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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Apr 30, 1926

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It's easy to acquire knowledge if you are not ashamed to confess your ignorance
During ihe debate on the Maritime
Rights Commission he denied there
was a desire for secession, but
warned Parliament that Nova
Scotia might become another Ireland if its demands for consideration were Ignored.
Delegation From Fire De'
partment Asks Gouncil
for Donation of a Sports
The eegular meeting of tbe city
oouocil was held io the council
chamber oo Monday eveniog, tbe
mayor aod all the aldermen being
A delegation from tbe fire department interviewed the council io
reference to securing a sports
grounds in blocks 22 and 28, plan
35. The council expressed a willingness to place their share of lota
under the control of the department,
and instructed tbe clerk to secure, if
possible,   the lots owned by the C.
p. r:
Statistics of Orientals owning or
operating businesses in tbe city were
ordered to be sent to the minister of
agriculture at Victoria.
An offer from Q. R.  Sullivau  of
$20 per year rental for acreage on
the east side of Observation   avenue
was acoepted and tbe clerk was   in-
, structed to execute tbe lease.
A potition for a six-foot sidewalk
on Winnipeg avenue, adjoining
blook 35, was referred to the board
of works witb instructions to report.
A letter fr m tbe provincial boBt
pital committee giving an interpretation of tbe hospital act as reoeived and ordered filed for future
Tbe water and ligbt committee
reported tbat tbe pumps bad been
thoroughly overhauled and they
were now in good condition.
The clerk was instructed to write
to Wm. Young as to the probable
cost of a full report on the power
possibilities of Smelter lake aod
dam, and also to write to F. A. Mc*
Diarmid asking him to inspect tbe
titles from tbe Qranby company to
tbe oity of the Smelter lake prop.
Gorky Pays Tribute
to the Written Word
"When I take into my
hands a new book, a thing
made in a printing shop by
the labor of a little hero, the
typesetter, and by the machine, created by another lit
. tie hero, I feel that into my
life enters something living,
speaking, wond rful. Here is
another holy writ by man
about man, about a being beyond which the world has
'nothing finer, more puzzling,
and more worthy of my love,
a being whose toil and genius
have made all that is great
and beautiful on earth," writes
Maxim Gorky in his preface
to a work on "EuJopean
Literature," which is being
published in Paris and trans
Discovery of German
Scientist Will, Itis Believed, Prevent the Disease
Liverpool, April 24—What was
claimed as a distinct advance in can
cer research w s announced at a
meetidg of tbe Liverpool cancer hosi-
pital recently,
Dr. H. M. Mitchell,the surgeon at
tbe hospital, said tbat a leading
scientist, whose name be was not
prepared to disclose, claimed tbat
by means of a cleverly devised apparatus be could now examine a few
drops of a patient's blood and detect
cancer in its early stages io any
organ of the body. Further tban
this, by a similar bload teet six
months after an operation, he was
able to tell whether the operation
had been successful in emoving all
traces ol cancer from tbe organs
Dr. Mitchell afterwards, Jn an in«
terview, staled tbat tbe discovery in
question had been made by a German scientist under wbom be had,
studied. "In tbe mrt method," he
said, "instruments are employed for
measuring blood reactions spestro-
SBopicalty. Ordinary blood examined in tbis way gives certain
bands of color, and tbis scientist bas
discovered tbat in a pre-cancerous
condition tbe blood gives quite dif«
ferent reactions."
Proceeding, Dr. Mitchell said be
had witnessed in Liverpool a private
demonstration of the new method,
and the findings to whicb he had
referred in bis speech were support--'
ed there and* also at the demonatra»
tions wbicb. bad been given elsewhere. "The method," be added,
"is all in keeping with the best
tendencies of modern medical research. It is designed to prevent
rather than cure.
"Its clinical application will undoubtedly be to enable doctors to
detect c.ncerous conditions befere
tbey have developed into actual
growths, and then other methods of
clinical treatment, sucb for instance
as is being followed at Liverpool of
introducing certain celloids into tbe
bfood stream, wilf be adopted "
Bank Clearings Show
That British Columbia
Is Making Definite Progress
Vic oria April 29.—Public men
in this province and all over the
couoery are declaring without reservation that business in tbe Dominion is definitely on the upgrade.
Tbis has been borne out by tbe annual reports of various banking
institutions and related in public
speeches by men who are in touch
with economic conditfons.        •>
It has atso been possible for tbe
average individual to draw bis own
conclusions in tbis connection from
the bank clearings of tbe twenty
nine centers which report to tbeir
respective clearing bouses at the
close of business each week. From
the beginning of tbe present year
there has been noted a substantial
increase in more tban twenty of
these centers over the corresponding
week of 1925. By tbose familiar
with trading in general this is taken
to mean that Canada is definitely on
the higb road to prosperity.
