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 CThe real happiness of life can not be bought with money; the poor can have as much of it as the rich
■ ■ , j
**TnlI mt* what you Know in tr_t>
1 csd&mm as well is you."C
Leader of the Progressive party
who haa made a statement of policy
in whioh he set (orth the attitude
of tha farmers to railway ad minis
oad pauses through Seattle,! Tacoma
and Portland, and on to Sfn Fran-
cho) and L-m Angeles. It extends
from Los Angelts to the Qrand Can.
yon of Arizona, and thence north to
Salt Lake City, the Yellowstone National park and Glacier park, which
contains seventy glaciers. From there
it rum north' thr ugh Waterton
Lakes park, in Albertr. and back to
Calgary, the starting point.
'•A motorist who has a trailer can
so time his journey that he wi I reach
southern California at the beginning
of the winter and return it the spring
if that suits his convenience, living
under cam as all winter at small
Motor highways in the west
are reaching dimensions and
importance whioh easterners
can not realize unless   they
have seen them, says Bystander at the Office Window in the
Toronto Globe.   It is   only
forty years since the first rai
way   pierced   the   Canadian
Rockies after much financial
and engineering trouble, and
the    pioneer line   clung   to
mountain-sides in a manner to
give   thrills   to   passengers.
Later much  of the  steeper
mileage was reduced by tunnels  until  now the various
lines make quick time from
the prairies to the coast.' Two
years ago the opening of the
highway from Banff to Win
dermere was hailed as a great
step in opening the mountains
to vehicular traffic.    We are
reminded by a reader that this
is now* but a small link in i
great system, which is   con
stantly being extended. John
Simpson writes:
"The longest motor highway in the world is known as
the Grand Circle Tour. It
extends for five thousand miles
through Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon,
-California, Arizona, Utah,
Idaho, Wyoming and Mon
tana, and passes through fifteen national parks, three of
which are. in Canada. They
are just finishing the last gap
now along the Thompson
and Fraser rivers, and the
entire five thonsand miles will
be open to tourists by June 1
'-The route form* an irregular
oval, and • motorist oan oommence
big journey at any point and, by
traveling five thousand milot, come
back to the some point. If the motor
itt made Calgary his starting point,
he wonld go west to Banff and Lake
Louise and then to Windermere by
the Banff* Windermere road. He
wonld tben go south between the
Rookie* and the Pureell range of
the Selkirks to Cranbrook, irom
which point he would go west to
Knskanook, on Kootenay lake. The
distanoe from that point to Nelson
by steambuat is fifty-three miles, and
the steamboat* ran every nay in the
year. Cars are carried on the boat*
over thi* distance. The laat touches
•re now being put to tht road from
Nelaon to Vanoouver, which passea
through Trail, Rossland, Grand
Fork*, Spence's Bridge and Hope,
pawing for many miles through the
magnificent canyons of the Thompson
and the Fraser.
"Going south from Vancouver, the
Calgary, Sept. 23 —Witb tbe ex*
oeption of two fine days tbe weather
in Calgary this week has been oold
witb rain and sleet. This bas ra
tard'ed threshing operations in the
country and interfered with distribution of foodstuffs—the roads
•re impassable at many points. So
far tbere bas not been nny killing
frost reported and vegetation remains
green and healthy in appearance.
Competition at city and country
points is reported as keen. Apples
are plaoed at very low margins to the
wholesale trade. Tbe number of
semi peddled cars from independent
growers   to  country   points is in
London Sends Out Queer
Story About a Nelson
Man Well Known in
Grand Forks
Shapurji Saklatvala
Communist member of the British
house of comment-and delegate to the
Interparliamentary union which is to
meet io Ottawa and Washington, has
heen refused admission to the United
creasing; some  of tbese care is re
ported ae ooming from Ontario.   -
Considering, tbe weather, brokers
sty that business is axesedingly
good. Tbe cold weather is interfen-
ing with tbe sale of oantaloupee.
Calgary wholesale prices:
Apples, B.C, Molntosh Red,'
box, Fancy 12.50
Crates, 2.15 to  2.25
Apples, B.C., Wealthy, Extra
Fancy, box, 2.16 to  2 25
Orates  1.86
Apples,   B, C,   Gravenstein,
Box, Fancy  2.35
Crate, 1.80 to   190
Apples,B.C.,King, orates  2.00
Apples, B.C., Grimes Golden,
Fancy, per box  2 25
Apples, B.C., St. Lawieooe, io
crates, 1.75 to  1.90
Apples, B C, Alexander, crates,
1 75 to  1.90
Apples,B.C.,Blenheim, crates,
1.75 to   1.90
Apples, B.0,  Cellini,  crates,
1 76 to  2.25
Apples,  B.C.,   Cox. Orange,
crates  190
box, 2 00 to  215
Transcendents. Fancy, box.. 1.76
Pears, B.C.,  Bartlett, Fancy.
