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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 27, 1925

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■    i _
Persons lightly dipped, not grained, in generous honesty are but pale in goodness *
regular SESSION
April 8th Is Designated us
Civic "Glean-up Day"
This Spr.n£--Th<; Cos!
of Pipe Thawing
■ The regular meeting of the city
pounoil was beld in the council
crnunbi-r on Monday evening. Thc
mayor and all the aliernien were
Oolv one tender wm received for
the brick .at Ihe Granby smelter,
and the ooanoil considered thnt tint
too lo>v.
The resignation of T. A Wright
ai police commissio sreceived
and accepted  by  the counoil, antl
lh^ oflioe was declared vacant.
The ivit'ir and light committee
reported a considerable number
of leaks thit were being repaired;
also thit there were a hundred and
six cases of pipe thawing in the citv
during ihe past whit r, eight in the
•BuckJe sdd-ilioti. Seventy six. per.
eons were affected. Cash to the
amount of % 133 50 was paid out,
exclusive of the amount of electricity
usd and the services of the electrician. It -.vis decided to ohai-ge the
usual f:*e of S'2.50 pi-r thaw and to
allow a rebate fjf 50 per cent if the
account was paid by April 30ih.
The matter of th& ad visibility of
the city pu'ohasiog an auto truck to
replace team work was further discussed bat no definite action wa?
Complaints were received regarding a couple of cesspits, and the
clerk was instructed to notify the
owners to have them put in a sani«
tary conditiou without delay.
April 8'.h was set aside as "cleans
up day."
J. VV. Pyrah was appointed caretaker of Ihe cemeteries at a salary
of 885 per month and under similar
oonditions to th se of I ist year, his
duties to commence April 1.
J. Pohoda was granted permission
to ^move  a   building  along Donald
street, he h ing held responsible for
. any damage occasioned.
D. R. Docksteader, chief cf police, was appointed ponndkeeper
fof the city.
The salary of the assistant city
elerk was pieced at 4o cents an
The iiix levy, byl.-nv fo. 1925 \s ••,
reconsidred  and Anally pussed..
"Tell me what you Know Is trtf
I oan tints as well as yoo."
FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 192r>
Dr. E. C. Arthur, of Nelson, arrived inthe city today. The doctor will have charge of Dr. Kingston's practice for a week.
A Nelson report is to the effect
that the Providence mine at Green
wood ii to be sold. Tbe mine.whicb
h^s always been a steady producer,
is at present clos-d down. Tbe
present management bas in tbe last
month shipped cars of ore which
bave aggregated close to 110,000.
A few years ago tbe propeity nas
un er lease to Al Morrison and Dan
McGilliee, during which perind
something like #250,0C0 nas pros
duced, out of wbicb the company
realized close to 150,000.
Pt'ospectors wbo are going into
the Dease Lake area of tbe Cassiar
disttiet, Hritish Columbia, this eum»
mer, will be pleased to know that
copies of tbe report by Dr. Q. M,
Dawson are still to be • sd. Although .this report was written
near|y forty years ago, it contains
much valuable information regard.
ing the country and placers worked
in the early days. Copies may be
bad by applying to tbe Director,
Geological Survey, Ottawa, or 510
Pacific building,Vancover, B. C.
The following is the uiipiiquu
and maximum temperature for eacl
day during the (iust week, as re
corded by the government thenimni
eter on K. F. Law's ranch:
Mar.21— Saturday   60
2'. —Hundiiv   54
28-Monday      nH
21 — Tuesday     59
26—-Wednesday  50
li ti -Thursday  '52
27—Friday  57
Kainfall .*....
..    .03
For the Soke of the Horses
A sergeant in the British army,
according to Punch, once lost his
temper at a particularly awkward
"Never approach tbe 'osses from
be'ind without. speaking to 'em!"
he roared. "If you do, tbat thick
'ead of yours'll get so kicked we
shan't'ave nothing but lame 'osses
in the stable."
"I find general business eoHss*-
tions quiet but improving throughout Canada and undoubtedly tha
increase in tbe priee of farm products will prove very encouraging
to the west," said Grant Hall, vice-
president of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, on 'his return from a recent tour of the Dominion. "Largs
orders for hardware shipped over
our lines of late to the wast indicate that the crop money is now
beginning to circulate more readily,
which in its turn is a mark of tha
farmer's confidence in the country.'*
There was a general increase in
all phases of the lumbering industry in Canada during 192S, aa
compared with the previous year,
according to the latest report of the
Dominion Bureau of Statists**. Tke
average value of the output in that
year amounted to $189,864,877, as
compared with $114^24,8815 in IMS,
an increase of 22.4 per cent. In
this respect the lumbering industry
comes third on the list of manufacturing industries in Canada, with
the pulp and ' paper industry first
and the flour and grist mills second.
Tlia Dirninion Horticultural *.■
societion is in Ottawa making repre
sentations to tbe government to
place a duty on fruit and vegetable's
ou the ground that importations
from the United States take tbe
cream of tho market. While no
definite aoswer ha-i been given, the
outlook, says a dispatch from Otta -
.vi, from .vau cm ba learned in in*
siils circles, is aot very favorable.