In this connection tbe three principal cities of British Columbia may
claim pride of place, for tbe weekly
clearing returns from January I up
to and including tbe week which
ended with the ulose of business on
Aprfl 23, tbere were only two weeks
in tbat period whicb did not reveal
•a gain for Victoria over tbe corresponding weeks of last year; in
Vancouver tbere were  four  weeks
which dropped below 1925; in New
Westminster three—actually nine
cases of decreases compared with
fortys-two increases in the seventeen
weeks under review,
What thie means in revived business in British Columbia, as far as
these three cities alone ure concerned, is shown in tbe combined
clearings for the seventeen weeks of
1936, which total no Itss a sum
than 8322,061,097 compared with
with $2S3,378,200 for the Bame
seventeen weeks in 1925—a gain of
Local Member Asks for
Information on the
Subject in the Federal
Grote Stirling, Conservative member for this district, a0ked in the
federal house last Friday if, in view
of tbe convictions secured on tbe
Nash fruit interests io western Can
ada, it was ths intention of tbe government to suppress tbe jobbing
brokerage bouses dealing in fruit.
Hon. J. C. Elliott, minister of
labor, in reply pointed out teat an
appeal was being made trom tbe
convictions, but tbat the government intend d to support the conviction of the Nash fruit interests.
Regarding the suppression of the
brokerage houses, that was a matter
still under consideration.
■ Evil   is   wrought   by    want  of
thought as well as want of heart.
Grand    Forks - Rossland
Section of Transprovin
eial Road Is Now Fit for
Thos. Prestley, provincial
road foreman for this district,
was in town Tuesday and
states that the Rossland-Cas-
cade link in the transprovincial highway w'll be opened
up Saturday, May 1, for all
traffic, says the Rossland
The highway has been
closed for somo time, or since
the first heavy snowfall of last
Mr. Prestley states that he
has at present two gangs of
workers at work on the road,
one at this end and one on
Cascade summit. Campshave
been established, and on
Tuesday the grader was put
on the work.
He says the road will be in
splendid shape for traffic by
the end of the week, which
will be welcome news for motorists and others.
Lieut.-Col. C. D. Topp, D.S.O., M.C.,
who has succeeded to tho command
of the Governor-General's Foot
Guards. He was formerly a newspaper man and mado his first trip
to the front ln 1914 as a war correspondent,
They say that the best counsel is
that of women.—Calderon.
All men may be liars, but not all
liars are men.
Hunters sbould not taks up tbe
pursuit of even crows before tbey
bave a fire arms license, and these
are not issued to foreigners or
L. W. remarks: "Some of those
bedroom farce writers evidently
tbink it is depravity th.t's the soul
of wit."
lated by Alexander Kaun.
"The book takes me into
life, and however familiar it
be to me, the book always
tells me something I have not
known, I have not observed
in man. At times the whole
book contains only one new
phase, but it is this that
brings one mysteriously close
to man, showing another
smile org imace of his. . . .
Books bring me in friendly
and magnanimous contact
with him, inspire me with respect for them, and even
deepen my interest in man,!
master of the earth."
Uncrowned King of a Happy Valley
Robert Randolph Bruce has recently been appointed Lieut. Governor of British Columbia, as the
representative of King George in
that province of Canada. Like
many another successful Canadian,
he came from Scotland, about
thirty years ago, bringing with
him a frock coat, a tall hat, and a
bundle of introductory letters. He
was the son of the minister of the
fiarish from which George Stephen
ater Lord Mountstephen, then
President of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, had come, and so the first
office where he presented himself
was that of T. G. Shaughnessy,
then general manager. In a very
few minutes he was given a jol>,
but as he was going out tlie door,
"T. G." called after him, "Young
man, if you want to get on in this
country, shed that coat."
Mr. Bruce must have obeyed instructions, for he haa been "getting
on" until his recent appointment
seems to be as near the top as any
Canadian could ever be. And, coincident with his own development,
has come about the development of
the Windermere Valley in British
Columhia, where he has made his
home for some years. Mining interests first took him, back in 1889,
to the upper reaches of the Columbia River, where he commenced
operations on the Sitting Bull
claim on Boulder Creek, a tributary of Horse Thief Creek, near
the spectacular Lake of ihe Hanging Glaciers. Later he left this for
a new claim called Paradise, from
which has sprung the appelation
Happy Valley. The village of
Windermere, on tho eastern side of
Lake Windermere, was the first to
take root, and here Mr. Bruce
settled. He built a bungalow, and
planted a garden, a garden which
today is a riot of exquisite flowers,
a regular (lower show for those
visitors at the Canadian Pacific
Bungalow camp opened a year or
so ago a short distance along the
lake shore from the, Bruce estate.
Not only did this indefatigable
gardener plant lovely flowers in hir.
garden, but realizing the difficulties
of keeping miners at their jobs, he
planted fresh vegetables in sufficient quantities-for his men to have
a dic4 of fresh vegetables instead
of a diet of tin cans. His ores aro
mined with never a strike.
To "Materially Strengthen" the Candian Fruit
Distributors, Says Sales
Manager McNair
A recent dispatch from tbe coast
says tbat negotiations aie practically completed for the taking over
as from May 1 of the Growers'
Agency aa a development of the
Canadian Fruit Distributors, the
growers' cooperative organiz tion
handling brokerage business.
The Growers' .Sales Agency has
offices at \ ancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg.
Originally at) offshoot of the Okanagan United dowers, then half 0.
U.G. and half independent jobbers.
For tbe last two or three years it bas
been operated as an independent
organization, Its operation hence*.
forth as a development of the Canes.
dian Fruit Distributors will,toquote
Sales Manager D. McNair, of tbe
Associated Growers, "materially
strengthen the Canadian Fruit Dis
tributors, tbe grower owned distributing organization.
