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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 18, 1925

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 . '■
In choosing a wife the young man always wants a peach, when it is a hardy variety of winter apple he, needs
The regular meeting oi tbe city
council was held on Monday evening, all the members being present
with tbe exception ol tbe mayor.
In his absence, Aid Liddicoat occupied the (their. Leave of absence
was granted tbe mayor for that
Lot 7, block 11, plso 52, was sold
to O. T. Waterman.
The mayor was appointed a dele
gnte to the Good Roads end Uniun
of British Columbia Municipalities
convention at Victoria.
District Engineer Gwyer sdvletd
the council that be would take up
the matter of .ebuilding Winnipeg
avenue on bis next visit to Grand
A grant of $26 was ma ie to the
Children's Aid society. -
A ciroular letter from Inspector
Baird regarding city maosgerebip
was laid oo tbe table for further
A letter from tbe volunteer fire
department tendering the resigns.
tion of tbe brigade ae a body, was
read, and tbe clerk was instructed to send t circular letter
to eaoh member asking bis views
and wishes in tbe matter.
The watei and light committee
reported tbat the hours of pumping
bad decreased to about six hours
per day; that Mr. Meakes bed re
turned from his vaoatioo, snd tbat
a section of tbe electrio ligbt system
wm being rebuilt.
The board of works reported tbat
several blocks of plank sidewalks
had been rebuilt and many blocks
bad been replaced with cinder
walks; also tbat they were lookiog
into the possibility of providing
drainage of water on Bridge stroet,
adjoining Sixth street.
The sale of tax. lands bylaw was
given its firat tbree readings.
what you Know is trn-
as well aa you."C
Three New Ministers Appointed to the Canadian Cabinet
■' V-___s
jEftc J9E      ____ ■'■■:
All previous re-cords set by the
Manitoba Telephone System, a provincial all-government owned and
operated utility, were surpasaed in
July, when net earnings for the
month were $16,764. A surplus of
$100,000 was predicted fer tha
ent fiscal year.
According to an estimate mnde by
Quebec Automobile Club officials
from data supplied by transportation
companies and garages, 800,000 tourists have already passed through
Quebec this year. Thia, U is explained, is an increase of twenty per cent,
over the total for the whole of laat
Id the reorganization of  the cabi-
Appointed by   Premier   King   to   Whese appointment to the ministry
tbe post of minister of  customs and of immigration and colonization  was net, lie has been appointed  solicitor
excise. announced by Premier King. general
Building permits issued in Winnl-
pog since the beginning of the current year to date have topped the
three million dollar mark, being
$8,034,840 for 1,704 structures. For
the corresponding period of laat year
the total was $2,288,460 for 1,783
buildings, an increase in valne for
this year of $746,390.
Calgary, Sept. 16 —Weather for
greater part of the week wet and
cool; roads are in brd rendition and
harvesting is beld up.
City business ie fair with country
trade described ar good.
Cantaloupes are io plentiful supply but are finding a elo* demand
owing to cool weather. Stock is arriving in very good shape.
Tomatoes are arriving io fair
quantity and mostly in good ooodi-
tion. A carlrom the dry bell arrived
last week end showing many crates
over-ripe with considerable shrink
Apple supplies are sufficient to
meet the demand witb tbe call
mostly for Wealthies. Mcintosh are
arriviog in greater quantities.
Gravensteins bave sold fairly well
bot ara not yet cleaned up.
Imported peaches, peers, prun<s
and plums are still beld in quan
tity. During tbe month of August
tbe proportion of imported fiuitc,
omitting citrus, to tbe total arrivals
at all points in souther Alberta
amounted to about 05 per cent
Importstioni are ow considerably
reduced and British Columbia stock
ia beginning to dominate tbe market.
British Columbia peer arrivals up
to date bnve bren very small; tbe
market is practically supplied
with imported stook.
Mcintosh i-n,b: apple prices
are follows: Crates tl 45, Fancy
•1.75, Ext a Fancy $2.
Standard winter onions, fo.b.
prioe, 180 per ton.
■ Car Arrivals—From British Columbia: 10 oars fruit and vegetables,
fi cars vegetables,! oar apples, 1 oar
oantaloupes, 2 oars onions Spain.
From Washington: 2 ears mixed
fruit, 8 oars pears. California: 1 oar
Calgary wholesale prices:
Apples,   B C,   Grevenstein,
Extra Fancy, per box 12.75
Box,Fanoy  2.50
Crate, 1.90 to   2 00
Apples,  B C , Mcintosh  Red,
box, Extra Fancy  2 75
Fane,', box   2 65
C grade, per box, 2.40   2.50
Crates, 2.15 to  2.26
Apples, B.C., Wealthy, Fancy,
box, 2.25 to,  2 3C
Crates  1.90
Apples, B C.Alexandej, crates,
1 75 to  1.85
Apptes,B.C,King,Cgrade,box 2.2 5
Orates, 1.90 to  2.00
Apples,B.C.,Blenheim, crates,
1.90 to  2.06
Apples, B.O, Cellini, C grade,
box  2.25
Apples,   B.C.,   Cox    Orange,
crates  2 00
box, 2.00 to  2 25
Pears, B.C.,   Bartlett, Fancy.