Passengers aboard the Canadian
Pacific steamship "Empress of
Prance," now touring the world,
had a unique experience recently
while visiting Ceylon. Returning
from a run out to Handy, .tbe old
capital of the Cingalese Kings and
Site of the Temple of the Tooth of
Buddha, a train-load of the travellers was held up by a herd of wild
elephants which, hemmed in oil
either side by the jungle, ambulated
along the track ahead. This was a
feature of the journey which delighted those of the tourists who
were not anxious about missing the
Viola Dana, the famous nsotien
picture actress, whose work has delighted millions, is to be the star of
a drama to be filmed at Banff, according to a recent report Miss
Dana journeyed from New Tork to
Montreal and then across the continent via Canadian Pacific Railway, in order to join ber company
for the film. The remainder of
the cast are proceeding to Banff
from Los Angeles and it is expected
that shooting of the scenes will
commence shortly. A very considerable number of big pictures have
already been taken at Banff, which
seems to have a great attraction for
discerning stars and directors who
appreciate the beauty af Ufa seen-
Road to Lake to Be Improved
Hon. W. H. Sutherland, minister of public works,
arrived in the city last night, and today he made a survey
of the roads in the district in company with D. McPherson
to determine what work would be required here during the
coming summer.
The minister, we are informed, decided that it would be
necessary to surface and otherwise improve the lower road
to the lake this season. He is also credited with the statement that tenders for the overhead bridge at the Gilpin
crossing would soon be called for.
When there are so many
live questions to* be considered, it seems absurd, senseless and inapplicable tt) attempt to create sympathy for
the dead as the paramount
issue in a political campaign.
Yet this seems to be the very
tactics adopted by the the
opposition in the Grand Forks-
Greenwood by-election. Al)
good citizens revere the memory of the worthy dead. Let
them rest in peace. They are
out of place in a modern campaign, where live issues engross the electorate.
Insurance and Assurance
Three times the red-faced "prospect" had pushed the young Scotch
insurance agent down a long flight
of stairs. The third time he turned
to his work, satisfied that he had
seen the last of the persistent young
But no! Tbe door opened, and a
smiling Scot3h face peered in. "Wcel
now," safd the agent, "we've bad
our little bit of fun together; so all
joking aside, bow aboot the insurance?"
A speculative  despair is nnpar
donable where it is our duty to act.
Th     fire   of genius isn't a-ways
able to keep the pot boiling.
A 10-cent argument can j*- ad to a
$10,000 quarrel.
"My Greatest Thrill In Sport"
Being an Account of an Adventure Which Overtook Ozark Ripley
On the Nipigon.
Ottawa, March 25.— I In
dumping clause as proposed
in the budget speech of \l-s-
terday reads: Resolved, that
the first paragraph of subsection 1, of section 6, of the
customs tariff 1907, and subsection 7 of said section 6 be
repealed and the following
substituted therefor: "In the
case of articles exported to
Canada cf a class or kin d
made or produced in Canada ,
if the export or actual selling
price to an importer in Canada is less than the value thereof for customs duty, there
shall in addition to t\\. duties
otherwise established be levied
collected aud paid on said articles on their importation into
Canada, a specisl duty or
dumping duty equal to the
difference between the said
selling price of articles for export and the said value thereof
for customs entry; and such
special duty (or dumping
duty) shall be levied,collected
and paid on such article although it is not otherwise
dutiable. Such regulations-
may also provide for exemption from special duty any
article when the difference
between the value for customs entry and the selling
price thereof to the importer
as aforesaid amounts only to
a small percentage of its value
for customs entry."
The actual change involved
in the amendment is the sub-
stituation in the text ot the
words "For customs entry"
for the phrase "When sold tor
home consumption."
Fir many yean
I have hunted
and killed all kinds
of big game on the
American Continent except polar
bear, and I nave
taken most kinds
of fresh and Bait
water game flsh.
But the greatest
thrill I ever experienced during
my thirty years'
devotion to outdoor sports came
to me this summer* in July on the
Nipigon River in the rapids just bel
the    Canadian    Pacific   bridge   at
Nipigon River in the rapids fust below
the    Canadian    Pacific
Nipigon, Ont.
It all happened late in the evening.
The trout at this point are the most
famed and largest brook trout in the
world. But juat at that time they
were not striking as usual on account
of the exceedingly cold night. However, I decided to go to the river to
try out a little split bamboo bait
casting rod, %V, ounces, that I had
made for casting very light lures. It
would be a revelation to myself and
other anglers to take trout in this
manner, when fly casting is the vogue.
The water under the Canadian
Pacific bridge, and below for a
quarter of a mile at least, Aowb like a
millrace. I attached to my line a
small weighted feather casting minnow, just to see if the little rod would
shoot it. At the first try 1 shot tbe
lure at least 125 feet across the water
toward tbe west bank and in the
opposite edge of fast water.
The very instant that the tiny lure
struck the water the second of the
only two large rainbow trout that
up to then had ever been taken out
of the Nipigon rose and seized my
lure. He was a monster. It seemed an
impossible accomplishment ever to
land that fish with the little rod and
the fine nine-pound test casting line.
Tbe thrill that came in that approach-
f» darkness was Incredible. The
! • of moose and grizzly bear was
in a bad light n< .irly an
hou., danger of falling into
that iU *t reach, trying hard to
lead th out of the fast water
where ti., 'rrent would not aid it
into,the ItVig upstream Bwirl on my
side. The only thing that helped me
in that fight was the generous supply
of filled line I had in store on my reel
to help perfect thuihbinu of it,
': work?. 1 li*) ;■:,.'•'i ;;n it: . rapids
despair and hupe, and as tho
. -x   cf   the   strong   leaping   fish
News of the City
I). McPherson, Liberal candidate,
baB returned from « canvassing tour
throughout tbe riding, He reports
having received a cordial welcome
everywhere anil tbat the indications
pnir.t to a big Liberal victory,
P, B. Freeland, district government mining engineer, inspected a
number of mining properties in
the Uoi;k Creek  district  this week.