box, 8.26  8.60
Pears, Wash., Fancy. 3.50 to . 3.75
Plums)| B.O, Bradshaw, ortte,
layered  1.75
Plums, B.O., Pond's Seedling,
orate, layered  1.75
Plums, B.C, Bradshaw, crate,
jumble  1.50
Plume, B.C., Pond's Seedling,
crate, jumble  1.50
Plums, B O, Greengage, crate,
jumble  2.00
Plums, Wash .Hungarian,crate 2.25
Prunes, B.C..Italian, box, 1.00-1.15
Prunes,Wash ,Italian,box.l.00-1.15
Prunes,Wash , Italian, crate.. 1.50
Bla kberries, B.C., crate, 2.00. 2.60
Cantaloupes, BO, Standards,
orate, 3.25 to  3.76
Peaches,  Wash., Elberta, per
box, 1.50 to  1.86
Tomatoes,B.C.,per crate. 85c... .90
Tomatoes,B.C..green, per box,
1.16to  1.25
Cucumbers,B.C,box, 75c to.. .85
Potatoes, B.C. cwt sacks, per
ton, 15 00 to 60.00
Potatoes, Alta., cwt sacks, per
Onions, B.C.,cwt, sack, Standard, 2 60 to  8.00
Onions, B.C.,pickling, box .... 1.76
Peppers.B.C,green,por lb,12c. .16
Corn,Alta.,box or s-.ck.per doz .36
Celery,B.C , crate, per Ib 5c to .06
Celery,Alta.,crate, per lb Cc to .06
Cauliflower, Alta.,crate,per doz 2.00
Cabbage, Alta , crate, per Ib... .02$
Car Arrivals—From British Col
umbia: 8 cars fruit aod vegetables,
7 oars apples, 2 oars vegetables, 1
car on one, 1 car mixed fruit 1 oar
tomatoes. FromWashington: 1 car
peaches?, 2 oars mixed (mi), 1 car
pe rs. From Ontario: 3 oars mixed
fruit. California: 1 car grapes. Ida-
bo: 1 car melons. Massachusetts: 2
oars cranberries. Spain: 1 car onions.
Virginia: 1 oar sweet potatoes-.
British Columbia
Apples at Winnipeg
. Winoipeg.Sept. 22:—Market conditions bere are somewhat better
tbis week w tb good supplies of
practically every line of fruit and
vegetables to hand.
The first oar of British Columbia
bulk apples arrived yesterday and
cleaned up quickly; these were
Wealthies and sold for 4Jo per
pound. This in comparison to orates
selling at 12.25, should be consid
ered a very good price, and it Is
understood several firms here bave
bulk can rolling.
Local tomatoes are supplying the
market altogether, retailing at 10
cents per pound. Ontario and imported preserving fruit are still supplying tbe demand.
British Columbia prunes.bowever,
bave not yet reached bere in any
quantity, and tbe trade has to depend on the imported prunes.
Wholesale fruit men look for
good business during the present
month, owing to the fact tbat a
great many people who have been
away from home, at summer resorts
and beaches, are now back in the
London, Sept. 21.—Believed to
be de-id, Fred A. Starkey, nf British
Columbia, wbo had not been teen
hy relatives for fortv years, mude
his way to* the Lincolnshire bome
of his brother, who for a moment re
jected him as an impoetej.
"Can I speak to John Starkey.''
asked the cal er at the old Suffolk
House, Barrnw-on Humber.
"Certainly, sir," said a lady, and
a moment later, when tbe master of
the house appeared, the visitor,holding out his hand, exclaimed, "Hello,
Eyeing tbe caller witb distrust,
the householder kept his hand to
himself, remarking, "I don't know
"No.pro-iabiy not; but I'm Fred,"
came tbe answer.
"What, our Fredl Ob, no, you're
oot; he's dead," said tbe farmer.
Not to be discouraged, FreJ strode
into tbe house, deposited bis begin
a chair and declared, "I want a bed
forthe nigbt."
"That's ratber like our Fred,"
said the householder. "Wbat was
your father's name?"
"It's all right, Jaok, old man. I'll
tell yju tbe names of tbe entire
family if you like," came the reply,
and wben, sure enough, be bad
reeled off all the names be was received with open arms.
The new arrival is a prominent
Canadian and represents tbe de-
pa. tment of mines {for British Col
umbia at the Canadian Pavilion,
The members of tbe famil / have
long been farmers in a substantial
way at Ba row on-Humber,Lincoln-
Mr.Starkey,the youngest of eleven
ohildren, was only sixteen wben in
1882 he went to Winnipeg, tben a
small settlement.
Some time afterwards tbe family
read that a Fred Starkey had per.
isbed in "the Canadian region"—
news wbioh seemed to be confirmed
by Ions years of silence.
Meanwhile young Starkey wss
gaining expert knowledge of the
mineral resources of British Colum
bia, finally becoming commissioner
of tbe Associated Boards of Trad e
ot tbe eastern part of the province.
It was in bis official oapaoiiy that
be came to Wembley, paying his
first visit to tbe old country since be
left it ae a boy.
A banquet of the shareholders of
the Wallace Mountain Mines, Ltd ,
who recently disposed of their Sally
group holdings to the Guggenheim
interests, represented by the Federal
Mining and Smelting company, wsb
held in Pride's n-etstirsnt on Thurs-
dav evening laet with thirteen pres-
ent, fays a dispatch from Peilticon
II. B. Morley, managing director.
presided- Tbe affair followed a
shareholders' meeting at which tbe
deal was officially confirmed.
Following a sumptuous repast, a
pleasant event took place when E,
Nordmao, who bed been in charge
of operations at tbe mine since the
early days, was preeented with a
gold watch as ao expression of esteem
and the satiefaction witn which the
shareholders viewed his practical
aod Biicc'PHful work. Reeve Kifk.
patrick wes present and congratu
lated the shareholders on the success
wbicb attended their venture.
The following shareholders were
present: H. B Morley.D.J Morgio,
J. L. Johnstone, W R. Harris, JR.
Rogers, Norman White, all of Pen.
ticton; E. O. Himmer, Rossland;
E. Nordmao, mine euperiotendent,
RoBsland; E. A. Suckling, Vancou
ver; Geo. W. Thompson,Vancouver,
and Henry Lee of the Federal Min.
ing aod Smelting company. The
latter, representing the purchasers,
complimented tbe shareholders on
tbe way tbey bad stayed witb and
successfully developed tbe property.
President of the Massey-Harris
Company, who bas been appointed
minister without portfolio in the
Mackenzie King cabinet.
Geological Work
in British Columbia
Charles Hudson, of Anderson,
Ind., who lost the use of one eye in
an accident twenty-five year ago,
recovered the sight ot tbe optic
when he was struck in the eye by
fluid fro i a fire extinguisher wbile
fighting a small fire.
