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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 15, 1925

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 • ****-'♦ j'
AiffMu joo Heinaa
••lairiASiy rnua!
■^ -SheaM-y^i-want youi neighbor^
ular tneetjbg oi tbs city
coudcil wan held iti the council
chamber on Monday evening. Tbe
mayor and all thealdermen were
pre-eat '
An offer iromS. Cwriithers o! $20
(or Hook A, plain 35*, was  accepted.
The water tnd light committee
reported damage o tbe pomp boUBe
by fire to tbe extent of 1125, and
tbe bam ping machinery waa dam-
agedjby water to an extent not yet
kooalo; the watere were being dried
out end coutracte ior repairing tbe
buildjiof, including re-hinglwg ol
the fool on tbe main buiidgin, had
been! let to' Bonthron ifc McDonald, Ihey being haing tbe lowest tens
derate.    - <,   •  "
Tlie contract' for. tbe cily team
work; for 1925 was awtirded to the
City Cartage company at tbe tate of
f8 per day lor Team and a river, boo
subject to Ibe usual fire depattment
Repairs to tbe residence on tbe
smelter site oocupied by S. T. Dinsmore to .the extent of $26 were
authorized by (he council
Tbe clerk waa instructed to take
action in tbe collection of art-art* of
taxes of water aod ligbr rates owing
on tbe Doukhobor warehouse in
West Qrand Forks.
The chief of police was itiet meted
to collect .lioense fees from all
transient agents   nd  other  dealers.
Tbe .cemetery aod pitks cuuio.it-
ee reported considerable cleaning
lp in botb parks and in tbe cetue
ery, and called attention to a couple
I old buildings tbat were fier
azards as well an being unsightly,
ail recommended that action be
aken to have them removed.
: Victoria, May 14.—The result of
the   by-election   in  Grand   Forke<
Greenwood   is  considered   a great
triumph io government circles, and
it certainly materially improvee tbe
position of the administration,being
iqual   to  an  increase of two in its
majority Snd tending to enhance tbe
lability of tbe govdrnmeot.
Premier Oliver, in expressing   bis
eligbt with the result, aaid:   "Nut
uly   does it show tbat ths people
iprefer  tb'0i-gtf-/efhdelfr(-%-t-i|>Jn6Yin-
mces to tbe policies of  the opposi
ion, but it adds to our administra*
ive security, ub»*o!igl|0»»<c$,*** i>pr'n-*
nee.   It is never a good thing for a
ountry to have a government wbich
acks «   clear  working majority ip
the  legisltturt', ai)(i< lbe Dew align
ment in bouse as a result of the victory ia for  the benefit of the province.   The verdict of the   conet'ltti
Pis of course what I expected.*''
ie - final   returns gave Mr, Mch
-son a majority of 62 a As th
was an   adverse   ufa-joiltf *W   ?39
against tbe Liberal candidate in the
general    elect ion    last    yenr,   tbe
change  ts   considered  ail a tribute
10th  to   the  new member and the
Arty wbich he supp rte
Tbe    by-election    was   rendered
ijBceesary by the death  in   a   trajo
plosion on (he eve of the opening
the legislate'cif•Jntir.!'MckW;
inserv8tivfi,j-«iliflli»(i.b,-t-3ft -ileotpd
a majority   of   108
irnered figHt? 9 w J
The line-upjit tbtj)(boMe i»_-,fjJ)w
Liberals, 1 Independent Liberal,
6   Conservatives, 3 Labor, 3 Pre
'jncial, 1 Independet and   one seat
icant (Dewdney).
fOttawa, May 13.—J. C. Mcltuer,
istant crown  counsel,   Toronto,
»;>l^«fi«^»4hJ'The fSdoml
Slveromeot   as  general prosecutor
' connection with the western fruit
combine iuvestiga^
Mr McRuer was called to the bar
in 1913 and was wounded overseas.
*voa ■/*■■■ -aja
AR—No 27
"Tell me what you Know is tree
I can toew as well as yon."
FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1025
He was appointed st-eiatant' Crown
attorney by Mr. ttmey in 191? and
had charge of tbe working out of
tbe prosecutions in th oeset of the
Home bank directors, Aemelius
Jarvis Sr «nd Peter Smith. He slso
bad charge of some important
prosecutions bf fraudulent stock
Mt. McKuer went to Los Angeles
to secure tbe extradition of Andrew
Peppall sud haa charge of the proceedings.
CROA1 IfWfiRYWHiskfi
It. la expected that the present
year will break all records in the
movement of Eastern trans-atlantic
travellers, It is estimated that over
a quarter of a million Americans
and Canadians will travel to Europe
during* the season.
The supply of, farm banda for
Western farms is not equal to the
demand and the shortage is becoming; more pronounced as the season
progress, ln spite of the large number of immigrants coming from En-
rope for this purpose.
During the eight months ending
March 1926, 187,798 cars of grain
were passed by the government inspectors for the western provinces.