It seemed an impossible accomplishment erer to land that flsh."
directed. Yet the thrill of trying to
land that whopper leaping rainbow
with that tiny rod was something I
had never conceived possible.
It began to grow darker. Suddenly
on the left bank I saw a big black
bear take to the water and swim
deliberately toward my fish, despite
that terrible current. Evidently he
took it for a cripple. Right off, that
rainbow sensed his presence and
darted for the east bank as fast as I
could real in slack, and the bear kept
his course direct for him.
The rainbow heading straight for
die upstream water, with occasional
leaps from it, finally gained the
stretch of upsfeam current, wilh the
bear only a few yeards behind him.
That bear did not become apprised of
my presence until he made a lunge
for the fish, missed it as it leaped out
of the water, and then scrambled for
the bank to get a better survey of his
expected prey. That very moment he
got a whiff of the man scent, wheeled
and scrambled as fast as he could for
I he thicket of spruce along the sheer
And then the thrill of thrills occurred in the darkness as I roughed
that spent rainbow, and brought him
along the coarse, narrow sand bank
where, as he was far too large for my
landing net, I fell on top of him and
!■ Id him captive with my hands and
knees until his Htrength was entirely
exhausted.—New York World.
Fall wheat in this valley is aai I lo
be a total failure, owing to the severely w.'ither thu preceded tbe
heavy snowfall l«.Jt fall,
Drivers'liocssas have arrived at
-be giveoornsijt offloe In this city,
and every driver of a motor vi hide
I l 1 I, > ■ I • i p ' i :u,* • i:i • HHJ] 11
possible in order not to give tbe p i-
lice an opportunity to interlere with
his profession.
Peace Itiver trillin will be accessible to both of Canada's ureal
transcontinental railway systemf,
according to general understaddi' g
of the agreement in process of ni go-
tiajinn for construction of the Pi see
River line. The C.N.I! will build
a branch connecting its main lino
with theC.P. H. operated Edmonton-
Dunvegan line at (J-and" Prairie
and will recelv running riutits over
the E, D st B. t: In return the C.
P.R, wil receive running rights
over tho C.N K. from '"ruuie
Prairie at least lo Kamlo ips.
According to the Princeton Sr (r
the (iranby company will "'ur' up
ilie big C ippei n ■■■ I i in .■■ r'y
®h* (kwxix Jfnrka Bun
One Tear (in Canada and Qreat Britain) 11.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr -** a*-*—**'cations to
The Grand Forks Sun
Phonr 101R ; Grand Forks, B. C;
FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 1925
About the only salvation for the fruitgrower
of this province seems to be a 100 per ceut cooperative with its own storage warehouses in
the principal cities in the prairie provinces,
so that the associated could deal directly with
the wholesalers. A dozen warehouses wiuld
be sufficient. If the orgauization is not in
shape to finance snch a scheme at present,
there are usually suitable buildings in all cities
that can be rented.
When the prairie faamer can buy British
Columbia apple at the price the Brithish Col
umbia fruitgrower can afford to produce
them, plus a reasonable charge for tr-snspor-
lation and handling, there will be no overproduction of apples in this province.
000 bushels from 22,055,710 acres, as compared with 474,199,000 bushels from 22,671,-
862 acres in 1923.
When the Associated was organized The
Sun hinted that the lamb vould come to grief
:t? it laid down with the lion; but the wise men
• ime out of the  Okanagan  and toid ns we
vere "knocking." It is not  much  satifaction
• o the fruitgrower at this date  to realize  that
lis paper came pretty close to being correct
iii its prediction.
In 1761 the distinguished sinologist, De
Guiges, published a paper which he had found
in the works of early Chinese historians, in
which appeared the statement tbat in the
fifth century certain travelers of their race had
discovered a country which they culled "Fu
sang," which from the distance and direction
described by them appears to have been
northwest America. The original document,
according to the authr nf "Fu-siing, or the
Discovt ry of America by Chinese Priests in
the Fifth Ceutury," was the report of the
priest-missionary, Hosli Shin, in the yeai 499
A.D., who return-.d from a long journey in
the East. The report was entered in the year
book of the Chinese empire, and while the evidence offered is limited, it has every appearance of being a serious state document.
Archie Bell, in his "Sunset Canada: British
Columbia and Beyond," says there is a history of Vancouver island that is clouded inthe
vapor and incense of China. The stranger or
the "native" of Vancouver island quickly and
constantly observes the resemblance of the
Indians to the Chinese and Jadanase. Merely
circumstantial evidence would point to
very early visits of Chinese voyagers to this
coast—whether intent on voyages of discovery
or in ships driven across the Pacific by storms
is a matter of speculation Chinese junks and
vessels were blown across the Pacific as|late
is the last cenrury, and the 6ailors captured
and enslaved by the Indians.
S. T. HULL;:
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grnud Forks Townsite
Company, Limited
Farms _ Orchards     City Proper! y
TA-resst-s at Nelson,  Calpary. Wihiilir» nsisl
other Prairie points.  Vancouver Aftetst :
F..t!>bllKlie>l In I!*I0. tro nre 111 k pnrilltsn to
fnriils'h rcllnhle information '.snossrnltitr this
Write lor *rt,r. lltssnssitte
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Tonsilitis     Headache
Accept only  "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets.
Also bottles of 24 and MO—Druggists.
Aspirin II the trade mart (registered In Oknada) of Barer Manufacture of Mnmiarrtle-
aclsjester of Bsllcjlleaeld (Acetyl Salicylic Add, "A. 8. A."). While It In -veil known
that Aspirin means Barer manufacture, to assist the public against imitations, the Tablets
of Barer Q-impsnr will he' stamped with their reneral trade mark, ths "Barer Cross."
