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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 10, 1926

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Array LpL "^e R^-3 budget is winning golden opinions everywhere."—-Vancouver Daily Province.
Candidate Cossitt and
Premier Oliver Deliver
Effective Speeches to a
Large Audience
A very large audience gathered in
the Km press theater on Tuesday
eveniog to listen tn the addresses of
F. B. Cossitt, Liheral candidate (or
Yale, and Hon. John Oliver, premier of British Columbia. D. Mc.
Pherson, M.L.A., acted as chiirmsn
of the meeting and introduced lbe
speak- rs to tbe audience,
Mr. Cossitt confined  the greater
portion of bis address   a discussion
of  matters   directly   affecting   the
people of the district.    Mr.  Cossitt
is a fluent and logical fpeaker,   who
possesses a pleasing style of straight
forward delivery, and   bis remarks
on tbe various subjects  be handled
seemed to carry conviction to tbe au»
dience     He spoke very highly of
tbe Robb budget, saying that it wag
tbe bast budget ever  brought down
in tbe bouse rf common. Tbe speaker pooh-poohed the disloyalty cry of
Tories.   Nothing nas accomplished
by keeping up this cry.   Tbe Liber-
•Is were as loyal as tbe Tories.   The
U.S.  did   not want   Canada   any
more than Canada wanted the Uoi-
ted States.   Speaking oo  tbe tariff
question,  Mr.   Cossitt   assured tbe
audieuce  tbat  no tariff  legislation
would be enacted th t would injure
the farmers of British Columbia. In
closing be urged tbe electors of Ykle
to vote   lor tbe Liberal candidate
•nd the best government Canada had
ever bad—tbe King government-
Premier Oliver made best  speech
be has yet delivered io Qrand Forks.
He commenced hie address by giving • bietory of tbe cbange of governments at Ottawa, declaring that
parliament bad been dissolved  witb
more suddenness tban any parlia
ment in the British empire bad ever
been dissolved.    He emphatically
denied tbat attacks had heen made
on the governor-genera! by Premier
Io discussing the tariff question,
Mr. Oliver showed the benefits tbat
the country had derived from a re
duotion of the tariff on automobiles
•od farming implements.
In discussing t e smuggling scan,
dal, tbs speakers said tbat not all
the goods involved bad been smuggled into Canada. A large portion
had been smuggled out of tbe oouoe
try—they were being smuggled
•oross tbe line at Qrand Forks every
Mr. Oliver contended tbat the
members of tbe present Meigben
oabinet were holding office illegally.
Not one of tbem had taken tbe oa b
of offloe. Partiainent had passed laws
"Tell me what you Know is tro.
I ce-Haeu as well as yon.'C
making, smuggling a criminal of-
fence, These men had placed themselves oo tho same plane as a smug
gler by using tbeir superior intelligence to smuggle themselves into
office. The speaker also declared
tbat Mr. Meighen bad deceived the
goveroor-general by making bim
bim beli ve tbat be (Heighen)
would be able to carry od. Tbe min
ieters bad tried to get n illions to
spend when they were not king's
miofsters at all.
Mr. Oliver cbaracisrized some
of tbe statements made by Hon. H.
H. Stevens io connection witb tbe
customs probe as barefaced falsehoods. Tbe case of a woman smuggling narcotics had been transferred
from 1921 to 1925. He also made
the statement tbat a large number
of the officers involved in tbe customs scandal were Conservatives ap-
poiiiied under a Tory administration.
Ebe Liberal tariff policy was reviewed by the speaker from tbe time
of confederation down to the present
In reviewing the National railway
policy of tbe government, ibe premier made the remark tbat it bad
been truthfu ly said that Mackenlie
& Mann wara thegreatest confidence
men the world bad ever produced,
A rippie of meiriment went
through tbe ball wben the speaker
raad a few choice paragaaphs from
the Searchlight, a publication sponsored by Qeo. MoRae in • provincial election. The general was
then Progressive candidate for the
legislature. He is now running for
rhe federal house on the Tory tioket
in a oast constituency. Tbe para
graphs quoted gave tbe general's
opinion nf tho Conservative party
•nd Mr. Bowser, and also of Mr.
Tbe speaker maintain thet Canada benefited by Australian treaty. |
Canada sells Australia 112 worth of
foods to every dollar worth of goods
that Australia sells to Canada. Motor cars were made in Canada and
sold in Australia for less than they
can be bought for in British Columbia.
Mr. Oliver emphatically declared
that the old age pensions bill was
workable. Tbe federal governmenl
paid 50 per ceut ofitsadminiseratioo
and tbe provinces that adopted it
tbe other 50 per cent. If a province
did adopt the bill it would,of course,
be inoperative in that province. The
premier said he would like to see
British Columbia be tbe first province to adopt tbe bil, and he would
recommend ito to tbe legislature.
of   the   King   government's   trade
extendiug policies.
After it had digested fhe full text
of the Robb budget the Vancouver
Dafly Province said "it was winning golden opinions everywhere."
Tbis is the budget wbicb Ihe Conservative party attacked tooth and
nail in the bouse of commons. Tbe
same Vanoouver newspaper said tbe
Australian treaty was "ooe of tbe
solid achievements of the King
government." This is the treaty
wbich the Conservatives attacked in
the house of commons and bave
been attacking ever since But it is
one of tbe best bargains of this kind
that British Columbia has sver had:
Not a single Conservative spenker
in this province has so (ar dared to
discuss Mr. Meighen's imperial relations policy. Tbat policy would
oblige Canada to old ao election in
order to find out whether tbis country should take part in a war in
which the empire bad become in
volved. Three months would elapse
before a verdict could be given.