The Canadian Fruit Distributors,
thus enlarged,will be operated solely
in the interest of growers.
The Canadiao Fruit Distiibutois
this season will represent and act
for the Aseociatid Growers, tie
Wynndell (Cresiun) Berry Growers,
tbe Fruit and Mercantile (1-J.nzic),
witb a smsll--i' organization fer
Dewdney, a d tlie output assembled
at Chilliwack and l'ori K'lls loca'e
of the defunct Hurry Growers' C h
operative Union.
"The completion of urrangi ments
with the Iftuifc and Mercantile came
only yesterday," said 1.) McNair,
"It is especially welcome, nr, all acquainted wilh the berry marketibg
history will appreciate."
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for euch
day during the past week, aa recorded by the government thermometer on K. F. Law's ranch!
Max.     Min.
Apr.28—Friday  (ij
24—Saturday  70
26—Sundav  78
26—Morri-i)-  81
27—Tuesday  -7
28—Wednesday .... 88
29— Thursday   9U
•I i
■I I
Rainfall 00
Mothers' day will lie obserVfe-'l
throughout the world ■ n .*- •■ da*,
May 9, this year. Tne cu«i nn ol
setting aside the seoond Sunduy in
May as a day ol special remembrance of mothers bas bee line i'mt *
ly established .vithin the I ist decade
The practice of hoi oring the ncca.
sion by tbe wearing of beautiful
flowers and tbe Bending of Moral
tribute to mother is gent-ml In
many cities red or pink carta ilion
are wjrn in bonor ol a ir. i g mother,
while the wliit: blooms ure reserved
Wm (Srattl. Sfarka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 81.00
One Year (in the United States)      1.50
Addresr -•■ ~~—-—'cations to
.■Thb Grano Fork? Sun
Phosr 101 Grand Forks. B  C
FRIDAY, APR117.30, 1926
Notes • Notions • Notables
Probably a wo.se menace than that for
which we went to w.ar now confronts the
people of this continent, fr m the Rio Grande
to the Arctic Cir le—indifi'erance to law, the
daily making of jhieves nnd murderers, the
breaking down of onr social structure, license
not liberty, indulgence uot economy, carelessness not security. Every young woman in
war time, with tremendous zeal, helped the
struggle. Her patriotism is needed now even
more than then. Millions were subscribed
by our business men to win the war. Long
hours of work were given with $1 a year as
the sole monetary reward for the most intense
service. But we are now menaced at bome,
and a like devotion to a like labor are needed
if life is to be at all worth living. The law of
the jungle is replacing the law of sanity and
reason. The hjealth, the morals, the very life
and liberty of all are at stake. Real patriotism
is sincere service for the good of our country,
which means service to fellow citizens more
than to ourselves. Every man and woman of
influence in this country, for sheer safety's
sake, must enlist their greatest efforts to uphold the law and solve the vexing problem.
It is the duty of every one to know the extent
of the law's violation now and the pernicious
effects and to give every ounce of energy to
halp save the country from itself.
1850 in a monastery on Mount Sinai, ard
presented to Czar Alexander II. It is believed to be the oldest known manuscript of
the Old and New Testament, and probably-
was written some time during the fourth century.
Inside information that isn t inside enougb
is what breaks one.
Remembering the time his first success
as a playwright came to him in Washington
in 1904, when "The College Widow" was produced, George Ade recently told the result
when the audience asked fer a speech frcm
the author. "Ladies and gentlemen, I—I hope
you're not fooling me—I hope you like it,"
was all he could say. And Admiral Dewey
assured him from a stage box, "'It's all right,
George. I 's a fine play."
A cynic may be indignant in his heart,
hates what isn't genuine.
In the last year or two elk, among the most
wary ot animals, have made their appearance
on thc golf links at Banff during progress of
play. Government protection is causing the
deer to lose some of their natural fear of
It isn't always a man's worth, but what he
is worth, that interests the cruel world.
Soviet educational authorities have decided
to send to various places in the Soviet union
seventy-two artists to paint pictures of local
revolutionary events, portraits of loeal leaders,
scenes of labor processes, and other social
features of present-day life. The expedition
will include a number of noted artists. They
will, visit the Crimea, the Urals, the Ukraine
and northern provinces. A number of artists
are to qe sent abroad for the same purpose.
It's a great misfortune not to have judg
ment enough to keep silent at the proper
Generally speaking, among sonsible per-
s ns, it would seem that a rich man deems
that friend a sincere one who does not want
to borrow his money, while among the less
favoaed with fortune's gifts, the sincere friend
is generally esteemed to be the individual
who is ready to lend it.—Disraeli.
Any man who make money can make
friends, but he can't always keep either..
Poems From Eastern Lands
The story that went the rounds in connec
tion with "Sir Loin," an educatioual film prepared by the depar-ment of agriculture, was
to the effect that King Arthur, on seeing his
favoaite cut of meat served at a meal to which
he came hungry from the hunt, rose at the
table round, drew his sword, and dubbed the
meat Sir Loin. Commentiiig on this in a letter to the New York Times, Eruest P. Horr
witz of Hunter college, wrote: "Romance
springs from illusion. Of course the etymology whereon the legend is fonnded is utterly
absurd. Th first syllable of the disputed
word is French, sur; Latin, super. In the
fourteenth century the French termed the
upper part ofthe loin of beef surloige, whence
our sirloin."
