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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 28, 1925

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The recording anger^not credit a man, with what his iM,hsm.'
says in his favor
Government Has Accepted Winnipeg Avenue as
a Primary Road for the
Transprovincial Highway Through Grand
The oity council met on Monday
evening and adjourned until Thurs
dty evening. At tbe session Isst
night tbe mayor and sll the alder
meo except Aid. Donaldson were
A resolution {root Courtney favor
ing the retention of beer licenses by
the municipalities, was endorsed
A resolution from Saanich, asking
the government for a-portion of the
gas tax, was left over for further
District Engineer Qwyer informed
the council that Winnipeg aveoue as
• primary road for the transprovincial highway through Qrand Forks
had been aooepted, the government
assuming control and bearing 75 per
oent of the expenditure for the up
keep of the same. Hr. Qwyer will
be asked for hia opinion as to the
best method ef rebuilding and repair
ing the road through the city, and to
give an estimate of the probable cot,
ia order that the counoil can deter
mine what funds tbey will have
available during the present year for
the purpose of improving the road.
Lot 14, pan 1139, was sold to
Jesse J. Graham, aod lots 2, 3, 4
and 18 to 28, in blook 5A, plan 8O7]
were sold to K. P. Dt-ndale.
B. Baird, inspector of municipalities, advised the council that he
would < ieit QranJ Forks oa Saturday, August 29.
The finance committee reported a
deposit of 13700 in ttie sinking und
aad the investment of some $5000 in
Paciflo Qreat Eastern bonds, guaran •
teed by the province of British Col
umbia. The oommittee recommended
tbat a deed be issued to Rebecca
Massie for property repurchased, 1925
taxes having been paid in full.
The Are, water and light commit-.
tee .reported that work waa progress*
ing satisfactorily on two portions of
tbe eleotrio light system; that the fire
department had reported that the
resignation of Fire Chief Savage had
not been accepted by the department,
and that the department would endeavor to have the assistant chief
perform the duties during ths absence
of tbe obief. A resolution was passed
by tbe eounoil suspending payment
of the salary of the chief of the Are
department until snch time as the
council had the acceptance of some
suitable person wbo would properly
attend to the duties of chief, and to
whom a salary would bo paid.
City E ectrician Meakes was
granted leave of absence, to -wit the
convenience oi his department.
John Topp expressed gratitude to
the council (or the alt' nt on that had
been given the trees on Winnipeg
avenue in the way of frequent wati r
ing, eto . and the council expre sid
appreciation to .Mr l'opp for looking
after the trees during the .present
s uinnirr.
The police department report td re.
cent activities of lhe dry squad,
wbich had result)d in a Tine of (30C
being imposed on a io ai man
Notice wus given of a sale of tax
lands bylaw, embodying recent sales
of property.
"rell me whet wu Know I, tni.
I ~n ttntttt s. well si you."
dry hell.    These were too ripe
a Urge proportion fell down
C-.nt.tlou pes are offered in abundance and are mostly from British
Columbia. Tbey are moving slowly
end we think if the retail trade
would sell st a tr.ore reasonable
price the consumption would double
80 far tbey bsve failed to grasp tbe
fact that these cantaloupes are
grown in British Columbia in abun*
dance aod quick movement is necessary because tbe crop is coming
on fsst. Th price thst most of the
retailers are se'lipg st is 011 if proportion to their purchasing price,
sometimes over 100 per cent profit
being asked;
Calgary wholesale prices:
Apples, B.C ,Duchess, C grade,
per box, 2 25 to 92 50
Apples, B.C.,  Duchess   crate,
190 to   2 00
Apples, B.C.,Wealtby.C grade,
box  2.50
Apples, B.C., Wealthy, crate... 2.25
Apples, B C, Qreveosteio, C
giade.box  2.60
Crabspples.B.C .Trsnscendant,
Fancy, box, 1.40 to  150
Plums,   B.C., Greengage, Columnist Sujae, crar-p, 2.00 lo. 2 25
Plums,B.C.,Yellow Eg-»,Peach,
Burbank, crate. 2 00 to  2 25
Plume,   Wash.,  Yellow   Egg,
Bradshsw, Shiro, oraie  2.25
Prunes, Wesb., Italian,  box,
1 10 to     1.25
Pesches, Wash , Elberta.Craw-'
ford, Slappy, box, 1.80   0..  2.00
Pears, Wash., Bartlett, Fancy,
box, 8 76 to  4 00
Cantaloup's,  B.C., Standard,
3.75 to  4.00
Cantalou pes, B. C. .flats, 1 90 to  2 00
Blueberries, Ont., 11-qt. bskt.
2.75 to  3 25
Tomatoes, B.C., crate, 1.00 to 1.35
Tomatoes,B.C., green, box  1 15
Cucumbers, B.C., box 76
Potatoes,  B C, sack, cwt  2.50
Onions, BC,sack,cwt, sample,
4.00 to  6.00
Peppers, B.C., gresn, box  1 00
Car Arrivals—From B.C.: 16 cars
mixed fruit aod vegetables, 3 cars
apples, 2 oars tomatoes. From California: 1 car mellons, 1 car mixed
fruit, 1 car grapes. From Idaho:
1 car mellons, From Oregon: 3 cars
prunes. From Washington: 4 cars
prunes, 3 cars pesches, 2 cars mixed
fruit, 1 oar pears, 1 car cantaloupes.
