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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 11, 1925

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A peep into the future would probably be as unsatifactory to most people as a glance at the past
KsWaHv* Lttwar-f
Appeals to Canadian
Rev. G. W. Gordon, the "Ralph
Ooooor" of literary fame, who makes
an appeal to Canadiaus to siuk the
spirit of self in thinking Brat of the
national good in the present political
situation. He told a Toronto audi
enee Canada's big problem now waa
'•to get men into the country and the
crops out."
"Tell me wbat you Know i» true!
I can'nuess as well aa yoo.'T
ggQur Hired Man
Now tlm there's t-ilk of Henry
K-ird putti g out hie air flivver,
maybe it'a too UU for good roads.
But then, hie talk about a mechanic* cow didn't amount to muoh.
Incorporation of the Britinh Col
umbia Fruit and Vegetable Ex*
change, Limited, was decided on at
a mooting o. tbe Independent Sbip
pere at Kelowna last week. A charter will be applied for immediately.
Provieiooal directore are: Leopold
Hayes, VV. C. Duggan, 0 Jennine,
Kelowna; A. J. Finch, Penticton; J.
E. Montague, Vernon,
The first function of the exchange
is to chart tbe course of business
Irom production to distribution.
During tbe shipping season the ex.
change proposes to publish a daily
bulletin of shipments, prices and
tonnage in sight. Members have to
advise tbe exobaogn daily of their
shipments and prices.
It is proposed to finance the exchange by a charge per package,
revenues from shareholders and
membership fees. Tbe advantages
olaimed for tbe system are tbat it
will make for efficient distribution
by stabilising prices, eliminate
brokerage houses, and while it can
not prevent prices slipping, it will
acl as a brake by registering tbe
reasons aud placing tbe responsility.
The Associated Growers are not
joining tbe exchange at this time
but will defer decision until it is
seen if the majority of the independent sbinners go io.
The h'MBBtys tbe loteronatiooal
Live S-ock Show takes tbe couceit
out of a lol bf folkB.
A cow's udder ussd to tell how
good she was—nowadays folks
won't believe anything but a written
For tbose tbat like to put it down
in black and wbite—money spent
on a good Holstein is-a good investment.
The boss snickered wben I told
bim how Cbarlie Munks eold a scrub
cow at a sale—and replaced her at
another sale for 125 m*tre wilh a
nice looking grade that turned out
to be the eame old scrub—all dipped
and dean and looking like a regular
producer. "Some folks don't know
wbat their own cows can look like,"
says tbe boee.
Bonding of the Standard
and Black Diamond mineral
claims at Beaverdell for $550,-
000 to Meers. Woodward and
Williams of Penticton is the
latest mining deal in the
high grade belt of Wallace
mouutain. E. L. Steeves,the
veteran logging contractor of
Westbridge, and Pat Ken
nedy, an old time prospector
at Beaverdell, were the own
ers of the property and have
received $1000 as an initial
paymenj. Arrangements are
being made for a thorough
development of the property.
Mr. Kennedy was in Grand
Forks yesterday, and he confirmed the details of the deal.
News of the City
pnstol cmriloYeff* who are doing
their utmost to see tbat your Christmas ie gladened by the good wishes
and remcmh-'Hnc'p of absent friends.
Truly, the postal workers are acting
as your Santa Clans, and in doing so
their own enjoyment of tbe holiday
is largely lost, io that instead of
spending this '-dey of days" witb
their families, they must work
harder than usual to deliver the
vast load of Chris mas mail whicb
has piled into the poet office at the
laet minute.
You can mak Christmas day a
holiday for the "all year round" by
obeying tbat oft repealed slogan,
"Shop early, mail early.1' A few
days earjier in mailing means no
Christmas rush, no tie-up of mails,
but instead a real "clean up" by
Christmas eve and a regular holiday
for the postal Bervice. You, tbe
mailing public, have in your hands
the granting of this favor. Let your
Christmas spirit manifest itself in a
practical way by getting those Christ
mas cards and presents off earlier
tbanusu.il. Mark them, "D • not
open until Christmas," if you wish,
but by all means mail early aod give
tbe postal workers a Christmas at
12.66 to $3 63; fancy,«2.66 to $3.39;
Grimes Golden, fancy, $2.90.
London, Dee. 5.—ex. 8.8. Scotian. Cox Orange, extra fancy,
S3.83; fancy, $3 39; Washington
Jonathans, extra fancy, $3 39 to
S3 63; fancy, $3 03; C, $2.66; Spit
zenberg, extra fancy, S3.15; fancy,
S2 90; Newtown Pippin, extra fancy,
S3.63 to $3.87; fancy,S2 90 lo $3 63
C, $3.15 to $3.39. Market slow.
Pound quoted at $4.81.
All pries are for Wednesday and
are wholesale, unless otherwise
quoted, for stock of good merchants,
able qui lit v and condition.
The fine residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Jobn Kortes. at the head of Smelter
lake, was completely desiroved by
fire between 8 and 9 o'clook on
Wednesday nigbt. The fire caught
upstairs, and Mr. and Mrs. Kortes
barely bad time to get out of
the houBe, wirhont saving any furniture or household effects. It has
not been learned whether tbere was
any insurance on tbe house or not.
