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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jul 30, 1926

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Take a practical view of a warm proposition and think of the you are saving nowadays
ilative Li
"Tell me what you Know fa tni-*'
I caojfluess u well as you.*'C
FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1926
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
who has been appointed a Royal
Commissioner to continue the investigations    Into    tha    Custom!
Here are some of the high points
scored by Hod. C. A. Dunning in
his great speech at Vancouver on
Monday night:
Canada for al tbe Canadians, not
for some of them.
British Columbia bas often been
represented as tbe back door of Can-
ade, but British Columbia's destiny
is to be the front door of western
Canada if you wiil cooperate, politically as well as economically, witb
your brethren of the prairies.
Our policy we bave placed on tbe
statute books- you know wbere we
are going because we have showed
I owe Canada everything I have
and hope to be. I would be a poor
creature if I would not stand on tbe
platform and fight for "Canada, for
all the Canadians, not for some
Canadians." I am in this fight to a
No parliament in Canada's history
was so packed full of good for the
common people. We tried to carry
out our maxim of Canada for all the
Canadians, not for a few of tbem
Thos* who criticized our policy
witb the C.N R. got their answer in
tbe earnings of tbe road (bia ,, ear,
Find a market for tbe produc's f
your country, develop your trade
and tbe railway* will pay.
Today tbe farm Implement factories are bigger than tbey ever were
before, are employing more people,
making bigger profits and tbeir
shares are higher on tb' market than
ever beiore. Tbat is bow Liberals
ruin industry.
You can't talk in tbis country
about embarking on free trade, Tbat
is not preached by any party. But
we can sty tbat when the tariff
bears heavily on all the Canadians
for tbe benefit of a few it is lime to
make a change.
Tbis time the Tory issue in to be
tbe BOrcalled customs scandal, Cod
servatives say tbat tbe sole purpose
of voting is to condemn, to destry
« But tbe first purpose of tbe ballot is
to oonstruct policies on wbiob par
fiameut is to operate for the next
our years.
Tbe sptech delivered by Mr.
Stevens contained notbing but tbe
information whicb Inspector Duncan bad already gathered under his
minister's instructions and for his
Mr. Bofvin set out to clean up the
mess in a business-like way. The
Conservatives dragged the issue into
partisan politics and tbat has not
helped to clean it up.
This campaign is going to be fall
of that kind of filth, but I can tell
you tbat neither before the comm't-
tee nor io the house was a c arge or
insinuation made tbat any minister
or member of the Liberal party ever
profited to the extent of one cent
Tbe Conservatives were willing to
take tbe investigation as complete,
but tbe Liberals said "No" and demanded judicial investigation to
complete tbe enquiry.
Tbey bave notbing on Boivin, but
the Conservatives pay him the same
compliment hs ihey do me wh'-n
tbey c***t*r Iheir attack on us A
-jreat C mservative paid you would
•l'iti the he-l fruit in the tree with
thejinost sticks nnd -tones under it.
Canada doesn't he'd a Mussolini
Our people are ton intelligent for
that sort ol dictatorship
The responsibility fnr wbat oc-
cuired in lho*e closing days is
squarely on the shoulder of Arthur
Meighen, for wben be took office be
tacitly pledged his ability to carry
on. It was proven io 65 hours that
he was wrong in that advice to his
excellency and therefore that Mackenzie King was rigbt.
While it was only a sham or a
shadow fToveromeot, thn serious fact
was tbat it bad control of our affairs
and of the public purse.
Loyalty is based on love, love of
tbe rights and freedom of British
citizens, tbe freedom to be loyal.
Tint's the genius of tbe British race,
recognizing that loyalty can't be
compelled, only inspired by creating
something worthy of our loyalty.
Old age pensions were killed by
the'senate. Not one Tory senator
voted for it. But we'll reintroduce
it and stay witb it till it's  tbrougb.
The significant thing about the
appointment of 79-year-old Mr
Black as minister of railways is that
he comes from Halifax and his ap
pointment panders to the clamor for
political control of the I.C.R,
Britieh Columbia Tory members
-uppnrlid the amendment to tbe
budget which would have wiped out
tbe income tax reductions.
Tory after Tory actually arose in
parliament to defend the principle
that unearned income should pay
less taxes than earned income. Tbe
man wbo has made lots of money
out'of Canada owes more tban the
man who is merely making a liviDg.
Tbe Robb budget carries out tbat
Spooks Drive Keepers
From Alaskan Island
Two caretakers of a blue fox farm
on Ohirikoff. island, 80 miles west of
Kodiak, Alaeda, are ready to resign
"because of spooks.
The island was once a Russian
penal colony and many graves are
marked witb crosses. The caretakers
claim tbat during tbe past winter
the crosB on an unknown grave
moved from one end to the other,
epo:ks whistled dorn tbeir cabin
chimney and queer voices spoke on
Three hunnred ead of wiid cattle,
witb a curions kind of fur like hair,
share tbe island with the blue foxes.
