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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 30, 1925

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The more explaining a man has to do the less humanity believes in him
WOi Hate Largest Group
in Next House
" TeH mn what you Know I. true
I cauhnass as well as you."C
Hop. |)r. J. H. King in East Root,
ant*,'D. Dnnagfcv in North Van*
Oliver, nnd Alfred Stork in Skeena.
Defeated in Winnipeg'
Hon. Arthur Meighen
No Par^y Has Clear Ma
jority; Meighen Eleoted
But  Premier King  Is
Defeated in North York
The federal general election has ended with Hon.
Arthur Meighen as head of
the, largest gronp in the next
house. .
The lastest returns, as
broadcast by the Calgary
Herald this (Friday) evening,
place the standing ofthe parties as follows:
Co«ssmt*M.;.......! 117
Liberals. .^.,. .,*,, k., ,'i   98
Progressives   and  Inde
pendents,...x.......   22
Doubtful. .. ...     8
The donbtful seats are
mostly in the prairie prov
inces, so it may safely be assumed that the majority of
these will fall in the Liberal
Grand Forks gave Stirling,
Conservative, 46(5 votes and
Edgett, Liberal, 255. Greenwood gave Col. Edgajt 15
majority. Stirling is elected.
The vote in Grand Forks-
. Greenwood is-—
Stirling Edgett
Paulson ..•...-.„
Orand Forka ......
Cbrialiao Valley v
Greenwood      96
Boundary Palls..      12
Midway Mother Lode...     42
Rivet-aide........... ...     Si
Rook Creek      W
Bridesville      86
Brown Oreek      20
Beaverdell .-.  	
' 860     650
ji   Only tbree of tbe Britlih Colum
ibis■ all were won by Liberals—
The regular meeting of the city
council nas held in the council
chimber on Monday evening,' the
mayor *Bi all lbe aldermen bei< ••
A deputation fiom the Ure de.
partment -jousieiit p nt C. P. Wolfram and C. F Pell, a'lvsH-utfd that
two firemen should be d'-ltgat<d to
attend all large gatherings to guard
against a panic in o ee of a fire
alarm and to direct steps necessary
toward fighting the fire. Tbecoon
oil promised to go into the matter
and advise the firemen later ot tbe
decision arrived at ,
A copy oi tbs proposed town
planning bill Irom the provincial
government was endorsed by tbe
counoil. .
•. A letter Irom ths deputy attorney
general advised the council ol tbe
appointment of 4. A MoCallum as
police magistrate ol Gland Forks at
a salary of 160 par month. \jhe
tnasaisi w*s inatttwted to Issue
cheques accordingly.
^UMarlroa. (*• O.WV.A. re-
qQeated the support of Use council*
in tba observance of Armistice day.
Aid. Liddicoat was appoioted to
confer witb the association aod lo
make the neoeesary arrangements
The city olerk was instructed to
advertise ior tenders for the old
Harkness bouse mar the Great
Northern station snd for the Wade
house sear tbe West Qrand Forks
post offloe.
The finanoe committee reported
a refund by the-provincial govern
ment of 1200 liquor fines,'imposed
some two yeare ago. The commitsee
alao recommended thst a new type
writer be purchased for the. city
Tbe water and light committee
reported the replacing of the old
wooden main-- near tbe Boundary
Iron Works with steel pipe salvaged
from tbe Granby smelter site, *v.t*
more' pipe , is . beiog salvaged for
Water siren.
The board of works reported tbat
the Winnipeg avenue fill had been
put in proper condition again, and
that steps will be takeu to prevent
further damage by stook.
Tbs health and relief oommi lee
reported tbat samples jf milk sold
locslly bad been seoured snd were
being tested,
Ths mstter ol Uw supervision nt
■por s in tbs guild hall was discussed
at some length, as was also (be sub
ject of arrangement of atnusemei|ts
of tbe children on Hallowe'en.
The oity clerk was Instructed to
register tbe right of way of the provincial highway fccroes lot 620 in
Wed Grand Forks.
Hon. T. G. Norris
One of the sensational figures of tbe
present political contest.
■Elected in Winnipeg
Defeated in North York
Hon. Robert Rogers
The Grand Forke high sohool etu
dents who took pert In the sports
at tbe track meet of the Trail high
school last Friday retained bome
witb a silver trophy cup and balf a
doieo medals.
In tbs relay race Grand Forke
won first prise, tbe team being
oom posed of George Mansou, Louis
O'Keefe, James Innes and James
George Manson won 2nd prise in
tbe 440 yards raee.
James Shannon won 2nd prise in
tbe mil race.
Louie O'Keefe won 2nd prize in
the 60 yards race and 1st prize in
the 22 yards race.
Don McKfnoon, ol tbe Grand
Forks publio sohool, won 2nd prize
in the 46 yards race.'
Winter Injury
After the exceptionally heavy
losses Irom winter killing last a.*.
son in the Iruit growing districts of
Britieh Columbia, many growers are
now anxious concerning the possibility of bringing their trees safely
through the ooming winter.
