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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 3, 1926

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"The Robb budget is winning golden opinions everywhere."—Vancouver Daily Province.
F. B. Cossitt
Liberal candidate for YbIp, wbo
will make bis first speech More a
Grand Forks audience in Ibe Enn
press theatre next Tuesday (• vening.
E. Bailey, an old timer of tbe
Boundary, :n Wednesday purchased
Ralph L. Hodgson's interest in tbe
MoLeod & Hodgson busfoeas, one
of tbe oldest de; art ment Btores in
the oity. Mr Bailey bas also pur
chased Mrs. Munro's residence od
Winnipeg avenue. Mr, Hodgson
■nd family, it ie understood, intend
to meve east.
\ <<
"Tell me what you Know Is ln*j
1 can'suess as well as you."C
dent. Mr. Smut i« todjy president
ind has fnr many years guided ils
fortunes in tbat capacity.
For some years he and his assistants bad an uphill fight. They nn
only moved traffic bu helped to
oreate it by finding Canadian and
foreign markets for Canadian products aod by scientific rate making
encouraging tqe farmer, fruit grower
and othets whose markets were far
away. Tbe growth of tha company
over those many years is an interest*
ing story, and it is in important
chapter in the commercial history of
thit* country, and its present ] posi'
tion wbere it is daily entrusted witb
hundreds of millions of dollars in
gOT"B and treasure by tbe public,
business institutions and the govts
ernment, is a matter for justifiable
pride. The booklet ie handsomely
illustrated and is being widely distributed wherever tbe company
Dominion Express G o.
Changes Its Name
After forty four years of operotion
during wbicb il has grown up with
the couotry and contributed in no
amall way to Canadian develop--
ment, the Dominion Express com."
pany will not be known by tbat
name. On the firat of tbis month
the name of that great transportation agency was chunged to tbe Canadian Pacific Express company. In
all parte of Canada and the United
State* aud throughout tbe civilized
world signs on tbe windows of the
many hundreds of branch offices
were changed, aud tbus will be
forged a -still closer link with the
great parent oompany whose railroad, steamships and hotels are
koowo around the world.
To mark tbe change of name tbe
oompany has issued an attractive
little booklet giving a sbort history
of its career and a synopsis of ils
present widespread activities. The
Dominion Express oompany wae in.
Oirporated io 1873, but it wae in
1882 tbat Mr. Van Home, tben
president of tbe C.P.R., took it over
a< an operating part of the Canadian
Paciflo railway. H. Q. A. Kirk
pat'ick.later Sir Qeorge Kirkpatrick,
lieutenant-governor of Ontario, was
its presideot, and W. S. Stout,
young but thoroughly experienced
express man, became its superintend
After it bad digest-ad tbe full text
of the Robb budget tbe Vancouver
Dafly Province said "it was win
ning golden opinions everywhere."
This is the budget wbioh Ihe Conservative party attacked tooth and
nail in tbe bouse ot commons. The
same Vuocouver newspaper said tbe
Australian treaty was "one of tbe
solid achievements of tbe King
government." This is tbe treaty
wbich the Conservatives attacked in
the house of commons aud have
been attacking ever since But it is
one of tbe best bargains of this kind
tbat British Columbia has ever had.
•"   the   King   government's
MXteodiug policies.
When the Meighen government
went out of offioe in 1921 this country's adverse trade balance with tbe
rest of tbe world amounted to no
less a sum tbao 130,000,000. At tbe
end of the fiscal year of 1925.1926
tbe Dominion's favorable balance of
trade with tbe rest of the world
amounted to moie than £400,000. •
Nelson, September I.—That Pat
Hanley, murderer of Nurse Mildred
Neilson, of Trail, asked the minister
of justice through two Nelson citizens and W. K Esling, M.P., for
the favor of being shot instead of
being banged, in concession to bis
being a returned soldier, was revealed Tuesday when Mr.' Baling,
Conservative candidate in West
Kootenay, gave out a statement in
the Sisters' hospital at Rossland,
denying a rumor tbat be was responsible for commutation of Han.
iey'e sentence to life imprisonment.
Mr. Esling stated his sole tostru
mentality in anything to do witb
Hanley was to forward to the minister of justice, without oomment, tbe
Not a single Conservative spenke r
in this province has bo far dared to
discuss Mr. Meighen's imperial relations policy. That polioy would
oblige Canada to old ao eleotion in
order to find out whether this coun.
try should .take part in a w.tr in
whioh tbe empire bad become involved. Three months would elapse
before a verdict could bs given.
Then tbe Conservative leader aod
bis supporters call all Liberals
Vancouver's bank clearings and
building activity this year bave
broken sll records. Yet it is not
twelve months since H H. Stevens
was telling the people of eastern
Canada tbat conditions in his own
city were so bad economically that
business men were packing up tbeir
goods and chattels and going to
Seattle. But be did not say that in
The Conservative party of Canada
>s pledged to abolish tbe British preference uoleea Qreat Britain will undertake to tax her own people.