They thrive on luxuriant grass It
is necessary to carry a gun when
distant from tbe settlement as a
precaution against attack from tbe
Words are but holy as ahe deads
they cover.—Shelley
Brandon, Man., July 28.—Follow
ing hi- Domination for this constib
uency by the Progressives last nigbt
Robert Forke, leader of the Farmer
party, discussing tbe constitutional
question, declared:
"I know tbat Mr Meighen never
would have been premier if all tbe
circumstances had been known. Tbe
governor general constituted himself
a judge between Mr. King and Mr-
Meighen in granting dissolution to
the latter after declining it to the
Mr. Forke dealt witb the customs
probe, and also witb the question ot
tariffs "Mr. Meighen will come out
west, but will Dot say much about
tbe tariff, or about raising tbe
tariff," be predicted.
Mr. Forke emphasized bia stand
on tbe tariff question—that it was
impossible for a country to be prosperous by building up tariff walla.
"I know I have done my duty and
I am not here to apologize for my
session," declared Mr. Forke.
Mr. Forke, who represented Bran*
don constituency in the last house,
was again nominated, and in politi
cal circles  it was declared that the
former leader will receive the endorsation of tbe local Liberals at a
meeting this Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Forke emphasized the necessity for cooperation between the
Liberals and Progressives.
"Without the aid and support of
tbe Liberals," he said, "we can not
win tbis constituency of Brandon,"
"I do not care what name I go to
Ottawa under, my vote and my actions will be just tbe eame."
"The Progressive members were
approaohed by both Conservatives
and Liberals almost continuously
during the last session,'' he declared.
Mr. Forke dealt at length with
the developments at 0 tawa during
the last session, and declared offers
of "divers kinds," including the
Conservative declaration that if the
Progressives would give that parly
tbeir support the government would
run its full course.
The offer, said Mr. Forke, was
given serious consideration. At one
time the Progressives took a straw
vote on whether they would -support
tbe Conservatives or the Liberals,
and the vote was 12 to 10 in favor of
the former. Ha was at a loss as to
wby the vote went tbat way, unless
"it was the knowledge tbat it wae
not a binding vote." Later another
vote was taken, and all except five
members supported the Liberal
egislative program.
Tbe oity council met on Monday
evening and adjourned to Tuesday
Tuesday evening's session was
short. The mayor aod all the alder*
men except Aid. Liddicoat were
Charles F. Hunter was reappoints
ed city auditor at tbe old salary.
A letter from C. V. Meggitt regarding the removal of bis material
from tbe smelter site was laid over
to a futurs meeting.
The Qrand Forks hospital reported
tbe admission of two patients from
the city since tbe last meeting.
The cemetery committee reported
tbat more water was needed in the
cemetery. The matter was dis-*
cussed .but np definite acti n was
The council decided not to allow
parking of motor vehicles within 30
thirty feet of the corners on First
The board of works was authorized to proceed with tbe oiling of
the streets in tbree blocks of tbe
business center—on First from Winnipeg avenue to Bridge street, and
on Bridge from First to Third
Treasure Island is Mecca for Children
Telegram Got Results
Her mother's death was announced in a telegram received by
a Parisian woman from her native
village. Overcome with grief sbe
notified other relatives, and they
hurried home, wearing mourning
and carrying wreaths and other
floral tributes. As they came within
sight of tbe old bome tears streamed
i-own tbeir faces, but a moment
later tbey saw tbeir mother in the
garden. "I was longing to see you,
my children, and I knew that telegram would be sure to bring you,"
was her explanation.
situated in the Canadian Rocklcn
Complete and exact In every detail Is this small enalne  reoresentintt
the largest type of online used ln the Rockless In Canada   Thlismalle"ttlSS
Treasure Island, the outstanding amuaement feature of
the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley-— with ita
bold but nice pirates,Long John Silver aad Captain Hook,
and its many other famous characters from storyland,
Peter Pan, Wendy, Alice, the Duchess, the Mad Hatter,
Cinderella, Mother Goose and Robinson Crusoe, has
proved to be the greatest entertainment attraction at the
Sesquijpentennial International .Exposition at Philadelphia.
It is a much bigger and more wonderful "Treasure
Island" than the one which delighted thousands at
Wembley last year. It lias six acres of land, surrounded
by a natural lagoon. Tiie entire lay-out of the Island in
Philadelphia was designed and built by Maxwell Ayrton,
architect of the Weinbley exhibition overseas. Drake's
ehir the "Golden Hind", Noah's Ark and its animals,
two by two, and pirate and smugglon*' caves will be a few
of tho features seen.
Eut 6JUlfce tlie racst fascin'.ting experieme of the
visitor "to Trcacure Island is ths trip -.cross Can-jda on
the miniature Canadian  Pacific  Railway's  "Imperial
Limited" train which is pulled through a replica of the
Canadian Pacific Rockies by a small puffing engine only
four feet long,' but strong enough to pull 30 people. The
engine driver is J. Terrence Holder, the twenty-one year-
old son of one of England's wealthiest families who prefers
this job to an Oxford career.
One gets on the train at the Palais Station, Quebec,
just below the magnificent Chateau Frontenac, and
passes through Queboc and Ontario provinces and enters
the prairies in less than no time. When Banff is reached
the train stops to allow passengers to see the Banff
Springs Hotel and the beautiful Bow Valley. Westward
it speeds through the Canadian Pacific Rockies, some 600
feet long, the tallest towering 74 feet high and built of
sheet iron and plaster, and dashes into Connaught
tunnel; thence on to the Coast, where one sees Vancouver
Harbour, the Straits of Georgia and picturesque Victoria.