There was some talk yesterday
of inducing the city to present
the aged couple wi*h one of its
many bouses and of organizing a bee
to build a new bome for the unfortunate fire sufferers.
There is no business that enters
more intimately into tile lives, busi
ness and private, of the Canadian
people than the postal service
The postal serxice is, in fact, tbe
children's Santa Claus at Christmas
and tbe grown-up's Santa Clans all
the year round.
This reference to the postal service
as a Santa Claas has a particular
significance at tbe present time. We
are at tbe threshold of another
Christmas aod in our feverish activity to prepare for this holiday
season we ara too apt to   forget  the
The following juotatioos have
been receive 1 by cable to tbe Dominion department of agriculture
from the Canadian fiuit trade corns,
missiooer io England:
Glasgow, Deo. 5.—On ario Bald.
.win, fancy, $2.18 to $2.30; C, $2 18
to $2 66; Spy, fancy, $2.36 to $4.42;
Ontario, extia faooy,$1.69 to $2.06;
fa cy, $1.86
Hamburg, Deo. 4.—British Columbia apples ex S.S. Deutuhland,
Novian.   Jonathan,   extra    fancy,
Christmas Parcels for
the United States
Those wbo poet parcels or merchandise for tb> United States
should understand lhat these par
eels are sent by theCanadian post
office to a United States border cus«
toins officer aod not direct to tbe
office named in tbe address. At tbis
border customs office tbe parcels are
examined for customs duty. Owing
to the immense volume of business
at tbe Christmas period tbere is apt
to be delay in the haodlingof tbe
parcels. Furthermore, there will
be no Christmas day delivery in
United Statee cities, and the public
are advised u post all Christmas
parcels for the United States in ex»
ceptionally good time.
Hon. Stanley Bruce
Premier of Australia, who appealed
to the country for a decision on Uie
subject of communism, and received a
decided answer in favor of his own
government. Mr. Bruce waa an
officer during the World war and
won the Military cross.
Some men bave no fixed prioe,
but prooceed to sell out to tbe
highest bidder.
M«ke yourself an ass, and you'll
bave every man's sack on your
Tbe reason wby the average man
is not a bero to bis valet is because
he hasn't ooe.
Canada's Fruit Industry
Canada's fruit industry is wotth
$57,000,000 io i nuual production.
This vear, on tbe whole, the yield
bas been generally stsfsctory.
Small fruits bave done well in every
provinoe exoept British Columbia,
wbere tbe unusually low tempera-
lure bad a bad effect on strawberries
•nd raspberries.. Prioes have alio
beeu   helpful   to tbe grower, straw*
- A pretty wedding was solemnized
in Holy Trinity churob on Wednea.
n sday afternoon, wheo Glen Cummiogs aod Miss Marguerila Pennoyer, well known and popular
yodog people of Ibis district, were
united in marriage. Tbe ceremony
was performed by Rev. E.A. St G.
Smyth, assisted by Rev. P. C. Hayman. Miss May Smytb was brides,
maid and Keitb Pincott stood up
witb tbe groom. Tbe young couple
left oo Wednesday eveniog for a
wedding lour to tbe ooast oities.
"Big Game Hunter Lauds Canadian Rockies
Mr. aod Mrs. Gilbert Orser re
turned last week from Summerland,
wbere tbey attended tbe fnneral of
their son-in-law, tbe late Samuel
Begge. Deceased was 65 yeas of
•ge and is survived by bis wife and
twoobildren He was well known
by a number of people in tbis community.
| |Mr. snd Mrs. F .W. Rueeell returned last nigbt from a week's visit
to Spokane.
Hon. J. E. Brownlee
Former attorney general of Alberta,
who succeeded Premier Uresnfield as
premier oi Alberta.
berries running from 8 to 14 cents
per quart com par ad with 4 to 8
cents in 1924. Apples, however,
owing to iheir exportabilily and
t eir possibility of storage are our
main crop, aod ot them in tbe total
there has been a yield ratber above
tbe average, thanks to the abundance in Ontario, wbere an increase
of balf a million barrels for the year
is reported. In Nova Scotia unfortunately there tppears to bave been
a decrease of half ol tbe quantity.
Sucb, in brief,is the test mony given
by tbe Dominion fruit commissioner, G. E. Mcintosh, beiore the
Pomological Society of Quebec.
Pattullo Favors Measure
for Relief of Farmers
in Dry Belt Districts of
. Province
Victoria, December 9.—A further
moratorium for tbe water users in
tbe irrigated municipalities of tbe
interior as to their debt to tbe conservation fund of tbe provincial
government was foreshadowed by
Hon. T. D. Pattullo, minietw of
lands, in tbe legislature yesterday
when moving second reading of hie
bill to amend the water act.
The bill already contains one
partial measure of relief Jus the
bard-pressed farmers of tbe dry belt
aod the minister stated tbat recoga
nixing tbeir difficulties he wae considering tbe extension of fujtber ret-
lief by a moratorium.