Cross-word Pest: "Quick, somebody give me a word of
six letters meaning quiet." |^aH
Chorus:  "Shutup?"
link in 5 the provincial highway will
be ready for use next June, when it
will be possible to drive across tbe
province by makings detour around
tbe existing rosds between Lytton
and Ashcroft.
On the ocean of life many a woman
sails under false colors.
The best girls' finishing   school  jb
n atriinony.
The bigb winds wbich sweft over
this section of tbe province last
Friday put tbe forest fires in tbis
district beyond control for the day.
They are reported to have travelled
over tbe country at a furious speed.
Although tbs ligbt rains wbioh
have si ce fallen bave somewhat
subdued tbeir fury, tbey are (till
At McRae creek the fire got beyond control, and the McRae Creeb
Pole company I st between seven
and eight hundred poles in tbe
bush. A new pump has been supplied the fire fighters at tbis point.
At Psss oreek on Friday those
wbo were fighting the fire are said
to have been compelled to resort to
swift horses as a means af keeping
out of tbe path of the flames.
Tenders for Spuzzum
Bridge to Be Called
For Before Long*
Victoria, August 27.—The public
works department will shortly oall
for tenders for the foundations ofthe
big bridge at Spuzzum, over wbicb
tbe Fraser canyon highway will be
carried across the river. The de*
partment will install this and the
other biidgee necessary.   Tbe new
(By W. H. Currie.)
Here-Jies what'a left of Philbert
Who let his campfire get nway.
Though  Phil  ran  fast, the  fire ran
And Philbert shared in the disaster.
Old Silas K. was level headed
And fire at home he'd alwaysdraaded
But in the woods he'd clean forget
That fire is fire everywhere met.
A sprightly dame was Minnie May,
"Ain't Nature just too sweet," she'd
The picnic fire that Min forgot
Burnt *>ff a forty acre lot.
Said Andy Gump, "I like it rough,
I like this red blood baokwoods stuff!"
Then lit his fire against a stump—
For auch a man was Andy Gump. >',
Young Geoffrey J. loved Nature well,
"B'gosb,"   he   say,   'ain't    Nature
Then toss his glowing stubbs around
And burn the forest to the ground.
"This is tbe life."  cried Cederic C.
"To eatbenoath the greenwood tree!'
But what a mesa be left behind,
Of cans and crusts and bacon rind,
Financial men af the west
who have beea studying the
condition of the world grain
market say ihat Canada's
wheat outlook is the most
favorable in her history.
Climatic conditions may still
have an effect on the crop,
they admit, but so finely sensitized is tho market that any
reverses suffered on the prai-
j ries are immediately reflected
'and compensated for in the
price of wheat.
It is now being generally
admitted that the United
States will have no exportable
surplus of wheat. Her crop is
said to be about 190,000,000
bushels below that of last
year. The Indian crop is
40,000,000 bushels below the
yield of 1924.
Canada thus becomes the
world's   greatest   source   ofi
[wheat supply, strengthening
her supremacy established in
the pas) decade.
Recovery of sterling in
North America is another
factor cited as a decided advantage to Canada in selling
to her greatest market, the
fflnited|Kingdom. In the past,
with sterling below par, buyers
in the old country have endeavored to purchase as much
of their wheat as possible
from the Balkans and other
lands where their money was
above or at least as good as
its face value,
Vancouver is anticipating
b heavy flow of' wheat westward, beginning in the latter
part of September and reaching thc higest peak between
November and February.
Decision of the Great Northern
rsilway to make surveys in Laurier,
Cascade, Grand Forks and Midsy,
in British Columbia, looking to consolidation of Great Northern lines
witb some of the Canadian Pacific
railway, wae announced from Seattle 00 Monday laet.
According to the Seattle statement, the Great Northern would
discontinue its line between Cascade
aod Grand Forka by making a con«
nection with the Canadian Pacific.
The Canadian Pacific would abandon its tine over the Eholt grade,
between tbis oity and Midway, by
running over tbe Oreat Northern
tracks via Curlew.
Winnipeg, August 22.—For the
first time in history a whole carload of cantaloupes from British
Columbia arrived yesterday. Tbe
consignment wae shipped by tbe
Associated Fruit Growers of British
The fruit came from the Oliver
district, on the Kettle Valley line,
southern British Columbia. The
growers are returned soldiers and
soldier settlers eouth of the Okan-
aaan valley. Five or six more cars
of this fruit, wbich arrived in pet*
feci condition, are ready for shipment to the prairies.
Tbere ia a big demand for these
British Columbia products at good
prices in Winnipeg.
Prize Winning Canadian Peonies Exhibited In London
The weather for the firat part of this
week was wet and cold, followed in
the second part by beat and sunshine
There ia no demand ior vegetables of a kind that oan be grown
locally, and will not be until after
the firat killing frosts.
Tomatoea are coming volume. Tbe
semi-ripea are mostly on the green
■ilia. A oar of ripes arrived from the
 -   -       ■ ———————s————I
This unique picture shows the much discussed Canadian Peonies grown in Montreal by Mr.
Ormiston Roy and shipped to England in cold storage in a Canadian Pacific vessel, on exhibition
In the window of the Canadian Pacific offices in London, England. The Royal Horticultural Society
has presented the Banksia Silver Medal to Mr. Roy and several London papers have remarked
editorially upon the extraordinarily perfect condition of the blooms after their long sea voyage. An
interesting feature of the picture is that in the window may be seen the reflection of the new Canadian
Building which stands almost directly opposite the Canadian Pacific Offices and was recently opened
by the King and Queen.
