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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 1, 1926

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 It is easier to acquire a reputation for greatness than it is to maintain it
Mr. Rr.bertii, who was Minister of
Pensions ln the Kamsay McPonald
Government arid still represents
West Broiiiwlch In the Imperial parliament, la now in Canada as representative- of the British Trade
Unlon Congress to the' Canaaiar
Trade* Union Congress which opem
ln "'ontrcal September 20.
Tbe regular meeting of tbe city
council was held in the council
chamber on Monday evening, tbe
mayor and all the aldermen being
An offer for the barn at the smelter site wss refused, the couneil deciding not to sell the property at
The water and light commfittee
reported the -purchase of 50 poles
wheh bad been delivered. The de-
partment planned on making some
extensive repairs to the electric light
systeu*| and also to replace some
wooden m|alns With steel mlalns.
The board ot works reported the
reshingling or the house at the smelter site occupied by 9. T. Dinsmore
Tbe ceittent sidewalk on Winnipeg
avenue, with rotiulning wall, bas
been completed.
The cemetery committee recommended that the caretaker examine
some vaoant. lots to see that thoy
have not been used, so tbat they can
be njade availabe When needed.
The mayor reported tbat In the
case of Mrs. Nucich vs. Frank Sof-
tlch an order bad been mhdo for $5
a week for the keepage of Mrs. Nu-
A letter froiri, R. Baird, inspector
of municipalities , asked for a
change in the wording of some sections of tbe water-light bylaw which
ia being   put through by tbe council.
"Tell me what you Know Is tru»
I can'suess as well as you. "IT
B P. Mii^enn-in anH W. C.
Brown, K.C , representing fie Vanoouver Exhibition Ai'iiciatioD, will
leave shortly for Ottawa to request
the Federal Government to make an
annual grant ol 115,000 towards tbe
support of tbe Wintei Fair in Vancouver. Tht government gives the
Royal Winter Fair in Toronto
135,000 annually and bas assund
tbat amount for 20 year*.
Speed Is a Matter
of Steady Pace
The car you are driving ls prohr
ably capabjo of a* speed of from
sixty to seventy nitles an hour—but
you can not use this speed for any
length of time without flirting with
the angels. The modern highway,
while built like a speedway, isn't a
one-way proposition like the racetrack. Therefore, the driver who
speeds must always make frequent
and nerve-racking stops which cuts
down his average time to a minimum. His speed is iar below that
of the drtver wlho maintains a staedy
pace hour alter hour.
What is speeding? Since it Ib
the primary cause of a majority of
all automobile accidents, isn't it
about time that it is plainly de
A great many motorists think
that there is something magically
safe about motoring, when the
speedometer hugs close to 20 miles
an hour. Yet speeding can happen
at any speed.
One driver has discovered that
m/uch can be learned about speeding by driving the car with the
speedometer disconnected. For . the
test he secured the services of a
friend who followed him over a prescribed course in another car. The
driver With the disconneced seed-
ometer proceeded just as he would
under normial conditions, and then
checked up v-*lth tho actual speed
record, as noted by the friend following him. The results Were surprising. Invariably he drove from
5 to 15 miles an hour faster than he
thought he *. as going,
This was particularly ' noticeable
in trallic and in going down bill on
the open highway. '
An interesting thing happened
on one of these tests. The ' sudden
appearance of another car, turning
in from a crossroad, called for the
quickest possible stop. The driver
without a speedometer actually
failed to stop in time to avoid a collision, just because he thought he
was stopping quickly enough, and
never bothered to reacu ror the
tmergency brake, until it was too
The experiment showed plainly
that the average driver can not
guess his speed—and that he invariably goes faster than he thinks.
It shosw that a car driver is speeding, whenever his conception of a
safe stopping distance is less than
the actual stopping distance. Putting two and two together, this experiment shows that a driver who
drives Without a speedometer, or
who doeB not watch his speedometer, is speeding—at any speed.
Air Medical Service
for Australian Wilds
A reaul ir Rervic* ol flying physicians and dentin!" to cover tbou
sindt* of square miles of inaccessible
country is in project in Australia.
The national cornmiMion on he-lib
t* considering the utilization of tie
"irplnne mill lines to brim medical
-lid to patients dingerously ill in the
remote bush di-triel*.
Aii~tr*lii'H railways bqucpIv
nfiore than totnh the eastern ard
co*ul strips of a region hb Hg as the
Unjt»*d State*, jvbere doccs uiso
*ge iimoh of ib-ir do'i"(* nnd diag
HOBis.b" lei-graph A patient is
■ften miles from a telegraph B'ation
md, once he baa obtained the
■ lesired advice, he is likely to be
-till farther from any place where
medical supplies are kept.
To remedy *ucti conditions the
i-l*iid oiit-tiioD is devising a system
whereby each flying physicUn wjll
serve an area within a radius of two
hundred ti.il-s, Tbi* mapingout of
districts io central Australia will
Itter include g •* tilling stations to
increase *till further tbo r-rnge of
ihe medio 11 aviator,  it  iu planned.
The belief that the seedless banana came from Asia, rather tban
from America, has been expressed
by a British botanist
The actuality of today seldom
looks as good as the theory of yesterday,
The consolidation of two of the
oldeBt and bestt known hardware
rirmfe in the city—the Manly Hardware company and Miller & Gardner
—was effected this wieek.the deal
becoming operative this morning
The new firm, will be composed of
Messrs. Manly and Mlller,and will
be known as Manly ftMiller. Mr.
Gardner , after an active business
career In the city of over fifteen
years, will retlro. The new firm
will carry on business in the Manly
block on Bridge street The consolidation will eliminate the keen
corn-petition that has existed So) this
line of business in the city for years
and as both members of the firm
are old-timers and very popular,
they will no doubt do a prosperous
Scores the Cancer Fakirs
New York, Sept. 25th.—Professor
Stephen Leacock, of McGill University, Montreal, made a vehement
appeal for war on quacks and takers
who deal in pretended cancer cures,
at a dinner last night in honor of tbe
visiting foreign physicians who bave
been io attendance of the Luke
Mohonk cancer symposium.