Wbile similar climatio conditions
may not again prevail, everything
sbould be done whioh will give tbe
trees added protection.
Maturity, ao ample supply of
food and moisture in the tree itself,
and a protection oo tbe ground to
prevent too rapid change in the
remperature in tbe soil aro impor
lent points to bs considered.
The maturity of tbe tree, and tbs
supply ol Iood in tbo tree oan not.of
oourse,  be influenced now; but we
can adj resistance io the tree in respect ol tbe lat er two poiotss
Wbere irrigation ie practiced, tbe
late irrigation in November, or just
beiore tbe freeze-up, ie especially to
be recommended this year. A few
(all raioe are usually not sufficient
to supply moisture to the tree dure
iog the winter season. It is often
surprieing to see how Blight a depth
of soil is moistened by an apparently
heavy rain A few holes tbree feet
deep sunk in the orchard ia tbe
only wsy of knowing how much
moisture is there. Trees in wbioh
there is an ample moisture supply
much more resistant than those that
are dry.
The value of protection to tbe soil
was most apparent after last year's
conditions. This'protection will be
especially needed thie year. Tbe
treee have made a vigorous attempt
at recovery, and ae a ooosequence
bave now a very large amunt oT
root tissue ol tbia year's growth
These roots will be exceptionally
tender and subjeot to injury. Tbe
killing by frost of wood tissue is
usually due to a rapid drop in
temperature, snd it is to protect
against tbis that cover .should be
given to tbe ground. Where orchards bave had established in tbem a
good cover orop or even a heavy
orop of weeds, they will be protected
from this form of injury. Where
orchards sre in clean, cultivation,
especially where soil is light, a good
dressing of manure or straw would
be most valuable.—H. R. MoLarty,
plant pathologist, Summerland Experimental Station.
The  following  u*  the  miiniuwni
and maximum tt-iupemure lor earli
day   during  the   past   tvt-t-k; at- re
corded by the government thermoni
eter on E F. Law's ranch:
Max     Min.
Oot. 23—Friday. 57        32
24—Saturday   37        32
25—Sunday....  66 33
26-Monday .:     40 32
27—Tuesday   42 32
28—Wednesday  38 30
i.     29—Thursday.  44 32
Bain and melted enow 96
Better   a   little well kept, than a
great deai forgotten.
Interesting Announcement
Word comes from Montreal tba
tbat great family'and farm paper
Tbe Family Herald and Weekly Star
baa been enabled io reduce its subscription price to One Dollar a year,
Tbis certainly will be interesting
news in every Canadian bome wbere
the Family Herald is known and to
many who will avail themselves of
Victoria, Oci 29 —Aecnrdinp to
official figures- icetifd hy Hon. William Sloan, minister of ininea, tl s
pre-ent yesr to date ban shewn tl e
9'imllt-ft li U.m her of fiunliiicf in the
coil and imoallifernlip min.a in tl e
provim'f hi the I f* quarter of a eena
t'lry, For the Brut nine months of
th1* present 'ear ths-re were five
fatali'iee np rnmptired with tight ir
t e Same) period in/l924 in onal
min*'-*, while in metalliferous-* mines
tb«* total tatntitirp for tbe nine
months tbis year were three compared with six.in the same period
last year.
The above is a most favorable
showing and is due in very great
measure to tbe care with wbicb the
mining regulations ol tbe province
are being enforced, the Improved
conditions.under wbicb tbe miners
are working consequent upon the
oareful system ol inspection carried
ont by officials ol tbe department,
and the readiness with whicb the
mining Interests comply witb the
department's requirements in the
matter salety appliances, etc.
Ever sinee bis advent to office as
minister ol mines Hon. Mr. Sloan
baa aimed a) making the mines ol
British Columbia as sale as it was
possible lor tbe workers, sod the
grea est care bas beet exercised in
tbe enforcement of the regulations.
In this work Mr. Sloan has met with
ready support from the mine owners, with tbe result tbat tbe ana
nual toll ot fatalities bas- been
steadily decrees ng until today
British Columbia's mines rank at
the t .p ae regards protection lor the
workers. The record is one ol wbich
Mr. Sloan is justly proud.
Ol the fatalities 'n coal miner,one
ocourried in the Reserve mine and
two in the Wakesiah mine of tbe
Western Fuel Corporation of Cans*
da, Ltd., at Nanaimo; one in the
mines of the Granby Cooeolipated
Mining, Smelting & Power company
at Cassidy, and one at the Exten*
sion Colliery ot the Canadian Col.
lieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., all on
Vancouaer island. Thiee oi the
fatalities were occasioned by tails ol
roof and rook, one by mine car one
listed under the head ol "misoela
In tbo case ol fatalities in the
metal mines, two occurred at tbe
Britannia mine, Howe S uod, and
one in the Greet Sullivan mine ol
tbe Consolidated Mining & Smelt-
iog Company ol Canada, at Kim
Rt. Hon. Mackenzie King
Victoria, October 29—The mining interests of tbe Portland Cat al
dietriot, at present nne ol the most
active sections in the matter ol mining in the province, are heartily in
accord with tbe policy of tbe Hon.
