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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 29, 1923

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thu (.'eater of Grand Forks valley, the
pni'iiier fruit growing district'of
Southern Hritish Columbia. Mining
ami lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the city.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
THP SssTTlV 's *'*le favor'te news.
S.S.SSJ UvLl paper of the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than anv
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what you Know is true:
I can guess as well as you.
$1.00 PER YEAli
Fire Department Urges
Council to Purchase a
$3750 Iuternatinal Motor Fire Truck
pleiely  cured,  tbeir leisons having
healed and disappeared,
Ai 81. Mary's hospital in Lond in
three ye ps' tests on sixty human
subjects mnde by Drs Fields i*nd
West-rn brought definite improve
ment in nearly all cases. Tbe doctors report tbat it is loo soon to say
more tban that' tbe methods are
extremely promising of excellent re-
Mayor Hull and all thi aldermen
were present at tbe regular meeting
of tbe city co moil Ifa M > id ty even-
A deputation from ihe fire de
partment was present at tbe meet
iog and urged on tbe council tbe
purchase of an-International motor
fire truck at a cost of 13750, laid
down. Tbe spokesman stated tbat
tbe fire department is making
arrangements for training several
members to operate tbe truck and lo
bave tbe engine started and run for
few minutes eacb day in order to
keep it in proper shape.
A letter was read from tbe Farmers' Inrtitute in reference to grounds
for recreation and fair purposes.
. Permission was granted tbe British Columbia Telephone company
to replace some of its poles on
Bridge street.
Tenders were received for cement
curbing for tbe driveways in Ever*
green cemetery. The council deferred aotiou for one month pending
collection of taxes.*
A letter was read from the Weat
Kootenay Power company giving
details io connection with tbe company's proposed changes in its operating staff. A communication from
the water controller and William
Young dealt with tbe Mill creek
water rights.
Tha recommendations of the band
regarding a suitable location for a
bandstand for coucerts by tbe band
are under consideration, it being
bought 1b.1t. jnsibly tbe court
house grounds might be secured for
this purpose. The matter will be
further looked into.
The exchange of the  -adding  ma
chine in the city office for one of a
more efficient type was milled by
the council.
Tbe mayor's remuneration bylaw
and the aldermen's indemnity bylaw were given their preliminary
San Quetitln.Cal., June 26.
—Scopolamin, an alicaloid,
was used in experiments on
three inmates of San Queutin
prison here today, as a result
of which John L. Farrar,con
victed of the murder of a
Chinese in Sacramento, was
proved innocent; Eugene
O'Leery, a former service
man, sentenced from Sacramento on a grand larceny
charge, provided authoritative information as to his
identity, and John L. Johnson, negro, admitted his gulit
and confessed to participation
in other crimes, according to
the experimenters. Dr. R. E.
House, of Ferris, Texas.con-
ducted the experiments before several prison officials
and criminal investigators.
Dr. House declared scopolamin renders a subject incapable of mental inhibition
and deprives him of reasoning
so that he is incapable of lying
while under its influence. The
other faculties, however, re«
main intact, he said.
Oxford Professor Said
to Have  Discovered
Plan to Starve Germs
The most important medical discovery ita repent' years, accoordiog
to h dispatch from Londob,.bas been
announced by Professor G. Freyer
of Oxford 'university. Hie discovery
consists in the finding of a method
of stripping germs causing diseases
from their protective coating of fat
whicb renders tnem resistant from
vaccine treatmets.
Hitherto tbe trouble bas been
tbat vaccines composed of dead
baucila have been unable to attack
their living counterparts because ot
the latter's fat coating, aod tbe more
virulent ihe baccilus, as a rule, the
more heavy the overcoat of fat it
Professor Freyer has discovered a
method of starving the germs until
their fat is gone, wben they become
more susceptible to the vacoines.
The .method was tested first in
guinea pigs inoculated witb tuburcu-
losis baccilla, with the result that
aome wbicb were not treated died
while others treated when the disease was Ur advanced   were  com-*
In the Path
Of Ihe Bee
How many beekeepers realise
bqw dependeot the world is upon
the bee for its "food. I had an object lesson on this subject lately-,
says Major Shallard in tbe American
Bte Journal, wbicb I think could be
beneficially passed on. At my home
on Bee mountain we bave plenty of
fruit and plenty of vegetables aod
|ots of bees.
The Canadian wonder, beans are
eure croppers and tbe tomato vines
break down witb the weight of tbe
fruit. Do not forget tbere are thou
sands of bees. Now move (in your
mind) to my bome in Sydney,a city
of a million inhabitants. We try to
grow our vegetables but tbe beans do
not bear and tbe tomato vines, al'
though tbey grow well, fail to fruit
1 What is tbe troub'e? I could not
understand it until I thought ot tbe
bees. No bees, no beans, no tomatoes..
A week or two back I saw a bee,
ode solitary bee, and I called tbe
family to watch the little fellow.
§be worked right down one end of
the tamato bed and then departed.
Her track was very definable,"and I
watcbed very elosely, and wbere sbe
went we have tomatoes on tbe vines
today. Few people really comprehend the value of the bee to tbe
world at large, independent of tbe
honey production.
. The above experience opened my
•yes. If the city dwellers knew how
tbe bees belp tbeir gardening efforts
fhey would welcome their presence.
that it is unitir to ask that tbe
province be pnt to an expense of be
tween $75,000 and 8100,000. How
ever, if a plebiscite ia necessary it
will not be held until after the next
session of'the legislature, which will
commence in October and end before Christmas.
The government has appointed
Wi A McAdam, assistant deputy
minister of finance, as secretary and
assistant to Agent General F C.