Whan Sir Wilfrid Liurier extended
this concession o the motherland in
1897 bedid it without any condi-
eions whatever. Canada now sells
Qreat Britain more than $500,000,-
000 worth of goods a year and buys
only $163,000,000. If he oould ha\e
bis way Mr, Meighen would disturb
this excellent trading arrangement
Mr. Meighen and his supporters
have attaoked tbe budget. Tbey cal 1
it a fake and a ebam. Listen to this:
letter signed by two Nelson citizens Reoently   -n   0U8Wft  a gehtlemaD
was asked how be was goiug to vote
on September 14. "For tbe Liber
als," wae bis reply. "Why?" he was
promptly asked. "Beo use the Liberals reduced my income ,ax from
$124 to $38—that's why," be re*
sponeed. He knows a good thing
wben be sees it.
The Christina lake sawmill,
owned by a local company, st-rted
sawing operations oo tbe first under
what appears to be very favorable
circumstancss. Quito a number of
meo are now employed in the mill
and at lbe logging oamp, and the
foroe will undoubted by increased
as tbe business grows, until the payroll beaomes an important factor in
the prosperity of tbe district.
The, first seven months of tbis
yecr showed that the net earnings of
theCanadian National railways are
more than tbey were for the coire
sponding seven months of 1925 by
$11,869,711.25, or an increase of
209.44 per cent. In theae figures ie
reflected the growth of tbe Domin*
ion's business tbrough the operation
Speaking at Orillia the otber day, Mr.
Meighen said:
"Tariff revision on farm products will be
in the very first tariff revisin we make. We
will make only one revision, and in tbat re
vision we will place the tariff on farm products entering (Janada to just as high a
. level as the American tariff."
But tbere is a joker in the pack. On agood
many farm products the United States tariff
is lower than that of Canada. Mr. Meighen
apparently likes.the "brick for brick argument" when talkiug in Ontario—that is, be
promises a tariff wall of tha same dimensions
as fhe United States "brick for brick,"
If such a policy were followed the duties ou
some United States products entering Oanad
would be lowered. In this connection the following statistics are illuminating:
US Rate.
Item. (1926);
Boots and shoes, wholly or
in chief value of leatber. Free
Leather,  all leather   not
specially provided for... Free
Canadian Rate to
pegged 25   p.c
n. o. p. 30   p.c
dressed 15   p.c.
Harness and saddler)* ... Free
Leaiher shoe laces  Free
Plows  Free
Harrows  Free
Mowers and reapers  Free
Threshing machines  Free
Horae rakes  Free
Wagons and carts   Free
Fresh sea herrings , Free
Smelts '.  Free
Milk,condensed (unsweet) lc per lb
" " (sweetened) ljc per Ib
Rye flour  45c per cwt
Cereal foods in packages,
n*t exceeding 25 lbs ... 20 p.c.
Apples  75c per brl
Berries '      ljc per Ib
Peaches .'.      Jc per lb
Tomatoes.       ^c per lb
Turnips ;.   12c per cwt
Vegetables, us pf   25 p.c.
Onions     lc per lb
White lead ground in oil,
nsp.f  25 p.c.
Iron in pigs  75c per ton
30 pc.
30 p.c
10   pc
7J p.c.
6 p.c.
10   p.c.
7J p.c.
farm wagons, 10   p.c
per Ib   lc
per Ib   lc
per lb   3Jc
per lb   3|c
per cwt 50c
271 P-c-
per brl 90c
per lb   2c
per Ib   lc
30   pJ.
30   p.c.
30   p.c.
per ton $2.50
sole       ll_ p.c.||1.12| per ton.
Application is now  being  made  before the United
States tariff board to increase the rate on iron in
Heavy Apple Shipments
To Go Via Vancouver
Vernon, August 30 —Negotiations
under which tbe Royal Mail Steam
Packet line would carry from Vanoouver et a fixed rate about 150,000
boxes of Okanagan apples from tbe
bumper yield nearing harvest are
repoited to be near conclusion.
The fruit would be oonveyed to
the |Uoited Kingdom market for
disposal in competition with United
States apples, which are usually
sold there In mucb greater quantity
tban tbose of Canada. A repreo
sentative of tbe Royal Mail liue haB
been in the v_.ll y for some time
dealing with shippers and particularly witb the cooperative organiia-
Officials of the Royal Mail line in
Vancouver admitted today tbat
negotiations were afoot to move a
great quantity of Okanagan apples
to the United Kingdom from Van«
oouver, but stated that tbe arrangements bave yet to be finally con*
Conservative Chances
Said to Be Hopeless
Ottawa, August 31.—Meighen's
cbanoes in the approaching eleotion
are hopeless.
Keen political followers have for
some time paved tbe way for a den
cisive Tory defeat.
Liberals now are betting tbat
Meighen wili not even get as many
seats as he held in tbe Ind bouse
and are giving odds of 2 to 1 to back
up tbeir opinions.
A wager ot $5000 was put up today on tbis bun* and there is
plenty of money at the Liberal
headquarters here for any other
Conservative takers.
But tbere is an ominous lack of
enthusiasm in Tory ranks aud few
Rudolf Valentino, the screen star,
who died ln New York after an
operation for appendtcltus. Thirteen years ago he came from Italy
and at fir*t. worked as a landscape
pigs to I gardener and at heavy work In an
automobile factory.
Vancouver—All passenger recorfls
for outgoing ships to the Orient
from the Pacific Coast up to the
middle of August were shattered
when Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Russia sailed for Yokohama, August 19, with a passenger list of all classes of 517 ln addition to many Members of the diplomatic and government service*
returning after vacations.