Tben the Conservative leader and
his supporters oall all Liberals
traitors I
When the Meighen government
went out of offiae in 1921 this cour-
try's adverse trade balance with tbe
rest of tbe world amounted to no
less a sum than $30,000,000. At the
end of the fiscal year of 1925-1926
the D-minion's favorable balance of
trade with tbe rest of tbe world
amounted to moie than £400,000.-
Vancouver's bank clearings and
building activity tbis year have
broken ell records. Yet it is oot
twelve months since H. H. Stevens
was telling the people of eastern
Canada tbat conditions in bis own
city were so bad economically that
business men were packing up their
goods and chattels and going to
Seattle. But be did not say that in
Whaling operations off Tho coast
of British Columbia this year have
been very successful, and to the end
of July the fleet had caught 182
whales. There 'are only six
steamers operating thia year, while
last year the number was eight.
The weather has been good to date
and very little fog haa been encountered.
Fire chiefs representing the stations In Montreal and various nearby centres left over the Canadian
Pacific lines about twenty strong
for Windsor recently to attend the
annual convention of the Dominion
Association of Fire Chiefs, which
was held August 24th to 27th. The
Association is made up of over 250
chiefs from all parti of the Dominion.
The Conservative party of Canada
is pledged to abolish the British pref
ereoce unless Qreat Britain will undertake to tix her owo people,
Wben Sir Wilfrid L*urier extended
this concession o tbe motherland in
1897 he did it without aoy condi.
eions whatever. Canada how sells
Qreat Britain more than $500,000,-
000 wortb of goods a year aod buys
only $163,000,000. If he could hate
bis way Mr. Meighen would disturb
this excellent trading arrangement
Mr. Meighen and his supporters
have attacked the budget. Tbey oil I
it a fake and a sham. Listen to this:
Recently in Ottawa a gentleman
was asked how he was goiug to vote
on September 14. "For the Liberals," was his reply. "Why?" be was
promptly asked. "Bee use tbe Liberals reduced my income jax from
$124 to $38—that's why," be ren
sponeed. He knows a good thing
wheo he sees it.
Vernon, September 9—The greatest shipment of fruit tbat ever left
the Okanagan valley in one day was
despatched Monday moroiog, when
114 cars of fruit, mostly apples,were
polled ou of Vernon bound for tbe
prairie markets; Tbe train bad a
total length of more than a mile.
Tbe AsBooiated and Independent
growers agreed not to ship Mcintosh apples until September to allow
earlier varieties to be cleared up "in
some measure.
Tbe Macs, which this year are
better thao ever,were rolled eastward
io three trains over tbe C.P.R. and
For some days the loade had been
accumulating and they were rolling
eastward long before daylight on
the date agreed upon.
Tbe first seven months of this
yecr showed that tbe net earnings of
theCanadian National railways are
more than they were for the coire-
sponding seven months of 1925 by
$11,869,711.25, or an increase of
209.44 per cent. In these figures iB
reflected the growth of the Doming
ion's business through tbe operation
Speaking at Orillia the otber  day,   Mr.
Meighen said:
"Tariff revision on farm products will be
-   in the very first tariff revisin we make. We
will make only one revision, and in that re
vision we will place the tariff on farm   products entering Canada to just as higb a
level as the American tariff."
But there is a joker in the pack.  On a good
many farm products the United  States  tariff
is lower than that of Canada.    Mr.  Meighen
apparently likes the "brick for brick   argument" when talkiug in Ontario—that is, he
promises a tariff wall of tha same dimensions
as the United States "brick for brick."
If sucb a policy were followed the duties ou
some United States products entering Canad
would be lowered. In this connection the following statistics are illuminating:
U.S Rate.
Item. (1926))
Boots and shoes, wholly or
in chief value of leather. Free
Leather,  all leather   not
specially provided for... Free
Canadian Rate to
U.S. (1926)
pegged 25   p.c
n. o. p. 30   p.c
Harness and saddlery ... Free
Loaiher shoe laces  Free
Plows  Free
Harrows  Free
Mowers and reapers  Free
Threshing machines  Free
Horae rakes  Free
Wagons and carts  Free
30   po.
30   p.o.
10   po.
7i p.c,
6   p.o.
10   p.c.
7-J p.c
farm wagons, 10   p.c
Fresh sea herrings  Free per Ib   lc
Smelts  Free per lb   lo
Milk,condensed (unsweet) lc per lb perlb   3Jc
" -         " (sweetened) l$c per Ib per Ib   3Jc
Rye flour  45c per cwt per cwt 50c
Cereal foods in packages,
mt exceeding 25 lbs .. 20 p,c. 27J p:c.
Apples  75c per brl per brl 90c
Berries  ljc per lb perlb   2c
Peaches  Jc per lb perlb   lo
Tomatoea  -Jo per lb 30   pJ.
Turnips  12c per cwt 30   p.c.
Vegetables, n s p.f  25 p.c. 30   p.c.
Onions ,  lc per lb
White lead ground in oil,
n.s p.f  25 pc.
