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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 9, 1925

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When you agree with a man he will generally have a good opinion of your judgment
Extracts from Premier
King's speech at Vancouver:
This Liberal government in
four years has done its utmost to weld together our
sister nations within the empire by means nf that most
practical instrument of friendship and close relationships—
It is an axiom of Canadian
Liberalism that unity is one
thing we must ever keep before our eyes—one condition
whioh we must ever have in
mind when framing federal
We have adopted a policy of
moderation in tariff matters,
neither high protection nor
free trade. We believe such a
policy will tend to unite these
diversified elements in our
country, to cause our people
to forget their differences and
work for happiness and pros
Our trade figures show that
our efforts to secure foreign
business have been successful
—I was going to add more
successful than, we had dared
to hope. In 1922 we had a
favorable trade balance of
$37,000,000. For the fiscal
year ended last March it had
reached $276,000,000. The
government can legitimately
claim credit for this increase.
We Liberals have tried and
will try to see that our foreign trade grows to greater
and greater proportions-
We are convinced that our
policies have brought closer
together the many diverse
elements in our couutty. We
are equally convinced that the
policies adopted by rhe Liberal government will help
materially to bring together
diverse elements of bur empire-
The following ie the minimum
■nd maximum temperature ior eaoh
day during the put week, ae re
corded by the government thermon* •
"•ter on U. F. Law's ranch:
Max.   Min.
Oct,   2—Friday.. 68        31
3—Saturday..  66        28
4—Sunday  67        27
5—Monday  71 31
6—Tuesday   67        29
7—Wednesday,.... 68        27
8—Thursday........ 62 86
Hainlall 00
It takes 6000 bees to *eigh a
Railroads Problem:   "Gosh, Jack, I hope he's the gent elected to grapple with us!'
The demand for Canadian goods
in Europe waa never better than it
is today, in spite of wbat tbe apoea
tleo of gloom may say to tbe cone
trary. A recent dispatch from
London says:
Tbe higb commissioner's office is
informed by tbe trade commits oners in Great Britain tbat tbey bam
received tbe following enquiries for
Canadian goods during tbe past
A Londoo company whose bead
office is at Melbourne, Australia,
asks to be placed in communication
witb reliable Canadian manufacturers of oetate of lime, wbo are not
•already represented in Australia and
who wish to develop business in tbat
A Belfast agent desires to represent on commission Canadian houses
exporting powdered milk.
A Bristol company ia in the market for e ooke suitable botb for
boxes and lard tuba and invites
quotations from C nadian manna
A London firm wishes to get into
toucb with Canadian suppliers of
pine needle oil.
A firm in Switzerland asks
ior quotations on British
Columbia apples.
A Manchester company would
like to hear from Canadian menu*
facturers of macaroni and vetmi-
A Liverpool firms seeks quotations
from Canada on live tons of nickel
io pige or cubes.
A Newcastle firm would like to
hear from Canadian exporters of
oats, with quotations on 1000 and
2000 quaiter lots. .   .,
A Manchester firm ie prepared to
place an order.in Canada for 100,000
dowels, sisef'x 30" and |»x 36".
Further details of these can be
obtained from tbe commercial ioteln
ligence branch of the department of
trade and commerce, Ottawa, or
from the Canadian government
trade commiseioner.Canadian building, Trafalgar Square, London,
8 W.I.
Senator N. A. Belcourt
Who haa been selected to preside over
the meetings of the Interparliamentary
Union which will be held in Ottawa.
With this year's crucial election campaign now entering
its final stage, the national issues at stake have be. n boiled
down practically to the "sugaring off" point.
j Perhaps never before in Panada's history have such momentous questions been before the electors—questions which
will have a determining influence upon the Dominion's future
for generations to come.
Leaders of the chief parties have almost exhausted their
abilities in expounding their doctrines, while candidates
every whe-re have left no stones unturned to ensure election.
To the experienced observer one issue predominates,
namely, western Canada's "forced" development.
For years, generations even, a so called misunderstanding of tbe needs and rights of the west has maintained in the
older provinces.
The trend of development has been westward for centuries, but only during the past year or two has the west
come into her own, and that chiefly to the equalization of
freight rates and the reaognition that western Canada, and
British Columbia especially, is destined to become a commercial pivotal center of empire.
A Utopian view, in the opinion of Conservatives, and
rather a large order to any but those whose business judgment and nation.il foresight envision the Pacific province as
such. v
It has remained for Premier Mackenzie King and his
cabinet thus to recognize the true status of British Columbia.
Opposition criticism has declared that pre-election
promises count for naught.
However, already the government's policy sees prairie
grain flowing westward, and nothiug short of Conservative
obstruction can stem the tide.
The re election of the Mackenzie King government
means the immediate development and super prosperity of
British Columbia and the prairies.
The defeat of the government spells the continuance of
the neglect of the west through tbe, perhaps, unwitting disinterest of the east.