The Sun Is The People's Paper
E.C, Henniger Go,
Grain, liny
Flour nnd Frevl
IJ monad S.;i!j
Cei tent nnd Plaster
Poultry Supplies
!     (rrand   Forks, *5. C.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Here is a pretty good one that came through
'heairfrom thecharter day anniversary banquet
of thc University of California in the Hotel
Oakland, Oakland, Cal., last Mondayjnight, as
broadcast by KGO: "During the rush hour
in the Central station, New York, eighteen men
wero in line before the ticket wicket. The first
man in the line laid thirty-five cents on the
counter and said, 'I want to go to San Francisco.' 'But,' replied the ticket seller, 'you
can't go to San Francisco for thiaty-cents.'
'Well, where can I go then?' asked the man.
The seventeen men behind him told him where
he could go."
The most important end of apple growing
today is quality prodnction and it is the first
consideration if the industry is to prosper. The
three years' investigation carried on by the de
partment of agriculture to ascertain the probable reasons for apples sdoiling in transit or
shipment bas revealed, among other things,
that apples produced on young trees were
poorer shippers end keepers than those produced on older trees; that apples produced on
clay loam have better keeping qualities than
grown on either heavy clay or sand. Bough
handlidg is, however, the cause of greatest
loss and amounts to from 10 to 15 per cent of
the crop marketed by the average grower.
The two argest flawless crystal spheres in
the world were recently exhibited in New
York Oue of them measures nine inches in
diameter and the other just fifteen-sixteenths
of an inch less. The value of the pair is placed
at $50,000. The spheres were brought to New
York from China, where they were cut from
a perfect Burma crystal with a small metal
hatchet. The work required infinite patience.
In ancient times in the far east and in Europe
crystals were supposed to be ice in permanent,
form. In -Japan small crystals were said to be
the breath of the Great White Dragon, while
the larger ones were supposed to come from
the Violet Dragon.
The curious appearance that the bald head
and neck of the ibis gives is heightened by the
bright red coloring of the top of the head and
the pale blue of the neck and sides of the
head. The general color of the plumage is
metallic green. This rare ibis is a native ofthe
mountainous parts of South Africa. It is comparatively little kuown.
A tribute to the exellence of Canadian cattle
that are shipped to Great Britain appears in
a recent issue of the Review of the River
Plate, published in the Argentine Republic.
The Canadien cattle, the writer states, are
finished on grain and their flesh is of better
flavor than Argentine alfalfa or grass fed
cattle. The Argentine's beef, ho points out,
has a splendid appearance, but it does not
equal in thickness or flavor the Canadian grain
fed bullocks.
A radio set that is equipped with three or
more tabes will work better if the tubes are
changed from one socket to another. The
amplification factor of a given type of tube is
generally said to be the same for all tubes of
tbis type, but actually the amplification factor,
like other individual characteristics of a tube,
varies slightly for each tube.
Many people are so busy telling the world
what is wrong with it they haven't time to
improve it.
More ban 500,000 books wero circulated
last year in Saskatchewan by the traveling
libraries that reach tbe settlers in the smaller
municipalties. Tbere are more than 1000 of
these libraries. It is said that each book is
read by seventeeu families in tbe course of
the year.
There are more than 180 miles of pipes de
voted solely to the carrying of water for arte
sian wells, great cranes and lifts, uuder the
streets of London.
The total yield of wheat in Can ada for the
year 1924 is now finally estimated at 262,097,
[Dr. Izard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle aged
Youthfulness, Energy and Fitness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues.
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression ind Ner*
vousnfiss is banished under the influence of these Life-giving Tablets
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disappear. The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the pos
sesion of few; the joy of a clear Youth'
ful appearauce and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Tima has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of yourself. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass? Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi are there
any ill effects after. Un the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling ot
ezhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at SO? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at onoe.
You will never regret the alight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable f r6m
Dr. Leftard's Laboratories,
100, Lit rpool Road, Barnsbui-y,
London, England.
c4ncient History*
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
Jnst as we go to press we learn tbat the
Great Northern Railway company has quietly
sent a party of surveyors into tbe North Fork
country, and they are now engaged in preliminary work.
Jay P. Qraves, general manager of the
Granby company, has just announced that
that corporation's big smelter in this city is at
present earning its owners the tidy little sum
of $100,000 per month, which amount will be
considerably ii creased when the two new
large furnaces are added to tbe works.
It has been common talk on the streets
during the past few days that the Bonnington
Falls Power company intend* fo build a high
tension power line into the Boundary country
this summer.
March came in like a lam;, but is now making elaborate 'preparations to don the lion's
garb in which to make its exit.
Get the habit of
trading at our
We  have   exceptionally good bar
gains  in all our
Amplications for immcdiaile purchase of i.otn
and Acreage owned by thc City, within the
Municipality, arc invited.
Prises i--From §2.5.0!) per lot up words.
Terms:--Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may bc seen at the
City Oflice.
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of   farm   equipment.     Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
■'On« in awhile between friers-ds—lemg-DUtatiee'*
Make It A
Weekend Habit
Every weekend use the long distance
telephone to chat with a distant friend or
relative. This is not an expensive habit,
for the new night rates are especially
low. and both you and the parties whom
you call will enjoy a talk-trip of this sort.