Smiles are inexpensive, but sincere-looking
ones are sometimes hard to contrive.
Beekeeping is a part of the curriculum of
rural schools in Ontario. In schools in Went-
woith county bees are kept in observation
hives in the schoolroom.
Women prefer a rat catcher who makes
love to them to an Adonis who doesn't.
If, as reported, the Soviet government of
Russia transfers the contents of tha Petrograd
museum to one of the churches in the city,
the building thus honored will become the
repository of at least one priceless relic, which
will e in keeping with the church. That is
the Codex Siuaiticus, one of the earliest translations ofthe Bible.    This was discovered in
The Song of Love's Nurse
O Moon I sleep, sleep thou, for tbis night
The cry "O Lord!" upon thine ear shall smite;
Though formed, its purpose is yet hid from sight,
It shall be seen—the stars' potential mir;ht.
Thou'lt he the roast upon the spit of painl
O Rosebud! sleep thou, then, thu little while;
The Sphere's design against thee sooth is vile,
For pitiless is ii and strong in guile;
Ah I never trust it, even though it smile.
Thou'lt have, I fear me, reason oft to plain.
O Love's NarcBsus! sleep the sleep of peace!
Fall at the skirt of Fate and beg surcease;
Thy soul's eye ope—and, lol thy fears increase!
Guard theo against the end of woe, nor cease.
Thou'lt be as plaything by Misfortune ta'en.
Come, in the cradle of repose thee reat
A few short nights, by sorrow undistrest;
Bid care and all it brings leave thee unprest;
In place of milk, blood shall be thy bequest.
Thou'lt need the goblet of despite tt drain!
O Jasmins breast! within the cradle lie;
Thus will not long remain the rolling Sky:
The stars do not aye in one circle hie;
See what they'll do to thee, Love, by and by.
Thou'lt be the mill on sorrow's torrent's train!
From slumber do not thou thine eyelids keep,
If aid can reach thee, it will come through sleep;
The Sphere will give a draught of poison deep,
Then will thy work, like Galib's, be to weep.
Theu'lt be the rebec at the feast of pain!
Your Sheep Deserve  Attention
Once more elected Mayor ot Montreal, thb time with a majority, of
twenty-two thousand vote*.
President E. W. Beatty, of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, has asked
approval of the shareholders for the
construction of two new passenger
vessels of the type of "Montcalm,"
"Montclare," and "Montrose," to be
available for service in May, 1927,
and five freight vessels of 8,500
tons, with a sea speed of about 14
knots, also to be ready for 1927.
During the past season 1,235
moose and 8,608 deer were killed in
Now Brunswick. Of the former 207
fell to the guns of non-resident hunters and 617 of the latter. In the
same year animals killed for fur Included 1,567 raccoon; 6,017 skunk;
18,314 muskrat; 5,410 foxes; 9,470
ermine; 177 martin; 2,823 mink;
105 otter; 67 fisher and 192 bear.
olncient History"
[TakenFrom Twenty Year Old Sun Files.]
There are two ways to sweep a room—with
a broom and with a train. A model wife
shouid know how to do botb.
Provincial Road Supervisor E. Spraggett
left this week for the uppej North Fork coun
try to complete the building of six miks of
wagon road to the McKinley mine and other
Franklin camp properties.
Superiniende t A. B. W. Hodges of the
Granby smelter is soon to have competition in
the automobiling business. It is reported on
unimpeachable anthority tbat Dr. Dickson has
ordered a brand new car, which will arrive in
the eity in abont ten days.
It is understood tbat Mayor Hutton is preparing subscription papers to be circulated
among the citizens for the sufferers in the
San Francisco disaster-
More than 400,000 tons of ore have been
treated in the Boundary smelters so far this
Lots in the Franklin townsite will be placed
o< the market In about a month from now.
The Canadian champion two year
old Ayrshire heifer, "Princess Beatrice" 3rd, owned and bred by the
Nova Scotia Agricultural College,
has another record in supply of milk
and butter fat. From January 12
to March 15 she produced 4,010
pounds of milk, an average of 67
pounds a day. Butter fat was 220
pounds for. the same period, equal
to 275 pounds of butter.
Their Majesties King George and
Queen Mary paid a private visit to
the first Exhibition of Paintings
and Sculpture by Canadian artiste
which is being shown in London.
Among the exhibits are pictures by
Leonard Richmond of Lake Moraine,
Lake O'Hara and Lake Louise,
painted by the artist during his visit
to the Canadian Rockies last year
with the Trail Riders.
According to an announcement bf
D. C. Coleman, vice-president and
general manager of western lines of
the C.P.R. at Winnipeg, the Canadian Pacific Railway is to construct
a hotel of 200 guest rooms on a
downtown site at Regina. This hotel
is. being built in response to a request voiced on many occasions by
representatives of the citizens of
As time goes on, progressive farmers are placing a higher valuation on
the variety of sheep they raise and
the care they are -given. It is generally realized that a sheep raiser secures two crops per year—the lambs
and the wool. All Indications point
to a well sustained price for lamb
and mutton due to the fact that consumption has at last overtaken production and prices being paid for
wool, mutton and lambs are, even
now, most inviting.
