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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist 1925-05-01

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If yoii^leap into a well, Providence is not bound to help you out
Unofficial Count Gives
Dougald McPherson a
Lead of 62 Votes-Victory Celebrated in This
City and Qreenwood
The Result
Liberal. Con
Beaverdell  29 7
Boundary Fulls  23 10
Bridesville  34 29
Brown Creek   16 14
Christian Valley    8 1
Cirmi ....    5 majority
Cascade  56 38
Eholt  13 6
Fife      30 16
Qtand Forks .353 432
Qreenwood 154 86
Midway   43 61
Paulson     5 7
Riverside  46 43
Rook Creek  36 «    45
Westbridge  25 20
Majority  62       	
"Tell me what you Know Is tru-
I csn ***** es well aa you."
FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1925
"PROBABLY themost keen-
■*■ ly contested election ever
held in this constituency end
ed in a clean-cut victory for
the Liberal candidate on Sat
urday evening. The Herculean task of making a large
number of eletors see oppositely from what they did at
the last general election had
been accomplished.
In the defeat of Dr. Kingston, the opposition have
tbe satisfaction of knowing
that they placed their sjrong-
est available candidate in
nomination, if there is any
consolation to be derived
trom this fact.
The weather was just right
and a very heavy vote was
cast at all the polling places
in the riding. The party
workers kept up, their vigil-
auce and emulated the beaver
until the polls closed at 7
o'clock in the evening. The
ladies' political organizations
were especially active, and
some effective campaign work
was done by them.
The returns began to come in
shortly after tbe polls closed,
Cascade being tbe first town to
■end io tbe result of tbe poll.
From that time, at short intervals, other places were beard
from until tbe vote in this city was
announced, wbeo it became certain
tbat the victory of tbe battle of
ballots bad fallen to tbe Lib-ral
oandidate, Dougald McPherson.
Wben all doubt of} a victory had
been removed, an adjournment was
made from the Liberal committee
rooms, where an impromptu pro-
gjam of merriment was carried nut.
The first part consisted of a few instrumental numbers, brief remarks
by Chairman J. A. McCallum, Mr.
McPherson and Hou. William
Sloan, minister of mines.
Mr. McPherson thanked the electors for tbe bonor tbey had done
him,and added tbat it the handsome
vote given him meant anything it
meant tbat honest politics paid.
Hon. Mr. Sloan atrributed tbe defeat ot the opposition candidate in a
measure to tbe fact tbat tbe Conservative leader bad been in the city
wbile two opposition meetings were
held and had failed to appear on
the platform at either of tbem; The
eleotors, he said, had a right to hear
the leader of a great party proclaim
bis policies from tbe publio platform. He predicted that this election   would    mean   Mr.  Pooley's
replacement   as   leader of the Conservative party.
After tbe epenking tbe gathering
was turned into a dance, whicb
lasted until midnight. ■
Greenwood Celebrates
On Monday eveniog Qreenwood
celebrated the victory. Ahout a
dozen motor cars, each carrying
from five to eight passengers, went
up from this city and joiued irs tbe
A smoker was held in the Iiti k
of Montreal building, and smokes
and soft drinks were served to the
large crowd present, which included
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines, and his private secretary,
Joseph McDougail.
But the iargest crowd of the celebration assembled at tbe Masonic
hall, wbere dancing to good music
was kept up until a late hour Interspersed between the dances were
addresses by the minuter of mines
and Mr. McPherson. A young lady
from Midway also Ban an origi al
song laudatory of the victory and
the Liberal mem br-elect, wbicb
was vigorously applauded.
Tbe celebrations in botb cities
were, on the whole, good naiured affairs to wbicb not even tbe defeated
opposition could take offence.
In an address at Chilliwack last
week, President E. J. Chambers of
the Associated Growers gave a short
review nf the apple situation covering
recent yeara. In 1923, he said, the
growers of apples received 40c a box
for tbeir fruit, which was but half
the cost of production With improved organization, in 1924 between
75 and 80 cents a box was realized,
aud he believed that with the development of the selling organization,
which now includes the berry grow*
ers.still greater and more satisfactory
returns would be realized in 1925.
He believed that a batter day was
dawning for the British Columbia
fruit growers.    It has   been   proven
beyond doubt that the grower must
have an organized method of distri
dution or results would bu disastrous.
The plan of the felling organization
includtd I lie establishment of ware"
houses at the larger ceuters, with
competent men in charge, while a
staff of travelii g salesmen would sell
the products of the growers direct to
the retailers iu towns and cities of
the three western provinces.
Less thaneirioad lot shipments of
small fruits to retailers would be enn
couraged, on wbich it was possible
the grower would receive an initial
payment at the time of shipment,
with final settlement within thirty
The diffiu)ties of entering a field of
operation which had been und. r the
Cun''roi of other jobber-brokers was
recognized, but he was optimistic as
the the outcome.
