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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 10, 1925

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Array F
If mirrors portrayed us as others see us we would not use them
Will Shorten the Distance
:   Between   the  Producer
' ..."     .     •    ■ • .
nnd  Consumer and Increase Distribution
The management of the
Associated Growers of British
Columbia, Li mi ted, announce
the .'K'oeptance and endorsation by the directors of their
sales executive's recommendations as to 1925 marketing
plans. These provide for the
establishment of distrbuting
warehouses at central prairie
points, combined with a highly efficient staff of salesmen
to 'secure distribution direct
to the retailer at all outlying
Active work in connection
with the carrying out of this
plan is now proceeding. The
plan is popular with the producer and received the unqualified endorsation of such
successful exponents of co-
operetion as W. L. Macken
and W. J. Park of the Fraser
Valley Milk Producers' asso
ciation, who are active direc
tors of the Associated Growers.
Previous tc making this
decision, the AssociatadGrow-
ers had decided to enter the
brokerage field under the
* name of The 'Canadian'Fruit
'Distributors, Limited. This
plan will be modified and representatives established at
Vancouver and Winnipeg
From repoats-to'hand from
prairie retailers, the plan as
outlined will receive their undivided snpport and it is felt
that the action indicated will
be highly acceptable to all
growers, there being every
teason tb believe all producers
will rally to the support of
the organization and its directors in their efforts to
bring the producer and consumer closer together.
Unsatisfactory distributing
channels havo long chafed the
producer and consumer ajike,
and the adoption of the
above-mentioned policy will
mean a tremendous shortening of the distance between
these two individuals, with a
consequent increase in distribution.
"Ted me what you Know is tni»*
I can guess as well as you."
FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1925
responsible fnr the den lb of Peter
Vereein, to whioh Inspector Dub-
•wobdy retorted that if they conld
prove who had been responsible for
Veregin's death he would see tbat
within twoday8 of the production
of such proof they would be pfid
the reward of 13000 wbich wes offered.
Hint of a nude parade i.b a protest against measures the government
might take in enforcing the acboo)
law was giver.
"You bave the power to seize our
property for piyncent of fines, but
if you do, all we can do is to take
off our outer garments," snid one
spokesmen, and tnu mnrs whicb ap
peared to be of approval, csme from
tbe Doukhobors, who were massed
in front of tbe community meeting
place, the women to the right of the
speakers and the men to tbe left.
Wden Inspector Dunwoody and
Inspector Sheffield pointed out tbat
the Doukhobors ii refusing to obey
the law were opposing not only the
government of British Columbia,
but all the people, Ibe Doukhobors
cn'ul they recognized the power of
the law, but teclnred tbat they
wanted to be left alone to live their
own lives and tbat if their chattels
were seized and sold to pay flues
they could on!y, like Peter Veregin,
"go down," wbicb tbey explained
meant they would die tbrough
A minute or two later the ques-*
tion was put to tha whole mass:
"Will you obey the school law?"
and from the crowd came tbe
chorus in Russian, ".No," the loud.
est resDonse being from tbe romei-i,
who frequently during tbe meeling
ebowened even more clearly than
tbe men their determination not to
send their children to school.
Locally tbere has been considerable excitement in connection with
the Doukhobor question during the
present week. Yesterday morning
thirty-five Doukhobors were sums-
mooed to appear before Magistrate
McCailum on a charge of not send-*
ing tbeir children lo school. Tbey
were fined #100 each and costs,
amountiu•■ to aoout (7.85 in eacb
case. None of ths defendants'apn
peared at tbe trial. Tomorrow tbe
second act of tbe drama, wbicb pos
Besses many of the elements of a
tragedy, wtll be staged, wben die-
trees proceedings will be instituted
and property seized from tbe colony
to cover tbe fines.
Tbe operations bere to campel
tbe Doukhobors to send tbeir children to s bool are being carried out
under (ibe direction of Inspector W.
K. Dunwoody of the provincial police, School Inspector P. H. Shet
field and Chief Fraser.
Brilliant Doukhobors
Will Not Obey Laws
Nelson, April 6 —Twenty five
hundred Doukhobors in mass meet
ing assembled at Brilliant yesterday
afternoon declaied to Inspector VV
R Dunwoody of tbe provincial p>
lice and School Inspector P. H.
Sheffield tbat tbey would not.send
children to school.
Messrs. Dunwoody nod Sheffield
told tbe meeting of tbe definite in»
structioga from tbt attorney general
and minister of education that tbe
law must be enforced.
The recusal was definite and
categoric They wouldn't obey tbe
school laws of British Columbia,
they said, because these laws were
contrary to tbe Doukhobor interpretation of "the laws of God."
Educated people, the/ said, were
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on B. F. Law's ranch:
April 3—Friday  74
,      4—Saturday    73
5—Sunday  71
6—Monday     75
7—Tnesday    78
8—Wednesday  79
9—Thursday...  82
Rainfall 00
The man she might have matried for love, and the man she did
marry for money.
Speaking at New Westminster Wendesdsy night,
Premier Oliver predicted that
the province was on the eve
of tremendous development
which assnred a greater degree of prosperity for all.
"Never have I seen during
my snven years as premier of
this province such fectors at
work for a larger degree of
prosperity than at the present
time." The premier referred
briefly to the marvellous
growth and development of
the mining,lumbering,fishing
and agricultural industries
during the past ten years,
which, he said, should dispel
any gloom or pessimism now
Vancouver, April S.—Every few
months Hon. Jobn Oliver, premier
of British Columbia, feels that be
must leave the big stone buildings at
the capital and return lo his farm,
where hecan put on bis long boots
and wade around his Delta rancb,
inspecting the stock and making
suggestions for spring plowing.
Tbis is one of the days, and the
premier was in tbe city tbis morning witb  the  happiest smile he has
worn in months, on the way to   the
Next week Mr. Oliver will go to
Ottawa oo tbe freight rates question.