Work for tbe best and let hoping
for tbe best be a side issue.
An idler's opinions are hardly
ever as weighty as those of a man
who is of some use.
It is as easv to suppress a first
desire as it is bard to satisfy tbe
desires tbat follow.
toa   40.00     Habitual thoughts affect life.
Trap Lines  Registration
' Tbe last issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains tbe regula
tions whioh have been promulgated
for the registration of trap lines
tbrougb the province. Tbey give tbe
necessary instructions as to how
applications shall be made for regis-
sions. It is provided tbat only one
trap line may be registered by a
trapper, and tbe trading in any
registered trap line is prohibited.
Th*: alloting of trap lines is left to
the sole discretion of tbe game
board, and ite decision is not subject
to appeal. Tbe registration of trap
lines will be for tbe period terminating April 80tb following the date of
registration and application for renews' of any registered trap line
may be made by tbe owner of the
same up to the first day of August
following the expiry date of April
A summary report of the Geological Survey of Canada lor 1924,
part A, bas been published. It press
se ts in concise form tbe results of
work carried on by field parties of
the survey in Yukon and British
Columbia during the summer of
1924. The economic \ bases of the
work are stressed.
W. E. Cockfield describes tbe
geology and mineral deposits of tbs
upper Beaver river area, Yukon,
where tbe discovery of veins of or.
gentiferous galena attracted a great
deal of attention. Mineral deposits
of Babine mountains are described
by G. Hanson, wbo also describes
tbe geology along tbe Canadian National aailway from Prince Rupert
to Burns lake Reports are given by
J. R. Marshall oo the geology of
tbe Wbitesail-Tabtsa lakes area, by
V. Dulmage on tbeCbilko lake area
and by C. E. Cairnet on tbe Pemberton area tributary to tbe Pacific
Great Eastern railway. A nickelifer
ons mineral deposit on Emory creek
is described by C: E. Cairnes, tungsten deposits near New Hazelton by
M. E. Hurst, magnetite deposits of
Texada island by C, O, Swanson
and tbe results of deep borings by
E D, Ingall. A copy of tbe report
can be had by applying to tho Geo
logical Survey, Ottawa, or 510 Pacific building, Vancouver.
Tbe last issue of the British Cola
umbia Gazette contains the regulations whicb bave bean promulgated
setting aside as a game reserve a •
stretch of country between tne West
Kettle river and tbe main Kettle
river, and extending from the juno*
tion of tbe Kettleriver at Westbridge
to as far north as the Monaehee
road. Tbe following is an extract
from the Gazette regarding tbe game
reserve: f
Tbe honorable tbe administrator
in council has been pleased to order
tbat rhat part of the electoral dis-
trie of Grand Forks Greenwood, in
the province if Britieh Columbia,
bounded and described as follows:
Commencing at tbe junotion of tbe
West Kettle and Kettle rivers;
thence along the west bank of tbe
West Kettle river in a northerly direction to the source of tbe said
river; tbence following a line running nortb, astronomic, from tbe
source of the said river to the sum.
mit of the Kettle divide; thence
along tbe summit of tbe said divide
in a northeasterly direction to the
Monaehee road; tbence along tbe
Monasbae road in a southerly direction to the east bank of tbe Kettle
river; tbeoce in a southwesterly direction along the east bank of tbe
Kettle river to tbe point of commencement, be set apart as a game
reserve for the protection of birds
and adimale.
No person shall at any time bunt,
trap, take, wound, or kill any game,
or carry a loaded firearm of any de
scriptioo, or place any trap or otber
device which can be used for trapping or killing any game within the
area of the above-described game
reserve, except by virtue of a permit authorizing the carrying of fire,
arms or traps over or across tbe said
game reserve or tbe capture therein
of animals or birds for tbe purpose
of propagation or authorizing tbe destruction therein of predatory animals or buds.
Better   a   little  well kept, than a
great deai forgotten.
A  wiae man  does his doty; a fool
does his friends—and lo9c; them.
30th. If application for renewal of
registration of a trap line ie not
made within the time fixed by the
regulations tbe last registered owner
shall forfeit all right to such trap
line, and appication for the registration of the same may be made by
any otber qualified person wbo ia
possessed of a license to trap.
By order in couocil,effective from
Augus 20th last, of wbicb information has just been forwarded from
Ottawa, title to base metals underlying Dominion lands in British
Columbia ia vested in tbe province.
Tbe order in oouncil stales tbat t e
governor in council, oo tbe recom*
mendation of the minister of tbe
interior, "is pleased to order tbat
the undisposed base metals, except
coal, petroleum aod natural gas,
underlying lauds for wbich Domina
ion government patent*- have been
issued under authority of tbe rail*
way belt aot, up to and including
the date hereof, and in whicb all
mines and minerals bave been reserved, with the exception of lands
within the boundaries of existing
Dominion parks and forest reserves
in tbe railway belt,and lands wbicb
bave been granted for rights of way
for tbe Canadian Pacfic and Cnnadian National railways, be and the
same are, vented in his niajesty
King George V (or the proposals of
tbe province of British Columbia.', •V
Uht (grani* mark* Bun
One Year $ S^a^—WJ
Addrew-" ~—... •   ...
"~^ "—cations to
Paon« 101R **W'H" Qra*d Fokk3 Sdn
- Graud Fobks, B. C
OFFIOB:   Columbia AVEWUEANDLAgE 8treet "
J_____Z_SEPTEMBER25, 1925
Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini, San Gallo,
Perufino, Da Volterra Vassari, Varese and
Land in Missouri,known as the Grant farm,
because the former president and civil war
general once lived there, has been bought for
a church cemetery. The farm is near St. Louis
and will be laid out in 28,000 lots, and improvements costing $500,000 will be made.