Arthur G. Coohrane, Conservative
member for North Okanagan, wbo
assailed tbe minister vigorously last
week for bis apparent refusal to
consider the plight of the water
municipalities, jumped to bis fe:-t
on bearing Mr. Pattullo'e announce.
ment and stated tbat the two sides
to tbe controversy were getting
mucb closer together.
He exprersed belief that tbe
clause in the act giving tbe government power tu relieve water users
from paying any portion on the
loan burden thrown on their eboula
ders by tbe abandonment of their
lands by their neighbors did not go
far enougb, and marked time to
correspond witb his constituents.
Mr. Pattullo said he was agreeable
to an amendment if tbe clause was
no** satisfactory, and tbe debate was
Mr. Pbttulloon moving his bill
said the sums levied against tbe
water users to repay 'he conservation fund loans were capital charges
aud not taxes, and be could oot see
his way to relieve them from their
just obligations.
He recognized the difficulties of
their situation, however, especially
aB the first season after tbe two-year
moratorium bad been characterised
by grasshopper snd otber plagues
wbich had destroyed tbe crops in •
large measure.
He practically promised a further
A  man   passes   for
wbat be is
Col. Philip Moore, Princeton Graduate, big game
huntor, war veteran, and mountain climber, Is so
well known in the Canadian Pacific Rockies that, as one
guide put it, "he hails a grizzly when it passes him and
asks after ita missus and the cubs."
Ever since Col. Moore first visited the mountainous
regions of Alberta and British Columbia, he has managed
to spend part of each year hunting, camping, and climbing mountains. He returned recently from a summer cn-
i'oyed in Yoho Valley, where he added a tew more miles to
lis 2,500 mile record on horseback as a member of the
Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies.
The building of good roads through the mountains and
the resultant growth in automobile traffic is a new
feature which adds greatly to the increase in tourists.
The opening of the Banff Windermere road, and the road
from Lake Louise to Wapta, thus making a splendid
hiehway all the way from Calgary through the Kicking
Horse pass and the valley of the Yoho, has given tourists
glimpses of wonderful precipitous eanjflrHs topped by
some of the moat majestic ice-clad peaks in the Rocki's.
Then, too, tho growth of the bungalow camp idea has
been phenomenal this season. Those whom the palatial
summer hotels do not attract yield to the lure of log
cabins, perched on the shore of a crystal lake, and shadowed by overhanging mountain peaks. With a haversack on one's back, one may hike from camp to camp, or,
if one does not scorn the saddle, ride a pony along the
leafy trails.
All these pleasures Col. Moore has proved, and intends
to lecture this winter, as he has been doing for a number of
years, about the marvelous beauty of his beloved
mountains. He is not selfish. He wishes others to share
the joys of thc 'lone trail" which has lured him into
mountain fastnesses ever since he forsook the academic
halls of Princeton.
Tbe following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during tbe past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Rainfall 39
Snowfall      08
-Frida.y  37
-Saturday    39
-Sundav  33
-Monday  37
-Tuesday    34
9—Wednesday  33
10—Thursday  30
Some   people   ale  like blotters—
they get everything backwards. THE SUN: GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
oHt* i%vmh Jfarka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Qreat Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
to   the line of what is now the Village Deep I J?ROM EVERYWHERE
miae.    The   drills cut good ore, and immedi-j .	
ately gave a value to the Turf club's property-
so that proprietary shares became worth $50,
000 apiece by the sale of mineral rights.
Addresr -" -
Paosx 101 ; Qeawd Forks, B. CJ
—'cations to
•Thb Gbasd Forks Sun
I Graud Forks, B.
Perhaps more people are doing their Christ
mas   shopping early than is generally supposed.   People shop differently in these days
than in the past.    Merchants have made it a
pleasure for people to do shopping. One need
only watch the people that linger in front  of
the'display windows every pleasant evening to
know that the first steps  to the Christmas
shopping are being jaken. Added to this window display for she accommodation of shoppers are the many helpful suggestions   made
through tne advertising columns of The  Sun.
Especially do women peruse the   advertising
columns these days. Every modern and op to-
date store is an invitation to shop early.    One
only need look into a window in a casual way
to see standing invitation to shop here   now.
Christmas shopping is more of a pleasure and
less of a task these latter days because merchants have made shopping easier and have
provided means whereby people might investigate and deliberate for several weeks in advance of Christmas.
It will soon be safe to be shipwrecked on
Robinson Crusoe's island, where the government of Chile is to erect a hotel and establish
regular service of passenger steamers for the
benefit of Crusoe enthusiasts, readers of the
best loved story in the world. The English
people already have established a Crusoe hotel
at Largo, the little Fifeshire village from
which Alexander Selkirk, hero of Defoe's tale,
set sail on th. voyage which left him a cast
away on the island of Juan Fernandez. That
is better than naming some brand of cigarette
after him.
President Masaryk has been informed that
the Czechoslovakia archeological mission has
discovered an ancient Hittite castle near
Kaiserieh, Turkey. The castle includes an ancient temple dating back to the third century
before Christ, and also contains cuneiform inscriptions dating 6000 years before Christ.