This number has only- been exceeded
four times in the past twenty-four j
years. Of the total for this year
106,556 were on Canadian .Pacific
a three
According to a statement Issued
by the Bureau of Statistics, Canada's production of commercial
fruits for the past year showed a
decrease of $8,902,912 in value aa
compared with 1923. The total
value of fruits grown in 1928 was
$83,169,343 and in 1924, $24,266,481.
There has been a decided increase
in the first quarter of this year in
the ordinary life insurance written
in Canada as compared with that of
the corresponding; period in 1924.
The increase in March over February was from twenty-eight to
thirty-five million dollars.
According to the first weekly report issued by the Canadian Pacific
Railway, the crop acreage this year;
: will be slightly less than. last. It
is estimated that Manitoba will sow
about 2,643,000 acres thui Tear, Saa-
ketchewan 8,555,183 and Alberta
a,?S!l,r-S9 .nialfiijg a- ttftal area of
18,910,872 as compared with 14,-
153,905 in 1923.
Tery^s^cqu^giinK fepOrts aa to
the' general agricultural outlook in
Southern Alberta have been received from Canadian Pacific Agenta
around Caltjary. Much more prog-
1-grs has boen mada with seeding
than was anticipated and conditions
arc described as either "splend:d"i
"fine" or good and in every case
pttiity Of 'moisture in the ground is
Vernon, May 14—Something like a bomshell has
fallen into the ranks of the
fruit growers in the Okanagan
valley with the decision of the
Associated Growers ot British Columbia to accept a
proposition from wholesale
dealers of the praiiie provinces whereby 90 per cent of
jobbing interests therein will
undertake to handle the British Columbia crop and distribute to the retailers, working in conjunction with the
Canadian Fruit Distributors,
Limited, the new brokerage
organization of the Associated Growers.
This does ftway entirely
with the much-heralded plan
of the Associated Growers'
directors to establish their
own selling agencies and
warehouses and deal directly
with retailers.
\i ...
commission allowed to the
Mutual Brokers in respect of
brokerage business.
. ,The country is; being heaeiged by
movlnnr-picWre Stars. Mary Pick-
ford, Viola Dana, Tom Mix, Haroldt
Lloyd and others have pnssed;
through within the last few weeks,
and explored the Rocky Mountains
*v\ other C-lhaill'hn attractions. Tha
.Jfifest j» Hooti Gibson,,ypio is bringing a large company of movie people tare to film the Calgary Stam-ii
pede aa an incident in a "super"
BWHHK03     --tii-urn
' LordI AsVi!rs-ieen'ibs-r' Temair, form-!;
,,*^1G^yt**f*09**;--^eral;of the Dominion " anil Lady Aberdeen passed
through Canada recently with the!
British delegates to the seventh
Quinquennial conference of the International Council of Women, of
wnich the Marchioness is president
S' d founder, at Washington. On
e bridge at Niagara Falls Her
Ladyship was presented with a golden key symbolic of free entry into!
the United States.   '
of genius isn't R|ways
able to keep the pot boiling.
A i0-cent argument can lead to aj
10,000 quarrel.
Nash on the Same
Level as the Rest
Vancouver', May 14.—In
Uje 90 per cent of jobbers
agreeing to this arrangement
are the Nash houses, the
Growers' Sales Agency and
the independent wholesalers.
A committee ot three representing the jobbers, the
independent shippers and the
Associated Growers will function as a control board, regulating distribution and prices.
The independent shippers
will not be under the necessity
of marketing through the
Canadian Fruit Distributors,
but they will be under the
same price control and shipping regulations, so as to
aveid glutting any particular
market atea. The Associated
will withdraw all retail salesmen and will be represented
merely by the agents of the
Canadian Fruit Distributors
at central points.
So far as the Nash houses
act as wholesalers they will
be on the same level as the
ndependent   wholesale  job
Among the modern parables that we find in "old Ed"
Howe's entertaining Monthly
is tlie following:
An old gentleman had a son
named Joe and said to him:
"I'm getting old and tired. I
want you to go to college,
become thoroughly educated
and take over the business.
Then I will spend the rest of
my life in ease."
So Joe went to college and
did fairly well. At the end of
eight years he was graduated
and said to his father: "I am
told by the professors I should
travel extensively before settling down and taking over
the business."
And the lather was willing,
and Joe went abroad for three
years with a liberal allowance.
Finally he came back, and
the father met him joyfully.
"Now," he said, "you can
take over the business, and I
will retire."
And Joe said: "Father,
don't do that. Manage the
busiuess a few years longer in
your usual vigorous fashion,
andtnen we'll both retire."
me Uood hobo's ia-d«us.suuii. «■
Manitoba expects to complete the
Trans-Canada Highway through
that province by October the first
This will complete the road from
Brandon weat to the Saskatchewan
The city of Halifax, N.B., ia planning to re-establish its Provincial
Exhibition this coming fall according to Mayor Murphy. The fair haa
only been held once or twice since
the war prior to which it was an
annual event
The Canadian Trade Commissioner
at Liverpool, England, is taking
steps to interest Canadian business
men in the export of crushed oyster
shells to Great Britain. The United
States exports 20,000 tons of crushed sheila annually to the British,
The official opening of Crystal
Garden, Victoria's latest and finest
Amusement Park will take place on
June 26th. Celebrations, including,
a ball, processions, and sports, wHJ
mark the occasion and are scheduled
to continue until July 1st
—;rt I  bers, but   there will be no
•****■ *■ J- .