Grant lived on the farm preceding the civil
A storekeeper in Des Moines still has the
Notes • Notions • Notables «r8t dimc "hich went into his cash tin when
■   ,w      t*--~*-.sarss-*      l,vwwiw he opened his ston thirty-six years ago.
Tbe Prosperity League of Canada seems to
be merely an annex of fhe Conservative pany, BLOOMY ARTHUR'S NOW DIRGE
and therefore it is not likely to prove a factor Right Hon. Anh...- m--.-'
A9      •       rxm*x*X--- "
n. xrvntHvt, nnnv UWUMI ARTHUR'S NOW DIRGE
„ _. xx.ms. ui .ita oonservattive pany,
and therefore it is not likely to prove a factor     Right Hon. Arthur Meighen professes in an
as a promoter of   prosperity.   Its   doleful interview given to the Canadian Press to be
nlnarlin"-- t *---■'      m^m glad that, a -«>■" ' -'-     '
    .,.   fjstjajjt.viiy.    its   doleful
pleadings for a high protective tariff suggests
that it is also the servant of the eastern millionaire manufacturers.
Say "Bayer"- Insist!
For Colds    Headache
Neuralgia    Rheumatism
Lumbago    Pain
«-Wf Bayer package
whichcontains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablet*
Also bottles of U and 100—Druggists
Aapirln Is lbe trade mirk (reflsttred la
i'iiiisiIsi ot Bayer Manufacture of Mooo-
iicetlcacldester of Sallcyllcacld.
Walking is a lost art, says Dr. Charles  W.
Eliot, and be supports his cass by reporting
that twenty automobiles pass his home  in
Cambridge  to   every   foot   passenger.    But
there are still meu and women who walk for
the pleasure of it—perhaps as many as there
ever were. If the truth were known,the people
who thronged the roads and sidewalks a generation ago were walking, not because they
especially enjoyed it, but because they had
nothing   to   ride   in.    Mankind,    generally
speaking,   is   indolent when   it   can    afford
to be.
Tbe port ef Montreal Is well on
its way this season te beat all previous records fer tonnage received as
statistics, obtained from the Harbor
Crtrrtr*:—* ■
 .,i/ v'i-iiiauian   J/ress  t(
glad that a general election is impending.   If        ***.,„*,, ..
*> ° -     ■*,..,     n —"• x*xmsma ior tonnage received as
he really IS in tbat State of mind, it IS tbe first    statistics, obtained from the Harbor
time that he has been glad since his crushing   Commissiener*' office,  show that
,  ,    . .  . .     •    t*. u     inns     there is a big increase ln tbe num-
defeat as prime minister in December 1921.   ._,. „, .„„~L._.. - •
Four almost four years Mr. Meighen has told
(the world that the Dominion of Caoada is on
the toboggan slide economically, industrially,
politically, socially, and every other way. His
gospel of gloom received tremendous publicity
in the countries where it would do us the
most harm. It is due io large measure to the
doleful pictures he has drawn that the Canadian youtb, after completing his education at
our expense, has   crossed  into   the United
One notable feature of the tear-
1st season In the Canadian Rockies
Cf *      '   a.' U,U8WU   «nto   the   Unitnrll .     8um~~ has been the demand
States and that the British  youth lL,      ,     %*?"* her-- •**•««-■"-* tuV
a new home has chosen 1 k'ng H s2*t Mcret"y of «- ™ m
uas onosen  Australia. •*». whe recently wta-._i „ w„:
 — • -xx. ssicrease in the number ef ships berthed in the port to
date, as compared with the number
for the same date last year. Up to
August 8, 808 boats had docked here
and tbeir total tonnage was 1,986,-
466, while «p to August 18, 1924/
only 687 vessels had tied up here
since the opening of navigation of
the 1924 season, and their tonnage
was l,891,m.
■Jesltmmmam,f-^fc, pBMh<B.
M-uslsssRssIitr. are invited.
met*-**-*-, ,25.00 ___ ,o* upwMd<
*«~--0-h *** .pi,™™,, rmmmtBi
•whin \. button.
City Clerk.
~-.ss,sau    yomn
a new home has chosen Australia
fW   /     ,        wh0Aa« Prime minister ofi »~ *
Canada fpr a few months, the country      jn J •— • -t^"^^™
sounder position fop a material attSl*^! "I —«" •-'• *- * . p£
Power generated from Niagara falls water
power was recently thrown back onto the falls
in the form of colored electric lights in order
to make a spectacle of tbe falls at nigbt,
Twenty-four searchlights were used and the
elect was startling.
Loud speakers will be installed on trains of
the Japanese railways, so the conductors won't
have to shout so loudly in calling stations.
Alcohol from coal is being derived by a new
process utilized by a Paris company. From
30 to 40 pounds of the fuel alcohol can be ob   _,     ,, ...■,.
, . r .        i   .   . •     s " Oh sad heart, come, distraction's, hour is now high,
tamed rJom,,l ton Of coal, It has been asserted.  The air's cool, 'midst the fields to «.t the time nigh.
  The Sun hath to tbe Balance, Joseph-like, past,
-•-   The year's Zuleykha hath her gold hoard wide east.
Both of these  By winds bronzed, like the Sun, the quince's face gl<
terary use in It8 P'eiad8-clU8tere> hansim- forth n-» ----- ■
"■' wh8 recently returned te Ment-
real from the west. The practice is
trowing ef sending the horses in ad-
~u*e  te   points   where   the   trail
'amtnrimxw ~    ■*•''*—"'""* lU0 c°untry is  in a   ^"m * motw **M* **** thus one
sounder position for a  material  n^„/ commences en.', ride at  a  p.i„t
than it has ever been   ItsoS  ' advancement  thirty or tort, .__ L»,SJ
is immi-rrail j   L "e 0Ut8tanding need   "•r-"™***--   Thus the great caval!