While only about balf ag many
apples bave been exported from
Canada to date, compared to the
same period of 1924—57.619 barrels
and 30,099 boxes, compared with
110,733 barrels and 91,751 boxes
up o September 28, 1924—wiib the
shipment of tbe standard fall varies,
ties commencing it in oow possible
to get some idea of relative valued.
On tbe whole, prices for the Ontario
product are satisfactory, but tbe
quality of the fruit produced in tbe
Annapolis valley tbi'- year ie being
reflected in old country quotation?.
No- 1 quality Gravensteins from
Ontario sold in Ulasgy last week
for 15 59 to 16.66, while a similar
variety irom Nova Scotia was woutb
only f4.37 to 15 35. Ontario Wol»
River brought $4.86 to 16.08 Nova
Scotia Wolf River sold for, 13 40 to
$4.86. In other words, thp Ontario
apples started where he Nova Scotia
eroduct leftoff Io comparison witb
British Columbia, however, the ap'
pie from Ontario does not show up
so well. Extra Fane Wealths* s> from
tbe valleys in this province wese
worth 13 65 to $4.86 per box, while
tbe Hame fruit from Ontario ragged
from $2 43 to $3 44. Of courfe it
sbould be remembered that recent
weather in Ootario, wbile bett< r
tban tbat prevailing all season in
Nova Scotia, bas been unfavorable
for coloring fiuit. In British Colum
bin the season has been dry, hot snd
bright, an ideal condition mr turn
iug out well colored, clean fruit,
when irrigation euppies tbe water.
Btr y   Ontario   apples   sucb   tn-
DuctitBB and Alexandia,  ore  wor h
Among the
who arrived In Canada daring the
first week in September from Europe
were Princess Patricia, Sir Thomas
and Lady Grattan, and the Earl and
Countess of Mar and Kellie, ell ot
whom were on the Canadian Pacific
steamship Mountroyal; Jamee Oliver
Cm-wood on the Empress of Scotland and Baroness Orcsy en the
Montnairn, of the eame line.
Chiefs of the Liberal and Conservative Parties
Premier William Lyon Mackenzie King and ex Premier Arthur Meighen,
who are marshalling their forces for the election contest on October 29.
They were both born in 1874, iu Ontario, Premier King at Kitchener and
Mr Meighen at Anderson. Both are of Scottish Canadian ancestry and
both are Presbyterians,
Calgary, Alberta. — The Ne. 4
Royalite well (Imperial), eonUnuae
to amaze geologists. Ita naptha
production increased July te (46,188
gallons, 78 degrees Beaume, an la-
crease of 16 barrels daily over the
June production. The prosiactloa
contlnuee to increase aad the flow ef
gaa at 20,000,000 cable feet a day is
being maintained. Thle flow will
shortly be haraaeaad te eapply Calgary.
Preparations are under way for
the holding ln Mcatisal In Jane next
year of the annual contention ef the
American Association of Railroad
Superintendents. J. K. Savage, General Superintendent, Canadian Pacific, waa elected chairman ef the
arrangements committee, and plana
were made fer the organisation of a
complete committee te go ahead with
the business of making the convection a success.
A despatch from London statea
that in the past three weks more
than 20,000 boxes of Quebec-made
cheese have arrived and been sold in
London et good prices, the quality,
it is said, being of the best. It is
pointed out that if Quebec products
are to obtain the peeitlon they deserve here it ie necessary te keep
continuous supplies coming, ln order
to make them known to the general
public, rather than to make either
isolated or occasional speculative
shipments. Along this line, some
7,000 boxee of Quebec-made cheese
wont forward from here to the Lon-
lo.i market during the past week.
less tban $5 per barrel. The first
Mcintosh sold at $7.78. Apples and
pears arriving in Britain from New
York state, according to cables rea
ceived by the Dominion fruit blanch
at Ottawa, are in many cases heated
W*\t (grand iffurka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Qreat Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addresr -" -~—-—'cations to
I/Thb Graiid Forks Son
Phonb 101R Qrand Forks, B. C;
the mark value, the wisdom of economy has
b.gun to reassert itself. Government officials
and brain workers fnrdish the largest percentage of the depositors,
News comes from the Okanagan that
Grote Stirling, Conservative candidate for
Yale, is wavering in his confidence of being
reelected. This should be a pretty good indication that Col. Edgett will win by a good
Rubber, shoe strings which are said to
stretch so that one can remove low shoes
without unlacing them, have been put on the
market by a British manufacturer.
In every election there are always a number
of electors who vote against the government
merely because   they   say tt   is time for a
change.   This is a loose-way of reasoning. In
Great Britain the majority of people evidently
voted against the government simply for tbe
sake  of a change.   Conditions in the   old
country at present do not indicate that they
acted wisely.   The same mistake should not
be made iu this country on the 29th. The only
sensible thing to do in order to vote intelligently is to study the records of the ewo parties and to vote for the one that has benefited
the counUy the most.   If this is done, and if
the elector votes conscientiously, tbere can be
no doubt  of the return of the King govern
Mr. Meighen says that the King government
lias no achievements to its credit, yet Mr.