More than half a million people rode on the little
Canadian Pacilic Rnilway at Wembley last year, and
among its distinguished passengers were the King and
Queen and the Duke and Duchess of York.
wheat crop report
Wheat estimates in tbe prairie
provinces are bfeing revised down-,
ward, the lead set by tbe federal
government in its report of a week
or two ago having b?en followed by
most crop prognosticators, according
to dispatches from tbe midwest.
The federal government eetimate
of yield was placed at 848,626,000
bushels. Last year the production
ot wheat was 416,839,000 bushels.
The estimate last year, however,
was considerably below tbe quantity
Damage by excessive heat and
bere and tbere by frost wbile tbe
wheat was in flower is held responsible for tbe lessened estimates.
Prices have been bullish since publication of the government state,
Northern Alberta, particularly in
the Peace river country, will harvest
one of the best crops io the history
of the district and will lead most of
tbe prairies lo market, say telegraphic advices from Edmonton.
The growing of tbe new Garnet
wheat, whi*b ripens two weeks before Marquis, will contribute to tbe
Peace river country's   earlier crop.
Railway c mpanies profess to be
well able to handle tbe situation
tbis year.
The result of the high school ma-
trioulatin examinations, held
throughout the province last month,
was announoed by the department
of education at i iotoria last Saturday. The following pupiis of the
Qrand Forks high sohool passed the
Grade XI—Juanita J. Docksteader
Marjorie S. Fisher, Laura M. Knauf
(8), Edith L. Matthews, Helen M.
Mills, Gizelle W. Spiller, George
Tutt (8), Clarence M. W. Truax,
Faye E. Walker.
Completed Grade XI—Janet M.
Bonthion, Wallace F. Huffman,
Emerson W. Reid. Six candidates
granted partial standing.
Arrangements (or transporting
British Columbia harvesters to tbe
prairies were announced at tbe
labor department in Victoria
tbis morning. As a result of arrangements made at a conference of
western labor officials in Winnipeg,
cheap railway fares for harvesters
will go into effect on August 8 and
remain until the end of the month.
The rate will be f 11 from Victoria
to Edmonton and Calgary and half a
cent per mile from those places to
points of destination. British Columbia will send 6000 men to the
harvest as compared witb 10,000
last year. Employment conditions
bere are better tban last year and
fe,ver meu are available for harvest
Though ambition in itself is a
vice, yel it is often tbe parent of
Tbe Sand creek for st fire is
raging and spreading over new
ritory daily. About seventy men
are now engaged in fighting it. It
is understood that its origin is be-
ng probed.
Minister ot Railways ln tha Matched
(Hit? (grand 3fnrka Bun
-.n ii*oEPEi*)«*-r -n-Hi-**,?.*
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addrear -■■ -cations to
sJThk Gbano Fokk* Sun
Puovr 101 Oiuifo Forks. B C.
H:ll),\\. JULY 30. l!i-J(5
his cross-continent journey by rail. This
Norwich graduate, once a civil engineer, is
now a trapper of fur-bearing animals.
.Joint -"-ummissions composed of represent-i
tives of agricultural colleges, electric light
companies, departments of rhe American -joy-
ernment and electrical inanuf.iciiirers are continuously studying, working and investigatirg
means of extending elecuic service lines so
that people Hving on farms will shortly be electrically served.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Our forests will continue to be burned at
the rate of three milii n acres a year nntil the
people, the owners of the forests, evince something of the same interest in them as they do in
smuggling, in the tariff ancTrn who is to bo the
next prime minister. Tne Canadian Forestry
association.thejCanadian Society of Forest Engineers, the Dominion and provincial forest
services are appealing to our readers for help
in bringing salvation to our forests, salvation
from oft recurring,but we hope uot eternal,fire.
The interests of* this country and the development of morality are well served by the avoidance of fire in this life. Protection, we gather
from reading our exchaoces, is an important
issue iu politices, and we submit that protection from forest fires should be a paramount
issue in politics. Why spend so much time
and energy in discussing the tariffs when the
second lnrgest foundation of our industries is
burning beneath us? Does it matter mucb
who is elected to office so long as we continue
to lay waste our forest wealth at the rate of
three million acres a year? No one man under such conditions can prevent the paralysis
of industry and the depopulation of lumbering
commun ties that inevitably follow in the
wake of forest devastation. There will be no
adequate forest fire protection in this country
until our poli ical leaders are actually seized
with its importance in terms of industrial life
and act accordingly. The manifestation of
this seizure will express itself in better organization of our forest protection forces and
greater appropriations of money to carry on
their work.
Prosperity seems to have struck some of
the rural newspapers. A number of them
have begun Co build railways and smelters,
jn addition to promoting country dances for
the sake of securing the printing of a few
A you nt- Sernislt chemist is 'aid to li#>v-
invented n frt-i pees for i'i hi naming Ic-ith r ■ •■
that the product, which h 'alls '-(-eymHlj" i
hardly distinguishable from real lea-ther, and
is about half the price of the ordinary hii.'e
According to the inventor, the leather is
ground uu into a line powder and then ma-'e
into a fine dough  wilh  a small quaritit) of
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds     Headache      Neuritis        Lumbago
Pain       Neuraltrb      Toothache     Rheumatism
FamouB anti-evolutionist and ra-
vivalist who shot a wealthy Texan
lumberman named Chlpps ln the
study of bis church at Fort Worth
after Chlpps bad remonstrated with
From now potatoes will work overtime if
science has anything to do about it. Potatoes
dug from the ground have been insisting upon
two months' rest before going to work and
sprouting new vines. But now Dr. Frank E.