Wade in London. A •■ troop cam*
paign will be carried on to interest
Britishers in settling-in British ColJ
umbia and directing capital to tbis
province. Mr. McAdam will tour
the province before leaving for Lon«
gon, in order to familiarize himself
with conditions here in every branch
ol industry.
Officials of the department of la-
bur in their annual report show tbal
in 1922 there were ouly a dozen disputes involving stoppage of work
and that comparatively little time
was lost during tbe year tbrough
strikes. Tbe government labor bureaus are workin govertime endeavoring to supply tbe needs of employers snd a better feeling is now
existing. A slight upward tendency
in wages is anticipated tbis year.
A sitting af„the.bo«fj flt -railway.}
commissioners for Canada will be
beld in city hall in tbis city for tbe
purpose of bearing tbe application
of tbe Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern
Railway & Navigation company for
permission to remove its station to a
point oulside tbe city limits.
A meeting of members of tbe city
council and of the board of trade,
over wbich Mayor Hull presided,
was beld io tbe city office on Tuesday evening for the purpose of die
Cussing methods of opposing tbe
application. A line of procedure
was agreed Upon, and tbe city's
case will be presented witb aB mucb
thoroughnesses possible.
The sessions of tbe board will be
open to the public, and those wbo
are interested in the case are "*
liberty to attend.
• The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day duringvsfthe past week, as recorded by the, goverrtmeftt llferinoni-
eter on E. FJLaw'a rancb:
4' Max.
lay  74
lrday  71
day  70
25—Monday  76
26— Tfciesday  81
27—Wednesday.. 89
28- fhuraday  88
Rainfall...*  0.70
A Titklish Customer
: -An English tourist driving through
the Irish hack country in a jaunting
dar passedfjsi man in ragged clothing,
j "It must be awful to be in such a
state of poverty as that!" exclaimed
thli Englishman in a sympathetic
tone.    1
"PoMJ»rty,  yer   honor?"     aid   the
drivetCv*S"lt's not poverty that, has
-J< T ty
causednim to wear rags. The fact is,
that man is so ticklish there is not a
tailor in the country that ean take
his measure!"
Let the young lady wbo would be
"pretty as a picture" beware of an
Ugly frame of mind.
■   ri —   '
This is gobld saying weather for
the farmers.
Premier and Attorney-
General Think It Unfair
to Put Province to Expense of Taking Vote on
Liquor Importations
Wonderful Value for $2.00
It is a source of constant wonder
to publishers tbe world over how
The Family Herald snd Weekly Star
of Montreal can be printed and
mailed to any part in Canada at the
small subscription price of two dollars a year.
Some p.ther papers may quote s
lower subscription price but tbey do
not contain one-fifth, nor in many
cases not even one-tenth ofthe reading matter published each week by
the Family Herald and Weekly Star
People everywhere are now selecting their rending material with
greater discrimination than in the
past. Instead of being loaded with a
lot of second rate papers and magazines, tbey are now saying money
by discarding tbe chaff and subscribing to tbe Family Herald and
Weekly Star of Montreal—the one
big, all round journal tbat provides
in its seventy two pages every week
an ample volume and variety of
reading to satisfy every member of
the family.
In addition to being the best Informed, most practical and helpful
paper for farmers, tbe Family H*er;
aid and Weekly provides tbe best oi
serial and shert stores, complete departments for women aod, young
folks, powerful editoriels. on the
most important topics of the day, a
complete weekly digeBt of the world
news, in fact a veritable library of
information, entertainment and inspiration On accoootuof its clean,
wholesome and helpful character,
ire phenomenal value and powerful
influence for good, it is not too
much to say that the Family Herald
and Weekly Star of Montreal should
be in every Canadian home.
■Special Grrrespoiulence of Tlie Sun.
Victoria, June~27.—Through tbe
effojte of Hon. E. D. Barrow, min
ister of agriculture, surplus British
Columbia .berries will find a ready
market in Great Britain, where
jam manufacturers require large
quantities -of raw fruits between
June and October. Tbe fruit will be
pulped and shipped in sealed tine.
Agent-General F. C. Wade advises
provincial growers to make a closer
study of provincial markets.
Hon Jobn Hart, minister of
finance, will visit Great Britain
shortly in order to make a study of
financial and industrial conditions.
He states that British capital jb becoming more and more interested in
investments in this country and is
hopeful of stirring up a wider interest among old country investors jn
industrial enterprises bere.
As the.result of requests ond advice from 111 over tbe province, the
government has decided to proceed
with the aonstruction of tbe University of British Columbia at Point
Qrey. Tbe structure will cost approximately 1540,000. Already tbe
science building is well on tbe road
to completion, and with 52,000 volumes to be accommodated, it is
considered advisable to proceed witb
tbe work without delay. Hon. W.
H. Sutherland, minister of public
works, will call for tenders on the
project as soon as the plans are completed by tbe architects, Messrs.
Sharp aud Thompson.
Attorney-General A. M. Manson
is gaeatly disappointed iu the action
of tbe Canadian senate in requiring
British Colombia to bold a plebiscite on the, question of provincial
control of liquor importations.   He       . .    ,— . ...
, „     .    ,-,„ ■.*.*,,     Any manicure   artist will
and  Premier Oliver maintain tbat J l-*,
tbe people of this province decided d™w   the  line flB^the   finger
in favor of government control  aud'of scorn.
The following pupils of the public school are the winners of the
rolls of honor given by tbe department of education to each division
of the school for proficien-y, de
p'lrtment, nnd regularity aud punctuality of attendance:
For Proficiency—Edith Matthews
Frank Price, Herbert Omuianney,
Mabel Hobbins, Francis O'Keefe,
Lily McDonald, Jean Love, Fred
Smith, Harold Jackson, Laura
Frechette, Melvin Glm-pell, Lura
Oanlield,Katie O rner, -ilex Woods
Edna Scott, Dorothy Innes, .Lol i
Hutton, Geraldine Gowans.