Meighen and his followers are trying to convince the electorate that the Conservative is responsible for every good law enacted by the
King government. The Liberal party seems
to be in the same position as the man described by an Arabian poet:
When I sent you  my melons, you cried out with scorn
They ought to be heavy and wrinkled and yellow-
When I offer'd myself, whom those graces adorn,
VT m floated, andeall'd me an ugly old fellow.
One club of London still maintains the aus
torn of supplying handkerchiefs with the name
of the club embroidered on the oorner, to
members who forget to bring thi m.
The word penny occurs a number of times
in our English version of the New Testament,
especially  in the four gospels, for instance,
Natt. 20:2: "And whon he had agreed  with
the laborers for a penny a day, he sent them
into his fvineyard."  The eoin to whioh the
name penny is given was the denarius, a' Ro
man silver coin in circulation iu the time of
our Lord and the apostles.   It was the princi
pal silver coin then iu use throughout the Ro
man empire. From the parable of the laborers
in the vineyard it would seem that a denarius
was then the ordinary pay for a day's labor,
Proved Safe
Take without Fear as Told
in "Bayer" Package
■Notes • Notions • Notables
Peddling seems to be a lucrative occupation.
Two hundred and fifty of New York's East
si.ie vendors who peddle via pushcarts everything from shoe laces to watermelons, paid $5
a plate for the privilege of attending a testimonial dinner to members of their profession.
The invitations were gold-inscribed, and the
meal was of the best variety, Mrs. Molly
Biira8ch, "queen of the peddlers," wore ber
diamond diadem and a white luce dress.
Parents must look for the greatest appreciation by their children when the children are
thirty or forty years old.
In Holland tbere has just been celebrated a
curious juilee—the fiftieth anniversary of the
Dutch Society for Optional Cremation. Since
this society was founded a radioal caange of
view has taken place in orthodox Protestant
circles in favor of cremation. In 1876 a pe
tition was sent to King William III aod the
second chamber requesting a revision of the
law regarding burials and the introduction of
a special authorization of cremation. Every
year the petition was renewed, but no answer
was ever made to it. Oniy in 1913 was the
first Dutch crematory at Westerveld, neai
Haarlem, opened, tbough cremation was not
yet recognized by law. When Dr. Vail lan t,
the oldest ["member of the society, died in
April 1914, at the age of ninety-six, it was
decided to cremate his remains, thus making
a test case. The state prosecuted the society
but the supreme council of the Netherlands,
after a long procedure, decided that oremation
was not punishable. Since then tbe earthly
remains of many Hollanders have bee committed to the fires in the furnaces at Westerveld.
Unless you see the "Bayor Cross"
on package or on tablets you are not
getting the genuine Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians over twenty
five years for
Colds Headcbe
Neuritis Lumbago
Toothache        Rheumatism
Neuralgia        Pain. Pain
Bach unbrkeo "Bayer" package
contains proven directions. Handy
boxes of twel ve tablets cost few cents,
Druggists also sell bottles of 24 and
About the rarest thing in the world is a
small boy who looks happy when he is dressed
Poems From Other Land s
A knowledge of pedagogy does not always
'"-get a knowledge of the fine aspects of horticulture or agriculture. For instance, the
t.- icherin one of the junior high schools of a
northern city had occasion to visit with her
lather the litth garden the parent had planted
in the rear of the factory where he was superintendent. "Daddy, dear," she said in the
tone characteristic of girls wbo have passed
the teeu age, ''.do the cabbages grow on top
of the ground or underneath the ground?"
M. Francisco was born in Italy and went to
■'■'io United States in 1860 He was a candy-
'inker and made his home in Danville, V a.
He died there recently. In his will he stipulated that the three marble slabs on which he
c ioled his products be used for his tombstone.
So now the candy slabs contain his epitaph
instead of his taffy.
Some men   are in   the best of spirits only
when the best of spirits are in them.
The weeds will but the ranker grow,
If fields too arge you seek to till.
Tu try to gain men far away
With grief your -toiling heart will fill.
■  If fields too large you seek to till,
The weods will only rise more strong.
To try to gain men far away
Will but your heart's distress prolong.
Things grow the best when to themselves
Left, and to nature's vigor rsre.
How young and tender is the child,
With his twin tufts of falling hairl
But when you him ere long behold,
That child shall cap of manhood wearl
—From The Shi-King.
Tne output of silver from Cobalt
during July amounted to about 400,-
000 ounces, accordinf to preliminary
estimates. This had a value of lees
than $300,000, or at the rate ef
about $8,600,000 a  year.
An attensjanee records .fer tiie
Central Canada EAUrition were
broken this year. There was a total
attendance of 849,200, or 42,400
greater than the previous record ef
807,000, made in 1922.
' Applications for immediate purchase of Lota
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
.jffqnldpaRty, are invited.
Prices s-*-From $25.00 per lot upward*.
Terms t—Cash and approved payments.
Liat of Lota and prieee may be aeen at the
City Office.
Gity Clerk.