A citizen of Argentina has deposited $10 in
a Buenos Aires bank to remain for 1000 years,
interest to be annually compounded and added
to principal at the best rate paid on time deposits. In 2925 the amount accumulated is
to be divided equally between Agentina and
the United States "for the purpose of promoting happiness and prosperity."
Financing their Christmas shbppiug will pot
no strain on some seven million Americans
who have been systematically accumulating
for holiday spending. This great army of forehanded persons, 17 pqr cent larger than that
otja year ago, constitutes the nation's Christ
mas  Savings   club,  whose  members   make
deposits weekly for fifty weeks.   Very shortly
they will withdraw their money, estimated at
•1.314,154,800, or 25 per cent  more  than   was
saved   in   this  manner in 1924.    Here is the
asis of a tremendous Christmas trade that
will go far in increasing tbe country's commer
dal  prosperity while adding euormously to
ihe happiness of the millions of recipients of
,'ifts this huge aggregate of dollars will  buy.
Sixty-eight hundred  banks  have cooperat-d
i i the saving of tbe Christmas funds.   This is
i service of incalculable value in addition   to
ihe customury services of these institutions.
This system of financing Christmas   shopping
nas taught a multitude of people how to save
ind make their savings count most. Christmas
funds are not only greater in the aggregate
i his year than heretofore, ahd owned by more'
oeople,  but the average amount credited to
the average is 8 per cent larger than it was a
year ago.   The cheques going to savers will
range in amount from $12.50 to $1000.    The
average distribntion per member this year will
be $44 88 as against $40.60 last year-   Verily,
a merry Christmns is in prospect for millions
who will receive as a result of these savings,
and a merrier for the vast number who have
saved and will be doubly blessed as givers.
For some time the biological survey of the
United Slates department of agriculture bas
been making preparations for an experiment
in connection with the improvement of the
reindeer stock in Alaska by means of cross'
breeding with caribou. After considerable
difficulty in obtaining wild caribou, a shipment
of ten young bulls was successfully transported to Nunivak island in the last summer
They were delivered at Kokrines for trans
portation down the Yukon river.
A man can know nothing of mankind without knowing something of himself.
Poems From Other Lands
Notes • Notions • Notables
Green roses and blue carnations have long
lieen the desire of horticultiuists. From London comes the tidings that the nearest ap
[■roach to a blue carnation that has yet been
on exhibition is at the autumn show of the
Royal Horticultural society. It has a distinctly bluish tinge but has also a ray of purple.
Courage, brother horticulturirts, blue carnations End green roses will yet be grown. No
problem is so difficult that it may not be
Under the race course of Johannesburg Turf
club at Turffontein, South Africa, is a productive gold mine. Miners work at a deptn of
6500 feet beneath the meadow over which the
horses run in sportive competition. Twenty-
three years ago two holes were sunk with a
diamond drill tocut the so-called reef, or seam
of gold-bearing conglomerate, at a vertical
depth of nearly a mile and a half south of the
t-utcrop. These boreholes were placed on the
uo rthern edge of the Tarf club property, close
Spring in Exile
Wind of the morn, of the morn of the year,
Viuletssladen breath of spring,
To the flowers and the lasses whispering
Things that a man's ears oan not hear,
In thy friendly grasp I would lay my hand,
But thou corneal not from my nativs land.
Birds of the morn, of the morn pf the year,
Chanting your lays in the bosky deil,
Higher and fu Ier your round notes swell,
Till the Fanns and the Dryads peer forth to hear
The trilling lays of yonr feathery band;
Ye came not, alas, from my native land.
Brook of the morn, of tht mcrn of the year,
L'urblinj* joyfully on your way,
Maiden and rose and woodland fay
Une as a mirror your waters clear;
But I mourn as upon your banks I stand,
That you come not, alas, from my native land.
freezes and birds and brooks of the Spring,
Chauting your lays in the morn of the year,
Tbough  Armenia, my couutry, be wasted and sere,
And mourns for her maidens wbo never shall sing.
Yet a storm, did it come from that desolate land,
Would awaken a joy that ye oan not command,
—Raphael Patkanian.
A seven passenger lv> ..i-eu***inc
flying boat, which it is said will
revolutionize the aerial fire-fighting
methods employed by the Govern
ment protective patrols, is being
tested at the Dominion Govern .rent
Airdrome at South Marsh, near Ottawa. If satisfactory it wi'l be
flown to Manitoba where it will take
on fire preventive duties in or.e of
the most important forest areas.
The 1925 total of dividends pa d
•nd declared by gold and silver mining companies in Northern Or.taric
is $10,402,174, representi**** a (-airi
bf $2,013,131 over ths dividend record
of 1924 and constitutes the greatest
record for Canadian precious metal
mining industries. From 19 M to
1926. since silver was discovered in
Cobalt in 1904 and gold found in
Porcupine and Kirklaml Lake in 1909
Bnd 1910, records show total dividends of $150,774,199 from these
fields. The aggregate profits are
now averaging $1,000,000 a month.