For Deportment—Ellen McPherson, Rosa Hansen,Antone DeWilde,
Llewelyn Price, Hazel Elliott, Vina
Boots, Bernice Donaldson, Florence
McDougail, Margaret Smith, Flor«,
euce McDonald, Jack McDonald.
For Attendance —Erma Laing,
Henry Reid, Helen Mills, Ernest,
Hadden, Elvira Hinsen, Blanche
Mason, Elizabeth Mooyboer, Parma
Cooper, Edmund Crosby, Alex McDougail, Uuth Pyrah, Walton Vant,
Alice Deporter, Lilli'in Pell, Elmer
Scolt, Norman Cooke, Fred Mason,
Inn Clark, Ernest H"ttnn, Euphy
MeGaHum, Rosamond B.ucban,
Sereta Hutton, Margiret McCallum,
Bruce MoDonuid, Madeline McDougail, Ethel Massie, Hazel Mas m
Tony Santano, Chester Hutton,
Jean McDonald. Lola Hutton.
Bank of Commerce  Medsl—CI ir-
ence Truax.
1.0 D.E History Prizes—British
hitory, to Division 1: First, Kruia
Laing; second, Edith Matthews
Canadian history, to Division 2:
First, Frank Price; second, Francis
- Tbe promotion lists will be published next week, tbe delay being
occasioned by the necessity of reorganizing tbe school into eight
tirades and an eight-year couse instead of a seven-year one as formerly. Tbe new regulations require tbis
change made all over the province.
The Scouts Sny,'Be Prepared'
Tommy had been forbidden by his
mother to go Swimming. But when
he came home his hair was wet, ami
he had a wet bathing suit under
arm. Of oourso he received
"But I was tempted so badly,
mother," the boy protested. ''I could
n't help it'nl
"That is all very well," his mother
replied, "but how did you happen to
have your bathing suit with you?"
'■Well, mother, I took my,bathing
suit with me, thinking I might be
 Su. _
Prairie Crops
Looking Well
The prairie provinces have
been favored with fine weather during the past week, according to a Winnipeg dispatch. Moisture and sunshlna
combined have produced excellent growth and jhe crop
outlook is decidedly bright.
The season has been remarkable so far in that there is so
little injury to crops by insects.
Manitoba has had exaelleut crop
weather with plenty of moistuie.
Damage by i*eceut storms affecttd
only a few points.
Growth bas been so rapid in Saskatchewan on crop-seeded in proper
season tbat grain has got well ahead
of weeds iu districts wbere tbese
were had.
In Alberta 10 per cent of tbe
wheat seeded is iu sho.t blade ahd
the balance is quickly coming to
that Btage.
On the E. D. st B. C. railway
rain has fallen throughout the entire district and the moisiure supply is ample for present needs. TBE   SUN,   GBAND   fOBlS,   B. C.
Ufa (&tmb Storks ftm
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr ■•** ******—-cations to
•sThe Grand Foriu Sun
Phonb 101R Grand Forks, 15. CJ
FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1923
Here is a very good reason why practical
farmers seek other occupations than that of
farming. An Ontario farmer packed some
apples in boxes, and in one of them placed his
name aud address, and requested the con
sumer to report as to quality and price. This
brought a reply from Weyburn, Sask., which
stated that the price paid was $2.50 for a box
which the producer gold for 40 cents.
The international bootleggers seem to think
that they own the earth, and that no nation
has a right to make laws which they are boun d
to respect. The action of foreign ships insisting on bringing liquer into American ports is
branded by William Jennings Bryan as "the
highest height of gall aur] impudence." It is
not often that we agree with the vigws expressed by Mr. Bryan, but in this instance we
must confess that we think he is right.
The comment of the London press on the
tangle that has arisen is, for the most part,
biased. Some of the papers express views
that, if reasoned to their final conclusion, are
contrary to international laws, and are not intended to promote pleasant relations between
two friendly nations.
The most sensible v'ew of the situation appears to have been taken by former Premier
David Lloyd George. In an address in the
Baptist church in London he made the following interesting observations:
"I hope we won't get excited over the seizure of liquor in New York harbor. It is not
merely that America seems to be well within
her rights, but I think we ought to extend a
certaim measure of sympathy to her in her
"America is making a very bold experiment
to deal with probably the greatest curse of
modern civilization
"It is all very well for us to say that all this
liquor is merely for our own sailors aboard
ships. I do not say this with regard to any
particular ship. It may not be so, but there
is no doubt fortunes have been made smuggling liquor into the United States in defiance
of a law which was passed by a greater majority than almost any other law in any other
"Give it a fair trial. I do not say the experiment will succeed. It is just possible that
America may have to modify it. It ls in the
interest of civilization that they be allowed
full time to test this effort to solve a problem
which is just as much ours as theirs."
In the last year oil refiners have been much
interested in what is known as the Linton
process of extracting gasoline, by which both
high and low grade oils aro made to yield
their utmost content of gasoline. The details
of the process have not been made public, bnt
some who have seen it report that the heavy
oil is filmed over surfaces heated to a certain
temperature, which causes vapors to rise that
are carried to a superheated chamber where
the molecules that compose the vapors are
"cracked" or disintegrated and form a new
combination: that which is popularly known
as gasoline. The oil is kept running over the
heated surface until it has given up every bit
of its gasoliue vapor. High grade oils are said
to yield 75 per cent of gasoline as against 30
per cent by the old pressure method.