It is an exeellent way to maintain friendships, and is quicker, more convenient,
and more satisfactory then letter writing,
British  Columbia Telephone
/)   f
Sun's P age / People and Events of Passing News Interest
H Designed to preserve health
16 A preposition
17 A parent
19 Palled to pieces
21 Greater in amount
24 On top of
25 One of the U.S. states (ab)
32 Athletic association (ab)
34 Bachelor of surgery
36 Tuberculosis
37 And (French)
39 Nothing
41  Ma'ter in its mnst rarefied state
43 Long Island (ab)
44 ?4r(jfltivp
45 One nf the United States (ah)
46 Mvep|f
Solution  to Lust Week's
1 Given as security
7 A play upon words
8 Section of the British army
10 Time east of Fort William
11 Article of clothing
16 Us
16 A message
18 Englith sohool
20 Title
23 Therefore
23 Act
25 Island near New York city (ab)
26 A conjunction
37 Officer of a company
26 Adjective
29 Bearby
30 God of tbe midday bud  (Egypt,
31 Behind
33 Assist
35 Novice; tyro (pi)
38 One
40 Awhiteplagu- (ab., backward)
41 Proceed
42 None
46 Human being
47 Vehicles
1 Divide
2 Above aod touching
3 Calm
4 At all times
5 Boyal Academy (ab , bickward)
6 A statute
7 One whowilks
9 Uniting in a league
11 A French policeuiin
12 A stye of type (ab)
13 For example (Latin)
□□ □ aaa □ an
e ip|u|r|n|e|o|u|5 Mt
□in Hun maa am
hh eq sag a an
lfominion Monumental Works
Aabeatoa^Products Go. Roofing
Wholesale and Retail
staler in
Havana Cigar*-), l'lpi-H
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
An Opportunity to Win $5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The (irand Porks) Suu has oonoluded 'in arrangement with Tlio
Family Herald ami Weekly Star of Montreal by which wo can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readera
The oifin- includes a full year') subscription to both papera, an art eal
emlar with a most beautiful picture subjeot ready foi framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of $5,000 oath.
In the Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,110 308 votea uasl out of
a total of 4,436,310 name- on tha -otors lint,
Ho* many votaa will be polled In the; next Federal Election!
The Kimily Herald and Weekly Star are offering L'en Hiousand Dollan
illlM prist II I i-■ i  i •   i • ■      H     ii i   •    i i I  i l"   l r i l^ ■ ii • H     .v.t ii   I  i ' 11 l i 1.11   i-
of that great weekly gives every Urand Forka Sun subscjibar an opportunity
to mak.: an estimi lie and perhaps win the capital prize of 15,000. Some part-on
w.'i win.    Why ahnuldil nol be youJ
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
TJpholatering  Neatly  Done
r. c. McCutcheon
Read Thi   Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun C'-i.sfs $1.00 i»er Year.
The Family Herald and   Teekly  Star  Costs  S2.00
per Year.
We now offer a fnll year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make-one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
All for 112.00
Estimates must bo made at time of subscribing, and no changes will bo
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
You Buy Flavor
when you buy delicious
It is really unique among teas.
Pure and rich yielding. Three
hundred  cups  to  the  pound.
News of the City
"The Granby Consolidated haB no
intention of building a smelter at
Oroville, in Washington, stated H.
H. Plummer,manager of the Granby
company, when his attention was
cilled to a published rumor that
his company was plannidg the con
struction of a smelter on the American side of the international line,
Mr. and Mr9. Ed Taylor, pioneers
of this valley, left on Tuesday for
the coast, where they will make
their home in future.
Mr. Walker, C.P.R engineer,
was called to Edmontsn today by
the illness in tbat city of his wife,
formerly Miss Luella Huffman, of
tbis city.
It is now generally believed tbat
the by-election in this dietrict will
be held tbe latter part of next
WANTED-Early    Rose,    Eaily
Ohio   and main crop  potatoes
United Farmers'Coop. Assn.,  Nel
son, B. C.
Making Repairs WI&
Sense Instead of
(Prarfc-ent Or-Ml*  Colleen  si AtrtwasHM
l-sghsjariisi, Chlc.ro)
Out of ****** bitterness of my awn
experience* * am prompted to off.*
the rollovHjig advice to those of
my reading wio want maximum
efficiency trom their automobile*
Naturally an automobile opei*»
ales at leaat expense per mile when
it ls runnh*it; in Ugh gear with the
spark advanced. Sometimes, however, this Is not the case. When
it is running B'o'vly this conditio!
is a co-vtly one. First: becaum
spark is tS»n too early wliVh pro-
'luceo a sf-su-k knock. Second: be
>*ause the power impulses aie fu»
titer apart snd the action ls there.
*ure less •ven, power being con*
numed in •vercoming the Inertia
o.f thc flywheel which is very great
at an unev*»n torque.
Many drivers try to stay in Mg-fc
gear and keep the spark lever ad-
vanced nO the way up the tangent
as long aa "possible fn climbing a
hill. Under these conditions, when
a ch-.'ige has to be made, it ll
necessary to drop into low fear,
whereas aacond gear would hava
sufficed with a little more momentum. With th° engine laboring
there is a great strain on all parti
ne;;. of course, too much gaaolina
is oeing wasted In this deatrocttva
Most iLrtverB who do this, think
they are economizing on fuel because they figure their enginM ara
turning over .lewer times In a gh*.
on distance, ?.nd h-tnee, leas ga»
lire is beln-r passed Into the englna
and burnefl. That is not so, many
of them wil' be surprised to learn,,
for lf I chaiiL'e were made Into
sicond ffear, less gasoline woula
be cotssumsv*.