He will also go into tbe Peace river
development situation.
"I have my teeth in tbe question
of equalized freight rateB for British
Columbia, and I am going to shake
it until the province gets its rights,"
said the premier.as be swung aboard
the train, bound for the farm.
J C. Ray and family, late arrivals
in the city from Saskatchewan,have
moved into Harvey Hansen's house
in the West end.
Vaccination Beneficial f£j
To Coast City
Vancouver, April 9 —No new
cases of smallpox were reported today, and only one new case was die-
covered yesterday and none tbe day
before. Dr: F. T. Underbill, MB.
O., states that tbis is tbe moat hopeful sign go far that tbe epidemic is
on the wane.
News of the City
Yesterday afternoon was visitors
day at he Centtral public sohool,tbe
staff and pupils having set aside tbe
half day for the purpose of entertaining parents aud all others in.
terested in educational work. A
large number of people availed them
selves of tbe opportunity to visit the
school, and all took a keen interest
in the display in the -lass.roomB of
the various kinds of work done by
the pupils during tbe present term.
Tbe business meeting beld by
tbe Liberal Ladies on Tuesday
evening in tbe Liberal committee
roome was well attended. Optism
ism as to tbe outcome of the coming
contest was noticoable among tbe
A number additions of names to
and eliminations from tbe voters'
list were made at tbe special sitting
tbe court of revision in tbe government office in tbis city last Tuesday.
M. H. Burns and A. N. Docksteader made a business trip to
Greenwood this week.
Beverage Peddler in Cairo
Beverage Peddler in the Cairo Bazaars photographed on Canadian Padflc
S.S. Empress of France during her world tour which concludes May 2
and then goes on the "Hound America" trip via San Francisco, Balboa,
Colon, Havana to New York whicli is rcac-lied May 23. A number of
Canadians will take thia latter part of the trip.
Tbe trout fishing season in tbe
Kettle river and tbe North Fork
will open on May 1, bnt in Boundary creek and its tributaries a
closed season until 1927 has been
declared tbrough the effort? and
recommendations of tbe Qreenwood
and District Rod and Gun club.
H. W. Gregory, of the public
works department, ie taking a
month's vacation.
Charles Shannon, of the North
Fork, bad his face severely cut on
Mondy by a stick of timber which
bounced up while he wai peeling it.
He came to towu and had several
stitcbes put in tbe wound.
The sixth annual convention of
tbe British Columbia Teachers'
Federation will convene in Penticton on Tuesday, April 14, the first
Bession commencing at 8:15 a.m. in
the Senator Sbatford school audi*
toriurn. Seven sessions are planned,
whicb will occupy tbe attention of
the delegates until Thursday nigbt.
rtiis gathering gives promise of be*
ing tbe most largely attended convention ever held in Penticton, approximately 400 being expected,
and in all probability will Us to tbe
Utmost the hotel and auditorium
Keremeos, July 6 —if Jonathan
apples could be marketed in good
condition in March or April, how
much would grower** e*n*- a 11 v benefit? If Wioeiaps could be marketed
in July,what would that alone mean
to increased returns to growers?
No one can compute it \V. H.
Hardy, KeremeoH, who docs ii, «nd
has d me it wilh alight variations in
selling dates for tbe p.ist three
years, siys in his case at any rate
it lus netted him at least double
the average returns to growers H e
tells bow he does it aud how he believes others may do it.
Iu bis orchard he has a cellar dug
out of a convenient bank, wilh access from ilie road level. The cellar
is 50 feet by 2(3 feet. It is covered
with poles and boardrj, hay and
topped with eirth. Hardy picker!
his apples.J onatbaas.Qrimes Golden,
Wagner, Spitz, Deliciius and Wine.
■saps, early, then let them cool off in
orchard boxes, put the boxes in Ins
cellar storage, closL-d up, left Ihe
farm on Christmas day, returned the
middle uf Marcb, took out his apples, wrapp d and packed them nnd
sold them last week in Vanoouver to
net him $1.75 per box easily.
Films Will Be Broadcasted, Says Expert
Baltimore, Md., April 7. The invention of a device known as "The
Prismatic Ring" will enable radio
fans to see the next Olympic games
as well as bear the cheering, it wae
predicted in a report to tbe Ameris«
can Chemical society, in session
here today, by the inventor, C.
Francis Jenkins,of Washington,D C.
Mr. Jenkins explained that still
pictuaes are now excellently done
both by radio and by wire.and that'
as the speed of the apparatus is the
only difference between stillf end
movies, tbe public may confidently
expect radio movies soon.
The prismatic ring is a new com-
tribution to optical science, the report said.
It Makes a Difference
Whose Ox Is Gored
After an acrimonious debate,' in
which reference was made to the
Doukhobors' defiance of tbe laws,
the Nelson city council on Tuesday
night, by a majority vote decided to
take no action on compulsory vac«
cination. Aid. J. H. Bennett, M.
D., declared tbe aldermen who disliked vaccination were placing tbem-
ing on tbe level with tbe Doukhobors.
W. K. Esling Will Be
Candidate in Kootenay
W. K. Esling, ex M.L.A. for
Rossland, waB nominated in Nelson
on Tuesday afternoon as Conserva..
tive candidate for Kootenay Wesl in
the next federal elections. Major E.
Mullandaine of Creston wns also proposed, but was defeated on a ballot.
Sixty-one delegates were present.
The convention also urged the reversion to tbe straight "Conservative" party name.
C. D. Blackwood was elertid
president, G. F. Motion vice preei»
dent and E. G Matthews secretary
ofthe Kootenay West executive.
All are Nelson men.
Attorney General Says
Law Will Be Enforced
Victoria, April 6.—"We have a
law and it must be enforced," said
Attorney General Manson tonight
in respect of the Doukhobor situation at Grand Korks. Despite all
threats made by the Doukhobors,
the government proposes to enforce it.