There, were 32 absentee votes cast
at the by electioo on Saturday,  tbe
20th ult, aod tbese were counted at
Greenwood on Mondaj
by Return>
iog Officer Qeorge H.
Gray in tbe
representatives of both candidates.
There 21 votes for McPherson and
11 for Kingston.   Tbe
following ie
the complete and final
result of tht
Con.     Ab.
7         3
Boundary Falls. 23
10        3
29         2
Brown Creek ... 16
14         0
Christian Valley    8
1   .      0
3         1
Cascade...... ... 56
38        0
6        0
Fife  30
16        0
432         8
Giand Forks...352
Greenwdod       .154
86         3
61         1
7         1
43        0
Rock Creek ,,   . 36
45        0
Westbridge  25
20         4
Totals..,     ..879
818      32
Majority  71
A special meeting of-the Grand
Forke school board was held last
Thursday evening, May 7, all tbe
mem beta being present witb the ex
oeptiou of Trustee Kerman.
Inspectors Dunwoody and Sheffield interviewed tbe board in regard to fines recently imposed on
Doukhobors within the Outlook district, amounting to 1600. Io view
of tbe great expense to wbieb the
government wss put in tbe proeecu*
lions and tbe unwillingness on the
part of tbe board to profit financially by tbe convictions, the school
bonrd was willing to forego its
claim to the fines and to allow tbe
same to be paid into tbe I provincial'
funds. , , ||
The board expressed tbanks to
both inspectors for tbe efficient
nunner in wbich they had bandied
the Doukhobor prosecutions.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     The first move in the prosecution '
Navigation on the Great Lakes]of   the   fruit combine io  western
Canada will be taken by tbe Do*
minion government, it was announced by Hon. A M'. Manson,
attorney general, wbile in Vancouver last Monday.
and the St. Lawrence is now open
and has provided employment for
hundreds of men from Montreal, Toronto and other cities who have
been idle during the winter. Shipping circles are optimistic concerning   the   season   just   commenced.
It is announced that the Banff,
Alberta, Pow-Wow and Indians Day
celebration which takes place annually, will be held this year, Jnly
28 and 24 In the Yoho Valley. On
these daya tha Stoney tribe ef Indians in full regalia, hold their
Pow-Wow and compete in contests
of every kind.
There are approximately 2,200,000
persons attending school in this
country. Of this number, 1,600 are
at institutions for the blind and
mute; 81,000 at vocational schools
or classes; 14,000 at Indian schools
and the remainder attend colleges,
universities, subsidized and private
schools and institutions for training
_____ i
With a view to arranging a naw
trade and transportation agreement
.between Canada and the British
West Indies a conference is to ba
held at Ottawa in June which will
lbe attended by representatives of
the Governments of Canada, Bermnr
da, Leeward and Windward Islands,
Barbadoes, Trinidad, British Guiana,
Jamaica and British Honduras.
The gold mines ef northern Ontario are said to have yielded a
higher income during the first quarter of 1925 than in any similar period in their history. Estimates
place the income of mining companies in the Porcupine district at
nearly sbt million dollars and in the
Kirkland District at one and a quar-
jter millions.
John Hartney, Canadian Pacific
Railway engineer, who has recently
completed his 42nd year in the company's service, waa the guest ef
honor at a banquet given by the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers on St. George's Day at Smiths
Falls, Ont. Mr. Hartney, is President Beatty's special engineer and
waa presented with a gold cane.
In an effort to individualize the
name of Saint John, N.B., th* City
Corporation, Board ef Trade, and
other organizations are in future to
spell its name out in full. Thia pert
has grown rapidly in importance in
recent years and in addition to being the winter headquarters of the
fleet of the Canadian Pacific Railway, is also a port of call for numerous lines operating between Canada and Euro**?, rs well as the
centre of a largo fishing Industry.
Ou Sunday Mr. Manson received
a telegram from Hon. James Mui-
dock, minister of labor, ett ting tbat
tbe federal authorities would undei> '
Ude tbe prosecutions op (lbe assurop
tioo tbat tbey could rely on lbe
fullest cooperation of tbe attorney
Mr. Mabson stated that on Sunday night, just before taking tbe
boat for Vancouver, he replied to
Mr. Murdock tjmt he would gladly
cooperate in every way possible.