With reference to the competition
of foreign fruit, the growers had re.
ceived tbe definite promise of thu
government that the antidumping
law would be made effective when required.
The meeting passed a sesolution
thanking the Ottawa government for
its fruit combine investigation and
urging that legislation be passed to
make jobber owned brokerage houses
Calgary, Agril 30— Confirmation
of the announcement tbat the Asm
sociated Growers of British Columbia had leased a warehouse bere
tbrhugb which to h>iudle this sea-
son's fruit crop was m ide ou Wedi*
netftiay by D. McNair of Vernon.
Mr. McNair is io the city for the
duy to cousnli with R. H. Hoskins,
southern Alberta manager for the
association, while on a trip to other
pirts of tbe prairies ou business con
nected witb the organisation of the
association. Beyond the statement
tliat ihe Associated Growers would
be iu iperation \viih the opening of
tlie berry season in British Columbia in June, and would continue
until the f.-uit soason in British Columbia is over in the fall, Mr. McNair deel ned to discuss the plans
of the organization.
A speculative  despair is nopar-
onabl'e where it is our duty.
International Council of Women
?;i connection with the Quinquennial Conference in
, Washington, May 4th to 14th, sixty-five delegates
irom Great Britain and Kurope of the above organization
sailed on the Canadian Pacific S.S. Montcalm from
Liverpool this month. Delegates from South Africa,
New Zealand .and Australia are also included. Among
those from Great Britain are Lady Trustram Eve, Lady
Sslvesen, Lady Nott Bower, Lady Adam Smith, Lady
Egerton and Mrs. George Cadbury.
The French delegates sailed about the Dame time on
tho Canadian Pacific S.S. Marburn from Cherbourg and
are shown in tbe photograph from left to right, standing:
Lime Heimann Founder ot the French Association for
Blinded Soldiers; Mme Odette Arnaud, the well known
painter and Mile Annette Fougeirol of the transmigration service of emigration. From left to right, sitting:
Mme Emilia Fougeirol, Mme Lucienne Bernheim, Mme
Pichon-Landry; Mme Avril de Sainte Croix, President
of .he French Association, Member of the Legion of
Honour, and delegate to the League of Nations; Mme
Leg-rand, widow of the well-known French general; and
Mme Evard, Chevalier of the Legion of Honour and
General Inspector of Public Instruction.
These ladies will be given official reception in Canada
and will visit Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto.
Hamilton and Niagara Falls as guests of the Local
Councils prior to attending the conference in Washington.
Agents specializing in Irish business in Canada and the United
States look for a big boom in steamship passenger traffic, according to
reports received from steamship
companies. The present outlook ia
said to be for the highest level of
emigration to Canada since the war.
Sir William S. Glyn-Jones, Secretary of the British Pharmaceutical
Society, is touring Canada under the
auspices of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association with a view to
explaining the workings of the Proprietary Articles Trade Association
of Great Britain. He is opposed to
"cut-rate" methods of selling drugs.
With 3,600,000 milch cows, 800,000
dairy farmers, 1,600 creameries and
many thousand cheese factories,
Canadians are the greatest butter
eaters in the world with an annual
average per capita consumption in
1923 of 27.43 pounds, according to
D'Arcy Scott, secretary and treasurer of the National Dairy Council
of Canada.
The shield taken from the gates
of Quebec City when the Ancient
Capital was taken in 1769 and which
was donated to the City of Hastings
by one of the conquerors, General
Murray, will be returned to Quebec
after an interval of 166 years. Lord
Willlngdon, First Viscount Ratton,
will be the special emissary who will
bring the Shield back to Canada.
Salmon-fishing in the Eastern
Townships of Quebec will be one of
the attractions of that region when
the Gaspe salmon eggs brought to
the provincial government hatcheries
at Lake Memphremagog are developed. A number of trays packed
in ice and holding some thousands
of eggs recently passed through the
Canadian Pacific Railway warehouse
on the Montreal Windsor Station fer
St. Paulin and Mont Tremblant
Miss P. Carlisle, an English
authoress of repute, who recently
took up ranching near Calgary, has
become so enthusiastic about the
West that she is planning to bring
out girls from the Old Country to
follow her example. She found
plenty of them willing to try out
this plan. She herself harvested
7,000 bushels last year from the 260
acres under wheat on her 800 aere
By winning the New Brunswick
Provincial Trophy Competition of
the St. John Ambulance Association
in March last the Canadian Pacific
Railway First Aid team from McAdam, N.B., now have a chance to
compete this year for the Monti-
zambert Trophy emblematic of the
championship ef Canada in First
Aid. The team has a record of four
championships to their credit since
last June.