Iron in pigs    75c per ton
Nearly 2,000 racing pigeons, owned by pigeon racing devotees in
Montreal, were shipped through the
Canadian Pacific Express yards at
Montreal recently to various pointa
in Quebec and Ontario where they
were released by the agents at the
points to which they were shipped
to fly back to their home roosts in
Montreal. Practice races of this
nature have been carried on through
the summer months.
Thot:IS Meighan arrived in Winnipeg recently from Chicago prior
to beginning work on hia next picture, "The Canadian". The wheat
fields of the Canadian West will be
the background for this picture.
The location men and other members of the troupe passed through
Montreal earlier on their way to thu
west where they were Joined by
Thomas Meighan, and they are looking over the Calgary district for •
suitable location.
Announcement was made at the
headquarters of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Toronto recently
that, effective September 1st,
Robert Nlven, theatrical and special
business clerk in the passenger department of the Company at Montreal, has been appointed assistant
district passenger agent at Toronto.
Mr. Nlven is well known to the
theatrical fraternity passing through
Montreal with whom he came in
contact in his business.
Consumption of Copper
Huge; Production Great
World copper consumption for the
last six months has been at a raie of
10 per cent greater than during
1918, war peak, a d practically 50
per C9nt larger than the pre war
peak of 2,225,000,000 pounds in
Price of copper, however, duriDg
the last six months has averaged
only 12 cents a pound delivered.
Coostant crowding of production so
that during this entire time buyers
and producers have feared ovet-
pr:duction haB kept the pirce at this
low level compared witb tbe average
price of about 14 60 cents delive red
in 1923, wben world consumption
was approximately 2,6.00,000,000
pounds of new copper, and ISA
oents in 1913, wheo world consumption was twoi-thirds as large.
Ottawa.—Meighen's chances in
theapproaobing electioo are hopeless.
Keen political followers have for
some time paved the way for a decisive Tory defeat.
Liberals oow are betting tbat
Meighen wilt not even get as many
seats as he held in the la-t bouse
and are gtving odds of 2 to 1 to back
up their opinions.    "—
A wager of 15000 was put up today   on   this   bade   aud   tliere   is
"I am convinced that Canada
offers unlimited possibilities to
immigrants from the Old Country,"
said the Marquis of Salisbury,
Chairman of the Empire's Parliamentary Association and leader of
the Conservatives in the British
House of Lords, when Interviewed at
Vancouver recently.
His Lordship sailed recently from
Vancouver to Australia to attend
the Empire Parliamentary Association Conference in that Dominion
this fall.
The first automatic or "remote"
control power plant on the North
American continent ls to be built at
the Slave Lake side of the tunnel
connecting that body of water with
Alouette Lake. The contract hai
been let by the British Columbia
Electric Railway to a Vancouver
construction company at a prioe of
$600,000. Tho total cost of constructing a dam across thc Alouette
River, building a tunnel connecting
the lake with Slave Lake and erecting a new power house will be approximately $2,800,000.
Er. Diamond Jenness of Ottawa,
ominlon Government Ethnologist,
Who ls spending the summer ia tie
far north, studying Eskimo dialect
Ottawa, Septembers.— Ehe battle
lines of the opposing political parties
were drawn closer to one another at
official nominations yesterday, and
witb one exception contests wiil be
waged on September 14 for every
seat in tbe federal parliament.
The exception is Provencher,
Mao., wbere A, L. Beaubieo, Liberal-Progressive' was elected by acclamation at the advance nomine-
tiooc held last week in 27 constituencies of wide area aod. inaccessibility.
Featured by the large number of
triangular fights, the nominations
yesterday for tbe otber 318 seats
brought the total oumber of candidates to 528. Of this number, 233
are Conservatives, 199 Liberals, 20
Progressives, 21 Liberal. Progressives, 12 U. F. A., 25 Independent
and 18 Laborites.
All the ministers in the Meighen
government and the former ministers
in the late King administration.wbo
are running, face straight party
fights with the exception of Hon. fi.
H. Stevens, minister of customs,
and Hon. J. H. King, former mil ■
ister of publio works. Mr. Stevens ia
opposed in Fanoouver Centre by a
Liberal and a Liborite, while in
Keotenay East a Conservative and
a Laboriteare running against Dr.
Thirty triangular contests will be
held, while 212 straight party fights
and two quadrangular battles will
be fought.
Two women are in the field.
Tbere will be twelve straight party
fights in British Columbia.
Many a temptation comes to us in
fin?, gay colors tbat are but skin
I love to lose myself in other
men's naiads. Wben 1 am not walk*
ing I am  reading.—Charles  Lamb.
plenty   of   money   at the Liberal
per ton $2.50' nead(IU9-ter8  bere   for   aDy   other
l Conservative takers.
Application is now  being  made  before  the  United ;     But there is an ominous   lack   of
dressed 15   p.c. I States tariff board to iocreise the rate on iron in  pigs to enthusiasm in Tory ranks and   few
sole      17ip.cltl.l2i per ton. taken.
Over 50,000 railway cars which if
placed end to end would stretch
more than 400 miles are now available on the western lines of the
Canadian Pacific Railway to handle
the fall traffic in grain and live
stock. The combined capacity of the
41,316 box cars for the grain crop
which will be transported to »the
head of the lakes, is 670,040 tons.