The concluding dramatic scene of the Philippine insurrection in 1901, was General Fun-
ston's capture of Aguinaldo. In the guise of
prisoners the adventurous Kansan and a, few
comrades penetrated to Aguinaldo's mountain
headquarters, seized the leader and escaped
to the American. lines. Now, twenty years
later, the sons of those two leaders appear
among the successful candidates for admission
to the United States military academy. Frederick Funston and Emilio Aguinaldo will be
classmates at West Point for four years.
A pneess on which the chemists are still
working will, if it succeeds, extract the resin
from waste pine wood and make tee wood
itself available for pulp. In the Souteern
states tbere are four million acres of land covered with resinous stumps, now lying idle because it costs more to remove the stumps than
the land is worth. As the new process would
make the stumps worth $50 a cord, it would
pay to clear and cultivate the land. The process would produce not only pulp but valuable
by-products in the shape of turpentine and
•THE STRAIN of modern civil;
-"* ized life falls heaviest upon
the eye, the hardest worked and
most neglected of all the human
organs. The constant need of
close-range vision; the continuai
exposure to the glare reflected
from pavement and buildings or
from high-powered eleectric
lights, all expose the eye to terrific strain. Many suffer from
eyestrain without being con
scious of it. Have your eyes ex •
amined and know. We are admirably  equipped for this wurk.
Jeweller and Optician
Bridge Street Grand Forks
Corporation of the City of Grand Forks
Due   June   30th,   1923
If you have not received statement,
of taxes, Phone 23, or call at City   Office, and avoid penalty  of 10 per  cent
which will be added on July 1st.
It takes sixty-four muscles of the face'to
make a frown and only thirteen to make a
smile.   Why work overtime?
Notes, Notions and Notables
In Ontario the electors have jumped from
the frying-pan into the fire. The result of
the polling in that province this week might
indicate that one-half of the Liberals voted
with the Conservatives in order the down the
Farmers; but the people are so eratic these
days that it impossible to assign a definite
cause for their actions. If Ontario were to have
another election tomorrow, the province might
go solidly for the Liberals.
What's Wanted is the title of a book, put
out by the British Institute of Patentees, that
lists the inventions that the world roally
needs. The list includes: Glass that will bend;
a smooth road surface that will not be slippery in wet weather; a furnace that will conserve 95 per cent of its heat; a process to
make flannel unshrinkable; a noiseless aero
plane, and an aeroplane that can be managed
safely by a boy or a girl; a motor engine of
one pound weight per horsepower; methods
to reduce friction; practical ways of utilizing
the tides; a pmccss.to extract phosphorus from
vulcanized India rubber, so that it can be
boiled up and used again; a pipe that can be
cleaned easily and effectively; a temperance
drink that will keep and yet not pall on the
Customer (looking at socks)—Aren't they
rather loud?
Shop Assistant—Yes, sir. They are specially made for people whose feet are in the habit
of going to sleep.
Never attempt to cool your automobile by
stripping the gears.
E.C. Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and'Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Garden Tools
And Other Spring Needs
We  stock  a complete line of Rakes, Hoes, Shovels
and all tools necessary for the Spring work.
Ferry's Package Seeds.
Get a Planet Jr. Seeder and Cultivator for the
farm this spring.    They are great labor savers.
Bapco Paints and Varnishes.   Try our  Auto Paint
and Varnish and make the old car look tike new.
Massey-Harris Implements.    Lit us quota you   on
.your needs.
Complete Home Furnishers
Grand Forks, B. C.
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance |
Reildetit Agent Grusid Porka Townsite
Company, Limited
Farms      Orchards     City Property
Agenti at Nelson,   Calgary, Wlhnipcg and
other Prairie points.   Vanoouver Agents:
Established In 19111. we are In a 'million to I
lurnlsh reliable information coueerisiug this I
district. '
Write lor Iree literature
Transfer Company
City Baggage and General |
The Increasing Value of Your
Your telephone is of greater value as each
month goes by. With a steady increase in
the number of new telephones, you are constantly able to talk to a larger number of
people. This applies to different parts of the
It means to the businessman that he is in
close touch with more people. As every telephone is a long distance telephone, anyone
on the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island
may be reached at a moment's notice. The
conversation is direct, the reply instant.
Don't overlook the cheaper night rates. Between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. you get three times
the day period at the same price.
A small man may make a big job shrink,
but it takes a big man to make a small job
The man who is not afraid
dorn has to face it.
of failure sei-
To become intimate is to obligate one's self
to sacrifice.
Wood and
for Sale
Office at
R.  F. Petrle'i
Phone 64
Tell The People
What  You
to Sell
A great many reasons have been given why
the boys leave the farms and drift to the cities.
cAncient History
Items Taken From The Orand Porka Sun for the Corresponding
'Week Twenty Years Ago
A couple of days ago two gentlemen, natives of the
Emerald Isle, stopped in frontof the Eastern Townships
bank and gazed fondly through the magnificent plate-
glass front at an object in the cosy oflice "Pat," said
oue of them, nulging his partner in the ribs, "faith, an
there's tho grate Saygram cup." The other man looked
attentively at the cup a few minutes, and then replied:
"Saygram, yer gran'mother. Sure, an' that'n only a
model. Do yez suppose they'd let us mugs look at the
rale Saygram cup?"
Hon. K. Y. Green, provincial secretary, arrived in the
city yesterday noon and stopped until noon today.
Rev. Mr. McColl has resigned the pastorat of the Columbia Presbyterian church and will leave tomorrow for
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis have returned home from a
pleasant visit with relatives at Brockville, Ont.       •»
The Seagram cup, donated by J. E. Seagram,of Water,
loo, Ont , as a prize in the seven-eighths mile race on
July 2. has arrived in the city and is on exhibition in
the Eastern Townships bank.
C.V. Meggitt
I Ileal Batata and Insurance
Excellent facilities for selling your farms
We hsve agents a* all Coast end Prairie
Reliable Information roganliiik' this distrct
oheerf tills* furnished. We sollolt your inquiries.
