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As a rule, the light that is hid under a bushel can be so hid very easily
The regular meeting of tbe oity
council wag bald in the council
shamber on Tuesday evening. Tbe
mayor and all tbe aldermen ex
cept Aid. Donaldson were pretmt
.Dr. Acres and J. Q O'Keefe interviewed tbe council on bebalf of
tbe Amateur Atbletio association,
asking tbe council to donate two
tropby oups, one for the grand aggregate for boye aod one for tbe
grand aggregate for girls, for school
field day on May 9. They also asked
the council to'reserve blocks 20, 21
snd 22 plan S5,ae a sports grounds.
Botb requests were granted.
Lot 16, block 9, plan 39, was sold
under tax sale proceedings t |Jobn
Feek for 135.
A circular containing thesmallprx
regulations of the province was re«
ferred to, the health committee.
The council reaffirmed tbe chaiges
recently made for pipe thawing.
It was deoided to expend tbe sum
of $1C in repairs on the house at tbe
Granby smelter site occupied by S.
T. Dinsmore.
A grant of $250 to tbe Qrand
Foike band was authorised, tbe
council making tbe suggestion tbat
tbe splendid services of the bandmaster be recognized by tbe .band.
The olerk was instracted to render
ss account for water charges to date
to the West Kootenay Power *t
Light oompany.
A request from P. Lyden for a }-
inch pipe connection for lawn and
garden sprinkling was granted, such
connection to be used only witb a
water meter.
The water and lightcommittee re»
ported that a good supply ol wster
was oomjog down the flume; also
outlined a scheme covering the re
placing of small water mains in
West Urand Forks with larger pipes
laid deeper in the ground, wbicb
would afford better fire protection
and overcome the frost trouble in
winter time. Almost sufficient 6-
iooh pipe could be salvaged to come
plete the circuit from Campbell's
oorner to tbe Boundary Iron Works,
The Bcbeme was takeu under consideration by the members of tbe
oouncil for action at a later date.
Tbe health and relief committee
reported a small amount of local
charity; also that the garbage ool»
lected oo clean-up day was being
removed to tho nuisance gtounde,
snd outlined proposed improve
ments st tbe cemetery snd at tbe
City park. Several shade trees had
been planted at tbe Tourist park and
some oo Winnipeg avenue fronting
tbe school house grounds.
John Topp was. granted germis*
•ion to clear up and use a portion of
Winnipeg avenue adjoining lot 8,
the rental being payable in grave
from said lot.
The clerk reported receipt of cer*
, tificate of title covering tbe Granby
property recently purchased by tbe
oity, and authority was issued the
Bank of Commeaoe to release the
purchase price at present in escrow,
tbe property now being registered
in the city's name.
A letter waB received fram the
Canadian Pacific Railway company
en losings proposal of exchange of
lots in West Grond Fork's. Tbe city
proposed an alternative exchange,
consisting of their holdings iu blocks
43, 44, 46 and 46, in plan 83, and
blocks 34, 36 and 37, in plan 35,
and a parcel of a -rouge adjoining
tbese blocks and lying between Government avenue aod tbe new trans,
provinoial highway, the assessment
ol the acreage to be oo a basis of
1200 per acre and on tbe lots nn tbe
present basis, the city accepting in
exchange the holdings of tbe Oan-
Sdian Pacific Railway company in
tbe varionsother blocks.
"Tell me what yoa Know Is tre*
FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 1925
tive candidate for Kootenay West in
tbe next federalelections. Major B.
Mallandaine of Creston wss slso proposed, but was defeated on a ballot.
Sixty-one delegates were present.
The convention also urged tbe re
version to the straight "Conservative" party name.'
C. D. Blaok wood was elected
president, G. F. Motion vice presi*
deot and B. G. Matthews eecretary
ofthe Kootenay West executive.
All are Nelson men.
W. K. Esling Will Be
Candidate in Kootenay
W. K. Esling, ex-M.L.A. for
Rossland, was nominated io Nelson
on Tuesday afternoon ss Conserva-
Tanada baa s flue
musical and artistic students who
work under the auspices of the Royal
College of Music," says Sir Hugh
Allen, director ef the London InafcV
tution, who la making a tour ef Canada in the interests of tb* College.
Canada exported 14S,68MM
pounds ef woedpulp during Feteo
Sy, ef which 183,881,000 went ts
e United States and te Great Bit-
tela, none. Our newsprint expert*
had a menatary value, in the aasse
month of about strrem snd a fcatt aft-
Hen dollars.
Tw* hundred and sixty thotMSnd
aeres ef land in central and northern Alberta will be settled by tke
British Land Settlement Corporation, it ia announced. They are
located north of Edmonton and from
north of Vermilion te Waburnan,
west of Edmonton.
Approximately 760,000
•part from delegates to conventions,
visited Montreal last year by -railway, steamer and autoDtot-sQ*, according to an estimate oompUod by
tbe Montreal Tourist and Coe,v-entioa
Bureau. It ia anticipated that tit)
influx for the current year will W
even greater.
Grand Forks-Greenwood
Geraldine Farrar,
donna, who gave a recital ef Carmen
ln Ottawa and Montreal leeentty,
had a run ia with the U.S. Oneioma
at the border on her return to the
United Statea. It wss claimed tbnt
champagne -and fine win**
found stored in the piano of
-mmptuous private ear, but the
singer says tt waa only
England's great military a*peets*%
the Aldershot Military Searehligbt
and Torchlight Tattoo, whieh is held
annually in aid of the Alderth*
Command Charities, is being presented this year from th* l«th to tbe
90th of June and will, as usual, ba
contemporaneous with Aaeot Week.
The special feature is to be a Pageant
of Battle which will recall some of
the famous engagement* of th* Britlah Army. Nearly 100,000 patrons
attended Ust year.
To enable French-Canadian students to become acquainted with
Western Canada, tbe Univeraito da
Montreal has organised a 28-day trip
to tha coast from Montreal next
July. They wiU pass, through Winnipeg, Regina, Moose Jaw, Calgary,
Edmonton, Banff, Vancouver and
Victoria, with stop-oyers at Lake
Louise, Field, Glacier, the Fraser
Canyon and other beauty spots ef
the Canadian Rockies.
Student tours, operated by the
Canadian Pacific in conjunction with
McGill University, are to be extended
thia summer to include students from
the British Isles. Heretofore, these
tours have been restricted to scholars In otber part* of Canada and in
the United States. As Montreal ia
regarded aa an ideal centre fer tke
study of th* French language, It is
anticipated that the new project wUl
attract many visitors to tke Canadian mctropoli*.