Parks and Cemetery Committee Has Been Active
Planting Trees at Vari-
ous Places in City
At a recent meeting of the Royal
Society of Canada a gold medal for
outstanding achievement in science
was awarded to Charles Saunder
for his discovery and development
ef "Marquis" wheat. It is claimed
that this variety has raised the Dominion to its present position as
a wheat-growing country and has
added millions of dollars to the
pockets of farmers here and In the
United States.
Exiled from Hungary of which he
had been president, after the Communist revolution of 1919, Count
Michael Karolyi toured the United
States in March and April but was
forbidden to address meetings or explain his political views in that country. He returned to London where
he now lives, with Countess Karolyi,
passing through Montreal and sailing on the Canadian Pacific S.S.
"Montclare" from St. John. Interviewed in Montreal he expressed a
great admiration for Canada and
said he had once been on the point
of settling either in Montreal or
The regular meeting of the city
counoil was held in the council
chamber on Monday evening. The
mayor and all the aldermen were
The matter of defective sidewalk s
adjoining the Bank of Commerce
was referred to the board of works
to have the same propertly re
Tbe oSer of Geo. E. Massie fer
tbe ledemption of some of hie property was accepted by the council,
subject to the necessary legal procedure.
The health and relief committee
reported having disbuned a
amount of money for   local charity.
The cametery and parks commit*
tee reported having installed a gate
aod replaced nine Wees at tbe cemetery; 275 trees had been planted rt
theTouiist park,onWinnipeg avenue
and oo other streets at a cost of 15
ctnts per tree. Twenty-five trees
had also been planted at the high
school grounds. 'Considerable
cleaning up had been done at
the Tourist park, and a small space
bad been graded fqr children's
sports. The committee also reported
tbat newly planted trees at the high
school grounds had been broken
down and destroyed, and asked tbat
the police department investigate
tbe matter, with a view of punish,
ing the offenders.
The board of works reported tbat
about 200 feet of new plank side,
walks had been built and 600 fe»t of
old sidewalks bad been repaired;
First street hsd been graded out to
full width; a car of cinders hud
beea used for patching sidewalks,
and tbe council bad decided to advertise for tenders for city teem
work along the lines of previous
The finance committee reported a
falling off iu the receipts for water
aud ligbt during the last thre
months, calling attention to son e
ratepayers whose accounts had become delinquent. The clerk wus
instructed to notify these parties tbat
tbe service would be discontinued
unless their accounts are settled
without delay.
The water aod light committee
reported that it had come to thtir
notice that several Doukhobors iu
West Grand Forks were using water
from the city mains without paying
foi the same. I'he matt r was left in
th" hands nf the committee, with
power to tike steps to prevent the
A committee consisting uf Aid.
Donaldson and Simmons was au«
tlmrized to dispose of the city ambulance, at present sirred in the
Miners' Union hall.
T e matter of barbed wire being
Used for fencing adjoining streets
wis discussed at length. The cleik
* is instructed to notify several
owners to have the same removed.
Th    fire   of genius  isn't a-way?
able to keep the pot boiling.
A 10-cent argument oan lead to a
10,000 quarrel.
The first annual field day
of school sports in this city
will be next Satarday, May
A half dozen trophy cups,
which are now on exhibition
at Morrison's store, will be
hung up as prizes, as well as
a large number of other
The event should stimulate
interest in amateur  athletics. «%
®te (Sratti. Jfarka Bun
made you do that?" "We thought they were
daring us," repliad the pimply„pinfeathery
youths, "and we couldn't stand for that."
Une Tear (in Canada and Great Britain) 11.00
Oue Year (in the United Status)     1.50
Addresr -" —***■**—'cations to
The Grand Forki Sun
Phonb 101R Gkand Forks, B. Cj
FRIDAY, AAY 1, 192.5
As was predicted by Tbe Sail last week, the
Liberal candidate was elected by a good, safe
majority in the by election in this riding last
Saturday.   The reasons for tho result are not
difficult to discern.    The member-elect has a
clean record and is a man of more tban average
ability and has great promise as a parliamen
tarian; the government is entrenched in office
for at least three years more, and naturally a
majority of the electors reasoned that it would
be advantageous ti the constituency to have
t represented by a man in sympathy with the
administration.   As the government's record
still  remains  unblemished, this trend of rea
soning must be accepted as the main factor in
the big change in public opinion since the last
general   election.    The   fact  that it   was   a
straight two-party fight may also be assumed
as haviug been in  favor of Mr Mt PheJsou.