"Let ub of the wri;irg profs-ion
help you," he s-id, "to wipe - ut
ih* darni aMe htim-n beings who
trade nn tbe suffering nf the-'r fell w-
ProfesRor [seacock's wile died uf
cit rer last wintt*-r
This Is Apple Week in
British Columbia
The Associated Growers of British
Columbia are out thin week looking
for buyers of MclntoBb Reds.
The season for "Macs" is at its
height and the Okanagan has mnre
th n average crop of the luscious
red fruit.
Thi' week has heen declared apple
week in British Columbia and Van
cmiver in meeting the occasion witb
srjires of store window displays ol
apples and an active effort hy retail
dealers to move a large quantity of
"Mans" aad Jonathans.
Prizes will   be given for the best
dressed windows, the judges  being
Miyor Taylor, P. E   Burke,  presi
den1 of 'he hoard  of trad", and A
A. Milledg-, secretary of the Board
of Trade B. C. Produc's bureau.
Don't Invest Your
Money in Sea Water
Berlio —Don't invest in sea
water. That was tbe warning
issued by Prof. Fritz Haber, famous
German chemist, after several here
ad been victimized for large sums
in plausible schemes for boiling tbe
gold out .of sea water. Gold in
very minute quantities is found in
all the oceans of the world, the
nrofi sore says, but the average con
centration is so slight that it cannot
he made to pay.
in the Andes
A School on Wheels
Regina, Sa*!-., 8*pt. 29.—Rt
Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King was
officially declared ejected jn the
Prioce Alb-rtomstituency. Official
figures are: Rt. Hon. VV. L Mac
kenzie King, 8933; J C. Die fen-
baker, Coos., 483rt. Spoiled ballots,
Mr. W. A. (Billy) Williams, who
lives ln Montreal when he ls not
on the* oceanr ls here seen on the
S.S. Minnedosa, by which he sailed
the other day for his 112th crossing of the Atla.ntic. Net content
with his numerous business trips to
Europe Mr. Williams has taken two
cruises to the West Indies.
Transportation of heavy supplies
up steep mountain trails formerly
traversed by burros and llamas to
Bolivian mines located 12,000 to
16,000 feet above sea level ln the An
des range, has been solved by the
use of light uutonuobile trucks.
Ohevrolets figure prominently iu
fleets recently purchased by mine
operators in South America.
Centuries ago tlie Incas developed
these mines located in tlie most inaccessible inland ranges. The
Spanish conqulatadores, envious of
the' Indians' wealth, made short
work of reducing the native population to a condition of slavery, and
supervising the uroductton of gold.
In later years silver and tin have
been the mjost profitable nietul*
produoedd ln Bolivia, with the operations serously handicapped by tlie
inuacccssiblllly    of tlie mining sites.
Until a year ugg burros and Humus, Carrying a m*i**li»um load of 100
pounds each and travellln g only
20 miles daily, were relied upon to
transport supplies to the sky-line
operating centers and to carry down
to seaboard and railroads the refined mletalB, enormously heavy
even in small quantities. Improvements In miningpractice were im-j
-possible uutil better distributing
methods were available.
Notwithstanding roads which were
only rough trails covered with rocks'
and the fact that an automobile mo-j
tor ordinarily loses 30 to 35 perj
cent af its power when operating in
the raril'ied atmosphere of high altl-j
tudes, Chevrolet trucks have practlv
cally superseded the pack uuiin-als.'
One light truck of the Chevrolet
type, carrying 2,000 pounds and covering 120 miles daily, does the work
of 120 burros or Ham-as and cuts
•transportation charges exactly in
half. - I
Perhaps in no other locality in the
wprld  are  automobiles  subjected   to
such   severe   tests of their stamina!
and power as in the   Andes   ranges ,
where     road   building    is   of   the
most    primitive   type.     Recognizing |
the necessity of  good roads   as  being
even greater    than    railroad   trans-1
portation,  the  Bolivian    government
has elnbarked on tto extensive   road
building campaign to further the use
ot auwoipbilM.
1. The Interior of the classroom. 2. A corner in the well equipped kitchen. ». Showing the spacious teacher's steeping accommodation!
IT ls doubtful if the news of an
approaching circus, heralded by
dazzlin;? and wonderful advance
posters has ever caused as much Joy
and excitement, as the announcement
of tho coming of tho "Canadian Pacific School Ti*<llB"'3nto the hinterland of Northern* Qalarlo.
There are more than fifty children
in just ono sub-division of the P.all-
way who* have never been able to so
to* school for the simple reason that
there was no school to go to; but
thoy have all heard of the joys of
"school days," and longed for the
day whon they too might skip to
school with a bundle of nice new
books under their arm.
A little furor of excitement passed
over this district a few days ago
when   the proclamation went forth
that the school train was <*.'■!.■':•■; in
the middle e-f->Sepl'inbe»*, .-.'boo
—just think of it—and no' .lit k'nC
of school that tbe envied city and I sions.
town kids have, but a school on
wheels—a. school that, suddenly appears one day and goes and comes
u':ain, like a magic castle."
This unique experiment of bring-
In *; the school house into the unbeaten path.* of this sparsely settled
country is being carried on liy tho
Provincial Government of Ontario
In co-operation with the Canadian
Pacific Railway, with a view to provides educational facilities to the
children of railway men and residents in the remote stations along
tbe line in the Northern section of
the Province between Chapleau and
Sudbury. This territory was selected by tho Department of Education
after making a thorough survey of
tiie education needs of the north, ami
should the travelling sehool prove to
be a success it was intimated tbat
ihe plan probably would be extended to lBclude other railway snbdivl-
The School car Is so fascinating
that lt would make anyone, no matter how old, want to go to school
again. About one-half the car is
devoted to the school room, whicb
ls fitted with desks for little boys
and girls and big ones too, a desk
for teacher, a blackboard, bookcases
with school books and good fiction, and even a real bell to summon
the scholars. Behind the schoolroom is the bedroom of the teacher
and in the rear of this again comes
a kitchen ~o thoroughly equipped
wilh everything, from stove to icebox, as to bring envy into the heart
of any housewife. Thc teacher's
name is Walter H. 'McNally.
It ls anticipated that the car will
stop at about six communities during the month, making n brief visit
of from three lo six dnys. Upon
leaving the teacher will give the
children enough homework to keen
them busy until tho ' ear1 return-
again in the cpur-jo of a montii.