These are capable of carryinf-
60,330,000 bushels of grain each
trip. Estimating that the cars
make five trips between tho grain
fields and the head of th* .akes or
Vancouver the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company is in a position to
handle more than 300.000,0*0 burh'-'.s
dov'ng the four months of tae grain
The concensus of opinion among
betting men in Vancouver is lhat
there is no question that, whatever
may be the outcome ol tbe election
in that city, the Liberal party will
form tbe next administration.
Some  men sow
reap success.
selfishness   and
Sergt. Fulton, winner of tho King's
Prist; at Bisley, "chaired" after hia
OJfo <&mnb Sfarka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)     1.50
Addresr -" ***—-—-cations to
«Thb Grand Fobk* Suh
Phonb 101 Grand Forks, B. C
bined with materials rich in protein, meat,
eggs, etc., to form a well balanced diet.
Destruction of mistletoe in nation-el forests
ofthe United gtates has been ordered by' tht
departmeut of agriculture. Thc department
doesn't object to the kissing, but to tbe mistletoe, which is regarded as a dangerous forest pest A drive has been started against
mistletoe in all national forests, and within
ten years the department hopes to exterminate the plant.
Next Tuesday, September 14, the people
of Canada will decide tho cocupositiou of the
federal government for the next four years.
The issues involved in tbe election and the
policies of the different parties have been
thoroughly discussed during the campaign,
and elector should be able to cast his ballot
If you approve of the following achievements of the late Mackenzie King government, you wiil mark your ballot fo.iF. B. Cossitt, Liberal candidate in Yale:
1. Introduction of the old age pensions bill.
2. lleducti n ofthe taaiff on many of the
necessaries of life.
3. Bringing back of penny postage.
4. Abolition of receipt tax.
5. Eeduction of the tariff on many of the
implements of production.
6. Cutting down the income tax.
7. Kednction of public debt.
8. Arrangement for trade treaties.
9! Cutting down the sales tax.
10. lieduction of government expenditures.
11. lieduction of tariff on automobiles.
12. Efficient administration of National
Mr. Cossitt is a pioneer fruit grower of the
district, has a clean record, is capable and a
fluent public speaker, and is well fitted to
look after the interests of the district iu parliaments.
The Liberal policy is a policy of development and expansion that embraces every section of Canada.
The impression all over the country is that
the Lsiberals will have tlie largest group in the
next house.
Famous throughout the World for its amaz
ing durability, teak wood is said to be the
most, useful of all woods. In the old cave
temples of western India teak beams have
been found, solid and sound, whicb must bave
been put in place 2000 years ago. Once seasoned, it does not warp or split. .Unlike oak,
teak will not deccay when it comes in contact with nails, and tbe white ants, enemies of
most other woods, will not eat boles in the
teak beams. Teak is raised on many plantations of the Malay peninsula to produce
lumber for use in railwey coaches, tbe interior
finish of steamers, in furnitore and wherever
a hard, durable wood capable of taking a
brilliant polish is desired.
Rudolf Valentino, the screen star,
who died In New York after an
operation for appendlcitus. Thirteen years ago he came from Italy
and at flrst worked as a landscape
gardener and at heavy work ln an
automobile factory.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds     Headache     Neuritis ;     Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia      Toothache     Rheumatism
Notes • Notions • Notables
Through the medium of a Columbus i.ews*
piper a correspondent asks: "Isn't a bare leg
a bare leg anywhere and everywhere?" Well,
now, it would seem tn be barer on the street
in a zero temperature than at a bathing beach
in midsummer.
"The time come when I got pay for a car
toon," says Gene Byrnes. "That was one that
I submitted to the New York World. Naturally, making the grade in this way was such a
delight that the question of price did not .enter my head; but it did concern some of my
pals. That really was a very funny part of
it. Several of them speculated heatedly as to
what I would receive. One vantured a guess
that $150 would be the price. A second said
that was out of the question; that even $75
ought to satisfy a mere beginner. A pessimis
tic third fellow,evidently endeavoring to wet-
blanket tbe matter, said I could not expect
over $35 05 $40. That was a dig at my delight
and pride. As anyone knows, you can not
determine from a look at the outside of an envelope how large is the check inside. So when
I got that much looked for long envelope with
he well-known Wirld beading in the corner,
my heart stopped its operations while I
ripped open the envelope. The cheque was
for 88."
Must Pay for Paper
In giving judgment against ade.
linqueot subscriber recently, Judge
O'Reilly, of Cornwall, Oot., made
the statement that newspaper publishers bad a hard enough time in
financing the business without be
ing done out of their subscriptions.
If a person desires to stop a news-*
paper tbe proper way is for him to
pay all arrears aod get a receipt, or
if be has paid, refuse to take the
paper at the post office and bave
record bade of his refusal. A man
who owed for a newspaper could not
stop taking it and expect tbe publisher to go without his pay.
It maybe added that00publisher
wishes to force bis newspaper on
any one, and any subscriber desiring to discontinue bis paper will not
bave tbe slightest trouble if be does
so io an honest and businesslike
Hundreds of dollars are lost every
year to publishers by tbose, wbo after
a subscription bas expired for tbree
or six months, discontinue the
pnper and send it back as "refused '
The amount is too small forthe
publisher to make a fuss over, hut
all the same it amounts to » nest
litil.. sum in a year.