Bettering the world record of 3,-
447,624 bushels of all grains marketed on C.P.R. western lines Thursday, November 19, A. Hatton, general superintendent transportation
of the system, has reported that
8,559,000 bushels were marketed on
Friday, November 20. From August
1 to November 20 inclusive, 148,078,-
445 bushels of all grains have been
marketed at stations adjacent to
Canadian Pacific Railway lines as
-wmpared to 109,651,136 bushels for
the same period last year, an increase of about 35 per cent
A gold medal has been awarded
to the Canadian Pacific Railway for
the Company's exhibit at the Canadian National Exhibition this year.
On one side of the medal is a portrait of the Hon. Howard Ferguson,
Premier of Ontario, while-on the
ether is a scene on the exhibition
E. W. Beatty, chairman of the
Canadian Pacific Steamships, stated
recently that more liners of the "M"
type would be built to replace older
liners, auch aa the Marloch, Mar-
burn and Montreal. The new ships
will be similar in all respects to the
S.S. Montclare and Montrose. Thc
Marloch, Marburn and Montreal will
be sold.
A fish caught in Shuawap Lake,
British Columbia, after a forty-
minute fight turned out to be a
monster rainbow speckled trout.
weighing 17% pounds, with a length
of 36H inches and a girth of 24*A
inches. It was mounted and exhibited in the windows of the Dominion Express Company, Montreal.
before being shippsd to the ownur ir
Live stock exchanges are to b,
formed in Montreal to prevent the
sharp decrease in the number of cattle. In the period 1920-1924, there
was a reduction of 331,000 head ol
cattle in the province of Quebec.
Because of the lew prices for live
stock, the Quebec farmer has refused to face the long period of feeding and tending, and kills the calves.
Genuine Aspirin
Proved Safe
Take without Fear as Told
In "Bayer" Package
Unless you aee the "Bayor Cross"
on package or on tablets you are not
getting thn genuine Barer Tablets of
Aspirin proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians over twenty
five years for
Pain, Pain
Bach ur.brkcn "Bayer" package
contains proven directions Handy
boxes ol twelvo tablets cost few cents.
Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and
o4ncient History"
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
The poles for the West Kootenay Power &
Light company's line have all been set with
the exception of a short stretch between the
smelter and Smelter lake.
The Kettle Valley line will put a party in
the field this week to make a survey of the
road as far as Franklin camp.
A 3 per cent dividend, aggregating $405.-
000, was declared by the shareholders of the
Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting &
Power company in session in New York last
The mvu wbo wants a good "skate" these
sultry midwinter nights will either have to go
to a bar-room or to Phoenix.
A story is told of a groceryman who'started
in business not far from Orand Forks and
ordered a pair of San Jose scales. Is it any
wonder that he failed?
Sponsor of what is confidently ex.
pected to be the most brilliant winter season in Quebec, the Winter
Sports Clnb has been launched under
the patronage of the Lieutenant-
Governor of the Province, Hon. N.
Perodeau; Hon. L. A. Taschereau,
Premier of Quebec; Mayor J. Sam-
eon of Quebec, and Mayor Demera
of Levis. The major events of the
season are the International College
Ski competition on December 80;
the International Snow Shoe Convention, February 6-7; and the Quebec Dog Derby, the date for whicb
•haa not yet been fixed.
During the 96 hours from Monday,
November 9, to Thursday, November 12, the Canadian Pacific Sail-
way loaded a car of grain every 66
seconds, the total being 6,160 care.
On Wednesday 1306 can were loaded and on Thursday 1,818, while the
record for the year and for many
years past waa reached on Friday,
November 18, when 1,994 can were
Involving the uae of .8% minion
tons of crushed reck, or about 70,-
000 carloads, approximately 1,000
miles along the Canadian Pacific
Railway, Eaatern Lines, have been
ballasted with reek to date. Rock
ballaat is duet-lees and that* la a
very great increase in comfort for
the passenger. Rock-ballasting alao
increases the strength ef tke track
and otherwise Improves ke physical
condition- aa to drainage and other
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablet!
Imparts to tbe Old and Middle aged
YouthfulnoM, Energy and Fit-
neM, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises,, deriveal most immediate beneflt. Calm refreshing sleep
assured, Gloom, Depression and Net-'
vousness iB banished under the influ*
enoe of these Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The ekin becomes olear,
light and elastic aad the oomplexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeke; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Tims has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theunbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass! Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with inoreaaed 'mental
and bodily vigour.' Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment ■ at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bo ttie, dispatebed in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool Road,|Barnsbury,
London, England.
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, -within the
Municipality* are invited.
Prices»-•-From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms*-—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may bc seen at thc
City Oflice.
Cily Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Copper Trails
Extending to various parts of southwestern British Columbia, the copper
trails which we call telephone lines are
ready to carry long distance conversations at speeds ranging from 8,000 to
178,000 miles per second. When speed
counts—Long Distance.