Messages similar to tbat sent to
Mr. Manson were also Bent to the
otber tbree western attorneys general., lot   I
Tbe Sun sincerely hopes tbat tbe
reported railway deal io tbe Boundary is not of sufficient magnitude
to make Grand Korku a non-competitive point.
n   tt
Victoris,   May  14—The  representation of British Columbia at tbe -
great Wembly Eraptre Fi»ir, where
ita exhibits  aroused, such  marked
interest last year, is to be continued,
and tbe necessary funds have been
provided   by   warrant  of the gov*
eroor.    Wbere renewal of tbe  exhibits is required tbis is being done,
and  tbey  are being added to so far
as the space allotted to the province
will permit. Tbe center of attraction
tbis year, ss last, will undoubtedly
be the British  Columbia bnngalow
oonriruated entirely of wood  grown
in   lbe   province,   Tbe number oi
people who visited it last yesr  waa
estimated   at  not less  tin ti twelve
million, and it was a   very  popular
feature   witb   tbem, in  addition to
which it was tbe  subject  of   many
commendations in the British prens.
1,   L.   lirown, thn   lumber eommis
sioner, is in charge nf the exhibit.
Producte of tbe mine, fsrm,
orchard aod sea are on view at the
fair, and officials of the agent-
general'n office attend.,l,o furnish
information to vieito s. A large
supply ol literature dt-f-cribing the
province and its resonrc-A and the
opportunities it offers bae been prepared by the bureau of provincial
information for distribution,
 r* fB-3'iTti
A young msn in a tight suit wttb
epringnbottom trousers was overheard to say to a clerk in a music
store: "Wbat jazz tune is that girl
playing inthe back of tbe store?"
"That isn't any tttnp," the clerk
replied, "it's one of the Clerks dust-
®fa> (Sranb Stork* Bun
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Address- **• "——•--'cations to
Thb Grand Fohks Sun
Phonb 101 Et '. Grand Forks, B. C,
FRIDAY, MAY 15, 1925
Church union is going forward all over the
world. Id the United .States tho Methodist
church, which split in two at the time of the
political dissensions between the North and
the South seventy years ago, is apparently on
the verge of coining together into one body.
In this country a still more important union
of Methodists, Presbyterians and Congrega-
tionalists is being voted on. And in England
the three branches of the Methodist body—
the Wesleyuns, the Primitive Methodists and
the United Methodists—have agreed to sink
all minor differences and become one "church.
The new body has something like nine hundred thousand members and will be, we understand, the largest Eonconformist denomination in Great Britain.
The new Hebrew university at Jerusalem,
which Lord Balfour opened with so much
ceremony a few weeks ago, has already one
great monument of intellectual achievement
in its archives. Dr. Einstein has presented
the original manuscripts of his work on relativity to the library of the university. We
hope the ability togivea lucid explanation of
the learned doctor's theory will not be made
a requisite for a degree.
A new aeroplane motor has been designed
for the American aamy and navy, and it is
said that under test it has fulfilled tho expectations of its builders. It is made in two sizes,
one of  which develops eight hundred horse
power, the other five hundred.  The enginears
who designed it have succeeded in making an
engine that delivers nearly one horse power
for every pouud that it weighs, that works as
well  upsids down as  upright, and that can
crnise about three thousand miles.    It  is de-
clared to  be by far the most efficient motor
yet constructed.
would remodel a poor tuner into a good
caupled circut hook-up. The cost of a factory made wave trap would buy an efficient
tuning coil and condenser for the present se t
In either case the efficient coupled circui
tuner is far ahead of the makeshift witb a
wave trap.
The matrimonial reports of our day are un
dertaking to put love '>n a sound, scientific
basis. Let us skip a few I indred years and
behold the synthetic romai <•<• nl yctitb and a
maid of some generations lo come. The young
man, armed with with a stethoscope, a tape
measure and tlm tnenns nf making a blood test,
goes to call upon tlie lady ■■ hnseoharms have
attracted him. He taps a »fin, listens to the
thump of heart, and to tha wind whistling
through her bronchial lubes, and ends his
labors with a careful exan iuation of the soles
of her feet, .Satisfied with the showing, be
makes a request for a kiis and obtains one,
duly hygienized through a strainer whipped
from a vanity bag. Thai i ho does unless the
young woman wallop** I.'     histead.
Miss Edna C. Ruben m
the inventor  of a mn -It'
than one can speak   A  •■
ten at every touch of i It   I
of Atlanta, G(a., is
ne that ivritpa faster
i ilt-'i' word is writ-
A plan for the municipal ownership and
ownership of all the traction lines in Chicago
has been voted dowu by the people of that
city. The proposal was to spend $400,000,000
in purchasing the surface and elevated lines
and in building a subway. The mayor of the
city and several of the leading newspapers
were in favor of the plan; but it was sturdily
opposed both by those who did not like municipal ownership and those who thought the
city was getting the worst of the proposed
A glass dress that belonged to the Infanta
Eulalia of Spain, and that attracted much attention at the Columbian exposition in Chicago in 1893, has oeen presented to the National Museum at Munich. The gown is of
soft spun glass that looks like silk. So fine is
the glass thread of which it is mado that the
dross weighs only one pound.