.Ottawa, September 25.—Premier
Meighen announced today that he
did not intend to contest a seat in
parliament and that when the Conservative conference meets on October 11, he Willi retire from the leadership of the Conservative party.
Ottawa, September 25.—The Kov-
eminent has resigned. Resignation
of the Meighen administration was
presented to the governor-general
this morning shortly after 10 o'clock
Eastern standard time by Premier
Arthur Meighen and was accepted
by bis excellency.
Mr. Meighen was acenm-panied to
government house by three of the
ministers of the late administration,
Hon. R. B. Bennett, Hon. G. B. Jones
and Hon. W. A. Black.
Rt. Hou. W. L. Mackenzie King
was sum-noned to government house
following the resignation of Premier   Meighen. ,
After returning from, Rideau Hall
the retiring prime minister Baid
that the mem|bers of his govren-
ment had fully considered all the
circumstances now prevailing in
Canada and had deemed it their
duty to put their respective departments In order and make way for
the incoming administration with
the   least  possible  delay.
"The pending imperial conference," said Mr. Meighen, "opens on
Ootober 19. It is of unusual Importance and the Conservative party
will facilitate in every way the attendance of representatives from
Canada. If the session of parliament is called to meet this fall the
members of the late government
has agreed to assist In prompt passing of last session's estimates and
despatch of any other business un-'
finished at dissolution.
"There will be plenty of time before Christmas for the conference
and for such portion of the session
as may be considered neoessary,"
he added.
The resignation of Mr. Meighen
was followed by the summoning of
Rt. Hon VV. L Mackenzie King to
Rideau Hall, who was Invited to
form  an  administration.
Shortly before noon, members of
the incoming administration left
for Laurier House. Thence they
proceeded to Rideau Hall to be
swiorn in.
-Toronto, September 2,.—A demand tor a national'convention of
Conservatives to reorganize, adopt
a stable platform featuring a tariff
Issue, and to find leaders to lead the
party "out of the wilderness," an intimation that such a convention
would be caller at an early date,
featured the meeting last night of
tbe Brockton and Dover Court
Hydro-Conservative   association.
The cry tor a convention was
raised chiefly by T. L. Church.M.1'.-
Mr. Church was emphatic in his
declaration that Conservatives had
only themselves to blame for their
defeat. "We never played our trump
card—protection. New leaders will
rise to lead us out of the wilderness," he said.
Ottawia, September 25—Composition of the King cabinet is officially
announced as follows:
Prime Minister and Minister ot
External Affairs—Rt. Hon. W. L.
Mackenzie King.
Finance—Hon.  J.  A,  Robb.
Justice—.Hon.   Ernest   Lapointe.
Railways—Hon.  C. ■ A. Dunning.
Interior— Hon.  Charles  Stewart.
Public Works—Hon J. C. Elliott.
Agriculture—Hon. W. R. Motherwell.
Trade and Comtmlerce—Hon. Jas.
Custom-i and Excise—Hon. W. D.
Health and D. S. C. H—Hon. Dr.
J.  H.  King.
Immigration—Hon.   Robert    Forke.
Postm»Btor General—Jlon. P, J.
Marine and Fisheries—Hon. P. J.
A.   Cuardln.
Solicitor General—Hon. Luclen
Secretary of State—Fernan Rln-
Labor—-Hon.   Peter  lleenun.
Without   Portfolio—Senator    Dan-
The portfolio ot national defense,
which was not filled today, probably
will be assigned next week.
From fourteen huts ou the rim of a
deep craterlike hole in South Africa,
shafts of light stream out every
night to illuminate the diggings below where natives are toiling in the
clay for diamjoiuls. Thil lighting
system, has been installed at the
Premier mines, whero tlie famous
Cullinan diamond was discovered,
and consists of batteries of 1,500 and
2,000-watt lamps witli filaments ot
tho so-called "mpnoplane" type. In
front of each lamp ls a 5 1-4-inch
spherical mirror and each projector
has a slxteen-lnch parabolic mirror.
The lights have a range of from 900
to 1,600 feet for satisfactory illumination, antl aro considered a great
advance over the old typo of arc
searchlights, which wlere constantly
being damaged by the blasting operations. It is estimated that, at the
end ol 1024, the mines had produced
£3,500,000 carats ot diam'inds. The
area is the "pipe" or vent ol a former volcano, ooval in sbape, about
2,000 teet long and 1,500 feet wide. THE SUN: GBAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Wtt (&tmb Jfiarka Bun
One Tear (in Canada and Qreat Britain). $1.00
fine Year (in the United States)   1.60
Addrear -•■ —•——-cations to
s/Thk Graud Fobki Sor
Phohs 101 Grand Forks, B. C
been relegated to the past in Communist
Russia for hygienic reasons, and men and
women are on par. But, strangely euough
men still continue to kiss eacb other. Tbe
ojd salutation among men relatives and intimate men friends is so strong that government regulations have not wiped it out
Hand-shaking is also under government ban.
Notes • Notions** Notables
Breeders of race horses and blood stock
generally are of the opinion this industry has
developed into one of Britain's best. Export
demand has grown to such an extent of late
years that England is said to be supplying
the world with blood-stock. At the Decern
ber sales in Newmarket, England, there were
buyers from no less than fifteen countries,
including the United States and South America. American buyers are said to be the
keenest and buy only tbe very best thorough
bred animals.