Compared with other live stock,
sheep raising provides a profitable
source of cash, income. Early lambs
can be made ready for market by
June and when the wool is harvested
and sold in June and July, this revenue is received at a season when
most needed by the average farmer.
There are many instances where farm
flocks of sheep have kept farmers
ont of debt.  In one instance, 60 ewes
Eroduced 65 lambs which when mar-
eted averaged 66 pounds at 15c per
pound or a total of $648.37. The wool
clipped from the 60 ewes averaged a
trifle over seven pounds per head and
brought well over a % 100.00 or a total
of almost $800.00 from the flock of
only 50 ewes.
Such a harvest, however, is not
possible without a return by the
owner. He must lay the foundation
by securing a desirable ram and must
have good basic value in the breed of
sheep he is raising.        ^-
While there are more than 1,575,-
000 shearable sheep in Canada, only
approximately 29,000 are pure-bred.
Annually the number of pure-bred
sheep increase in proportion to the
total number of sheep, which is a
favorable indication for a continuance
of quality for years to come. The
sheep owner realizes that only on
quality may he build a permanently
profitable business in sheep raising.
A close study of breeds most suitable to existing conditions and most
advanced methods of feeding and
care, always carries with it a large
dividend in results obtained. Your
sheep deserve good attention.
Dr. Letfard'g New Llfej [Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youthf illness, Energy and Fit
ness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noiBes, deriveal most immediate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Nervousness is banished under the influence of these j Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and tbe complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect, health, the pos
sesion of few; the joy of a clear Youth'
ful appearance and tingling' blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theunbounded satisfaction of your,
self. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass) Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, noi are there
any ill effects af tor. Un the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exha'.tation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable bene
fits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollara per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Lcgard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool Road.JBarnsbnry,
London, England.
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prises!--From $35.00 per lot upwards.
Terms t--Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
After Supper
enjoy the pleasure of a long distance
telephone chat with a distant friend. It
is a delightful way to visit. The—night
rates after 8:30 p,m. are specially low.
British   Columbia  Telephone
Save The Forests!   Everyone Loses If They Burnt
1—Foreata provide tho raw misterlat lets* asm
of Canada's) greateat InsluNtrluM. 1—A ltssuu-
tlful atand of atat.ly r.«l cellars* lis 11. C.
• fighting equipment, 7000 gullssliH of
suid a half a milo of Isosse. on C. 1*. U.
Indifference, ignorance and carelessness,
are the malevolent forces which lcmilt
in forest fires and only a thorough
education of the publio to the great
need of forest preservation can eradicate
these evils. Until tho goncral publio
understands the full significant of the
loss occasioned through forest fires unnecessary destruction of thousands of
acres of fine timber will continue. The
menace to the financial health of Canada
through forest fires has not been fully
appreciated by the vast majority of the
people. And Canadians especially
should be vitally concerned in the welfare of their forests.
The various phases of the lumber
industry in Canada represent an invested
capital of approximately five hundreil
million dollars. The associated industries give employment to thousands of
men the year through. Further, out
of every five dollars the lumber industries pay back to the country more than
four dollars for the wood, the labor and
the taxee involved in the enterprises.
In the province of Ontario alone,
about 20,000 mon are employed in the
bush while 10,000 aro employed in pulp
and paper mills. Tho capital invested
in these industries in Ontario is estimated at about $175,000,000. The organisations employed by the Ontario
provincial government for forest fire
protection cost $3,000 a day. Yet with
all this forest fires consume twelve times
the amount of lumber which is the life
of these huge Canadian industries. In
the province of Quebec the value of the
lumber eut, including pulpwood, exceeds
140,000,000 annually.
In co-operation with (he Associated
Advertising Clubs of the World, the
Montreal Publicity Association has
given generous leadership in drawing
public attention to the meaning of Fore :t
Conservation Weak, which is hold
annually in the United Stages and Canada
from April 19 to 25. Scores of public
bodies all over North America have
joined in the effort to stimulate public
interest in the forests and means for
their preservation.
When a forest burrts everybody loses.
The destruction of a wooded area means
iust so much less of a natural heritage
for the gevcralior.s to come. During
Forest week the object is to impress this
important fact on the public.
The Canadian Pacific Railway has been
doing all in its power to prevent fires by
maintaining fire fighting apparatus of the
most up-to-date pattern. In order to eliminate tho possibility of fires being started
by passing trains, locomotives on the
Canadian Paciflo Railway lines are examined at tho end of each trip and great
care is taken to see that ash pans and
front ends are in perfect condition.
Each spring the right of way is cleared
with care of all scrap and inflammable
Notices dealing with fire prevention
and protection, issued by the C.P.R., the
dominion and provincial governments
and by various fire prevention organizations are posted in all stations and other
buildings where they will be effective.
The mechanical equipment maintained
by tho Company for fire fighting consists
of a number of tank car units and hose,
kept ready for immediate operation at
convenient points. Each unit consists
of two tank cars each of 7,000 gallon
capacity, equipped with powerful pumps
and about one mile of hose.
The fire-fighting forces maintained by
the Canadian Pacific Railway co-operate
to the fullest extent with the provincial
forces and the other fire-prevention
organizations, and do everything possible
to assist in the fighting of fires which are
at all adjacent to their territories.