box, 8.25   3.60
Pears, Wash., Fancy. 3 50 to . 3.75
Plums) B.C., Bradshaw, crate,
layered   1.75
Plums, B.C., Pond's Seedling,
crate, layered  1.75
Plums, B.C, Bradshaw, crate,
jumble  1.50
Plume, B.C., Pond's Seedling,
crate, jumble,  1.50
Plums, B.C., Greengage, crate,
jumble  2.00
Plume, Wash.,Hungarian,crate 2.25
Prunes, B.C.,Italian, box, 1.00-1 16
Prunes,Wssb .Italian,box, 1.00 1.15
Prunes, Wash , Italian, crate.. 1.50
Bla kberries, B.C., crate, 2.00. 2.50
Cantaloupes, BO, Standards,
orate,.3.26 to  3 75
Peaohes,  Wash., Elberta, per
box, 1.50 to  1.85
Tomatoee.B.O,per crate. 85c... .90
Tomatoes,B.C.,green, per box,
1.16to  125
Cucumbers,B.C,box, 75c to.. .85
Potatoes, B C. cwt sacks, per
ton, 45 00 to 60.00
Potatoes, Alta., owt sacks, per
ton  40.00
Onions, B.C.,cwt, sack, Standard, 2.60 to  3.00
Onions, B.C.,pickling, box .... 1.75
Peppers,B.C.,green,per lb,12c„ ,15
Oom,Alta.,box or si.ck.per doz .35
Celery,B.C , orate, per Ib 5o to .06
Celery,Alta.,crate, per lb 5c to .06
C*ulifiower,Alta ,crate,per doz 2.00
Cabbage,Alta, crate, per lb... .02$
A vein of ore running from eight
to fifteen' inches in width with ore
that promises to rival in silver values
the highest grade shipments wbicb
haye been made from the Beaverdell
mining oamp, is reported uncovered
on the Elkhorn Fraction at Greenwood. A carload shipment of this
ore will be seottotbe smelter within a few days' and those interested
believe tbe shipment will run from
300 to 500 ounces of silver to tbe
ton, witb the average to the car of
Speaking at Guelpb, Out, last
week, Premier Kiog bit back at tbe
opposition leader, wbile deolariog
tbat he bsd nol yet bad time to
study Mr. Meigben'e speech in detail.
He took up Mr. Meighea's charge
that the government bad no achieve
ments to its oredit. In reply to tbe
charge, Mr. King asserted in his
speech tbat tbe government bad,
1. Reduced expenditure by
$100,000,000 in tbe last four
2 Reduced taxation to 75
per oent of what it was.
3. Reduced tbe public debt
by $83,000,000, wbile tbe
Meighen government bad increased it by $173,000,000,
4. Added to the national
railway debt less than was
added by the Meighen government.
"Are these not achievements?'
the premier questioned.
Referring to Mr. Meighen's Wing-
bam speech, tbe premier declared
tbat Mr. Meighen bad not taken
the trouble to analyze tbe situation
carefully, but bad dealt in generali
ties "mixed witb some abuse ol
"One of the things tbat Mr.
Meighen says," proceeded tbe premier, "is that tbe government lias
no achievements to its credit. When
we look office the expenditures
amounted to $460,000,000. We bave
out tbis down by $100,000,000 in
tbe four years we have been in office
I ask you, is that not an achievement)
"When you lake tbe amount of
money that was raised from the
people in taxes when we took office
and compare it witb the amount
raised now, you will find that for
every dollar raised in taxes four
years ago the people are now being
taxed only 75 oents.
"In otber words, we are only taka
ing from tbe people, or did laet
year, three-quarters of the amount
raised in taxation four years ago.
"More tban that, during the two
years Mr. Meighen was io office
after the war was over, the public
debt waa Increased by tbe amount
of $173,000,000. During the last
tbree fiscal years wa have reduced
the public debt by some millions of
The indications are that Europe
may absorb as many apples from
Canada and tbe United States as last
year, reports Edwin Smith, foreign
market specialist of the department of
agriculture at Washington, who has
just returned from abroad.   While it
Heavy shipments of thie season's
crop of potatoes in Fredericton, N.B.,
are now being made to tha Cuban
market from the potato belt en the
Upper St. John Rivar, accerdlng to
the provincial superintendent st tha
crops and soil division of the Department of Agriculture. There hava
been large conslgnmente trom Carte-
ton and Victoria counties.
Greater Montreal's population la
now estimated at 1,028,000, according to the 1925 issue of Lovell's
Montreal Directory just published.
Population of the city proper ia eati-
■ mated at 907,600. Population ln the
is true that the English apple is bet«| guburbi «_ .urreundlng country is
ter both as to quantity and quality given as 120,600. The last estimate
than in 1924, yet it is scarcely more! of Greater Montreal's population,
than half a full crop and the varieties
that show the best promise aro cooking varieties. The continental crop is
very short and will soarcely be a'
factor in the deal.
Germany wi.l eiart taking volumes,
of apples from tbe  American   conti-1
by  the  same  authority, gave the
population as 979,027.
Work for tbe best and let hoping
for the beat be a side issue.
A party consisting of twelve Chinese students from Hong Kong and
Peking arrived In Montreal recently
to take up temporary positions in
departments and shops of the Cana-
I dian Pacific Railway, in order to
nent oarl.er than last year aud if the famUiarize themselves with tha rail-
market is handled (udieiously, Mr.' way situation in Canada. They will
Smith advises, will take steady con. J remain a few montha and then re-
signments in greater volume  than   in i turn to, China *? make J-**-*-*-*-**-1 •»•
.„„, of the information they acquire.