The Sally mine in tbe Be verdell
district is paying dividends at Ihe
rate of 600 per cent per yesr to its
small group of owners. Itis also
making history in the mining woild
of the west.
A carload of silver ore recently
shipped to tbe Trail sml er brought
the unusually bigb returns of 122,-
000 It was band sorted silver ore.
The contro ling company bss a
em til capitalization and tbe result is
remarkably handsome returns.
About thirty men are working on
ihe property.
The Bell mine, in t e same din
trict, is also making a tine record.
It is owned by Duno Mcintosh and
Pat Crane. It is shipping a oarload
of ore to the smelter esch month
Hon. Dr. MacLean minister of
finsnce, has gone to Winnipeg to
take part in a discussion of finance
heada on tbe subject of a uniform
succession duties law for the four
western provinces. There ia some
agitation at tbis time against this
form of taxation, but tbere is said
to be not tbe slightest cbance that
any oi the province will repeal it.
Tbere is a considerable revenue from
tbis source, and it it were to be dona
away witb the amount would bave
to be made up from eome other
source, perhaps an increase in tbe
lax on land or incomes. Tbis would
not meet witb favor eitber from tbe
provincial government or from the
Sugar beets plsnted in Scotland
bave given satisfactory results, snd
it is likely, in view of tbe subsidy
granted by tne government, tbat a
factory will be built.
Superstition   is another of thow
things we don't explain but just have.
Scientists recently completed a
microphone ehat is said to record
sounds made by small insects, gen.
erally believed to be mute.
The days are getting shorter   and
the time during which tbe people
caa consistently complain about the
bot weather is being gradually   re
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Montreal that
thst gioat family and farm paper
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
has been enabled 10 reduce ita subscription price to One Dollar a year.
This certainly will be interesting
newa in every Canadian bome wbere
tbe Family Herald is known and to
many who will avail themselves of
the offer. At two Dollars a year
Tbe Family Herald aod Weekly
Star was generally admitted to be
good value, in fact big value, hut
when reduced to One Dollar a year
it will certainly be tbe marvel of
the newspaper world.
Canada is proud of that great
Weekly, and has every reason to be
ao, ss it bas no superior and few
equal" in tbe world today. Tbe
publishers annouuce that notwiih*
standing tbe cbange in price ovary
feature will not oly be maintained
but improvements will follow, Tbe
publishers are fortunate in being in
an financial position to do tbis, and
Cnnadian homes will bave the advantage. Wben tbe new rate is
made known it certainly will bring
a rti=h of subscribers to thc Fsmily
Herald. One Dollar is a small
amount for such a great paper. THE SUN: GRAND PORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
3te (Sratti. Jteka Bun
One Tear (in Canada and.Great Britain) f 1.00
One Yei-r (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr -" ~——•—-cations to
siThk Orand Forks Sun
Phonb 101R ' \  Graud Forks, B. C^
Notes • Notions • Notables
Degenerate, jazz-crazed Dorothy Ellingaon,
the 17-year-old San Francisco girl who in January last murdered her mother and was found
guilty of manslaughter, was this week sentenced to serve from one to ten years in the
state penitentiary at San Quentiu. It is not
easy to see how justice could havo gone further
astray. In all probability a year from now tbis
worthless and unnatural creatjirj will be
turned loose upon society, to rasurae hor
mad career of frivolity and uselessness. The
world is too small to h-irbDr this class criminals, and the sooner they ate seat out of it, or
put behind the bars for life.the better it would
be for law-abiding people—and it would also
have a tendency to lassen crime.
the bed and emits light rays of twelve different colors, flashing at prearranged period.
The effect of this combination o.f colors and
periodicity is intended to be soothing and to
induce sleep The color flashes as such regular intervals have a peculiar effect upon the
retina, it is said The inventor maintains he
has cured si veral stubborn cases of sleepless
ness iu ten to fifteen minutes.
For the first time in the history of Pennsylvania courts, testimony was taken by telephone recently. Richard Barton, one of the
witnesses in an automobile accident case, had
just returned home after being a patient in a
hospital and was unable to attend court. He
was called by telephone, the oath administered
and his testimony transmitted and recorded
by the stenographer.
The smaller the hole a man gets into  the
louder he howls.
Tbe seventh centenary of the death of St.
Francis, the poor man of Assisi, will be observed throughout Italy in 1926. The great
apostle of poverty died October 4, 1226, at
the age of forty-four.
The government *n France recently decided
that women shall be eligible for the highest
positions in the postal and telegraph service
in that country. In future, women may rise
to be office chiefs, managers, inspectors, etc.,
and they will thus figure in all the promotions
in one ofthe most important of goverument
An application for a position as teacher in
Butte county, South Dakota, fas received
from a woman in Wyoming. Iu part, the application says: "I will introduce myself as an
old fashioned old maid school teacher. I can
ride horseback, am not afraid of tats, mice or
rattlesnakes. Will be pleased to receive a
position in the wildcat section of your country.
I do not smoke cigarettes, use profane language nor drink booze. Am so homely that
the men stay cl.ar away from me."
Scandinavian churches,  next to those of
England and the United States, are the  most
active Protestant foreign missionary agencies.