The Holland vehicular tunnels under the
Hudson river, connecting New York city and
New Jersey, which are now bored and are
rapidly being completed, will, when opened
to the public, be the largest eleptrio ventilla
ting accomplishment in the world. Fans
driven by 84 electric motors will remove the
vast quantities of poisonous vapors discharged
by automobiles passing tbrough the mile and
a half of the parallel tunnels and at the same
time supply ample fresh air throughout the
■f*f*._f              »iH
*_\\            _ "fl
mk                         ■-?*'■#*'     sj
BR#**<--S.     r snlif'   -
wM -
H    1 %L-    1
sssssssssssB                       \V        ^aK    '                             jfc
WW**-   * *^kttw           3-W
SsssK   '
s^H                            sWyiiitlisC                ■**9'^*t
__X  "f-TT '.       fl
Visippp of Iceland   as Europe's   kitchen
garden are conjured up by recent dispitches
from Reykjavik, Pierre Van Passen writes,
in the Atlanta Constitution.     Experiments
with geysers reveal great possibilities.   Plans
are underway first of all to divert, the boiling
water from the geysers into the city of Reykjavik for heating purposes.    There is said to
be   enough hot   water to heat every house
comfortably.   In addition every  home  will
have a continuous flow of hot water.  Narrow
pipes, buried three feet deep in the ground,
have been led through   vegetable   gardens
with the result that an ideal temperature for
growing has been developed and that potatoes
have   been  planted much earlier and have
also   ripened   much   earlier   than in   other
places, where no pipes have been installed.
A Norwegian firm has built large hothouses
on tbe island and  the Islandic paper sees a
vision of its home as a vegesable garden for
all Europe and a rival foe the Channel islands
in the matter of flowers.
Four airplanes have been added to the
equipment of the police department of
Kansas City as aids to the detection and sup
pression of crime. Fquipped with radio, the
planes will at all times be in touch with
headquarters. In announcing the new division, authorities expressed the belief that an
air patrol, armed with machine guns, will be
much better able to cope with conditions
brought about by the ease with which bandits
have been escaping in fast automobiles.
Former Attorney-General of the
United States, who Is on trial in
Now York, charged, together with1
Thomas M. Miller, with accepting a
(391,000 bribe for releasing seven
million dollars worth of cash and
Liberty bonds to Oerman claimants
of stock In a Swiss-owned concern which had been seized during
the war.
The powerful Swedish commercial wireless
station at Grimeton appears to have a greater
range than was first calculated. It is reported trom Japan that radio messages sent
out by the Swedish station have been received there, and it is now propsed that the
station be so improved as to establish direct
traffic with Japan
I. p. Joues, secretary of the Deleware
high'way commission, reported the finding of
perfectly formed fish two and a quarter inches
long in a big oystar shell. Of a cluster of
three oysters, two contained perfect oysters,
When,the third oyster was opened ho fish
fell out apparently alive.
The Titanic catastrophe brought about an
immediate demand for patrol of the iceberg
area. From March 1 to July 1 this danger
zone in the north Atlantic is patrolled by two
vessels of the United States coast guard, with
a third in reserve.
Her patience tried after failure to get the
correct number at a telephone pay station in
Londo;, a woman took the receiver and
smashed the instrument beyond further use.
She was fined $10 and 'ordered to pay $2.50
for a new telephone. She asserted that she
had merely tapped the instrument to call tbe
operator and tbat it fell to pieces
Tests made in Germany to make paper
pulp for newsprint out of Parna pine of
Brazil have been somewhat successful accord
ing to reports from the commercial attaches
at Berlin. The tests bave been made with a
view to working out a commercially economical operation.
As a result of the Italian archeologists'
work in Forth Africa it has been Jound that
the twice destroyed Temple of Apollo at
Cyrene was first built by the Greeks about
600 B.C. and was first reconstructed by the
same race 400 yea'rs later, wben it bad been
destroyed by fire. The reconstruction work
included the addition of much decoration
about which little bad been heretofore known.
Greek culture, it has been established, was as
flourishing then in North Africa as it was in
Athens, a fact considered highly important
Must Pay for Paper
Id giving judgment against a de.
linqueot subscriber recently, Judge
O'Reilly, of Cornwall, Oot, made
the statement that newspaper publishers bad a bard enough time in
financing the business without be
ing done out of their subscriptions.
If a person desires to stop a news.
paper tbe proper way is for bim to
pay all arrears and get a receipt, or
if he bas paid, refuse to take the
paper at tbe ppgt office and have *
record bade of his refusal. A man
who owed for a newspaper could not
atop takiog it and expect the publisher to go without his pay.
It may be added that no publisher
wishes to force bis newspaper on
any one, and any subscriber deeir-
ing to discontinue bis paper wili not
bave tbe slightest trouble if be does
-o in ao honest and businesslike
Huodreds of dollars are lost every
year to publishers by those.w ho after
\ subscription bas expired for tbree
or six months, discontinue the
paper and send it back as "refused '
The amount is too small for tbe
publisher to make a fuss over, but
all the same it amounts to • neat
litll sum in a year.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds      Headache     Neuritis        Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia     Toothache     Rheumatism
Accept only  "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer"  boxes of  12 tablets
Alao bottles of 84 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trade mirk (reisstentl In Cansds) of Bsier Msnnfactnte of Honoscetl-t
scldester of Sslicyllcscl d (Acetyl Ssllcjllc Add, "A. S. A."). Willie tt Is -sell taxi-s.ii
Usst Aspirin means Beyer msnufscitire. to assist Use public sialnst Imitations, the Tablet*
•f Barer Oompany will be stamped wltb  tkelr -receral trade mark. Use "Bayer Cross."
A turtle ambling through the underbrush
on the farm of William McCracken was
recognized as the same one which had been a
free tenant for the last 100 years. Mr. Mc
Cracker, first saw the turtle 52 years ago and
noticed on its shell "NW" and "1815."
Records show that a Mr. Wardell had lived
on the farm in 1815,
To be popular and respectable at the same
time is about as far as any man can go.
For alfalfa s leot a field that iB
well drained, botb aa to surface aod
subsoil drainsge. Alfalfa will not
a tend "wet feet."
Tbe Sun Presses hare twice tbe
speed of any otber presses in the
Boundary. We oan save you money
on botb long and sbort runs of com.
mercial printing and give you a su-
perior class of work.
If you wish to have early flowers in bloom
in Spring
PLANT THIS FALL-Hyacinths, Tulips
and Daffodils.
We have the best varieties for this climate
Florists Grand Forks, B. C.
Egyptian darkness of centuries will soon
be banished from tbe intact tomb of Egyptian
royalty discovered last year near the Cheops
pyramid, at Gizeh, by the Harvard Boston
expedition. A 4,000 candle power lighting
system will light the work of exploration and
Mme. Lenin, widow of tho Russian Soviet
leader, would be offended if a male "comrade"
ottered her a seat in a train, opened a door
for her or stepped aside to give her pre.
cetjence.   Hand-kissing and hat tipping have
Poems From EasternLa nds
The Ruin of Barmecides
No, Banned   Time hath never shown
So sad a change of wayward fate;
Nor sorrowing mortals ever known
A grief io true, a loss so great.