Dealing with crop conditions on
the American continent, a bulletin
from the department of agrieul ture
"A heavy crop of apples in Nova
Scotia will somewhat offset Virginia's
shortrge, while in the boxed apple j
deal British Columbia's reduced crop
will ease up on the competition with
our Pacific Coast states.
Calgary, Alberta. — Tha Ne. 4
The Jewish people tbe world over! Royalite well  (Imperial), continues
will celebrate tbeir Rosb Hashanab,   to   Bmal!e  geologists.   Ita   naptha
or New Year.    Fiiday,September  pr^uctio" blcrea8ediuly *° M8'1,88
1Q .   , ,    *.-. ,       f     .   ,    I gallons, 78 degrees Beaume, an In-
18, ushers in tbe 5686tb year of tbe | creaM „ _■ bBrreU __y ovw _«
Jewish   calandar, and  will  be oh-  June   production.   The   production
served  by attendance at  places of  continues to ins—ease and the flow of
Among the notable personages
who arrived in Canada during the
•firat week in September from Europe
were Princess Patricia, Sir Thomas
and Lady Grattan, aad the Earl and
Countess of Mar and Kellie, all of
whom were on the Canadian Pacific
steamship Mountroyal; James Oliver
Curwood on the Empress of Scotland and Baroness Orczy an ths
Montnalrn, of the saae Una.
No  one  r ally scoffs at publio
opinion. It is always relentless.
gas at 20,000,000 cuble feet a day Is
being maintained. This flew will
shortly be harnessed te supply Calgary.
Preparations are under way fer
the holding in Montreal in June next
year of the annual convention of the
American Association of Railroad
Superintendents. J. K. Savage, General Superintendent, Canadian Pacific, was elected chairman of the
arrangements oommittee, and plans
were made for the organization of a
complete committee to go ahead with
the business of making the convention a success.
J nder.secretary   of  state  in  the
MacDonald government in   Britain
who has boen apphinted by the Bald
win ministry  to  an   important com- |
mission dealing with immigration  to
the Dominions.
A despatch from London states
that in the past three weks more
than 20,000 boxes of Quebec-made
chs-sese have arrived and been sold in
London at good prices, the quality,
it is said, being of the beat. It is
pointed out that If Quebec products
are to obtain the position they deserve here lt is necessary te keep
continuous supplies coining, in order
to make them known to the general
public, rather than to make either
isolated or occasional speculative
shipments. Along this line, some
7,000 boxes of Quebec-made cheese
wont forward from here to the Len-
tka market during tht fast weefe
Delegates to the Liberal eonven.
tion to be held in Penticton next
Friday to nominate a candidate for
Yale constituency were chosen at a
meeting of the Qrand Forks Liberal
association in G.W I V.A. hall on
Tuesday evening.
The meeting was well attended, indicating than that a great deal of interest is taken in the forthcoming
contest. In the unavoidable absence
of President McCallum, Vice President Donaldson occupied the chain
The following delegates wefa
Brown Creek—Robert Simpson,
Wylie Glover.
Cascade—R. Q. Ritchie, Jamee
Paulson—A. F. Miohener.
Grand Forks—Mrs. A. F. Michener, Mrs. FD. Gojdon, Mrs, J.
Graham, Mrs. Ed Graham, D. McPherson, E. C. Henniger, John Don-
oldson, 0Gec. C. Egg, Pete Honsen.
Alternates: Geo. O'Keefe,K. Scheer,
W. C. Chalmers, F. J. Miller.
D. McPheason, member for Grand
Forks Greenwood, made a short address on federa issues in olvedtnthe
election. He emphasised the fact that
the concessions already obtained in
the way of freight equalization were
worth more to the people of tbis province than they at prosent realised;
and still further benefits in this connection were to follow. These concessions, he said, would not have
been granted had not the gcverninent
at Ottawa been friendly to the west
British Columbia, said the speaker,
shonld show its appreciation for the
favors already secured by returning
a Bolid Liberal delegation. Mr. McPherson also touohed briefly on a
number o other subjects.
In this end of the district Col. C.
E Edgett seems to be the favorite
for Liberal standard-bearer.
Vancover, Sept. 16.—Tbe manifest
being prepared for tbe sailing of the
Canadian Pacific liner Empress of
Asia Thursday does not indicate that
exports from Canoda to China are
falling off as a result of the trouble in
Hongkong and Shanghei.
Flour, automobiles, metal, canned
goods and 10,000 boxes of apples will
go forward on thiB ship.
Japan has lifted the embargo
against Canadian apples und when
the Empress sails she will have tbe
first big shipment to be made from
here this season.
Many prominent passengers will go
out on thiB ship, and a number of
traveler.- who make trips to the Orient
every winter in the interests of trade
promotion are booked for this trip,
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, af recorded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max.    Min.
Sept.ll— Friday 77 63
12—Saturday    84 43
13—Sundav  86 45
14—Monday      86 42
10-'Inesday    73 43
16—Wednesday.-.. .. 67 43
17—Thursday    75 38
Kainfall 05
Charles Hudson, of Anderson,
Ind., who loBt the use of one eye io
an accident twenty-five year «co,
recovered tbe sight of tbe optic
when he wns struck in the «*.■• hy
fluid fro , a lire extinguish, r wMIe
fighting a small fire.