The fint Italian ship to visit Van-
eeuver in several years will be tke
steamer Wave n, of tbe Naviga-
sione Libera TresMna, due here at
the ead ef this month. This boat
will inaugurate a new service between thia pert and points en the
Production of paper by the Powell
River Oompany, at Vanoeuver, will
be tacreesed >0 per oent by the completion of a |C,000,000 development
programme, new nnder way, accord-
big to an announcement made by
M. J. Seanlan, a director of the
eompany. Ac present the plant is
turning eut about 75,000 tens a year.
Signs of returning preepertty* to
Canada are evidenced by the feet
that more Canadians are registered
in the Canadian Pacific Reeky
Mountain resorts during tiie past
week than at any time since the beginning of the year. These resorts,
which are usually filled almost entirely by Americans, contain a guest
list last week which is 50 per eeat
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line oi Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
One of the qualities which add greatly
to life is that of friendliness, and there
is no more friendly medium of communication than the human voice. That is
one reason why the long distance telephone is appropriate for business and
and social purposes.
Recent savings bank figures show that the
Germans are beginning to save again and in
the last year and a h.df the number of depositors has grown rapidly. During the inflation
period no one in Germany thought of saving
money. It was a policy of either "spend it before it is worthless," or of "get-rich quick.'
Gradually, however,  with  the stabilizing of
otocient History
[Taken From Twenty- Year Old Sun Files.]
Judge W. H. P. Clement has received his
commission as judge of the county courts of
Yale and Kootenay. He expects to hold his
first sitting in this oity on November 7.
A letter has been received by a smelter employee in this city from Trail stating that the
eight-hour day was inauguarated in the Trail
smelter on the 3rd inst.
A preliminury survey of the site of the Do
minion Copper company's proposed smelter
in this city has been made during the past
couple of days. It is said tbat a 1 per cent
grade, which is considered very low, can be
obtained from the Granby smelter to the site
Dr. LetfanJ's New Life Tablets
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Youthf ulness, Enerfty and Fit-
ness, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
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distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Ner«
vousness is banished under the influence of these, Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes olear,
light and elastio and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think ot the
blessings of perfect health, tbe possesion of few; tbe joyof a olear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted oheeks;the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation tnat Time has
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and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of. your,
self. Oan you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass! Remember
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any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
ezhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at SO? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Granby Consolidated shares are quoted at incu"^e'orri^e0Vn£nlMi%e^ous
$7.75 on the Boston stock exchange.
Johh D. Spence left this afternoon for Toronto to take up again the legal work there
which he has been engaged upon for some
months as assistant solicitor in the legal department ofthe Canadian Pacific railway.
British  Columbia Telephone
fits. The price
Tablets including Mail Charges is
S Dollara per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount..
Obtainable from
Dr. Lefiard's Laboratories,
IOS, Liverpool Road.JBarnabury,
London. Knatand.
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A Beautiful Art Calender Free
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endar with a most beautiful pioture subjeot ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a priie of $5,000 cash.
In the Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,110,306 voces oast out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election! '.ir'"''
The Eemly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
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1 tm
' tie total'handlings at tbe new
internal government elevator in Edmonton, Alta., since its opening last
fall, amount to 2,350,000 bushels. Of
this quantity of grain handled, more
i >/>00,000 bushels was whest
With the completion of the 1926
assessment for Toronto, the Chief
Assessor announced that ths city's
population is now 649,429, or 7,018
greater than laat year. The total
assessment for 1926 Is 1891,678,797,
which ia $16489448 higher than for
A ssw high-water mark for tha 1915
seaaen of navigation in regard to
number ef pessengsee landed at Quebec over a week-end, was esUbllshsd
daring the week-end ef September
4th when sis boats docked with nearly 5,000 paseengere. The three Canadian Padfle steamers, the Moatr-oyal,
Harlech and Melita, brought 8,6*4 of
.Between four sad five
travelling passenger agenta, representing railway- throughout tha
United Statea snd Mexico, united
with representatives of the Canadian railways and steamship corn-
Males in Montreal daring the week
ending September 19th, for the fiftieth annual convention of the
American Association of Travelling
Passenger Agenta.
Is snoessaisn to Captain James
Oilliee, who waa recently appointed
general manager Canadian Pacific
eteamships in London, Captain B.
O. Latta hss been appointed to the
command of the Impress of Scotland, flagship of tho Canadian Pacific fleet Captain Latta waa pra-
•fieosly en the bridge of the "Mont-
rayal" sad otbsr vessels of Os'asms
Arrangements sre being nude for
the holding of the western annual
meeting in Winnipeg from November Srd to 6th of the Canadian Institute of Mining snd Metallurgy.
The meetings will be held In the
Boyal Alexander Hotel. Delegates
from all points in the West as well
sa from Eastern Canada, are expected to attend.
A memorial known as Ths Altar
of Pesos" has recently been unveiled in Stanley Park, Vaneourer,
te symbolise the spirit of international good-will existing between
tbe United States and Canada. The
memorial wss raised by Joint subscription of United Ststes snd Canadian Klwanls dobs, snd stands on
the spot where the late President
Harding delivered the last speech of
his life while visiting Canada, la
-Inly, 1988.