William Sloan, minister of mines,
in his determination to curb tbe
activities of the "wild catUrs" and
place the mining industry of the
provinco upon a firm foundation.
Since the minister f mines inaugurated his polioy oi checking up
the statements issued by a number
of mining concerns by having bis
engineers examine properties the sale
oi stock in which has been promoted by concerns and individuals
whose appeals to tbe public have
not been based upon reasonable
representations, he has been greatly
praised lor sucb policy. The Stewart board ol trade is the latest publio
body to endorse the minister'- ao
At a* meeting of tbat organization,
tbe following resolution wss unanimously passed and tbe aetiou ot tbe
board communicated to Mr. Sloan:
"Whereas, certain representatives
ol mining companies operating in
this dietriot have given publicity to
statements lor tbe purpose ol getting money Irom tbe public, that
tbe merits ol the properties are reputed not to warrant;
"And whereas, the minister ol
mines has bad some ol tbese iron-
orties examined and reports of the
conditions existing on tbe said prop
erties published for tbe information
of tbe investing publio;)
~"And whereas, tbe action of the
department ie to be highly commended and endorsed;
"Be it therefore resolved, that this
board forward ao acknowledgement
and appreciation to tbe minister of
mines for the work bis department
has done in thie matter,and further,
tbat this work be continued and
further examinetinns made on all
properties where it would appear
that the statements given out are
not in accord with the conditions
existing oo the properties."
of Redcliffe. Alberta, one of three
Canadian babies to . be granted certificates of merit as among the best
abies of the empire at the Empire
Exhibition, Wembley, England.
■"*• -$»»?R*?*S             s^H
ffi.j»£'^W.*»**                                              -Hi^illlllHI
w                  ■
tbe offer. At two Dollars a year
Tbe Family Herald and Weekly
Star was generally arimittid to he
good value, in fact hit; vilue, nut
w en rediioed to Ooe L).illi>r a vmr
it will certainly he the mirvlof
the newnpapi-r ■*■* >rht.
Ctnida    'it    proud    "f   thn L'reit
Weekly, nnd bus every reaariti to he
so, ns  it   has  no  pun-rior *■ <l few
js-quala  in   the   world   today.    The
I publishers announce  Ih it  notwithstanding the change in price   e'lsry
j feature will not   niy he  maintained
! but improvement'- wil! follow.   Tie
j publishers are fortunate in h-ing  in
'an financial position to do thie, and
Canadian homes will h iv*  the   advantage.    Wben   the   new   rate is
made known it certainly will   bring
a rush of subscribers to th: Fi-mly
Herald.   Ooe   Dollar   is   a   small
amount for such a great paper.
Robert Forke
All tbe world practices tbe art
Internationally famoua agriculturist
of Birtle, Manitoba, who is reported
to havo discovered a new whe:t
which promises to resist Hack stem
rnst If this is continued it will be a
great boon to Canadian farmers. •^aFia«a»»iaajs»|r((|(sjs«s
3te (Srattb Jfarka £mt
she. "Are they boys or girls?" "Madame,"
said he earnestly. "I not know. In 19201 had
a boy of twelve and a girl of fourteen. But
now I am not sure. I believe they are botb
I boys. At all events you that it is quite impos-
s lauasuNiei ion rates—datable in ADvanut ..,    , .   ,,      ..   s   .    .,     *. J     -.*   u
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00 8-ble for ™ -*U ***»<•■■-- ■*-* the hoJ  an(I   *h*cb
t\—   V... *}—*   el TT—Im.-   Cm.-. \ 1     SEA      ie.    X-U-      -.1*1    '*
One Year (in the United States)  1.50
Addrear -" ——--'cations to
iT he Graud Forks Sou
Phoni 101R Graud Forks, B. C^
is the girl.1
In China, most of the native   theatrical
troupes are composed either entirely of men
women.   Men play the parts of "leading
-1 Utay," and vice versa.
If you were to offer a man his choice of a
good Canadian $10 bill or a lottery ticket for
a $9 capitol prize, you would naturally expect
that he would choose the $10 bill. Yesterday
the people of Canada rejected the good money
and grasped the lottery ticket.
While election returns are yet too incomplete for extended comment, itis not amiss to
say that British Columbia's action yesterday
was extremely disappointing and show a lack
of appreciation of the good work done for her
by her true friends.
Political bigotry has reached the limit when
a great city like Vancouver prefers a borse
doctor to becoming a great grain exporting
Tbe people of Yale voted for proteetion. If
Conservative promises are carried out, "they
will require protection from the manufacturing millionaires before Meigheo's five-year
term closes. We say five-year term advisedly, because Meighen always hangs on to office
to the last minute.