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer"  boxes of  12 tableta
_ w Also bottki of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin li tbe tnd* Dirk (Mflrteml I* 0»n«t!») or B.*m M-tnnfMtare of M-muMle-
•clanter of SillcrUeuld (Acetyl Stllcrllc Acid, "A. S. A."). White lt Is wall taot-m
tsut Aiplrln bksuu Barer muiu-icttisv, to -wnlst tlte public aialnM Imltetlope, tbe nblett
or Barer Compear will be ettaped wlU) tbelr general trade nurk, Use "Barer Ottm."
Poems From EasternLands
The two great developments of the tw nti
eth century, radio arid air navigation  of the
dirgible, are yet little known in ftussia to  the
mass of the people.
Cit'zens of Grand Forks are asked to note the following extracts from the 1925 Amendments to the
Hospital Act:
(4) Where th°re is, either within or without the limits of any
municipality, ahospitnl which is maintained by tbe municipality,
or to the supp irt nl which th■■ municipality is chief contributor
witb tbe exception of the Crown, the municipality sball not be
liable in respect of aoy patient treated in any otber hospital, except
in cases of emergency, or where the hospital so maintained or supported is not in a position to furnish the -pecial treatment ncces**
sary for aoy certain patient, ond authority for tbat patient to apply for admission to the otber hospital has been given hy the
Mayor or Reeve nr snme duly authorized officer ot the municipality, in whicb cases the mtinir-ipaliry sball be liable to te extent
set out in subsections (1) and (2).
City Clerk
Faults are easier seen
than  vir
For alfalfa s led a field that is
well drained, both as to surface and
subsoil drainage. Alfalfa will nol
atsnd "wet feet."
In 1763 times were so hard in Virginia that
the assembly passed an act forcing clergymen
to share the afflictions of their parishioner?.
The king was appealed to and he annulled
the act. Sain ries were ordered paid in full,
James Maury, a clergyman of Hanover parish,
then brought suit. Patrick Henry was employed by the people to plead their cause. So
great was his eloquence that thejury made an
award of one penny.
What is said to be longest non-stop run
was completed recently by a new oil elect ic
car designed for the Canadian National railways. It completed a trip from Montreal to
Vancouver, a distance of 2037 miles, in 67
honrs. Not once during the trip did the en
gine of the car stop running. In addition, tne
trip was made in the fastest time on record for
such a distance.
A Wife Mourns for Her Husband
The dolichos grows and covers tbe thorn;
O'er the watse is the dragon plant creeping.
The man of mv hea.it is away and 1 mourn —
What home buve T, lonely and weeping!
Covering she jujubes the dolichos gjows,
The graves many dragon plants cover;
But where is the man on whose breast I'd repose?
No home have I, having no loverl
Fair to see was the pillow of horn,
And fair the bed clt amber's adorning;
But the man of my heart is not here, and 1 mourn
All alone, and wait for the morning
While the long dnys of summer pass over try head,
And long winter nights leave their trance,
I'm alone! Til! a hundred of years i-hull hsve fled,
And then [shall meet his embraces,
Through the long winter nights I am burdened with fears,
Through the long summer days I am lonely;
Hut whon time shall have conn tod its hundred* of ysars
I then shall be his—and his only!
The Sun Presses have twice the
speed of anv other presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
nn hoth long and short runs of commercial printing and give you a superior class of work.
As civilization advances children begin
Worry at an earlier age.
It has been calculated thut wheat flour
bread and crackers, pastry and similar^ products constitute 19 per cent of the total food
of the average Canadian family, furnishing
about 27 per cent of the total protein, 6 per
cent of the total fat and 46 per cent of the
total carbobyprates. They contain a high percentage of starch and may be profitably com-
c4ncient History
[TakbnFbomi T.vii.vrV'Y'EsUt Oi.u Sun Fii.ks.J
J. M. Simpson was drowned last Saturday
while attempting to cross the Kettle river
live miles below the city. The body was
recovered n fifteen feet of water.
Labor day ws celebrated by the people of
this city at a gigantic picnic at Curlew lake.
C. S. Baker, provincial assayer, yesterday
started operations at his assay office on Itiver-
side avonue, near the Yale hotel.
A number of ladies who have had their
Parisian gowns ru ned by the nails tbat per
sist in bobbing up in the sidewalks all over
the city, have urged Tha Sun to appeal to the
chivalrous disposed, as well as to all other
men of the o mmunity who can hit the nail on
the head, to organize a nail driving bee.
The city council is endeavoring to purchase
a team for the purpose of doing the scanven
ger work. To an outsider h would appear as
if a conple of night mares would be the prop
er animals.   These should not cost $400.
Dr. Letfard'a New Life Tableta
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youtlif uliiesf*, Energy and Fitness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafneis with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, derivesl most immediate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured Gloom, Depression ind Ner •
vousness is banished under the influence of tlioie Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
tJisappear. The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the pos
"esloh of few; the joyof a clear Youth
ful appearance mid tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time bas
been put back Ten years to tiie envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theunboundad satisfaction of yourself. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass! Remem
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhalation .with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Oo not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits The price of these Marvellous
Tablets inoluding Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool Koad,|Barn-*bnrr,
London, KnflUnd.