Hospital Visitor—Are ynu
married ?
Patient (much battered and
plastered)—Oh, nol I happened to bump into ti fence. ■
®te (Bratti Jfarka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addrear* - *b*m*
PlIONR 101 R
'cations to
Ths Grand Fork.) Sun
, Graud Forks, B. CJ
FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1925
With polling day in the Grand Forks-
Greenwood riding by election set for the 25th
of the current month, the people have not
much time left to make up their minds how
to cast their ballots. The chances are, how
ever, that the majority of the electors have
already reached a decision. But to those who
are still undecided, it is not amiss to point out
that a friend of the government of the day can
render the district better service than an
enemy could. If y ou wished to abtain a favor
from a man, you would not send an emissary
to himtomake the request whomyou knew to
be hostile to his interests? If you did, his
mission would be a failure. That is human
nature. The same principle holds good in
governmental transactions.
aud polish them in the morning.   The   treat
ment applies to patent leather.
Traffic through the Weiland canal during
the season of 1924 was the heaviest of any
year in the history of that waterway. From
its opening last year on April 16 to its close
on December 13, the freight carried through
the canal amounted to 5,037,412 tons, which
was more than 1,280,000 tons ahead of the
previous year and 1,750,000 ahead of the previous high record made in 1914.
Harry Tate is a well known English humor
ist who has a peculiar brand of fun all his
own. Tbe irrepressible Harry tells the story
how, at a meeting of a smallholders' club, a
somewhat dejected looking member was asked:
"Do you think poultry keeping pays?" "Well,
no, I can't say that I do; but I think it pays
my son, Jim." "How's that?" "Well, you see,
I bought him the fowls; I have to pay for their
keep; I buy the eggs from him, and he eats
In India alone more than 10,000,000 people
have perished by bubonic plague since 1896.
That is the position the Boundary country
is in today. This district may require very
liberal treatment from the government during
the next few years, because (the chief industries of this section of the province have had,
through no fault of the people here, a severe
setback. The only way in which to obtain this
favorable troatment is to send the Liberal
candidate to Victoria as you member. If the
candidate is a man not quite to you liking,
forget that part and vote for own and your
neighbor's interests, and you will not go far
astray. If you have a grudge against the Oil
ver government, remember that a vote against
the Liberal candidate will in nowise affect
the standing of the administration for the next
three years. In other words, yon can not in
jure the Oliver government by defeating the
Liberal candidate. You will only injure yourself by doing so.
Speaking of the Oliver government brings
to mind the fact that it is the most wonderful
government in the world today. No other
government iu the whole universe has succeeded in being returned to office since the war.
The Oliver government has won two victories
since 1918. It could aot have attained this
distinction unless it possessed real merit and
the members composing it were shrewd men
of rare ability.
Reports from Aarious points in the district
indicate a sweeping Liberal victory on the25th.
Even in this city, which is naturally a Conser -
vative stronghold, the Opposition party
workers are now becoming apprehensive of
making an even break.
The Associated Growers of British Colum
bia seem to be on the right nighway at present. The organization is headed in the direc
tion that this paper has often counseled it to
take. If it keep on going straight ahead with
out making any detours it should land in Sue
cessville when the 1925 crop is marketed.
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
BsMldesst Agent Grand Forks Townsite
Company, Limited
Farms     Orchards     City Property
Zltxv*.*. at Nelson,  Calsrar*-, Wliinlrfa- asisl
other Prairie polsstsi.  Vsmeosiver Apfent :
sbtrbllshcl In 1910. we are in s. nosillon in
Isirnlsh reliable information e-raoernliitrthis
Write lor free literals! re
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Headache    Colds
Bayer Tablets
Toothache   Lumbago
Neuritis       Rheumatism
Certain facetious critics are poking fun at
Eli Siegel of Baltimore, the reported winner
of the annual poetry prize offered by the Nation, The ground of the criticism is simple.
Mr. Siegel's poem is called "Hot Afternoons
I Have Seen in Montana," and he confesses
he has never been in Montana. The critics
find this humorous. Mr. Siegel's reply should
be simple. He should point out that two previous poets—Milton and Dante—wrote poems
on heaven and hell long before either of them
had ever seen either place.
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 18 tablets.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Alao bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin ls the trade mtrk (registered In Canada) ef Barer Manufacture of Monoaeetle-
aeldester ot Sallcrllcacld (Acetyl Salicylic Add, "A. 8. A."). Wbile It ls well known
tbst Aspirin means Barer manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, the Tablets
of Barer Oompanj will be stamped with their ■atosfal trade mark, the "Barer Cross."
A plan for defense in war by flooding the
ground ahead.of the enemy with flaming oil
has been devised. As civilization advances
war is assuming a closer resemblance to hell.
A dispatch from London states that England's first venture in silver fox farming will
get under way soon, as a result of a shipment
of twenty pair of foxes from Canada to the old
country. The forty animals, which cost $40,-
000, will be installed on a plot of ground near
Oxford, and it is claimed by the promoters
that the climate of England is ideally suited
for the rearing of silver foxes.
More than twenty-three years ago Sally
Beid, a farmer's daughter living near Richmond, West Virginia, gathered a box of chestnuts and sent them to Henry Holt, a farmer's
boy living near Gauley Bidge. Beoeutly the
girl, who is now Mrs. Henry Holt, found the
chestnuts hidden away in au old trunk owned
by her husband. They were well preserved
and good tasting.
The Quakers of London, who have occupied
the same building in Bishopsgate for more
than 250 years, are soon to move into new
quarters. They came to Bishopsgate shortly
after the great fire of London, when their
meetings were still forbidden as riotous assemblies. One of the Quaker leaders who first
held services at Bishopsgate claimed to have
suggested Milton's "Paradise Regained" to
the author.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Sleeping sickness and malarial fever will
perpetuate big game in Africa; the realization
has been forced on hunters that they can not
defy microbes when they invade the haunts
of the big mammals.