Tke body of Dr. Sun Tat Sea,
President ef Southern China lay in
state tn a wonderful Use-tiled old
Temple near tae "Altar ef Heaven,"
during the long drawn eut eewssse>
lea st Peking attendant upon Ml
interment Thi-ongh the ossitosj of
tke geremmemt the hier wns vtowsd
ky s large party of Canadian* aad
Americans touring tke world on tke
Canadian Pacific S.B. "Empress ef
France." They were also invited tt
attend the final burial rite* which,
with a wealth ef colorful Chinees
ceremony took place Inter in tae
.,»....       ....        •
Victoria, April 16.—With
the Grand Forks Greenwood
by-election on the political
program for early consideration, the record of the Oliver
government will be reviewed
from every angle, both by
supporters and opposition.
Those lined up against the
administration will pick it to
pieces, hold it up to ridicule
and endeavor to eon vi nee the
voters once again that it is
time for a change. Liberals,
naturally, will see little but
good in the province's affairs
as handled by Premier Oliver
and his cabinet. But the man
behind the country, the voter,
the men and women who pay
the bills, want the facts.
The Liberal party came into
power—in 1916—when "the
bottom had dropped ont of
everything." The war followed n period of natural de
pression, a commercial and
industrial slump occasioned
largely by the era of hysterical promotion fostered, perhaps blindly, by the lormer
Conservative administration.
The combination would have
been disastrous in any country, with the single exception
of a land where the natural
resnurces were of sufficient
value and international importance partially to counterbalance the scale. Such a
country was British Columbia
But even in the face of such
an advantage the task set the
Liberal government was almost a hopeless one. How
that task was undertaken and
tbe work in hand conducted
is most creditably reflected in
the, present happy general
conditions maintained through
out the Pacific province. British Columbia's credit is above
that of  any  other province
laudable sentiment, would be
in the best interests of Grand
Forks Greenwood at the pres-
sent time. On the other hand,
it is certaiu tbat a Liberal
representative would lend
power to the government's
hand in handling the troublesome Doukhobor tangle and
in effecting much-needed development projects in the
fertile joint valleys of the
Kettle river.
xsu-.'1-ig itm tne uanaaian no-
operative Wool Growers' Association
sold 2,600,000 pounds of wool, making a total of 26,848,504 pounds
handled since its organization seven
years ago. Wool waB first exported
in 1822.
Filings on' oil land In South Alberta are drawing near the E.P.
rancb, owned by the Prince of Wales.
The ranch is said to lie on a Benton
outcrop and portions of it may have
been staked out by oil seekers before the spring is far advanced.
and fully equal to that of the
Dominion. Mining, lumbering and fishing are in a most
healthy condition, while agri*
culture, the fourth basic industry, is on a sound foundation. There is little unemployment and the future is
unusally bright,
Certainly, the Liberal government is not solely responsible for this condition, but
business men, politically opposed and friendly,agree that
the policies of the present
administration are to be
credited with a large share of
the honor in effecting such
happily changed conditions.
Although the Grand Forks-
Greenwood by-election might
not count for much in the
interest of the average elector
in other constitoencies, it is
noteworthy that the contest
and its results will play an
important part in the political
future of the province. This
is because the government
has not a working majority
in the legislature. It would
be strengthened materially by
a Liberal member-elect in
Grand Forks Greeuwood,even
though the election of a Con
servative Would not seriously
embarrass the Oliver administration. The Liberals also
face the important factor of
sentiment in the by-election.
The lateConservativemember-
elect, John McKie, tragically
eliminated from public life in
British Columbia tbrough a
disaster at FarronJ last fall,
had as many personal friends
in the Liberal party as in his
own. Ordinarily voters might
consider they were honoring
his memory by sending a Con*
servajive to Victoria. However, it is doubtful if a vote,
thus  swayed by natural and
Caribou are coming back to New
Brunswick, ears the Chief Game
Warden of that province. This is
regarded as a testimony to the protective methods employed by the
guides who are fully aware that the
best means of protecting their livelihoods is to see that hunting of big
game is not carried to excess.
Vancouver, April 16. —Declaring
that prosecution of tbe Iruit marketing combine alleged in the Duncan
report to exist in western Canada
rests with tne federal governmen',
Hop. A. Manson. attorney general,
last night stated tbe position -jt the
provincial authorities.
According to Mr. Manson, Brititb
Columbia has waived its privileges
in tbe matter of tbe proposed droft*
cutions, believing ibat Ottav-r,
which undertook tbe Duncan invei-
tigation, is in the circumstances
bettei fitted to initiate action.
Manitoba aud Saskatchewan view
the matter similarly. Alberta bus
yet to decide, he aaid. in the evei t
that Ottawa doep rot act, Mr. Miiih
Hon said, be woulu loee no time in
determining juBt wha' action British
Columbia could take on her own
News of the City
A quantiiy of gui.ds ua I jbattels
was seized on distress warrants fn in
the Doukhobor colouy here uu Bai.
urday by the provincial peace ollicer. For a complete list of the articles consult our advertising columns
The gnods will be disposed of al
public auction next Wednesday.
"Relations between France and
England were never more cordial
than they are to-day," said Hon. W.
C. Nichol, Lieut-Governor of British
Columbia, interviewed on his return
to Canada from a visit to France.
Referring to his own province His
Honor said there was every indication of British Columbia being
swamped with tourists this year.
According to a Nelson report,
thirty-two independent Doukhobors in tbe Thrums area, adjacent
to brilliant, bave signed a letter to
the Daily News, stating tbat, while
they are not connected wilh tie
Cbriauau Community of Univeieal
brotherhood, tbey are spiritually ol
oue family, and that jf the goveri •
uieni continues its actions sgainet
the Grand Forks Doukhobors in
onnection with school Uw enfb'icement, in protest they will stop iheir
children going to school
Lauchlan McLachlan, of Toronto,
after serving nearly fifty years on
the employ of the Canadian Pacific
Railway has been retired on pension
at his own request. He was presented at leaving with an embossed
address and gold watch and chain,
which were handed to him by B. W.
Scott, superintendent of Toronto Terminals, ou behalf of bis friends and
The Prince of Wales, just before
setting out for his tour of South
Africa and South America, took a
lightning trip to the Wembley Exhibition grounds. His Royal Highness was especially delighted with
the children's section of the Park,
Treasure Island, the main attraction
of which is a Canadian Pacific model
train in which the kiddies will "tour
the Rockies."