Dominion Monumental Worka
Aaboatoa Produota Co. BooBnft
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Portia, B. C.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of aU Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly   Don
r. g. McCutcheon
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
Job Department 5
THE   SUN,   GRAr-il)   FOftKfc,   B. C.
In every part of Canada it's the same
story:—-"Dunlop is the 'boy' for Big
Resilient, Rugged, Reliable
Say to your garage man:—"I want the
Cord Tire all Motordom is talking
about."   He'll hand you a "DUNLOP."
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all   „
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Pain, Pain
Bandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Alao bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin Is the tradss mark (registered In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Moiso-
acstlcacldester of Salloyllcacld. While It Is well known that Aspirin means Bayer
manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, the Tablets of Bayer Company
will he stamped with their general trade mark, ths "Bayer Cross."
See our new Shop, just opening up,
in the
We Will Carry
a Full Line of
Long   distance   Receiving
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Electrical Supplies
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All kinds of Electrical Re
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pair Work.
House Wiring.
The  fires   that start each summer might have
come from YOUR cigarette-stub.
The Forest charred and butned might have been
the result ot YOUR camp-fire.
The wooded hillsides might have been blackened
by YOUR lighted matches.
The burned farms might be the wages paid by*
YOUR thoughlessness.
Idle logging camps might be the result of YOUR
momentary carelessness.
If forest fires annually destroy* our natural wealth,
if money is to be spent in fighting fires instead
ot buildiug up the Province, then the loss is
YOURS and that ot the generations to come.
Be careful.
In 1920 then ware cut in Canada
4,024,826 cords ot pulpwood. This
would, if piled four feet high and
four feet wide, reach in a continuous line over 6,000 miles, or the distance from Vancouver to Halifax,
and out over the Atlantic to Queens-
town, Ireland.
Trees to the number of 10,000
were distributed among Saskatoea
school children by the Parks Officials and Dominion Forestry Branch
on the occasion of Arbor Day. Each
child received one maple and one
ash- Last year only 5,000 treea
were distributed.
The Empress of France, of the Canadian Pacific fleet, new on the trans-
Atlantic service between Hamburg,
Southampton and Cherbourg to Quebec, holds the record for the fastest
journey between Quebec and Liverpool, having crossed in 5 days, 22
hours and 38 minutes, just two hours
less than the Empress of Britain.
General Sir Arthur Currie will
unveil a memorial cairn at Sault Sta.
Marie to Etienne Brule and his companion Grenoell, the coureurs de bois.
who found the Sault and discovered
Lake Superior in 1622. The unveiling will take place August 7th during DiiKovery Week, when'the Ojib-
wa-f-a will produce "Hiawatha" en
two afternoons.
Notwithstanding that there will
be an increase this year in Canadian
Pacific steamship traffic oa the St.
Lawrence, with 17 more sailings
than in 1922, Canadian Pacific officials report that ships ate being
well booked and that according to
present indications the 1923 season
will show improvement in ocean
trade from both Montreal and
Whales   are   reported   early   and
Jilentiful this season and despatches
rom Victoria state that conditions
surrounding the inauguration of the
deep-sea hunt this year are the most
promising in more than a decade.
The demand for canned whale meat
has become so pronounced that the
prospective pack of the Victorian
whalers is already disposed of. England will be the distributing- market
for canned whale meat this year.
A replica of an old time Hudson's
Bay fort, such as once was the
nucleus of the western posts of the
rat company, and which still exist
the far north, will be erected at
the Calgary Exhibition grounds,
July 9 to 14, as a part of the big
Stampede feature. Special arrangements are also being made to provide a commodious camping ground
fer the Old Timers who will attend
with the old-fashioned chuck wagoas
Mid cowboy equipment.
Running on schedule the Canadian
Pacific Steamship's liner "Empress
of Canada," Captain A. J. Hailey,
again demonstrated her right te the
Clain-i of "Queen of the Pacific." The
Qancsiian vessel left Vancouver
tw'•""-four hours behind the America!*, liner " President McKinley"
Bound for Yokohama recently. The
"Empress of Canada" docked about
8 AM., nnd the "President McKinley" arrived at 8 AM-
The output of coal from Canadian
mines during January, 1*23, amounted to 1,748,800 tons.
ere an
Buffalo in Wainwright reserve increase at the rate of about 2,000
each year
The total wheat production of
Canada in 1022 was 399,786,401
bushels of whieh Saskatchewan produced 260,167,000 bushels.
The Eskimos give the doctor hia
fee as soon as he calls. If the
patient recovers he heaps it and if
not it is returned.
Heads of large implement and
machinery firms in Edmonton and
Calgary state that fer every acre of
corn that was sown in Alberta last
year ten will be sown this year.
1923 will be the greatest prospecting year known so far in Northern Ontario. The largest rush ef
prospectors is in the district extending from Swastika for a hundred
miles east into the Province of Quebec.
Grain men and others in Calgary
already forecast the probable yield
of wheat in Alberta this year at
something in the neighborhood of
100,000,000 bushels. This estimate
is based on the 66,000,000 bushel
crop of last year.
The total wheat production in
Canada has grown from 16,723,000
bushels in 1871 to over 399,000,000
in 1922. The number of elevators in
1905 was 625 with capacity for 18,-
820,352 bushels. To-day the capacity
of 3,924 elevator* in Canada is 281,-
633,420 bushels.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
have further reduced tha freight
rate on horses -from prairie stations
to all eastern Canada points. The
old rate on horses from Moose Jaw
to Montreal or Toronto was $1.89%
per hundred pounds. The new rate
will be Jl.20% or a saving to the
farmer of $88 per car.