. One of the largest shipments sf
live fexss for export over to leave
Plinee Edward Island, left recently
for New Toric for •ransshlpment to
Norway. Ths shipment comprised
200 foxes In sll, wttb s gross value
of 140,000. Several small shipments
ef animals wen consigned to Norway last year snd this huge order
hss followed the raceces which the
Norwegian breeders hsve bad with
those animals previously sent fram
this country.
As illustrating ths -volume of grain
delivered by the Port of Montreal
compared with that of Vancouver,
figures given by the Pacific coast
port for the crop yesr ending Jnly
81 last, show Montreal deliveries
wen sis sad thrae^njsrters times
those from the British Columbia
port Vancouver shipped 88,188,218
bushels of gram for the crop yesr
snoing July 81, while Montreal, during this period, disposed of 160,929,-
& W. Beatty, president snd chairman ef ths Canadian Pacific Bail-
way, accompanied by several of his
directors Is st present .engaged la.
the annual tour of inspection of ths
company's system. In an address to
the directors of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto Mr.
Beatty declared that the "only safe
and certain cure for the relief of
the Dominion's railway obligations
rested npon tbe country's Industrial
snd agricultural development,"
irSHS   If T*TS
It is ss ea«v fi suppress a flrst
desire as it is bard to Satisfy! 'be
desires ibat follow.
An idler's opinions are hardly
ever as weighty as those of a man
who is of some nse.
Work for tbs best sod let hoping
for the best be a side issue.
All British subjects of 21 ye irs
sad over having resided in Canada
for tbe past year, st least, sod in
"I Promise the Wert: Impartial Justice and Erjual Treatment"
IS famous Ordex-in -Council is oonerete evidence
that he means to carry out   this   polioy.   The
Order reads:
"The committee are of the opinion that the policy
of equalization of freight rates should be recognized as being the only means of dealing equitably
with all parts of Canada* and as a means of encouragement of industry and agriculture* and tbe development of export trade."
Contrast this polioy with the statement of Mr.
Meighen, whioh his followers—the Conservative candi-
. dates—will be compelled to support by reason of the
pledges of the Conservative candidates in the East.
Meighen said:
"There has been a measure of relief for the West
by means of equalization of freight rates, which
is utterly indefensible." ,
There you have the polioy as it will be applied to
the West, of the two parties who now ask your endorsation.
The polioy of the Liberal candidates is to populate
the West. Population will come where it is profitable
to live. Open Canada's natural trade routes to the
world's markets, for the tremendous natural resources
of the West.   Equalize freight rates Westward, and you
will have turned the key that unlocks the door to prosperity.
A definite example of what these discriminating
rates are costing tne West—as they affect the fruit
growers of British Columbia—is found in these figures:
From Grimsby to Montreal, it is 390 miles—and
the rate is 95c per 100 lbs.   •
From Vernon to Calgary, it is 340 miles—and the
rate is $2.40 per 100 lbs.
The same discrimination is applicable to all lines
of Western production. This is startlingly evident
when you asoertain that in the six years previous to
1921, the West contributed $174,000,000 net profit to
the Canadian Paoif ic Railway—while the East, with the
greater poplation, contributed but $81,500,000—less
than half.
You must decide whether the man you send to
Ottawa shall be controlled by the Canandian Pacific
Railway and thc interests of the East—who, for narrow,
selfish reasons re antagonistic to the West—or,
whether you will send a man to support a leader in
the person of the Rt. Hon. W. L. Maokenzie King, who
believes he is serving the best interests of the whole
Dominion by giving impartial justice and equal treatment to the West.
Vote for Col.CE. Edgett, D.S.O., Liberal Candidate
the electoral district wbere^tbey expect to vote for at least tbe paet
month from tbe date of tbe writ,
should see that tbe registrar hae
tbeir names correctly on his lisle at
This applies especially to those
wbo have attained the age of 21
since the lest provincial election, or
who are newcomer-* from any otbe
division, or wh-> failed to vote
at tbe last provincial election, or
wbo may have changed Iheir names
through marriage, or who may have
become naturalized.
Qeo. C. Egg, regis rar, in tbe
Royal bank building, is now compiling bis lists and will be at your
service until the evening of October
Vancouver Center—G. Q. McGeer.
Lib; H. H. Stevens, Con.; W. W.
Lefaux, Lab.
Vancouver South—R. G. Mscpher
non, Lib.* Leon J. Ladner, Con.; A.
Hurry, Lab.
Burrard—R. P. McLennan, Lib.;
J. A. Clark, Con.; J. Sidaway, Lab
Vancouver North—Dugald Doua»
gliy. Lib.; G. H. Morden, Con
Cariboo—Raymond Leighton. Lib ;
J. A. Fraser, Con.; T, G. McBride,
Comox ■ Atlin—T. D. Coldicutt,
Con.; A. W. Neill, Ind. Lab.
Fraser Valley--Elgin A. Munro,
Lib.; H  Barber, Con.