While Dr. Kingston, the defeated  Conservative candidate, is a man of the highest standing in the community, his party lacks a leader
and a constructive policy, and it is safe to say
that the majority of electors voted against the
party rather than agdinst the man.   But even
the few debatable claims they had for recogni
tion were-presented to the electors by the opposition speakers and press in arguments so
weak and  contradictory  tbat a boll weevil
might have improved on them.
In former days an event like the result
of the Grand Forks-Greenwood hy election
would have.been considered of sullieient importance to merit front-page space in the daily
press. But last, Monday this event was
crowded to rhe inside pages, or omitted
altogether, by pictures of criminals nnd stories
of crime, which are now featured in all metropolitan dailies and their smallei satellites.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Economists tell learnedly why money makes
the commercial world go round, but a Parisian
opera singer of a decade ago learned the les
son in one classic experience. She was determined to tour the world thoroughly and she
stopped over in the Society islands, where
her mauager contracted to have her sing for
one third the j ceipts. Her shure of "the box
office" was 3 pigs, 22 turko^s,44 chickns, 5000
coconuts and an uncomputed quantity of
bananas and oranges. She couldn't convert
her proceeds; the natives had no money. She
fed the fruit to the animals and donated her
barnyard to the community when "she sailed
Allow no man to be so free with you as to
praise you to your face. Your vanity by this
means will want its food. At the same time
your passion for esteem will be more fully
gratified; men will praise you in tlieir actions;
where yon now receive one compliment, you
v»ill then receive twenty civilities.—Steele.
In one of the junior high schools of Oregon
motor dodging has been added to the curriculum as a means of he'ping the cities and
towns to improve their traffic congestion con
ditions. Thi couise also falls under the head
of citizenship I raining, hn a part of instructing
the youths to obey even minor regulations de
signed for the common good.
The manner in which a jellyfish produces its
"children" is really wnnrlerfnl. In most cases
the beginning is an egg, which, lying on the
bottom, produces a beautiful tne like growth.
The "tree" fastens itsell to iln- bottom and
brings forth buds which, when lipe, drop oil
and delvelop into jellyfish. The Inner, in mm,
lay eggs and the process is repeated. Most ol
the very large species liave a different wav nf
reproducing themselves. The egg is set fiee ii
the water and develop?- Into a pear-shapedI
arvae, which fur a while swims around rapidly, being provided with hair like appendages
that serve the pui pose of ears. Then the larvae
settles down, anchors itself to the botti.m, increases in size rapidly and final y splits up
into thiu flat discs which swim off and grow
up into large jellyfishes.
Rodman Wanamiiker, famous merchant ol
New York and Philadelphia, is the moss} insured man in the world, \ethe i.s not satisfied'
He is paying premiums on policies totaling
.$(5,000,000 and is seeking more insurance. According to specialists, !?7,f>0(),ft()0 is the maximum amount of any risk on one man's life and
Mr, Wanamaker hopes to reach this amount.
He was the firs! man to apply for a million
dollar policy and now at the age of sixty one
is considered a good risk, as his health is ex
traordinarily good Pierre Du Pont, member
of the famous Delaware family, carries the
second largest amount of insurance. His
policies aggregate $4,000,000. Among other
holders of lig policies are: Adolph Zukor, the
motion pictur- magnate, with $3,715,000
James O. Penney and Percy A Rockefeller,
with $3,000,000 each, J. P. Morgan, with $2,-
750,000; William Fox, with ,$2,850,000, R E.
Bensinger, wilh **-2,500,000, and Will Hays
with $2,000,000.
.Sometimes the nan with one joke which he
always tells is an awfully good fellow.
At one hundred and six years of age, a
Rellefourche, South Dakota, woman continues
to do simple household tasks, enjoys sewing,
and goes for automobile rides Born in Ontario, Canada, she came to Bellefourche in an
ox cart 42 years ago. She was one hnndred
and one years old when she first voted for
president in 1920. Her descendants include
20 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildrea, and
three great great children.
An eastern paper cites a new occupation
for firemen. Returning from a fire, the
Uniontown, Pa., fire department stopped
long enough to aid a woman who, having forgotten her key, was locked out of her third-
floor apartment. The firemen obligingly ran a
ladder up to the front window and opened
the door from the inside.
"Great Scott!" we astoundedly ejaculated
"you ran your car in broad daylight, full-tilt,
head on, against the side of the locomotive,
although the whistle was blowiug, the bell
ringing and the engineer and firemen yelling
at the top of their voices?   What in the world
A certain Paris couple celebrated their sil
ver wedding the other day, the unique feature
of this commemoratioo of 25 years of married
life lying in the fact that they have been di
vorced for five years. Evidently the grounds
upon which the divorce was granted were not
very grave. The former wife had not seen
her' husband and was living alone when on
the occasion above noted, that gentleman
turned up with his arms flower-laden and
there was laughter and rejoicing, The two are
to reunite their lives.