Attention bas Intel\ '"■- n called to two m -
suspected, if i.ot In;.  >l  i*y\\,  trades—that  of
the   professional   (limn r  getter-tip, who  arranges   testinionitii    h'trqiu-ts al   so   much a
plate, and that of the s 'If u vowed principal ol
a ballot-fixing  school. .\j u  thitty pupils in h
New   Yoik   city  oH1j<*   l->iiild.ing.    Even  less
known is  the occupation  of caring  fer ant.
eggs.    It would tal"   i   yroat   many  ants  to
keep one man  hti-y all the time, yet enough
work is given to this  task  in  New  York  to
represent a considerable total of labor hours
iu   a year.   The ;:>i1 '*Lrg needs to be coddled,
though  not  in   th.    c Iinary sense.    It has a
reputation for ten | • lament, deserved or not.
It comes  by  the  million in paper packages.
Japanese and Chim-st-stores cany  this commodity. "It is very ** od,' says th--* Japanese,
"for soft bill bird.-*. '    Hut who has  any  soft-
bill   birds  in   this  country?     The Japanese
shrugs and bobs. 'I   is  very  good  also," he
says, "for goldfish,    iiut not too much."
designed a folding  screw
.uried in the pocket with
An inventor ha
driver that can bt
one's knife. Tht.1 hlades of different sizes lock
and open separately, giving the compact tool
a wide range of usefulnese, When the blades
are not in use, they are locked tight in the
Oysters should not be eaten during their
spawning months. It is merely a coincidence
that theso months in the year do not contain
the "r."
More than 3000 of tbe scrap metal yards
in the United Statas use electric cranes
equipped with el.crric magnets to handle
their stocks of old iron and steel.
We frequently coniplaiu that our lives are
aarrow and unsatisfactory. Perhaps they are,
but who makes them so? We are "the architects of our own fortunes" and "the builders
of tho houses in which we live." If our lives
are contracted and self-centered we can re-
plan and reouild if we will.
Broadcasting of copyright songs
in the United States is declared subject to copyright tees or royalties
just as much as publication by other
methods of performance. This decision, which has considerable bearing on the Canadian Copyright Bill
now under discussion in Ottawa was
reached as a result of a recent test
case in the United States.
Approximately five  millions dollars will be spent in maintaining and
constructing   new   highways   within i
the Province of Quebec during the |
present year.   At present there are
2,686 miles of highway in the pro- j
vince  stretching  into  all  parts  of j
Quebec and  linking up  with  main !
mails  in   the  U.S.  and  thc   sister j
provinces to the East and West.       .
According to a report prepared
by the Merchants Exchange of Vancouver, forty-two regular steamship
lines are now operating out of that
harbor, the gross tonnage for last
year being 14,473,516 which is over
a million tons in excess of the 1923
figures. The Canadian Pacific Railway is now erecting a new pier thero
which will be one of the finest anil
largest on the continent.
The Campbell River Company of
White Rock has purchased th.; entire holdings of the James Logging
Company of Vancouver which include 35,000 acres of timber lands,
containing over two billion feet of
logs, a saw mill with a capacity of
more than 60,000 feet of lumber
a day, three large tugs and a complete logging outfit. A sum of more
than five millions dollars ie said
to be involved. ,
Prevent ForestfFires
Arrangements have been completed to ship 200 books by Canadian authors to be exhibited at
Wembley this year. A special grant
has beer made by the Provincial
Government of Quebec to provide
artistic bindings for these books
many of which will be by French-
Canadian authors. That this is to
be done is largely due to the initiative of the Arts. Science and Lettera
Society of Quebec City in co-operation with the provincial government.
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
For Colds    Headache
Neuralgia     Rheumatism
Lumbago    sPain
Cj-jr/fr ****** AccePt on-ya
\_J***1 Bayer paqkage
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Aspirin Is Uie traite mark (registers** In
Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono*
acetlcacldester of Sallcyllcacll,
Notes • Notions • Notables
Copyrights are granted by law for a limited number of years (in the United States 28
from the date of first publication) to the author or originator of an intellectual production, or to his assignee. It is intended to se
cure to him the exclusive use of his writing or
other prodnction, and to make reproductions
thereof. According to Justiniun. a law was
passed securing to the seribes by whom books
were written the property in the materials
used; and in this way, perhaps, can be traced
the first germ of the modern copyright.
Anger is short madness.
The  materials ahd time  required  to construct a wave trap for you radio  receiving set
o4ncient History
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
Surveys are being made for the pole
line of the West Kootenay Power company
from Bonnington Falls to tbe Boundary.
Fred Russell today purchased the Victoria
hotel, recently damaged by fire. Mr. Russell
will have the building repaired and will soon
being business at his old stand.
Fishermen report catching trout in the
rivers in this vicinity from one inch to five
feet in length. The size of the fish seems to
depend on the length of the fishermen have
been in the business.
Dr. Arthur of Nelson has decided to remove
to this city and practice his profession here.
George C Rose, Canadian customs ollicer
at Cascade, was in the city on Friday.
Dr. Legard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youthf ulness,"Ener*£y and Fitness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues.
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imtne
diate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression jnd Nervousness is banished under the influence of these   Life-giving   Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The akin becomes olear,
light and elastio and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joy of a olear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and tbe realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of yourself. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass) Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
Tou will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
100, Liverpool Road, Bainsbury,
London, England.