Dlwan Bahadur Sir T. Vijayara-
ghavacharya arrived recently from
London on Canadian Pacific liner
Montcalm at Montreal, en route to
Toronto where he will open- the National Exhibition et Toronto. The
Knight with the lengthy name gets
over the difficulty for Canadian lips
by stating.that it ia quite proper to
address him as "The Diwan." He
may tour other Canadian citiea on
leaving Toronto.
Banff Springs—"The last time I
visited Banff was over 30 years ago
and the trip this year has been a
most wonderful revelation," said
Brigadier-General H. S. Birkett, of
Montreal, who stayed at the Banff
Springs Hotel on his return from a
trip tb Alaska. This coincides with
the opinion of 'Morley Roberts, famous English novelist, who after a
forty year absence from the West,
took part in the last Trail Rider*
expedition early in August.
Calgary—This city had an exciting moment recently when the Moat
Honorable the Marquis of Salisbury,
leader of the British Conservative
party in the House of Lords wa*
made an Indian Chief of the Sar-
cees and given the name of "Eagle
Plume." The ceremony was conducted with all solemnity, Hia Lordship kneeling on a blanket to receive the honor and being at th*
same time presented with a handsome beaded buckskin vest and
Beating the train to the crossing
ia always a risk in favor of the
train but when a motorist halt* his
car and waits until an engine is almost alongside him before he tries
to get over, then the risk become*
an absolute certainty—againat the
motorist. This was the-case recently in Toronto where a car was signalled to stop by the watchman at
a crossing, obeyed the signal, and
then decided he would still try and
get over. Fortunately there were no
injuries and the only sufferer was
the automobile.
Pictures of Gertrude Ederle's
swimming of the English Channel
were sent aboard Canadian Pacific
liner Empress of Scotland at the
last minute at Southampton and
then passed to a watcrplane near
Antlcosti and by it delivered to airplanes at Rimouski, thus beating
other pictures speeding to New
York on ocean liners by a fall
twenty-four hours. This 1* regarded
as one of the cleverest and speediest
methods of reaching this continent
from Great Britain that has ever
been successfully accomplished.
Members of the Empire Parliamentary Association, numbering
twenty-one delegates from the Parliaments of the United Kingdom and
the Irish Free State arrived in Canada recently on board Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Scotland.
They travelled across the Dominion
from Quebec to Vancouver, stopping
en route at Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and •Vancouver.
They sailed by S.S. Aorangi from
Vancouver, August 25 for Sydney,
Australia, where they will attend
the Association Conference to be
held in September and October.
If tbe oldest inhabitant is the
only survivor of his time, be bas a
clear field 'or bis reminiscences.
Hon. John Oliver
Premier of British Columbia, who
will address tbe electors of Grand
Forks in tbe Empress theatre next
Tuesday eveniog, when the principal issues in the f deral election
campaign will be fully and frankly
Tbis is a bard world. Tbe first
thing babies do wben tbey arrive iu
in it is to weep.
He who commits no crime needs
oo law.—Aristophanes.
'.Temperament"    is    disordered
nerves.   It needs medicine.
Ab Fee and Pete Santure left for
Franklin tbis morning. Some veiy
encouraging reports bave lattly
come from that camp, Work is being carried on at botb the Maple
Leaf and the Union. A good grade
of ore bas been encountered on tbe
Maple Leaf, and on tbe Union tbo
old vein of high-grade ore has agan
been located. In addition to tbi so
reports, it is claimed tbat a new dis«
covery of vast proportions bas bei n
made. It is said that an asei y
from rock taken from the surface f
a 400 foot wide lead showed valuis
of $10 in copper and small percent"
ages of gold and silver. A dozen
claims have already beeo staked <'o
tbe lead. If these reports prove
genuine, tbere is uo reason wby ti e
old camp sbould not once more te**
come prom'nent in tbe mining
A very pretty wedding w-,
solemnised In Knox Presbyteri u
church on Monday morning, wbt u
Miss Frances Sloan, of this oity, wus
united in manage to Dr. J. Q. Calvert, of Armstrong, Rev. M-.
Beatty performing the ceremony.
The cburcb had been prettily
decorated for the occasion, and it
was welt filled with people to witness the ceremony. Miss Connie
Martin, of Nelsou, acted as biide*-
maid and Eric Atwood stood up
witb tbe groom.
After a wedding breakfast at the
homo of the bride's mother, tbe
young couple left on a motor car
wedding tour to Victoiia, Mr. and
Mrs. Calvert will make tbuir home
at Arustroug.
Many a temptation comes to us in
lin*, guv colors that uro but skin
I I ive to lose myself in other
meti'f minds. Wben I am not walk-,
ing I am  reading.—Charles  Lamb.
■.mws**** ittt-
Hon. Andre Fauteux has been
Bworn in aa Rolieltor-Oencral at Ottawa. He hold tlilp same portfolio
in ilio Meighen Government in
Wit (gratti. 3farka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
<>ne Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addrear -" *******—'cations to
•JThb Grand Forks Son
Phosr 101 .  Geamd Forks, B. CJ
From Montreal comes a statement to the
efiect that there has heen an increase of $11,
869,711.25, or 209.44 per ceut, in the ne earn
ings of the Canadian National railways for the
first seven months of 1926 as compared with
the same period of last year. The statement
also, shows the highest gross earnings for any
seven-month period since the consolidated
system figures were set up in June, 1922, and
the highest gross net for any July during the
five years. These figures clearly reflect the
effect of the polices of the King government.