"Will Summers,** owned by His
Majesty the King, was recently
brought to Canada on the Canadian
Pacific Steamer "Marburn" and will
be kept at the Prince of Wales'
ranch near Calgary for breeding
purposes. This famous five-year-old
has a pedigree back to Orme and
Galopin, the former sire of Flying
Fox and the latter a Derby winner.
It is reported that the head of tha
textile department of Leeds University, England, has invented •
process for the making of artificial
wool from cotton waste. The basis
of the process is cellulose acetet.
The product wears well as wool, it
is said, will take the dye of any
desired color and is considered a
better insulator than natural wool.
During the last fiscal year Canadian exports of tobacco amounted to I
471,-991 pounds with a value of
$175,826. Of this value the United
Kingdom accounted for $135,784, the
United States $5,216 and other
countries $34,826. There are 126
tobacco factories in Canada, Quebec
and Ontario being the principal pre- |
Running on schedule the Canadian
Pacific liner "Empress of Canada,"
Captain A. J. Hailey, again demonstrated her right to the claim of
"Queen of the Pacific." The Canadian vessel left Vancouver 24 hours
after the American liner "President
McKinley" and arrived ia Yokohama |
five hours in the lead.
The British Government la completing at Chatham the largest and
most wonderful under-water craft in
the world. On the surface she will
displace 2,780 tons and when submerged 8,600 tons, this dlsplacemisnt
being 1,400 tons greater than that
of the largest German submarine.
With a twelve-inch gun the new submarine will be able to bombard any
object and then quickly disappear
under the sea. — ■
It's Lhe worst wheel that
makes the most noise in the
Canadian   Bli id    Pabies'  Home
Nursery, Hospital anu iiiitderftarten
Dominion  Charter,   Without Stook   Subscription.
DIRECTORS—Hon; Martin. Uurrsll, Hon. President; Hon. J. O. Tuniff,
President; A. S, Pltzsiinatoai, V ios-President: Edward Urand, Secretary.
C. Blackett Robla-ioQ, Oor. Seoretary; J. V. McKinley, Treasurer; Lt.-Col
Whiton, M.D, R. H. Campbell, Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. E. Provost, W.
Lyle Reid, A. J. Freiinau, Charles H. Pinhey, C. B., W.J. Cairns, and Tom
TRUSTEES— C. H. Pinhey, C.E., Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. J. Freiman.
Leiial Adviser Bankers Auditor
John I. MauCracken, K.C,     Royal Bank of Canada.      A. A. Crawley, C. A.
Tbe Objects of this Institution, for which Incorporation was recently obtained, are: "To provide a Homo and Refuge for Baby and Infant*olind; to
provide free Scientific Care, Trailing and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a few of the many of su^h or fortunate*, who, for the lack of such service, perish every year; and to return these little ones to their parents, at
sohool age with normal, healthy bodies and sound minds."
This is a large and greatly needed Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Uovernment olBces in tbe various provinces reveals the fact that there
are at the presant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet been done for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
years ago, the first home was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Ar
•(hur Pearson organized "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claims that it is the only one iu the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Canada. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty Thousand Dollars is the present objective of the Boa.id. While the
Home is to be located in Ottawa it will take iu the Baby Blind from every
province, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is ootifidentlv expected. Cheques should be made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged.
The shortest
thing in the
isn't a mosquito's eyelash or a gnat's
whisker, or any other part of any insect
whatsoever-IT IS THE MEMORY OF
If you doufajt this ask the first men
men you meet the following questions:
When did the R34 cross the Atlantic?
Who was her pilot? On What date was
Lord Kitchener drowned? What was
the name of the ship that blew up juid
almost wiped out the city of Halifax?
What Gor.na-i submarine torpedoed
the Lusijania?
It is a safe bet that you would not
get one correct answer.
Now do you see the necessity of persistent advertising? When the details
of events of world wide importance are
so soon forgotten how do you expect
the public to remember you unless
YOU TELL'EM-and keep telling them?
One step won't take very far,
You've got to keep on walking;
One word won't tell folks who you are,
You've got to keep on talking!
One inch won't make you very tall,
You've got to keep on growing;
One little ad. won't do it all,
You've got to keep them going.
Brown started out without a cent;
He's rich now and still rising;
Some say 'twas luck; some say 'twas
HE says 'twas advertising. •faWsfatt* ■■■B
THE   SUN.   URAND   FORKS,   1.6.
beea 3.66 inches.   Tbis establishes a
June record for precipitation   bere.
The pumps for the No. 2 unit of the
irrigation system have arrived iD
the city.
Local cherries  are now on   the
News of the Gity
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Smith returned
on Friday from a motor car vacs
tion trip to Gray's Harbor points
and to Portladd and Salem, Ore.
They report having had an enjoyable aod interesting journey. M iss
Gertrude Smith, bookkeeper for the
Oregon Woollen company in Portland, returned witb her patents and
is spending her vacation in this
Miss Cora Hill and Robert Ba 11,
both of city, were married at th e
bride's home here on Tuesday last,
Rev. Mr. Kounalds performing the
On Tuesday evening about thirty
members of the local lodge Knights
of Pythias participated in decoration ceremonies at Fraternal cemetery.
Miss Grace Barron, who is bookkeeper for the Standard Oil company in San Francisco, arrived in
the city last Friday and is spending
her vacation with her mother   bere.
The bees in the valley are busy,
aDd lately they seem to have put on
a moonlight shift.