Apiculture, of beekeeping, is one of the few
branches of agriculture that does not tend to
exhaust the soil. The account of tbe honey
therefore does mt include the usual item,
"cost of fertilizer." The nectar produced in
the flowers is wasted unless gathered by bees
or similar insects. It has been conservatively
estimated that not over- one-tenth of all the
nectar produced is actually harvnsted. The
study of the honey bee and beekeeping is becoming more gopnlar, and to satisfy those desirous of knowing more about this subject
short courses are being offered in several of
the leading schiols and colleges, among them
Columbia university. Maay people in the
suburbs can not go in for poultry raising, gar
deniug, etc., because of tack of space. For
them a few hives of bees should afford a n iu
teresting and nmu'ierative enterprise.
Ooraiai ralatjoaa ketween (he pone
ef Quebec anal Liverpool were emphasised raeaotly br tha aehanca
of cables by the tsspuUrs Cbisf
Kafistratas ef the tw* ckUe. Tha
aeeaaim wm the Civic Weak Calabra-
tien at Idrstpael -wheal the UraJ
Mayer, These*! Dara-ai, sss* Mayor
Joaefh Sana-mi, st Owes l c, treating* te whieh tke Utter rassssdaa.
A i-see-rd  fer  October
wm eetabHihed at the Windier
-Saa, Mentraal, early in that
when twenty eeoplcs  Invaded
Cones-tars* en their way t*
Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto.   Tw*
ef th* brid*tr***M  rests  bounced
following tfaM-h*B*r*d custom.   It
used to b* th* fashion to subJMt
brlda* to this wag*, bnt since th*
advent *f short skirts th* practise
sss boon frowned upon.
The mau who owes
head and ears in debt.
for his  bat is  over
We excuse vanity in artists, but not mucb
any where else.
Notes • Notions • Notables
A giant meteorite in Colorado is to be ex.
plored for its platinum content.   Small qnan
tities of radium recently were isolated from a
A discovery made by workmen digging a
trench near tbe site on the outskirts to London where, years ago, remains of a palatial
Roman villa were found with hundreds of Roman coins, of the second century, has puzzled
archeologists. What was first believed to be a
Roman sarcophagus was uncovered, but this
tomb-like masonry proved to be only a parapet
The fresh discovery consists of a beautifully
barrel-shaped stone* chamber, 175 feet high
and 8 feet wide, lighted and ventilated by a
bottle neck aperture, 15 inches wide, iu the
roof of thc dome. The suggestion has be^n
made that the building was an icehouse for
Prior park, the mansion built by Ralph Allen,
the postal reformer and friend of Pope and
Fielding. Other suggestions are that it was a
bottle dungeon or treasure house. An accurate survey having been made, the mystery
building has been filled in.
Setting a good example is like walkiug tbe
Intervention   in love is equivalent  to a
declaration of war.
Poems From Other Lands
There is more to art than nudity; but the
notions about it are always getting mixed.
The Toledo Blade is rubbing it in when it
says that one of the best ways to .make men
appreciate woman's labor would be to set
aside a husband's laundry week during roaat-
ing-ear timo.
Why thus to passion give the rein?
Why seek your kindred tribe to wrongf
Why strive to drag tu light again
Tbe fatal fend entomb'd so long!
Think not, if fury ye display,
But eqnal fury we can deal;
Hope not, if wrong'd, bot we repay
Revenge for every wrong we feel.
Why thus to passion give the rein?
Why seek the robe of peace to teart
Rash youths desist, your course restrain,
Or dread the wratb ye blindly dare.
Yet friendship we not ask from foes,
Nor favor hope from you to prove,
We lov'd you not, great Allah knows,
Nor blatn'd yon that ye could not love.
To eaoh are different feelings given,
This slights, and that regards hia brother;
'Tis ours to livo—thanks to kind heav'n	
Hating *nd nated D"*eacn other.
—Alfadhen Ibn Alaba*.
Establishing what is *Mlly • wsrid
record tor met* aw ait of wheat, grain
peared into Fort William and Pert
Arthur elevators at th* rat* of
nearly thirty bushels • seeond for
the whole of the 24 hours of October
6, from Canadian Pacific Railway
care. In nil, 1,784 care war* unloaded during the day and each car
carriea an •varag* laad of 1,600
bushels, -r*pre*enting • total tf JV
860,000 hash***.
Driving into stationary trains *n
level eroaalnga Menu to b* a favorite
sp*rt *n th* part of a number of
motorists judging by reports eem-
ing in recently from different aec-
tions. Th* latwt is from (Salt,
where an automobile, ln broad daylight, ran into a freight train consisting of lt loaded and 16 empty
ears standing in plain view on a
crossing. Fortunately no one wm
hurt, bnt th* instane* is another ef
gross csralMsnsss oa th* part «f
Th* Orand Chall*tsg* Cop, sae-
HsasaHc of the Pint Aid ehampwn-
step «f the entlr* system *f th*
Canadian Pacific Railway, wm won
by th* Weston Shops teaaa, *f Winnipeg, champion* of the West,
sgalnst McAdam, N.B, team, champions of tbe Eaat and tast year's
winners, after a searching tost of
th* tw* team* conducted at ta* Plac*
Vig*r Hotel, Montreal, r*c**Uy. Th*
margin b*tw**n th* two teams wm
m astrrow m to be in doubt to th*
laat m*m*os. Weston took. M7
Mint* rat sf i peaslbls til Md
McAdam had 48*.