Poems From Other Lands
We ar.; i\<r-i)ts for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.   -
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
'Furniture and Hardware
"Excuse me" op "pardon me
S Ite. a — n    I  s
_. r.,uun me. Kothoftbi
pli rases have been in reputable literary use in
E tgland for more than three centuries and
ara thoroughly established as idioms.' (See
Shakespeare's "Troilus and Cressida," act 1,
8; Tie 2.) Only u person who is ignorant of
this fact would condemn their use, which continues among the cultured people of our time.
Cariously enough thirty years ago "excuse
.     .. t,-.r.ix, nse toe Hun, the quince's face glows;
Its Pleiads-clusters, hanging forth, the vine shows.
In saffron flow'ta have the meads themse.ves dight*
The trees, all scorched, to gold have turned,and shine bright,
The gilded leaves io showers falling to earth gleam*
With goldfish rilled doth glitseo brightly each stream.
Ablaze each tree, and blent are all in ope glare,
And therefore charged with glistening fire tbe still air.
Amid jt the yellow foliage perched the black crows—
As tulip, saffron-hued, that spotted cup shows.
A yellow plumaged bird now every tree stands,
Which shakes itself and feathers sheds on all hands.
Each vine.leaf Daini-a !<■.« **— *-■'-'
 n..   >,.,    ...•»■ itseir and feathers sheds on all hands,
me" found favor with Americans and "pardon EachvineJeaf paints its face,brideJike, with gold ink;
„ r» The brook doth sliver auk lets round the vine link.
ta-   wa8 preferred by the English.    Ten years The plane-tree hath its hands, with hinn-s, red dyed,
later   the   table   was turned and "excuse me"  Ant* staDds 'here of the parterre's court the fair bride.
found  favor w.vh the English while 'Won Th—'««■'«•trep "ow lik" **'"    '
,    uo usatu ns Hands, with hiunt", red dyed,
_„.,....    n ,is turned and "excuse me" And stands there of the parterre's court the fair bride.
^s   » .lU   .s     t,     ,* l      i m    ,.        s The erst green tree now like the starry sky shows,
und   favor   With  the English while "pardon And hurling meteors at the fiend, Earth, stones throws,
me" was preferred by the Americans.   "I beg — Lrmii.
yoir   pardon"   when an   apology   is  made. ~~~
"S lift-" »•» *•*•"■ 1*--•• •
~,-m  **m mmxWmtTtsa *tM-tS VtttO
participated ln the recent three-day
cross country ride between Marble
Canyon on the Banff-Windermere
Highway, to Wapta Bungalow Camp
on the Canadian Pacific Railway,
was made possible and convenient
as it took only two hours te convey
the riders from Banff and Lake
Louise by motor bus te the points
ef departure.
Twelve British newspapermen rep
I resenting aome of the most impor-
I tant dailies In Great Britain, are
' now making a six weeks' tour of the
country over Canadian Pacific lines.
The party will travel from Halifax
to the Pacific Coast taking la all
the Important industrial and scenic
points  ef ths country.   They will
spend a day at the Canadian National Exhibition  at  Toronto,  and
will   visit   the   famous   Bungalow
Camps in Ontario, as well as the
beauty spots, in the Rockies.   They
arrived at ;Quebec on August ths
22nd, on the Uentelare, the object
of the tour being to correct in the
minds of representative British journalists the erroneous impressions recently made in England regarding
Canada by certain sections of thi
One of the qualities which add greatly
to life is that of friendliness, and there
is no more friendly medium of communication than the human voice. That is
one reason why the long distance telephone is appropriate for business and
and social purposes.
me" was preferred by the Americans. "I beg
yoir pardon" when an apology is made.
"S -cry" is an English vulgarisM of the near-
polite who are in too great a hurry to say "I
am Jsorry" or "I am very sorry" when they
wish to express regret in different degrees.
A Boch, Wales, woman who began working
in  the coal  mines at the age of ten years, is
still halo aid b***-rr- -r ►<	
and two.
-Ancient History
*** two.    "• rt« -«•«*.__ i'^.t^$%;t'Zrlz
"'»"""■ «8 letter camera i„  Great  bhs'T
w^SiiSS** rX Tt
•n the employ of thi a °raen Were
pacity.      P  y °f the dePar"nent in that ca-
 -, .*,,sraa iu one city on Wednesday by special train. After an informal reception at the Yale, they viewed the orchards of
the valley. Later they Jwere given an opportunity to see the Granby smelter make 98 per
cent pure blister oopper,
The Vatican is not the work c>f cne architect. It was built and added to during a period
of many years. Pope Symmachus was the first
to build a residence on this site.   Nicholas V
(1447-55)   began a systematic policy of im
provi; g tbe Vatican, and this  was continued
by the succeeding popes.   The palace covers
about 13£ acres and is said  to contain over
1100 rooms.   The  buildings are of different
siyles and ep-chs  were joined together by
many architects. Among the most  noted  ar-
Lowery's Claim has been relocated, and will
hereafter be published monthly in Nelson at
one dollar a year. The Octo er number bas
just reached this office. It is better than tbe
| Claim that was abandoned twenty-three
monihs ago.