SINCE Its organization, the colonization and development department of the Canadian National Railways has given attention to thc development of the
natural resources of the territory
traversed by Canadian National
lines; and, in order to give greater
effect to the activities of this
branch of the department, it haa
been decided to place a representative in charge in the western region, whose chief duty will be to
gather information and promote
further the development of these
resources, more especially in the
provinces of British Columbia and
Alberta. In this way, the facta
obtained can be hrought to the attention of those interested, with
The office for this district will be
at Edmonton, in charge of R. C.
W. Lett, now General Agent, Colonization and Development Department, Canadian National Railways,
who is well fitted for the work,
having had considerable experience
in i connection with mining and
lumbering, and during the past
ieyr years has made a very close
study of the natural resources of
British Columbia and Alberta.
'"Canada has a fine record «t
musical and artistic students who
work under the auspices of the Royal
College of Music," says Sir Hugh
Allen, director of the London institution, who is making a tour of Canada in the interests of the College.
Canada exported 148,592,800
pounds of woodpulp daring February, of which 133,891,000 went to
the United Statea and to Great Britain, none. Our newsprint exports
had a monetary value, in the same
month of about seven and a half million dollars.
Two hundred and sixty thousand
acres of land in central and northern Alberta will be settled by the
British Land Settlement Corporation, it is announced. They are
located north of Edmonton and from
north of Vermilion to Wabumsa,
west of Edmonton.
cAncient History*
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
There was a rumor in circulation yesterday
that L. A. Manly was returning to the city in
an automobile, and visions of hot races be
tween him and A. B. W: Hodges flashed be
fore the people's eyes.   But the rumor didn't
W. E. Caporn reports a strike of considerable importance on his Bonita Vista group ofi
claims on Hardy mountain, two miles westof
the city.
C. A. S. Atwood has closed a deal for the
purchase of John Manly's ranch, near Lynch
creek, up the North Fork.
Dr ER. Northrop has disposed of his prop
erty in this city and will remove to Spokane.
Approximately 750,000 tourists,
apart from delegates to conventions,
visited Montreal last year by railway, steamer and automohtle, according to an estimate oompiUd by
the Montreal Tourist and Convention
Bureau. It is anticipated that tb*
influx for the current year will ba
•▼en greater.
Dr. Letfard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youthf illness, Energy and Fitness,* retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
aa Head noises, deriveal most imme
jsdiate benefit, Calm refreshing sleep
assured Gloom, Depression and Nervousness is banished under the influence of these Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines and blemishes
disappear, The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction ot your,
self. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass? Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with inoreased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at onoe.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount
Obtainable from
Dr. Le&ard's Laboratories,
106, Liv rpool Road, Barnsbury,
Loudon, England.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Toothache    Lumbago
**** ^s*.
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin ls tbe trade mirk (registered in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaoetlc-
acldester of Sallcyllcacld (Acetyl Salicylic Add, "A. S. A."). Wbile It la well known
that Aapirln means Bayer manufacture, to aaalst thc public againat Imitations, the Tablets
of Bayer Oompany will In stamped with their general trade mark, tbe "Bayer Cross."
Amplications for immedintc purchase <»f Lots
and Acreage owned by tlie City, within the
Municipality, arc invited.
PrSjcs:—-From §25.0.) per lot upwards.
Terms:—-Cashan "approved payments.
List* of Ji«»t-*5 nnd jiricrs mny b.e seen nt thc
City Oflice.
.ii)US  \   HUTTON. jj
City Clerk.
VVe are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Long-Distance Is
Cheapest At Night
New night rates are now
in force for long-distance
conversations between
8i30 p.m. .and 7 a.m.
British  Columbia Telephone
Sun's P age gf People and Events of Passing News Interest
Sun's Cross Word Puzzle
/ i
iT   |           g<$
/«? 1/3
/? 51
■ 56 1   U37
-s*/ 1
f6 9
^? 1         B|
1 A parent
2 Flower
6 Male parent
8 Personal pronoun
10 Grain
12 A child's tbanko
14 Southern etate, ab
16 Motal in raw state
18 A man
19 Migratory bird
21 Tbe high card
23 To offer
25- Thue
27 Cry of sheep
29 Child's name for father
30 Kitchen utensil
32 Money, English
32 A numeral
33 Two odd letters
35 Devoured
37 Each, ab
38 A beverage
40 Ontario's dry law, ab
42 Song of praise
43 Cuts off
45 To discover
47 Before, poetic
49 Toward
51 Single
52  Kx-la-ri tio'i used iu Bihle
54 A p iii of the corn-pass
55 A flu fish
56 One of the United States, ab
1 Myself
3 Thus
4 Sailor
5 A French conjunction
7 Near
8 Exclamation
9 Tji locate
11 Means of travel
13 O ip
14 Dem ting pleasant surprise
15 Part of verl> "lo be"
16 A sphere
17 Fim-h
*'. A tree
22 Talks loud; noisy
24 A wster course
26 An idiot; a simpleton
27 A girl's nam", ab
28 A card
29 River in Scotland
34 Strikes
36 To put away for preservation
38 An animal
39 A cathedral cily
40 Mineral in rock
41 An animal
44 A pronoun
46 A girl's name
48 A river io Europe
50 Upon
51 All correct, ab
How to Solve a
Advice to Mothers
Here is   a domestic receipt, pub-
ished   in   tbe Progressive Groce
tbat all mothers should try.   Those
wbo have tried it report that the result is most satisfactory.