Kootenay Eaat—Hon. Dr J. H.
Kiog, Lib.; Dr. F. W. Rutledge, Con.
Kootenay West—W. K Esling.
Con ; L. W. Humphrey, Far.-Leb.
Nanaimo—Tom Booth, Lib.; C H.
Dickie. Con.
New Westminster—A. Wells Gray,
Lib.; W. G. McQuarrie, Con.; Mrs-
Rose Henderson, Lab.
Victoria—Hon. 8. F. Tolmie, Con
Ya^e—C. E. Edgett, Lib.;Groto
The Fresh Flavor
of delicious
is preserved in the air-tight SALADA
-packet. Finer than any Japan or
Gunpowder.   Insist upon SALADA.
but improvements will follow. Tbe
publishers are fortunate in being in
an financial position to do this, and
Canadian homes will have tbe advantage. When the new rate is
made known it certainly will bring
a rush ot subscribers to th: Family
Herald. Ooe Dollar is a small
amouot for such a great paper.
Tbe Sun Presses have twice tbe
speed of any otber presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
on botb loog and short runs of commercial printing and give you a superior class of work.
A cynical bachelor observes tbat
a man wbo has naver married has
no excuse for being a pessimist.
KSUbliahed 1*10
Real Estate and Insutance
Resident Afent Grunil Forks Tow Mite
Dampen--, Limited
William Allison and Miss Regina
Frechelte.two popular young people
who bave been raised in Grand
.Forks, were married at tbe homeol
tbe bride's u other on Tuesday,
Rev. Father Cocola performing tbe
oeremony. The young couple left
the same dav for a wedding tour to
Spokane and other points
Tbe liquor cases of the Province
and Russell hotels, wbicb were remanded a couple of weeks ago,came
up again before Justices Donaldson
aud Miller on Wednesday. Tbe
Province pleaded guilty and wsb
fined $300 and costs, wbicb was
paid. The Russell hotel was fined
a like amount, but the oase was appealed . . C. F. R. Pincott appeared
for botb tbe defendants.
In the Bruno case before Justices
Donaldson aod Miller on Tuesday
ibe two justices were unable to
i«gree, Mr. Donaldson being for conviction aod Mr. Miller s ending out
fir acquittal. It has not been
leiroed whether or not rbe crown
i ite ds to prosecute tbe case any
Miss Joyce McLeod, of Kelowna,
is iu tbe city. Her sister Bertha ie a
patient in .the Grand Foika hospt
Murray Hales has rocovered from
an attack of influenza.
Word has been received from
Spjkane tbat Mr. and M s. Roy
0 moors' infant son died in tbat city
this week.
Audrey   Reynold,   George    Savag
Mildred   Smith,  George Thompson'
Fred Wensel.
bl vision v.
John Baker, Irene Bickerton.Bob
bie Carlson, Angelo Colarch, Katie
Dorner, Albert Euerby, Brnce Grey,
Harry Hansen, Bnce Harkness,
Isabel Huffman,Chester Hutton.Mary
Jones, Genevieve Mitchell, Harold
Montgomery, Mary McKinnon, John
McLeod, Helen Pell, James Robert
son, Tony Santano, Alex Skuratoff,
Edward Thomas, Mae Waterman.
Alberta BiJdleoome, Catherine Davis
Albert Deporter, Dorothy Donald3on,
Teresa Frenkovich. Prackup Kaba-s
toff, Eyrtle Kidd, Dolores Kirkpatrick, Barbara Love, Florence
MacDonald, George O'Keefe, Win.
nifrcd O'Keefe, Stewart RamBay,
Victor Rella, Edna Scott, Phyllis
Simmons. Gordon Wilkins.
Margaret Baker, Mike Boyka,8teve
Boyko, Wilma Davis, Willie Gowans,
Helen Harkoff, Lola Hutton, Janet
Wason, Myrtle Mitchell;" Jack Mc
Donald, Jean McDonald, Angua McKenzie, Bonnie Rella, Norman Ross,
Nellie Skhuratoff, John Crisp, Willie
Morris Bailey, Lillian Biddiecome,
Oindsay-Clark, Katherine Chahley,
Nick Chahley, Winnie Cooper, Lois
Dinsmore, Doris Egg, Williamina
Grey, John Hlady, Irine Hutton,
Nils Johnson, Aulay Miller, Francisi
Gladys Clark,Shirley Docksteader,
Roger Dondale, 1-sonald Griswold
Bernice Hull, Norman Hull, Mary
Kuva, Opal LusW, Catherine McDonald, .Sadie McDonald, Crystal
Mason, Allister McKenzie, John
Marsbergen, Ralph Meakes, Wilma
Miller, Alexander Ramsay, Annie
Ronald, Muriel Smith,   Eva  Wood
It must make a fellow seem pretty
small to feel ae tbough he had been
drawn tbrougb a knothole.
'.'..'.„ than 100 persons Joined the
ride of the Trail Riders of the
Bockies on their horseback Journey
from Banff to Wapta Camp,, via
Marble Canyon and Lake O'Hara.