T*«rist traffic sJajrelopmeBt
thre-ugMut Canada Iuu washed snch
prepertiena m te equal the valus of
a fairly good wheat erep, aad sack
deveiopasent has *nly Jut bogus, Is
th* opinio* *f CahHMl Phil. Moore,
•f Y*h* Valley, aa, iatorvtawed r*>
osatly. H* thought that aa estimate
ef three hundred million dollar*
spent by tourists aaaually ta Canada
wm net too high. - Growth of Interest la th* CaaadiaB KeeMas wm vary
noticeable and although th* majority
•f tevrwts tast*. was** Amsricans,
yet Canadian*, tat, w*r* hsglnslng
to dise*T*c them, said ths Caleuts
Proved safe by millions-and prescribed by physicians for
Rheumatism     Colds      Neuritis Neuralgia
Headache        Pain       Toothache     Lumbago
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of IB tablets
Also bottles of 14 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin la th* trade mat* (tusstMsxl In OaaaSa) or Bant Maaafaetan af Xsmnaeatlc-
aeMaater of SalicrlicatM {Amtf* SaUerUc AaM. "A. 8. st-"*.   Will* It la -well Jaowa
that Aspirin itaaa Barar ■aaafaetar*, ta aaalat taa aatttc aaaiaat Islltatlsns. the Tabltts
  «*U» tkalr -a-asttal Mass aurk, tka "Barar Onaa.'
af Barar OaasaW will ba ataa>« tttt
#^k17l?17¥tf tt will be accepted by the un.
\jr F r^JAt3 deraianed   up to Tueeday,
November 10th, for tbe following properties t
Lot 8 in Block 6, Map 23,
Lota 25, 26, 27, 28,2», 30, Block 11, J ap 1339;
Alao for the buildings (to be torn down and
removed,and lots left in clean condition) on
the following lotst
Part of Lot 17, Block 1, Map 35, formerly
Harkness property, near' Great Northern
Freight track j
Lot 16, in Block 22, Map 83 (Wade property),
opposite West Grand Forka Post Office.
At tbe invitation of the Belgian government
1200 boys of England visited Belgian battle
fields in a body last August.
London is full of tourists from practically
all countries and most of tbe overseas visitors
never fail to be interested in the stalwait
guardsmen on duty at the Hhrse Guards
headquarters in Whitehall. Some stare at them
deliberately, and one French girl refused to
believe one motionless figure was alive. She
stood alone and gazed harder, then suddenly
joined her English friends looking somewhat
flushed. She explained that the soldier was
real after all—he had deliberately winked at
At a chateau where he was recently a guest
a certain Parisian who does not approve of
the boyish appearance of the modern young
girl was approached by a lady guest. "You
have two childJen, I believe, monsieur," said
c4ncient History*
[Taken From Twenty-Ykab Old Sun Files.]
The citizens of Cascade are about to organize a volnnteer fire department and to erect a
40,000-gallon water tank in the center of the
town. At present nearly all the fire insurance
companies refuse to accept business from tbat
place owing to the absence of fire-fighting ap
E. Miller, of this city, has given notioe of
bis  intention of applying to the provincial
legislature at its next session for an aot to in
corporate a oompany to build a line of railway
fiom Grand Forks to Franklin camp.
As a prophet The Sun is gaining reputation
that is second only to the fame it has acquired
for always telling the trnth.
Il is reported that the Dominion Copper
compauy has decided to blow in the Boundary
Falls smelter once more.
The Cascade Power company is supplying
power for tbe compressor at the Brooklyn
mine in Phoenix.
Union Thanksgiving services will be held
in Knox Presbyterian next Thursday—
Thanksgiving day.
Duncan Boss, of Greenwood.M.P. for Yale-
Cariboo, was a visitor in the city on Wednes
H. A. Sheads and bride have returned home
,rom a three weeks' wedding tour.
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablets
Impsrts to tbe Old end Middle-aged
Youthfaln-B-M, Energy "d fit**
ne-sc, retarde mental and pbysieal
decay,   thus    promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries  and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing aooompanying   ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most immediate benefit.   Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depresaionand Nervousness is banished under the influence of these '■ Life-giving   Tablets
Wrinkles, hard linee and blemishes
disappear.   Ths ikin becomes clear,
ligbt and elastic asd tbe complexion
bright and smooth.   Think ,, of the
blessings of perfeot health, the poe
sesion of few; the joy of a dear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been pnt back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
theunbounded satisfaction of   your,
self.   Oaa yon allow a golden opportunity like this to pass!   Remember
there sre no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are ', there
any ill effeota after. On theooatrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltetion   witb   increased  mental
and  bodily vigour.    Why not look
and feel SO at 507   Do apt delay,
commence  the   treatment - st once.
You will never regret the alight cost
Incurred for euoh incalculable  bene
fits. The prihe of  these Marvellous
TeUete including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars) per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard'-s Laboratoriea,
106, Iivrrpool Rotad,|B-arn»btiiT.