The four-act drama, "The Fool,''
was broadcast by KGO from Oiik'iind
la»t night. The play carries* n veiy
healthy iroral Most people ■.« »•
adays could iinuiove their usefulness
to society by adopting it. THE SUN: GRAND FOBKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
®ht (Irani. 3farka Bun
Carneades. Platonic doctrines, as taught by
Plato and Antiochus respectively, are often
spoken of as the Fourth and Fifth academies.
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) SI.OO
One Year (in the United States)  „....  1.50
Addresr -■> -~-
PhonbIOIR ~ GitAso Fomcs, B. C,
-'cations to
|.iThk Grand Fohks Son
Grand Forks.
Notes ♦ Notions • Notables
Id another week, it may safely be assumed,
the federal election campaign will be in full
swing all over Canada. At present it looks as
if the gavernnient would be returned by a
good majority. The country had two years of
Mr. Meighen as prime minister. He made a
sorry mess of national policies. It is notjlikely
that the people of Canada will want to repeat
the experiment by entrusting the affairs of the
country to his care. British Columbia owes
much to the King government, and if the convention at Penticton next Friday does no t
make the mistake of nominating a w akllng,
we shall certainly expect to see Yale in the
Liberal column en election night.
The coal crisis in England served to recall
the methods employed by the miners in bringing their grievances to public attention more
than a century ago—in 1815. At that time the
workers made their protest in person They
dragged loads of coal to London and demanded to see the prince regent. But the magistrate sent f)r them, told them they must not
bother London's august personages, and bade
them go back to their work. And they went
back home, carrying their loads behind them
We might- use the glamorous words of childhood's fairy tales, "Long ago and far away," to
''ill of Elgin cathedral, whose seven hundredth
'iTthday was celebrated on August 5 and 6,
S ) long ago as the twilight time of tbe Middle
Hi,'es, so far away as Rome, must we go for
the beginnings of the story of this hoary old
pile, whose influence has been casting its spell
upou the lives of the dwellers in the old prov-
in09 of Moray from that far-off time to the
p.-;sent. There is an old tradition that the
Culdees founded the church to begin with, just
as they did that of Birnie. In any case, the
sita was already hallowed by many sacred associations, when Bishop Andrew Meray, scion
of the powerful house of De Moravia, moved
the Cathedral of Spynie to the Church of Holy
Trinity in Elgin.
London's first park jazz concert was attended by 20,000 people, many arriving an
hour and a half before the advertised time of
Sir Jagadis Chundra Bose, famous Hindoo
scientist, has invented an instrument witb
wbich one can see through a heavy book. But
many books are so heavy that it would be a
torture to have to see through tbem.
C. C. Peters of thn bureau of standards,
Washington, has completed a new ruler,which
he thinks is absolutely free from mathematical
error and therefore the most accurate in the
world. It has a scale with rulings only five
one hundred-thousandths of an inch wide and
spaced with an accuracy of at least two mil-
lionths of an inch. Compl.tion of the ruler
upsets the old saying that nothing made by
man can be perfect, as scientists declare the
scale is free from error. The new scale will
be used in tho calibration of micrometer
The word "set" used in relation to a set of
teeth is a general term and may correctly be
applied either to ail the teeth or to only part
of them. For instance, it is correct to say, he
has a good set of upper teeth or a good set of
lower teeth. On the other hand, it is also correct to say, he has a good set of teeth, meaning both the upper and lower teeth taken
together. If no modifying word such as
',upper" or "lower" is used, "set of teeth" is
understood to include both.
The food of alligators usually consists of
raw meat and raw fish. They consume more
food in summer than in winter.
The pride that goeth before a fall taketh a
tumble to itself.
How tremendous a role the earthquake has
pi tyed in the history of mankind is once more
hinted in a discovery of the expeditionary
force from the University of Pennsylvania
museum at Beisan (once Bethshean, later
S -ythopolis) in Palestine. The force has uncovered the ruins of a temple of Bacchus of
which the columns were six feet in diameter.
Anong the columns, which had toppled over,
were a portion of an enormous foot, in all
probability from a heroic statue of Bicch us,
and some delicate Roman mosaics, utensils
and statuary.
A vigorous family, the Doyles.both mental
Iv and physically.   One of Conan Doyle's sis
t is married a clergyman named Angel, a dear
n ,'ly fellow. They lived near to us at Walling
I'cird, and next door to them happened to li ve
another clergyman named Dam.    And  later
on Dam was moved to Goring and found himself next door   to a Roman (Jatholic priest
whose name was Father Hell.   Providence, I
take it, arranges these little things to some
wise purpose.—Jerome K. Jerome.
Poems From Other Lands
Though other women's bnsbands ride
Along tbe road iu prond array,
My husband, up tha rough hill fide,
On foot mnst wend his weary way.
The grievous sight with bitter pain
My bosom fills, and many a tear
Steals down my cheek, and I would fain
Do ought to help my husband dear.
Cornel take the mirror and the veil,
My mothei'8 parting gifts to me;
In barter they must sure avail
To buy an horse to carry thee!
And I should purchase me an horse,
Must not my wife still sadly walk?
No, nol though stony be our course,
We'll trudge along and sweetly talk.
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer
Cross" on tablets you'are not
getting the genuine Bayer product proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians for 25
Accept only a
Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Alao bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Aspirin Is Use trade mark (reHstes—1 ln
Canada) of Bayer Manufacture ot Mono-
acetlcacldester of Sallcyllcaclil.