They are definitely related to the additional
business created by the extension of tbe British preference by which onr sales to the old
country have increased from $370,000,000 to
$516,000,000 in the last three years. These
increased exports naturally have created more
business for the railways. Trade with Australia and with the British West Indies likewise
has grown under the trade treaties negotiated
by the King government, In a general way,
moreover, thc figures are indicative of the
tremendous improved condition of the country,
with its favorable trading balance with the
rest of the world at more than $400,000,000,
as compared with an adverse balanco of $30,-
000,000 in 1921.
and the eoncessinns increased on two occasions. What has this meant? It has meant
that, to take thi: year ending last June as an
example, we have been selling to Gi-eBt Brit
airi three times more than we have be n.buying from her. The figures for this twelve
month in question were as follows: Sales by
Canadu to Great Britain, $515,000,000; sales
by Great Britain to Canadu, $163,000,000.
Mr. Meighen would disturb this trading arrangement by imposing a hai dicap" upon the
British exporter to Canada, for it follows that
if he can not sell as much to us he will have to
cut down his purchases from us accordingly.
So much for tho Conservative party's desire to
kill th~ goose that is laying the golden eggs!
Notes • Notions • Notables
Visitors from every corner ofthe world will
visit London this summer,, but even those who
ive in it are quite unequal to vizulizing the
astounding fact that 8,000,000 people live in
greater London. This is over 2,000,000 more
than the vast continent of Australia contains,
aud only 1,500,000 fewer than the people of
Canada. There are 11,000 people to the
square mile in London, compared with less
than two in Austtalia.
Not a single Conservative newspaper in
British Columbia has dared to explain or discuss Mr. Meighen's imperial relations policy
in the event nf a war in which the empire had
become involved. Yet it is one of the chief
planks in the Conservative party's platform.
What is the matter with it? Why do the
Tories dodge it? Imagine a great party afraid
to discuss its foreign policy!
The Montreal publisher who was
found murdered ln his oflice under
most mysterious curcunistances.
One theory is that he was killed in
revenge for an unfavorable report
made upon conditions in Russia
which he Investigated for a big industrial concern.
The Prosperity Loague of Canada  is at it
again.   This is a protectionist and Tory organization,  haviug its  headquarters at 460
Richmond Street West, in the city of Toronto
the good.    The league is organized for the
purpose of "selling protection to" the Canadi
an people.   Its membership is composed of a
number of gentlemen wbo bave done well out
of the privileges granted to them  by  parliament.    They have fattened on the Canadian
people, and now ask for more.    Their literature has been scattered from one end of- the
country to tbe other.    It is understood that
it is  written  by a gentleman named W. R,
Morson, who claims that he gets  notbing for
the task—and he is overpaid at tbat.   In the
main, it is false in fact, and false in inference.
Some of the leaflets are so full  of misrepre-
sentati n  that it strikes one as astounding
t at  men  of decent self respect would give
their names as members of the executive, and
let them go out over the country, attached  to
such statements.
Charles Henry, the French physicist, has
reported a discovery which, if it can be-applied, will revolutionize industry. After ten
years of laboratory research he has found a
way to catalyze water, and he hopes to develop a water-driven internal combustion
engine. If his plans come to fruition, motor
cars will be driven by hydrogen engines, and
water will displace gasoline ss a power fuel.
Must Pay for Paper
In giving judgment against a de.
linqueot subscriber recently, Judge
O'Reilly, of Cornwall, Oot., made
the statement tbat newspaper publishers bad a bard eoough time in
financing the business without be
iog done out of their subscriptions.
If a person desires to stop a news-.
paper tbe proper way is for bim to
pay all arrears aod get a receipt, or
if he has paid, refuse to take tbe
paper at tbe poet office and bave a
record bade of bis refusal. A man
wbo owed for a.Dewspaper could not
stop taking it and expect tbe pub'
lisLer to go without his pay.
It may be added tbat no publisher
wishes to force bis newspaper on
any one, and any subscriber desire
ing to discontinue hie paper will not
bave tbe slightest troubl-rif he does
go in ao honest aod businesslike
Hundreds of dollars are lost every
year to publishers bv tbos~,whoafter
a subscription bas expired for three
or six months, discontinue ltv
paper and send it back as "refund '
Tbe amouot is too small for die
publisher to make a fuss over, hut
all tbe same it amounts to • neat
lit11 sum in a year.
If Mr. Meighen is returned to office on
September 14 one of the first things his government would do woju'd be to restore the old
scale of import duties on automobiles. Of
course be would, Did he not take two men
into his cabinet who are actively interested in
the automobile business—Mr. Chaplin and
Mr. Ryckman?
Even if a man i.s a howling success there is
no excuse for his howling ahout it
Faults are easier seen
tban   vtr
For alfalfa s leet  a  Held tbut i
well drained, both as to surface and
subsoil drainage.   Alfalfa will not
atsod "wet feet."
Tbe Sun Presses have twice the
spend of any otber presses in the
Bouudary. We can save you money
on botb long and short tuns of commercial printing aod give you a superior class of work.