City Clerk.
We are agents ' for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Getting Facts Quickly
When information is required from a
distant point, the long distance telephone
proves its worth as a speedy, personal,
direct service.
British  Columbia Telephone
Sun's Page $ People and Events of Passing News Interest
DELIVERIES of grain to the
lakehead »y the Canadian National Railways during September just closed exceeded the combined deliveries of September, 1024,
sad 18SS, according to grain figures
issued at Winnipeg on Oct. 1st,
18,918 cars were delivered during
September, 1926s against 4,651 in
September, 1924, and 12,656 in the
same month of 1923. The daily
average for September, 1925, was
6*0 ears ngalnst the previous record
of S22, established in September,
New records were made hy the
Canadian Nations! in other branches
of the grain, movement also. Marketings durtttg the month were 62,-
207,000 bushels Sgalnst the previous
high mart of 89,770,000. made in
September, 1923; Loadings were
87,878 can and 87,217,000 bushels
- during the month compared with
22^508 cars and 28,472,000 bushels in
September, 1923. Total loadings on
Canadian National lines to tho end
of September this year were 29,284
ears and 89,038,000 bushels, against
1L079 can containing 14,632,000
bushels at tiie jsme date laat year.
On soveral days toward the end
of the month, loadings reached from
1,400 to 1,500 cars per day, which
during the ten-hour working day required the loading of approximately
two and a half cars per minute in
order to reach thia total. Reducing
the' time to seconds it was estimated
that at least 00 bushels of grain (the
contents of a farmer's wagon box)
were loaded into a car on Canadian
National Western lines every second
during the ten-hour working dsy.
The heaviest week of the
season by four million
bushels in grain marketings closed on Oct. 1st.
Loadings for the' week
were heavier than any
previous week since thc
opening of the grain season by 1,200 cars or nearly
one million bushels. Compared with statistics for
the same period
last year, tbe
week's marketing!*
were just twice those of 1924, while
the loadings were larger by 3,837
cars, or 4,258,000 bushels.
A record week waa also experienced at the lakehead, when 6,149
cars of grain were unloaded and 60
boats, carrying 13,292,000 bushels,
were cleared for eastern markets.
During the same week last year only
2,208 cars were unloaded and 29
boats, carrying
5,806,000 bushels,
were cleared.
Canadian National loadings for
tho week by provinces were: 8,-
486,000 bushels In
Manitoba; 6,970,000 bushels in Saskatchewan; 1,671,000 bushels in Al
berta; making a total of 10,475,000
bushels, or 8,580 cars, for the period
Marketings at C.N. points were:
4,167,00 buBhels,Manitoba; 11,325,000
bushels, Saskatchewan; 2,220.000
bushels, Alberta; total, 17,563,000
bushels. This leaves in store at
midnight Thursday in country elevators in. the three provinces in the
order given above: 2,049,000, 12,-
734,000 and 1,972,000 bushels, a
total of 17,856,000 bushels in storage sb compared with 6,57!i,0t)0
bushels at the same date last year's
The movement west is speeding
up also, as thresh in* progresses
n the western districts, 417 carr
having arrived at Van
couver during August nnd
<HsK September.    This  is just
201 cars more than during the same two
months last year.
We have received a complete
assortment of the Classic Series
of Blank Cards, suitable for Personal Christmas Cards, Invitations, Announcements, and general society printing. They also
make Attractive Business Cards.
GRAND FORKS, B. C. »•*-,,.
In. the Tea Cup
tlm* full charm of
sjsaaejae      SBjaBSJBSJJ    sjjsal'sjsjB>aajp BIW0
is revealed. The flavor it* pure*
fresh and fragrant. Try it.
Black.   Mixed   or   Green   Blende.
Proapeotors and miners who bave
been developing tbeir properties in
Fraoklio and Gloucester camps
daring the summer months are returning to the city for tbe winter.
,m Tomorrow night will be Hallowe'en. 8unday mor ing the people
will know that such an event has
passed whether,they reid thia announcement or not.
Frank Soolt and A. F. Miche uer
made a trip tt Tiail on Monday
witb a truckload of furniture.
W. J. Thorn, wbo is associated
with the headquarters office of the
International Bible Students aseo-
oiation, New York will deliver a
leoture in tbe G.W.V.A. ball oo
Sunday evening, Novembet 1, af 8
o'clook, on tbe subject of "The
Tiiumph of Righteousness." Seats
free. No collection.
The tenth annual convention of
the Prohibition Association of British Columbia will be beld in Vancouver on Thursday and Friday,
November 6th and 6th, commencing at 2 o'clook Thursday.
Mre. J. A. McCallum is expected
to retu n home tomorrow from On*
tario, where she has been visiting
relatives during the su i mer
Mrs. J. Biddle will leave on Monday for Aylmer, Ont., where she ax*
pacta to spend   the winter months.
In Honor of a Great Event
Birthdays are always important
occasions, especially if one is very
young or very old. Before long The
Youth's Com paoion wiil be a hundred years old, and tbe event is
going to be made a memorable one
for The Companion's many friends.