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by thc City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
^Pricesi--From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms ("Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
Butter exported from Canada during the twelve months ending lone,
1925, amounted to 25,096,120 pounds,
valued at 98,934,794, a decided increase ever the figures of the previous year when exports amounted to
18,668,879 pounds, valued at IS.Ml,-
634, according to s report iseiod by
the Federal Department of Agriculture. Shipments were made to tke
United Kingdom, the United Statea,
South America, South Africa, Weat
Indies, Alaska, China, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Cuba, Holland, New
Zealand and many other countries.
Jamee Oliver Cu-—rood, the well-
known American novelist, who ereee-
ed not long ago to Europe an the
"Empress of France" and returned •
few weeka later to Canada en tke
"Empress of Scotland," whelmed
the following meeaage from the
"Scotland" to the Canadian Paelfle
headquarters in Mantreal: "Oaa
never fully expreaa my appreciation
of the aplendid treatment aeeerded
me by Captain Gilliaa and Captain
Griffithi, and the staffs aboard the
'Empress ef Fram**' and the Impress ef Scotland.'"
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware |
A party ef Britieh journalists la
now touring Canada at the invitation ef President E. W. Beatty, ef
the Canadian Pacific Railway, fer
the purpose of gaining firat hand
knowledge ef economic and induatrial conditions in thia country. They
are John A. Buist, Glaegew Herald)
C. J. Jory, London Daily Telegraph)
F. K. Peterson, London Time*; H.
Read, Senth Wales Daily Newa,
Cardiff; Captain E. Altham, Leaden Morning Peat; Hugh Martin,
London Daily Newa; R. A. CelwilL
Western Morning News, Plymeath)
W. A. Renton, Daily Chronicle, Lor
don; J. F. Chapter, Westminster
Gazette, London; Jeka Sayan, Belfast Telegraph. .,_,..]
A   wise man does his duty; a fool
does his friends—and loses them.
Better   a   little  well kept, than a
great deai forgotten.
The Academic School of Philosophy was a
school of philosophy founded by Plato the
Athenian (B. C. 438 347), and so named be
cause his lectures were delivered in the "aca
demy,'or groves of Academus, near Athens
It comprised the Old academy, which consisted of Plato and his immediate disciples; the
Second or Middle academy, led by Arcesiiaus;
and the New academy, or sceptical scqool  of
olncient History
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
Martin Burrell will have a tine display of
fruit and plants at the Nelson fair.
Three Grand Forks people were married in
as many different States last Wednesday—
Miss Lily E. Taylor and J. P. Ohenier, at
Spokane, Wash.. G. M. Fripp and Miss Wood,
at Payette, Idaho, and Fred H. Knight and
Miss Berjba Julia Bradley, at Corning, Cal.
The poles for the high tension line of the
West Kootenay Power & Light company have
been set from Bossland to Cascade, and the
stringing of the wire will soou commence.
The floating population of Midway has decreased during the past week, due to the fact
that railway contractors are now rusing work
and using all the available help.
Ella Ewing, the Missouri giantess, is in the
city tonight. If the richest man in town should
take a notion to lay his heart and fortune at
Ella's feet, tbey would not make much of a
showing by the side of her No. 27 boots.
When the treaty of peace between Russia
and Japan was announced, The Sun purposely
refrained from going into hysterical ecstasy
over the event.because its prophetic vision|fore
saw more bloodshed ahead. The rioting which
has been induldged in on both sides since the
treaiy was signed, almost leads one to the con
elusion that it would have an act of mercy if
President Koosevelt had allowed the belliger-
a ts to continue the fight to a finish.
One of the qualities which add greatly
to life is that of friendliness, and there
is no more friendly medium of communication than the human voice. That is
one reason why the long distance telephone is appropriate for business and
and social purposes.
British  Columbia Telephone
Dr. Lejjard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youthf ulness, Energy and Fit-
ness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression md Ner"
vousnnss is banished under the influence of these Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The akin becomes olear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous-hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass) Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects after. Un tbe contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and* feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool ltoad,)Barnsbury,
An Opportunity to Win 55,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun has oonoluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which we oan offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art calj
endar with a most beautiful picture subjeot ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prise of 15,000 eaeh.
In the Federal Eleotion of 1931 there were 3,119,306 votes east out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes wili be polled in the next Federal Election! ;'::'^*
The Bemly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Pollers
in94 prizes (or the bait eitinvate, and our arrangement with the publishers
of that great weekly gives every Qrand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
to make an estimate and perhaps win the capital prise of $5,000. Some person
will win.    Why Bhould it not be youl
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Coats $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Goats $1.00
per Year.
We now offer a f nil year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.  >
.1       I
All for $1.50
Estimates must be made at time of subscribing, and no changes will be
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
Here is the Sumroer Home of Mister Jack Frost Himself
THIS Is the lee Cave in Mount Sir
Donald, near Glacier, B.C. The
light of the sun streams In through
the opening at the far end causing
the frozen walls to glisten as though
built of a thousand times ten thousand diamonds. It is rumored that
this ls the official summer residence
of Jack Frost himself, to which the
Chilly Monarch retires for his annual nap Irom epring time to autumn.
And this is a scene from Mr.
Frost's private grounds, on the roof
of the world in the Canadian Pacific
Rockies. It is here, bo we understand, that Mr. Frost spends most of
his time "when not asleep in hla
Cave. For a pastime he enjoys most
of all riding around oil chunks of
floatlni*; ice and his favourite food
Is a good, deep crackly glacier which
he prefers coated with a generous
frosting of newly fallen snow. When
the winter comes and the nights are
long and dreary he lets out a wild
whoop of joy (so we are told), jumps
on a passing snow cloud and sails
away over the continent, pushing
down mercuries and hooping up
snow drifts wherever he goes.