Have you ever watched the M>
pert driver when his car starts to
nkid? He doesn't Jam down hla
feet on the brake and accelerator,
Ke ai'M-ilty throttles down the 'inline -'ulckly and turns his front
»hee,n In the direction the car ll
kldlng, Tlte rear wheels, turninf
so slowly, in nine cases out of tet
•jull his car out of the skid.   Thel,
■ picks up again and is gone bo
Tore yoi* realize he even started to
IV- a mighty hard thing to do,
lhat of keeping your foot away
from the brake when a car starti
sliding, but it must be don? of
you'll end up in a bad smash. Tha
car starti swaying; the occupant*
scream; you lose your head; dow-a
goes your foot to lock the brakes,
You're afraid of skidding and so
am I. The way I overcame it on
my cat- was to go out on a rainy
night on a wide, quiet street ana
slide around until I mostered tho
art. Such an experience was hard
on tre tires hut was well worth
while, because when the unexpected came I was prepared.
When a man drops hie coin at
the races be can charge it up to run.
ning expenses.
The City Council have appointed
Wednesday, April 8th, as Civic
Clean-up Day. Citizens are requested
to gather up all tin cans and other
rubbish and put the same in handy
receptacles in places where it will be
convenient for the city teamster to
call for them and haul them away.
Citizens not availing themselves of
the above offer wiil be compelled to
have their ru'ubisb removed at their
own expense not later than- Saturday, April 18th. Sawdust and ashes
will not be removed by the city.
By order of City Council.
City Cleik.
The oourt cf revision for the* revision of the voters' list for the
forthcoming by-election in Qrand
ForkenGreenwood district will be
held at the government office in this
city on Tuesday, April 7.
Officers on the reserve anr' retired
list, Canadian militia, residing in
the province of British Columbia,
are nosified that tbey sbould report
in writing to the D.O.C., M.D. II,
Victoria, B.C., on or before the 1st
Apri' io eacb year, giving address
for tht current yaar, tbis in order
tbat their names be retained in the
militia list. This also applies to
officers formerly R.O. and R L , C.
E. F., as tbose lists bave been ab.
eorbed into the R.O and R L..C.M.
If Yon Can Answer Ten Question a
Geography and History
Other prizes amounting lo a tot,al of
11,000 given in Educational contest,
open to everybody, any whera. Send
stamp for list of questions, rules and
circular. Address—John W. Sheffield,
Chairman, Aurora, Illinois
Under the Power Contained in
(Section 160.)
IN THB MATTER OF Part of Block 81, Hap
18, Orand Forks Townsite. West Addition.
PROOF having bean filed la mr offloe of the
loss of certificate of title No 5188* to tbe
above mentioned lands lu the name of
Daniel O'Ray and beating date the 20th
February, 1902, IHSREUY OIVB NOTIOE ol
my intention at the expiration of one oalen-
dar month from the lirst publication hereof
to issue to the said Daniel O'Ray a provisional certificate of title in Ilea of such
losteertlflcatr. Any person having nny Information with reference to sueh lost certificate ot title is requested to eommuaioate
with the undersigned. _      _
Dated at tbe Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B.G., this 24th day of March, 1925.
Date of flrst publication March 27,11125.
I take this opportunity of announcing
to the people of Grand Forks and District
that I have purchased the Grand Forks Garage from Mr. N. L. Mclnnes, and respectfully solicit the patronage accorded the late
owner as well as that of new customers.
In assuming the management of this
Garage it will be my constant endeavor to give
the public the best service that skilled mechanics are capable of doing, to treat everybody courteously, and to make my prices as .
low as first class work will warraut.
Yonrs truly,
J. R. c^VIooyboer
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen shortly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.O
Wear EATON Clothing
'OU cnn be in style, and afford to keep in style, if you
make the EATON Catalogue your Clothes shop.
Wc are particularly pleased with our clothing buyers' selections this Spring—not only because the apparel itself is
up to-datc in style, materials and colors—but because their
foresightcd buying has enabled offerings through the Catalogue pages at prices that will please customers.
And that is the aim of EATON buying—
goods, the best of their
.class on a basis of
'value to the customer;
merchandising that
will make steady
friends rather than
single immediate
Buy from
your EATON
rpENDERSwIU bc received by the under
signed forthe parchae-i of the whop or
part of the valuable property liureinaf tcr
described,up to aud Inclusive uf tin: Thirtieth
day of April, A.D. 1925:
ALL AND SINGULAR those curtain parcels
or tract! of land or premises, situate, lying
and belug In the Siimlkumiin Divisionol
Yale distriet, Province of Britian Columbia,
more particularly known and described us
8art of Lot i-'ivu Hundr-d un<i Nino teen liiiyj,
rutip One (l),in tbeSunllktimei-u (formerly
Osoyoos) Division of Yule l.Uuie lu the
Frovlnceof British Columbia, uu<i purlieu-
iarly described us: COMM KM. I **i i%\ u po*t.