Archbishop Soderholm, the  picturesque  and
virile  head of the see of Upala, states that
there are 132 Swedish missionaries abroad and
that last year they baptized 854 persons,   The
missionary churches in Africa, the E ist Indies
•tnd China number 34,600 members and maintain 414 missionary schools that teach 20,060
The cyclamen and the carnation are among
the flowers most susceptible to the influence
of music. Some which were used in floral
'lecorations close to a stand where the band
was playing jazz were fouud, after a few
hours, to have all turned their faces away from
the music. They were turned around facing
the band, but soon began leaning away .again.
It is believed that the musical vibrations
.tfiect the filers of the plants,
The government of Afghanistan has introduced a new system of coinage which has for
its  nnit the amanla, a silver coin worth ap
proximately   the   same as the Kabull rupee
(about 16 cents).   The  name of the new coin
is derived from Amanulla. the name of  the
present ameer of Afghanistan.   In addition to
the amanla there will  be coined  half amanla
pieces and nickel coins of smaller denomina
tions.    According to press dispatches the  re
quired  silver  has been   purchased in  India
through a German and the nickel through  an
Italian firm.    The manufacturing stamps have
been imported from Europe.
Poems From Other Lands
When the Spaniads first invaded the Andean
region  of South America the guinea pig was
fjund domesticated and living in large numbers in the houses of the Indians, by whom it
was used for food.   The cavy was carried  to
Europe by Dutch traders during the sixteenth
Hintury. S'nce then it has been kept in  the
"Id world and in North America chiefly   as a
net, and until recently has been regarded as an
animal of little practical utility. The name pig
is readily suggested liy its form, but the origin
■ if "guinea" as applied to it  is unknown, but
may be a corruption of "Guinea pig."
The girl who marries a  millionaire
million reasons for so doiny.
Experiments have been carried 'nit by United States aviators in the disposal of fog by
discharging showers of electrical sand. It is
reported that the sand showers had the effect
of causing a series ofsmall clouds to precipitate as rain, thus breaking up the heavier
cloud masses.
.Should a  man  out  of a job take any job
offered?    Wisdom sometimes says no.
Were I springtime breeze,
A breeze in the spring when the song-birds pair,
I'd tenderly smooth and caress your hair,
Aud hide from your eyes in the budding trees.
Were 1 a Junertime rose,
I'd glow in the ardor of summer's behest,
Aod die in my passion upon your breast,
In the passion that only a lover knows.
Were I a lilting bird,
I'd fly with my song and my joy and my pain.
And beat at your lattice like summer-rain,
Till I knew that your inmost heart was stirred
Were I winged dream,
I'd steal in the night to your slumbering side,
And the joys of hope in your bo.ioin I'd hide,
And pass on my way liko a murmuring stream.
Tell me the truth, the truth,
Have I merited woe at your tapering hands,
Have you wilfully burst lovo's twining strands,
And cant to the winds affection aud ruth?
'Twas a fleeting vision of joy,
While you loved me you plumed your silvory wings,
And in fear of the pain that a man's love brings
You fled to a bliss thnt has no alloy.
—Mugurditch Bcshettashlain.
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
For Colds    Headache
Neuralgia     Rheumatism
Lumbago     Pain
OvVfe^* *^*---t -^ -
l_J&f Bayer package
whichcontains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 18 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Aspirin In lite trado mark (KfiittMd la
i-miiisiIh) of Barer Misnufactore of Mono-
ucctlcacldeatcr ot SallcyUeacld.
Lawyers are   always   willing   to
work with a will.
It has been estimated that over
oni? hundred and fli'ty thousand p?o-
pie attended the Calgary Stampede
this year A historical pageant mors
than five miles Ion*; was the opening feature of the jubilee.
With an estimated attendance of
five thousand each, twenty conventions have been booked to take place
in Montreal for August, September
and October, according to figures
from the Tourist and Convention
Bureau of that city.
It Ib expected that when Hon,
Honore Mercier, Minister of Lands
and Forests, returns to Canada, a
thorough organization of the aviation branch of the Quebec Lands
and Forests Department will takt
place. It is reported that the Province is to purchase several mora
hydroplanes, to be used for forestry
research work, as well as for combatting forest fires and other work.
Church dignitaries, statesmen and
thousands of laymen congregated la
ancient Quebec to be present at ths
wonderfully impressive ceremonies
attendant upon the burial of tha
late Cardinal Begin. The Basilica,
which has only recently been reconstructed and opened to the public, presented a scene of colorful
beauty and majestic dignity while
the profoundly sorrowful services
were being recited.
An inventor of Macclesfield, England, is said
to have perfected a machine that will cure
i iso ntia. Tha machine is placed alongside of
o4ncient History*
[Taken Fkom Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
A telegram from Ottawa, received in this
city last Wednesday, stated that W. H. P.
Clement, of this city, had been appointed
county court judge for this district, vice Andrew Leamy, deceased.
A party of New York capitalists, including
Senator Warren Miller, arrived in the city
yesterday in their private car Convoy and proceeded at once to Boundary Falls to inspect
the Dominion Copper company's smelter, in
which they are shareholders.
The Pioneers' Association of the Boundary
and  Okanagan districts, of which P. T. Mc
Callum, of  tbis   city, is president, will   hold
their annual meeting at the Lancashire hotel,
Midway, next Friday evening.
Thos. J, Hardy, Law & Munroe, and G. A.
Rendell are among the new firms starting
business in Midway.