All Lints Tested
Every Morning
All long distance telephone lines in
the B. C. Telephon Company's system
are tested every morning to be sure they
are ready for the day's business. This
is another service safegua d.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. L"t us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
British  Colum bia  Telephone
THE SUN prints all the loeal news
and carries a number of interesting
features found in no other Boundary
JbrEcvnomicai Trtmsporfatim
Roadster $640 Conpe 1810    Sedan           $920
Sport " 715 Coacb   810     Landau Stdaa 970
Touring 640 Commercial Chanii      ■     ■   495
Sport " 715 Utility Eipr.n "    .     ■       730
All Prieee at Factory        Taxee Extra
Aak your Chevrolet dealer about the
GMAC Plan of buying a car on time.
UHnll ir
Grand Forks Garage
THE ffrice of a car is what you
pay—thc value is what yon get.
Value is the combination of Quality
and Price.
Notwithstanding the recent remarkable reductions in Chevrolet prices,
Chevrolet does not aim to be the
cheapest car in its class. It does aim
— and is justly considered — the
greatest value in its class.
The smooth Chevrolet is outstanding
value, not only because it costs you
less—but because it gives you more
—more smoot'iness of performance
-more pewer and speed — more
instant acceleration — more striking
beauty of line and finish—more richness of u«hc'!-tery—more completeness of appointments.
To pay less than the price of the
smooth Chevrolet is to sacrifice
quality. To pay more, for a car in
the   Chevrolet   class,  is  needless
The Smoothest Chevrolet in Chevrolet
history is r.cliin<- at the Lowe.t Price
for which  Chevrolet haa  ever been
cold in Cr' -tl*.
Saving Burglars Time
A tag with this inscription,
"This safe is uever locked,
turn the handle and it will
open,"has hung on the knob
of the strong box of a fuel
company at Tulare, Cal., for
the   last   seven  years.     Al
though the statement is perfectly true, burglars do not
believe it and have ransecked
the safe three times It is
used only for protection of
records against fire, and no
money is kept iu the safe.
The verdict oft acquits  the  raven
and condemns the  dove.—Juvenal
Studying Wild Life
Scientists in Sweden are
maki.ig a systematic study of
the mysterious ways of the
birds of the air and the fish in
tfie sea. What routes the
birds of passage follow at the
end of each season, and where
he schools of fish come from
as well as why they swim in
certain directions are some of
the problems investigated.
Millions in Interest
The United States government has paid out more than
,$11,000,000,000 in Interest on
the public c|ebt since 1771.
The greatest amount in one
year was ¥1,055,088,000, paid
in 1923. This year the estimated interest payment will
be ,$730,000,000.
He's armed -vltbout that's innocent within —Pope,
Beating: the tram to the crossing
is always a risk .n favor ot tha
train but when a motorist halt* his
car and waits until an engine hi almost alongside him before he tries
to get over, then the risk becomes
an absolute certainty—against the
motorist. This was the ease recent*
ly in Toronto where a car was signalled to stop by the watchman at
a crossing, obeyed the signal, and
then decided he would still try and
get over. Fortunately there were no
injuries and the only sufferer wat
the automobile.
Pictures of Gertrude Ederle's
swimming of the English Channel
were sent aboard Canadian Pacific
liner Empress of Scotland at the
last minute at Southampton and
then passed to 8 waterplane near
Anticosti and by it delivered to airplanes at Rimouski, thus beating
other pictures speeding to New
York on ocean liners by a full
twenty-four hours. This is regarded
as one of the cleverest and speediest
methods of reaching this continent
from Great Britain that has ever
been successfully accomplished.
Members of the Empire. Parliamentary Association, numbering
twenty-one delegates from the Parliaments of the United Kingdom and
the Irish Free State arrived in Canada recently on board Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Scotland.
They travelled across the Dominion
from yuebec to Vancouver, stopping
en route at Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and •Vancouver.
Tliey sailed by S.S. Aorangi from
Vancouver, August 25 for Sydney,
Australia, where they will attend
the Association Conference to bo
Icld in September and October.
'.Temperament"    is    disordered
nerves.   It needs medicine.
Sun's P age gf People and Events of Passing News Interest
A Rnt portx ot •ttllara far Canada, who called recently on tka C.P.R. linn "Montcalm" from Cobh
.Ith Father J. O'SuIlivan, for tha O'Leerr Settlement, mar Edmonton, Alberta. >
A ooclal chat er-tonir thc children In Ihe eoclelr children*! section of  "Jyde Park,
Test it Yourself!
Write Salada, Toronto, for free sample.
President Beatty, ot the C.P.R,
and party of officials of tbat road
made a short stop in this city laBt
Saturday evening on their way east
from the coast. They travelled in
a special train of steel coach s.
Joe Schnaveley has pure ased a
40 aero farm near Spokane, and he
will leave for tbat place tbe latter
part of this week to take care of the
crop on the farm.
Okanagan Mcintosh apples made
their first appearance this year on
the Vancouver market this. week.
Kettle Palley line freight train
Extra No 3401 plunged over the
trestle in Coquihalla pass laBt Sunday morning, and four members of
be train crew were killed aod one
was injured. The dead are: Con
doctor J. P. Quinn, Hope; Egineer
R Marks, Penticton; Trainmen F.
B Siringer and C. A. Johnson .of
Brooktnere, aod several unknown
persons. Fireman B. Letts, of Penticton, was injured,
Mr. Hine, of the public school
staff, and bride returned to the city
tbe .first of the week. Tbey bave
rented Jack Ashley residence.