The Canadian Pacific S.S. "Mont-
royal" docked at New York recently
after her second and final West Indian cruise of the season with a
veritable zoo on board, collected by
passengers and to be taken inland
as souvenirs. It included BOO parrots, and love birds, several monkeys,
a deer and a Mexican tiger. Some
of tbese are destined for various
cities in Canada<
Saskatchewan can boast of a
family of six generations. Mrs.
Odell, of Hanley, 93 years of age,
has a great-great-great-granddaugh-
ter of six months. Her eldest daughter Is 76. Sbe has 38 grandchildren,
46 great-grandchlUdren, seven grcat-
great-grandchlldren and the little
lady first referred to. Mrs. Odell
still reads and aews without eyeglasses.
Immigrants who chanted and sang
their happiness at arriving in Canada were witnessed recently at the
Montreal Windsor Station when a
batch of fifty canaries in six cages
were housed there for a time waiting
conveyance by train. They had already travelled over 3,000 miles from
Liverpool and had a further prospect of another 4,500 until they
reached their destination either at
Vancouver  or   in  some  cases   San
Films Will Be Broadcasted, Says Kxpert
Baltimore, Md., April 7.- Tne invention of a device known as "The
Prismatic King" will enable radio
fins to see the next Ol) in pic giimi-s
us well as hear the cheering, ii was
predicted in a report to the American Chemical society, in si-shod
hero today, hy the inventor, 0.
Francis Jenkins, of Washington, DC.
Mr. Jeukins explained that still
pictUJes are now excellently done
both by radio and bv w.re,and thnt
aa the speed of ibe apparatus is the
only difference between stills and
movies, the public may confidently
expect radio movies Boon.
Tbe prismatic ring is a new conn
tribtilion tu optical science, the report Baid.
Advice to Mothers
Here is   a domestic receipt, pub-
Uhed   in   the   Progressive  Qrooe
that all mothers should  try.   Those
who have tried it report that the re-
suit is most satisfactory.
lf you want to preservo  children,
follow these directions:
1 large grassy field
t\ dozen children
* or 3 small dogs
A pinch ol brook and pebbles
Mix children and dogs   well   together and put them in field,stirring
constantly.    Pour brook   iver   pebbles;  sprinkle   field   with   (lowers!
spread   over   a   deep   blue sky and
bake in the sup.     When brown   remove and set to cool   in a bathtub.
A genii!" has invented a new device which may cause motorists to
be more careful It i- thus 'Inscribed: "While the cur is running
at 15 miles an honr a white bulb
shows on the r.diator. At 'lb miles
a  green   bulb   appears;   at 10 a red
I whe'
bulb, an'
bit '"'ii <
bix 0   '     '
'Nearer ils/ Uua
tho driver begins to
i".I iill • er   n miisje THE SUN: GBAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
(Site (featti. Sfarka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Qreat Britain) $1.00
One Year (in lhe United States)   1.50
Address- -*• ————'cations to
Thb Grand Fork* Son
Phokb 101R Graud Forks, B. CJ
ball. Aronnd this metal core is said to be
wrapped several layers of lighter material,
ending in a thin surface crust. The metal core
of the earth is of pure iron or the alloy of that
metrl with nickel.
Somebody asks if the women of today bave
any illusions. They are not wearing them if j
they have, says the Toledo Blade.
FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 1925
Prospects of a sweeping Liberal victory in
the Grand Forks-Greenwood by-election on
the 25th inst. were never brighter than they
are today. The Opposition is making the
usual antiqated stock charges—long ago
proven groundless—against tbe Oliver administration. These tactics will bring them
nowhere. We had intended to review the
Opposition candidate's platform in this issue,
but on reading it we found it to be so inconsistent^ a definite and constructive policy
that we decided to leave this task to the
electors, who are fully capable of doiDg so.
The prevailing style of the Cathedral of St
John the Divine is French-Gothic. One of
the characteristic features is that there will be
no pews, but movable benches will be used
instead, as in tbe old cathedral. There will be
a seating capacity of 7000, with standing accommodations for several thousand more.
To induce the saving of money an inventor
has made a clock that has to have small
change dropped in it before winding.
The United States imported ^nearly 1,800,-
000 bushels of onions last year, and all but
400,000 bushels of them came from Spain and
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Reddesst issmt Grand Porks To*nst'tc
Company, Umltsjd
Famta     Orchards   ' Otj»F»ope»ty
Zx\**-t. at Nelson, Calgary, Wlhnlpcsr ansl
oth.r Prairie points. Y.neonnr kgttn* :
BssUsislUhed In 1910. "wear, iii s. poStHon to
fnrnlsh reliable information i*meg!at-tt this
district. ~
Writs) lor Ire. literature
The Opposition is endeavoring to convince
the electorate that the Oliver government is
at stake in this election.    The fallacy of this
argument is so apparent that no elector will
be deceived by it.   The result iu this election
will not affect the standing ofthe government.
The main issue is to send a representative to
Victoria who can do the most good for his
district.   It is reasonable to suppose that a
member friendly to thc government can ac
complish more for the constituency than one|
wqo is antagonistic to it could.    If you keep
this fact in mind, it will not be difficult for
you to decide how to vote on the 25th.
An "electric girl" has been discovered at
Keighley,Leeds,England. She is a mill worker,
but recently whenever she approached a spin
ning frame threads began to break and the
machine ran as if acting against some magnetic
attraction. Directly the girl left the vicinity of
the machine became normal again.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Rheumatism   Colds
-Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Also Dottles oi 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin la Use tnd. mart (regtsteKd In Oanttlt) of Bayer Manufacture ot Monoaoetlc-
adtlester of Sallcyllcacld (Acetrl Salicylic Acid, "A. 8. A."). While It Is wil known
that Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to asslat the public againat: Imitations, the Tablets
of Bayer Oompany will be stamped wltb tbelr feberal trade mark, the "Bayer Cross."
■     ■   ■               '  ■
The Sun Is The People's Paper
E. C. Henniger Co.
'   '•■ •■' ',■ • l   • '■" )__r: -   ■   I.'**'•>*-.>!. :■
Grain*Hay ,.., '.* *
Flour and Feed    ^
Lime and Salt,  , .
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, Bi, C.'
The new Connecticut legislature has sixteen
women members, the largest number of any of]
the states. New Hampshire comes next in the
list, with fourteen women among the members
of its state law-making body.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Two million years from now man will have
a great brvin,but he will be lacking in physical
strength and ugly to look upon, says Prof.