At this year's Cross-country Rids
and Pow-wow of the Trail Riders
of the Canadian Rockies it is expected that approximately one hundred riders will cover a new trail
wnich extends from Marble Canyon
on the Banff-Windermere Road over
the Wolverine Plateau and past Loka
O'Hara to Hector, while between
250 and 800 ara expected at tka
Pow-wow near tha Wapta Bungalow
Camp. While out weat Field Marsha! Earl Haig signed on aa a member of the Trail Riders.
Better   a   little  well kept, than a
great deai forgotten.
Dr. Letfard'i New Life Tabled
Imparts to the ON and Middle-aged
Youthfulneaa, Energy and Fit-
nest*, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Mead noises, dariveal most imam
diate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression ind Nen-
vousness is banished under the influence of these Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes olear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth, Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Tims has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your 'friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Can you allow a gplden opportunity like this to pass! Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. Tbe price of these Marvellous
Tablets inoluding Mail Charges is
S Dollara per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount,
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard'g Laboratories,
106, Iireirpool Road.'Barnsbury,
Landon, England.
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within thc
Municipality, are invited.
Prisesi—Front $2.>.0') per lot upwards.
Terms!-- Cash an] approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at tlie
City Office.
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Widening the Field
Doubtless at the present time you use
the telephone for the purpose of having
social communications with friends in
your community. With thc same ease
you can add to your telephone calling
list those friends who reside many miles
away, for the long distance telephone is
well suited to friendly talk trips.
British   Columbia Telephone
An Opportunity to Win (5.000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun hai concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by whioh wo can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newipaper readers,
The offer' inoludes a full year's subscription tb both papers, an art oal
endar with a most beautiful pioture subject ready (or framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of f 5,000 cash.
In the Federal Eleotion of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes east out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Electiont
The Evmly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
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The Family Herald Eleotion Contest.
All for $1.50
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Where They Play Golf All the Year Round
-mpt-m* Hotel Cantons. At tb* top, taeet. a flaw of the Malahat sM-ra. Below, one of the many Public «olf course, for which Victoria I. famotit and at the tight a photograph
1 taken from the Temndah of the Empreie Hotel with a tllmpee of the Parliament Buildings through the columns.
Famed far • mild, equable climate, a scenic setting equalled to the
choicest English beauty spots, a resemblance which has led to the
appellation ot "A Llttlo Bit of Old England," and the up-to-dateness of a
modern western city has combined to make Victoria, the Evergreen City,
one of the principal tourist cities of tbe North Pacific coast throughout
the entire yeal*.-
Vlctorla, which with its suburbs haa a population of 60,000, ls also
the capital of Hritish Columbia, the legislative buildlngB forming an
attractive picture for the new arrival disembarking ln tbe inner harbor.
The city, located on the southeast extremity of Vancouver Island, ls
practically In the same latitude as Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and other
eastern cities, yet because of the "warm Japan current that fringes British
Columbia's coast, Victoria enjoys the year round a climate unsurpassed
In the Dominion. Tbe mean temperature ln winter is 42 degrees and in
summer 61. Coupled with this is an average yearly rainfall of only
27.45 Inches, less than balf the average precipitation on the adjacent
With this salubnous climate outdoor sports are possible the entire
year, five or six golf courses being available ln and around tbe city.
For the motorist, not only Victoria but the entire Vancouver Island
provides drives of varying lengths into a territory that has been named
a "Thousand Miles of Wonderland." Greatest of all these is the famous
Malahat Mountain drive running north from Victoria and rising to more
than 1,250 feet above the sea level, affording a view of sea and mountain
unexcelled. t
In and around Victoria are sufficient tourist attractions to keep the
newcomer busy for many days. TheBe include the Butchart sunken garden!, transformed within the last decade into a veritable fairyland of
flowers, shrubs, lawns, roses, waterfalls and lake; the astrophyslcal
observatory with the second largest telescope ln the world, and 1,(00
acres of beautiful parks featuring Beacon Hill Park virtually In the heart
of the city.
In the summer more than a hundred shady beaches and romantic
little bays dotted along seventy miles of water frontage lure the holiday-
maker. Some face the Straits of Juan de Fuca and open to the sweep
of the Pacific Ocean tides, while others are almost landlocked, with clear,
unruffled waters.
Travelling to Victoria from the mainland Is one of the Joys of a
holiday spent in the capital city. An 82-mlle trip through landlocked,
sheltered "waters past evergreen islands, brings the traveller from Vancouver. Frequent service on palatial steamers of tho Canadian Pacific
Railway is afforded to Victoria from Vancouver and Seattle direct, while
a further steamer to Nanaimo affords an optional route. Rail connection
ls made between Nanaimo and Victoria.
As a further development of Victoria as a winter resort, The Crystal
Garden, an elaborate amusement center, is being erected near the
Empress Hotel. It will be opened for Victoria Day Celebration next May,
a steel and concrete structure with 36,000 wiiuirc feet oi. glazed root
surface. The central feature of the Crystal Garder '/111 be a huge aalt
water swimming pool, the largest on the Pacific Coast.
Nearby the Empress Hotel, overlooks the inner harbour. Located in
spacious grounds, beautiful alike in winter and summer with roses, holly
trees and other shrubs and flowers. This deservedly popular hostelry
has been the temporary home for thousands of visitors.