said post being Thir'y-threo (.1.1) foet Noith
of aud Two Hundred and Seventy*Ave, and
Nine tenths (275.9) feet Bast of tlio South'WO*i
comer of tbe said Let Five Hundred and
Nineteen (.r»19): theuco North Noilcirrec* uud
Sixmiiiutes West (n'-u'VV.HuHir.i) u dlstutiee
<>t Seventeen Hundred und Ninety-two (hnjj
feet to the South bunk oi"the Kettle Hive. :
thenee Easterly along- wuid South bunk Uil-
lowitte lhe meandering* uf hitfh-vf uici mark
or said .South bank to Inter soot with a line
drawn North at right aug.(.-a to South bouu-
dary of Lot Five Hundred und Nineteen (ft Ith
from a point in suid South lioundaiy, buid
point being Thirteen Hundred and 1 Ifty-ioin
and Fifteen One-Huudredihs (18M.15) leet
Hast of said South-west corner of tuui Lot
Five Hundred aud Nineteen (519)l tlieuce
Hi»utb at right angles to South boundary u
distance oi Eighteen Hundred nud wenty-eet
(1820) to a poiutthirty-three (33) leet North of
Hon th boundary of Lol Five Hundred and Nine
teen (519: theuce West (astro) panillei lo South
boundary and Thirty-tnreaitBB) feet North of
same a distance of'len Hundred auaSeveuty-
elgbt and Twenty-live UuL-Huudredths
(1078.25) feet to Point of comniuncement, us
the same is outlined Hod iu attached I'lan;
SAVE AND EXCEPT lho two loliowing described paroolsof laud, namely:
First, the'Cascade Water Tower and Light
Company's Kight-of-Woy as surveyed upon
the ground and desorlbed us follows:
Twenty-flve (25) feet en euch bide of a centre
line described as follows: COMMKNCIMi at
anoint in said centre line,-aid point being
Thirteen Hundred and Fifty-four und I'it-
teen One-Hundredth* (1854.15)feet Knst aud
Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-one and One-
teuth (1491.1) teet North of ttie South-west
corner of said Lot Five Hundred uud Nineteen (519); thenee South Sixty-three decrees
Tweaty-tour minutes west (68o24'\V.) (astro) i
distance of Ten Hundred uud Twenty-six
(1026) feet; thence in a Six degree, twenty-two
minutes (B<>22') curve to the itinht a ditituuco
of One Hundred and Eighty-one ami Six-
tenths (181.6) friet to (he West hou ndary id lhe
property above desorlbed, said Right-of-Wai'
ooutalning One and Pour-tenths (1.4) ttcreei
AND secondly, the right-of-way of the Ketl le
Vulley Railv/ay Company us surveyed upon
thc ground and desenlud us follow*t I* it'ty
(GO)feot on eaeh side of a centre line i um-
meuoing at a point in suid centre hue, said
polutbeii gTwo Hundred and treveUty-Mve
and Nine tenths (275.'.<) ioet hiibtot uud thirteen Hundred uud i'hlity-two (IBM) feet
north, No degrees six minutes west (U°tVW.)
of the South-west cornei of the said Lot 1-ive
Hundred and Nineteen (MD); thi-nce North
seventy-seven degrees fifty-m* minutes Bait
(77o56E) a distaaoe of Teu Hundred nud
elgbty-fuur feet (1034): lieuco on u Fivu
degree (5°) cu ve to the Loft a dlt tan ce of
Twenty (20)feet to the East lu-undaryuf the
laud hereby conveyed, suid right-of-way
containing Two aud Fifty-three One-hundred the (2,53) acres, the laud hbicby eon-
yeyed ooutalning 'Ihirty-uine uud Eignty-
■ix Oue-hundredlhs (119.80) aeres mure or
ALSO Portion of Lot Five Hundred and
Nineteen (519) Group one (l),0«oyous Division of Yale District in the frovluec oi
Hritish Columbia, described us: -uOMftLttNC-
ING at a post, said posi being West (astro)
Thirty-tbee (38) feet measured uluiig south
boundary of Lot Five Hundred nnd Nineteen
(519) and North No degrees uud lhlrty-BlX
minutes West   ((MW'VVJ   (astro)   measured
Sural lei to Eait boundary ot Lot 1'ive Hun-
red and Nineteen (.)19) a distance of Tuiit..-
three (88) teet: tbence West (astro) parallel
toSouth boundary Lol Five Humlted und
Nineteen (619) a distuuee of Seven Hundred
and Ninety-one uud Seven .One-tenths 1791.7)
feet; thenee North (astro) at right angles to
South boundary a distance of Thirteen Hundred aud Thirty-two and Three-tenths
(1822 8) feet toa steel bur di i ven iu thu giouud;
theuce Bast parallel to south boundary Lot
Five Hundred aud Nineteen (filltj u dMauce
ot fcovon Hundred und Seveniy-seveu uud
Eighteenths (777.8) fe»t to a pom; theuofl
South No degrees Thirty six minutes Eust
(p)86'K.) (astro) parallel to East bouudnry a
distance of Thirteen Hundred uud Thirty
two and Three-teuhs (13U2.8) feel to u point
of eoUiMonoeineut, ooutalning Twenty-lour
(24) aorei more or less.
Thli property ooutalus 63 86 aeres, more
or lesi, and Is splendidly looated, being just
outside the oity limits of irand Forks and
under the irrigation eystem,
A dwelling) barn, poultry house and othe r
buildings are erected on the premises, which
are well fenced. The soil is of a rich loum
with a clay subsoil and is ullcleuiod and under cultivation.
TERMS—29 per oent to accompany the tender, the balance to bo arranged ou terms to
suit tbe purchaser not exceeding 15 years.
The highest or any tender not necessarily
For further particulars apply lo:
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B. C.
Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 2lth day of
Maroh, A D. 1925.
AN EXAMINATION for Forest Hungers will
be beld at (irand Korks on April Hih, im.
Applications wfll be ree-ived Up to 1100 H of
April lit, by the Dlitrlct Forester, Court
House, Nelson, from whointtnpllrutlon forms
and full particulars may be obtained. Koo,
Candidates must be British subjects, not
more than forty yenrs of ngo, residents lu
British Columbia for ut leant one your, ol
good character and physical condition, with
woods experience uud f.iiniltnr with the prue-
tlaftl side of logging, ttiuhor <-rulxiiig,MirVi,y-
Ing und forest proteiHon, with knowledge ol
the Fori'Ml Act and utile to organize work nnd
handle men, 	
This examination fs toettabllin nu oligihh-
llit forthe next year from whtoh appointment! will be made as rangers am ro(|iilroil.