Spouse of the world!   Thy soothing breast
Did balm to every woe afford;
And now by thee no more oarea-Jd,
The widow'd world wails her Lord.
olncient History*
[TakenFrom Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
Peter Pare, proprietor f the Palace barb*r
shop, while out hunting last Sunday, met a
drove of bears Mr. Pare and the bears
quickly disappeared in opposite directions.
The dry season has affected the power plant
at Cascade, and heavy rains are needed to
bring the power supply up to normalcy.
Last year the Yale Columbia Lumber company employed 50 men and cut six million feet
of logs around Westbridge. The coming winter the company will employ 100 men and cut
seventeen million feet of logs, which will be
driven down the Kettle river to the mill at
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to tba Old and Middle-aged
Youthfillness, Energy and Fitness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Proserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Nervousness is banished under the influ-
ence of these] Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes olear,
light and elastic and the oomplexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a cleaj*,Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyea and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and tbe realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theunbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass? Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are ' there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The prioe of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollara per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool RoadJBiunabiir-r,
London, England.
Cit'zetis of Grand Forks are asked to note the following extracts from the 1925 Amendments to the
Hospital Act:
• (4) Where there is, either within or without the limits ot any
municipality, a hospital whioh is maintained by tbe municipality,
or to the support of wbioh the municipality is chief contributor
witb tbe exception of tbe Crown, tbe municipality sball not be
liable in respect of aoy patient treated io any otber hospital, except
iu cases of emergency, or where tbe hospital so maintained or sup*
ported is not in a position to furnish the special treatment necessary for any certain patient, and authority for tbst patient to apply for admission to tbe otber hospital has been given by the
Mayor or Reeve or some duly authorised officer ot tbe municipality, in whicb oases the municipaliry shall be liable to te extent
set oat in subsections (1) and (2).
• ■ City Clerk
Giving Wings
to Friendship
The long distance telephone gives wings
to friendship. It enables the human
voice to be carried along wires at a
speed of thousands of miles per second
without losing any of its cordiality. The
special, night rates after 8:30 p.m. are
advantageous for social chats.
British  Columbia Telephone
for Economical Transportation
Built into W
Roadster $640    Coup* $810    Sedan $920
Sport "     71S    Coach    810    Landau Sedan    970
Touring     840    Commercial Chassis • 49S
Sport"       715    Utility Express   «       -        -     730
All fries* at Factory      Taxee Extern
Grand Forks Garage
IT is by strictest attention to quality      A newly-designed cami
— of material and workmanship      h***ttebi mx&eheit with
..     .    a*. 1   -   . . > . hparssso. ssssssrp ss.* mm
— that Chevrolet has achieved, not
only the most powerful but also die
smoothest, engine in its price class.
Notice how the working parts are fully
enclosed—protected from road dust, gnt
and water. The valWIifter assembly is
completely encased in pressed steel covering to prevent entry of harmful foragn
matter and to silence the engine. The
Chevrolet Dty Disc Clutch is mounted in
the flywheel housing, while the transmission is hnmediately behind the clutch,
and, with the propeller-shaft, is completely
camshaft and well-
extra large main
bearings insure the smoothness which has
won lor this Chevrolet such unanimous
Go to your ne.-fest Chevrolet dealer.
Raise the hood of the smooth Chsnrrolet
and examine for yourself the engine that
makes Chevrolet so smooth and ss ptwsriaL
The Smoothest Chevrolet in Chevrolet history is selling at the Lowest
Price for which Chevrolet has aver
been sold in Canada.
Ask about GMAC Plan of Deferred
A cancer serum, faking rats immune fs described in the annual report of the British empire cancer
campaign. Dr. Thomas isiuisuen of
the Lister Institute performed en-
perimlents on 50 rats successfully,
according to the report.
Injection of ithe appropriate serum
ln malignant tumors in the feet of
rats, the report indicates, caused the
Humors to disappear. Temporary
stoppage of circulation in the part
affected is a part of the procedure.
It was found, the report declares,
that tw*o tumors in different feet of
a rat oould be made to vanish by
treatment of only one and that rata
which had been subjected to the
serum treatment were immune to 8
subsequent attacks of cancer.
Don't Feel Blue;
Here's Fun for You
W|sen   Noah   sailed the well-known
He bad his troubles as well as you,
For slays aod days lie drove the ark
Before he found a place to park.
Ood bless the iUVoonspicuous citizen—the man who quietly fulfills all
obligations to bis family and to his
■ommuntty as a mutter of course,
andd wjio does not consider himself
entitled to preferment, political pull
or free puffs In the newspapers.
his potato patch when he saw the
postman coming up the road, bearing for him a black-edged  envelope.
Mike became uneasy, and showed
"Hope It's not bad news, said the
"It Is 'thot," said iMike, glancing at
the address. "It's upset Oi am entirely. Me brother Pat's dead. 01
can tell by Ms handwriting!"
"Pa, where does Ink cuius from?"
".From Incubators,  son.   Now  run
out with the iboys."
"Pa," said young Billy, "What's a
golf hasard?"
And hts- Wise parent replied:
"Some of ithe stuff that's banded
around in the locker-rooms, son."
''Uilow, 'Awkings, wot's wrong wlf
the Moon-sin' 'orse?"
"Well, yer see, guvnor, e was rid
toy a lydy in panlts, and 'e's got a bit
ot a stiff neck."
(Hike WU working   diligently   on
Dr. Clorbett—"-What you need, my
dear young lady, ls a little sun and
Patient—"V**y, the very Idea, I
am not even married.
Gentleman (sampling liquor)—
"I'll bet somebody' changed the bottle on this lable!"
bring me out   that   pot   of   Dundee
One, two,
What to do?
Three,   four.
Lock the  door;
IFiVe,   six.
Let me mix;
Seven,  eight,
Mine  is  straight;
Nine,  ten.
Say when!