If you want to preserve children
follow tbese directions:
1 large grassy field
J dozen children
* or 3 small dogs
A pinch of brook and pebbles
Mix children and dogs well together and put them in field,stirring
constantly. Pour brook jver peb
hies; sprinkle field with flowers!
spread over a deep blue sky and
bake in tbe sur. When brown remove and set to cool   io a bathtub.
52 Eastern time, ab
53 Note in vocal scale
' Solution to Last Week's
■ t
p lo
D   QQB   D   B
■ a
aam gj ; be
Cross Word Puzzle
An Opportunity to Win 15,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun has concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal hy which we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The  offer  includes a full yoar's subscription to both papers, an art cal
nndar with a most beautiful picture subject ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prizo of $5,000 cash.
In tho Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total of 4,4'15,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will hu polled in the next Federal Election!
Tho Etimly Herald and Weekly Star aro offering Ton Thousand Dollars
in94 prizes for the Is nt ultimate, and our irraogJtnBOt with tho publishers
of that great weekly gives evory Urand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
to mako an estimate and per Imps win the capital prizo of $5,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not bo youl
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a full yoar's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
All (or S2.00
When the correct letter is placed in the white spaces this puzzle will
spell words both vertically and horizontally. The first letter in each word
is indicated by a .number, which refers to the definition listed below the
pnzzle. Thus No 1 under tho column headed "horizontal" defines a word
which will fill the white spaces up to the first black square to the right, and
a ouniber under "vertical" defines a word whioh will fill the white squares
in the next back one be ow. No letters go in the black spaces. All words
used are dietiona.iy words, except proper names. Abbreviation", slang, initial?, teehnioal terras aud obsolete forms are indicated in the definition!.
Estimates must be made at time of subscribing, and no changes will bs
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This
What 'Orange PeRoe' Means
Many buyers of tea have come to ask for
'Orange Pekoe' believing that it signifies
fine quality. This is not, however, necessarily the case. In the trade 'Orange Pekoe'
is only a name given to the first leaf below
the bud or tip on any Indian or Ceylon tea
bush. An 'Orange Pekoe* leaf grown at a
high elevation usually possesses a very fine
flavour. If, however, the plant is grown at
a low elevation, it may still be 'Orange
Pekoe' but also be of very poor quality. The
consumer's only safeguard is to buy a tea
of recognized goodness. Higb grown 'Orange
Pekoes' comprise a large part of every blend
of "SALADA" and give to "SALADA" its
unequalled flavour.
Last Friday night, being tbe
wind ap of a rather warm campaign,
there waB no lack of places wbere a
person conld spend a few hours.
With two political meetings and a
free dance operating at the same
time, there was no reason why
everybody's beads ol* fee sbould
not have been working.
today iu the Kettle River aud the
North Fork. In Boundary creek
and its tributaries there is a closed
season until 1927.
A. B. S. Stanley, editor of the
Nakusp Leader, was in tbe city last
Sunday and made a pleasant call at
Tbe Sun office.
The iruit bloom io tbe valley
this spring will be very prolific, and
tnere is every iddication of a big
frnit crop. All that is required now
to make the grower happy is a good
Hon. William Sloan, minister of
mines, and his private secretary,
Joseph McDougail, who spent several days in the city last week, returned to tbe coast on Monday
night after tbe Greenwood celebra
Tbe trout "fishing season opens
Tbe following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Apr. 24—Friday.  60
25—Saturday  58
26—Sunday  60
27—Monday  65
28—TneBday    71
29—Wednesday  81
30—Thursday  71
..    .00
Among the modern para
bles that we find in "old Ed"
Relic of Quebec's Fall to Return to Canada
at :x''_tiftie'-rt-§$7<
:■■'■  \by luV.Wj^ty's :&ea.i
(ici'h: M^O^<^^^|**y^^^^^»«'<'^- of **"***.As*fi«ipjfe '
$Wmjr-k$' '^lM0a^' amftfe^rk^^ ■%'■}
...V       wKtoli tot«ifSfe)ng^:\j^^«i,dK^firf^fHbflv ■£  _
■€GV£I.i1§Ott tte^:ir|^#jpfent ef'AbipliQFJM^
of War to tin's CCfe 'OKA IK
,  whet col Ht 11 im *!>;>*,,
According to press despatches from London, Lord Willingdon, 1st Viscount
Ratton, who was scheduled to sail from Liverpool on April 9th by
Canadian Pacific steamship "Montroj*al" as special emissary from the
Hastings Corporation to the Quebec City council, has postponed his visit
for some time owing to the illness of Viscountess Willingdon.