In a southern town two negroes were lamenting the high cost of living, and one said
to tha other: "Well, I has po'k (pork) and
grits fer dinner—I poke my feet under de
table and grits my teeth."
Beeswax or mutton suet may be rubbed
around boot and shoes in wet weather to
keep out the dampness. To preserve kid shoes
rub tliem at night with a little petroleum jelly
olncient Histoiy*
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
The trout fishing season is now at its height
and Ananias has gone into involuntary bankruptcy.
Six more Great Northern locomotives are
expected to arrive in the city this week. They
will be used to haul ballast for the Phoenix
branch, which work will be commenced immediately.
The ranchers are now busy putting in their
crops. The weather couldn't be improved
upon for this work.
As The Sun goes to press we ure forced to
admit that we don't know a thing about Premier McBride's railway policy. And we do not
believe that anyone else, the premier not excepted, is any wiser on this subject than we
A number of residences are being erected
by parties who recently purchased ten-acre
orchard tracts on tho Covert estate.
(Dr. Letfard's New Life .Tablets
Imparts to tbe Old and Middle-aged
Youthf ulnesst Energy aod Fitness, retards mental and physical
decay, tbus promoting longevity,
Preserves tbe arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate beneflt. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Ken*
vousness is banished under the influence of thesej Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes olear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a olear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; tbe beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Oan you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass! Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi are 'there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not - look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollara per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Leftard's Laboratories,
106, lav rpool Road, Bamsbniy,
Lund-ant England.
Get the habit oi
trading at oar
We  have   exceptionally good bar
gains  in all onr
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices .--From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms t—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
'Onse tn awhile bttwtenJnesbds—Limg Distance"
When You Are
Ushered In
To nignt, when the hands of the clock
have passed 8:30 set out upon a trip. No
need of hat or coat; just take the telephone receiver off the hook and give
"Long Distance" the name and address
of a friend in sortie place miles away.
You can imagine the delight in the distant home when the operator ushers you
in—an unexpected guest. Letters cannot equal the pleasures of a talk-trip.
Rates are specially low
between 8:30 p.m. and 7 a.m.
British  Columbia Telephone
X '*
Sun's Gross Word Puzzle
/* |/# ■ ■"* |/<*
■ 7
■   U«J£
nn   w\ i m**\ i   ■*, i i i
■ ■ *mx* a ma ■ ■
eVI     \6l
S3«i mm
1 Qentle, not tough
6 To mount or climb by
11 A girl's name
12 Finished
15 Kind of voice
17 Without
18 US. state (ab)
19 Where all tiaina H<>p
29 Scotch name for baby
22 Infant's way of expressing tbankn
23 Narrow passages
24 Witnessed only during sleep
26 Kxclamation
28 To make invisible or rub out
31 Something told
33 Motor Associ-uioD English (ab)
34 Done by
36 For holding ioeoream(backwtrde)
39 Used for cooking and illuminat
40 Conjunc'ion
41 Tbird person
42 A small child
44 Jumbled type
46 Latin for "note following" (ab)
47 Toronto Transpor ation Commie-
sion (ab)
49 Fast tense "to be" (Frencb)
61 Used to urge on a hojse
63 Used for flavoring sonps, etc
63 One of the Forty Thieves
54 To tbe end
55 Friend (Fr)
57 What one does wben cutting grass
59 Academic title (ab) ■
60 University degrte (ab)
61 Days past
63 Negative
64 U.S. st to (ab)
66 Name of a friend
67 Fruit Saline
69 Sweet smelling flower
71 Not in
73 Used by shoemakers (pi)
75 Queried
76 Certain
77 Used making bread
80 Musieal term
83 Christian era (ab)
85 To thange
87 Governed
88 Royal Ranch
90 A common metal used for mak«
ing hardware
91 jeople who do not go to asylums
92 Girl's name (Welsh)
93 To«n in Germany
94 To give work
95 Action of football player taking
ball down the field
1 Curer of leather
2 Buy^ name
3 A continent (ab)
4 Famous garden
5 Made from hemp fibre
6 To mix
7 Ripped
8 Not out
9 Decay
10 To catch animals with (pi)
13 Prominent feature (p| pergonal)
14 French conjunction
15 A seaman (ab)
16 Full
19 Parental name
21 National (ab)
23 To   answer or talk in a very offhand manner
25 Great in mind, brave
27 Slang for revolver
29 To soak in water to   separate
30 Firm, solid
32 Room for chemical resarch (ab)
34 Deep bole
35 An empire of bygone days
37 Choice ol (pi)
38 Company (Fr ab)
43 Correct (ab)
46 A pair
48 111 (Roman)
49 Tree
50 Single
55 Jewish name
56 For example (ab)
58 Grief
59 Not cooked
61 A docile quadruped
62 A mineral in natural state
65 Yours and mine
66 In your mouth
68 A biscuit made of coarse meal
70 Smell or aroma
72 A place of worship
74 Covers  greater part of world'*
76 8»eu on wash day
78 Including
79 To remain
80 To go steadily on
82 A delicious fruit
84 Not bright
86 A regiment of mechanics (ab)
87 A U.S. state (ab)
88 Long and slippery
90 An old politioal polioy [ab]
93 A death notice [ab]
Province of British Columbia
In the Grand Porks-Greenwood
Electoral District
PUI1LIC NOTICE ii hereby given
ro tne Voters of the Grand Forks.
Qreenwood E octcral District that in
obedience to Hia Majesty's Writ to
me directed, aud bearing date the
7th day of April, in the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
twenty.five, I require ehe prrsenco of
tho said Voters at the Government
Office, Greenwood, on the twentieth
day of April, 1925, at twelve o'clock
noon, for the purpose of nominating
and electing one person to reprefcent
them in t'sie Legislature oi the Prov.