British  Columbia Telephone
Sun's P age §f People and Events of Passing News Interest
Handsome Cup for C. P. Liner Making World Cruise
Tide of Christmas Traffic Flows East
' ■ . "
At Southampton, the Canadian Pacific liner Empress
of France was presented with a silver cup 27 inches
high weighing 167 ounces on Friday, October 30 by C. S.
Quarteraaine on behalf of the Round the World Cruising Party on this ship durir,s* tho winter 1924-25. The
cup ia a copy of the Gold Entente Corditfla Clin presented
to France by His Majesty King Edward VII ar.d was
given aa a token of theii appieciatipn for the splendid
time the passengers enjoyed on their Ions* cruise. The
Cup, with suitable inscription, *,.-•.„ pieced in a niche in
the library of the ship and a replica c1 It was presented to
the Commander of tho ship, K. Griffiths, R.N.H.
This memento Has » up i-ially high value in lbe eyes
of the officers of the tb!p un it rep\c: ■ its tho satisfa tion
of passengers who had made a three months vd; ,. of
84,000 miles under their care. The inscriptions speak for
I. Cup being placed in niche In Library ot the Canadian Pacini
Ni'ir 1 impress uf France. 2. Cup being, pres r ted, left to riant i C
S. Ouorta malne, (passenger) Stall Captain W. G. Busk Wood, Mra
Math uw Oope, (passenger) Capt. E. Griffiths, R. N. R. (Consnsnnder.;
3. 1 Ills photo shows 11 ■!• Cup presented to the ship and the Replies
en to Usnunandor Griffiths.
themselves. On the cup is engraved: Presented to the
Canadian Pacific R.M.S. "Empress of France" by
passengers on the 1925 Cruise in appreciation of a remarkably successful voyage of 34,000 miles. Commander E.
Griffiths, R.N.R.
Inscription on the Replica presented to'the Commander
read3 as follows: This Replica presented to Commander
E. Griffiths, R.N.R., R.M.S. "Empress of France" by
passengers on the 1925 Cruise in appreciation of his skill,
tact and unfailing courtesy throughout a most wonderfully successful voyage of 34,000 miles.
With even greater comforts on board the palatial
ocean liners .than any to be had on shore it is not surprising that cruising has seized the popular fancy. This
year many will avail themselves of the opportunity of
making the Round the World Cruise on the Canadian
Pacific liner, Empress of Scotland.
The liner leaves New York on December 3 and returns
April 10 via the Panama Canal after vijiting over 20
countries en route, including 26 ports of call, and arriving
in the Holyland on Christmas Day. Cruise members
proceed to Jerusalem and Bethlehem hy train after disembarking at Haifa! After a day and half visiting sr< ni
made memorable by the life of Our Saviour the part*.
goes on to Cairo by train.
1.—Typical Christmas scene In Montreal.    ie—Finish of Eastern Dog Derby In Quebec.    3.—Riding and Skl-Ing In Winter.
Ever since that time, some years ago no\v, when the
West was discovered by the East as the most likely
plaice to amass a fortune ln tho briefest possible time,
and the simple words, "Go West, young man!" vere
the best advlc« a parent could give a son; well, ever
since that time, the young man who heeded the advice
has been coming back East at least once a year, and
that once Is generally Christmas.
Perhaps the young man has amassed no great fortune; perhaps he has; and perhaps again he has fared
rather ill; but ln any event he usually finds that as
Christmas draws near, recollections of hiB childhood,
bis Christmas stocking, the tree at home, the plum-
pudding or the turkey and cranberries, constitute too
powerful a memory to negate. And because these
recollections are so pote.it, transportation compares
operate special services to handle what they call the
('hristrnoj? trnffic.
This year the crop has been extremely good; money
.vill be more free in 'he West than for 6ome time past.
The season's work is done and the Westerner will have
lots of time on his hands. If he has few financial worries he may spend quite some time In the East; there
Is much to attract him. Tliere Is the social life in the
big hotels, where all is luxurious comfort; winter sports
such as hockey, skiing, skating, sleigh riding and tobogganing to indulge in, or to watch, if ho so prefers the
round of the theatre; to make, wbere he will hear the
tunes that will be popular for the year, oi see the plays
tbat will be diacusaed at moat civilized dinner tables;
and If he bas brought friend wife, there aro the shops
to visit, though many a man has found this a costly
pastime, more so perhaps, than poker or the races.
However, from every angle, tho season In thc East
ls rich and pleasant. That side of the continent is a
magnet for holiday seekers and lt Is at that particular
time that the ancient provinces reclaim their sons, lf
only for tlie briefest of visits. This year lt will have
visitors galore.
Tho Canadian Pacific Railway announce that many
inquiries and requests for reservations have already
been made at tbelr agencies throughout western Caaada. This would indicate the likelihood of a huge
volume of traffic moving In an easterly direction this
December. A portion of it will no doubt move straight
through to the British Isles and the Continent, as many
settlers are originally from those places. The Canadian Pacific will run special trains from all western
centres, connecting directly with their Atlantlo liners,
sailing from the win.er port of Saint John, N.B., to aU
the larger ports ln northern Europe.