Denuy, ofthe Boyce Thompson institute, Yon-
kers, N.Y., tells us that dousing them in a
certain chemical bath will open their eyes wide
and start the shoots at once, lessenii g the
time between crops.
The New Yoak public library for many
years prohibited readers from removing their
coats, even during the hottest summer month;.
Last summer there were many protests against
the injuuetion, and recently it was announced
that coats would not be required during the
hot season. But now the libraty bas a new
problem on its hands A few weeks ago an
old man approached one of the check rooms
and, aftar taking off his shoes, asked that they
be checked. Shoes, he said, are the chief
burden of modern civilization, and he was
never able to enjoy a book unless he was sitting in his socks. The New York public is
awaiting a ruling on the matter.
, .    .. ,r, ,    . .  , him for an attack made upon the
binding substance.  Ine coloring materials ate, mayor of the city.
then added, and thc paste calendered onto a
strong backing of cloth. The inventor, whose
name is not given, has not taken out a patent
for  his  process, as be is of the opinion that
the secret is best kept by himself.
Must Pay for Pajper
In ftivi'i*; jn Ijsrtvir -uni mt a ds-.
linqueot aa >'*riber -recently, J'-jd-ja
O'Reiliy, nf Cornwall, Ont , maHe
th"statement that newspaper publishers had a hard enougb time in
flnuncing the bus-inees without he
ing done out of their subsoriptinpe.
If a person desires to stop a new~»
paper the proper way ia for bim to
pay all arrenr* and get a receipt, or
if he has paid, refuse to take the
papsr at the post offine and have a
record bade of his refusal. A man
who owed for a newspaper coulrt not
stop taking it and expect the publisher to go without hie  pay
It may be added that no publisher
wishes to force his newspaper no
any one, and any subscriber de-it*
ing to discontinue hi* paper will not
bave the slightest trouble if he does
an in ao honest and businesslike
Hundreds of dollars are lost every
year to publishers bv thos*,wboafter
a subscription has expired fo: three
or six months, discontinue the
piper and s*'id it b»nk as "refused '
Th* amouot is too small forthe
publisher to mnke a fuss over, hut
a!l the s*m* it amounts to » ne»t
litil sum io a year.
Poems From Eastern Lands
Athens, the Greek capital, enjoys bright
sunshine on an average of 300 days in the
year. m
The potato is an important sonrce of vitamin B—the anti-neuritic vitamin, whose lack
causes the disease known as beri-beri,accord
ing to F. J. Lyman and Ines Blystone of the
laboratory of applied chemistry at Ohio university, who say this essential element is distributed about uniformly throughout the
potato and is stable both during cooking and
storage. Mr. Lyman and Miss Blystone have
conducted a series of experiments in which
they have found that rats thrived and grew at
a normal rate on a diet containing as much as
80 per cent potatoes. When put on a diet of
only 40 per cent potatoes from wbich other
foods containing vitamin B were xcluded,
the rats showed a rapid decline in condition,
which disappeared as soon as a sufficient
quantity o vitemin B was again supplied.
Why persist in calling the "Unknown" in
Okanagan lane a monster? When he, she or
it has has been properly photohgraphed it may
turn ut to be a water nymph of unparalleled
beauty—an attraction that will bring a steady
stream of gold to tbe Okanagan valley from
A good memory is nearly as good as spon
taneous wit.
In order to attend the twenty-fifth reunion
of his class at Norwich university in 1927,
John T. Smith, '02, is planning a 700 mil
trip by dog sled from bis trapping station at
Fort Chippewyan in Canada to the nearest
rail nay station from  which he can centinue
Spring and Autumn
When winter turns to spring,
Birds tbat were aongless make their songs resound,
Flow'rs that were flow'rless cover all (he ground;
Yet 'tis no perfect thing.—
I can not walk, so tangled is each hill*
So thick the herbs I can not pluck my fill.
But in the autumn-tide
I cull the scarlet leaves and love them dear,
And let the green leaves stay, with many a tear,
All on the fair hill side: —
No time so sweet as that     Away!    Away I
"Autumn's the time I fain would keep alway
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin Kt the titte m:tt (KslstcwO iti Oansdsl of Btj-w' Ibniifuhin of M"™"M«le-
OCltlf-t-T of 8ii1lrt-|«u-ld (Ascty! Iv-lr-'llc AtM. "A. 8. A."). Wbile Iito W*U known
thnt Aspirin lueiim Bum o-ftltlfMtssiv. to assist the irabllc Ussta-it imltr.tltms, tb* Ttblets
of Barur Ou-miao;.- v.Ill 'o F'au.;*il wltu thoir gener-sl trule Bulk, tlm    Buyer Orel*-.