The ride started on August 8.
Grain figures issued by the He»
bor Commission of Montreal show
that on August 1st all grain shipment records were broken by one
day's delivery of 2,277,712 bushels
of grain to outgoing shin*. Harbor
officials state that this M tke first
time that grain shipments in one
day have topped the two million
bushel mark.
st' <
Installation of machinery at the
new annex of the Dominion Textile
Mill at Montmorency Falls, Quebec,
will be started by January first next
About 300 additional employeee will
be required to operate the plant. At
present there are about 1,800 employed at the mills.
A prophecy that the Orient would
become in the very near future a
really large importer of Canadian
wheat was made recently by Hon.
Dr. J. H. King, Minister of Public
Works. In predicting increased
Orient trade in grain, Dr. King
pointed out that imports of wheat
from Canada for 1928-1924 increased
by 400 per cent.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Petrie left on
Tuesday for a week's visit to Spokane.
D. McPbenson went up to Green-
W) >d yesterday.
Mr. Caldwell, of   West Summer
lan I, election clerk, was in tbe city
Mr.   and   Mre*.   H.   Matthews, of
Trail, were in the city yesterday.
The (• llosviug pupils of the Grand
Forks Central -school wore neither
late nor absent duriug the month of
principal's class.
Charlotte Acres, Marvin Bailey,
Eric Clark, Patricia Cook, Raymond
Diiisinoje, Myrtle Fisher, Catherine
G wans, Colin Graham, Carl Hansen,
Ellen Hansen, Clarence Hardy, Vil.
in ir Holm, Dorothy Jones, Mary
Kingston, Fredossa Lyden,Betty Mc
Callum, Lilly MoDonald, Eugene Mo.
Kiugail, Agues McKenzie, Donald
Melt union, Louise McPherson'James
Miller, Elizabeth Mooybacr, Francis
O'Keefe, Lillian Pell, Huth Savage,
I red Smith, Ralph Smyth, Allan
Stewart, Harry Thomas.
division ii.
John Acres, Irene Bailey, Helen
Beran, Everts Biddiecome, Elvera
Co'arch, Norman Cook, Violet Crisp,
Albert Dodd-, Lillian Dnnn, Jean
Gray,. Katherine Henniger. Olive
Huggins, Ernest Hutton, Sereta
Hutton Marjorie Innis, Marie Kidd,
Delbert Kirkpatrick Walter Manson
Arta Montgomery, Mildred Patter.
son, Welter Ronald, Charles Robert-
sin, Lonis Santano, Gladys Smith,
Winnifred Smith, Marjorie Taylor,
Frank Thompson, Annie Van Mars.
b-rgen, Roy Walker.
division iv.
Mildred Anderson, Harold Bailey,
Evelyn Cooper, Charlie Dodd, Ernest
Fitzpatrick, Vaientine Griswold,
Maizie Henderson,ClarencoHenderson
Joe Lyden, Daisy Malm, Hazel Mason.
Richard Michener, Harry Murray.
John .VIcD nald, Florence McDougail,
Charlie McLeod,   Elise  Prudhomme,
All prevtoue recerde set's?
Manitoba Telephone fS.sksm, a
vincial all-government
operated utility,
July, when net eaisauga fer
month were $16,764. A surpfc
(100,000 was predicted fer ths
ent fiscal year.
ware sorpeased Is
Farms    JOlreharde     City Property
Asrents at Nelson, Calgary, Wlhulpcc sud I
otber Prairie point*. v»noouver Asjssnf *
gstpbltshed In 1910. weens .si i. poslllusi
furnish reliable Information r-iueer-.lni this
Write lor Iree literature
Guaranteed Laundry Powder
Neutral Soap Pulverized
Will not injure any fabric. For washing woolens,
wool socks, lace curtain*:, dishes, and for all
household use. Washes clothes sweet and clean.
Phone 25 "Serrice and Quality"
According to an
Quebec Automobile Club
from data supplied by transportation
companies and
ista have already
Quebec this year. Tble, H te esplab>
ed, ia an increase of twenty per oent
over the total for the whole of last
of the lecture staff 1 nterhational Bible
Students Association, who will de.
liver a lecture in the (i. W. V.A. Hall
in this city next Tuasrlay evening,
October 13, at 8 o'clock. Seats free
No collection.
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Montreal thai
that gieut family and fartn paper
The Family Heril land Weekly Star
has been enabled io reduce its suh
scription price to Ooe Dollara year
This certainly will be interesting
news m every Canadian bome where
tbe Family Herald is known and to
many wbo will ami themselves of
tbe offer. At two Dollars a year
Tbe Family Herald and Weekly
Star was generally admitted to be
good value, in fact big value, bat
w en reduced to One Dollsr a year
it will certainly be'the marvel ol
tbe newspaper world.