To the tourist from the Inland cities especially, Victoria affords a
splendid opportunity to view tho ever-interesting i cenes of an ocean port
Practically all in-bound and out-bound Pacific linen-, make Victoria a port
of call on their way to Vancouver and Seattle. In this Svay, the Victoria
visitor is brought closely in touch with the movements of shipping to and
trom Australia and the Orient
In Unhurried Quebec
Oonstruction of one of the largest
and most modern departmental stores
at Winnipeg, Man., by the Hudson's
Bay Company will be proceeded with
Immediately, according to an announcement by Mayor Webb of that
city. A start upon the company's
building programme here was assured, stated Mayor Webb, with the
passing of a by-law by the' City
Council providing for a memorial
boulevard flanking the Hudson's
Bay property.
Th—» •SktSSS* at tjaabta
Old fashioned Quebec tug* at the hearUtrlngs of
the summer visitor, because her appeal ta personal.
Without Intention, m to do, ahe haa struok what tbe
advertising men work so hard to acquire.. .the human
Interest angle.
Quebec la natural, simple, lovable. In oar race for a
living we of the cities have reduced life to a system
with every action in subordination to hours and minutes.
But ln Quebec the habitant! rises above the leash.
He has something ln himself which holds him to old
ways. To family life, to the farm, to the horse and
hand-plough; to the scythe, to cows. Wives and daughters and boys of all ages lend a hand at everything. All
the changes of the seasons fit ln to the scheme of life.
And yet there sems to be no particular scheme, no
hurry, none of that driven feeling.    No friction.
And so when we get into Quebec we are sensible of a
freedom of spirit The shackles of "the drive" fall
away as we come once more under the benison of the
simple and the fundamental.
Here by the road are the wayside Crosses common in
Old France and once ht Old England. The Mower is
abroad ln the fields. The dogs drawing their little
carts still hold the road.
And nothing is more humanly appealing than these
dog carts of the Quebec highway. The "Dog of Flanders" has won bis way to publicity on the Bcreen, but
these "chlens" of Quebec have had no Jackie Coogan to
do them justice.
And yet what a part they play in the life of this great
Province, far larger in extent than Flanders. How the
dogs fill niches in the households. Jobs long ago eliminated from our scheme of life, are performed by the
dog carts as a matter of course, ln Quebec. Boys of
the family break their hand in from babyhood, liarness-
IM, nnharntff'ng driving "le chlen."    The boy that as
**¥■ -
soon aa he Is big enough will havo tho horses in liana.
"Deep meaning oft lies hid ln childish play" down in
And yet the dog cart is not merely a means toward
an end. As farm life ls arranged in Quebec, thc dog
cart is no mere child's toy, but part and parcel of French
Boys sent an errand cover the miles in the dog cart.
Wood to be brought from the distant woodlot on the
mountainside is loaded into the little cart. With the
aid of these "tiny horses and carts" small boys do this
work quite easily, releasing their fathers and big
brothers to men's jobs at the plough or with the heavy
Textile workers in the big mill below Montmorency
Falls, living in Saint Gregolre and other villages nearby,
have their dinner-pails brought to them by tbeir small
boys In dog carts, and lf you happen along this road at
dinner-time it ls to see perhaps as many as thirty or
forty of these little chariots.
The speed attained of the dog is surprising, especially
when homeward bound. Then, little M'sieu can hardly
hold him ln.
But you must not think 'tis only youth that these gay
dogs of Quebec serve, their tails wagging, flying along
with the baby in the cart and the family brood of boys
and girls running heltei skelter gathering framboise in
their palls. What would the old... the oldcouplcs, tbe
old women, do without their old dog and his Httle cart?
But, I think perhaps one never realizes more, how
much a part of every day life the dog cart ls, until you
happen along by some wayside smithy and see the smith
hard at work turning, twisting, heating, hammering the
miniature axles and (ires in the most matter of fact
manner, part of the day's work, as much as shoeing a
horse.—Victoria Hayward.
During the flrst half ot August
two important Ontario railway towns
celebrated tbeir OU Home Week and
held pageants illustrative of their
local histories and Industrial activities. These were North Bay and
Smith Falts, both of which held
C.P.R. Days and were the meeting
points for thsswds of railroad men,
who assisted In Um pioneering werk
of the districts. The Old Heme Week
at North Bay marked tha graduation of that town to full-fledged
The funeral ln Montreal recently
of the late G. M. Bosworth, chairman Canadian 'Pacific Steamships,
was attended by S. W. Beatty, chairman and president of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, and nearly all the
directors and executive officers ef
the company. An impressive and
dignified procession followed the
ceremony, a cortage being formed by
the Company's police and officers
and men from the crews of Canadian Pacific steamships.
A party of thirty prominent
American society people, scientists
and artists succeeded recently in
Mazing a new passage along the
Wolverine pass across the northern
Canadian Pacific Rockies with the
Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies,
lhe Riders this year have many famous- men among them and six separata countries are represented. Twenty of the members wear gold and
ennmel buttons, showing that thoy
havo ridden 2,500 miles along ths
mountain tralia.
People take The Sun
because they believe
it is worth the price we
charge for it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
advertisments. This
is not always the case
wifh newspapers that
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
want businessadvertis-
ing by progressive business men who know
that sensible advertising brings results and
pay. If you have something to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
apd  if you   have   the   JQ
goods you can do busi- ■]}**
ness with them
it requires nearly as much intelligence to do work of this kind as
it does to spell "cat" and "dog,"
read trashy literature or dance all
night to jazz music(?).
A. R. Bnchan and family will
leave tomorrow for Trail, where Mr.
Bnchan will engage in business.
They are old-timers of Orand Forks
and they leave the city witb the
best wishes of their friends.