A -plic-ili'iiis for immediate purchasr of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within thc
Municipality, arc invited.
Pri jcs»«From $25.0.) per lot upwards.
Termsi—Cashanl approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may bc seen at thc
City Office.
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.   -
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Your Voice
Can Travel Cheaply
For instance,. under the new
long-distance night rates prevailing from 8«30 p.m. to 7 a.m. a four-
minute conversation between
Grand Forks and Greenwood costs
only fifteen cents
Britisli   Columbia Telephone
Sun's Page<gf People and Events of Passing News Interest
Sun's Cross Word Puzzle
* 1  K 1  1
■/3   1
$3 ^
3/   1
■« ■
44 1
1 Set apatt for sacred service
9 Painful
10 Malt liquors
12 One of Shakespeare's forests
1<1 A pleasant odor
15 An aquatic plant
16 A dead Egyptian monarch, ab
17 A poetic narrative
20 A ptepoeition
21 A glass worker
25 Confused type
16 A diving bird
27 A crustacoous atrium I
28 Toward, a preposition
29 An artillery complement
31  For example, ab
34 A prefix meaning about or
37 A ford
38 To measnr ^ apportion
40 Ao early Schismatic
41 Pertaining to tone, music
42 Cnn not be found
45 Lngal document
40 Hypttia's philosophy
1 The hen I of a thine
2 Meth dieil arrange tnepl
3 A necessity
The 'Social -^Condition of
The Bugs
On the long roll of tbe lord chancellors of England stands tbe name:
of Lord Chelmsford, who before he
w ts elev ted to the woolsack bore
the name of The-tiger. In Sir AU
gernon Wtst's entertaining book be
'elIs bow  young Thesiger   first at
tricj ed to himself the notice  of   bis
Ha was engiged as junior counsel
in noise where the point in dispute
wan whether a tenant might throw
up his lease on finding tbat there
were bu^s in the house that be bad
taken. Counsel on the other side
begin his statement by saying
"Our contention, my lord, is that
wheu the defendant took over the
house there was not a single bug
in it."
'That is exactly the plaintiff's
case, my lord," Rft1d Th-siger, jumping up; ''they were all married and
Gad extremely large families',"
Solution to Last Week's
E   N
EpfJ 5
C  1
E 1*2
H   E   HOD   □
v|f H|c|a|n|o|eB
a raraa a nan q
bs n non n as
S t
t r
4 Edward, nickname
5 God ol ancient Egypt
li   Woell
7 Tn run away witb
S Half
'.i Irntiioal
I I  Chimes rung nt mass
I.'! A famous oanal
IH A onvirlng garment
19 An iiitnxicmit made with pears
.'I  A small piece or chunk
i'i An industrious insect
28 Water's winter wear
24 A line of light
30 An animal's end
32 To get up
33 Means clever, pi
35 A common metal
36 A celebrated Roman called
38 Cut down
39 A magnesium metal
43 Masonic gov ruing body, ab
44 Pronoun, neut
How to Solve a Cross Word Puzzle
When tlie correct letter is placed in the white spaces this puzzle will
spell words both vertically and hotizontally. The first letter in each word
is indicated by a number, which refers to the definition listed below the
pnzzle. Thus No. 1 under the column headed "horizontal" defines a word
which will fill tho white spaces up to the first black square to the right, and
a number undor "vertical" defines a word which will fill the white squares
in tho next baek one be ow. No letters go in the black spaces. All words
used are dictionary words, except [.ruper names. Abbreviations, slang, in
itials, technical terms and obsolete forms aro indicated in the definitions
An Opportunity to Win S5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun has concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art calj
endar with a most beautiful picture subject ready for framing, aud an opportunity to win a prize of -J5.000 cash.
In the Federal Election of 1921 thore were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election?
The Ktnnly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ton Thousand Dollars
in'Jt pri/.H for tlio but Qstitntto, and oar nrrangumunt with the publishers
of that groat weekly gives overy (Jranii Korks Sun subsaiiber an opportunity
to make an estimate and perhaps win the capital prizo of 15,000. Some porson
win win.     Why should it not bo youl
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
Thc Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
Wo now offer a full year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of Tho Family Horald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
All for (2.00
Estimates must bo made at time of subscribing, and no changes will be
permitto:! afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
The Advent of Tea ta England
Tea was not used to any extent in England
till about the middle of the seventeenth
century, although knowledge of the wonderful qualities of the beverage had reached
Europe as early as 1517. During the seventeenth century, all tea was imported from
China and cost from $25.00 to $50.00 per
pound. Not until 1836 did any tea reach
England from India. In that year the first
shipment was made from the now famous
tea growing district of Assam. India today supplies fully half the world's tea requirements and provides some of the finest
teas grown. The rich body of "SALADA"
is due to the select India teas used in the
first time euch a message hae been
•■s ■'. on an outfit whicb works without a generator and simply on dry
Yaunj* Lochinvar, on.