Faults are easier seen
thn.ii  vir
For alfalfa s leet a field that is
well drained, both as to surface and
subsoil drainage. Alfalfa will not
atsnd "wet feet." ■    .
Blessed are the innocent, for they
have a lot to learn.
Tbe Sun Presses have twice tbe
speed of any other presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
on botb long.and sbort rune of commercial printing and give you a superior class of work.
o4ncient History"
[TakesFrom Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
J. W. Jones' furniture store and two other
buildings on Riverside avenue were destroyed
by fire last Sunday. The loss on stock and
buildings is estimated $15,000, insured. Robt.
Petrie, the genial newsman, indulged in a
heroic stunt at the tire, and is now slightly
out of joint. He had the misfortune to go
down two flight of stairs in one step, and is
now convinced that looping the loop is not
the only sensational performance to be enjoyed.
There are 500 men employed on obstruction work n the Kettle Valley line between
this city and Bannock Gity.
W. A. Harkin, pioneer newspaperman of
Grand Forks, returned to the city on Wednes
day from Vancouver, where he has been em
ployed on the Province for a yearpast .
E. Spraggetq, supervisor of roads, and his
force of workmen returned yesterday from
Franklin, having finished the government road
to that camp.
Greenwood Typographical Union No. 358
met in Greenwood last Sunday and elected
the following officers for the ensuing six
months: President, Jas. W. Ellis; vice-presi
dent, Ed Rowland; secretary treasurer, G. A.
Evans (re elected); executive committee, H. S.
Turner, W. Laugbton, F. J. Kirkpatrick.
Dr. Lejjard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youthfulness, Energy and Fit*
ness, retards mental and.physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Nervousness is banished under the influ*
ence of these; Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The akin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few- the joyof a clear Youth*
ful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and tbe realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theunbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass? Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi are there
any ill effects after. Un tbe contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
Tou will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable bene'
fits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool Road.lBanuilnuT,
London, England.
Cit zens of Grand Forks are asUed to noie the following extracts from the 1925 Amendments to the
Hospital Act:
(4) Where there in, either within nr without the lunil* of any
tnu'iicipility, a hospital v-liich is iininttined by ths- municipality,
or to th* -ttippirt of whifth-'h ■ (iiuni*ipility is chief cootj-itiuioi
with the exception of Ihe Cro» n. the tullnicip ility nht-ll nnt be
liable in respect of any pitient i -aipr) In nny other hoppii-sl, exc'P'
in cases nf em'rgenpy. or wher- 'h° hospHal st) uiait.tnir»d nr aup.
ported is not in a p-i-itinn tn fn-nish tht*, pi-cial treatment b'ecea-
sary for any ceitein patient, riid authority for tbat patient to ap.
ply for admission to the other hn~tiita| hns hepn given by the
Mivor or Reeve or some duly -iithnrizorl nffioer ot the municipality, in which cases the t-nnniripaliry shall be liable to te extent
set out in subsections (1) and (2). ■
Citv Clerk
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs. -
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
What A Speedway!
Slender copper wires are strung across
the count yside. They are highways
ready to carry your words at a speed of
thousands of miles per specond. For
business or social calls—th: longdistance telephone.
British  Columbia Telephone
Ttffc SUN prints all the loeal news
and carries a number of interesting
features found in no other Boundary
paper   $1.00 per year isM
Sun's Page if People and Events of Passing News Interest
-ggs*     -****--; -...... j I,. ,l..i.rfMB;
Japanese Alpinists Climb at Jasper     [
£*\*^*Wk>.• *-
:*?. -Ml
«,'  w    «***     *
HEADED by Yuko Maki, under
secretary of the Japanese
Alpine Club, six noted Japanese Alpinists have left Jasper
Park Lodge, at Jasper, Alberta,
for a twenty-flve days' trip into
the Columbia Icefield, one of the
least-known portions of the Canadian Rockies. Their trip will
take thorn to the headwaters of the
At'* abases, and North Saskatchewan Rivers, and an endeavor will
be made to climb Mount Alberta, a
virgin peak which has so. far defied all efforts to conquer its
higher slopes. Members of the
party state that if the territory
lives up to their expectations it
will attract hundreds of Japanese
Alpinists annually. The expedition is elaborately equipped scientifically and the equipment includes still  and"   motion  picture
cameras and a complete dark room
with which pictures will be developed in the field. Three Swiss
guides, Hcinruch Fuhrer, Hans
Kohler, and Jean Webber, from
Jasper Park Lodge, arc accompanying the party and five guidc-
and forty horses from the outfitting stables of Fred Brewster, are
being used on the trip. This is the
largest party which has left the
Lodge this year, and tho first party
of Japanese Alpinists to tackle.
some of the untried fields of tbe
Canadia'n Rockies.
The party is shown ready for the
start from the Brewster ranch
Left to right—N. Okabe, M. Ha-
tano, Y. Mita, S. Hashimoto, Y
Maki, Fred Brewster, Outfitter; H.
Fuhrer, J. Webber, H. Kohler,
Swiss Guides.
Women in Eog'and, e-pecully
those with I.rge families, sre learning to repair boots and ehnee, ae
they know it will save money tor
If   it's a woman
pinches ebe buys it.
and   the   shoe
One forgets nearly everything ex-
oept the times wben be made  him
self ridiculous.