The Mode of Nomination of Candidates Shall Be as Follows;
Tbe candidates shall te nominated
in writing; the writing shall be subscribed by two registered voters ofthe
district as proposer and seconder,
and by ten other registered voters of
the said district as assenting to tho
nomination, and shall be delivejed to
the Returniag Officer at any time between the date af this Proclamation
and one p. m. of the day of nomination. In the event of a poll being
necessary, such poll will be open on
the 25th day of Aprf I, 1925,at 8 am.
Grand Forks-Greenwood Electoral
District Polling Divisional
Beaverdell. Fife.
Boundary Falls.   Grand Forks.
Bridesville. Greenwood.
Brown Creek.       Midway.
Carmi. Paulson.
Cascade. Riverside.
Christian Valley.   Rock Creek.
Bholt. Westbridge.
of which every person is hereby re
quired to taka notice and govern
himself accordingly.
Given under my hand at Greenwood, this seventh day of April, ono
thousand nine hundred and twenty-
Returning Officer.
Dominion Monumental Works!
Asliestos;ProducCs Co. Roofing
Around 16,000 horses were snip*
ped from western Canada to eastern
Canada in 1924, moat of them com*
ing from Saskatchewan. This province Is maintaining; its lead as the
greatest horse-breeding centre of the
Dominion, with a total of 1,170,746
head, an increase of 88.44 per cent
over 1923.
The steamship "Princess Marguerite" successfully passed her
trials on Clydebank when she
developed an average speed of
22.66 knots and a best run of 28.2
knots per hour. Together with Bhe
"Princess Kathleen" she will be
used on the Seattle-Vancouver-
Victoria route this coming season.
Monsignor Heylen, Bishop of Na-
uur, Belgium, and permanent president of the Eucharistic Congress,
arrived at St. John, N.B., last week
on the "Montrose." His Lordship
was on his way to Chicago where
he will make preparations for the
Congress, to be held there ln June,
Ivan Sbvegel, Canadian Pacific
Railway representative in Jugoslavia, interviewed here recently,
stated that his countrymen were 88
per cent, agriculturists and that he
felt "certain that in the mutual interests of both countries the future
will, in the field of immigration, lead
to closer and closer relations between Canada and the Kingdom of
the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes."
A romance of the peerage and
the steerage was personified by F. E.
Bailey, grandson of the late Lord
Glanusk, who arrived at St John,
N.B., last week among the third-
class passengers on the "Montrose."
Bailey, who is just 17 years of age,
was so struck with Canada that he
ran away from Bray Court College
at Maidenhead and after a number
of adventures realized his ambition
by sailing on the "Montrose."
The largest batch of Clydesdale
horses that has ever sailed from the
Clyde, valued at £10,000, was embarked recently on the "Marloch."
It consisted of 14 stallions and S
fillies, and there were also ten Per-
cherons from Antwerp on the "Mar-
burn," while ten more Percherons
and Belgians will be shipped at a
later date. The horses were pur-
chased by Mr. W. J. McCallum, ot
Brampton, Ontario, and Brandon,
George E. Buchanan, of Detroit,
believes in romance. He believes
in it so much that last year ha
took 48 Detroit boys for a trip to
Alaska. This year •* is going to
take a good many more and he will
include Canadian youngsters. He
has been visiting in Toronto and
his object is to find some boys
willing to take a holiday in the Far
North next July. Mr. Buchanan,
who was born near Chatham in
Ontario, has developed this unique
hobby owing to having himself
been taken on a trip to Alaska
forty years ago when he was a boy,
Solution to Last Week's Puzzle
nnanm a hoeeg
aaa QQnEB eee
s am mm l.
aaa aaa mum
□bee qqb amam
bbq aan dqd
□   BB 171H   H
LIB      HQIJffiB      HE
Huics qeqqc] Enn
Goan DDE nnoo
sianiKE m nnaarj
If An Accident Happens
(l-WHult Greer College of Automotive Engineering, Chicago)
The  first thing to do whan an to one bet that you will lose your
Occident  occurs  il  ta  atop.    The case and not collect one  cent of
tecond Is ta Investigate. If the other damagei.
ier l» driven by an Intoxicated per-
ton or by someone under driving Often each party will think the
ace, make a note of th. fact.   Note other to blame.   Sometimes a claim
the ttcentt number of the other car, is made when the man making it
*M whether tb* skid tracks on the knows It to be untrue, but on the
ftcvemmt showed defective brakes. other hand, I have seen parties of
fte tracks usually will show just    . colliding cars get up in open court
Urder* the brakes were applied and and give testimony directly contrary
CKactiy hew the crash happened. to that given by their opponenta,
Irs t*n <3H*t» lasf
How to Solve a Cross Word Puzzle
Wheb the correct letter is placed in the white spaces tbis pusale will
spell words both vertically and horizontally The first letter in eaeh word
is indicated by a number, which refers to the definition listed below the
puzzle. Thus No 1 under the column headed "horizontal" defines a word
which will fill the white spaces up to the first black square to tbe right, and
a number under "vertical" defines a word which will fill the white squares
in the next back one be ow. No letters go in the blaok spaces. All words
used are dictionajy words, except proper names. Abbreviation", slang, initials, technical terms and obsolete forms are indicated in the definitions.