One very definite policy upon which Mr
Meifhen has declared himself is the Conseiv.
ative party's determination to abolish the
privilege—meaning a lower rate of import
dnty than foreign goods have to pay—which
this Dominion now extends to British goods
entoring Canada through Canadian ports. In
the honst* of commons and out of it Mr.
Meighen has emphatically declared that Great
Britain must tax her people as a Oonditiop for
a reciprocal trading arrangeniBnt with this
country. Unless Great Britain will do this,
he will wipe out the British preference by
putting the British article coming into this
Domiuion on the same basis as the article
ooming in from Germany or Austria or any
other fcreign country. In other words, Mr.
Meighen's peculiar way of strengthening the
coram u bond between Canada aud the Unia
ted Kingdom would be to increase the cost of
living in the old country and to make it much
more difficult for the two countries to trade
with one another. First of all the British
preference was established by Sir Wilfrid
Laurier without any conditions at all. It was
a voluntary concession from his government
in 1897. During the war, when Brita n's
trado and commerce was being shot to pieces
by the German submarines, the Tory govern
ment of this country increased the duty on
goods coming into Canada from the United
Kingdom and materially contributed to her
trading difficdlties at that time. The prefer
ence was rosto ed  by the King government
Poems From Eastern La nd s
No Tidings
The year litis ctune, the yenr lias gone again,
And still no tidings of mine absent lovol
Through the long days of spring nil heaven above
And li.ulli beneath, re echo with tny pain
In dark ooooon my oiothor'e sill* worm* <i well-
l.isct) them, u captive, ilt nuf-li tint livelong day
Alonu 1 sit uml sigh niy soul away,
For ne'er to any 1 my love can toll.
Like to the pine tree I must st nml untl pine,*
While downward slanting full the shades of night,
Till my long sleeve of purest snowy wliito
With showers of tears, is steeped in bitter brine.
— Anon.
•fTlie pluy in thu original is on the  word Mutsu, which
has tho double  signification /if "a  pino tree" and   "to
o4ncient History*
[TakenFrom rwasirV'EA.it Old Suv Files.]
The pnblic school op, ned with an enrollment ot 219.
Saturday was payday on the Kettle Valley
line, and $29,000 was distributed to the workmen.
Forest fires this week destroyed the culvert
on tee Franklin road near "NebiOska'* "ranch.
The Kettle River and South Okanagan
Pioneers'society will give its annual dinner
in the Pioneer hotel, Greenwood, on Friday,
September 14.
Geo. A. Fraser, M.L.A., left today for the
coast cities.
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to tlio Old and Middlo-uged
Youthfuliiesa, Energy und Fitness, retards tnuntul and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Suit'ui'oi-s irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Hnnd noises, detiveal most immediate benefit. Culm ret rushing sleep
assured Gloom, Depression imi Nit"
vousiipss is banished uniler the inllu.
once of thei'i Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hind lines and bjuniislit*
ilisuppeiu-. Tho skin becomes clear,
light und eluslic and thu complexion
blight untl smooth, Think of the
blessings of perfect heulth, the pos-
sesion of few; tho joyof a clear Youthful uppeurauce and tingling blood, of
lustrous huir, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation lhat Tim* has
been put back Ten yeara to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theutibitiaded ■**.tiaf*ctioti of your,
self. Cnn you allow a golden opportunity like this to passl Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow;
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects af tor. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhnltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do uot delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight co*t
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
IOC, Liverpool Koad.JUarnsbury,
London, Knftland.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds     Headache      Neuritis Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia      Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy   "Bayer"  boxes of  18  tableta
Abo bottles of 2t and 100—Druggists.
Aapirln ti the trade turk (-ertiteml In Oanaita) of Bij-er Mtn-jhcttiie of MoooueUe-
acltfettter of Sallcyllcacld (Acetyl Salicylic Add, "A. 8. A."). Wbile It to well known
tliat Aiplrln snriniB Beyer niatiufacturv, to Hsiliit the public againat lmlUUone, tbe Teblete
ot Beyer Company will he •tamped wltb their general trade auk, tbst "Beyer Os-oest."
Cit'zens of Grand Forks are asked to note the following "extracts from the 1925 Amendments to the
Hospital Act:
(4) Where th*re is, either within or without the limits of any
municipality, abospitsl whicb is miiutained by the municipality,
or to tbe support tf whicli Hi ''Municipality is chief contributor
with, the exception of the Crown, the municipality shall not be
liable in respect of any patient treated in aoy otber hospital, except
in casea of emergency, or where th1* hospital so maintained or supported is not in a position, to furnish the special treatment neces«
sary for any certain patient, and authority for that patient to ap-
ply for admission to the otber hospital hag been given by the
Miyor or Reeve or some duly authorized officer ot the municipality, in which cases the municipnliry shall be liable to te extent
set out in subsections (1) aod (2).
City Clerk
We are .agents for (lie well known Massey-
Harris line o£^ farm equipment. L-,t us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Lin;- of Garden Tools
Furniture midl   Inrrlivnre
AH Liii-t sr Tested
Every Morning
All Ion)-- distance telephone lines in
the H. C. Telephiiii Company's system
are tested every ivirrnhlg lo be sure ihey
are ready for the day's business. This
is another service safegua d.