But after all, nobody takes him
very -seriously these days, for lt
would be a tiresome old world to
live in if Friend Frost didn't come
along once ln a while and give us
something to contrast with the summer.
All tourists' recoraa, mo\or anu
train, are being broken at Banff, Alberta, this year. More than 13,000
ears were registered by the first of
August with the big rush yet to
eome. As many aa 2,000 were under
canvas at one time in the Government auto camp ground.
s       *—'™——
Maple sugar and maple syrup production ln Canada during the season
ef 1925 amounted to 9,791,869 pounds
and 1,672,098 gallons, respectively,
with an aggregate value of $8,825,-
416. This compares with an output
of 9,886,415 pounds of maple sugar
and 1,970,696 gallons of maple syrup
during 1924. Quebec province accounted for over 90 per cent, of the
production of maple sugar and over
half of tha output of maple syrup.
Production of the four basic industries of British Columbia during
1924 aggregated in value $210,692,-
798, as compared with $207,934,041
in the previous year, according te a
statement issued by the Provincial
Government. The 1924 production
was made up as follows, with 1928
comparative figures in brackets:
Forest products, $80,702,000 ($86,-
674,400; agriculture, $60,029,224
($59,189,798); mines, $48,704,604
($41,804,320); and fisheries, $21,266,-
965 ($20,796,928).
Canada's ordinary revenue for the
four months of the present fiscal
year ended July 81 last, shows an increase of $2,932,163 over the same
four-month period last year, according to a statement made by the Department of Finance. . Ordinary revenue for the four months of 1926
amounted to $141,739,416. Ordinary
expenditures during the four-month
period show a decrease from $96,-
(46,641 in 1924 to $96,665,692 thin
George H. Ham, known throughout Canada as the Grand Old Man
ef the Canadian Pacific, celebrated
vhis seventy-eighth birthday on Sunday, August 23rd, and waa the recipient of a deluge of congratulatory
messages from ail parts of the country. Col. Ham has been with the
Canadian Pacific since 1891 and by
Ua social activities and powers aa
an orator has made for himself and
fer the company a veritable army
ef staunch and faithful trie-Aa.
The ethics of Tbe Sun do not
permit it tu print liquor advertise
ments or any other advertisements of
an ojeotionable nature. Last week
we rejected an ad vertisingjeon tract for
meretricious book We feel that our
reuders are as much entitled to pro
teotion from undesirable advertising
as thf-y are from trashy matter in the
newa columns.
FAIR lovers   of winter sports
gathered on the Cavell Glacier at Jasper National Park
on August 21st, for a try-out on
the ash blades. From left to right:
Miss Flora MacDonald, Edmonton,
Alta.; Hiss Doris Neale, Toronto;
Miss Peggy Armour, Perth, Ont.;
Miss Marjorie Neale, Toronto j
Miss Maree MacDonald, Edmonton,
and Miss Marian Greene, New York
City.—C.N.R Photos.
People take The Sun
because they believe
it is worth the price we
charge for it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
advertisnetents. This
is not -always the case
wifh newspapers that
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
$1.00 Brings The Sun to Your Home
Every Week for One Year
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
want businessadvertis-
ing by progressive busi-
ii ess men who know
that sensible advertising brings results and
pay. If you have something to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
and if you have the
goods you can do business with them
I ■
The Perfect Blend
The exquisite fia vor of Salada is
produced by the expert blending of the choicest teas o'rown.
Grote Stirliog, retiring member
for Yale, wae nominated Conservative candidate for this constituency
st the Conservative convention in
Pentioton last Monday night.
Six new Doukhobor schools on the
Djuktiobor colonies inthe Nelson
district, to replace those burned by
incendiaries, were opened on Tuesday, aocording to a statement made
by P. H. Sheffield, inspector of
at Beaverdell to the Guggenheims*
tor $500,000, Mr. Norman 8r. has
been in charge of the Sally for n
number of years He is remaining
at Beaverdell for Ihe present, while
Charles and Louie have left on an
extenhed to the coast cities.
Or. and Mrs. Q. H. Aores and
Mr. and Mra. Kyle left the first of
the week for a vacation trip to Spo
kane and tbeeoast cities. Dr. Pax.
ton, of Nelson, is relieving Dr.
Acres aa Dominion veterinary surgeon during his absence.
Jas. Bradley, of P. Burns & Co.,
ij nursing a sore hand because he
mistook it for the integral part of a
steak the other day.
H. H. Henderson made a trip to
the Republic fair on Saturday-
Tbe honey crop in the valley this
v-^ar was light in weight and a shade
darker in color than usual. The
11 ivor, however, is said to be ex.
o -llenl.
D. McPherBon,member for Grand
F irka Greenwood,visited Beaverdell
on Tuesday.
H. W. Gregory, of Greenwod, was
a visitor io the city Saturday even-
7. Spraggejt came down from tbe
R ick Candy mine on Saturday to
Bpend a couple of days with hip
V. Hine,  vice-principal   of   tbe
publio sohool,   is  confined td  hi
bome on account of a severe cold.
Winnipeg.Sept, 15.—Market conditions here are somewhat better
thia week w tb good supplies of
practically every liue of fruit and
vegetables to hand.