Lots of people spend tbe fast half
of their lives trying to forget what
they learned in the first balf.
ji^pugs Ba^BilSfe-l^/puBt- beeik||s-^|
of tke Brewing Industry
in British  Columbia
'T**HE Brewing Industry of British Co-
-*- lumbia employs hundreds of men
with an annual payroll of about three-
quarters of a million dollars, using per
annum nearly ten million pounds of malt,
made from barley grown In Canada, and
over one hundred and fifty thousand
pounds of hops produced in British
r require* over one hundred thousand dollar-, for
fuel, mined In British Columbia, lo product- Ilie
Deer consumed In this province. Many hundred*
of thousand* of dollar* ara paid liy tlie Brewer*
•initially for material* such i* hollies, cooperage.
erown*toppers, labels and bottle wrapper*—all of
which are manufactured in Canada.
TIIK luxes paid by the Breweries to tho Government amount to over eight hundred and
seventy thousand dollara per annum, exctualve of
income loxrs.
THE citizens of this province must recognize lhe
Importance of such an induslry and help lo
build it up; payroll* and industries are building
oities and are Ihe foundation ot prosperity.
TIIE Amalgamated Breweries of B. C. are manufacturing good Beer*, fully matured and aged,
a product recommended by physician* on account
of il* nourishing and health-giving qualities; Ihrse
beer* conlaln only a very low percentage of alcohol
and therefore are the proper stimulant needed
when exhausted or overworked, a* recognized hy
medical authorities.
TIIE Vancouver Bretvcry Limited, Rainier Brew.
ing Co. of Camilla Limited, Westminster Brewery Limited, Silver Spring Brewery Limited and the
Victoria I'lioenix Brewing Co. Limited, inemliers of
the Amalgamated Breweries of B. C, are under
supervision of Ihe Liquor Control Board, and Iheir
lleers are analyzed from lime lo lime by expert
firm* of Ihe continent upon Instigation of Ihe
Liquor Control Hoard, which gives ample assurance lo lhe public tliat Ihey receive only pure and
wlintesniiie Beer* when hough! either in Ihe Government Vendor Slore or In licensed beer parlors.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by
the Government of British Columbia. THE SUN: GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Fishing in the North Fork is re
ported to be good in spite of tbe fact
that a number of local expert anglers
have concentrated tbeir efforts on
stream for months past.
The forest fire at the Rock Candy
mine is reported to uj completely
under control.
Grote Stirling, tbe Conservative
member for Yale who sat in the last
bouse, was again nominated by his
party at tbe convention in Pentic.
too last Monday night. He seems
to have become tbe idol of tbe Yale
Tories for say iug nothing at Oil twa.
Miss Margaret Fritz, wbo has been
spending her vacation at the bome
of her mother io the city, returned
to Wenatehee, Wash., today
o i* loss from shelling has occurred
rluring the 10 to 15 day ripening
period; (4) the only important login any year resulted from tbe failure
of the combine to pick up wheat
that had beeo cut by sawfiy i.nd
blown down wbile tbe crop was
ripeoing and this was partly obviated by cutting with the binder;
(5) crops tbat have been injured by
sawfiy, cr that contain bulky weed
such as Russian thistle-or pigweeds
are not handled satisfactorily witb
the combine; (6) clean crop*, eitber
short or lull, aud heavy t.ingled
crops hive been hindlied more
satisfactorily with the combine thnn
with tbe binder; (7) dependent upnn
yield per acre and otber factors that
may affect the aoied of operation
the saving effected by the combine
over the binder und separator iB 10
to 15 cents per bushel.
Aid. John Donaldson returned on
Monday evening from a business
trip to Spokane.
James H. Harris' bouse at Gilpin
was destroyed by fire last Monday,
All the household goods were also
[OBt. The amouot of tbe loss has
not been made public.
Mr. and Mre. Geo. C. Egg and
family re urned the first of the week
from an overland vacation trip to
Vancouver and Kamloops.
Rev. Hillis Wright, formerly past
tor of Knox Presbyterian cburch,
was a visitor in tbe city from tbe
coast on Tuesday.
Glen and Delbert Truax and tbeir
sister,of Priooetoo.are visitors at tbe
hime of Dr. and Mrs. W. Truax.
Tbey are cousins of tbe dootor.
Pat Hanley, under sentence of
death at Vancouver for the murder
of Norse Neilson at Trail, is
going to escape tbe gallows. Tbe
cabinet at Ottawa bas decided to
commute the sentence tn life im
prisooment, and tbe order was
signed last Saturday by the govern
The really hard thing* is to
be able to say whether it is
opportunity at the door or
another demonstrator.
Nothing is impossible  to
Phone 20
Try our Special Tea
at 65c per lb
Shoes, Shirts, Overalls
Good values htr your
E. Spiaggett returned to Kimberley oo Wednesday, after working at
the Rock Candy mine for a few
J. B. McDonald was in tbe city
on Saturday from Trail,
Vancouver, July 28.—Act of Rt.