His Lordship'B official mission, which will be carried out when the
Viscountess recovers, will bc to return to the City of Quebec the shield which
was taken from its gates when it was captured by General Wolfe In 1769
and which was p.esented to the Hasting's Corporation by General Murray
who was present on that memorable occasion.
Since that time the shield has hung over the door of the Council Chamber
m the Town Hall at Hastings and Quebec has endeavoured to obtain Its
.eturn, for years in vain, but at lust Hastings has relented.       ...      .
Viscount. Willingdon will be accompanied by his wife who beiore her
marriage was the Hon. Mario Adelaide, daughter of 1st Baron Br-usey,
together with his son the Hon. Inigo Brassey Freeman-ThomaB and bla wile.
Howe's entertaining Monthly
is the following:
An old gentleman had a son
named Joe and said to him:
"I'm getting old and tired. I
want you to go to college,
become thoroughly educated
and take over the business.
Then I will spend the rest of
my life in ease."
So Joe went to college and
did fairly well. At the end of
eight years he was graduated
and said to his father: "I am
told by the professors I should
travel extensively before settling down and taking over
the business."
And the father was willing,
and Joe went abroad for three
years with a liberal allowance.
Finally he came back, and
the father met him joyfully.
■Now," ho said, "you can
take over the business, and I
will retire."
And Joe said: "Father,
don't do that. Manage the
busiuess a few years longer in
your usual vigorous fashion,
andtnen we'll both retire."
A quantity of goods and chattels
was seized on distress warrants from
the Doukhobor colony bere on Wednesday by the provincial peace officer.
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance |
Resident Agent Grnnd Forks Tow suite
Company. Limited
Farms      Orchards     City Property
. Agent's at Nolion, Calgary, Wlbnlpcg Mil
other Prairie point*.  Vnncoiiver Agsssir :
Betrbllsbed In ltuo. wears- in s. po til Ion to
furnish reliable information ' thlt
Write for free literature
Buy GOOD Groceries
If yon want to get satisfactory lesults in the
kitchen. We carry nothing but the best in everything. Our stock is always fresh. Try our
superior brands of Teas and Coffees.
Phone 25
"Service and Quality*'
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen short
lv. milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C.
BY ViliiUKol luiiij'-iive Distress
Wauasjle isoutu u_> JNeil 'Uc(J<,l»
luui, litjq., a Oupt-uuiar*- iVl-igiBirstte
lu nun to: tue Uuutily ul ¥ ale, uuder
tuiriy five convictions uiaue by the
said H'eil McUaliuoi against Alex
Zeoruii, George Markin, Jim (Jbevil
deif, Jim Unevilden, Andrew
Duouiuin, Peter Veregin, Nick
J-noyoif, isarion liar-soil, Mike
atrelioff, Pete Doinedott'* Fred Plot-
nickon, Pete Ozirott, Philip Horki-
ov, Pete Laztuon, gam Makortofi,
Bill MaKurton,Jonn(irechin, Qeorge
Maloij, (ieorge cSeniiuoii, Alex Seminoff, Muse Dubasofi, Alex Grechin,
Tom SavinkoS, Pete Giuoofi, Philip
Stoosbuofi, Pete Seminoff. Nick
Gremagban, Joe Koresnikoff, Tony
beminoff,Louis Strookoff, Alexander
Kabatoff, Nick Kabatoff, Mike
Dereschenkoff, Mike Dumaskoff,
and Mike Nivacbsbonoff, I havs
distrained-of the goods and chattels
on and upon and about certain lands
and premises, which la d and
premises are used by or for or in
connection with tbe settlement or
community of Doukhobors in respect of wbich the above thirty-five
convicted meo are membere, to wit:
1900 Flr and Tamarac ties, more
or less,
5,000 lineal feet, more or less, of
cedar poles and piling, under thirty
foot lengths,
16,000 lineal feet, more or less,
of cedar poles aud piling in thirty
foot lengths and over,
Most of the above poles and piling
are made from fire-killed cedar;
5500 feet B. M., more or less, of
Yellow Pine sawlogs,
2300, more or less, split cedar
fence pontp,
About four cords of four-foot
One loading derrick.
