfare of the
country was evidenced by the presence of the lieuteinint-governor of
Biitish Columbia, Hod. Walter C.
Nichol, wbo formally opened the
convention by a short address
in which he showed his familiarity with the problems fao.
ing those who farm   irrigated  land
Tbis was foilowed by an address of
welcome by the mayor of Kelowna,
D. W. Sutherland. James Colley,
of Lethbridge, was secretary. Grote
Stirling, M.P., chairmen of tbe executive of tbe association, stressed
the importance of tbe convention
botb .in tbe address giveo and io
the discussion that followed.
(President   Grccr   College   of  Aulo-
motlve Engineering, Chicago)
There are a number of factora
to be considered to insure good
Ignition: breaker points must be
kept clean and make perfect contact; make sure that the points
separate the proper, distance; <joil
connections must ba tight; test for
a broken down conrlensor; there li
considerable wear on the distributor segments, same can be cleaned
With 00 sandpaper.
Do not run spark plug wires
through fiber or motal tubing; cut
grooves ln two blocks of fiber and
run wires through grooves and bolt
the blocks together. This will overcome considerable ignition trouble.
A short ln the light wiring will
cause battery to discharge, and
tnay also cause a fire. The presence of a short is indicated by a
haavy dlsoharge tbrough the ammeter; a short la caused by a wire
pinching between the* frame of the
car, breaking the insulation; for
emergency repairs use friction tape
to Insulate the wire from frame.
A good many arrests are being
tnade for not having a tail light
burning. The tall light should be
connected ln series with the dash
light and then ln the event that the
tall light goes out the dash light
will go out also. When a six-volt
battery ls used, dash and tall light
(lobes must be three to four volts
each, six to eight volts on head
lights) with a twelve-volt battery,
stash and tall lights must be six to
eight volts, head lights twelve to
sixteen volts.
The horn must respond the minute the button ls pressed. With a
little attention it will respond; lubricate the bearings by removing
the horn cover, clean commutator
with 00 sandpaper. To adjust iir.rn
loosen adjusting screw, turn with
screwdriver and adjust to get the
Best possible sound. It the motor
commutator ls badly worn, horn
Should be taken off and armature
must be put in a lathe to true up
the commutator, new brushes and
Brush springs should be Installed.
There are times when the ignition switch ls misplaced or lost and
it ls absolutely Impossible for the
average driver to start car without
the aid of a skilled electrician.
Here are a few instructions on
how to get the car started. In
eases where magneto ignition is
Used remove magneto ground wire,
and the car will start without any
trouble.   .
A car equipped with battery Ignition can be started by connecting
ii *wlre to the live side of the staring switch to one side of the ignl-
lon coll so that tlie current will
So through the coil before it goes
irough the breakor points.
To make sure that the wire is
(Bonnectsd to the right side of the
Starting switch touch the wire to
the frame of the cim- and if a spark
Or short is produced the connection Is O. K.
Partly Accurate
People who make positive statements seldom enjoy being corrected.
Lucky they who like tho father of a
family in Punch, know how to rebuke
The father was taking
his family through the natural history
museum They all stopped before a
stuffed ostrich and papa said:
"This 'ere is the hostrich, now extinct."
"But. dear,'' interrupted tbe wife,
'"surely the hostrich ain't   extinct."
"Well," declared the father tenaciously, "this one is."
Tbe Sua Presses have twice tbe
speed of any otber presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
on both long and short inns of commercial printing and give yoa a superior class of work.
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Are-it Grand Forks Tonnslt*
CompsDjr, Limited
Farms    ^Orchards    City Property
r^gsnts st Nelson, Cal-rarr, Wlhnlpcr sust
other Prairie points. Vauoosiver Agent* :
Rstebllshed Initio, we sn ta i, position to
tarnish reliable Information poneernlusj this
Write for free I Iterstn re
E.G. Henniger Co.
Scientists recently completed a
microphone ehat is said to reoord
sounds made by small insects, gen.
erally believed to be mute.
One kind of tough luck it to strike
oil when boring for water.
Every boy's mind is an abode of
wondei*8 if yon only knew what was
going on thero
If you can get joy to spend one day
with you, maybe tbe next time he'll
make -a week cf it.
Better  a   little  well kept, than a
great deai forgotten.
Happily, if onehas a large fanxi'y,
he hasn't time to worry   about  any
hing sloe.
It may be that men might be hand
somer if they didn't have t. think so
It is next to impossible to be dis.
agreeable to a man who is polite to
Superstition   is another of' those
things we don't explain but just have.
Repair Work.
Set Building Done
to Order.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
P. O. Box 82
Memh-ar N.R.I.
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars* Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka* B. C.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
11- Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, ft. C.
ShipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
Wepay the highest price and assnre
you ths most accurate tast. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Get the habit of
trading at our
We have exceptionally good bar*
gains in all our
Phone SO
Prize Winning Canadian Peonies Exhibited In London
;»!••;,**■,•''<';••■ *';**"jp****-»*****3'-''*' -Jv-y.V" |
This unique picture shows the much discussed Canadian Peonies grown in Montreal by Mr.