E. Spraggett, provincial road supervisor,
has completed building the bridge at the
power house at Cascade,
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle aged
Youthfulness, Energy and Fitness* retards mental and physical
decay,    thus    promoting longevity,
Preserves  the arteries   and  tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying   ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate beneflt.   Calm refreshing sleep
assured, Gloom, Depression ind Ner*
vousness is banished under the influ
enee of these • Life-giving   Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and  blemishes
disappear.    The skin becomes olear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright aod smooth.    Think   of  the
blessings of perfect   health, the possesion of few; the-joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; the beauty of  radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of  your,
self,   Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass?   Remember
tbere are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi  are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation   with   increased  mental
and   bodily vigour.    Why not look
and feel 30 at 50?   Donotaelay,
—,, l     " .T7"J   **»*'*•*'•    "my not look
The wagon road to Fianklin namn    -,, L   !nd £eel n* -30?  DonotJlelay,
mished by the   provino?-!  „       mp WlU beIT"^ the treatment 8t onc«
in J-  me   provincial government this \70a "'""-a™ «*«>t the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable   bene-l
T?      a     -I*-*-.    . Inr-     Tkn —:_ -e    _l._       ar ..
i --- --. --■_« luvaiuuiuuie   Dene-
fevlA.„tha8ba„s„rraon!b8 *^**J^iisi « 53ft
, „.,     ****. ,„8 mMt „oted   «■-•* - ^"T^"»•—«- flia^^-yftjit
106, Liverptml B<md,|B_c_ebat7l
I—Tin-dsfMr*       Vm-.JL.*w**.-*\
British  Columbia Telephone
Company „l
!a bargain innewspapers
An Opportunity to Win S5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
Ilie Grand Forka Sun has oonoluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which we oan offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The offer includes a full year's subscription to botb papers, an art calj
endar with a most beautiful picture subject ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of #5,000 cash.
In the Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes oast oot of
a total of 4,435,310 names on tbe voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election? rS^I
The Esmly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollara
in94 prizes for the t>s*t estirnite, and our arrange-neat with the publishers
of that great weekly gives every Grand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
to mako an estimate and perhaps win the capital prise of f 5,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not be youl
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Coats $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $1.00
per Year.
We ijow offer a fnll year's subscription to both papers, including a oopy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Eleotion Contest.
All for $1.50
Estimates must lia made at time of subscribing, and no changes will be
permitted afterwards. >
Order Now st Ths Office
The GBAND FORKSSUN aismujoo Hgirraa ,a5rao? anAao • itoa srar
• *j   i 7 •
*mmi:m$&m*^ ^^^
i »j_i
•a**     J*) *•*•&'.
SUDS P^*^^el„lE^_lFi^^J—
(SB   ££&   Mtwfcs. _m
.     >'} ^*---^ &*zl
Bareneea    Orcar.    tha
lamoaa novelist, wha Is
I  few   In   Canada   rathsr-
ItiS malarial f„ « n„
I  {essence     Seellni     with
I ******* taaaUaa life.
V!" ■
.   .. .   • I, . •*•& 1 ••■?'«
V   ■. .,-■:;'- <   : ' 'V>*':>'*'  i.-- ■
'is >;.;s-iv;.*■*;%. - 'Vs^'i •-;''.':'•
VMS /"•'■*„/ *.,
■<vv■ fi.'We*'.   * '<a
I~*$,- {*•
''SSS- i, :i'*S •   .,
Four Inddn Chiefs and their Interprettr
who have returned from England after an
unsuccessful attempt lo gain an Interview
with Kins George.
•* ■
James Oilier Cos-wood, noted American
writer who recently returned (rem Bnslaml
en board tha Canadian Pacific atcaaaahlp **-**-
preaa ef Scetlessd."
alrtt?" P"UM * **• «»-«« Frantic. Q„,kM,.
Nova -Scotiahterior as Moose Pasture
Watchmen Who Never Sleep
Clods.,    -*.
imdian Guioc
.     v^o.u ...ii-   . ... country of lakes
Isgifi ... u streums, offering many ideal
l|r.ri ou tHpB,  and  the interior is c
I   ,rr»t   moose   pasture.    Idesl,   too,
.» tho moose hunti:;--, becauire both
;hs- ranoc and automobile are used
by hui.tf.rs and guides, thus saving
usny     miles     of     weary ■   hi: ing
ihrout'li   the    ■.■.iiderness.     On   the
Liverpool   ehsir.   cf   lakes   reached
>om  South   1 illcrd  via  Annrpolls
'loyal or Digby,.ar.d on La] o Kcd-
.etiiakooee,   Lake   Rossi-jnol,   Lake
Muiiro, Loon Lake and the I'ver-
Ipooi Riv r expert Indian and white
fuidis uVe the canoes for long distances Md even on II the mocao (o
the rbore with I Mr birch hnrk j
Korns. '.Vhen some dislai:t noi t is'
to be ritlcbcd fio:!i "D:l" Thpmss'
f-'outh Milford -.-amp, caiocs, puidi-s,
nunleni ai-d duirie tc loud'd upon
\ l*n uiotar truck lor the journey.
South Milford is 16 miles from
Annapolis Royal and is a favorite
outfitting point. So is the Kedge-
makocge Rod and Gun Club, on
famous Lake Kedgemakooge, in the
heart of the wilderness 36 miles
from Annapolis Royal. Both of
these camps have ample accommodations and plenty of canoes and
reliable guides.
The Nova Scotian   moose  r-eason
lnsta from Oct. 1 to Nov. 16.   Deer
'are as  plentiful as moose,  and  the •
open season for this -rame lasts from
Oct. 1« to Not. 31. 1
_  Louie
..   —mam*--   H.M5LOIA!
Expect Moose ca-xmo
j    Although iarge numbers ol inoost
I are shot each year, many with mag-
I  ificent  "spreads," the annual  m-
rrnse   is   said   to   equal   the   kill
Such guides as Louis Harlow, half-
breed Micmac and Sam Globe, full-
blooded  Indian,  are  expert  moose
callera and stalkers and rarely disappoint the hunter.   The cleverness
with which they simulate the calls
of the cow moose with a simple roll
oi birch bark fashioned* into a horn,
is save to  fool the wisest old   bull
in thc wilderness.   When the calling
season is past, the moose no longer
comes to the bunter and the hunter
must   go   to   him.    Neither   canoe,
nor automobile figures much in this
phase of moose hunting except that
one, or both, may help the hunter
near the place where the quarry i.s
supposed to be and carry him horns
i when Um hunt ia over.
Of 9
Top left—Showe how they guard the approach to the
Kcleay Home Paaas rlscht, the paaaage through the Pause
Kaeir, and the Palliser Tunnel (below).