Hoo. Arthur Meigbeo, tbe killing of
the old *ge pension bill by the Tory
government,and the declarations re.
garding tbe position of Canada witb
respect to future wars of Great
Britain are reactiog 'through the
Dominion, accordiug to I. G. Tur>
geoo, Liberal organizer for British
Columbia, who returned from tbe
enst Friday. Mr. Turgeon declares
tbat the wave of resentment over
some of tbe Tory policies, com»
hined witb tbe concluding fiasco at
Ottawa, bas turned mucb strength
to th-Liberal cause in tbe Maritime
provinces and further westward,
"Tbe two big issues upon which
Mackenzie King will face the people
of Canada in the approaching elec--
tion are tbe last budget brought
down by the Liberal government
and the bad advice given tho governor general by Mr. Meighen," said
Mr. Turgeon.
Mr. Turgeon said that tbe Cons
servalives may be expected to again
preach ruin for tbe country.
Relative to tbe outlook in British
Columbia and tbe prairie provinces,
Mr. Turgeon said tbere will be
greater cooperation between the
Progressives of Manitoba, Saskatoon
ewan and Albeita aod tbe Liberal
party*. He declared tbere is every
indication tbat Rt, Hon. Mackenzie
King will in the next parliament be
leading a party with a clear mat-
jo ity.
Province of llritish Columbia
In tho   Grand   Forks-israeiiwooil
» Electoral District
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the
lilec-tors of the I'lstelornl District aforesaid Unit 1 ftu.vo receive 1 Hit. Majesty'* Wr. t
lu me directed und hearing dute uf the Sixteenth titty of J uly, l'.i*tl, commanding me to
cause the following question, namely:—
Uo yon approve of the sale of beer
by the glut** in licensed premises
without a bar under Government
control uud regulation?
to be suhmlttetl iioi-ortling to the "Ltquor-
swntrol Plebiscites Aet" to the electors of the
Electoral District atore-ald; nnd, further,
that in obedience to thesaid Writ a poll shull
be opened Ht. eiuht o'clock in he forenoon
and shall be closed ut seven o'clock ln the
af rernoon on the
21 t Day of Aim ust, 1926,
for taking and receiving:the votes of thesaid
Electors aforesaid at lhe respective places
folio win-*!—
Polling Divisions.
Benverdell Fife
Boundary I'alk (irand Forks
Britfesvilte Greenwood
Brown Creek Midway
Carmi Paulson
Cascade Riverside
Christian Valley Hock Creek
Kholt Westbridge
Of which all persons are hereby required to
take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.
(liven nnder my hand at Greenwood this
"Oth day of July, 1828.
Returning OHloer.
Call and see
This Tea we have  hatl especially blended.
Call in and ask for a sam--le.
Phone 25
•"Service and Quality'
General Merchant
Established 1010
Real Estate and Insuiance
Besident Agent Grund Porks Townsite
Company, limited
Farms    -.Orchards     City Property
Agents at Nelsou, Calgary, Winnipeg and
other Pralrlo points. Vanoouver Agent- :
Sp'c the new Superior Chi", ml el hctr-re vou hnv a
cur. There are morn cents in theCHOVRO'LliT
DOLLAR than iu any other Automobile flcllar.
CHEVROLET touting ,......,  1886
" H-arlRlfr      885
" Ooir-h   lOSn
" Coupee     1080
Sedan   1200
" Lin-le-i* Sedan   1280
" One-lon Truck    935
"stfbllBhed In 1910, we are iu s. *iosllion to
iiritisli reliable information nnoer-.ing tltif
Write lor tree literature
H. W. Gregory of Greenwood was
io town on Saturday.
Dr. 0. H.  Aores  returned  bome
home on Saturday.
Ribert Scott,   old-timer of   tbe
West ward, ban moved to Victoria.
The experience of three seasons at
tbe Swift Current, Sask , Dominion
experimental station indicates tb t
the combined reaper thresher can
harvest wheat at a much Inner cost
per acre tban can the binder and
gr-in separator, In his annual rec
ports for 1922, 1923 and 1924 the
superintendent, J. G. Taggart, 'records ra*ult* of experiments, and in
bis report for 1926 be deals with the
matter comprehensively Nol only
does he tell of the experiencs at tbe
station, lint states that nine ques-
Bi'itiuires returned from operatots ot
reaper threshers ahow au estimated
average saving over binding, stook-
ine ml threshing of 15 6 cents per
bushel, lo two cases the machine
cut and threshed fur lbe cost of
cutting aud stookiug. lo only oue
ca*e was there enougb sawfiy dam>
age tu make any difficulty and thai
wai ptrely overcome by u*} of lift
iog guards.
S l n n iriztng the results tbe report for 1925 says: (1) The combine
can be used to harvest wheat in dis
trie's where cro-a ripen early and
flel Is are reasonably level, lhat it
hai oeeo u-ed successfully and
eco ,.ttn:.-ally to narvest flax and
thai nie operator reports Us use on
oai; (.) be wheat crop must be ai.
lowed lu ripen tu such a degree tbt t
the average moisture content is be-
ov 15 per. Ceot before cutting with
thee*1   bine is started; (3) no seri
The reason why love is
blind is so that it will not see
its finish.
TENDERS sill be received by the Under
signed up to and Inclusive ot Saturday,
August 14,1920, (or the purchase ofthe lollosv-
itsK described lands viz; Lots 13,8 and B,
Mtsp 110,Similkameen Division of Yale Distrlot. excepting part of said Lot 3 conveyed
to the Vanoouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway and Navigation Company.