Ormiston Roy and shipped to England in cold storage in a Canadian Pacific vessel, on exhibition
in the window of the Canadian Pacific offices in London, England. The Royal Horticultural Society
has presented the Banksia Silver Medal to Mr. lioy and several London papers have remarked
editorially upon the extraordinarily perfect condition of the blooms after their long sea voyage. An
interesting feature of the picture is that in the window may be seen the reflection of the new Canadian
Building which stands almost /directly opposite the Caiiadian Pacific Offices and was recently opened
by the King and Que$n.
bound in white oilcloth, which haa made good
cooks of thousands of house-keepers, who pre-
vioualy could not cook at all, it yours if you
will call or 'phone ua at once.
'"Service and Quality'
Phone 25
kiiie titer.* on CLEVELAND
IT brings the whole country for miles aronnd within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models! They're aa graceful aa swallows! Aa
bright as new coin I As weatherproof as a duokl Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Baay Terms. We are tbe people'.to mount you right,
J. R. MOOYBOER SftS8r&fi£5%
Open Saturday Evenlnfta Till 10 o'Cloek
THE HUH—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.— GEO.   ARMSON
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
^pHE value oi well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a meanaof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Businsss cards
Vir'f'ng cards
Sh* ~ing tags
n Pamphlets
Price lists   -
New Type
Latest Stylo]
Transfer Co.
sIMvra a Hansen. Prope-; ;■
City Paggage and General
"*~        Transfer^
Coal,  Wood and  Ice
(or Sale
Offlo* at [R. F. Fettle's Store
Y£de~Barber Shor
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Tali Horn, First'* iiuwr
ke ft* —fta* ky
■ ars* 11 rwi •< ac*.
sa issisrfnf Intuition,
British suhjeeta, eendi-
it   iar   aaitonlturml
ssno***nlns rssru-
flrm la B*alk*-Un~No. *, Ual Beat**.
Fre-empt Laat," oopioe el
'   shtstosd fires at obanre
■'turn te Trass
wkbsh saa ke ab
by sitrisslsa
t-usta, Vtotstle,
MjO, at ta aar Oar
will k* arsatod oovorlns
taif **** aoltakl* tar asrlooltaral
puranais. aad wklsk Is aat tlmber-
laai. Us, earrrla** ever Mt* boar*
(Ml par aar* waat at ths Coast Hangs
*a4 MM -aet por aoro oast of that
fer pre-emption* aro
to M sHrsssil ts ths Laa* Com-
mla-doaer at ths Laad Rsoordlnt Ol -
vlrfoa, 1a wSseh tha laitf appUM Sor
io on
toraaa  nnptss of wBtoh oan be ob'
tateod treat ths Laat Commissions,
mast bo occupied for
fan) paars aaa tmpr*vomsuta mats
ta valu* of fit por aoro, including
nUartii** aaa salttvatla* at lasst ara
■sue, beforo a Crown Orant ean b*
far mere detailed lafon-stlon soo
the    B-silloUa    "How    to    Fro-empt
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen short
ly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C.
Uorainhm Menu u«ntal Vfatka
Aabt-atos Pttmiur 'a Co. I
A**-alloaUen* aro reoelved for pt /■
ohsss ef vaoant aad unrsservod
Ojswa lands, net bolus tlraborland.
fer agricultural par-pesos; minimum
Mas af flrst-olass (arable) land Is H
por aoro, sad ssosnd-olaw (g-raslng)
laad It.lO por aoro. runner infer-
matloa regarding purebaso or leas*
ot Orawn lands Is given In Bulletin
Ms. It, Land torios, "Purohase aad
lasae ot Crown Lands."
Mill, Baetorr, sr Industrial sites en
Umber laad, not exceeding <W aores,
mar ba pamhssit or loosed, th* eon-
dMsas      teetadtag      pajrraont      of
Va*mrrotr*4 areaa, aot exceeding M
aerss, mar bo loosed aa homosltss,
osadltlonal upon a dwolllnt botes
oreotod in the flrst roar, tltla botes
obtainable attar residence and Im
pi-ovsataat eondltlons ara fulflll.il
b**n rarverod.
aad tednstrlal purposes araaa not eaeeedlng **b aaros
aar ho leaaed br ono person or a
Undor tho OraainK Aat the Ftov-
teee la dlrldsd into s***lns disMeta
sad ths raaco admlnUterod undor a
Oraates Comml-sjlonor. Annua]
s-raatev psrmlts ar* issued based on
numbers ranted, priority botes slvm
to *otabll*h»d owners. Stock-owner*
mar form association* for rant*
nanas-*m*nt Fru, or psutlslly fr**,
ormlt* ar* »T«J!abl* for Mttl.rs,
arapcr-s   ond   tr-Y«ll.rs.   up   to   « !


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