Pet Santure and Ab Fee returned on Wednesday from a four
days' trip to Franklin oamp. They
state tbat previous reporis have not
exaggerated the size of the recent
strike made io thar camp,
H. H. Hendereon returned today
from a week's visit to the Spokane
fair, where be Mr. Lawrence had a
rabbit exhibit.
Mr. Page, formerly American
customs officer at Danville, was a
visitor in tbe oity on Wednesday.
John Murray, principal of tbe
high school, and bride returned to
tbe city the latter part of last week.
Tney have started housekeeping in
Mrs. Harrigan's residence.
Short Sketch of the
Liberal Leader of Yale
F. B. Cossitt,  nominated Liberal
candidate at Vernon last week, is
widely known as a successful Cana
dian fruit commissioner at the  last
Wembley exhibition.
He   was   born   at Smith   Falls
He came to Vernon sixteen years
ago and for fourteen years has been
a member of the real estate .firm of
Cossiit, Lloyd & Beattie.
He was seven years president of
the North Okanagan Liberal association and Yale Riding association
ten years on the b ard of tbe Vernon Fruit Union and two years ite
president. He is tbe father and
moving spirit of the ernon Country
club, was two years preeident of
tbe board of trade, is president of
the newly formed Vernon Real
Estate exchange, and a member of
the board of tbe new Vernon Box
His genial manner and di~poeition
h-ve won biui hosts of friends every
where,  though  bis modest disposi
tion has always   made it necessary
ftlt hi - friends to push blm farward
In hia many iectures aod business
addresses since be returned from tbe
Imperial exhibition he has shown
hitn'elf intimttely acquainted with
problems of the overseas fruit trade
He who commits no crime needs
no 111.—Ari-tophanes,
The contract for the construction
of a cement sidewalk on Winnipeg
avenue adjoining block 35 was
awarded to McDonald & Bontron od
Wednesday evening at an adjourned
meeting of the city council, at wbicb
all tbe members were present. Tbe
contract price calls for 20 cent per
square foot for tbe walk, 818 per
cubic yard for erection of a retaining
wall and 75 cents per cuic yard for
the removal oi any earth tbat may
be necessary.
The council also finally passed the
necessary bylaws in connection with
the construction of the sidewalk.
ThiB is a hard world. The first
tblng babies do when tbey arrive in
in it is to weep.
Old Age Pensions
One ot the advance pieces ot
social leigslation which was Introduced in the commons last session was the bill to provide for
old age pensions. ThiB bill was not
based on the theory that the state
owes every person a living, but
rather on the fact, that the provision
of an assured comipetence lor old
age, is an easy matter for some,
While, for others, it is mJDBt difficult,
if not wholly impossible. Also it the
young are to be given a fair saort
inlife, tlie care of the aged should
be subjeoted to the humiliation of
not be tbeir first responsibility. If
reward, yearh that are denied op-
portunityof employnient should not
dependence or charity.
If the oldest iobabitant is tbe
only survivor of hiB time, he bas a
clear field for bis reminiscences.
SKALHO TBND1CHS will bc received by the
Dietriot Forester, Nelsoa, Dot later than
noun on the l'tlt day of September, 1926, for
tho purchase of Licence \7itl2, near Cniistioa
Lake, to out 1,700 lineal feet of Cedar Poles.
One year will be allowed for removal of
Further particulars of the Dietrlct Foreater, Neleon.
SEALED TENDERS will be reoeived by the
JJislrict Forester, Nelson, not later than
noon on the lilth day of.Scplember'1920, for
tks purohase of Lioence X8235, near McKtte
Creek, to cut 3.45* llueal feet ot Cedar Poles.
Two years will be allowed for removal
ul timber.
Further particulars of the District Forester, Nelson, B. O      '
'1 ALBD TENDEKS will be reoelved by the
Distrlot Forester, Nelaon, not later than
noon on the 15th day of September, 1*26, for
the purchase of Llcenoe X8H9, near Lynch
Creek, to out 2,500 lineal feet of Cedar Poles.
One year will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further purlieu lars of the Distrlot Forester.
Nelsou, B. C,
SEALED TENDERS will be reoeived by the
District Forester, Nelson,  not   later  than
noon on the 22nd day of September, 1926, for
the purohase of Licence X8I12, near Christina
Lake, to cut 421,000 board feet of Sawlogs and
23,270 lineal feet of Cedar Poles.
Three years will   be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, or the Distrlot Foreater, Nelson.
Pure beer
WHEN pure beer, as is the case of British
Columbia, is available to the people, the
drinking of liquors of high alcoholic content is
lessened and true temperance is promoted. The
legal, above-board and Government controlled sale
of beer in British Columbia, in licensed premises
by the glass and in Government stores by the
bottle, has removed this Province from among the
communities in which alcoholism is a factor of
The attempt at total prohibition made in the
United States early showed its complete bankruptcy from a moral point of view and its utter
failure ?.s regards enforcement. Now its ill consequence* from a social standpoint are becoming
To mention only one result, among seven million
people insured by the Metropolitan Life of New
York the death rate from acute alcoholism has
increased 600 per cent, since the enforcement of
prohibition was attempted. Which means that as
pure beer was taken from the people an illicit
trade in concentrated and easily handled liquor of
high alcoholic content, and mostly poisonous,
sprang up and drunkenness increased.