Conrad Theraldsen, of the zoology department
of Northwestern university. Several days ago
the professor created a stir when he said man
was not directly descended from a monkey,
but that two million years ago he was something like a cousin of the anthropoid and
closely resembled him Today Prof. Theraldsen turned the picture around and looked into
the future two million years, and this is what
he says: A huge bulging head supported on a
sliver-like body with short arms and legs and
maybe hoofs instead of feet. There will ie
little use for strength in that dim period ahead,
and consequently man won't have much
The third grade in the public school was
having spelling. The pupils pronounce the
word, spell it and use it in a sentence. One
of the words in the lesson on this particular
day was "each." The teacher called on John
to pronounce the word, spell it and use it in a
sentence. He pronounced it and spelled it
correctly, but this is the sentence he gave:
"Our dog has the each."
In front of the apartment houses in Spanish
cities it is no unusual thing to see three young
men standing side by side in the street, looking up and pouring out impassioned protestations, each to a girl on a different floor.
Investigating scientists have discovered
that a tennis ball played by Tilden or Johnston leaves the racquet at a speed of 120 feet
a second, a rate that would enable it, if the
speed were continued, to travel a miie in 44
seconds, or nearly 82 miles an hour.
Automobile accidents, drowning and falls
are the only causes of accidental deaths exceeding in number the ones due to tire.
If you wish to hear frequontly from your
children at school give them a small allowance,
says Judge. That is, if you desire to hear
directly. If you prefer to hear from them indirectly, give a large allowance.
Judge G.P. Hargreaves of Brentford county
court in Englanp decided to get married him
self the other day, but his iguorance ofthe law
held up the wedding for a day. The judge's
bride had bren divorced previously and a
certificate regarding the divorce had to be
filed prior to the license request. The episode
brought to light that English judges frequently cause litigation after they are dead due to
the loose Fay in which they draw up their
own wills.
According to the text accompanying a curious print published in Vienna in 1709, the
attractive qualities of the so called coral agate
were to be used in an airship, the invention of
a Brazilian priest. Over the aviator's head
was a network of iron to which large coral
agates were attached. These were expeoted
to help in drawing up the ship when, through
the heat of the sun's rays, the stones had acquired magnetic power.
£ Dr. Lettard's New Life Tablets
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Youthf ulneaa, Energy and Fitness, retards mental and physical
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distressing accompanying   ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate benefit.   Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Nervousness is banished under the influence of these; Life-giving   Tablets
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Incurred for such incalculable   benefits.   The prioe of   these  Marvellous
Tablets including ■ Mail  Charges is
3 Dollars per bottlerdispatched: in
plain wrapper on receipt .of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Iiv rpool Road, Barnsbary,
London, England. ■
According to Drs. E. D. Williamson and I.
H. Adams, of the Carnegie institute of Wash
ington, tbe earth is  built somewhat on   the
principle of the old fashioned metal cored golf
olncient History
[Taken From Twenty-Yeae Old Sun Files.]
The work of annexing a portion of the state
of Washington to British Columbia is now
daily being carried on by tbe Qreat Northern
railway. The gravel for ballasting the Phoenix brai.ch comes from Uncle Sana's, domain.
No international complications are anticipated
Taking everything into consideration,Grand
Forks has an exceptionally truthful lot Of fisher
men. Of the myriad of anglers that hied
themselves to the banks of the mountain
streams last Sunday, none of them caught a
trout over two feet in length. Perhaps they
didn't want to break the Sabbath too much
by landing the big ones.
The provincial convention of the Fraternal
Order of Eagles will be held in this city neit
While in his present temper, it would not
i e safe for The Sun man to express his candid
opinion of the late session of the legislature,
as it would not look nice in print.
More fruit trees are being planted in this
valley tbis spring than in any drevious year.
Vice President Jenkinsoh says that con
struction on the extension of tbe Kettle Val
ley Line to Spokane will commence next
.... i . j  ■      .,■■■
Applications ior immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned liy the City, within'the
■-'■■- -ii  ••-  i
Municipality, are invited.
Prices is—From $25.00 per lot upwards.    ;"
Terms t—Cujih and approved payments.     .    ,
List oi Lots and prices may be seen tft the
City Office.
:•'•'. «"'•■'
JOHN A. HUTtON,    /
City Clerk.
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Plme 10
.•!.' i*
... ' A*:
British   Columbia Telephone
Company NOTICE
BY VIRTUE of thirty-five DiatreM
Warrants issued by Neil McCallum, Enquire, a' Stipendiary Magia
>trate i   and far tbe County of Yale,
'•under thirty-rive convictions made
'' by tbe said Neil McCailum against
Aiex Zebroff,  Oeorge Markio, Jim
CbevildrrT, Jim Chevildfff, Andrew
Boobinin, |Peter.   Veregin,    Nick
Jnaoyoff,    Larion    Barisoff    Mike
Strelioff, Pete Do-nedoff, Pred Plot
niokoff,Pete Oziroff, Philip Horkiov,
Pete Lizaroff, Sam Makortoff. Bill
Makortoff, John  Greobin,  George
Maloff,    George   Seminoff,    Alex
Seminoff, Mike Dubasoff, Alex Gre-
obiu, Tom Savinkoff,  Pete Glucoff,
Philip Stooshnoff,   Pete Seminoff,
'Nick Gremachan, Joe Koresnikoff,
'MikeDeresohenkoffJ Mike Dumas
"koff, Tony Seminoff,  Louis Stoosh
rioff,   Alexander'   Kabatoff,    Nick
Kabatoff, and Mike Nivackshonoff,
I have distrained of the goods and
chattels on, upon and about certain
lands and premises, which   lands
and premises are used by or  for or
in connection with  he settlement or
community   of  Doukhobors in  respect nf whicb the above thirty five
convicted.men are members, to wit:
1. Used Ford Motor Truck (| ton)
IA, Used Alco Motor Truck (2 ton).
2. Set horse bob sleds complete  with
3. 17,570. approximately Ibs of wheat,
' in sacks
4. 610 approximately lbs of flour, in
6. 2,250 approximately  Ibs of   oats,
:■,*,  sacked and in barrels.
6. 80 approximately lbs assorted dried
fruit (10 boxes).
7. 1,100 approximately  Ibs assorted
'   dried fruit (76 boxes).
8. 843   Ibs gross weight butter (7
9. 1,110 approximately lbe unmarked
fruits (10 Ib tins).
10. 10 cases tinned tomatoes (24s).
11. 30 approximately lbs lump sugar
(2 boxes).
12A. 4 2| Ib tins baking powder
12B. 6 5-lb tins baking powder.
13A. 9 2t lb tins of honey.