But the great portion of the traffic will be pointed
for Eastern Canada and the company will facilitate ita
movement by offering special train services and special
tourist cars that will obviate the necessity of change at
any point along the route, and further than this, special excursion rates will be given. These conditions
will prevail from December Gth to January 5th, and will
bc effective from all stations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Yon Buy Satisfaction
when you buy delicious
Its strength and freshness are
unique. The uniformly high
quality  never varies.    Try it.
stipendiary magistrate's court for
an infraction of the government
liquor act. Judge J. R. Brown presided and upheld tbe appeal, the
convioiion being quashed. C F. R.
Pincott appeared for the appellant
and M. M. Colquboun for the
'  Tbe  Grand    Forke    municipal
voters' list for 1926 shows an  in

crease in names ovej the 1925 Met.
Thie ie evidence tbat we are
moving io the rigbt direction.
Mre. John Biddle. who returned
homo from the coast laet week, will
leave in a few days for Ontario,
wbere ebe* intends to spend tbe
winter months.
The Boy Scout's danoe last Friday
night wae tbe beet attended funotion
of its ctasx beld tbis year, Every
bjdy bad an enjoyable time.
In the county court at Greenwood
last Monday, Charles E. Snyder appeared to appeal the conviction recently made against   him in   the
-Soviet Russia Now Plans Bigger
Wool Production
A RmUUia familii of the prosperous farming peasant elatt.
The visit to the United States, at
this time, of Michael S. Pereferko-
vltsh, manager ot the live-stock department of thc Soviet Russian government, Prof. Michel F. Ivanoff of
a Moscow agricultural university,
and N. N. Klebnik, official interpreter, carries with it all the significance of a step to progressive and
modern methods ln the new Russia.
According to theso three repre-
eentatives of the Soviet government,.
Russia 'now has about 80,000,000
sheep and hundreds of millions of
head of other live stock.
Rambouillet rams have been purchased by them, not to increase the
number of sheep, but to Improve
quality. It is expected that a better
grade of wool will be produced by
crossing of breeds. In this connection, sheep shearing machinery waa
bought to supplant the old-time hand
blades. This in itself ls expected to
•ncrease the wool crop about 1%, not
because the machine shears closer
than hand blades, but because lt removes the wool evenly and ln an
unbroken blanket, leaving no ridges
on the sheep.
Russia is anxious to enlarge Its
textile business with a view to producing its own wool for manufac
turing purposes. Another committee
from that country has been studying
textile mills ln Pennsylvania and
Admittedly, there ls great need ln
Russia for farming Implements as
the Russian farmer now has practically all the land he wants, but la
unable to develop all of his ground
because of lack of farm machinery.
Another great need la dairy machinery such as milking machines,
cream separators, pasteurizing machinery, horse and cow clipping machines and butter-making machinery.
M. Pereferkovitah said he intended
to buy more than 6,000 sheep, but
owing to misinformation as to the
best buying season, he arrived In this
country too late to get all he wished,
and so expects that next year aa
many as twenty mon will be sent to
this country to make theae purchases.
Russia is doing everything possible
to Improve farming and dairying
methods. Graduates of agricultural
schools are teaching farmers and
dairymen modern methods and the
use of modern machinery.
Many things point to Russia aa
one of the world's great future
sources ot dairy produota,
We have received a complete
assortment of the Classic Series
of Blank Cards, suitable for Personal Christmas Cards, Invitations, Announcements, and general society printing. They also
make Attractive Business Cards.
The deer hunting   season closes
December 16.
Tbe Sun Presses have twice tbe
speed of any otber presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
on both long and short urns of commercial printing and give you 8 superior class of work.
It is as easv to suppress a flrst
desire as it is bard to satisfy tbe
desires tbat follow.
Fred Harrigan, of this city,
brakeman on tbe Great Northern"
railway, had three lingers cut off on
one of bis bands by falling under a
train in tbe Northport yards a
couple of days ago.
Nursing a grouch is
to make it get well.
a poor way
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grunii Forks Tow uslte
Company, Limited
Farms    ^Orchards    City Property
Ag.nt« at Nelson, Calgary, Wibnl pec end
other Pralrlo points.  Vancouver ki*,„ *.
Santa Approves a
Christmas Gift
Santa Claus bas been down a
great maoy chimneys since he Btarted business, and be is intimately
acquainted with.a large number of
people. He knows that the best
kinds of gifts are those which please
the whole family, and wbioh bring
the excitement and enjoyment of
Christmas every week. That is why
he looks so jolly when be receives
bunu eds of subscriptions to The
Youth's Comdanion with whicb to
fill his pack. And, being wise from
long experience, be knows tbat
people are likely tb overdo things
around Christmas, so be cbuokles
when be sticks a Compamo into
tbe top of a stocking. "Be as greedy
as you like," be thinks, "tbe more,
tbe better for you."
The G2 issues of The Youth's
Companion for 1926 will be crowded
witb serial stories, short stories,
editorials, poetry, facts, and fun.
Just send your order to the address
below and Santa Claus will take care
.I delivering tbe paper to your
home or to the home of a friend.