London, September 22.—The Spee
tator. Conservative weekly paper,
wlarmly supports the views expressed by an anonymous correspondent, Bald to be a well-known
Canadian, wfho thinks Canada must
have a greater hand in Empire affairs than it has at present
The Spectator correspondent suggests that wben the present British ambassador at Washington, Sir
tx-wat. Howard, retires, a Canadian
like Sir Robert Borden, former
Premier of the Dominion; Gen. Sir
Arthur Currie, principal of McGill
university, Montreal; Sir Robert
Falconar, president of the University of Toronto, or E. W. Beatty
president of ten Canadian Pacific
■Railway, should be appointed his
The correspondent declares that
the Imperial conference is not worth
five cents "with tto junketing and
its platitudinous talk."
Somebody remarked: "If wives
only knew wbat stenographers really think of their . husbands, they
-Mould cease to worry."
.''Mac, would you like., a. little   of
something  Scotch—the  real    thing?"
"Well,  now*— I   never—-*
"Of    cours e you    would.     Mary,
A negro cook came Into a. north'
ern Missouri .bank with a check
from the lady for whom she worked.
As Mandy, the cook, could notwirte,
she .always endorsed her .checks
With a big X But on this* occasion
she made a circle on the back of the
"What's the big Idea Mandy?"
asked the teller. Why don't you
make a cross, as usual?"
"Ah done got married yesterdays
Boss, and I'se changed mah   name."
Man (In barber chair)—"Be careful not to cut my bair too short—
peoplewill take me tor my Wife."
'The financial statement of the
Canadian Pacific Railway issued nt
Montreal for the .seven months of
1926 ending July 31st, shows the
large increase in the net profits of
16,691,301.62 over the net profits for
the first seven months of 1925. The
gross earnings wer, $101,826,207.11,
as compared with 490,343,867.75 for
the first seven months of 1925.'
Unofficial estimates prepared by
the authorities of the Department
»f Commerce, Washington, estimated
that Americans visiting Canada
this year would spend approximately
9190,000,000. This estimate was intimated to be very conservative and
that it was more than likely that
the amount would exceed the $200,-
000,000 mark.
Announcement was made recently
over the signature of E. N. Todd,
freight traffic manager, Canadian
Pacific Railway, of the appointment
of D. A. Wanklyn as Industrial Commissioner of the Railway, with offices in Montreal. Mr. Wanklyn
replaces Graham W. Curtis, who
has resigned, to fill the position of
general manager for Montreal Rail
and Water Terminals, Limited.
Otto H. Eahn, chairman of the
board of directors of the Metropolitan Opera Company, accompanied
by a party of internationally known
financiers of New York, visited the
National Exhibition at Toronto recently. Mr. Kuhn, who is perhaps
the leading art and music patron of
the United States, addressed a luncheon of the directors of the Exhibition on September 2nd, the day of
the Exhibition, which was set aside
as "Music Day."
It is understood that purchases in
Canada of 6,000 railway cars may
result from the visit of the engineering expert, Mr. Vandergulcht, and
the Transport Commissariat's representative, Mr. Baronsky, who have
been delegated by the Soviet Republic to Investigate the possibility
of securing this number in Canada.
They have also been instructed to
make a study of the organization of
the Canadian railway shops and the
repair methods In general.
Three wolf cubs were caught recently near Lake Doucelle in Northern Ontario by Arthur Beauvais,
well-known driver of the Chateau
Frontenac dog team at Quebec, and
will be trained by Baauvais for the
harness. He is confident that by
mingling the wolves with huskie
puppies for several months they will
lose some of their wolfish nature
and make an attractive addition tu
the Chateau team. Ecauvais states
that, while wolves havo endurance,
they have not the "heart" of a
huskie dog.
Two world's swimming records v.--:rc
established at  the  Crystal Ganleiij
swimming pool nt Vict-rlp K.*ir*V.y,
when Ethel Mi-Garry. ,.*. "■■•*■ '•'■.,:
swam 880 yaro'r-  in  12 iv* j
41   seconds,  or  ninj   =■•:*   :..   b :
than  t'.io  prc-'i':'...-    ~* ::     '.-   .-.
for   this   event;    and
G-*rahty, ft'.a ,.f   : ■-,  *. , '     •
five  arid  tv o-f.'   .      •   "
previous  rec. *.   ;
What do
you like
in a glass
of beer?
You look for certain things in a glass
of beer.
You want first a drink that gets
home to that thirsty spot—but
that's not all—   ;
■  *       |
You wfiht a drink that sparkles with
life and vigor—that's cheerful and
You want a drink that will satisfy
That's where Pure Beer scores. Try
it today, and you'll present yourself
with a wholesome, refreshing treat.
Order a case of Pure Beer made by
the Amalgamated Brewers from any
Government store.
Vancouver Breweries Ltd., Rainier Brewing
Co. of Canada Ltd., Westminster Brewery
Ltd., Silver Spring Brewery Ltd., and Victoria
Phoenix Brewery Co. Ltd.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Spilt Milk Costs Uncle Sam
$77,399,685.00 Annually
The amount of milk spilt, soured,
rejected and otherwise wasted annually, Is 3,819,986,000 pounds. This at
32.25 per hundred would approximate annually the stupendous
amount of $77,399,685.
However, a cheerful note rings
through this tale of economic loss to
a nation. The same report shows
a 1924 increase of 108 pounds of
milk per cow over 1923 production.
Deducting this from tho figure previously given, leaves a loss through
waste of only 313,607,325, a mere
bagatelle, compared with our national debt of more than twenty billions of dollars.
The Increased yield per cow is due
to heightened efficiency on the farm;
and future years promise even
greater increases.
Dairymen have discovered the futility of feeding non-paying members
ot their milk herds. They have
learned that losses lurk in Insanitary
milk production. They havo discovered the advantages that lie In
swatting the bacteria tbat hide ln
unclean stables, undipped, un-
brushed flanks and udders of milk
cowb and unsterlli-ted utensils. As
time goes on, the unavoidable waste
of milk will be more than offset by
Intelligent feeding, complete sanitation and more efficient herd manage*
ment »
It laic, a beta* of 6CT,-
097 cowt each giving
OOOO III. of milk yearly
to mpply the milk
waited annually sss Ih*
U. 8.
According to a schedule showing
tho division of dairy products, published by the United States Department of Agriculture, the annual cost
of wasted milk in our nation would
make a happy pay day for the army
and navy and still leave an appropriation sufficient to build enough
'combat planes to satisfy even the
militant MltcheU.