So, altbongb the date ia not until
April 16, 1927, preparations will begin with 1926.
In bonor of its birthday The Com
panion will come to you nest year
at the oew price of 12. It will be
dressed in its party clothes, with
new cover designs, enlarged illustrations, new brilliantly clear type,
and over 200 more pages than last
year. It will contain 9 book-length
serial stories, facinating mystery
stories, tales of adventure on land
and sea, the hew "Make-It and Do
It" pages, radio, games, books, and
puzzles, interesting special articles,
and tbe ever delightful Children's.
Page. Don't miss tbis great year
of The Youth's Companion; sub.
scribe uow and receive:
1. Tbe   Youth's    Companion—52
issues io 1926, aod
2. The remainiog issues of 1925.
All for only $2.
3. Or, include McCall's Magasine,
the monthly authority on fashions
Both publications, oply $2.60. ■
S N Dept, Boston, Mass.
Subscriptions Received at this Ofjice
Mrs. F. J. Mil er will leave tomorrow to attend the Pythian Sisters' convention.
It must make a fellow seem pretty
small to feel as though he had been
drawn through a knothole.
What's built upon   esteem   can
never decay.
Successful marketing of honey
should mean satisfaction to both the
producer and the consumer, Bearing his customer in mind, let the
producer put on the market the best
package of which he if capable.
Let him see tbat his honey is well
ripened apd carefully straihed, that
no particles of wax be left If he
buttles his produot let the glass be
of tbe best and tbe labels, whether
for bottles or pails, be attroctive.
He should also keep his customer
in mind when preparing his sections
for the market, and do his best to
put them up in the most attractive
style, for be must realise that people
"buy tbrough tbeir eyes." Having
prepared his product in tbe best
way, let bim ask a fair price for it.
The public will never begrudge giving sn honest price for a good article. Let bim not cut hie price to
secure a sale over bis negbbor, for
in so doing be damoges the industry
at large.
To increase the number of his
customers he should take every opportunity todisseminate knowled e
of tbe uses to wbich honey may be
put. ,.
Tbe publio as a whole are interested in news, and news of the good
things tbat can be made from honey
are doubly interesting. Tbis is
evinced by tbe eagerness witb wbich
up to-date housekeepers seek such
literature bistributed at exhibitions
and fairs.
Tbe consumer, in his turn, should
be fair. Let him not buy cheap
boney and tbeu complain of being
cheated when be finds that he hae
secured a low grade.
Let him not voioe that absurd
statement tbat granulated honey is
adulterated—honey is too oheap in
this country to warrant adulteration
and granulation takes nothing from
its food value.
Let him keep bis honey io a dry
place, oot subjecting it to chance of
deterioration or fermentation
through absorption of moisture.
When tbe consumer and producer
eaoh look for the best from one another we will be muob nearer successful marketing.
Tbe Sun  Presses hsve twice the
speed   of   any other presses in the
Boundary.   We oan save you money
on both long aDd short tuns of com
meroial printing and give you a su
perior class of work.
It is as easy td suppress a first
desire ae it is hard to satisfy tbe
desires tbnt follow,
Eetabliahed 1910
Real Estate and Insutance
Resident Agent Grnnd Forks Towaelt*
Company, United
Farina    JO-rcharda    City Property
Agenta at Nalaon, Calgary, Wlbnli.,-,j ass.l
othar Prairie points. Vancouver A*«ssi   :
■etrbllshed In 1910. we ar* Its » rmallissn to
furnish tellable Information 'onoer-ilng this
Writ. Iar free literature
Guaranteed Laundry Powder
Neutral Soap Pulverized
Will not injure any fabric. For washing1 woolens,
wool socks, lace curtain*, dishes, and for all
household use. Washes clothes sweet and clean.
Phone 25
•Service and -Quality
bo-minion Monumental Works
f Aebr-atos Producte Co. RooBns
BOX 332    6RAND FORKS, B. C
An Opportunity to Win 15,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun hai concluded an at-ra-iKemc-nt with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of .Montreal by whicli wo oan offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art cal'
endar with a inoit beautiful picture subject ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of #5,000 cash.
In the Federal ISlootion of 1921 there were 3,119,306 voces cast oat of
ii total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election?      ':'.-%
The Et*mly Herald aud Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
in94 prizes for the out estimate, aud our iTia'vnint with the publishers
of that great weekly gives every Grand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
to make an estimate and perhaps win the eapital prize of 15,000. Some person
will win.    Wby should it not be you?
Read Tbis Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $1.00
per Year.
We now offer a fall year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
Tbe Family Herald Election Contest.
All for $1.50
Estimates must be made at time of subscribing, and no changes will be
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
Sport conditions me very good in
New Brunswick this year. Harold
Chad-wick operating hunting camps
In the province reports that at the
end of September catches of speckled
trout weighing 18-V& lbs. werwttaken
one day while a hunter tookuqut. a
big game licence September 38rd and
three days later had bla dote and
The world's most northerly nolle*
post, also the moat remote of any
human habitation, is to be constructed next year for the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police at the far
end of Ellesmere Island. Building
materials and two yeare' supplies
Will be cached within easy freighting distance 'of the point where aan
will be detailed fer patrol duty tn
the lonely shore* ef Kiel ttralte.