Subscribers will receive:
1. Tbe   Youth's   Companion—52
issues in 1926, aod
2. Tberemaioing issnes of 1925.
All for only $2.
3 Or, include   McCali's   Magazine,
tbe monthly authority on fashions
Both publications, only $2.60.
S N Dept., Boston, Mass.
Subscriptions Received at this Offloe
Betpbllshesl In 1910. we (tre sss a poslliuss to
furnish reliable Information '•ssuoar-.tiis this
Writ, for free lltsiratiirc
Christmas Groceries
We have received a fre-ih stock of goods suitable for
all your Christinas cooking and baking requirements.
Inspect our line of goods suited for useful Christmas
Phone 25 "Service and Quality"
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models) They're as graceful us swaIIowh! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything oomplete. Heal Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Eveninil*** Till 10 o'Cloek;
iMraninfou Monumental Worka
IjJAabt-atocj Product* Co. Roofim}'
E, C. Henniger Go.
Get the habit of
trading at oar
We have, exceptionally good bar
gains in all
Phone 10
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Mootrea 1 tba
that great family and farm paper
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
has been enabled to reduce its sub
soriptioo price to One Dollar a year.
Tbis certainly will be interesting
news in every Canadian bome whore
the Family Herald is known and to
many wbo vflll avail themselves of
tbe offer. At two Dollars a year
Tbe Family Herald aod Weekly
Star was generally admitted to be
good value, in faot big value, bat
w'-en reduced to One Dollar a year
it will certainly be the marvel of
the newspaper world.
Canada is proud of tbat great
Weekly, and has every reason to be
so, as it haB no superior and few
equals in tbe world today. The
publishers annouuee that notwith»
standing the ohange in price ovary
feature will not < niy be maintained
but improvements will follow. The
publishers are fortunate in being in
an financial position to do tbis, aod
Canadian homes will bave tbe advantage. Wben tbe new rate is
made known it certainly will bring
a rush of subscribers to tb ■ Finally
Herald, Ooe Dollar is a small
•mount for such a great paper,
ShipIourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
Wepav the highest prioe and assnre
you the most accurate tast. Give your
local croamery your trade,
Some die   of  heart failure
some live witb head failure.
Chief of Polioe Docksteader is out
of town on •: is holidays
Wholesale and Retail
(Baler in
Havana Cigars* Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Gawd Forin, B. C
THE HUR—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARM-ON
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
Grain, Hay
Floor and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
I Transfer Co.
j City Baggage and General
Wood and
for Sale 4
Grand Forks, R. C.
| Office at|R.  f. Petrie'i
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specially*
npHE value oi well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business bas been .amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vi;- 'ng cards
Sh' ~ iug tags
Price lists
New Type
Latest Style
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Talc Fiona,  First- hirkt
Colon ' it- Avenue and
I *.U* Street
Vaoant, unsurveyed, survoyed Grown Und •
msy bs pre-empted by BrltUh subjeots oTer
18 --Mrs of Kite, and br aliens osi declaring
Intention to beeome British subjeots, conditional upon residence, occupation and Improvement (or agrioultaral purposes.
Foil information concerning regulations
regarding preemntions is given in Bulletin
No. 1, Lan J Serlea, "Hoar to Pre-empt Land,"
copies of wbioh can be obtained freo of chnrge
bf addressing the Department of Lands,
Viotorla. B.C., or any Government Agent.
Beoords will be mada covering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which
I* not timberland. I e„ carrying over 5,000
board feet per aore west of tne Ocaat Bang*
and 1,000 leet per acre east of lhat range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to be
addressed to the Land Commissioner o( tha
Land Beoording Division, in wbioh the land
applied for la situated, and ara mada on
printed forms, ooptes ot cen Jbe obtained
from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must ba occupied for flvo
yearsand Improvements mada to value of 110
por aore, inoludlng clearing and cultivating
at least flva aorea, before a Crown (Jrant ean
be received.
For more detailed Information seethe Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications aro reoelved for purohase of
vaoant and unreserved Grown Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes;
minimum prloe of llrst-olass (arable) land le
•Vj par aore. and saoond-class (graaing) land
$!*.M per aere. Further Information regarding purobaae or lease of Crown lands Is given
In Bulhgln No. 10, Land Series. "Purohaaa and
Leaee of Crown Lands."
Hill, factory, or Industrial sites on timber
land, not exoeedlng 40 aores, may ba pur-
chaaed or leaaed, on eondlttone Inoludlng
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areaa, not exceeding 10 aores,
may be leased as homesites, conditional npon
a dwelling being erected in tho flrst year,
title being obtainable after realdence and
Improvement conditlons.sre fulfilled and land
hae been surveyed.
For graaing and Industrial purposes areas
not exoeedlng M0 aores may be leased by one
parson or a oompany.
fader tbe Oraalng Act the Province le
divided into graaing districts and the range
administered under a Oraxlng Com.
mlssloner. Annual graaing permits are
Issued bated on n unbare ranged, priority being given to established owners. Stock-
owners may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially Iree, permits
are svallablee for settler., -tampers and
travellers ap to ten head.


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