THE SUN prints all the loeal news
and carries a number of interesting
features found in no other Boundary
Insist Upon
It has the most delicious flavour.  Try it.
SEALED TBNDERS will be received by the
Dfitrict Forester, Ni-lsoa, not later tban
noon on the 6th day of October, 1926, for
the purchase of Licence X8186, near Cr.riBt.-a a
Lake, to eut 893,000 board teet of Sawlogs and
10,53.5 lineal feet of Cedar Pole*.
Two years will be allowed for removal of
Further particular* of the District Forester, Kelson.
|Dr. G. H. Acres, government veter
Inary surgeon, has been transferred
to the coast and he will move there
with his famiily next week. The
doctor and his estimable family
have been residents of Grand Forks
for over a dozen years and their
m(any fritnds will regret to* lose
them from the city. Mr. Acres, was
mayor of the city for a number of
years antf took an active interest In
the development and welrare of the
community. Lt is generally believed
that Dr. Paxton of Nelson will succeed him here.
Dr. and Mrs. *MI. Truax motored
to Nelson on Sunday, returning
home on Tuesday. The. doctor attended Ithe medical convention
while in Nelson.
Frank Haverty, of McKinnon's
store, and wife Willi leave next week
for Seattle, wjhere they will reside
[permanently in future.
MV.s iFrithy, of the Covert estate,
has been quite low with heart trouble in the Grand Porks hospital this
week. Her husband, who has been
out of toWn for some time, was summoned home.
Ed Bailey this week moved into
the house on Winnipeg avenue
which lhe recently purchased from
Mss. Munro. Mr. Winters has moV'
ed into the house vacated by Mr,
Mr. and Mrs. R D Smith and
daughter Geraldine, of Victoria,
who have been visiting at the home
of. Mir. Sm'ar's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Smith, of the West end
returned to the coast last week.
O. W. A. Smith, of the Greenwood
'Ledgge, is a visitor in the city today
Geo. R. Inglis and R. D. McKenzie,
of the Bell mine, Beaverdell, are in
the city today.   Mr.   Inglis   is   also
visiting his daughter, who is attending high school here.
Three carloads of ore wiere ready
for shipment from Beaverdell on
Saturday—-one each from the Bell,
Wellington and  Sally.
Ed McGrade, of Stave Falls, ls
visiting friends in the city this week
He* was formerly employed by the
C.P.R. in this district.
Magistrate J. A. MoCallum returned on Wednesday from Van-
couver.where he has been receiving
treatment for a weak eye, He will
be confined to his home for some
As the result of another "dry
squad" raid, Harper of the Russell
house was assessed the usual fine
the first of the week. One man at
File was also convicted of an infrac
tion of the liquor aot. Other cases
are to come up tomorrow.
Good posture may make a plain
person attractive and distinctive,
3uys Hygeia Magazine, in its healthful beauty department. People with
correct posture have a graceful walk
and carriage and a certain appearance of style, even if they have no
other claim to boauty. They also
have better health than those whose
posture is poor. In spue of this,
one rarely sees a perhon with per
leet posture.
People with good posture do not
get tired easily. The weight of their
body is properly distributed over
several sets of muscles, instead of
all falling on one or two, as is the
case when the be ly is not held in
good posture.
High heels throw the wearer out
of balance and cause incorrect posture. Ordinarily, a military heel
about 1-B to 1.75 incheh high is satisfactory.
oney makes  the mule go and  the
automobile makes the money go.
The Wool Industry in Shut!,!, Africa
Letter frnm E. S. Btrl.,,:. It ,:,n'„n till
The Union of South Africa is
rightly classed among the great wool
producing countries of the world.
Climatic conditions there are admirably adapted to breeding nnd raising of the Merino type of sheep
with a strong, staple wool.
A large part of this country is
suitable only for the raising of sheep,
and the government is making progressive and intelligent efforts to
improve both the sheep and the manner of preparing the wool for market.
Jackals being a strong menace in
South Africa, long-time government
loans arc extended to sheep owners
for thc erection of jackal-proof fencing. Government sheep experts arc
maintained permanently in allotted
districts so that their services anil
advice may be assured at a nominal
The mutton sheep of South Africa
is the fat-tailed, black-headed Cape
—a non-wooled sheep. As no crossbreeding for mutton lambs is done,
the wools are purely Merino in character.
Progress in this South African industry is particularly noticeable in
the harvesting. Despite the fact that
Kaffir labor can be secured at thc
equivalent of $3.50 per month, thore
is a trend towards the modern shearing machine as against the age-old
hand blades, which, even on this
continent, have not been discard-d
by many'otherwisc entirely progressive wool raisers.
A study of this fact, however,
readily reveals the reason for it.
While there is a first cost for the
machine, the unskilled black adapts
himself to its use much more readily
than to the hand blades, and soon
does a remarkably smooth job of
shearing with the machine.
Once adapted to the use of th-*
machine, its economic value is demonstrated in the materially greater number of sheep shorn daily, the
better market value of the wool, the
Ptttr -.. : .'. nd.    Kajji.- .ln.at-n
fewer maimed sheep, and not least
important, the additional 6% to 12%
more wool obtained with the machine over and above the amount ol
wool secured with the hand blades.
As a cons'-quencc, the machine resolves Itself into a .small investment
with certain and !*;■; returns.
Steadily, the science of wool-marketing in South Africa is fast ap-
proachlhg the sciertific efficiency of
the Australian i uirkoting plan,
which is, without i!»iibt, the most
practical and officii :it in existence
to-day. •
Considering that the four provinces, Natal, Transvaal, Orange Free
State and Cape Province, which
comprise the Union of South Africa,
have over a million square miles
less of territory than the populated
Provinces of Canada, it is surprising
to note that they contain over ten
times as many sheep as the whole
of Canada. The Union of South
Africa ranks about fourth among
the countries of the world in sheep
population. These points alone put
that country In line as a strong contender for future leadership in the
wool  industry.