Comparatively few of the thousands of miles of railroad
in Canada are electrified, but there is no railway
organization which does not rely to a greater or lesser
extent on electricity as an aid to efficient operation and
service. Electricity plays an important part in all of the
great Railroad Shops through the country.  Some trains
and cars are operated by power directly transmitted or
stored in batteries. Bridges are operated, and a thousand
and one electrical devices are in constant use which
beside being labor saving do away with the human element which might make for inefficiency.   Numbered
among these are the automatic Block Signals which one
finds distributed along the line of the Canadian Pacific,
and notices particularly in the Rocky Mountain passes
where they are more urgently required.
' To the average layman an automatic signal is just a
signal, and the general public is only interested ln it
because it gives added protection, or rather eliminates
possible danger from the portion of track which it governs.
To the railroad official it is more.  It acts as watch;
affStltsat KpnlrAn w.1™   —— "    •
other obstruction. Through a circuit in the rail this ia
accomplished, and if the circuit be broken, for the reason
that another train is occupying the block, or that there is
an open switch, a broken rail, washout or other obstruction, then the train approaching the signal may not pass.
And while it awaits a through signal, trains following in
the rear may not approach for the reason that they ara
alao stopped by an automatic signal which will not
release them until the preceding train has passed from
that section of thc track which they desire to enter.
A perfect system. No electrical circuit — no through
signal — no train may pass.
The value of this systern in the Rockies can THE SUN: GRAND FOBKS, BETTISH COLUMBIA
Young' Tender Leaves
and tipa uaed in
ara aealed in air-tight aluminum foil.
Their fresh flavor is finer than any
Japan or Gunpowder.  Try SALADA.
Mrs Charles Kingsley was
brought to the Grand Forks hospital last Monday in a very Ion state
of health, and she passed away on
Tuesday m ruing The funeral was
held yesterday afternoon from
ths Coopsr uadertanking psrlors,
Rev. Ruanalls conducting the service. Deceased was about 70 years
of age and waa highly estee med by
her neighbors. The Kingsley family
are old-timers of the Bridesville
Mre. Elisibeth Jewell, formerly
of this city, and Chris Eitoa, of
Trail, wore married ia Riverside
hall, Rock Creek, oa Wednesday
evening of last week, Rev. W. R.
Walkioehaw of Qreeowood per*
formiog tbe ceremony. After ibe
knot fad been tied a reception was
beld in tbe Riverside botel, st
which tha btide and groom received
ibe congratulations of their many
The hotels io ibis city and
at Cascade were again raided on
•Ionhay morning for contraventions
< t the liquor act oo evidence pre
• lously obtained by "spotters." At
.ie hearing before Justices Jobn
iJjnaldson and Francis Miller Sr.,
' .e Casoade hotel was fined $300
it:id costs and the proprietor of the
V tie in this city was assessed $50
I T having liquor in his possession;
tt'm. Simpson, who was in charge
nl the  Winnipeg, had crossed the
emational boundary line, aod
the Russell bouse and the Province
'■• .lei were represented by counsel
• ■•! their cases were adjourned. It
i - also reported that the police dis-
. vered and raided a still on the
tbe Rossland road a short distance
from Christina lake.
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Montreal that
tbat great family and farm paper
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
bas been enabled to reduce its subscription price to Ooe Dollar a year.
Tbis certainly will be interesting
news in every Canadian home where
the Family Herald is known and to
many who will avail themselves of
tbe offer. At two Dollars a year
The Family   Herald   and Weekly
Star was generally admitted to be
good value, in faot big value, bat
wben reduced to Oae Dollar a year
it will certainly be tbe marvel of
tbe newspaper world.
Canada is proud of that great
Weekly, and has every reason to be
so, as it has no superior and few
equals io the world today. The
publishers anoouoce tbat notwithstanding tbe change in price evary
feature will not niy be maintained
but improvements will follow. Tbe
publishers are fortunate in being in
an financial position to do thia, and
Canadian homes will have tbe advantage. When tbe new rate is
made known it certainly will bring'
a rush of subscribers to th Family
Herald. Oae Dollar is a small
amount for such a great paper.
Tbe Sun Presses bave twice tbe
speed of any otber preeses io the
Boundary. We oao save you money
on both long and short tuns of commercial printing aad give you a superior class of work.
 : s—
-ttslbUaked 1910
RealEstate and Insuiance
Reeldent Acent 6ran<l forks Townsite
Company, Limited
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Miobeoer,
Mr. and Mrs. Qeo. C. Egg, D. Mce
Pierson and Qeo. O'Keefe Ieit rbis
oi iruiug for tbe Liberal convention
in Penticton.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the
Minister of Lands at Viotorla not later than
noon on the first (1st) day ol OetVober, IMS,
for the purohase of Lloenoe X7861, to out
1N.SW lineal feet of Cedar Polos and Piling
and 168,085 lineal feet of flre-damaa-ed Cedar
Poles aod I'lling on an area situated on
North Bide of McRae Oreek at LaRertySidlni,
Similkameen Distrlot.
Three (S) yeara will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Foreater.
Viotorla, B. O., or District Forester, Nelaon.
B C.
AN EXAMINATION for Forest Ranarers will
beheld ln Penticton on Ootober 14th,
Nelson on October le th and Cranbrook on Ootober ffth, 1029. Applications will he received up to noon Ootober 7th by the Die-
trict Forester, Court House, Nelson, from
whom application forma and full particulars
may be obtained.   Fee »1.00.
Oandldatea muat be Britlah auhjeots, not
more than forty yeara of age, residents la
British Columbia for at leaat one year, of
good character and physical condition, with
woods experience and familiar with the prao
tioal side of logging, timber cruising, survey
ItiK and forest protection, with knowledge of
the Forest Act and able lo organise ".work and
handle men. ....