British   Columbia  Telephone
Con' pany
THE SUN prints all the loeal news
and carries a number of interesting
features found in no other Boundary
for Economical Transportation
YOU'LL find the Smooth Chevrolet always in the front of the
traffic line. At the sound of the
whistle or the sight jil the word
"Go", the smooth Chevrolet is first
to get away.
Chevrolet will mn rings around large,
cumbersome cars—weaving in and
out of traffic with an ease that is
almost uncanny. Chevrolet may bc
turned completely around in thc
width of an ordinary road. It can be
parked with ease in a surprisingly
small space. It will gather speed on
hills where bigger, costlier cars slow
down.   And always the Chevrolet
driver knows that, pulsating quietly
beneath the hood, is abundant power
that will not fail him in an emergency, while Chevrolet, above any
cars in its class, possesses the smoothness that makes driving—either fast
or slow — a source of pleasure and
The Smoothest Chevrolet in Chevrolet
hiatory ia selling at the Lowest Price
for which Chevrolet has ever been
sold in Canada.
Let your Chevrolet dealer arrange a
demonstration and terms of purchase
. under the GMAC Deferred Payment
Roadster        •
Sport Roadster          ■
Touring     ...
Sport Touring        -
Coach             •        -
Coupe        ...
Landau Sedan   .        .
Commercial Chassis
Utility Express
All Pricas at Factory
Taxes Extra
Grand Forks Garage
Many valuable shipments of furs
from the great trapping areas of
the Hudson Bay Company are arriving through the Dominion Express at Montreal. These unim-
posing bales, piled high on the
trucks often represent a total value
of (200,000. After being collected
at the various Hudson Bay posts
•lung Hudson Bay and James Bay
the furs arc brought down by canoe
in summer and dog team in winter
to the northern terminus of the
T. and 0. Railway.
Saving Burglars Time
A tag with this inscription,
"This safe is uever locked,
turn the handle and it will
open,"has hung on the knob
of the strong box of a fuel
company at Tulare, Cal., for
the   last   seven  years.     Al
though the statement is perfectly true, burglars do not
believe it and have ranst*cked
the safe three times It is
used only for protection of
records against fire, and no
money is kept iu the safe.
The verdict oft acquits  the  ravfn
aod condemns the dove.—Juvennl
Studying Wild Life
Scientists in Sweden are
making a systematic study of
the mysterious ways jof the
birds of the air and the fish in
tfie sea. What routes the
birds of passage follow at the
end of each season, and where
the schools of fish come from
as well as why they swim in
certain directions are some of
the problems investigated.
Millions in Interest
The United States government has paid out more than
$11,000,000,000 in Interest on
the public debt since 1771.
The greatest amount in one
year was $1,055,088,000, paid
in 1923. This year the estimated interest payment will
be $730,000,000.
He's armed without that's inno*
cent witbin —Pope.
Remarkable expansion of passenger traffic into and out of Montreal has been reported during July
•nd August by the passenger department of the Canadian Pacific
Railway. The "Red Wing" and the
"Alouette" on the Boston run and
the "Rideau" and "York" to Toronto, four new trains de-luxe
placed on these routes early in the
year have been running with capacity loads. Eastward to Quebec
there is heavy traffic for the Ancient Capital, while trains running
north into tbe Laurentians, it ia
stated, have never been so filled M
U the case this summer.
A muscalunge, 35 pounds ta
■weight, with a length of 50 inches
and a girth of 21 inches, was taken
from the French River near the
French River Bune-alow Camp recently, according to information received by the tourist department of
the Canadian Pacific Railway. This
fine fish was taken by E. A.
Farintosh of New York with a 80-
1b. silk test line and using Chub
Minnow bait To date this is the
largest fish caught this year to be
entered in the annual French River
Bungalow  Camp   Trophy   competi-
Sun's P age jf People and Events of Passing News Interest
Sir George McLaren Brown. European General Manager ol the Canadian Pacific Railway,
opening the Seat of the new wing of Feian't Training Home Farm at Goudhunf Kent, England.  Neit lo Sir George Is Mn. Fegan, widow of the founder ol the home.   ,*i
Mlu Edyth Goodall, tlu -well-
known ictreu, wearing the ' ban-
down" racing coat deilgned by
Sonla Bloor. It it of S'epherdl
plaid and a long walitcoat -I waxrd
aatln Is attached. ;
By Virtue of Merit
Is the outstanding leader in Canada.
Hon. Jobn Oliver, premier of
British Columbia, a d F. B. Cossitt,
Liberal candidate for Yale, will ad-
dress the electors of Cascade in Bere
tois hall next Tuesday at 3 o'clock
in tbe afternoon. Wednesday evening Mr. Oliver aod Mr. Cossitt will
speak in tbe Greenwood theatre at
D. McPherson, M.L A., and Candidate F. B. Cossitt addressed Liberal meetings at Riverside aod Ueav«
erdell yesterday afternoon and
eveniog. It is reportad tbat they
had large aod enthusiatic audi
Mrs. Ed Graham tbis week purchased Dick Mitcbener's city property on npper Bridge street, tbe
deal being negotiated by G. C. Egg.
Mr. aod Mrs. Frank McDonald,
of Cassiday, are visiting friends in
tba city. Mr. McDooald was forms
erly employed io tbe Graoby mines
at Pboenix.