The first car of British Columbia
bulk apples arrived yesterday and
cleaned up quickly; tbese were
Wealthies and sold for 4Jc per
pound, This in comparison to orates
selling at $2.25, should be considered a very good price, aod it is
understood several firms here bave
bulk card rolling.
Local tomatoes are supplying the,
market altogether, retailiog at 10
cents per pouod. Ootario and imported preserving fruit are still supplying the demand.
British Columbia prun3s,bowever,
bave not yet reached here in any
quantity, and the trade has to depend oo the imported prunes.
Wholesale fruit men look for
good buainesB during the present
month, owing to the fact that a
great many people who have been
away from home, at summer resorts
aDd beaches, are now back in tbe
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Montreal tbat
that great family and farm paper
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
has been enabled to reduce ita subscription price to One Dollar • year.
Tbis certainly will be interesting
news in every Canadian home where
the Family Herald is known aod to
many who will avail themselves of
the offer. At two Dollars a year
Tbe Family Herald and Weekly
Star was generally admitted to be
good value, in fact big value, but
w en reduced to One Dollar a year
it will certainly be tbe marvel of
the newspaper world.
Canada is proud of tbat great
Weekly, uod has every reason to he
so, ae it bas no superior aod few
equals in tbe world today. Tbe
publishers announce that notwithstanding tbe cbange in price every
feature will not niy be maintained
but improvements will follow. Tbe
publishers are fortunate in being in
an financial position to do this, aod
Canadian homes will have the advantage. Wben tbe new rate is
made known it certainly will bring
a rush of subscribers to th' Family
Herald. Ooe Dollar is a small
amount for such a great paper.
IN 1935?
The Normans, Charles and Louis
of Beaverdell, and tbeir brother Ed,
will receive approximately $175,000
a-i their share of the proceeds from
tbe sale of tbe Sally group of claims
S :.\I.KI) TBNDKBS will be received by the
Minister ol Landa at Viotorla not later thnn
nuon on the lint (1st) day of Ootober, 1925,
(or the purehaae of Lleeison X730I, to out
l.i.mi lineal feet of Cedar Pnlea and Pllinu
i, '1108,038 lineal leet of fire-damaged Cedar
Pole * and Piling on an aren situated on
North Side of McRae Creek iitLoflerty siding,
Similkameen District.
Three (S) yeara will he allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of thc Chief Forester,
Vle'nria, 11. C, or District Forester, Nelson.
B O.
S iAI.KI) TKNDKKS will be reoelved by the
Distrlot Forester, Nelson, not Inter than
noon on the Mrd day of September, 1112*1,
Isr tht purehaae of Lioence X72U7, near
I'lfe, H. C., to cut 14,099 lineal feet of Cedar
Two yeare will be allowed (or removal of
Farther particulars ol tho Distrlot Forester, Neison.
8KALKD TBNDERS will bo reoelved  by the
Distrlot Foreater, Nelson, not later than
noon on tbe Sard day o( September, 1-J25, for
Hie purchaae of Licence X7086, near Carmi,
lo ent MWFlr and Laroh Ties.
On* (1) year will be allowed for removal
isl timber.
Further particulars .1 the Distrlot Forester, Nelsou.
AN EXAMINATION for Forest RanBers will
beheld ln Penticton on October 14th,
Nelson on October 16th and Cranbrook an Ootober filth, IMS. Applications will be received up to noon Ootober 7th by the Dlatriet Forester. Court House, Nelson, from
whom application forms and full particulars
may be obtained.   Fee 11.00.
Candidates must be British subjects, not
more than forty yeara of ago, residents in
British Columbia for at least ono year, of
good character and * physical condition, with
woods experience and ftimillur with the prao-
tlonl side of IokcIiik. timber cruising, surveying and forest protection, with knowledge of
the For"at Act and able to orgauiae "work and
handle men.
This examination fs to establish nn eligible
I'st forthe next year from which appointments will bo made as rangers are required.
On : ranger ls required immediately.
W. If. MacINNKS.
Civil Service Commissioner,
Victoria, B. C.
Under the heading, "The Inconsistencies of Men," C. B. Fletcher
contributes the following interesting
remarks on freight rates te the
August "Railway Review":
"Man's progress ia measured by
his adaptability-to his surroundings
and his opportunity to trade with his
fellow men by exchanging products.
Transportation is the essential instrumentality for trade, commerce er
business of any kind.
"The phenomenal prosperity of the
United States today is the direct result of the most efficient transportation facilities in the world — Mil-
"Railroad transportation is worth
ten times what it casts today te
every person in this nation. The
railroads haul your meat 600 miles
for 36 cents a hundred pounds, you
pay from 20 cents for cheap cuts to
60 cents for special cuts of meat or
from 60 to 180 times the cost of
"The railroads haul flour 400 miles
for 13 Vi cents a hundred, 7 pounds
for one cent. You pay 10 cents a
pound for brer* or 70 times the cost
ef transportation.
"Yon pay one dollar for a meal at
a first class hotel on which thc
freight charges were less than two
cents, including everything served,
and the coal to cook it, and then tip
the waiter ten cents or five times
what the railroad received for hauling tt 400 miles or more.     i»
"The same mnn who tips the
waiter ten cents will go out and
make a speech .-.nd complain of hi-jii
freight rate-* wbic!) are not one-fj-"ih
ef the nmount of !*:3 tip.