This examination fs to establish an eligible
Hat for the next year from which appointments will be made aa rangera are required
One ranger la required Immediately.
Civil Service Commissioner,
Victoria, B. C.
Fanna    JOreharde*     City Property
Agents at Nelson, Calgary, Wihislpeg and
other Pralrlo polnta.  vanec
IN 1935?
Tbe Royal Trust Go
Selling out the Wilgress
Estate holdings at
(Grand Forks
■ *
Lot 30, Block5 $125
Lots 30-31, Block 18.... 200
Lots 9-10, Block 21 250
Lots 28-29, Block 24.... 120
Lot 11, Block 26     80
Lot 3, Block 31  100
All in Plan 35.
Vanoouver Agent)
Kstpbtlshed in 1910. weare iu a, position to
(Ornish reliable Information f-sueer-.lna- this
Write for free literature
E.C. Henniger Co.
Grain* Hay
' Flour and Feed
Lime, and Salt
14 {Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Guaranteed Laundry Powder
Neutral Soap Pulverized
Will not injure any fabric. For washing woolens,
wool socks, lace curtain-;, dishes, and for all
household use. Washes clothes sweet and clean.
Phone 25 -"Service and Quality"
IT brings the whole oountry for miles around within easy reash.
Have you aeen the new models!. They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new eoinl As weatherproof as aduokt Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims.' Heroules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER g__^8_S£_*
Open Saturday Ere-infta Till 10 o'Cloek
Grand Forks, B. C.
On  October 1, 1925,>
penalty of 5 per cent will be
imposed on all current year's
taxes remaining unpaid at
that date.
Stenographers' examination for
Hritish Columbia civil Bervice will
bo beid n Saturday afternoon and
evening, November 7. For application forma and further information
apply to the nearest government
a^ent or to VV. H. Maclnnee. civil
.-.-rvice commissioner, Victoria.
Property upon which taxes
for 1923 or previous years re
main unpaid, will be offered
For Sale at Public Auction
in the City Office on Wed'
nesday, September 30th,
1925, at 10 a.m.
$10.00 down and $5.00
monthly. Any Reasonable Offer will be
considered for Property as a whole or
ShipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
Wepiv the highest prioe and assnre
you ths most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
George C. Egg
Real Eetate A_ent
Royal Bank Building
No  one   r ally scoffs at public
pinion   It is always relentless.
Thursday, October 1st,
1925, is the Last Date upon
which redemption can be
made of property sold for
Delinquent Taxes on October
1st  1924.
Collector of Taxes
°ur Dutch Bulbs
Are In Now
o4s prices are higher than
last year, we only purchased a limited stock, so
come early before they are
all taken up.
Grand Forks, R. C.
Repair Work.
Set Building Done
to Order.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
P. O. Bos 82       Member N.B.I.
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grnnd Forka, B. C
Get the habit of
trading at our
We  have   exceptionally good bar*
^gains in all our
THE HUR—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs . to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
rpHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Busin 389 cards
Vr^ng cards
Sh';   iug tags
Price lists
New Type
.Latest Style:
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
"""*"       Transfer^     	
Wood and
for Sale
Office at [R. I. Petrle'i Store
Phone 64
Yale~Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Tali Hotrl, Fiiotv-1 mr
Crtma bsstta mar ke in ■a|li« by
aria* -mbjoote m Vtraats at ao,
-uatlr ******* eo assStism lataattaa
to til—i  BrltUh rahjeeta,  omdl-
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinda.
Upholstering Neatly Done
f One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen shortly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C.
ItominioB Mr tuineatal Worka
Aabs-toa* Pmc'iif' * Co. Hoofing
inns-aatlllna NR-
strtiTks 'BavUaj_TNa*f T LaadCrta.
'Bev te fra-tsapt UM," eoptea at
•   ^^   ^^ jjSrya
. ad."•7bs aar «*•»-
<*-HH -teet
Winrla will ke mate* oeverlni
oniy laaal eultaklo Mr arrieultural
piu-oooia, aa* wMafe la aet tlmfcar-
laai, U, aanrlaf ores MM bear!
a Mr aero *masistt**>Osssti\*ss*s
MM faat far aora teat ett that
mlatfonar at ttva Laad lUcwrsllns Dl-
rlafcm. la ****** tha land applied Mr
la ateatodl aee tht* uu ea ptiatad
aeoatM tt —hloh ou la it-
Mi tka Laa* O—Hialo
ta •a**Z*nstjtt
oloarlnr aat eal
muat be oooupled for
aora, inoiuAlnc
I aaa ealttt-Untr at leaat ire
botes* a Cr-rira Oraal aaa be
Um   I
ation aae
"Bow   to   Fra-empt
AppUoationa are taaairaa tar vt-
MaM tt raeaat aaa luimewt*
Orewa laaaa. aat belnc tlmbarlaad,
Or aarloultu-ral purpeiM; minimum
ftkss st flrat-olaaa (antbla) land la M
mt mt*. aad aaeoad-elaaa (malar)
had MM per aora.   rurilMr laiar
 •raaaidlna i
Ore—ailandale gtraa la Mletlu
-ms* of Crewa Laado."
Mul, Metory. er Induatrial tStm em
M aorea,
tke oon-
>«d areaa. aat orcaadlnr M
•o leaaed m homaaltaa.
a dwalllnc b-shur
areetod In the drat rear, title balm
ebtalaable attar raaidanoa aad Im-
aondltloni   are   (ajfllled
f\or freeing aad  Induatrial
Uader the OraaUac —at
aee b an-tod late graalar
aad the rmaae admlnlatarad
traatar penniu are leaned baaed
numkara ranr'-d, priority balac (Ivan
to aatabllahrd o—nara. Btook-ownari
mar form aaaoclatloni for raara
manaramant Frae. or parMallr rrao,
•••rmltis are available for aattlcrt,
umpern   and   ir-valUra,   ui*   to   i *.


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