Labor day will be celebrated at
tbe lake next Monday in tbe usual
Mrs. H. A Gorley, of Banff,
Alta., was in the city tbis week to
attend tb weeding of ber sister,
Mi*s Frances Sloan.
K. It. Shrfonoo left last week for
Kimberley, wbere be will work for
tbe Consolidated.
Chas, Mix bas returned from Vancouver, wbere resided for six or
seven months.
Tbe public and bigb schools open
for the fall aud winter term next
Tuesday morning.
Gordon Massie ie.t for Trail on
Willie Paxton left on Tuesday for
Kamloops, where be wilt attend
Arthur Morrison has retnrned
Odette, Sask., where he spent his
school vacation.
A chimney fire in Mrs. Barlee's
bome called out the fire department
at Go1 clock last night.   No damage.
Short Sketch of the
Liberal Leader of Yale
F. B. Cossitt,  nominated  Liberal
cindidate at  Veruon last  week, is
widely known as a successful Cana
dian fruit commissioner at Ihe 'last
Wembley exhibition.
He was boro at Smith Falls,
He came to Vernon sixteen years
ago and for fourteen years his been
a member of lhe real estate firm of
C'saiit, Lloyd & Beattie.
He was seven years president of
tbe North Okanagan Liberal association and Yale Riding association,
ten yeare on the b ard of tbe Vernon Fruit Union and two years its
president. He is tbe father and
moving spirit of the ernon Couotry
club, was two years preeident of
tbe board of trade, is president of
tbe newly formed Vernon Real
Estate exchange, and a member of
tbe board of tbe new Vernon Box
His genial manner aod disposition
bave won him hosts of friends every-*
wbere, tbougb bis modest disposition bas always made it necessary
for his friends lo push blm farward,
In bis many iectures and business
addresses since be returned from tbe
Imperial exhibition he has shown
him'-elf intimately acquainted with
problems of tbe oversoas fruit trade.
Women in England, especially
tbose witb large families, are learning to repair boots and shoes, as
tbey know it will save money for
■ ■•'■ &***{
MrB. Harry Chrmbers returned to
her home in Spokane on Saturday
alter visiting friends in this city for
a week.
A. F. Crowe left for Kimberley
on Tuesday, having received word
that his wife, who is visiting at that
point, was ill.
Definite Indications of the largest
building year Canada has had in
more than a decade are now shown
by the record of the first six monthi
of this year. The very large and unusual total of fl94,543,600 worth of
»ew construction for the first half
•f the current year and contemplated
new work to the value of $304,598,-
600 forecasts great activity for tha
remaining months. During June
contracts awarded totalled $54,186,-
400, an increase over June, 1925, of
63 per cent.
One of the greatest foundations
upon which the Canadian national
apirit rests was laid by the Canadian
Pacific Railway was thc conviction
uttered by J. D. Cameron, of Glasgow, in an address before an audience at' Pembroke recently. "Not
merely did this railroad act," he
said, "as a bond between all the
provinces of thc Confederation, but
It was, by its conception and final
construction, a greater force than
anything else for the unification of
the scattered provinces."
The sea-faring settlers of the Hebrides are not all fishermen as one
might expect, but farmers in a small
way known in the rugged northern
Islands as crofters. Father It. A.
MacDonnell, the clergyman in charge
of the immigration of these hardy
folk to Western Canada, disclosed
this interesting point recently en
route to his headquarters at Red
Deer, Alberta. Father MacDonnell
has been in Canada about fifteen
years and has been engaged in immigration work during tbat time.
The Earl of Clarendon is responsible for tbe statement that of the
25 families whom he personally interviewed, -ent out to Canada under
tbe Overseas Settlement League, be
has not met with one malcontent.
He intimated that the settlers were
unanimous in the opinion that Canada had been good to them. His
Lordship, accompanied by the Countess of Clarendon and their three
children, Lord Hyde, Lady Joan VU-'
lers and Hon. Nicholas Villers, iv
•malting a study of the immigration
proMem as ho travels to Banff, Lake!
Louise, ar.d other points west in the
L'. .'union. ' J
'Proper ageing
healthful beer
k MONG the measures taken in the plants
_/\. °f tne Amalgamated Breweries to assure
that the beer made for the people of
British Columbia is of the purest and most
healthful character there is a factor not often
brought to the attention of the public.
Tliat is proper ageing, under the most favorable
conditions known to the science of brewing.
The stability afforded the brewing industry in
British Columbia by the legal, above-board and
Government Controlled sale of beer, by the
glass ir licensed premises and by the bottle
in Government Stores, affords the Amalgamated
Breweries an opportunity to maintain an ample
and sufficient reserve that is allowed to mature
slowly and naturally.
The ageing of beer in the plants of the Amalgam-ted
Breweries completes the physical and chemical processes
that the malt and hops undergo in the course of brewing
and is among thc reasons why the people of British
Columbia are provided with beer of high quality.
Pure and healthful beer is the product ofthe finest
materials plus the utmost care, and most elaborate
and scientific equipment is required. In its making
it is absolutely sterilized, and prolonged filtering
leaves it crystal clear and a delight to the eye.