All of the above are situate in tbe
yard at Stanwell Siding, B.C., at
Cedar Creek, near Grand Forks,
All of wbich goods and chattels
will be sold by publio auction at
Stanwell Siding aforesaid on Wed
nesday, the 6th day of May, A. D,
1925, at the hour of 1:30 o'clock in
the afternoon unless tbe moneys to
be levied under the said Distress's
Warrants with the costs of executing tbe same are sooner paid;
Stumpage on the above goods and
chattels hag not been paid and is as
fo per lineal foot oo Cedar poles
and piling under 30-foot lengths;
2c per lineal foot on  Cedar poles
and  piling  in 30 foot lengths and
5c per tie;
$1.25 per M, on saw logs;
SOc per cord on posts and  wood
Royalty on the above goods and
chattels has not been paid,
The goods will be offered for sale
subject to stumpage and royalties,
which must be paid by the purchaser
Dated the 30th day of April, A1
D. 1925.
Inspector of Provincta!  Police  and
Peace Officer for the County of
E.C. Henniger Co.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duck) Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people,to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings UU 10 o'CIotk
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
Get the habit of
trading at our
We have exceptionally good bar'
gains in all
Phone 20
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
Wholesale and Retail
enler in
Havansi Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
•HPHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult iii before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vrrf -ng cards
Sh     ing tags
Price lists
. Billheads
New Type
{Latest Style"
Transfer Co.
•City Baggage and General
Wood and
for Sale
Office at|R. t. Petrie'i
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalr Hotrl,  First- ibrut
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
w'ravn Sanaa may be Bre-ea>pted by
British m-bjooU over ll nets at -tf,
an* bf alien* est da-Oaring In ton tion
to >iiwi British aubjeots, conditional upon residenoe, oooupatlon,
ind   Improvement   for    agHoultiixal
Colombia Af-anne and
)slake Street
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
r. g. McCutcheon
ShipYourCream lo
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assnre
you ths most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
bomnnion tal Worka
Aabes-itM Products Co. Roofing
Fall latonoatloii ooaoernlng nan-
atlotae regarding pre-cuaptleaa ia
given la Bulletin No. 1, Land Battta,
"How to Pre anipt Land," eoplee at
which ean ba obtained (rea et oharg*
'oy addressing the Daaartmapt ot
i junto, Viotorla, B.O, or to aar OJer-
• mount Agent
Reearda will bo granted oovertni
jisljr land aultablo tor agrioultural
purpoaM. and whioh la aot timber-
land Lsv, earrrlnf oror MOO board
foot »or aora wsot ot the Coast Range
and MM fs>ot per acre eaat of that
AppUaaUoe-a ter pro-emptloni aro
.» bo itdroaaid to tho Land Com-
nttulonor of tho Lsand Rooordtng Dl-
. lolon, in whtoh the land applied tor
■s dtuatosl. and are maao on printed
oi-mss ooplaa et whioh oan be obtained teem the lsand Oemmluionor.
Pre-omaMeno moat be occupied for
(Wa yeara and ImpreveaMnta made
to value of |10 por aero, Inoludlng
clearing aad cultivating at laaat Or*
aorea, before a Crown Grant caa bo
for more detailed ladonr ttlea ooo
the    Bulletin    "How    to    Ffe-empt
Application* ara reoelved for pt,r-
oaaae of vaoant and unrooarvod
drawn landa, net being timberland,
for agricultural purpoaeo; minimum
prloe of flrit-olaaa (arable) land la II
par aero, and aeoond-olau (grailng)
laad 11.80 per aoro. Furthur Information regarding purohaaa er leaae
of Crown land* lo given In Bulletin
Me. le. Land Sarlee, "Purohaaa aad
Leaae of Crown Landa."
mil, faetor-r, ar induatrial altaa on
limber land, net esneodlng of aorea,
nu be puroaaaed or leaaed, the oon-
dlttoaa     Inoludlng     parmant     ot
Unaervered areaa, aot esooodlng M
may be leaaed aa homooftea,
oeadltlonal upon a dwelling being
ereoted ln the lint year, title being
obtainable after residenoe and Improvement oonditloni are fulfilled
and land haa been -surveyed.
li*or graaing and   induatrial   pur-
poaoa areaa net wnoedlng 640 aorea
may be leaaed by one pereon or a
oompaatr. .
Under the Oraalng Aot the Prev-
looo la divided Into grailng dlatriet*
and the range administered under a
Graaing Commissioner. Annual
••rasing permits are Issued baaed oa
numbers ranged, priority being given
o established owners.  Stock-owners
•say form   associations    for    range
ina-someut.   Free, or partially free,
•rmlts are available   for    settlers.
.miners  and  tr^v-rilara,  up  to  test


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