It is interesting lo note, however,
that, the great bulk of their pro-
gressiveness is due to quickness in
observing the advantages of modern implements and machinery and
up-to-date methods and discarding
the old ideas that are not nearly so
In view of the wonderful progress
the wool industry has mnde in South
Africa in a comprratively short
time, that industry i* surely destined
to take a large ami important place
in thc economic progress of the far
distant Union of  South  Africa.
**? «**-** ..—tx-..r—in*g   io   stacis-
tics prepared by the Vancouver
Merchants' Exchange, the foreign
trade export of the port has increased 400 per cent, in the past
Ifive years, while bhe import trade
has increased 51 per cent.
In a recent report from the Canadian Pacific Agent at Shanghai received at Montreal it is stated that
the summer in vicinity of Shanghai
has heen trying on account of
drought. This may have a disastrous effect on this crops. The long
and intense heat wave was only recently broken by a typhoon which
struck the Coast near Shanghai.
A plan is projected by the Osaka
Prefectural Government authorities
in Japan for the promotion of a
large exposition in commemoration
of the tenth anniversary of the restoration of world peace. It is expected thst the exposition will be
opened in Osaka in 1929. The plans
for the exposition, which will be
carried out at tremendous cost, have
been approved by the Prime Minister.
So successful on Canadian farms
have been young bachelors, who,
prior to residence in this country
were students in agriculture at the
Hodleigh Salvation Army Schools
in Essex, England, that the Army
will shortly receive into those institutions their first classes of married
men destined for farm lands in the
Dominion. The course will be given
during six months, and will mean a
thorough training in branches of
agriculture, particularly adapted to
conditions in Canada.
Prospects for the establishment of
an air route in Japan for mail and
passenger service have brightened
with the announcement that the
Ministry of Communications have
included an appropriation in the
budget of the Communications Department for such a service. It is
anticipated that there will bs
enough passengers willing to pay
double the railroad fare for the sake
of speed between Osaka and Tokyo,
the leading cities ef Japan.
The Hebridean emigrants who
are leaving their lone sheilings and
misty islands for a new life in
Canada have, curiously enough,
hitherto been ignored by the novelist, although the romance of this
migration, extending over a hundred
years provides a wonderful field for
fiction. The extent of this field
has now been realized, -however, in
the new novel "Eyes of a Gypsy,"
by the Canadian writer John
Murray Gibbon, who is the well-
known author of "Drums Afar",
etc., and Dean of Publicity of the
Canadian Pacific Railway.
Action should be taken by the
authorities in the Province of Quebec to shorten the open season for
hunting deer and moose, according
to Ozark Ripley, well known writer
en animal and wild life and prominent hunter and angler. Mr. Ripley
also believes that the deer season is
too early as in September the deer
are still in their red coats, and their
numbers are only conserved through
their ability to hide amongst the
leaves of the underbrush which have
not yet fallen. He believes that a
scarcity of this game will result
from the lengthy season.
The Earl of Clarendon, Under
Secretary of State for Dominion
Affairs in the British Government,
who has been touring the Dominion
investigating the conditions under
which the 3000-family scheme from
Great Britain is working out, de-
clared, in an interview at the Canadian Pacific Windsor Street Station
at Montreal recently, that one of
the greatest things upon which the
success of the scheme depended was
the loyalty and cheerfulness of ths
mothers of families brought out to
Canada to be located on farms. His
Lordship paid a special tribute to
the type of women brought out
under this scheme whom he hatl met
during his personal v'sita among
immigrant families.
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Itsiiiiinicn Monumental Worka
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Think twice as ntuch as you study,
aud you will have the proportions
about right
As much ot heaven Is visible as
we have eyes to see.—Wouter.
' If tbe oldest inhabitant ie tbe
only survivor ol hie time, he bag a
clear field for his reminiscences
Some  meo sow selfi-hness   and
reap success.
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publications have a great deal of
leisure time tba* might be more'
profitably employed? A number of
sucb firms bave involuntarily retired
from business.
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Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty"
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Vacant Hurt-served, surveyed'Grown lauds
may be pre-empted by Hriti.h subjeots over
18 years uf age, and by aliens on declaring
intention to become Hritish subjects, conditional upon resi lessee, occupation aud Improvement for agrioultaral purposes.
Full information concerning regulations
regarding pre eranllous Is irlven In Bulletin
No. 1, Lass I Series, "How to Pre-empt -.and,"
copies of whioh can be obtained freo of chnrge
by addressing the Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C., or sny Government Agent.    .
^Records will bc made covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which
Is not timberland. I e„ carrying over 5,00(1
board feet per aere west of tne Coast Hange
and 8 000 fuel per acre cast of that range.
Supplications for p.-e-emptlons .are to be
addressed to the Laud Commissioner ol tha
Luud Recording Division, in which the land
applied for Is situated, aud are mada on
printed forms, copies of cm ;ii u obtained
from the Land Commissioner.
.Pre-emptions must be occupied for fire
yearsaud Improvements made to value of f 10
por aore, including clearing aud oulMvating
at least Uvt aores, before a Grown Urant ean
be received.
Por more detailed inturmanoii seethe Bulletin "How to Pro-empt Laud."
Applications are received for purchase of
vaoant and unreserved Grown Lauds, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes:
minimum prloe of lirit-olats (arable) land Is
*"> per acre, and second-class (grailng) laud
f'2.60 per aore. Further information regarding purchase or lease of Grown lands Is glveu
In Hullc~in No. 10, Land Series. "Purchase and
Lease of Grown Lands."
Mill, factory, or industrial sites on timber
land, not exoeedlng 40 aores, may be purchased or leased, ou conditions Inoludlng
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20 acres,
may be leased as homesltes, conditional upon
a dwelling belug o eoted In the tint year,
title being obtainable after residence and
Improvement conditions sre fulfilled and land
has beeu surveyed.;
For grailng and Industrial purposes areas
not exceeding MO acres may be leased by ona
person or acompany.
1-nder the Graaing Act the Province Is
divided into grailng districts and the range
administered under a Graxlng Com*
missioner. Annual graaing permits are
issued bated ou numbers ranged, priority being given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free, permits
are avallablee for settler-, tampers and
travellers up to ten haad.


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