Legends of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec
Folk tales and legends still cling
to the shores of the St. Lawrence,
that flrst highway into the unknown
continent of North America. Legends
in which are mingled bits of Indian
superstition, French customs and
religious beliefs. In the time of the
early explorers, those brave men who
dreamed dreams which led them on
and over the bright waters, past dark
Islands, purple hills and shining
cliffs,' until they settled in Canada,
these legends were reverenced. Now,
•"iowever, while large Canadian Pacific
steamships crowded with tourists
ply up and down the St. Lawrence,
the legends are no longer regarded
except as quaint fairy tales with
somewhat of a religious flavour not to
M disregarded or ridiculed, but to be
enjoyed as reminiscent of the olden
days when saints and demons assumed
mortal forms.
Katherine Hale, in an artistic little
book issued by the Canadian Pacific
Railway recently, ably depicts many
of these stories. One of the most
familiar of these French Canadian
legends is that of Loup-Garou,
evidently derived from the German
P|6RR6:rtF.ME| MO0V61-, WHO
VlSlTEDQjJEiaKMM 16*35
werewolf or the Irish banshee. Loup-
Garou typifies the French Canadian's
reverence for things spiritual ud his
belief In supernatural intervention.
Joachim' Crete, a miller of Beausejoui
was not really a bad man, but he did
jeer at church collections and failed
to try to convert his hired man merely
because he was such a good partner at
checkers. On Christmas night they
played, instead of going to church.
They even, in a mood of defiance, set
the mill going, as if it were an ordinary
night. Suddenly crack I and the mill
Btopped working. Then the lantern
went out, and the two men were left
in trembling darkness! After that the
hired man tumbled down stairs, Bnd
the miller began to drink fast and
furiously! Presently he heard a deep
moaning, Bnd turned to see a huge
dog about to attack him. Then the
miller knew it was Loup-Garou, and
he fell on his knees praying for forgiveness. But he lunged at the dog
with a reaping hook, and wounded
him. That was the saving of the hired
man, for according to the legend, if
you have been turned Into the form
of a wolf or dog because of evil deeds,
only b bloody wound can restore you.
Loup-Garou is one of many such
Who comes to Canada to attend the
triennial conference on education,
which opens ln Montreal on April 5.
uviiu ws. --.„ exxs-iiuy nave ten
Canada, on board the Canadian Pa«
cific liner "Montrose," for home.
The distinguished general was received enthusiastically in every city
throughout his tour of the Dominion,
He delivered addresses showing the
importance of the capture of Palestine to the Allies in the Great War.
V. C. Vickers, managing director
of Messrs. Vickers Ltd., London,
England, who arrived in Canada recently on board the Canadian Pacific
liner "Empress of Canada," reported
that the shipbuilding industry both
in China and Japan was in a
healthier condition than for many
years past, with shipbuilders favoring the motor ship.
Travelling right across the Dominion, exclusively on Canadian Pacific lines and in the palatial special
car "Loch Lomond," Her Grace the
Duchess of Atholl, whose family seat
is at Banff, Scotland, will make
acquaintance for the first time in her
life with the world famous resort
in the Canadian Rockies, which took
Its name from her Scottish home.
A. Hatton, general superintendent
of transportation for the Canadian
Pacific Railway, has announced the
intention of the company to raise the
embargo against the loading of
grain to Fort William and Port
Arthur and the milling companies
and elevators at Winnipeg. This is
due to the anticipation of the opening of navigation on the Great Lakes
about April 20.
The total yield of wheat in Canada
for 1926, as finally estimated by
the Dominion Bureau of Statistics,
is 416,849,700 bushels, the second
largest on record, having been exceeded only by the 1923 crop. The
value of this crop is estimated at
$465,116,200, or over $53 per capita
of Canadian population. The average wheat yield was 19.2 bushels per
A general survey of reports by
the Canadian Pacific Railway on
agricultural conditions throughout
the West shows that farmers are
pleased with present conditions and
speak optimistically on the season's
outlook. Sufficient moisture for
spring crops seems to be assured.
Livestock wintered well. Adequate
supplies of seed are available and
no shortage of labor is expected.
A special C. P. R. train carrying
438 settlers from thc S.S. "Montcalm" reached Winnipeg recently.
Among the passengers were thirty-
one British families who came under
the 3,000 family settlement scheme.
There was one party of 10 German-
speaking Catholics, and the Salvation Army, under Captain Sharp,
brought out a party of twenty young
lads going to British Columbia.
It has been announced by tho
passenger department of the C. P. R.
at Winnipeg that negotiations have
been complete with the Central Canada Air Lines Limited, for an air
service between Kenora and the new
gold fields at Long Lake and Red
Lake. A regular daily service is to
be inaugurated about May 24 in connection with the C.P.R. from Kenora
and during sunfhier services will
be run between Kenora and Duluth.
The recent fire at the Banff
Springs Hotel, which resulted ln the
destruction of the north wing with
about seventy rooms, will have little
effect on the coming tourist season.