~Va\ to-sat to your memory I nude*
fte-M lei Betes of Uie whole affair,
6i>ec.afc   a   sjytch  of  the  place
icre nis accident happened.    In
lis way yoo will have'a complete
agram for your auto cfop> u
igiaui     r*~tm     j-rma*      swar     w**~m *■       *■!*
Jii-rn-tfut to work with.   You, thi
ver, -ye tot the only ea* wh<
should  de  this.    Hav*  your  pas
Ten-jet-i fat Into tba cfo-wd, take
Dames of erttaaas**, etc Possibly
■fo. **m be the sa-ullt;-* person but
ijo-it t*B the otiier driver that it
was yoar fault Keep your mouth
I.' /our ecr Is Yisured, report the
O.'ci-'ent jo the 'res specified in
axjM .oH-iy, arrl report it im-
01 cu>rse it is not easy to do all
hns.: things in the excite.nent at-
■fcTdart upon an automobi'e tv.ci-
•ent, b".l ii you don't it will be a ten
ul tuts whsa fc. Ue ps -ar-Urt*.
and stiU Is no -*k** b ito *****. fi
the judge or the )u**y Mrt -*2 p./"tea
concerned ere teli-r* <hi tr*:th oa
far as they are able.
The Jury ta often ok*-**--* *>? 9*^**-
dice or sympathy. It to J««-MMsy
Cor a pretty v7-*aba--* to *pr\ vr*S*A
irom a sueteottol* nab vary, n * to
difficult for ea unprspoaisi.ss.1nc **'"
son to avoid having jBdflmcint renewed agalnot h!m.
You may be tha most cara-V
driver in the awH and utill f-jvi jn
Occident iiteep your (mmI In *xt-
nsutejns txdtosTw;»! sir' an vi" J»
wall for—you will haw- tbe facts ia
bls-sk and white.
The wbe driver gato \.*~*y** of
witnesses and facts when K* is tsL
Next Week'i Article: "Gr<trn
Mud Muodle 1 fr nbles."
People take The Sun
because they believe
it is worth the price we
charge for it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
advertisments. This
is not always the case
wifh newspapers that
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
Advertising "to [help
the editor." But we do
want businessadvertis-
ing by progressive business men who know
that sensible advertising brings results and
pay. If you have something to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
and if you have the
goods you can do business with them
Tea Production Today
a»-aa*eiMe8MSgt^>j«ssB'5s»et«a-g——*~*****--*--*****--**—* !■_■■—■
If the Chinese, who first discovered tea,
had realized the possibilities of the trade
and had studied the nature and requirements of the plant, China might still be
the largest tea producing country. Centuries of neglect, however, stunted the
growth and caused the quality to deteriorate. In the mountains of Ceylon and
India, tea was found to flourish. Scientific
methods of cultivation and manufacture
were introduced with remarkable results.
Now the finest tea grown in the world and
by far the largest quantity comes from
these countries. '*SALADA" is mainly
blended from flavoury India and Ceylon
On Easter Monday tbe poet office
wicket will be open from 9 to 10
o'clock a.m. only. Mail for boxes
will be sorted ae usual upon arrival
of trains.
Don't forget the big card pa.ty
and dance in the Davis ball on
April 17th, given by tbe Ladies of
tbe Libeial association.
The Dimuiion Horticultural as*
socistion is in Ottawa making repre
sentatione to tbe government to
place a duty on fruit aDd vegetables
oa tbe ground tbat importations
from tbe United States take the
cream of tbe market. Wbile no
definite answer has been given, the
outlook, says a dispatch from Otta«
wa, from wbat can be learned in inside circles, is not very favorable.
An expedition which will try to
climb Mount Logan (19,359 feet) in
the Yukon, the loftiest peak in
Canada, is to leave Vancouver in J
April. It will be headed by A. H.
McCarthy and Col. W. E. Foster, of
Vancouver, and sbt other gentlemen, including a representative of
the English. Alpine Club, will complete the party.
Agricultural products in the
Province of Manitoba during the
year 1924 reached a total estimated
value of |164,312,857, according to
figures issued by the Provincial
Department of Agriculture. This
amount is nearly double that of the
previous year and is accounted for
largely by the big upturn in the
price of wheat.
The shield which was taken from
the gates of Old Quebec when the
city was captured by General Wolfe,
and now in the possession of the
town of Hastings, will be returned
to the Ancient Capital. The Hastings Council have decided to return
the shield which was presented to
them by General Wolfe Murray, a
descendant of the famous soldier.
Furniture at Private Sale—
As I intend to remove to the coast
shortly, I offer all my household
goods in tbe Sheads block on Bridge
strest at private sale. Call early for
rare b rgains.- MRS. DANIEL
The strawberry crop in tbe valley
will be nearly a complete failure
owing to the cold wevth.-T last win*
ter, which killed most of the plants.
WANTED-Early    Rose,    Early
Ohio   and  main  crop  potatoes.
United Farmers'Coop. Assn.,   Kelt-
son, B. C.
Drivers'licenses bave arrived at
the goveonment office in tbis city,
and every driver of a motor vehicle
s advised to procure ons as soon as
possible in order not to give the po*
ice an opportunity to interfere with
his profession.
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen short
Iv, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.O
Wholesale and Retail
•aler in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, li. C.
Pi'ospectors who are going into
tbe Dense Lake area of tbe Cassiar
district, British Columbia, thissumn
mer, will be pleased to know tbat
copies of tbe report by Dr. G. M
Dawson are still to be bsd. Although this report was written
nearly forty years ago, it contains
mucb valuable information regard,
ing the country aod placers worked
in the early days. Copies may be
bad by applying to the Director,
Geological Survey, Ottawa, or 510
Pacific building,Vancover, B. C.
Miss Ethel Loginska, temperamental pianist, gave another taste
of her quality when she lectured a
socially prominent audience for
coughing in the middle of a concert
at Englewood, N.J. "If you can't
control yourselves, please don't stay
here," she remarked. About fifteen disgruntled members of the audience left the hall indignantly.
Trail Riders of the Canadian
Kockies have developed the idea of
using snow shoes fpr horses over
the heavy snow tracks of that region. In this way great quantities
of supplies are brought considerable
distances across trails that would
otherwise be impassable to heavy
'oads. Trail Orders are holding
their second great Pow-Wow early
in August next.