One r«..r I. reflUlr.^lnjmedlrtol^
Civil Survive 0>mmUslonOr,
Vie ton a, B. C.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
0! English invention ia a power-
ul band flashlight fitted with a
telescopic sight for signaling to
aviators at night.
: Buy GOOD Groceries
J!            If yon   want to  get satisfactory   lesults   in   the
i          kitclien.    WJe carry nothing.but the -best.in.evjry-
!i           thing.    Our   stock   is   always   fresh.'.-'Ti'y  our
|           superior brands of Tens and Coffees.
I   Phone 25                                "Service and Quality"  j
iifite;.-. :*-.: .-£**. .. .*'**:■ i f. Ml-'-tfliaajflg..! '■-■
11' brings tha whole country tor mile* around within easy i-wu.-li. j
Have you seen tlm new mQdelal rhey're as graceful an swalloot-il As
bright as imw coin! As weatherproof at aduokl Automobile Steel
Bearings, Frame of Kuglish Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Heroules Brake. Everything oomplete. lioal Quality. Iift.il
Value,   10 i.sv Terms.  \V« are tbs people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evcnhi-is Till 10 o'Clotk
Skip! oui Cream to
Tke Kettle Valley
Creamery Co.
We p«v the highest price and assnre
you the most accurate Ust, Give your
local creamery your trade.
r|',lJifi \ulue oi' *well-
prLitt'd, neat ap-
peariuji stationery as
a mean-soi' yettiny and
holdi iy desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult sr- before yoiny
clsewl; 'mo.
Wedding invitations
Bal programs
linvi:i:.ss cards
Vi. i'ing cards
Sh' i " ing tags
Prioe lists
New Type
Latest Style
■ ^aces
Colauilslii Avenue and ,
^litsBlii Str-set '
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
(ybal,   Wood  and   Ive
i'or Sale
Office   at   R.   F.   Petrie's  Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
*—\        B     .
p--       ,      ■■■•■■%--
ft-.;'' ...
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yai.k Hol'l'.l,,    FlHST   iiiukt      ;'
urallriilii li!
Vt-bcant, ' unrufiorved, Eurvtyed
iwn lands may b* prs-omptcd b>
irl tis Ii subjects aver li yea.rn o' afio,
ind by al'ens -#n d^olarlng lntentlnii
o becorai Brltlbh subjeois, condl
lonftl upon residence, occupation,
aid   Improvement    for     (ifrltiu.turai
ftti] Infonnittlon concerning PtfU-
f itlotji ve&-w*uiiiK pre-tniptiana t«
.ven tn Ilnllvtln No. 1, Land Berien,
Hott *.o Pre-anipt Land," ooptts o(
hlch cau bb obtAinett free of (harp-
;.r addrosnlntc tho Ucpj;tinoat of
-intlo. Victoria, B.C.* or to any Gov-
nnitnt  A Kent
Ho»v"Jm   will   be   (ranted   coverlrirj
•:i!y   lnnd suitable   for    anrtcultural
^urpOsMs, and which io  uot  timber-
und,   1,*^   carrying   over   B.000   board
fe«t ijMir acre w.mt of tho Cat.-rt iUui.se
aid  fi,0»  foet  per aero  eaet of  th&t
11 an*«.
AspffUcsUi-MU  for  pre-emptions  ars
•   d*   adili'esdod   to   the   Land   Com-
itMlonQt' jf tlio l*und Recording Pi*
Islon, In "vhlch tho laiitl applied for
IS nltuat<--..', and aro inaJu on printed
drtni,  copljs of  which   oan  bo  ob-
utued Crotn the I*nd Cdmmlsiloner,
Pi':i-enu ,iunn must be nn upl
flvo  f«ors  aad   Improvemonta   made
to  valii'j  oi'  $10   por  acre;   including
-lrerl.it; and OultivaUnf at Istst u- ■■
.icren, before a thrown tTrant can  be-
i^r inure detailed Infuru -.llgfi SM
hs     Bulletin    "liow     •■      : ••   em ■*.
Applications urs reosjved for p i
j-hsui«    of    vacant    ytwl    unresoi
i .  »vii ia.id.-t, not  h-sinc timbfti
for  ai?. (cultural   pui posv      m [ill   i
•rice of flrst-claii (aPable) land Is t
,»«r.acr*', nnd i©oond*ola*»B iffraalttfl
lattd  $2.E0  per aero,     further lnfor
million  inffardliiK   purohaso  or  loau-
ot Crown lands !:i (flven in  Bullttli
M*>.   10,  Land   Series,   "1'urchase an.
Le-aie uf Crown Lands." %
Mill, factory, or tndnetrlal stten on
limber land, not exceeding 40. acre*
may be purchased or leased, the conditions       Including       payment       of
stum pare,
Unsurveyed areos, not exreedlng X*
acres, may be leaa&d na homealter
o-ondltlonal npon a dwelling beln.
srected in tho first year, title beln:
obtainable after residenoe and Im
provemont ooifdUJons are fulfills.:
.ind  land has been .surveyed.
B*or gTaxlng  and   Industrial    pu;
p iisea area-1? not exc-nedlng 640 acri *
may be leaped  by  ono  person  st   a
Under tha Grazing Act the Prov
Ince Is divided Into grazing district.'
and the ran^o administered under  •,
Qrailtif Commissioner.       Ann'ur.-
iriaxlng p«.fiii:ltH are Issued based nn
numbers ranged, priority belnir glyen
i   establishe-d  owners, 'Stock-owners
iy   form    associations     for    range
lanagemeht   Free, or partially tree
ml a   are  available   for    saltlcm,
impers   and   tr-vellers,   up   to   ten


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