Canada is proud ol tbat great
Weekly, aud has every reason to be
so, as it has no superior and few
equals in tbe world today. Tbe
publishers announce that notwithstanding the change in price evaryl
feature will not i niy be  maintained I
Building permits issued In Winnipeg since the beginning of the car-
rent year to date have topped the
three million dollar mark, being
$8,034,840 for 1,704 structaree. For
the corresponding period of laat year
the total was 12,289,460 for 1,788
buildings, an increase in value for
this year of $746,890.
Heavy shipments ef thie season's
crop of potatoes ln Fredericton, Ni.,
are now being made to the Cohan
market from tke potato belt on the
Upper St. John Kiver, aeeerttnt ts
the provincial sspsrtstssdSBt ef ths
crops and soil dlviatoa ef tke Depsrt-
ment of Agriculture. There hares
been large consignments:
ton and Victoria counties.
IT brings thn whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models! They're aa graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duckt Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. - Hercules Brake. Everything oomplete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
ShipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
iWttpav the highest price and assnre
you ths most accurate Ust. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Greater Montreal's population Is
now estimated at 1,028,000, according to the 1926 issue ef LoveU's
Montreal Directory Jnst published.
Population ef ths dty proper ls estimated at 907,»o0. Population ln the
suburbs and snrreoadtng co-satey la
given ss 120,Hw. The laat aetlmate
of Greater Meat-real's population,
by the same snthesssy, gam ths
population aa 97MM.
A party consisting sf rwerve Chhv
eee students from Hong Kong and
Peking arrived In Mestreal recently
to take up temporary positions Ib
departments and these sf tke Canadian Pacific Bell ssy, in order te
familiarise theme-three with ths railway situation tn Canada. They wUl
remain a few montha and then return to Chins te make ssssUcsl ass
of tbe lnf ermstsen thi
Get the habit oi
trading at our
We   have   exceptionally good bar
'gains  in all
Phone 10
Wholesale and Retail
•alee ln
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grsnd Forks, B. C.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
-TPHE value of well-
printed,, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vir^-ng cards
Sh' ~iug tags
Price lists
New Type
Late it Style
Columbia A venae and
Uke Street
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Wood and
for Sale
Offloe at PL P. Petrle's Store
Yale~Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yau Hotrl, First'*-irrit
Vaoeat, uu-eaerved, aatrayaS
Cream tends mar ae ata-eaaate* b>-
Brits* eubjeeta ever ll rears at at*.
-tab tar aHeaa en -teetering Intention
to sieesae British eubjeeta, eoa-U-
tleesl ayes reeldenoe, eooupatlon,
ant  ssssreissmit   ter   ■srteattunl
teforsnatlon oaaearnlng ragu-
i regarding pre-estpUess u
kt Bulletin No. 1. Leas eerie.
'Bs* te Tr* -supt Lass," eeptee ef
irUek ess se obtained free et skats*
br essrisslng tke Desert-seat et
isania, Victoria, BjO. er te asy Oev-
orssasst Agent.
Reeests will be sraated oeverlni
inly least suitable tar acrieultural
purposes, aa* whieh Is not timber
laal, La, earrrtns over MOO board
(set per sore weetof tto Ooaat Bangs
and MM teet per aere eaat of thai
lfominioB Monumental Weeks
Asbestos Product*-. Co. Roe-fin*
fer pre-emptions are
to be essrassei te tto Laad Commissioner of the Land Recording Dl
vlates. Is whlsh tto land applied ter
le Stunted, aad are maoe on printed
ftiSss sMSMS ef whieh oaa Ve obtained testa tto Land Oaaunlnloner.
muat be occupied for
ass rests l
ts vslue ef
is asd ea
Mere a Crown Grant can be
tit per aere, Includins
asd cultivating at leaat Hve
the   Bulletin
•tion ess.
Fr» .uii'i
AsSeMsaMoss are reserved for p' /
oksse ef vaoant and unreserved
Orewn lands, sst belns tlmberland.
far aarioultural purpo.es: tninlrmi»i
prloe ef flrat-elaas (arable) land la 13
set aere, aad aeoond-ola** (ginlim
bad ttJst per aore.   Further infer-
near-Una* purohaaa or   ee-"
of Orewn lands la given In Buii.un
MS. IS, Land series, "Purohaaa and
Lease of Crown Lands." •
bllll, factory, er Induatrial altea on
to purohased
exceeding 40 acrea,
I er leaaed.
tha eon-
paymant      ot
THE HUR—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boat. —GEO.  ARMSON
>ed areas, aet exceeding M
. be leased sa homealtaa,
oeadttlonal upon a dwelling batna
•rested In the flrst rear, title belns
obtainable after reeldenea and Im
pi Swiss! oandttlone sre fulfilled
aad land hss bean aurirared.
Tar erasing and   Induatrial
~ areas net «
to tossed br
OHO   frSnOB   sis*   li
Under the Oraalng Ast
•ss ts divided tete graslng dlatrleti
ad tha range administered under *t
Commissioner.      Annual
graslng permits ere leaned based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to eatabllahcl ownera. Btock-ownara
may form association, for range
-nanagement Free,, or partially free,
isrmlta ara available tor eoitlera,
I   tr-Teller.,   up   to   I i


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