During the past winter the company
has built an annex with 100 rooms
with baths and, with the central
stone tower and the south wing of
the old building that were saved,
there will be a total of 313 rooms
available by July 1, or more than
wero in uae last year. . '
People take The* Sun
because]]| thuy believe
it is worth the price we
charge for it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
advertisments. This
is not -always the case
wifh newspapers that
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
want businessadvertis-
ing by progressive business men who know
that sensible advertising brings results and
pay. If you have something to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
and if you have the
goods you can do business with them THB SUN: GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Have You Tasted
Tliose who have used Japan, Young
H>son or Gunpowder Tea will appreciate the superiority of this delicious
blend, aU - nys so pv >e and rich. Try it.
Aaron Edward Stolpi, who haa
been a tuberculosis petient in the
Qrand Forks hospital, during the
past winter, died in tbat institution
on Wednesday morning. He was a
half'brotber of Lewis Johnson of
tbe Union mine, 45 years of age and
a single man. He was a prospector
by profession and has lived in tbe
district for a number of years. The
funeral was beld from tbe United
oburcb at 2:30 o'clock tbis afternoon
and interment was made in Evergreen oemetery.
The four boys who appeared  be
fore Magfstrate McCallum on Saturday to answer charges of various
criminal diadeeds,   were  remanded
for   trial before Judge J. 11. BrowD.
Biil was granted and furnished. At
tbe trial before Judg. J. R. Brown
in lbe county court   yesterday tbe
boys were given  their   liberty on
suspended sentence   Tbey must report to tbe police   fortniabt|y, be
bome at a reasonable bour in tbe
evening and are allowed to go to tbe
movies only once a month.
Cut-Del on tbe groung tbat tbe
damage was done in resowing Veri
Sin's field to oats after be bad already planted it to potatoes when
told not to plant it at sll as be bad
oot paid his assessment.
Tbe orchards in tbe valley are
looking better tbis spring tban tbey
bave for many years past. Tbe
bloom is exceptionally heavy and
there is every indication of a big
fruit crop.
Leonard F, Fell bas announced
bis intention of offering $5 io prizes
for six varieties of cooking and baking to be exhibited at tbe uext Fall
fair by girls between tbe ages of 12
and 16 years.
What's tbe use of buying baking
powder when it comes, unsolicited,
tbjough tbe mail. Tbe Sun staff
has now a sufficient qoantity on
band to laet until tbe las) member
joins tbe ranks of tbe beoedicts.
Col. C. E. Edgett, as provincial
president of the G.W.V.A., an--
nounced in Vernon last Friday tbat
the final provincial convention of
tbe G.W.V.A. will be held at 522
Seymour street, Vancover, at 10 a.
m., Friday, May 7. Tbis convention
is called to wind up affairs of tbe
Great War veterans so tbey may
enter tbe Canadian Legion as a body
at tbe convention to be beld there
May 7 and 8.
Niue directors and foremen of the
Christian Community of Uoiversal
Brotherhood, accused of damaging
the crops of Ludkian VerigiD, Dou
khobor ot tbe Peter Lordly group,
were acquitted in Nelson lust Thursday by Stipendiary Magistrate John
Tbe city council of Vernon is con
sideriog tbe advisability of   suing
for taxes instead of accepting propi
erties for delinquent taxes.
Angus Cameron, Cinadiao cus<
toms officer at Laurier, was in tbe
city Saturday eveniog, He stated
tbat automobile travel tbrongh bis
port was unusually heavy for this
seaBou of tbe year.
Death of Mrs. Edith Donaldson
Mrs. Edith DoualdEon, wife of
Peter H. Donaldson, died on Sunday last sbortfy after ber arrival in
Vancouver, to wbicb place sbe had
been taken for a surgical operation,
of a complication of diseases brought
on by a malignant attack of goitre.
Tbe late Mrs Dooaldeon was
born in Guelph, Ont., fort ,>five
years ago, ber maiden name being
Edith Henry. She wae raised and
educated in tbat city, and remained
tbere till ber marriage to Mr. Donaldson sixteen or seventeen years
ago. Besides her busband, sbe is
survived by five children, tbree
daughters and two sans, tbe oldest
being about fifteen yeare of age and
tbe youngest but one year. Tbe
gymatby of the entire community is
exteuded to tbe bereaved busband
aod motherlesri children.
Tbe remains of tbe late M.'. Donaldson arrived inthe city from Vancouver on Wednesday evening's
C.P.B. train, and tbe funeral ws
belt! at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon from the United church, wbere
the services were conducted by Rev
Runnells. The attendance was
very large, showing tbe bigb esteem
in which "the departed was beld by
the people of tbe community. Tbere
were many beautiful floral offerings.
A sister nf deceased, Mrs Mooney
of Regina, Sask,, has been in tbe
city during the illness of ber sister,
and sbe is still here looking after
the children at tbe Donafdtoh
A regular bungalow bome on auto
truck wheels paused tbrough tbe
city on Saturday aod attracted con
eiderabie attention.
Tbe Qreat Northern paint gang
arrived in tbe city oo Saturday and
will give tbe Great Nortbern station
and the immigration office a fresh
coat of paint before they leave.
It is reported )bat J. P. C. Wright
will resume bis former position as
manager of the local export liquor
bouee oo tbe first jf tbe montb,
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VOTICKIS HEREBY (;IVKNthatlhcrcsi>rve
•> covering Lota 1187a, f48Ss, 2'Jil»s, 29KIH,
2811s mul mil, Slmllkamei'u Division ol Ynle
District, ia cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lunds
Department of Lund:),
Victoria, B.C..
March W\, 1026.