Spuds appear to be spuds in this
valley at present. Some of tbe
ranchers a e digging four tons to tbe
acre, and they are realizing about
$35 per ton for them.
District Boad Engineer Gwyer, of
Penticton, was in tbe oity yesterday
Mr. and Mre.
made a motor car
00 Monday.
trip  to
C.   E
G. C. Brown csme up from Chris
tina Lake today.
Mrs. Jobn A. Hutton and tbree
obildren returned yesterday from
Kingston, Ont., wbere tbey spent
tbe past two months with Mrs.
Hutton's parents. Tbey attended
the reunion of the Kingston Uld
Boys, whioh they report ae having
been a very elaborate affair this
Kenneth Morrison, formerly a
business man of Grand Forks, was
• visitor in the city on Saturday.
He and Mrs. Morrison were on their
way to tbeir Grand Prairie home
from a trip to tbe coast.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. J. Penrose and
daughter, who have been visiting at
tke bome of Mrs, Penrose's parents
in this city for a couple of months,
returned to tbeir bome at Long
Beach., Cal., yesterday by motor
Mr. aod Mrs. Joe Santano and
son lef on Tuesday for a vacation
trip to tbe coast o ties.
Miss Alma Desaulniers, principal
of the Moyie public school, is a viei*
tor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.
New WestmiiiHter and one or two
other places which arc in the "dry
districts as determined by the plebiscite held attiiy tim - of tlia last gen
eral election, bave approached tlie
provincial government with a view to
getting a new vote, at whicb, no
doubt, those making the requests
would hope to see the decision against
beor parlors altered.
NoficeChangc in Location
Announcing the formal opening of the Sunshine Millinery
Shop, September 1st. Next
door to Waldron's barber
shop.—Mrs. Earner.
The announc:ment from Seattle
that tbe Canadian Pacific and tbe
Great Northern lines are to consolidate in tbe Boundary will probe
ably bring a flood of speculation and
discussion as tn tbe location of tbe
new station. If we owned the two
roads we abould place it eitber at
Cuprum or at tbe present intersection of tbe lines. But the present
owners of tbe roads may know
more about tbeir business tban we
Aid. Jobn Donaldson underwent
a successful surgical operation in
Vancouver last week.
Chas. Mudge bas returned from
hia vacation trip and resumed his
duties as government agent. P. H.
MuCurrach, who relieved bim, bas
returned to Qreenwood,
Mr. and Mrs. H. E Woodland
returned yesterday from a two
months' vacation trip tbrougb tbe
eastern provinces and eastern states.
After seeing gome ot the fancy
needlework done by the Dotikbnbor
vomen in the colony west of hore,
ine is almost   forced  to  admit tbat
Sanitary Aspects of
Farm Water Supply
It is a well known fact tbat with
the introduction of public water
supplies in cities and towns whhh
had previously been dependent on
domestic wells, tbe deatb rate from
typhoid fever, the most serious of
water borne dfseaFoe, bas decreased
to a remarkable extent.
In our conntry districts, however,
wbere tbe scattered population
makes tbe establishment of a publi-
water supply system impossible,
tbe farmer is forced to depend upon
bis own domestic source, wbich is,
in most cases, tbe shallow well.
That euch a well csn be a source of
positive danger from typhoi ', dys<
nfcery, diarrhoea and otber disorders has beeu amply proven, but
still many farmers do not realise
fully the importance of a pure un
polluted water supply, or the danger
to tbeir families and tbeir stock
lurking in contaminated water.
The location of the farm well is
frequently faulty and denotes a
lack of knowledge of the danger to
health from water wben there is
any change of drainage or leaking
from such sources of pollution as
barnyards, cesspools, privy, man»
ured fields, sink drains, etc. Not
only sbould lae well be placed at a
reasonable distance from such
sources of filth,say forty to fifty feet,
but also, if possible, on higher
ground. Tbe more porous tbe
ground, tbe greater should be the
distance from nny cont minating
Even when tbe well is removed
from any source of pollution, tbe
ground water sbould be made to
fitter tbrough at least ten to fifteen
feet of soil befoie entering the well.
■Soil tends to remove germs and iin»
purities from surface washings. Tbe
water, however, should be made  to
really filter through tbe soil by insuring tbat tbe sides of tbe well, for
a distance of twelve to fifteen fe*>t,
are tight and impervious to water.
Tbe top, naturally, should be so
constructed that oo - ontamination
can enter.
Water may be seriously polluted
without showing tbis by its taste pr
appearance. A bright, sparkling
water is by no means a guarantee of
a pure supply. Wben, howeyer,
water from a well becomes cloudy
or turbid after a beovy raio, there
is evidently some defect, for this
condition indicates tbat surface
washings ore entering without proper filtration.
The divisions of bateriology aod
fbemistry at tbe Central experimental farm will analyse water sup.
plies submitted by farmers living
within a teasonable distanoe. Application for instructions as to taking tbe sample should first be made,
A Thoughtless Gow
There was au elderly farmer wbo
lived in Vermont, and who wae d s-
tinguisbed amoug his neighbors for
his gentleness of disposition and
kind beartedness. He would never
say ao unkind thing even about an
One morning be was miiking a
brindle cow when tbe animal lifted
her foot and kicked over tbe milk
pail. Tbe farmer got up from his
stool, looked gravely at the puddle
of milk tbat was spreading over the
bain floor and remarked to a neighbor who happened to be present:
"Tbere; that's tbe only fault this
cow has—that is, if you can call it
a fait. I suppose it's nothing but
thoughtlessness "
Tbe Sun Presses have twice the
speed of any otber presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
on botb long and abort inns of commercial priuting and give yon a su
perior class of work.