Under the Power Contained in a
Devising a new kind of motion
picture camera with a built-in
motor that is almost noiseless in
operation, Burton S. Moore, proprietor of the Nictau Camps in New
Brunswick, has succeeded in taking
about 4,000 feet of film of wild life
in action which will be shown in due
course on Canadian and United.
States screens. He has been particularly successful in depicting every
motion in that special phenomenon
by partridges known as drumming.
(Section 160.)
IN THB MATTER OP Part of Block 81, Map
72, Grand Forks Townsite. West Addition.
PROOF having bem Bled ia my r njoe of the
loss of certllleate of title No. SlSSa to the
above mentioned lands iu the name of
Daniel O'liay and bearinar date lhe Hoth
February, 1902,1 HSBEBrOIVB NOTICE ol
my Intention at thc expiration of one calendar month from the first publication hereof
lo isfiiio lo the eald Daniel O'Ray a provisional certificate of title in lien of such
lost certificate. Any person liavlni* nny Information witb reference.to such lott 'certificate ol title is requested to communicate
with the undersigned.
Dated at the Land Registry Olliee, Kamloops, H.C, this 24th day of March, 1925.
Date of first publication March 27,1925.
Over half of last year's western
grain crop was handled by the Canadian Pacific Railway according to
data just issued by the Dominion
Bureau of Statistics. Of the total
grain inspections numbering 172,-
856 cars during the seven months
to February 28 last, 99,237 cars were
on the company's lines, representing
67% per cent, while ef the 180,167
cars delivered at Fort William and
Port Arthur during the same period
68,690 or 62.8 per cent are credited
to the company.
A 10-cent argument can lead to a
10,000 quarrel.
According to the Princeton Star
the Granby company will start up
the big Copper mountain property
ia the spring.
An Opportunity to Win 85,000
A Beautiful Art Calender free
The Grand Forka Sun has concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers,
The offer includes a full year's subscription to botb papers, an art cal
endar with a most beautiful picture subject ready for framing, and an oppor
tunity to win a prize of 15,000 cash.
In the FederalvElection of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election?
The Eamly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
in94 prizm for tha ba-it eHtimita, and our arrangement with the publishers
of that great weekly gives every Grand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
tomako an estimate and perhaps win the capital prize of $5,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not be you?
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
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per Year.
We now offer a fnll year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
rpENDBRS will be received br the  under
signed lor the purchase of the whole oi
part of the valuable property   hereinafter,
described,up to and Inclusive ofthe Thirtieth
day of April. A.D. 1*25: !
ALL AND SINGULAR those oertaln parcels
or tracts of land or bresnlses, situate, lying
and being ln tbe Similkameen Division of
Yale district, Provinoe of Brltisn Columbia,
more particularly known and described as <
8art of Lot five Hundred and Nineteen (S19),
roup One (1), lu the similkameen (formerly
Osoyoos) Division of Yale DUtrlot In the
1'rovlisce of llritish Columbia, ana particularly desorlbed as: COMMENCING al a post,
said post being Thir.y-three (tl) feet Nos th
of and Two Hundred aad Seventy-live and
Nine-tenths (275.9) feel Bast ol thc South-wont
ooruer of thn said Lot Five Hundred and
Nineteen (519)! theuco North Nodesrrees aud
six minutes West (U'^'W.) (astro) a distance
of seventeen Hundred and Ninety-two (1792)
feet to the South bank ol the Kettle River:
thenee Easterly along said South bank following the meanderiuKS of high-watermark
ol snid South bank to Interseot with a line
drawn North at right angles to South boundary of Lot Five Hundred and Nineteen (519)
from a point In said South boundary, said
point being Thirteen Hnndred and Fifty-four
and Fifteen One-lluudredfhs (1951.15) feet
Fast of said Sonth-wett corner of said Lot
Five Hundred and Nineteen (519); thenee
South at right angles to South boundary a
distanoe olBlghteen Hundred and I wen ty leet
(1820) to a point thirty-tbree (SS) feet North of
South boundary of Lot Five Hundred aad Nine
teen (519: thenee West (astro) parallel to South
boundary and Thirty-tssree.ltW' feet North of
snme a distance of Ten Hundred and Seveuty-
elght and Twenty-live Onc-Huudredths
(1078.25) feet to Point of commencement, as
thc same ls outlined Hed ln attached Plan;
SAVE AND EXCEPT the two following de-
scr.bed pareolsof land, namely:
First, tlie Cascade Water Power .'and Light
Company's Klght-of-Way as surveyed upon
the ground and desorlbed as follows:
Twenty-flve (25) feet on each side of a centre
line described a» follows: COktMBNCINU at
a point lu said centre line, said point being
Thirteen Hundred and Fffty-four and Fifteen One-Hundredtbs (1851.15) feet East aud
Fourteen Hundred aud Ninety-one aud One-
touth (1191.1) feet North of tbe South-west
corner of said Lot Five Hundred and Nine-
teen (519); thence South Sixty-three degrees
Twcaty-f our minutoa west (63"21'».) (astro) i
distanoe of Ten Hundred and Twenty-six
(1026) feet; theuce ln a Six degree, twenty-two
minutes (6"22') curve to the Sight a distanoe
of One Hundred and Eighty-one aud Six-
tenths (181.6) fset to the West boundary ol the
property above desorlbed, said Right-of-Way
oontaluing One aud Four-tenths (1.1) acres;
AND secondly, the right-of-way of the Kettle
Valley Railway Company as surveyed upou
the ground aud described as follows: Fifty
(50)feot ou eaeh side of a oentre line commencing at a poiut in said oentre Hue, said
polut beis.g Two Hundred and Seventy-live
aud Nine tenths (275.a) feut Bust ol and Thirteen Hundred and Thirty-two (1S32) feet
north, No degrees six minutes west (ihi6'W.)