Recent deaths from poison alcohol, made from
motor radiator spirit, in Ontario and New York
afford an example of the harm of preventing the
use of light beverages such as pure beer. This
flood of death-dealing poison, naturally, did not
affect Quebec, where pure beer is to be had by
the people in the most free and open manner.
The people of British Columbia are protected
against the danger that comes from making
distilled liquors a beverage—for which they were
never intended—and against the poison brews that
flood the United States, for British Columbia is
provided with pure beer by the five modern plants
of the Amalgamated Breweries, the sale of which
is supervised and controlled by the government
Pure beer is a healthful and invigorating beverage of a
definite food value, with an alcoholic strength of 4M pet cent.,
as required by law in British Columbia, only sufficient to
stimulate thc digestive system in the most favorable degree.
Its consumption, inasmuch as it displaces the drinking of strong
distilled liquors, is a GUARANTEE OF TEMPERANCE.
The members of the Amalgamated Brewers are: Vancouver
Breweries Ltd., Rainier Brewing Co. of Canada Ltd.,
Westminster Brewery Ltd., Silver Spring Brewery Ltd.,
and the Victoria Phoenix Brewing Co. Ltd., where the beer
•uppllcd to the people of Britlah Columbia la made.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Phone 30
Try our Special Tea
at 65c per lb
Shoes, Shirts, Overalls
Good values for your
Call and see us before
General Merchant
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grnnd Forks Townsite
.,        Company, Limited
Farms    ^Orchards     City 1'ioperty
Agenta at Nelson, Calgary, Wlhnlpeg and
other Prairie points. Vanoouver Agssnt '.
Established In 1910, we are in t» -million to
furnish reliable Information r-ouoer-.iug thle
Write for free literature
This Tea ivj have  had especially blended.
Call in and ask for a sample.
Phone 25
"Service and Quality"
bssminion Monumental Works
(iJAsbratos Products Co. RooBnftJ
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
. A oomplete line of, colored bonds
in all -bade* for fancy letterheads
and other classes of commercial
printing.  Hun Job Department.
Did you ever notioe that business
firms wbo (hink tbat tbey oao reach
Tb" Sun's readers through other
publications bave.. a great deal ot
leisure time tha*. might be more
profitably employed? A number of
such firms bave involuntarily retired
from business.
Classic blank cards for -lassy invitations and announcements Sun
Job Department.
See the new Superior Chevrolet hetore you buv a
car. There are more cents in theCHOVROLET
DOLLAR than iu any other automobile  dollar.
CHEVROLET Touring ,  |885
" Roadster       8H5
Coach  1080
" Coupee   1080
" 8edan   1200
" Landeau Sudani   1250
" One-Ion Trunk      935
E.G. Henniger Go.
;;:Giain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
THE value of well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Vi iting cards
ShV-iug tog8
Price lists
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fit ''nubia Aveoneand
GitANi) P   RKS
Transfer Co.
city Baggage and General
Coal,   Wood  and   Ice
for Sale
Offloe  at   R.   F.   Petrle's Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specially
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotkl,  Phut irrkt
synopsis of
landact amendments
"^Vacant unreserved, surveyed'Crown lands
may be pre-empted by British subjaote ovar
18 years of use, untl by aliens on declaring
Intention to beeotne British subjects, conditional upon reel lenne. occupation and Im.
provemeut for agricultural purposes.
Full information concerning regulations
regarding pre emotions Is given In llullctlu
No. 1, Lint 1 Series, "Uow to Pre-empt Land,"
copies of wl. 1 oh can-be obtained f reo of chnrge
by addressing thu Department of Lamia,
Victoria, B.C., orauy (Jovemment Aiient.
-^Records will bit made covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which
la not timberland, I e„ carrying over 6,000
Hoard feet per acre west of tue Coast Itanga
a*Sd 8OOO feet per aere east of that range,
"""J-ipulli atluiis for pre-emptions .are to ba
addressed to (he Laud Commissioner ol tha
Land Recording Division, In wbioh the laud
applied for Is situated.and are made ou
printed forms, copies ol o jn ;isu obtained
from the Laud Commissioner.
^Pre-emptions must be occupied for live
years mid Improvements mude to value of 110
por aore, Including clearing and cultivating
at least five acres, beiore a Grown Uruut can
be received.
For more dotal ten intormauou seethe Bui*
letln"How to Pre-empt Laud."
Applications aro received for purchaae of
vaoant and unreserved Crown Lauds, not be.
Ing timberland, tor agricultural purposes:
minimum prloe of llret-olass (arable) land Is
(5 per aore. and second-class (graaing) laud
12.00 per aore. Further Information regarding purchase or lease of Crowu lands ls given
In Bulle~ln No. 10, Land Series. "Purchase and
Leaae of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on timber
land, not exceeding 10 acres, may be purchased or leased, ou conditions Iueludlng
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areaa, not exceeding 20 acres,
may be leased as horaesltes.enndltlorial upon
a dwelling being eseoted In the lirst yeur,
title being obtainable alter residenoe and
improvement oondltions sre fulfilled and land
haa been surveyed.
For grazing and Industrial purposes areas
not exoeedlng 640 acres may be leased by one
person or aoompany.
I'nder the Grailng Act the Province la
divided Into graaing districts and tbe range
administered under a Graxlng Com*
missioner. Annuat graaing permits ara
issued based on numbers ranged, prlorlty.be-
lng given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free, permits
arc Hvallablee for settler", -tampers and
travellers up to ten head.


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