Then comes the ageing that removes every trace of
the rawness often found in beers that are too
"young," and that makes it bland and digestible—
really a pre-digested liquid food, high in nourishing
The. valuable sugars, proteins, mineral salts and organic
phosphorous compounds are united in close and homogenous union, and, most important of all, fermentation
is totally ended, leaving the alcoholic strength low—
4.25 per cent, as provided for by law—and just
sufficient to stimulate the digestive system in the most
favorable manner.
Visitors are welcome at all times to inspect the model plants of the
Vancouver Breweries Ltd., Rainier Brewing Co. of Canada Ltd.,
Westminster Brewery Ltd., Silver Spring Brewery Ltd., and the
Victoria Phoenit Brewing Co. Ltd., where the beer supplied to the
people of British Columbia is made.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Phone 20
Try our Special Tea
at 65c per lb
Shoes, Shirts, Overalls
Good values for your
Call and see us before
General Merchant
Established 1010
Ileal Estate and Insurance
Real'eut Asestt Grund Forki Tow mite
mpaiiy, Limited
Farm!    JOrcharda     City Property
Agenta at Nelson, Calgary, Wlhnlpcg and
other Prairie polnta. Vanoouver Atrenf :
Kstpli Hah wi In 1910, we are in ■> poaillun to
furnish reliable Information roueerilug this
Writs Ior [res literature
bssininion Monumental Worka
(JAabratoa Products! Co. BooEm}!
This Tea W2 have   liaH especially blended.
Call in and ask tiir a sample;
Phone 25
"Service and Quality*
See the new Superior Chevrolet betore you buv a
car. There are more cents in theCHOVROLET
DOLLAR than iu any other automobile dcljar.
CHEVROLET Touriog ,   |885
" Roadster     885
" Coaoh  1080
" Coupee ;..  1080
" Sedan   1200
". Landeau Sedan   1250
." One-Ion Truck    935
E.G, Henniger Go.
Wholesale and Retail
esler'in ,
Havana Cigars, Pipe*
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
A complete line of j colored bonds
in . all shade* for fancy letterheads
and other classes oi commercial
printiog.  San Job Department.
Did you ever notice tbat business
firms who think that they can reach
Th- Sun's readers through other
publications bave a great deal of
leisure time that, might be more
profitably employed) A number of
such firms have involuntarily retired
from business.
Cla**ic blank cards for 'lassy in
vitation* and announcements Sun
Job Department.
| City Baggage and General
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, 1$. C.
THE value oi well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vi l! 'ng cards
ShV'iug tags
Noteheods      ->
Price lists
New Type
Latest Style
Ct 'umbia Arenneand
lake Street
I Coal,   Wood and   Ice
for Sale
| Office  at  R.  F.  Petrie'.-. Store
Phone 64
| Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Horn,  Fimt ibrkt
"Vacant unreserved, stir-yoyod' Grown Imuda
may be pre-empted by British subjeots ovar
18 yeara of ago, and by aliens ou declaring
intention to become llrltl.h subjeots, conditional upon reaileune. occupation aud Improvement forugrloullaral purposes.
Full Information concerning regulation!
regurdliiit pre eiiiitllons Its irIveu lu Bulletin
No. 1, Lint I Series, "Uow to Pre-empt *and,"
copies of whioh (tun lie obtained freo of clinrge
by utidiesitltiK the Department of Lamia,
Viotorla, U.C, or nny Government Agent.
"*tteoordti will bu made covering only land
■nltable for agricultural purpoaon, and wbioh
li not tiuiberlutid. 1 e„ carrying over 6,000
ttoard feat per aore welt of tna Coast Itanga
and 8 IWO feel per acre eaat of that range.
H*t|splleatlona for pre-emptions aara to be
addressed to the Isanti Commissioner of tha
Laud Keoording Division, iu wbleh the land
appllod ror la situated, and ara made on
printed forms, copies of can ;tto obtained
from the Laud Commissioner.
^Pre-emptions mutt ba occupied for five
yeara and Improvements mada to value of tlO
par aora, luoluilltii-clearing aud cultivating
al least Hve aorea, beiore a Crown Urant can
be received.
For mora dotal teu iniormaiiou ae* tbo Hni.
let lu "How to Pre-empt Laud."
Applloatlon! aro received for purchase of
vaoant aud unreserved Crown Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purpoiei:
minimum price of llrst-olats (arable) laud Is
*A par aere. and wooiid-clasi (graaing) laud
f *.60 per aore. Further Information regarding purchaaeor leaae of Grown landi Is given
In Hullo'ln No. 10, Land Serial. "Purchase and
Leaae of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on Umber
land, not exceeding 40 aores, may be pur.
chased or leased, on oondltions Inoluding
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20 acres,
may be leased as lioraesltea, conditional upon
a dwelling being e-eoted ln the Brat year,
title being obtainable alter residence and
improvement conditions are fulfilled and land
bas been surveyed.;
For graaing and Industrial purposes areaa
not exoeedlng 640 acres may be leased by ona
person or a oompany.
I'nder tbe Oraalng Aot the Province it
divided Into graaing districts and the range
administered under n Graxing Commissioner. Annual graaing permits ara
Iaaued bated on numbers ranged, priority being given to established ownera. Stock-
ownera may form .associations for range
management. Free, or partially free, permits
aro avallablee lor settler*, tampers and
travellers ap to ten head.


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