For a reject exhibition at Tendon
of the current faahionsin dreee.both
for men and fnr women, lifelike
models— beautim) wexen women
a-id amiling wnx»-n men- were
carried to the hail. On'occasions
like that, eays tie London Daily
Ctironicle, cockney wit comes into
its own and reaches tbe heights.
There wae a carter who, observing
the embarrassment of a shamefaced
youth struggling 'along witb a
dressmaker's life-size dummy in bis
arm?, urged him to '"Urry up
young man
Only repair work is heing done
on tbe government roads in tbis district at present. The oniy new
work is the construction of the
overhead bridge at Gilpin, on whicb
the cod)ractors. tioutbroujand McDougail, are making good headway.
to Harmony Lodge, A.F. & A. M.,
on Wednesday, when a social even-
ng waB spent, including a banqnet.
Twelve Masons from Grdenwood
and D. W. Sutherland of Kelowna
were pr sent,.
Wanted—An energetic man to
handle our ptoductn ih Grand
Forks and victeity Must have some
capital. Apply ). ft. Watkins Co.,
Ltd., 1160 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, B. C.
General Road Foreman Donaldson weut over tbe Casoadenftossland
highway |ast week to within a short
distance of the first summit, and he
states fbat the road was in good
condition as far as he went.
Call and Examine the exceptionally fine line of Midsummer
Spoits Hats on display at Mrs.
Earner's Sunshine Valley Millinery
Store, opposite Post Office.
It. A. Brown intends to start for
the portbern tier next Monday on
bis annuaj bant for gold.
D. McPherson, member-elect,
ma ie a business trip to Greenwood
oo Monday.
Stephens 8. Jones, of Viotorla
grand matter, paid an  official visit
Malcom Morrison returned today
from a trip to Beaverdell and other
western cities.
For Sale—A goud used  piino;
bargain.   Box 500, The Sun.
Experiment Makes
Radio History
Chicago, May 11.—Radio history
was written at tbe Great Lakes to
day when a message was flashed on
a dewly invented outfit from a navy
airplane flying over the lake to Prof.
C. M Jaosky in the department of
electrical engineering at tbe Univer
slty of Minnesuta, who replied to it
Officers in charge of the expert
ment said tbe success marked a new
pigein radio history in that itis the
'er father's after you!"
xx,. mineral, Abb and land re*
ources of British Columbia Will
again be extensively advertised at
Wembley this year at a cost of f 18,-
000 or $19,000, according to a statement by Premier Oliver.
The Universal Film Oompany ia
perfecting its plans for filming tha
Calgary Stampede this summer as
part of a forthcoming, production
in which Hoot Gibson will star.
This will involve an expenditure ef
abont $100,000.
Canadian exports to France in
1924 were valued at 482,826,000
franca as against imports from that
country of 888,264,000 francs. There
has been a marked increase in trade
of late years which is attributed
partly to the Treaty of Commerce
and the propaganda work of the
Canadian Pacific Exhibition trails.
S. Frank Mussard of the South
African Irrigation Association, Johannesburg, who has just completed
an independent investigation of the.
agricultural conditions throughout
Canada has stated that he ie "perfectly satisfied with the possibilities Canada has to offer the right
type of settler."
"Mountie" the lead dog of tha
famous Chateau Frontenac husky
team realized $1,200 during tha
Humane Society tag-day at Torento
recently. He collected on behalf of
this organization throughout the
city and the tag that was sold was
decorated with his portait.
Thare are more than  7Q0O
hospitals in Canana and  the
United   States   and    nearly
2000 orphanges for depend
£***'' -.
Type Your Laundry Tickets on This
lis, ladies and gentlemen, is a
. picture of the only Japanese
typewriter in captivity. It is known
as the "Hobun" typewriter. It inhabits the offices of Shanghai, Tokio
and other Oriental cities; is quite
harmless but somewhat difficult to
control. It is more complicated than
the Theory of Relativity, runs as
smoothly as a tank crossing the
Rockies and makes more noise than
a duet by a boiler factory and a
Salvation Army band.
Its function is that of typewriting
the Japanese language. It was. invented by an Irish mechanic named
Kiota Sugimoto and was on the
market in _ 1915. As a piece of
■njU'liinery it is infinitely superior to
th** typewritia Americana'. The
latter very seldom has more than 40
keys, the Hobun has three thousand;
the Americana prints a total of 84
characters, and the Hobun nearly
four thousand. Then again, anyone
can operate the American variety
but how many of our stenos could run
a Hobun, with its thousands of keys
and hundreds of levers.
It has (as we suspected) a unique
key-board arrangement. In fact, it
has no key-board at all. The type is
arranged face upward and serves the
dual purpose of key-board and
printing-type. To one side of the
platen is a lever which, when depressed over the desired character,
affectionately picks the character up,
rubs it gently on an ink-roller and
finally convoys it up to the pinion on
which the paper is rolled and ilius,
triumphantly  prints  the  character.
We have stated that the machine ia
complicated but really it is simplicity
itself — you merely learn the
Japanese language and a few thousand of ideographic Chinese characters; familiarize yourself with the
Hobun's three thousand keys, acquire
mastery over its multiplicity of leVers
and then — go ahead and type.