C. M. Tobiassen returned on Saturday from a two weeks' trip to
points on the main line of the
The rainfall in this valley  up to
the  present  time  this  month   has
SEALED TENOKKS, lul-lressod to the I'nst-
masterGeueml, will bu received at Ottawa
untilnomi on Friday, the 27th-Inly, 1928, for
the ooiivuvaiKR of His Majesty's Malls, on n
proposed Contract for four years, .six times
per week over the Grand Korku tturul Koute
No.l, from the Postmaster General's Pleasure
.^Printed notices containing further inform
ation as to conditions of proposed Contract
may be seen and blank forms of Tender may
be obtained at thc Post Odiees of Grand
Porks and West Grand Forks. B.C.. District
Superlntnndetit of Postal Service mid at the
office of tbe District Superintendent's Olliee
Vancouver, fl. C.
15th June, 192.!.
District Superintendent,
Call ;ii Donaldson's and
see the best buy in men's
work shoes on tlie market today.
Also don't forget to look
at the new line of
These are real bargains,
Phone 30
Peter A. Z. Pare bas fallen heir
tn a swarm of bees in his resi«
City Grocery
Just arrived, a shipment of
The Jelly with the  pure fruit
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
If you would please others, forget
Thn nervous recruit about to tako
lis first lesson in horsemanship, says
the Los Angeles] Times, begged the
stable sergeant to ho kind enough to
pick out for him a nice, gentle, peace-
oving horse.
"D'ja over ride   a   horse  befjre?"
growled the sergeant.
"Never," replied the rookie.
•'Ah!" replied the seigeant   with a
sour smile.    "Here's just the animal
for you.    Ha's never been   ridden be
fore. Ydu can start out together."
Splitting Hairs
A bald-headed and a gray-
haired man, says G. B. Bnr-
gin in the Memoirs of a Clubman, once had a quarrel.
"My hair has at least stuck
to its post," the gray-haired
man said proudly.
"Mine preferred death to
dishonor," the' bald-headed
man replied shortly.
He might also, since his
opponent had inadvertently
referred to his head as a
"post," called him a gray-
haired blockhead.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people"to mount you right,
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Automobile Signalling
Has Been Standardized
Victoria, June 22.—In order to
provide greater safety for pedestrians and motorists in Hritish Columbia, Attorney General A. M. Manson
bas approved o regulation under tbe
motor vehicles act wbich standardises signals to be given by motorists
in hriving automobiles.
Wben intending to turn to tbe
left the driver's left hand and hie
arm must be extended horizontally
from.and beyond the left side of the
vehicle. The intention to turn to the
right shall he indicated.by extending tbe left hand from the left side
of the vehicle, with tbe hand and
arm pointing upward. Wben tbe
driver Intends to stop his machine
I machine or slow down quickly he
must extend the band and arm
pointing in a downward direction.
It is also provided ttfat when signals are given by a mechanical device, the device shall have been ap-
proved by the lieutenant governor
in council.
Tbe regulation also requires a
motorist beiore turning, stopping or
changing his course, and before
turning such vehicle when starting
the same, to ascertain whether there
is sufficient space for such move-
ment, without endangering   pedes
trians  or  unreasonably    affecting
other vehicles,
Tbe regulation, wbich goes into
effect immediately, was prepared
after lonsultation witb provincial
automobile clubs and after information bad been obtained frim associations all over the continent. Tbe
system of signalling is practically
uniform all over America.
-TiAKK NOTICE that the Oasoade Davalop-
 "   whose address li
**   moist    Co.   (foreign)
Cascade. B. 0.. will  appl!
Notice of Intention to   Apply to
Purchase Land
In Similkameen   Laud   District, Rceordlug
Dlstriot, and situate at the south end ol
Christina Luke, adjoining a sfflall part ol
Lot 498 (wbioh part of lot ia owned by Andrew Willey)
TAKE NOTICE that I, Andrew Willey, of
Honniugtou Falls II. C. occupation Electrician, Inrendg to apply for permission to
purchase   the  following    described    lauds:
Cnmmenoiner at a post planted atthe southeast
corner of my pnrt of Lot 498; thence North to
corner of Lot 498; tbence southeast,following
Can. Pacilic Kull way tn a point due east of
point of commencement; thenee due west to
point   of   commencement   and   containing
Twenty aeres, moreor less.
Dated June 27th. 1928.
H. O. Ritchie. Agent.
        - apply for a  licence to
take and use ten miner's inohos of water out
ol Moody Creek, whioh flows Easterly and
drains Into Christina Lake one-half mile from
the foot of Christina Lake. The water will lie
diverted from the stream at a point about
one'half mile rt'esto' Lot316, Group One. and
will be used for irrigation purposes upon
the luud described as Parts of Lots 21*8 'and
269. This notioe was posted on the ground on
the 28th day of May. IKS. A oopy of this notlee and an application pursuant thereto
and to the "Water Aot, 1914," will bu fl led
in theolUoeof the Water Beoorder at Urand
Forks, B. 0. Objections to tlie applloatlon
may be Sled with the said Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller ol Wuter Rights,
Parliament Bnlidlugs, Viotorla, B, C, within
thirty day* ai ier the flrst appearance of this
notice in a Inoal newspaper. The date of the
first publicu.iono! this notlee is June 1st,
By Qeorge K. Stoeker, Agent.
SKALBD TBNDERS will be received by the
Minister of Lands at Viotorla not later than
noon on the 19th day of July, 192S, for the
purohase of Lloenoe X5259, to out -100,000 feet
of Yellow Fine and 15,000 lineal feet ol Cedar
Poles, on an area adjoining Lot 1348s, Simllkumeen Land Distrlot.
One (1) year will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Viotorla, II. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
B C.
Art-Colored Scenes of the choicest character will
be used by
to illustrate his stirring lecture on the topic:
God's Kingdom Near
"Millions flow Living Will Never Die"
Fifty-two beautifully illuminated Scripture texts
with pictures selected from the finest art galleries of
the world, delight the audience und make the story
of GOD'S COMING KINGDOM vivid and clear.