Appointments i-eeently made
through the office ef the Camp-trailer Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters are W. J. Cherry who becomes Freight Olaims Auditor in
place of J. R. Steele retired under
pension rules, and W. L, Moran appointed Assistant Freight Claims
Auditor. Both these ffentle**aen have
been connected with the Freight
Claims department far
Get the habit ol
trading at our
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful aa swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as aduokt Automobile Steel
Bearings Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Heal Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Event nas Ull 10 o'Cloek
E.G. Henniger Go.
We  have   exceptionally good bar
gains  in all our
Because the prospects for hiiatti|
and fishing ln northern regieu ef
Quebec are mor* attraeMve tUa autumn than they have been lor MV-
eral seasons, the number ef real-
dents of the United States applying
to the Quebec aaaectoWen for the
protection of flah and game far
guides and Hcencee Is much greater
tban it has been fer seme time, according to the searetary W th* M.W-
A very pleasing IneMent iismni
during the visit to Montreal ef.
Madame Maria Jeritsa, world-famous operatic star. Col. Oeorg* H.
Ham, "Grand Young Man" of th*
Canadian Pacific Railway who had
met the singer before, sent his felicitations in the form of a bou-ft,
and Madame Jeritza replied with •
bouquet of roses made ef sugar with
the hope that his days also would be
sugar-coated. She gave a one-night
recital in Montreal, leaving fer Toronto the following day.
Isaac Gouverneur Ogden, vine-
president in charge of finance, Oanadlan Pacific Railway, attained his
81st birthday October 10. Mr. Ogden ia as active aa ever although he
haa spent 64 yeara ln railway wink.
He Joined the C.P.R. as auditor st
the western division with headquarters at Winnipeg in 1881 and ha*
been vice-president of the system
since 1901. Mr. Ogden was the recipient of flowers and congratulations from his colleague* on th* ss-
casion of his birthday.
SHipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Co.
We pa? the highest price and assure
you the.most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Wholesale and Retail
onler in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARM ON
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
Grain, Hay
Floor and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
TPHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated, Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Vising cards
Sh' "ing tags
Price lists
New Type
Latest Style
Colt-mli:- Avenue and
UtU* Street
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
Cor Sale
Offloe at |B. t. Petrie'i Store
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Pf-aprietor
Vacant unsurveyed, eurveyed Crowa landa
may be pre-empted br Brititb aubjaota ovar
IS raara of ate, and bjaltans on declaring
Intention to beaoma Britlah subjaeta, conditional npon reallenne. oocupatlon end Improvement for agrloultaral purposes.
Full information consenting regulations
retarding pre emnlloBi is given In Bulletin
No. 1, Lan* Sariaa, "How to Pre-empt -ban d,"
copies of whioh can ba obtained f rao of cbnrge
br addressing the Department of Lan
Viotorla. B.C.. or any Government Agent.
Baoords will be mada covering only laad
suitable for agricultural purposes, and which
la not timberland. la., carrying over 5.00J
board feat per aora wait of tne Ooaat Range
and 1.000 ieat par aere eaat of that range.
Applications for pre-emptions are to be
addreeaed to the'Land Gomuiu-alone* of the
Land Recording Division, lo wbieh the land
applied for la situated, and ara made oa
printed forma, ooplea ol oan ibe obtained
from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions muat be occupied for tea
yean and improvements made to rain* of til
por aan, inoludlng clearing aad cult I fating
at leaat five aorea, beiore a Orawn Ureal aa a
be received.
Fot more detailed Information eee the lai-
latin'-How to Pre-empt Land."
Applications are reoelved. for purchaae of
vaoant and unreserved Grown Landa, not biting timberland, for agricultural purposes;
minimum price of flrst-olass (arable' land la
IS per acre, end second-class (graaing) laad
f-UO par aora. Further information regard*
log purchaae or laaaa ut Grown landa la given
in Bull-On No. 10, Land Series ••Ptbchaie aad
Leaae of Grown Landa."
HU), factory, or Industrial alta* on timber
land, not exoeedlng M aorea; oar be pur-
chased or leased, on oonditloua Inelading
payment of stumpage.
Unsurveyed areaa, not exoeedlng W across
may ba leaaed as homealtaa, conditional upon
a dwelling being eseoted In the aret year,
title being obtainable after realdence and
Improvement oondltlona are fulfilled and land
haa been aurreyed.
For grailng and Industrial purposes areas
not exceeding WO aeres may be leased by ooo
person or aoompauy.    V       '■'-
Under the Oraalng Act the Frovlnee ia
divided Into grailng district, and the range
administered under a Grazing Com-
mlsetoner. Annual graaing permits are
iaaued bawd on numbers ranged, priority being given to established ownera. Stock*
owners may form associations for rang*
management. Free, or partially free, permit a
are availablee for settler-, -tampers and.
travellers up to tea head.


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