13B. 10 5-lbs tins of honey.
11. 50 lbs tea in chest.
15. 30 i bs coffee in cannister.
16. 2 cases laundry soap (100s).
17. 35 Ibs dried fruit in sack and box
18. Quantity cotton prints and calicos
19. 3 boxes small quantity crayons
and pencils.
20. 145 pairs men's leather mita.
21*. Box of three suits men's medium
weight combinations.
12  pairs   men's leather  gloves.
43 men's haudkerohiefs,bandanna
anl white.
Quantity of towels, sheeting and
• . cotton prints. -
25. 100 Ibs plum strips.
~  1600 paper bags, Nos 8, 10 is, 12
75   lbs   wrapping   paper,-roller,
twine and holder.
1 large empty chest.
3 doz bars wool soap.
30. 3} doz packets yeast cakes.
81. 63 lbs 1-J inoh finish nails.
190" IJ "   nails.
-   90" 2   "     "
•.  60 ■■ 2J- "      '•
50" 3  "      "
30 "3J"      "
240 " 4   "      ■•
32. 75 lbs horseshoe nails (3 boxes).
33. 13 horse curry combs.
34. Package of washers,  box  door,
hangers, assorted screw eyes.
85. Box window fasteners, brass.
36   2 grindstones, 75 Ibs eacb.   •
37. 2 tie nails.
38: 11 pruning saws.
""  1 emery stone.
1 roll tar paper.
10 lbs blaok leaf 40, in package.
17 packages baking Buda (pounds)
30 lbs clover seed.
20 bars soap,
 90 lbs beans in barrel.
46. -ii boxes shoe thread (8 balls each)
4'7;* 1 paokaga resin, 1 package seeds,
1 lamp burner, 1 bicyole tube.
;14 packages Eddy's matches, 24s
11 caie witch hazel soap (36).
Iicase, 12 tins baking powder,2jJs
'-{'barrel containing 80 pounds
1 piair men's boots, size ten; sol
leather and i pair uppers
19 bars White Wonder soap.
.100 lbs salt (sack)     ';
180 lbs rock salt in barrel.
1 box containing 2  desk -bottles
miic lage.   4   whisks, 2   folding
pocket rnles,desk pencil fharpener
8 lbs flax seed.
26 sealers loganberry jam (pints)
'2 tons approximately of cement
(iOO lis. sacks).
1   logging   tongs and  6 logging
10 peevees complete.
1 large auger,   1   pinch   bar 1
2 sledgehammers,   2   splitting
hammers, 2 picaroons, 2 piokaxes,
3 double bit axes.
1 large desk.
2 splitting axes complete, 7 broad
axe heads,
1 wagon load lighteoer.
67. 6 lengths of rope.
68. 3 horse cultivators.
69. 5 mannre forks.
70. 2 band cultivators, 1 rake, 1 hoe.
71. 12 racks empty tin cans.
72. 30 Ibs wool (2 sacks).
73. 1 case blasting fuse,  containing
40 rolls of 11 feet each.
74. 1 bench viae
75. 1 tub and 1 box of miscellaneous
76. 1 oil   drum and 8 horse collars
and 1 haines.    .
77. 1 belt tightener and screw.
78   7 heavy   pulleys, large quantity
of wire ai '
of wire and straps. .,
1 hand loading truck.
1 counter scale..
1 filing cabinet,
1 rolls-top desk
1 piece plate glass.
1 Remington No 10 typewriter.
1 cabinet sewing kit.
l-cabioet~of sewing kit.
1 high offiee desk.
1 cash drawer with sundry con
tents, 10 pyramids pins, 12 quires
ruled foolscap.
1 lifting jack, 1 stool.
90. 1,office safe.
91. irOO lbs sulphur (100 lb sacks)
1 roll tar building paper.
12 saeks binder twine (10  balls
1 auto tire pump.
60 feet fire hose with nozz'e.
50 feet garden hose, J-inch.
100 feet garden hose,- J inch.
2 boxes steam fittings, etc.
99. 2 odd lot of tools.
100   1 emery wheel complete.
101. 1 bench vise and anvil.
102. 1 dynamo and pump.
103. 1 box of electric fixtures.
104   1 box enamel cups and sausers.
105.. Quantity of stationery
106. Quantity of miscellaneous arti
den.    '.,,
107. 1 box artioles and letter trays.
108. Quantity beehive supplies.
108X  5 boxes lamp chimney b, burn-
'-  ers, and wicks.
109. Logging soale.
110. CrosBcutsaw.
Stable broom.
Enamel teakettle.
2 enamel 5 gal. kettles.
1 enamel 10 gal. kettle and
116. 3 iron frying pans.
5 cars railroad ties.
1 car cover.
4 tin plates, can and tunnel.
100 lbs in packages, apparently
121   1 new kettle and cover.
122. 1 new kettle and coveo.
123. 1 5-gal, kettle and cover.
124. 1 5-gal. kettle and cover.
,125. 1 large tool chest and contents,
1126. 1 large tool chest and contents.
127. 1 large tool ohest and contents.
128. 1 satchel of tools.
129. 2 boxes miscellaneous tools
130. Pipe cutters, pulleys, wrenches,
131. 1 man's bicycle.
132. 1 man's bicycle.
'133  3 saws, 2 squares, and level and
buck-saw frame.
134   80 Ibs sugar. .
135. 2200 lbs potatoes (sacks).
136. 835 lbs vetch (sacks)
137. 60 lbs chicken feed (sack)
138. 30 lb' linseed, 20 lbs unknown
1139. 155 ibs flax (sacks).
14Q. 10 single bit axe. bandies.
141. 3'9 double-bit axe handles.
142. 1 10 inch horse plow.
148. 1 12 inoh horse plow.
144   1 12s-in<-b horse plow
145. 17.800 lbs peas (sacks).
146. 2325 lbs beans (sacks).
147. 1125 lbs millet.
1.148. 1 box hen's eggs.
149. 1 steel range.
150. 1 steel range.
151. 3 heaters.
152. 1 chest and contents.
1 chest and contents.
1 chest and contents.
1 chest and con tents.
1 flat top office desk.
1 box grease cups.
2 saoks cabbage.
1 oat separator.
1   45*gal.   barrel,    apparehtly
ga oline.
1   40-gal.   barrel,  apparently
cylinder oil.
1   45 gal.   barrel,    apparently
cylinder oil.
1 40 gal.   barrel,    apparently
cylinder oil.
2 empty gasoline drums
43 4 gal. cans shingle stain.
1 barrel, apparently  roofing tar
1 barre1, contents unknown.