This property, comprising 27.1" aeres, Is
very well located adjacent to the Gity of
Grand Forks. The soil is a rich loam all uniler cultivation and well fenced.
A good two-story dwelling and barn ure
ereoTed on the premises.
Terms *0 per oent cash, balance spread over
a term ol years not exoeedlng 15, in maurier
to suit the purchaser with interest at Vi
per oent Per annum. The hluhettl^or any
tendemotneoesarilyaoeepted. < **j
iCsr mrtusr Pirtionla^. aoply to
District Horticulturist,
Orand Forks, B. G.
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, ll. C.
lissiiilnion Monumental Works
t}Asb-rstaa Products Co. ItooBnft]
SCALED TENDERS will be reoeived by the
District Forester, Nelson, uot later than
noon on the 4th day of August, l"2ti, for
the purehaseof Licence XSli*. near Spboner
Oreek, to out 42,24") lineal feet of Cedar I'oles.
One year will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particti lars of the Distrlot Forester.
her pa
80X-33'-1 BRAND FORKS, B. C
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinda,
Upholstering Neatly Done
r. g. McCutcheon
Smokeless Locomotive
Built of wood at the Angus Shops, thia full sized model of one of the latest
type locomotives was designed originally aa a feature of the dinner
decorations at the Chateau Frontenac on the occasion of the Quebec conference of the Canadian Pacific Railway officers. Equipped with bell,
whistle and electric lights, not a bolt or bar ia lacking to mar the illusion
which is that of a perfect engine coming through the wall against which
it is placed. The headlight holds a portrait of E. W. Beatty, president of the
Canadian Pacific. At the Toronto Exhibition, August 28rd to September
Hh, the model will be given a prominent position in tha Company's exhibit.
A complete line of colored bonds
in all shades for fancy letterhead*
and other classes of commercial
printing.   Sun Job Department.
Did you ever notice that business
firms who think that they can reach
Th» Sim's readers tbrough other
publications bave a great deal of
leisure time that, might be more
profitably employed] A number of
such firms have involuntarily retired
from business.
Classic blaok cards for -lassy in
vitatione and announcements. Sun
Job Department.
E. G. Henniger Co.
Transfer Co.
| City Baggage and General
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
| Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
| Office at  R.  F.  Petrie'a Store
Phone 64
| Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
TUE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Bu^in 2es cards
Vi :Mng cards
Sh' - iug tags
Price lists
Ne-M   Type
Latent Style
mbln Avenue and
lake Street
A. Z. PARE, Proprielor
Yalb Hon-i.,  First ihkkt
"""■Vacant, unreserved, surveyed'Crowit lands
maj be pre-empted by British subjeots over
18 years of ngo, and by aliens on declaring
intention to become British subjeots, conditional upon resilencc. occupation and Improvement for agricultural purposes.
Full Information concerning regulations
regarding pre emotions is given lu Bulletin
No. 1, Lau I Series, "How to Pre-empt Laud,"
copies of vvtioh can be obtained freo of chnrge
by addressing the Department of Lauds,
Victoria, B.C., or any Government Agent.
"''coords will bc made covering only land
suitable for agrloiiltoral purposes, and which
!• not timberland, I e„ carrying over 6,000
toard feet per aore west of tne Coast Kange
and 8 000 feet por aore cast of lhat range.H—I
Supplications for pre-emptions tsre "tsjT"ljsj
addressed to ihe Luud (Jttin.iitssitsticr ut the
Laud Recording Division, In which tho laud
applied for ls situated.ami are male ou
priutod forms, ooples ol on .lie obtained
from tho Laud Commissioner.
Pre-emption* must be occupied for Ave
ycanaud improvement* made lu value uf ttO
por aore, Including clearing and cultivating
at least ttvc acres, before a Crown Uruut cun
be received." -**^*M
for more dotal led Information suotho HoT-
(•tlu "How to Pre-empt Laud."
Appllcatlousarc received for purchase of
vacant aud unreserved Crown Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes:
minimum prloe of flrst-oiass (arable) laud Is
" > per aoro. and fleooud-class (grailng) laud
**..** per aoro. Kur.her Information regarding purchase ur lease of Crown lauds la glveu
lu Huile'ln No. 10, Laud Series. "Purohase aud
Lease of Crowu Landa."
Mill, factory, or industrial site, on timber
laud, not exceeding 40 aores, may be purchased or leased, ou condition! Inoludlng
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areaa, not exceeding 20 aorea,
may be leased as homesitsss, conditional upon
a dwelling belug eeoted In the flrst year,
title being obtainable after residenoe and
Improvement oondltions aro fulfilled and land
haa been surveyed.;
For grazing and Industrial purposes areaa
not exoeedlng M0 acres may be leased by ona
person or aoompatty.
t'ndet* the Graaing Aot thc Province la
divided Into graaing distriots and the range
admlnlatered under a Oraxlng Commissioner. Annual graaing permits are
iaaued baled ou numbers ranged, priority being given to established owners. Stook-
ownera may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free, permits
are available^ for settler., tampers and
travellers up to ten head.


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