"Consistiiy-y, t:.ju art •. Jewell"
The Royal Trust Co
Selling out the Wilgress
Estate holdings at
{Grand Forks
Tbe Sun Presses have twice tbe
speed of any otber presses in the
Boundary. We can esve yon money
on botb long and abort iuns of commercial priuting and give yon a superior class o( work.
Batabliahed 1910
RealEstate and Insurance |
Resident Agent Grnnd Forka Townsite
Oompany, Limited
Guaranteed Laundry Powder
Neutral Soap Pulverized
Will not injure any fabric. For washing woolens,
wool socks, lace curtain *< dishes, and for all
household use. Washes clothes sweet and clean.
Farms    ^Orchards-     City Property I
-Aleuts at Nelaon, Cala-ery, Wlhnipcs, and [
other Prairie points. Vanoouver A»«nt :      '
Phone 25
'Service and Quality'
Kstrbllshed in 1910, we are in s. position to I
(Ornish reliable Information oonoer-.ln* this
dlltrlot. '
Write (or free literature
E. G. Henniger Co.
IT brings the whole country for miles around vithin easy reach.
Have you seen the new models) They're as graceful as swallows! .As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as aduok? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English .Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Ileal Quality. Real
Value. ■ Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
J. R« MOOYBOER oI^dtobhs,Tl_!
. Open Saturday Evcmnftg Till 10 o'Cloek
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
?Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
ShipYonrCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
Wapny the highest price and assnre
you ths most accurate tast. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Lot 30, Block5 $125
Lots 30-31, Block 18.... 200
Lots 9-10, Block 21 250
Lots 28-29, Block 24.... 120
Lot 11, Block 26     80
Lot 3, Block 31  100
AU in Plan 35.
$10.00 down and $5.00
monthly. Any Reasonable Offer will be
considered for Property as a whole or
Get the habit of
trading at our
George C. Egg
Beal Estate Agent
Royal Bank Building
Repair Work.
Set Building Done
to Order.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
P. O. Box 82       Member N.B.I.
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C
We  have   exceptionally good bargains  in all  our
".' departments
Phone 10
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
TPHE value of well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
- Bail programs
Business cards
Vir"-*ng cards
Sh', ~ing tags
Price lists
New Type
^Latest Style'
Transfer Co.
^AWOANacf^ci i
•City Baggage and General
~ Transfer^        	
Coal*  Wood and  Ice
for Sale
Office at IR. t. PetriVi Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE,' Proprietor
Talk Hotrl,  First* inggr
Colombia Avenue and
Lake Street    '
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen shortly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C.
Furniture Made to Order.
Alao Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
5 WIS OF   ,
Vaoant,      unreaerred,      serveyee
Crema landa may ke are-taaptod ky
Uritlsh subjects ovar ll years st age,
an* lr atttns ea desisxlng tstanUan
io teem* ~ '" -~—-----~-■
British  subjects.
bap——sment   tar    aarfcmltaral
MB into—nation oonoer_n( rsg-s-
atiss-s regarding ri-e-esaptieaa la
tirrni fc Bulletin Ne. L Land iertos.
'How to Pre-empt LeaeV esetsa et
whieh sen be obtains* Oreo of oharce
by addrssslng tho Dona Uu Mat at
[sands, Viotorla, B.C. or to any Otov-
rnment Agent
Bissfda wlU bo mated oovorina
i ul? land suitable iar agricultural
purpoeto, and whieh is not timber-
land, Lsv, oarrying over MM board
tool Mr aere west et tho Coast Range
and MM
io be ililrissil to
nlsstonsr of tho Laad RooortUng Division, In whioh the land applied Isr
'a situated, and are maas on printed
forma ooeoto ot whioh oan be obtained trom the Land Oemmlialoner.
Pre-emptions must bo occupied for
ftoe yean and —>prov—aonts mnde
to valus of |lt per aoro, Inoludlng
olsaring and cultivating at leaat «vo
aor**, before a Crown Grant ean be
Tat more detailed Into—I Mon see
tho   Bulletin    "How    to    rr-t-ampt
foot "per aere.oast of thnt
for pre-emptlona i
tha Land Co
Dominion M   < -mental Work*
Asbestos Pro.: :    =• Co. BooBng
Applications ars reoelved for ft-
chase of vaoant and unrsserved
drown lands, net being tlmberlaad,
tor agricultural purposes; minimum
prise of flrst-olase (arable) land (a. II
per aers, and ssoond-olass (graaing)
land $180 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands ls given ln Bulletin
Me. le, Land Beriee, "Purohase nad
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factorr, or Industrial sites on
Umber land, not •deeding 41 acres,
mas be purohased or leased, ths con-
dttfens Inoludlng payment at
U-asurveyed araaa, net exosedlng M
ms, mar bs leased aa homosltea,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected In the flrst year, title being
obtainable after residence and improvement conditions srs fulfilled
and land has boon surveyed.
For'graaing and  Industrial   purposes araaa not etneeiUng IM aeres
may be leased by one person er a
Under too Orasing Aet the Frev-
Inoo Is divided Into graringdtstriets
and the range administered under a
Orasing Commissioner. Annual
graslng permits are Issued based on
numbers rannred, priority being given
•o establish:!! owners. Stook-owners
nay  form   naaoclntloni    for    range
nanagement. Free, or partially free,
•:r.-lt3  ars available   for    ssttWrsi
■■.m-.e.,-"   and   f■•••eJieraj   *.*•   to   t..l
.. Rd. f'


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