6 tins pipo enamel, 1   tin paint
(J pints)
2 quart, cans inside white paint
47-J Ib tin "Mazola" cooking oil
2 qt ons cherry stain
7 gal can wagon paint
1 qt oan oak sti.in
1 gal oan scarlet oxide wid li
gal can of same
175. 2 gal cans outside white
176. 1 qt harness oil
177. 1 barrel, apparently oil
178. 1 barrel, apparently oil
J79. I barrel, spp«T ntly oi'
180. 6 packets lampblack
181. 1 case Imperial Arcticcupgrease
182. 1 case belt dressing
183. 1 hand loading track
184. I hand loading  snd weighing
eyes, 2
1 adjustable bjx  band loading
1 box sundry—brace,
belts, nuts, etc
1  box springs, sorew
door latches, etc      M^^^^
1 box packing rings.
1   machine seat and 2 emery
1 box drills, taps, etc
18 tooth brashes, 1 thermometer
192. 1   box—door bolt, 2  latches,
boot soles, etc
193 Some 50 ibs babbit and solder
194. 2 blacksmith's boof-fi|eB
196  2 boxes welding compound
196  2 14 inch circular eawg
197.   1 box 22   crosscut saw handlea
198 12 10''x 14" window .lass
199. 1 Yale light door lock
200. 10 ft piston packini?, 23 ft 5-
inch belting, 50 H 4-inch belt,
7 packets pantaloon buttons, 2
boxes   boot  eyelets,  9   pairs
men s gripfast heel plates
'box—set water gauge cocks,
19 gauge glasses, 1 water tap,
10 light wire. p'
25 hacksaw blades, 1 crosscut
saw gauge, 2 auger bits,'1 box
of 4 packets shoe rivets
204. 1 fretsaw and blade
205. 24 slims-taper files, 2  flat bastard files,   12 inch;  8  ronnd
bastard, 12-ineh; 5 round bas.
tard,   10-incb;  1   half round
14 inoh; 36 flat, 8 incb.
209. 1 sheepskin overcoat.
All of which goods and chattels
will be sold at publio auction at
Grand Forks, B.C, on the 22nd day
of April, A D. 1925, at the hour of
1:30 o'clock in the afternoon, unless
the moneys to be levied under the
said Distress Warrants, with tbe
costs of executing the same, are
sooner paid,
Dated tbe 16th day of April, 1925
W. R. DUNWOODY,      '
Inepeotor of Provincial Police
and Peace Officer 6f the said
        County of Yale.
Around 16,000 horses were snipped from western Canada to eastern
Canada in 1924, most of them coming from Saskatchewan. This province is maintaining its lead as the
greatest horse-breeding centre of the
I Dominion, with a total of 1,170,745
head, an increase of 33.44 per cent
over 1923.
The steamship "Princess Marguerite" successfully passed her
trials on Clydebank when she
developed an average speed of
■8.56 knots and a best run of 28.2
knots per hour. Together with the
"Princess Kathleen" she will be
used on the Seattle-Vancouver-
Vlctoria route this coming season.
Monsignor Heylen, Bishop of Na-
«ur, Belgium, and permanent president of the Eucharistic Congress,
arrived at St. John, N.B., last week
on the "Montrose." His Lordship
was on his way to Chicago where
he will make preparations for the
Congress, to be held there ia June,
Ivan Shvegel, Canadian Pacific
Bailvay representative in Jugoslavia, Interviewed here recently,
stated that his countrymen were 88
per cent, agriculturists and that he
felt "certain that in the mutual interests of both countries the future
will, in tiie field of Immigration, lead
to closer,>nd closer relations between Canada and the Kingdom of
the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes."
Province of British Columbia
In the Grand Forks-Greenwood
Electoral District
PUBLIC NOTICE ia hereby given
ro tne Voters ot the Grand Forks-
Greenwood E ectoral District that in
obedience to His Majesty's Writ to
me directed, aud bearing date the
7th day of April, in tbe year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
twenty-five, I require ehe prrsenco of
tho said Voters at the Government
Olliee, Greenwood, on tho twentieth
day of April, 1925, at twelve o'clock
noon, for the -purpose of nominating
and electing one person to repretent
them in tiie Legislature of the Province,
The Mode of Nomination of Candidate Shall Be as Follows!
The candidates aball be nominated
in writing; the writing shall be aub
scribed by two registered voters ofthe
district aa propoaer and seconder.
and by ten otber regiatered voters of
tho said district as assenting to tho
nomination, and ahall be deliveaed to
tbe Returniag Otficer at any time between the date of this Proclamation
aud one p.m. of the day of nomination. In the event of a poll being
necessary, such poll will be open on
the 25th day of Aprfl, I925,at8 a m.
Grand Forks-Gresmwood Electoral
Polling Divisional
Beaverdell, Fife.
Boundary Falls.   Grand Forks.
Bridesville. Greenwood.
Brown Creek.        Midway,
Carmi. Paulson.
Cascade. .Riverside.
Christian Valley.   Rock Creek.
Eholt. Westbridge.
of which every person is hereby re
quired to taka notice and govern
himself accordingly.
Given  under my hand  at Green
wood, this seventh day of April, ono
thouaand nine hundred and twenty-
Returning Officer
People take The Sun
because they believe
it is worth the price we
charge for it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
advertisments. This
is not -always the case
wifh newspapers that
are offered as prem^
iums with chromos or
lottery tickets
Dominion Monnmentnl Works
Aabeatoa Products Co. Roofing
Greer's Mud Muddle Mumbles   '.
(PlwUmk Grarnr CoUag-a af Automotive Enfltnaanng. Chiaajo)
hooked me for ters bucks, but fn
coming back ovr tl st.*ni road 1
negotiated th* be* w'tn '.be assistance of a long tvxa. IvVrhstd to a
tree, tht other and b**t**x -round
around my rear nhaal took. Sty po**s>
fad rrtfieu.e of x J.tv jorrlirr weN
orovoaly dlsmtnL A Wt lutes
* A-mcftean Airtov »fct Asrfinf*..
tion busied that gold nta* by puv*
t*ng Mr. Dttour oo the Job.