of the South-west corner of tbe said Lot Five
Hundred and Nineteen (519): thence North
seventy-seven degrees fifty-six minutes East
(77056 E) a distanoe ol Teu Hundred and
cighty-fuur leet (1081): uenoe ou a Five
degree (5») cu eve to tbe Left a distance of
Twenty (211) teet to tbe East boundary of tbe
laud hereby oonveyed. said right-of-way
containing Two and Fifty-three One-hundred lbe (2.53) aorea. the laud hereby cou-
yeyed ooutainiag Thirty-nine and Eignty-
slx Oue-buudredlhs (39.86) aores more ur
ALSO portion of Lot Five Hundred and
Nineteen (519) Group One (1), Osoyoos Division of Yale District in the Provinoe of
Hritisb Columbia, described as: sJOMMKNc-
INGat a post, said post being West(attro)
Thirty-thee (35) feetmcasurosf along South
boundary ol Lot Five Hundred and Nineteen
(5l9)and North No degrees aud Thlrty-slx
minutes West   (0"36'W.)   (astro)  measured
Sarallcl to East boundary of Lot Five Uuu-
red and Nineteen (619) a distance of Thirty-
three (83) feet: theuce West (astro) parallel
to South boundary Lot Five Hundled and
Nineteen (519) a distance of Seven Hundred
and Ninety-one and Seven .One-tenths (791.7)
feet; thenoe North (astro) at right angles to
South boundarv a distance of Thirteen Hundred and Thirty-two and Three-tenths
(1822 •) feet to a steel bsr driven iu toe ground;
tbence Bast parallel to south boundary Lot
Five Hundred and Nineteen (519) n distanoe
of heven Hand-red and Seventy-seven and
Eightstentns (777.8) teel to a Post; thenoe
South No degrees Thlrty-slx minutes Bast
(Oojtyij.) (astro) parallel to East bouadnry a
distance of Thirteen Hundred and Thirty-
two and Tbree-teuhs (1812.1) feet to a point
of oommenceinent, containing Twenty-four
(21) acre' more or less.
This property contains 68.86 acres, more
or lets, and Is splendidly located, being Just
outside tho oity limits of irand Forks and
under the irrigation "system.
A dwelling, barn, poultry house and otlier
buildings are ereoted on the premises, which
are well fenced. The soil la of a rleb loam
with aolay subsoil and la all cleared and under cultivation.
TBRMS-20 per oent to accompany the tender, the balance to be arranged ou terms to
suit tbe purchaser not exceeding 15 years.
The highest or any tender not necessarily
For further particulars apply to:
Parliament Buildings,
Viotorla, B. C.
Dated at Victoria, B. 0., thlt 24th day of
Maroh, A.D. 1925.
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Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
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Ya*,k Horm,,  First- ihkkt   J"
Ar-ntae and
."iWSISUI- .
Vaoant, unr*s*rv*d,
»!£w.i '".¥ m" *• ir*.'*s-9b*t\bf
Brttls* subject, over il years at in
f*x** *tt*"u •" a-eeUirin* InUntlon
JL*!8***-*! **ttm*-*\ *-*)a*ta, conditional upon reaideasM, oooupatlon,
j.n4   lmproTsKn.nl   for    agricultural
Fall Information ootcs-u-nln*- r**pi-
is-stlMa regarding pre-emption* U
-riTso hi Bultotln No. 1, Land Barlo*.
'How to Fro-ampt Lud," ooplM of
whieh aaa bo obtain** fro* of oh*rt«
by addreaalng tho Dopartmotat of
lAnda, Viotorla, B.C, or to any Oov-
• r-unoot Agent.
Rooott-U will bo graatod covering
only land aultablo tor agricultural
pur-eoata, and whioh 1* not timber-
land, Lsv, carrying oror 6.000 board
(Mt Mr aoro woot ot too Coast tunc*
and b,bt» foot nor aoro oaat of that
Application* for pre-emptions ar*
to b* addroaaod to th* Land Com-
miialoner of tho Isand Recording Dl-'
vision, tn whioh tho land applied tar
I* altuattd, and ar* mane on priatad
form*, ooada* of whioh oan bo *b-
•jtlsMd fram tho Isand Commlastonor.
Pro-sunptlona must be occupied for
ft*** raara aad lmprovamonu mad*
to value of |10 per acre Including
oloarlng and cultivating at laaat Ore
aoro*. Wort a Crown Grant oan be
for mor* detailed Intora *Uon •*•
th* Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications ar* reoelvad for pi t-
ptosis ot vaoant and unreserved ■
Crown land*, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prlo* of flrst-olasa (arable) land 1* It
por acre, and seoond-olsas (grating)
land |I.*0 per aoro. Further Information regarding purchase or leaae
of Crown landa 1* given ln Bulletin
Na. It, Land SerUa, "Puroha** and
Leaae of Crown Land*." -
IUU, factory, or Industrial alt** on
timber land, aot exceeding ft aoro*.
mar Da purohaaed or leased, th* condition* Inoludlng payment ol
Unmnrayed ar***, aot exceeding lo
aoraa, may b* leaaed aa homealte*.
conditional upon a dwelling belnc
ereoted ln the flnt year, title being
obtainable after resldeno* and lm-
prsrvwnent oondltlons are fulfilled
and land haa boen surveyed.
For graslng and   Industrial
poaaa areaa not exceeding 640
may ba leaaed by one person or »
Undor th* Oraalng Aot tha Fiwv-
too* ia divided Into grailng dlatrlcU
and the range administered under -i
ai-aamg Commlsaloner. Annual
graaing permits ar* Iaaued baaed on
number* ranged, priority being given
'o established owners. Stoc|c-owner-i
may form associations for range
lanasjemont. Free, or partially free
•rmlts are available for aettlers
impels and travellers, up to ten
•^no* »


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