MR. HERR presents the subjeot of the awakening
of our loved ones from death with snch living pathos
that at times there are no tearless eyes.
You must not fail to see these wonderful pictures,
for they will give you a new interest in the Bible and
make clear the wonderful message of comfort and
York are now giving to the world.
Mr. M mrice L. Herr
Grand Forks, B. C
SUNDAY EVE., JULY 1, 8:00 P. M.
DlVf-lttjION ANO U81.
•PAKK NOI'I K lhat the Casoadc Develop-
■*• ment Co. (foreign), whose aduress Is Cascade, B.C., will apply ior a Lioence to tske
and, use Ten cubic feet of water out of Kettle
Kiver, which isuiva Easterly and Southerly
and drains Into the Columbia River neur
Maroits, Washington, U.S.A. The water will
be diverted from the stream at a piisnt about
the head ofthe can vou and close by tlie Dam
oil Lot 314, Group One, giinilkamceu Divi-siou.
Vale Di.triot, and will be u.od for Irrigation
purpose upon the lands described as Lots 268,
269. 812 aud 813. This notice was posted
on tlie nround ou the 28th day of
May, 1923. A oopy of this notice aud an
applloatlon pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed ln tbe office.' of
the Water Recorder at Qrand Forks, B. C.
Objections to the application may be Hied
with the said Water Beoorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Bights, Parliament
Buildings, Viotorla, B. C, within thirty days
after the iisst appearance of this notlca ln a
local newspaper. The date of the first publication of this notice Is June Ist, 11128.
' Applicant.
By Qeorge K. Stoeker, Agent.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shde repairs to my
shop for neaf and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
-TPJHE value oi well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
elsewhere.   _
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Vi. iting cards
Sh'p-Mng tags
Price lists
New Type
{Latest Style!
Colombia Avenue and
Uke Street
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotel, Fiust Stbkkt
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of iirst-class land redueed
to $5 an aore; second-class to |i.50 an acre..
Pre-emption uow confined to surveyed
lands only.
Iteoords will be grauted ooverlug ouly laud
suitable for agricultural purposes aud whioh
is uou-tiinber laud.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished, but
parlies of not more thau four may arrange
lor adjacent pre-emptions with jolut residence, but eaoh making ueoessary improve-
men's ou respective claims,
l*re-einptois must occupy claims for five
years ond make Improvements to value ol tli)
per acre, including clearing and cultivation
of ut least 0 acre*, beiore receiving Crown
Where pre-emptor iu occupation uut lex,
than 3 years, uud has mad j propjrliouate
improvements, he may, becuuse of Ill-health,
or other cause, be grauted Intermediate certificate of improvement and trausfer his
Kocords without permanent residenoe may
bc issued, provided applioant mukes im-
1'roveuieuta.toextent of $303 per annum aud
records same eacb year. Failure to make improvements or record same will operate aa
forfeiture. Title cuuuot be obtained in leas
thau 9 years, and Improvements of •H0.U0 por
acre, iueludlng 5 aores cleared oudcultivated,
aud resldcue of at loasi two years are required.
Pre-omptor holdiug Crown grant may r«-
oord another pre-emption, lf he requires laud
lu conjunction with his farm, without aetua
occupation, provided statutory improvement*
uud residence maintained on Crown grauted
Uusurveyed ureas, uot exceeding 30 aore*,
may be leased as homesites; title to be obtained after fuliilliug residential and im •
provemeat conditions.
For grazing and industrial purposes areas
exceeding MO acres may be issued by on* person or oumpuuy.
Mill, factory or industrial sites ou timber
laud exoeodiug <a acres may bo parokased:
conditions luelude payment of ttumage.
Haturul buy ineudowsluaoeewible by existing roads may be purohased conditional upou
construction of tt road to them, '{abate of
oue-bai! of cost ol road, uot exceeding half
of purehaae prloe. is made.
The scope of Ihis Act ls enlarged to uicluge
all dersout joiuliuj ur serving with lils
Maleity's Forces. The time within whioh tht
heirs or devisees ui a deceasedpreempior
may apply Ior title uuder this Vet is extended
from for oue year from thu death of auch
parson, at formerly, uutil one Vear after the
ouuelusloo ol the present war. This privilege
it alsu made retroactive.
No test relating to pre-emptloua are due or
"•" ** "••'■<*— -■■ ure-einptloua recorded
'axes are remitted for
...... ,i   . *****-*». •** is».-«sshfhous are uut or
payable by soldiers onjnre-eu>|>tloua recorded
alter June 26, 1*18.  f_*-** .Sl'-K-lSiSfH*!"
Hve yeara.
I'rovlslou.loi; return of moneys acerutd, dut
aud beau paid since Auy-ust 4, Wil, on ao-
count of payments, fees or taxes on soldiers'
pre tmptlou.
„iJ?s*,!***l' ?¥ "«rce*aeuU to purohase town or
city lots held l.y members of Allied Forces,
or depeudouts, acquired direct or Indirect,
remitted from enlistment to Maroh 11, IHO.
Provision made for issuance of Grown
grants to Jib-purchasers of Grown Lauds,
who lulled to complete purchase. Involving
forlaiture, oo fulfillment of oondltinns of
purchase, Interest and taxes. Where sub-
purchases do not olaim whole of orlgnal parcel, purchase prloe due and taxes may be distributed proportionately over whole area.
Apportions must be made by Hay 1,1010,
Graaing Act, Ult. tor systematic (development of livestock industry provides for graaing districts and range administration under
Commissioner. Annual -rrailng permtta
Iaaued bated ou numbers ranged; priority for
ostabllebed owners, Stock-owners may form
Associations for range management. Free,
or partially iree, permits for settlers, camper*
or travellers, up to ten head.
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped witb
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford


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