In using the Jack, where the axle
lr   -Miy  a   few   Inches   abovt   th«
The automobile manufacturer, aa
wen as the dealer and salesman,
positively duty that the dictionary
ftoataina such terms at "accident,-'
-Snlshap" or "tough luck." "Don't
ijver,   thty spy, "igentlon
an acci
dent) It Worrits folks and we want
to kttg Bum full of faith
.- -._ _- ulf of faith and hap-
■Jnt|%"   DoubtltM It Is mostly dut
' l that tht  motorlit
lan to octan without
least that hli tool
such   Incidental'
frot-k ott
ig in me
minus ,**.. ********* **
root*, tie, Goth, Ifs no
naj old Demon  Mud and
a-Masi     via     *t/«iHv..     ********
It,  Bandy  Soil,  chuckle  so
.ky gather som* uuTortuoate
* car In their clinging embrace.
tht chuckle, interpreted, means:
trapt art* you going to d*
niy a law  	
around, dig a holt and itt a stoi.s* cs
WkS ---la-it-i
Samitimts, though not very often,
MM heaven, mud holes happen on
larpuy.   Jjut summer I ran.across
■oliTmhie on a muddy piece
a -ru-wlf awli.  .
9/S »•*•*)»  K>ntucky_.    During the
jtlvt Ponil'c coined
Ing motor cars out of
mult*.   At night they
 ., „./yiug water to
pr«p*rttion for the next
m* bop wto  *,	
(ji?»#k»e ftjithfcisly ctrryiug water
I. dig a holt aud i
a block of wood at tht
tet tke jaek en It
usidar tbt wheels, on* er port uue
ihould shov* th* car whU« *\ third
man fjoti tht driving- *•*•. clmrh
ihould bt engaged slow^ tttt* trsoj
tion picked up with a slow ,*.■*
ittady headway. Boms moto\st<
resort to deflating tneir tires while
others carry strips of htavy canvas
to iHp under their wheels. Whatever situation arises ihould be me'
with th* utmost diplomacy antf
htad-worfc. Otherwise Demon Mu4
wiU take his toll in stripped gears o'
bssrned clutches.
Next   Week's  Artlel*:
-fou're Not lo Eunice."
"Be   :,-,*
fa \^^^^^^
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
want businessadvert is-
ing by progressive business men who know
that sensible advertising brings results and
pay. If you have something to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
and if you have the
goods you can do business with them
Mountain-Grown Teas Best
The tea plant grows best in the pure cool
atmosphere of a mountain tea garden. The
higher the garden, the finer and more delicious the flavour of the tea. This is partly due to the clear sunshine on a high
mountain side, partly to the more invigorating air, partly to the more frequent rainfall and perfect drainage. The largest and
roughest leaf grown at an elevation of 7000
feet is much superior in flavour to the
tiniest tip grown only 2000 feet above sea-
level. All teas used in the '-SALADA" blends
are grown from 4000 feet to 7,500 feet elevation. The trademark "SALADA" is a
guarantee of quality.
The card party and dance being
held in the Davis hall this evening
under the auspices of tbe Libeeal
Ladies is very largely attended aud
everybody is having a good time.
Among the guests present is Hod.
William Sloan, provincial minister
of mines.
Smelting & Power Company, Limi
ted, to tbe effect that tbe Copper
mountain mine at Princeton, and
the mill at Allenby, will be producing by July copper to tbe extent of
2,000,000 pounds monthly. The ore
reserve claimed for the Copper
mountain mine is 6,000,000 tons of
18 per cent oie, with a further prob.
able resorve of 2,000,000 tons.
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines, arrived in the city today
from the coast.
An optimistic report has been
given out by the New York office of
tbe   Oranby Consolidated  Mining,
Federation yesterday at tbe third
day's s ssion of tbe annual convents
tion being held in Penticton.
Tbe Conservative Ladies held a
well attended card party and dance
in tbe Davis hall on Wednesday
Furniture at Private ISale—
Ae 1 intend to remove to the coast
shortly, I offer all my household
goods in the Sbeads block on Bridge
street at private Bale. Call early for
rare b rgains.- MRS. DANIEL
When a man drops his coin at
tbe races be can charge it up to run*
ning expenses.
Th fire of genius isn't a[ways
able to keep the pot boiling.
Prospectors who are going into
tbe Dease Lake area of tbe . Cassiar
district, British Columbia, thisBUmn
mer, will be pleased to know tbat
copies of the report by Dr. Q. M
Dawson are still to be bsd. Although this report wbb written
neariy forty years ago, it contains
mucb valuable information regarding the country and placers worked
in the early days. Copies may be
bad by applying to tbe Director,
Geological Survey, Ottawa, or 510
Pacifio building.Vancover, B. C.
Ernest H. Lock, of New Weet-
minster, wsb elected president of
the   British    Columbia   Teachers'
Sun's Cross Word Puzzle
Three times the red faced "prospect" had puBhed tbe young Scotch
insurance ageut down a long flight
of stairs. The third time he tnrned
to his work, satisfied tbat he had
seen tbe last of tbe persistent young
But no! The door opened, and a
smiling Scot-jh face peered in. "Woel
now," safd the agent, "we've had
our little bit of fun together; so all
joking aside, how aboot the insurance?"
A 10-cent argument can lead to a
10,000 quarrel.
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen shortly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C
II You Can Answer Ten Question*
Geography and History
Other prizes amounting to a total of
11,000 given in Educational contest,
open to everybody, anywhere. Send
stamp for list of questions, rules and
circular. Address—John W. Sheffield,
Chairman. Aurora, Illinois.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Wholesale and Retail
euler in
Havana Cigars, Pipe*
Buy GOOD Groceries
If yon want to get satisfactory resufts in the
kitchen. We carry nothing but the best in everything. Our stock is always fresh. Try onr
superior brands of Teas and Coffees.
Phone 25
'Service and Quality*
IT brings the whole country for miles around withip easy reach.
Have you seen the new models') They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new ooinl As weatherproof as aduckl Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real-Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people'to mount yon right.
J. R. MOOYBOER.&»■&««
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
ShipYourCream lo
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assure
you the most accurate tast, Give your
local creamery your trade.
A speculative despair is nnpar-
onable wbere it is our duty.
1 Like
5 Vehiclo
7 A growth on certain kinds of
9 In tbe direction of
10 Printer
12 Soldier, ab
13 A man's name, ab
14 To make love in low murmuring 26 Toronto
16 Not one
20 To support; give succor
23 A nou commissioned member o
9 Pollute; tincture
11  A personal pronoun
15 A cere-il
17 A bone
18 An organ of sense
19 A kind of fish
21 Lowest; the lowest ebb
22 A member of the tiger family
23 To take an attitude for a picture
Transportation    Com-
IN THE MATTER OK Fart of Block 81, Hap
12, Orand Forks Townsite. West Addition.