The specimen shown above was
captured by Canadian Pacific officials
in China and now occupies much of
the floor space of their office in Shanghai. The expert Chinese stenographer Beated in front of it, has been
known, when a rush Sb on, to produce
as much as one whole page of neatly
typed Chinese ideographs a day on his
Hobun. This record has not yet been
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insm/ince |
Resident Agent Grund Forks Tow mite
Company, Limited
Farms      Orchards     City Property
"Agents at Nelson, "Calgary, Wthn!|--ca; and |
other Prairie points.  Vancouver K.*,t,   :
KstrbllRbeil lu 1910. wo are tu s. posillusi to I
furnish reliable information < 'iiioer-.lns-: this I
Write tor Irsa literature
Phone 25
DON'T Miss this free offer
bound in white oilcloth, which ha*, made good
cooks of thousands of house-keepers, who previously could not cook at ill, is yours if you
will call or 'phone us at once.
 , 1 _ i i
"Service and Quality*'
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen shortly, milch cow. .
Christina Lake, B.C.]
IT brings the whole oountry for mile* around within eaay reach.
Have you seen the new models) They're as graceful aa swallows! Aa
bright aa new ooinl As' weatherproof as a duck! Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything oomplete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Rasy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER &bift8&fir&
Open Saturday Eww.is.4s Till 10 o*Clodk
Get the habit oi
trading at our
We have exceptionally good bargains in all our
Phone 20
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and pron.pt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GSO.   ARMSON
Wholesale and Retail
onler in
Havann Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka,B.C.
npHE value of well-
. printed, neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated; Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Businses cards
Vir'-ng cards
Sh'    iugtags
.   Price lists
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Wood and
for Sale
Office  at [M. t.  Petrie's Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yah Hoti-.l,  First iiikkt
i N
Nev>  Type
JLatwt Style)
:  Faces
Colombia Armas and
t0^.*lmket Street
Furniture   Mado  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinda,
Upholstering Neatly Done
r. c. McCutcheon
ShipIourCream to
The Kettle VaUey
Creamery Co.
We pay the highest price and assnre
you tha most accurate tast. Give your
local croamery your trade.
lissminion Moan mental Worka
AsLialos i'aouac'a Go. Roofin-,
B0X1332     GRAND FORKS, B. C
toads majr ke wta-a**jtmTby
subjects urtrU yeara at Saa,
•Mens «a slat-daring Intention
an*   ImproTssmstnt   tor    aa-rieoitural
Itt Information oonsMi-nlng regu-
Utii—   ngni-dta*   pn-t-saptioM   to ,
sir** kt Bulletin Ne. l, Laad Be-rles..
"He* le Pre-empt Land," saftss -■
whltt «ui be obtained tree at ohar
by ptwegtaa*  tne   DapeitBeat
Landa, Viotorla, B.O, er te aay der-
mt   ef
wlU be granted
only land -suitable  ter   egrto
pur-Mats, aad whtoh ie net tlmb
laad, U, eanrliif orar MOO
taat Mt stars westerUMOetut
aad MM stoat aar aore eaat at-
ej-allca Ua— tar pre-emptions
to be adafrsaaid te the Laad Oi
mlssloner ef ate Land Rsoordlng I
virion, ta whtab the land applied i
la -sttnatad, aad are togs* on ariated
Corsss, ooples at whioh eaa be eW-
talael trass the Land CemmlnlonW.
IM ■apMiaa must ba occupied for
Of* Man aad mipswr**** ta made
te value of $10 per aero, Including
oteerlng aad eultf	
mm, lata
oulUveUat at laeet Mt
i a Crown Grant oan Hs
Uon aa*
the   Bulletin    "How   to
AaplloaUons are received ttr pii-
oaaee . ef vat-teat and unreserved
drawn tend* net being Umberland
toe agricultural purposes; minimus
prloe of flrst-olaaa (arable) land la
"tor hare,
aad M«
and ssooad-olaas ._
10 por aore.    Further
ot Crown
regarding purohaaa or leads
■n husda 1* given ln Bulletin
It, -Und Series, "Purohans ead
f Crow    "
Crown Lands.
•OH, thetotr, or Indus-trial sites
timber toad, aot exceeding M aet
Unaa-r-rejred areaa, aet exoaedlna H
ires, may bs leaaed as honwutss,
oaadlUonal upon a dwelling betno
areoted In the flrst year, title be|nf
obtainable after reildenoe and Improvement oondltlons aie' fulfilled
and toad hae bean surveyed.      .     ,,
.    'nt' i'i
For erasing and   Industrial   eur-
posaa anas not aaosedlng «•» asrae
may be leaaed by one person ar a,
company. a* «t
Under the areata* Aot the t*rev-
lnot to divided Into (rasing dlstrtots
and the range administered under a
Orasing Commissioner, Annual
erasing permits are issued based on
lumbers ranged, priority being given
o established owners. Stook-ownsrs
n.y form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free,
'iM-mlts ara available for settlers,
Minpers end tr»vallars, up to tea
head. tt*


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