Established 1010
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grnnd Forki Tow cilte
Company, Limited
Farms    JOrchards    City Property
Agents at Nelson, Calgary, Wlhnlpcg and
other Prairie points. Vanoouver Ag«nr :
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{•omission Monumental Works
(CAsbestos I'rouuc s Co. KoofinV
Beautification of
Rural Sohool Grounds
Tbe Canadian horticultural counsel! bas earned tbe gratitude of every
public spirited citizen in fostering
(be ornamental planting of tbe
school grounds tbrongbout the
country. Commencing last year ten
silver cups were offared for competition in various districts of tbe Dominion to tbe rural schools accomplishing the greatest degree of beau*
tification of tbe grounds during tbe
year. Most of tbe cups were won
last season, but tbey can not become the property of any school un*
til wi-n three times, not necessarily
in succession. Witb tbe winning of
each cup goes an award of merit
certificate tbat may be,tramed and
kept by the school as a permanent
L, F. Burrows, secretary of ths
horticultural council at Ottawa announces that the number of entries
being received promises keencompe
titions tbis year. Witb each entry
a photograph of tbe grounds should
be supplied, to be compared witb a
similar picture taken in tbe autumn
showing tbe imdrovement that has
been made. Trustee boards, Women's
institutes and horticultural societies
are urged to co perote witb tbe
ojuncil, wbicb will provide instructions on tbe plants tbat may be used
and tbeir arrangement In the school
It is tbe fortunate wbo sbould ex
tol fortune.—Ooethe.
Marriage is a failure wheo love
goes bankrupt.
Merely lo breathe freely does not
mean to live.—Goethe.
CUssic blaok cards for    lassy in
vitationsand announcements    Sun
Job Department.
SUH LEO TBNDKKS will be reoelved by the
District Forester, Nelson, not later than
noon on tbe 5th day of May, 1926, for
tbe purchase of Licence X7859, near Christina
Lake, to out 1940 lineal feet of Cedar Poles.
One year will be allowed for removal
ol timber.
Further particulars .t the Distrlot Forester, Nelson.
IN THB M ATTEROF Lots 17 and IS, Blook 8,
Map 52, City of Urand Forks.
pROOtf having been fils-d In my Offloe ofthe
*    Ion ofC'erlliloate of Title No. 33122F to trie
Suovc-raehtloned laud in the name of Charles
os-rge Allen and bearing dute of the 20th November, im, I HERKHY GIVB NOTICEof my
intention Qt the explratir n of one calendar
month from the first pnblloatlon hereof to
issue to thesaid Uharlcs Oeorge Allen a provisional oertiheateof title lu lieu of such lost
certificate. Any persois having ony information with reference to suoh lost certificate of
title is requested to communicate with the
Dated nt  the Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B.C., this l»th day of April, 1926.
Date of first publication April 23rd, 1926.
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r. g. McCutcheon
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Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
| Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
| Coal,  Wood and   Ice
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Ci.lnmbla Arena-sand
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P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Talk Horn,,  First ihkkt
Vacant, n is reserved, surveyed; Grow a land,
mny be pre-empted by British subjeots over
18 years of ano, and by aliens on declaring
intention to beeome British subjeots, conditional upon resi lennc. occupation and Im.
provement for agrloultaral purposes.
Kull Information concerning re-iilatloni
regarding pre emotions Is given ln Bulletin
No. 1, Lan 1 Series, "Uow to Pre-empt Land,"
copies of whioh can be obtained freo of ehnrge
by addressing the Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C., or tny Government Agent.
Records will bo made oovering only land
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which
is not timberland. 1 e„ carrying over 5,000
board feet per acre welt of tne (Joint Range
and 8 000 feet por aore cast of that range.
Applications for pro-ensptions are to be
addressed to tbe Laud Commissioner ol the
Land Recording Division, iu whieh the land
applied for la situated, and are made on
printed forms, copies ol can Jbo obtained
from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be oooupled for Ave
yearsaud improvements made to value of 110
por aore, Inoludlng clearing and cultivating
al least five aores, beiore a Crown (irant ean
be received.;
For more detailed Information teethe Bulletin "How to Pre-empt Land,"
Application-arc received for purchase of
vacant and unreserved Grown Lands, not being timberland, for agricultural purposes:
minimum prloe of lint-class (arable) land Is
|5 per acre, and second-class (graaing) land
$2.60 per aore. Further information regarding purchaseor lease or Crown lands Is given
In Bulletin No. 10, Lnnd Series. "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
MID, factory, or Industrial sites on timber
land, not exoeediug 40 aores. may be pur.
chased or leased, on conditions Inoludlng
payment of stumpage.
UiiBurveycd areas, not exceeding 80 aores,
may be leased as homesites, conditional upon
a dwelling being e-ected ln the flrtt year,
title being obtainable after residence and
Improvement oondltions sre fulfilled and land
has been surveyed.
For grating and Industrial purposes areas
not exceeding 640 acres may be lea-ted by ona
person or aoompany,
I'nder tbe Grailng Act the Province It
divided Into grailng districts and the range
administered under a Oraxlng Com*
missioner. Annual grating permits are
Ittued based on numbers ranged, priority being given to established owners. Stook-
ownert may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free, permits
are avaltablce for settler*, tampers and
travellers up to ten head.


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