PROOF having bean filed la mr office of the
loss ol certificate of title No. 5186a to the
above mentioned lands ln the name of
Daniel O'Ray and bearing date the JOtta
February, 1902,1 HSHKIIY (flVB NOTIOE ol
my intention at the expiration of one calendar month from tbe lirst publication hereof
to issue to the said Daniel O'Ray a provisional ccrtlttcatc of title ln lien of sueh
lost certificate. Any person havlnit any Information with reference to such lost certificate of title is requested to eommualcate
with tbe undersigned.
Dated at tbe Land Registry OSlce, Kamloops, B.O., this 24th day 0jt M^wMMjj.
Date of first publication March 27,1925.
Transfer Co.
•City Baggage and Genera]
Wood and
for Sale
at|R.  t. Petrle'a
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinda,
Upholstering Neatly Done
mission, ab
An abbreviation for a Canadian
30 A conjunction,
an army 31 Seventh   note  of the   diatonic
24 A email silver coin ueed in severn scale
al .SpaniBh-speaking countries 33 An exclamation
25 What we should keep out of
28 Near
29 A signal used by sailors
32 Bend
35 A large body of frash water
36 A domestic animal
37 An abbreviation for department
of war, used on imlitnry
(rucks and rq'*i|impfit
1 Part of a house
2 Babhful
3 A gaii
4 Of clever mind
6 Whit peelern are sometimes
6 Coarse grass
8 Combat; resist
34 Latin  abbreviation
our Lord
for year of
Solution to Last Week's
ULllsJLJIJI'l tlULslll.i.l
na Louur-jisf unm-ira ais
m Hf.iaua Mmuiac, 1.-1
nnr-u-i naopiiii aram-i
una  rataniH- hcipjm  mum
na  uni nan i-jib  oiy
ni cj una a mm Li I*:
annua aaa him uiziai:i
i* h anii a maa u u
i:iu  uu fjcita mta \:i*.
aaa yKjaa i-ihfju Gran
ranwE,    caHHLo    Hr-ii-u-,
11 naaan      tsraamu i\
HC0   MLlflHfil   fciraW-IW   Ml-J
una arxan niaaa rhi*,
i-iissiraaran w'-iiim'-ih
An Opportunity to Win (5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun has concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which we ean offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
Tbe offer includes a full year's subscription to both papera, an art cal
endar with a most beautiful picture subjeot ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of 95,000 cash.
In the Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes oast out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election!
The E-amly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
in94 prizes for the best estimate, and our arrangement with the publishers
of that great weekly gives every Qrand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
to mako an estimate and perhaps win the eapital prize of $5,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not be you?
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a full year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar aod the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
How to Solve a Cross Word Puzzle
When the correct letter is placed in the white spaces this puzzle will
spell words both vertically and horizontally. The first letter in each word
is indicated by a number, which refers to the definition listed below the
puzzle Thus No 1 under the column headed "horizontal" defines a word
which will fill the white spaces up to the first black square to the right, and
a number under "vertical" defines a word which will fill the white squares
in the next back one be ow. No letters go in the black spaces. All words
used are dlotioniuy words, except propor names. Abbreviations, slang, in
itials, technical terms and obsolete forms are indicated in the definitions. ,
All for S2.00
Estimates must be made at time of subscribing, and no ohanges
permitted afterwards.
rill be
Order Now at This Oflice
-npllE value ol -well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us beiore going
.£ Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Sh'pping tags
Price lists
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
TALI Hotkl,  First* i brkt
MM> Of
lamia mar ke are-eaiyUitr
New Type
L Latest Style
■•. Faces
i-IUes-i auhieeU ever 11 rears « a**,
ai If aM*aa est •MtarUif Intention
> Stissss British rabteots,  osmt.*
ess*   upoa   nalslsKB-asv   aaaa$stta**K
fan UOatmatlatt inaimnlng Ngo*
lattaaa •t*tst*tsm v***-*ma*Jssm m
-riven im Bulletin No, l. Uk-ita***.
'Hew to tta entpt l***t*,m ****** st
■■-■bbe* eaa b* obtained Ore* at *******
br tM*sst*tm tb* D*»ai ttawl et
laxtta, VlotorT*. UjiX, ts* ts, amr OSerr-
MMMSt Agoat
ninula wlU be granted amnios
only laad -raltabl* Ier *o****nitt»tal
punoaw an* which fc- nit ttinber--
land. Ia, oarrrlng ever MN benr*
tea* mm nor* wad st tto* 0**1 Usggb
uIMN fMt war aar* tast at UM
mi*-don*r of th* Land R-Mordlng ot*
vlaton, in whtah the land appUet fit
\* ettuat**, and ar* mat. on printe*
a ooo*** ot whioh ean vs tm*
tram th* Land Oaamlnloner.
too* muat b* oooupud tot
. nnt Unpr-ivMula mad*
at Ut per aor*. lnoludlnf
a*> r**r*
te valus c
oloortn* and eulttvatlnsr at Iwat iri
Men a Crown Oront oan a*
"How    to
ApplloaUona ar* roeolvoi for »!»•
ohai* of vaoant and nni*e*rr*<
drown landi; tot balnc tlmborland,
fer acricul tural purpoa**: minimum
prlo* of first-elan (arabl*) land la H
per ner*. and Moand-oJaae <graalng)
land MM par aor*. Furthar lnnir-
matton ronrdlag purohaa* ar ltaa*
of Grown land* 1* given ta •nltoOa
Ne, M. Und fisirlM, -Turohaa* and
Lsoaa* of Crown Landa."
Mill, fnotmr, *f Induatrial aitw on
timber land, aot *aw**dini M aorta,
mar be panhaaed or lasutd, th* eoai
dMMM Inoladlng payment of
Uaa*-rv**r*d aroaa, not *zo**dlnf M
.      .        . — jj^
is  being
•rooted in the flnt year, ml* bolDJ
aor—, mar b* liai«t a* homaii
upon  a  dwalllnc  bolng
obtainable after realdono*
omantoondltlona   ar*
Tot graaing and Induatrial
poota aroaa not aanoodlng IM
mar b* leaae. by on* p*r*oa
ar *
Undor th* Oraalng Aat
rang* i
fliaalng       Commiailonor.      Annual
dlvldtd into graaing
and th* rang* adminiaterod under
-a Tiara-
•rraaing permits ar* lea.** baaod da
nombora ranged,, priority bolng glv*n
o •otablliihtd owner*. 8tock-own»ri
nar form anoolation* for rang*
iMincement Tree, or partially fr**.
•rmlta ar* available tor wttlara,
impers and tr>v*U*r*. np to ..tea
wad. •**,•


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