Eatabliahed 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident innl Grand Forki To* nails*
Company, Limited
IN 1935?
Fanna    JOreharde    City Property
_4»enU at Nebon, Calgary, Wlhnlpetj mssl
other Prelrie points*. Vsmoouros* Afsstsr :
RsjWblUheJ ln 1910. wean lo kpoalll'sn to
InrnUb relublo Information ("meer-tlur Hill
Writ* tor free literature
E,C. Henniger Go.
Grain. Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
11 Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
Yakima Elberta Peaches
To arrive Friday, August 28.
The peach crop is short this year.
Secure your preserving needs early.
Your orders will be appreciated.
Phone 25 "Service and Quality"
£_______. CLEVELAND
■ -       . ■>. ,...
IT brings the whole country for miles around within eaay reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful aa swallows! As
bright as now coin! As weatherproof as aduokt Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Soamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. Wo are tbe people,to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evemnfta Till 10 o'Cloek
Selling out the Wilgress
Estate holdings at
Grand Forks
ShipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
Wepay the highest price and assnre
you the most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Lot 30, Blook5 $125
Lots 30-31, Block 18.... 200
Lots 9-10, Block 21  250
Lots 28-29, Block 24.... 120
Lot 11, Block 26     80
Lot 3, Block 31  100
All in Plan 35.
$10.00 down and $5.00
monthly. Any Reasonable Offer will be
considered for Property as a whole or
Get the habit of
trading at our
George C. Egg
Real Estate Aftent
Royal Bank Building
Repair Work.
Set Building Done
to Order.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
.P. O. Box 82
Member N.B.I.
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
We have exceptionally good bar*
gains in all our
PhoM  10
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
Furniture Made to Order,
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
rpHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult um before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
ViSU'ing cards
Sh'j "iug tags
Price lists
New Type
Latest Style.
Colombia Avenue anil
lake Street
Transfer Coo
City Baggage and General
~" Transfer^
Wood and
for Sale
Offloe atfll  f.  Petrie'a
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen short •
ly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C.
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Tal* Hotrl, Fibst*ibk«t
■jiiWOF ,
V*aeea>V, muMnat
rerra landa mas' ba are-i
----- subjeot* aver ll raara at at*.
aliens aa doetariiig Intention
to ksaams Britlah sahjeets, ooadt-
tloaal aaaa realdeaoa,
it   tar
•Mootralnf nm-
ttrsa la Bulletin NoP?ll_ad*Sartos.
'Htm to Pre-empt Veai," easts* st
tvktak aaa ba obtained tern at L... _
.y*Mr***\*f tba   Popaitewt   at
i-mSa, Vie
■ raaaant Agaat
HiisHa will ha graated a*-—etna
only lani suitable te agrloultarai
pun-Mi* aad whioh la ul Umkw-
fCOt pat as
- MM
oarrriof ares* MM board
i waat at the Coaat Ban—
faat par aere eaat at tbat
r pre-ampttooo ara
to tke Laad Cornier ef the Laad Reeerdlng XM-
viator* la waft* tha land applied te
ia -at-_.ua, aat ss* aaaa aa printed
tonaa oofJae af whioh oaa ba ab-
stss ssspUsaf moat bo ooouplod for
gam peeve aad Impfwv^^ttnte made
ta rain* ot 111 por aoro, Inoludlng
lit par aoro, Inoludlng
uw cultivating at laaat *ra
for* a Orawn Oraat oaa bo
Por moro dotallod laforn Won aao
tho    Bulletin    "How    lo    Fre-emi-l
dominion B!;   ■ ■ iiontal Worka
Aabcatoa Produc i Co. Hoofing
Applloatloni aro rooolvod Ior pi/
obaao of vaoaot aod unreserved
Oown landa, aat being tlmborlaad,
for agrlcultural purposes; minimum
prtoa of flrit-olaoa (arable) land la M
por aero, and aeoond-olass (graaing)
land $1.50 por aoro. Further Information retarding purehaae or leaae
of Crown landa I* given In Bulletin
No. M, Land Series, "Purohaaa aad
Leaae of Crown Landa."
brill, factor/, or Induotrlal sitae an
timber laad, aat exoeedlng M ai
maybe purohased er leafed, the <
Inoludlng      payment
Uaaanrejrod areaa, aet exoeedlng M
■rea, mar be leaaed af homesltea,
oeadltlonal upon a dwelling belntt
ereoted ln the flrat rear, title beln*
obtainable after residenoe and Ins
proven-sent conditions are fulfill*-!
and laad haa been rarvered.
For graaing aad   Induatrial    pur-
pueef areaa net exoeedlng 640 a free
be leaaed br one pernoa er a
Under tbe Oraalng Aat the PNv-
lnoe If divided lata graaing dlftrtcts
aad tbe range administered undor e
Oraatag Commlailoner. Annual
grating permits are Iaaued baaed on
numbers ranged, priority being given
•••> sstabllnhvl owners. Stook-ownert*
may form   suuoclatlons    for    range
• itinegement.    Tree, or pa-rtlally free,
milt*   are   (U'sUiable   for    set''****,
• .mprr-i   and   l*— Velio***,   »ip   to   % 1
Siaast . f


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